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To Find What Was Lost

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"I believe I see the populated sector on the horizon, we should stop here." Cyclonus spoke out.

Breaking suddenly, Tailgate cried out, "Stop here? Why is that, if we're close then we should keep going! The faster we get there the faster we can find-"

"I know you are excited to find our creation but we need to think rationally." interrupted Cyclonus as he and Whirl transformed into their robot modes. "Whirl and I are both flyers, do you not think it will be suspicious if we are in our alt modes flying about?"

Whirl cocked his head to the side, "So if we can't go in, why are we heading in that direction?"

Cyclonus turned himself to look at Whirl, " We might not be able to go into the sector, but Tailgate can ."

Tailgate finally transformed out of his alt mode, "Ok so I'll go in and scout it out, see if I can find any other bots. We know that there are Autobots on this planet. Maybe if I can find them, they might be able to help find Yellowjacket!" 

Whirl shifted on his pedes, "You know I’d like to not carry this energon anymore. How about Cy and I go find a place to set up a temporary home while you go find your lost sparkling."

Cyclonus nodded, "We should have someplace to recharge and call home for the time being. Tailgate, give me the supplies you are carrying and keep heading towards that populated area. Whirl and I will set up a home base and ping you the location when we are done.”

Tailgate nodded his helm and gave Cyclonus the medical supplies he was carrying. Quickly transforming Tailgate yelled “I’ll comm you if I find anything!” and sped off.

Whirl shifted closer to Cyclonus, “So uh, do you think we’ll find him, the sparkling I mean?”

Cyclonus vented out his inteakes, “I hope so, not just for my sake, but for Tailgates.” Cyclonus and Whirl stood there in silence for a couple nanokliks, watching as Tailgate’s alt mode receded into the trees. Finally Cyclonus broke the silence, “Standing around will get us nowhere, we should scout out a place to set up.” Whirl stood straight up and gave a fake salute, dropping a couple energon cubes in the process, and then scrambled to pick them back up. Cyclonus shook his helm and groaned out, “Let’s just go already.” He and Whirl transformed into their altmodes to begin their search for a temporary base.

Tailgate sped towards the city, trying desperately to not hit any of the large stationary organics. Suddenly a deafening rumble resonated through the air. “Well that ship’s gone.” the minibot muttered to himself. Not like they needed it anymore, but it would have been nice to have, even with how damaged it was.



“So, this flaming pile of scrap used to be a ship right?” a young voice rang out over the sounds of sirens and small humans scrambling to contain the smaller fires that still burned around the ship.

“Used to, is the key phrase here,” muttered the gruff old  medic, “There isn’t much left of it now. Maybe just enough to identify where it was made, but not much else.”

The large green mech shifted on his pedes, “Do you think any bot survived that explosion?”

“I don’t think they had to worry about the explosion.” voiced a lilith framed ninja bot, “There are tracks over near where I assume the exit doors were. Looks like they made it out before the explosion happened” 

A blue and red mech walked towards the group, “I only see one set of tracks leading out. So either this bot was alone, or there are flyers with them.”

“Well if the bot was alone, it would make sense why the ship crashed. It’s kinda hard to pilot a big ship by yourself.” surmised Bulkhead.

Prowl face turned pensive, “That is possible, but we don’t have any proof.”

“Well they’re probably not Decepticons.” said Ratchet, “I don’t know many Decepticons, but I do know they wouldn’t be this careless with a ship, especially if they knew Megatron was here. These probably weren’t Autobots either, this doesn't look like an Autobot ship. If I had to bet, these were probably Neutrals.”

“Neutrals? There are still Neutrals around?” Questioned Bumblebee. Shortly after he leaned forward as he received a smack to the back of the helm.

“Of course there are still Neutrals, not every bot wants to be apart of war.” Ratchet scolded. “ To take up the faction of Autobot means they lost their ability to distance themselves from the war. They become a part of it and some bots can’t handle that.”

“I think that’s enough for now, we’ve got as much as we can from this and the fires are gone now. Let’s head back to base. Autobots, transform and roll out.” Called out Optimus.

Quickly the Earth bound Autobots transformed and drove towards Detroit, not sparing the charred ship a second glance.


How he was able to blend in with these organics and their technology was beyond Tailgate. From the datapads he ‘collected’ about this planet informed him that the organics have vehicles that resemble Cybertronians but are non sentient. Really saved himself from looking like a total idiot. That was besides the point. These organics really seemed to love his creation and his teammate. They called them heros on those small information screens. Tailgate’s spark swelled with pride. His creation was doing everything he could to help others, what bot wouldn’t be proud? He only got to see small snip bits of him, but he at least got to hear his voice, even if it was only his battle cries. He had hoped his creation had taken on more of Cy’s characteristics instead of his own but that didn’t make his love any less. Stopping his train of thought, Tailgate idly sat in his vehicle mode near the main park of Detroit. He hadn’t even thought about how he would approach his creation.

“It’s not like I could just walk up to him and say ‘hey I know you don’t know me, but surprise, I’m your sire! Sorry for not being there for you!” he uttered, semi annoyed with himself.

Cyclonus was always better than him in the area of foresight. That was why Tailgate was chosen to be the forerunner for their introductions back into their creation’s life. Cyclonus doubted a mech who was raised following the Autobot way would ever listen to a Decepticon claiming to be his carrier. Tailgate agreed because he wasn’t sure if Cyclonus could take that rejection from his creation. Even so, he now was in a tough spot trying and failing to think of a plan. Just then a familiar voice rang out.

“Excuse me but you wouldn’t happen to be a Cybertronian would you?”

He knew that voice, how could he forget. He may have only heard him say a few things from a distance but a creator doesn’t forget their creation.

Standing there, yellow armor slightly shaded by large trees, was Bumblebee. He had a slightly perplexed expression on his faceplates as he spoke.

“You know it’s really obvious you’re not a human, ‘cause Cybertronian vehicle modes aren’t really common here.”

Cyclonus maybe good at thinking ahead, Tailgate was always the better of the two at improvisation. It was finally time to put that skill to work.

“Oh, uh yes I am!” Tailgate spoke as he quickly transformed out of his vehicle mode. He was desperately trying not to lose his cool in front of Bumblebee. He couldn’t help being nervous though, this was probably his only shot. He couldn’t afford to mess this up.

“Hello! My designation is Tailgate! I just arrived on this planet a few cycles ago!” He said struggling to keep his voice calm.

“Oh cool! Name’s Bumblebee, I’m an Autobot, looks like you’re one too. Did you get stationed here? You don’t have an elite guard symbol so you’re not here with that aft Sentinel.” Bumblebee rang out excitedly. It has been a while since he had seen another Cybertronian besides his teammates that wasn’t in the elite guard or an enemy. Another plus was Tailgate was a minibot, so there was now a bot of the same stature who wouldn’t look down on him. 

“It’s nice to meet you Bumblebee!” Tailgate chirped. It seemed like his creation really took after his personality more than Cyclonus’. 'This should be easy. I can ask him about this planet to start off. That should get him talking. Eventually, we can bond over our similarities and then I can introduce him to Cyclonus and Whirl!' Tailgate thought happily.

“So, what brought you to Earth?” Bumblebee asked.

Tailgate felt his engine stutter. What could he say? He didn’t want to come off as creepy or weird, or give off a bad impression. Oh slag, he was wrong, Cyclonus was always better at these situations. Primus, he had to think of something fast.

“I uh, ha ha, came looking for my creation actually.” Tailgate uttered nervously.

Bumblebee’s face immediately twisted into an expression of confusion mixed with surprise. “Your, creation?” he inquired.

“Ah yes, I was separated from him a long time ago and I’ve been looking for him since. I heard that he was on this planet so I came here to find him.” Tailgate replied quickly.

“Do, do you know his designation?” Bumblebee asked quietly.

Tailgate noticed his change in demeanor and slowly started becoming anxious again, “I believe so, but I’m afraid he won’t accept me or his carrier.”

Bumblebee immediately recoiled, as if he had been slapped, “Why would you be nervous, what bot wouldn’t want to reconnect with their creators? Most bots who are orphaned don’t get that chance ‘cause their creators are offline or don’t want them at all.” 

Now it was Tailgate’s turn to be surprised. He was sure Bumblebee wouldn’t accept them this easily. It had been so many stellar cycles, there had to be some animosity somewhere in him. “Are you sure?” Tailgate whispered afraid that this was too good to be real. 

Bumblebee smiled “Yeah, if my creators came back for me, I would definitely try and reconnect with them, they have to had a reason for leaving me. Just them coming back would mean that they never truly hated me or didn’t want me. It would mean I meant something to them, whether some other bot was keeping them from me or it was their own issues. I would give them a chance and see where it went from there.”

Sometime while he was speaking, Tailgate stopped intaking air. He didn’t hate them. They had a chance. They could finally be a family like they should have been all along. Tailgate was trying not to break down there and then.

After a quick reset of his intakes Tailgate began to speak, “Bumblebee I have something to tell you, I-“

“Hold up” Bumblebee interrupted, lifting on servo to the side of his helm, “yeah Bossbot, what do you need?”

“Bumblebee you need to get here quickly, the Decepticons are raiding a construction site down near 43rd street!” Optimus’ voice rang out.

 “On it!” was Bumblebee’s short reply, “Sorry, we’ll have to continue this conversation later, there’s a ‘Con attack happening right now!” He quickly transformed but right before he sped off, an idea formed in his processor. “Hey, why don’t you come with! We could always use another bot to help defend against the Decepticreeps!”

Tailgate was a bit apprehensive about agreeing, he shouldn’t be revealing himself to the Decepticons. Even though Cyclonus staged a fake crash with imitations of their frames galaxies away, there was still a chance some bot might notice. He didn’t want to put Cyclonus in danger, but this would definitely be a bonding experience between himself and Bumblebee. Oh slag it, when would he get a chance like this again if he denied?

“Definitely, it’s been a while since I’ve kicked some skid plates!” Tailgate exclaimed and transformed into his vehicle mode.

“Sweet! I’ll lead the way, try and keep up!” Bumblebee beamed.