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Green and Green Makes Black and Blue

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“Release, for Christ’s sake, release! 


Jungkook felt his elbows stretch and his whole body jerked forwards as he clumsily landed the jump, his hips way above the place they should be. He cursed at himself, gathering the reins which he lost after Helena’s frustrated head toss from his atrocious landing.


He saw Seokjin palm at his face with the corner of his eye.


“You know what, walk,” he heard Seokjin’s intense voice and he immediately sunk back into his heels and after a few pissy trot steps, finally came to a walk. He exhaled loudly and slumped forward in the saddle.


“Do you know what release means?” Seokjin asked with his arms crossed on his chest, his facial expression almost irritated. God, did Jungkook feel stupid.


“Yes,” he replied meekly, breathing heavily. The feeling of Helena’s bouncy walk under him as he listened to Seokjin tell him off after he fucked up has become way too familiar. Deep down, he almost regretted buying Helena on such impulse despite her previous owner warning him that she needs an experienced rider. However, he was also grateful, because in the first few minutes of his first lesson with her, she managed to bring his ass back to Earth and explain to him very quickly that he’s not nearly as experienced as he liked to think.


“That was a rhetorical question, of course you know. The real question is, why don’t you do it?” Seokjin demanded. “She’s tense. You’re tense. She’s greener than you are and she’s also kind of a bitch. You know she will give you shit for not letting her use her neck. If you do a six stride in four strides, at least jump it properly. Why don’t you let her use her neck?”


Jungkook didn’t know. Every lesson, he got bombarded with Seokjin’s inquisitive questions that were supposed to make Jungkook think and correct his mistakes, but all they’ve achieved was that they made Jungkook feel dumb. Everything Seokjin said Jungkook knew. He just never applied it, through the cloud in his brain and through the panic of fucking up, through Helena’s skittish behavior that humbled him a little too much for sitting on a green horse. He got into his head and got blocked. And along with his head, his shoulders, hips, knees and elbows got blocked too, and Helena wasn’t stupid or easy, so the second she felt Jungkook’s elbows stiffen and hit her mouth, she would pull. And pull. And pull.


Seokjin shook his head quietly. “I am losing my shit with you, Jungkook,” he mumbled. Maybe this is a good time to quit riding forever, Jungkook thought. In his ten years of riding he’s never felt this incapable.


Seokjin palmed his face again, let out a groan and pointed at the jump.


“Let’s catch it again. Your utmost concern is to release over the jump and relax you elbows. Bend them, allow them to move back and forth, because if you don’t, you hit her mouth. And from there, she’s going to take over. You know that,” Seokjin ordered.


Jungkook felt anxiety bubble in his stomach, but he just swallowed thickly and complied. He knew it wouldn’t go well. He’s often been told to not set his mind negatively, but he was too nervous and too deep in his head to relax. And the second Helena transitioned into canter, she let him know she knew how anxious he was.


“Sit down, elbows back, relax them and release,” he heard Seokjin yell from his side. He did sit down and he did pull his elbows towards his body and he almost thought he got it this time, but Helena was quick to explain to him that she’s not taking any more of his block-of-wood-kinda-seat bullshit. With her head up in the space, her back hollowed and her stride twice as long as it was supposed to be, she nearly bolted towards the jump, getting increasingly strong on the reins.


“Half-halt, half-halt, half-halt,” Seokjin  almost pleaded, but Jungkook knew that Seokjin’s hope of him properly applying the half-halt was long gone.


RELEASE!” was the last of Seokjin’s desperate commands before Helena took the jump a whole stride sooner than she was supposed to, launching Jungkook out of the tack, his stiff seat perfectly resistant towards any shock absorbance and for the hell of it, she let out a kick over the jump, as if to tell Jungkook off. I deserved that, he thought quickly before Helena landed, yet again with the bit up in her mouth, bouncing Jungkook’s already unstable body further up her neck. Needless to say, he did not release.


I’m going to die, flashed through Jungkook’s mind when Helena granted him with a nice, powerful buck. He desperately clawed at the once again lost reins, closed his knees like never before and probably with his sheer willpower, managed to bring Helena to a canter that he was finally able to sit without the fear of eating dirt.


“Walk,” Seokjin groaned once again. Then, with a loud sigh, he collapsed on the chair he got up from because he couldn’t sit calmly due to the frustration.


“You’re driving me nuts,” he cried to himself as he eyed Jungkook, who has transformed into a miserable lump of flesh wobbling in the saddle.


Honestly, Jungkook wasn’t surprised. If he were a trainer and had a student this incompetent, he would kick his ass. He actually applauded Seokjin for bearing with him for four full months. Except everyone has their last straw and Jungkook had a strong feeling that this was Seokjin’s.


“You are too stiff for her,” Seokjin started, as if Jungkook didn’t know. “You are too tense. You are also nervous now, that adds up to it, but goddammit, you can’t do shit with her like this. Why did you even buy her?”


“I thought I could do it,” Jungkook admitted shamefully. To hell with it, it’s not like he can get any more embarrassed.


“So did I,” Seokjin muttered quietly. He gave Jungkook a scrutinizing gaze, appearing deeply in thought.


“You know what, I think you might need someone with fresh nerves that’s not going to be as nice as me,” he said slowly, and his eyes lit up, as if he got an idea.


Jungkook’s stomach tightened once more. A different trainer? One that would drag him even more than Seokjin? Today’s lesson was Seokjin pretty much being done, but for the past months he was determined to make the green and green combo work. He was a great trainer and he knew how to explain things well. At times, he’d made Jungkook hop off and got on Helena himself to show him what he meant. Mostly, it worked, and those were the only times he saw Helena round and steady, but sometimes, Jungkook saw that Helena was a handful for Seokjin too. And that meant Jungkook was pretty much fucked. Increasingly though, Seokjin’s determination started wilting and frustration growing, because that’s what happens when your utterly impossible student won’t give you results of your work,Jungkook thought.


“Like…who?” Jungkook piped.


“This guy I know,” he answered, “he’s done a lot with green horses, more than I have, anyway. It’s not that I am giving up on you, I just got this idea. He could get you and her started. Figure you guys out. I think we might have started the serious stuff a little too soon. We didn’t know what we were getting ourselves into.”


Jungkook tilted his head and listened. Seokjin pursed his lips and started looking for something in his phone. “He’s great with flatwork. I mean, he’s a jumper, but he can fix the base like no one’s business. I had a few lessons with him a few years ago when I bought Cargo first,” Seokjin explained. Jungkook scarcely remembered when Seokjin’s back then new and green, now top notch horse, had been giving him trouble.


“So…what now,” Jungkook asked, not really sure how this was going to go.


“I just texted him. I think it would help you a lot to go over the basics and it would also help her if he got on her here and there, just to ground her a little,” Seokjin gestured towards Helena, who was now walking peacefully, her ears turning and her head relaxed. Jungkook looked down at her ears in thought. It was not like he had a choice. He trusted Seokjin, though, and he knew that his trainer knew what was good for him.


“Of course, after you’ve got her figured out, you’ll get back to me. I also think it might be good if he did some jumping with you, because I know that you are a jumper, you just can’t make the jumping work with her,” he hummed. Jungkook nodded.


“I’ll give you his number, and if he’s free, you can agree on lesson times. I’ll come check up on you here and there,” Seokjin said with a smirk. Jungkook groaned. He didn’t want Seokjin to come see him continuously fuck up.


“Is he in this barn?” Jungkook asked. Seokjin shook his head.


“Oh, no. He’s in a private one, further up north. It’s pretty much a Grand Prix level show jumping barn,” Seokjin said casually. Jungkook almost fell off.


“You’re setting me up with a Grand Prix rider? Are you shitting me?”


Seokjin giggled. “Yes, you’re welcome. Be grateful I have connections, you brat, or you might as well sell her ass,” Seokjin scowled and pointed at Helena, but kept a grin on his face.


Jungkook sighed. As much as he admitted he was barely handling Helena, he did not want to sell her. He did not want to give up like that, because a smooth sea never made a good sailor. Despite all the bruises he had from falls, despite all the blisters that formed on his ring fingers even through gloves and despite being frustrated to the point of wanting to quit nearly every lesson, he didn’t want to sell her. He liked Helena’s energy and he knew that she is not the problem, because he saw her work impeccably with Seokjin on her back. He had a fantastic horse on his hands. He just had to pull his shit together to get the best of her. And if it took a different trainer, so be it.




 It took three days to get a reply. He agreed to give Jungkook lessons with no fuss and immediately set him up for Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. He didn’t bother to ask if Jungkook had time on those days and Jungkook didn’t dare to protest. He didn’t even know this guy and was already scared of him. Apparently, his name was Taehyung and he was heading to be a Grand Prix rider, which was what sparked the most anxiety in Jungkook. This guy was going to throw him in the trash.


Initially, Jungkook thought he would have to arrange a trailer to get Helena to Taehyung’s barn, but as Seokjin informed him, Taehyung took on two more riders to train and will be trailering his horse, so he would stick around their barn more frequently, eliminating the need for Jungkook and Helena to switch barns. Jungkook wondered where did a rider of this level gather up so much time, but Seokjin informed him he’s having a few months of chill and not showing to get ready and rest before a Puissance show he had coming up.


“I’ll come see you after your lesson,” Seokjin chatted as he stood by, leaning on the wall, watching Jungkook tack up with trembling hands. Jungkook nodded and repeatedly attempted to tighten the girth with his shaking fingers, one of the straps slipping from between his fingers for the third time already.


“Why are you so nervous?” Seokjin wondered, eyeing Jungkook.


“Honestly, I’m always nervous,” Jungkook sighed as he finally managed to firmly grab the strap and tighten the girth. He stood back and rested his hands on his hips. He still had about thirty minutes until the arranged lesson time, but he was already so shaken up that being late would only escalate his unease.


Seokjin lifted his eyebrow. “Even with me?” he smirked, a little puzzled. Jungkook pulled an uptight smile. Outside of lessons, him and Seokjin had a friend-like relationship, so he wasn’t scared to tell him.


“Yes. You’re one hell of a trainer too and the more I fuck up, the more I get nervous. You always feed me my shit right back,” he admitted with a frown.


“I don’t, that’s Helena’s job,” Seokjin laughed at patted Helena on the neck, to which she lifted her head.


“Be good to him today,” Seokjin whispered to her while running his palm along her mane. Helena acted like she wasn’t there.


“So who is he, anyway?” Jungkook swallowed his pride and asked about the trainer, because if one thing's been on his mind other than his own failure, it was this guy. “How did you even meet him?”


Seokjin’s eyes glimmered. “His barn once sponsored a show I was at. It was my first ever show with Cargo back then,” he answered.


“The one in Incheon?” Jungkook recovered a faint memory of Seokjin cancelling a lesson on that weekend.


Seokjin nodded. “Anyway, he was there. It wasn’t a good show for me. I got bucked off in the warmup ring.”


Jungkook snorted quietly, as if he’s never been bucked off. Seokjin dirty looked him, and continued: “I, of course, got back on and did my round, fucked it up tremendously, but after I walked out, he was standing by the gate. I thought he was a member of the staff or something, but get this: he said he liked my approach. And my hands. Said I could be worked with. He also saw that I had a green horse. Green horses are kind of his thing.”


Jungkook squinted. “So he saw you ride and just…decided he wanted to train you? Sounds surreal if you ask me,” he noted.


“That’s what I thought too, but apparently, he likes picking up the newbies, whether the from the rider or the horse side. Anyway, he gave me a few lessons. Let me tell you, it was life changing,” Seokjin chuckled. He gestured towards Helena with a jerk of his head.  


“He’s going to want to try her,” he informed. “He likes to see what he’s working with. He doesn’t like easy horses, says it’s no fun for him.”


Jungkook glanced at Helena dozing off with her head between her knees and her hind leg rested. “He’s going to love her, then,” he mumbled.


Seokjin let out a delicious laugh. “Oh, her? No, no. He’s going to have her wrapped around his finger by the end of today.” He looked up and jabbed a finger in Jungkook’s direction.


“It’s you that he’s going to have a lot of work with.”






Jungkook didn’t know who he expected to see, but he knew he expected someone older. Not a ridiculously handsome man in his early thirties. For a second he thought he came to the wrong arena or got the date and time mixed up, but the acknowledging nod of the man’s head when he saw Jungkook walk in told him otherwise.


No jumps were set up, not even a single pole was on the ground. Jungkook was informed it was going to be a flat lesson, but the arena looked strangely naked and clean and considering he did jumping practically his whole life, an arena without jumps was something he seldom encountered.


He gulped as he walked towards the middle, leading Helena on the reins next to him. As soon as he got closer, he started noticing more about the man’s physical appearance. His dirty brown hair were pushed up by a black headband which covered majority of his forehead, dark, alert eyes and wide lips surrounded by faint dots of freshly shaved facial hair, all of it lined with the sharpness of his jawline and cheekbones. He had simple black shirt on, tucked into cream breeches, which Jungkook immediately averted his gaze from, and some plain black Vans with simple riding socks pulled under his knees. He looked almost way too classy to be at this barn, but Jungkook told himself it’s only because he knew he was a Grand Prix rider.


Just observationally, Jungkook noted how damn attractive he was, but that did not outrun the knot in his chest.


“Jungkook, right?” he spoke for the first time, the deep tone of his voice quaking Jungkook up even further. He nodded.


“Name’s Taehyung,” he introduced himself casually, nodding his head. “Seokjin explained the situation. This must be Helena.”


Taehyung walked up to her, softly poking at her nose with his index finger and Jungkook could swear he saw a small smile creep up on his face.


Taehyung backed up and crossed his arms on his chest, scrutinizing Jungkook from head to toe.


“What are you waiting for?” he lifted his eyebrow.


Jungkook croaked quietly and turned to tighten Helena’s girth and pull down the stirrups, his face growing hot. A way to start, he already thinks I’m dumb.


As he heavily got on, he already knew he was too rigid for Helena to work properly, but gathered his reins regardless and softly pushed her to a walk.


“So, how long have you had her?” Taehyung inquired, shuffling in small circles as Jungkook walked around the rail. Jungkook, as much as he didn’t like it, kept stealing glances, because now, his new trainer has found a new way to make him nervous.


“About four, five months,” he answered obediently, wiggling his shoulders in an attempt to release the tension and pull them back. Taehyung nodded.


“She’s an Anglo-Arab, right?”


Jungkook nodded.


Taehyung snorted quietly. “Brave choice,” he commented, almost pitifully. Or mockingly?

Jungkook’s face heated up once again, as he wasn’t sure what answer to provide. He already felt embarrassed enough as it was. How he wished he went for an older Warmblood instead of playing god.


“Seokjin told me you’re a decent rider, but you get in your head, right?” Jungkook sensed attempted friendliness.


“Yes, I tend to get stiff, and well, she feels it,” he explained carefully, tiptoeing around making an idiot out of himself.


“Yeah, well she’s green, you kind of are too, you’re tense, she’s tense, fix your fucking shoulders,” Taehyung pointed out, and continued, “but if we can get your shit together, we can get hers.”


Jungkook flinched at the swear word. Seokjin tended to swear around him here and there when Jungkook ground his gears, but they’ve known each other for years, not ten minutes. Despite that, or maybe even thanks to that, Jungkook immediately pulled back his involuntarily slouched shoulders.


“Thank you,” Taehyung appreciated loudly.  Then he clapped his hands. “Okay, I am not going to ask you to do shit for now, I just need to see you two. Head up to a trot. Do your worst, princess.” Jungkook wasn’t sure if he was talking to him or to Helena.


As Helena stepped out into trot, Jungkook concentrated all of his previous riding experience into his body. He tried his hardest to relax his shoulders, closed his knees, straightened his back, moved his hips under himself, bent his elbows, looked ahead. He tentatively closed his outside rein and pushed his inside leg, daring to see if Helena will drop her neck and get round, but he also didn’t want to mess up the decent trot he thought he had.


After trotting half a lap, feeling Helena move under herself a little more and Jungkook almost feeling good about himself, Taehyung told him to stop.


Jungkook came to a walk and turned his head to look at Taehyung, awaiting his judgement.


Taehyung nodded to himself, then lifted his gaze at Jungkook. “Okay, yeah, it’s kind of worse than I thought.”


At his words, Jungkook wanted to throw himself off. An unstoppable feeling of complete failure filled him up and all he desired was to cease to exist. Just evaporate.


He didn’t say a word, just looked down in Taehyung’s general direction.


Taehyung sighed. “You think about it too much. Like, so much. Of course you have to think about shit when you ride, but I bet you were thinking about how to hold the reins.”


Well, Taehyung wasn’t wrong there.


He glared at Jungkook. “You don’t have to change things because I’m here. You’re so unbelievably pent up, thinking that because a different person is training you, things are going to change. They’re not. I know you know what to do, I can tell. But you are so fucking unsure and think I’m going to decapitate you, so you put so much thought into it that it completely defeats the purpose. It’s not like the way you’ve been taught to ride is so different from mine, Jungkook, you still hold the reins between your pinkie and ring finger.”


He almost sounded gentle, but there was a firmness in his voice that didn’t give Jungkook a chance to say a word to his defense. Not like he had a reason for a defense, though, as deep down he knew that Taehyung was completely right. It was pretty scary, actually, because Taehyung knew exactly what was going on in Jungkook’s head from half a lap of trot.


“But she moved okay, I give you that,” Taehyung remarked. Jungkook felt the slightest bit of shame drop from his shoulders.


“Don’t get too proud,” Taehyung grounded him. “You’re gonna show me a relaxed trot on a long rein. I want you to stop sitting like your entire body is an erection. You’re supposed to stay upright, but not stiff, get it?”


A wave of unwelcome heat rose to Jungkook’s cheeks and he almost chuckled at the comparison. He let majority of the reins slip out, only holding them at the end, closing his fingers around them and allowing Helena’s head to drop lower. He softly flexed his calves, knowing it was enough to move her forward, and blanked his mind.


He tried to think of a cool out trot, one that he would do after a lesson, not paying much mind to all of his aids, just simply letting Helena plod along.


“But, like, don’t fall apart on me,” Taehyung corrected him instantly. “Elbows, Jeon, elbows.”


Jungkook bent his elbows and pulled them to his body, his shoulders dropping momentarily, but one “shoulders!” from Taehyung and he fixed them. He had no idea that after ten years of riding he was going to have his seat fixed.


After a few laps of Taehyung talking, correcting and explaining, he asked Jungkook to pick up his reins and shorten them.


“Don’t lose the stillness, you’ve been doing fine. Don’t fuck up your shoulder either, and don’t you dare start analyzing shit again,” Taehyung warned him.


Jungkook did his best to convince himself he was alone here and was just casually trotting, not really sure if he was doing it right, but it must have been decent, because after two more laps, Taehyung asked him to pick up the canter.


It was as if he was riding a different horse, really. Come to think of it, it was incredible how much of a difference a proper trot made for the canter. Helena wasn’t surging forward, not as much as usually, anyway. She was still strong in his hands, though, and his immediate response to that was to automatically stiffen in his upper half, for which Helena rewarded him with a sassy, quick buck.


“She’s training you there, stop ignoring the bucks,” Taehyung urged him. “She was being pretty good until you got a boner in your shoulders, after that she quite literally told you to cut that shit out.”


Jungkook’s lips spontaneously stretched to a small, suppressed smile. As terrified he was of Taehyung, he liked the way he talked. He had a presence that Seokjin didn’t have. However, he did not dare to talk back and say he got the boner in his shoulders because she got stronger.

A few laps of canter later, Jungkook was told to stop again. Taehyung set to a walk and caught up with Helena to look up at Jungkook. 


“Okay, that was slightly less disastrous,” he said, but small smirk was on his lips. “We all get in our head sometimes, but you are lucky enough to have a horse that literally slaps your hands away when you do it. In case you haven’t noticed, she’s a mirror, Jungkook. If she’s being a lot, it’s because she’s telling you to stop doing whatever the fuck you were doing.”


Jungkook nodded. He did think about Helena this way before and he knew she could be good. But he’s never really been directed this straightforwardly, especially in such blunt manner.


“Now, of course, she’s a saucy one, sometimes even when you’re relaxed,” he commented. “But if she wasn’t, where would her personality be at, huh?” His eyes sparked a little. Jungkook had to admit Helena indeed had a personality, sometimes she would kick simply out of excitement, but unfortunately, her spicy behavior was mostly caused by Jungkook’s psychical block.


He looked down at Taehyung, feeling increasingly comfortable around him. He was a trainer, indeed he was, but Jungkook sensed he was also that kind of person that would be fun to be friends with. He had a sense of leadership and energy that was just fun to listen to, because, let’s be honest, “stop having a boner in your shoulders” hits home better than “relax”.


Taehyung softly tugged at the inside rein, prompting Helena to stop.


“Hop off for a sec, I want to feel her,” he announced and Jungkook willingly swung his foot over Helena’s back and dismounted.


Jungkook thought he’d seen good riders. He thought he’d seen great riders. Hell, when Seokjin got on Helena to pacify her a little, he thought he was watching the God himself.


That was until he saw Taehyung. The way his hips naturally slid with now completely fluid motion of Helena’s canter was hypnotizing. His hands, flawlessly bent at the elbows, completely free to move at the joints, softly lead Helena’s head down with her neck bent graciously, completely collected. However, he used his hands in almost feathery touches, ones that Jungkook couldn’t even see, and the steadiness of his lower leg guided most of the movements Helena made. His shoulders were stable, stretched and tall, he was not breaking at the waist like Jungkook tended to and he was most definitely not tense. It seemed as though Taehyung was a part of Helena’s body now, as if he didn’t give it a single thought and just did what was completely natural to do.


As he rose up from the saddle into two-point to relieve Helena’s back and send her forward, Jungkook’s eyes slid from his perfectly flexible knees which cradled his steady upper half with the bouncy motion of the horse’s canter to his backside, and he got caught in a quick panic mode, because damn, did Taehyung have an ass.


Jungkook hated staring at others, as difficult as it was with people mostly hanging around in breeches, so he usually just ignored it, but he couldn’t bring himself to stop. Taehyung was not facing him, anyway.


His staring, was, thankfully, brought to an abrupt stop when Helena rapidly bolted away from the wall after a cat jumped on the railing, promptly shoving Taehyung back into the saddle. Jungkook did not even try to imagine all the ways he would bite the dust if it was him on Helena’s back, but Taehyung just hollered a firm ‘whoa’, lifted his hands and sinking deep into the saddle, brought Helena from a bucking fit to a halt.


That was a piece of horsemanship if Jungkook’s ever seen one.


After that, Taehyung rode some more, Helena now being a little more cheeky, to which, instead of panicking like Jungkook would, Taehyung kept scoffing and laughing.


“She’s being a bitch, alright,” Taehyung barked with laughter as Helena gifted him with a juicy buck. He seemed so unfazed it was almost unreal and Jungkook could watch him ride all day.


“Look at how sensitive she’s being now,” Taehyung noted, jerking his head towards Helena’s perked up ears, her nostrils wide and blown. “She’s steaming, little bitch.”


He carried himself in Helena’s extremely bouncy trot, obviously utterly unbothered by the fact that she was wound up like a spring. Then, much to Jungkook’s shock, Taehyung heeled her powerfully, rose out of the saddle and sent her forward in full on gallop.


Jungkook might have developed an adoration for his new trainer, because this man was unreal. Helena’s taken off with Jungkook on her back before, and he counted those times as near death experiences. Taehyung, with a wide grin on his face and his calves firmly laid against Helena’s sides to keep her going, evidently couldn’t relate. He didn’t even have a helmet on.


“She wants to go, she’s gonna go,” he exclaimed as he juiced every bit of energy built up in her muscles, clearly having too much fun even when she bucked in excitement at full gallop. Helena wasn’t easy to stop when she went off, her Thoroughbred springs wouldn’t allow her to, but Taehyung managed to take her down to a completely calm canter once again.


“There she goes, being a total doll again,” he commented and loudly patted her on the neck and soon enough, slowed down to a walk. Seokjin hadn’t been lying when he said Taehyung’s going to have her wrapped around his finger by the end of today.


Helena was sweaty and steaming, breathing loudly, but she looked satisfied. And so did Taehyung.


“Jungkook, you’ve got a Miss Mare on your hands. She’s a diva. And I’m going to teach you to pull the most of out her, because if you won’t do it, I’m stealing her from you,” Taehyung grinned and stopped, hopped off and proceeded to handwalk Helena to cool her off.


“You’re not a bad rider, Jungkook,” Taehyung chatted as they walked side by side around the rail. “You just need to feel her more. You’re a little scared of her, I know you are. And I honestly don’t blame you, she’s got a temperament. But if you keep that up for too long, you’re going to ruin a horse with an enormous potential. So pull yourself together and start feeling your horse. Allow her to use herself. Relax. She’s going to keep mirroring your fuckups and she’s going to keep being strong and saucy on you because she’s too smart for you and knows you’d rather try to stop her than go with her. Go with her, Jeon. Because if you don’t, I will. I’m not shitting you when I’m saying I’ll take her away from you.”


With this, Taehyung handed the reins to Jungkook, patted him on the shoulder and walked out of the arena, leaving a slightly ashamed, a little flustered and very determined Jungkook behind.





“Sit, for fuck’s sake, you’re riding a horse, not a dick!”


“Stop humping the saddle and sit on your ass!”


“Who are you spreading your legs for? Close your fucking knees.”


“Hands quiet. God, if I gave you glasses of milk you’d make butter, that’s how much you’re moving your hands.”


“You look fucking constipated, move your ass under yourself!”


“Yeah, that would almost be good if it wasn’t bad.”


“When is your dick’s funeral? Because you’re sitting so forward I swear I just felt it die.”


“As lovely as your ass is, I don’t remember asking you to two-point, so sit it back down.”



Jungkook slowly got used to Taehyung’s individual way of training and his comparisons, maybe even grew to like them as they were statements one would remember. But as of recently, he noticed that they started being almost flirtatious.


However, Jungkook was not the one to complain, considering he was slowly developing a small crush on his trainer. Not that he would admit it, no, but he was conscious enough to notice his heartbeat increase when Taehyung praised him, dropped one of his buzz lines or made physical contact.


His eyes also trailed off way too often and he caught himself glancing at Taehyung one too many times, either from the back or the front. Both were equally pleasant to look at. Taehyung also didn’t help anything by strictly wearing light colored breeches, which made Jungkook quietly hate himself. He despised when breeches were sexualized, he himself had been catcalled in his breeches a few times, but a blind person could see that Taehyung looked especially good in them. Thick thighs and a nice ass mixed well with them, too well, to the point of Jungkook being pissed because that was exactly what he did not want to connect breeches with.


He also admired Taehyung a little more each time he rode Helena after their lesson. One time he dropped the reins almost completely and made a phone call with one hand, all while maintaining a steady canter.


After one of his lessons, Seokjin stopped by and watched as Jungkook untacked Helena.


“How is it going?” he inquired, voluntarily taking Helena’s boots off and handing them to Jungkook to help him.


Jungkook thought about the answer. It’s not that it was terrible. He definitely felt more progress and had more bright moments than with Seokjin, but he wouldn’t tell him that. But he also had his shitty moments, days when he was completely wiped out and felt as if he’s on square one again, unable to make proper transitions, incapable of slowing Helena down, losing all of the basics and control. Still, he grew to enjoy his lessons, despite the knot of nervousness forming in his chest way before he started tacking up.


“It’s pretty good,” he answered finally, sedately reaching for a hose to wash Helena’s sweat off. Seokjin lifted his eyebrow.


“I have to come watch one day,” he sighed. “Haven’t been able to yet, sorry about that.”


“Oh, don’t apologize for that, I’d rather not have you come,” Jungkook said bitterly and quickly flicked his wrist to splash some of the water at Seokjin, for which he earned a frustrated whelp and a smack on the shoulder.


“Have you only been doing flat?” Seokjin continued to ask, clearly interested.


Jungkook nodded a few times. “Yeah, it’s quite the gamechanger. I learned that I don’t know how to sit,” he squeaked. Seokjin smiled warmly.


“I’ve been there, honestly. I thought there wasn’t much he could teach me since he’s younger than me. How surprised I was when he told me off for, like, eighty percent of the stuff I was doing.”


Jungkook finished hosing Helena and quickly scraped her. It was hard to believe Seokjin was capable of feeling the same Jungkook did when it came to being trained, because in Jungkook’s eyes, he was still a trainer, and his dumb ass couldn’t understand that trainers failed more times than he’s even tried.


He’s never been bucked off in a warmup ring like Seokjin, has never had three broken ribs and a collapsed lung from a horse falling on top of him in a cross country course like Hoseok, one of the other trainers had, and has never been in a neck brace because he got thrown over a fence and landed on his neck like Taehyung shared he has. Sure, he had his falls and fails, but he sometimes forgot that trainers, almost godlike creatures to him, have been through way, way worse.


He knew he had to go through this, this was all a part of the process. Not to mention, he had a pretty damn hot trainer to get him through at the moment.


“When’s your next lesson?” Seokjin asked conversationally as he leisurely followed Jungkook.


“Friday,” he replied casually and walked towards the tack room to put away his things. 


“Good luck then,” Seokjin waved as he turned to the indoor arena to teach a lesson.







“How are your lessons going?”


Jungkook was rather shocked when he saw Jimin leaning on the door frame of the tack room shortly after his talk with Seokjin. Jimin was one of those people at the barn that Jungkook registered and exchanged a few hellos with in the past, but was afraid to talk to regularly, as Jimin seemed on too high of a level to be talked to casually.


Jimin rode dressage and didn’t spend a lot of time in this part of the barn, since the dressage arenas and stalls were on the other side. He was that kind of person that Jungkook always silently admired and watched from afar, hoping to absorb some of Jimin’s flatwork skills through observation.


“What lessons?” he nearly stuttered, puzzled and frozen in his stance.


Jimin chuckled. “Tae told me he’s giving you lessons. I didn’t know. You have guts to do lessons with him, he’s a hardass,” Jimin smiled.


“What do you mean?” Jungkook’s mind still wasn’t clicking. “What do you mean he told you?”


“Oh, we’re friends,” Jimin explained with a genuine grin. “We’ve been for some time.”


Honestly, Jungkook was not surprised in the slightest. Both Taehyung and Jimin were god tier riders and a friendship of the two of them was something that fit together naturally, though he was unsure how the two met.


“Oh,” he mustered awkwardly, “since when?”


He scolded himself immediately for the dumb question, grimacing at himself, but Jimin just giggled.


“About the same time when he met Seokjin. Guy’s kind of the common denominator,” Jimin said and walked into the tack room, seating himself on the couch. Jungkook could tell that Jimin knew he was better than him, it was apparent in the way Jimin subtly promenaded himself and crossed his legs when he sat down, his head leaned back.


“So anyway, he told me you guys are doing lessons. How is it going?”


Jungkook pulled a nervous smile. “You want me to answer that after you’ve told me he’s your friend?”


Jimin laughed brightly, the sound ringing in the air. Damn it, everything about this guy was overflowing with elegance and grace, Jungkook thought.


“Why, is it not good?” he smirked and quirked up his eyebrow.


Jungkook hummed with a smile. “No, no, it is good. If anything’s not good, it’s me,” he admitted sheepishly and walked over to his locker, setting his saddle in it carefully.


Jimin sighed. “Oh, believe me, if you weren’t good, he’d dump you.”


“I am strongly convinced he only hasn’t done that yet because he likes my mare,” Jungkook mused as he clicked the lock and turned to Jimin with his hands on his hips.


“Please,” Jimin laughed again, “I once saw him tell this girl to never come to his sight again unless it’s to sell him her horse. So believe me, if it was for your mare only, he’d let you know.”


Jimin’s words made a small bundle of hope swell in his chest, thinking that maybe Taehyung just isn’t as much about praise as his other trainers were and he isn’t doing as terribly as he thought, but then he remembered Taehyung made him get off and do push ups once, because “you don’t deserve to sit on her back today, get some blood flowing to that brain.”


Jungkook’s lips stretched into a crooked smile.


“I guess,” he mumbled. “It could be better.”


Jimin stood up and walked over to Jungkook, stopping in front of him.


“It could always be better,” he stated with a small smile on his lips and patted Jungkook on the shoulder before turning to leave, but he stopped in the door.


“Keep it up,” Jimin said over his shoulder. “He’s a good trainer. Kind of an asshole, but good. He’ll take you where you need to be. Maybe even further, judging from his words.”


With a smirk and a wink accentuating his last words, Jimin disappeared, leaving an astonished Jungkook standing in the middle of the tack room, wondering just what the fuck they meant.





As the mentioned Friday lesson approached, Jungkook felt increasingly more nervous for an unknown reason. He’s noticed something flashing between him and Taehyung, but he wasn’t sure what it was, because one time it felt as if Taehyung was pissed at him and the other it felt like he was constantly checking him out.


Contrary to the fuzzy and tingly feelings in his entire body, he was not a teenager anymore and he knew attraction when he saw it. And as much as he kept telling himself it’s too good to be true and too wrong to be right, he noticed. He noticed Taehyung’s eyes sliding down his body, he noticed the tip of Taehyung’s tongue licking at his lips absentmindedly when he sometimes watched Jungkook speak, he noticed the remarks, and most importantly, he noticed the eyefucking Taehyung’s deadly eyes have been shooting him.


Yet, he couldn’t bring himself to do anything about it, so he just stood by and let the volts spark between them every time he walked into his lesson.


Shaky and nervous, he shuffled around the barn, tacking Helena up and hoping he wouldn’t bump into Taehyung before his lesson.


However, as he was leaving the tack room with his saddle in his hands, he heard a familiar, deep voice holler from the arena: “What the fuck?”


He set the saddle on Helena’s back and listened, because if Taehyung’s voice was anything other than hot, it was prominent.


“Get your dressage ass out of here,” Taehyung boomed. Jungkook wasn’t sure who he was talking to, but the fact that Taehyung was already in the arena meant that he should hurry the hell up. He frantically finished tacking up and began walking towards the arena with her, when another voice, a brighter and thinner one, resonated.


“I will piaffe on your grave, bitch,” Jungkook recognized Jimin’s voice, this time not as calm as when he talked to him, but tinted with a sardonic smirk.


Jungkook hesitantly walked towards the arena only to stop at the gate, noticing that Jimin sat on his horse, walking around Taehyung, who had his hands on his hips in a gesture of impatience.


“And I will straight up piss on your grave if you don’t get the fuck out, what are you even doing here? This is a jumping arena,” Taehyung scowled as Jimin shot him a middle finger.


“There’s a lot of people in the dressage arenas. And I came to watch your lesson after I’m done riding,” Jimin explained, still promenading around Taehyung, his horse sliding in an elegant walk. Jimin looked like someone out of a picture book, dressed in black breeches and white shirt, his horse’s tack perfectly matching and forming an impeccable exterior, one of an elite dressage rider in their natural habitat. However, it seemed like Taehyung had something to say about that.


“Why did you bring the tank with you?” he gestured towards the horse. “I’m doing a jumping lesson, you’ll be taking up space.”


Jungkook saw how Jimin comically lifted his eyebrows in an expression of offense. It was true that Jimin’s horse was a tall and sturdy one, much bigger than the lean and sinewy breeds him and Taehyung were used to riding, but Taehyung was definitely exaggerating, to which Jimin reacted.


“Call her a tank one more time and I will dislocate your fucking elbows,” he warned and pointed his finger at Taehyung.


“Can you even reach my elbows?”


To this, Jimin made an abrupt (and flawlessly clean) walk to canter transition and almost ran Taehyung over. “I’m going to fucking trample you,” he said, complementing his action.


“Please,” Taehyung opened his arms and smiled sweetly, “maybe then you’ll learn to piaffe in place.”


Jungkook knew Taehyung was exaggerating again, because he saw Jimin do a perfect piaffe, but he couldn’t help but think it was funny. Didn’t Jimin say they were friends? From his words, Jungkook assumed they would be more like acquaintances from a few shows, but the behavior they displayed resembled brothers.


“Coming from a jumper? When’s the last time your horse was even collected?” Jimin shot back.


Taehyung laughed provocatively. “I don’t know, but the last time yours was collected was when rode her.”


“Yeah, she was traumatized. Remind me why I’m friends with you again, you’re the biggest asshole I know,” Jimin complained and shook his head.


Jungkook smiled at this, because he was thinking the same. Being friends with Taehyung must be equal parts exhausting and fun. He decided to finally open the gate and with Helena on his rain walk inside, but he felt like he was stepping into a barrage, as the bickering was still going on.


“Thank you, now will you please dispose of the elephant?” Taehyung flailed his arm towards the gate. “You’re welcome to watch the lesson when you’re not taking up half the long side.”


“I hope your horse fucking colics.”


“I would wish the same to you but you can barely afford a flu shot, let alone vet bills.”




“Yeah, we’ve heard that before, hello, Jungkook,” Taehyung said mindlessly while he was scrolling on his phone, noticing Jungkook with his peripheral vision, then he turned to Jimin and gestured in the air once again, “leave and come back on your own feet.”


Jimin mumbled something else, but Jungkook didn’t hear it, because it was lost in the motion as Jimin hopped of his horse. Now that Jimin was on the ground, Jungkook understood what Taehyung meant. The mare was enormous compared to Jimin’s small stature.


He noticed that Jimin nodded him a hello.


Jungkook waved back at him and went to pull his stirrups down, when he suddenly noticed something. Two small jumps were set, and his mind came back in time to replay something Taehyung said: ‘I’m doing a jumping lesson.’


“Wait,” Jungkook croaked in a moment of panic, turning around to Taehyung. “What are those for?” He pointed at the jumps. Taehyung raised his head and with a blank face said: “Those are jumps, Jeon. You jump over them.”


Jungkook felt heat rise into his face. He thought he would get used to asking stupid question and Taehyung making him feel even more stupid about them as an answer, but this must’ve been one of the peaks.


“I mean,” he cleared his throat, “are we…doing that?”


Taehyung snorted. “Yes.”


Then, after he decided he’s had enough torturing Jungkook, he finally proceeded to provide him with a normal answer: “The flat’s been pretty good recently. We’re going to try jumping, it’s going to test your ability to sit the fuck back.”


Jungkook started feeling almost nauseous instantly. He did not expect to jump anytime soon, neither he thought he was ready and capable of doing it correctly. The attempts with Seokjin he’s had were predominantly disastrous. Come to think of it, so was the flatwork, but still. He took in a deep, shaky breath.


“Oh shit, there you go again,” Taehyung immediately read Jungkook’s increased nervousness.


“No, no, I just haven’t jumped in a while with her now,” Jungkook attempted to save himself, but the quivery way he dragged the stool next to Helena’s legs to get on gave him away.


Taehyung placed a hand on his shoulder, stopping Taehyung in his actions. He looked Jungkook in the face almost gently, as if a little bit of sympathy creeped into his face.


“Stop it. Don’t start with the overthinking again, you’ve been doing well. It’s nothing, Jungkook,” he said with an encouraging squeeze to Jungkook’s shoulder. “You’ve been jumping for some time, haven’t you?”


Jungkook nodded.


“Then it’s all good. Get on,” Taehyung smiled and nearly gave Jungkook a heart attack when he landed a smack on his ass, winking at him.


“Stop flirting with your students,” Jimin piped, making Jungkook realize he was still there.


“I told you to leave like ten minutes ago,” Taehyung groaned. Jungkook couldn’t help but panic slightly at the fact that Taehyung didn’t deny it. Jimin pointed at his horse with his thumb.


“I had to walk her out, whether you like it or not,” he said serenely, straightening the cooler on the mare’s back. Taehyung deliberately rolled his eyes.


When Jungkook got on, still a little shaken up, his left cheek still faintly stinging from the smack, Jimin waved him as he was leaving.


“I’ll come watch in a sec. Meanwhile, enjoy your lesson with Mr. Entitled here,” Jimin sang and instead of a wave to Taehyung, he lifted his hand up with a middle finger once again.


“Talk to me when the tank is gone, can’t hear you over the roar of it,” Taehyung sang back.


“First of all, I wasn’t even talking to you, second of all, I will poison all of your fucking horses,” Jimin shot back right before leaving the arena, an artificially sweet, fake grin on his face.


Jungkook couldn’t help but snort quietly. Taehyung noticed, and his lips quirked up into a smirk.


“Don’t mind him. He was born like that, it’s not his fault. Poor guy,” Taehyung sighed dramatically, pretending to wipe a tear away from his eye.


“Do you really hate his horse that much?” Jungkook decided to ask with a puzzled half-smile, encouraged by the lightness of the mood, momentarily forgetting that he was nervous about  jumping and about Jimin coming to watch.


Taehyung laughed loudly and sincerely, crossing his arms on his chest. “No, she’s actually a great horse. I just wanted him out of here, I didn’t want you to have to watch out for her while you jump. It is a fact that she is big, though,” Taehyung admitted. Then he clapped his hands.


“Okay, we’re going to do some flat and then try them jumps, good?”


Jungkook nodded, but the anxiety returned and bubbled in his stomach, very obviously showing on his worried face. Taehyung sighed. Then, before Jungkook noticed, he stepped on the stool, moved closer to Jungkook and placed his hand on Jungkook’s thigh.


“Listen, I know you freak out and shortcut on me. But don’t be so damn nervous, it’s just a small jump. I know it’s easier said than done, but stay with me, okay?” Taehyung almost whispered, his eyes locked with Jungkook’s the entire time and his hand rubbing back and forth on Jungkook’s thigh.


Jungkook sucked in a breath, nearly wheezing, as he tried not to look at Taehyung’s hand, though the feeling of his long, powerful fingers gripping his thigh was sending electric shocks through his skin.


He nodded, shakily inhaling and praying for Taehyung to finally take his hand off, because god damn it, he was flustered.


He did eventually, slowly dragging it off and brushing his fingers over Jungkook’s knee purposefully and jumped off of the stool. Then, he jerked his head and licked his lips, and Jungkook was convinced that it gave him the strength not to fuck up for once.






Jimin showed up about halfway through the lesson, comfortably seating himself in the middle of the arena on Taehyung’s chair.


Jungkook was doing surprisingly well up until then, only messing up a few times and overall kept Helena calm, steady and manageable. She only bucked once, too.


But the second he remembered Jimin is there to watch, something clicked in him and once again, he was there, stuck, stiff, hard on the reins and preventing Helena from flowing nicely.


“What are you doing, it was so good!” Taehyung lamented the second he noticed a change.

“Catch the jump again. Please, nothing is happening, relax! Sit, sit, and hands on her neck, allow her to bounce nicely, ‘kay?”


Jungkook fiddled with the reins and attempted to put everything Taehyung’s told him to do together, but as he cantered past the middle, he heard a snippet of Jimin talking to Taehyung.


“His knees are out,” Jimin pointed out quietly. Taehyung clicked his tongue.


“I know, it’s because he’s nervous. He loses his legs because his upper half gets stiff when he freaks out,” Taehyung explained gently, and Jungkook couldn’t miss the defensive tone in Taehyung’s voice, as if he was shielding him from Jimin’s criticism.


Jungkook got used to Taehyung by now, but having another top notch rider, especially one that carried himself like Jimin did, got to his head. And to his shoulders, hips, hands and Helena’s mouth.


He tried to do what Taehyung told him, he really did, but in his state of panic, his elbows went on a lockdown and his eyes fixated on the jump in front of him, which Helena was almost ready to swallow.


“Okay, sit up there, shoulders back, open the outside rein or she’s gonna go crooked, relax your fucking seat, don’t die on me!”


He knew he shouldn’t look at the jumps, but behind them, that was one of the most basic rules.


“Eyes up, Jungkook! Jungkook!” he heard one last yell from Taehyung before Helena disastrously chipped the jump, but still went over it, firing Jungkook out of the tack like a cannonball. He grasped at the lost inside rein, but Helena sensed a chance to throw before she even got it, and dipping her head between her knees and tossing her butt up, she effortlessly spilled the unbalanced Jungkook out of the saddle.


Jungkook’s had his fair share of falls, and this wasn’t the worst one, not nearly. He landed on the side of his hip and thigh, noticing that Helena took of kicking in the air. The fall didn’t hurt, really. Falling over the neck after an unbalanced jump wasn’t anything uncommon with Helena.


It was his dignity that took the beating.


God, he wished he could melt into the sand and never stand up again, knowing Taehyung and Jimin were standing behind his back.


“You good?” Taehyung checked as he walked to him, grabbing him under his arms and helping him stand up. Jungkook averted his gaze.


“Yeah, it’s nothing,” he muttered and rubbed his hip, brushing off the sand.


Taehyung sighed as he looked Jungkook over with a troubled look on his face. “Tell you what, let’s call it a day. Go get changed, take a shower, put some ice on it if it hurts, and meet me in my office after that, okay?”


Jungkook slightly raised his eyebrow at the caring commands, but felt another wave of nausea at the order to meet Taehyung later. God, he’s going to tell me he’s done with me, that I’m hopeless and useless, Jungkook mourned internally, but nodded. He turned to walk to get Helena, who’s been caught by Jimin in the meantime, Taehyung following short in his track.


“You okay?” Jimin asked, a worried smile on his face. Jungkook nodded shamefully, emitting a giggle from Jimin. “It’s your pride that hurts, right? Been there, done that,” he admitted with sympathy in his eyes, making Jungkook instantly less worried. He returned the smile and reached for the reins, but Taehyung gently stopped his hand.


“Just go, I’ll whoop her ass a little, she needs to get the zoomies out,” Taehyung informed him as he gazed at Helena with a telltale look on his face.


“He should get back on if he’s fine,” Jimin interjected, “he might get a block.”


Taehyung snorted. “Yeah, if he does, I’ll beat his ass until it unblocks. Go,” he waved towards the gate.


With a sheepish nod, Jungkook turned around and quietly shuffled towards the gate.


As he exited the arena, he stopped at the gate to watch how Taehyung got on Helena and kicked her ass at the spot, making her shoot forward like an arrow, accompanied by argumentative bucks.


“Holy shit, is that what she can do?” Jimin wondered, standing back, bewildered. Taehyung scoffed.


“She can do better,” he assured Jimin and straight up growled at Helena while he heeled her, sending her off into gallop and prompting her to set up a full rodeo.


“There she is,” Taehyung commented, his seat firm in the saddle as if he was glued to it, yet still allowing space between his hips and the saddle for Helena’s back to bounce up and down.


After a few seconds, she calmed down a little, and instead of the dynamic seat Taehyung’s had, he sat back into a tall, clean pose and aimed her at the jump, effortlessly getting a perfect distance, roundness and landing.


Jungkook knew he was doing it to correct Helena from thinking that chipping the jump was okay, and boy, did he show her well.


“She jumps so good,” Taehyung said to himself, going around to catch the jump again to get it in Helena’s mind. Jungkook sighed when he saw the second jump was just as neat.


Jimin hummed appreciatively, crossing his arms on his chest.


“If these are the beans she has in her, he’s handling her really nice,” he noted, and Jungkook felt an immediate relief from the thought that Jimin thinks he’s incapable pinching at his mind.


As Helena got most of her sass out after the corrected jumps, now swiftly cantering, Taehyung nodded.


“He is, he just gets in his head and fucks it all up with all that tension he has in him. I swear to god he’s so fucking tense, he should get laid,” Taehyung smirked and dropped the reins, allowing Helena to completely relax into the steady canter she’s set after her rodeo show.


With a scorching flush rising into his face, Jungkook turned around and sped towards the locker room, oblivious to the rest of the conversation.



“You should take care of that, then” Jimin suggested provocatively, smirking at Taehyung.


“Don’t you worry about that,” Taehyung assured him and licking his lips, he let his mind wander.





In the shower, Jungkook examined the bruise forming on his left thigh. He bruised quite easily and got used to being painted in bruises since he started with Helena. Green and green makes black and blue, he remembered the saying, shaking his head at himself. He washed some of the sand that got into his clothes as he fell off of his waist and legs, and for a few long minutes, just stood under the tepid water, cooling his face and head off to prevent a headache which tended to come after a fall.


He was trying, he really was. He’s been riding for ten years and has done a bunch of shows. Now, he had no idea how he managed to do it, considering he completely lost his composure when someone watched him. Maybe it was only with Helena, because with his previous horses he felt like he could actually ride well and it was not a punishment to watch him.


Maybe it was the fact that he heard Jimin say something negative about him, though he knew very well that it was not supposed to be meant in a bad way. Jimin was a trainer of sorts as well, and Jungkook knew Jimin’s observations could help him too, he just didn’t like that Jimin said it under his breath. Maybe to prevent him from getting even more nervous, but still.


He turned the water off and stepped out, drying himself thoroughly and shivering as the chilly air in the locker room hit his wet skin. The tiredness in his muscles weighed in like it always would after a shower and he found it nearly impossible to put his jeans on, his legs heavy and tired, but managed, and got dressed in short, sweet ten minutes.


For a few seconds, he observed himself in the mirror, sighing at the small red patch on his lip he didn’t even realize he bit when he fell and ran his tongue over it. Then, with a deep exhale and his heart pounding, he left the showers and set course for Taehyung’s office.





Jungkook was surprised that Taehyung managed to snatch an office when he wasn’t even based in this barn, but figured it was probably his connections and position that got him one at the dressage end of the stables.


As soon as Jungkook entered after a short knock, the nice smell of citrusy leather cleaner mixed with the characteristic, yet very faint, horse smell hit his nose. Despite not being used by Taehyung until a few months ago, it felt warm and cozy, almost homey. The office table in the corner was a little messy, with some folders, pens, and a pair of clean, english spurs tossed on it. In the middle of the room was a small table, sandwiched between two dark brown faux leather couches, and in the left corner of the room stood a saddle stand with a stunning, brown French jumping saddle that was probably worth twice the value of Jungkook’s apartment, with a pair of tall boots propped up against it. He imagined this was what filled the room with such wonderful, citrusy scent. 


And in the middle of it, leaning against the wall beside the table, stood Taehyung, and Jungkook had to suck in a breath because it shocked him how good Taehyung looked out of riding gear. He had light denim jeans on with a white shirt, and must’ve taken a shower too, since the ends on his hair were damp, falling into his eyes. He was scrolling something on his phone and didn’t lift his head, but he hummed as a greeting.


“You got a block yet?” he asked playfully, not looking away from his phone.


“No, I don’t think so, ” Jungkook answered sheepishly, but tried to keep his cool. He fumbled with his arms around his waist, not sure what to do with them, or with his whole body.


Taehyung finally lifted his head. “Close the door,” he gestured to Jungkook. Then he half-sat on the desk and overlooked Jungkook from top to bottom, his tongue momentarily flicking to the corner of his mouth before disappearing between his lips again. Jungkook mentally squeaked. Fuck. Taehyung sighed.


“What the hell was that, Jungkook?” he almost growled, his arms crossed on his chest.


Jungkook knew he was going to get told off, so he prepared himself, but despite that he started sinking under Taehyung’s gaze.


“I-I don’t know,” he stuttered, avoiding Taehyung’s eyes. Taehyung scoffed.


“I will tell you. You freaked the fuck out at Jimin, that’s what it was,” he said sharply. Jungkook nodded shamefully.


“I got nervous because he was watching and noticed I wasn’t doing well-“


“You were doing well,” Taehyung interrupted him, raising his voice, “and you almost had it. All of the jumps were so good and then, under the gaze of one more person, you fell apart.”


Jungkook started trembling, his heart pounding against his ribcage so loud he thought Taehyung might hear it. He didn’t know why he was so nervous, so incredibly panicked at a trainer telling him off for a mistake. It happened many times before, and never has he ever taken it with such intensity.


“But that all could be fixed. I know it’s hard not to get in your head and sometimes you can’t control it, but I don’t understand how were you able to do shows in the past if you lose your shit at one person watching you,” he continued, aiming his lethal gaze at Jungkook.


Jungkook wasn’t looking at him, but he felt Taehyung’s eyes burn a hole in his chest.


“I’m sorry,” he uttered and couldn’t help thinking how pathetic he sounded. He felt like a teenager all over again, a teenager that’d only been riding for a few years and got told off every single lesson.


“Don’t apologize to me, apologize to yourself,” Taehyung stated. Jungkook almost apologized again.


“But the thing that fucked you up the most, and I am sure you’re aware of it,” he went on, his voice building up, “was how your eyes just got fucking glued to the jump. Like, I could see a fucking rod connecting your eyes and the jump. What’s one of the main fucking things you do when you approach a jump, Jeon?”


Taehyung spoke painstakingly slowly, putting emphasis on each word and making choppy motions with his right hand.


“Look over the jump towards the next one,” Jungkook answered immediately, this rule burned in his head like a mantra. He knew it. He always did it. But sometimes, his mind slipped. And he looked not over but at, trying to make the strides for his horse, as if his eyes had to power to shorten or lengthen the stride.


“Exactly,” Taehyung hollered, loudly clapping his hands. His voice got almost too loud for Jungkook to withstand. “You look over the jump, not at the jump, because when you look down, your head drops, your shoulders drop, your hands drop and it all follows through her and she starts looking at the jump too and starts thinking about it too much and fucking chips it or stops and sends you flying!”


Jungkook jerked at the last words, and he felt tears pool in his eyes. He felt so, so stupid. Wasting the time of a rider like Taehyung with his impossible mistakes that kids who trotted on ponies didn’t make. This was probably the time to quit riding forever. He knew Taehyung was angry, and he wished he melted into the fucking floor.


He closed his eyes, blinking his tears back. He hated being yelled at. Being yelled at in a lesson was different, the arena was big enough to swallow the sounds, the dynamics of the lesson went well with the dynamics of the trainer. But one-on-one it was different, more personal, the anger and the pressure was too direct and heavy, and usually he started cracking. He knew he fucked up and he knew what Taehyung thought of him, but he deserved it. And that was the fact that almost made him cry.


But then, suddenly and unexpectedly, Taehyung softened. He stood up from the desk, walked a little closer to Jungkook and sighed.


“I’m sorry,” he said sincerely out of nowhere and it threw Jungkook off enough to lift his head and give Taehyung a puzzled, teary-eyed look.


Taehyung chuckled softly. “I always yell at everyone for looking at the jumps. Do you know why?”


Jungkook shook his head and sniffled.


“Because it’s my biggest mistake that I still do to this day,” Taehyung admitted serenely. “That’s why I notice it on everyone else, because it’s a mistake I know I make. And it often comes to bite me in the ass.”


He turned to Jungkook, his face now completely calm. “You know how I told you I got thrown over a jump and had to be in a neck brace?”


He waited for Jungkook’s reaction, and after earning a brief nod from him, continued: “It was a  jump off. I was doing great. Really, I was ripping around, got the best time in the first round, it was all great.” He paused, quickly looked at Jungkook and licked his lips before speaking again.


“But on my third to last jump I caught a glimpse of my timer. I was slower than I thought. Not a bad time, not at all, but the fact that I wasn’t as well with the time as I thought hit hard enough to make me lose my shit. Just like you.”


Jungkook tilted his head, quietly listening. There it was again, the unbelievable fact that a rider like Taehyung, that could jump a clear course with his eyes tied and hands in his pockets, got nervous at small things.


Taehyung briefly touched Jungkook’s shoulder, now completely soft and calm. “Anyway, I got stiff. And I started trying to skim through, I thought that if I mess this up the time will be even worse. And of course, under all the fucking panic, I looked at the jump, like, fixated on it,” he exclaimed almost dramatically.


He turned to look at Jungkook, paused briefly and then nearly whispered. “It was a fucking 5’4 oxer.”


Jungkook involuntarily clicked his tongue. Despite feeling like a complete fuckup that can’t ride for shit, he knew that looking at a jump of that height is a recipe for disaster.


“Honestly, Million is a fantastic horse. But he’s too fucking smart. He’s telepathic or some shit. He knew where I was looking,” Taehyung sighed, scratching his head. “When you look at a jump, your horse sees a wall. Wall that can’t be jumped. Your jump wasn’t that tall and Helena was nice enough to at least jump it.”


He looked somewhere off into the distance and laughed. “Million straight up drifted into the fucking jump. I flew, my dear. I fucking flew.”


Jungkook found it hard and hilarious at the same time to imagine Taehyung get launched over a jump, but the inner smirk in his mind was quickly put out by Taehyung’s next words.


“I stayed lying on the ground because I couldn’t move, all I could see was the ceiling of the arena and then medics flooding in above me,” he exhaled deeply and as if on instinct, reached his hand to his neck and stroked it.


“Cervical fracture, neck brace for twelve weeks. Rehab twice a week after they took it off. They told me to stop riding for five months,” he said quietly, but then smirked and his eyes sparkled “but I started riding after four.”


Jungkook knew that Taehyung wasn’t a stranger to falls, but something was telling him that this was the fall. Every rider had that one fall, a fall that beat their body up equally as much as their ego, that fall that shook their confidence and was remembered more than the others.


Taehyung turned to Jungkook, gently placing his hands on his shoulder. “I know it’s hard to keep it together. But you can’t lose it over one person, over a timer, over a knocked jump. You can’t lose it until the last jump is behind you and you are safe to walk. I know it, because I learned it the hard way. And believe me, the taller you jump, the harder it gets. And the less you’ll be able to get away with looking at the jump,” he said matter-of-factly, patting Jungkook’s shoulder.


Then, as if sharing all of this in detail helped him to let off some steam, his face shifted into a relaxed smile. “I also had a concussion and four stitches in my chin, but those were nothing,” he laughed and gave Jungkook a bright smile.


Fuck, that was one beautiful fucking smile.


“Anyway. I want you to keep it up this way, except we’ll be having lessons with a little more people this time. You can’t lose your shit at people watching you, because believe me, they will be watching you, the better you get, the more,” he assured, earning a nervous smile from Jungkook.


“Okay?” Taehyung suggested, lifting his eyebrows and craning his neck to look the slightly shorter Jungkook in the face.


“Okay,” Jungkook breathed shakily, a little flustered from the close presence. Taehyung nodded.


“But the rest was good. You kept her steady, relaxed, your shoulders were back and you were sitting, it was all good,” Taehyung comforted him and Jungkook exhaled with relief.


As the atmosphere got lighter and the air a little more breathable, Jungkook felt a small hint of the familiarity he got used to during the lessons. Taehyung’s spicy way of speaking and behaving, his grin and the kick his personality had. It was almost nice that after getting yelled at, he still could feel comfortable around Taehyung.


In the moment of silence, he slid his eyes to admire how good Taehyung truly looked dressed this simple, the light denim hugging his body and pooling in all the right places, forcing Jungkook’s ears and cheeks to turn pink and his throat to swallow tightly. He darted his eyes away and gave Taehyung a small smile to play it cool, but he was too slow. Taehyung noticed. And Jungkook realized very quickly that Taehyung was not one to beat around the bush.


A spark flickered in Taehyung’s eyes as he scooted over to Jungkook, and Jungkook knew Taehyung was shooting his shot. He realized they were in a closed space, just the two of them. And Jungkook was an easy, willing prey.


Taehyung leaned his head back closer to Jungkook’s ear, the low, sensual pitch of his voice sending shivers down Jungkook’s spine.


“Though it’s kind of embarrassing you got spilled like that, I’d imagine that with thighs like these you’d hold on with no problem,” he rasped into Jungkook’s ear, accentuating his words by shamelessly grabbing Jungkook’s thigh.


His hot breath tickled Jungkook’s ear and there it was again, the uncontrollable desire and flutter in his stomach, the fluster that rose to his  face when Taehyung made physical contact. Just like when he smacked his ass, when he rubbed his thigh, when their fingers brushed while they were passing something to each other, Jungkook always got an unstoppable zap that tore through him and sent signals to his heart to pump blood a little faster.


And apparently, Taehyung knew it.


“What are you doing,” Jungkook stuttered, his breath hitching and stomach tightening when Taehyung didn’t stop stroking his thigh, sliding way past the point that could be considered a friendly, reassuring touch.


“Do you not want me to?” Taehyung had the nerve to ask, his voice dripping like honey, sharply contrasting with the pissed trainer attitude he had a few short moments ago.


Jungkook wasn’t sure. He got flooded with doubt and insecurity, not knowing what the hell he should think about this. A thought that maybe Taehyung doesn’t even want to train him and was doing all of it just to get him to bed bit at his consciousness, but was quickly chased away by Taehyung’s fingers brushing dangerously high up his thigh.


“Is that a yes?” Taehyung purred, still in Jungkook’s ear.


He knew he shouldn’t, fuck, he shouldn’t. But from the second he saw Taehyung, he wanted to.

He wanted to every time Taehyung licked his lips, cocked his eyebrow, smirked, whenever Jungkook got a view of his ass, face, legs, torso, hands, his entire fucking existence.


Taehyung looked like he was sculpted out of gold and the energy he had was electric, and he managed to get every bit of Jungkook’s attention not only by what a phenomenal rider he was, but by how magnetizing he could be with every single movement he did.


And now, caught in a cloud of desire, his insides tightening with anticipation and skin burning from the smallest amount of attention, he had Taehyung all over him.


What was he going to do? Say no?


“I-I, yes, I mean, I do,” Jungkook mumbled, swallowing. He tried keeping his eyes pointing forward, but peripherally, he saw Taehyung leaning to him, he could smell the fresh musk of Taehyung’s shower gel that clung to him and he felt the soft whiff of air on his ear as Taehyung softly chuckled after getting the response he wanted.


“Good,” Taehyung said almost playfully. And that was the last playful of him that Jungkook’s seen. The second after that, Taehyung had Jungkook’s waist in his firm grip and was pushing him towards the table to sit him down on it.


“Is this, like, legal?” Jungkook asked quickly and breathily as Taehyung grabbed him by the nape and positioned himself between Jungkook’s thighs. Taehyung laughed.


“We’re adults, Jeon,” Taehyung reminded him. Jungkook nodded, and it took him one look at Taehyung with the tip of his tongue in the corner of his mouth to give in and kiss him.


Taehyung must’ve predicted Jungkook’s intent and he almost instantly grabbed him by the jawline to get a deeper angle, not bothering to be sweet or gentle and straight up fucking Jungkook’s mouth with his tongue. Jungkook automatically threw his arms around Taehyung’s neck, only for Taehyung to slide his hands down the sides of Jungkook’s waist to grab him by the ass and press their hips together.


Jungkook inhaled sharply with his nose, the well-known feeling of arousal tearing through his lower half and he desperately shifted to get more friction.


“Fuck, so quickly?” Taehyung cocked his head after he shortly pulled away from the kiss, leaving Jungkook panting and flushed.


“Why are you doing this?” Jungkook had to ask. He knew Taehyung’s been flirting with him, he was not a kid anymore. But he still couldn’t believe it, considering he didn’t have the courage to do shit about the sexual tension they had.


“Three reasons,” Taehyung answered, grabbed Jungkook by the thighs and crashed their hips together even closer, resulting in Jungkook letting out a broken whimper, because damn it, he was hard, and the strong press of their hips allowed him to feel that so was Taehyung. And it almost knocked the air out of his lungs.


“One,” Taehyung began in a low voice, leaning forward and sliding his lips to Jungkook’s neck, “you are pent up as fuck. You need to release all that shit built up inside you, it’s fucking detrimental. I don’t know when’s the last time you got fucked well, but it must have been a long time.” Taehyung harshly sucked on the soft skin of Jungkook’s neck, still getting nothing but whimpers. Simultaneously, he ran his hand from Jungkook’s thigh to his clothed erection, rubbing on it with the flat of his palm. Jungkook bucked his hips and hissed.


“So-so you decided that it’s your- fuck, your responsibility?” Jungkook whined as Taehyung kept teasingly yet determinedly rubbing Jungkook’s dick through the jeans. He chuckled.


“Reason two,” he responded instead, now pulling away from Jungkook’s neck and focusing on the button and zipper of Jungkook’s jeans, “is that you, Jeon, are fine as fuck.” Jungkook straight up moaned at the words. He had no idea Taehyung being so blunt would do things to him so efficiently. He shifted his thighs desperately because the tingling and pressure in his crotch was getting unbearable.


“You are fine as fuck,” Taehyung repeated and momentarily looked into Jungkook’s face, his eyes dark and overflowing with desire, “and that is why is decided it’s my responsibility.”


At that, Taehyung swiftly hooked his fingers in the belt loops of Jungkook’s jeans and wiggled them off, his eyes fixated on the prominent outline of Jungkook’s hard cock in his boxers.


Jungkook felt exposed and vulnerable, but fuck, was he enjoying it. You are fine as fuck is literally all that’s been on his mind when it came to Taehyung and having it said to him just hit differently.


He squeaked as Taehyung dropped to his knees and took his sweet time pulling the boxers down, the cloth pooling at Jungkook’s ankles as his feet hung off the table.


Jungkook couldn’t miss how hungrily Taehyung licked his lips at the sight of Jungkook’s dick resting against his stomach. He squirmed at the sight, gripping the side of the table.


“And?” he breathed impatiently, finding the time in his scorching mind to remember the third reason. Taehyung smirked devilishly and dragged his hand on Jungkook’s right thigh before landing his lips on the left one.


“Fuck,” Jungkook gasped, his entire body buzzing at the feeling of Taehyung sucking hickeys on his inner thigh. He didn’t get his answer, but Taehyung’s lips slid up closer and closer to his dick, which made his breath shake so hard he doubted he could coherently ask.


Stopping in his tracks suddenly, Taehyung slowly, painfully slowly, took his hands from Jungkook’s thigh and finally wrapped his fingers around Jungkook’s leaking cock, emitting a groan from Jungkook.  He separated from Jungkook’s thigh, quickly admiring his work and Jungkook unwillingly leaked a weak “oh my god” as he saw the state his thigh was in, pink and red and purple marks decorating the pretty skin. Then, Taehyung centered himself again, his lips millimeters from the tip of Jungkook’s dick, and he locked his eyes with Jungkook, who almost came at the lethal gaze Taehyung shot him.


“Three,” Taehyung decided to say finally and without a warning, gave the tip of Jungkook’s cock a kittenish lick, a string of precum connecting his tongue to the tip briefly,  “is that I am a simple person. When I want something, I get it.” He took the tip in his mouth, prompting Jungkook to utter a low moan, the sight of Taehyung locking his eyes with him with his lips around his cock almost too much for him. “Or someone. And you, Jeon, I want really fucking bad,” Taehyung added, and afterwards, sending Jungkook through the roof, took his entire dick in his mouth.


“Oh my fucking god,” Jungkook gasped, slapping a hand over his mouth after realizing how loud that was. He couldn’t keep looking at Taehyung, he couldn’t fucking look at his cock disappearing down his trainer’s throat, because he would cum instantly. So instead, he tilted  his head back and closed his eyes tightly, breathing through it.


Well, Taehyung wasn’t wrong. It’s been some time.


His hand roamed to Taehyung’s hair, gripping it tightly to adjust the pace. Taehyung didn’t seem to mind as he kept bobbing his head, dragging his tongue along the shaft, and he hummed, the vibrations slapping Jungkook in the face.


“Shit- y- don’t- I-“ Jungkook exclaimed as his eyebrows furrowed in desperation, low moans slipping past his lips, and it's been so long he knew he was close to coming, but then he felt a pinch on his thigh. He hissed and looked down, only to have Taehyung pull off of his dick, and oh dear fucking god.


Taehyung’s lips were red and swollen, a mixture of spit and probably precum all over his lips and chin and Jungkook had to grab the side of the table again to keep his fucking cool, because he was this close to losing it. He was quick to realize Taehyung was that kind of cocksucker, messy, nasty, spit dribbling everywhere, Jungkook’s dick sopping wet, Taehyung’s mouth likewise. And fuck, was it doing things to him.


“Keep your eyes on me,” Taehyung growled in a low voice, grabbing Jungkook’s thighs in a bruising hold and after receiving a broken nod, he got back to Jungkook’s wet, throbbing dick, only taking the tip in his mouth while checking if Jungkook kept his eyes on him.


He didn’t. He almost immediately shut them, unwillingly, but one “I said keep your eyes on me,” from Taehyung made him snap them open.


“God, don’t fucking speak like that or I’ll fucking cum right now,” Jungkook complained, his eyebrows furrowing at the sight of Taehyung sinking his mouth down onto Jungkook’s cock again, but then, as if he got an idea, Taehyung’s head snapped back up.


“Then I should probably make sure that doesn’t happen too soon,” Taehyung commented. Then, he shot a purposeful glance at Jungkook and in a firm voice commanded: “Turn around.”


It took Jungkook a second to process what Taehyung said. When he realized what he was asking from him, putting two and two together from seeing Taehyung remain on the floor, his head spun from the force of his arousal. He shuffled off the table and reluctantly turned around, but Taehyung grabbed him by the hips and with a strong, quick movement, rammed him into the table, pulling his ass up.


“If you, my dear, had an idea how long I’ve wanted to do this,” Taehyung exhaled as he inconsiderately grabbed Jungkook’s ass, taking a few seconds to harshly slap one of the round cheeks before spreading them.


“I would come to lessons half hard if I ha-“ Jungkook started, but his comment quickly turned into a loud gasp and Taehyung shoved his face between Jungkook’s cheeks, his tongue hungrily pressing against the rim.


Shit!” Jungkook exclaimed, biting his fist. He didn’t even try to think about how much his cock hurt, the circulation of blood in it taking most of the consciousness out of his brain. He felt how fucking wet he was, the mix of Taehyung’s spit and his precum mixing on the table as his cock slid against it, and he had to bite his knuckles even harder to not lose his shit right there and then.


Taehyung licked flat across his hole, the wet, hot feeling of his mouth making Jungkook lightheaded, and when he actually felt Taehyung’s tongue push inside, he actually did lose his shit. And his dignity.


“Oh my god, yes,” he pleaded, the words muffled around his fist. Taehyung’s response was a slap to his ass, and Jungkook jumped lightly, a whimper making its way out of him.


“You are fucking delicious, Jeon,” Taehyung mumbled as he separated momentarily, shoving his tongue into Jungkook right afterwards and dear god, was Jungkook glad he had stayed in that damn shower for so long. Taehyung’s hands kept forcefully grabbing and kneading Jungkook’s ass and he couldn’t stop himself from hoping there will be marks.


He clenched his fists, moans spilling from his pretty lips and he felt tears pool up in his eyes when Taehyung hummed again and took his tongue out of Jungkook to lick him, quickly coming back to push his tongue inside Jungkook again.


Jungkook was on the brink of going fucking insane, the wet, soft tongue scarcely brushing his prostate and it felt so much different than fingers.


“God, just- ah,- more-,” Jungkook whined, pushing his hips back into Taehyung’s face as he fucked him with his tongue, the spit running down Jungkook’s thighs and dripping from Taehyung’s chin. “Please, oh my-“ he was interrupted when Taehyung pulled away and Jungkook turned around immediately, only to bask in the sight of Taehyung’s face. His eyes were dazed, his entire mouth was glistening with thick, dripping spit, yet he still looked proud of himself and in charge. Jungkook couldn’t believe he would have to face him in a lesson again and look at his face without seeing this image. It was going to be fucking hard.


Not as hard as him, though.


“You’re needy as fuck,” Taehyung growled, stood up, turned Jungkook around again and smashed their lips together, the wetness all over Taehyung’s mouth spreading onto Jungkook’s face. The kiss was fucking messy, and Jungkook quietly groaned at the feeling of spit trickling down his chin. He felt a hand on his ass and he shuddered when a drop of precum slid down his dick.


“You started it,” he accused Taehyung between kisses and moans. Taehyung chuckled.


“Shit, just- just fuck me,” Jungkook whined, growing annoyed and impatient and guided Taehyung’s hand to his ass a form of pleading. Taehyung pulled it away forcefully.


“Hold on a second, you little slut, I need to get lube,” Taehyung muttered as he reached his hand towards the drawers and started fumbling around in the bottom one.


Jungkook should feel offended at being called a slut. His dick, twitching upon the name, seemed to disagree.


Taehyung pulled out a small bottle of some sort of a moisturizer. Jungkook wasn’t sure if it’s primary function was lubrication, but his head was fucking dizzy from how horny he was, so he decided it’s going to work just fine. Jungkook squirmed impatiently as Taehyung coated his fingers, this close to touching himself. Taehyung never told him he couldn't, but damn it, he couldn't wait to cum solely from having a dick up his ass. 


“Oh my god, hurry up,” he urged Taehyung shakily and kicked his jeans off to wrap his legs around Taehyung’s waist. He knew Taehyung was showing way less than he felt, because the bulge was too obvious. And even though Jungkook only saw the outline through the jeans, his mouth instantly went dry, because goddammit, this was going to hurt.


“Lift your leg up,” Taehyung commanded him, already grabbing under Jungkook’s knee to lift his leg on the table. When his leg was up like this, everything was on display, the table wet under Jungkook, the fluids dripping from the side of it, and Jungkook could swear he saw  Taehyung’s mind straight up malfunction.


“Jeon, you’re so fucking hot, god fucking damn it,” he muttered in a low voice and Jungkook cried out at his words, wrapping his arms around Taehyung to bring him closer and once again, pulling Taehyung’s hand towards his ass.


“Fucking look at you, it literally fucking hurts,” Taehyung growled, drunk with lust as he drowned in the sight of Jungkook spread in front of him like a sacrificial lamb, his hair sticking to his forehead, cheeks red and cock still rock hard, red and leaking, making a mess on his shirt.


“I sure will hurt you if you don’t fucking finger me right now,” Jungkook snapped, and Taehyung immediately got to it with a strained "shit, you can't- can't talk like that," pushing two fingers in right away, emitting a withered moan from Jungkook. He knew he was ready because Taehyung ate him out, but he couldn’t help but notice the hunger, the emergency in the gesture, like Taehyung couldn’t wait to devour him.


While Taehyung buried his fingers inside Jungkook, purposefully ramming his prostate and earning broken whines from him, Taehyung’s other hand grabbed Jungkook by the wrist and guided his palm to Taehyung’s still clothed dick.


“Look what you fucking do to me,” Taehyung breathed, aggressively pressing Jungkook’s palm onto his erection and grinding his hips into it. Jungkook was so fucking out of it, he didn’t know what to focus on first, if the fingers inside of him or how badly he needed his cock to be touched or how fucking hard and warm and huge Taehyung was. It was all too fucking much to take in, his body about to combust from the sensory overload and from how much more he needed. Whining, he squeezed Taehyung’s clothed dick in an attempt to get some attention and relieve some of the want in him, noticing that Taehyung gasped lowly. He briefly frowned at the fact that Taehyung was still fully dressed.  


“Get out of those,” Jungkook panted and started digging into Taehyung’s jeans.


“You- fuck, stop it, I can’t finger you properly,” Taehyung groaned and contrary to Jungkook’s request, he pushed him backwards, lifted his leg better and started ramming his fingers into Jungkook, eventually adding the third one. Jungkook was this close to blowing the fuck up, he was so, so impatient, but he bit the bullet, because after palming on Taehyung’s cock, he knew he had to be stretched well, but he was not even close to being half satisfied, he needed so much more than fingers.  

He still kept his hand on Taehyung’s bulge, trying to shakily open the button on Taehyung’s jeans, his fingers tingling and going numb as the pleasure from his prostate kept shooting through all the nerves in his body.


“En-enough,” he lost his patience, “I’m good, just, god, let me get you the fuck out of these.” Taehyung seemed to only have so much willpower, because that second, he pulled his fingers out of Jungkook and helped him with the jeans.


There was no putting it gently. Taehyung’s cock was huge. And Jungkook’s mouth immediately salivated at the sight.


Oh my fuck,” Jungkook gasped quietly, licking his lips. This was definitely going to hurt. And he couldn’t fucking wait.


Taehyung scooted closer to him, grabbing Jungkook’s hand and leading it towards his dick, but Jungkook took the initiative fairly quickly and he flat out moaned just at touching Taehyung.


He ran his hand down the pulsing shaft, barely able to close his fingers around it, and he had to close his eyes for a second and just take a deep breath, because he thought he was going to pass out from the intensity of his arousal.


Taehyung stepped closer to him and grabbed Jungkook by the ass, knocking his lifted leg down and pressed their hips together, deliberately rubbing their dicks together.


“This isn’t the first time you’ve made me this hard,” Taehyung groaned as he leaned to Jungkook’s ear, earning a quiet whimper from him. Jungkook was fucking gone. He felt so hot and horny that he could barely breathe, so ridiculously turned on that it was numbing his limbs and tightening his stomach, the snaps of pleasure from the friction electrifying his entire body.


God, when- when did I make you hard,” he cried as Taehyung rolled his hips particularly hard, the warmth and wetness from between their bodies becoming too much to handle. The way their dicks slid against each other and against Jungkook’s stomach was so fucking powerful and so intense that Jungkook had to stop moving for a while, because he knew he would cum within the next ten seconds if they kept it up.


“Way too many times,” Taehyung whispered into his neck and after getting the clue from Jungkook feebly attempting to hold his hips, he stopped. He pulled away and looked straight into Jungkook’s flushed face.


 “You look so fucking good all the time, Jeon,” Taehyung groaned grabbed Jungkook by the nape to make sure he was looking at him. “Sometimes, I would just look at your ass and god, was it hard to teach the lesson.” Jungkook gulped, his chest heaving. That makes it two of us, Jungkook thought. Taehyung rolled his hips again without a warning, causing Jungkook to moan loudly and throw his head back, only to have it brought back by Taehyung’s stern hand on his neck.


“And sometimes,” he panted, his face dangerously close to Jungkook’s, so close Jungkook could see how fucking high on want Taehyung was, “when you fucked up a lesson, and I got mad at you,” he continued, rolling his hips way more aggressively this time, as if to punish Jungkook, who whimpered with all of his lungs as a result, “I would jerk off after the lesson, thinking about how I’d fuck you into the wall or bend you over the table, hard, so you’d remember.”


There was only so much Jungkook could handle. He sternly pushed Taehyung off to get a good look at his face, to make sure Taehyung saw how stupidly desperate he was.


“I swear to god, if you don’t fuck the soul out of me right now,” he growled, his eyes dark and half-lidded with libido, staring straight into Taehyung’s soul. For a split second, Jungkook noticed an unreadable expression in Taehyung’s face. Then, taking the bait, Taehyung grabbed Jungkook by the hips with one hand and slicked the lube over his dick with the other, and Jungkook was almost excited that fucking finally, but Taehyung suddenly stilled. Jungkook looked up at him, his arms wrapped around Taehyung’s neck to keep the heat close, and tilted his head questioningly.


“I don’t have a condom. A-Are you clean?” Jungkook saw how much was Taehyung holding back and how much effort it took him to come back to earth for a second to produce one rational thought.


Jungkook has never been more glad to be able to say yes.


In that moment, something violently carnal snapped inside Taehyung, and he roughly pulled Jungkook off the table by the hips, flipping him around and bending him over.


“Good,” Taehyung grunted as he leaned forward, pressing his chest against Jungkook’s back and bringing his lips to Jungkook’s ear, “because I’m going to fuck you raw until you can’t remember your goddamn name.”


“Oh my god!” Jungkook damn near yelled, the words alone enough to send so much heat through him that his vision almost went white.


 “Just fucking, ah- fucking do it then, I need your dick in me, like, right now,” he begged, tears forming in his eyes. He hung his head between his shoulders and shivered, so wrecked that his muscles were involuntarily contracting from how wildly his blood was pumping. 


Fucking hell, there’s no self-control around you,” Taehyung groaned, sending a small sense of pride through Jungkook, and with his eyebrows furrowed and bottom lip between his teeth, he finally pushed the tip of his cock against Jungkook’s rim.


“Ah, fuck yes, this is gonna hurt, ain’t it,” he mumbled, mostly for himself, and hissed when Taehyung started pushing in, the head alone stretching Jungkook out more than his fingers could.


“Is this what you kept thinking about in lessons? Is this what you wanted?” Taehyung said cockily, still making sure his voice is sending goosebumps down Jungkook’s skin and kept pushing in.


“God, of fucking course I- ah, wanted it,” he grunted, clenching his teeth, because it indeed did hurt. But fuck, he couldn’t wait until the whole thing was in him. Jumping from that, he tentatively pushed his hips back to get more of Taehyung in him. He heard Taehyung gasp a quiet “fuck,” and felt his hands slither up his chest. Taehyung was still inside him only halfway, he was going so slow that it was making Jungkook almost angry. He wasn’t sure whether he should just fucking break into pieces and cry or snap at Taehyung.


“Oh my god, just fuck me, you’re taking forever, please-“ with how desperate, ruined Jungkook sounded, Taehyung groaned, almost angrily, and slammed the rest of his length inside, earning a proper cry from the younger.


Holy sh- fuck, yes,” Jungkook managed to utter and immediately started rolling his hips. He wasn’t going to say it didn’t hurt, because it fucking stung, but he was so gone and so, so damn horny he couldn’t stop himself. He wanted it all, right now, before his body burned him from the inside.


Taehyung let out a low, quiet groan and grabbed at Jungkook’s chin with his arm reached around him, forcefully turning his head to whisper one last sentence to him: “From the second I saw you, I knew you’d take dick perfectly.”


And then, he slammed Jungkook into the table, grabbed his hips and rammed into him with so much force that Jungkook’s teeth clanked.


“Yes, oh god, yo- you’re-“ Jungkook couldn’t finish the sentence, the feeling of Taehyung’s cock so deep inside him completely obliterating any ability of speaking coherently, so he just cried out, his cheek pressed into the wooden table. He noticed the spurs were under his stomach, the cold metal burning in contrast with his scorching skin, as his shirt lifted up a little.


“Tell me, Jungkook, tell me,” Taehyung demanded, setting a pace, already set on a mission to knock the sense out of Jungkook, to fuck him up completely and to make sure Jungkook didn’t have any dignity left by the time they were done. Jungkook rolled his hips back, a broken “fuck!” ripping his way out of him when Taehyung hit his prostate dead on, the girth of his cock pressing his walls open.


“You- fuck, Taehyung,” Jungkook attempted again and failed, the pleasure flowing in his veins like poison, thickening his blood and shoving the air out of his lungs, turning his heart mayhem and outright cooking his brain, making it completely impossible for him to speak.


He indeed was pent up as fuck. He needed this. He needed this so much.


“Come on, Jeon, tell me  how you like taking my cock,” Taehyung panted, dragging his fingers along Jungkook’s thin waist, leaving red marks. He allowed himself to throw his head back and groan loudly, but not for long, because the next second, he was slapping Jungkook’s ass in between the thrusts.


“Shit, you’re- you’re tight, fuck, your ass was fucking made for this, Jeon,” Taehyung murmured and snapped his hips especially hard. Jungkook jerked forward, his body trembling in the force with which Taehyung buried himself into him, so deep that he couldn’t  even focus on thinking, let alone processing what Taehyung asked him. The arousal was too much for him, too much to talk, too much to form clear sentences, all he could do was whimper and drool on the creaking table.


“I asked you something,” Taehyung insisted, slapping’s Jungkook’s ass yet again, but being merciful enough to slow down his thrusts and give Jungkook a second to gather himself a little. A high mewl escaped Jungkook’s lips, but with the intoxicating pleasure toning down a little, he managed to open his mouth a muster up a few words.


“You-you’re fucking, ah, fucking h-huge, fuck,” was the closest he got to a coherent sentence, falling apart immediately afterwards. His voice cracked with every single word and it only made Taehyung go harder.


Yeah, and you’re taking it so fucking well. I knew it, I fucking knew it-“ Taehyung got out, mumbling something else, the tightness and heat and the eagerness with which Jungkook’s ass swallowed him getting a too much for him too. But then, Jungkook regained some of his consciousness and turned around to look at Taehyung.


“F-fuck me, h-harder, like you would, ah,  if you were mad at me,” he slurred, putting so much effort into it that immediately afterwards he collapsed back onto the table again. He forgot how fucking hard he was, there was so much blood in his forgotten, drooling dick that there was barely any left for his brain and he felt high, he had no grasp of anything but Taehyung buried inside of him and continuously ramming the living hell out of him.


Taehyung liked to say that he was a patient man with a lot of self-control. And he usually was, after all, his profession required that.


But the second those words left Jungkook’s red, bitten, pouty lips with drool all over his cheek and chin, he lost it. All of it.


With a harsh, quick motion, he grabbed Jungkook’s right leg by the thigh, lifting it up on the table and resting his knee there, spreading his ass better and giving him a better angle.

“Yes, come on,” Jungkook said faintly, and then, Taehyung went absolutely fucking wild.


Holding Jungkook by the hips, slamming his ass against him to meet his fast, deep thrusts, he fucked so deep into Jungkook that the poor boy lost it, and swept off his feet, Jungkook came unexpectedly, spilling on the table, and a scream left his lips, his fists turning white and his body shaking. Except Taehyung didn’t know, and Taehyung didn’t care, and he kept fucking Jungkook like there’s no tomorrow.


Jungkook didn’t have time to collect himself from his orgasm, still receiving relentless shockwaves of pleasure and it hurt, it was so fucking good it hurt. The oversensitivity from his orgasm was unbearable, he needed to recover but he couldn’t, he was physically unable to tell Taehyung to stop and give him a second, he wasn’t even able to muster a “yes” anymore, just mewls and whines combined into one shaky string of pleas, rhythmically interrupted by the animalistic thrusts Taehyung was giving him. So he bit his lips and sobbed, his entire body hurting and burning and spasming, it hurt so good.


The table was creaking and shaking in the rhythm of Taehyung’s movements, hitting the wall with a telltale, equally rhythmical banging.


Taehyung pushed him harder into the table, reaching his hand and wrapping it around the column of Jungkook’s neck to keep him down, continuing to fuck him at a brutal pace and hitting his completely ruined prostate every time.


“You’re so fucking- tight- and loud-“ Taehyung growled through clenched teeth, and he knew that Jungkook had no fucking idea where he was. Jungkook could barely breathe between the broken, incoherent whimpers, his voice straining and echoing from the walls of the office.


“You’re- so-fucking, oh my god, you’re so loud, everyone will hear you,” Taehyung panted leaning closer to Jungkook to make sure he heard him.


“Or do you want everyone to hear you come undone? Do you want everyone to hear how fucking well you take my cock? Because I do. I want them to hear how fucking desperate my dear student is,” Taehyung rasped into Jungkook’s ear. Jungkook couldn’t answer. He was crying. He was so fucking ruined he couldn’t conjure a single clear thought in his head, he didn’t care if someone heard him. He was just going insane at Taehyung’s words and he had to come again, he fucking needed to.


“I- ne- Taeh- god,- come,” he tried, but it was all swallowed up in the banging of the table and the loud whines he was emitting. However, Taehyung seemed to understand.


“Do you want to come, baby?” Taehyung asked smoothly, momentarily slowing down his thrusts to once again give Jungkook a chance to get it together. But all he could do was nod feverishly against the table, his face shoved in a pool of his spit he didn’t realize he leaked. The spurs under his stomach started hurting, but he couldn’t reach under himself and move them. He literally couldn’t move his fucking arms. 


“Tell me,” Taehyung said almost softly, but went back to ramming into Jungkook faster again, momentarily having to hold his breath because Jungkook was so fucking tight and hot inside that he honestly didn’t know how he hasn’t come yet.


Jungkook wanted to come, he had to come because it hurt so bad, he was on the verge of coming for the past few minutes but he couldn’t seem to get over the edge, so he focused all of the sanity he had left and concentrated it all into one desperate, loud whine: “Yes! Fuck, yes!


The brokenness in his voice set it off for Taehyung and he set the pace to a morbidly fast and hard one again, making Jungkook outright scream. Jungkook briefly realized how fucking loud he was being but he didn’t care anymore, fuck, he didn’t care anymore.


Taehyung reached his hand down under Jungkook to wrap his hand around his dick, but froze shortly when his hand brushed over the cum Jungkook blew on the table before.


“Did- did you-“ Taehyung asked in disbelief, the thought of Jungkook coming only from taking cock so fucking hot that he almost blacked out, sent as close to his orgasm as ever. 

“Y-yeah, I- I need to- please, I need to come,” Jungkook begged for the last time, tears trickling down his face. Taehyung clenched his teeth and started pumping Jungkook at a pace matching his thrusts, ignoring the cum on his hand and on the table because if he thought about the fact that Jungkook already came once he would blow his load right fucking now.


“Ye-yes, I’m- Yes,” was all Jungkook managed to sob before brutally orgasming for the second time, the small amount of cum he had left spilling over Taehyung's hand and the table.  His knees damn near failed to hold him up, shaking and buckling and if he wasn’t propped up against the table he would fucking fall. It was so, so fucking powerful that it hurt. His vision went white and hazed and he started shaking, because god damnit, he hasn’t come this hard for a long, long fucking time. Like, probably his entire life. He’s never been this overstimulated, this ruined.


He was pretty sure he screamed but he couldn’t say for sure and he almost passed out after his orgasm started slowly going down, but then remembered Taehyung wasn’t done yet.


So before the post-coital fatigue hit him in full force, before he completely lost the ability to speak due to tapping out, he weakly lifted his head, still jerking in the rhythm of Taehyung’s thrusts and quietly, his voice ruined through and through, whispered: “C-come inside me.”


Fucking shit, you- oh, god- you can’t just say shit like- like this“ Taehyung groaned, sucking in a deep breath because the power those words held shoved the air out of him. 


And the words were all Taehyung needed, burying himself to the hilt, so fucking glad he didn’t have to pull out because he’d be damned if Jeon Jungkook didn’t have the best ass he’s ever fucked. He grunted and threw his head back, his hold painful on Jungkook’s hips, and stayed like that for a sweet moment, Jungkook almost getting hard again at the feeling of the warm cum filling him up.


Thank god he was too fucking destroyed to get hard, because he would probably jump out of his own body if he had to get fucked again.


After a short moment of silence, panting in the air and Taehyung remaining inside of Jungkook, slumped over the table above him while holding himself up on his arms, he pulled out. Jungkook whimpered at the emptiness and coldness, and shivered when he felt cum run down his thighs.


“Hey,” he heard Taehyung say softly. Honestly, Jungkook didn’t feel like responding. He stayed bent over the table, his legs not even holding him up anymore. He couldn’t fucking move, he was so fucking ruined that he knew if he tried to walk he would fall. He imagined how he must look, thrown over the table like a ragdoll, his face in a puddle of drool on the table, his legs hanging, cum leaking out of his ass on his legs and floor. And he fucking loved it.


Taehyung was so right. He needed a good fuck, he needed to have his fucking sanity knocked out him, and the fact that it was Taehyung made it oh so much better. Was he worried about how it’s going to be afterwards? Yes, he totally was. But that would come later. For now, he was blissed out, still so damn sensitive that if he as much as touched his softening dick he would break down crying. He didn’t even want to think at how totaled his ass was, mentally noting he probably won’t even be able to walk. But damn it, it was worth it.


As Jungkook laid on the table, dumb and dazed out, slowly but surely coming back to himself, Taehyung weakly pulled his pants up from his knees and gently patted Jungkook on the back. The thought of how pathetic and pitiful he must look to Taehyung now got him to at least try to get up. He heavily lifted his upper body, which despite his shaking elbows was successful, but the second he tried to put weight on his legs, he almost fell off the table.


Taehyung instantly grabbed him by the waist to support him and slowly helped him stand up, making sure he doesn’t fall again while getting the sensation back into his wobbly legs.

Jungkook grimaced at more cum trickling down his thighs now that he was in an upright position and couldn’t help but steal a glance at the table to see his own cum on the side and slowly running down the drawers. He shot his head down and saw that some was on his shirt. He sighed.


“We need to get you cleaned up,” Taehyung commented with a small smile. Jungkook sighed again, then threw his head back and gave Taehyung a sideways glance.


“That was so, so fucking good,” he announced, his face still hazed and looking kind of high. Taehyung chuckled and and sighed dreamily, nodding in agreement. 


“Did you get it all out?” Taehyung asked with a smirk and slowly walked Jungkook to the couch to sit him down, reaching for tissues on the table. He quickly wiped what he could, knowing they will inevitably have to shower, but at least Jungkook didn’t have cum running down his thighs.


Jungkook nodded tiredly, feeling the weight on his muscles and eyelids lulling him to sleep.


“Hey, hey. Don’t sleep. We need to get you cleaned up, come on. The showers,” Taehyung ordered and lifted Jungkook up, the poor boy stumbling over his own feet.


“How- how are we going to get to the showers, there’s people here,” Jungkook mused. Then, the realization came upon him and Taehyung smirked, knowing exactly what’s up when Jungkook’s eyes widened in horror.


“Oh fuck. Oh no, oh no, oh no,” he repeated, covering his mouth with his hands.


“You are a little siren, aren’t you,” Taehyung chuckled and walked over to Jungkook’s discarded jeans on the floor. Jungkook stood by the couch, not daring to move.


“Fuck,” he groaned and palmed his face, “I’m changing barns.” Taehyung laughed.


“Please. It’s fine. You sound lovely. Come on, put this on,” he gestured towards the jeans. Jungkook waddled to him, finally regaining some strength in his legs, but wobbling again once he got to the table. He frowned at the cum on the table.


“I need to clean that,” he murmured sheepishly and took the jeans from Taehyung, waddling back to the couch to put them on, hissing when he sat down.


“I’ll do it,” Taehyung offered and reached for the tissues. Jungkook slowly and painfully pulled his boxers and jeans on, huffing in between the attempts and hissing every time he shifted his weight to his backside. When he dressed, he watched Taehyung clean the table for a second, but gaped in horror when Taehyung ran his finger through remains of the come and brought it to his lips.


“Don’t you fucking-“


Taehyung deliberately licked his finger, locking his eyes with Jungkook, sending an intense blush into his face.


“You did not do that,” Jungkook piped helplessly, in complete disbelief, slightly repelled and deep down, a little impressed and turned on.


“Oh, I did. Showers,” Taehyung answered like no big deal and walked over to the couch to help Jungkook get up, but turns out that Jungkook was doing better walking now. He knew that the second he’d get out of the shower it would hit him again, remembering that he already went through one shower today.


Then he remembered the bruise from the fall, which he completely forgot about and gasped quietly. He didn’t remember it hurting, but he knew for sure Taehyung grabbed him by the thighs.


And Jungkook got fucked so good he didn’t even realize it.


“Oh god,” Taehyung noticed Jungkook’s expression and as if telepathically, he got what Jungkook was thinking about, “you fell today, oh my god, I am so sorry-“


“It’s fine,” Jungkook sighed with a mischievous smile. “You made me forget it. Like, quite literally. I’m pretty sure I did forget my goddamn name,” he winked at Taehyung.


Taehyung took a sharp breath in and Jungkook had to laugh.


They wobbled to the showers, and needless to say, earned a few glares and comments. Jungkook wanted to disappear. “If we were in the jumper end, they wouldn’t give a shit,” he complained quietly, knowing that jumpers were a little more nasty here. Dressage riders could be too, Jimin was a living proof, but they were a little more talkative.


“If we were in the jumpers end, you would know everyone,” Taehyung reminded him.


In the showers they examined Jungkook’s bruise, finding out it was not that bad, but it did go a little darker in places where Taehyung gripped it.


“I’m so sorry,” Taehyung mumbled as he gently cleaned out majority of the cum from inside Jungkook, still earning whimpers and hisses at the painful oversensitivity, gently stroking his bruised thigh from time to time.


“Shut up, nothing happened,” Jungkook laughed, finding the pitiful and sympathetic tone of Taehyung’s voice hilarious.


“I got carried away,” Taehyung kept going, his eyes focused on Jungkook’s thighs as he washed remains of the dried cum from them.


“So did I. It’s fine, damn, it’s just a bruise,” Jungkook rolled his eyes and tugged on Taehyung’s wrist to stand him up. Jungkook wasn’t sure about it, but he pressed a kiss on Taehyung’s lips.


“I’m also sorry about, you know,” Taehyung trailed off, a soft side protruding from under his spotless exterior, “you, uh, you came twice.”


Jungkook snorted. “You give me two orgasms in one session and you apologize? Doesn’t sound like you.” Taehyung rolled his eyes.


“Yes, but like- didn’t, I don’t know, didn’t it...hurt?” Taehyung asked with a slightly worried face.


“It did. It hurt really fucking good,” Jungkook whispered in a thick, honeyed voice, leaning closer to Taehyung, “I couldn’t speak, it hurt so much and I needed to recover and you wouldn’t let me, and it was fucking amazing.”


Taehyung gulped. “God, don't speak like that or I'll have to fuck you right here and now,” he returned and his lips twitched up into a smile when he saw Jungkook's eyes widen in horror. 


“Now I’m gonna go back from being nervous before every lesson and you yelling at me to relax,” Jungkook smirked bitterly after recollecting himself, earning a small slap on the shoulder from Taehyung.


“You fucking bet,” Taehyung frowned, “and we’re doing public lessons.” Jungkook sighed.


Then, just to make sure he had less to think about, he grabbed Taehyung by the shoulders and cocked his head.

“Are we doing this again?” he asked. Taehyung tsked and smirked.


“Do you want to?”


“You seem to be a good judge of when I need to get fucked,” Jungkook near whispered, his face dangerously close to Taehyung’s. Taehyung laughed.


“Probably. I will sure let you know the next time I feel like you need it,” he smiled slyly and went to leave the shower.


“I’ll ride you next time,” Jungkook spilled, not really sure where it came from. Taehyung paused. Then he turned around, rapidly faced Jungkook and pushed him against the shower wall, his face close to Jungkook’s ear again, their wet bodies pressed together for a short moment. 


“I am not letting you ride me,” Taehyung said, his voice deep and almost intimidating, making Jungkook take in a breath.


“Why?” Jungkook piped, but a small smile started tugging on his lips.


“I’ll let you think about that,” was Taehyung’s final answer before he stepped out of the shower and started drying himself up. The, he quickly got dressed and left. Jungkook managed to catch up with him in front of his office after he dried himself and got dressed too, only to see him talking to Jimin.


“Hey,” Jungkook greeted, completely dumb for a second, forgetting he was screaming up the barn a few minutes ago. And he quickly realized it when he saw Jimin’s scrutinizing grin and a lifted eyebrow.


“You have a set of lungs, that’s for sure,” Jimin commented and Jungkook instantly palmed at his face with a complaining whine, thinking which would be more awkward, running off or staying here.


“I’m sorry- that-“ Jungkook tried to utter, but before he could, Jimin started walking away, passing him.


“Don’t be sorry,” he said with a grin, lightly patting Jungkook on the shoulder as he passed him. Then, he paused, turned around and with a spark in his eyes, he gave Jungkook a small but effective smirk.


“But at least include me the next time.”




“What the fuck happened to you? You look like roadkill,” Seokjin greeted him the next morning. Jungkook wasn’t planning on even leaving his house on Saturday, but remembered that his dumb ass set a farrier appointment, so he had to go back to the barn.


“Thank you, good morning to you too,” Jungkook answered with a glare while he stood next to the crossties with a bandana over his mouth. He hated the smoke, but he had to stand next to Helena while the farrier was fitting her shoes because she would freak out and probably try to bite him in the ass.


“No, really, you look like shit. What happened?” Seokjin repeated, not bothering to return the good morning.


Jungkook did look like shit. He barely had the strength to wash his face in the morning, his hair messy, eyes unfocused and sleepy and he was barely standing, damn, he was limping. He couldn’t bother to change out of his pajama shirt so he pulled a hoodie over it and stuffed his sweatpants into his old Wellingtons.


He thought that maybe if the farrier dropped by later, he would at least have time to sleep it off, but for some reason, every single important event at the barn had to take place before 10AM.


“ I fell off yesterday,” he mumbled, and then remembered what a convenient and efficient excuse that was, immediately lighting up, “yeah, I fell off yesterday.”


The truth was, his bruise did not hurt at all. It was one of the falls he would forget after a few days. It was getting his guts rearranged that made his entire body fucking sore. His legs were barely holding him up, trembling every time he put a little more than minimal strain on them, and damn, his ass hurt. He was almost sure he got out of Seokjin’s inquisition, but Seokjin’s known him for too long.


“Did you fall over a Cottesmore? You look like you’re going to collapse,” he mumbled, clearly not taking Jungkook’s shit. “Are you hungover?”


Jungkook snorted. “Yeah, a little,” he lied, avoiding Seokjin’s eyes. That was his second chance to redeem himself and was almost successful, if it weren’t for Jimin walking by.


“How’s walking going?” he snickered as he walked past Jungkook, who immediately got red in the face. Jimin just couldn’t keep it for himself, especially in front of Seokjin, and hell, the farrier too.


“It’s fine,” Jungkook mumbled quietly and Jimin laughed. “You’re very quiet today,” he couldn’t help himself with a smirk. Then, leaving Jungkook pinching the root of his nose and Seokjin sceptically staring, he left.


“You know what, I am not even going to ask,” Seokjin sighed with a blank face.


“Yeah, yeah, that’s a good idea,” Jungkook agreed immediately and shuffled to a small stool close to the cross ties, needing to relieve his exhausted legs. He was barely fucking standing, no joke. He heavily sat down, but instantly regretted it, his face scrunching up in pain and a hiss escaping his mouth.


Seokjin sighed heavily, palming his forehead. “Oh my god. Really? Jimin?” he asked tiredly, clearly putting two and two together, but not being surprised, just fatherly disappointed.


Jungkook tsked. “No, no, not Jimin. Damn, it’s none of your business,” he huffed as he shifted his weight on his left side, leaning against a wall. Seokjin snorted.


“You do you,” he responded with a snicker and turned to leave, probably on his way to teach a lesson. Jungkook sighed. He was glad Taehyung’s office was in the dressage end, because if Seokjin heard him, he would have a hard fucking time facing him.


The truth was, despite being completely exhausted, he didn’t get as much sleep as he’d like to. After wobbling to his car and managing to drive home without falling asleep on the steering wheel, he suddenly became a little more awake, his brain finally clean from the intoxicating sex hormones and chemicals, thoughts filling his mind.


He crashed in his bed, grunting and huffing with every movement until he finally found a position that didn’t hurt, his muscled finally relaxing and sinking into the mattress. Yet, he couldn’t sleep.


What did all of this even mean? His utmost worry was that Taehyung never wanted to train him, that all he wanted was to fuck and that’s why he stuck around for so long despite how terrible Jungkook could be in his lessons. How was he going to take the lessons now? He knew it was going to be different, but tried to keep it together by reminding himself they’re adults. They’re not forced to talk about it, make a big deal out of it and are free to keep it at a trainer-student relationship.


After comforting himself with this thought, and hoping he won’t bump into Taehyung until his Monday lesson, he finally fell asleep at almost two am, only to be woken up but six hours later by the alarm.


Now that he was back in the barn, his head falling every two minutes, he wanted nothing else but for the farrier to finish Helena’s fucking shoes and allow him to fuck off and go home to sleep.


Helena apparently didn’t approve him sitting too far from her and started nibbling on the farrier’s hat.


“Hey, quit that,” Jungkook yelled at her tiredly and considered throwing a hoof pick in her direction, but figured she would freak out and make it worse. So with a dramatic groan, he got up, feeling like an eighty-year-old man, and walked over to her to pull her head away from the poor farrier that was just trying to do his job.


“I’m sorry, how much longer?” Jungkook asked stupidly and yawned, knowing that if he was present in this space and time, he would know on which foot the farrier is.


“The last one, a few more minutes,” the man answered and Jungkook sighed. Thank god. He absentmindedly tapped at Helena’s lip with his finger, causing her to almost bite him, but then he noticed Seokjin pacing towards him.


“Taehyung? Nice,” Seokjin stated, his eyebrows lifted and mouth twitching into a sinister half-smile.


“What?” Jungkook yawned again, too tired to process words with no context. Seokjin shook his head.


“Don’t you know that gossip spreads like the fucking plague in the dressage end?” he laughed, a little pitifully, maybe, and patted Jungkook on the shoulder.


As the painful realization set upon Jungkook, he groaned loudly, hiding his face behind his palms. Fucking barn drama. “I swear to fucking god, why can’t they just mind their own fucking prancy business, fuck,” he complained. “Who even told you?”


“Oh, no one in particular. I went there just now to pick up my spurs from Taehyung, because he borrowed them, and the air was pretty much buzzing with it. They love talking about shit that goes on, ” Seokjin laughed and Jungkook almost fainted. The spurs.

“Spurs?” Jungkook choked in horror, “were- were those your spurs?”


“What?” he asked, not sure what Jungkook meant.


“Nothing,” Jungkook said quickly, realizing that he just indirectly admitted he had something to do with Seokjin’s spurs. In Taehyung’s office. On his table. Fuck.


Seokjin shrugged and made a face. “Hey, am I shocked and slightly repelled at the thought? Yes, yes I am. But am I surprised? No, not all,” he sighed and leaving Jungkook to wonder what that meant, he walked away again.


“Okay, we’re done,” the farrier announced, and Jungkook jumped lightly, because he forgot about the farrier.


He took Helena away, parking her in her stall and sighed loudly with relief, placing his hands on his hips and just breathing for a second. He was so ready to go home, but then he heard a voice from the arena, an uproarious, deep voice, that had him shaking all over his entire body yesterday.


“I said Swedish, you fucker,” Jungkook heard Taehyung yell. Was he teaching a lesson? Jungkook was rarely at the barn on Saturdays, so he didn’t know what Taehyung was doing, so he carefully, hoping he wouldn’t be seen, scooted to the gate to watch, and his jaw dropped.


Taehyung was sitting on a horse, a stunning, tall, bay gelding that Jungkook didn’t recognize, and a 3’8 course was set around them. Beside one jump, struggling to fix the poles of an oxer, stood Jimin, frowning at Taehyung.


“It was a Swedish,” he huffed after fixing the poles and wiped his forehead. “You can always hop off and do it yourself like normal people do when they ride alone.”


“It was not a Swedish,” Taehyung protested, and goddammit, Jungkook couldn’t take his eyes off him.


He started the course, and Jungkook couldn’t help himself but walk into the arena and rest his elbows on the closed gate, because fuck, Taehyung was unreal. How was he able to perfectly ride a course after yesterday? Jungkook was struggling to even walk. 


Taehyung made a tight inside turn, jumping the fifth jump of the course perfectly, and sat down, bringing his hands up and shoulders back to pull the horse together. A line of three jump was ahead of him and Jungkook didn’t even want to blink because he was scared he’d miss it.


In the meantime, Jimin noticed Jungkook and walked over to him, leaning his back against the gate, likewise watching Taehyung.


“He’s showing off,” Jimin said quietly, with a suggestive grin. Jungkook’s breath hitched, not sure what to respond.


Taehyung had a stable approach towards first of the three jumps and got a good distance, but the horse seemed to focus on the jump for a second too long and as a result, his hind legs bumped the pole and the sound of it got to Taehyung’s ears. Jungkook noticed how much he tensed, his eyebrows furrowing and then, Jungkook’s jaw dropped once again in disbelief. Taehyung’s eyes flicked to the jump momentarily, and even though they quickly got back, the price for his minimally dropped shoulders and tensed core was a knocked pole.


He had one more jump ahead of him, and Jungkook bit his hands out of anxiety, because yet again, Taehyung’s eyes locked on the jump.


“Shit, shit, shit!” Taehyung cursed loudly, correcting himself and looking in the mirror ahead of him, and despite getting awfully deep three strides, he jumped without knocking anything.


“That was supposed to be a two stride,” Jimin chuckled into Jungkook’s ear, but Jungkook wasn’t really listening, because as Taehyung rode past him, mumbling names at himself, he noticed Jungkook, and in the quick second the their eyes met, Taehyung smirked widely and licked his teeth. With a new wave of heat bubbling under his skin, Jungkook turned around and  took off.


“Fucker!” Taehyung yelled out to no one in particular, but Jungkook was already walking, or, limping, out of the arena.


“That’s a shitty fucking distance, buddy, this was the flattest I’ve seen you jump,” Jungkook heard Taehyung say with a scoff, but it was accompanied by the loud, slapping sound of a horse’s neck being patted in reward.


Jungkook exhaled tensely. Taehyung was completely unfazed, and what he gathered from being his student for a few months was that Taehyung was not going to be flustered or ashamed. So it was going to be his job to keep his shit together and keep it professional. Or, you know, as professional as one can be with Taehyung.








Jungkook’s predictions were completely true.


When he got to his Monday lesson, his muscles still hurting slightly, he was almost jittery. He had no idea how to treat Taehyung, if he should just leave it be or maybe ask about it. Why couldn’t he just stay cool about it like he did on Friday in the showers? The message was pretty clear, there is a high chance of there being a next time.


While he was tacking up, pacing around, forgetting things and shaking with anxiety he couldn’t get rid of, Taehyung walked past the cross ties. Jungkook froze and gave him one puzzled look, but Taehyung just paused, his eyebrows slightly knitted together, and serenely said: “Your bit is upside down.”


Wow. Jungkook expected some sort of confrontation instead of this, but yes, the bit indeed was upside down.


He smelled a disaster in the air when he first walked into the arena.


“Hey there,” Taehyung greeted nonchalantly, looking at his phone.


“Hi,” Jungkook replied, inhaling deeply. No weird vibes from Taehyung so far.


“How are you feeling after the fall?” Taehyung asked innocently. As if the fall was the main reason why I couldn’t fucking walk, Jungkook thought.


“I’m good,” he said out loud and pulled his stirrups down.


Taehyung looked away from his phone and after he saw Jungkook was in the saddle, he started his lesson like usual.


Almost like usual.


At first, Jungkook thought nothing changed at all. Taehyung cursed at him a little, used his impactful comparisons, gave him a little shit for the hands, but overall was happy and decided to set a small course.


And Jungkook, oddly enough, felt at ease, not nearly as scared about the course as he thought he would be.


But then, as Jungkook was taking a walk break, Taehyung started telling him the course.


“You’re starting on the green vertical off of the right, then it’s a bending line to the blue -  it’s six strides, then you do a circle at the end, get a flying change, then it’s the red diagonal, then, uh, this green oxer and then to the red vertical right there, it’s a very tight turn so make sure your outside aids are in place. If I see you pulling on the inside rein or cut it early, I’m never eating your ass again.”


With widened eyes, Jungkook shot him a panicked glance, his mouth opening slightly, and he saw Taehyung’s completely straight face as if this is how trainers usually explained a course. Jungkook didn’t dare to say anything, not that Taehyung’s face with it’s usual, cocky expression, allowed him to. So he just swallowed thickly and nodded, breathing through it to get the course in his head.


The first two jumps were almost spot-on, the distances good, Jungkook’s posture fairly relaxed and stable.


“Good, lean back a little, take the pace down, she’s going too fast,” Taehyung commented along the way as Jungkook was preparing to ask for a lead change on the circle, ultimately getting it quite clean.


Taehyung smirked. “That’s the cleanest lead change I’ve ever seen you do. I wonder why,” he snickered. Jungkook ignored him, sitting down and getting his hands up for the fourth jump.


“Yes, lean back to sit her down a little, give her a lot of release, and you’re on a diagonal so another lead change is coming, make sure she’s balanced so she can land it, ” Taehyung rambled, pacing in place and keeping his eyes focused on Jungkook.


Jungkook, remembering what Taehyung told him, looked over the jump towards the next one and magically, Helena did not chip the jump. She landed on the right lead, too.


“Yes!” Taehyung cheered, “okay, an oxer now, so get more impulsion and let her get a little deeper.”


Jungkook nodded to himself, for the first time feeling like he’s not completely losing his shit and knows what he’s doing. He left the long side just at the right time, getting a great distance, looking over the jump.


“Look to the next one, it’s gonna be tight!” Taehyung yelled and Jungkook shot his eyes towards the next jump on his right, his body following along with Helena’s jump so naturally that it shocked him.


Fuck yes! Now look, sit down, outside aids!” Taehyung kept yelling. Jungkook, remembering in a little bit of panic what Taehyung said about the inside rein almost dropped it, but kept his outside in place.


“Not too early, tight turn!” Taehyung ordered as he noticed Jungkook was off the rail a little and almost planning to cut the turn.


“Tighter! Tight like your ass!”


At this, Jungkook only managed to gasp quickly, the disbelief setting in his mind, but he did not have the time to process it any further and sat down, leaned back and pushed Helena off of the outside leg. Straightening her from the quick turn almost instantly, he got two clean, even strides and with his eyes locked on the closest wall, he perfectly jumped the last vertical.


“Fuck! That was so good! Good boy, let her walk,” he heard Taehyung yell and clap as he landed, a proud grin stretching across Jungkook’s face. He loudly patted Helena on the neck.


“Oh my god, this is the best I’ve seen you ride, I fucking knew you had to get it out,” Taehyung laughed when Jungkook came to a walk next to him, his cheeks red and chest heaving. “You lost her a little after the second when she went too fast but got her back nicely before the diagonal, that was literally so fucking good, Jeon.”


“Why- why did you say that,” Jungkook panted, asking out of sheer curiosity, and now that he wasn’t focusing on the course, out of disbelief. Like damn, was this really what Taehyung said? In a lesson?


“Because I wanted to see if it worked,” Taehyung snickered, knowing exactly what Jungkook meant, “if I said this a week ago you’d cum in your pants, chip the jump and fall off.”


Well, he wasn’t wrong there. Jungkook was well aware that that’s probably what would happen, considering how tense he got from the lessons, from Jimin watching, from making a small mistake.


Now, he couldn’t believe he actually was calm and relaxed enough to let that slip past him in the moment of focus, drawing nothing more than a snort and a little flush from him.


But even though his last course was probably the best ride he’s had with Helena, he couldn’t help but sink a little. Taehyung seemed invested enough in giving him lessons, but still...


“Hey,” Jungkook started, voice low and quiet. Taehyung lifted his head.


“Taehyung, so-“ he wasn’t sure how to begin. Taehyung listened, lifting his eyebrow, probably sensing the uncertainty in Jungkook’s voice. Jungkook inhaled. “So, like, do you- do you actually want to, you know, uh, keep giving me lessons?” he stuttered out, looking at the pommel of his saddle.


“What the fuck? What do you mean?” Taehyung asked, scoffing, clearly puzzled. “Of course I do, why do you think I’m giving them to you?”


Jungkook hummed. “I just- I wasn’t sure if you actually wanted to keep giving me lessons or-“

“Oh my god,” Taehyung laughed loudly, throwing his head back. “You think I’ve been giving you lessons only to fuck you? Really?”


Jungkook frowned and blushed, stopping his walk and jumping off. “I don’t- I don’t know, maybe,” he mumbled as he fiddled with the stirrup straps, his back turned towards Taehyung.


He yelped when a pair of hands gripped his waist, one of them sliding up to hold him around the chest, and Taehyung’s body pressed against his back. “Jungkook,” Taehyung sighed into his ear, “do you think I have nothing to do? I know I’m on a break and shit, but free time is a luxury. If I didn’t want to train you, I would not prefer you over an hour of free time, you dumbass. If I’m giving you lessons it means I think you’re worth giving lessons to. ”


Jungkook gasped quietly at Taehyung’s hand rubbing his hip, gulping and nodding. “Y-yeah, okay,” he piped and exhaled. Taehyung chuckled and pulled away, allowing Jungkook to turn around.


With a smitten grin on his face, Taehyung licked his lips and placed his hand back on Jungkook’s waist.


Jungkook knew it was going to fucking be like this. His heart losing it and his mind flashing back to that night, not being able to concentrate on anything once he’s off his horse with Taehyung in front of him.


“Because if I only wanted to fuck you,” Taehyung began, moving even closer to Jungkook and sliding his hand down to his ass, gifting him with a firm squeeze that drew a whimper from Jungkook, “I would just fucking do it on the first day and not bother by sugar coating it in lessons. My time is expensive.”


Then, he squeezed Jungkook’s ass one more time, provocatively kissing his forehead, and with that, and a quick smack on the ass, Taehyung exited the arena.


Jungkook stayed standing there, flustered, half-hard and challenged.




If that was the case, he had a productive period of time ahead of him.