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Peanuts time

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Jungkook grinned at the GOT7 maknae. They were out in the shopping centre in Seoul. BTS had a week rest and it was miracle that Yugyeom had some free time too. When Jungkook found out about that, he immediately called the tall maknae and made plans with him.

They were both in some candy shop. Jungkook looked for some white chocolate while Yugyeom was putting everything he could into small shopping basket. Jungkook just chuckled and shook his head. After paying they headed toward well known restaurant.

They found free table and sat down. After browsing through the menu, Jungkook ordered kimchi fried rice and Yugyeom some lamb stew. After eating they talked about their new comeback.

"I can't wait to show our new dance moves and our new songs to armys." Jungkook grinned and sipped his drink.

"You worked really hard. Look how thin you are." Yugyeom teased and poked his stomach. Jungkook just whined a bit and grinned. After paying they both headed toward the BTS dorm.

They greeted Tae and Jimin that were in the livingroom and headed to Jungkook's room. They decided to play overwatch.

After three rounds, Yugyeom opened the bag with candies and pushed it under Jungkook's nose. Jungkook, being so into the game, didn't see that he picked small chocolate with nuts and ate it.

"That was good. Which type it was?" He asked and Yugyeom looked at the small paper that they got with the chocolate.
"Belgien with nuts." He read out loud and Jungkook froze.

"What?!" He started to shake. Yugyeom looked at him in alarm.

"Dude... aren't you allergic to nuts?!" He panicked. Jungkook noded and touched his neck.

"Find my hyungs." He said. He could already feel his throat closing up and swelling.

Yugyeom quickly stood up and ran out from Jungkook's room. He ran to the livingroom where all of Jungkook's hyungs gathered.

"Ummm? Jin-hyung?" He started and others looked at his panicked face.
"What is it?" Jin asked and lowered his glass onto the table.

"Kookie ate.. some nuts." He said and others shot up.

"Namjoon call an ambulance. Tae get me some cold water. Jimin bring me some towels." Jin said and ran to Jungkook's room. He found him on the floor, lying on his side. His eyes were closed. Jin quickly got onto his knees and pushed the maknae onto his back. He touched his swollen throat. Jungkook was still breathing but barely. Others ran in with towels and cold water. Jin drenched the towel in the cold water and placed it onto Jungkook's neck. Namjoon walked in.
"The ambulance will be here in 5 minutes." He informed.

Truly the ambulance arrived in five minutes and took Jungkook to the hospital. Jin was in the ambulance with him, while the others arrived there after ten minutes. They had to calm the GOT7 maknae down and took him to the GOT7 dorm.


Jungkook woke up dizzy and his head pounded. He saw his hyungs scattered around. Namjoon and Yoongi were sitting on the chairs. Jin had one next to the hospital bed and Tae with Hoseok were talking near the window. Jimin was lying next to Jungkook. Jungkook smiled at Jin when he saw him looking at Jimin and Jungkook.

He was truly blessed with the best hyungs in the world.