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Synthesia Chormathess

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Chapter 0

In the dark of space all manner of things reside.

In a place of space out of phase with reality two beings come together as they always have when their universe felt like to much.

They were Unicron the Chaos Bringer and Primus the Light Bringer.


"I'm getting sick of how things are brother." Unicron growled as he drifted in their shared space looking off at a small planet just starting to bore life.

" And what am I to do? I have lost my children too many times and nomater what I try they always suffer and Cybertron continues to die." Sighs Primus.

Which was true. He has tried many times to change and alter events on Cybertron and Earth to keep the cybertronians from war and save as many as possible. But no matter what he does they always fight and destroy eachother and drag other species into their fights. Even when getting Unicron's aid does nothing to make things better or worse.

"Well something must change. I'm tired of those infernal scraps you call children using me and my fragments of power as an excuse for most of their fights and petty squabbles."was the words snarled as he sneered.

"As I am tired of the corruption and glitched insanity they suffer. But we can not do anything for the more power hungry of them, nor can we change things much without any damage to the flow of time."  Primus rebuked. 

With good reason. The constant changes had began to destabilized their universe. Too many more changes and their home would cease to be.

"Then maybe.." 

"Maybe what brother."

"Maybe we can get aid else where, a way to change things and not risk our home."


After Unicron's suggestion both brothers began reaching out with their powers combined to see beyond their universe.

To beings such as they, this was not mere feet they took with mere levity. To see beyond were they reside posed risks that could weaken them severely, so they had to take care with what they looked at. 

As they gazed beyond, they forgot one important rule to follow.

Never gaze into the Abyss.




Are the only sounds heard in the silent and desolate void of the abyss.

Nothingness was all there is to see, but something .. someone could feel the gaze from without the abyss.

So they turned their great head and focused their eyes upon those foolish enough to gaze into the Abyss of Creation.


"Unicron..", was the only thing said with a tense voice.

"What is you fool..ish…", he trailed off as they both felt like they were being squeezed by something vast and judging.

Then as quick as it came the feeling left, but in it's place a rip in the fabric of space opened up before them showing nothing but the blackness of the.

"Abyss." whispered a shocked Primus.

"Oh..." was all he could utter.

Then a pair of great talon tipped purple blue scaled paws reached out and grabbed them before dragging them into the abyss in a split second. Neither having the time to react in their shock.

When they felt they were released and floated away to turn and look up and up and up at the being that had dragged them in.

It was a truly enormous being.

So vast that they couldn't see what was beyond their field of view and the glow Primus provided in the darkness of the Abyss.

What they could see was the huge reptilian maw filled with fangs as large as their as their helms and as thick as their arm struts. Four green irises stared down at them in or they assumed it was. Fanning its head was a pair of webbed fins and seven horns of varying sizes. Covering it were purplish blue scales that were covered in symbols and markings that hurt just to look at so they focused on the eyes instead.

As they focused though they heard a voice whispered in their minds.

"What foolish creatures of metal and energy. Why do you gaze into depths that do not reside in tine place of star and life."

Startled they stared for a while, until the being seemed to grow bored of them and sunk back into the darkness of the abyss. But as it left words whispered to their minds.

"Foolish creature of metal and energy. You seek what lies beyond your home, but you are sought by the heart of this void of all life. Be cautious or this one shall return to put thee in thine place. For nothing is safe from the Primordial Abyss."


"Now what?" Unicron grunted out.

Having come out of their shock they began trying to look for a way to leave the Abyss. Unfortunately their attempts wee unsuccessful.

Just as they were about to give up a giggle was heard behind them.

They turned around to see nothing... until they looked down between them.

Looking up at them was what looked like a female human youngling from Earth.

But they knew she wasn't.

""Greetings." Primus called to her. While Unicron looked for any signs to what she truly was.


She just looked at them curiously until what sounded like a chorus of voices in their minds. It was painful till only one small whispered voice could reach them and said...

"This one help shall be gained. But only if you play mine game."


For a moment their was only silences....

Then as one the two Gods answered...

"We accept."




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Chapter 1



"We are in agreement then?"

"Yes, this may be just what we needed to change things."

"I'm pleased I could get a say in what my children will do for you when they wish it, and those I am willing to part with."

"Of course. I'm most pleased that you agreed to our game with the Abyss."

"The little one asked me if I was willing... I said yes only because it means I save my children who Fate wish to take from my arms and Deaths."

"I'm just glad we won't have to take over much after this."

"This one shall begin the game."

A lot of things have been happening with no explanation, and the people of the magical world are beginning to fear what comes next.

For the past ten months magical creatures, items, and people have been disappearing.

Thought no one knew of the people disappearing, ( What with them being muggle borns and lowly half bloods. ) just the creatures and items.

Many would notice that magic was acting strange when it should not.

Even more just thought that everything was fine.


They will learn soon enough.


Harry didn't know what was going on.

One minute he was sleeping after a grueling day of the Drusley and the next he's floating in some dark place.

The only reason he wasn't panicking right now was because he had a feeling he wasn't going to be put in harms way.

Well compared to how his last four years have been.

Trolls, basilisk, and dragons oh my.

He could practically hear his own sarcasm.

Dumbles lying and sending him back to his personal hell, Sirius being insane from dementors, Snape's taunt, Lupins guilt complex and being a werewolf, and others keeping things from him because he was in their mind a child.

Oh and old Moldy being back after the graveyard.

At least Ron and Hermione (who while distant he still thought of as freinds though not as close as before ), Nevile, and Luna kept him up to date on things with the twins special joint journals.

He was just done with wizards and their stupidity.

Don't even get him started on all the things they could be doing that would end their Voldy problem, and fix the magical enclaves as well.

Seriously why couldn't they just track his follower through their fellow in prison and then kill him with a gun, or ask a boon by something, or talk to the Queen.

If his luck wasn't how it was he would have went to Buckingham Palace himself, but with it he figured a note to her and the goblins would be better. Hopefully.

Now if only he could know where he was and if he was still asleep.


She had been watching, and she was displeased.

Her gift squandered and abused and twisted.

All for a pathetic notion as pure blood.

And Fate taking things that was not theirs to mess with.

Magic was not pleased.


With an.. opportune invitation..

She could save most of her own and her favored children, along with getting a hand from Death.

All the while flipping off Fate.

How fun.

Now then on to the next her next stop.

And wouldn't you know it.

It was her most favored child, and one of Deaths blessed line.


Harry was just about to try and use his magic when he noticed something glowing out the corner of his eyes.

Looking up he froze in shock at what seemed to be a woman, from the shape he was seeing, made of light sitting next to him.

He was startled from his shock when he heard her speak to him.

"Hello sweet child.", her voice sounding like a clam breeze and a mothers care.

He stared before a moment then, "Hello ma'am."

He felt like she was smiling at him like he thought his mother would have.

"Sweet child of Mine and Death, will you here this chance from me and one from beyond?", she asks.

"Wait what?", he said in shock once more. Who was she and why did she say the he was hers and Deaths?

"Sweet child. You are mine for you have my Favor and gifts, you are Deaths for your blood flows with His Lines." she stated.

Harry's eyes widen in recognition. This was Mother Magic, and he was guessing the stuff with Death meant it was a being and the Prevelles in his family were those he blessed, or in his eyes when it came to the first two brothers, cursed.

"Yes, sweet child. You are Mine and Deaths. Fate has messed with what is not theirs, and I wish to give my Favored children a chance not bound by Fates foolish hands.", she says and he feels her gaze through his very soul. "A chance to start a new, and live in places where they won't be forced to give up my gifts or be with those that pervert them. A place were they can choose their paths or fall into others. A new World. A new Life."

Now Harry didn't need to think to hard on this. He was all for accepting an offer like this. A chance to leave this failing world of bigots, but he wasn't going to just yet.

"What about my friends and their families? Will they get this chance, too?"

Harry didn't want to leave them to hang just like that, even if they could take care of things on their own.

He didn't have to worry.

"How noble, sweet child. No fear. Your friends and their loved ones have already had this chance. Many already live far from such things now. If it sooths your heart? The Green child, Little Seer, and Twin Hearts all wish to move with you and not scatter as I have all the others."

So Nevile, Luna, and the Twins. He was ok with that. 

" What will happen to us once I agree?"

She laughs in amusement.

"I shall take you an they where you shall live your new days. Death has given all you will need, and those beyond have made sure to settle things in the right places. I shall pass on what you must know, and what becomes of you is your choice. Fate holds no strings where you shall go."

"I accept."



Life had been a bit weird for one Samuel James Witwicky.

For the most of his life he constantly saw things that would be there one minute and gone the next.

Then there were the sounds that only he could hear. Almost metallic calls and sounds that he could never make out.

It always caused him distractions. His folks though he had ADHD for a while till he played it off.

Then when he turned nine, he began feeling like some of the people around him were not as they seemed.

His parents just thought he had an active imagination and gave him art and writing supplies.

It helped him focus on things in front of him more till he started ignoring the sounds.

He swore once he saw a woman turn into a bird.

Though that might have been the fever dreams messing with him at the time.

 After he turned twelve he made friends with some other kids in his school besides Miles.

He always felt calm around them (never having a reason to spazz like he would usually), but also felt like they were more than they seemed.


He was about to realize how true that was soon enough.


A whisper in the dark.

A giggle on the winds.

A sigh from those to tired to try again.

And a wish for chance.

All the pieces are in place.

The players gathered.

And the deck stacked.

Soon things will come into focus.

( For the game has now begun. )