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You see, Namjoon is typically a very reserved person. He likes having his routines. Likes knowing what to expect, likes to be on time wherever he goes. He’s a calm sort. Taking long walks in the park to simply think, or not think at all. Enjoys going to a nice cafe versus a loud nightclub. Likes to stay home curled up with a good book versus out getting drunk at a nearby frat house like most other guys his age.

Which makes this the most unusual Thursday of Namjoon’s college life. Because instead of working on one of his assignments, or finishing his fifth read through of The Odyssey for fun...he instead is getting pounded against his front door by his allegedly straight neighbor while he screams his name, bruises decorating his hips from the strong hands wrapped around them for leverage.

Needless to say...this was not on his agenda for the week.




Namjoon woke up on Thursday morning to the shrill sound of his phone ringing at the god awful time of 7am. Why the hell was anybody calling him on one of his few classless days. Can’t he just sleep in for once? Blearily he looks at the screen of his phone, groaning at the name he sees. Seokjin. Nothing good can come from him calling, ever, much less this early in the morning.

“Mmh,” Namjoon grunts into the phone, not capable of much more until he’s caffeinated.

“Joonie? Is that you?” Seokjin’s voice sounds farther away for a moment before he comes back in full force. “I see you answered my call, don’t act like you’re not there.

Namjoon just grunts again, finally pulling himself up & swinging his legs over the bed, sincerely regretting the day he ever met Seokjin. “What d’you want?”

“Can i not just call one of my best friends simply to chat?” he asks sweetly.

“Not at 7am you can’t.”

“Fine,” he sighs dramatically. “I need a favor.”


“Stop being a brat, i practically raised you.”

“We’ve only known each other 2 years Jin. The only thing you’ve done is shorten my lifespan.” he grumbles, walking into the kitchen to start the coffee & grab a stale bagel to half heartedly munch on. He feels like he’s going to need it.

“I need you to work a shift at the shop today. Please. Jackson called out. Again. And I have that bogo thing going on and we’re going to be so busy and i really need help & you love me & you know i’d die for you, you’re my best friend in the whole wide world. And smart. So smart. Did i mention devilishly handsome? Because there’s that too, and…”

Namjoon lets him keep singing praises to him while he tries to find his inner bitch to tell Seokjin no, he won’t work today. He’s not even employed at the coffee shop Jin runs. Yet somehow he always gets roped into working there when Jin is shorthanded.

“Fine,” Namjoon interrupts Seokjin in the middle of complimenting his teeth now, of all things. “I’ll work today, under one condition.”

Seokjin hums, contemplating. “What’s the condition?”

“I get free food & coffee there for the rest of my life.”

Seokjin sputters on the other end. “You’ve got to be kidding. I’ll give you like, a week’s worth of freebies, tops.”

“For life.”

“A month. I'm being generous on that Joon.”

“Sure. Very generous. Hopefully Jackson decides to come in today. Bye.” he bluffs, holding back a chuckle at Jin’s very audible panic attack coming through the line.

“Fine! Fine you brat. You get free shit forever. Are you happy now?”

Namjoon hums, taking a sip of his too bitter coffee, already walking back to his room to change into work clothes. “Very.”

“So are you coming in?” Seokjin asks, unsure.

“I’ll be there in 20.”




Namjoon is rethinking his life choices. He doesn’t think even free coffee & cinnamon rolls is worth the chaos of working in Jin’s shop today. Who knew so many people would flock to a
‘buy one get one half off” coffee sale? Jin better be glad he loves him, though he’ll never admit that to Jin. He could be in bed still, or lounging around in sweats while he mindlessly scrolls through Twitter. Instead, he’s now on his five millionth order of small coffees & silently hopes every person that orders one burns their tongue on it.

Closer to noon, things finally start to calm down for a bit. Most people are either at work or in class now, thankfully giving Namjoon a temporary breather. Just a couple more hours until Jimin comes in for his shift, relieving Namjoon from his non-shift at a job he doesn’t actually maintain employment at. Has he mentioned he hates Jin?

“Hey,” Seokjin pops his head out of the back, pink apron covered in all types of stuff from the baking marathon he’s been engrossed with in the back all morning. “Since we’re slowing down a bit, do you mind cleaning the display case?”

“No.” Namjoon mumbles, going to sit down at a nearby table, whipping out his phone to scroll through his social media.

Seokjin just stares at him for a moment. “Okay, can you make more coffee?”

“Nope.” He hears Jin huff. “You know i don’t actually work here, right?”

“You could at least be helpful, out of the kindness of your heart.”

Namjoon snorts, looks up at Seokjin then. “My heart shriveled up the moment you called me at 7am on one of my only free days.”

Seokjin sighs then. “Fine. You’re right.” He walks over to the cash register, pulling out money and handing it to Namjoon. “Here’s your pay. Thanks for helping me out, really. I’ll watch over things until Jimin comes in,” he tells him with a tired smile on his face.

Right as Namjoon was about to tell him thanks and get the hell out of there, the bell above the door jingles. He stuffs the money in his back pocket, rushing over to the register. “I’ll stay until Jimin shows.” He says quickly, pushing Jin out of the way.

“What? But you were just--” Jin starts, looking confused.

“Well, I just want to help out my friends. I’ll stay.”

Seokjin looks at him for one more bewildered moment before the confusion melts off his face and he huffs an airy laugh, looking past Namjoon to the customer that had walked in seconds ago. Or should he say the Adonis who walked in. The most perfect, chiseled, adorable, fluffy, hot, cute, sexy man ever to grace this Earth?

Well. Almost perfect. If he wasn’t glaringly straight, that is.

“Tell Jungkook hi for me, I’ll be in the back.” Seokjin strides off, shaking his head at his friend as he goes.

Namjoon barely has time to run a hand through his hair and calm his nerves before Jungkook is standing across the counter from him. And Namjoon just stares. Like an idiot. Watching the small smirk grow into the smile. The one where his cute teeth show, making him look like a bunny. And sexy. A sexy bunny. Yes, that’s apparently possible. The one where his eyes crinkle and makes everything right in the world. That one.

“I didn’t know you worked here hyung.”

Namjoon snaps out of it then, realizing he needs to work on reacting to Jungkook like a normal human being because he sucks at it. “Umm, i don’t actually work here. I just help out my friend when he’s short handed sometimes.” The same friend he’s spent most of the day cursing under his breath, but Jungkook doesn’t need to know that.

“Oh, that’s awesome of you.” He bites his bottom lip as he smiles back at Namjoon, eyes fluttering a moment before he fixes his eyes on the menu behind him. “Um, i guess i’ll just take an iced Americano. Large please.”

Jungkook goes to reach for his wallet, but Namjoon waves him away, putting to use his access to eternal free coffee at the shop sooner than expected. “It’s on the house,” he says, smiling at the younger before he turns to get his drink ready. He damn near cooed when Jungkook’s cheeks flushed a bit. He can’t coo at his straight neighbor. It’s in the rules somewhere. Get your shit together, Namjoon. Jesus.

By the time he hands Jungkook his drink, a few more people are lined up behind him to order. Damn them. “Here’s your Americano.”

“Thanks. Um,” Jungkook fidgets, glancing behind him. “I don’t have my dance class for another hour or so. If you get some free time you could, um -- you could sit with me and keep me company. For a bit. If you want.” The flush on his cheeks as he shyly looks down makes it almost physically painful for Namjoon not to coo this time. He manages. But barely.

“Yeah, sure, that sounds great. Let me just help these people and i’ll be right over.” He smiles. Jungkook nods, his smile growing bigger as he turns to sit at a table in front of the window.

He rushes through helping the remaining customers before he hollers at Jin, telling him he’s taking a break. Again. He simply shakes his head and smirks at Namjoon, but thankfully not cockblocking him and letting him hurry over to the love of his life.

“Hey,” Namjoon says quietly, sitting down in front of Jungkook with his own drink. Jungkook bunny smiles at him when he looks up from his phone, putting it down to pay attention to Namjoon.

“Do you have any classes today?” the younger asks, taking a sip of his Americano.

“No, not today. Thursdays and Sundays are my freebies. Well,” he pauses, throwing a disgruntled look over towards Seokjin, who is now scrubbing the aforementioned display case. “They’re free if i don’t get asked, read begged, into working here at least. What about you?”

Namjoon already knew he had dance today, even before he mentioned it earlier. Not because he’s a creep either, he swears. He doesn’t stalk the man. He just happens to remember every little thing that Jungkookie mentions to him. Everything. Okay, maybe he’s a little bit of a creep. Just a smidge.

Jungkook’s eyes light up just like every time he talks about dance. “Oh, i have dance today. I gotta work on my routine with Hoseokie hyung.”

“Oh? Routine for what?”

“There’s a showcase Hoseok entered us in at the end of this semester. We have to come up with our own choreography, both a solo project and a duet. Hoseok’s my partner for it. He’s probably too advanced for me, but I'm grateful he’s working with me on this.” he says, looking out the front window, seemingly lost in thought.

Namjoon waits a beat, gets his attention again. “I’ve seen you dance before Kook. You’re good. Damn good. I'm sure this Hoseok guy feels just as lucky to partner with you as you are with him.”

Jungkook bunny smiles again, eyes squinting in that adorable way of his. “You flatter me, hyung.”

There’s a comfortable silence between the two for a few moments, both of them watching people stroll past the shop while they slowly sip their coffees. Namjoon wishes he didn’t have a crush on Jungkook sometimes, and not only because he’s straight. He knows nobody is perfect, but if anybody ever came close to perfection, it would be Jeon Jungkook. He’s easily one of the hardest working people Namjoon has ever met, & he means that in literally every aspect of the word.

The amount of courses he’s taking would make most people cry, yet he stays on top of all of it. If you needed his help with something, not only does he show up but, he puts 100% of himself into it. And between dancing and the hours he spends at the gym, it’s no wonder he has one of the most fit bodies of anyone Namjoon has ever known.

And not to be shallow…..but thank all the gods in existence for that body.

The amount of times Namjoon almost busted a nut in his pants like a 16 year old newb simply from watching Jungkook’s biceps bulge is rather embarrassing. He never knew he had a muscle fetish until Jeon Jungkook moved in next door to him last year.

Unfortunately today, he has most of his body covered up in one of his many oversized black hoodies. Not that Namjoon keeps track of his hoodies. He’s just a very observant person, thank you very much.

Once Namjoon finishes off his coffee, at least the fifth of the day thanks to his early morning start, he turns back to Jungkook. “You should let me know when your showcase will be. I’d love to come, if you don’t mind.”

Jungkook’s eyes brighten up at that. “Really?”

“Of course. Dance might not be my thing, but i do enjoy watching you dancing. And you know, I’d be there for moral support and all that.”

“Thanks hyung, that would mean a lot to me actually.” he smiles shyly, seeming overly pleased. “I can show you some of my routine if you want? I have some of it recorded on my phone. I like to watch it back when i can. Helps me work on my weaknesses.”

Namjoon nods, moving around the table to sit next to the younger while he fiddles with his phone, finding the video he wants. Namjoon doesn’t think it’s possible for Jungkook to have weaknesses, but keeps that to himself.

He can smell the subtle cologne Jungkook’s wearing, still searching for the right video. It’s almost too enticing. The smell, his body heat soaking into Namjoons side while he peaks over his shoulder at the phone. The way Jungkook is quietly humming some tune Namjoon doesn’t know while he scrolls through...Namjoon is utterly smitten, and he’s a little pissed that god would make a whole Jeon Jungkook and parade him in front of Namjoon, all while making him straight as a pole. Life is horribly unfair sometimes.

“Here is it,” he says, tilting the phone so they both can watch it. Namjoon faintly recognizes the song, something American, it’s got a good beat. Jungkook and Hoseok start out slow and build up into something more aggressive and powerful. They’re telling a story with their dance, what Namjoon guesses is supposed to represent lovers, maybe going through
rocky times.

Towards the middle of the song, things start taking a more...devastating turn, at least for Namjoon. The torn lovers Jungkook and Hoseok were playing seem to be finally reconciling. And apparently reconciliation, expressed via dance, equals a lot of thrusts, body rolls, and grinding against one another.

Is it hot in here? It didn’t feel this hot earlier. When did Jungkook get so close to Namjoon? Is it a bit harder to breath?

Jungkook gives an uncomfortable cough then, obviously noticing the sexual nature of the dance more now that he has a direct audience watching over his shoulder. “Um, this is just...supposed to show that our characters made up.”

“Obviously.” Namjoon mumbles, simultaneously unable to take his eyes off the screen while being hyper aware of Jungkook next to him. Just then in the video, Jungkook gives such an aggressive grind up against Hoseok’s body, he’s pretty sure that the only thing keeping it from being sex on stage is the fact that they still have clothes on.

Sweaty, sticky clothes. Full of sweat. Sticking to every curve of their bodies. To Jungkook’s body. His abs peeking through the wet material. Sweat is falling down his face, somehow making him look even sexier. They’re both breathing hard, hard enough that even though the camera is further away from them, ragged breaths can still be heard. Well, it’s good that they’re breathing, because Namjoon is pretty sure he stopped entirely.

Finally it ends, Jungkook and Hoseok wrapped around each other so tightly, breathing heavy, it’s hard to tell where one begins and the other ends. Both Namjoon and Jungkook are still silent. Namjoon wonders if Jungkook’s as aware of how close they’re sitting next to each other as he is, but somehow he seems stuck to his seat, unable to move away from the younger. It’s not until Hoseok’s loud laughter comes from his phone screen that the spell between them breaks, Namjoon pushing back instantly and standing up so quickly he feels a little lightheaded. He moves back to his original seat on the other side of the table, fidgeting with the empty coffee cup in his hands.

“That was, um--” he plays with the straw in his empty coffee cup, really wishing he had more, but preferably of something stronger than coffee if he’s being honest. His mouth feels extra dry at the moment.

Jungkook rubs the back of his neck nervously, huffs out a strained laugh. “Yeah, it’s a

“Powerful.” Jungkook looks up at Namjoon quickly. “It’s powerful Kook. It’s...a bit intense. But I'm sure it’ll blow the judges away. You did….you both did great on that,” he nods towards Jungkook’s phone.

“Thanks, hyung.” he replies softly, a small smirk playing at the corners of his mouth.

They set there for a little while longer, only having to deal with a slightly awkward silence resting between the two of them. Namjoon can’t help but keep replaying the dance in his mind, how confident and sexy Jungkook looked, moved. His heart is still beating too fast, and he can feel Jungkook’s eyes on him every few seconds, but he doesn’t know what to make of it so he just ignores it, looking outside and watching the people pass by.

Jungkook clears his throat then, grabbing Namjoon’s attention. “So, going to Yoongi’s party tonight?”


“Min Yoongi,” Jungkook says. “I grew up with him. We take music comp together. He’s throwing a party tonight at his house, anyone’s invited. You gonna come?”

Namjoon chuckles. “Nah, I'm not big into parties. At least not ones that big. I'm more of the stay at home type.” he laughs it off, knowing that Jungkook is the complete opposite. “What about you, you going?”

The younger shrugs then, picking at the label around his cup. “I don’t know. Guess it depends on how late dance practice goes. But...probably. Yoongi would kill me if i bailed on him.” he smiles fondly, obviously close to this Yoongi.

Jungkook looks at the time on his phone then, pocketing it. “I guess I need to start heading that way.” he says, gathering the rest of his things. “It was nice talking with you, hyung. If you change your mind about the party, just text me. I’ll send you the address.”

Namjoon agrees he will, if he changes his mind, which he doubts he will, and watches Jungkook walk away. He sighs then. He swears his life is just a bad family sitcom about unrequited love, cue the laugh soundtrack as the audience watches Namjoon fall more and more in lust and love with his straight neighbor.

He gets up when he sees Jimin walk in, eyes turning into crescents as he smiles and waves at him. He throws his cup away, going behind the counter to greet the younger boy.

“Was that Jungkookie I saw leaving?” Jimin asks Namjoon with a smirk as he pulls on his apron for his shift.

Namjoon sigh dramatically, clutching his heart and making Jimin giggle. “No Jimin, it was the love of my life leaving.” The boy continues to smile as he starts wiping down the counters, the same ones Namjoon previously refused to do.

“I don’t know why you just don’t say something to him hyung. With the way he looks at

Namjoon sighs again, though realistically this time. “Jimin, you know he’s straight. However you think he’s looking at’s just not in that way. I'm doomed to pine after a straight boy for the rest of my life. I had to of been a horrible person in a past life or something. It isn’t fair.” he pouts.

Jimin laughs at him, punching him lightly on the shoulder as he moves past him to start making fresh coffee. “You’re so dramatic Joon.”

Namjoon shrugs, trying to brush past the topic. The more he thinks about it the more depressed he feels about his inevitable Jungkook-less, lonely fate. “Have you gone to Jungkook’s dance class with him yet? I know he’s been asking you for a while.”

“Nice subject change.”

“I thought so.” Namjoon grins.

It’s Jimin’s turn to shrug now. “Our schedules have just never worked out. I'm either in class or working during his dance classes. I went ahead and signed up for it for next semester though. Hopefully I’ll be in the same class as Kook and his friend, the one he’s working with now? The way he waxes on about his dance skills, it’d be nice to see it for myself. Jungkook talks about him like he’s invincible or something.” Jimin chuckles at that.

“He showed me a video of his dance with him earlier. Hoseok’s his name, I think. He’s really damn good.”

Jimin gasps suddenly, glaring at Namjoon. “You’ve got to be fucking kidding me! I’ve been begging that brat to show me his showcase choreo and he refuses every damn time I ask! And yet you just bat your eyelashes at him and you get the goods. Un-fucking-believable.”

“Now who’s overdramatic?” Namjoon quips, chuckling at the boys frustration.

Seokjin pops his head around the corner then, eyebrows quirked at the two. “I thought you were going home Joon. I don’t see Jungkook here anymore, so you can stop pretending to be helpful, you lovesick fool.”

Jin yelps and ducks back through the swinging door at the wet rag Namjoon launches at his face. Namjoon shrugs on his jacket, waving at Jimin as he leaves to walk home.

Jimin leans across the front counter to holler at him through the now empty cafe, going back to their original topic of conversation. “Tell him Joon. You’ll regret it if you don’t.”

He laughs humorlessly as he stops at the door and hollers back, “I’ll regret it more if I told him and he ends up hating me for it.”

“That boy could never hate you and you know it.” Namjoon just rolls his eyes. Jimin has always seemed convinced Jungkook has feelings for Namjoon too, and maybe the boy does always seem rather fond of him...but he’s straight, so Namjoon knows he’s just looking into it too much.

Snapping him out of his thoughts, Jimin continues “Tell Tae he needs to get his ass in here. I'm tired of begging him to stop by.”

Namjoon smiles at him, agreeing, as Jimin waves him off as he gets back to work.

As he walks back to his apartment, he makes a promise to himself. He will get over Jungkook, even if it kills him. He’s tired of pining over the beautiful boy he’ll never have. It can’t be healthy at this point. Starting tonight, he will work on severing everything but platonic ties he has with Jungkook so he can just move on, find someone who, you know, actually likes men, and be happy.

It’s a full proof plan.




The good thing about living on the first floor of his apartment building, other than living next door to Jungkook, is that there’s no stairs to climb, so moving things in and out isn’t a hassle. The bad part about living on the first floor is that you can’t keep your blinds open without seeing some weird shit, especially in a college town. Or things you wish you didn’t see.

Like now.

Namjoon just poured himself a glass of his favorite wine, already in his pajamas, ready to curl up with his book & relax finally. It’s his favorite part of the week, if he’s caught up with his assignments at least.

He sits down & pulls his book into his lap, flicking on the tv to some nature program for background noise. Halfway through the chapter, he notices headlights pulling up almost directly in front of his apartment window. He’d normally ignore it, people come & go all the time, that’s not unusual. But this person decided to, inconveniently, leave their headlights on, sending a blinding light into Namjoon’s peripherals.

After a few more minutes of this, Namjoon sighs irritably, deciding to get up and close his blinds since the inconsiderate asshole won’t turn off his damn lights. He peers through the blinds, wondering if he can recognize whose car it is, but the lights are too bright to make out more than a generalized car shape.

Right as he reaches for the string that closes them, the lights finally flick off. Namjoon pauses, blinking away dots until he can see again. Oh how he wishes he couldn’t see again. Who cares about sight? Being blind can’t be all that bad right? Like, there’s a lot of things he’d care to never see again.

Butt cleavage. Roadkill. His parents porn stash. Or Jungkook with a girl grinding down on him in their apartment parking lot.

Of course it’s Jungkook in that car. Straight as a board Jungkook. With some stupid het girl. In his stupid (but honestly kinda cool) car. Wearing his stupid leather jacket. Stupidly staring at Namjoon staring back (glaring) through his window at his own personal Love Fest.

It takes longer than it should for Namjoon’s brain to actually work and realize he just got caught glaring (ogling) his neighbor practically having sex just ten feet from his front window. He quickly pulls the string and the blinds snap shut, but not before he sees the slight smirk Jungkook sent his way before all he was looking at was dust bunnies on his ugly, old brown shades, reminding him that he really needs to clean.

Or pour bleach in his eyes.

Or die of embarrassment.

He doesn’t think Jungkook knows of his silly crush on him, even though everyone else around them seems to think it’s obvious. But Jungkook is just your stereotypical hetero. He surely misses the obvious and sticks to thinking they’re just “bro’s”. Regardless, watching him practically bang somebody in his car doesn’t help anything.

It certainly doesn’t help his body, who has decided to betray him, as he’s half hard already. Imaging Jungkook is his stupidly sexy leather jacket. Imaging it was actually himself grinding on the boy’s lap, sucking marks onto his neck. Imagining it was him that Jungkook was holding onto as he grinds up into him while Namjoon rides him. Imagining….

“Fuck.” Now he’s more than half hard, and he hates life.

He returns to his previously abandoned seat and picks up his book, trying his hardest to pick back up where he left off and concentrate. This turns out to be harder than he thought, because instead of paying attention to the words in the book, every few seconds he instead keeps picturing how Jungkook looked in his car. Flushed, turned on, hair a bit disheveled probably from that girls hands running through it.

Namjoon imagines running his own long fingers through the younger boys hair, maybe pulling it a bit, earning a groan from him. A groan that would grow louder as Namjoon
simultaneously grinds down on his hard cock through his pants, using the hand not tugging his hair back to palm him, making his hips buck up, trying to find more friction. Then Namjoon would lean down and --

He’s finally pulled out of his daydream when he hears a couple thuds outside his door, followed by a girl giggling. Namjoon gets up slowly, knowing he shouldn’t look. Shouldn’t punish himself more. Yes, he knows Kookie is straight. He knows that. But it doesn’t mean he necessarily likes it shoved in his face. And looking out his peephole, directly across the hall from Jungkook’s apartment, is more like being punched in the face while simultaneously getting kicked in the groin.

Jungkook has the girl pressed up against his front door, grinding against her while kissing down her neck, keys temporarily forgotten on the ground by his feet, probably dropped during the heat of the moment. The girl is pretty, he guesses. But Namjoon can’t help but hate her anyways, out of pure pettiness and jealousy.

The girl flips their places, pushing Jungkook up against the door now, her strength surprising Jungkook just as much as Namjoon. He’s still got a strong, muscular thigh between her legs, which she grinds down on while she returns the favor and starts kissing and sucking on his neck this time, hand going between them to what Namjoon assumes is to rub Jungkook through his pants. He huffs, not so quietly. His hands are bigger than hers; he could work the boy so much better.

Jungkook looks up suddenly, directly at Namjoon’s door. He holds so still he’s barely breathing, as if Jungkook could actually see him, even though he knows that’s impossible. But he can probably hear him a bit, since he’s standing so close to his door. Shit. Namjoon really wants to move away, but he somehow can’t seem to make his body obey those commands.

Jungkook gently pushes the girl away and leans down to pick up his keys finally, though never taking his eyes off Namjoon’s door. Jungkook leans back against his own door again, the girl taking this as invitation to keep sucking on his neck like a damn vampire, while he still stares at Namjoon’s door. He’s biting his bottom lip, almost looking confused. Then he shakes his head a bit and huffs a laugh, turning finally to unlock his door, ushering the girl inside.

He takes one last look behind him, then closes the door.

Namjoon, finally released from whatever spell Jungkook seemed to have placed on him in the last ten minutes, releases a breath he didn’t realize he was holding. He turns his back to the door, leaning heavily against it.


What was that about about trying to get over Jungkook starting tonight? Well, he can surely start tomorrow, right? What’s one day, afterall? Jungkook fought dirty. It’s not fair to make Namjoon start his Jungkook Cleanse now, when the boy just gave him like a years worth of material for his spank bank. Namjoon’s not a saint. He can start tomorrow.

With another deep breath, he runs his hand through his hair and stands on his own again, knowing full well he’s not going to be able to go back to his book now. At least not until he gets Jungkook out of his system.

He could just simply jack off, give himself a little quickie. God knows he’s been fully hard for a while now. It wouldn’t take long.

But then Namjoon remembers the toy he bought himself a while back, his first ever. Maybe tonight would be a good time to finally break it in, prolong his pleasure more. With a quick nod to himself, he decides why not?

He’s not the type to normally buy sex toys, at least not for himself. He can always just use his hands, right? What’s the point of forking over his hard earned money for some toy when he can get off just fine without it? To Namjoon, toys were great to use in relationships, spice things up and all that. It’s more fun with a partner, to him. But, he hasn’t been in a relationship in a long time, nor does his future exactly hold any prospects at the moment.

So in a moment of drunken weakness, he went online and spent a gross amount of money on a vibrating butt plug. With remote. For convenience, the site said.

While Namjoon is the one that ordered it, he places full blame on Taehyung. He had come over one night, bottle of vodka and some cheap fruit juice, upset over his piece of shit boyfriend yet again, so he came to Namjoon to help him drown his sorrows, at least for a night. It sounded like a good idea at the time. Namjoon had had a stressful week, and it was free alcohol. He couldn’t say no.

Fast forward to a few hours later, almost three fourths of the bottle emptied by now, and to Taehyung telling him about how Taemin, his boyfriend, surprised him with a vibrating butt plug last Valentines day, going into far too much detail and luckily Namjoon was too drunk to be scarred too much at the time. Thank god for little blessings.

Much more detail and six shots later, they somehow ended up browsing on Namjoon’s laptop for the aforementioned butt plug. Tae was determined to make Namjoon realize it’s virtues. A few more shots, a couple dozen video reviews, & one mini porno with the actors using the toy later, Namjoon was now the proud owner of a matte black vibrating butt plug. With remote. For convenience.

He forgot about his drunken purchase until he got a knock on his door a week later, the sex shop logo plastered all over the box. He quickly signed for the package, pointedly ignoring the mailman smirking at him while he turned six shades of red. He hated Taehyung so much in that moment, that he didn’t do much more than remove the offending object from the box, glared at it, then shoved it in his bedside drawer to be forgotten.

Until now at least.

Opening the drawer, he grabs the toy and his half empty bottle of lube, and heads back in the living room to settle on his couch. He messes around with the toy for a bit, at this point in time he forgets even half of what it’s supposed to do, though the girl in that porno months ago sure did seem to sing its praises. Literally.

He can’t find the instructions, probably got thrown away with the box months ago, so he just starts pushing buttons on the remote to see what happens.

A green light turns on for both the toy and remote. Hit hits another button on the remote, toy in his opposite hand, and damn near throws the thing across the room with a yelp. This is the first setting? Isn’t it supposed to start out gentler than this?

Slowly, he picks up the plug from beside him on the couch where he dropped it, still buzzing away, and hits the next button. The vibrations only grow in intensity a bit, but now the toy is lightly rotating, little beads in the base shifting around in a mesmerizing way.


This seems….like it could be kind of fun. Maybe he doesn’t hate Taehyung quite as much for this decision now as he did before.

Hitting the button a few more times makes the toy either rotate harder, vibrate harder, or both. One setting even pulses hard every other second. He’s pretty sure he’ll never use the top few levels if he ever wants to feel his ass again though.

Turning the toy off for now, Namjoon works his sweatpant down his legs, not fully taking them off. He’s not quite as hard now, but still enough that it’s a problem, precum wetting the tip. Using that, he gently gives his cock a couple light strokes, already so sensitive. He scoots down until his ass is on the edge of the couch, reaching for his lube while he does so and spreads his legs.

He squirts a bit on his fingers, moving them down to stroke over his hole, hissing a bit at the coldness of the lube. Rubbing his fingers over himself, lightly stroking his cock again while he does so, he starts picturing Jungkook like he did earlier.

Jungkook with his messy hair, bound to be even messier after sex, flush on his neck and chest, breathing heavy while Namjoon crawls over him, straddling his waist.

Real Namjoon, and not fantasy Namjoon, slips a finger inside himself, slowly pumping it along with his dick until he’s got it all the way in. He imagines sitting on Jungkook’s clothed hips, leaning back and finger fucking himself for Jungkook to see. Fantasy Namjoon is a lot more bold than Real Namjoon, but that’s what fantasies are for.

Fantasy Jungkook moans at the sight, watching Namjoon’s finger disappear inside him over and over again, the boy unable to stop his hips from bucking ever so slightly. Real Namjoon adds another finger, then another, at this point completely neglecting his cock, now resting on his belly and staining his shirt. The feel of his fingers, gently grazing his prostate while imaging that it’s now Fantasy Jungkook thrusting his own large fingers inside’s enough to almost make him come right then.

Breathing heavy he stops, removing his wet fingers and mentally trying to stave off his impending climax. He wants this to last. After all, it’ll be the closest he’ll ever come to having Jungkook in this way, so he wants to enjoy it while he can.

After a couple moments, when he feels more in control, he reaches for the toy again, placing the remote on one side of him while he grabs the lube with the other. He lathers up the toy generously before moving it to where his fingers just were. He knows he should have stretched himself a bit longer, but he didn’t want to come too soon, and anyways, he tends to enjoy the mild burn of stretching himself further will cause.

The toy presses between his cheeks, gently prodding his hole, before he slowly, slowly, starts pushing it in, a bit at a time. The plug is rippled, or at least that’s what the sex shop said. The toy grows wider then smaller a couple times before it goes back in at the beaded base, where it flares out one last time. The feeling of stretching open around the wider parts, then instantly feeling himself close around the smaller parts, over and over, is already almost too much for Namjoon, and he hasn’t even turned the damn thing on yet.

Once he has it in all the way to the base, he takes a moment to adjust before he starts slowly fucking himself with it, just getting used to the sensation of being full again after such a long time before he adds more intensity.

After a few moments of sliding the toy in and out of his ass, making a sound every time he fucks it into himself from all the lube he’s used, he pushes it in all the way, the base of the toy flat against his ass. With his right hand, still covered in lube from spreading it on the toy and finger fucking himself earlier, he starts finally paying more attention to his cock again, stroking it harder than before, his hand gliding smoothly from all the lube.

With his left hand, he blindly searches for the remote to the plug, clicking it back on and going to the first setting. The sound that comes out of his mouth doesn’t even sound human. He supposes it’s supposed to be a moan, but it’s deeper and almost more animalistic than he’s ever heard from himself before. And loud. So fucking loud, he couldn’t have prevented it even if he tried.

It’s such a foreign feeling, but the vibrations against his already sensitive prostate is damn near close to heaven. He clicks the remote once more, increasing the intensity as well as activating the beads at the base, the toy starting to rotate a bit inside Namjoon. He groans loudly again, stroking his cock hard a few times, squeezing the base so he doesn’t come too quickly, then repeats the process.

At this point, Namjoon goes back to his fantasy, now imagining him finally riding Jungkook, swiveling his hips on top of him in such a way that makes Jungkook moan almost as loudly as Namjoon just did, digging his fingers into his hips and bucking up hard inside him every now and again, as if he just can’t help himself.

Real Namjoon starts focusing on just the tip of his cock, so sensitive he thinks he might be seeing stars. But now Fantasy Jungkook, unable to hold back, uses those muscles of his to flip Namjoon completely on his back without pulling out of him even once. He grabs one of Namjoon’s legs, raising it up to place near his shoulder and using it as leverage as he pounds into Namjoon, headboard slamming against the wall with each thrust...bang, bang bang…

Namjoon startles, opening his eyes and trying to situate himself with his surroundings again. When he hears the banging from his fantasy persist, he turns off the toy and listens.

Bang bang bang.

It’s his door. “Hyung? Are you in there?”

Oh, shit.

What the fuck is Jungkook doing here, now of all times? Isn’t he supposed to be balls deep inside his stupid little girlfriend already? Namjoon jumps up when the boy knocks on his door again, apparently not giving up. He pulls his sweats up over his ass, still holding the toy in, and tucks his dick into his waistband, hoping with his whole being that his shirt is loose enough to hide everything properly.

Namjoon takes a few short deep breaths before he opens the door, smile planted on his face to greet Jungkook.

“Hey Kook, what’s up?” He triea to sound as casual as possible, but he’s still breathing a bit too heavy to be normal.

“Oh hey Joon. I was wondering if i could ask…” Jungkook looks a bit nervous now, hand scratching awkwardly at the back of his neck. ” you have a-a condom i can borrow?” he asks sheepishly, and Namjoon doesn’t know if he wants to scream or cry.

Jungkook looks down, cheeks going a bit red from embarrassment, that is until he seems to focus on Namjoon’s shirt, hia eyes darkening before they flick back up to him.

Namjoon glances down to see what he was looking at. Not only is it obvious he’s popping a boner, but his shirt still has a stain from the precome earlier. It doesn’t take a genius to put two and two together.

Namjoon’s head pops up, and now he’s pretty sure he’s more red than Jungkook, who turns away as he tries to give Namjoon some semblance of false privacy. “S-sure, condom. Yup. I c-can...let me just go get one. Unless you need more. But i don’t think i have m-much more. You probably need more. Y-you know, just in case…” Namjoon’s brain is protesting in horror at his mouth, unable to stop rambling even though he just wants the ground to swallow him up at this point.

“I don’t need more than one, hyung.” Jungkook says quietly, clearly trying to hold back a

“Right.” Namjoon replies, turning on his heels so quickly he almost loses his balance, heading down the hall to his bedroom. Once in his room, he moves just enough so Jungkook can’t see him down the hall, taking a deep breath to try and calm himself.

Okay, sure. He was just jacking off to thoughts of Jungkook literal seconds before he opened the door. Sure, Jungkook knows he’s hard. Sure, he still has a fucking butt plug stuck up his ass. big deal, right? He’ll find a condom, go give it to Jungkook, bid him farewell. Then he’ll go back and fuck his little girlfriend, and Namjoon will either finish himself off or cry himself to sleep. He’s yet to decide.

Taking a few more deep breaths, he finally opens some drawers at his bedside tables, looking for a condom. He finds a bright yellow one. Banana flavored, his favorite. It’s also ribbed. Another favorite of his. But now he’s about to give his favorite condom to Jungkook to use on someone else. The fates are just laughing in his face at this point, aren’t they?

He turns and heads back to Jungkook, who is now playing around with something in his hands. From here Namjoon can’t quite tell what it is. His keys maybe? He shrugs, just wanting to give the boy the condom and shoo him out of his apartment so he can die in peace.

Jungkook glances up at him then, his eyes going back down to the object in his hands. “Hyung...what’s this?”

Oh what an innocent question. If only Jungkook knew what he was about to do to Namjoon.

Because, at the exact same moment that Jungkook asks what could be the most deceptively innocent question, two things happen at once.

One, Namjoon realizes what’s in Jungkook’s hands. The fucking remote.

Two, Jungkook pushes the buttons a few time, probably trying to see if it would turn something on.

Oh boy, did it turn something on.

Namjoon yelps and drops the condom, eyes wide and legs closed tightly, not sure if his legs will hold him much longer, seeing as Jungkook unintentionally turned the butt plug on to one of it’s highest settings, a buzzing sound filling the air around them.

If Namjoon’s ass wasn’t being vibrated to the moon and back, he swears he’d laugh at the look on Jungkook’s face.

The boy simply stares at him for what seems like a million years, mouth hanging open in an “O” shape, and if Namjoon wasn’t about to pass the fuck out, he might find it cute. Jungkook’s eyes then make their way slowly down to Namjoon’s groin, where the general buzzing sound is coming from. He gulps then, Adam’s apple bobbing dramatically before his eyes snap back up to Namjoon’s.

“H-hyung?” Namjoon can tell Jungkook is hoping to find some normal explanation for...whatever the fuck is happening to them at this moment. Or more precisely, what’s happening to Namjoon at this moment. And even if Namjoon wasn’t biting his lip so hard to prevent another deep moan from bursting out, or concentrating on not collapsing to the floor in a horny, moaning mess, or contemplating on how likely it is that Jungkook would just forget this whole incident the moment he wakes up the next morning…

He’s pretty sure he still wouldn’t know what to say.

“Oh hey Jungkook, hold on a moment and let me take this six inch vibrating dildo out of my rear end.”

“Sorry i have a butt plug squeezed between my cheeks, i was just trying to jack off to thoughts of fucking you right before i answered the door!”

“Doesn’t everyone sit around on a Thursday nights with vibrating butt plugs up their

If this isn’t a homosexual crisis, Namjoon doesn’t know what is.

His knees decide to completely buckle at that moment, fortunately saving him from having to give Jungkook any sort of convoluted answer.

Unfortunately, this only sends him falling directly into Jungkook’s arms, his full weight falling against the boy, pushing him up against the front door with his arms full of a vibrating, horny Namjoon.

To make matters worse, the fall only ended up moving the toy a bit deeper inside him, fully pressing against his prostate now. That same loud moan that escaped him earlier releases from him again, only this time it’s directly into Jungkook’s ear. If he could just come already, then promptly die, that’d be great.

“Remote.” Namjoon mumbles, face now hiding in Jungkook’s neck in an attempt to hide his red face. Not that it matters all that much, considering he still has a death grip on Jungkook’s shirt, the boy’s arms still wrapped around him with Namjoon twitching every couple of seconds from the vibrations of the toy.

“W-what?” Jungkook whispers.

“Turn off the -- oh fuck -- turn off the remote. Turn off the fucking remote.” Namjoon is starting to moan again, small little breathless sounds that are barely muffled in the younger boys shirt. He needs him to turn the damn thing off, or he very well might come in his pants, which -- while pleasurable for him -- would probably only make this extremely fucked up moment...even more awkward and fucked up. If that’s even possible.

Jungkook looks down at his hand then, where he is still holding the remote since he first turned it on, realization finally hitting him then what exactly he’s holding. “Hyung? Do you -- do you have a toy inside you?”

Namjoon whimpers then. Why won’t he just turn the fucking thing off already? Namjoon isn’t exactly in any shape for a damn inquisition at the moment.

“Jungkook...please …”

Face still buried in Jungkook’s neck, he hears the younger’s breathing pick up. Hears him gulp again, loudly that it’s now right by Namjoon’s ear. Jungkook’s hands are still around Namjoon’s waist, holding him up since his legs are still useless. Slowly, gently, Namjoon feels
one of the boy’s hands start to slide down further and further until it’s resting on the top of his ass.

He knows the boy can feel the residual vibrations of the toy, knows that even if Jungkook wanted to be willfully blind to the situation, there’s definitely no way now that either of them can look past the fact that Namjoon has a toy up his ass...and Jungkook has all the control, the little black remote still in his other hand.

Namjoon whimpers again when he feels Kook’s hand start to slide south even further. “Jungkook…?”

Jungkook doesn’t say anything, moving his hand until he can feel the base of the plug through Namjoon’s sweatpants, pushing lightly on it, sending it even deeper inside Namjoon.

“F-fuck, Kook….please, fuck, please.” He almost sobs. He doesn’t even know what he’s begging for at this point. Whether he wants the younger to turn off the toy, or keep going. He just needs.

He hears Jungkook groan, then suddenly, so suddenly it makes Namjoon lurch in place, the vibrations stop. At some point during Namjoon's begging, moaning, and pleading, Jungkook’s arms disappeared from around him. He slides down to his knees, still holding onto Jungkook’s shirt, trying to get his mind to come back to the here and now.

Jungkook curse from above him, hears the remote getting tossed onto the side table. He looks up at the boy then. Jungkook is rubbing his face aggressively with his hands, still leaning against the door, looking damn near as fucked out as Namjoon does. Bringing his eyes back down, he notices that Jungkook is very much hard through his own sweatpants. Namjoon vaguely thinks that he must have changed into them when he came to ask for a condom, seeing as how he had on tight black jeans earlier in the night.

Then it hits Namjoon. That while he was a writhing, vibrating mess in Jungkook’s arms, his little girlfriend has been waiting for him to get a condom and go back over and fuck her. He’s pretty sure Jungkook getting stuck in his neighbors apartment playing with a vibrating butt plug wouldn’t even cross her mind.

“Uh, Jungkook?” He has to clear his throat, his voice coming out rougher and deeper than normal. Jungkook looks down at Namjoon, kneeling in front of him and holding onto his hips now, inches away from his clothed erection. His eyes darken and he licks his dry lips, remaining silent. “Um, I-I think...your girlfriend is probably wondering where you are about now.”

He can’t look him in the eyes. He just can’t. He’s basically in love with the man, and he almost just came in his arms, all while his girlfriend is next door waiting on him to send him back
to her. It’s like his best fantasy and worst nightmare decided to join together and birth whatever the fuck this night is.

“Oh….yeah. Probably.” His voice sounds almost as bad as Namjoon’s does, all growly and deep. He whispers something then, something that he didn’t catch. He asks the boy to repeat himself.

“I said, she’s not my girlfriend.” he replies, barely above a whisper.

Namjoon breaks eye contact again. “Oh, well...but still...”

The boy sighs heavily then, leaning his head back on the door and closing his eyes. From Namjoon’s position, on his knees in front of him, he’s pretty sure he’s never seen a more beautiful sight.

“It’s your fault I even brought her home, you know.” Jungkook speaks so quietly, Namjoon’s not sure he even heard him right. When he looks up, Jungkook’s dark brown eyes are staring back at him, less dark and less sure than before, but still beautiful.


He sighs, putting his large hands on top of Namjoon’s, stopping him from taking them off his hips. “After talking to you at the coffee shop today, I...I couldn’t stop thinking about you. You were so close to me when we watched my dance, and you smelled so good. Like cologne and coffee,” he laughs then, a bit self consciously. “You’re so gorgeous.”

He whispers that last bit, thumbs rubbing on Namjoon’s wrists. Maybe Namjoon is dreaming all of this after all. Because this can’t be real. Things like this don’t happen, especially not to him.

His fingers squeeze Jungkook’s hips then, making sure he was real, was actually standing in front of him. “’re straight.”

Jungkook laughs then, head leaning back against the door again. “Yeah...i thought so too. At least until a year ago, when i moved in and realized I had the hots for my cute neighbor.” He shrugs then. “I don’t know what i am and it confuses me too much when i think about it sometimes. All i know is that i’ve liked women all my life…until you. You’re the only guy i’ve ever been attracted to, and i don’t know what to think about that, or if i should even stress about it at all.”

He looks back down at Namjoon, his hand twitching towards his face as if the boy is trying to stop himself from reaching towards him. Instead he tightens his grip on Namjoon’s wrists again.

“After i left the coffee shop, i tried. I tried to forget about being with you in the coffee shop, tried to not think about how much I wanted to kiss your thick lips. God Namjoon’ve got the most perfect lips, did you know?” Namjoon simply shakes his head. Jungkook’s eyes darken again when he catches his tongue dart out to wet said lips. “I tried to focus during dance class, tried to not think of you while i got ready for the party. But I just couldn't stop. And when this girl showed up flirting with me, I thought it was the perfect way to forget about you, at least for a bit.”

Namjoon breaks eye contact again. He’s both happy to find out that Jungkook actually likes him back and sad that he chooses to try and actively forget about him too, as irrational as that thought feels.

“Then i saw you at the window after I pulled up, and all i could imagine was that she was you. That it was you grinding your ass down on me, kissing my neck. I kept trying to focus on her, i did. But i just couldn’t, not with knowing you were right next door. You’ve always been so close, yet felt out of reach at the same time.”

“I’ve been thinking about you too.” Namjoon blurts suddenly.

Jungkook smirks. “Yeah? When?”

Namjoon swallows even though his mouth is dry again, shifting a bit uncomfortably. Both from Jungkook’s gaze on him as well as because the plug is starting to become a bit uncomfortable at this point.

“L-like...tonight. Before you knocked.”

The boy hums, finally moving his hand to run it through Namjoon’s messy hair, resting it at his nape, pulling gently on the strands so he can force Namjoon’s head up. He’s unable to avoid his gaze this way.

“Yeah?” Namjoon tries to nod. “What were you thinking about hyung? What were you thinking about that lead you to fucking your own ass with a toy, hmm?” He pulls his hair a bit harder then, whispering the next. “Were you thinking about me touching you? Fucking you? Hyung, did you fuck your fist, imagining it was me?”

Namjoon whimpers, his hands tightening even more on the boys hips, unable to stop from moving his own. Trying to find any type of friction for his needy cock.

“I bet you were imagining all the things i could do to you, am I right hyung? How I’d fuck you, how I’d touch you, taste you’d taste me.” Jungkook groans, hips twitching upwards at his thoughts. “How your pretty mouth would take my cock. Fuck, hyung...if you knew how many times i thought about how beautiful your lips would look wrapped around me…”

Closing his eyes and releasing a shaky breath, Namjoon rests his forehead on Jungkook’s stomach, unable to look at the boy anymore, too overcome with...everything.

“Jungkook…” Namjoon whimpers, dipping his fingers just below the waistband of Jungkook’s pants, gripping them hard. Tilting his head up until it’s just his chin resting on the boys stomach, looking at Jungkook through his eyelashes. “Can I? Please?” He tugs lightly on his waistband to make it clear what he’s asking.

Jungkook stares at him, eyes darkening more than they have all night. “Fuck…” his head falls back at his uttered curse, breathing heavy. When he looks back down, he’s biting his bottom lip hard, letting his hands drop from Namjoon’s hair.

He nods.

That’s all the encouragement Namjoon needs before he’s pulling his pants and underwear down at the same time, previously dry mouth practically salivating at what’s before him.

It’s cliche to fantasize about your partner having a big dick, but everyone does it. Namjoon always assumed Jungkook was pretty good in this department. But oh boy, he didn’t expect this.

The Perfect Dickᵀᴹ.

Curling up to rest against his belly, precome leaking from the tip steadily, Namjoon decides he can currently forgive the gods of all other grievances they’ve put him through tonight just for this moment right here.

He wraps his large hands around the boys width, just letting it rest in his hand, properly appreciating it for a moment.

“You just gonna stare at it, hyung?” Jungkook chuckles. “Maybe you could...ugnhhh,

Namjoon, not allowing the boy to talk back, just went for it, trying his best to deep throat him in one go. He gags a bit, then starts moving his head up and down Jungkook’s generous length, using one of his hands to stroke the remaining length while his other hand goes around to squeeze the boys ass, using it to push his hips further towards his face each time he takes him in.

Jungkook wraps his hands in Namjoon’s hair, starting to lightly thrust into his wet mouth without prompting now. “Fuck hyung, Namjoon….ffffuck!” he shouts the
last when Namjoon removes his hand from Jungkook’s cock, relaxing his throat so he can take Jungkook all the way in until his nose is brushing the boys belly.

His gag reflexes keep trying to kick in, making his throat tighten around the tip of Jungkook’s cock each time. The boys hands push on his head, holding it in place. When Namjoon goes to move back, Jungkook holds his head still for just a moment longer making him gag even harder before he lets go.

Namjoon leans back, taking a few gulps of air while he continues to stroke the boy with his hands, the spit and precome making the glide easy and smooth.

“I was right. Your mouth does feel perfect wrapped around me. Fuck hyung...i wish you knew how pretty you look right now. Lips red and swollen from taking my cock.” Jungkook says, breathing a bit heavy.

Namjoon blushes, pleased that he could make Jungkook feel so good. When he looks back up at the boy, he drops both of his hands from his length. When Jungkook gives him a questioning look, he simply smiles at him.

“Fuck my face.”


Namjoon smirks, moving closer to him again before he repeats, “I said, fuck my face Jungkook. I want you to.” He opens his mouth, hands on the younger’s hips, waiting.

“F-fuck. Shit. God damn it, hyung. You’re fucking perfect.” He sounds almost in awe, making Namjoon preen again at the compliment.

Linking his hands in Namjoon’s hair, he uses his grip to guide him back onto his cock, thrusting shallowly at first. This goes on for a few moments before Namjoon moves back again. Jungkook, dropping his hands in fear he did something wrong, asks “What? I'm sorry, I didn’t mean to…”

Namjoon shushes him. “You didn’t do anything wrong Kookie. It’s just...I'm not made of glass. You won’t break me. I asked you to fuck my face. And i mean fuck my face. If it gets too much, I’ll tap you.” He taps Jungkook’s hip in demonstration. “Until then…” he guides the boy’s hands back into his hair before he grabs on to his hips again, forcing him to thrust into his waiting mouth.

He hears Jungkook’s breath rattle out of him from above, tightening his grip on Namjoon’s head, thrusting a bit harder, a bit faster. After several more thrusts like this with the
elder not tapping out, he finally gets more bold, speeding up his hips, holding Namjoon’s face still while he keeps sliding his dick inside his wet mouth, starting to hit the back of his throat regularly.

At this point, Namjoon’s got his gag reflexes mostly under control. However, every few thrusts Jungkook pumps into him extra hard, making him gag around the head of his cock. Hearing the boy hiss out his pleasure each time it happens makes it more than worth it.

Suddenly, Namjoon is being pulled up quickly, now facing a panting Jungkook. They stare at each other for a few moments, Namjoon with his swollen lips, Jungkook with his messy hair and flushed skin. Then the younger is grabbing Namjoon’s head again, only this time to bring their lips crashing together. More teeth and tongue than anything else, but Namjoon is perfectly okay with that.

Jungkook pulls back just as suddenly as he had initiated the kiss, eyes wide in surprise.

“I just kissed a boy.” he whispers, clearly shocked at himself.

“I literally just had your dick in my mouth. A kiss is so not the gayest thing you’ve done tonight.”

Jungkook stares at him, then they both break out laughing at how ridiculous, how wonderfully ridiculous, this whole situation is. Once things settle down to a few chuckles here and there, it grows silent. Almost tense. Namjoon can see Jungkook over-thinking things right now, with as hard as he’s concentrating.

“Kook? Hey, look at me.” Fingers on the boys chin, he makes sure he looks at him before he continues. “We don’t have to do anything you don’t wanna do, okay?”

“B-but, i can’t just...leave you hanging…”

Namjoon laughs humorlessly, now stroking Jungkook’s cheek lightly with his thumb, hoping to soothe him a bit. “Yeah, you fucking can. This isn’t about me or if i get off. This is new to you, it’s all about you. What you want, or what you don’t want. I'm obviously more than willing,” he chuckles, both of them looking down at his still very evident erection in his pants. “But that doesn’t matter unless it’s something you want. If we stop right now, it won’t change anything. I won’t be mad. You just have to tell me what you want, baby.”

Jungkook smiles shyly at the nickname, head leaning into Namjoon’s hand more, clearly enjoying the soft touches.

Namjoon is serious, and he hopes Jungkook truly knows that. Sure, his dick is hard enough to hammer nails, but not only would he never pressure anyone into sex, but especially
not someone who’s so new to this side of himself. He’s got a lot to think about, and sex is the least important issue in this whole equation. He just wants the boy to be comfortable with whatever choice he makes.

“Namjoon...I -- I want to.” He can tell the boy is having a hard time looking at him, but he’s trying really hard. Which makes it easy for him to see the blush bloom on his cheeks when he says, “I want to, if it’s with you.”

Namjoon smiles at him, more touched than he probably should be in a situation where he has a massive hard on. But hey, this night hasn’t exactly gone normally anyways, so who cares.

He leans in, kissing the boy softly, taking his time. Licking against the seam of his lips, then into his mouth, exploring. He thinks he could kiss Jungkook forever and be perfectly happy.

Namjoon grabs Jungkook’s hips, bringing him close enough that they’re now grinding against each other, Jungkook breaking away to let out soft little sounds, grabbing Namjoon’s hips as well now. Namjoon takes this time to start kissing down the boys sharp jawline, nibbling on his ear before he starts sucking sweet kisses onto his neck. He has an indescribable desire to leave marks all over Jungkook like some caveman needing to prove that he’s his, and only his.

“Hyung…” Jungkook gasps at a particularly well placed thrust, perfectly rubbing both their cocks together. He grabs Namjoon’s face, slamming their lips back together, much more aggressive and demanding than any before it.

Jungkook’s hands go to the bottom of Namjoon’s shirt, impatiently pulling it up, only breaking their kiss to completely throw it off and out of the way. Only then does he break away again, running his shaky hands down Namjoon’s chest and stomach before he rests his hands on the elder’s hips.


Now, Namjoon doesn’t really workout much, but he does try to take care of his body. While he doesn’t think it’s the most impressive, definitely not on the same level as someone like Jungkook, he feels pretty good about his appearance overall.

But now, biting his lip to hide a smile at Jungkook’s reaction to seeing him, he can say he definitely feels more confident than ever in how he looks.

“’re fucking perfect.” Namjoon means to say something, maybe try to brush off the compliment. But before he can, Jungkook leans down, taking one of his nipples into his mouth and sucking hard.

He bites his lip harder, trying to hold in yet another moan. Namjoon has never been more vocal in his life during sex or foreplay than he has tonight. “Fffuck, Kookie…”

The boy lets him go with a wet popping sound, instantly moving to the other side to give it the same attention. As much as Namjoon is enjoying it, Jungkook looks to be enjoying it easily as much, giving every inch of his body he touches one hundred percent of his attention. This could become addicting, Namjoon thinks.

At this point though, Namjoon isn’t sure how much longer he can go with a hard on. It can’t be healthy to go this long, surely. He needs more blood to his brain instead of his dick sooner rather than later, or who knows what other stupid thing he might do tonight.

“Jungkook,” he gasps, pulling the boy up and kissing him again. Now it’s his turn to try to tear the shirt off of him. “Off. I need…” he doesn’t quite know what he needs. More skin, more touching, who knows. He just knows he needs it now .

Jungkook doesn’t resist, pulling back to help Namjoon, everything seeming more rushed, more urgent at this point.

Namjoon doesn’t get a chance to ogle the boy like he did to him, because Jungkook leans down, quickly pulling Namjoon’s sweats all the way down to the floor, pooling at his feet. “Step,” he says, tapping his shin. As soon as he steps out of his pants, Jungkook has flipped them, pushing Namjoon up against the door this time, touching and kissing anything he can get his hands and lips on.

It’s ironic that this whole thing started with Namjoon leaning up against this same door, deciding to play with his only sex toy, and now he ended up here yet again tonight. Only this time with something much, much better than anything he could buy in some sex store.

Speaking of which...the butt plug is really starting to get uncomfortable, being in him for so long now. As much as he doesn’t want to stop this moment -- Jungkook sucking and biting on his nipples again while he kneads his ass with both hands -- he has to get this toy out, now.

“Uh -- oh shit -- Jungkook, s-stop. Stop.” He pushes him gently back. When he looks up, Namjoon shudders at how dark and fucked out he looks already.

“What’s wrong, hyung?” he asks as he leans in, placing a gentle peck to Namjoon’s lips.

“Umm…” he fidgets, thinking of how to say it in the least awkward way possible. But then he thinks - fuck it - this whole night has been some level of awkward. “T-the’s been i-inside me too long. I need to...take it out.”

He feels his cheeks heat up. He literally just sucked his dick like two minutes ago, yet
this is what embarrasses him.

“Oh.” Jungkook whispers, eyes traveling down his naked body and lingering on him, fully hard, for a moment before he flips him, Namjoon’s front now pressed against the door.

Jungkook fits himself against his back, no room between each other at all. “Can i take it out, hyung?” He whispers in Namjoon’s ear, giving a sharp nibble to his ear when he does. “I promise to be gentle.”

Shivering, both from his words and the cool door he’s fully pressed against, he nods his head erratically. Why does this turn him on? Does literally everything the boy does turn him on? Don’t answer that.

Jungkook starts trailing kisses down his back, using tongue and teeth and lips, and Namjoon is in heaven. When the boy gets down to his ass, he bites his left cheek hard, sucking on the spot when he lets go. Some dark part of Namjoon hopes it leaves a mark.

He feels him lightly tracing the plug, seemingly fascinated with it. He starts gently pulling it out, but once half way out, he pushes it back inside. He does this a few times, fucking Namjoon with it, making the elder moan and claw at the smooth door in hopes of finding purchase. He can hear the wet sounds the toy makes as it’s pushed in and out of him, very thankful he likes it messy and therefore uses a lot of lube, otherwise all of this would have started rubbing him raw by now..

“You like this hyung? You like me fucking your ass with this toy?” Jungkook asks, his voice having gone deeper than Namjoon as ever heard before, both his words and the tone making him moan louder, the only way he knows how to answer because words are not an option at this point.

Jungkook pushes the toy in one last time, then slowly pulls it out completely. Namjoon can feel some of the lube leaking out and sliding down his thighs. Jungkook’s breaths come out shaky behind him.

“Jungkook…” Namjoon breathes out, not wanting to rush the boy, but needing -- needing -- so bad. It’s only out of pure luck that he hasn’t come already, but he doesn’t want to push it much farther. He just needs Jungkook inside him already.

He feels Jungkook stand up behind him, bringing Namjoon’s ass to his hips, grinding against him. He leaves little bite marks across the elder boy’s shoulders, making him shiver. He finally stops moving, resting his head against Namjoon’s back between his shoulder blades, hands still on his hips to hold him in place.

“Hyung,” he whispers, sounding wrecked. “ I need to...prep you or anything? I know that sounds stupid, but i’ve just never...I don’t know...I just don’t want to do it wrong hyung.”

Namjoon is surprised it’s taken this long for Jungkook’s nerves to finally show. He turns his body, just enough to give a quick peck on the boy’s cheek and pats his hands that are still grabbing onto him.

“You’re doing fine Kookie. It’s okay to be nervous, to ask questions. I don’t mind at all. Since i used the toy, I'm already stretched properly, so you don’t have to do any of that this time. And we can always stop anytime you want, okay? Just say the word.”

The younger shakes his head stubbornly, slight pout on his cute lips. “No hyung, I don’t want to stop. I just..I didn’t want to hurt you.”

Namjoon smiles at that, feeling even more fond of the boy. He knows that fondness shows in his face, in his eyes, but he’s too happy to feel embarrassed about it.

“You won’t hurt me Kookie. I trust you.” The boy gives him a blinding smile at this, the smile. Namjoon wants to coo again, but instead what he says next wipes the smile off Jungkook’s face, darkness growing in his eyes again. “Now, pick up that condom and fuck me, Jungkookie.” As he says this, he pushes his ass out more, coming back into contact with Jungkook’s erection.

“F-fuck. Fuck, hyung…okay.” he breathes out heavy, scrambling to tear his sweatpants off the rest of the way, almost tripping in his haste to grab the condom and roll it on.

He presses himself up against Namjoon’s back again, lining himself up with his hole, pausing as he asks one more time if the elder is okay.

Instead of a response, Namjoon pushes himself back, too quickly for Jungkook to realize what he’s doing until the head of his cock pushes just inside Namjoon, making the boy groan out at the tightness, of finally being in Namjoon in something more than just his lewd fantasies. Needing no further encouragement, Jungkook keeps pushing until he’s all the way in, hips flush against Namjoon’s plump ass.

They both groan at the same time, Jungkook holding himself still inside Namjoon for a moment, both of them relishing in this, of finally being together as intimately as this, all this time neither knowing of the others feelings. Finally, Jungkook starts slowly thrusting into Namjoon, little whines of pleasure falling off Namjoon's lips every time he feels the delicious glide of Jungkook's cock sliding inside him.

Definitely better than any sex toy out there.

Jungkook seems determined to take it slow, pushing in and out in measured thrusts. Don’t get him wrong, Namjoon loves it, but...he needs something more still.

“Jungkookie…” The boy grunts in response, letting him know he’s listening. “What did i say earlier? I'm not going to fucking break. Fuck me, Jungkook, please.”

The boy halts his movements, breathing hard against Namjoon’s neck. He feels him pull away, no longer pressed fully against him. “Are you sure, hyung?”

“Yes -- unghhh” is all Namjoon gets out as, mid sentence, Jungkook thrusts back into Namjoon. Hard.

Then he sets a steady, rough pace, pounding into Namjoon who is now fully flushed up against the door. “Fuck, J-Jungkook….fuck! Yes, there...right t-there.” Namjoon practically screams out. The door is smooth, so he has nothing to grab onto, instead he’s forced to plaster himself to the cold metal door and just take everything Jungkook is now giving him.

He loves his life.

“Fuck hyung, you feel so fucking good.” The boy grunts out, pulling his ass closer to him, kicking Namjoon’s legs apart for a better angle and purchase and fucking into him even harder now. The only sounds in Namjoon’s apartment is their breathy moans and the sound of skin slapping against skin.

“Shit. Shit, Jungkook..fuck...yes, right there.” Namjoon’s palms are now pressed against the door to help him push back into each of Jungkook’s demanding thrusts. He feels so good he barely registers the knocking coming from his door.

“What the fuck, Jungkook?!” they both hear coming from the other side, feminine voice letting them know exactly who it is as they come to a sudden stop, silence ringing out inside the apartment. “I swear to god, if i just heard some man moan your name while i’ve been in your apartment waiting for you this whole time…” she trails off menacingly.

Namjoon isn’t sure what to do. Does he need to say something? To her? To Jungkook? Will Jungkook suddenly realize this was all a mistake after hearing her again, realize he let this go too far?

Will he regret Namjoon?

He sighs, not wanting the possible rejection but deciding they can’t just stand here, Jungkook pressed tight inside Namjoon while his little friend stands outside furious. Like, he’d be furious if he was in her position too, but it’s hard to feel that way with how Jungkook feels inside him.

“Um, Jungkook? M-maybe you should -- ungh fuck!” Namjoon lets out, unfortunately right up against the door, as Jungkook quickly thrusts inside him, hard and deep, again. Setting
a slow but intense pace, ignoring the girls indignant “What the fuck?!” coming from outside as she storms off.

“Jungkook?” Namjoon huffs in question.

“Don’t worry about it hyung,” he says as he grabs Namjoon by the hair, pulling his head back roughly as he starts leaving biting kisses along the elders neck. “I'm with who i want to be with right now.”

He pulls out of Namjoon suddenly and flips him so his back is pressed against the door yet again. He lifts one of Namjoon’s legs, holding it up so he’s able to slide his cock back in. The new angle, the friction on Namjoon’s cock from being pressed between them now, facing Jungkook in such an intimate way...Namjoon isn’t sure he’s ever enjoyed sex this much before.

Jungkook leans forward and kisses Namjoon for a few moments, almost leisurely pushing into him now. When he moves away, he bites Namjoon’s plump bottom lip and looks into his eyes, hand cupping his cheek.

“Hyung, I’ve waited too long to be with you. There’s nothing in this world that would make me want to be anywhere else, or with anyone else.”

Namjoon couldn’t help the shit eating grin that spreads across his face even if he tried at Jungkook’s words. He pushes the boy back, forcing him to pull out of him, kissing the boy as soon as they’re separated, licking inside Jungkook’s mouth as if he’s the tastiest treat to ever exist. Which, in Namjoon’s opinion, he is. He can tell Jungkook is curious why he stopped him, but he’s enjoying the kiss just as much so he doesn’t pull away to ask.

Namjoon starts walking the boy backwards, never breaking from their kiss, Jungkook’s hands now exploring Namjoon’s body almost like he can’t help himself. Once they reach the couch with an abrupt stop, Namjoon pushes Jungkook until he falls down on it, legs spread in an enticing way, his hard cock pointing up towards Namjoon almost as if it’s beckoning him to come closer. Namjoon obliges by straddling Jungkook’s lap, surprising the boy.

“Hyung?” he asks, hands unable to stay away, massaging his ass as the boy rocks up against him.

Namjoon leans over to reach behind one of his pillows to grab the poorly hidden lube from earlier, never getting off Jungkook’s lap. When he pulls back he gives Jungkook a quick peck on the lips, squeezing some lube on his hand, then wrapping it around Jungkook’s condom covered cock, stroking quickly up and down, giving a little twist at the head each time.

“I wanna ride you Kookie.” he whispers as he lines up with Jungkook’s cock and then starts slowly sliding down until he’s fully seated on his lap, the boy so deep inside him in the best of ways.

Jungkook’eyes are both filled with pleasure and surprise. “Oh.” he breathes out. “I didn’t k-know…” he trails off, cheeks dusted with red now.

“What baby?” Namjoon coos, still unmoving.

It takes him a moment to answer, with his hands on Namjoon’s hips, keeping him from moving too much. “Nothing, it’s nothing.”

“Tell me baby.” Namjoon says, moving his hips in small little circles now, as much as Jungkook’s hands will allow him to move.

The boy gulps, pushing down harder on his hips to try and stop all movement, but all he ends up doing is pushing Namjoon further down onto his cock, both boys fitted together as close as they possibly could be.

They both groan at the sensation.

“I didn’t know...I didn’t know a man could...ride another man. Like a girl does.” His hips thrust up almost involuntarily at his words, yet he’s now blushing at the same time. “I mean, I know it happens, I just…didn’t really think about it. I know that sounds so stupid...:”

Namjoon giggles then, pressing a kiss against the boy’s reddened cheek. “It’s not stupid baby, you’ve never been with another man. There’s going to be plenty you don’t know, and that’s fine.” Namjoon interlaces his hands with Jungkook’s then, successfully pulling them away from his hips as he finally starts to ride him. “I’ll teach you.” he says quietly.

Jungkook, caught up in pleasure, tries to smile at that. “I never thought I’d enjoy being a student until now.”

The don’t talk much after that. Namjoon starts riding him harder, his only goal is to make Jungkook feel as much pleasure as possible. He lets go of his hands, putting one of his own on the back of the couch for balance while the other goes down to one of the boy’s nipples, flicking and twisting it as he bounces on his cock.

Jungkook’s hands and lips are all over Namjoon, all reservations gone. Squeezing and scratching, licking and biting every inch of him that he can touch. This moment, this night, is ten times better than any fantasy Namjoon could have ever dreamed of.

Jungkook has started thrusting up into him now, more erratically than before, and he knows the boys is close. Namjoon has his eyes closed, concentrated on the pleasure and the soreness in his legs as he still rides Jungkook hard and fast. But his eyes pop open when he feels a hand wrap around his neglected cock.

“Hyung...I'm g-gonna come.” His voice comes out breathy yet deep, and Namjoon thinks it’s beautiful. He did that. He made this strong, normally collected boy come undone. All because of him. Namjoon made Jungkook feel this way, sound this way. It’s a strong stroke to his ego.

Speaking of strong strokes...Jungkook’s hand has tightened further around Namjoon’s cock, rapidly stroking him as he focuses on the tip more than anything. He hopes Jungkook truly is about to come, because being surrounded by Jungkook, in him, on him, touching him...he knows he won’t last much longer.

“Kookie...don’t s-stop. Feels good -- fuck -- you make me feel so good Jungkookie.” Namjoon has his head buried in Jungkook’s neck, everything becoming too much. He’s starting to slow down, his legs shaking from both exertion and from the heat coiling in the pit of his stomach. Jungkook is practically holding him up now, strong hands underneath his ass as he continues to thrust up into Namjoon, constant cries and moans of pleasure spill from both boys now in a non-stop repetition.

“Fuck...Kookie, I'm --” Namjoon barely gets out before his orgasm hits him hard, painting them both white with his release. He feels like this is the strongest orgasm he’s ever had, it just won’t stop. All he can concentrate on is the pleasure and Jungkook pounding into him even faster now, chasing his own release.

Which, luckily happens just mere moments later, Namjoon’s abused and over sensitive prostate begging for relief.

The moan the comes from the boy is something Namjoon will never forget. Deep, guttural. Almost a growl as he holds Namjoon down, burying himself as deep into him as he can as he milks his release with small, final thrusts.

They sit there, Namjoon still on top of him, head on the boys shoulder with Jungkook still inside him, as they catch their breath. Both of them sweaty, covered in Namjoon’s cum, but he honestly doubts either of them could walk right now if they tried.

“Fuck hyung, that was…” he huffs out, still trying to catch his breath.

Namjoon hums contentedly. “It was pretty good, yeah?”

The boy laughs. “It was god damn amazing Joonie.” He strokes Namjoon’s back, relaxing him further as he slowly pulls out of him, tying the condom up until he can throw it away.

“Joonie, huh?” Namjoon smiles against Jungkook’s neck. “I like it.” He presses a kiss against his throat before he finally rolls off of him, now beside him on his poor, abused couch.

Jungkook just grins shyly at him, leaning over to press a soft kiss to his lips until he gets up and heads down the hallway to Namjoon’s bathroom, presumably to throw the condom away. He hears water running a second later, and then Jungkook comes back all cleaned up, a wet washcloth in his hand. He kneels in front of Namjoon on the couch and starts wiping him down, cleaning him up as best as he can.

Once done, Namjoon can tell Jungkook’s natural shyness is starting to take over again, but he doesn’t want him to feel awkward in this situation, not with him. He slowly stands up, pulling up Jungkook with him. Wrapping his arms around the boys neck, he smiles at him. Jungkook smiles back, an adorable blush blooming on his cheeks as he traces invisible lines on Namjoon’s chest, unable to hold his hyung’s gaze for long.

“Do you wanna sleep over Kook?” he asks him, hoping with his whole heart he says yes. While tonight was more than enjoyable, he kinda hopes he’s not just a one night stand for Jungkook. Some experimental fuck to figure out if his attraction to him is real or not.

Jungkook doesn’t look up, still tracing along Namjoon’s chest and collarbones. He quietly nods his head, smiling again. “Yeah. I’d...I’d really like that hyung.”

Namjoon grins, for what has to be the millionth time that night, and lifts Jungkook’s face towards him, placing a chaste kiss on his lips. “Go grab what you need from your apartment and lock it up. I’ll just be in the bedroom. Lock the door behind you when you come back.” He gives him another quick kiss and a gentle smack on the ass, shooing him towards his sweats which are still pooled on the floor by the front door.

Namjoon watches him slide into his them and search for his keys, the younger glancing up at him every few seconds and smiling to himself, making Namjoon’s heart flutter in a stupid way.

Still naked, he goes around the apartment after Jungkook is gone, turning lights off, brushing his teeth, and pulling on a pair of black boxers before he crawls into his bed. His lamp on his bedside table the only light on in the apartment, but enough light to guide Jungkook to him when he comes back from his own placet.

Jungkook. Who would have thought any of this would have happened? Certainly not Namjoon. A year. A whole year Namjoon has spent in love with Jungkook. A whole year of thinking that there was never a possibility that his gorgeous, sweet, kind straight neighbor could ever love him back.

Sure, it’s too soon for the L-word, especially from Jungkook. But regardless, he’d never in a million years expect things to turn out the way they did tonight. So much for the whole Getting-Over-Jungkook plan that he was supposed to start. That option blew right out the fucking window, that’s for sure.

Namjoon grimaces, thinking of Jimin’s words from earlier today. He could have told Jungkook how he felt a long time ago and things probably would have worked out good, if tonight was any indication. Jimin was right, damn it. Namjoon can already imagine the endless gloating and teasing he’ll receive from the adorable brat.

Namjoon hears his front door opening, then snicking shut. The sound of keys being tossed on the kitchen counter, then the shuffle of feet getting closer. When Jungkook walks into the bedroom, it’s to find Namjoon already about to doze off. Jungkook smiles at him in an adoring way, and Namjoon wonders how he always missed the way the boy looked at him. He really has been a blind idiot.

He sets an overnight bag by the door. He’s still wearing his sweats, no shirt on. Namjoon can faintly see a few marks on his body and it makes him smile at the thought that those marks are from him, just as the marks on his own body is from the beautiful boy in front of him.

As Jungkook slides into the bed, turning off the light & blanketing them in utter darkness, Namjoon snuggles up to him, head on his chest and arm possessively wrapped across his stomach. They don’t say anything. Jungkook just places a tender kiss on Namjoon’s head as they settle against each other, both exhausted from the nights events and emotions.

They’ll need to talk. So much has happened, and it can’t be ignored. But for now, for tonight, they’ll just enjoy what they’ve experienced and fall into a warm, dreamless sleep, wrapped in each other’s arms.

So, yes. This Thursday has easily been one of Namjoon’s most unusual Thursdays in his life. But it’s also been one of the best he’s ever had too. Sometimes things don’t always happen like you’d expect them to. But that just makes them that much more special, and sometimes, life changing.