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preposterous events

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Kim Dokja can proudly admit that he regrets many things in his life. He doesn’t think there’s anything wrong with self-reflection, dissecting his actions and choices and trying to see if he should have done anything better, but he doesn’t linger with his regrets. He muses about it for a while, basks in regret, and then moves on.

But when the regret is caused by his stupidly big mouth, Kim Dokja admits he feels very much like muting himself for the rest of his life.

Lee Jihye looks very much like she’s contemplating murdering him once and for all. Yoo Sangah has both hands covering her face, shoulders shaking with embarrassment or laughter, he doesn’t know. It might be both. Lee Hyunsung is rubbing a hand at the back of his neck, carefully avoiding eye contact, and an awkward laugh escapes his lips.

Yoo Jonghyuk looks like he’s actually thinking the question through, very carefully lost in thought, and his lips twitch.

“You know what? You don’t have to answer the question!” Kim Dokja hurries to say, hands flying out to bat away whatever thoughts are floating in front of them. “It was a strange question. I was just curious. Nothing about it.”

Han Sooyoung, who was choking to death just a few seconds ago, recovers instantly and turns to Yoo Jonghyuk. “No, I think it is a very valid question. I am interested in hearing the answer as well.” Her sly gaze slides to Kim Dokja, glee radiating from her eyes, and he abruptly thinks the woman is evil incarnate.

The Abyssal Black Flame Dragon really chose well. Too well. She will kill him sooner than the Star Stream will.

“Could you- could you repeat the question?” Lee Hyunsung sucks in a loud breath, and his eyes are glittering with something. Tears? From laughter? Kim Dokja thought this man was as embarrassed as he was, but now he knows the truth. Is this what they call bystander syndrome? “I’m not sure if I heard it correctly.”

Kim Dokja very much does not want to repeat the question. It’s entirely Yoo Jonghyuk’s fault that the words even slipped out in the first place. His jaw is always inexplicably loose around that sunfish, like his mouth is just waiting to drop open whenever he catches sight of Yoo Jonghyuk.

Something terrible inside him thinks that Yoo Jonghyuk could be on the verge of death and bleeding out, and Kim Dokja would still be in awe of his presence. Angrily in awe, of course, and yelling that Yoo Jonghyuk and his mysterious sponsor should really get their shit together, but still.

A protagonist is a protagonist, after all. And Yoo Jonghyuk has been Kim Dokja’s favorite one for a long while.

Lee Jihye slams her foot on the ground so harshly everything shakes for a moment. Kim Dokja doesn’t want to make eye contact with her, because there’s a chance that meeting her eyes will mean he’s cut down on the spot by fiery lasers shooting out. 

“Kim Dokja…” She says his name through gritted teeth, and he now knows why so many parents fear teenage girls. It’s as if her words can rip him apart just from the venom injected into them. He’s sitting three seats away from her, right next to Yoo Jonghyuk, but he wants to move even further from her. 

“He asked if Yoo Jonghyuk would ever be interested in knowing what it’s like to be overpowered,” Yoo Sangah says abruptly. She’s already recovered, sitting upright and looking as proper as she always does.

[Kim Dokja suddenly recalls the sight of Yoo Sangah in a Chinese dress and garter belts.]

Kim Dokja also wants to die right now, he thinks desperately. That would be a mercy kill. Maybe it’s his time. This is how he dies, with embarrassment choking his lungs and making his head spin.

“And then he went on to specify that it could be- could be-” Lee Jihye suddenly turns a furious red, stammering on her next words. “He specified that it would be of a sexual nature.”

Kim Dokja stands up, indignation coursing through his body. “Hey! I did not!”

[The exclusive skill ‘Fourth Wall’ is shaking.]

[The constellation ‘Demon-like Judge of Fire’ has sponsored 3000 coins!]

[The constellation ‘Demon-like Judge of Fire’ is looking forward eagerly to the answer.]

Money is money, Kim Dokja decides, even as his gut sinks with every coin he imagines falling into his bank. Uriel is more demon than angel, but at least she’s rich.

“I asked if he ever wanted to be held down, okay?! That’s not sexual at all! It’s like-” he gestures around at everyone sitting down, getting more riled up as he speaks, “-everyone here can be overpowered by someone sitting here, except Yoo Jonghyuk. I wanted to know if- I guess, I wanted to know if it ever got boring being at the top.”

Kim Dokja carefully doesn’t look behind him at Yoo Jonghyuk. “If any of us ever went crazy, for instance, we could stop them. But somehow, I wonder if all of us combined can stop Yoo Jonghyuk.”

There’s a silence, and then- “You think I will go crazy?”

Yoo Jonghyuk’s voice scrapes across Kim Dokja’s back, and he resists the urge to shiver. It’s lower than usual, as if Yoo Jonghyuk chose to growl out the question, and it does strange things to Kim Dokja’s gut.

“It was a stupid question,” he sighs in defeat, shaking his head. “Whatever. Everything was hypothetical, okay? I raised a bad example. I’ll go to bed now.”

[The constellation ‘Prisoner of the Golden Headband’ thinks this is running away.]

[The constellation ‘Demon-like Judge of Fire’ is disappointed at the lack of an answer.]

[The exclusive skill ‘Fourth Wall’ is shaking from laughter.]

“Hey, hey, is that allowed?” Kim Dokja mumbles to himself as he stalks away to his tent. “Don’t patronize me, Fourth Wall.”

[Kim Dokja thought: If he does something stupid, people should be allowed to laugh at him.]

“It wasn’t stupid in theory. It just so happened that saying it in front of everyone was probably an incredibly bad idea. My mouth ran away with the words before I could put it through my brain filter.”

[Kim Dokja thought: If he had to, he could probably stop Yoo Jonghyuk.]

He stops in his steps, a surprised expression plastered on his face. “Can I? Really?” Kim Dokja wonders, trying to think back on all the fights they’ve had together. “I mean, yes, I’ve been ranked higher than him before, but in terms of brute strength, I’m sure Yoo Jonghyuk could easily kill me.”

The tent isn’t the most ideal place to spend the night, but it was the only thing on hand. He had even personally sponsored tents for everyone who didn’t have one as well. Lee Gilyoung wanted to sleep in the same tent as him, but Kim Dokja managed to somehow convince him otherwise.

It’s been a long time since he’s been able to lie in bed and think about things. And also the tent is soundproof, which really helps if Kim Dokja suddenly decides to partake in other activities.

[The constellation ‘Demon-like Judge of Fire’ thinks he should invite Yoo Jonghyuk.]

“I would definitely die, then.”

Regardless of what Uriel wants to see, the previous point the Fourth Wall raised is important to think about. Can Kim Dokja actually put up a good and proper fight against Yoo Jonghyuk?

[Kim Dokja thought: He is a constellation with a title.]

“And Yoo Jonghyuk is a transcendent to the third stage, apparently.” He pauses, and furrows his brows. “I still don’t know how he got to the third stage. You have to be a girl to do that, don’t you?”

[The constellation that likes changing sex is amused.]

It might be better for his mind if he doesn’t think about it too much, he decides. There are some things in life better left as mysteries.

Still, Yoo Jonghyuk is a bit much, isn’t he? Kim Dokja knew he would be changing the story since he could speed up the plot with his knowledge, but Yoo Jonghyuk acquiring that sort of power so quickly, so soon?

Even transforming into the Demon King form might not be enough to overpower him. But he could at least dwarf him in size, Kim Dokja thinks with a bitter amusement. Perhaps being bigger is enough to pin Yoo Jonghyuk down.

It’s an undisputed truth that Yoo Jonghyuk is currently the largest guy in the party. His muscles are insanely huge, and he looks like he was cut from diamond. He looks like he could be the one cutting diamond now, at this stage.

Kim Dokja will not be a liar and say he has never thought of being held down by Yoo Jonghyuk.

Which- okay, he admits to himself, fighting the urge to hide his steadily reddening face in his hands. Maybe the question he asked was a little bit sexual. Maybe he was thinking of being held down by Yoo Jonghyuk and being at his mercy. Maybe Kim Dokja was thinking of holding down Yoo Jonghyuk, instead.

[The constellation ‘Demon-like Judge of Fire’ has sponsored 7000 coins.]

“What? That easily?” He stifles a laugh, shaking his head at Uriel’s actions. If he fantasizes more about Yoo Jonghyuk, will the money roll in? Uriel seems to be endlessly rich, in that case.

[Many constellations have sponsored a total of 4000 coins.]

Kim Dokja sits up, blinking at the dark cloth of his tent. “Wait, seriously?”

[The constellation ‘Abyssal Black Flame Dragon’ is thinking that maybe he shouldn’t be seeing this.]

[The constellation ‘Abyssal Black Flame Dragon’ is averting his eyes.]

[The constellation ‘Demon-like Judge of Fire’ is getting excited.]

“What? What are you getting all excited about?”

He barely finishes his sentence before the opening to his tent is lifted and Yoo Jonghyuk enters.

[The constellation ‘Demon-like Judge of Fire’ is almost crying from excitement.]

They stare at each other for a moment, before Kim Dokja opens his mouth. He’s always the one starting conversations, isn’t he?

“Hey,” he says in the wriest tone he can muster. “Haven’t you heard of knocking?”

Yoo Jonghyuk raises one judgmental eyebrow. “You wanted me to knock on cloth?”

[The exclusive skill ‘Fourth Wall’ is shaking from laughter.]

Kim Dokja bites down on his words and holds his tongue. One day, he will find out how to shame the Fourth Wall. Mark his words.

He tries to look as casual as he possibly can on the ground, leaning against a rolled up sleeping bag as a makeshift pillow. Yoo Jonghyuk looms over him, casting a shadow over Kim Dokja’s entire form.

The tent is already dark enough, there’s no need for Yoo Jonghyuk to stand there and make it even darker, he thinks with slight irritation. And it’s- it’s not meant for two people. Especially not one as huge as Yoo Jonghyuk.

Somehow, with Yoo Jonghyuk just standing at the entrance, it makes the entire tent feel a lot more cramped.

[The constellation ‘Demon-like Judge of Fire’ is requesting for popcorn from the constellation ‘Abyssal Black Flame Dragon’.]

[The constellation ‘Abyssal Black Flame Dragon’ says he doesn’t have popcorn.]

[The constellation ‘Demon-like Judge of Fire’ is asking what’s the point of his fire if he can’t pop popcorn.]

Kim Dokja wants to know if he can block indirect messages permanently, because he thinks his IQ might be dropping from hearing that exchange. He looks up at Yoo Jonghyuk again, who’s just been standing idly there, as if patiently waiting for something.

“Can I help you?” Kim Dokja tries, and that somehow makes Yoo Jonghyuk decide to sit down on the floor and claim half the tent space for himself.

Yoo Jonghyuk sits with his legs crossed, the flat of his palms resting lightly on the curve of his thighs, and Kim Dokja’s gaze is suddenly drawn to the way the material of Yoo Jonghyuk’s pants draws tight over his groin.

[The constellation ‘Demon-like Judge of Fire’ is screaming!]

He wants to shoot himself. Or stab himself, since he hasn’t really found proper guns. Where’s his sword when he needs it?

It’s nothing, Kim Dokja struggles to reassure himself. He was just thinking of slightly sexual things before Yoo Jonghyuk came, so when the object of his thoughts appeared out of nowhere in his tent, it’s a given that Kim Dokja would be more… aware.

“I thought about your question,” Yoo Jonghyuk murmurs. Kim Dokja’s head shoots up, eyes widening, and his mouth drops open. Goddammit, his mouth drops open a lot around Yoo Jonghyuk. That’s how they got into this mess to even begin with.

Kim Dokja valiantly attempts to shut his mouth, but Yoo Jonghyuk shifts slightly, and he catches sight of how those pants really are stretched across Yoo Jonghyuk’s crotch, and his mouth falls open again.

He swallows whatever saliva that has pooled in his mouth, hoping he didn’t openly drool, and tries to act as cool as possible. “So?” Kim Dokja asks in what he hopes is a disinterested manner. “What do you think?" 

Yoo Jonghyuk’s gaze is fathomless. It’s endlessly deep, piercing all the way to Kim Dokja’s soul. He’s almost afraid of the answer.

“I think you could hold me down,” Yoo Jonghyuk says quietly. He leans forward slightly, something eager resting in the loose lines of his shoulders. His grin is terrifying, but it makes something jump in Kim Dokja’s chest anyways.

[The ‘Fourth Wall’ is greatly shaken.]

“Wha- what? That wasn’t the question?!” Kim Dokja yells, confusion seeping into his voice. His fingers are trembling at his sides, curled into shaky fists that struggle to grip the slippery cloth of his sleeping bag.

Yoo Jonghyuk shrugs, indifference radiating from his posture. “You wanted to know if I ever thought about being held down, didn’t you?”

“Hey, don’t turn the question back on me. As if those two questions are in anywhere linked to each other!”

[The constellation ‘Abyssal Black Flame Dragon’ has returned with popcorn.]

[The constellation ‘Demon-like Judge of Fire’ is screaming in delight!]

[The constellation ‘Demon-like Judge of Fire’ has sponsored 5000 coins.]

Yoo Jonghyuk moves slightly, pulling his shoulders back as he tilts his head, and Kim Dokja is desperately trying to pretend he doesn’t see the way Yoo Jonghyuk’s lips are curving up at the sides.

“If I’m thinking about whether I can be held down, I should think about who is capable of holding me down, right?” Yoo Jonghyuk shifts again, rising on the ball of his heels to lean his weight on his knees. It’s as if he’s crawling forward towards Kim Dokja.

Kim Dokja attempts to resist the urge to miniaturize himself and run away from the situation. He hopes his pants are loose enough to hide whatever is happening in response downstairs. 

With the way Yoo Jonghyuk’s gaze darts briefly down, and how his lips curl just that much higher, Kim Dokja is only digging his own grave by not slamming his legs together and turning on his side right now. 

[The constellation ‘Prisoner of the Golden Headband’ is watching.]

[The constellation ‘Demon-like Judge of Fire’ is being held back by the constellation ‘Bald General of Justice’.]

[The constellation ‘Demon-like Judge of Fire’ is wondering how much more she has to give for something better to happen.]

[The constellation ‘Demon-like Judge of Fire’ has sponsored 5000 coins.]

“I think you can hold me down, Kim Dokja.” Yoo Jonghyuk’s tongue lingers on the last two words, as if savoring the taste of Kim Dokja’s name before he says it out loud. It sounds like a deep purr in the bottom of his throat, reverberating through Kim Dokja’s ears and tracing a hot line down his spine. “I’ve been thinking about it for a while.”

He’s thought about it? In the short three seconds that Kim Dokja took to stalk to his tent and flop around on his sleeping bag, Yoo Jonghyuk has been thinking about it?

[Kim Dokja thought: He walks slowly but Yoo Jonghyuk does not.]

Yeah, okay, Yoo Jonghyuk does seem like the kind of person to rapidly decide on something he wants and goes for it right afterwards at mach speed. But still. But still.

[Kim Dokja thought: What exactly is he protesting here?]

Yoo Jonghyuk advances even further, on his hands and knees, and Kim Dokja’s back slides down the rolled up sleeping bag. They end up like that, Yoo Jonghyuk lounging over Kim Dokja, his fists on either side of Kim Dokja’s face. Yoo Jonghyuk’s knees bracket his hips, and this is a very, very dangerous situation.

“I’m smaller than you,” Kim Dokja points out slowly. His voice trembles, as do his fingers, and his eyes keep dropping to rake shamelessly over Yoo Jonghyuk’s body hovering over his. He’s never seen it this up close before- okay, maybe he has been this close in the past, but Kim Dokja’s never had the opportunity to slowly drag his gaze across the large expanse of muscle.

Yoo Jonghyuk’s shirt is so tight over his chest that his muscles might just explode out of it, he thinks dazedly, hopefully, and barely resists the urge to reach up and feel him up.

There’s something sly in Yoo Jonghyuk’s eyes. It glitters sharply at Kim Dokja, and he feels his heart jump up to lodge in his throat. He also feels 90% of his blood rush down, so clearly his body is at odds with his mind, which is screaming for his fight or flight instinct to kick in.

[Kim Dokja thought: His fuck instinct is kicking in.]

No need to call him out like that, Kim Dokja protests wildly. There is a time and place to kick him to the curb, and right now really isn’t it! Fourth Wall should be more aware of when to protect him and his weak mind, because now he’s not even sure if he’s hallucinating.

Did Han Sooyoung slip him something before he escaped to his tent? He honestly wouldn’t it put past her, that harpy.

There isn’t a lot of light in the tent because it’s nightfall outside, but somehow Kim Dokja still thinks he can see every detail of Yoo Jonghyuk’s face. The tiny scar under his right eye, the bruise on his left cheek, the mark pressing against his jawline- his gaze wanders all over because he can, and Kim Dokja feels heat start to build in his abdomen.

“If you try, I’m sure you could do it,” Yoo Jonghyuk murmurs in that low voice, the words sliding over Kim Dokja’s body and slipping into his mind. He barely registers the words, eyes and mind fixed on the way Yoo Jonghyuk’s lips are moving.

They’re the only part of Yoo Jonghyuk that hasn’t been touched by anyone else in this regression so far, Kim Dokja notes, and his dick jolts in his pants at the thought.

He wonders what it’ll feel like to bite into those full lips, to pull at them and hold Yoo Jonghyuk at his mercy.

Kim Dokja freezes at the unbidden thought, face flushing a brilliant red. That can’t be seen in the dark of the night, can it?! There’s no way to hide it, because bringing his hands up to bury his face in them would mean his fingers brushing against Yoo Jonghyuk’s firm chest, and that might actually make Kim Dokja stop breathing for good.

This entire event is strange, anyways. What’s going on? Is this really what he thinks it is? What if Kim Dokja is just getting excited here all by himself, gearing up to take advantage of a willing Yoo Jonghyuk, but the man didn’t mean for him to come to any of those conclusions?

He swallows tightly, trying to gather up whatever courage he still has lingering in his body, and opens his mouth. Kim Dokja is going to interrogate Yoo Jonghyuk on his intentions, even if it appears as if Yoo Jonghyuk is the one about to question him. He will ask Yoo Jonghyuk what he means by that, and politely ask him to leave the tent before Kim Dokja engages in what will likely be the most fulfilling and most unfulfilling jerk-off session in all of the Star Stream.

“Yoo Jonghyuk. What do you want?”

Kim Dokja wants to- he wants to slap his mouth. That was not the plan. Yoo Jonghyuk is the protagonist; he is a man who wants too much, and he is the man who gets too much. Kim Dokja isn’t going to be the one who refuses Yoo Jonghyuk if he clearly states what he wants.

Shit. He shouldn’t have put himself in this position. He’s trapped himself. What the fuck was he thinking?

Yoo Jonghyuk lights up, smile widening, and he invades Kim Dokja’s personal space even further. He moves down to brace himself against his forearms, his chest barely brushing against Kim Dokja’s, and his lips are horrifyingly close.

If Kim Dokja breaths too deeply, there is a definite chance that his nipples are going to brush up against Yoo Jonghyuk’s, and his dick jumps in his pants again.

And that makes Kim Dokja struggle to breathe, because when his dick jumped, he swears it touched something equally hard above.

“If you transformed into the demon king, I’m sure you could overpower me.” Yoo Jonghyuk must be a demon. An incubus. A cambion. Is Kim Dokja sure the man before him is actually a man? Yoo Jonghyuk’s voice is so seductive it makes his head spin. “That form is almost three times the size of your current one, right? You’ll be bigger than me, if that’s what you’re worried about.”

Kim Dokja splutters, turning his head to the side to try and choke on the sleeping bag instead of Yoo Jonghyuk’s face. What? What? Does Yoo Jonghyuk have a size kink? Is he a size queen? Size king? Is that what this is?

[Kim Dokja thought: He was the one who asked the question.]

That’s not what he meant at all, though?! And fine, when he was imagining being overpowered by Yoo Jonghyuk, the fact that Yoo Jonghyuk was much larger than him was extremely, devastatingly attractive, but that’s not the point. That isn’t it at all.

He shyly glances back, biting his bottom lip as he eyes the strangely patient Yoo Jonghyuk waiting above him, and okay, maybe that was entirely the point.

But not like this. Not yet. It’s time for him to do something in return. Kim Dokja’s just been swept up in Yoo Jonghyuk’s train of thought this entire encounter, and he wants to do something to throw Yoo Jonghyuk off guard.

He prays briefly in his mind for strength, half hoping Uriel or someone will hear and give him the courage he needs, half hoping Uriel or anyone else isn’t looking in, and reaches up to loop his arms around Yoo Jonghyuk’s neck.

The action makes Yoo Jonghyuk’s eyes widen. His breath stutters and his arms shake for a moment. Kim Dokja almost fears for his life if the entire weight of Yoo Jonghyuk falls on him, but the man stays steady, and he decides to continue to the next stage of his plan. 

He pushes up against the rolled up sleeping bag, face abruptly pulling in close to Yoo Jonghyuk, and he pastes the best shit-eating grin he can on his face. Kim Dokja knows it’s guaranteed to get a rise out of Yoo Jonghyuk, and the man doesn’t disappoint. A tick forms on the side of Yoo Jonghyuk’s temple, his smile dropping into an irritated frown. 

Bingo, Kim Dokja thinks. 

“So you want me to push you down, Yoo Jonghyuk? You want me to transform into the Demon King of Salvation, hold you down with a body larger than yours, and then what?” There is a chance that challenging Yoo Jonghyuk is the wrong idea, but adrenaline is spiking through his veins and his dick is getting harder with every frustrated twist of Yoo Jonghyuk’s lips. “What do you want, Yoo Jonghyuk?” 

He repeats the question, radiating smugness, and a dark shadow falls over Yoo Jonghyuk’s face. 

It makes Kim Dokja’s fingers dig into the corded muscle of Yoo Jonghyuk’s neck. He almost feels afraid for a moment, because Yoo Jonghyuk is still dangerous even if he had forgotten that for a brief second. But Yoo Jonghyuk wouldn’t kill someone he accosted, right? Kim Dokja is putting his trust in common sense, but that might be something the protagonist of every story lacks.

“What, did I break your train of thought?” He teases, tilting his head curiously. Yoo Jonghyuk has been suspiciously quiet for someone who’s been dragging him to the beat of his own drum for the past few minutes, and- 

Kim Dokja sucks in a hurried breath, eyes going wide, muscles stiffening. Something weak forces its way out of his throat, escaping through his lips, and Yoo Jonghyuk inhales it in, pushing his mouth against Kim Dokja’s mouth. 

Yoo Jonghyuk grinds down, his thick muscles dragging roughly across Kim Dokja’s body, and it’s terrible. It’s a sticky sweet feeling exploding in his body, starting at his dick and moving to every part of him. 

He can feel the heavy weight of Yoo Jonghyuk’s dick pulsing against him, Kim Dokja thinks weakly, desperately, and he wants to cry out something. That this situation is unfair, maybe. It’s the first sexual situation he’s been in. 

Yes, he’s read a lot online. Yes, his theoretical knowledge is far more extensive than Yoo Jonghyuk’s. But Yoo Jonghyuk has actually had sex in his previous regressions, and he retains his memory. So in terms of real-life experience, Kim Dokja stands strong at a round figure of zero, while Yoo Jonghyuk manages an astounding zero point five. 

Another quiet, shaky whine finds its way into Yoo Jonghyuk’s mouth, and the man above him has the guts to laugh about it, his body vibrating so much that Kim Dokja can feel it. This is crossing so many lines. His mind isn’t built to take so much pleasure all at once. He doesn’t think the tent is built to take so much at once either. 

Yoo Jonghyuk slides his hips against Kim Dokja’s groin once more, the bottom of his shirt catching on Kim Dokja’s belt and it pulls up, exposing the start of what appears to be a godly level of muscles. 

He’s actually ripped beyond belief, Kim Dokja discovers, surprised that he’s surprised. It does nothing to alleviate the rising heat in his chest, pooling at his dick and making him jerk his hips like an idiot every time Yoo Jonghyuk bears down.

“I want you to hold me down and fuck me, Kim Dokja,” Yoo Jonghyuk says clearly, his voice landing like a punch to Kim Dokja’s mind. It causes a visceral shudder to make its way through Kim Dokja’s body, his hips involuntarily stuttering upwards in response, and they both make aborted noises when their dicks press against each other tightly. 

“The- the tent isn’t big enough,” he replies even as he continues to jerk upwards, trying to get Yoo Jonghyuk to go back to rubbing their dicks together through the fabric of their clothes. 

Yoo Jonghyuk makes an irritated noise at the back of his throat, and forces his hips down in what he must think is a punishment. It is decidedly not a punishment, Kim Dokja considers with relish, a moan escaping his throat at the feeling.

He isn’t trying to stop this from happening, okay, but logistics have to be taken into consideration. Would Yoo Jonghyuk prefer Kim Dokja triple in size and attempt to fuck him into the ground, only for the tent to fall over and expose their depravity to the entire party? What if the tent shakes too much and someone comes to check in on them?

[The constellation ‘Demon-like Judge of Fire’ is appalled that this is happening.] 

[The constellation ‘Demon-like Judge of Fire’ has sponsored 4000 coins.]

[The constellation ‘Demon-like Judge of Fire’ is begging that they use the coins she so generously sponsored to buy the biggest tent.]

“Ah- ah, thanks, Uriel,” Kim Dokja laughs through his disjointed breaths, breaking for air every time Yoo Jonghyuk grinds down. “You are so-  so, impatient, Yoo Jonghyuk.”

“I know what I want,” Yoo Jonghyuk defends, and Kim Dokja feels an indescribable amount of glee at how his voice shakes slightly. There’s a slight flush dusting across the highs of Yoo Jonghyuk’s cheekbones, and Kim Dokja is greedy enough to want to draw more sounds out. He wants to know Yoo Jounghyuk is choking for more.

Somehow, amidst the haze of arousal and the addictive feeling of a hard dick rubbing furiously against his, Kim Dokja manages to open the Dokkaebi Bag and buy the biggest fucking tent it sells. A constellation must be watching over them- no, a dokkaebi must be thinking of them, he thinks with slight shame, because they don’t even have to break apart to set up the new tent. It sets itself up around them, and the smaller tent disappears into a neatly folded stack quite a distance away from them.

Constellations don’t have the power to interfere with their surroundings like that, but he suspects dokkaebis do. God, which one was it? Bihyung? The poor thing, Kim Dokja muses, laughter bubbling in his chest.

“Stop thinking of other things,” Yoo Jonghyuk growls at his ear, lips wrapping lightly around the lobe and biting down. Kim Dokja’s losing his shame with every desperate upward jerk of his hips.

“Okay,” he replies breathlessly, and locks his arms around the broad width of Yoo Jonghyuk’s shoulders. He kicks his feet up to wrap them around Yoo Jonghyuk’s legs, feeling Yoo Jonghyuk’s sharp hipbones digging deep into his thighs, and tries to control his breathing at the sudden intimate feeling of pressing their dicks so closely together.

He flexes once, the bottom of his heels pressing into Yoo Jonghyuk’s lower back to force him down, and they both groan at the sensation.

Kim Dokja gulps for air, holds his breath, and forces Yoo Jonghyuk into a roll. They end up with Yoo Jonghyuk on the ground, hair plastered to his forehead, sticky with sweat, and his large palms have settled on Kim Dokja’s hips.

For his part, Kim Dokja is sitting directly- directly on Yoo Jonghyuk’s dick, he thinks dizzily. He must have done something incredibly good in his last life. Did he save an old woman? Wait, maybe just saving more than Lee Hyunsung in the first scenario was enough to rack up this much karma. But he was also the King of No Killing, so he’s collected at least 200 points of karma in his entire life, but- 

His body knows what he wants better than his mind does, so he rolls his hips absentmindedly, and the pleasure shocks him out of his train of thought. Kim Dokja gasps, thighs trembling as he moves in aborted little motions. The sensation of rubbing against a hot, thick dick shoots bursts of ecstasy through his veins, and he almost loses himself chasing that pleasure. 

“Kim Dokja.” Yoo Jonghyuk groans the name, as if it’s a prayer on his lips. The thought of Yoo Jonghyuk worshipping him makes Kim Dokja shudder. “Please.” 

Please? Did he start having auditory hallucinations as well? Is Yoo Jonghyuk, the most self-entitled man in the world, begging

There’s nothing to say. Kim Dokja would have done it even without that word leaving Yoo Jonghyuk’s pretty lips. 

“Okay,” he says again, eyelids fluttering as he rocks one more time against Yoo Jonghyuk’s dick, relishing in the way it makes the man jolt. Kim Dokja slides off, fingers scrabbling at the bottom of his shirt, trying to take it off as fast as possible. 

Last time he transformed, he burst through all his clothes. Kim Dokja is not looking forward to repeating that, but he also doesn’t have the patience to fold anything, so he throws them at where the smaller tent folded itself up and calls it a day.

Preparations are necessary, right? His dick in the demon king form is probably also three times as large, because the alternative is too depressing to think about. That needs lube. A lot of lube. 

He opens the Dokkaebi Bag again, hoping Bihyung isn’t suffering so much, and buys out the entire stock of substance that looks like it can substitute for lube. It appears with a soft pop, in a large stack next to them. 

“Six containers?” Yoo Jonghyuk asks dryly, and Kim Dokja is prepared to shoot back something rude, but he turns and catches sight of him folding his clothes properly. 

No, Kim Dokja catches sight of the monster hanging between Yoo Jonghyuk’s legs, and saliva pools in his mouth.

The transformation is almost an afterthought. His gaze is singularly focused on the goal before him, and Kim Dokja slinks over, lips spreading into a wide grin. 

He can feel the way he’s heavier, the way gravity acts harshly on him- his wings scrape lightly against the floor because he doesn’t bother flaring them out, and his horns have appeared in his messy hair again. 

Do demons have tunnel vision? Kim Dokja licks his lips, and looms over Yoo Jonghyuk. 

“Hey, I wanted you to overpower me,” Yoo Jonghyuk says, frustration mixing with curiosity. He pulls at Kim Dokja’s hair, trying to urge him upwards, even as his dick visibly twitches at the sight of Kim Dokja staring at it. “What are you doing?”

There is something special about looming over someone smaller than you, Kim Dokja decides. It is a very heady feeling. It makes Kim Dokja very much want to fuck Yoo Jonghyuk into oblivion. Is this what Yoo Jonghyuk was feeling just now? 

He likes it a lot. 

“Stop arguing,” he mutters, reaching up one hand to press against Yoo Jonghyuk’s shoulder. Yoo Jonghyuk goes down surprisingly easy, and Kim Dokja can almost feel how fast he’s breathing from the faint heartbeat he can sense through his palm pressing against Yoo Jonghyuk’s skin. 

He glances up, and his breath stutters in his throat when he realizes his palm can easily cover Yoo Jonghyuk’s entire shoulder width. He can probably pin Yoo Jonghyuk down with one hand like this, Kim Dokja understands, and with the way Yoo Jonghyuk is staring back at him with blown out pupils, Yoo Jonghyuk understands that as well. 

Kim Dokja stifles a laugh. His dick is throbbing and it’s definitely leaking, but there are more important things in front of him. Like the way Yoo Jonghyuk’s cock is drooling, tiny beads of precome bursting through the slit. It twitches slightly when Kim Dokja narrows his eyes, and he really wants to laugh. 

“Just take whatever I give you,” he murmurs against the meat of Yoo Jonghyuk’s thigh, his lips brushing against heated skin, and Kim Dokja digs his teeth in slightly. This form makes his teeth sharper, so he can’t go around biting Yoo Jonghyuk without care because he might actually bite through him, but the feeling of pointed incisors flirting with the artery pulsing below his skin makes Yoo Jonghyuk audibly keen.

The night may be young, but they need to be alert tomorrow. No matter how much he wants to, Kim Dokja cannot drag this out. But he can try to suck out Yoo Jonghyuk’s brain – whatever’s left of it, anyways – through his dick. It’s a personal goal. 

Kim Dokja remembers his old company emphasizing on the importance of setting personal goals and knowing how to meet them. He is going to work very hard to achieve this goal. 

He leans in, hesitating briefly over the flushed head of Yoo Jonghyuk’s cock, before deciding to just go for it. He’s a guy too, so that means he at least knows a little bit about erogenous zones.

Because he’s so much bigger now, it’s not hard to wrap his lips fully around Yoo Jonghyuk. It says a lot that he might find it hard if he weren’t three times bigger, but Kim Dokja chooses to ignore that unfortunate point and focus on the heavy weight on his tongue. 

He pushes the tip of his tongue against the underside of the head, swiping against the glands there. Yoo Jonghyuk makes a desperate noise, hips jerking up, and Kim Dokja pushes his free hand against Yoo Jonghyuk’s hipbones, at the V of his thighs. One hand on his shoulders, one hand on his hips; Yoo Jonghyuk is effectively trapped, and somehow that makes more precome spill out of the slit. 

It’s bitter. Just trapping the head of Yoo Jonghyuk’s cock in his mouth almost seems to amplify the taste, so Kim Dokja decides to try and see how far he can go instead. He pulls off slightly, pressing his tongue against the side of Yoo Jonghyuk’s dick and flattening it, dragging it up slowly. 

Kitten licks always make a guy’s knees go weak, right? He gives it a try, lets his tongue slip out of his mouth slightly to lick at the precome sliding down Yoo Jonghyuk’s length, cleaning it up so nicely that his cock shines from Kim Dokja’s mouth and not precome. 

Yoo Jonghyuk is writhing on the sleeping bag. His legs can’t seem to decide if they want to be fully extended or bent at the knees to press his feet against the floor. His fingers pull at the fabric, a low whine building up in his throat, but he can’t move. He can only lie there and take whatever Kim Dokja wants to give him. 

He is just that much slightly stronger in this form, Kim Dokja realizes with a relish. He rewards Yoo Jonghyuk by sliding down, letting his entire hot dick pulse down his throat. It’s a good thing he’s bigger, because that means his mouth is deeper. It’s not that hard to resist his gag reflex when only a little bit of Yoo Jonghyuk’s dick is pressing against his throat, begging for entrance. 

If he were in his normal form, he would have to practice sucking Yoo Jonghyuk’s cock. He would have to pace himself, slowly sucking further and further down until his jaw went numb and drool was escaping his lips. He would have to control his breathing, or he would start choking on Yoo Jonghyuk’s inhuman size. 

Good thing he’s not human right now, Kim Dokja thinks, and wraps his lips around the base, tongue flicking along the long column of Yoo Jonghyuk’s dick. He sucks roughly, breathing sharply through his nose, and the dying noise that Yoo Jonghyuk makes goes straight to his own cock. 

“Fuck,” Yoo Jonghyuk gasps out, the first real word he’s managed since the moment Kim Dokja started on achieving his personal goal. “Kim Dokja, Kim Dokja, I’m going to-” 

For a virgin, he must be extremely good at sucking dick. Maybe this was his god given gift. Looking at the way Yoo Jonghyuk is shameless shaking apart on the bed because of his mouth, Kim Dokja can’t help but consider it a great gift he is thankful for. 

Personal goals must be achieved. And if Yoo Jonghyuk comes once, maybe he’ll be more amenable to having a giant dick shoved up his ass later, right? There is nothing bad that can come out of this.

Kim Dokja sucks harder, slowly retreating as he increases the strength of his suction. Yoo Jonghyuk is crying out for air, one hand clenched into a fist and pounding it on the ground haphazardly. His toes are curling and uncurling, and Kim Dokja can feel all his attempts at jerking his hips up if not for the hand he’s thrown across Yoo Jonghyuk’s abdomen. 

He swipes his tongue across the slit, looking up at Yoo Jonghyuk through his lashes, and an inordinate pleasure washes through him when he finds out Yoo Jonghyuk is staring weakly back through half-lidded eyes. 

What a good boy, Kim Dokja abruptly thinks, digging the tip of tongue harshly into Yoo Jonghyuk’s slit, and the man shakes apart. 

Watching Yoo Jonghyuk come is like watching a particularly fantastic movie. There’s the start, where Yoo Jonghyuk freezes, almost like a tableau in a musical. His muscles lock up, toes curling so far that Kim Dokja thinks his feet might cramp up if he tried. Then the middle happens, where Yoo Jonghyuk sinks back onto the bed, muscles trembling as he shudders through the aftershocks.

And all throughout this, there are ropes of come shooting out of his brilliant dick, helped along by Kim Dokja circling his fingers around and pumping up and down.

Yoo Jonghyuk’s still shaking, murmuring tiny little moans as his hips piston upwards, and Kim Dokja can’t help but lean down to lick at his dripping slit. It’s just begging to be cleaned up, with how it twitches when Kim Dokja puts his lips to it.

“Ngh,” Yoo Jonghyuk says. The epitome of intelligence, Kim Dokja thinks smugly. He thinks this is considered a success. Personal goal number one, check. Personal goal number two: pound Yoo Jonghyuk into the ground. 

He moves back up, supporting himself on his forearms as Yoo Jonghyuk had right when this entire situation was just starting. His dick slides eagerly against the wet line connecting Yoo Jonghyuk’s hip and thigh, and the man below him shudders. 

Kim Dokja feels incredibly, impossibly smug. “Did you like that?” 

Yoo Jonghyuk drags in a shaky breath, but still musters enough energy to roll his eyes, raising an eyebrow at Kim Dokja. “I wanted to be fucked,” he says, and there’s actually something petulant in his voice. 

“I held you down! I overpowered you!” Kim Dokja replies indignantly, and decides to punish Yoo Jonghyuk by grinding down, rolling his dick against Yoo Jonghyuk’s still spent cock, and the man lets out a long, drawn-out whine. 

Yoo Jonghyuk’s eyelids flutter, his lashes absurdly long, and Kim Dokja wants to kiss the insolent smile off his face. There’s nothing stopping him, he realizes, and so Kim Dokja goes to town. 

He finally gets to sink his teeth into those lips, biting gently and pulling, licking into Yoo Jonghyuk’s mouth like a dying man. 

“Are you an expert or something?” Yoo Jonghyuk manages to force out when they break apart for a quick gasp of oxygen. “Not that you’re very good. But you’re better than expected.”

Kim Dokja is torn between opening him up right now, and slapping him. “I think it’s the demon king thing,” he ends up saying, and it’s really the truth. He has absolutely zero experience, but he reads a lot. And look where reading a lot got him. Maybe reading that much about sex turned him into a sexual god…? 

Well, it’s not the strangest thing that has happened. 

They lie there for a moment, Kim Dokja very generously letting Yoo Jonghyuk recover and catch his breath. He passes the time by exploring Yoo Jonghyuk’s body, catching one nipple into his mouth and nipping at it, worrying at it until it becomes puffy and red. The other one is given the same treatment, nudging both into proud little buttons that stand up stiffly in the cool night air. 

Yoo Jonghyuk is really, unfairly attractive. Kim Dokja has to take revenge in any way he can, so he forces the base of his thumbs against the pebbled nipples, squeezing them, and Yoo Jonghyuk bucks his hips up.

He can feel Yoo Jonghyuk’s dick filling up again, right next to his own. What a greedy protagonist, Kim Dokja thinks wryly. 

[Kim Dokja thought: He is also greedy for wanting so much.]

Ugh, this was a much more pleasant experience when he forgot the Fourth Wall existed. And- oh god. The entire Star Stream. But there hasn’t been any indirect messages, so are they watching? 

A thought pops into his mind, and Kim Dokja restrains his wince. If he’s thinking correctly, he’ll have to thoroughly apologize to Bihyung once this is all over. 

That’s a problem for future Kim Dokja to worry about, though. Currently, he’s more preoccupied with opening one of the jars he bought moments earlier, screwing it open and dipping his fingers into the liquid. 

He eyes his finger warily. One finger of his right now is pretty much the same as the size of three of his fingers put together. That’s a bit much to start with, right? 

Well, Yoo Jonghyuk’s always been resilient. And his ability to regenerate is out of this world, testing even the realms of probability.

Kim Dokja slicks his fingers up and gets back in position, a hand trailing down to rub at the tight hole of Yoo Jonghyuk’s ass. The man makes a breathy noise, propping the base of his heels down properly on the ground to cant his ass up, giving Kim Dokja easier access.

“You’re so greedy,” Kim Dokja murmurs into Yoo Jonghyuk’s neck, opening his mouth slightly further to sink his teeth into the skin stretching across muscle. It tastes a lot like salt, and Kim Dokja relishes in the knowledge that he’s the one who made Yoo Jonghyuk sweat so much.

Yoo Jonghyuk tries to bear down on the finger circling his ass, and pushes against it. “Put it in. Can’t you do it right?” 

That infuriating comment makes Kim Dokja bite down so hard he actually tastes blood. The shock makes the tip of his finger slip into Yoo Jonghyuk’s hole, and he looks up in surprise, running his gaze across Yoo Jonghyuk’s face for any discomfort. 

The protagonist moans, hips jerking up again, and tosses his neck to the side, as if asking Kim Dokja to bite him again. 

“God,” Kim Dokja says faintly, eyes wide. He’s actually speechless. Yoo Jonghyuk didn’t even complain about a finger the size of three normal fingers suddenly sliding into him. In fact, with how hard he’s clenching around it, trying to suck it in deeper, he would say Yoo Jonghyuk wants more

“Come on,” Yoo Jonghyuk cajoles, voice sweet with desperation, and he wiggles his ass. Kim Dokja is- he is- he’s- 

[Kim Dokja thought: He might actually be in love.] 

No! He is not! His dick is just impossibly hard right now and by all the constellations in the Star Stream, he wants to fuck into the hot tightness of Yoo Jonghyuk. 

He groans anyways, burying his face back into the curve between Yoo Jonghyuk’s neck and collarbone. His tongue slips out to lave over the bite he previously left, cleaning the wound as best as he can, and sucks a bruise over it. 

Kim Dokja doesn’t even have to move his finger. Yoo Jonghyuk is doing a fantastic job of fucking backwards on it, but Kim Dokja has to do something. He crooks it, trying to find that rumored spot he’s heard about, and Yoo Jonghyuk instantly convulses below him, mouth flying open in a silent cry. 

“What? No way.” Kim Dokja stares. Is his luck that good? Is Yoo Jonghyuk’s luck that good? He presses down lightly, scraping across a bump that’s more raised than the rest of the muscle in Yoo Jonghyuk’s ass, and the man’s entire body jerks. 

Yoo Jonghyuk sobs this time, a wet noise leaving his mouth, and he looks at Kim Dokja with such a desperation in his eyes that Kim Dokja can’t do anything but flutter his finger against that bump as fast as he can. 

“Ah, ah- Kim Dokja, ah, ah,” Yoo Jonghyuk can’t say anything other than his name and loud vocalizations of his pleasure. The sound of his desperation makes Kim Dokja harder than he ever thought he could be. If he tries to fuck Yoo Jonghyuk with this, he really might kill him. Maybe he shouldn’t try it, after all. Plot armor might not even be enough to protect the protagonist this time around. 

Then again, plot armor for Yoo Jonghyuk was just regression. Could Kim Dokja actually dick him into regression? He almost wants to try, but he shouldn’t. He really, really shouldn’t. 

Yoo Jonghyuk is actually incredible. His entire finger is inside now, and pulling Yoo Jonghyuk on and off it shouldn’t be this easy. It might be the way he makes sure to aim for that bump every time Kim Dokja sinks his finger back in, because it always results in a full body shiver for Yoo Jonghyuk and a slightly more relaxed ass. 

It gets to the stage where he’s willing to try two. Kim Dokja tried to surreptitiously measure the width of his dick a few seconds ago with his free hand, and thankfully, it’s only about two fingers. A little more than two fingers. Maybe two and a half fingers. 

Which also means it would be around seven fingers thick if he were normal, but he’s trying his goddamn best to not think about that. 

The second finger actually goes in easily. The tip, at least, goes in smoothly, and Yoo Jonghyuk’s hips stutter at the new digit. “Faster, give it to me faster,” he whines, and if Kim Dokja closes one eye, he can imagine Yoo Jonghyuk is begging for it.

His thumb rubs at Yoo Jonghyuk’s perineum, skating around the rim where he’s stretched beyond belief, and slides down to press at his prostate from the outside, at the skin between his hole and his heavy balls. It makes Yoo Jonghyuk yelp, arms flying to wrap around Kim Dokja’s shoulders, and his nails dig harshly into Kim Dokja’s shoulder blades. 

They’ll definitely leave marks, and the thought makes Kim Dokja stupidly satisfied. The same way his bite mark has left a giant territorial mark on Yoo Jonghyuk, now Kim Dokja is marked up.

From there on, it’s easier. Yoo Jonghyuk relaxes remarkably quickly, accepting two fingers faster than expected and he keeps canting his hips up, asking for more.

Kim Dokja is actually getting worried if he’ll ever get to have sex with Yoo Jonghyuk in his normal form, or if Yoo Jonghyuk is only interested in his too big dick in demon form. 

That’s not something that should be calling for his attention though, not when Yoo Jonghyuk’s fingers are scrabbling at the base of his neck, pulling at his hair and demanding something else. 

“Come on,” Yoo Jonghyuk says breathlessly. They’re both wet with sweat and lube, their bodies sliding effortlessly against each other every time they rock together. There’s a brightness in his eyes that Kim Dokja doesn’t know if he’s ever seen before. “Do it, Kim Dokja.” 

His name sounds like a litany on Yoo Jonghyuk’s tongue, and Kim Dokja really, really can’t wait anymore.

He pulls his fingers out and lifts Yoo Jonghyuk’s ass up, staring blankly for a while as Yoo Jonghyuk’s pretty hole twitches hungrily at him. It looks wide, and Kim Dokja presses his thumb into it, pushing downwards just to see how far it stretches. 

It opens up under him, and Kim Dokja decides its time to push in. 

“Be a bit more patient, you idiot.” The head of his cock bumps impatiently at Yoo Jonghyuk’s hole, and Kim Dokja is busy fighting back the urge to just force his way in, because patience is key. They need to go slow, or the lube will suddenly turn into blood. “Good things come to those who wait.” 

“Kim Dokja,” Yoo Jonghyuk murmurs, and there might be tears at the corner of his eyes. His fingers are running up and down Kim Dokja’s nape, scratching at the bumps of his spine, and Kim Dokja shivers. 

He fucks in, slowly, testing the limits of Yoo Jonghyuk’s hurriedly stretched hole, and the large, purple head of his dick slips in. It happens in between one breath and the next, so Kim Dokja is suddenly doubling over Yoo Jonghyuk, spine curved tightly as he presses his forehead against Yoo Jonghyuk, trying to catch his breath. 

Yoo Jonghyuk is so tight, he thinks desperately, hips already involuntarily moving in tiny aborted movements. Kim Dokja had wanted to be good. He wanted to be polite and slowly inch his way in and tease Yoo Jonghyuk while giving the man time to get adjusted. 

Perhaps Yoo Jonghyuk also has a personal goal to wring Kim Dokja’s brain out through his dick. It’s certainly working.

“Relax,” he huffs out, the words lingering on Yoo Jonghyuk’s lips from their close proximity. Yoo Jonghyuk writhes below him, his hole fluttering around Kim Dokja’s cock. 

A line from a book suddenly pops into his head. Missionary was a terrible position to start in. Having Yoo Jonghyuk on his front would have been easier, with a pillow or something to prop up his hips. Now, bracing himself on top of Yoo Jonghyuk, his sweat dripping in small droplets onto Yoo Jonghyuk’s collarbone, his elbows bumping into Yoo Jonghyuk’s knees with every slight thrust he makes- 

Kim Dokja can’t find it in himself to regret it too much.

Yoo Jonghyuk really is admirable. Kim Dokja sinks in with next to no trouble at all, to the very hilt, and when he bottoms out, they both freeze, trying to stop their trembles as they lock their muscles around each other. 

Kim Dokja can honestly say he would willingly die here. Right here, right now. It’s enough. He doesn’t need to ask for anything else. 

Then Yoo Jonghyuk heaves in a deep breath, shuddering hard enough that Kim Dokja can feel it through his dick, and pistons his hips upwards, trying to draw Kim Dokja even further in.

No, Kim Dokja abruptly changes his mind, a choked moan flying from his lips, this is the one. This is it. He can die happy now. 

Yoo Jonghyuk crosses his ankles behind Kim Dokja, a parody of the position they were in when Kim Dokja was sucking Yoo Jonghyuk’s life force out from his dick. He kicks with as much energy as he can gather, which is astonishingly not that much. 

It’s enough to make Kim Dokja aware that the grace time is over. They’re both aching to fuck each other, and they should just get on with it. The night is growing old with every moment they spend staring into each other’s eyes. 

He leans down to bite into Yoo Jonghyuk’s mouth, his tongue twisting as Yoo Jonghyuk tries to fight for dominance, and pulls out to the very head, before slamming back in. 

Yoo Jonghyuk attempts to move with the action, but Kim Dokja’s hands are firm on his shoulders and he stays where he is. His mouth drops open into a tiny oval, eyelids fluttering rapidly with every thrust Kim Dokja lays into him, and a long, steady moan escapes his lips. 

His fingers dance across Kim Dokja’s back, as if they can’t find a place to grip. They draw red lines down his neck, moving to his shoulder blades, then moving to the top of his shoulders, and raking sharply down Kim Dokja’s chest.

“Please,” Yoo Jonghyuk begs all of a sudden, his wet dick rubbing up against Kim Dokja’s abdomen with every sharp movement. “Please, Kim Dokja. Faster- ah, ah, faster!”

Seriously? Kim Dokja is already on the precipice, tipping over, and he’s this close to coming. This incredibly tight heat, the fact that it’s fucking Yoo Jonghyuk below him- he would have blown his load in two seconds if the situation was fictional. He doesn’t know how he’s lasted this long. 

His pride to see Yoo Jonghyuk come first again, maybe. His personal goal of making Yoo Jonghyuk see stars just from his dick.

Yoo Jonghyuk tightens around him, and Kim Dokja despairingly thinks that he might not be able to meet personal goal number two. There are stars behind his eyelids every time he blinks. His fingers are almost numb from the pleasure, and he’s pretty sure that there is no blood anywhere else in his body. Everything has been redirected to his dick. 

“Be a good boy, Yoo Jonghyuk.” He throws the words out, hissing them into Yoo Jonghyuk’s ear. He’s not even hoping for any sort of effect, but maybe by talking, he’ll drag it out longer. He’ll distract himself, and then he can pound harder into Yoo Jonghyuk until the damn bastard comes his brains out. “You wanted to be held down, right? Lie down and take it like a good boy.”

Yoo Jonghyuk inhales sharply, a wet gasp leaving his lips, and his dick jumps, slamming against Kim Dokja’s navel, dragging a dirty line of precome along his abdomen, and his eyes roll back in his head. 

His fingers are pretty much claws, at this stage. They find purchase in Kim Dokja’s biceps, squeezing fiercely. His ankles are digging so harshly into Kim Dokja’s lower back that he might actually have a permanent indent there. 

Something warm splashes against Kim Dokja’s abdomen. He glances down quickly and- the sight of Yoo Jonghyuk coming, the sight of come spilling down the long length of Yoo Jonghyuk’s dick, untouched, makes Kim Dokja thrust in once more, as hard as he can, and kicks him off the edge.

He jolts, hips undulating randomly, uncontrollably, fucking sharply into Yoo Jonghyuk’s abused hole, and when he comes, Kim Dokja is very sure he blacks out.



Waking up is fun only because there is a warm mouth around his cock. Kim Dokja blinks sleepily, throwing one overworked arm over his face. He’s back to normal now, the second smallest guy in the party.

“I can’t,” he says tiredly, flapping a hand at Yoo Jonghyuk. He doesn’t even have to look down to know it’s him, that damned protagonist with no need for recovery time. “I’m done. I’m too tired.”

“It’s a reward for your hard work.” That fucker, Kim Dokja can feel the smile pressed against his dick. “I enjoyed being overpowered.” 

Ah, that’s right. All this happened because of Kim Dokja’s big mouth. Maybe he should open his mouth more often, if this happens. But ah- this is a once-off, then? 

Something throbs painfully in his chest, and Kim Dokja resolutely locks it away. 

[Kim Dokja thought: He shouldn’t lock away such emotions.] 

Better to lock them away than deal with them when Yoo Jonghyuk is sucking his dick, Kim Dokja reasons, and the Fourth Wall stays quiet. 

“Did you?” The question is more a sigh than anything else. He really is tired. All he wants to do is sleep.

Yoo Jonghyuk slinks back up, pressing his body against Kim Dokja. “I cleaned up. We should change back.” 

His eyes fly wide open. “Cleaned up?” That’s right, his body doesn’t feel wet or sticky. “Wait, you walked out of the tent stark naked?” 

Yoo Jonghyuk levels a deadpan look at Kim Dokja that might have made him worry if not for the fact that he just saw Yoo Jonghyuk breathless and coming just a few minutes ago. 

Ugh. The thought of Yoo Jonghyuk like that, begging for more and desperately pulling at Kim Dokja makes his cock twitch.

Yoo Jonghyuk looks down, eyeing it in interest, and Kim Dokja snaps his fingers hurriedly, trying to draw Yoo Jonghyuk’s attention away from it. “I asked you a question, Yoo Jonghyuk. You could at least do me the courtesy of answering.” 

“I bought something from the Dokkaebi Bag,” Yoo Jonghyuk replies nonchalantly. He pauses, and then adds, with something like self-satisfaction radiating from him, “Kim Dokja, you’re not the only one who can use it.” 

Kim Dokja stares at him incredulously for a brief moment, before deciding he’s not in the mood to argue.

He turns to his right, catching sight of the mess his clothes have made, and winces when he sees the stack of lube he bought in his hurry. He throws out a hand, pointing at the stack, and a laugh bubbles up in his throat. 

“I really bought too much, didn’t I?” 

Yoo Jonghyuk smiles. It transforms his entire face, turning it into something that girls would cry over, and Kim Dokja feels his breath getting stolen right out of his chest. His eyes glitter in the dark, and Kim Dokja suddenly remembers why this man is the protagonist.

“We could always use it all together.” Yoo Jonghyuk reaches over, his nipples brushing lightly over Kim Dokja’s chest, and Kim Dokja resists the urge to keen. Yoo Jonghyuk picks up one container, holding it up and inspecting it.

He looks back, smile growing even wider, and Kim Dokja feels a chill go down his spine even as his dick jumps again.

“I haven’t fucked you yet, after all.”

[The constellation ‘Demon-like Judge of Fire’ is crying.]

[Many constellations have sponsored 10000 coins.]

[The constellation ‘Demon-like Judge of Fire’ congratulates them on the new development.]

[The constellation ‘Prisoner of the Golden Headband’ is intrigued.]

[The constellation ‘Demon King of Salvation’ is embarrassed.]