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Shinya's Odd Marriage Proposals

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Shinya’s odd marriage proposals:


Shinya often asked Guren to marry him. It was just a joke he’d bring up once every two or so weeks, and it was uncomfortable for everyone around them if they were there. Guren just ignored them, or well, tried too.. Sometimes he’d chase Shinya around, or give him a little smack of the head in response, usually when the rest of his squad was around, or when he joked about it in front of the Hiiragis. (Which always made the Hiiragis very confused.)

    But, as usual, Shinya kept up the ongoing joke. It made Guren flustered, and gave him updates on his relationship. It was that, as long as he was alone, Guren didn’t care about this joke. He just continued on with his work or conversation. Shinya was very observant. It was odd that Guren only cared about it when they were alone… The raven haired only complained or grew flustered when the blue eyed talked about it in public.

    Problem is, Shinya wasn’t able to tell if that meant the violet eyed lieutenant colonel didn’t mind marrying him- or actually liked Shinya back, (Things the snowy haired male rarely considered properly.) Or that he was slowly growing more used to Shinya’s presence and attitude. Both were okay, with one obviously being much better than the other.

    For reference, here are a few times Shinya brought it up:

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Guren rarely invited anyone over for dinner, but when they had finally come back from that raid in Narita, he decided that maybe it wouldn’t be too bad if he and his squad had a little dinner party or something. Of course, he invited Shinya, who despite not being in his squad per say, had fought beside him anyways. (Really he just new that Shinya would complain he wasn’t invited- and just maybe he wanted to see Shinya drunk to see if he’d spill anything..)

    Regardless, since it was a dinner, everyone brought food, and Guren decided he’d try to make a dessert. This mean he had to cook, which in turn meant that he had to diligently watch as to not burn his entire kitchen down. He did that successfully, however the warzone of flour, chocolate powder, some egg in his apron pocket for some reason, and his wet sock he was too lazy to take off sure gave him flashbacks to the battlefield in which he had just recently escaped. He slid the chocolate cake in the oven.

    When it was time for the party, everyone brought their food. Sayuri as always brought her homemade curry, which to Shinya’s dismay always made Guren’s mouth water. Goshi actually pulled together some legitimately good food, apparently he was able to make a whole bunch of spaghetti, instead of his usual go to: creampuffs. Mito and Shigure had arrived at the same time, they said they came together to make a whole bunch of takoyaki, Mito’s favourite, but everyone else knew that Mito just couldn’t cook at all. Finally Shinya arrived with a dish covered in tin foil, hiding it from the rest of the squad.

When Guren finally took his dessert out of the burning hot oven in front of everyone, it was all silently agreed upon that it must be discarded, in order to prevent a second, somehow more deadly, apocalypse. Shinya however, seemed to be very vocal about the very burnt cake. He took a bit in the middle, which was still gooey in account for the heat being to high and only touching the border of the cake batter. He tasted it before laughing his angel laugh, little tears forming at the corners of his eyes. Guren just glared at the Hiiragi.

“Guren,” he started, “this is so bad. Why is it salty??” He questioned, still laughing. Shigure followed, dipping her finger into the hot mixture as if it was nothing and tasting it herself. Shigure doesn't often emote, and so when she glared at the cake with a passion, the expectation that this cake was actually worse than the apocalyptic wasteland outside, it wasn't long before they had all started laughing, with Guren pissed off and flustered behind the counter. The one time he decides that maybe they could spend some time together- this happens. He did his best, he really did. He just can't cook, at all, or doesn't know how to follow the instructions listed. Shinya imagined him being arrogant to a book.

Speaking of Shinya, the fair skinned male walked over to the table in which he placed his tin-covered dish. He unwrapped the carefully placed tinfoil and revealed another chocolate cake, this one actually looking edible. Guren was about to grab his sword and stab the thing if Shinya hadn't started talking.

“My Guren, you really are pathetic when it comes to taking care of yourself.” He sighed, sarcastically shrugging. “When we get married I'll have so much work to do~” He smirked, grabbing Guren's dumpster fire cake and dumping it in the garbage. (Dish and all.)

The room was silent. Everyone was speechless at Shinya's witty remark, and it took awhile for Guren to process what Shinya had said, and get it through his head that Shinya said something weird before finally butting in.

“FULL DISCLOSURE-HE'S JOKING.” He blurted out, before turning to the sniper and chasing him around the large apartment, Shinya obviously having fun himself.

Guren's squad gave odd glances at the two, both having at least a bit of a red tint on their cheeks as they ran around, Guren finally being able to kick Shinya. They shrugged it off and decided to not think about it ever again, or at least until they heard the next time Shinya would crack this joke out in company again

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This time they were in a meeting, and just to his dismay, the Hiiragis were there. This time he hadn't finished some paperwork, and Shinya was sitting besides him when he had to admit it. Shinya just gave his usual it's-all-good smile as he shrugged.

“Mah, Guren~” he chimed, turning to the raven haired and Ignoring the rest of his adoptive family in the room. “Don't think this behaviour will pass once we're married. If you can't even do simple paperwork, how will you have time to spend with me?” He whined, making an adorable pouting face that would have almost let him off with a warning and not the death glare he was given instead.

There was this silence that Shinya had never felt before he met Guren. He loved this silence. It was the 'excuse me what the actual fuck??’ silence that generally affected other people and not him. He turned to Guren, who was giving him the most disappointed, confused, and yet angry look he had ever seen on the Lieutenant Colonel. He was speechless that of all jokes he could have brought up, he chose THAT ONE in front of the Hiiragis.

He turned to Seishiro, who with his punk fashion shot a terrifying and disgusted look at Shinya. His thin brows furrowed and his constant glare grew harder. It was almost comical how much Seishirou looked like a stereotypical delinquent. Shinya knew he spent way too much time styling his hair in the mornings though..

Turning once again he checked up on good old Kureto-Niisan, who had also done he same furrowing with his very.. angular eyebrows. He wasn't really looking at the pair persay, but he was staring intently at a wall. He seemed to be thinking about it, Shinya new that face, and it seemed that the more he thought of it, the more it made sense- but didn't at all and it just looped back round to being stupid.

Lastly he turned to his adoptive father, Tenri Hiiragi. There wasn't disgust, confusion, or anger. Just disappointment. Tenri furrowed his light gray stained brows for a second, before sighing and muttering something the others couldn't hear. Shinya, having hearing that was probably better than most animals, heard it pretty clearly, as nearly cried tears of pure laughter at the fact Tenri had muttered: “again?? Had to take both of them down with him, didn't he.”

Every other person in the room, whether they were a higher up or not, just also had confused faces. They obviously weren’t as confused, disgusted or angry as the main four that Shinya was aiming to annoy, but there was that one fucker at the end of the table who also muttered a: “Called it~”. Shinya made mental note to make friends with Hibarigaoka-san later..

Shinya was all too amused by their reactions, but decided it best to end it here, before Guren regained consciousness to kill him, Seishiro blew a fuse, Kureto glared a hole into the wall, and he started disappointing his 'father’ to the point of no return. He let little tears pool in his eyes from the event and wiped them away in a laugh.

“Geez, I was joking!” He laughed. Guren was still speechless, and Shinya took his chance, ruffling the raven hair to his left. He took in every moment of touching the smooth black strands, smiling to himself, he did it a second after it became a bit weird. He retracted his hand and and made a little peace sign. “See ya!” He sung as he walked out the large doors, every eye in the room following him out.

Almost as soon as he left, everyone turned their heads to Guren, who was still speechless, with messy, ruffled hair. Not even attempting to address the situation, He quickly pushed himself out of his chair, hastily took his documents, and did his fastest power walk out room, swinging the door open. With the last few moments in which the door was slowly shutting, there were the few very loud footsteps and finally a loud, angry: “SHINYA I SWEAR TO GOD.” as the door dramatically shut.  

Of all the things the Hiiragis have on their plate, having their adoptive son marry another man, nay, a freaking Ichinose too, was not something they were specifically expecting, nor wanted.


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    This one actually took place in the raid on Narita, the night just before the big battle. Being the Lieutenant Colonel meant he got to have a private tent stationed for him. Even the rest of Guren’s squad shared one room. (Didn’t stop them from visiting Guren constantly though.) Guren was.. Tired. Constantly being pushed around by the Hiiragis, usually put on death missions like this just to kill him off, but he always returned alive one way or another. They’d never put Shinya on missions like this since he was a Hiiragi, adoptive or not, he was a representative of J.I.D.A, and Guren was glad. He would never say it, but he loved Shinya, he really did.

He loved the way he would always check up on him despite it being annoying at points, the way his smile curved ever so slightly to reveal the carefree smile he bore almost constantly, he loved that no matter what he did or said, Shinya always followed him to the end and back. It was almost hilarious to Guren that he had fallen for his Ex’s fiance, not to even mention the fact that Shinya was practically dead (Guren tried to never think about it that way)... Shinya made Guren pissed off, annoyed, and tired. Thing is, out of all the things, Shinya also made Guren happy- something that was hard to do. Shinya made Guren unbelievably happy, though he’d never show it…

So, when he was leaning against the tarp of his private tent, thinking about the silver-headed sniper, he smiled. Usually, he saw shinya at least once every two days, but going on this raid meant goodbye for a week or more. Shinya had become one of his reasons for living, and oh what he would have done to have Shinya hug him at the moment. Granted, Guren obviously wanted to do more than hugging, but he knows he can’t, and so he settled for the most intimate thing friends could do casually.

Shinya rarely gave any hugs, but when he did, Guren’s heart raced- but also he felt a calming sensation wash over him. He wanted one now, though, while giving a faint laugh, he remembered that he would never directly ask for a hug. He couldn’t- Not when he had kept up a wall for so long- he couldn’t let Shinya know how weak for him he actually was. The raven haired closed his eyes, thinking about the large sapphire eyes he fails to get enough of.

“Hi Guren!~” The sniper’s voice rang. Guren smiled, eyes still resting. He played along with whatever Mahiru was doing now, though it was hard to feel her presence.

“Hey Shinya.” He spoke, but silently, so whoever was in the tent next to him didn’t think he was insane. He imagined the sniper with his perfectly combed hair, smiling confidently like he always did. The Major General uniform he always wore complimenting his equally as high class appearance. He tucked the bits of his bangs behind his left ear as he did when they were in battle- Guren loved that look on him. He just imagined the elegant male standing in the middle of his room.

“Oh?are you not surprised to see me?” He asked, making his way to the bed Guren was sitting on. Guren almost swore he felt the bed rock a little, but he accounted it on the fact he just changed his leg position, so nothing was out of the ordinary. Guren smirked.

“Nope.” He told the imagination. It was pathetic when he thought about it, but right now he just felt like breaking down and crying, so he’d rather have this to cheer him up. Shrugging, he pulled himself to lean a bit straighter against the tarp wall, it making a slight rocking noise.

“Really? And here I thought I was making a grand entrance! Entering before the devastating battle- my friend in dire need of companionship! I come just before he started to break down, a- ‘my dear Shinya! How I missed you so!’- as he cries into my shoulder! ” He laughed sarcastically. That Angelic laugh was all too familiar in Guren’s mind. Guren gave an amused snort at how real this hallucination actually was. Maybe Goshi was behind this.. He actually found out that when his opponent’s eyes are closed, he can make them hallucinate. Guren played along.

“Well you’re not wrong.” He answered. “I missed you… a lot.” He confessed. It was good to get if off his chest. It felt like a weight was lifted, and he took a deep breath, in and out, enjoying the feeling. maybe he should have Goshi do more things like this in the future.

“Oh my! Really?~” Shinya purred in his mind. Guren decided he shouldn’t let Goshi get any further than this.

“No. Stop trying to play with my head Goshi.” He said sternly, opening his eyes to find no one snickering by his tent’s door thing. Confused, he quickly whipped his head around to where the Shinya in his mind was, jumping back from the fact that the silver headed sniper was right there, an adorable confused look plastered on his face. Guren furrowed his brow, reaching out for the Major General only to find that he didn’t disappear or dissolve when he grabbed his arm. He quickly retracted his hand. Shinya let out another angelic laugh.

“Oh my Guren! You didn’t think I was real?? I’m hurt~ But also…” The sniper whined, but his smile quirked up as soon as he realized, “That would mean you were thinking about me before I came here- weren’t you?~”

Guren was just still confused on how Shinya was there in the first place. He was supposed to be safe in shibuya at the moment- what in the actual fresh hell what he was doing in his tent? He figured that he could shift the situation to that, since Shinya, could point out a blatant lie from miles away. Shinya probably wasn’t completely human- Guren often thought.

“What are you even here for?? Did Kureto send you??” Guren complained, shifting himself a bit farther from the silver haired. Shinya answered normally.

“Nope! As usual I’m here on my own accord. It’s been like a week, and I missed you!” Shinya said truthfully. If only Guren could so easily do the same, but he didn’t. The words made his tongue feel heavy. Shinya smirked once again, standing up and sitting right next to the ravenette, closing the space Guren tried to put between them. “Now don’t think I’m going to forget that you’ve been thinking of me!” He laughed, his current smile actually being a hundred percent genuine.

“N-no I wasn’t.” Guren muttered, trying to return to the usual grumpy tone he took with the sniper. No avail, he might of as well said, ‘next in my hallucination was going to be you kissing me.’ for this was quite the blunder to his persona. He knew Shinya knew he cared about him, (just as a friend hopefully) but he never particularly liked reminding him like Shinya did. Guren avoided his best friend’s gaze.

Which was good, because in his mind and expression, Shinya was bursting. He took his gloves off, trying to use the cold of his hands to get rid of the red in his cheeks. Guren had been thinking of him.. Shinya did in fact know Guren cared about him in some way or another, but he was starved of any affection from the Ichinose. Not to mention when you're in love with your best friend it's a bit hard to get anywhere- not even mentioning he's a guy.

Shinya, being a master at things like putting on a poker face, easily returned to his lighthearted smile.

“Awww!” He cooed, putting his gloves back on. Guren finally met the sniper's gaze and sighed. He bit his lip, as his eyes hungrily looked over the Major General. He snapped. For once, he'd let himself go, and take what he wanted. The raven haired leaned to his friend's side and nuzzled his nose into the Hiiragi's neck. Caught completely off guard, Shinya stared wide eyed at the new mass of raven hair in front of him.

“..what are you doing..?” He asked silently, still in awe. If Guren were to look up, he would have been met with an expression he had never seen Shinya wear before. Regardless, Guren reached for Shinya's hand, grasping it, and squeezing it firmly. Shinya's heart was racing. He could murder with a smile on his face, but at the current moment, his features were so full of life. While Shinya was still in shock, Guren answered.

“I can't cry on your shoulder, so I'll do the next best thing.” He said silently. Slowly but surely, Shinya came to his senses.

“So that means-” He started, before quickly being cut off.

“I missed you a lot, Shinya.” The Ichinose answered. And there it was. Guren had said it. He waited for some backlash, or a jest at how much he needed and depended on the Sniper. (which weren't wrong- Guren just didn't want to talk about it.) But, Shinya wasn't going to ruin this. He didn't want to, and so, with a genuine smile, he slid his hand from Guren's grasp, and pulled the raven haired closer into a hug. Guren had achieved his goal, though he knew Shinya would make fun of him at some point in the future, that didn't matter now, not like he ever thought about the future anyways.

He slowly slid his hands up Shinya's back, pulling him close. The sniper couldn't help but chuckle.

“Haha.” He laughed angelically. “Maybe we should get married at his point.”

Guren opened his mouth to retaliate, and yet nothing came out. He wanted to- he really, really did. But for now, he'd stay silent. He'd opened up far too much for one day..

...Guren Ichinose never enjoyed showing any affection to those he truly cares about, so when he does, it's a sight to behold.

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Along the way of raising Yuichiro, Shinya stopped by every now and then. It was odd to say the least when the Hiiragi new exactly where he was without fail, but Shinya was like that, and it would only be so long until Guren found the tracker in his skin or something like that. (Guren's thoughts.)

Regardless, the first encounter with the firey raven haired kid was one to remember. It was actually a good few months into having the brat by his side did Guren start taking him out. Yuu was able to convince Guren to give him training lessons in sword fighting. As he always did, Guren had a whole space dedicated to that kind of thing, and he started bringing Yuichirou around once a week. It was the second week when Shinya decided he would pop his head in to bother Guren, only to find a new runt with black hair and green eyes. Guren had already taken two strays in, (Mirai and Shiho Kimizuki) so Shinya was sure this was another one.


That probably meant he had some tragic backstory or something. Regardless, he was going to mess with this child- and Guren.

“GUREN HOW DARE YOU!” Shinya cried, forcing tears down his cheek. (Something he learned to do in the Hiiragi's ‘training’ camp. Tears made you looked vulnerable, he found out.) The two stopped sparring to look at the snowy haired sniper who had just slammed Guren's sliding door in. Guren had a bad feeling about this. He watched as the silver head quickly paced his way to him. “Who's kid is it this time?! Who did you cheat on me with now!? He's much older too! How long has this been happening- you said you loved me!” He latched himself onto Guren's arm, and while keeping the facade, he watched as the kid's face morphed into a disgusted confused look.


He looked over Yuichirou's features. Really the only thing that looked similar about the two was their black hair. Shinya pounced on the opportunity nonetheless.

He quickly pushed Guren off, and quickly made it to Yuu, ruffling his black hair. “HE EVEN HAS YOUR HAIR! How dare you cheat on me again! How many other children do you have? Am I just a piece of meat to you??” He sobbed. He turned back to Guren who was standing there, wooden sword in hand as he just looked a Shinya with his mouth agape. He had no words. Yuu, on the other hand, had enough for the two of them.

“Guren- What the hell is this??” He asked, staring at Shinya, who was in between the two still sobbing, though he really had to force himself to not laugh because it was working as he had planned. Yuu's face was priceless! “Again? AGAIN? This has happened more than once?? This has happened?? MORE IMPORTANTLY WITH A GUY? I WAS NOT MADE AWARE- NOT THAT THERE'S ANYTHING WRONG WITH IT- BUT NO- YES IT IS YOU CHEATED- YOU SHOULDN'T DO THAT”

Yuu frantically whipped his head to look around him in embarrassment. His face was flushed a deep red. In his defense, confronting someone about not knowing they were gay was not something in his twelve year old skill set. It started off all angry, so it continued to be angry, and now Yuu was trying to get his point across that he would have liked to know Guren liked guys, and is fine with that, but also that cheating is bad and he shouldn't do that. It came out as a stuttering mess as you could tell.

Guren stood in awe. First all his friends, then every higher up in J.I.D.A, now his own freaking kid, who was doing his best to keep his composure. He was so in awe he wasn't even mad at the moment.

“Shinya..?” He spoke.

“DON'T YOU CALL ME BY MY NAME AFTER WHAT YOU DID-” Shinya cried, still keeping the charade up.

“Shinya not this again.” He sighed, running a hand through his hair. Shinya almost felt.. bad. Almost. He decided he's milk it just once more and see the Lieutenant Colonel's reaction.

“NO- YOU'RE THE ONE CHEATING ON ME! How dare you… d-do this again…” Shinya pushed it this time. He mimicked someone breaking down, clutching his chest and kneeling on the floor. He let his fake tears drip down his nose to make him look like a helpless child. Yuu and Guren watched.


For once Guren decided: it's just the brat, might as well have some fun for once. So, taking in the situation, he calculated his next move.

“Hey baby.” The raven haired smiled with the most sincere smile he could muster at the time. He tried to soften his features, and did so well enough as he slowly made his way to the faked mess on the floor. He kneeled next to him and pulled him close, something that made both their hearts race, but at the time they were more focused on the little game they were playing. “I didn't cheat on you- ask the kid himself.” He turned to the child who was slowly going insane.

“Yuu, how did I find you?”Guren bit his lip and made a pitiful expression, Putting Yuu in a spotlight he couldn't escape.

“Y-you found me after my family was… was killed by v-vampires..” He breathed, gripping the hem of his shirt. Saying it still hurt a bit. Guren felt bad for pushing it, but he continued on. Shinya guessed right. It was some brat with a sad backstory and no one to call family. Shinya didn't take much time to think about it, for he had to plan the next story. In turn, he decided to let Guren take the lead.

“What…” Shinya gasped, looking up at Yuichirou and then to Guren. “He's… adopted..?” Shinya was using up all the acting ability he had, more than happy that Guren was actually playing along with him!- and something of this magnitude such as pretending to be a couple. He had struck gold.

“Yup.” Guren said gently, a tone the Hiiragi never heard. His heart was racing, and he was sure a natural blush was dusting his cheeks. It didn't help Guren had brought the silver head to his shoulder, comforting it as he slid his hand through the light strands. Shinya was ecstatic, and Guren was also just using this situation to actually touch Shinya. It was a win win situation for the both of them, so no one objected.

“And actually, the reason I brought him in, was because I want him to be ours.” Guren told him, letting Shinya sit up.

“Wh..what..?” Shinya said again, his eyes going wide. Really he was just extra impressed that Guren was able to think of something on the spot like that. Guren's an idiot, so that was unexpected. This was probably the most fun he's ever had making this joke.

“I want to be with you forever. I'm so, so sorry for what I've done in the past- but please stay with me. I-” Guren was having some trouble saying the last part- but he has always wanted to say it, and this was the time to do it with no repercussions. So swallowing hard he said it:


“I love you.”

Shinya's heart actually burst at that. Guren never said things even suggesting he cared about him. He wouldn't admit it, but the sniper might have actually cried a few real tears.

“I-I love you too.” He sobbed into his shoulders, pulling him close. Guren was also a bright pink, Shinya was red as a tomato, Yuu was so confused. This embrace thing they were doing was purely out of desire, but eventually they let it go, remembering the whole thing was in order to confuse Yuu. Shinya was the first to leave the embrace, and wiping his eyes, he finally stopped the act.

“My~ what a heartwarming ending don't you think, Guren?” He chirped in his regular tone. Really he was sure his eyes were turning red due to the fact only a vampire could live through their heart exploding, and Guren stretched his arms out towards the ceiling and quickly hopped back to his feet. Shinya followed, and the two adults watched Yuichirou's face of complete and utter confusion, a dash of anger, and a bit of an ‘I'm so done with this bull’ mentality.

“Haha, look at the brats face. Worth having to hug you.” Guren huffed, resting his hand at his hip, yet using the other to smack Shinya right on the head. “AND HOW MANY TIMES HAVE I TOLD YOU TO STOP PLAYING THAT JOKE.” He barked, Shinya only gave a small chuckle at that. He was still on cloud nine from Guren saying he loved him, even if it was for a joke.

“Oh but Guren~ have you forgotten?? You love me, don't you!” Shinya made a love sick expression as he pranced around the room, Guren already chasing him with his wooden practice sword.

“Not in a million years!” The Ichinose lied. Yuuichirou, still a little dazed in the middle of the madness, just sighed, fixed his hair, and left the room before Guren or Shinya could explain the joke. He was just done, and seeing Shinya only made him remember his past for some reason.

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--------------------------------------- five


Shinya eyed the small bag of ring pops as he was running down the isles of the abandoned supermarket. Usually vampires were no issue, but there were 5 relatively strong city guards on his tail and all he wanted to do was get a packet of ring pops to annoy Guren with later.


Sadly he left them be until the fight was over, calling Byakkomaru to his side in order to clear a space for him to fight the bloodsuckers. The Hiiragi stood his ground, his trusted cursed gear ready to fight.


Close combat want exactly Shinya's strong suit, but he could definitely win this without a doubt. As expected the vampires circled the male. Biting his lip, Shinya lunged at the one closest to him, easily stabbing him with the bayonet and letting the curse work its magic. Equally expected from the crude move, the other vampires moved in, only to be knocked down by Byakkomaru's manifestation. The snowy tiger took the two closest down, and Shinya was able to shoot the other two with his regular cursed bullets.


Shinya confidently walked towards the vampires his comrade had basically mauled (y'know being a tiger and all) and shot the two in the end swiftly with no remorse. Running a hand through his hair, he tucked his rifle by his side.


“Good boy Byakkomaru.” He muttered to his demon, while also technically muttering to himself in the desolated, now kind of trashed supermarket. He made his way back to the candy isle where multiple snacks were still available (though probably not edible.) The packet of ring pops practically glowed in Shinya's eyes, as he reached for the treat. Smirking he stuffed them into his pocket and returned to Shibuya eagerly.




3 swift yet calculated knocks landed on Guren's wood door. He glared at it, knowing that knock, and just waiting for Shinya to barge in already- Which he did, annoying the Ichinose who had just finished off his paperwork, and wanted to take a nap.


Shinya eagerly made his way to the mahogany coloured desk, his favourite violet eyes following him.


“Close your eyes Guren!” The Hiiragi grinned, watching as Guren raised an eyebrow.


“Why?” He asked, resting his chin in his palm. Whatever Shinya had in store now, that stupid mischievous grin meant something annoying for him. Last time he followed along, he was egged in the face via Goshi and Mito.


“Oh, just do it!” Shinya quickly pouted, his face showing more impatience than anything.


Rolling his eyes, Guren shut them reluctantly, half expecting another egg to the face. However, nothing happened. All he heard was the sound of plastic crumpling and being torn open. He heard Shinya toss what seemed like a wrapper into his trash bin. With the faintest thud Shinya was in place.


“Okay, open them.” He smiled, watching as the Ichinose's eyes opened halfheartedly, then quickly become wide eyed to see the scene in front of him.


Shinya was on one knee, holding a vibrant blue ring pop with a yellow rim. Guren seemed visibly flustered at the mock proposal, but Shinya wasn't done just yet.


“Guren Ichinose, will you make me the happiest man on this earth, and marry me?” He joked, watching as Guren's 'in disbelief’ face morphed to have his nose crunch up a bit and his wider smile show. He covered his face with a gloved hand, laughing into it. Something about this particular joke- despite seeing Guren smile in such a manner- hurt a bit.


It hurt a bit when Shinya knew no matter how he actually presented an engagement, it would be seen as a stupid joke. Ignoring the light twang in his heart, Shinya smiled warmly, starting to crack up himself.


“Pfffttt-” Guren laughed. “Jeez Shinya, how'd you even get that??” Shinya chuckled.


“Abandoned supermarket of course. It was being guarded by 5 gruesome vampires, but I have retrieved it for you, my love.” He answered sarcastically, delicately positioning his hand over his head in dramatic affect. Guren's grin faded to warm smile. He extended his left arm to reach the edge of the desk, and a little beyond, positioning his fingers so Shinya could slide the ring pop on.


“My hero” he chuckled, as Shinya followed along and slid the Blue candy on the white leather of his glove. Right after Guren slowly brought his arm back, looking over the candy ring. He didn't really like them as a kid, they were usually too sweet.


As he did that, Shinya stood from his position on the floor, making it up just to sit on Guren's desk. From his pocket, he took out another ring pop, this time purple, and ripped open the mini plastic wrap holding it. He handed it to Guren.


“Would you like to do the honours?” He asked, showing his hand. Guren smiled and rolled his eyes, delicately placing the edible jewelry onto the slender finger. Shinya started fake crying.


“I'm just… So happy” he sniffed, wiping the tears from his eyes.


“I'm sure you are.” Guren retorted, shoving the candy in his mouth. As always it tasted a bit too sweet, but looking at Shinya who seemed to be trying to find a comfortable way to eat it, he kept it in. They were technically engaged at the moment, he wasn't going to ruin the Hiiragi's mood- it's not everyday the one you're in love with proposes to you with a ring so hard to find you needed to go out of the city.


On complete autopilot, Guren opened his mouth to speak. “So that means we're actually engaged, huh?” He says, taking the candy out and staring at the shiny surface of the blue.


“Only if you want to be.” Shinya smirked, turning to the Ichinose. Guren didn't want to say no, and he was mentally punching himself for saying something like that, but he answered:


“Wouldn't that be interesting?”


There was an odd silence, and Shinya was about to probe the odd answer until Guren's door flung open.


“Guren Where Are You?! We were supposed to be outside the gate 30 minutes ago-” Mito stopped at that, looking over the scene. I don't think she had fully grasped the situation as she stared intently at the ring pops they both had. Her face lit up.


“Woah where did you get those!” She gasped. Shinya looked at his, then looked back up again, ignoring Guren's weird answer.


“Oh, Mito, you like them? I have more if you-”


“Yes please!” She grinned. Before that though, she dashed outside call for Sayuri, Goshi and Shigure to come in and get some as well. Shinya had the whole bag gone by the time they came in, because Mito decided she would have two on each finger. Staring at the remaining ring, it was blue and gold like the one Guren had. He handed it to the raven haired still sitting at his desk.


“Here, Guren.” he said. “It's the last one.” Guren took it from the the pale fingers holding it in the air, and shoved it into his pocket. If he ever got to that point where he could seriously marry Shinya, he'd commision someone to make the rings. It didn't really matter to him what the ring itself looked like, but he wanted sapphires, the color of Shinya's eyes, on his, and amethyst, the color of his own eyes, on his precious groom's.


Though, it's not like that could ever happen now, could it?


Chapter Text

--------------------------------------- Six


The very first time Shinya implied marrying Guren, was when they were teenagers. They hadn't really known each other for that long, but it was long enough for Guren to let Shinya be in his company as long as the Hiiragi wasn't all too bothersome. (which he usually was.) Really everyone was hanging out at this park as it was slowly becoming darker out. Guren wasn't exactly sure how they got to the scenic area, but at the moment there were near a calm lake as gardens of flowers bloomed around them. There were so many kinds, he couldn't name them all…


They were having a barbecue, once again, Guren had no idea where they got the barbecue, but he had to assume they all planned this or something, because Goshi was currently grilling as Sayuri helped cut some vegetables. Shigure and Mito were discussing some manga they both enjoyed. Shigure was obviously riled up about it since she was starry eyed and Mito was more than happy to chat on with her usually loud volume. It was all nice, and calming, and then he realized Shinya wasn't around. His head swivelled around the smooth stone bench he was sitting at, finding the silverette nowhere around his squad members.


He glared at the happy scene in front of him, Shinya was definitely with them, he was sure, because the Hiiragi had brought a bag of cola for everyone. (Slowly Guren was sure this picnic was planned and he just never knew and or/ payed attention to the plans.)


Finally,only when peeking his head past a large tree by the lake, did he find the vibrant pale figure. Sometimes Guren found it interesting just how aesthetically pleasing Shinya was, how his pale hair matched his pale skin, but were accented delicately with sapphire blue eyes. He'd have to admit Shinya was very pretty. For once, he went to Shinya intentionally, who was crouched by the river bank, hugging his knees and tossing a rock or two in.


Was he crying? Guren wasn't sure. Shinya never really isolated himself when he was around everyone else, and he never looked so broke down or upset- well that's how it looked from where he was standing anyways. Moving closer and plopping down onto the dirt of by the silverette gave him his answer. Shinya didn't even look when Guren sat by him. He just stared over the lake with glossy eyes. It's not like he didn't notice though, because he turned to the ravenette and smiled just faintly before turning back to the unchanging yet beautiful scene of the park as very few people passed due to the late hour. It was probably around sunset by now.


Guren was the first to speak.


"You seem bummed about something." He asked, sitting with his legs crossed. Shinya chuckled and finally gave Guren his attention. He looked.. tired. His eyes seemed hollow and his beauty seemed tainted in a way.


"My, you noticed? What gave it away?" He asked sarcastically. His light eyebrows furrowed ever so slightly, he seemed kind of mad. Guren rolled his eyes. He couldn't believe what he was about to say, but a mad and unhappy Shinya was worse than a loud bothersome Shinya.


"Do you wanna talk about it?" He asked, trying to stay open. This sad feelings crap was never really his thing, but he knew he could bullshit through.


Shinya opened his mouth with a glare to probably shoot back some snarky calculated comeback, but to the Ichinose's surprise, none came, and the adopted Hiiragi shut his mouth. Once again looking out towards the lake, he pulled another weak smile.


"My parents really loved each other." He started. Now that was an odd conversation starter.


"Your parents? Isn't Tenri Hiiragi technically single?" Guren probed, and Shinya rolled his eyes in annoyance, something the ravenette usually did to him. This time when the silverette turned to him, there was actual annoyance and a prominent ‘piss off’ vibe not even Guren used often.


"No, my real parents you idiot." He barked. Guren felt a little bad, but he felt like he got the gist of it.


"So... you miss them?" He asked, Shinya changed his position from hugging his knees to lazily extending his legs out and using his arms behind him to keep his back up.


"Nope, I'm glad those bastards are dead. Honestly life being the Hiiragi mutt is just as bad as living with them, they made me and my brother's lives hell. Those asshats sold me, so I'm good with never seeing them again." He spat.


"Oh." Guren responded, feeling kind of awkward from reading the situation wrong, but really it seems it was the right direction to take, because the light in Shinya's eyes reignited. It was the look he had when he talked about overthrowing the Hiiragis, Guren knew that face, Shinya was even smirking slightly.


"No, that's not where my train of thought it going…" He started again. looking towards the navy blue sky. "Even as a child, I noticed they seemed so happy together. They fit together like jam and toast, and despite not wanting to be like them at all when I grew up, I thought it would be nice to have someone like that. I always idealized marriage as something beautiful, something I'd fight to obtain in the future…. But.." he stopped. Guren waited for the rest of the sentence, although he felt like he knew what the silverette would say next.


"But..?" If Guren was in a seat he would be sitting on the edge of it. This was interesting because Shinya never talked about thing like this. He never talked about himself.


"But now I'm forced to marry Mahiru.." His eyes glossed over again. He was really against this. Guren never really thought of Shinya as a person who cared about things this deeply. Usually it was his everyday 'I hate Hiiragis" speil, but other than that he was nonchalant about everything. "Like no offence- Mahiru's great. She's pretty, smart, powerful. The whole package- I just.. I don't care about that, you know?" His eyes returned back to their regular state, but he wore an expression Guren had never once seen on the Hiiragi's features.


He looked.. Pitiful. He was giving a tight forced smile as his eyes seemed to be watering. Guren had never wanted to hug someone more than now in his life. Surely, tears really did form, and Guren took the time to carefully approach and wipe them away with his thumb. Shinya seemed to enjoy that, because he laughed and started wiping tears by himself, seeming more animated than before. Shinya really didn't like it when he truly cried, he felt weak, and now he was crying in front of Guren of all people.


"Haha~" he laughed. "Aren't I pitiful?"


They stayed like that for a while. Shinya cried slightly as Guren just watched- he didn’t know what to do. Should he pat his back? Does he give in and hug the poor bastard? Before long, he felt it would just be best to continue talking about it. Touch wasn’t exactly his love language.


"Do you have anyone in mind?" Guren asked, wondering if that was the reason he was so upset. Shinya shrugged.


"No. Nothing yet- but who knows. Love takes time right..? Maybe in five years I'll end up falling for Goshi or Mito or something." He admitted, fiddling with his fingers. Something wasn’t right about that sentence.


"...Goshi..?" He could understand Mito in a way- but why Goshi??? Shinya finally returned to his regular witty tone and smile at that. Seeing Guren flustered was one of the only things the Hiiragi could never get bored at.   


"Like I said: who knows." The silverette told him. Guren just glared at him like he just threw a hamster ball into the lake or something. Shinya's smile morphed into a smirk. "What? Do you want to marry me instead, Guren?" He joked, the ravenette grimaced. He felt like he'd approached that question before, but he didn't feel like saying no oddly enough.


"I couldn't if I wanted to." He answered looking away from his teary eyed friend. Shinya didn't understand why, but it hurt a little to receive that answer.


They watched in pained silence as the sounds of their squad members' laughs and chatter played behind them. It was now fully dark, and cicadas were chirping here and there. The lights from the lamps reflected off the still black water and they could smell the barbeque from behind them.


At that moment, a delicate white lily floated along side a small buoyant violet as they started their journey across the lake, wind pulled them along before the both of them sunk. It really was a beautiful night…


Guren doesn't remember this moment all too well, but for Shinya, it was the outlet to realizing he had found the person he wanted to spend his life with. To this day, he'll continue asking Guren to marry him, until one day the Ichinose will just have to say yes.


Goshi called them for dinner.