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Baby Brothers and Blushes

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Being a hero student at UA was tiring, but Shouta wouldn’t have it any other way. It’s always been a dream of his to become a hero, but because his quirk is non-physical, he knew it was going to be tough. With the robots at the entrance exam, he didn’t have a chance of making into the hero course first try, but he succeeded in getting into general studies. The top school of the country assigned difficult homework, but despite that he made time to train when he could, preparing himself for the school’s sports festival. People have transferred courses this way before, so after winning first place he knew he was in. The transfer went smoothly, he introduced himself to his new class, and a group of friends somehow absorbed him into their group.


Life for Aizawa Shouta was going perfectly, until his mom had to take on extra shifts at the hospital. A year ago this wouldn’t have been an issue, but now Shouta has a brother. Babysitting Hitoshi in the afternoons, on top of all the studying and training he has to do, is a nearly impossible task, but It’s not like he can get out of it. His parents don’t have any extra money to spend on a sitter and Hitoshi is only a year old.


The drop in Shouta’s grades was something he expected, but what he didn’t expect was for his friends to confront him about it.


“Jeez Energy-Saver,” Yamada said, ignoring Shouta’s glare and leaning over his shoulder, “I think you need a new way to conserve your power.”


Shouta shifted his paper out of Yamada’s line of sight without thinking, shoving the failing grade in Iida’s direction, who promptly takes the paper from him and scans his answers.


“Don’t you already know how to do these problems?” Iida said, concern in his voice, “I swear I saw you ace a worksheet of these last week.”


Shouta took the paper back and very pointedly shoved it into his bag. “It’s none of your concern.”


His friends protested but Shouta ignored them, laying his head down on his desk. Maybe Yamada’s right, maybe he shouldn’t be sleeping in class and training at night. He just doesn’t have any other time, and with his non-physical quirk he needs to train more than everyone else in class to keep up. He can balance studying and taking care of Hitoshi in the afternoons but he can’t try to train while watching a baby. He usually warms himself up by running a mile, and he doesn’t have anything he can use to safely take Hitoshi with him, so he waits until his parents come home to begin his physical training, which is usually really late.


“Well Iida, it looks like our sleeping prince of relaxation doesn't want to talk to us.”


“Looks like it.”


“Since we have nothing to do, would you like to hear the legend of the Heike Clan? Y’know, that old story about a man fleeing his family, only to find his ship surrounded by mist and the pale, skeletal hands of his clansmen dragging themselves from the-”


Shouta sat up, glaring at the two. He wishes he had never agreed to that movie night a while back, he hadn’t considered that they would want to watch horror films.


Yamada’s face stretches into a grin. “Oh? Back to the land of the living so soo-” Shouta whapped him on the top of his head, ignoring his offended squawks.


“If you really need to know,” Shouta says reluctantly, “I have to watch my little brother, so it’s eating up my time to train.”


His two friends blink owlishly at him, then erupt into outrage.






Shouta activates his quirk as he glares at them, getting the two to shut up quickly. He lets out a frustrated sigh. “I thought I told you guys about him.” Shouta mutters.


Iida still looks annoyed with him, but only a second later his face lights up. “So wait, you’re having difficulty training while watching your little brother?” Shouta nods, and Iida gives him an excited grin, “Then why not bring your brother over to my place? Tenya loves to hang out with kids his age, and we could switch between one of us training and one of us babysitting them!”


Shouta’s gut reaction was to decline, but he hesitated when he thought of Iida’s little brother. He’s met Tenya a few times and he knows they’re both good kids, so it would be easy to watch both of them at once. Tenya is a little loud, which might scare Hitoshi since he’s usually around quiet people and doesn’t really like loud toys. Shouta glances up at Yamada for a moment as he thinks. It would probably be best to get him used to noisy people.


Shouta knows studying and watching their brothers together would help him, but he can’t help but feel hesitant due to the small crush he has on Iida. It's hard not to have a crush on the guy, considering he’s smart and caring and strong, not to mention he’s handsome. Shouta’s already afraid he’ll ruin their friendship due to his private nature, but he especially doesn’t want to ruin it over some stupid feelings.


“I guess we could try it,” Shouta eventually says, “But I’ll need to ask my parents.”


Shouta’s parents agree, which is how he finds himself loading Hitoshi into the backseat of a very expensive looking sports car, driven by a chauffeur. While Shouta buckles his brother into his baby car seat, Iida leans over and coos at him.


“Aww you look just like your older brother! What’s your name, little guy?”


Hitoshi looks up at Shouta, his little face blank aside from a nervous look in his eyes. He seemed to calm down when Shouta sat down next to him and closed the car door.


“His name is Hitoshi,” Shouta answers for him, “And Hitoshi, this is Tensei.” Iida smiles at Hitoshi, waving to him. Hitoshi just stares up at him, silently studying him with his wide, purple eyes. Iida looks up at Shouta, his eyes asking a silent question, so Shouta decides he should just tell him. “He’s my half brother, my mom remarried.”


Iida chuckles. “That explains the purple hair!” He reaches over and gently ruffles Hitoshi’s already messy hair, and Hitoshi gives him a small smile. Iida quickly grabs his phone and takes a picture before Hitoshi could look away. “I’m sending this to Mic.”


“Please don’t.”


“Too late,” Iida says, just as his phone begins to buzz, “Mic says he looks like if your face was photoshopped onto a baby’s body.” He chuckles, sending another text back. Shouta huffs, turning and looking out the window. They’re almost at the Iida residence.


“Nii-chan.” Shouta turns to see Hitoshi looking at him expectantly. Shouta looks through the bag of toys he brought, finding a stuffed cat and handing it to the toddler. Hitoshi takes it, carefully petting the fur on its head and gently kissing it on the face. Shouta can’t stop a smile from creeping onto his own face as he watches.




Shouta’s head snaps towards Iida, glaring at him with a blush on his face as Iida laughs. “This is so cute!”


“Delete it.”


Iida looks at him with a shit eating grin. “Never.”


Shouta glares at him, then glances at Hitoshi, deciding whether or not he should try to lunge across him for the phone. Unfortunately, the car stops, and Iida immediately hops out, using a hint of his quirk to run to the front door. Shouta simply sighs, unbucking Hitoshi and grabbing his bag. As he lifted Hitoshi out of the car and looked over to the front door, he saw Iida return, his little brother scooped up in his arms.


“Shou-Nii!” Tenya cheered, pointing at Shouta as he walked up. His face grew confused as he saw Hitoshi, but he still looked really excited.


“Tenya, meet your new friend Hitoshi!” Iida said, bouncing Tenya up and down. Tenya smiled at Hitoshi and waved, earning a shy wave from Hitoshi back. “I think he likes you!”


As soon as Shouta steps inside Iida shuts the door and puts Tenya down in a play pen area. Shouta follows his example, putting Hitoshi down as Tenya walks up to the gate. Tenya frowns at Hitoshi’s hair, patting it down. “Messy!”


Iida chuckles. “I should have warned you, that’s Tenya’s favorite word.” Tenya continues to pat down Hitoshi’s hair as best as he can, but to no avail. Hitoshi, looking uncomfortable, walks over to Shouta and makes a motion to be picked up, which Shouta does.


“Tenya,” Iida scolded, taking on the tone of a disappointed mother, “Don’t call your new friend messy.”


Tenya looks down, embarrassed and ashamed, and tries to take a step forward, stumbling a little. Iida leans down and steadies him, helping him towards a box of his toys. Hitoshi leans over Shouta’s arm as he peeks down at Tenya, leaning back as Tenya approaches, toy in hand. He offers it to Hitoshi, who, with Shouta’s help, slowly takes it, dropping his stuffed cat to inspect the new toy. It’s a stuffed toy of Iida’s mom, a hero clad in shiny metallic armor. Shouta remembers Iida talking about how much Tenya loves that particular one.


“That’s one of his favorite toys, Hitoshi,” Shouta tells him, “Will you forgive him?”


Hitoshi nods, and once he’s set down he carefully picks up his stuffed cat and heads towards Tenya, holding out the toy. Tenya smiles as he takes it, letting out a loud, happy squeal. Hitoshi winces, but he doesn’t run away, smiling at Tenya as they sit down and play with each other.


“They’re cute.” Shouta says, standing up and straightening himself. He turns to Iida, who’s watching over them with a warm smile. Shouta lets his gaze linger for a moment before nudging him and drawing his attention. “So should we study first?”


“Aizawa you’ve seen your grades,” Iida said, exasperated, “I think you know what we’re starting with.” He grabs his bag and throws it on one of the couches near the entryway, sitting down and motioning for Shouta to sit beside him.


Studying goes smoothly, their brothers content to play with each other while Iida fills him in on everything he’s missed sleeping in class. Shouta’s surprised at how little he’s missed.


“So why did I do so badly on those tests…”


Iida gave him a flat look. “Sleep goes a long way, Mr. Energy-Saver,” Iida claps him on the back as he stands up and stretches, “Well, I’m going to the kitchen, should I grab something for Hitoshi?”


Hitoshi looks up at the sound of his name and stands up, running up to Iida and grabbing his leg. Tenya watches him with interest, before following and clinging to Iida’s other leg. Iida laughs, Then slowly starts to walk, the two toddlers giggling and refusing to let go. He spun around in a circle, earning shrieks and squeals of glee. Shouta smiles fondly at the scene, a warm feeling in his heart.


This definitely isn’t helping him get over his crush.


“I’ll come with, you’re gonna need help wrangling them.”


Iida laughs, slowly dragging the kids behind him. “I think you’re on snack duty then.”


“I hope you like jelly packets then.” Shouta snorts. The look of betrayal on Iida’s face was worth the scolding he subsequently got.



Tensei watches Aizawa jog on the treadmill out of the corner of his eye, trying to stay focused on the kids but finding himself… distracted.


Tensei knew that he wasn’t going to have an easy time surviving this playdate when he first saw Aizawa interact with his brother. It was too heartwarming, too cute, and it brought too many of his feelings for his friend to the surface of his mind. Aizawa’s hard working, determined and kind, not to mention handsome, so how could Tensei not have a crush on the guy? Tensei already knew Aizawa was a softie, but seeing him love and care for his brother- it’s a whole new level of softness that Tensei can barely stand.


Seeing Aizawa work out right after being flooded by his own feelings isn’t helping.


Tenya gurgles and Hitoshi grabs Tensei’s pant leg, drawing him out of his thoughts. He turns to the two toddlers with a smile. “What’s up?”


Tenya gurgles again, while Hitoshi points at Aizawa. “Nii-chan!” Hitoshi grips Tensei’s pant leg harder, staring over at Aizawa with an intense look.


“What about your brother?” Tensei encourages him, smiling at the way Hitoshi is completely focused on his brother, “Would you like to say hi to him?”


Hitoshi shakes his head, looking up at Tensei. “Story.” Hitoshi looks back to Aizawa, clearly upset that he isn’t looking his way.


“You want Aizawa to read you a story?”


Hitoshi nods in confirmation, looking serious. Tensei sighs, looking between Aizawa and his brother. Aizawa needs to be able to train without distractions, as cute as those little distractions may be.


“Could I read you a story?” Tensei asks, feeling uneasy at the way Hitoshi seems to grow upset, “I promised your brother that I’d help him focus on his training.”


Hitoshi pouts, his face twisting up as he prepares to cry, only hesitating when the shadow of a sweaty teenager is cast over him. Hitoshi’s face lights up as Aizawa picks him up, cooing happily as Aizawa bounces him.


“It’s ok Tensei, I can take a break.” Aizawa says, smiling at Hitoshi. Tensei immediately feels his face heating up at Aizawa’s mistake, a surge of fondness filling his heart. It takes Aizawa a moment to process what he’s said, a rosy pink flush spreading across his face and ears once he does. He opens his mouth to speak again, but Hitoshi begins to giggle, slapping his hand across Aizawa’s warm cheeks.


Tensei only takes another moment to recover, clearing his throat. “It’s alright, Shouta, I was going to ask if you’d like to use my first name anyways.”


Aiza- Shouta's blush seemed to darken at that, making Tensei grin. Shouta shifted Hitoshi in his arms and sat down, letting his dark hair fall into his face to hide his smile and darkening blush as he grabbed Hitoshi's book. Tenya lets out an offended squawk at that, crawling over and immediately trying to fix Shouta’s hair. Tensei can’t stop himself from chuckling as he picks Tenya up, who still reaches out to Shouta’s hair as Tensei lifts him up into his arms.


“Don’t mess with Shouta’s hair, Tenya.” Tensei muttered, the toddler in his arms turning to look up at him as he says his name. Shouta also looks up, and Tensei shoots him an apologetic smile. Shouta gives a shy smile back, tucking his hair behind his ears and revealing that his face has cooled down.


Shouta shifts, allowing Hitoshi to crawl into his lap and look over at the open pages of his book. Tenya squirms in Tensei’s arms and lets out a demanding cry, so Tensei sits next to Shouta, holding Tenya up to see the pages as well, and Shouta begins to read. It's a simple story about a cat and a dog’s developing friendship, but it captures the toddlers’ attention, both hanging onto each word Shouta says and letting out noises of excitement when Shouta points to the pictures.


It’s such a cute scene that Tensei can’t stop himself. He carefully shifts his arms so that Tenya can still look at the book while Tensei frees an arm to grab his phone. When he turns it on, he’s surprised to see the picture of Hitoshi and Shouta he took earlier as his wallpaper, having forgotten about changing it earlier. He smiles, then opens up the camera and turns back to Shouta, quickly snapping a picture of him and the toddlers. Shouta looks up and silently gives him a glare, but Tensei knows him well enough to know this one doesn’t hold (much) malice. Shouta continues to read, shifting his arm to support the ever increasingly sleepy purple baby leaning against him.


The scene just reminds Tensei how bad he has it for his friend.


As Shouta finishes up the story it’s clear that he’s feeling tired, his eyes drooping alongside his brother’s. Tensei supposes that he shouldn’t be surprised, considering that Shouta clearly hadn’t slept much for the past couple of nights. Shouta flips the book shut and looks at the floor wistfully, the padded material of the gym’s floor probably looking like heaven to him. Tensei pockets his phone and stands, cradling Tenya in his arms. Tenya hasn’t fallen asleep like Hitoshi has, but like Shouta his eyelids are drooping.


“Come on,” Tensei says with a small chuckle, nudging Shouta with his foot, “You wanna sleep on the couch until your parent’s shift is over?”


Shouta looks up sleepily and nods, picking up his snoozing brother and following Tensei to the living room, setting Hitoshi down on a pillow in the play pen area and flopping onto the couch. Tensei sets Tenya down on a pillow as well, but before he can walk away Tenya makes an indignant sound.


“Kisses!” Tenya reminds him, his little eyebrows furrowed seriously. Tensei chuckles as he complies, kissing Tenya on the nose and turning around, but not before Tenya lets out another angry squawk. “Kisses!” Tenya says again, pointing at Hitoshi.


Tensei can’t help but chuckle as he walks over to the sleeping toddler and kisses him on the nose. “Anyone else?” Tensei asks as he turns back to his brother, and to his horror he points at Shouta, who, in classic Shouta-fashion, is asleep and dead to the world.


Tensei lets out a sigh, resigning himself to his fate as he walks over to his sleeping friend and leans over him. Shouta looks so peaceful and pretty with his dark hair framing his relaxed face, and in the moment Tensei forgets that he’s supposed to kiss him on the nose, instinctively brushing their lips together. Tensei immediately starts to pull away, but a hand reaches up to cup the back of his head and pull him back down, lips eagerly pressing against his. Tensei allows his eyes to slip shut as he gently pushes back, shifting as the body beneath him sits up.


Shouta smiles at him, his face a lovely red and his eyes warm. “Does this mean you like me?”


Tensei looks down at Shouta’s hand and gently takes it. “Y-yeah,” He takes a deep breath, before looking into Shouta’s eyes, “Wanna go on a date with me?”


Shouta simply leans forward, kissing gently and answering against his lips.