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It Will Come Back

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“Yeah?” Revy repeated, nodding desperately, voice catching from the lips that had pressed against her forehead. She ran her fingers down to the blonde’s chin before dropping her hand. “It fucking scares me too, I’m not trying to pretend.”

“Being followed in that car?” Balalaika traced the shell of Revy’s ear, a slender nail causing a shiver down her spine. The blonde took a moment, swallowing her frustration, eyes never leaving Revy’s face. “With every outpost being wiped off of the map… I can say that I feel better than I have for a long time. Sleeping at night, knowing that chances of what could happen...”

“Funny how that gives you some satisfaction.” She muttered. “Roanapour doesn’t pull any fucking punches, but I can handle myself. I wouldn’t be with you if I couldn’t, sis.” She wanted to just keep repeating until Balalaika would give her a look that meant she understood

“After all I’ve done.” Balalaika said. “Risking your life, yes, and my life for these midnight meetings. If I were a voyeur looking in I would call this ridiculously foolish.”

“But you’re not one,” Revy roughly rebutted. Fuck, you know I would have never… fucking expected this from you .” She exhaled, grasping her right bicep, squeezing. She wanted to run out the door, out the building and into the street, to keep running until her lungs flattened, then to drag herself back and flop into the blonde’s arms.

“Protecting you? Haven’t I made that plainly obvious that I have?” Balalaika questioned callously.

Revy’s tongue went to wet her bottom lip. Years ago, she had thrown a corpse onto Dutch’s boat out of sheer obligation, not of free will, nor kindness. She had blanched at the scarring. It was raw from the salt. Balalaika had tasted of rust, and for a spare moment Revy thought she was dead. Such a memory had been one of the many rescues, until that interaction in the restaurant. Please. “...Just everything. All of this shit. If I was told all this a year ago...”

“Would never consider you thinking of such an.. Association such as ours as shit. ” Balalaika said. It was a statement and a question, a confused tone in her voice. Her hand went to stroke at Revy’s drying hair, stopping at the ends.

“You know what I mean, sis.” Revy rebutted quickly, watching through her eyelashes, rubbing the fine fabric of Balalaika’s blouse between her fingers.

The blonde gave a half smile, eyes crinkling at the corners, face slack with tiredness yet the fire in her eyes didn’t diminish into cold ashes. The fact they both were unable to achieve any sort of harmony, peace, instead incredible destruction and death. Revy’s hand traveled down, slipping, really, until it took Balalaika’s hand into her own. She knew her hand was neglected, at Balalaika’s look. Squeezing the manicured hand, her own nearly disappearing when the blonde squeezed back, lighter, slower.

Revy couldn’t help herself. “Us, getting together, however the fuck we are supposed to call it.” She moved her other hand to place on top of Balalaika’s; tanned skin contrasting hard. “...Hello?”

Balalaika’s brow furrowed, hold tightening. “Never would I have thought this to happen, as well. What I have had to do , for this. Especially for some… mercenary. A tattooed convict who saved me from a watery grave.” Her lips quirked into a threat of a smile. “An exotic beauty to share my bed, yes?”

“S-Shit, yeah, sure. ” Revy sputtered. Balalaika’s motions had her mouth going dry, but she forced herself to remain in the present. She wanted to say something that meant the same, or carried the same weight. Was there any dramatic show of affection that she could give back? Revy stared at where they joined. “I would have fucking kill them for you too- I wouldn’t hesitate. To have this, it’s not, shit to me. I don’t want them touching you. Anybody on this shitty planet.” Revy refused to look up. The half-formed statement had come out premature.

She bowed her head, staring at where they were joined, lips tightening. “Yes, you’re very zealous.”

If I could fucking turn back time- “Fuck, I wish I could kill them.” Revy raised Balalaika’s hand, to her lips, pressing them hard and mumbling the words. The pale knuckles were warm from their hand-holding. Her words echoed, hot and full, and the blonde stopped her reply as she inhaled. The perfume was stronger, here, from where the roller would slide across the inside of her wrist smooth as a knife.

“...It doesn’t matter now,” Balalaika swallowed, and went silent for a minute, watching Revy’s mouth never leaving her knuckles, nose meshing into her hand as if she was afraid it would crumble into dust. The heavy memory was so tangible between them that Revy wanted to at least voice it, and let it go. Yet she didn’t know and didn’t ask. The blonde settled back, arm falling limp, falling into Revy’s support, as removed as she could be. Balalaika looked at her; and made Revy feel that no one in her life had ever looked at her so directly. “They’re dead.”

Where were those men? Where were their bodies, now eaten by sand and animals? How much did Balalaika not tell her?  Just fucking drop it . She had heard the muted emotion in her voice.

Revy’s eyes fell shut when Balalaika slipped her hand from between her smaller fingers. I’m too late I’m too late I’m too late, I’m however many years too goddamn late, she’salreadygone. And I have no idea what it even was. Wildly, she was afraid she had broken the spell between them as Balalaika moved further into the tiny nook of a kitchen, opening and shutting drawers, frame so broad and tall Revy couldn’t see what she was doing. The blouse rippled in the air, stretching across her paled back, and Revy caught sight of a swollen muscle lining her straight spine. She still carried herself like an athlete with such excellent posture that made Revy envious.

She had to wonder if Balalaika would have even noticed her, those years ago. What she had been like. It was like she was some unspeakable person, a dirty-faced blonde woman pacing through Afghanistan, hand in hand with a sobbing child. Revy watched the slope of her shoulders move, envisioning their broadness as they were in the photograph; in the past she had been muscular yet slim, but the shoulders had stayed the same, she thought, arms crossing, impatiently waiting. Balalaika paused at a drawer to her right, acrylic nails scraping the plywood bottom before a familiar bottle was in hand as she faced Revy again, slowly.

“Can’t expect you to moisturize yourself, can I?” Balalaika said. “Protecting that nice skin.”

The overhead lighting deepened the scar’s crevices, from face to chest. Revy rested her gaze on the swell of her cleavage, breasts pushed together, causing Revy to swallow hard when Balalaika steadily exhaled. She was so painfully real and in the flesh and it hadn’t been long since they saw each other but Revy still twitched. The scar disappearing past the blouse was redder compared to the others exposed, a bit more neglected. She fully faced her after gathering her restraint. “Are you really gonna lecture me again?”

“I don’t imagine you’d listen to this lecture, either.” Balalaika squeezed the lotion into one hand, setting the yellow bottle onto the clean counter. Her voice came out smokier than before. Faint dots of mascara dotted pale cheekbones, eyeliner blurring into the creases around her eyes, curling especially on the scarred side. Her ponytail was tired, leaning a bit to the left, hair curling down her shoulders, a strand going underneath her wrinkled blouse, grazing a smooth collarbone.

 It had been heated minutely in Balalaika’s chilled hands, stamped in the creases of her palm. Quietly, Revy held out one arm and Balalaika allowed it to slide into hers. She worked it into Revy’s hands, long fingers firm, massaging it into her whitened knuckles and down to her cuticles. Her thumb pressed into the flesh of Revy’s palms.

First it was tight, then bled away to the jostling feeling of the muscle rolling itself against Balalaika’s hard touch. Revy’s eyes flickered at how deep she was going in, acrylic nails bumping into her wrist as she wrapped a hand around it. Her breath caught when Balalaika trailed a finger down one of her fingers, then curling to rub into her knuckles again, thoroughly gliding back to her cuticles, then dropping the hand and reaching for the other. Revy gave it to her without thinking, hungry for the satisfying feeling of her hand flopping down to her side. The blonde’s hands were so different; pale and well treated, her own cuticles non existent.

She gnawed on her lip, unable to meet the older woman’s eyes, body leaning forward from the kneading. Uneasily basking in the simple attention, she stared at the domestic display, hating the way she hurt, how she dreamt of such fantasies like this turning to flesh, and it would have been better for her to just be thrown into a kitchen counter. “What I said earlier-”

“Can be forgotten for the remainder of the evening.”

Her mouth shut with a click. Balalaika’s fingers found cracked marks in her skin and circled the lotion in hard. Revy’s tongue peeked between her lips, spectating how she focused on her bare hands, going back to the parts she had already worked through. It was deliberate, how her palms felt less stiff, fingers more flexible. When Balalaika raised her eyes to meet hers, they showed a dark blue from the low light.

She drew her large hand up to grasp at Revy’s forearm, fingers warmed. Balalaika pulled her in as she stepped closer, head blocking out the light and letting it halo around her hair’s soft curls. Revy allowed her, leaning in as the blonde tilted her head, lips parting and eyes sliding shut and their breath met first, Balalaika’s slow, Revy’s lungs instead expanding and contracting painfully, breathing faster as their mouths grazed each other. As she arched in, Balalaika teased away, their nose bridges bumping. Revy shakily moved a hand to touch her tresses, slipping and catching, until her fingertips found her shoulder underneath the thick locks. She fisted the smooth fabric in a loose fist.

“Stop- just, fucking kiss me already don’t fucking play around.” Revy hissed cautiously. “Shit you-“

The blonde leaned in, lips ghosting Revy’s, going to touch her elbow and stroke the tanned skin there. She smelled like black tea, sugarless and deep, the cigar’s aroma a mile away, with the curling of flowery perfume underlying all of it with a sharp punctuation. Revy tilted her head up to lean into her mouth when the blonde moved, hand slipping out of Balalaika’s loose grasp to slide from the side of her face and into her hair, fingers grazing her ear. Their lips found each other quickly, Balalaika’s bottom lip to Revy’s top, before shifting and parting.

She bit at Balalaika’s mouth, tongue sliding roughly in, hand going to grope at the blonde’s waist, sliding up clumsily to her back and grasping at her blouse. Kissing her as hard as she could, awaiting a response that would make her choke on her spit.

Her eyes were squeezed shut when Balalaika kissed back without the vitriol Revy did. Her tongue was flexing at a pace she could barely handle, unhurried, and Revy twitched before dragging her so close their lips smashed together. Balalaika’s other hand went to touch Revy’s waist, palming it easily, fingertips teasing underneath her tank top. Revy went to attack her mouth, tongue shoving in quickly to lick her white canines; clutching onto Balalaika’s back, sliding down to grip her wide hips, squeezing and pulling her in, trying to remember how it was supposed to be, possessive and quick before dawn approached. Her hand traveled to grope at the blonde's ass, nails stabbing into the voluptuous flesh. Balalaika kissed back after a spare moment before pausing to move away. Revy quickly opened her eyes, annoyed and sucking in a breath.

“Not here,” The blonde murmured, fingers threading through Revy’s hair, slowly, nails softly dragging down her tanned neck. “The night is still young, kotyenok .”

Blood rushed through Revy, curdling between her loose legs, tender sparks rolling down her skull from the touch. Kotyenok kotyenok. She wasn’t Two Hands anymore. She hesitantly paused her rough groping, blunt nails digging into the blouse and skirt, desperation giving way to confusion. “The fuck do you mean ? You’ve got work tomorrow and all that shit.”

“I’m saying ,” She licked her lips. “that we have time .”

Revy creased her eyebrows so hard she thought her forehead would bleed. Her touch loosened on Balalaika’s hip. The blonde’s eyes were different and kept looking over her face, from her hairline to her chin, searching. Revy shook her head, confused. “I, I know we have time to fuck.”

Fuck ?”

“Well what other goddamn word is there? Having sex? Huh?” Revy hastily replied.

Without warning she was taken to the bedroom, hand on the flat of her back, then gliding up underneath her tank top. Balalaika strutted down the dark hallway and looked at Revy, then the half-shut door. Seeing the bedroom again was maddening. Revy’s legs became weak at the familiar sight of the plainly decorated room, the made bed, the small lamp on the nightstand casting a faint glow from the left. The walls looked yellow, the carpet dark, and a perfume bottle glittered on a dresser. Through the old blinds the moon was a piece of illuminated skin. If she tried hard enough, she could hear the traffic and the screaming and gunfire, but she was lost when the hand left her back and instead smoothed her hair from her pink face. Revy turned to be flush against Balalaika, taking her strong wrist and making her hand splay against the side of her neck, thumb on her earlobe. The hallway was endless behind Balalaika, as if they had gone into a whole other dimension outside the living embodiment of hell.

The blouse was soft under her fingers. Revy glanced up as she circled the neck of the top, edging towards the prominent collarbones, then trailing back down. She ran her pointer finger down the swell of cleavage and to where the tempting first button lay, straining across the chest, and as her hands came together to undo it Balalaika touched her arm.

“Were you hoping for it to be against the counter?” The Russian questioned.

“Wouldn’t fucking feel nice is there was some shit jamming against my back when you’d do whatever you’d wanna do, sis.” Revy paused. The button came undone, followed by another, as she continued. “Nah, no I wouldn’t want a quick fuck in a tiny kitchen.” A second button. “Are you, heh, into trying the kitchen? Since we already got the bathroom and bedroom done.”

Balalaika’s hand brushed down to hold Revy’s shoulder. “Do not make me remember such a thing.”

“Just cause I fucking embarrassed myself doesn’t mean it can’t fucking count .” The third button split apart and indigo lace made heat cloud her vision; Revy ran her thumb across the faint patterns.

“You pleasured me and I made you miserable.” She responded, eyebrow raising wryly.

“I’m pretty fucking sure you were miserable a few times too. Hell, aren’t we always?” Her hands worked fast.

Balalaika’s hand ran down Revy’s arm, before dropping to her side. A smile grew across her lips, one that showed a bit too many teeth; Revy wanted to be bitten by each one of them. Balalaika chuckled, chest shaking. “We aren’t now, hm?”

The dark color was flattering on her scars admittedly, but far more on her unflawed skin. The blouse parted to reveal what was left of her torso, of the waist that was thin in comparison to her hips and thighs, to which Revy went to rub the shirt between two fingers and move it aside, gently, guiding it over a shoulder as Balalaika sighed after Revy’s eyes traveled down.

Maybe they weren’t miserable. But tomorrow they would when they’d part, and later on they would pretend to not even notice each other’s company so rapturously. Revy cupped Balalaika's breast, thumb running over where the nipple once was, her hand barely supporting. The bra was satin lined with thick wire, the other breast’s nipple denting the fabric. Balalaika was still as the blouse fell abandoned to the floor. Revy couldn’t catch her breath at the sight, it was twisted yet inviting, appealing yet haunting. Her hand moved to graze the stiff peak with a short nail, and Balalaika sighed, and Revy’s eyes snapped up to watch her face as she swirled her finger.

Balalaika’s skirt was tight moving down her hips, then down her thighs and once it hit her knees it slided off of her leisurely as she stepped out, and Revy’s mouth filled with saliva when she slowly ran her eyes down to view the blonde’s legs. Heat flared in Revy’s stomach when she saw the garter belt, thin straps supporting stockings, the lace bleeding into the underwear and she ran her fingers down Balalaika’s sides, brushing until it touched the belt. Revy’s hands spread to cup her hips, squeezing and breathed uneasily.

Shit , sis.” Was all she could manage, licking her lips and staring at the apex of Balalaika’s thighs and the exposure of her thighs before it descended into stockings. A low, deep chuckle met Revy’s ears. Unable to move her eyes away, she gripped further on Balalaika’s hips, swallowing and how it fit so perfectly and her brain refused to work and how her own legs wanted to fall under her so she could be ever closer to the garter belt, to unclasp it with terrified fingers. The delicate lace tickled her palms.

She ran a hand through Revy’s hair and forced her head back with a flick of her wrist. A moan escaped before she could help herself, and shakily she felt Balalaika’s nose dip to brush at her neck, her hot exhale and inhale, teeth grazing as if the blonde was tasting her before eating her whole. Revy gripped at her shoulder blades, elbows on her sides, nails digging in as she felt her tongue drag up her throat, hand in her hair getting tighter to steady her. A canine followed and Revy sagged, hot lips kissing possessively at her throat, and she felt so exposed, another pleading groan leaving her mouth.

Balalaika’s lips circled and sucked as her ear brushed Revy’s jaw, and she imagined dark bruises running down her throat, proudly shining in sunlight, reminders on her skin from a stranger to everyone else who would see. Balalaika’s hand slid down to the small of Revy’s back, pulling her closer, other hand scratching at her scalp. Their bodies pressed tightly and Revy clung to her, gasping and moaning and sis kept slipping out and she couldn’t keep quiet.

Her tank top was taken off her body first, smoothly left on the floor at their feet, cold air making her nipples hard. Balalaika’s eyes fell on Revy’s breasts, admiring where the sun never tanned, stiff peach-colored peaks greeting her hand when the blonde toyed with her chest. Pleasure sparked through Revy’s body, pushing her breast into the large hand supporting it. Her jeans and underwear fell down her slim thighs; the denim and old leather pooling around her ankles. The hair between her legs was curly and dark, hiding the slick wetness that was attached to her inner left thigh with a single thread, Revy taking a deep breath when Balalaika raked her fingers through the curls, acrylics so dangerously close.

Pausing and moving her touch upward, Balalaika edged Revy towards the bed, grasping her shoulders and threw her onto the blue sheets without a second thought, mouth leaving her throat with a husky chuckle at Revy’s panting. The blanket wrinkled under Revy’s writhing body, as she stared up at the tall woman looming over her with a muted soft expression, her head tilted and drinking in Revy’s curves and muscles and general shape highlighted by the low lighting. Revy dug her fingers into the sheets, biting on her lip hard enough she hoped beads of blood would blossom open and rivet down her chin, splattering onto the sheets, mimicking how raw she felt.

A knee dented the mattress. The blonde leaned forward, a teasing smile stretching her pouty lips. Balalaika edged up to her face, blonde strands tickling Revy’s ears. Her breasts pushed against the lacy bra, her stockings stretching and wrinkling from dragging her knees behind her. Closed-wounded flesh, one a seething wound and now just sensual flesh. She looked so alive that it made Revy shrink into the mattress, pulsing with want and she twitched at the sight of the older woman before her. Balalaika settled between Revy’s legs, stomach meeting hers, one arm supporting her enough to where she could easily loom over her, like a predator about to devour the torso of a still-living prey. Revy’s fingers dug themselves back into the muscle of her firm back, twitching in need, trailing jaggedly down until a nail brushed the raised tissue of scars, and so Revy also went to grab at the copious amounts of blonde hair falling around them like a faded spun-gold cloud. Hastily Revy dragged her in, confused yet so deep in lustful thoughts she could barely breathe properly, she just wanted her and all she gave in return was frustration.

“The fuck- what are you doing?” Revy asked, panting, as Balalaika lowered herself to chastely kiss her. Suspicions were flooding her thoughts and she just wanted to forget any situation or person or the city outside the door. Roanapur sank its teeth into anything. She wasn’t going to allow that now.  “Sis,” she begged, trying to speak. “Why-“

Long fingers tugged at her nipples, pressing in and then pulling achingly, nails scraping at her skin when her hand tilted. Balalaika was still on top of her, tongue twirling in her mouth, but slow and deliberate with no hard clash of teeth. She teased her nipple with a hard flick of her thumb dragging across the puffy areola, her large palm sliding hard down Revy’s trembling, taut torso, bumping over her ribs and then into the valley of her stomach, over a navel and then pausing right between her hip bones.

Revy tried to quiet herself. She felt Balalaika’s digits thread themselves through the hair between her legs. Her thighs ached so badly she thought she was going to scream and gnash her teeth, throw her hips up and force Balalaika to slap her there, one hard hit to keep her quiet.

Balalaika lightly tapped her right thigh, nails meshing into the fluids that were glued there, one finger after another, creating a slow rhythm. Revy shuddered into the blonde’s mouth, shaking her head slowly, nose rubbing against Balalaika’s. Her legs parted, knees bending, sides of her calves pressing into the sheets. She flinched when Balalaika’s long fingers stroked down her, tips of her nails pointed away from her folds, then swirling her fingers and opened her. The wetness spread up to her hair and down again, until between her thighs was slathered in it.

Oh , you’re ready, you brat. Here I was thinking,” Balalaika paused to give a deep, slow kiss. “That I would have to work you up to it.” She half-mouthed into Revy’s cheek, lips sliding to her ear, hand running up her, dragging the folds up, spreading and Revy shivered at the sensitivity spiking. Throwing her head back into the pillow, Revy whined; her thighs shook at the torturous speed of being pulled and she wanted to be torn apart.

“Sis, fuck .”

Snapping her eyes open, she found the blonde to be gazing down at her, teeth glinting, eyes still ice, completely focused on Revy’s flushed face, how the blush traveled down to her collarbones. Balalaika gave a smile with too much teeth, but her eyes lacked malice. The movement of her palm stilled, and without warning the friction was gone and Revy jerked her hips, her own hands groping at Balalaika in pathetic desperation. Revy arched her head and blindly tried to kiss her in a haze, licking her jaw, lips meshing in until Balalaika tilted her head and finally allowed a deep kiss. She pushed her mouth into Revy’s and it was slow and teasing and Revy opened her legs as far as she humanly could.

The clasp of Balalaika’s bra scratched at her hand, and she ran her hand up and down sloppily trying to find it again. Her nails struggled to find it again, and yelping from the palm starting to grind up, and shakily unhooked the thick band, the straps barely hanging onto the edges of Balalaika’s shoulders.

Revy suddenly yelped out a worried swear, eyes opening and legs twitching together. She was taken in between two fingers, soft digits meeting slick, waved folds, and rubbed.

“F-fuck your nails -”

Balalaika shushed her, lips pausing as she minutely shook her head. Quickly, she arched up and smoothly removed the bra straps off of her arms and pitched it across the room.

Where’s the pain? Where’s the fucking pain ? Can she tear me apart already? Revy moaned, head thrown backward, pressing hard into the pillow. Balalaika’s chest met hers and they meshed together as the blonde’s wrist flexed; her fingers swirled in a circle and Revy melted at the harsh pressure. She couldn’t catch a breath, with how fast Balalaika kissed her, pulling away before Revy wrapped her hand around the back of her neck, to lead her back in. Revy wanted to be tossed and scratched and bleed, but there was only the soft, taut sensation rising in her stomach with how Balalaika parted her to tease her opening with a lewd sound. In either case, pain or pleasure, it was agonizing.

Fuck - right there .” Revy's fingers slid into the small of Balalaika's back, grazing the beginning swell of her ass.

“Right here?” Her reply was menacing and full of promises and Revy felt her smile as her lips pressed into her cheek. She tilted the pad of her pointer finger to the left and slid just underneath Revy’s clit to continue her ministrations. Revy was on the verge of tearing her to shreds as she struggled to nip at the blonde’s bottom lip with how fast she bucked, trying to chase what was so far away and so horrifically near.

Balalaika’s finger pad ground into Revy’s clit, circular then flicking up, thumb pressing into the hair that curled above. Her lips grazed Revy’s again, quickly pulling her into another slow, heated kiss, tongue flicking and Revy could barely keep her mouth closed. She came hard, thoughtlessly quivering when she orgasmed right into Balalaika’s palm. It was sharp and sudden; moaning into the blonde’s mouth, tongues twisting as Revy choked. An acrylic nail flicked underneath her hood, a painful spike in the star-studded wave. Revy wheezed and her heels thumped on the bed.

The kiss ended when Balalaika raised her head, inhaling a mouthful of air before tucking Revy’s hair behind her ears. Transfixed, Revy blinked slowly and struggled to catch her own breath, hands still digging into Balalaika’s skin as if she’d disappear. Their eyes connected and Revy knew the icy look had melted, Balalaika casting a muted shining gaze upon sweating skin and shakily parted lips. She brushed fingers along Revy’s red cheeks, stroking along her jaw. Her knee pressed more firmly into the bed, stomach grinding into Revy’s hips, as she pressed a small kiss again. She turned her hip to the side as if to slide off, before a repressed groan was trapped against her teeth.

Revy’s hands lightly gripped her broad shoulders, helping Balalaika ease off to lie beside her. The blonde sighed as she moved onto her side, elbow propping her head up as she flipped her hair off of the both of them, tendrils framing her face. Shakily, Revy squeezed her eyes hard, feeling the mess between her legs, just as fingers glided along her slit, collecting the come and dragging a fingertip across her lips.

“Give me a moment before…” Balalaika trailed off. Revy blinked at the deep, husky voice that purred at her. Her tongue peaked out to lick at the wetness lining her bottom lip. Balalaika traced the lines of Revy’s toned arm, nail grazing her tanned skin and she shivered at the touch. “Mm,” Balalaika murmured into long dark hair. “I simply have not appreciated you in a while.”

“You ever… did you do shit like this before or-“ Revy said without thinking, before stiffening, awaiting a response that she wasn’t going to like. Before what, you dumb bitch? You think it’s fucking smart to ask like that? Before? Before whatever the fuck happened in Afghanistan? Fingers laced through her hair silently, palm cupping over her ear. At a glacial pace Balalaika’s eyes went to connect with Revy’s, but the emotion inside them she was no longer afraid of. Revy’s breath sucked in anyway.

Revy laid a hesitating hand on Balalaika’s long neck, traveling over the dip to grasp at the wide shoulder. They remained side by side, stroking at each other, drinking each other in, bathed in antiqued golden lamplight. Deliberately, Revy caressed down Balalaika’s side, over her ribs, where bones arched near the skin and then bowed away, her skin covered in a thin layer of sweat. The underwear shook Revy awake out of her stupor, and she looked to view how it hugged Balalaika’s body.

The lace tickled her fingertips, her knuckles meeting the elastic as she palmed Balalaika’s flesh, squeezing. Lightly Revy shook her hip back and forth, admiring the dip in her waist rounding down to the swell. The scars bent at awkward angles, her thumb tracing the edge of one. It felt fragile, the skin connecting marred to normal was noticeably thinner. A smaller scar disappeared underneath the band of the lingerie, then re-emerging into the crease of her thigh.

“I need to fucking take you out of these things.” She panted. Withdrawing her hand, Revy raised herself up to kneel beside Balalaika’s thigh.

The nylon stocking stretched over her thighs as Revy rolled it down carefully, down to her ankle and tossing it off the bed. Balalaika brought up her other leg, slightly bent, musculature accented by gold light, the lace at the edge of the nylon tickling Revy’s palm as she moved the fabric down over the bump of her knee. Balalaika arched her back to unfasten the garter belt, nails catching on it. The fabric slackened and the garter fell limp around her waist. As Revy dragged down the second stocking, letting it slip over her leg delicately, Balalaika made a sound from the back of her throat.

“Do you like it?” Balalaika voiced, quietly, straining to keep her question flat, as if it was supposed to come out like a command.

“The lingerie?” Revy asked in response. She set the stocking onto the ground, dark fabric rippling from the light. Between her legs she ached from the persistent attention, but a flare of arousal was lit; remembering how the lace felt scraping on her stomach. Cupping Balalaika’s calf, Revy leaned herself to rest her mouth against her bony knee, the only scar gracing it was a thin white one of athletic days long gone past.

Supporting herself on her elbows, Balalaika subtly raised a slim brow. She swallowed as her lips slightly parted, before shutting into a pouty line.

“Fuck- of course I do,” Revy mumbled, a slight roll of her eyes as her cheeks burns. She rubbed into the knee to give a shaky kiss. “You’d look good in goddamn anything.”

Balalaika let out a hmm , brushing her long hair off of her bare shoulder. She was naturally tinged pink- the pale skin and hair helping none, and it wasn’t just the scars that caught all of her attention. She was pink , from her lips to between her thighs. Revy’s eyes caught on the soft dark curls half-hidden in the bent leg’s shadow. 

She dryly chuckled. Running her fingers through Revy’s hair, she enforced eye contact. “Mm, very appreciative of you, Two Hands .”

Revy twitched towards Balalaika’s stomach. Balalaika tightened the hold in her tangled locks, and just stared at her, arching her head up. There were always things the Russian wanted to say, yet resolve inside of her kept them all on a thousand leashes, but a sentence was on her lips.

“You uh, look like there’s something you wanna fuckin’ say.” Revy questioned softly.

“Nothing you would understand at the present moment,” Balalaika replied after a few heartbeats. “Now, come here .”

With a push Revy crawled up her exposed torso to collapse onto her collarbones, forehead nuzzling in. Balalaika palmed her hand on Revy’s head and pushed her deeper into her full chest, wordlessly, the blonde’s heartbeat filling her ears and it felt so strange to feel Balalaika be so alive and flushed and maddeningly pink . Her heart was pumping blood through her entire tortured body, throbbing in arteries, curling in capillaries, like it would in anyone else’s and Revy’s eyes shut. Her eyelids flickered open after a moment from being brought into the blonde’s skin, lashes brushing scars. 

Her hand gripped at a generous hip, fingers splayed, feeling the taut muscle and she recalled the knots twisted the blonde’s back. She kissed Balalaika’s sternum, breasts pushing into either side of her cheekbones, before gently untangling herself, staring acutely into her eyes. Revy went to sit beside her after moving her leg over her stomach, knee grazing over where the navel once was. Wordlessly, she shifted onto her knees. “ Sis ,” Revy could barely speak. “Turn around, yeah?”