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The View From Up High

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        Heroes, police, and villains all were very much surprised when many young teenagers just walked out of a black portal, dressed to the nines.

        Izuku reached up and pulled off his mask, letting it drop to the ground. He adjusted his gloves as his teammates did the same. Their faces were bared to the world.

        “Innocents have been hurt today,” Izuku said, his green eyes steely as he looked at the so called mighty All for One. “And that is unacceptable.”

        Izuku had been called useless all his life. But he’d brought a pack together.

        And together with the pack, chaos reigned.

        Sparks flashed in Katsuki’s hands, illuminating the maniacal grin on his face. He closed his hands into fists, smoke seeping out as he bent his knees. “Die you piece of shit!”

        He launched himself at Shiragaki, though the villain moved and instead his fist connected with Mr. Compress. Izuku pushed off from his position and landed at Katsuki’s side, placing his back against Katsuki’s.

        Izuku put a hand on his neck and rolled his shoulder with his eyes closed. “Normally I’m not inclined to agree with Kacchan,” he said, opening his eyes and smirking just as wide as Katsuki, “but given the circumstances, I think I do.”

        Katsuki growled. “Shut up!” he shouted, explosions popping as clones from Twice surrounded them. “I’ll kill you, you nerd!”

        Izuku turned his head and placed a kiss on Katsuki’s cheek. The gleam in his green eyes was a challenge. He tilted his head then turned toward the clones of Magne and Spinner that were directly in front of him.

        Izuku powered up One For All, Katsuki flared his explosions, and in one movement, they jumped, their fists connecting with their own opponents and making them turn to dust. Ochako chuckled, her arms folded lightly, from her place.

        She nonchalantly moved over to the broken rubble that had been created in the fight between All Might and All For One. She touched one of the larger pieces and made it weightless. She picked it up and threw it like a frisbee, making gravity effect it once again. There were shrieks of terror as the league members scattered. Twice lost hold of the clones surrounding Izuku and Katsuki and they disappeared.

        The enemy turned to Ochako while Tsu joined her. Ochako placed her hands on her hips with a proud grin.

        “Move out of the way, ladies. It’s our turn.” Ochako turned to Tsu with a bright smile. “Ready, Froppy?”

        Tsu nodded confidently. “Ready, kero.”

        Ochako positioned herself for a jump, putting her fingertips together. Tsu wrapped her tongue around Ochako’s waist. “Let’s go!”

        Tsu flicked her tongue and threw a weightless Ochako towards some of the League members. Ochako released her weightlessness right over the top of the villains and started a swift decent. She pulled on Tsu’s tongue to pull the other after her.

        They both landed in front of Himiko. She twirled her knives around, her yellow eyes wide and her grin too toothy.

        She let out a giggle. “Oh, this’ll be so much fun!”

        Ochako tilted her head and returned Himiko’s smile. “Really?” she said. “I thought so too!”

        Himiko’s eyes hardened and she dashed at Ochako, swiping with her knife. Ochako ducked the knife, kicking out with her leg and tripping Himiko. With Himiko off balance, Ochako grabbed onto Himiko’s arm and slammed her into the ground, making her knife fall out of her hand.

        Himiko twisted in her hold, throwing Ochako off. Before Himiko could get to her fallen knife, Tsu spat her stomach contents in her face. Himiko shrieked and writhed on the ground, trying the claw the disgusting green slime like substance away.

        Ochako let out a laugh as she put her knee in Himiko’s back and took the quirk suppressant cuffs from her breast pocket and cuffed Himiko’s hands behind her back.

        “I’ve got one!” she shouted as she stood. “You losers need to catch up!”

        “I think you’ve been spending too much time around Bakugou!” Mineta said from his position with the rest of the group. Katsuki roared with laughter.

        Momo smiled at Shouto. He nodded, his own lips quirked in the smallest of smiles.


        “We’ve got him.”

        Shouto held out his hand and Momo took it. He created a slide of ice and pulled Momo along after him down it. Directly headed for Twice. In a panic, Twice surrounded himself with more clones of the League of Villains.

        Shouto pulled Momo close and blasted them above the heads of the clones, landing right where Twice would have been had he not moved. The rest of their packmates slid down the slide and began their attack on Twice’s clones.

        Twice backed up a step, a katana forming in each of his hands. Momo only unbuttoned the top button of her shirt and pulled a katana of her own out of her chest. She held it in both hands, at the ready.

        “I’m glad I took those lessons now,” she mused.

        Shouto gave her a wry smirk. “Is there anything you haven’t taken a lesson on?”

        Momo laughed. “No, not really.”

        Twice leaped at Momo, aiming both swords to slice her down. But Momo crossed her katana over her body and blocked the strike. She pushed him off, and he moved to turn and slice her at once, but he was stopped by the ice creeping up his body.

        He’d landed on Shouto’s ice, and it slowly encased him. Twice struggled, but couldn’t get loose. Shouto slowly stalked towards Twice as everything but Twice’s arms and neck couldn't move. Shouto let the fire of his quirk lick at his fist before slamming it into Twice’s face, knocking him out. Momo pulled quirk suppressant cuffs out of her arm and locked them around Twice’s wrists. All of his cloning turned to dust.

        Izuku and Katsuki looked around the group. None of their pack was worse for the wear, but the meager members of the League weren’t looking too hot. Kurogiri, Twice, Himiko, Magne, Spinner, and Mr. Compress were all in cuffs and unconscious on the ground because of the groups’ collective effort.

        Shiragaki had been downed, too. By Izuku ripping his thumbs off. His hands were bloody, but the bleeding had stopped, though he continued to whimper on the ground. His quirk was useless, and he was out of the fight.

        Izuku’s attention turn to the so far bystanding All For One.

        “To think this old fool would have his quirk stolen by one of the villains he so much wants to beat into submission,” the disfigured man taunted.

        “A smarter decision than you ever fucking made,” Katsuki said, a smirking going to his face. He looked at Izuku out of the corner of his eye. Izuku looked back.

        “Ready, Kacchan?” Izuku asked.

        “Ready to beat this bastard into the ground where he fucking belongs.”

        Izuku and Katsuki blasted off the ground and began making their way to All For One, bypassing every obstacle put before them with ease. With less than three meters before them, they jumped. Shouto threw Ochako up to them, and she touched each of their ankles before falling back towards the ground.

        Katsuki summoned the most destructive explosion he could muster, and Izuku powered up to fifty percent- a recent development on his part. He’d only recently been able to get up to forty with Katsuki’s quirk training, but he figure fifty was an okay gamble for this particular situation.

        The two continued, now even faster from their now weightlessness and momentum, at All For One. All For One summoned a wall to save him from their combined blast, but it shatter on impact and he still fell to the ground. Shouto’s ice gripped at him and Mineta launched his sticky balls.

        Denki’s electricity crackled in his hand and acid pooled in Mina’s. They shot at All For One, Yuuga curling his arms behind his head and blasting with his stomach laser. Momo made bombs at lightning speed and Mezo threw them all at once. They exploded upon impact with the villain.

        Ochako finally released her quirk’s hold on Izuku and Katsuki as the smoke began to clear, and they fell at a rapid pace down to All For One. Izuku’s fist crushed his skull, and Katsuki’s went right through his heart.

        When the smoke cleared, the mess that had once been All For One was unrecognizable because of all the quirks used on him. No immortality quirk or regeneration quirk would have saved him from the holes that riddled his body. Even if his body was still alive, there was no possibility that he could be.

        Sirens sounded, and the shouts of people- police and journalists, likely- swarming the scene could be heard, though barely over the ringing in Izuku’s ears.

        His eyes zoomed in on the body of the man named Yagi Toshinori, the man who had once been the Symbol of Peace, the hero All Might. He’d explained, in one of Izuku’s training sessions, that he had been born quirkless. And without One For All, he’d be quirkless again. One For All had died in him in the battle with All For One.

        He’d been the one hero Izuku and Katsuki respected, because he was a hero, not just some shitty bastard that was in it for the ranking or money. But he genuinely did want to help people, even if he was only human and couldn’t be everywhere at once.

        Izuku was surprised the unconscious man hadn’t gotten wrapped up or injured in the carnage.

        He met eyes with Ochako, the closest to Toshinori. She nodded and leaned down, touching him gently on the arm. Hanta threw his tape and it wrapped around Toshinori’s waist. When Dabi summoned another portal to get them back to the base, Hanta pulled his tape back and pulled Toshinori through.

        Izuku and Katsuki stood on either side of the portal as the others dashed through, the shouts of the police getting closer in the crater they’d made. With the last of their pack in the warp, they nodded to one another and jumped through.

        By the time the police got to the crater, the pack was gone. The only clue they’d ever been there was the many bodies of League members littering the ground.

        It was dark, was the first thing Toshinori noticed. Dark, but there was muffled sound, and he hurt immensely, so being dead was immediately ruled out.

        “- and you were all bam and hi-ya! And it was so cool!” the voice of a young boy squealed somewhere almost beyond Toshinori’s awareness.

        There was a familiar chuckle, but couldn’t place who it belonged to in his half-conscious state. “Keep your voice down, Kota. He’s still sleeping.”

        The boy let out a squeak. “Right, right. Sorry.” The familiar voice let out a quiet hum and Toshinori creaked open his eyes.

        The first thing he noticed was, of course, the green hair of the ninth holder of One For All. Ah, he thought. It was Young Midoriya’s laugh. The next was the young, dark haired boy at Izuku’s side. And beyond them, Katsuki and Dabi. There was an IV in Toshinori’s arm, dripping fluids. There was a band around his other arm, and several other wires clipped to monitors on his hands. The sterile scent in the air was that of a hospital, but the large (large enough to even accommodate Toshinori’s large stature), cozy bed and comfy pillows weren’t hospital material at all. It was all… very strange.

        Toshinori’s eyes met Dabi’s, and for a moment he couldn’t breathe from the chill in them. But Dabi looked away to nudge Katsuki. Katsuki pushed off the wall and began to walk over to the bed. Izuku and Kota looked over at Toshinori as he did so.

        Izuku smiled kindly at Toshinori. “Oh good,” he said. “You’re awake. We were worried for a bit there.”

        Toshinori’s brow furrowed in confusion. “Wha… Why…?” His voice sounded so weak and cracked, his throat incredibly dry.

        Izuku shook his head sadly. “Well, we can’t exactly walk into an actual hospital, can we?” He shrugged as if it weren’t a big deal. “I mean, we don’t have a Recovery Girl or anything, but we make do.”

        Toshinori felt even more confused than before. “No… No… Why am I…” He almost couldn’t bring himself to say it. “Why am I alive?”

        Dabi scoffed and folded his arms. “Honestly, it’s a miracle that you are with how little organs you have,” he said with a roll of his eyes. Toshinori looked at him with a mix of horror and shock. “Jirou managed to pull your hospital files.”

        “I… I’m still… confused.”

        Katsuki let out a growl, leaning into Toshinori’s face. “Listen up, old man, because I’m only going to say this once,” he stated. “You’ve meant a lot to me and Deku growing up, so we sure as hell weren’t going to just let you die.”

        Izuku pulled him back, but the motion seemed to have little heart in it. “What Kacchan means to say is…” Izuku sucked in a deep breath and let it out in a sigh. “You’re retired now. You don’t have anything to do. Not even look for a successor, because you already passed it on to me. Do you really have anywhere to go?”

        Toshinori tried to fumble for an answer, but he couldn’t give one. His mouth and his brain weren’t cooperating.

        “We sure as fuck ain’t turning you away,” Katsuki told him. “So if you want to fucking stay, you can fucking stay.”

        Izuku sat on Toshinori’s side, patting his hand and squeezing it gently. “But if you want to go, you can do that too.” His expression seemed to twitch and change, to turn into something that he’d only seen on the boy when he declared he wouldn’t be a hero. “But no one will believe you if you try to turn us in.” But then he went back to normal so quickly Toshinori might have gotten whiplash.

        Dabi nonchalantly looked at his nails. “There’s also the plus that if you stay, I might know someone that can regrow your organs and get you back up to full health-” He froze and looked up at Toshinori. He shrugged. “Well, mostly full health.” Then he went back to admiring his nails.

        Toshinori licked at his lips. He couldn’t- could he? He really didn’t have anywhere else to go. He didn’t have any family anymore. Hadn’t for a long time. But he’d still been a hero. And he was surrounded by villains! “I don’t… I can’t…”

        Kota’s eyes turned watery and wide. “Grampa Toshi isn’t gonna stay?” he said, his voice quivering.

        “I…” Toshinori couldn’t look at the boy. He had to turn away and close his eyes. Oh, Young Midoriya, you’ve taught the boy well. “Oh. How can I say no to an expression like that?” he said, his voice giving in.

        Izuku squeezed Toshinori’s hand again, a bright smile on his face. “Welcome home.”

        The apartment was dark when Aizawa blearily wandered from his bedroom into the kitchen. All the curtains were drawn closed, keeping any and all light from outside in the outside. He let out a yawn as he opened his fridge, seeing only cold take out from the night before.

        Aizawa sighed heavily and rubbed the back of his head and pulled the take out out of the fridge and wandered into the living room. He sat cross legged on his couch, his cat curling into his lap as Aizawa turned on the TV.

        The light from the TV was ridiculously bright and it took a moment for Aizawa’s eyes to focus on the brown haired anchor.

        “I’m live on the very place where Pro Hero All Might and the villain known only as All For One had their great battle this very day three years ago,” she said, and Aizawa recognized the background she stood in front of. “The fight was interrupted by a gang led by two individuals called Deku and Kacchan, and this interruption led to the arrest of many League of Villains members and the death of All For One.” The description was said over a recording of the fight three years before before switching back to the anchor. “There is much controversy about All Might himself since the fight, as though the ex number one pro is proclaimed dead and a nationwide funeral held, some still speculate that he’s alive. No one knows for sure, all anyone really knows is that since that day three years ago, neither All Might or Deku and Kacchan and their gang have been seen-

        The anchor was cut off by a large explosion on the roof of a building on the other side of the street. The camera shook and Aizawa shot into an upright position. The cat yowled as the take out dropped from his hands.

        The anchor let out a shriek. “What was that? What was that?! What- Oh my God. Oh my God. Are you getting this?!

        The camera zoomed quickly onto the top of the building as figures stepped out of the smoke of the explosion. Aizawa’s eyes widened.

        The figures were ones Aizawa had not thought he’d see so soon. If ever again.

        They wore their masks, though they all stood tall and proud and their faces were well known. The wind swept their hair about them as the camera locked on the faces of Kacchan and Deku.

        The duo seemed to look directly into the camera. Then with a grin, they disappeared just as quickly as they had come. After a few moments, the view from the camera moved to a shot being taken from a helicopter. None of the group was there. The only evidence of them being there at all as the smoke cleared was the message The V&V have returned .

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        There had been a time, only a little after their first job, when Katsuki had asked Izuku why he wore his black gloves. Izuku had only smiled and replied “I don’t like getting my hands dirty.”

        Which, of course, was a foolhardy thing to say because of events that would transpire over the years. Though Katsuki would hold his word and do his best to keep the need for killing far from Izuku, and thus keep Izuku’s hands free of blood, there were just some things that needed done.

        Hacking, for example, had become one of Izuku’s strong suits. And sometimes, the worst of the villains wouldn’t go down easy and casualties were always something that you had to be wary of.

        Information, however, was more… important. It required a more… delicate touch.

        And Katsuki wasn’t in the habit of denying Izuku anything.

        Izuku held out the metal baseball bat to the side, and Katsuki took it, swinging it over his shoulder and letting his arms hang off of it as he smirked at the pests on the ground, not minding the blood that dripped on his white button up from the bat. Denki really was good at bleaching blood out of things, and if he couldn’t, well, Momo probably wouldn’t mind making him a new shirt. Or handing out the cash to buy a new one. She was fickle some days.

        Izuku disinterestedly fixed his gloves as he walked over to the mafia thugs lying beaten and bruised on the ground. One had both of his arms busted and shattered, and another would likely never walk again. There were a couple Katsuki wasn’t sure were breathing anymore, and he couldn’t keep the curl from his lips. Dabi was, as usual, standing back and looking completely bored, not doing anything to help.

        Izuku finally stopped in front of the fifth and final mafia member they’d managed to capture. He was the supposed leader of this little ragtag group, but he had been beaten just as fast as the rest.

        Katsuki had watched in simple amusement as Izuku had beaten answers out of the uncooperative underlings. You couldn’t rightly say that Omegas weren’t vicious when they wanted to be.

        Izuku stepped on the man’s chest lightly, just enough pressure on his broken ribs to let him know that Izuku meant business.

        “I would have rathered you’d been cooperative,” he said with a sigh. He ran a hand through his hair with a tired sigh. “This would have been over so much faster if you had. Then I would have been able to have gone home to dinner and tuck my pup in good night. I don’t really like breaking promises.”

        Izuku pressed his foot down, just a tad, and the the man let out a strangled scream. Izuku lifted his foot and the man panted for breath, though he glared heatedly at Izuku.

        Izuku smiled sweetly, using all of his omega charm. “Now, why don’t you tell me what I need to know?” he suggested. “Really, your friends weren’t all that helpful. They refused to say anything, and you see, I really need that information.”

        The man spat blood at Izuku and growled. “Fuck you.”

        Izuku’s eyes went blank and he raised his foot- stomping on the man’s chest. A loud crack filled the air and the man let out a blood curdling scream. “How many was that now? Seven, eight? Or was that the ninth? You won’t have any left if I don’t get my answers. Ah, but maybe those would puncture too much. Perhaps I could start on the legs?”

        Izuku moved down to where the man’s legs were tied together. He powered up One For All and raised his foot, green lightning visible underneath the pants he wore. The man let out another scream before Izuku could even move.

        “No!” he shouted.

        “We’re not heroes, remember, so time is ticking-”

        “No! No, please!” the man pleaded. “They don’t tell us low level thugs nothin’! All we were supposed to do since the hand man got out was get stuff from the warehouse to bring back to the base-!”

        “Hand man?” Izuku said, cutting him off.

        The man whimpered under Izuku’s hard stare. “Shira- Shira-somethin’! I don’t know, man!”

        “Shiragaki.” Izuku turned back to Katsuki and Dabi. Dabi wore a frown on his face, his arms folded over his chest. “This won’t be good if he gets out of prison. He hates your guts.”

        “The fucker hates yours, too,” Katsuki stated, his grip tight on the baseball bat. “You betrayed them.”

        Dabi nodded solemnly. “But we’ll be prepared for when he comes.”

        “He can’t be that dangerous without his quirk,” Izuku said.

        Dabi lifted an eyebrow. “Don’t assume we’re the only ones with a doctor who can regrow body parts,” he replied.

        Izuku nodded in agreement. You couldn’t assume anything on their side of the law. Assuming you had the upper hand was what got you dead. He turned back to the man on the ground, this time crouching next to his head. He looked him dead in the eye.

        “What was in this warehouse?” he demanded. “And where is it?”

        “Just some packages!” the man whimpered. “Just some packages, that’s all I know! Some warehouse on the east side of the city! Yaomoto was the one who had a head for numbers, I couldn’t ever remember which one it was!”

        Izuku patted the man’s head lightly, though he still flinched at the contact, and stood with a bright smile. “Thank you for your cooperation. Unfortunately, this is all the time we’ve got for today, so it’s time for us to go.”

        Izuku turned to Katsuki and Dabi. Katsuki pulled the bat off his shoulder and set the tip on the ground so he could lean on it. “Can I torch the place?” he asked.

        Izuku looked at the victims of his ruthlessness out of the corner of his eye and shrugged with a sigh. “Might as well, Kacchan. They’ll be wasted anyway. Might as well do them a service for the information they gave us.”

        “Need help?” Dabi asked, blue flames licking at his fingertips in preparation.

        Katsuki grin was feral as he dropped the baseball bat to the floor with a resounding clang. Explosions popped in his hands.

        “Not on your fucking life.”

        Dabi tilted his head toward the door and Izuku nodded. The two made their way towards it, followed by the scream of those still alive inside the abandoned warehouse.

        The two waited for Katsuki by the gate to the compound, watching as the blaze of the fire rose higher and higher. In the distance, they could hear the siren of a firetruck as Katsuki landed in front of them, not even singed but clearly ecstatic.

        “Evidence is for wussies,” he stated simply, and Izuku giggled leaning over and wiping off some ash and kissing his cheek.

        “It’s about time we scattered,” Dabi said as the sirens grew louder. “You two get home.”

        “Where are you going?” Izuku asked, his eyes wide and curious.

        “To the warehouse compound on the east,” Dabi said, sticking his hands in his pockets. “I’ll check it out, see what needs to happen to get in. I’ll be back in a couple days to give you the layout and we can make a plan.”

        Izuku grinned with a nod. “We’ll see you soon then. Good luck.”

        “Don’t get caught,” Dabi said, turning on his heels.

        Katsuki scoffed as he picked Izuku up, swinging him over his shoulder. “Who the fuck do you think we are?”

        Dabi snorted, then he disappeared into the shadows. Izuku rolled his eyes before smacking Katsuki.

        “Put me down,” he said. “And let’s go home.”

        “Food and bed,” Katsuki agreed.

        He only put Izuku down because he was the one that held the warp portals. The two walked through the black mist and appeared right in front of the door to the hotel. Katsuki opened it and followed Izuku inside.

        They were greeted by the warm glow of the overhead lights and the delicious scent of dinner wafting from the kitchen.

        Izuku looked to Katsuki with a smile. “Smells like Rikkido made dinner tonight,” he said.

        Katsuki wrapped an arm around Izuku’s shoulders and began leading him to the dining room. “Better fucking be,” he said. “Ain’t any other fucker I trust in my kitchen, and we deserve something good after this long ass day.”

        They walked into the dining room. Several circular tables covered in white cloths were scattered around. Hanta, Kyoka, and Mina sat at one near the back, cards between them and a stack of used dishes to the side. Momo and Shouto were standing and murmuring quietly at their table where they’d been sitting with Tenya. Shouto headed towards the kitchen with their dirty plates while Tenya went to go berate Hanta, Kyoka, and Mina about not cleaning up and Momo headed to the door.

        Momo smiled when she saw Katsuki and Izuku. “Welcome back,” she said.

        “Heading to bed already?” Izuku asked. Momo nodded.

        “Yes,” she replied. “We’ll be officially joining the hero agencies that scouted us, so I have to be up early for work.”

        “Good luck.”

        “Yeah, good luck, ponytail.”

        Momo nodded and grinned while she headed up to her room. Ochako looked up from her seat at one of the middle tables as Katsuki and Izuku fully entered the room. She touched Kota’s arm and he looked up, catching sight of Izuku and Katsuki.

        “Mom! Dad!” Kota jumped down from the table and ran to them. He hugged Izuku’s legs and Izuku laughed. The young boy giggled when Katsuki smacked the bill of his hat down over his face before picking him up. “You do good?”

        Katsuki barked out a laugh, pinching his cheek. “Yeah, we did good.” He pulled the hat off of Kota’s head as they headed for the table Ochako sat at. “You eat yet, squirt?”

        “He just finished. I was helping him with some of the more difficult homework problems while we waited for you,” Ochako said. She put all of Kota’s homework in a neat pile before setting it aside.

        “Good boy,” Izuku said, kissing Kota’s cheek. Kota whined and Katsuki plopped him back down in his seat.

        “What do we have on the menu tonight?” Katsuki asked, rolling his neck and giving a heavy sigh when it popped. He pulled a chair out for Izuku and only sat once Izuku was.

        Ochako’s eyes sparkled. “Oh, you’re in for a real feast,” she said. She leaned forward, her elbows on the table and her chin in her palms. “Koji apparently said yes to the courting.”

        Izuku laughed and Katsuki smirked, leaning back with his arm hanging off the back of the chair. “‘Bout damn time,” he said. “We all knew that was happening the moment those two freaks stepped into this joint.”

        Izuku smacked his arm. “We’re all sorta freaks here, aren’t we?”

        Katsuki shrugged and Tenya came over and placed a plate in front of each of them.

        “Welcome back,” he said. “Did it go over well?”

        Izuku sighed, hanging his head. “Not as well as I would have liked. We didn’t get nearly as much information as I wished, and it got more violent than I’d have liked as well.”

        Tenya was silent several moments while Izuku and Katsuki dug into their food. “Well… it couldn’t be helped, I suppose,” he said, his voice tense. He bowed politely then stood again. “I’m going to retire now. Goodnight.”

        “I’ll join you soon!” Ochako called. Tenya nodded and disappeared from view.

        Katsuki growled through his mouthful of food. “If he doesn’t wanna fucking know, then he shouldn’t have fucking asked.”

        Ochako pouted in the direction of the door. “It’s… difficult for him. He had big dreams of being a hero, you know? Same as Ei-kun, Hanta-kun, and Mina-chan. It was all their dream. But the only one who ended up getting a place among the pros was Momo-chan, and that’s because she infiltrated them to filter information back to us.”

        “He should be fucking glad he’s not one of those shitty pro heroes,” Katsuki argued, pointing his chopsticks at Ochako. “Every one of them is fucking useless. He’s at least doing something here.”

        “It’s true we have less restrictions, but it’s the name he cares about. His brother was almost killed by Stain, you know? He was supposed to be the one to inherit the name Ingenium after that. And he was raised in a good family. He doesn’t have a history like us. He didn’t have to adapt. After all this time, it’s hard for him.”

        Katsuki could have argued that it’d been three years, that Iida Tenya had participated in just as many jobs at the rest of them, that he was free to leave any time he fucking wanted- but everyone knew that he wouldn’t leave without Ochako, that he was part of the reason there wasn’t as many casualties as there could have been, and once you had your own mindset of morals, it was damn hard to change.

        So Katsuki didn’t say another thing.

        Instead he nodded at Ochako, but didn’t speak a word against her soulmate.

        Ochako stood and Izuku placed a hand on hers. “If you’re heading up to bed, would you help Kota get ready?” he asked. “We’ll be up as soon as we’re done to finish it up.”

        Ochako smiled. “Of course, Zuku,” she said.

        Izuku grinned and squeezed her hand. “You’re the best, Chako.”

        Ochako giggled. “I just can’t wait until we have a pup of our own.” Ochako pressed a kiss to Izuku’s forehead and one to Katsuki’s as well. Katsuki batted her away, but Ochako only laughed and danced out of his reach.

        She held out a hand for Kota and he eagerly took it, his homework in his other hand. Izuku and Katsuki watched them leave.

        They quickly finished up their food and took their plates to the kitchen where Sato Rikkido and Kouda Koji were finishing cleaning up. Izuku told them both congratulations, to which both became a blushing, stuttering mess as he and Katsuki left.

        Kota was sitting on their bed when they entered their room. He kicked his feet back and forth and held a book excitedly in his hands.

        “Can I sleep in your bed tonight?” he asked.

        Izuku and Katsuki looked at each other. Katsuki ruffled Kota’s hair. “Let us go shower first, alright?” he said gruffly.

        Kota’s eyes sparkled and he nodded. Katsuki and Izuku headed for the bathroom. Once the door was shut behind them, Izuku pinched Katsuki’s butt teasingly. “You’re such a pushover,” he teased. “We’ll never get him sleeping in his own bed at this rate.”

        Katsuki scoffed. “The bed’s big enough for three,” he grumbled while pulling off his clothes.

        “Mmm.” Izuku moved closer and pecked Katsuki’s lips. “But is it big enough for four?” Katsuki’s eyes widened and he looked down at Izuku’s stomach, his mouth gaping. Izuku laughed, kissing Katsuki again. “Not yet, but I’d like another one eventually, you know.”

        “Anything for you, Zuku,” Katsuki murmured against his lips.

        They showered quickly and returned to the bedroom to see Kota curled up on their overly large plush pillows. Izuku picked him up as Katsuki pulled down the covers. Kota curled into Izuku’s chest once they were in the bed, quietly mumbling about wanting a chapter of his story. Katsuki rolled his eyes but indulged him.

        “Sweet dreams,” Izuku murmured after Kota had drifted off in the middle of the chapter. He brushed bangs out of Kota’s face and kissed his forehead. Katsuki turned the lamp off then kissed Izuku’s.

        “Night, Deku” he said, curling around his mate and pup.

        “Night, Kacchan.”

        Aizawa Shouta looked at the group of new heroes before him. Five, in total. But only three truly stood out, and it may have been bias because each of them had been in his class until their recent graduation.

        Pro Hero Creati, Yaoyorozu Momo. Pro Hero Copycat, Monoma Neito. And Pro Hero Inquisitor, Shinso Hitoshi.

        Monoma had always been a bit of a piece of work and a difficult student to work with. And while he was an ass, Aizawa could admit that he’d matured since his first year at UA. Both Yaoyorozu and Shinso had also matured and grown, he knew, but Shinso still held a dangerous hate for villains and Yaoyorozu still seemed too meek to be cut out for true hero work.

        But if Aizawa could cultivate them, help them grow, then he knew they’d all be great heroes some day.

        Aizawa met the eyes of the new recruits one by one. “I’m sure you’ve all had time to acquaint yourselves with one another by now,” he stated, slapping a thick folder down on the table between them. “So here’s your first mission. You will focus on this mission between patrols. Because this is a high priority mission, you are not the only ones working on this. If you come upon any important information, you report it to a senior hero. Immediately.” All of the junior heroes nodded when Aizawa looked to them. He nodded as well and turned to the screen behind it, using his clicker to turn it on. While it was booting up, he began to speak again. “I’m sure you’re all aware of this case by now. It has been present and talked about for the last decade, though most prominent in the last three years, and it recently became talked about again in earnest three months ago.”

        Once the screen was fully live, muted videos of the group calling themselves The V&V played. Aizawa turned back to the fledglings. He tapped his fingers on the table.

        “Everything you’ll need to know about this group, The V&V, is in this folder. This will be the room where anything and everything to do with them will be discussed. Do not discuss this mission outside of this room. If you have questions, consult the documents or a senior member.”

        Aizawa stood, and the others followed suit, standing at attention.

        “There’s no need to bother with this now. This was just an introduction. You’ve got your first patrols to take care of, so get to them.”

        Everyone turned to go, and Aizawa watched them file out one by one. Shinso stood in the doorway longer than the others, his hard gaze on the screen.


        Shinso looked to Aizawa, his brows furrowed. Aizawa’s lips were set in a line.

        “Don’t be reckless,” Aizawa warned. “We know next to nothing about them. What we do know is that their quirks are powerful. Keep your head above the water, don’t dive in head first. You’re part of a team for a reason. Rely on them.”

        Shinso gritted his teeth. “They’re nothing more than villains,” he spat. “They deserve to be crushed under my boot.”

        With one last sharp glare at the screen still playing the videos, Shinso turned on his heel to go collect his schedule.

        Aizawa turned to the screen as well. The figures of Deku and Kacchan stood on top of the building, smoke on either side of them and their pack behind them.

        Five of Aizawa’s students were among them. Students Aizawa had had high hopes for. But they’d turned their backs on heroism.

        But even if that was the case, Aizawa looked at the V&V and saw children. Children who’d defeated the greatest evil of the last several generations, admittedly, but children nonetheless.

        Aizawa turned off the videos with a heavy sigh.

        “Sentimental old fool,” he grumbled as he started cleaning up. But he couldn’t help but wonder the hardships that had turned them to their life of crime.

Chapter Text

        The blaze of blue flames burned the warehouse cretins to ash in front of Dabi. Once he was alone in the warehouse, he stepped around the piles of grey ash and wandered through the large wooden boxes and metal crates.

        He stepped up to one open box packed with clear packages, all filled with a white powder. He pulled a package out and opened just a tad of the end, sniffing at it.

        “Typical,” he said with a sigh, throwing the package back into the box, not caring that it burst open and covered everything with the ground up drugs that had once been inside.

        He moved on. He pried open another box, finding guns. Still highly illegal in Japan. Probably even more illegal, what with quirks and the lack of use for them. No one needed a chance to double the damage.

        But it was the next box over, the one filled with bullets, that interested Dabi. He picked one up, examining it closely.

        He wasn’t well versed in guns- of course not, he had a powerful quirk and before he’d run off away from home with Shouto, his father, the piece of shit, hadn’t needed one around either, he was a hero after all-but the bullet looked odd . But Dabi couldn’t place why.

        The clatter of metal on metal came from the entrance, and the excited chatter of voices. But perhaps excited wasn’t the proper word, because surely they’d discovered the ashen remains of their comrades. No one would spend that much time making ash take the shape of bodies. At least, Dabi wouldn’t. He had better things to do with his time.

        As the voices grew closer, Dabi slunk into the shadows. He jumped up onto a wooden crate soundlessly, then pulled himself up onto a higher stack of crates. With three under him, he was high above the heads of the warehouse workers.

        His feet made small, almost soundless taps on the wood as he moved towards the metal carriers. If he couldn’t get out on the first floor, the second would have to do.

        Dabi gave a running start and used a beam to propel himself towards one of the metal carriers. The metal hooks on the top of his shoes gave a loud clang when he landed on the carrier, and he didn’t move for several moments.

        He looked towards the window directly at the other end of the carrier, already open and just begging him to jump out of it in a stylish, over extravagant fashion. But a voice drew him in. He turned his head, finding the source.

        There was an office on the second floor, the single light on and a rather tall man inside talking on the phone. Dabi knew he shouldn’t, but his curiosity got the better of him and he went to the rail that kept those on the second floor from falling to the first.

        He pulled himself up and landed on the second floor silently.

        His footsteps made no sound as he snuck towards the office. He sat in the shadow of the doorway, listening in on the man.

        “-course. Yes. The money’s been handed over.” A beat of silence. “No, sir. The bank didn’t put up a fight. They know better by now.” The man laughed, and there was another beat after it quieted down. “I’ll get right to it, sir. No, don’t you worry. I’ve got it handled.”

        Dabi stood and leaned against the doorframe, looking into the room, as the man hung the phone up. The man turned and jumped when he saw Dabi.

        “Oh, don’t mind me,” Dabi said, looking at his nails. “I was just listening in on your conversation.” He lit his fingers up and pointed his hand like a gun at the man. “So mind telling me how you coerced the bank into giving you that kind of money?”

        The man growled and went to lunge at Dabi, but was stopped by Dabi’s blue fire to the chest. He crumbled to the ground in a pile of ash.

        “I suppose it doesn’t matter. I’ll find proof of your embezzlement anyway.”

        Dabi stepped over the ash pile and took a look around the office. There were several piles of paper scattered around. An open drawer revealed several neatly filed away folders. On top of the desk was a cellphone.

        Dabi crouched and looked through the files in the drawer first. Embezzlement, forged bank notes, blackmail… The papers on the desk were filled with similar. Dabi pondered the cellphone for a moment before picking it up.

        Like an idiot, the owner didn’t have a lock on it, making Dabi’s job so much easier. He sat on the desk, his legs crossed, as he looked through all the downloads and texts and voicemails.

        “Guy’s a serious sleaze,” he grumbled. Porn, pictures of unknowing subjects. Omegas, if Dabi had to guess correctly. Most of them girls of a questionable age. Dabi was glad to have killed him.

        He found himself frozen when he came across one of the latest voicemails, one that hadn’t even been listen to yet.

        “Chisaki’s in charge ,” the voice on the other end growled. “So keep your fucking self in line. The old man’s just about dead, and I ain’t about to follow him! We all know who’s going to be running the family when he’s gone off the deep end -”

        “Didn’t your mother ever teach you it’s not polite to listen to other people's voicemails?”

        The phone dropped from Dabi’s hand and he looked towards the doorway. The bulky man who stood in the door was the same whose voice had been on the other line, sparks crackling in his hands. He was flanked by another man and a rather bulky woman, each with large metal pipes in their hands.

        “Unfortunately,” Dabi said, standing on top of the desk, “my father ensured that my mother wasn’t around to teach me much of anything.” He smirked at the others, tilting his head. “Which really means I’m self taught.”

        The front man lunged at Dabi. Dabi kicked, dragging his foot along the papers and making them fly up and obscure his view. Dabi brought his elbow down on the man’s head as he tried to get the floating papers out of the way. He placed his other hand on the man’s shoulder and used it to brace himself to flip off the desk and land between the man and the two cronies. The man collapsed after his head hit the desk loudly.

        The woman swung her metal pipe, but Dabi caught it in one hand. He lit up his opposite hand, tugging the pipe and woman forward, pressing his palm into the woman’s face. She let out a scream and fell to the floor, letting go of the pipe.

        The other man ran at Dabi, wildly swinging his pipe. Dabi held up his pipe and blocked the blow. Then he pushed back and smacked the man. The man tripped, dragging Dabi’s pipe out of his hands.

        With his way clear, Dabi didn’t look back but instead ran out of the room. His way back to the carrier he’d used before was blocked, so he ran down the hall towards the stairs. Also blocked, he found upon arriving to them.

        And with people ready to run after him.

        Dabi looked between the group on the stairs and the group closing in from behind. Both groups were too large for him to take on while on his own.

        Instead, he let out a heavy sigh before shrugging. He took a couple steps back, then took a running jump for the railing. He scaled it quickly, jumping off of it.

        “He’s insane!” one of the workers screamed.

        And Dabi couldn’t help but agree with her more. He barely felt the sting when he grabbed onto the hanging light, his quirk had taken care of that , but it was swinging too wildly for him to be able to gauge the right time to jump off.

        He let go with a shout with one hand when a bullet grazed his arm. “Oh, fuck me!” he shouted. He hissed, looking at the tear in his jacket and the blood seeping through it, staining it red.

        He looked to the man who had shot the gun. He wasn’t one of the workers. Dressed in more finery than anyone working in a warehouse could afford. A pointed doctor’s mask covered his lower mouth. The look in his eyes was pure, cold blooded murder.

        The worst part of it was it was someone Dabi recognized. Someone the League had tried to align themselves with, to make an ally out of.


        With no more care for his personal safety, only a need to leave , Dabi dropped from the light. It’s slight swing sent him rolling onto the top of a metal carrier.

        He gritted his teeth and placed a hand on his injured arm as he pushed himself to his knees. Blood coated his fingers, and it stung to move it. He forced himself to his feet, setting them apart enough to balance them.

        “Give it up, boy,” the man called Chisaki said. “You can’t win! You’re completely surrounded.”

        Dabi looked around as Chisaki’s mafia members surrounded the carrier Dabi stood on. He grinned at Chisaki.

        “This is too easy,” he said. “I guess I’ll take you down right now!”

        He held his hand out to his side, his quirk pulsing- but nothing happened. He turned, wide eyed, to look at his hand. Nothing- Nothing was happening. No fire, no blue flame, not even any abnormal heat.

        His quirk was just gone, and the pulse of it under his skin as well.

        Chisaki laughed loudly. “Do you fully understand your situation now?” he questioned. He held up one of the odd bullets Dabi had found earlier. “This little project of mine… it removes those pesky little quirks that get in my way.”

        Dabi growled. Clenching his fist and analyzing the situation. There was a window- closed, rather thick glass to keep out the storms, and excessively far away. He wasn’t positive he could make it. But it was his only chance. He sure as fuck wasn’t being captured if he could help it.

        Dabi began running, grunting from the pain in his arm but ignoring it in favor of zoning in on his target.

        He had practiced hand to hand over the years with all his pack members. With Izuku and Toshinori, who knew what it was like to be quirkless and knew how to fight without the aid of one. Everyone in the V&V knew how to get by without their quirks, how to utilize their quirks to their quirkless fighting style, making them twice as dangerous.

        Dabi wasn’t ignorant of his own abilities that came from it. He believed in his ability to jump the distance without his quirk.

        But jump the distance and crash through the window?

        Well, no pun intended, that’d be a leap of faith.

        Dabi’s feet touched the edge of the carrier and he flew. It was like walking on air, though his arms were wildly swinging. He curled into himself, a better cannon to break the glass.

        The trajectory was halted by another bullet, this time hitting his backside.

        Dabi arched with a scream. With his spread out position, he didn’t go through the window, but instead hit the wall and fell to the floor. Something crunched when Dabi hit the concrete, though he wasn’t sure what it was.

        He tried to pull himself up, but there was a kick to his stomach, and he was thrown into the wall again, hard enough for another crunch to be heard. He let out a shout and curled into himself.

        There was another kick, forcing Dabi to look up at the man standing over him. Chisaki’s glaring expression was unreadable. Dabi growled, and Chisaki stepped on Dabi’s wrist, slowly putting pressure on it.

        “Twisted, irritating little bugs like you are good for only one thing,” he said. He pulled a bullet from his suit pocket and examined it. “After all, this little device here is quite wonderful. But not quite perfect.” He looked to Dabi again. “That’s where you’ll come in. That pesky quirk of yours? It’ll come back in time, for now. But once I’ve perfected this serum, it’ll be gone for good.” He crouched by Dabi, grabbing a fistful of Dabi’s hair and making Dabi hiss when his neck was forced to twist upwards. “And won’t that be just grand?”

        The last thing Dabi saw before his world turned black from the butt of a gun was Chisaki’s cruel expression, and the horrible sinking feeling in his gut that he wouldn’t be able to warn the others of the impending danger.

        “- most concerning part to many is that not one, but two , of the sons of former pro-hero Endeavor are part of the group calling themselves the V&V. Todoroki Touya and Shouto are confirmed to be some of the some of the most prominent members of the group-

        Todoroki Enji looked up as the doors on the other side of the room buzzed and opened. Several other convicts were already talking to visitors, but Enji was part of the equally as many who were waiting for theirs to get through inspection.

        And it looked like Enji’s waiting time was up, because walking towards his little booth was Rei, Natsuo, and Fuyumi.

        Seven years Enji had been in prison. Seven years, and not one visit from any of them. None of his sons, not from his daughter, not from his wife. Admittedly, when he’d gone to prison, his wife had been placed in an asylum because of her breakdown and wouldn’t have been able to even if she’d wanted to.

        Oh, how the times had changed.

        No longer did the three of them cower when they met Enji’s eyes. No longer was he at the top of the world. He wasn’t above the law, if anything, he’d been held far more accountable than any civilian would have after those audio tapes had been leaked.

        “-And recently, Shouto, as his villain persona is called, has been terrorizing the Yokohama City area, leaving several deaths in his wake. It is a great relief to those in Yokohama that it has only been Shouto that has been spotted instead of joined by team leader Kacchan and other notable figures out of those Shouto is usually seen with-

        Rei sat in the chair directly across from Enji, Natsuo and Fuyumi stood on either side of her.

        “Enji,” she said, stiffly.

        “Rei,” Enji replied.

        There was tense silence. Neither moved. Neither spoke. Enji’s knuckles turned white as he clenched his fists.

        “What are you doing here?” he questioned finally.

        “-took many years to even identify Dabi as Todoroki Touya, as he’s never dealt a large hand in being physically there committing the crimes that took place. It wasn’t until three years ago that Dabi took the limelight when he became part of The League of Villains, going as far as to participate in the attacks on U.A. High School, but ultimately left with those part of the V&V. It was from footage of the fight between Kacchan, Deku, and All For One that police investigators managed to put together the image of Todoroki Touya from Dabi-”

        Rei tapped her fingers on her knee. Fuyumi squeezed her shoulder comfortingly and Rei took in a deep sigh. “For too many years you refused to allow the divorce,” Rei finally said. “But even after all you did, it became final.”

        Enji clenched his fists tighter, but kept them out of sight of Rei and their children. “Is that all?” he growled.

        Rei’s eyes didn’t leave his gaze. “No,” she said. “After what you did, that wasn’t enough. Not nearly enough.” She hummed for a moment before continuing. “The house is yours. We moved out a long time ago. The servants who kept it up all quit after testifying and aiding in your arrest.”

        “-Pros are working as quickly and efficiently as they can to track down and arrest the V&V, but so far, there has been little luck on the matter.

        “You won’t see us again, Enji. Not after this.”

        The already distant hum of the TV turned into a nonsensical buzz. Red tinted the corners of Enji’s eyes.

        “What the hell are you saying?” he growled, gripping tightly onto the booth in front of him. If he hadn’t been forced to wear quirk suppressants, it would have been melted from the heat, or even set ablaze.

        Natsuo’s eyes narrowed at Enji. “She’s saying we’ve all got restraining orders on you, old man,” he sneered.”So stay the fuck out of our lives, unless you want to fucking end up back in here.”

        “There are worse things than prison,” Fuyumi said, drawing Enji’s eyes to her powerful voice, despite her quiet volume. She met his eyes dead on. “Do not break the orders, unless you’d like to find out what they are.”

        Rei looked past Enji and to the TV playing recaps of past crimes that Shouto and Touya had committed. She had a serene smile on her face.

        “I’m proud of my boys,” she said. “Even if they’re not on your side of the law. Perhaps… I’m more proud of them because they’re not.”

        She pushed herself to her feet, the chair scraping on the floor lightly. Her hand stayed pressed to the table as she hesitated, looking down.

        “My boys have always taken care of me,” she said softly. “And I always have and always will love them. I regret everything I’ve ever done to hurt those boys, but they’ve forgiven me, even if I feel I do not deserve it.” Rei let out a small laugh, followed by a sigh as she pushed herself to her feet. “I’m slowly learning and accepting that not all of that was my fault. Anyone would be pushed over the edge with what you put us through.”

        Rei turned on her heels, followed by her son and daughter. She turned over her shoulder just a bit.

        “Goodbye, Enji, for the last time.”

        She turned away, and the three of them walked out of the door. It buzzed and shut behind them. Another door further down the hallway buzzed and opened, and another family walked in. From Enji’s place, he could hear the little girl cheerfully exclaim “Daddy!” and the man she was there to see was just as excited as she was.

        Enji sat in his chair, feeling numb.

        He hadn’t expected anything less.

        He didn’t know what he expected.

        The moment he’d been stripped of his hero title, he’d lost everything.

        The moment those audio files had been played on the news, his family had been out of his reach, out of his control.

        The Todoroki Enji who had once been was gone. They wouldn’t even mention him in the history books.

        Everything he’d worked so hard for was gone.

        One of the guards went up to Enji and placed a hand on his shoulder. “Time to go.”

        Enji stood without a fight, effectively knocking the hand off as he stood at least fifteen centimeters over the head of the officer. But still, he obediently allowed himself to be led back through the doors and into the prison itself.

        Todoroki Enji was no more.

        And in the background, the TV played.

        “And now, onto more uplifting news. The amateur Pro-Hero rankings for this month are in, and in the lead, we have Creati with most civilian saves-

Chapter Text

        Momo had grown used to early mornings due to intensive training while attending UA. Her ability to live through long nights could be attributed to her time with the V&V. However, it didn’t stop the exhaustion eating at her body after going into the agency after almost twenty hours of being awake to go to a meeting dealing with the V&V.

        Shinso was already in the room when Momo arrived, standing by the coffee cart with a mug in his hand. He looked just about as tired as she felt, though it was his normal look, and really very hard to tell how long he’d been awake or how little sleep he was getting.

        “Tea or coffee?” he asked as Momo slumped into a chair around the oval table.

        “Tea, please,” Momo said with a relieved sigh.



        Shinso turned back to the cart and began fixing Momo a cup of tea. It only took a few moments to mix in the sugar and place the cup in front of Momo. She brought the delicate teacup to her lips and took a cautious sip. Black tea, less unsavory than coffee, but with an equal measure of caffeine to wake her up and considerably more healthy.

        The level of sweet sugar Momo used rather contradicted that.

        “You doing okay, Mo? It was a long night.” The voice speaking in Momo’s ear was Ochako, the one who’d been on the monitor’s night watch the night before, and Momo’s sole company while she did nightly rounds after her encounter early on.

        “It’s good,” Momo said, indicating to her tea. Shinso hummed in response. “Has- When will the others arrive?”

        Ochako hummed in Momo’s ear. “Shouto’s not back yet, unfortunately. He called back just a couple hours ago saying he wouldn’t be back until tonight.

        “They shouldn’t be too much longer,” Shinso said, looking towards the door before sitting by Momo. His lips quirked in a smirk. “It’s bad showing if the newbies are here first, isn’t it?”

        Momo couldn’t help but laugh at that, her laugh light and musical. “I suppose so.”

        The door opened then, and Aizawa walked in, followed by Present Mic, Midnight, Vlad King, Monoma, and several other pro heroes including senior members and newcomers alike.

        “Looks like everyone is here,” Midnight said, looking around the table. “Let’s get started.”

        Everyone but Aizawa took a seat. Aizawa’s eyes were trained on Shinso. “This meeting was called because Inquisitor claimed he had more information, so I’ll let him take the reigns for now.”

        Everyone nodded along and Aizawa sat down. Shinso stood, placing his hands on the table.

        “A week ago, I was called to go investigate a disturbance in the warehouses on the east side,” he explained. “It was long after work hours, and only the night guards should have been there. When I went to investigate, there had been evidence of intruders, and several of the guards and intruders were dead.”

        “Yes, yes, but what does that have to do with the V&V?” Monoma drawled irritably, leaning on his elbow.

        Shinso glared at him. “If you’d let me finish,” he snapped. He took a calming breath before continuing. He pointed everyone’s attention towards the screen where he clicked through numerous pictures the police had taken. “All these piles of ash? They were once human bodies. Right now, they’re currently still trying to identify them all. There’s only one they’ve managed so far, and that’s because she wasn’t fully turned into ash.”

        The next picture on the screen was particularly gruesome. The woman featured in the picture, laying on the ground, had her face practically melted away. Strands of her hair had begun to turn white and it was evident she’d died in extreme agony. Monoma turned positively green and Momo feigned her disgust and horror by placing a hand over her mouth. She had seen far worse in the last several years.

        “The work indicated seems to be that of the one known as Dabi,” Shinso continued. “Security cameras show his blue flames in several shots, but the cameras have been tampered with, and it’s unclear why he was there or if he found anything of interest. I investigated the things in the warehouse myself, and there was nothing abnormal within it.”

        “Is that the warehouse Deku and Kacchan were waiting for Dabi to get information about ?” Ochako asked. “ If he got it, why isn’t he back yet?”

        “Anything more?” Aizawa questioned. Shinso nodded.

        “I’ve been looking into the patterns of all recent V&V attacks,” he said. “And I’ve come to a conclusion. They’re not doing senseless fighting. They’re looking for something.”

        Everyone went quiet, sitting at rapt attention to whatever Shinso had to say. Even Ochako was quiet on the other end.

        “Did you find out what they’re looking for?” Present Mic asked.

        Shinso shook his head. “Everywhere they’re attacking… it’s too irregular to get a good look at everything so far. They may be causing senseless violence to throw us off their track as well.”

        “It’s not a bad idea. But the most irritating thing about them is that it isn’t senseless violence. We’re helping people who they won’t.

        Momo fidgeted in her seat. Then she took a close look at the image on the screen. It faded into another one and she jumped.

        “Could you go back to the previous picture?” she requested. Shinso nodded.

        “What’d you see?” Midnight asked.

        Momo got up and moved close to the screen as the picture changed. She tapped a portion of the picture. Just a corner, but it was visible. A splatter of blood on the wall and the floor, messily cleaned up.

        “Whose blood is that?” Momo questioned, turning to Shinso.

        “We didn’t think it was too important since we didn’t find a body nearby, and there was no evidence of a blood trail leading anywhere,” Shinso explained. “But a sample was sent in anyway. I got a call just before I arrived today that it was confirmed as the blood of Todoroki Touya. We don’t know what happened, but this gives us further reason to investigate why he was there.”

        “It’s good work,” Vlad King said, nodding at Shinso. “Now we have a motive and we know what to look for in their attacks.”

        “We’ll go and reconvene on a later date if no one has anything else to add,” Midnight said, looking around the group. No one spoke up so she stood. “Everyone keep a lookout then, and keep each other posted.”

        Midnight led the other pros out of the room, leaving only Aizawa behind.

        “This is bothersome,” Ochako said with a heavy sigh. “I’ll inform Deku and Kacchan about this turn of events. You come home and get some sleep. You’re no use to anyone with as tired as you are.

        As if on cue, Momo yawned loudly. She jumped at the suddenness of it, covering her mouth in embarrassment.

        Aizawa stared at her, though his expression told her it wasn’t because of her yawn. “I hear you had an encounter with Todoroki Shouto,” he said, looking at Momo like he was looking through her to her very soul.

        “I- Yes. I did. I was… overwhelmed.” She looked away, unable to meet his eyes.

        Unfortunately, Momo and her partner for the beginning of the previous night’s patrol had come across Shouto while he was doing his previous mission. To keep up her guise, she’d needed to fight him, though she hadn’t gone all out. The encounter had cost her her partner, who’d ended up in the hospital due to injuries Shouto had given him.

        Momo didn’t like violence, if she was being honest, but the omega in her had preeened at the display of power on Shouto’s end.

        “Be careful. He’s dangerous,” he warned.

        “Of course, sensei.”

        “I’m not your teacher anymore. No need to call me sensei.”

        “Of course, sensei.”

        Aizawa sighed and Momo grinned. He simply shook his head and walked away. “Go home and get some rest,” he said over his shoulder before he disappeared.

        Once she was alone, Momo looked down to her hand. The red string wrapped around her pinky was taunt. Her soulmate was thinking about her too. Momo couldn’t help the blush that overtook her features.

        She held her hand close to her chest before leaning down and kissing the string.

        “Be careful, Shouto,” she murmured softly, practically inaudible.

        Momo stood, brushing off her costume and fixed her ponytail before heading out. Her work was done for the day.

        Izuku and Katsuki were in one of the meeting rooms when Ochako found them. They were pouring over all of their information on the yakuza family Chisaki was part of and worked for. It was limited, but because of the efforts of everyone, it was slowly accumulating.

        Ochako knocked on the doorframe to let them know she was there. The two looked up and Ochako walked into the room.

        “What’s wrong?” Izuku asked, his brows furrowing upon seeing Ochako’s expression.

        “Nothing much,” Ochako said as she took a seat across from the others. “But… we may need to change tactics again.”

        Katsuki turned his full attention to her, putting down the notebook he’d been looking at. “Situation.”

        Ochako nodded. “I was listening in on Momo’s meeting this morning,” she explained. “They don’t know what we’re looking for, but they know we’re looking . Shinso Hitoshi is highly intelligent, and likely a hero we should be wary of. He’s the one that noticed our pattern in looking for information.”

        Katsuki growled, slamming a fist on the table. “Shit.”

        “So, do we have Momo compromise information?” Izuku looked to Katsuki.

        Katsuki folded his hands in front of his lips, contemplative. “Not yet,” he decided. “It’s too risky. She’s still a rookie in their eyes. I know she’s good enough to not screw it up, but there’s a risk they’ll notice and it’ll lead back to her. Besides, if those fucking heroes actually did their job, they’d already know what we were looking for instead of doing stupid guesswork. We wouldn’t have needed to get involved in the first place if they did their jobs.”

        Ochako and Izuku nodded. “There’s something else,” she said, causing Izuku and Katsuki’s attention to turn back to her. She pulled in a deep breath. “It’s about Dabi. They found his blood in a warehouse he was looking into, but no Dabi.”

        Izuku’s eyes went wide. “He’s been gone for a week, and he’s injured.” He gripped at his hair. “Why wouldn’t he come back if he was injured?”

        Katsuki grabbed onto the back of Izuku’s neck and released his scent to comfort him. “Dabi does this kind of shit, Deku,” he stated. “He goes and disappears for a couple weeks, comes back and his hands are filled with new gadgets and his brain’s filled with information. You don’t need to worry about the fucker; he’ll be fine.”

        Izuku sighed and smiled at Katsuki. “Of course,” he said, sitting up and stretching. “You’re right. I’m just… worried. He’s the High Alpha. Of course I’m going to get worried about him.”

        Katsuki squeezed his shoulder then stood. “The old man should be back with the brat soon enough. I’m gonna go meet them.”

        “Alright, I’ll join you as soon as I’ve cleaned up in here,” Izuku said. Katsuki pressed his lips to Izuku’s forehead then slipped out of the room. Ochako and Izuku watched him go.

        Ochako folded her hands, unfolded them, then folded them again. “You feel it too, don’t you?” she said, her voice soft. Izuku nodded.

        There wasn’t a word to place on it, not a name to give it, but something just felt wrong . An ache in their beings. It was distant, a phantom feeling in Ochako, an irritating itch she couldn’t ignore. But in Izuku, it was a thrumb burning under his skin.

        Omegas were often more in tune with the wellbeing of their packmates. The closer they were to the packmate, the more they could sense if they were in danger. Izuku was the High Omega, unless Dabi took an omega mate, and he was the most in tune with Dabi’s safety because of it. Ochako had known Dabi since the beginning. And if he was in true danger, the others would start to feel something too.

        But Katsuki was right. Dabi disappeared all the time, and it wasn’t the first time Izuku had felt the dangerous burn. The highest point he had ever felt it was when Dabi had infiltrated The League of Villains. And it wasn’t nearly as bad as then, and it was an occupational hazard with their way of life.

        “If it gets worse, we go looking for Dabi,” Izuku said.

        “Of course not,” Ochako said. “But he’ll be fine, and back with us soon.”

        Izuku smiled, and Ochako returned it. They stood and made their way to the lobby. Katsuki leaned against the front desk no one had bothered to think about removing (on the contrary, it wasn’t rare to see Kyoka sitting there while writing music late into the night) talking to Eijirou.

        Ochako and Izuku had just joined them when Toshinori came through the front door, Kota on his shoulders.

        “We’re home!” Kota called.

        “Welcome back,” Izuku said.

        Toshinori placed Kota on the ground and Kota ran to Izuku and Katsuki.

        “How was he today?” Katsuki asked, flicking Kota’s hat as Toshinori slowly walked nearer.

        “The issue with the teachers was sorted out,” Toshinori explained. “And he was a perfect angel on the walk home.”

        Katsuki barked out a laugh and Izuku couldn’t help but feel just as amused as he tried to hold in his laughter.

        “Like hell he was, old man. The kid’s a fucking menace.”

        “He does take after his father. And quit cursing around the pup, Bakugou Katsuki.”

        Izuku ignored Katsuki as he went on about how he’ll fucking curse whenever the fuck he wants to, around whoever the fuck he wants. Instead he looked down to Kota and fixed his hat. Kota looked up to him with a bright smile.

        “Why don’t you tell me what you did in school today and I can make you a snack,” Izuku offered, and Kota’s grin grew.

        “Yeah!” he exclaimed, taking Izuku’s hand and dragging him off towards the kitchen. “We learned about quirks today! Sensei was talking about quirk history and stuff.”

        “Oh ho, is that so?”

        Toshinori looked to Katsuki. “You’ve got yourself a good family,” he said. And Katsuki smirked.

        “Fuck yeah I do.”

Chapter Text

        “Blink- and you might miss it,” basically described Dabi’s life.

        The world had gone black on the concrete floor of a warehouse, but the next thing he blurrily saw was bright lights and white wall, too strong hands wrapped around his arms, a thundering ringing in his ears. But then he slumped forward and everything was black again.

        He couldn’t count how many times he blinked open his eyes and saw a new scene, even if it wasn’t clear. Once, twice, maybe three times he heard someone talking, but he couldn’t make out what the voices were saying or even if they were male or female. There was once or twice, particularly noticeable in the beginning, when he woke with a start as a needle was jabbed into his arm. Those times, he was out again almost immediately, without even being able to comprehend his surroundings.

        But it was the first time Dabi rose to consciousness and thought “I’m awake.” It was still dark- he realized he hadn’t opened his eyes yet. But his entire body ached, and it was how he knew he was actually awake. As his senses slowly came back to him, it felt like he was laying on the floor. But there was a small, soft hand on his cheek, and then something cold pressed to his cracked lips.

        Dabi opened his mouth, and cool water slid down it. It tasted like heaven on his dry tongue and throat. When the cup was taken away, Dabi blinked open his eyes. He blinked some more until things came into focus.

        He was laying on his back in a cell, his head close to the iron bars. And on the other side was a young girl, no older than Kota. Wavy white hair fell long down her back, a few strands falling to cover her face, concealing her red eyes. Curiously enough, a horn protruded from the right side of her head.

        Dabi opened his mouth to speak, but all that came out was a groan of pain. He flinched before rolling over onto his side and pushing himself up into a sitting position. The girl watched him warily, and Dabi got a much better look at her once he was sitting up.

        Her dress seemed little more than rags, and she was covered in bandages and bruises. The paleness of her skin, tinted by yellow, made her seem as though she hadn’t seen the sun in a long time.

        They studied each other, not saying a word.

        Dabi stood and took a step towards the bars. She flinched and jumped away, spilling some of the water. Dabi didn’t make a move to go closer. Instead he folded his arms, a nonthreatening scent leaving him, though it didn’t seem to do much to abate the girl’s fears.

        “Who are you?” Dabi asked, and the girl blinked at him.

        “My- My name’s Eri,” she said, her voice quiet and nervous.

        Dabi smiled at her. “A pleasure to meet you, Eri-chan,” he said. “Thank you for giving me the water. That was really kind of you.”

        Eri’s face brightened. “Ye-Yes!” she said. “Um, I just- I thought you could use some. You were asleep for so long…”

        Dabi’s brows furrowed. “How long was I out?” he asked, and Eri fidgeted nervously.

        She bit her lip and looked away. “I- Um. I don’t really know,” she mumbled. “Um. I haven’t really been out of the house in a long time… It’s… It’s hard to tell time.”

        That was worrying. Who knew how much time he’d missed out on then? What about the pack-?

        Was the pack safe?!

        Dabi could feel the anger and fear for his pack’s safety boil under his skin. But he pushed it down. There was no way Chisaki knew where they were. The only reason he’d gotten Dabi was because he’d been reckless and had gone looking in the first place.

        Dabi took a few moments to collect himself before looking back at Eri.

        “Do you know where we are?” he asked.

        “It’s underground,” Eri told him. “Under the main house.” She looked down at her hands. “They don’t usually let me up there… They don’t like me leaving.”

        Dabi couldn’t help feel his annoyance grow at Chisaki. This girl, this young girl who should have been playing out in the sunshine with her friends and going to school and doing everything a kid should do, was kept trapped underground.

        “So you’ve never been topside?” he asked.

        Eri shook her head. “I’ve been outside,” she said, and flinched, seeming to remember something unpleasant. “But- But it’s- it’s been a long time.”


        Three years ago, Mina and Kyoka had returned to the base with a young girl being used in experiments by her father. The only information they had on the man was he was part of the mafia. During their research, they’d obtained information on Chisaki and his daughter, too.

        Dabi looked at Eri, and he thought only that this child could be that little girl. And even if she wasn’t, she didn’t deserve to be shut up like she was.

        So Dabi has to include her in his escape plan.


        Voices sounded from the end of the hallway and the cup in Eri’s hand clattered to the floor, spilling water everywhere. Neither breathed, but the voices didn’t even pass through their hallway, leaving them alone.

        “You should go,” Dabi told her. “Wouldn’t want to be caught hanging around the captive, would you?”

        Eri gave him a hesitant look, but quickly retrieved the cup and dashed down the hallway, looking back at Dabi as he stood. He leaned against the bars and smiled at her.

        “Don’t worry, kid,” he said. “You won’t be here long.”

        Eri managed to crack a small smile, before it left her face and she ran out of the hallway and disappeared around the corner.

        Dabi let out a huff of a chuckle and leaned his forehead between a couple of bars. He held his hand out in front of him. Blue flames licked at his fingertips.

        “And neither will I.”

        He clenched his hand, standing and turning back into the cell.

        His blue flames mixed with his blood to boil beneath his skin.

        “I don’t think we’ll be here long at all.”

        It was a nice day. Particularly nice for the bite of chill in the air. But Ochako could enjoy it, because the itch of uneasiness in her had faded to practically nothing. Dabi still wasn’t back, but he would be fine. Everyone knew that Dabi was among the most reckless of the pack.

        And Tenya had asked her to go with him to go visit Tensei. Tensei had invited him over for lunch to meet his fiance. He’d met his soulmate several months back, and they’d decided to get married. “Rather quickly,” Tenya said, pushing up his glasses.

        But Ochako had been hinting for the last two years for Tenya to officially claim her, so she hoped meeting Tensei’s future mate would get the ball rolling. But then again, it always seemed like omegas were the only ones who would do anything romantic. Alphas were always just such big brutes.

        Ochako loved Tenya anyway.

        Because it was such a nice day, the two had decided to walk to Tensei’s. It wasn’t that far.

        Well, walk was an objective term when they were jumping from building to building and not far wasn’t completely accurate considering Tensei lived two districts away.

        But it was still pleasant. Arm in arm, talking of nothing in particular in between jumps. They jumped back to the ground several blocks from Tensei’s house to make their journey seem less suspicious.

        A young girl ran along the sidewalk, chasing a couple of boy, laughing and not watching where she was going. The boys dodged Tenya and Ochako, the girl ran right into Ochako, tumbling backwards and scraping her knee on the concrete.

        Her eyes immediately began to well up with tears and she began whimpering. Ochako leaned over and held out her hand.

        “Need a hand there?” she asked softly. The girl looked up at Ochako, her lips quivering. After a moment, she girl took Ochako’s hand and Ochako helped her to her feet. “Be careful now.”

        “Mmm hmm.”

        The girl hesitated, standing awkwardly in front of Tenya and Ochako. Ochako wrapped her arm around Tenya’s and waved to the girl before the two went on their way. The girl called out for the boys and ran after them, laughing once again.

        “She’ll be okay,” Ochako mused as they walked down the sidewalk, arm in arm.

        “Of course,” Tenya said. “It wasn’t that bad of a fall, and she wasn’t even bleeding, so there’s no real chance of infection-”

        Ochako giggled, leaning on Tenya’s arm until they made it to Tensei’s home.

        Iida Tensei’s house was a lot alike the others on the block. A rather large red brick house and taking inspiration of slightly older Western architecture. Large clear glass windows were open and the dotted yellow curtains blew in the breeze, and the front yard was painted with a beautiful flower garden, mostly consisting of yellow and pink roses right under the window. Ochako wasn’t quite sure what it was made of, but the corners of the house were covered in white and occasionally swirled. It matched the roof trimmings.

        Perhaps the only great thing separating the house from the rest was the ramp that was side by side to the stairs, intended for Tensei’s wheelchair when his legs were feeling particularly achy.

        They walked up the steps and Tenya pushed the doorbell. It took several moments, but the door soon slowly opened to reveal Tensei, walking with his two canes to keep himself balanced.

        “Lil’ bro,” Tensei said, smiling at Tenya. He nodded at Ochako. “It’s good to see you again, Uraraka-chan. Keeping my brother out of trouble?”

        “Always,” Ochako said teasingly as she and Tenya entered the house. “You’re looking well.”

        Tensei chuckled as he led the two to his sitting room. “It’s certainly been less stressing on my body with someone else around the house who can help me,” he said. He let out a groan as he settled into a plush armchair.

        Tenya frowned. “Brother, this is why we’ve been telling you for years that you should hire someone to help besides the occasional gardener,” he chastised.

        Tensei laughed. “Don’t have to worry about that anymore, do I?” he said, his lips quirked in a smile. Ochako and Tenya settled on the couch.

        “Speaking of, where is the lucky lady?” Ochako asked, looking around. “I haven’t seen her.”

        “She said she wanted to make lunch for us. Wanted to impress. She’s a very good cook, so I really don’t think she has too work to hard, but she worries a lot.” The affection in Tensei’s voice was evident and heartwarming.

        “I worry for good reason! It’s your brother and his soulmate, why wouldn’t I want to impress them?!” When the young woman entered the sitting room, both Tenya and Ochako’s eyes widened. Tenya balked.

        “Your soulmate…” He turned to Tensei. “Your soulmate is Todoroki Fuyumi?”

        Tensei’s scent immediately turned defensive. “I know that Endeavor wasn’t the best man,” he stated, his brows furrowing. “And I’m sure you’ve heard about her brothers- but Fuyumi is good. She’s different than them.”

        Of course, Ochako thought. Fuyumi was indeed a good person, if you didn’t take her less than legal activities into account. Well, she was a good person. She was kind and helpful, but she wasn’t the innocent person Tensei thought she was.

        Who else would have taught Izuku all he knew about computers?

        Instead of saying anything, Ochako sat with her ankles cross and trying to look as if she didn’t know Todoroki Fuyumi personally but instead only from mentions and association to her rather more well known siblings.

        It was difficult when Fuyumi was giving her the exact same look Ochako was trying not to give her.

        “Is the food ready?” Tensei asked, looking up at Fuyumi. Fuyumi jumped and placed a hand on Tensei’s shoulder.

        “Ah, yes,” she said. “I just set the table.”

        Tensei scooted to the edge of the chair and began standing. “I’ll go get my medicine and join you shortly,” he said.

        “Do you need help?” Fuyumi reached out for Tensei, but he shook his head as he strapped his canes to his arms.

        “I’m good. You three go sit down.”

        Ochako and Tenya stood, but no one moved until Tensei was out of the room. As soon as the door shut behind him, Fuyumi zipped to stand in front of them.

        “I really did not know he was your brother,” she said, as though it needed apology. “Iida did sound familiar, but I didn’t think you were brothers- the coincidence is too great-”

        “It’s perfectly fine,” Tenya said. “Of course, while I wouldn’t wish anyone with illegal tendencies on my brother, there’s really no one who I think is better to be my sister-in-law.”

        Fuyumi snorted, and she smirked teasingly, poking Tenya’s chest. “You’re one to talk,” she said. “You’re the one in the V&V. Well, both of you, really.” Her face fell, her lips turning down. “Have either of you seen Touya recently?”

        Ochako gave her a pitying look. “You haven’t heard from him either?” Fuyumi shook her head. Ochako took her hand, squeezing it gently. “He’s fine, I’m sure. He disappears sometimes, right? He’ll come back soon enough.”

        Fuyumi twirled a lock of her hair, looking down at her feet. “He’s just… It’s just, he’d my brother,” she said. “I worry about him. Shouto too.”

        “I’m sure we can pass on the message to Shouto at least that you would like to see him,” Tenya said, pushing up his glasses. Fuyumi smiled.

        “Come, we should get into the table,” Fuyumi said. “Before Tensei starts thinking something’s amiss.”

        “If he wasn’t listening in on us I’d be surprised.”

        “Ochako! Don’t misjudge my brother’s integrity.”

        “He also wouldn’t be able to stay very quiet with those canes, you know. We’d have heard him.”

        “Todoroki-chan, you’re not helping very much.”

Chapter Text

        It wasn’t quite so unusual to see men and women in business suits walking around the city streets, having just gotten off from work and trying to get to the last train or meet up with co-workers for a meal or drinks- whichever they were willing to pay for, really.

        But rarely did they go by rooftop. And even rarer were the suits not meant for work hours.

        The light and buzz of the city disappeared into the distance the further away the two figures ventured. Soon enough, they were by the beach, on top of a darkened office building. Their only light was the silver moon and thousands of glittering stars.

        Momo reached up and pulled away her mask, placing it by her side as she sat on the edge of the roof by Shouto. His mask was nowhere in sight, though he rarely tried to his his identity anyway. It was more commemorative than anything.

        “You’ve been working hard,” Shouto said, breaking the silence between them.

        “You as well,” Momo murmured. The wind brushed past them, playing with the bottom of Momo’s pleated skirt and sending a chill through her. Shouto pulled his suit jacket off and draped it over Momo’s shoulders. She smiled a bit, turning pink, as she pulled it tight.

        “It’s getting cold. You should start wearing a jacket,” Shouto told her.

        Momo nodded, laughing just a bit. “It ruins the aesthetic, though,” she said, a tilting her lips in a smile.

        They turned to the ocean and watched as the waves lapped at the sand.

        “Your job… did it go well?” Momo asked softly. Shouto’s brows set in a frown.

        “I am uninjured,” he said. “But the information… it is still out of our reach. I wish Touya would hurry back. He was always better at information gathering than I.”

        Momo reached out and grabbed his hand, squeezing it. “You’re doing fine,” she told him. “There’s a thousands things you can do, even if this isn’t working right now.”

        Shouto looked down at their hands, pulling them apart only to entwin their pinkies. The red string that connected them formed a snug bow with their fingers curled together like that. Shouto pressed his lips to Momo’s knuckles, a gesture rather than words to show appreciation. It caused Momo to turn bright red.

        Momo downturned her eyes and pressed a hand to her flushed cheek. “I wonder if they know,” she mused. “Or if we should tell them.”

        “It doesn’t matter,” Shouto stated, holding her hand firmly in his. “What they know, what they think, it doesn’t matter. All that matters is that we do.”

        Momo couldn’t help the warmth filling her chest.

        Of course, they’d known since they were children. Todoroki Enji had intended to seek Momo out as a possible marriage candidate for one of his sons. The Yaoyorozu line held both money and power and Momo was the last heir to the name, so he’d wanted her to join to give the family a leg up in the world. He’d only been delighted when Shouto had asked about the red string connecting the two of them, everyone but the two of them it connected unable to see it.

        But then Shouto ran away, and Momo hadn’t been sure she’d see him again until years later, when she was old enough to leave the house on her own and go looking for him. But then Shouto showed up on her doorstep with Touya, Katsuki, and Izuku, and asked for her help.

        She couldn’t refuse him, and she didn’t regret her choice to join him. Even if it had hurt for a while.

        “I don’t want to get married,” Shouto had said, shortly after Todoroki Enji had been sent off to prison because of their efforts. He kicked his feet back and forth. “It’s what my father wanted. I want to chose my own future.”

        “Isn’t that what this group is for?” Momo had agreed, and Shouto had smiled, and things went on.

        They hadn’t gotten into a relationship until after Momo had started her second year at UA, the pull of their strings too strong and their feelings mutual.

        “You’re right, of course,” Momo said, tilting her head up to the sky. “They’ll find out in time.” Momo leaned against Shouto, taking in a deep breath and being filled with Shouto’s scent.

        Shouto ran a hand through Momo’s hair. “What’s wrong?”

        Momo sighed, laughing into Shouto’s shoulder. “I really can’t hide anything from you, can I?” she mused. She released another sigh, closing her eyes. “It should be nothing. But… there are several alphas at work. A couple betas. They don’t believe me when I tell them I’m already involved.” She opened her eyes and sat up, slumping sadly. “Aizawa-sensei is doing what he can, as is Sir Nighteye, Shinso has been rather helpful as well, but… I’m afraid none of our efforts have done much. We’re working on the same project, but we’re not part of the same agency. Neither Si Nighteye or Aizawa-sensei have the power to fire them.”

        Momo sniffled, wiping at her eyes as tears began leaking down her cheeks. “I’ve tried… I’ve tried so hard to stand on equal ground, but they’ve said I’ve got no place on the field because I’m an omega . They told me I would be too easy-”

        Shouto pulled Momo into his arms as she began crying, releasing her distress. He fought to keep his anger under control, instead pressing his nose into the crook of Momo’s neck and rubbing a hand up and down her back.

        “It’s alright,” Shouto murmured softly. “It’s alright.” He repeated the phrase until Momo’s sniffles had died down.

        Momo sat back up, brushing the tears away from her eyes. She took in a deep breath before meeting Shouto’s eyes. “I want you to claim me,” she said. “On my next heat, I want you to bite me and claim me.”

        Shouto’s eyes widened. “Momo… are you sure?”

        There was a large risk with claiming, being fully mated, both of them knew.

        Momo was a hero, in the spotlight. If she showed up at work with a claiming mark on her neck, a mark she wouldn’t be able to hide with the design of her costume, everyone would ask questions about who her mate was. Pro Hero Creati’s mate would be the biggest topic of conversation until the hype died down, and even then, it would always be something that popped back up even years down the line. That’s the way columnists were.

        And there was the workplace. There was no telling if any of them knew Shouto’s scent and would be able to recognize it. But if they did, they’d undoubtedly smell him on her. That’s just the way scents worked. Once you were claimed, you and your mate’s scents intertwined to let the world know you were taken.

        Momo would no longer be a hero. She couldn’t be, if they realized who her mate was. They’d put the dots together and realize she was part of the V&V too. She’d compromise the entire concept.

        But Momo had her mind made up.

        She nodded definitely. “Yes,” she told Shouto.”I’ve made up my mind. Please, Shouto.”

        Shouto hesitated. But finally, he relented and nodded. “We need to talk about it again,” he said. “When you’re in a clearer state of mind. But I’ll think about it. And if you still want to, I will.”

        Momo smiled and gently placed her lips against Shouto’s, murmuring against them. “Thank you,” was her quiet whisper.

        “Anything for you.” Shouto hugged her tightly before picking her up and standing on the ledge, Momo in his arms much like a bride with her arms wrapped around his neck. He closed his eyes and touched his nose to Momo’s, and she smiled in return as she closed her own eyes. “Let’s go home.”

        “Yes. Let’s go home.”

        Eijirou had joined the V&V and had lived at the base for three years. In that time, the hotel they lived in hadn’t changed much. But he could remember Denki’s stories about when he’d first gone to live with the rest of the pack.

        It hadn’t been bad then, but there had still been the stench of sex and slick that clung to some of the wall in certain rooms. Some of the rooms were permanently stained with the scent of a distressed omega in heat.

        It hadn’t been in bad shape then, when Denki joined. Much better than the original place the founding members of the pack- Katsuki, Izuku, and Ochako- had found. Barely held together, hole everywhere, nothing working. Dingy, dirty, and in a real need of repair. It wasn’t until the Todoroki brothers came into the picture that things changed.

        And it had changed a lot, Denki said, to get as comfortable as it was. It had enough rooms for everyone to have their own, even if soulmates slept together (like Katsuki and Izuku) and the others often went to stay with their families (like Momo and Shouto). All the room were filled with comfortable beds and personal bathrooms and everything one would need in a personal apartment, even if there was a big kitchen and dining area downstairs.

        In a way, Eijirou was glad.

        He was glad his mate was comfortable. He was glad he had been well cared for before Eijirou met him. He was glad he was still well cared for even when Eijirou couldn’t do more caring than being there physically.

        Denki went out and worked. Denki was a part of the V&V’s. Denki actively participated in missions, even taking on solo ones. Denki was the one who went out during the day and came home exhausted at night and fell into bed- and what did Eijirou do?

        He had wanted to be a hero.

        He still wanted to be a hero.

        But he wasn’t.

        He couldn’t be.

        Because he’d chosen Denki. Because when the V&V, a known criminal organization, came and busted Kaminari Denki out of an attack on UA back in his first year, at Denki’s own plea for help, Eijirou had seen the pleading look on Denki’s face, the look of pain at the knowledge that if one of them left and one of them stayed, they’d likely never meet again until Denki was behind bars Eijirou himself put him behind- the pain had been on Eijirou’s too.

        So he’d taken Denki’s hand, and threw away his promising future.

        Eijirou looked at the sleeping Denki, naked under the sheets. Eijirou brushed blond hair out of Denki’s face, and Denki let out a pleased sigh. Eijirou smiled at him before grabbing his robe to cover his own naked body and going out onto their small balcony.

        The moon was bright and silver, gleaming brightly against the stark blackness of the sky. Eijirou leaned against the railing.

        In a way, he understood Izuku and Katsuki’s, and by extension Denki’s, way of thinking. They were just trying to help people in a way they thought no one else could. But when he thought back to it, it had cost not only Eijirou’s future when he followed Denki. Mina and Hanta had been on the rode to heroes as well. Good ones, too. He shouldered the blame for Tenya, too, even if that particular incident was entirely out of his control.

        Mina had adapted quickly to life within the V&V, getting along easily with Denki and Kyouka and even participating in missions and enjoying it. Even Hanta had found a place for himself, even if it was just with the others who helped out occasionally when absolutely needed but otherwise stuck around the hotel. Otherwise, he was out volunteering . Helping in soup kitchens, reading to old ladies, taking some of their absolutely outrageous wealth and donating it to a good cause.

        Eijirou had yet to find his place within the pack, away from Denki’s side.

        Somehow, he’d found companionship in Tenya, who were both so out of place because he held the same heroic ideals as Eijirou himself, but both also were far too in love with their mates to leave their sides. And their mates thought of the V&V as their pack. As their family .

        Eijirou would never take Denki away from that.

        Eijirou snorted with amusement as he hung his head.

        Somehow, he’d also become a confidant of Katsuki’s. When Izuku wasn’t around, Katsuki sought out Eijirou.

        “Someone’s gotta fucking have non-bloody morals around this fucking place,” Katsuki had said one day, out or random. “And that glasses bastard is too fucking stuck up for me.”

        Eijirou had laughed at that. “It’s manly to keep your humanity, man,” he replied.

        Katsuki turned a vicious pink and turned away. “It’s not for me, shitty hair. Fucking Deku just doesn’t like it to get messy.”

        Sometimes, like that very moment, Eijirou was reminded that Katsuki was human. ( The fact that Katsuki had allowed Mina and Hanta to stay even when they clearly weren’t invited wasn’t often lost on Eijirou )

        It was a conflicting mix of good and bad, and it had Eijirou’s guts twisting in knots more often than not. He sometimes wished that the time of their disappearance, when it was just them , no villains , no vigilantes , just Eijirou and Denki , going out on walks, going on dates for lunch or to the movies or random stuff like normal couples. They’d even talked about the future, like normal sappy soulmates would.

        Eijirou looked up just as Shouto jumped onto the rooftop, Momo in his arms. He closed his eyes before sighing and returning to Denki in their bed.

        In the end, it didn’t matter, he supposed, where they were. As long as they were together.

        Because Eijirou loved Denki, he really did. He’d trade the world and everything in it for Denki a thousand times over if he needed to.

        And because he loved Denki, he wouldn’t make him change.

        After stripping off his robe, Eijirou climbed back into the bed. Denki immediately sought out the warmth Eijirou gave off in his sleep and snuggled into Eijirou’s chest. Eijirou wrapped his arms tightly around Denki and kissed his forehead.

        “I love you,” was his quiet whisper before sleep overtook him.

Chapter Text

        Dabi didn’t know how long he had paced back and forth the length of the cell, just as he wasn’t sure about the time he had spent in the cell. He only got measly meals, rather, one a day, and those were staggered, so he couldn’t count time by that either.

        The cell would be easy enough to break out of. Bust it, melt it… Dabi had so many options to get out. The guards and yakuza members would be easy enough to get past- Dabi was generally confident on his ability to fuck shit up and destroy everything.

        But Eri .

        He’d have to find her.

        If she was close, the guards were near. And they had those quirk stealing bullets. The first time he showed signs of having his quirk back and attempting to escape, they’d shoot him without resistance, and they’d never get out.

        Those bullet were the biggest problem. With a little girl relying on him, Dabi wouldn’t be able to rely on his physical abilities to get out. He’d have to use his quirk. There was no other option.

        So he had to play it smart, and he knew he could.

        Dabi’s only problem was he didn’t know anywhere else in the underground. He’d only seen this hallway. He was drugged up every time he was taken out, and couldn’t put the pieces together to form a mental map. Eri was some help, but she couldn’t come by often. Most of the time when she was, she was drugged up and thrown into the little alcove across the hall from Dabi’s cell.

        Dabi stopped moving when the clash and clang of guards approaching sounded down the hallway. He moved over to the iron door of the cell and leaned lazily on it, waiting for them to turn into the hallway and thinking of snarky remarks to make as they readied him for Chisaki’s next sick experiment.

        The moment they rounded the corner, however, the smirk fell from Dabi’s face. Eri hung limply between them, her arms straining as they held her up only enough for her legs to drag on the floor, causing Eri to whimper pathetically. Bruises and dried blood littered her body. A rage curdled in Dabi’s blood and he let out a growl when they unceremoniously dropped her on her little mat, as if taunting Dabi.

        “You fuckers!” he shouted, straining against the bars. “You pieces of shit! I’ll kill you!” His eyes shifted from the guards to Eri and made to reach out for her.

        One of the guards grabbed Dabi’s wrist, holding it tightly in his grasp and elbowing Dabi’s arm. Dabi gritted his teeth but didn’t cry out in pain as his arm was assaulted and not allowed to bend as it was supposed to.

        Dabi ripped his arm away from the guard and bared his teeth as the two left. As soon as they were gone, Dabi dropped to the floor and began reaching out for her. Eri turned her head, and the blankess in her red eyes enraged him like no other.

        He’d seen it in Shouto’s after their mother had poured boiling water on his face, giving him his signature scar. Shouto hadn’t had a will to live, and he couldn’t have been older than Eri was now .

        Eri used her arms to slowly, ever so slowly, pull herself over to Dabi’s cell. Once she was in reach, in one move, Dabi pulled her closer, wishing there wasn’t any bars between them so he could hug her and make her feel better. Instead, he petted her hair as she leaned against the bars and cried.

        Dabi didn’t need to ask. Whatever it was had been terrible. Something no one should have gone through, let alone a child.

        “We need to leave,” Dabi murmured, more to himself than to Eri, but the little girl looked up to Dabi with tear stained eyes. Dabi squeezed Eri’s hand. “Can you stand?” Eri hesitated, the shake of her head a mix between a yes and a no when she finally answered. “You’ll have to do your best.”

        Dabi pulled in a deep breath. He stood and helped Eri awkwardly do the same.

        “I need you to stand far away from the cell,” he told her. “Down the hall, if you can.” Eri nodded shakily, and used the wall to steady herself and keep herself. Dabi watched her until she was several meters away, though he wasn’t sure even that would be safe.

        But he had to try.

        “Feel the heat, bitch.”

        The flames licked at his skin, burning down his arms and back and legs. They reached out, leaving behind scorch marks everywhere they touched as they danced. The flames grew and grew as Dabi pushed them out.

        The blue flames lapped at everything, burning everything in the room but Dabi himself. They twisted around the iron bars, and Dabi watched in sick glee as the iron bars melted to the floor, leaving nothing but melted goo in their place.

        Dabi left the cell burning as he stepped over the puddle.

        He stopped in front of Eri, kneeling with his back turned to her. “Get on,” he said, and then the fire alarms started going off. Dabi cursed. “Shit. Thought we’d get more time.” He looked over his shoulder at the shaking Eri. He met her eyes. “I’ll protect you, Eri-chan. I promise you that.”

        Eri nodded and latched onto Dabi’s back. Dabi curled an arm under her to steady her as he stood, then he began running.

        “You’ll have to guide me out of here,” he said when they reached a hallway Dabi didn’t recognize. Eri nodded, pointing forward.

        Dabi continued dashing forward, only making his free hand into a fiery fist when several guards burst down from a side hallway. He threw his hand up and blasted them with the blue fire, and they all stumbled back with screams. Fire licked at the walls.

        “Left,” Eri murmured suddenly, and Dabi rapidly turned down the indicated hallway. She held Dabi tightly when she told him to go up a flight of stairs.

        They came to another hallway, this one far too quiet, but the lights flickering through the window on the door on the far end.

        “The only door out is through the room down there,” she whispered, pointing to the far room. Dabi pressed his lips into a line before looking at Eri over his shoulder.

        “And I don’t assume there’s anyway to sneak past?”

        Eri shook her head and Dabi sigh, hanging his head and his shoulders slumping tiredly. He stood up straight before moving into a running position. He was rushed to start running by the shout from directly behind him.

        Dabi dashed for the door, dodging the bullets following him. Eri squeezed him tighter as one got far to close for either of their likings.

        They pushed through the door at the other end of the hallway, and everyone on the other side froze, staring at the two.

        “I’d stay for introductions,” Dabi said. “But I feel my welcome’s already been worn thin, so I think it’s just time I go-”

        The door crashed open again, and Dabi ducked just in time to avoid a large projectile, the result of someone’s quirk. Dabi tsked, then began running among the chaos.

        “In the right corner,” Eri murmured in Dabi’s ear. Dabi saw the door.

        “Hold on tight,” he ordered, letting go of her.

        The grip of her legs wasn’t strong, but her arms more than made up for it. Dabi jumped over a desk, sliding across another and rolled under a third to get space between him and his pursuers. He stopped a moment to let Eri reorient herself and make sure she hadn’t been injured, but then he was back on track to running.

        But they were just throwing the desk to the sides. Dabi rolled his eyes with a heavy sigh before jumping up onto the desks and just running across them to get to the door.

        His heart beat erratically as he jumped off the last desk, nearing the home stretch. They were almost there, they were going to make it-

        A bullet pierced his arm, and Dabi went tumbling. Eri let go of him and rolled towards the door. Dabi look behind him, and saw Chisaki in the mix, the rest of his goons backing him. He stood before them like an army general leading his soldiers to war.

        Pathetic if he had to take an entire army to beat down one man.

        Dabi stood, pulsing out the flames even as they grew weaker and started trying to flicker out. He didn’t look at Eri as he gritted his teeth.

        “Get out,” he snarled. “I gave you your chance, so take it! Don’t worry about me!”

        Eri shook, watching Dabi with wide eyes. She whimpered, distressed scent coming from her heavily, but Dabi growled. He looked at her out of the corner of his eyes.


        Eri didn’t need to be told a third time. She struggled to her feet and ran out of the building, somewhere Dabi didn’t know. He hoped she’d be able to stay away this time.

        “You’re a fool,” Chisaki said, making his way over to Dabi, gun still pointed at Dabi’s chest. “Trying to save the girl… it will be your ruin. No matter what you do, I will have her again. You chance for escape long passed, Todoroki Touya. Your flames are sputtering out.”

        Dabi growled when Chisaki said his name so casually. He clenched his fists. “You’re slow on the uptake,” he said, reaching up and grabbing the gun. “Because I haven’t used that name in years.” He pulled the gun to the side, almost out of Chisaki’s grip. “And if my fire goes out, you’re going out with it!”

        It took immense effort to even keep the smallest flame on his hands, but with his rage fueling him, Dabi swept out with his fire, spanning a long line on either side of him. As long as he was standing, he wasn’t going to let them hurt Eri again.

        It didn’t matter that after that last attack, Dabi felt empty again. He was quirkless again as he fought. The flames, for perhaps the first time in his life, burned at his back as he attempted to stop any of the yakuza members from making it past him.

        Even heaving and panting, sweat pooling on his brow and dripping down his face, Dabi stood in the doorway, buying Eri as much time as he could.

        “Move, pest,” Chisaki growled.

        Dabi gritted his teeth, Chisaki’s scent trying to overwhelm him on top of everything. But he refused to move. He refused to submit to this bastard . The only one who had ever been a true challenge to Dabi’s status as head of the pack had been Katsuki- gods he hoped it was them who found Eri.

        Dabi growled defiantly at Chisaki, clutching at his stomach. He pushed himself to stand as straight as he could. His eyes met Chisaki. Even if he could take the fire in Dabi’s hands, he’d never take the one in his eyes.

        “Over my dead body, you fucker.”

        Chisaki blinked lazily at him, raising his gun once more. He tilted his head to the side with minimal interest. “If you insist.”

        Dabi didn’t process the shink of the gun, the the zoom of the bullet. Even the blooming pain right in the middle of his chest, and the feeling of free falling towards the ground, was muffled and distant.

        Curiously, he registered the taste of copper and iron in his mouth.

        He closed his eyes and smiled, a thin trail of blood running out of his lips and down his cheek, looking like a bloody tear track.

        At least Eri had gotten away.

        And if he never returned to the V&V, at least they were in good hands.

        Things went dark after that.

        Eri’s bare feet obtained more bloody scraps and she ran down ally after ally, trying to get away, trying to get out, find someone, anyone , who help her, help him !

        She was crying, she realized distantly, and the tears blurred her vision.

        She didn’t register it until she ran into someone and fell backwards.

        Eri’s eyes opened wide in fear and she bit back a cry of terror.

        The woman she’d run into wore a slimming black skirt and white button up shirt, a neat black tie with a gold embroidered design of the letters V&V around her neck. The man on her other side was in a similar state of fancy dress, but wore black slacks and carried a black suit jacket on the arm that wasn’t entwined with the woman’s.

        The two stared at Eri in surprise until the woman broke away, releasing a comforting omegan scent. She knelt down in front of Eri, holding out her hand.

        “Are you alright?” she asked, and Eri felt more tears well up in her eyes, ready to tell this lady who smelt so kind and wonderful everything .

        “Help me,” she whimpered, and the woman’s expression became rather frightening, though it wasn’t pointed at Eri, it was pointedly looking beyond her, back into the ally.

        “Let’s go back, Eri.”

        Eri froze in place. Her heart beat painfully in her chest.

        She turned her head and they all looked to see Chisaki standing behind her.

Chapter Text

        It had started out as a normal enough day. Ochako woke up next to Tenya, made breakfast and had it done by the time Tenya woke up, and both looked at their schedules for the day. With both free from any responsibilities, Ochako had immediately decreed that since it was such a rare event to be free for the entire day, they should take the opportunity to be together.

        So they spent the day shopping, going to the movies, and even at the arcade for some time because Ochako dragged Tenya after her. They returned to the hotel and changed into some nicer clothes, on Tenya’s insistence, then he took her out to eat a nice restaurant.

        It had ended their day pleasantly, with the warm flow of wine flowing in their veins and making Ochako giggly. She’d hoped that once they were back home, they might have been able to have a bit more fun, but those thoughts had left Ochako when a small girl ran out of the alley she and Tenya were passing by.

        The girl was scrawny and small, a torn dress and covered in bandages and bruises. The expression on her face was terrified. Tenya and Ochako stared at her in surprise.

        Ochako pulled her arm away from Tenya and knelt in front of the young girl, holding out her hand non-threateningly. When the girl only continued to shake, Ochako released a comforting scent.

        “Are you alright?” she murmured, and a pained expression grew on the girl’s face as tears well up in her eyes. Ochako’s heart ached.

        “Help me,” the girl whimpered.

        The crunch of gravel came from behind the girl, further into the alley, and Ochako snarled at the man who came up behind her. The scent he gave off was suffocating and rancid. He smelled of blood and death and deceit.

        “Let’s go back, Eri.”

        The girl, Eri, froze in place. She shook visibly as she turn her head to look at the man. She inched closer to Ochako, and Ochako placed a comforting hand on her shoulder.

        The man’s attention turned away from the girl and to Ochako. “I apologize on behalf of my daughter, miss,” he said. “She get carried away in her games sometimes and hurts herself. Such a troublemaker, this one.” He chuckled, but Ochako sensed no humor in it.

        Instead, her blood boiled. The throbbing in the back of her mind made long repressed memories resurface.

        “We should be the ones apologizing!” Tenya exclaimed, drawing attention to him by chopping his arm much like he did, and away from Ochako. Ochako looked up to Tenya and he met her eyes out of the corner of his. “That’s quite the interesting mask. You must be part of the Eight Precepts. They are quite famous, aren’t they?”

        Ochako’s eyes widened and she turned her gaze to the man, whose attention was fully on Tenya. He reached out and touched his mask. “Don’t mind the mask,” he said. “I’m just sensitive to dirt.”

        Ochako’s brows furrowed, and she clenched the hand at her side into a fist. If she was reading Tenya’s signals right, this was Chisaki. The man they’d been searching for. And the girl, now hugging Ochako tightly, was Eri, the one they’d been looking for the last several years.

        “I apologize again for my daughter for daughter interrupting your date,” Chisaki said. “I’ll let you get back to it.”

        “Indeed. My dear, we should get going,” Tenya said, looking at Ochako. Ochako looked helplessly at Tenya but went to stand, only for small hands to curl tightly into her skirt.

        “Please… Don’t go…” Eri begged, her eyes wide and fearful and tears streaming down her cheeks.

        Ochako didn’t move, but her features hardened. “Your daughter…” she said tightly. She looked right in Chisaki’s eyes coolly. “She seems to be frightened of something.”

        Chisaki emotionlessly met her gaze. “It’s because I just scolded her.”

        Tenya placed a hand on Ochako’s shoulder. “We really should be-”

        “But these bandages,” Ochako interrupted, though not moving to shake Tenya off. “They don’t seem like the kind you would get from just playing around.”

        Of course they didn’t. Ochako remembered her last foster parents. They were careful not to do anything anywhere to visible, but she’d worn bandages too tightly wrapped on her upper arms and thighs from bruising grips and beatings with belts in disguise of punishment more often than not while with them.

        “She happens to fall down a lot,” Chisaki said, unamused.

        They had made excuses too, when they hadn’t been careful enough to hide the bruises.

        “A little girl like this, shaking and frightened without saying a word… that doesn’t seem normal to me.”

        Ochako knew it wasn’t. She’d once been that little girl. She’d wanted to cry and scream and fight back, but she couldn’t. Because she was just a child and there was no one to take care of her. To protect her.

        “Please don’t impose your idea of normal on other’s families.” Chisaki’s eyes were threatening. Cold, callous. Tenya squeezed her shoulder in warning, but Ochako couldn’t stand back and watch the same thing that happened to someone else.

        Normal does no coincide with abuse.

        “What are you doing to this girl?” Ochako demanded, causing Chisaki to sigh heavily needlessly and slump his shoulders.  

        “It’s an embarrassing topic,” Chisaki said, turning his head away. “I don’t want to talk about it in the open… would you follow me this way?”

        Eri clung tightly to Ochako as Ochako stood. Tenya grabbed her arm before she could follow Chisaki.

        “What are you doing?” he hissed in her ear. “We can’t move alone. We need the others.”

        Ochako’s eyes met his, the look in them steely. “I have her, right here in my arms. I’m not going to just let her go and be hurt again.”

        “You’re too reckless.”

        “It’s what you tell me.”

        “You see, I’ve been quite worried about Eri recently,” Chisaki said, back facing Ochako and Tenya. “No matter what I say to her, all she does is defy me.”

        “Raising a child must be difficult,” Ochako deadpanned.

        “Indeed,” Chisaki said, and Ochako could hear the smirk in his tone. “They’re hard to understand, children.”

        Ochako’s eyes flickered to Chisaki’s hands. He was pulling off one of his glove. She tensed, ready to fight or flee, or both if it came down to it, Tenya’s scent was a strained tenseness behind her.

        “Especially when they must be seriously thinking about what kind of person they’ll become… what kind of person they can become.”

        Ochako shifted her feet, ready to dash out of the alley- but then Eri jumped out of her arms and ran to Chisaki’s side.

        “Oh, are you done with your tantrum now?” Chisaki taunted, looking at Eri. He turned to Ochako and Tenya. “She’s always like this. I’m sorry. Thanks for going out of the way to listen to my worries. I’m sorry for causing you such a burden. Well then, have fun on your date.”

        Ochako shook as Chisaki disappeared around the corner and into the dark.

        She bristled and began marching down the alley. Tenya grabbed her arm, stopping her.

        “Ochako, you can’t,” he said, and Ochako turned back to him with a heavy set frown.

        “He was giving off killer intent, and that’s the only reason she went with him,” she stated. She pulled her away. “We can’t just leave her with that- that monster -”

        Tenya grabbed Ochako’s face, forcing her to look at him. It was only then that Ochako realized she had started crying, hot tears smearing on her cheeks. “We’re not going to leave her,” Tenya said. “But we can’t do it alone. We’re strong, but we’re strong all together.”

        Ochako sniffed, breaking away from Tenya and wiping away her tears. “I’m sorry I’m such a baby,” she mumbled. She took a deep breath before smiling at Tenya. “I’m going to go follow him, find out where his base is.”

        “I don’t think that’s-”

        But before Tenya’s words could fully get out, Ochako had made herself weightless and launched herself towards the top of one of the buildings. She landed on the top of the roof and disappeared from Tenya’s view.

        Tenya sighed and pulled out his phone, calling the base.

        “What is it, glasses?” Katsuki snapped from the other end.

        “We found Overhaul and his daughter,” Tenya said . “And Ochako ran off to track them.”

        Katsuki cursed. “I'm send backup your way. Get back to base. Round face won’t do anything stupid when she’s outnumbered.”

        Tenya sighed, but conceded. “I’ll return soon.”

        “Don’t move from your spot. A warp will appear a moment.

        Tenya hung up the phone while Ochako followed Chisaki from the rooftops. Eri had managed to run quite a ways, and Ochako had to wonder how Chisaki had even found her after running that far.

        The earpiece in Ochako’s ear beeped as she watched Chisaki enter a building, several masked goons standing outside the door waiting, letting her know it was turning on.

        “Round face.”


        “Where are you?

        “Watching Overhaul.” Ochako crouched on the roof, out of sight of those on the other side of the alley. From her distance, she couldn’t hear what they were saying. She pulled out her phone.

        “Don’t do anything rash until backup gets there. They’re on their way,” Katsuki ordered.

        “No need,” Ochako replied, sending Katsuki her location. “I’m retreating. I’m not risking that little girl. We need a good plan to get in and rescue her.”

        “The hurry it up, Uravity, and get back here so we can start the planning.

        Ochako grinned. “On my way, Kacchan.”

        Shinso Hitoshi was alone in the room set aside for meetings involving the V&V. A large cork board was in front of him, printouts and red string and thumbtacks scattered about. But most of them were up on the board, a crazed mess of trying to make sense of the contents.

        He clenched his fist, the other hand on his chin, and gritted his teeth while he studied the board.

        It didn’t make sense.

        None of it made sense.

        Shinso couldn’t put a motive or even a reason to why they worked like they did, what they were looking for. He could barely prove that they were looking for something.

        In anger and frustration, Shinso pounded the table behind him.

        Shinso caught sight of his reflection in the window, looking crazed and tired, bitter and… exactly like what they used to call him.

        “Villain,” the kids used to call him.

        “If you become a villain, you can recruit me if you don’t brainwash me,” they said.

        Shinso turned away furiously. It got under his skin that these people, those who had power that could be so easily used for good, gave it up so easily for doing evil. They became villains.

        “Woah there, pretty boy. Don’t destroy anything.” The taunt came from the door. Neito stood in the doorway, hero costume gone and in civilian clothes, large smirk stretched on his features.

        “What are you doing here?” Shinso snapped.

        Neito’s smirk widened. “Eraserhead told me to drag you out of here. You’ve been going three days without sleep.”

        “Denied. We’ll talk again when it’s been a week.”

        Unfortunately, Neito grabbed Shinso’s arm and began dragging him out of the room.

        “I’ve been thinking of changing my hero name,” Neito said, as if Shinso wasn’t struggling to get away from him. “Copycat really isn’t doing it for me.”

        “It’s your quirk’s name, you unoriginal brat,” Shinso stated, still struggling. “And you’ve changed your name at least twice every year since we entered UA. You’ll never be successfully branded if you keep doing that.”

        Neito laughed in that obnoxious way he did, waving off Shinso’s ‘concerns’. “I’ll be fine!” he exclaimed. “Besides, I want something to impress my soulmate. I met him the other day.”

        Shinso finally managed to pull away from Neito, but didn’t make to leave back for the office. “Fucking good for you.”

        “I know, isn’t it?” Neito sigh dramatically. “Only it’s too bad he’s a beta. And a guy at all. But you can’t fight fate, can you?”

        “Shut the fuck up already, Neito.”

        Neito huffed, but didn’t say another word on their walk home. At the split to their seperate apartment rooms, somehow having ended up in the same building by accident when looking for places to live, Neito turned back to Shinso.

        “Get some sleep and something to eat. If you’re still intent in thinking about the V&V, we can talk afterwards,” he said.

        Shinso cracked a small smirk. “Yeah,” he agreed. “Thanks.”

        “Of course. It’s what teammates are for.”

Chapter Text

        Katsuki leaned forward, hand pressed on the written plans Izuku had jotted down over the meeting. “Everyone’s got the plan down?”

        He looked around the table, receiving nods. “Yes!” several members called.

        Katsuki nodded with a smirk. “Good. Let’s go.”

        And then the pack dispersed.

        The air was thick with tension as everyone strapped into their battle armor, readying their special gadgets and spending final moments with their loved ones. Big jobs were always dangerous, but it was especially so when it was a group like the Eight Precepts of Death.

        Momo and Shouto’s hands brushed against the other’s as they passed one another on the way to their rooms, Ochako silently allowed Tenya to hold her close for several minutes. Mashiro sat with Tooru and helped her braid her hair. Denki and Eijirou sat with their foreheads pressed together, eyes closed and just breathing in each others scents.

        Eleven p.m. on the dot, the group met in the lobby, Katsuki and Izuku holding hands as they stood in front of everyone. Izuku broke away from Katsuki and he looked into everyone’s eyes.

        “We get in, we get Eri, we get out alive,” he said. “No compromises.”

        There were solemn nods all around, and Katsuki tossed the warp device to the ground. It activated upon contact and the black warp appeared. Izuku turned and led the way through, followed by Katsuki and the rest.

        They exited on the roof of the building across from the same Ochako had been led to. Two of Chisaki’s men stood outside the door, talking heatedly.

        “Remember, we don’t go in unless it’s necessary,” Izuku said. “Tooru, it’s all on your shoulders to make that call.”

        “Yes!” Tooru exclaimed.

        “It’s time for scene one, non?” Yuuga said, brushing blonde hair out of his face and giving his most charming grin.

        “We didn’t get this cutie dolled up for no reason!” Mina exclaimed, pouncing on Yuuga’s back, wrapping her arms around his neck. Both were dressed quite lavishly, though stylishly, per Momo’s family fortune. Both outfits were quite honestly eye catching and flashy, however.

        Just like they wanted them.

        Izuku nodded and Tooru, Mina, and Yuuga, dashed off towards the end of the building, jumping down into an alley out of sight.

        Katsuki joined Izuku, overlooking the set stage. Mina and Yuuga were clinging tightly to one another and giggling, tripping over each other’s feet, when they entered from the other end of the alleyway.

        Katsuki’s grin turned feral. “The actors enter, and the play begins.”

        Mina nuzzled into Yuuga’s neck and her fingers began brushing under his shirt, softly skimming against his skin. Yuuga giggled, half heartedly pushing her away. They stumbled into each other and fell against the brick wall.

        Mina stood on her toes and pressed her lips to Yuuga’s, surprising herself with how soft they felt. He smelt ridiculously nice, too. Even if he more preferred the pampered omega lifestyle and was obscenely spoiled, he wasn’t pudgy, but instead surprisingly firm against Mina.

        She grinned into the kiss as Yuuga kissed back greedily, the act far to easy to keep up.

        Mina giggled as she broke away from Yuuga, only to let her hands wander up his shirt as she nipped at his exposed shoulder. Yuuga grabbed at her clingily. “Such a pretty omega…” she mused, loud enough for the guard to hear. “Could almost take you here… no need to wait until we get home…”

        A loud cough came from one of the guards, and both Yuuga and Mina turned their attention towards them. The guards stood side by side, bright red under their masks as they watched Mina and Yuuga.

        Mina smirked as she wrapped her arms around Yuuga’s middle. “You think he’s pretty too, don’t you?” she questioned.

        “Oh… um, yeah…” one said, practically drooling. Mina frowned.

        “Well, you can’t have him! He’s mine!” she shouted, releasing an angry and possessive scent. Yuuga purred and nuzzled into her shoulder.

        The other guard sighed. “They’re drunk…” he bemoaned. “You two fuckers need to get out of here.”

        “You tryin’ to take him from me?!”

        “No, you fucking stupid alpha bitch-”

        “I won’t let you have him!”

        Yuuga slowly released an alluring scent, meant to draw the other two in. Unconsciously, it seemed, the guards moved further away from the door.

        And silently, Tooru slipped through completely undetected.

        Through the large bustle, no one in the main room noticed her enter, and she crept around the outskirts until she reached the only door leading out of the large room. She slipped into the empty hallway, peaking into each room before moving on.

        In the last room, there was one of the mafia underlings, asleep in a chair, but with a pair of keys oh so temptingly on his belt. Tooru slowly reached out and undid the belt, startling when he moved in his sleep, but managed to get the keys without much issue.

        She kept close to the walls as she went down the stairs, choosing a random direction at first. Most of the doors that Tooru managed to unlock with the keys were boring and of no use to her. They weren’t really trying to bring them down, simply get the little girl out. So Tooru had a mission to accomplish, and she was interested in anything else.

        There was one door that caught Tooru’s eye. A large metal door, bolted shut with too many to count and a slider to see into the room.

        Tooru opened the slider, and her eyes widened at what she saw. She had to cover her mouth to prevent herself from letting out her scream of horror.

        The room was almost completely dark, the only light going in from the open slider. And what it illuminated was horrific.

        Dabi hung from the wall, his hands cuffed above his head, limp and unconscious. His hair was matted with blood and his shirt was ragged, blood soaked bandages visible beneath it. Bruises and scars marred his skin, and he didn’t look to be breathing.

        Tooru struggled with the bolts on the door before opening it and letting it slam against the wall. Her legs shook as she entered the room, her voice clogging in her throat as she went to call out to Dabi. Instead, all she managed to let out was a whimper.

        Dabi lifted his head, eyes unfocused, as he sniffed at the air. “Tooru…?” he murmured, his voice uncertain.

        Tooru let out a gasp of relief and ran to him, holding him as tightly as she dared. “Yes!” she exclaimed. “Yes, it’s me! The pack- The pack sent me to find Eri, but you’re here- we didn’t know you were here! I can- I can get you out!” She broke away from Dabi, her hands shaking, making her struggle with the keys. “Just- Just let me unlock your cuffs-”

        “No,” Dabi growled, making Tooru jump. She looked at him, her eyes going wide even if Dabi couldn’t see them. He looked directly at her. “Leave me.”

        Tooru whimpered under his harsh tone, but stood her ground. “But- But I can’t just- Dab- Dabi, we need you-”

        “Leave me,” Dabi ordered, and Tooru shivered. “Hagakure Tooru, forget about me and find Eri.”

        Tooru whimpered, trying to force herself not to move. But slowly, she backed away until she got to the door, holding onto it tightly. She bit her lip, hot tears running down her cheeks.

        “We’ll be back!” she shouted. “We’ll be back and we’ll get you out, so don’t you dare die on us, Dabi!”

        Dabi gave her a pained smile. “Looking forward to it, Invisigirl.”

        Without another word, Tooru pushed herself away from the door and ran back down the way she came down the hallway.

        The majority of the rooms Tooru investigated were just as useless to her as the ones she’d seen before she found Dabi. She did overhear some people in a room talking about ‘the girl’ in the ‘medical area’. So when a couple in lab coats exited the room, Tooru followed them. Through long winding hallways, through countless doors with special locks she was just barely lucky enough to get through.

        Tooru froze when she heard a scream. She turned towards the swinging door it came from behind, the two in lab coats continuing on without even acknowledging the scream. But Tooru wasn’t able to ignore the sound and headed towards the doors, looking through the skinny windows.

        There was a chair in the middle of the room, machines all around it. And strapped into the middle of it all was a little girl, sobbing and crying and writhing in pain.

        And none of the adults even seemed to be acknowledging it.

        Tooru knew she should wait until they left, until there was less. It was intended to be a stealth mission. Get in, get the girl, get out alive. Don’t get caught. That was why they sent Hagakure Tooru, Invisigirl, in instead of literally anyone else.

        Tooru knew all that, of course. She’d gone over and over her mission, making mini plans in her head, debating back and forth with Mashiro and Izuku to keep herself hidden but also carry what she needed (mostly her com, but the keys had fallen under that category for a while) without being seen, how to hide her scent to remain unnoticed.

        But, Tooru was also a member of the V&V. And those little shits?

        Ignoring someone in need has never been their style.

        Tooru slammed open the doors and bulldozed in. Everyone froze and turned towards the door when Tooru stepped in and allowed them to swing shut behind her.

        “What was that?”

        “Was it a ghost?”

        “Gh-Gh-Gh-Ghosts don’t exist!”

        Tooru stood in front of the beta. “Maybe not, but that makes me no less terrifying,” Tooru said, making the woman’s eyes go wide.

        Then with a solid punch to her jugular, she went flying into another one of the adults in the room. A man jumped towards Tooru’s general position, but she grabbed onto a cart full of medical supplies and swung it around, throwing it into him and making the entire thing crash.

        More came at her, but without their sight of her to aid in her capture, she easily had the upper hand. Tooru dodged through the overgrown brutes to the chair the little girl was strapped in. She ripped the straps off and pulled the wires to the machines off of her.

        She let out a scream when someone grabbed her arm and a needle was pushed into it, a burn when the contents were forced into her bloodstream.

        Tooru’s eyes went wide when a splash of skin became visible around the needle.

        Heedless of the consequences, Tooru elbowed backwards and downed the woman who had grabbed her. She pulled the needle out of her arm and threw it to the ground. The invisibility of her body was leaving her at a rapid pace, and her entire arm was visible, noticeably reaching up her body to her shoulders and chest. It was a welcome thing that there were no others left standing in the room.

        “Come on, honey,” Tooru said, reaching out her arms for the little girl. “Let’s get out of here.” The girl whined in pain as Tooru picked her up, but she dutifully wrapped her arms around Tooru’s neck and pushed her nose into Tooru’s scent gland.

        Tooru began running, one arm under the girl to support her and the other reaching up to activate her com. “Invisigirl, everything alright over there?” Izuku asked.

        “Well, I’m not going to be visible much longer!” she exclaimed. She could see it reaching past her stomach. “I’m going to be needing Creati for backup and some clothes! I can’t fight naked!”

        “What’s wrong with fighting naked? You do it all the time,” Katsuki teased.

        Tooru groaned. “You assholes! Just get me some help!”

        “Roger that. We’re entering the building now.

        Tooru gulped in deep breaths as she pressed her back against a wall. If… whatever had been in that needle had gotten directly into her bloodstream, running around and pumping her blood faster hadn’t helped when it’s progression was already ridiculously fast.

        Tooru’s breath caught in her throat when she looked down. Only her knees down and one elbow to hand were invisible. She was very, very visible. And also extremely naked.

        “Well this sucks.”

        Tooru sighed but stood up straight. She looked at the little girl in her arms. “Can you walk?” The girl shook her head. “Thought not.” She moved the girl so she was on Tooru’s hip instead. Then she pulled her hair over her shoulder and undid her braid, letting it cover her exposed breast.

        Then she simply walked confidently down the hallway.

        Tooru smelled the group of alphas before she saw them. “Hold tight,” Tooru instructed in a whisper, tightening her hold on the girl.

        She kept her pace steady as the group turned the corner. They stared at Tooru. Tooru stared at them. Tooru hummed, feeling herself burn as she cocked out her hip. She reached a hand up to her hair and pushed a bunch out of her face, the hair dragging against her chest and exposing it.

        “I think I’ve gotten lost,” she said, releasing an enticing scent. “Would one of you mind point in the right direction to get topside?”

        When Tooru tilted her head, leaving nothing more to the imagination, blood spurted out of the noses of all the alphas in front of her. One shakily pointed down the hallway they’d just come from.

        Tooru smiled at they and walked right past. None of them moved. When she pushed at one, he toppled over into the others and they all collapsed onto the floor.

        “Oops.” She turned on her com and turned to the little girl. “Might want to cover your ears.” The com beeped, and the sound of fighting could be heard on the other end.

        “What is it, Invisigirl?! Where are you?!

        “CLOTHES! NOW!” Tooru shouted.

        “Goddamnit, woman! We’re working on it!

        Tooru found the the staircase at the end of the hallway and found chaos in the lobby of the building. She peeked out, her eyes meeting with Ochako as the guard she was fighting fell to the floor. Ochako spotted Eri in Tooru’s arms and her eyes widened in glee.

        “Invisigirl! Let’s get out!” she shouted.

        Ochako aided Tooru and getting out of the front door while the others fought off the mafia members in the lobby. The girl’s eyes widened in recognition as Tooru handed her over to Ochako. Ochako used her quirk to move herself and the girl up to the top of the building. Tsu used her tongue to pull Tooru up.

        Ochako knelt on the ground, checking over the little girl. “You’re alright now,” she said, comforting her, wrapping her arms around her small body. She started laughing, slow and quiet at first. Then she was shaking and laughing with glee. “We did it! We got her!” She pulled away only enough to brush hair out of Eri’s face. “You’ll be alright now. You’re safe. We got you out. You’re safe now. There’s no way you’re going back now.”

        Tooru’s eyes widened and she fell to her knees.

        She stared wide eyed at her hands.

        Tears burned behind her eyes and she curled into herself, letting out a wail. The others looked to her.

        “I’m sorry!” she sobbed as the rest of the pack joined them on the roof. “I’m sorry!”


        She couldn’t say who had spoken. Her body shook as she sobbed. The only thing she knew was that Momo placed a silk robe over her shoulders and Mashiro held her in his arms after making sure the robe covered her.

        “What happened?” Mashiro asked softly.

        “I couldn’t save him!” Tooru cried.

        Katsuki kneeled in front of Tooru, forcing her to look in his eyes. “Who?

        “Dabi,” she whimpered, her voice strained and pained. “Dabi was in there. I held the keys in my hands, but I couldn’t save him.”

Chapter Text

        Aizawa Shouta, at the beginning of the most recent school year, had promptly decided he was too old to be teaching first year students. He had seen the insanity brewed by the most recent batch of heroes to enter the workforce their first year of school, even if that hadn’t exactly been completely their fault.

        Teenagers these days, though, had no respect or real drive. Shouta thought about expelling the entire class again (at least he’d get some much needed sleep these hooligans weren’t letting him get) but they had potential and Shouta didn’t want Nezu riding his back about expelling an entire class of students. Again. Particularly when they there was a chance, no matter how slim, that they might become great heroes.

        But he hadn’t, and he wouldn’t, and he’d continue to suffer until his students grew up and started putting on their big boy panties.

        The school bell rang, signaling the end of the school day. Shouta sighed with relief. “You’re dismissed,” he said, and the students began cleaning up. “Remember to memorize the packets you were given. You will be tested on the contents.”

        Class 1-A groaned, but didn’t complain about it. Shouta curled into his sleeping bag.

        “Hey, did you hear about that building last night?” a girl asked.

        “There’s a lot of buildings, Hisa-chan. Be more specific,” her friend replied with a sigh.

        “The one that burned down! There was nothing left of it!”

        “I have the news story here!” a boy exclaimed.

        Shouta closed his eyes as he waited for his students to leave. If only they’d leave him alone so he could take a nap…

        “Do you think that the V&V are behind it?”

        “Maybe? I mean, look at some of those quirks. Especially Kacchan.”

        “But it’s out of character, isn’t it? They didn’t leave any proof why it was done.”

        “Out of character? Come on! They’re villains, they don’t have character-

        “And vigilantes! They’re outside the law, but they do have reasons for what they do. They’re trying to do good.”

        “We’re going to be heroes. We can’t be on their side anyway-”

        Shouta sighed with relief when the door slammed shut behind them.

        The V&V…

        Five years ago, they’d gotten a tip about a villain hideout. Shouta had been the one assigned to go take them down. Shouta had found them and drove several of the members out into the waiting hands of the police.

        But the leader of the gang ran higher into the upper floors of the dark apartment building. Shouta pursued. The man disappeared outside a window, and Shouta made chase. Only for several moment later the man, unconscious and bound, to be distributed at Shouta’s feet.

        A boy sat on a window sill casually. Green hair fell curly around his features, but were dark in the shadows. His features were covered by the black mask he wore.

        But against the dark were bright, practically glowing green eyes.

        Those eyes, Shouta remembered. The boy they called Deku, useless, had eyes that were shining. Bright eyes that were so wide and childlike. And when Shouta tried to steal his quirk, he came up empty. The boy was quirkless.

        The boy had smiled, grinned, and jumped out the window behind him, disappearing into the night without another thought. Shouta had run to the window, but he was nowhere in sight.

        That had been Shouta’s first encounter with the V&V.

        Not long after, Shouta had had his first encounter with Kacchan. The boy was everything Deku wasn’t. Brash and loud, a colorful character. He didn’t smile and grin, instead his smirks stretched wide and malicious. He was visibly dangerous.

        Shouta didn’t want to see his danger mixed with Deku’s cool.

        Of course, Shouta mused, that perhaps they might have been heroes in another life. That Kacchan would have used his flashy quirk to save rather than destroy. That Deku used his intellect to aid the law rather than abhor it.

        They are dangerous as villains, but would have been exceedingly useful as heroes.

        Shouta sighed, closing his eyes.

        They surely would have been even more problematic than his current class and the class of three years previous combined .

        “Problem children,” he sighed.

        He wouldn’t think any more on them. Not for now. Not until there were more leads.

        For a moment, Shouta mused if either Kacchan or Deku had anything to do with the building turned to ash.

        Todoroki Enji walked out of the prison with nothing but a bag full of some tolietries and a couple books he had managed to obtain on his time inside. There was no car waiting, no family excited to see him, to hug him, to welcome him back into their arms.

        “Stay out of trouble,” the officer said, tilting his hat at Enji. “Don’t want to be seeing you back here.”

        So Enji began walking.

        No one paid him any mind. No one noticed the one great number two pro hero Endeavor.

        And why would they?

        Endeavor the hero was dead.

        He’d died because of Enji’s actions.

        Because Enji was fucking stupid.

        The streets were familiar to him, even if there was an occasional shop that was different. Bulldozed and remade. The corner store was the same. He went in, stood in front of a cool, full of the same dry tasting, cheap beer he’d boughten when he’d been a reckless kid in UA, getting drunk with his friends.

        He stood until the cashier started looking nervous.

        So he pulled out a case and bought it, carrying it in his hand as he he found his way easily back to his old home. The house of trashed memories only Enji would ever continue to think of.

        Rei had said the house was still his.

        His. Only his. Natsuo and Fuyumi had moved on. Rei was long out of his reach. Touya had long turned against his father, turning to villainy and corruption. Shouto- Enji’s masterpiece, his pride and joy, the tool he would use to outdo All Might, be the better man- Shouto had followed Touya before Enji had ever had the chance.

        The house stood like a blight among the others on the street. Overgrown weeds and brown grass covered the ground. The windows were so dark with dust you couldn’t see inside.

        Enji climbed the steps to the front door and dust billowed under his feet.

        He fished the key the prison guards had given him out of his pockets. It fitted in the lock and the door swung open.

        The house was dark. Dust floated in the air and clung to the uncovered furniture.

        It seemed too quiet.

        No servants. No family. No wife. No children.

        The house was empty.

        Enji had brought it on himself. He hadn’t known that Touya had planted recording devices all around the house. He hadn’t known that they could be pushed far enough to fight back and ruin him.

        But it shouldn’t have mattered.

        He shouldn’t have touched them in the first place.

        The medical documents his private doctor had made, documenting their injuries, each of the children and Rei, had been placed in a safe in Enji’s room. A safe only he knew the password to. But when he returned from a long night of work, he saw the safe open. He shut it, didn’t check it, didn’t think of it. Who would steal what was in there?

        He saw the next morning.

        The money set aside in the safe, the medical document in the safe, everything had been taken. The medical documents had been leaked, the videos had been leaked.

        It went viral.

        The news was going crazy about trying to figure out who had leaked these things. Who had the audacity to make these rumors and give fake verification to their truthfulness.

        The public demanded justice for the abused family of Endeavor. The police said the evidence they put so much faith in had been illegally obtained.

        Still the public didn’t back down, and Endeavor went to court.

        His family gave testimonies.

        That was the straw that broke the camel’s back.

        Enji was sentenced to ten years, a chance of parole in six.

        And he’d lost everything.

        It had been Enji’s fault that he spent almost an entire decade behind bars, prolonging his sentence by fighting in the beginning. It had been his own damn fault he lost everything. It was his own fucking fault he would never hold the mantle of number one like he’d dreamed since he was a child. The same mantle All Might had held until his death.

        Enji’s bag of things thumped to the floor, stirring up dust.

        He returned to the front steps, falling down to them with a thump.

        He opened the pack and popped open a can. He tilted his head back and guzzled the drink down, not even tasting it. The can was crushed and thrown into the overgrown grass once it was empty.

        He pulled out another one.

        Opened it.

        Went to drink it all in one gulp-

        Only took a sip.

        Todoroki Enji hung his head between his knees.

        The sunset burned brighter than any fire Enji had ever made.

        “I’ve been a goddamn fool.”

        And he took a long drink, because that was all he had left.

Chapter Text

        It had been late fall when they brought Eri into the pack, but winter came upon them fast as they tried getting her used to it. She didn’t like going anywhere without Ochako, and even slept in the comfort of Ochako’s bed, between her and Tenya. Safe and warm.

        But Eri was immensely shy around Tenya, and tended to hide behind Ochako’s legs whenever he entered the room. It wasn’t surprising- his scent of strong, for young children who didn’t know him, overbearing, and he was often loud and strict with everyone.

        His arms were her favorite to sleep in, though.

        To no one’s surprise, Eri had quickly taken to the teddy-bear that was Grampa Toshi. He was just so large, but all warm hugs and soft smiles and rumbling laughter and sneaking cookies just before dinner with a twinkling eye.

        There were days Eri would get so scared, and night when she’d do nothing but cry. So she ended up cuddled in a large nest full of all the omegas, no alphas or betas allowed. The only other one allowed in the room was Kota, but he was a pup and didn’t count.

        There’d been a night that even being cuddled up next to Ochako had helped ease her tears, so in his sleep, Kota’s hand had found hers. And they’d stayed like that all night long.

        “Where does Kota-kun go everyday?” Eri asked Ochako one day while helping in the kitchen.

        “He goes to school,” Ochako explained. She looked at Eri with a smile. “Do you want to go too?”

        Eri’s eyes widened and her smile stretched wide. But it fell just as quickly. She looked away and stared at the counter. “I- I can’t,” she said. “He- He said I could never-”

        “It doesn’t matter what he thinks, Eri,” Ochako said, setting down her knife and hugging Eri from behind. “If you want to go, you can go.” She nuzzled Eri’s hair. “We can sign you right up and get you in school before you know it.”

        Eri’s eye were shimmering as she looked at Ochako. Ochako’s silent question hung in the air. “Mm hm!” Eri replied.

        The first week of December, Eri was dressed in a new pair of jeans and a yellow, flower printed blouse and holding tightly onto her new backpack and coat.

        “Be good for your teachers,” Ochako told her, brushing hair out of Eri’s face. Eri nodded with a smile, eyeing Tenya. Before she could debat it too deeply, she dared over to him and hugged his legs tightly before joining Toshinori and Kota by the door. She pulled her coat and backpack on and followed them out, waving to her pack as the door shut.

        “She’ll be fine,” Katsuki said, rolling his eyes as Ochako started getting weepy. “She’s a quick learner and a strong kid. And she’s got pretty good control over her quirk. Nothing’s gonna happen to the brat.”

        “She still won’t tell me what is it,” Ochako said, pouting her lips at Katsuki, staring at him and silently demanding he divulge the information.

        Katsuki cackled. “Sucks to be you, round face. She made me promise not to tell.”

        “And since when did you listen to the requests of a ten year old?”

        Katsuki only continued to cackle in reply.

        “Good morning everyone,” Tooru called as she walked into the dining room.

        “Morning,” Ochako said, turning her head to properly greet Tooru. Both she and Izuku sighed when they saw her.

        “Tooru, your clothes!” Mineta exclaimed, blood beginning to leak from his nose.

        Tooru looked down, squeaking when she saw her state of undress. She turned to run out of the room, only to run into Mashiro, who draped one of his robes around her. She tightened it and tied it securely. She turned bright pink. “Thank you,” she mumbled.

        The first week or so after rescuing Eri, the omega nesting piles had been for Tooru just as much as Eri. Tooru had gotten so depressed about being unable to save Dabi, she’d almost dropped several times. It hadn’t helped that there had been no signs of her quirk returning.

        Now, several weeks later, she seemed to be doing better. She at least left her room and interacted with people other than Mashiro and was eating properly again.

        But… sometimes she forgot she wasn’t invisible anymore. And still walked around sometimes without clothes on.

        “While I like you in my clothes, you’d think with the snow setting in you’d start wearing something warmer whether you were visible or not,” Mashiro said, scooping Tooru up in his arms.

        Tooru turned pink and buried her head in Mashiro’s shoulder.

        “Hey, Mineta?” Denki said, leaning on his elbows.

        Mineta, holding his nose, turned to Denki. “Yes?”

        “Do we need to have another talk ? I can get the others involved too-”

        “No way!” Mineta exclaimed, blood still spurting from his nose. He pressed a napkin to it to stop it from bleeding. “She just came out of nowhere and took me off guard! I wasn’t trying to look! Besides, I’ve got a date with my soulmate later!”

        Denki reached across the table and pulled on Mineta’s cheeks. “So you’ve finally met someone who’ll put up with your bullshit? What’s she like, huh? Just as pervy as you?”

        “Iz nof e’en a gi’l,” Mineta said through his pulled cheeks. “Iz a dude, an’ h’s a be’a too.”

        He finally managed to pull Denki’s hand off his mouth and Katsuki roared with laughter.

        “That’s what you get for being a pervy little shit!” he crowed, making Mineta frown.

        Izuku rolled his eyes, leaning on his elbows and facing Mineta. “How long have you known?” he asked. “About your soulmate.”

        Mineta shrugged, rubbing his cheek and glaring at Katsuki. “A couple weeks,” he said. “I saw him out in the open the other day, but I didn’t go up to him because he’s a freakin’ hero and I don’t want to get involved with that shit.”

        Izuku’s eyes widened. “Who is it?”

        Mineta’s eyes widened too. “Nope! No way!” he shouted as he jumped from his chair, pointing at Izuku. “We’re not converting him! We’re not kidnapping him! Who knows if it’ll even work out between us!”

        “You’re soulmates,” Katsuki deadpanned. “It’s kinda what you do.”

        “Shut up, Bakugou!”

        Izuku could only laugh. The pack was full of life as always. Close together, casual touches, casual closeness, the ability to tease and be open about anything. Sitting around for breakfast and just enjoying each others company.

        Izuku’s laughter died down as everyone continued to tease Mineta about his soulmate. Katsuki’s burning eyes met his. They both were thinking the same.

        They all may have been safe and happy, but something was wrong because one of their own was missing . Dabi was still in the clutches of the Eight Precepts of Death. And their hideout had been burned to the ground, leaving Izuku and Katsuki without a clue about how to locate them again.

        It had been hard enough, and complete chance, the first time around.

        Katsuki stood and held out his hand for Izuku’s. Izuku took it, and allowed Katsuki to lead him out of the room.

        “Have fun!” Ochako called out in a teasing voice, only for Tenya to berate her for her vulgarity. Ochako’s laughter simply followed them out of the room.

        The red string twisted and knotted as they made their way up to the roof. Izuku pushed snow off of a bench that had been there forever and pulled Katsuki down to sit by him, taking the red string in his nimble fingers and beginning to unknot it.

        “Mind telling me what’s on your mind?” he asked, leaning into Katsuki side. Katsuki huffed out a sigh and rested his cheek in Izuku’s curls.

        “It’s stupid.”

        “It’s probably not.”

        Katsuki watched as Izuku worked out the knots in their string. He was never sure how the string worked, or how Izuku was able to touch the string. It wasn’t supposed to be a physical thing, simply a literal tie to your soulmate.

        But the string between the two twisted and knotted whenever there were rough patches between them or whenever one of them had too much on their mind, causing blocks in the relationship.

        Izuku was best at working the knots out, Katsuki’s fingers not meant for such nimble, gentle work. But once the string was knot free and smooth, he’d always felt better and it made it easier to open up. Of course, the reverse was true too. The more Katsuki opened up, the easier it was for Izuku to undo the knots.

        Katsuki wrapped Izuku up in his arms, pulling Izuku onto his lap and breathing in his scent. Izuku simply hummed and continued on with his work, leaning into Katsuki’s warm chest to battle against the chill.

        “What if Dabi doesn’t come back?” Katsuki said, feeling tension roll off his shoulders as Izuku finished undoing a knot. He pressed his nose deeper into Izuku’s hair. “The responsibility of taking care of the pack falls onto me . If we can’t bring Dabi back, alive, then I’ll be the one standing up there, in front of them all, making sure of their well being.”

        “You’ve done a fine job so far,” Izuku said, looking up just a bit before going back to his work. “Remember when he infiltrated the League of Villains? Or now, for instance. Over the years he’s left you in charge, too, when he’s disappeared to go get us more help, more gadgets. You know how to run the pack.”

        Katsuki squeezed Izuku tighter. “Yeah,” he grumbled. “But I’ve never done it alone.”

        Izuku used his fist to knock against Katsuki shoulder before turning to face Katsuki fully. He placed his hands on Katsuki’s cheeks. “You idiot,” he said affectionately. “Who do you think you’re talking to, Kacchan?” He leaned forward and kissed Katsuki before entwining their fingers and holding them up for Katsuki to see. He kissed the place where their string met. “You’re never alone as long as I’m by your side.”

        Instead of saying anything, Katsuki pulled Izuku closer and kissed him again. Harder, deeper, stealing all the breath from his lungs until he couldn’t breathe, giving it all to Izuku. Giving Izuku everything he couldn’t say.

        “It’ll be okay,” Izuku said when they parted, resting his forehead on Katsuki’s.

        “God, I fucking love you.”

        “I know.”

Chapter Text

        Izuku believed that amusement parks were best enjoyed in the summer.

        Then again, he generally believed that most things were best enjoyed in the summer. Except heats. Those were unbearable. But most things, Izuku thought, were meant for summer.

        Winters were too cold.

        Katsuki and Kota just didn’t seem to share his opinion. Toshinori did, but then again, he was an old man who got cold easily and bundled up in thick sweaters up until midway through summer, and only let up on them in favor of lighter sweaters. Izuku didn’t understand how he could do that either.

        But somehow, the four of them, a week away from Christmas, ended up at an amusement park with a new attraction Kota just had to go see. Amusement parks in general were often enough a tense topic, and only occasionally were Izuku and Katsuki able to go. It brought up too many memories of the day they’d both become orphans.

        That didn’t stop them from trying to give their pup the best possible childhood.

        “Come ooooon, Dad! I wanna go!” Kota whined, tugging on Katsuki’s arm in front of Izuku and Toshinori.

        “You damn brat. You’re way too young for that ride!” Katsuki bonked Kota on the head, causing Kota to whine again.


        “I said no!”


        “And don’t give me those damn puppy dog eyes! Deku, you shit! Quit teaching this brat things!”

        Toshinori chuckled while Izuku rubbed the back of his neck, blushing brightly while still trying to act innocent. Katsuki and Kota went back to arguing.

        Several moments passed as they wandered around the park, mostly empty considering it was winter, and Izuku thoughtfully put his hands in his pockets. He looked at the ground as he walked, deep in thought. Toshinori placed a hand on his shoulder when Katsuki and Kota went up to a stand to try and win a prize.

        “Is something on your mind, Izuku, my boy?” he asked, a worried frown on his face.

        Izuku looked up to Toshinori and gave him a bright smile, but Toshinori’s expression hardened and the fake looked plastered on his face fell. Izuku sighed. “I’m worried,” he admitted finally. “It’s… quiet. Too quiet. It’s putting me on edge. Something’s going to crack and I don’t know what to do once it does.”

        Toshinori’s squeezed Izuku’s shoulder, the sound of a frustrated Katsuki missing the bottles of the game once again in the background. He smiled at Izuku. “You will figure it out. You always have, young Izuku.”

        Toshinori pulled his hand away, putting them on his back and bending until they heard a loud pop. He let out a groan of relief before letting his hands drop to his side and looking up tot the pale sky.

        “Did I ever tell you about All For One, my boy?” Toshinori asked. “The story behind him and One For All?”

        Izuku shook his head. “You trained me, but then I disappeared before much else could be done. The next time you saw me, All For One was dead.”

        Toshinori nodded solemnly. Kota pulled a large stuffed animal from the prizes and dragged Katsuki after him to another game. Toshinori hummed as he and Izuku followed them at a distance. “When quirks first started popping up, there was a man who had the ability to take and give away quirks. People who were scared of their own power went to him, and he took their quirks away. People who didn’t have any went to him for quirks, and he obliged.”

        Izuku gave a wry smile. “Sounds like he was trying to make everyone happy,” he said, lifting an eyebrow.

        Toshinori’s were drawn into a thin smile. “Perhaps,” he said. “But something changed. Some started coming out with quirks their bodies couldn’t handle, some with more than one, the quirks mutating in them. It killed many. It is said that the man’s sickly, quirkless younger brother begged him to stop. Instead of doing so, the man gave his brother a quirk. The quirk mutated in the brother, because he had actually had a quirk of his own.”

        Toshinori looked over to Izuku, and Izuku looked up at him, their eyes meeting.

        “The man was All For One, and his brother was the first holder of One For All.”

        Izuku nodded, following along to Toshinori’s story. “It makes sense why the holder of One For All has been a hero up until now, and why no one knows about it. It can only be willingly given and taken, right?”

        Toshinori nodded his head. “Yes,” he said.

        “But why tell me now?”

        Toshinori sighed and placed a hand on Izuku’s shoulder again, pulling him into his side. “My boy, you’ve faced one nasty foe after another,” he explained. “But not one of them before held a personal grudge. Shigaraki Tomura was the prodigy of All For One, and if I understood the story correctly, raised him as a son.” He pulled his fingers through his hair, pulling his bangs out of his eyes. “Though he may have been the grandson of my master, Nana, he likely does not know that or care. He will come for you, young Izuku, and I simply wish for you to be prepared for when he does. You have become family.”

        Izuku laughed, leaning into Toshinori. “No need to worry, Dad ,” he said, his eyes shining with both certainty and mischief. “If it comes to it, I’ll take him down like I did with All For One. But it’ll be so much easier because he won’t have a chance to regenerate.”

        Izuku looked over to Katsuki and Kota. Kota was up on Katsuki’s back, making Katsuki carry all of his prizes. Katsuki was grumbling as they made their way over to Toshinori and Izuku. Izuku’s lips curled up into a grin.

        “As you said, we’re family. And I made a vow a long time ago that I wouldn’t let anything happen to my family ever again.”

        “He’s out there now, you know. The news stations are calling it the most devastating break out of the last decade. Everyone is on the lookout for him. And there’s a chance he’ll be reckless enough to lead the police straight to you.”

        “And we’ll deal with him when the time comes.”

        Izuku broke away from Toshinori, making his way to Katsuki and Kota and meeting them halfway. Kota fumbled to climb off of Katsuki’s back and show Izuku his prizes. Toshinori watched them in amusement.

        Though they were not the most legal of people, and quite honestly, went against almost if not all of Toshinori’s beliefs, they were not in fact bad people. In the eyes of the law, they were the worst. In the eyes of those who were out of the heroes reach, they were saviors.

        Because of it, Toshinori stayed. He couldn’t completely change them- they would make their own decisions about who they wanted to be- but Toshinori could at least try to lead them on the straight and narrow.

        “Gramps! Come on!”

        “Don’t lag behind, old man, or we’ll leave you here!”

        “We wouldn’t do that, Kacchan.”

        “Watch me!”

        Toshinori chuckled, but rejoined his little family. He picked Kota up and placed him on his shoulders. “Is there anything you’re hoping for for Christmas?” he asked.

        Kota wrapped his arms around Toshinori’s forehead. “Nah. Eri-chan can have all the gifts. We just gotta have a big tree for her!”

        Katsuki smacked Kota’s back, the highest part he could reach with the kid on Toshinori’s shoulders. “Be selfish once in a while, kid.”

        Izuku rolled his eyes at Katsuki. “What he means to say is we’re not strapped for cash. We’re going to get you both presents.”

        Kota’s eyes widened. “Oh.” He tilted his head. “I hadn’t thought that far.” He shrugged. “I just want a big tree.”

        Toshinori tilted his head back and laughed loudly. Imperfect, and quite silly at times, but family indeed.

        The hinges of the door creaked and groaned as the door slowly swung open. Slivers of moonlight filtered through the broken and cracked roof. A lone man stood in the middle of large, open space within the broken warehouse.

        Shiragaki took a step into the room, allowing the door shut behind him. He pulled the hood off off his head and glared heatedly at the only other one in the room.

        “What do you want?” he hissed. “We tried to recruit you years ago, and you refused us. Why do you want my help now? Overhaul.”

        Chisaki finally turned to Shiragaki. “I believe that the arrangement now would be mutually beneficial,” he stated, his voice calm and easy. “You and your little minions collect my research for me, I give you the means to decimate the ones who put you in your position.”

        Shiragaki growled. “Fuck you,” he snapped. “I’ll do it on my own.”

        “All alone? There’s no League anymore, Shiragaki. It’s foolish to jump into a fight without all your bases covered, isn’t it? Your healer, your distance, your tank, your hand to hand, your backup…”

        Shiragaki frowned, his hands clenched in his pockets. Chisaki smirked, like he knew he’d caught him- hook, line, and sinker. He pulled his phone out of his pocket.

        “But there’s something else I might be willing to part with to sweeten the deal.” He held the phone out in front of him. Shiragaki ventured closer to examine what was on the screen.

        Dabi was tied to a chair, the room he was in unidentifiable by any distinguishable features. But there were wires hooked to him, and he writhed in pain, letting out the occasional scream through his gag.

        “The feed is live,” Chisaki said, pulling his phone back and placing it in his pocket. “Though, unless you agree, I can’t say the same for Todoroki Touya. But should you agree, he’s all yours.” He tilted his head a bit, inviting. “After all, I’m sure you’d like to destroy the one who betrayed the League of Villains with your own hands.”

        Shiragaki looked at the pocket Chisaki’s phone had disappeared into.

        His blood boiled.

        Dabi had been the one to bring the fucking V&V - those fucking sidequests - to their fight. The one where Sensei was supposed to finally killed All Might once and for all!

        But those brats- those fucking brats!- they’d killed Sensei instead and disappeared off the face of the earth. Until some time ago, when they’d suddenly reappeared as if they’d never left. Causing just as much destruction and chaos as before, never once being caught by the heroes!

        Shiragaki wanted to destroy them all.

        “The V&V is a mutual enemy. We would both benefit from discontinued existence,” Chisaki said. “However, I don’t assume to make you do it alone. You will have my men at your disposal, as well as my support in making your group strong again should you agree. What do you say?”

        Shiragaki glared at Chisaki. “Why do you need my help?” he demanded.

        Chisaki simply grinned. “I just don’t like getting my hands dirty.”

        “I get your research, you give me Dabi, and their entire operation goes down.”


        Shiragaki stared for another moment more. He let out a growl and turned away form Chisaki, hands pushed deeper in his pockets.

        “You’ve got yourself a fucking deal.”

Chapter Text

        Christmas in the hotel was a wonderful affair. The entire building was dressed in decorations and mistletoe, used excessively for mated pairs to kiss, and some to make out, whenever they wanted.

        Just like Kota wanted a rather large tree was set up in the lobby of the hotel, the star almost touching the high ceiling.

        Presents galore, and a feast, and pie, and carols, and all the good things about the holiday.

        The day was winding down when Tenya found Eri kneeling by the Christmas tree as it grew closer to her bedtime, a wrapped box in her hands. He went to her and gently placed a hand on her shoulder. She barely twitched, but let out a relieved sigh and relaxed when she saw it was only Tenya.

        He sat on the ground by her. “Did we not give someone their gift?” he asked, eyeing the blue wrapping, tied with purple ribbon. Eri shook her head, pushing the present back under the tree.

        “He wasn’t here today,” she said, smiling at Tenya brightly. “But I know that Kacchan and Deku-kun are going to bring Dabi home soon! I’ll give him his gift then!”

        Tenya smiled at her, scooping her up in his arms as he stood. “I’m sure he’d enjoy that, Eri-chan.” Eri giggled, and snuggled up into Tenya’s chest.

        Any planning or missions for the pack, however, was put on hold midway through January.

        The first to disappear was Yuga. Tooru quickly joined him, Momo following soon after with Denki. Izuku and Ochako were hit with the need to nest intensely, at practically the same time. The others soon joined them.

        All the omegas converged into one room, the largest of all the hotel bedrooms, used exclusively for nesting, and took the pups in with them, but locked their alphas out. For three days, the alphas of the pack, particularly those with mates, paced relentlessly in front of the door. But the only ones allowed in or out were Kota and Eri.

        It was Eri and Kota running to Toshinori in the sitting room and cuddling into his arms that alerted everyone that the nesting period was over and the official Heat Week had begun. And those with mates disappeared.

        “Guess someone should go see who’s taking first shift with Yuuga,” Hanta said, letting his head fall over the back of the couch.

        “No need,” Kyoka said, not looking up from her phone. “Mina’s already gone. And she’s probably gonna be in there the entire time. Even you wouldn’t be idiot enough to encroach on an alpha’s territory when their omega’s in heat.”

        Hanta shot up into a sitting position. “What?!”

        “If you get that worked up, I might get jealous.”

        “Oh, come on. I can’t be the only one! When does she ever take initiative?” Hanta grumbled, folding his arms.

        Kyoka shrugged, crossing her legs. “When she’s interested.”

        “But she’s-”

        “Interested,” Kyoka said, finally looking up. “Honestly, about damn time too. They’ve been looking at each other like a predator and prey for going on two months now.” She shook her head as she looked back at her phone. “Disgusting.”

        “We could be disgusting like that-”

        “Fuuu- Uh, no.”

        Eri tugged on Toshinori’s sleeve, looking up at him with wide eyes. “Grampa Toshi? They said we weren’t going to see them for awhile… but they weren’t leaving…” She tilted her head. “Why not?”

        Toshinori’s entire face slowly began going red. He looked at her helplessly, then the others. Everyone else was trying to suppress their laughter. It barely worked.

        Toshinori licked his lips and rubbed his neck. “Well. Um. You see. It’s, ah. Um. There’s- There’s this thing all omegas go through-”

        Hanta placed a hand on Toshinori’s shoulder. “I’ll take it from here, old man,” he said, then turned to the children. “Well, listen here-”

        Kyoka threw a couch cushion at him. “Sero, no one wants you to give them the birds and the bees.”

        Hanta sighed heavily before falling back onto the couch, sprawling out onto Kyoka. Mezo and Mineta looked up from their card game on the floor.

        “She right,” Mineta said.

        “We’ll just leave it to their parents,” Mezo added, placing a card between them and making Mineta groan loudly. Mezo took all the cards.

        Toshinori ruffled Eri’s hair and smiled at her gently. “Don’t worry,” he told her. “They’ll be back before you know it.”

        Kota grinned at her brightly. “It’s always fun with Grampa Toshi! He gives extra cookies for snacks!”

        “Oh, if I didn’t spoil you two too, I’d tell Katsuki and Izuku,” Kyoka said. “Tenya would kill us all if he knew how much we spoiled you during Heat Week.”

        “But this is Eri’s first Heat Week with us,” Hanta said, his head still in Kyoka’s lap. “She doesn’t know yet.”

        Everyone turned to the little girl, and she burned with embarrassment at their collective gaze. Kyoka and Hanta grinned at one another.

        “Ready to risk your life?”


        A week with their best, even the more competent among them, cooks incapacitated meant take out and ramen for most of the meals. Toshinori, Mineta, Kyoka, Hanta, and Mezo had all been banned from the kitchen, save for Heat Week, years ago. Katsuki put too much work into it for it to be blown up by idiots who couldn’t cook.

        And though the meals got boring after the first couple of days, Kota had always enjoyed the extra (unhealthy) snacks the others gave him.

        Because they couldn’t go back up to their rooms, Kota and Eri slept in Toshinori’s room on the ground floor. Though there were countless things to do, being kept from the entire hotel had Eri and Kota restless. Before, it had been their playground. But Eri and Kota were much too young to learn about the acts committed during Heat Week.

        And the scent of the upper floor was overwhelming. Though there were scent blockers in each room to prevent it from leaking everywhere, the air in upper floor was thick with the scent of sex and hormones and slick. Muffled moans and cries of pleasure could be heard from the hallway.

        As the week passed, heats slowed down considerably.

        Tsu, who usually had short heats of one or two days, emerged first, three days from the first day after nesting. She and Fumikage had spent the two days going through her heat, but the third had been spent airing out their room and resting.

        Ochako and Tooru both stumbled into the kitchen together, later that night after Tsu. Both exhausted and heavily smelling like heat, but both too hungry to care. Tenya and Mashiro were both still overly protective and as soon as their mates had had their fill, they stole them away back to the privacy of their rooms.

        Kouta and Rikido made an appearance the fifth day, only to get food and disappear again to recover from the heat. On the sixth day, Shouto emerged from Momo’s room to get her substance, but Momo herself stayed in her room.

        Later that night, Yuuga and Mina stumbled around the hotel, still basically attached and kissing every chance they got. Kyoka was about ready to lock them in a closet until it was certain that they were fully free of the heat.

        Denki, Izuku, and Momo emerged on the seventh day, followed by their mates. The only one who’s scent was still mixed with the remnants of heat was Izuku, but both Momo and Denki looked haggard.

        “We need to call the doctor,” Eijirou said, looking at Katsuki as the omegas sprawled out on the couches in the sitting room.

        Katsuki nodded, but before he could pull his phone out, Tenya held his hand up.

        “I’ll call,” he said. “You can’t be far from them for now.” So he pulled out his phone and stepped out of the room to call the V&V’s personal underground doctor.

        Dr. Himura Miho was a woman who was discrete and trust worthy, if not a little eccentric. Her quirk was useful in the medical field. In mere seconds, she had the ability to grow organs in a living body. She’d done so for Toshinori, giving him new lungs and a stomach, fixing his body while she was at it.

        Unfortunately, she’d been kicked out of medical school for her… less orthodox experiments.

        But as long as it didn’t hurt anyone anyone cared about, the V&V were glad to pay her for her services and healing of the pack.

        While it wasn’t her biggest business throw, Dr. Himura was able to deal with pregnancies. Both with helping to mother to be through it, and terminating it.

        Eijirou, Shouto, and Katsuki helped her set up in one of the regularly unused bedrooms while Denki and Momo stood across the hall, waiting for Dr. Himura to see them.

        “It’s only a technicality,” Denki murmured, placing a hand on his stomach. “It ended four days ago.”

        Momo looked at Denki with kind eyes. “And you usually have one of the longest of all of us.” Denki nodded glumly. “Do you… not want it?”

        Denki’s eyes widened considerably. He looked at Momo with an expression of fear and anxiousness. “No!” he exclaimed. He gripped at his hair. “That’s not what I meant. No, I- I don’t not want it. But Ei… they way he looked at me when he realized…”

        Momo squeezed his shoulder as the door opened. Shouto and Katsuki stepped out of the room. “She wants to see you first, dunce face.”

        Denki nodded and pushed himself off the wall. He entered the room and closed the door gently behind him. Eijirou stood, looking out of the window, Dr. Himura by the bed with some odd machine beeping by her side. When the door closed, Eijirou turned to Denki.

        “Please lay down on the bed,” Dr. Himura instructed before either of the other two could speak. Denki hurried to do as she said. Eijirou sat down on the other side of him, so he wasn’t in the way of Dr. Himura.

        She sat down her clipboard and and pulled Denki’s shirt up to chest, completely exposing his stomach. He shook as she placed bits of her machine on him.

        “Calm him,” she ordered Eijirou.

        Denki breathed in deep as Eijirou released his scent. Cinnamony and sweet, calming on his mind. Dr. Himura pressed several buttons, and the machine beeped. She studied it, smacked it, then watched as it beeped some more.


        She held out her hand, and Denki placed his in her’s. She pricked his finger, collecting a drop of blood. She swabbed at his neck scent gland before placing both the cotton swab and blood into the machine.

        There was several more moments as it beeped lowly. It let out a loud, shrill beep and Dr. Himura flicked a switch, turning the machine off. She silently went about cleaning up her things and getting ready for her next patient.

        “Doc?” Denki said, turning and looking at her. His throat felt dry. He licked his lips. “What were the results?”

        Dr. Himura looked him directly in the eye until the glint from her glasses when she pushed them up broke the contact. “Congratulations, you’re pregnant,” she deadpanned before going back to her work.

        Denki’s mind whirled, and if he hadn’t been laying down, he might have fallen to the floor from the shock of it.

        “You’ll have seven months to decide what you want to do with the brat,” Dr. Himura said. “After that, not my problem if you want it gone. But you’d better chose fast. Seven months go by fast when you’ve got this kind of decision.”

        Dr. Himura shooed them out of the room, though Denki barely noticed, he felt so numb. Momo and Shouto entered once they were out.

        The rest of the pack had gathered outside of the room. Eijirou nodded to their silent question. Mina laughed loudly, her arms wrapped around Yuuga’s waist, her chin on his shoulder.

        “It’s about time!” she exclaimed. “They were about to start popping out eventually! Figures it’d be you two who got knocked up first! Damn, we’re gonna need to expand soon.”

        Eijirou shook his head as he led Denki to their room and they sat on their own bed. Denki’s fist curled into the comforter.

        He leaned into Eijirou’s side. Ejirou hugged him tightly. “You okay?” he murmured.

        Denki looked up to him. “Do you want the baby?” he asked, and Eijirou’s eyes widened.

        “Do you?” he said instead of a real reply.

        “Of course I do,” Denki answered stubbornly. “But it’s not only my pup.”

        Eijirou looked away from him. “I just… don’t know if we’re ready to be parents,” he said. “Kids… they take a lot of work. A lot of time. You have to care for them, teach them how to live, how to survive. I… don’t know if we’re ready. If I’m ready.”

        Denki was silent. He looked at his hands in his lap. His voice came out quiet and broken as he spoke. “Do you want me to get rid of it?”

        “You don’t want to.”


        Eijirou squeezed Denki tightly. “Then don’t,” he whispered. “I’ll stay, no matter what.”

        Denki sighed as he snuggled into his mate’s side. Eijirou pressed a kiss to his forehead.

        He hadn’t mentioned how he was most worried about the child for one large reason- you couldn’t part a pup and their dam. Nor would Eijirou leave his child behind. The child would be raised by the V&V, and give him further reason to stay.

        Perhaps before the child, he could have convinced Denki to give up the V&V and leave, commit to a life on the right side of the law- but omegas weren’t known to try to raise their children alone, particularly in Japan. They always had family or pack to help.

        Eijirou looked up to the ceiling and took a deep breath.

        He’d decided a long time ago that he was going to stay with Denki, and the V&V because of it. So it was time to stop thinking of it.

        He’d made his decision, and now he had a child on the way.

        It was time to start preparing to be a father.

Chapter Text

        Shinso was in the meeting room, on his third cup of coffee of the house since he’d arrived at the agency Yaoyorozu Momo entered. There was a pep in her step as she moved around the room. After grabbing her tea, she slid into a seat across from Shinso, letting a yellowed folder slap onto the table.

        Her scent was absolutely giddy, but there was something underlying it that made Shinso wrinkle his nose. The unwelcomed scent was forgotten, however, when he looked at Momo’s bare neck. He sipped at his coffee while smirking.

        “Something good happen?” he teased, making Momo turn bright red.

        She sipped her tea before clearing her throat. “As a matter of fact,” Momo said proudly. “My soulmate and I have known each other since we were children and decided it was high time we became officially mated.” She seemed to glow as she continued. “It just so happens that I’ve found need and have applied for maternity leave as well.”

        Shinso’s lips curled into a smile. “I suppose congratulations are in order then, Yaoyorozu-san,” he said. “Ah. But I suppose it’s no longer Yaoyorozu then?”

        Momo shook her head. “We have both kept our maiden names for now,” she said. “It would be… too hectic to try to change them. He’s not much of a fan of the spotlight, so for as long as I can, we’re going to try to keep him on the down low.”

        Shinso nodded, drinking from his cup of coffee. “It’ll be kinda hard when in a few months you’re popping out a kid.” Shinso scratched his neck. Knowing what he did now, that Momo was mated and pregnant, her change in scent made much more sense. Both things changed an omega’s scent. But he couldn’t tell which one was getting under his skin so much. Whichever it was, it seemed as though it didn’t belong on Momo.

        He shoved the thoughts out of his mind. People associated thoughts and feelings like that for romantic attraction.

        “So, when do we lose you?” Shinso asked.

        “Oh, it’ll take about a week for them to process the papers, perhaps another for it to be approved. Generally I’d be around until the fourth or fifth month, but with hero work being so dangerous, it’s advised to step aside as soon as possible until the baby’s born,” Momo explained. She smiled sweetly. “But you’ll have me for another month yet.”

        Shinso nodded just as both of their phones dinged. Shinso pulled his phone out. Unidentified monster, high civilian area. No casualties yet, but high priority.

        “You get the message?” Shinso asked, standing and placing his coffee on the table. Momo stood as well and pulled off her coat.

        “Let’s go,” she said.

        The city was, perhaps, the worst place for an attack to happen. On top of all the people in the streets, you had to keep in mind the one in the buildings. There were several pros on the scene already, moving civilians out of the way and guiding them to safety.

        “Inquisitor! Help here!” an older pro called, and Shinso jumped down to him, Momo being called to help with the villain- the monster.

        Shinso’s eyes widened at the sight before him.

        Big, grotesque, brains visible from where their skulls were cut away. Shinso hadn’t seen those monster since the night All Might died three years ago. Nomu, they’d been called then. But though they’d been difficult, they hadn’t been impossible to defeat. These- These things- they were at least twice the size of the ones Shinso had fought before.

        “Focus!” Momo called, pulling something long from her arm. The mock capture weapon, modeled after Aizawa’s, but would completely harden. She threw the capture tape and it wrapped around a nomu. The nomu struggled in its grip, breaking free. Had Momo not let go of the tape, she would have been throw into one of the tall buildings lining the street.

        Shinso turned back to the civilians, leading them out of the ground zero of the attack, and making the unruly ones take themselves out.

        Shinso had barely picked up a little girl when she let out a scream and pointed behind Shinso. “Creati-chan!” she screamed. Shinso jumped and turned. The nomu she’d been trying to fend off had taken her arm and was thrashing her around.

        Shinso’s blood went cold when he saw the nomu raise his arm above his head. Shinso barely had the sense to shield the girl’s view so she didn’t witness as Momo was slammed into the ground and didn’t get back up.

        He couldn’t recall how the rest of the battle went. All he knew was that the casualties, though many civilians had been saved, had been desisating. And Momo hadn’t been included in them. She’d been rushed to the hospital, and Shinso, as one of the only ones from Momo’s agency, was charged with staying by her side until her mate appeared.

        Recovery Girl healed Momo as much as she could, but Momo had lost consciousness due to her injuries and it was too dangerous to do much. Shinso stayed by her side, staring at her unmoving body blankly. The heart monitor beeped regularly, but Shinso couldn’t take his mind off of the change in Momo’s scent.

        “Generally I’d be around until the fourth or fifth month, but with hero work being so dangerous, it’s advised to step aside as soon as possible until the baby’s born,” Momo had said.

        They’d seen those dangerous, just that morning. Shinso shook his head, letting it hang. The door opened, and Shinso shot up into an upright position once he smelt the horrid stench that set his nerves on edge.

        The man in the doorway wore a baggy suit and had shaggy black hair, a long lock covering the right side of his face, though matching icy blue eyes glowed as the man glared at Shinso. A large scar covered the right side of his face, and Shinso couldn’t help but wonder why he didn’t style his hair to cover it instead of the other side.

        “Inquisitor,” the man said with a polite bow. “I am Momo’s mate. I thank you for looking after her for me. I’ll take it from here.”

        Shinso could immediately tell he was Momo’s mate. It hadn’t been the baby that Shinso was put off by. It was the mate. The man standing before Shinso now. He acted polite enough, but his posture was too stiff for the character he was trying to play. The glare in his glowing eyes set off every single instinct Shinso had learned in the Heroics Course at UA.

        He couldn’t help but think Momo had gotten the short end of the stick.

        If this was a man she’d only recently met, Shinso would have told her straight up that he couldn’t be trusted. But Momo had said they’d known each other since they were children, and while that didn’t make Shinso trust him, Momo certainly had enough belief in him, and he trusted her judgement.

        Shinso stood and made his way to leave the room. He stopped in the doorway, almost shoulder to shoulder with Momo’s mate. “Take care of her,” he practically growled.

        The man smirked, and the look seemed far too familiar for Shinso’s liking. “I love her. What else would I do?”

        Shinso hissed and left the room. Shouto shut the door behind him and made his way to Momo’s bed. He sat by her and took her hands, rubbing his thumb over her knuckles.

        The sun was sinking below the horizon when Momo finally blinked open her eyes. She smiled when she saw Shouto, still holding onto her hand.

        “Hey, Shou,” she said, her voice cracked and dry.

        Shouto smiled wryly at her. “Think it’s too late for a career change?”

        “After a decade of the same kind of danger? I think it’s a bit too late.” Momo laughed, but had to force herself to stop because of the ache in her chest. She squeezed Shouto’s hand.

        “I just don’t like you getting hurt,” Shouto murmured.

        Momo hummed. “The feeling’s mutual,” she said. She let out a breathy sigh and closed her eyes again. “But maybe they’ll let me have that maternity leave sooner because of this and neither of us will have to worry about it for a few months!” She let out a small laugh, one that didn’t hurt her.

        But the only reaction from Shouto was silence. Momo turned her head to look at Shouto. He was looking at their combined hands. He squeezed Momo’s hand almost painfully.


        “Momo…” he said, struggling to get the words out. He hung his head.

        Momo’s panic rose. Her blood went cold. “Shouto, what happened?” she demanded. “What’s wrong, Shouto? Tell me!”

        Shouto finally looked up and into Momo’s eyes. “You need to calm down,” he said.

        “I- I can’t- When you’re acting like this-” Momo was almost in tears when Shouto placed a hand on the back of her neck and released his scent. He pressed their foreheads together.

        “I’m sorry,” he said, his voice quieter than ever and broken. “I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry.” Momo clung to Shouto, practically feeling the pain radiating from him and through her.

        “Shouto, tell me what’s going on,” she pleaded.

        “The fight… you remember the fight?” Momo nodded. “The nomus, the destruction, the havoc-” Momo continued to nod.

        “Yes, yes. I remember it all-”

        Shouto pulled in a deep, shuddering breath. He pulled away so he could look in Momo’s eyes. “One of them- One of them kept thrashing you around,” he explained. “Slammed you into the ground. Kamui Woods barely managed to hold it long enough to get you to safety.” Shouto looked down at his lap, his hands shaking. “But before- But before that, the nomu got a hit on your stomach.”

        Momo’s heartbeat sped up. Her blood turned to ice, colder than Shouto’s left side.



        It couldn’t- It wasn’t happening.

        It couldn’t have!

        Shouto was lying! He had to be!

        Momo’s hands found their way to her stomach, and she held onto it tightly.

        “Momo, you- you miscarried on the way to the hospital. They couldn’t stop it.”

        Momo sobbed, holding onto her stomach as her body shook. Shouto held out his hand, and Momo launched herself into his arms. He rubbed her back, making soothing sounds and releasing his scent.

        “It’s not your fault,” he insisted fiercely. “It’s not your fault. It was never your fault. It’ll never be your fault. You’re so beautiful and perfect, it’s not your fault.”

        But Momo wasn’t hearing a single thing he said, her body rejecting the comfort of his scent. She could barely feel the arms that tightened around her.

        At least she wouldn’t have to deal with the long waited of getting her maternity leave papers processed.

Chapter Text

        Kota and Eri snuck along the hallways of the hotel, keeping out of sight of Mina and Eijirou, who they’d decided to play heroes and villains with. Kota had, quite expectedly, chosen to take Eri on the villain’s side of things and they had to run around and hide from the “heroes”.

        “We should be safe now,” Kota said, pulling in a deep breath and leaning against the wall when Mina and Eijirou passed right by the room he and Eri were hiding in.

        “You don’t think they’ll find us?” Eri asked, tilting her head.

        “Nope!” Kota exclaimed. “They never double back or nothing! So we’re safe from the heroes!” Eri giggled, clapping her hands. Only stopping when they both heard the rumble of Katsuki’s voice.

        Kota and Eri turned to each other before nodding and slowly creeping out of the room towards Katsuki’s voice.

        Katsuki and Izuku were in one of the meeting room, both standing and looking over the scattered papers on the table between them.

        “That bastard… He’s too fucking smart for his own good.”

        “We’ll just have to use that against him.”

        “It doesn’t help us any if we can’t find him.”

        “We’ll find him, Kacchan. Remember? Get in, get out alive. Leave no one behind.”

        “Fuck. Yeah.”

        Kota looked back to Eri and nodded at her. They tiptoed away until they were in the middle between the two rooms. They slid down the wall to sit on the floor. Eri leaned her head on Kota’s shoulder, making him jump in surprise.

        “Your mommy and daddy are good people,” she said.

        Kota looked away from her a scratched his neck. “They’re not my real parents,” he said, then he cringed. “Well, they kinda are . ‘Cause the real ones are the ones that are always around through everything!” Kota tilted his head, a kinda sad look going on his face.

        “What happened to your first mom and dad?” Eri asked quietly, almost inaudibly, and half wished that Kota hadn’t heard her, because that was something really very rude to ask, she’d realized belatedly.

        Kota only smiled brightly at her before it faded. He looked at his lap. “They were heroes,” he said, and Eri couldn’t help but let out a sharp gasp. Kota laughed. “It’s funny, I know!” he exclaimed. “But they were!” He shook his head. “I don’t really remember them, but they were gone a lot ‘cause they were heroes. Mom says they were a duo called Water Hose and were killed by a really bad guy called Muscular. Mom took me away, then, and wanted to take care of me. He promised to always be with me!”

        Kota turned pink when he turned back to Eri, grinning brightly.

        “And he has been! They may be late sometimes ‘cause of what they do and all, but Mom and Dad are always there to tuck me in or help my nightmares or take care of me when I’m sick and they go to all my events,” he rambled. His grin was absolutely infectious. “Parents aren’t just the ones you were born to- they’re the ones who are there no matter what! Kinda like you with Auntie Chako and Uncle Tenten!”

        Eri couldn’t help but feel a spark of some sort in her chest.

        Not unpleasant, but it made her thoughtful.

        Eri had been scared of Tenya the first time she’d met him. After all, he’d been so insistent that she go back with Chisaki. And when she’d been brought back to the base, he was large and his scent intimidating to the young girl, freshly away from where scents were used so highly against her.

        He’d been strict, keeping to a rigorous schedule. He made Eri sit at the table until she was done with her dinner, and was certainly very strict about her not having snack up to an hour before meal time. And absolutely no sweets before the meal was eaten. She was meant to be in bed by a certain time, and the only time she was allowed to stay up later was when she hadn’t finished her dinner or, more recently, her homework. Which always needed to be done before she could play with Kota.

        But Tenya wasn’t exactly mean. He bumbled over himself, trying to do right by her.

        When it came to homework, he was always nearby when she needed help or needed him to explain something. Of course, sometimes he had difficulty explaining it to a child, but the thought was there, and that was what counted.

        There were very few things that Eri found she didn’t like when it came to food, particularly when it was Katsuki cooking. But there were certain things, and those things Eri would not eat. They mostly came in the color green and/or from the sea. But fungi were also out of the question.

        Tenya, in his usual over the top self who didn’t stop until he was satisfied, did much research into different recipes for Eri to try. Somehow, he’d managed to find many that suited her just fine.

        And at bedtime, when it was dutifully Eri’s time to sleep, he always read if Eri wanted it, or stayed if she needed it. His arms were always around her if she woke in the middle of the night, clinging desperately to the back of Ochako’s nightgown, because of nightmares of that awful place she’d come from. Eri would always go right to sleep, Tenya’s arms her favorite place, the most comforting place, to fall asleep in.

        Yes, Tenya was good. But at the same time, so was Ochako.

        Ochako was a different kind of good. A different kind of comfort.

        Tenya was awkward and bumbling, all straight lines and ridged edges. Ochako was soft and and soft words and warm, warm hugs.

        “You’re so pretty!” Ochako had exclaimed when they first went shopping for clothes after Eri’s injuries had healed. Eri had turned pink, but she’d glowed brightly at the praise.

        Since then, Ochako had made sure to tell Eri she was beautiful every day as she did up Eri’s hair. She hugged Eri tightly while Eri ate breakfast before heading out for work, reminding her just how much she was loved. How much the people at the base cared about her, how hard they’d worked to find her and make sure she was safe. How hard they’d work to keep her safe, if that was what she wanted. If she wanted to stay.

        Ochako had given her a choice.

        The most precious thing.

        Eri didn’t want to lose it.

        She’d kept quiet about her quirk for so long, afraid they’d hate her for what she’d done. What she could do. She was so, so scared they’d turn her away, and she’d be left alone again.

        But when she’d finally told Ochako… When she tearfully explained her quirk and what they’d done to her one night after a particularly terrible nightmare…

        Ochako had picked Eri up, and for a moment, Eri had been absolutely scared that this was the end she feared. But Ochako had simply moved them to the kitchen of their room, made some hot chocolate, and sat down with Eri on the couch, cuddled up close to her.

        “You must have incredible control over your quirk, huh?” Ochako said while holding Eri close and smiling. “It’s got to be your silver lining, right? I know what you went through is hard. I… can kind of relate to what you went through. I was in a bad place as a little girl, too.” Her expression was pained when she admitted it, but Eri couldn’t ever imagine someone being so unkind to Ochako to make her have such a look. Ochako was strong, unlike Eri. She couldn’t believe anyone could ever hurt her. “But because I was there, I met Izuchan and Kacchan, and we started The V&V!”

        Ochko turned to Eri, and brushed a few strands of pale hair out of her face, still smiling sweetly, like Eri meant something, like Eri deserved this comforting presence, like she deserved to be reassured she belonged right in these arms.

        “It’ll be hard to let go,” Ochako murmured softly, “and it’s probably not something you’ll ever forget. But with lots of people who love you around you- and everyone here loves you so much- you can make new memories to think about instead!”

        Eri had cried, then. They hadn’t been sad tears, though. The tears were so, so happy. But she’d acted like she wasn’t crying. Instead, she turned to her hot chocolate and had drunk it all in one gulp. Ochako hadn’t mentioned the tears, only finished her own drink before taking them back to bed.

        The memories were the best of Eri’s life. They were so strong, they could have almost been tangible things. But since she couldn’t touch them, she kept them close to her heart.

        And some days, their presence was enough to make her forget about everything else.

        The pang Eri had felt spread to a warmth, and it moved throughout her entire behind. She leaned on Kota with a bright smile, not noticing when his cheeks tinted pink.

        “I know,” she murmured. “They’re the best.”

        It had been, perhaps, several hours later when Ochako and Tenya walked down the hallway looking for Katsuki and Izuku and spotted the two pups, fast asleep. Ochako had gone to inform their leaders of their sleeping pup as Tenya picked up Eri, holding her gently in his arms as she curled into his chest.

        “Let’s get this little one to bed,” Ochako whispered as Izuku gently tried to wake Kota, but Katsuki just nudged him with his foot.

        Tenya nodded and they took Eri up to their room, placing Eri in the large bed. Eri whined in her sleep, reaching out with her arms. One hand found Tenya’s shirt while the other wrapped around Ochako’s hand. She let out another whine as she turned onto her side, pulling the two closer.

        “Mama…” she breathed softly in her sleep. “Papa…”

        Tenya stared at Ochako with wide eyes. Ochako looked close to tears. She lunged at Tenya, hugging him tightly. Tenya pressed a kiss to her forehead before holding her close as well. Ochako almost squealed into his chest, the sound muffled so it didn’t wake Eri.

        “I love our little girl,” Ochako said, looking up and placing her hands on Tenya’s cheeks.

        Tenya smiled endearingly down at her. “I love her too.”

        Ochako pulled him down until their lips met.

        Sometimes you couldn’t choose your family, but sometimes it was better if you did.

Chapter Text

        For late winter, it was uncharacteristically warm out. Still, coat were required, but Eri and Kota had thrown the garments off as soon as Toshinori had led them into the mall. Toshinori held the coat folded over one of his arms while Eri held onto his other hand and dragged him along after Kota.

        Kota knew exactly where they were going. It was his favorite store to go to. Perhaps one of the only places that sold things for the villains from his favorite anime, whatever that happened to be at the time. And he’d gotten hooked too, even if Eri was more fond of the heroes herself.

        Kota let out a cheer when he saw the store, breaking away from the group and running to press his face against the window. He turned back to them and waved his hand. “Eri-chan! Come ‘ere, come ‘ere! Look at these!”

        Eri squealed and pulled away from Toshinori. Toshinori smiled endearingly at their enthusiasm. As long as they were in his sight, they were fine, so he didn’t mind them running ahead so much.

        He made to follow them over to the store when a voice behind him caused him to halt.

        “So you’re really not dead.”

        Toshinori’s eyes widened.

        He had never thought he’d see Aizawa Shouta in such a place, not so casually. Perhaps not even ever again.

        “Aizawa,” Toshinori said, shock still laced in his voice.

        “All Might,” Aizawa said, his brows furrowed in something akin to anger, but perhaps not quite. He put his hands in the large pocket of the black hoodie he wore instead of his hero costume and looked around. He eyes landed back on Toshinori. “What are you doing here?”

        Toshinori chuckled self consciously. “Just picking some things up-” he began, but Aizawa’s glare shut him up.

        The pissed tone Aizawa had begun to release was honestly painful to smell. “You know that’s not what I meant,” he said in his scarily collected voice. His eyes burned. “Everyone thinks you’re dead. So I’d like to know where you’ve been for the last few years, considering you up and left in the middle of the school year.”

        Toshinori didn’t speak. He couldn’t. How did he explain everything that had happened since All For One? Certainly, he could tell the truth. But as he’d told Izuku, he felt affection for those in the V&V now.

        After several long moments, Aizawa sighed heavily and slumped his shoulders. “There’s no need to answer,” he said, turning away. “It’s good to know you’re still kicking. Just heard a rumor some tall, blonde haired skeleton was walking around regularly in the area.” Aizawa smirked. “You’re looking better than you did.”

        He made to leave when Toshinori cleared his throat. “I almost did die,” he said, making Aizawa turn back to him. His eyes were droopy as he looked at Aizawa. “I barely made it away from the battle zone.” A lump formed in his throat. “I left before the paparazzi got there. My quirk is dead in me, so even if I hadn’t died, All Might did. There was no place for me in the spotlight, and I wanted a quiet life. There’s… I met a boy, young man, I suppose, years ago now. He lost his parents at a very young age. He’s like my son. I’ve lived with him and his pack, doing what I can, keeping watch over his son.”

        Toshinori smiled at the memories of the last several years. Aizawa was staring emotionlessly at Toshinori. Kota and Eri ran up to Toshinori, hiding behind his legs but peeking out behind them to stare up at Aizawa.

        “Hey, Gramps, who’s the hobo?” Kota asked, looking up at Toshinori. Toshinori had to suppress a sudden laugh as Aizawa stiffened.

        “Ko-Kota, this- he’s not a hobo,” Toshinori said, patting Kota head, still trying to control his laughter. Aizawa glared at Toshinori. “This is- His name is Aizawa Shouta. He’s- He works at the school I used to help teach at.”

        Eri’s eyes widened and her smile turned bright. “You were a teacher?!”

        “You weren’t even there for an entire year. You can’t even be counted as a real teacher-”

        “You were really a teacher?!” Eri tugged on the sleeve of Toshinori’s sweater excitedly. Her eyes were wide and bright. “You can help me with homework instead of Papa!”

        Toshinori did laugh then, placing a large hand on her head. “I must admit, I wasn’t actually very good…”

        “You could say that again.”

        “Aizawa-sensei, you’re mean to me! We used to be colleges.”

        Aizawa gave Toshinori an amused smirk. “It seems you’ve done well for yourself,” he said, tilting his head at the kids. “I won’t be bothering you so much.” He looked at Kota, feeling as if he knew those eyes from somewhere. “I assume he’s the grandson?” Toshinori nodded.

        “He rather acts like his father, but he’s adopted,” Toshinori explained. Aizawa looked at Eri, a contemplative expression on his features.

        “A friend?”

        “Packmate,” Kota said defensively, as though calling her a mere friend was an insult, squeezing Eri’s hand tightly.

        Eri blinked up at Aizawa before grinning brightly. She pulled away from Kota to stand by Toshinori’s side, her eyes shut and hands held behind her back. She bowed politely before standing quickly.

        “My name’s Iida Eri and my Papa and Mama are Iida Tenya and Iida Ochako!” she said happily, her tone proud.

        Aizawa’s eyes widened. Toshinori silently panicked as Aizawa looked between him and Eri. “Iida…?” he questioned.

        Eri nodded, but her attention was pulled away by Kota grabbing onto her arm, her bracelet coming off of her wrist as he ran back to the store.

        “Bakugou-Izumi Kota! Give it back!” Eri exclaimed, running after him.

        Aizawa stood in complete shock, frozen in place as the children disappeared into the store of anime merchandise.

        Those two children shouldn’t exist.

        Aizawa remembered the hell that had come about because of the attack on Ingenium in Hosu. Iida Tenya, one of his most promising students at the time, had gone to Hosu during his internship. Of course, he’d want to be close to his brother after such a thing, Aizawa had thought, so he had allowed it.

        But of course, he had to go missing as well.

        A bit of blood, his helmet in the same alley, his full costume in another. Iida Tenya’s body had never been found. The last to see him had been the Hero Killer: Stain. Barely alive, Stain was hardly any use until several weeks later when his injuries healed.

        Even then, by that time, it was assumed that they were looking for the boy’s body instead of Iida Tenya himself. They were looking for who would have killed him.

        Aizawa himself had sat in front of Stain in the interrogation room, watching as Stain only laughed and laughed and laughed. Maniacal and cruel, demented and out of his mind. Even with his almost fatal injuries healed, Stain was no help. He’d been shipped off to Tartarus and Iida Tenya had been declared dead.

        It’d been heartbreaking, really lowered the moral of the entire class. So close to the reveal of the betrayal of Kaminari Denki. The fact that the bright, lovely boy who many of his classmates enjoyed being around, was part of the infamous V&V had been awful.

        When Ashido, Sero, and Kirishima followed them… Ashido and Sero had planned to bring Kirishima back, Aizawa knew. The three had been practically inseparable (Aizawa didn’t think about Kaminari being part of their group). But they’d never shown up again. Aizawa had soundlessly thought the worst there too.

        But the fact was that this child, Iida Eri, shouldn’t have existed. Because Iida was supposed to be dead, and if he wasn’t- Aizawa didn’t want to think about him being a traitor, either. Or Toshinori being duped.

        Who knew what would happen to him if Toshinori knew about Eri’s father, and if wherever Iida had defected to knew about Toshinori? The likelihood of Toshinori’s death was high.

        It was better that Aizawa left before he said something stupid that got him killed.

        “It was… nice to see you again,” Aizawa said. “But… I’ve got… papers to grade.”

        Toshinori nodded quickly. “Of course, didn’t mean to hold you up-”

        “It’s my fault for dwalding. Goodbye, Yagi.”

        “Yes. Goodbye.”

        Aizawa turned on his heels and began walking swiftly.

        It was a little too convenient that he’d been with the Iida girl. But what was equally troubling was the boy.

        Aizawa had worked with Water Hose shortly of the birth of their son, and they’d talked about the child non-stop. “Izumi Kota” had been his name.

        And he was supposed to be dead.

        He’d been recorded as one of the many victims of Muscular’s attack that killed the kid’s parents. Roughly half of the daycare the boy had been demolished in the attack. Most of the children had made it to safety, but there’d been five recorded child deaths, and six adults.

        Why did Toshinori’s son have him ? Malandy thought he was dead!

        But it’s been “Bakugou-Izumi” the girl had called him.

        Aizawa froze once again when he thought about it.

        Very few true villain identities were known by the public, but two were been mates Bakugou Katsuki and Midoriya Izuku. The leaders of the V&V.

        What was Izumi Kota doing with them?

        What was Toshinori doing with them? He couldn’t be that stupid.

        Could he?

        Aizawa started moving again.

        He had some serious investigating to do. Mandalay would be happy to know her nephew was alive, too, if his suspicions proved to be correct.

Chapter Text

        There were days when Momo found it hard to get out of bed. She couldn’t put the blame on herself, Shouto made certain of that. But the loss of a child she’d had for merely a few days had hit her hard. Harder, because she was an omega. When before she hadn’t thought about children at all, after the attack that caused her to miscarry, it seemed all she could think about.

        It was what was on her mind as she had some down time between going out and stopping small time villains. A leg bone had become fractured form a bad landing and Recovery Girl told her to wait a few hours before trying to go out again. Perhaps finish up some paperwork while she waited to go out again.

        So Momo sat in the meeting room, looking over notes in the investigation pertaining to the V&V, occasionally relaying information she hadn’t been privy to before back to the base under the guise of clarifying something with Monoma, who sat in the room with her. She’d just taken a dip of her tea, Monoma talking about his latest date with his soulmate, when Shinso stomped into the room, his scent showing the tension and anger radiating off of him in waves.

        “Did something happen?” Monoma questioned as Momo delicately placed her tea cup on the saucer she was using. Shinso hissed and growled as he made himself a cup of coffee. He slammed it on the table when he took the seat between the two of them, several drops falling onto the table. Momo pulled a handkerchief out of her arm and mopped them up.

        He slumped in the chair. “Fucking- no !” he gave in a muffled shout. He gripped at his hair. “I just- they left. They fucking left, and now they’re enjoying it. I can’t help but wonder if they ever wanted to be heroes in the first place.”

        Momo was silent, waiting. Monoma turned in his seat to be facing Shinso, one leg crossed over the other and hands folded on his knee. Shinso sighed before he sat up and let his head hang off the back of the chair. He turned his head to look at Momo, then to Monoma. Then he looked up to the ceiling.

        “I saw our classmates,” he said, then cringed while a frown made its way to his face. “Ex-classmates. Ashido. Sero. Kirishima. Kaminari.” He spat the last name out like it had personally offended him. Perhaps it had. Momo remembered how they’d been in the same arena during the entrance exam.

        “What happened?” Momo asked softly. But perhaps she’d also need to reprimand some of her classmates for their reckless behavior.

        Shinso let out a groan, but then he started his story, and Momo and Momona listened with rapt attention.

        He’d gone out on a late night patrol, and was just finishing his shift when he got a call about a robbery at a jewelry store. Shinso, being the closest hero in the area, had jumped over and started the investigation.

        Four pieces of jewelry had gone missing; two necklaces, a bracelet, and a set of earrings. One of the necklaces was one of the store’s most priceless artifacts.

        The security camera in the corner of the store had been mostly melted, Shinso’s first clue to the perpetrators. The camera itself was unsalvageable, but the camera had recorded and stored video on a computer in one of the back rooms.

        The video of the theft itself hadn’t been long. Donned in black suits and masks, member of the V&V walked into the building. The masks, in truth, did little to hide the identity of several of the members of the gang.

        Ashido Mina, for example, was completely pink from head to toe, and no mask could hide that completely. Particularly when she wasn’t trying to. Shinso simply fumed at the thought of her practically flaunting her affiliation with them.

        She was the most easily spotted of the group, the first to enter the store. She blocked the view of the others as she made her way to the camera, held out her hand, and destroyed it with her acid.

        Shinso counted four others behind her, strange for such a simple theft. The only one he could make out clearly was Sero, because of his easily noticeable elbows.

        He’d just barely called in their descriptions, warning people to be on the outlook for them, when he got another call about a robbery. Across town, another jewelry store had been robbed, by characters matching Ashido and Sero’s descriptions. The store employee said they were joined by four others besides them; two blond males, a redheaded male, and a black haired girl.

        Shinso chased the lead over to the other store and found the gang members gone again. The security camera was completely gone, crushed into tiny pieces. The stored footage showed Ashido, Sero, Kirishima, and Kaminari with two unnamed individuals. The girl with earphone jacks, and the boy with the belly laser.

        The employee explained how Sero had tied her up with his tape before throwing her behind the counter. She couldn’t be sure of the names, but she knew that Sero had said “This would go well with your eyes, Kyo-chan,” and the dark haired girl had responded to him.

        “These are perfect, Yuuga-kun!” Ashido had said, and the unnamed boy had announced his agreement.

        When the stock had been checked, the only things missing had been three rings.

        A third call had come in, not moments after Shinso had walked out of the door to the jewelry store, about a robbery at a clothing store, V&V members spotted coming out of it.

        The employees and store itself had been left in much the same condition as the others. Bound workers, damaged camera, incomplete footage, and a sparse amount of things stolen. A white dress and several other pieces of formal wear, along with some fancy, embellished masks.

        Shinso had been expecting the fourth call of the morning, and already had his phone out and finger hovering over the “accept call” button when it began ringing. This time, it had been a flower shop. Of all places, a flower shop.

        But Shinso went. It was the oddest out of the four, because the teen who’d been working at the counter hadn’t been bound when the police arrived (he’d actually been the one to call them in) and gave the testimony that they’d insisted he make the most romantic bouquet he knew of. Large and romantic, they’d demanded. The other weird thing was that in the footage, before the camera burned out because of electricity overload, Kaminari held up an invitation to the camera.

        You’re invited! Come to the wedding of Alien Queen and Sparkler at 9:00 AM today!

        Right below it was a picture of Ashido and the other blond.

        The invitation hadn’t been found at the scene, so they couldn’t search for where this supposed “wedding” was going to take place.

        9 o’clock passed, and there was now news of the V&V members running around the city and causing havoc and fear. It was closer to 9:30 when the police station got a call from a church that the V&V members had left a message to give the heroes.

        Shinso and the police arrived at the church. The Father explained what had happened- they came through and hijacked a wedding he’d been officiating. They’d demanded he marry the two, Ashido and the one she’d called Yuuga-kun, and then they’d made the photographer take pictures of them before running off with the photographer’s camera and leaving no other trace of their existence behind.

        “The lengths youths will go to to be together these days,” the Father said with an affectionate chuckle. “Though they are known as villains, I cannot help but bless their union.”

        Shinso had left after that, then immediately returned to the agency. He would be no further use to the hero, or the police even if the police wanted to continue to question him anyway.

        When Shinso slumped over in his seat after the story was done, neither Momo nor Monoma could contain their laughter.

        Shinso sat up sharply and glared at the both of them. “Fuck you,” he seethed. “Fuck the both of you.”

        “I hope not at the same time.”

        “Fuck off, Monoma.” Shinso groaned and pulled at his hair. “It’s really not funny!”

        Monoma leaned on his knuckles, his elbow on the table. He smirked. “But I find it quite hilarious that some two bit villains led you on a wild goose chase,” he taunted.

        “Contrary,” Momo said, taking a sip of her tea, “if the V&V were, ah, two bit, as you say, then we would not have an operation like this focusing on them.” Momo couldn’t help but smile, full of affection, as she looked at Shinso. “Doesn’t it seem just like them to do something like this, though?”

        Shinso frowned deeply at his coffee.

        “Whether it is or not, I don’t care. They’re villains, and they’ll end up behind bars. Today was just another brick in the wall.”

        Momo was silent. She stood and went to pour herself more tea. She stirred it silent as Monoma began talking to Shinso, beguiling him with stories of his soulmate. Both, it seemed, agreed that they weren’t particularly attracted to one another. Both were male, beta, and attracted to other sexs. At least, other combinations of other sexes. Though besides that, they got on remarkably.

        Momo had heard it all before, and barely paid attention. She only focused once more when Monoma mentioned the name “Todoroki”. She looked at her teammates out of the corner of her eye.

        “How did the interview with the Todoroki family go?” Monoma asked. “You went to see them before the patrol last night, didn’t you?”

        Shinso huffed before letting out a growl. “About as well as you’d expect,” he spat.

        Momo had to look away quickly to hide her expression. Two days prior, when she’d gone to have tea with Todoroki Rei and tell her that she’d officially mated with her son, Momo had warned her about Shinso’s visit so she, Natsuo, and Fuyumi could be prepared to dodge any and all questions pertaining to the missing Todoroki’s.

        “All of them said that they haven’t heard from either Touya or Shouto for months, years now,” Shinso said, his hands shaking around his grip on his coffee. “But then they said they wouldn’t answer any other questions about them.”

        Shinso let out a weak laugh, his shoulders and head slumping.

        “You wanna know the icing on the cake?” he muttered. Momo turned worriedly at the broken tone of his voice. Monoma looked worried too. He even reached out and placed a hand on Shinso’s shoulder. Shinso’s shoulders were shaking. “They said- They said, and I quote- ‘We don’t consent to use of your quirk on us’.”

        Shinso laughed, louder this time, but no less… hollow.

        “I can’t even do that to civilians without a warrant!” he exclaimed. “But that they’d- That they’d just assume - That they’d assume I’d just do that-”

        Shinso shook in his seat, and even as Monoma attempted to comfort him as best he could in the way only Monoma could, Momo felt incredibly guilty. Anyone who’d been in class 1-A knew about Shinso’s complete and utter hatred for villains. But only a select few knew about the reason why- about how he’d been called a villain all his childhood.

        And about the fact it still affected him.

        Even if the words weren’t said, actions too often spoke louder.

        But some part of Momo couldn’t help but be grateful.

        Shinso was one of the best at tracking down and capturing villains. Should he not been affected by his interview, he very likely would have caught up with Mina, Yuuga, and the others. With Denki’s current condition, that would have been terrible.

        The Pros didn’t need to know about Denki’s baby yet. If ever. Never would have been preferable.

        But any of them getting arrested or stuck in a confrontation would have been terrible. Momo likely would have gotten herself in trouble getting them out.

        She held her cup up to her lips to hide her smile.

        I wonder if it was Mina-chan or Yuuga-kun that wore the dress…

        “Besides,” Monoma said, making Momo turn around. “Though those three may have been a flop, there’s still one Todoroki we haven’t talked to yet.”

        Both Momo and Shinso looked at him quizzically. Monoma smirked triumphantly, the look entirely too obnoxious on his features.

        “I’m talking about Todoroki Enji, of course,” he said. “The once great Endeavor. He might have gone to prison for his crimes, but he’s out now, and besides the mother and siblings, who would know those two better than the father?”

        Shinso’s eyes darkened. “I don’t know how well that’ll work,” he admitted as he stood. “But it’s worth a try.” He looked directly at Monoma. “Get him in here as soon as you can.”

        And Momo almost dropped her cup.

Chapter Text

        Snow crunched on the ground with every footstep. Pale, brittle grass poked out of the thin patches. Izuku and Katsuki were bundled up in heavy coats to fight away the winter chill as they made their way through the faded gravestones.

        They both stopped at the same time in front of a group of three headstones. Midoriya Inko, Bakugou Mitsuki, and Bakugou Masaru. Izuku leaned on Katsuki’s shoulder.

        “Eight years,” Izuku murmured. “Almost nine now.”

        “It’s been a long time.”

        Izuku broke from Katsuki and placed the flowers in his hands in front of his mother’s grave. Katsuki put his own flowers between Mitsuki’s and Masaru’s.

        Sometimes Izuku wondered what would have happened had they not been in the park that fateful day. Had their parents made it out safely, and gone on to live.

        Both of them knew things wouldn’t have turned out as they did. Perhaps their desires would have still been to be heroes. Perhaps they would have truly been able to save people.

        Izuku wrapped his arms around his knees, looking at the engraving on Inko’s grave.

        “Are we actually helping?” he asked. “Are we really helping anyone by doing what we do?”

        Katsuki hit him hard enough on the back of the head to make Izuku flinch. Izuku turned around to look at Katsuki. Katsuki frowned with a glare. “You can’t be so much of a fucking idiot to actually think that,” he snapped, flopping to the ground by Izuku. “Not when we’ve got the brats hanging around the hotel and smiling and fucking happy.”

        Izuku leaned on Katsuki, letting out a small chuckle. “True,” he mused. Katsuki held tightly to Izuku, tucking him into his side.

        “Then what about Round Face?” Katsuki went on. “She was fucking with you in that damn place. If it hadn’t been for you, I would have left her there. Without the V&V, she’d have been stuck in there until just recently. And what about Earlobes or Frog Girl? They were in shitty places when Earlobes came to you and and you saved them all, didn’tcha? And fucking Dunce Face. He didn’t have a pack behind him when he presented. He would have been claimed and raped and kept as a fucking pet if you hadn’t found him and brought him to the pack.”

        Izuku burned under Katsuki’s touch. He wiped away his tears. Katsuki squeezed him harder.

        “And think about all the gangs we’ve taken down. The League of Villains. There were those killers back a few years, too. And soon enough, the Eight Precepts will go down too. Think of how many people will be safe once they’re gone.” Katsuki placed a hand on Izuku’s chin and made him look towards him. “So don’t be fucking saying that it doesn’t mean anything.”

        He tilted Izuku’s head up and Izuku closed his eyes. Katsuki kissed his forehead.

        “There’s too many things we’ve done, that you’ve done, to say we haven’t done any good. Even if you haven’t got the title of ‘hero’, you deserve it and more.”

        Izuku couldn’t help but giggle into Katsuki’s shoulder. “You’re such a sap, Kacchan,” he said, still laughing. Katsuki scuffed him on the back of his head before holding him tightly.

        The calm was only broken by the ringing of Katsuki’s phone. Katsuki groaned as it continued to ring, even after long minutes of ignoring it. He growled as he took the call.

        “What?” he demanded.

        “Momo’s about to go into the meeting with Todoroki Enji,” Ochako said over the phone. “I think you’re going to want to hear this.”

        Katsuki huffed out a growl. “We’ll be there soon,” he snapped. “Keep tabs until we get there.” Katsuki hung up the phone and stood, pulling Izuku to his feet. “It’s time.”

        Izuku nodded, and together they headed home.

        As soon as they were back at the hotel, they ran to the room where Ochako waited.

        “Did the meeting start yet?” Izuku questioned as soon as the door was open.

        Ochako barely looked up from the screens as she upped the audio they’d be transmitted. “Just starting,” she said.

        “Here he comes,” Momo said.

        Momo shifted uncomfortably as the door opened and Todoroki Enji was led into the room by Aizawa. To one side of Momo sat Shinso and Monoma, Aizawa’s place on her other side. Other heroes were scattered around the room.

        Ever since Shinso had decided to bring Enji in for question, Momo had tried to get out of the meeting. But Aizawa had come in and said it would be a good idea to be there, because of the fact he knew her as a child, it would likely unsettle him and make him more open. Momo had claimed to be uncomfortable with the idea being alone in a room with him due to the fact, and what he did to Shouto.

        Aizawa had promised that the entire team would be present to make her feel safe.

        So. There she was. In the room. Enji sitting across from them, and Momo could simply feel his eyes on her.

        Of course he knew who she was. He’d known her since she was a child. And she certainly looked different, it was a surprise, of course. At least, she tried to rationalize.

        But a difference in looks wouldn’t have held Enji’s attention for long.

        His gaze stayed on her for far too long for her liking.

        Enji didn’t have answers for most of the questions he was asked. He’d been locked up for so long, the most he knew about his sons was what he saw on the TV. There was barely anything he could tell them, but one statement caught everyone’s attention.

        “Touya would always go somewhere populated, hide in plain sight when he could, blend in with the others,” Enji said. “If I hadn’t trained his fire myself, I would have thought that was his quirk. Shouto, on the other hand…” He paused a moment before continuing. “He kept quiet, to the shadows.”

        Momo’s hands shook faintly as she held them under the table. They’d been shaking too much for her to drink her tea or even hold the cup on the table. Enji might have looked like he was looking at Aizawa, but his eyes were boring into her.

        She tried to keep a check on her scent, but she could faintly smell the distress wafting from the gland on her neck. She hoped no one else could.

        Aizawa shuffled the papers in front of them, straightening them out before setting them back on the table and looking back to Enji.

        “One last question,” he said. “Your eldest son, known as Dabi by those among us, has not been seen in several months. We believe he is out of commission.” Enji nodded for Aizawa to continue. “Due to recent events I myself discovered, I have reason to believe that this goes deeper than we originally thought. It is vital that we find out where the V&V is hidden. Do you know where Shouto might be?”

        Enji turned fully towards Momo, and her breath caught in her throat.


        Enji gritted his teeth, grinding them together. He glared at Momo.

        “Why don’t you ask her?” he said, looking dead into Momo’s eyes, his burning gaze flicking to the mark on her neck for merely seconds before meeting her eyes again. “She stinks of my worthless son.”

        Shinso, Monoma, Aizawa. Slowly, everyone turned their gaze to her.

        “And scents, as you all should know, only do that when the two are mated.”

        A sudden calm washed over Momo even as Izuku shouted “Oh shit!” in her ear. The cat was out of the bag, and there was nothing that would change that.

        Momo slowly took a long drink from her favorite work tea cup, setting it back on the saucer, then stood slowly.

        “Well, I must say this has been fun,” she said, pushing her bang out of her face. “And I have delighted in working with each of you. But as my father-in-law so delicately stated,” she smiled brightly at Enji, “I am mated. And long before that, I had an alliance that I will not so readily give up. So I’m afraid that this is the last goodbye. I think it’s high time I returned to my mate.”

        A black warp portal appeared behind Momo, and she took a step back into it. The heroes jumped to their feet. Shinso reached out his hand, but it missed Momo’s wrist by seconds.

        Aizawa threw out his capture tape, and it caught around Momo’s wrist. Before Aizawa could pull her out of the portal, she completely disappeared and the portal shrunk rapidly. It cut off the tape, and it fell limp to the floor.

        Shinso continued to stare the spot Momo had been just before she’d disappeared, unable to wrap his mind around how it had all gone so wrong . One moment, Momo was his friend, a companion, a classmate, a hero. The next, she admitted to being mated to Todoroki Shouto, to being in cahoots with the V&V. To being a villain.

        He just didn’t understand how Momo could just betray them like that.

        Shinso didn’t looked up when Aizawa sighed. “Add her to the board,” Aizawa instructed. “And everything we know about Creati.”

        “Are we going to tell the public yet?”

        “No. If they see we’re actively looking, she’ll keep hidden. The people will do our job for us if they think she’s still a pro.”

        “That being said, everyone needs to be alert. If there’s even a rumor Creati is in an area, someone need to go check it out.”

        The older pros began talking, discussing what to do about Momo. But it all became static in Shinso’s ears. With shaking hands, he raised his hands and covered his ears, trying to block out the sounds. His mind whirled without comprehensible thoughts.

        His fingers curled, his nails digging into his scalp.

        Another friend gone.

        Better off dead.

        Friend or foe.

        Hero or villain.

        Here or gone.





        The traitor.

        There’d been whisper of a traitor at school.

        Had it always been Momo?

        Kind. Cruel. She’d been so kind, but this was too cruel.

        Shisno almost jumped out of his skin by the hand placed on his shoulder. His head snapped in the direction it belonged to. Monoma was on the other side of the arm.

        He gave Shinso a worried look.

        “You okay?” he asked, his voice muffled.

        Yes. No. He was fine.

        Monoma reached out and pulled Shinso’s hands away from his ears. He realized they were alone.

        “Let’s go home,” Monoma said.

        Shinso felt numb and didn’t fight as Monoma led them back to their building. He didn’t even fully register when Monoma took him to his own room instead of Shinso’s. Shinso curled up in Monoma’s bed, his nose filling up with Monoma’s winter-sweet scent.

        He slept like that, only waking into the long hours of the night, the room pitch black.

        He didn’t feel numb.

        Instead, there was a fire in his gut.

        A hatred there was no name for.

        After all, the only thing he hated worse than villains were villains who enjoyed it.

Chapter Text

        The room was uncharacteristically dark, lit only by a single lamp and the light from outside the window. The agency had been a glum place to be since Yaoyorozu Momo’s admittance to her betrayal mere days before.

        Sir Nighteye leaned against the table in the middle of the room, her picture held loosely in his hand. He stood and went to the corkboard, placing her image on it with the other named V&V members.

        The leaders, of course. Midoriya Izuku- Deku. Bakugou Katsuki- Kacchan. Todoroki Touya- Dabi. And then the others- Uraraka Ochako, Todoroki Shouto, Kaminari Denki, Kirishima Eijirou, Ashido Mina, Sero Hanta, Shoji Mezo, Tokoyami Fumikage, Mineta Minoru, and, more recenty discovered, Jirou Kyoka and Aoyama Yuuga.

        There were other pictures up, nameless members no one knew the names of. A girl with her tongue extended, a boy with a tail, a pair of gloves hanging in the air. No one sure if that particular member was male or female.

        What Nighteye would give to look into their futures. Or have the ability to look into their pasts, see why they turned out how they did. As it was, he knew very little about them.

        Bakugou and Midoriya, he knew. Anyone could, if they wanted to look. It wasn’t hidden that their parents had been killed in a shoddy job from Endeavor. The Todoroki boys, too, were obvious enough. That led back to Endeavor, too.

        But the others? Nighteye was at a loss.

        The door opened behind him, flooding the room with light. Nighteye didn’t turn around.

        “Good evening, Nezu,” he said, deadpanned.

        “Good evening,” Nezu replied cheerily. The door closed, and the room was left mostly dark again. Nighteye turned as Nezu sat at the table, smiling oddly as he tended to do.

        “Why are you here?” Nighteye questioned.

        Nezu’s expression simply remained steady. He looked past Nighteye to the corkboard. “What a shame that they ended up villains, isn’t it?” he mused.

        “They could have been powerful heroes,” Nighteye agreed.

        Nezu hummed. “But they’re simply children. I must say that I am not quite surprised that things turned out the way they did. After the hardships they’ve suffered, and the lack of adults to save them… well, of course they would no longer look up to heroes, who are all adults already.”

        “Hardships?” Nighteye said, looking back to the corkboard as well. He side eyed Nezu. “Do you know what happened to them?”

        Nezu laughed then. “No, of course not. How could I possibly know such a thing?”

        Nighteye gave him a disbelieving look. “But you assume something.”

        “And my assumptions are often enough correct.”

        Nighteye didn’t press the lingering questions. Instead, he studied the board. “Children they once were, indeed. But they are all adults now, and will be tried like them.” He pushed up his glasses. “Unfortunately, no matter their reasons for doing what they do, after everything they’ve done, there is little that can save them.”

        Nezu hummed his agreement. “Of course not,” he agreed. “There are laws to abide by. Rules and customs that must be followed.”

        That didn’t make the condemning feel any easier.

        Nighteye had looked into Aizawa’s future the last time they’d met, and he’d seen so much that would help the team looking for the V&V.

        Had Nighteye been able to look at it objectively, he wouldn’t have hesitated to not look back as he arrested them. It wasn’t even that they were barely older than children.

        It wasn’t even their children that stalled Nighteye. The little girl, the little boy, and the pregnant omega he’d seen in the vision.

        It wasn’t that they had such difficult pasts, no matter how unknown those pasts were.

        It was Toshinori.

        Toshinori had been with them, with Midoriya and Bakugou. He’d been in the hotel they used as their base. Happy, healthier than he’d been in years. In fact, all of them looked happy, comfortable. Not like villains that razed havoc around Japan.

        And that was what stalled Nighteye.

        Why wouldn’t he tell me he was alive?

        The question gnawed at him, eating at him relentlessly. He couldn’t reasonably think about why Toshinori would so something like that. The once Symbol of Peace, siding with a group of villains and vigilantes.

        It made no sense.

        “Is there something on your mind?” Nezu asked, tilting his head.

        Nighteye was quiet for several moments. “No,” he finally answered. “Nothing.”

        If Nezu’s silence was any indication, he didn’t believe a word Nighteye said. Which was fine, because Nighteye wasn’t revealing a thing. Though Nezu was smart enough, it almost seemed like he was reading your mind, he couldn’t actually do so. And unless Nighteye divulged the contents of his vision, Nezu wouldn’t know.

        He was going to give up that information.

        Not yet.

        He had questions that needed answered still.

        Pulling himself upright, Nighteye turned to Nezu. “Nothing to do with the V&V, at least,” he said. “I’m thinking that the Eight Precepts of Death is more troubling of now. I suggest we give them priority status for now.”

        Nezu looked at Nighteye, his expression never changing. “Oh? What makes you say so?”

        Another part of Nighteye’s vision though Aizawa had been about a boy, dark hair and bright eyes and covered and bleeding scars, pieces of him looking like they’d been grated away. The skin that wasn’t gone was bruised and bloody. From the vision, Nighteye couldn’t discern whether or not he was alive.

        But Aizawa had seemed panicked in the vision, so he figured the boy- more of a late teen, or perhaps a young adult- held some importance.

        “Terrible things are to come,” Nighteye said instead of anything else. “And taking care of the Eight Precepts would take care of that in part.”

        Nezu pushed himself out of his seat and walked over to stand by Nighteye. “If you’re certain,” he said. Nighteye gave a sharp nod. “Then we’ll follow your lead on this.”

        Nighteye was wholly uncertain to the identity to the young man in the vision Aizawa would live through, but he had also been witness to members of the V&V in the same fight. The only odd thing, perhaps, was that they’d been with alongside Aizawa and the other heroes fighting against a common enemy- the Eight Precepts.

        And whatever made heroes and villains work together could only be unforeseen evil.

        Shiragaki looked intently at his phone, relishing in the image of Dabi writhing in pain, painted black and blue by bruises, red blood splashed upon his skin.

        His eyes were shut in the picture, and in an effort to ute his screams his teeth bit hard enough into his bottom lip to leave indents, or perhaps even break through the skin.

        Shiragaki looked forward to the day he would hear those screams for real. To be the one creating those screams that bubbled up in Dabi. To be able to tear the traitor apart, piece by ever-loving- fucking piece.

        He had to fight his instincts to crush the phone in his hand and leave behind evidence because of the dust created by his quirk.

        However, he didn’t have to think for long. A loud boom went off behind him, shaking the hallway and sending small pieces of debris into the back of his hood as red lights began flashing and an high pitched alarm sounded. Smoke filtered out around Shiragaki and he turned as soon as things settled down.

        There was a large, open space where there had once been a pure white wall.

        Shiragaki walked through the rubble, finding Kurogiri bound to the opposite wall, his wrists bound to it by large, bulky cuffs. On the cuffs were the tell-tale marks of quirk suppressants doing their work.

        Shiragaki went up to Kurogiri and disintegrated the cuffs, the dust blending in with the ash created by the blast.

        “It’s time to bring back the other players,” Shiragaki said, and Kurogiri nodded.

        When the guards of Tartarus arrived to the breached room, Kurogiri and Shigaraki were gone. The alarms sounded once again, and the guard split up to look into the other rooms.

        The news story the next morning: BIGGEST BREAK OUT IN HISTORY and OVER HALF OF TARTARUS EMPTIED .

Chapter Text

        Everyone uses “bound to the teeth” too lightly until they’ve had to use it unironically.

        Dabi felt like he was in a fucking porno with how bound up he was. And how exposed he was because of the tears in his clothes. That was his favorite fucking jacket, those dickheads.

        His wrists were bound at head level to the wall he was strapped to, his legs spread and bound to the wall. His neck was, too, and that was fucking annoying because it barely let him breath. It wasn’t helped because, oh yeah, they’d forced a fucking gag in his mouth. And oh no, it couldn’t have been one of those simple ones that just shut him up. It was one of those fucking kinky ones that kept his mouth wide open.

        His jaw hadn’t hurt so much since that one punch from his dad when he was eight.

        Damn, had it hurt, but he didn’t regret pissing Enji off so much. It was always fun to do so.

        But bound up like he was like a freaking porn star ready to be ravaged?


        At least, he would have, if it weren’t for the fucking gag.

        Everything really fucking hurt, too. Mostly sore from being stuck in uncomfortable positions for extended periods of time, but sore didn’t cover the sting and pain in his body. It was burning, and if he hadn’t been bound, he would have probably crumpled to the floor for several hours before he was even able to to twitch a pinky.

        The icing on the cake, though, was that they were suppressing his quirk. Evidently, though Dabi didn’t know why, Chisaki still hadn’t perfected his serum to completely remove quirks.

        Dabi’s had returned, again, and he could feel the heat under his skin from his blue flames. He just couldn’t fucking use them.

        God, he hoped that Tooru had managed to get Eri. He hadn’t seen her in so long, but he dreaded to think about why. He imagined every night that she was cured up in a nice warm bed, eating Katsuki’s fucking fantastic cooking every meal and getting snuck extra cookies by Toshinori and Riddiko in the meantime.

        It didn’t much matter to him what happened to him, as long as that little girl was safe and far away from Chisaki.

        He closed his head and let out a silent groan, wanting to hang his head forward but was prevented by the steel around his neck.

        The door creaked open, and Dabi kept his eyes closed. More torture, more experimenting. More pain. He could deal with it.

        “As you can see, he’s still alive.”

        Dabi’s eyes opened. Chisaki himself rarely came to see him. But he wasn’t faced towards Dabi. He was facing towards outside the door, his hand behind him on the door to keep it open. There was a grumble that Dabi couldn’t understand, then another dark shadow crossed the doorway and had Dabi even been able to breathe properly, he would have stopped doing so then.

        He struggled against his bonds, fighting to get free with a vigor he hadn’t had since the night Eri had gotten free. He would have screamed in frustration had he had any voice left to do so.

        Chisaki chuckled as he watched Dabi squirm. He turned to his companion. “How fun,” he said. “What a nice surprise to see that the mere sight of you is enough to make him squirm! He hasn’t responded to anything in nearly a month now.”

        Shigaraki stepped into the room, a cruel smile on his face. “Oh, I’ll make him more than squirm,” he said, and the blood under Dabi’s skin burned. He pulled at his bindings, not caring that he was choking himself.

        Shigaraki chuckled as he moved towards Dabi. He reached out a hand for Dabi’s chin, and Dabi snapped his head away. Shigaraki frowned, forcefully grabbing Dabi’s chin and squishing his cheeks between his fingers.

        The touch burned Dabi, and it must have been longer than he thought that he’d been left alone due to how the touch of skin affected him. The warmth of another human was welcome, but still he sneered at Shigaraki.

        If he needed anyone’s touch, it was that of the pack.

        Yeah, he was seriously going to nest as soon as he got back to the hotel. He was sure none of the omegas would mind. Izuku would probably make the biggest, fluffiest fucking nest he could and force Dabi to stay in it for a week at least. Dabi would pretend to fight, of course, but once he was cuddled up and taking in the comfort, he wasn’t leaving that nest for anything.

        He needed a break sometimes too.

        “Have fun,” Chisaki said, beginning to close the door. He stopped, with a crack of light still in the room. “Yes, do have fun, Shigaraki, but just don’t kill him yet. I still need my research project back first.”

        Shigaraki growled. “Yeah yeah. I’ll get you your fucking kid.”

        Chisaki nodded and allowed the door to close ominously behind him. Shigaraki turned his full attention to Dabi. The grin on his face maniacal. It turned thoughtful as he reached a hand out for Dabi’s arm, careful to keep his middle finger raised.

        He ran a hand down the arm, feeling the fading muscle beneath the jacket he wore.

        “You seemed like you were such a high level player,” he murmured, his touch so light it was almost a caress. “So powerful. A perfect lancer character, could have easily become a protagonist.” Shigaraki’s hand moved to his chest, slipping under the ruined shirt. Dabi hissed in hate, unable to do much else. “So much potential…” Shigaraki’s eyes hardened. “But it turned out you were just a worthless NPC.”

        Shigaraki’s fifth finger touched Dabi’s stomach, and even through the gag, he let out a gut wrenching screaming.

        The pain… there were no words to describe it.

        Before it could disintegrate more than the skin and a bit of muscle, Shigaraki pulled his hand away. Dabi’s blood splattered it, and what was left of his shirt was getting soaked with it. All Dabi could do was pant from the pain.

        Shigaraki looked at Dabi with amusement. He moved his hand up to Dabi’s cheek, caressing it gently. Then all five fingers touched, and he dragged them down the length of it, feather light. Blotchy spots of blood appeared where there had once been skin and Dabi choked on a strangled scream.

        Shigaraki frowned. His hand curled into a fist and slammed into Dabi’s stomach, right over where he’d previously disintegrated Dabi’s skin. Dabi choked.

        “I’ll make you scream,” he growled in warning into Dabi’s ear. He reached under Dabi’s shirt again with both hands, pushing his pants down just a bit to grip at his hips. Three fingers held Dabi in place. “I’ll make you beg.” Four fingers. Dabi glared into Shigaraki’s eyes and released a threatening scent, letting him know he wouldn’t be bowed. Shigaraki growled and placed his fifth finger on Dabi’s hips, this time making Dabi howl out in pain.

        Dabi close his eyes and refused to look at Shigaraki.

        When that asshole was done with him, he was going to definitely be laid up in bed. No, in the nest the pack would force him into. But it wouldn’t be all bad. Sure, it would hurt. But Kouda (had Riddiko proposed to him yet? He’d asked Dabi for help before Dabi left) was good at patching the pack up quickly, and Katsuki would give him shit but also good food. And certainly Eri and Kota would be friends. They’d be around the same age. They’d keep him company by telling him all about their days at school or the games they’d played or their favorite animes on TV. Eri liked books. Maybe he’d ask her to read for him.

        Shigaraki’s fingers circled the painful open spots on Dabi’s hips, pressing his nails into the open wounds, but careful to not touch with five fingers. Shigaraki leaned forward and inhaled deeply from Dabi’s neck. Dabi growled in warning, and Shigaraki simply curled his fingers in the wounds.

        “A shame you’d been an alpha,” Shigaraki said, pulling away and wiping the blood from his hands on Dabi’s shirt. He reached out and trailed four of his fingers on Dabi’s neck, what was exposed of it because of the bindings around it. He reached up and pulled roughly on Dabi’s hair, making Dabi hiss. “It would have been so much easier to control you if you were an omega. Perfectly able to keep you from betraying us.”

        He slammed Dabi’s head into the wall, and Dabi winced.

        Once he was back home and recovering, he’d catch up on all those show he missed while confined. Maybe drag Fuyumi over and make her watch the soaps with him. They’d both always liked them, and she was perfectly fine with letting him say she made him watch them with her.

        Calloused fingers dragged over Dabi’s skin, though no more disintegrating. For now, at least. They did smear though the blood now coating his front. Shigaraki’s hand slipped into the back of Dabi’s pants, going lower as Shigaraki stepped forward, and all of Dabi frozen completely. Shigaraki reached up and brushed hair out of Dabi’s eyes.

        “Your body wasn’t made for it,” Shigaraki hissed in Dabi’s ear, “but I’m sure I could train it to take a knot.” A finger, slick with Dabi’s own blood, slipped into his ass. He wanted to struggle, but the hand on his cheek prevented him from doing so. “Too bad it can’t produce pups. But you know, Toga’s out too.” Shigaraki laughed into Dabi’s shoulder. “Crazy bitch she is. But she’s an omega. And fuck, she always liked those scars on you. Probably wouldn’t mind having as many of your pups as I wanted her to if it meant she got to make them real.”

        Shigaraki punctuated the word by adding another finger. Dabi did begin struggling, then. Fighting against Shigaraki. Shigaraki let him.

        “Wouldn’t that be interesting, huh? You, all bound up and being fucked by both of us, entirely helpless between us as we had our way with you? And when we knotted, me in you, you in her…”

        Shigaraki’s third finger entered Dabi and Dabi let out a pained hiss as they continued to move in him. Shigaraki laughed as Dabi continued to fight. He pressed up close enough that Dabi could feel every inch of him.

        He leaned forward to growl in Dabi’s ear. “I thought about killing you,” he hissed, his voice gravelly. “And it would still give me great joy to do so. But I think keeping you around, nothing more than an object meant to be fucked, would be much more entertaining.”

        Shigaraki pulled his fingers out of Dabi’s ass and forced them through his gag, washing them off using Dabi’s spit and making Dabi choke on his own blood and the taste of Shigaraki’s fingers.

        Shigaraki turned and headed back towards the door. “I’ll be back,” he said as he walked. “After all, we’re going to have so much fun.”

        The door shut behind Shigaraki with a thud and all the tension in Dabi left him. He would have sunk to his knees if he’d had the ability. Even the small slump he was allowed choked him, but he didn’t care.

        Going back would be nice, getting smothered would be great. But at this point, he couldn’t think about that. The only thing ringing through his head was an immense, terrible fear.

        Death, in the end, would have been preferable.

        Eri had found that, since moving in the the V&V, waking up was generally a pleasant feeling. Most days she woke feeling refreshed and excited for school. On the nights she didn’t sleep well and were reminded through dream, rather nightmares, of her time with Overhaul, she generally had Tenya and Ochako to hold her tightly and brush her hair out of her face and whisper to her until she fell back into a sweet, dreamless sleep.

        That particular night was not the case.

        Tenya and Ochako, and several others besides, had gone out on missions to try to find Dabi, all following different leads. Tenya and Ochako weren’t meant to be away longer than the night, and Eri was going to wake up to them in the morning.

        But they were still gone when Eri woke up screaming.

        She cried and sobbed for several moments, feeling cold and small and in the large bed meant for three. Her blood was still pumping and her heart still throbbing as she jumped out of bed and ran down the hallways of the hotel, her mind blank as she ran for the front door, thinking only of getting her Mama and Papa to save her.

        She was stopped, frozen, by the light peeking out from under the kitchen door. Eri sucked in deep breaths, her hand curled up tightly on the chest of her nightgown. When the ringing in her ears died down, she heard hushed voices on the other side of the door.

        Katsuki and Izuku.

        Eri slowly made her way over to the kitchen, her bare feet chilled by the wooden floor. The kitchen door creaked open and Eri winced. Izuku turned and saw Eri, offering a soft smile. He held out his hand in invitation from his spot at the breakfast counter.

        Eri rushed from the door into his arms. Izuku chuckled softly as he picked her up, placing her in the seat by his side. She felt so small, her legs dangling uselessly down and unable to reach the floor. There was a steaming drink in front of Izuku, and Katsuki was at one of the stoves, mixing something in a pan.

        They’d been one of the groups to go out chasing a lead, and hadn’t been back for dinner. Likely the reason why they were in the kitchen at all.

        He looked over his shoulder at Eri as he flipped the contents. “You want some, kid?” he questioned. After a hesitant moment, Eri nodded. He turned back to cooking. Izuku poured her a cup of warm, honeyed milk and passed it to her in a lovely tea cup.

        “What are you doing up so late?” he asked softly, as if to not break the silence of the night.

        “It’s almost three-thirty, Deku. It’s fucking early,” Katsuki quipped.

        Izuku sighed, pinching his nose. “Not in front of Eri-chan, Kacchan,” he moaned. He looked to Eri with an amused smile. “What you doing up so early, then, Eri-chan?”

        Eri looked down to her milk, her hands still shaking. “Night-Nightmare,” she mumbled. It almost threw her off the chair in shock when Izuku’s comforting scent wafted over to her.

        Izuku reached out an arm, and Eri sunk into his hold. The scent clinging to him from so close was a mix of himself, Katsuki, Kota, and Toshinori, with a faint Ochako in there too. Eri buried her nose into his jacket, searching for more of that scent. Izuku purred and began running his fingers through Eri’s hair.

        “You’re safe here,” he told her. “No one’s going to harm you again.” Eri nodded, clutching tightly to his shirt. “Do you wanna talk about it? Talking about it sometime helps.”

        Katsuki scoffed as he wrapped the ingredients he’d been frying into an egg. “This coming from the shit that says crying helps. Deku’ll cry over anything.”

        Eri giggled as Izuku stuck his hand at Katsuki. They sat in silence until Katsuki placed three plates of omlet on the table and all three of them ate. Eri was halfway through her meal when her stomach clenched, the memory of her dream coming back to her. And she remember the context behind it.

        Dabi was still with Chisaki. He was still trapped. If he was still alive.

        “Hey, Izuku-san?” Eri murmured, looking up at him. She looked up at Katsuki. “Katsuki-san?” They both looked at her. She looked back down to her food. She forced herself to gulp. “Are we gonna save Dabi?”

        Izuku jumped at her question, grabbing onto her shoulder and turning her towards him. “Eri, of course!” he exclaimed. “We’re going to get him back! He’s part of the pack, and we don’t leave any part of the pack behind-”

        But Katsuki hadn’t moved. He hadn’t made a sound. Eri turned and looked at Katsuki.

        His expression was set, his lips forced into a line, like he wanted to speak but was forcing himself not to.

        A pang went through Eri’s heart.

        More than Izuku’s encouraging words, Katsuki’s silence said everything.

Chapter Text

        The weather couldn't decide if it was late winter or early spring. The sun was bright, and the sky a pale blue, unmarred by the grey snow clouds. But the wind was remarkably chilly, so Sir Nighteye remained bundled up in a heavy jacket.

        Had he been anyone else, the other heroes at the agency would have berated him for disappearing in the middle of the afternoon without telling anyone where he was off to. Bubble Girl would likely, anyway, when he returned. After all, there was a lot of work to do and he really was the boss and should have been doing it.

        If anyone knew Nighteye’s destination, they really would have gotten on his case. They would have completely prevented him from going, at least in alone.

        So there were several reasons why Nighteye had disappeared without telling anyone, only that he was due to return before night fell, giving him a rather large margin of daylight because of the lingering days.

        Nighteye stopped in front of the building.

        It had a homey feel to it. A nicely kept garden outside, and the grass was perfectly cut. The building was in well kept order, a shiney, deep honeyed brown. Nothing broken or out of place. Stone pillars lined the sides of the path to the front door, a overhang covering it with windchimes hanging between each of the pillars, a symphony when the winds blew past.

        Nighteye didn’t regularly stay in hotels, but he knew that it was more motels and inns that kept wooden doors in the front. High end hotels, at least, usually used glass doors, sometimes the ones that turned.

        But it wasn’t really a hotel, was it?

        It was used as a pack home.

        Nighteye strode to the front door, hesitating a moment before knocking surely on it.

        On the other side of the door, everyone passing through the lobby froze.

        From the outside, it looked like a hotel. No one knocked on a hotel’s front door, even if it was closed. And anyone who knew where the V&V was was an ally to them would just walk right in.

        Ochako pulled back the curtain covering one of the front windows just enough to see out it. She studied the man in front of the door.

        “Tall, male, green and yellow hair,” she muttered. She let the curtain drop. She turned to Izuku and Katsuki. “I recognize him. That’s Sir Nighteye. He sees the entire future of whoever he chooses every twenty-four hours.”

        “So not only is he here now, some other hero probably knows where to find us, too, and will be here soon enough,” Izuku said, pinching the bridge of his nose.

        “Nighteye…” Everyone turned to Toshinori, who stood just staring at the door. Toshinori shook his head. “No. I can’t.”

        “Dad?” Izuku asked cautiously.

        Toshinori’s shoulders slumped. “He was my sidekick, and a friend,” he admitted. “It’s… been a very long time.”

        Katsuki unfolded his arms while grumbling. “Well, he’s here now,” he growled. “So we’re fucked no matter what happens.”

        A wordless conversation. Toshinori nodded and made his way to the door, trailed after by Izuku and Katsuki.

        Toshinori pulled the door open. He and Nighteye stared at each other for many long moments, neither moving, neither speaking.


        It was the only word Nighteye spoke.

        Toshinori’s shoulders slumped. “I have much explaining to do.”

        Nighteye seemed to bristle. “Indeed you do, All Might.”

        Which led to only moments later, the four being seated at one of the round tables in the dining room, a tray of tea and cookies between them. Aside from Toshinori, the tea sat untouched.

        It was relatively silent for several long moments when Toshinori finished his explanation, starting with the sludge incident involving Izuku and Katsuki and how it was in that moment he’d decided to make Izuku his successor, all the way until Aizawa’s finding him. Nighteye listened with rapt attention, but his eyes remained locked on Izuku.

        They had known each other for years, now. Even before “All Might’s death.” There was a time when they could have even called each other their best friends. But Toshinori… Nighteye didn’t always agree with his decisions, and had often found himself letting his anger with the man take control. Like when he’d first heard of All Might’s successor, and how it wasn’t an already trained student or hero, but someone merely a child, he’d completely shut Toshinori out in anger.

        But then he thought Toshinori had died in the second battle with All For One, and his hate and anger of himself had taken over him. He’d regretted his silence for such a long time. To find out he was alive- well, even- Nighteye hadn’t been so sure of what to do or feel then.

        He inwardly sighed.

        “I suppose,” Nighteye said, finally breaking the silence, “keeping close to your quirk to make sure it is used correctly is the right thing to do-”

        “Who’s to say how to use a quirk correctly?”

        Nighteye blinked at Izuku. His expression was carefully void of emotion, his arms and legs both crossed formally. Nighteye adjusted his glasses. “For generations, One For All has been used for good, and I would hope to see it used on the side of light,” he stated simply.

        “Your ‘good’ and mine are very different.” Izuku moved so he was leaning forward, his arms on his legs as he stared into Nighteye’s eyes. “Your good only fights the big battle, the flashy ones that earn you points on the hero charts but leaves children to be abused and left to suffer and die. Our good helps those who need it. Those that you’ve left behind in the dust. I’m sure you know, Sir, but we’ve all been through shit, and it is our endeavor to help as many people so they don’t go through the same.”

        Nighteye remained speechless for several moments before standing. The others followed. “It is true,” Nighteye said. “Though I cannot condone your actions, how you’ve gone about your… ‘good’, as you call it, we truly need heroes who think a little more like you.”

        He pushed his glasses up once more and nodded to each of them.

        “Today, I come as an old friend,” he said. “But do be warned, this will be the only time we see one another where I am not obliged to turn you in.” He grinned. “The next time we see each other, I will be a hero, and I will bring you to justice.”

        Katsuki smirked proudly. “I look forward to it, fucker.”

        Nighteye held out his hand, and Katsuki took it. Their eyes met, and Nighteye’s eyes widened at the images flashing through him mind. He pulled his hand away and looked at the three before him.

        But then his expression returned to normal. Once again, he bowed his head to each of them. “I look forward to seeing your futures play out.”

        And with the bright vision still held in his mind’s eye, Sir Nighteye left the base of the V&V.

        Shinso knocked on the door to Sir Nighteye’s office, a stack of documents concerning developments about the V&V he was wanting to discuss with him. There was no answer. Shinso knocked once more, to the same outcome.

        Sighing and deciding he’d just leave the documents on Nighteye’s desk, he opened the door and walked in. He went over to Sir Nighteye’s desk and slowed when he saw the scatter of papers on it, all of the with pictures of V&V members.

        Most were just the usual suspect documents. Quirk knowledge, familial attachments, ect. Shinso looked at them while placing his own documents down. He spotted the one with Momo’s smiling picture.

        He moved the one on top of it aside, reaching for Momo’s. But he stopped when he noticed a scribbling in the margins in the one on top of it. An address. And not only that, but it also said “V&V location.”

        Shinso’s eyes widened as they zeroed in on the words and numbers.

        How could- Could it be true? Did Sir Nighteye know? If he did, why had he hid it?

        Shinso had to force himself out of that train of thought.

        If Sir Nighteye knew, he probably hadn’t said anything for a good reason. He was out at the moment, and he was probably checking to make sure it was true, Shinso reasoned.

        But Shinso knew very well that his vision were rarely wrong, nor was he even without the visions as an aid. So if he’d written that it was the V&V hideout, it very well was.

        And there was no better time than the present, right? They’d been chasing after the V&V for too long to wait for an opportune moment and have another traitor let them know they’d been found out.

        Shinso pulled out his phone and dialed the first name in his recent contacts.

        He picked up on the first ring.

        “What can I do for you, pretty boy?

        “Monoma, assemble a team,” Shinso ordered as he rushed out of the door. “I know the V&V’s location.”

        Monoma whistled from the other side of the phone. “Big news. We’re going now?

        “Now,” Shinso agreed.

        He began assembling his hero costume the moment he stepped into the locker room.

        “It’s time to bring them down.”

Chapter Text

        Denki laid on his back, his stomach visibly showing the baby growing inside him, as Dr. Himura moved a device across his stomach, the image of the baby showing up on a connected screen. Eijirou held tightly onto his hand, eyes wide as he watched the baby move. Denki smiled in amusement at Eijirou’s excited expression.

        “No telling the gender yet,” Dr. Himura said. “That’ll be another month or so. But right now, it only looks like the one.”

        “That’s fine, Doc,” Denki said after she wiped away the gunk from his stomach. “No complications?”

        “None for now. I suggest you keep off your work for a while. Any heavy fighting could put a strain on you or the pup, and a strong hit could do like Yaoyorozu-san and terminate it completely.”

        Denki nodded as Dr. Himura began to clean up her things. The door opened with a knock and Izuku stepped into the room. He nodded to Denki and Dr. Himura before turning his attention to Eijirou.

        “I’ve got a job for you,” he said. “We need a heavy hitter downtown. All the Vigilantes have been notified.”

        Eijirou nodded and he looked back to Denki. Denki pulled Eijirou down in for a kiss before pushing him towards the door. “Go get ‘em, babe.”

        Eijirou rolled his eyes, but followed Izuku out of the room. By the time he was changed and ready to go, everyone else was already waiting. Denki waved at Eijirou as Izuku talked with Katsuki.

        “We need to find another place,” Izuku whispered for only Katsuki to hear. “Nighteye knows. Any moment he could lead them here…”

        Katsuki pressed his forehead to Izuku’s. “We’ll be on ege today, he won’t risk it. Call me when you’re done and I’ll head out. Me, you, and Round Face can look for a new place.”


        Denki wrapped his arms around Eijirou’s neck. “We’ll need to think of baby names too when you get back,” he said, making Eijirou roll his eyes.

        “Of course,” Eijirou agreed. “And I’ve got one I think you’ll like.”

        Denki’s eyes twinkled. “I look forward to it.”

        Denki broke away from Eijirou when Izuku called “Move out!”

        With one last kiss on Denki’s cheek, Eijirou followed the rest of the group out. Denki sighed heavily as his alphas left. He looked down and rubbed at his stomach, frowning slightly. Katsuki knocked his shoulder.

        “Go watch a movie or something, dunce face. I’ll get you something to eat,” he grumbled.

        Denki’s eyes widened. “Something sweet!”

        “Something healthy. You’ve been binging sweets since you found out about the kid. Gods, the brat’s gonna have a fucking sweet tooth.”

        Katsuki grumbled and rubbed the back of his neck as he headed for the kitchen. Yuuga appeared at Denki’s side, Tooru on the other, and they both held onto his arms. “Nesting time!” Tooru exclaimed, and they dragged him off to the big nesting room.

        There was already a nest in place, with minimal reconstruction needed on Denki’s part, and a movie ready to play on the big TV. After making sure Denki was comfortable, the other two omegas curled into his sides, both petting his stomach comfortingly.

        “I want a pup,” Tooru whined, leaning her invisible head on Denki’s shoulder. “But do you know how hard it is to get anything right when you’re invisible?”

        Yuuga’s eyes twinkled in Tooru’s direction. “Should have done it when you were still visible, mademoiselle,” he teased, and Tooru smacked him. He only sighed dramatically in rely. “I know my own alpha wants pups, but it would ruin my perfect figure! She promised to love me even with a baby, but I would think I’m so unsightly.”

        Denki laughed, pulling the two close. “You two are too much.”

        Half way through the movie, Kouta came in with the treats Katsuki made and they all indulged on the delicious meal, though Denki bemoaned about how he wanted sweets. It was almost lunch time and all fours’ stomachs were growling as they began making their way downstairs.

        Denki stopped when he saw the group of Villains in the lobby doorway.

        “What’s going on?” Denki questioned Katsuki as Katsuki fixed his gloves.

        “Deku called in backup,” he said stiffly. “Thinks the league’s behind the attack downtown ‘cause of the nomus running ‘round the place. Pinky and Tailspin are gonna stick around, so you’ll all be fine if they try to attack here.”

        “Let me get changed and I’ll go too,” Denki said. “I can help-”

        Katsuki glared at Denki, looking him right in the eye. “Fuck no, Pikachu.” He put his hands on Denki’s shoulders. “You remember what happened to Ponytail last time she fought a nomu? Yeah, fuck no, not happening. Shitty Hair would murder me if anything happened to you, and it’s fucking break him if you got hurt. So fucking stay here and don’t get involved.”

        Denki sighed, hanging his head in defeat. Katsuki placed a hand on the back of his neck, releasing his scent for no more than a moment to comfort Denki, then he released his neck and left, followed by the rest.

        Rikido made lunch for everyone, but it seemed like a solemn affair. One, two, three, four… only seven members of the pack remained in the hotel. Denki himself, the other three omegas, Mina, Mashiro, and Rikido. And Denki was the only one without his mate.

        Denki went to the front sitting room after he finished up eating and curled up in a chair by a window, watching for Eijirou to return.

        He knew, to a point, that Eijirou had problems with waiting around while Denki was out fighting. But Denki had never experienced the same feeling first hand, and now he regretted every time he’d spent longer than necessary away and making Eijirou worry.

        Denki was half asleep in the chair when the door burst open.

        “Denki!” Mina screamed. “We need to go!”

        Without waiting for him to answer, Mina grabbed onto his wrist and began dragging him away. Denki’s eyes widened at the chaos in the main lobby. Police and heroes alike had swarmed the inside of the building, many more visible outside. Mezo, Rikido, Yuuga, and Kouta’s animals were trying to hold them back, but it wasn’t working so well. There were just too many of them.

        Mina pushed Denki towards the stairs. “Get up to Dabi’s room,” she ordered. “Mashiro is getting a warp ready-” She was cut off by a scream from Kouta. Mina’s eyes widened and she pushed Denki again. “Denki, go!

        Unable to refuse her as she ran into the heat of battle, Denki turned and began running up the stairs.

        The door to Dabi’s room was open as Mashiro set up a large warp. “Where are the others?” Tooru questioned as Denki ran into the room.

        “Still fighting,” he said, breathing heavily.

        “It’s ready!” Mashiro called.

        “I’ll go first to make sure there’s no one on the other side waiting for us,” Tooru said, squeezing Denki’s hand before running through the warp.

        Mashiro nodded to Denki once the way was clear, and Denki made to move, only for his wrist to be caught in vines. He turned behind him to see a girl with vines growing out of her head holding onto him tightly with said vines.

        “Warp!” she shouted, and other heroes descended on the room. Mashiro tried to fight to get Denki free, but he was only captured as well. Even the sparks Denki was letting off did nothing to the hero holding him.

        The sparks immediately stopped when his wrists were cuffed behind his back, his quirk suppressed. Mashiro was knocked to the ground, and suffered a similar fate. The warp was shut down, and both Denki and Mashiro were dragged out of the hotel.

        The others were already in the back of several police cars. Bile rose in Denki’s throat as he realized the only one who had possibly gotten away was Tooru.

        He looked back at the hotel as his head was pushed down and he was forced into the police car. He really hoped she’d be able to warn the others.

        Katsuki growled as the piece in his ear kept ringing. It hadn’t just been nomus. No, fuck no, it had to be actual league members too. Just enough to lure them out and into a full scale battle that could get both sides caught by the fucking heroes.

        Everyone was looking worse for wear and going toe to toe with at least one nomu and two or three league members. Ambitious as always, Shigaraki was trying to take on both Izuku and Katsuki. And was, unfortunately, winning.

        With a hiss after hiding behind a wall, Katsuki reached up and pressed at the com in his ear to answer it.

        “What?” he snapped. “If you hadn’t heard, we’re kinda busy over here!”

        All he heard at first was sobbing. He froze when he recognized it as Tooru.

        “What’s going on?” he demanded.

        “I know, I know, I know,” Tooru sobbed. “But- But the hotel- it was ambushed- police- heroes- too many of them- we were overwhelmed-

        “How many?” Katsuki demanded, but all there was was sobs on the other end. “How many?!”

        “I’m the only one that got out! ” Tooru screamed.

        And Katsuki froze. Impossible. She couldn’t have been the only one. But Tooru wasn’t known for lying.

        But what was worse was the sick grin on Shigaraki’s face, like he knew.

        “Kacchan!” Izuku screamed, and Katsuki jumped back into the fray. Izuku was panting heavily as Katsuki stood at his side. He gave Katsuki a tired look. “Kacchan, we can’t keep doing this. Everyone’s getting worn out.”

        It was true; their side was tiring out and the enemies only seemed to be fighting harder.

        Katsuki cursed, letting an explosion off in his hand. “Regroup and retreat!” he shouted. Everyone stopped their fighting and immediately began to run in Katsuki and Izuku’s direction. Katsuki nodded at Izuku and Izuku began to lead them away, Katsuki taking up the rear.

        “If that’s the best you can do, Kacchan, then Dabi is as good as mine.”

        Katsuki turned to glare at the smirking Shigaraki one last time before disappearing from view. They needed a temporary base, somewhere to heal up and plan. They had to get the others out. Not only Dabi now, but those that had been in the hotel when it was ambushed.

        Katsuki swallowed thickly as he met back up with the group.

        He was doing a pretty shitty job trying to lead his pack.

        They needed to get Dabi back.

        Dabi would know what to do.

Chapter Text

        “-members and affiliates of the gang known as The V&V were captured a week ago,” Aizawa said on the news broadcast, looking down at his hands occasionally where there was a script to read. “Ashido Mina, Aoyama Yuuga, Kaminari Denki, Sato Rikido, Koji Kouta, Ojiro Mashido, and Shoji Mezo. However…” Aizawa looked up to the screen then. “…police and heroes alike have agreed to withhold judgement until all members are captured, though there are several who are confirmed to already have their sentences laid out. Among the confirmed members of the V&V, there are seven who have ten or more deaths on their hands and do not have the option of ever walking free. The seven on death row are as follows.” Aizawa pulled another card to the front of his stack and began to read the names off. “Bakugou Katsuki, Todoroki Shouto, Todoroki Touya, Ashido Mina, Jirou Kyouka, Mineta Minoru, and…” He heaved a heavy sigh before reading the last name. “And Kaminari Denki. Until he has had his child and has finished nursing it, according to our laws no sentence may be carried out on him.

        After finishing his speech, Aizawa bowed lowly. But the TV clicked off before he stood. Eijirou slammed his fist on the counter of the bar they were hiding out in.

        “Damnit!” he shouted, his scent rising and filling the air. “Daming- Fuck !” He made to march towards the door, but was prevented by Katsuki’s grip on the back of his shirt. He turned to growl at Katsuki. “Let me go! I’m getting my fucking mate back!”

        Katsuki growled louder and threw Eijirou in a bar stool with him between Eijirou and the door. Katsuki trapped Eijirou against the counter with a hand on either side of Eijirou. “The fuck you are,” he snapped. “As if I’m just gonna let you go off and get yourself killed trying to get Pikachu back!”

        Eijirou leaned up into Katsuki’s face, baring his teeth. “It’s not your mate-!”

        “But you’re not the only one!”

        Both alphas froze at Tooru’s scream. She sat in the corner, nursing a cup of rum. It had hit her hard, being the second time she’d been forced to leave packmates behind. And with one of them being her own mate? Even harder.

        Eijirou backed off, tilting his head in silent submission. Katsuki moved, too, letting his arms fall to his sides.

        It was a terribly tense situation, but with the way they all were now, downtrodden and too stressed to think, nothing could be done.

        But they had a little time.

        Denki had almost an entire year before there was risk of anything. And the authorities wouldn’t do anything until they had the entire V&V.

        They were safe, for now. Probably safer than on the outside, where the League and Eight Precepts were still running around and hunting them. It gave an excuse, too, to hide Eri and Kota. To go deep underground and keep them out of the sight of Shigaraki and Overhaul.

        Izuku still held tightly onto Ochako’s hands, both of them hating to be so far away from their pups. Since bringing Kota and Eri into their lives, they hadn’t been apart for longer than a night. The week apart was straining on them.

        Katsuki looked around the room at all his packmates slumped on furniture and blank eyed. He pulled himself up to his full height. “Three days,” he said. “We rest and heal up for three more days. Then planning begins again. I hope you all make the most of this time.”

        There were murmurs about the room, and everyone nodded and spoke their agreement.

        Katsuki nodded as well with a quiet, shuddering breath.

        He was a shit High Alpha, but he was going to be better. He had to be. He wasn’t just going to lose part of their pack.

        Get in. Get out alive. No one gets left behind.

        Even without his cut of money from the V&V, Toshinori had saved up quite a bit from his time as All Might. And without much need of it, it had just built up in his bank account. So he and the two children were comfortable, even if they couldn’t go back home.

        But even with the toys and books and games and TV, both Kota and Eri were restless in the large hotel room Toshinori rented. Toshinori was, too. But until the high of the capture of the V&V died down, they didn’t leave the hotel room.

        When it did, neither went back to school yet. Toshinori took them to Fuyumi in the mornings, who generally went to spend the day with Tensei, and then he went to the mall and sat on the edge of the fountain in the middle, just waiting.

        Four days into his wait, he was finally approached.

        “You look like you’re waiting for someone.”

        Toshinori smiled at Aizawa from his seat. “And it seems he’s arrived.”

        Aizawa’s eyes flitted around. “Where’re the kids?”

        “Safe. For now.”

        Aizawa’s eyes narrowed. “Is that supposed to be a threat?” he hissed.

        “Hardly. A warning.” Toshinori patted the place next to him on the fountain. “Sit, and let me tell you a story as I know it.”

        Aizawa didn’t move, but Toshinori kept their eyes locked until Aizawa relented. “Your scent was all over that hotel,” he snapped. “And the boy you are hiding is the nephew of Sosaki Shino, his legal guardian. Give me one good reason why I shouldn't arrest you right now for affiliating with the V&V.”

        “Oh, I’ll give you several. But first, the story I promised.” Toshinori leaned back and looked up to the sky. Aizawa seemed to fume, but didn’t say another word. “I’m sure you’re away of Muscular’s attack several years ago. The one that killed Water Hose. What you may not be aware of is that Young Izuku and his Vigilantes are the ones that took him down. This was before I joined their pack, so I cannot say what all happened. But as I’ve been told, neither were aware Young Kota had any other family, and Young Izuku did not wish for him to go through what he himself had as a young child.”

        Toshinori heaved a heavy sigh.

        “Young Eri… I would say her situation is far more tragic.” He looked over at Aizawa. “She was not born to Young Tenya and his mate, instead, to a Yakuza household, and was left under the care of a cruel man who used her in experiments. For many years now, all the members of the V&V have worked tirelessly to find her. Until only a few months ago, when she was rescued and found. Since they have been with this pack, they have been nothing but happy and healthy and safe.”

        Aizawa and Toshinori stared at one another for the longest time.

        “But they cannot be safe for much longer,” Toshinori said quietly. “The League of Villains will do anything to hurt the V&V, and those children are quite high on the list of things that would hurt the most. Chisaki Kai will do anything to take Eri back and continue to use her in his experiments. The only thing keeping them both from those children was the protection the V&V gave them. So they are helpless now, the V&V in hiding because of the raid and without a base. I can’t protect them; my quirk is gone.”

        “Then hand them over to those who can properly care for them,” Aizawa stated. “To those who they rightfully belong with. While I can understand their reasons to a point, both are technically charges of kidnapping.”

        Toshinori shook his head. “No can do,” he said. “Tell me, Young Aizawa, these children have been accepted and loved by these people they’ve taken as their own parents. If you were in their shoes, would it be reuniting… or separation?”

        As a hero, Aizawa knew his answer immediately. But as a regular man, he truly didn’t. How could he know such a thing?

        It was true that neither child had looked particularly frightened or hurt when he had seen him. In fact, both were smiling with flushed cheeks and running around excitedly. To rip a child away from someone they knew and loved and putting them in with a stranger they barely, if any, knew… the most empathetic answer would be to say let them stay with those they wanted.

        But the V&V were criminals.

        So Aizawa had no answer.

        “What I’m asking,” Toshinori said in Aizawa’s silence, “is that you focus your attentions on the League and Eight Precepts, so these children can go back to having regular lives.”

        “We can’t just do that,” Aizawa said, as if reflexivly. “We can’t just drop everything on something we have countless leads on for something not even our case."

        “Then make it your case,” Toshinori said.

        Aizawa’s brows furrowed in thought. After several moments of contemplative silence, he sighed. “I might have an idea,” he said. “But to do that, in order for it to work, I’m going to need to speak with Deku and Kacchan.”

        He met Toshinori’s eyes and held them. Toshinori nodded with a quiet sigh. “I will… see what I can do.”

Chapter Text

        As expected, both Katsuki and Izuku were wary about meeting with Aizawa. It had taken a number of days for Toshinori to convince them to go through with the meeting, and even then, it had been the phone conversation with Kota and Eri one night that did it. Both children expressed their wish to return home, back into their parents’ arms.

        So they’d relented, and allowed Toshinori to set up the meeting, both with their coms active in their ears.

        Aizawa waited at an inconspicuous outdoor cafe, already holding a mug of coffee when Toshinori, Katsuki, and Izuku neared. Katsuki and Izuku sat before him while Toshinori murmured quietly to the waitress that had begun to go over to the table.

        Izuku’s expression was carefully blank, as it often was. Katsuki outwardly glared at Aizawa until Toshinori sat down. With all four at the table, Katsuki growled and turned his head to the side.

        “I suppose I’ll start,” Aizawa said, sighing heavily. “From what Yagi has told me, you’re attempting to bring down the League of Villains and Eight Precepts of Death, all by yourselves.”

        “If you mean by ourselves, the two of us and the rest of our pack, then yes,” Izuku said, blinking his wide eyes. “And we’ll handle it just fine.”

        “After the recent arrest, the hotel is on constant watch. You can’t go back there. You have no base of operations,” Aizawa stated.

        Katsuki growled, folding his arms tightly. “No thanks to fucks like you,” he spat. “We’ll take care of it on our own.” He stood harshly, pushing his chair back with a loud screech. “I don’t know why the fuck we came here anyway-”

        “Young Katsuki,” Toshinori murmured, staring him down. Katsuki locked eyes with Toshinori, but was the first to look away. He huffed and slumped back in his seat. Aizawa nodded and continued.

        “I’m asking that you work with the heroes to bring them down,” Aizawa exclaimed.

        “Why?” Izuku questioned.

        Aizawa looked between Izuku and Katsuki. “Because you have what we don’t,” he said. “Information. Knowledge about how they fight, how they set themselves up. Weaknesses, quirks in use by different members. All information we don’t have.”

        “And what about us?” Katsuki demanded. “What do we get out of it?”

        Aizawa nodded slowly, looking down at his coffee. “The children, safe. Unharmed. Able to be looked after and not have to look over their shoulders for fear of either of these gangs coming after them.”

        “Oh, he’s playing dirty,” Ochako seethed through the com, and Izuku silently agreed.

        Aizawa met each of their eyes. “But there’s something that we have that you don’t. A location.”

        “My question would be how they know such information when we’ve been searching for so long but have come up with nothing,” Fumikage said.

        “We weren’t the only ones with spies,” Momo explained. “The heroes had their own spies too. I wouldn’t be particularly surprised if they had an undercover agent in the Eight Precepts.

        “The more likely event is that Sir Nighteye saw a vision,” Shouto inputted.

        Katsuki and Izuku looked at each other. Katsuki wrapped his ankle around Izuku’s under the table. Izuku blinked at him, his brows furrowing.

        He turned back to Aizawa. “What’s the catch?”

        “I knew you’d question that,” Aizawa said with a heavy sigh. “Though it is best to  discuss it now rather than later.” He turned his body fully to Izuku. “Every member, every single member of the V&V will turn themselves in when it’s all over.”

        “You are out of your goddamn mind!” Katsuki shouted before Aizawa was even done, jumping to his feet and pounding his fist on the table, leaning into Aizawa’s space. The other patrons were beginning to stare at the spectacle, but no one moved to stop it. “Like fucking hell we’d ever agree to that! There’s enough fucking us locked up already that are on death row!”

        “I completely agree,” Izuku said coldly, his eyes going cold as ice.

        “You tell ‘em, Bakubro, Deku! ” Eijirou shouted.

        Aizawa didn’t flinch under either of their threatening gazes. “I can make a compromise,” he said with a sigh. “My word holds some weight in court. Lighter sentences for those completely uninvolved in the crimes and those with minor roles. Less years, higher chance of probation. Those on death row may end up with a life in prison, but they won’t die.” He looked at Katsuki. “At least, not all of them.”

        Izuku looked between Aizawa and Katsuki, his frown deepening. “No, you can’t- No. No.”

        Aizawa nodded. “Unfortunately, the person known as Bakugou Katsuki has been charged with almost fifty known counts of murder,” he explained slowly, softly, as if speaking to a child. Izuku’s scent began to permeate the air “That is only the known cases, staring when he was nine years old. No judge or jury will be able to see any humanity left in him, no matter how much weight my word holds in court.”

        Izuku shook with barely contained fury as Katsuki fell back into his seat. “Let me get this straight,” Izuku said cooly, and Aizawa nodded for him to continue, “we exchange information for the purpose of taking the League and Eight Precepts down. Afterwards, we turn ourselves in and you make sure that no one is killed, except for Katsuki.”

        “That is correct.”

        Izuku’s hands curled into fists in his lap. “I refuse,” he said. Katsuki grabbed his upper arm and pulled him up on his feet.

        “We’re going to go talk,” he said stiffly, not portraying any emotion.

        Izuku yelped as he was pulled away from the cafe. “Kacchan!”

        Katsuki ignored him until they were well enough away from the cafe. He was panting, though he’d barely exerted any energy. Izuku put a hand on Katsuki’s shoulder to turn him around.

        “Kacchan?” he said cautiously, but Katsuki refused to look at him. Izuku sucked in a sharp breath. “Kacchan, you can’t be seriously thinking of going along with that plan!”

        “What else am I supposed to do, Deku?!” he shouted, standing straight and turning on Izuku. “Tell me, what else am I supposed to do?!”

        “What our plan has always been!” Izuku exclaimed. “We get them out and find Dabi! No one’s going to die!”

        “Listen to me, Izuku!” Katsuki shouted, grabbing onto Izuku’s shoulder. “Listen to me, please.” Izuku’s eyes widened at the way Katsuki was begging him so pitifully. Izuku gulped heavily and nodded. Katsuki pressed his forehead against Izuku’s chest. “I can’t- I can’t lose this pack,” he said, his voice softer than it had ever been. “We break them out and they’re safe for now, sure. But what about the next time we get caught? They’ll still have the threat hanging over their heads. And what about Dabi? Fuck. We haven’t found a single trace of the Eight Precepts in a long time now. We don’t even have any proof he’s alive still. But if he is, it isn’t going to be for much longer. If we can’t find him soon, he’s going to be dead, and we have no leads. The heroes have a location.” Katsuki fingers tightened in their grip on Izuku’s arms. “I don’t what I’m doing, Zuku… but I want to try to do what’s best for the pack.”

        “Damn,” Hanta said. “When he says it like that, I can’t really argue with him.”

        “I know,” Kyoka agreed quietly.

        “It’s a tough decision, kero,” Tsu said.

        “Think carefully about it,” Tenya warned. “But I will stand by you whatever you chose. I… made my decision to stay with the pack a long time ago.”

        Ochako sniffled on the other side of the coms. “You know I’ll always stand by your sides, though anything and everything.”

        On the other side, there are more distant murmurs of agreement, and a little piece of Izuku’s heart breaks.

        Izuku tilted Katsuki head up, trying to hold back tears. There were unshed droplets of tears in Katsuki’s eyes, and Izuku wiped them away with his thumb. “Are you sure?” he questioned softly. “Are you absolutely certain?” Katsuki nodded and Izuku sighed. “Then let’s go back and tell them our decision.”

        Katsuki nodded and hugged Izuku tightly before kissing him deeply in the middle of the street. “I’m sorry it came down to this.”

        Izuku whimpered against his chest. “I am too.”

        Back in the bar, all of the pack members were solemn.

        Ochako curled up in Tenya’s lap, and he held her tightly in his arms. The space between them felt so empty without Eri.

        Shouto wrapped an arm around Momo and she leaned her head on his shoulder. He kissed her head and she closed her eyes, a small, teensy smile making its way to her lips.

        Kyoka and Hanta sat together at the counter, both with drinks in their hands. Hanta held up his glass and gave a weak grin to Kyoka. She smirked and clinked it against her own.

        Tsu and Fumikage held hands under the table they sat at, both just leaning against one another for comfort with their eyes closed.

        Eijirou joined Tooru in her corner, offering her another drink. Though he couldn’t see it, she offered him a weak smile as she took it. They clinked their glasses together and downed them both quickly. Mineta joined them with his own glass and a jug of sake.

        It wouldn’t be long until it was all over.

        What little time they had together, should be spent well.

        So they all sat in silence, just reveling in each other’s comfort.

Chapter Text

        After the way she’d left it, once again standing before the hero agency Momo had worked at was daunting. Kyoka stood at her side and squeezed her hand.

        “You ready?” she asked, and Momo nodded. Katsuki and Izuku nodded to each other as well and led them into the agency.

        All eye were on them as they entered. Most of the interns and sidekicks ran out as quickly as they could as soon as the V&V entered. Katsuki clicked his tongue in irritation at the act.

        Moments later, Aizawa walked out of a side room, flanked by Monoma and Shinso. He stood in front of the V&V, the two rookies examining them. Monoma’s jaw dropped and he pointed at Mineta.

        “You-!” he screamed.

        “You-!” Mineta screamed.

        “The hell are you doing here?!”

        Shinso’s expression was rather deadpan at the display between the two. “Good fucking job, Neito. Your soulmate’s a villain.”

        Monoma looked at Shinso with the most betrayed expression. “Wha- no! No! He’s- The string’s not even there anymore!”

        “True enough,” Mineta said, sniffing haughtily and turning his nose up. “As if I would want to be with someone like him anyway. Lame even for a beta.”

        Shinso’s eyes seemed to flash at the accusation and he growled in Mineta’s direction. Mineta smirked at Monoma, and Monoma smacked his forehead with one hand while grabbing onto the back of Shinso’s shirt with the other. Under his palm, his face looked rather red. Aizawa sent them both a harsh look before turning back to the V&V.

        “Thank you for coming,” he said, bowing a bit to them. “Please, come this way.”

        Slowly, the V&V followed Aizawa from the main lobby and through the many hallways until they reached the room they’d be holding the meeting in. Aizawa opened the door and everyone filed in, Shinso and Monoma standing on either side of the door.

        “Enjoy your freedom while it lasts, villains,” Monoma muttered under his breath, “you’ll be in prison soon enough-”

        Monoma’s breath caught in his throat at the steely, harsh look Shouto gave him. Nothing even needed to be said. Shouto’s glare was enough. Shouto sharply turned away and put his hand on Momo’s waist before leading her into the room.

        There were still countless traces of her time in there- no one had bother to get rid of her favorite teacup, nor had they stopped stocking her favorite tea. From the looks of it, they had unintentionally overstocked without her there to be drinking it. Reminders of when the room had been used to track the V&V were there are well, without even an attempt to hide them.

        The tone in the room seemed to be bitter. Momo sighed heavily as she took her place around the table, Shouto on one side and Shinso on the other.

        She looked down at her hands and clenched them tightly together. “It’s a pleasure to be working with you again,” she murmured softly.

        Shinso didn’t look at her but let out a low growl. “I wasn’t aware you knew how to use sarcasm, Yaoyorozu-san,” he replied bitterly, making Momo flinch.

        She had known her betrayal would have hit him hard, but there’d been no chance for her to see the repercussions of said betrayal. So she was hit with it all at once.

        Before she could say anything more, Aizawa entered the room and Nighteye looked up.

        “Let’s get this meeting started.”

        Vlad King stood after no one else made a sound for several moments. “We already have allies ready to go on the inside,” he said. “I think the best way to go about this would be to send them in and tear the Eight Precepts apart from the inside out-”

        “There’s two very glaringly wrong portions of that plan you just proposed,” Izuku cut in front his seat. With all eyes turned to him, he slowly stood. “The Eight Precepts of Death are in cohorts with the League of Villains, and the League was already infiltrated once. They’ll be more cautious of it happening again. It won’t be as easy as you’re thinking it’ll be. But there’s another thing.”

        He slowly looked around the room, his hardened eyes meeting those of all the heroes.

        “There’s no time to infiltrate the yakuza. Eri, the only reason we’re helping you , is in danger every moment they’re not behind bars,” Izuku said coolly.

        “And why should we be listening to a villain-” someone made to say.

        “Shut your fucking mouth!” Katsuki snapped, pounding his fist on the table, and everyone turned their attention to him. He glowered at the rookie who’d spoken, heated enough to make them cower. “Izuku is the best damn thinker in this room, so fucking listen to him you lazy piece of pro hero shit.”

        “Thank you, Kacchan,” Izuku said with a sigh. He turned his attention to the screen on the other side of the room. “What we need is a full frontal attack, no holds barred. Give them everything we’ve got and bring the entire operation down in one fell swoop.”

        Eijirou folded his hands under his chin. “All or nothing, huh?”

        “Exactly,” Izuku said with a nod. He tapped his fingers on the table. “There’s one crucial bit, though. We can’t let them know we’re attacking until the moment we strike. We can’t let them have the chance to prepare to fight us, or we will lose.” Izuku examined everyone in the room once more. “Having said that, anyone you suspect of being a traitor I suggest you lock up now. I don’t feel like dying on this mission.”

        No one moved, and Izuku sat down. Aizawa looked at Izuku and Katsuki.

        “So. What’s the plan?”

        Katsuki’s lips twisted up into a smirk.

        “I thought you’d never ask, zombie man.”

        Eri and Kota walked down the busy street, holding hands to make sure they didn’t get seperated. Kota was dragging Eri along as she hesitantly followed.

        “Are you sure we shouldn’t just wait for Grampa Toshi?” she asked nervously, looking around. “He said we should stay with Aunt Fuyumi and Uncle Tensei until he got back-”

        “We’re big kids!” Kota stated, stopping them at a crosswalk in a less crowded area. “We can go back ourselves! I know where we’re going, so we’re not gonna get lost. Besides, it’s still daylight so no boogeyman's gonna come get us or somethin’-”

        “Kota-kun!” Eri exclaimed, pulling Kota out of the way of a bicyclist who wasn’t watching where they were going. Kota frowned in their direction. A high pitched giggle caught their attention and the two turned to see a high school girl with blonde buns up in her hair.

        “Oh, aren’t you two just so cute!” she exclaimed. “Just like a pair of little lovers!”

        Kota scrunched up his nose, though both he and Eri were bright red. “No way!” he exclaimed. “She’s like my sister!”

        The girl giggled as she approached them. “Oh, of course… But a sister is just as good…”

        What happened next happened almost too quickly for either of them to comprehend it. A knife just seemed to appear in the girl’s hand and she lunged for Eri. Kota pushed Eri out of the way and received a slash on his stomach for his efforts, cutting right through his shirt. He screamed in pain.

        “Kota!” Eri screamed, too worried about him to even notice the sting in her knees.

        The girl grabbed the back of Kota’s shirt and spun, throwing him at the the brick wall. Kota crumpled to the ground with a groan. He struggled to get to his feet, blood still dripping from his stomach, and grunting in pain as he held onto the wall. He was stopped from any movement by the scarred hand that curled around the corner of the wall and grabbed onto his neck, one middle finger raised.

        The man the hand belonged to stepped out from around the corner and Eri shook in her place on the ground. He grinned from under his hood at Eri.

        “How nice to finally meet you, Eri-chan,” Shigaraki said. “I’m here to take you home. Your father has been quite anxious to have you back, you know.”

        “No!” Eri screamed. “Papa is- He is not my papa! I am Iida Eri, and my papa is Iida Tenya, and I will not go back! I won’t, I won’t, I won’t!”

        “Not even to save your little friend over here?”

        Kota shook and shuddered as Shigaraki’s grip tightened on his neck. “Go- Got get Grampa,” Kota said, his voice coming out cracked.

        Eri’s eyes widened as Shigaraki’s finger hovered threateningly over Kota’s neck, but her legs wouldn’t move.

        “Go, Eri-chan!”

        Shigaraki tsked and began fully closing his fist and Eri let out a scream. “Stop it!” she pleaded. “Stop it! Don’t hurt him!”

        The girl from before giggled as she twiddled her knife. “Tick tock, tick tock!” she said. “A deal’s a deal! You either come with us or the boy’s a pile of ash, Eri-chan!”

        Eri whimpered but pulled herself to her feet. Kota shook his head, but Eri held her head high as she walked towards the two.

        Shigaraki smirked as soon as Eri was in range. A violet portal appeared and Shigaraki pushed both children towards it, finally letting go of Kota’s neck.

        “Why didn’t you run?” Kota hissed under his breath. “I coulda handled it.”

        Eri looked at him with tear filled eyes. “I didn’t want you to die…”

        Then the portal swallowed them all, leaving not a trace of their being there.

Chapter Text

        It had taken a long time.

        Far too long.

        But now, now, Chisaki was sure the serum would work. Finally, finally, he’d be able to remove those pesky quirks.

        But he needed that child’s blood, and those useless League members still hadn’t brought her back-

        Chisaki’s hands shook in anger and he had to set the half-full syringe in his hand down to prevent himself from breaking it and wasting a precious sample. It did nothing to release his anger though.

        The door behind him slammed open, and Chisaki blew out a breath, feeling ready to use his quirk on whoever had dared disturb him. He turned his eyes and just barely his head to see one of the useless lower level yakuza goons Chisaki didn’t care for panting in the doorway.

        “What is it?” he questioned, deathly calm.

        The goon shook. “Shig- Shig- Shiga-”

        “Spit it out, would you?” Chisaki drawled.

        He gulped. “Shigaraki’s returned. In the front room. And- And he’s got Eri-chan.”

        Chisaki snapped around and fixed his gloves. He let out a low chuckle. “Why, this is delightful news.” Though a shame he wouldn’t be able to use his quirk after all…

        Chisaki strode by the goon, knocking him to the side, and making his way to the front of the admittedly cramped building. It was rather smaller than their last one, but after the… situation when the V&V had raided, it had been vital to move somewhere that was inconspicuous.

        And thus, their new hideout had been the result.

        Shigaraki and his, admittedly creepy, underling Toga stood just inside the front room, each holding onto a child. But the only one Chisaki cared about was the one held in Toga’s arms. Eri.

        “Eri,” Chisaki said, his voice sickly sweet. “So good of you to finally come back home.”

        Eri shook in Toga’s hold, her eyes fearful as she looked at Chisaki. They flicked to the boy, and Shigaraki’s hand tightened around the boy’s throat, making the boy gag. Eri whimpered, but didn’t struggle at the movement.

        Chisaki hummed. Use the boy, control the girl.

        He turned his attention to Shigaraki. “I believe it is time you hand the girl over to me.”

        “Give me Dabi first,” Shigaraki growled.

        Chisaki smirked and tossed a key to Shigaraki. Shigaraki caught it in his free hand.

        “No!” Eri screamed. “Don’t hurt him!”

        Shigaraki looked at Chisaki with a raised brow. “She’s your problem now.” He let go of the boy, but the boy didn’t move as Chisaki knelt in front of Eri and grabbed her arm. She struggled, but Chisaki put the syringe in her vein and pulled out just enough blood to finish filling it up.

        After shaking up the syringe and making sure all the ingredients were mixed, he held it out for Shigaraki to take.

        “You know where he is,” Chisaki said. “I’m sure you’ll find this useful as well.”

        Shigaraki took the syringe and began to leave the room. Chisaki gestured for the yakuza members to come to him.

        “Take them away,” Chisaki said. “I’ll be in need of Eri-chan soon enough, and I’m sure I’ll be able to find something for… her little friend to do, as well.”

        Both children struggled and shouted as they were dragged off, but they grew distant in Shigaraki’s ears as he made his way through progressively darker halls until he came upon the room Dabi was kept in.

        Remarkably less spectacular than the room he’d been kept in before, it was wooden with several long metal latches keeping the door closed. And the only key that could open the entire room was the key in Shigaraki’s hand.

        Of course, with a quirk like Dabi’s, putting him in a wooden room was a disaster waiting to happen. But with as many quirk suppressants as he was bound with, and the serum he was soon to be injected with, it wouldn’t be a problem.

        Shigaraki put the key in the lock and twisted it. The latches fell out of place, and he pushed open the door. He didn’t bother to close it behind him once he stepped into the room.

        Dabi’s head hung, and drool fell out of his mouth. He was pale, skinny. The wounds Shigaraki had given him were scarring over, but were mostly blotchy purple and brown spots. Blood matted his clothes, and there was some in his hair as well. Rather, Shigaraki noticed when he looked closer, there was red peaking out at the root. His natural color.

        Shigaraki chuckled as he stepped into the room, releasing his scent. Dabi barely twitched when it reached him.

        “No reaction today, Dabi?” he mocked. Dabi didn’t even growl. Shigaraki moved over to him and grabbed the roots of his shaggy hair, forcing him to look up.

        Dabi’s eyes were mostly glazed and unfocused. They slowly became brighter with focus when they recognized Shigaraki. Dabi’s scent soured immediately, and Shigaraki laughed loudly as Dabi began to struggle.

        “Struggle all you like!” Shigaraki exclaimed. “There’s no leaving for you.”

        He forced Dabi’s head to the side and forced the syringe into the vein on his neck. A cry of pain left Dabi, but then the syringe was empty and Shigaraki threw it to the side. His eyes widened in glee when he saw the exact moment the fire completely died in Dabi’s veins.

        Shigaraki cooed as he caressed Dabi’s cheek, reaching up to behind Dabi’s head and removing the gag. Dabi’s eyes widened when the gag fell out of his mouth. But then his eyes narrowed at Shigaraki.

        “What the fuck did you do to me?” he growled, his voice hoarse and raspy after disuse for so long. Shigaraki chuckled as he grabbed Dabi’s chin.

        “It seems Chisaki, the useless bastard, has finally finished his serum,” he said, leaning closer to Dabi’s ear.

        Dabi shook in his hold, not wanting to believe what he was hearing.

        But the fire was gone. Completely gone. There wasn’t even a spark. Even had he had those damn bindings off, he was useless.

        “I’m sure you know what that means, don’t you?” Shigaraki taunted, running his hand over Dabi’s chest. He nipped at Dabi’s shoulder. “He’s got his brat back, and you’re mine, for one.”



        How had he forgotten about Eri?

        Shigaraki said she was back, which meant for a while she’d been safe. She’d been away from Chisaki.

        But, fuck, they had her again?

        No. No. Fuck no.

        “Get off of me, you sick bastard,” Dabi growled, trying to buck his hips to get Shigaraki away from him.

        Shigaraki growled loudly and grabbed onto one of Dabi’s hips, forcing him to hold still.

        “You don’t seem to understand the position you’re in, do you,” he hissed in Dabi’s shoulder. He bucked his hips as well, and Dabi gagged at the feeling of Shigaraki against him. “You have nothing anymore. A piece of your pack is in prison, the rest will fall by our hands soon enough. You have no quirk, no freedom, even your life is forfeit. You’ve lost the game, there's no restart button.”

        He bit on Dabi’s ear, laughing softly right by it.

        “And I’m going to have so much fun destroying you.”

        “You won’t ever get the chance.”

        Shigaraki spun around to the open door, but no one was there. He growled, scenting the air. He could smell omega, but he couldn’t see it.

        “Over here, fucker.”

        Shigaraki turned, but was met with a punch to his face. He fell to the floor from the strength of it. He looked up to see his assaulter, but… still couldn’t? All that was there was a floating set of clothing.

        And a gun pointed right at his face.

        “I don’t generally use one of these, but I’ll make an exception here.”

        Shigaraki screamed as the invisible girl shot him in both legs in quick succession.

        “I won’t finish you off. There’s someone far better for the job, I think.”

        Dabi laughed as the bindings on his legs fell away, then his neck and arms. “Good god, Tooru,” he said, falling weak against her. “You’re going to get yourself killed.”

        “I’m not alone,” she said, and he could just hear the smirk in her voice. “But before we join the others…” He held out the gun to him, and Dabi took it.

        Dabi’s eyes were emotionless as he turned to Shigaraki, pointing the gun right between Shigaraki’s eyes. Shigaraki didn’t even have the time to take in a breath.

        “Goodbye, you sick fucking bastard.”


Chapter Text

        An hour before Tooru had been sent to infiltrate the Eight Precepts of Death, she sat in a room with far too many people to fit into a such a tiny room.

        The heroes for the mission sat on one side- Eraserhead, Present Mic, Kami Woods, Mount Lady, Sir Nighteye, Momona (returning to his hero name of Phantom Theif of his first year at UA), Lemonillion, Suneater, Inquisitor, Best Jeanist, Crimson Riot, and Hawks. The remaining members of the V&V sat on the other- Izuku, Katsuki, Ochako, Tooru, Shouto, Fumikage, Eijirou, Tsu, Tenya, Kyoka, Hanta, Momo, and Mineta.

        “The police are in position,” Aizawa said. “They know not to go after any of you until after the raid. They’ll be on standby until Eight Precepts members starting coming out. They’ll only be focusing on arrests.”

        “Anything else?” Izuku questioned, looking at all of the heroes and his own pack. No one said a word.

        Katsuki stood. “It’s time,” he said. He looked at Tooru and she nodded. They ignored the buzz that came from his phone on the table.

        Izuku and Tooru walked to the empty end of the room and Izuku released the portal heading for their destination. It grew wide and swirled darkly. Izuku placed a hand on Tooru’s shoulder and she looked at him with a small smile.

        “I’ll get him,” she promised.

        “Get in, get out alive,” Izuku told her.

        “No one left behind,” she murmured. Tooru smiled before jumping into the portal.

        The seconds ticked by as they waited to give Tooru enough time to get into the establishment unseen, unnoticed.

        Aizawa stood by Izuku and looked at him out of the corner of his eye. “Are you ready, problem child?” he questioned.

        Izuku grinned lazily. “I should be asking you that, sensei,” he replied.

        Then, they jumped through.

        And immediately, things delved into chaos.

        Heroes and V&V members ran across the street from the alley they’d appeared in to the building right across the street. There weren’t many in the front room, but several began to run to the aid of their allies. Some jumped out of upper windows and bombarded those in the street.

        A purple warp appeared in the middle of the attacking group, the work of Kurogiri, and members of the League of Villains began spilling out.

        “I hope you don’t mind,” Shouto said to Aizawa, cracking his knuckles. “I’m already going to prison. I don’t care if any of them perish today.”

        “Death comes to us one and all,” Fumikage said, his Dark Shadow growing large behind him in the dimming light of the sun.

        Even Eijirou’s eyes were uncharacteristically dark. “We’ve waited too long to get to this point.”

        Aizawa grunted as his capture tape wrapped around the man known as Mr. Compress. “Do what you will,” he growled, and the three jumped into the fray.

        Toga giggled girlishly as Tsu, Mount Lady, and Kyoka. “Oh, I remember you!” she said, looking at Tsu. Her expression turned sour. “You spat in my face!”

        Tsu’s face was blank as she used her large tounge to lick her lips. “And I’ll do it again.”

        Toga screamed. “I won’t give you the chance!”

        She darted for Tsu, going low, her knife at her side. Tsu stuck out her tongue and smacked her with it, getting a cut on it for her effort. But Toga was hit towards Kyoka, who plugged her earphone jacks into her boots and blasted Toga away from her.

        Mount Lady grew to a large enough height that she could trap Toga in her hands like a cage, the knife no more than pinpricks on her skin. With just a single shake of her hands, Toga’s knife fell to the ground and was lost in the crowd of fighters.

        Toga screamed in frustration and Mount Lady produced her to the police for the second time.

        A duo of Nomus appeared form the warp, and Present Mic, Kami Woods, Tenya, and Mineta seemed to be dealing with them. Sir Nighteye and Shinso both seemed to have the same idea and both disappeared through the warp. Moments later, the warp completely disappeared, ensuring no enemies were placed in other places.

        A man most of the V&V had expected to never see again, Muscular, burst out of the building, breaking away at least half a wall with his enormous size. He made a bee-line straight for Izuku, his eyes almost glowering from his glower.

        He was stopped abruptly by Hanta’s tape. “Go!” he shouted to Izuku and Katsuki. “Go get the big guns! We’ll handle out here!”

        Izuku and Katsuki looked at each other, then Ochako, and all three disappeared into the building, making to head straight into the back of the building.

        Ochako froze at the door. She grabbed onto the back of Izuku’s vest, and he stopped too. He turned to her, and her eyes were wide.

        “She shouldn’t have ever been here before.”

        It took a moment for Izuku to get what she meant. But then he breathed in deeply. He could smell Eri. But not only Eri. Kota too. There was a growl from behind, and he turned to Katsuki practically foaming at the mouth. He seemed to have noticed their scents too.

        Izuku felt the same rage, and his hands tightened into fists. “If he hurt our fucking pups,” he growled. Ochako reached out and took hold of Izuku’s hand. Her eyes held the same sharp glint.

        “Let’s go get them back,” she said, and Izuku nodded.

        Katsuki let the omegas lead the way, their omegas furiously following the scent of their distressed pups.

        Mirio looks over at Tamaki. “I don’t like the look of this,” he said, and Tamaki shook his head in agreement. Mirio nodded and turned to follow the three heads of the V&V into the building, unnoticed by the other heroes.

        The inside of the building was unusually quiet compared to the fighting on the street, and it didn’t bode well for Mirio’s instincts.

        Lights flickered overhead, casting most of the hallways in ominous shadows.

        Most of the wallpaper was torn, and too many strong scents mingled in the air to be able to pull either Katsuki, Izuku, or Ochako’s scents from the mix. Both sets of footsteps creaked too loudly on the floor as they walked in the hush.

        They walked past a dark room with an open door. There was a man lying on the floor, dead. His eyes still open, his skin cracked, a bullet wound straight between his eyes and two more in his legs.

        Mirio and Tamaki moved on.

        As they got further, there were less scents. Most of what were there were stale. But Mirio could make out the furious scents of protective omegas. Izuku and Ochako.

        He quickened his pace until he was running, following their scents. Through twisting rooms until he was down in the basement level. Further and further and further- until he could smell the high distress of an omega and the slackened distress of pups.

        The stench of blood was high.

        There was only one door open, at the end of the hallway. Bright light spilled out of it. Katsuki stepped out of the room as Mirio and Tamaki appeared. He glared harshly at the two of them.

        “Pathetic, useless heroes,” he growled. “It’s no fucking wonder we have to do everything ourselves.”

        But without prompt, he stepped aside.

        Tamaki shot Mirio a nervous look, but Mirio crept to the door regardless.

        And the sight he saw made his blood run cold.

Chapter Text

        For an omega in protector mode, the hunt is the easiest thing. Finding the scent of what they’re hunting for, who they’re protecting or who has hurt what they protect, is as easy as picking out a red dot on a white piece of paper.

        And it’s just as easy to zone in on it.

        So Katsuki let Ochako and Izuku take the lead.

        They caught Eri and Kota’s scents out of all the others that filled the building. What got them as furious as they were was how high their distress was.

        The two ran through the building, not even noticing anything else, only following the scent of their distressed pups. Even from the end of the hallway where the top of the staircase was, they could smell their fresh scent and hear their distant screams.

        Without even hesitating, they ran to their children.

        The strongest of the distress came from the last door in the hallway, as did the screams. With a single punch from Izuku, using barely any of One For All, the door was blasted away.

        “Get away from me!” Eri screamed, strapped down on a table in the middle of the room, struggling to get away from Chisaki. He held a needle in hand, the tube to it connected to an empty bag.

        “Now now, dear, is that how you speak to your father?”

        “You’re not my father! I am Iida Eri, and my papa is Iida Tenya, and you are not my father!”

        Ochako growled when Chisaki continued to move towards Eri. “Get away from my daughter, you bastard,” she growled darkly, and Chisaki turned to look lazily over his shoulder.

        “Your daughter?” he scoffed. His eyes lit up in recognition. “Ah, you’re that woman who kept questioning me, aren’t you? I’ve told you before, it’s none of your business what is ‘normal’ between families.”

        “Mama!” Eri shouted, her eyes brightening in hope.

        Ochako’s scent turned deeply sour with rage. “And if I haven’t made it clear before,” she hissed, “abuse is not normal!”

        Chisaki’s eyes narrowed as he frowned deeply. Then he looked at Izuku and Katsuki and chuckled even as the three of them made to pounce at him.

        “Ah ah ah, I wouldn’t do that,” he said, reaching out of their sight and pulling Kota up by his hair. Kota let out a muffle shout through the gag tied around his mouth. His hands had also been bound in front of him, and he’d struggled so much they were rubbed raw. “Wouldn’t want something… bad to happen to him, would we?”

        It was Izuku’s turn for his eyes to narrow. His threat was conveyed through his scent as it swept through the room. Even Eri whimpered under it though it wasn’t directed at her, but Chisaki remained unphased.

        Katsuki looked between the two omegas, their threatening scents heavy, and then to the mask on Chisaki’s face. He smirked.

        “The mask filters out scents, doesn’t it?” he questioned, and Chisaki cocked an eyebrow.

        “Of course,” he stated. “I won’t be controlled by scents of the weaker class.”

        Katsuki’s smirk widened. “And that’s what’s going to be your undoing.”

        That was the only warning Chisaki got before Ochako and Izuku were on him. Both of Izuku’s sleeves were blown away by the sheer amount of muscle that grew when he activated his quirk. Ochako had barely jumped and flew away with Kota when Izuku punched.

        Chisaki went into the ground, a large Chisaki-sized indent made in the concrete.

        Izuku didn’t… look anything like himself.

        His eyes were completely black, any sort of ability to hold back, any compassion, on his end was gone. He was absolutely furious.

        Izuku’s usual method when dealing with the worst of the worst had often been “I’ll make you wish you were dead, but I won’t actually kill you.”

        That wasn’t him dealing with Chisaki.

        It was almost worse than All For One.

        One hit after the other, Izuku pounded into Chisaki.

        After all, in the last fight, all they’d had to save was themselves and All Might.

        Chisaki’s mask was gone, and bones snapped under each hit until all Katsuki and Ochako could hear were the cracks of bones breaking, one after the other.

        This time, it had been their pups on the line.

        Blood pooled around them, coating Izuku’s hands, his clothes, and some had even splattered on his face. He’d never stood a chance the moment he decided to taunt two angry omegas with their pups.

        The… thing that had once been Chisaki was unrecognizable to anyone in the room. But still, it took a good few minutes for Izuku’s movements to stop.

        He was panting when he did, his eyes slowly turning green. His pants turned to shudders as he looked down at his bloody hands, then to the bloody mess before him.

        His stomach churned, and he began to heave, going lightheaded.

        Katsuki ran to his side and pulled him out of the pit that had been created. He held tightly onto Izuku, rubbing up and down his back while murmuring to him.

        Ochako slowly undid Kota’s bindings, then went to Eri and undid her’s.

        Izuku sobbed into Katsuk’s clothes, tears and snot running down his face.

        “I’m a monster,” he sobbed. “I’m a monster, Kacchan. I- I- I- I did that. Oh my god, I did that in front of Kota and Eri- I’m a monster-

        “You’re not a monster,” Katsuki growled, making Izuku look up to him. Izuku kept his eyes bowed. “Look at me, Deku.” Izuku’s eyes slowly met Katsuki’s. “You are anything but a monster, you hear me? You couldn’t be a monster if you tried.”

        Izuku whimpered. “But- But I-”

        Ochako knelt behind Izuku and wrapped her arms around his neck, nuzzling Izuku’s neck. “He’s right,” she said. “You saved them, Izuku.”

        Kota and Eri slowly sat on either side of Izuku and snuggled up to him. Izuku sniffled as he held them tightly.

        “You’re not gonna do that again, are you, Mom?” Kota asked, looking up at Izuku, but the look in his eyes wasn’t scared.

        Izuku sniffed and shook his head. “No, Kota,” he said, closing his eyes and leaning his forehead in Kota’s hair. “I’m not gonna do that ever, ever again.”

        “As long as you two behave yourselves and keep out of trouble,” Katsuki said gruffly, but he was grinning.

        Eri quickly shook her head and held onto both Izuku and Ochako. “I’m never leaving the house again!”

        Ochako chuckled. “Not even for school?” she teased.

        Eri tilted her head, then shook it. “Um… maybe for school.”

        Izuku couldn’t help but laugh slightly as he held the children tighter. Katsuki stiffened when he smelt Mirio and Tamaki. He stood quickly and moved away from the group towards the body of Chisaki. One more kill on his list wouldn’t hurt him, he was already a dead man walking. But it would hurt Izuku.

        So Katsuki summoned his largest explosion and threw his fist into Chisaki’s battered body, burning it into a crisp on top of everything else. Then he went to the doorway and watched as they approached.

        He glared harshly at the two wannabe heroes.

        “Pathetic, useless heroes,” he growled. “It’s no fucking wonder we have to do everything ourselves.”

        Izuku shouldn’t have had to do that. “I don’t want to kill,” had been the first clause of their agreement as a new pack the night the three had come together so many years ago, too many years to count.

        “I don’t want to kill,” Izuku had said.

        “I’ll do it for you if it comes down to it,” Katsuki had promised.

        But Katsuki, unlike Chisaki, knew better than to get between an omega and their target. If the heroes had done their job, had they saved people like they’d been supposed to, if they’d saved Eri all along, if they’d taken down the Eight Precepts sooner so Eri hadn’t been kidnapped again, if they hadn’t raided the base and all of them could have kept those children safe-

        But since the heroes incompetent idiots, Izuku’s hands were stained with a blood that he hadn’t deserved to be covered in.

        But without prompt, Katsuki stepped aside to let the heroes see what they reaped because of what they sowed.

        Tamaki shot Mirio a nervous look, but Mirio crept to the door regardless.

        Katsuki could smell the moment Mirio’s scent went tense.

        Mirio went to step into the room where the omegas and children were, but was stopped by the buzzing in the coms in their ears.

        “It’s done,” came the voice of Sir Nighteye.

        Mirio sighed and reached up to activate his com. “Here too,” he replied. “There’s-We won’t be needing stretchers. Just- Just a body bag.”

        He looked at Katsuki, and then at Izuku and Ochako.

        “It’s time.”

        “You don’t have to fucking tell us twice.”

        All in the room stood, and the pack members were led out of the building and onto the street, Kota and Eri holding tightly onto their parents. Ambulances and police cars, many large police vans scattered among them, scattered the vicinity.

        A young policeman began approaching them, but Katsuki shot him a dark look. “Not in front of the fucking kids,” he hissed, and the man stumbled back.

        Izuku knelt in front of Kota and Eri. He lightly brushed his hands over bruises and injuries with a mournful expression. “Kota, Eri,” he said, giving them both a weak, watery smile. “These- These two very- very nice heroes are gonna take you to an ambulance, okay? Just- Just to make sure you’re okay, and to take care of your injuries.”

        “You two are very- You’re both so strong,” Ochako said, falling to her knees by Izuku and pulling them both into a hug. “And we love you very much, all of us do. Never forget it, alright?”

        Eri whined, but hugged Ochako back as Kota scoffed. “You tell us every day, so we’ll never be able to forget, will we?” he said as Ochako let them go.

        Izuku choked back his tears. “Of- Of course, Kota,” he said. He looked at Katsuki after hugging Kota tightly. “Uh. Um. Go- Go give your father a hug.” Kota whined, trying to pull away from Izuku’s grip on his wrists. “Kota, please.”

        Kota sighed. “Fiiiiiiine.” He pulled again, and Izuku let him go. Then he trudged over to Katsuki and hugged him. Katsuki resisted for barely moments before hugging Kota tightly. Kota squaked. “Dad! C’mon! I can’t breathe!”

        Katsuki immediately let go and chuckled, ruffling Kota’s hair. “Sorry, little man,” he said. “Go get checked up. They’ll- They’ll call the old man, and you’ll go home, alright?”

        Kota nodded and returned to Eri as Ochako and took Eri’s hand. Mirio and Tamaki looked at each other before going to the kids and herding them towards an ambulance surrounded by a lot of people.

        Ochako began sobbing into her hands as they disappeared in the crowd. The policeman from before came over and cuffed Katsuki’s hands behind his back. Katsuki didn’t fight and was completely pliant. The policeman did the same to Izuku and Ochako, and they were led to one of the van where several other members of their pack were already seated.

        Ochako sat next to Tenya and cried into his shoulder as Izuku and Katsuki were helped up the steps.

        “Wait! Stop it!” Both spun around to see Kota trying to push through the crowd. “Stop it! What are you doing?! Where are you taking my parents?!” He began to run towards the truck, but Aizawa scooped him up in his arms, not letting go even as Kota struggled. “Let them go! Mom! Dad!”

        Izuku turned away from Kota and forced himself to sit down by Eijriou. Katsuki slid into the place beside him, and the door began to close, the cries of Kota calling out for them still hanging in the air.

        It wasn’t until the doors were fully closed and the inside of the truck was left in darkness that Izuku hung his head and allowed himself to cry.

Chapter Text

        Aizawa had made a lot of arrests over the years. A countless number of ruthless villains he’d put behind bars.

        But none of them had ever been this hard.

        None of them were children anymore, but there were many V&V members who still held the shape of childhood. But it hadn’t even been that. It was the actual children, Kota and Eri.

        Lemonillion and Suneater had taken the children to the ambulance to be looked at and Aizawa had been nearby, but Kota had turned. His eyes had widened as Kacchan and Deku were ushered into the police vehicle.

        He’d moved before the words had left his mouth, but then he was running and calling out for the two who’d taken him in, taken care of him, loved him. And they’d both turned away as Aizawa scooped him up in his arms.

        Kota had cried out and struggled until long after the truck disappeared. Eri’s pain had been quieter, but yet it stung Aizawa just as deeply.

        The question Toshinori had asked him rose in his mind- “If you were in their shoes, would it be reuniting… or separation?”

        Aizawa stayed with the sullen children at the station as arrangements were made.

        Mandalay arrived, crying as she was told the entire story. It was Aizawa himself that led Kota to her.

        “Would it be reuniting… or separation?”

        Mandalay kneeled in front of Kota, wiping away her tears. “Hey, Kota-kun,” she said. “You probably don’t remember me… I’m you mom’s sister-”

        “No you’re not,” Kota said, his hands in fists at his side. “Mom and Dad don’t have any siblings! All they’ve got is the pack and it’s dumb heroes like you that are forcing them apart! I hate heroes! I hate you!”

        Aizawa saw a piece of Mandalay break at that.

        “They were never your real parents,” Aizawa said, his tone bored. “And Mandalay is your last blood relative. You should have gone to her when Water Hose died.”

        Kota glared at him, but didn’t say another word.

        “Reuniting… or separation?”

        As a hero on the side of the law, Aizawa knew the answer.

        As a man watching this child who’d been torn away from his parents… he couldn’t.

        But Aizawa couldn’t change the laws, even if he’d tried.

        The V&V were criminals, and they’d turned themselves in. They’d be charged and imprisoned within the month.

        “Would it be reuniting… or separation?”

        Kota, though unhappy with it, ended up leaving with Mandalay.

        “What’ll happen to the girl?” Aizawa questioned, looking at Eri.

        “All she has left alive is her grandfather, but he’d on his deathbed and would be in prison anyway. She’ll go into the foster system.”

        Aizawa pursed his lips, his brows coming together in a frown.

        “No,” he said. “She’ll come with me.”

        “But, sir-”

        Aizawa sent the worker a dark look. “Make it happen.”

        He went to sit by Eri. She didn’t look at him, but instead looked at her lap while rubbing her horn.

        “I am Iida Eri, and my papa is Iida Tenya and my mama is Iida Ochako,” she murmured on repeated, over and over and over again, as if it were a mantra, as if it would bring them to her and they’d stand before her and welcome her into their arms once again.

        Would it be reuniting… or separation?

        “How would you like to go home with me?”

        “I’d like to go back home to Mama and Papa, please.”

        “That’s… That’s not possible, right now.”

        Eri heaved a heavy sigh, something far too heavy for someone of her young age. “Oh,” was all she said.

        But she dutifully followed Aizawa out of the police station.

        “You won’t allow an old man to say goodbye to even one of his grandchildren?” Both Eri and Aizawa turned. Toshinori stood under the shade of a tree, looking haggard and much older than he had in quite some time. He leaned heavily on a cane.

        “Grampa Toshi!” Eri exclaimed, running to him and hugging him tightly. Aizawa followed her over to Toshinori as he picked Eri up to hold tightly in his thin arms.

        Aizawa frowned at Toshinori. “I don’t know whether you’re brave or foolish to come here,” he stated. “Even after everything that’s happened.”

        Toshinori huffed out a quiet laugh, shaking his head. “Desperate, I suppose,” he replied. “My grandchildren… I assume young Kota has already been placed with his aunt?”

        “He’s in good hands,” Aizawa deflected, and Toshinori nodded.

        Toshinori looked at Eri, and she wrapped her arms tighter around his neck. “There’s no chance you’ll allow me to take her back?” he asked. “She knows me, and in fact, you do as well. She would be well cared for.”

        “I’m not so sure I do know you, Yagi-san.”

        Toshinori shook his head, pursing his lips. “No, no, I suppose you have every right to feel that way.” He met Aizawa’s eyes, leaning on his cane heavily. “I simply came to pass on the message that they don’t want the pups there at the trial, or even watching the broadcast, if it can be helped.”

        Aizawa gave him a deadpanned look. “I don’t even want to know how you came to get a message at this point.” He stuck his hands deep in his pockets and looked up to the pure blue spring sky. “I’ll pass on the message to the boy’s caretakers.” He looked lazily back to Toshinori. “What’ll you do now, old man? Everything’s over, they’re all gone.”

        Toshinori chuckled. “I have some spending cash from my hero days,” he said. “I might as well go back to America. I’ve been missing it, these last few years. Perhaps I’ll travel a bit before I settle down again.”

        “Good luck to you, then.”

        Toshinori chuckled once more as he leaned to set Eri back on the ground, but she clung to him and refused to let go. Toshinori sighed as he stood again and leaned their heads together. “My dear, I’m afraid I can’t keep you.”

        Eri sniffled in his arms as she held onto him tightly. “I don’t wanna go, Grampa Toshi,” she mumbled into his shoulder.

        Toshinori ran his fingers through her hair. “I know, young Eri, I know. But young Aizawa here is a good man. He’ll take good care of you for a while.”

        Eri looked at Toshinori, still pouting. “How long?” she questioned.

        Toshinori’s eyes widened. “Pardon?”

        “How long?” Eri repeated. “How long will he be taking of me? How long until I can come home again?”

        Toshinori’s expression softened into an uneasy smile. “Ah… Not long at all, I should think,” he told her, and Eri nodded. She allowed herself to be set back on the ground and took a step away from Toshinori.

        Aizawa turned on his heels and began walking away. Eri looked between him and Toshinori, biting her lip. She shot towards Toshinori and held him tightly.

        “Take care of yourself while we’re gone!” she demanded. “Make sure- Make sure you’re eating real food and- and not just boxed stuff or sweets and- and make sure to get some sleep and don’t stay up too late and- and- and-!”

        Eri trailed off into sniffles as Toshinori hugged her. “I promise to look after myself. Look after yourself as well, young Eri.”

        Eri pulled away and brushed her tears away. “Of course!” she promised. She gave Toshinori a bright, watery smile. “We’ll- We’ll be together again soon! All of us, we’ll be together and a great big family again before we know it!”

        Before she could fully cry in front of Toshinori, Eri ran off to join Aizawa and climbed into his car, driving away.

        The capture of the V&V was the most covered story in Japan for the next month while testimonies were given and confessions made. Every single member was interviewed, photographed, and recorded.

        The trial set for the end of the month was the most anticipated event of the year, and some even joked that if the court wanted to make some spare cash, they should charge for the audience seats.

        It was a mass trial, and with all the V&V members gathered in the front of the room, it was both the first and last time time they’d see one another in quite some time.

        Aizawa stood up in one of the seats high above the court, looking down on it with blank eyes.

        Eijirou stood protectively close to Denki. Before the judge had come out, Denki had whispered “The doctors said it’s a boy. It’s impossible to tell the secondary gender until he’s born, but it’s a boy.” Both had smiled and embraced, but the reality had sunken in, completely destroying the happy moment.

        The judge came in, and began the trial. She read down the list of the collective crimes committed by the V&V before listening to the prosecution's plea for their sentencing. There was no defense.

        She began her sentencing.

        “Kouta Koji, Sato Rikido, and Sero Hanta; as accessories to members and knowledgeable of the crimes committed by said members of the gang known as the V&V, the court sentences you to three years in prison and thirty years of parole.

        “Aoyama Yuuga, Ojiro Mashiro, Hagakure Tooru, and Iida Tenya; for the crimes of acting as accessories to the crimes committed by V&V, grand theft, breaking and entering, illegal use of quirks, and non-violent acts of vigilantism, the court sentences you to five years in prison and thirty years of parole.

        “Kirisima Eijirou; for the crimes of acting as an accessory to the crimes committed by the V&V, acting as an active participant in the V&V in acts of non-violent vigilantism, you are sentenced to six years imprisonment and lifetime parole, with a chance of claiming your child in ten years if you continuously meet your parole in that time.

        “Yaoyorozu Momo; for the crimes of infiltrating a hero agency under a hero guise, sharing heroic secrets, black mail, fraud, and non-violent acts of vigilanteism, you are furthermore stripped of your heroic title and sentenced to seven years in prison and lifetime parole.

        “Iida Ochako, Shoji Mezo, Tokoyami Fumikage, and Asui Tsuyu; for the crimes of actively taking part in the V&V, grand theft, mutilation, breaking and entering, illegal use of quirks, and violent acts of vigilantism, you are sentenced to fifteen years in prison, lifetime of parole.

        “Bakugou Izuku; for the crimes of actively partaking in the V&V, grand theft, kidnapping of a hero’s child, mutilation, breaking and entering, black mail, and violent acts of vigilantism, you are sentenced to life in Tartarus, no chance of parole.

        “Ashido Mina, Kirishima Denki, Todoroki Shouto, Todoroki Touya, Jirou Koyoka, and Mineta Minoru; for the crimes of ten or more counts of first degree manslaughter and or accessories to manslaughter, actively partaking in the V&V, mutilation, illegal and violent use of quirks, you are sentenced to life imprisonment. Todoroki Touya, as a leader of the V&V, will be imprisoned in Tartarus.”

        She finally looked up then from her note, pushing her glasses up her nose. There was only one name that she hadn’t read, and everyone knew who it was, just as they all knew what his punishment would be.

        She looked directly at Katsuki, who stood tall and proud throughout the entire reading, and who stood the same still.

        “Bakugou Katsuki, for fifty-six counts of first degree murder and four counts of mass genocide, the courts have decided the only fitting punishment is death.”

        There were jeers from the crowd, though his pack was eerily quiet.

        It didn’t matter to those watching the court that all those murders had been villains who hurt innocents, who could have hurt them if Katsuki had not taken them out. It didn’t matter to them that those four genocides had been of large snydacites that could have done worse than all of the V&V’s crimes combined.

        It didn’t matter to them, and it didn’t matter to Katsuki anymore either. Because he was giving himself up so the other would live.

        A good deal, if any.

        Cameras flashed as the once great pack was led out to the park lot, all intended for different police vehicles, intended to be spread all over Japan.

        “Guess this is goodbye,” Hanta said, looking at the ground. “Guess… we’ll just have to meet on the other side.”

        “Some of us,” Kyoka said solemnly, earning a few nods.

        Denki looked at Eijirou. “You’ll keep him on the straight and narrow?” he asked. “Protect him?”

        “I won’t let what happened to you happen to him too,” Eijirou promised. “But he’ll know you, too.”

        “I don’t… want him to only know a mother who’s behind bars, Ei.”

        The cars parked, then, and they were all led away into them.

        Katsuki, Izuku, and Dabi were placed in the back of the same truck. Dabi grinned to them as the truck shook from side to side.

        “Well guys, it was a good run,” he said. “It’s only a shame that it had to end like this.”

        Katsuki snorted. “With my head on the chopping block? Yeah, real shame.”

        “Kacchan!” Izuku exclaimed.

        Katsuki looked away. “Sorry, Deku.”

        Instead of replying, Izuku laid his head down on Katsuki shoulder. Katsuki leaned against him as well, and they stayed that way. Policemen entered the the back and led Izuku and Dabi out.

        Izuku’s last look at Katsuki was their eyes meeting as the doors were shut behind him.

        Dabi and Izuku were taken to the lowest levels of Tartarus, the march silent the entire way.

        The cell Izuku was shoved into was large, though windowless and bland. But he supposed it’d have to do.

        After all, it was the one space he’d be in for the rest of his life, however long that last after his bond with Katsuki was forcibly severed.

        Izuku made his way to the bed and laid down, his mind going to all he knew about the prison Tartarus. The most high tech security, too many levels to count, only the most dangerous criminals were kept there, so they had the best quirk suppressing bracelets in the entire country-

        Izuku froze at that thought.

        All criminals were either always bound with a quirk suppressing cuff… or they wore an ankle bracelet that worked the same, traceable and only able to be unlocked by the guards at Tartarus.

        Izuku grinned as he realized their first mistake.

        They hadn’t put a bracelet on him.

        After all, he was diagnosed as quirkless.

Chapter Text

        After a little over a dozen years of teaching, Aizawa was seriously ready to retire completely. The first years kept getting worse every year, and they didn’t change as they got older. Aizawa had just about zero hope for the future of heroic, humanity, really, if this was what their future heroes were like.

        He leaned heavily on his desk, his hand knocking a picture over. He sighed as he picked it up. It was one of Shinso and Monoma’s wedding two years ago, an event he’d been forced to go to by an over enthusiastic Present Mic. But it would have been bad show to not show up at his own protoge’s wedding.

        At least there’d been no irritating children or villains.

        Unlike Aizawa’s classroom, which he couldn’t deam which was worse.

        “-look, I’m just saying that the League of Villains was the biggest breakout of the decade-”

        “Oh my god, how stupid can you be?! Honestly, have you even heard of the V&V?!”


        “If you haven’t, you’re seriously an idiot and I don’t know why we hang out with you.”

        “They’re only the biggest gang of villains-”

        “-and vigilantes.”

        “-of the last two decades! And after they were arrested, they were spread all over Japan! The only two who were in the same place were the two in Tartarus!”


        “Uh, yeah! And the guy who initially broke out? Deku? He’s quirkless.”

        “Good story, but ah, quirkless people are, you know, quirkless. He wouldn’t have been able to it if he was.”

        “You can look up his registry! He is!”

        Aizawa pinched his nose in irritation. He wished they would just leave already so he could go home and sleep

        But that was too much to ask.

        “Um, sensei?”

        Aizawa’s gaze turned towards the door. The girl standing in the doorway was one of Aizawa’s better students. Powerful quirk, but but and reserved and had absolutely zero confidence in her own abilities. She’d end up one of the better heroes, if she could only find that confidence…

        “What is it?” he questioned, and the girl shook under his irritated gaze.

        “Oh. Uh. Um. There was- There was a strange man at the school gate, wearing a hood and a face mask. But, ah, I remember he had these- these bright green eyes. He- He asked me to give this to you.”

        She held out an envelope and Aizawa cautiously opened it. All that was inside was a picture, and a short note.

        The picture confirmed who the man had been.

        There was a beach in the background, the sun setting, and they all were smiling and in swimsuits.

        Toshinori stood to the left in the back, and directly to his right was Izuku, then Katsuki. Held in Izuku’s arms was a blonde haired, green eyed little boy, glaring at the camera. On Katsuki’s other side was Denki and Eijriou, a black haired boy on Eijriou’s shoulders. Sitting in front of them were Ochako and Tenya, but not only them, but a teenaged Eri and Kota. Kota held a green haired baby girl, obviously the child of Izuku and Katsuki, with how much she resembled them. Ochako, Tenya, and Eri all also held small children, each a mix of Ochako and Tenya.

        Aizawa looked at the note and shook his head. He put them both back into the envelope and put them in the pocket of his costume.

        “Thank you,” Aizawa said, nodding to the girl who’d brought them to him. “Get home safely. And try not to take anything from strangers anymore, you’re trying to be a pro hero.”

        “Yes sensei!” the girl exclaimed, running out of the classroom.

        Aizawa settled into his chair.

        There was no need to bother going after the sender, they’d be long gone before he’d even been handed the picture.

        And there was no need to show the picture off to anyone else. The hunt for the V&V was long over. And it wasn’t like they were looking to start trouble again.

        After all, the note had read: Retirement feels good.

        Perhaps it was time for Aizawa himself to finally retire too.