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lizard brain frozen
cerebellum calming it's captain
knee jerk softened by concerned compassion
truth sacrificed to a need for enclosure

this might have been
hold it
force it
make it so
over and over
in as many ways
as there are numberless fans

under the city
the rivers keep flowing
life unhindered

he might have liked him
that might have been
a bromance
or more
three years ago
and then there were tours
and IG and Twitter
other media
hugs and tickles and smiles
blustered admissions
make of it what we will
we the outsiders

they have moved on
in their own ways
what compromises and fixes they've made
they alone know
long let it be so

Chadwick said
on Actors' Round Table
there's a line
this I gave you as an actor
expect no more
leave me the self I've kept as my own
so I can keep giving my portion

leave two men then
their space
here's a line drawn
let them be
close friends
or lovers
or once knowns
take your finger out of the dam
let your own
and their seas
flow over these lowlands
21st April 2019

© Linda Mace-Michalik