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Fire Emblem Fates Rewrite (Miscellaneous Moments)

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(The scene is ten years prior to the start of Fates. In the Chevois capital, Hans is standing before a crowd of people gathered around a pair of people to be hanged. There's a woman and a man with nooses tied around their necks)

Hans: Come one, come all! I hope you Chevois scum are ready for this! Today is the day your territory officially becomes part of Nohr!

(A girl of twelve years appears out of the crowd. She has blonde hair and is holding a flower tightly to her chest. This is a young noble of Cheve, Rory)

Rory: Mother... Father...

(The woman, Sara, the lady of Cheve, notices Scarlet in the crowd)

Sara: Darling... 

Fletcher: ...

Hans: The Lady and Lord of Cheve will live no longer! Today, they will fall to Nohr as they were always meant to!

Rory: No...

Hans: In the name of the king of Nohr, I sentence you to death!

Rory: This can't be happening...!

(At Hans' direction, a lever is pulled by one of the Nohrian soldiers standing by the gallows. A trapdoor falls through, leaving the man and woman hanging limply from the nooses)

Rory: This... This can't be real...

Hans: And so falls Cheve!

(Protests rise up from the crowd, and soldiers strike at the townspeople)

Hans: I wouldn't try rebellion if I were you. Your lord and lady are dead. Without their heir, you are nothing but pebbles underneath the boot of the Nohrian king. 

Girl: What have you done with Lady Rory?!

Hans: The whelp is as good as dead. We haven't tracked her yet, but as soon as we figure out where she is, she's dead. Your hope has died. Give up.

(Rory runs from the scene of the hanging and collapses in an alleyway next to an abandoned building)

Rory: Mother... Father...

(Rory looks down at the red flower in her hands and recalls when it was given to her in a flashback)

Fletcher: This is for you, young one.

Rory: It's so pretty!

Sara: I knew you'd like it. The scarlet color instantly reminded us of you.

Rory: Thank you so much!

Fletcher: It's the least we can do for our little girl.

Sara: We love you.

Rory: And I love you too!

(The scene changes back to the present)

Rory: It's hard to believe that was only three days ago... And now... They're gone... Grandfather was executed, and then...

(Rory begins to cry)

Rory: Why did it have to be like this?! We just wanted to live in peace, but those stupid Nohrians ruined everything!

(Another flashback begins)

Fletcher: I thought your school didn't want you to wear anything extra with your uniform.

Rory: I couldn't help it! I wanted to wear a bracelet with it. It was so shiny...

Sara: And it was calling your name?

Rory: Yep!

Sara: I figured it would.

Fletcher: That's just like you. You've always been our little rebel!

Rory: Heehee!

(Back to the present)

Rory: They took everything away from me... They're going to pay...

(Rory pulls a knife from her pocket. She unfolds the blade and uses it to chop a majority of her hair off)

Rory: But if they're looking for Rory of Cheve, they won't find her. 

(Rory pushes the knife back into her pocket and removes a black hair ribbon, a gift from her mother, which she ties around her head)

Rory: For Mother...

(Rory tucks the red flower into a pocket on her chest)

Rory: For Father...

(Rory gets to her feet and rubs the tears from her eyes)

Rory: And for me. For the sake of my parents and everyone else executed under Nohrian rule, they will pay... From this day forward, there is no more Rory of Cheve.

(Rory takes out the knife once more and looks at it thoughtfully)

Rory: From now on, I will be Scarlet, a rebel of Cheve who will liberate this nation from tyranny. And to any Nohrian who wants to get in my way... Prepare to meet your maker. Yugare won't be welcoming you in hell... And you'll be one of them who dies, Hans. I hope you're ready.