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Katsuki was so fucking tired. He was even too tired to be angry at himself for having failed his provisional license exam, something he usually was after his extra classes ended. Gang Orca had decided to work them to the ground, and Aizawa had decided to do that as well in their latest training periods, and Katsuki was worn out. He thought he had a pretty good endurance, overall, but even he had his limits.

At the very least, he wasn't the only one in that state. Those dumbasses from Shiketsu had looked exhausted as well, and Half and Half was slumped against the car window.

"I take it the remedial classes were hard, today," All Might said, looking at them from the rear window.

"Yes," Icyhot said.

Katsuki didn't answer. He wasn't in the mood for having a chat. He was tired, sore, in a bad mood, and he had to piss as well. He should have gone when the class had ended, but it was late, and Katsuki had decided he'd do it once he was back at the dorm. He just hoped they would get there soon, his bladder was starting to ache.

All Might kept trying to have make small talk for a while, gaining nothing but monosyllabic answers from Half and Half and a grunt or two from Katsuki. He seemed to get the message after a while, shutting up for the rest of the ride.

Katsuki swore when the car suddenly stopped. The seat belt dug into his belly, making him wince as it put pressure on his bladder.

"What is it?" Half and Half asked.

"Someone cut us," All Might replied, sounding annoyed.

Assholes. Katsuki tugged at his seat belt a little, trying to relieve the pressure.

The ride resumed, but not for long. They ran across traffic while going through the city, making them slow down to a crawl. Katsuki was pretty sure it would take him less to go back to UA on foot.

His leg started twitching involuntarily. The need to piss was starting to get pretty insistent. He had drank quite a bit after the class, had needed it after the training. It had seemed like a good idea, then, but he was regretting it now.

He tried to figure out how much more the ride would take. They weren't too far from campus, usually it would only take ten or fifteen minutes more, but going at this pace it could easily become half an hour.

He gritted his teeth. Another half an hour of holding it. He could do it, he wasn't a child that needed to ask to stop to go to the restroom. Just half an hour.

Icyhot was staring at him. He was still half slumped against the window, but his head was tilted towards Katsuki now, a quizzical expression on his face.

"What?" Katsuki growled.

"You're moving," he said.

Katsuki forced his leg to stay still. He sneered, and turned to stare out of the window. That bastard couldn't mind his own business, could he.

Things only got worse. Katsuki exhaustion started to fade, replaced by the need to go. He crossed his legs, trying to somehow relieve the feeling. It worked for a minute or so, before it came back with a vengeance.

Ten minutes went by, and they were still stuck in traffic. At this point, he was starting to feel tempted to grab himself to make things easier. Which, he wasn't going to do. Holding his crotch to hold in his pee would be humiliating even if he were alone, he wasn't going to do that while in a car with other people, with Icyhot sitting right next to him.

Unconsciously, he began to bounce his leg again. It barely helped.

The driver swerved, turning right to take a shortcut that would get them out of the traffic. The sudden movements did not help Katsuki in the least, jostling him. He had to clench his muscles to avoid accidentally wetting himself.

His hands were sweating so much he worried he may set off an explosion on accident. It hadn't happened since he was a child, but the whole situation was something a child would find himself in, not a teenage hero student. He couldn't believe he had been so stupid as to not go earlier.



Icyhot looked at him with that irritating expression of his. "Are you carsick?"

"The fuck are you talking about?" Katsuki snapped.

"You look unwell," Icyhot said.

Katsuki growled, feeling his cheeks heating up. Icyhot had noticed it, this was so embarrassing. "I'm fucking fine."

"Young Bakugo, if you are feeling unwell, you should tell us," All Might said.

Katsuki gritted his teeth. "I said I'm fine." Like fuck he'd ever admit what was going on. He didn't even know what would be worse, All Might or Icyhot finding out he was in desperate need of peeing.

At last, he started to see familiar roads, and soon they reached the campus. The diver stopped the car a little harsher than what was necessary, once again making the seat belt torture Katsuki.

"I have to go now. You two will have to go back to your dorm by yourselves." As if they needed All Might to escort them while on campus.

The two students made their way to the dorm. Katsuki wanted to rush there, run straight to the bathroom and let it go, but he couldn't let Icyhot know what was happening. He'd probably die from the humiliation right there and then.

So he forced himself to go slow, keep pace with Icyhot. He tried to walk as he usually did, but he couldn't quite manage it. Moving wasn't helping his bladder at all.

The pressure was getting worse and worse. Had he been alone, he would have considered going behind a tree.

He didn't notice he had been slowing down until his legs stopped completely. He had to keep walking, he could feel Icyhot's eyes on him, but he couldn't. All he could think about was how he needed to go. All his concentration was focused on keeping his lower muscles behaving.

He jumped when a hand touched his shoulder. The flinch made a drop or two escape from his cock. Heat rushed to his face.

"Are you alright?" Icyhot asked, stupid, humiliating concern in his voice. "Do you need to go to the infirmary?"

"No!" A couple sparks came from his palms. Great, fucking great, he was losing control of his quirk. This meant it wouldn't even be safe for him to hold his dick. Not that he would have done it, anyway, not with that asshole there with him.

"Bakugo, you clearly don't feel well."

"I feel great."

He forced his legs to move, taking a few shaky steps.

"Wait." Icyhot grabbed him by his arm, forcing him to stop. "What's going on?"

Katsuki couldn't stop his legs from moving, switching his weight from one foot to the other, hoping it would relieve him somehow. "What is fucking wrong with you, I told you I'm fine!"

"Do you need to pee?" Icyhot asked. His tone was perfectly blank, the way he always asked those stupid questions of his that made no sense except to himself. Only this time Half and Half was fucking right.

Katsuki didn't answer. His face was flaming red now. He had been caught. He closed his eyes, too ashamed to look Icyhot in the face. He felt he knew now what people meant by wanting the ground to swallow them.

"Oh." Yes, oh, fucking oh. Was he going to say anything else? Fuck, Katsuki was going to hear Icyhot mocking him for the rest of his life.

Hoping he didn't share this with anyone. Fuck, what if he told someone to his friends? Or worst of all, to Deku? There was no way Katsuki could handle that.

Icyhot tugged on his arm. "Come on."


"There's some trees nearby. You should go there, it's closer than the dorms."

"What are you talking about?" Katsuki growled. He finally looked up at Icyhot, finding him staring with blank eyes.

"Would you rather go there, or walk to the dorms, and then in front of everyone else?"

Oh fuck. He was right. It was guaranteed that someone was going to be there in the common rooms, and Katsuki doubted he'd manage to act normal.

"I'll help you," Icyhot said, his hands on Katsuki's shoulders, pulling him towards the trees. This was officially the most humiliating situation he had ever been in. Needing that asshole's help to not piss himself.

His steps were shaky, short. He hunched a little, the muscles of his bladder starting to cramp in an almost painful way.

A few more drops escaped him, and Katsuki stopped, one hand involuntarily grabbing onto Icyhot's uniform. A slight burned smell came from it when Katsuki set off a few sparks without meaning to.

Katsuki took a couple deep breaths, trying to calm himself. And then he felt Icyhot's hand on his shoulder go down along the line of back, and sneak in front of him, sliding lower, and lower.

"What the fuck!" Katsuki screamed, as he felt that hand pass over his belly, and did he imagine it or had Icyhot pressed slightly on his bladder?

"Helping you." And with that, the hand reached Katsuki's crotch, and squeezed.

"What are you doing!" It came out much more high pitched than Katsuki would admit.

"You need to hold it in, right? And you wouldn't want to blast your dick off," Icyhot said, voice low.

Katsuki's heart started hammering. It did help, when it came to holding it in. But it also sent a mix of contrasting feelings in him. It went beyond shame, enough to make Katsuki want to scream. But it also gave him a strange sort of, was it arousal? Was the flip his stomach made Katsuki being excited by Icyhot touching his cock?

"Let's go," Icyhot said, pushing Katsuki on.

Katsuki didn't try to reply, only going along with what Icyhot wanted. One small step in front of the other, trying to pretend there wasn't a hand around his cock. The other student was now directly behind him, and Katsuki felt something against the small of his back.

"Are you sick bastard getting off on this?" Katsuki snarled.

Icyhot didn't answer for a few moments. "You do look good writhing like that," he whispered eventually.

Fuck. That asshole. He couldn't believe Icyhot was that kind of pervert. His erection was pressed right against Katsuki's ass.

Finally, they reached the trees. Katsuki would have sighed in relief, hadn't his breaths been coming so hard.

"You can let me go now," Katsuki growled.

"Mm." Icyhot didn't. His hand gave Katsuki's crotch a squeeze. Katsuki couldn't help but whimper, an embarrassing sound that added to the already long list of shameful things that had happened that day. It hadn't been painful, actually, the opposite.

The other hand sneaked around too, laying on top of Katsuki's bladder, pressing down.

"What are you doing?"

Icyhot didn't answer, just kept doing that, fondling Katsuki with one hand and torturing him with the other. Katsuki shook, trying to make sense of the contrasting sensations. His legs were giving out, and he had to lean back against Icyhot to stay up.

Shame and arousal intertwined with one another. His cock couldn't get hard, not when he needed to piss so badly, but it was making an effort. His hips rocked, wrestling with the contrasting stimuli, and that made him push back towards Icyhot's cock behind him. Fuck, the bastard really liked having Katsuki at his mercy.

The worst thing wasn't even the situation. It was that Katsuki's arousal was flaring, despite the humiliation and near pain in his bladder. Actually, scratch that, it wasn't happening despite it, it was only increasing because of it. And that in turn increased the humiliation he felt.

"A-Are you trying to make me p-piss myself, bastard?" Katsuki asked.

"That would be nice," Icyhot said. His hips rocked against Katsuki's lower back. "But then we'd have to explain that to the others."

Katsuki whined. He couldn't even imagine having to go back with piss stained pants.

"Want me to let you go?" he asked.


Icyhot hummed. "I'd like to hear you beg me for that."

"Fuck you!"

"We could do that another time."

Katsuki's heart skipped a beat. Another time? Did Icyhot mean that? Did Katsuki want another time? No, of course he didn't want to end up in this situation again. No way he'd want that.

The valiant twitch his cock gave at the idea of fucking the bastard seemed to contradict that.

Suddenly, Icyhot's hand left his stomach. "You can go."

The other hand also left Katsuki's dick. Katsuki immediately moved to open his pants. A few drops managed to escape him before he finally took his cock out, and let go.

The relief was so much Katsuki's mouth opened in a groan. He went, and went. It seemed to never end. The pleasure of letting go at last was so much it almost bordered an orgasm.

All the while, he felt Icyhot move behind him, cock rocking against Katsuki's backside. He kept moving even after Katsuki was done pissing. Katsuki was almost sure he should have stopped him, but he didn't. He let the bastard have his fun, rutting against his ass until he suddenly stilled behind him with a moan.

Katsuki tucked his cock back in his pants, pointedly ignoring the way it had started to fill up. He wasn't going to get off on this, absolutely not. "Who has wet pants now?"

"Shut up."

"Let's make a deal here," Katsuki said, turning. "You don't tell anyone what happened, and I don't tell anyone you have some kind of piss kink."

Icyhot nodded. Was it Katsuki's impression, or were his cheeks slightly red? "Fair."

"Let's go, else some fucker will start wondering where we are," Katsuki said. The last thing he wanted were questions about this.


"Fuck else do you want?" Katsuki growled.

Icyhot stared at him with that annoying expression of his. "That was really hot."

Katsuki's face was what was hot. So much it may as well catch fire. "Fuck you."

"As I said, maybe another time."

Katsuki swallowed. "Maybe."

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Tsuyu knew this would have come. She had dreaded having this happen to her while she was at the dorms, but she had also known she wouldn't have had a choice. Her weird biology did what her weird biology wanted.

It had started with a certain, familiar weight in her stomach, a growing pressure. The desire to be in water increased far more than she usually did. And then, the constant arousal. Her panties were constantly getting wet spots on them, every physical contact warming up her abdomen.

It was very hard, considering what kind of school she went to. Physical contact happened all the time. Tsuyu was having a hard time keeping up appearances when she ended up with her tongue wrapped around someone, or being put in a hold by someone, at least once a day.

She didn't tell anyone what was going on. No, it was too embarrassing. This went well beyond the usual girl things.

Finally, after a few days, it was time for her to deal with that. She stayed awake past the usual time, making sure everyone else had gone to bed before she left her room. By then, her belly was starting to cramp.

She walked to the bathroom, one hand on her stomach. It was slightly swollen, not enough to be noticed, but she could feel it.

There weren't bathtubs at the dorms, unfortunately. At home, when this happened, she always sat in the tub to do that. The water made it much, much better. The showers would have to do here.

She turned the water on, and crawled under it, sitting down on the floor, legs spread. She settled with her back against the wall, grimacing. Her muscles were rippling, contracting and then relaxing. It was mildly unpleasant, would stay that way up until it started properly.

She had learnt that it was easier for her to do this if she was aroused. So, Tsuyu got to work. She started with her clit, massaging it with her fingers, feeling the little pleasant sparks as she did.

Her belly gave a few more contractions. A little gush of fluid dribbled out of her, the first of the night. Since she was wet already, she decided to let her clit go, and moved on to work a finger inside of her.

She sighed, moving his hips to better accommodate it. She pushed it in and out of her slowly, twisting it so that it was rubbing against that spot that made her eyes roll back in her head.

Something was definitely starting to move in there. Her pussy dripped much more fluid than what would come from just some masturbation. The contractions were getting harder, making her wince. She hoped the next part would come soon, it would be a relief once it did.

She inserted another finger. She rubbed that spot quicker, little gasps and moans escaping her as she did. The pleasure mixed with the unpleasantness of the deal, a strange mixture of sensations.

Her muscles contracted stronger than before, followed by a thick gush of fluid from her pussy. Had the water not been running, she would have surely ended up making a small pool under her.

She felt them starting to move inside of her. She tried to hitch her hips up, wanting to make things easier.

She was so focused on her own ministrations she didn't notice footsteps approaching, didn't hear anything before the sudden squeal that made Tsuyu open the eyes she hadn't realized she had closed.

Ochako was standing in front of the showers, mouth open, cheeks bright red. "I-I'm sorry, I didn't mean to!"

Tsuyu quickly slipped her fingers out of her. "Ochako, I-"

She grimaced when she closed her legs, her body protesting that movement.

"I- I didn't mean- I'll just go, I'll leave you be," Ochako said, turning around.

"O-Ochako!" Ochako walking in on her was about the worst thing that could have happened to Tsuyu while she was doing this. Tsuyu hadn't wanted anyone to know about it, but having her friend think she had come down to the showers to masturbate would have been too humiliating, she had to explain herself. "It's not what you think."

"It isn't?" Ochako asked, voice high pitched, back to Tsuyu.

"I have to lay eggs."

"...what?" Ochako said, after a moment of hesitation.

Tsuyu swallowed. "I'm a frog. Sometimes my body makes eggs, and I have to push them out. It's easier if I do, well, you know."


"Yes." Tsuyu whimpered when another contraction hit her. Without touching herself, it was much harder to deal with that.

"Is everything alright?" Ochako asked.

"Y-yes, it's just unpleasant."

Tsuyu grimaced. She had to get back to what she was doing. Hopefully now that Ochako had understood, she would leave her be.

She was shocked when she saw Ochako take her pajama off, and crawl under the shower with her. "Ochako?!"

"Can I help?" Ochako asked, face scarlet. "I- I don't like seeing you feeling unwell."

"It's nothing, really." Tsuyu and Ochako had already seen each other naked, they had bathed together after all, but this situation was making Tsuyu very aware of how exposed she was, and how Ochako wasn't now wearing anything but her panties.

"I'd feel guilty leaving you like this."

Of course sweet, caring Ochako would. She was a good friend, after all. Tsuyu swallowed, the motion turning into a wince when her belly tried to no avail to push the eggs out once again. "I'd- I'd have to go back to, you know..."

Ochako nodded. "I won't judge."

Tsuyu nodded as well. She sat back against the wall, spreading her legs once again, eyes fixed on a spot somewhere above Ochako's shoulder. After some hesitation, her hand went back between her legs, pushing a finger in once again. Despite the interruption, she was still soaked, and the relief at rubbing her sweet spot was immediate. She forced herself not to moan or make a sound.

It went on for a while, without much change. The contractions got stronger and stronger, to the point Tsuyu couldn't contain her gasps anymore. It wasn't pain, it wasn't exactly pleasure either. Her arousal increased, pussy dripping steadily now.

Everything seemed much more intense now that Ochako was there with her.

Tsuyu flinched when Ochako's hand grabbed her free one.

"I- I just thought maybe you need it," Ochako said, eyes pointedly not looking down.

"Thank you," Tsuyu said, squeezing her hand. She was holding her best friend's hand while still working her fingers in and out of her, that was so messed up.

Something definitely moved inside her. Tsuyu whined, feeling something against the very tips of her fingers. They were very near to getting out.

She took out the fingers, going to move them over her clit now. She rubbed it furiously, trying to work herself up better. She shivered, pleasure running up her spine. She was trembling, hands squeezing Ochako's so hard in another moment she would have been worried she had been hurting her.

Her hips rocked a little. If she managed to make herself come, then her own orgasm would help things out.

A touch on her thigh made her gasp. Tsuyu looked down, and saw Ochako's hand on her, thumb rubbing her skin. Ochako was now staring directly down at Tsuyu's pussy, lower lip held in her teeth. Her gaze was heavy, and heat pool in Tsuyu's belly. She was embarrassed, but she was also excited. She wouldn't have been able to shy away from Ochako's gaze even if she had wanted to, not when she was so far along.

Ochako's hand inched a little closer to her pussy. Her skin was so warm. She looked as if she wanted to be the one to pleasure Tsuyu.

It was the thought of Ochako being the one to bring her over the edge that made Tsuyu come. She screamed, orgasm clashing on her. The pulses made the eggs almost shoot out of her, the small, squishy spheres rolling out of her pussy in a river of fluids. The objects only made the orgasm more intense, rubbing against her inner walls in an almost maddening way. They increased her pleasure, and that in turn made their rush even faster.

Once she came down from her orgasm, the cascade of eggs had also stopped. A couple last one were pushed out of her opening almost lazily, as if her muscles were tired by the effort.

"Holy shit," Ochako whispered.

Tsuyu didn't answer, her breath too heavy for her to speak. It had never been this intense before.

"Are there like, you know, things in them?" Ochako asked.

Tsuyu shook her head. "They're not fertile, no." Just little jelly spheres that could be washed down the drain without issues.

Tsuyu looked down at the mess. Ochako's fingers were touching the eggs, gently squishing one to see what it was like.

Tsuyu should close her legs now. She really should. But she didn't, not even when she saw Ochako's hand moving directly to her pussy now. She gasped when Ochako's index finger slipped inside her.

"So wet," she whispered. Then she seemed to remember herself, and quickly took her hand away. "I'm so sorry!"

"It's alright," Tsuyu said.

"I just, I don't know what came over me."

"I didn't mind." She hadn't, really. It hadn't been painful, nor unpleasant. Not even embarrassing, not at this point.

Ochako did it again, then. Her finger slipped in Tsuyu's pussy, probing, feeling how wet and loose she was after that. She accidentally brushed over Tsuyu's sweet spot. When Tsuyu moaned, Ochako did again, purposefully this time. She pushed it in and out a few times, exploringly, before taking it out.

She watched as Ochako examined her fingers, looking almost amazed by the fluid sticking. Her pupils were blown wide.

"Ochako?" Tsuyu asked.

Ochako looked at her. "I hope I didn't, um, overstep."

She had, technically. But Tsuyu hadn't minded. "It's alright."

"Good. I, um, I'm kind of..." Ochako glanced down at herself.

"Wet?" Tsuyu offered, looking at her drenched friend.

Ochako laughed nervously. "In more ways than one."

Tsuyu blinked. Ochako must have liked that. "May I, then?" Tsuyu asked, hand going to touch Ochako's shoulder.

Ochako nodded, without saying a word. She put her hands in her panties, taking them off and tossing them in a corner.

Tsuyu experimentally ran a finger between Ochako's lips. She was definitely wet, soaked even. She whimpered as Tsuyu ran her finger back and forth, brushing against Ochako's clit.

Tsuyu had an idea. She licked her lips, and then extended her tongue. She wasn't sure what had made her decide to do it, but she sent the long appendage straight between Ochako's legs.

Ochako gasped, falling forward and having to brace herself against the wall. Tsuyu rubbed her tongue around, tasting Ochako's sweet wetness. She pushed it against Ochako's entrance, carefully. Her tongue was much thicker than a finger, but it was also much softer. There was very little resistance, in the end, when Tsuyu pushed it in.

Ochako's walls tightened around her tongue. Tsuyu shivered. Her tongue was a sensitive part of her, and the taste and pressure around it was both strange and good.

She bent her tongue a little, so part of it was pressing against Ochako's clit while the tip was still working inside of her.

"More, please!" Ochako gasped.

"How?" Tsuyu asked, the word somewhat weird sounding with her tongue out.


Tsuyu complied, making her tongue move in and out of Ochako in quicker thrusts. She wasn't worried about getting tired, the appendage was pure muscle that she used very often, after all. She could go as fast as Ochako wanted.

Ochako mewled, hips rocking. Tsuyu kept her movements relentless, not stopping until Ochako's moans increased in volume and her pussy clenched down like a vice around Tsuyu's tongue. Tsuyu moaned in unison with her friend, strange pleasure signal going from the tip of her tongue straight to her lower belly. She couldn't believe she was this aroused again, right after the orgasm she had had before.

Ochako slumped down completely against Tsuyu.

"That was amazing!" she said, voice dreamy.

"I'm glad."

The stayed like that for a while, lying under the water. It was Tsuyu who spoke first. "Maybe we should get going. Clean up."

"Yes, right." Ochako pushed himself up, standing shakily.

Tsuyu followed her. She tried to ignore the way her pussy still demanded attention as she scooped up the eggs. They were already half melted under the water, but it would be better to flush them than risk leaving them there.

"T-Tsuyu?" Ochako said.

"What is it?"

"Would you, um, would you like to do that again?"

Tsuyu whipped her head around to look at her. "Again?"

"Yes. Only if you want to, of course!"

Tsuyu hummed. "I'd like that. But I won't have other eggs for a while."

"There doesn't need to be eggs involved," Ochako said.

Tsuyu nodded. "That would be lovely."

And once she got to bed, Tsuyu was going to have to jerk off once again.

Chapter Text

"Isn't that Yaomomo's bag?"

Mina turned to follow Sero's eyes, and sure enough that was her bag that had been left lying in the common room. She must have left it there when she went to sleep.

"I'll take it to her," Mina said, picking it up.

"You coming back down after?" Kaminari asked, not really turning away from the game they were playing.

"Nah, I was planning to go to my room anyway."

Her classmates still in the common area bid her goodnight as she left. Momo's bag was heavy, probably full of enough complex books to give Mina a headache just looking at them. It was strange for Momo to be forgetful, but maybe it was just a bit of stress.

She walked down the hallway to Momo's room. The other girl had left a while before, she was probably asleep already. Mina would just slip inside and leave the bag.

She didn't bother to knock, just opened the door expecting to see darkness.


She wasn't expecting to find the light on, and Momo fully awake. And naked. And holding what looked like a large dildo.

Momo yelped and scrambled back on her bed, trying to cover herself. Mina just stood there, mouth wide open, trying to understand what she was seeing. Surely dutiful, sweet Momo couldn't be doing what Mina thought she was doing. There was no way she would have been masturbating with a dildo, let alone one that was definitely bigger than an average cock. How would she even sneak a dildo in...

Unless she had made it. Of course, there was no reason Momo wouldn't be able to use her own quirk to create that. Mina couldn't believe Momo would do that, using her powers to create a sex toy.

Yet there they were. Momo had her legs crossed, an arm draped over her breasts in uncharacteristic shame of her naked body. Her face was redder than Mina had ever seen it before, and Mina was sure she herself must have looked nearly purple. This would have been an awkward situation with anyone, but especially so with the vice class rep, who was also one of the hottest girls in their year and who Mina along with about half her classmate had a bit of a crush on.

"D-Don't you know you should knock before coming in!" Momo said, apparently snapping out of her shock.

"I thought you were sleeping, didn't want to bother you!" Mina said. "And it's not like I expected to find you doing this!"

Momo's blush deepened. "Please don't tell anyone you saw t-this. I'd get into some real trouble if people knew."

Mina could bet that. Momo hadn't bought that dildo, but it would still be frowned upon for her to have it. The school wouldn't approve, likely. And while girls nowadays weren't usually shamed for having an active sex life, Momo came from an old fashioned, posh family, if the rumor spread she did this kind of thing she'd die from sheer shame.

"I swear I won't go around telling," Mina said, giving her a thumbs up. Not like people would believe her.

"Thank you."

Now, Mina should have probably turned around and left. But her eyes fell on the dildo again and she couldn't help but wonder. "Momo, can you really fit that in?"


"I'm curious!" The dildo was more than eight inches in length, maybe nine, and had a good girth. It wasn't something every girl could take. And it was honestly kind of hot to think about Momo putting it inside herself.

Mina swallowed at the thought. She had had the occasionaly fantasy featuring Momo, and who could blame her for that. Her classmate was hot. And she knew the image of Momo putting that large dildo in her pussy would keep Mina going for weeks now. Damn, she could feel herself getting warm just thinking about it.

"It's not a polite q-question," Momo said.

"Come oooooon."

Momo looked down, shifting a bit. "Promise this will stay between us, and no one will ever know!"

"I swear it on my horns!" Mina said.

"Well, then." Momo cleared her throat. "I- I can fit it, yes. It's n-not like it's the biggest I have."

Mina's eyes widened at that. "Are you kidding me?" she asked. "How big can you do?"

"T-There's a box under the bed. Just-" Momo interrupted herself, covering her face with her hand.

Mina eagerly dragged the box out. Opening it, she really had to count herself even more shocked. There were more dildos there, two were smaller than the one Momo currently had, but the third one was huge. Easily ten inches, and as wide as Mina's forearm. That was a monster. And together with the dildos, there was a small vibrator, and anal beads.

"You like anal too?" Mina asked.

There was a moment of hesitation from over the bed, before Momo started babbling. "I k-know it's a bit freaky but a lot of women like it and I was curious and I wanted to try it-"

"That's really, really hot."


"I think it's hot," Mina said, looking up to smile at Momo. "I think anal is really hot, and you are a very pretty girl, so you doing anal is super hot."


Mina's eyes fell on a little bottle on the bed. "Wait, is that lube? Were you doing anal now, Momo?"

Momo's embarrassed silence was answer enough. Wow. The idea of Momo putting that in his ass was doing things to Mina.

"Can you put even this one in your ass?" Mina asked, grabbing the biggest dildo.

Momo's eyes widened. "No! I'm- I haven't been doing anal for long, and- besides, I can barely put it in my pussy."

Mina grinned. "But you can put that one you have there in? That's what you were doing before, right?"

"Why are you so interested in all of this?" Momo asked, face completely buried in her hand now.

"I told you, it's hot." More than hot, really. "I'd love to see you do it."

"What do you mean?"

"It means I'd like to see you put it in your ass."

Momo made some kind of embarrassed sound. "If I let you see, you won't tell anyone, right?"

"I told you, I'm keeping the secret!"

Momo seemed to hesitate, but then made up her mind. Taking a deep breath, she lied back down in a comfortable position, spreading her legs.

Mina knelt at the foot of the bed, head on the mattress, readying herself for the show. Momo's pussy was so pretty, still slick despite the interruption.

Momo wet her fingers with the lube, and then pushed one inside his ass. Mina nearly moaned herself at the sight of the digit disappearing inside the thight hole, quickly followed by a second.

"I was s-still preparing myself when you c-came in," Momo said, working her fingers in and out of her ass, scissoring them.

Mina was positively dripping now, watching Momo open herself up. But as hot as that was, what she really wanted to see was Momo push that large dildo inside of her, see the thight ring of muscle spread wide around the toy.

"How much more will you have to work yourself?"

"Just a bit," Momo said, pushing a third finger in.

Mina bit her lip. She wanted to touch herself, but she wanted to wait. She clenched her thighs, trying to relieve herself a little.

Finally, Momo grabbed the dildo, coating it with an abundant quantity of lube. She positioned it at her entrance, and slowly started to push it in. She moaned when the very tip breached her ass, and Mina moaned too.

Momo pushed the dildo in and out a couple times, just the tip of it, getting her ass used to the girth. She shifted her hips, trying to take it deeper. She stilled for a moment, taking a couple deep breaths to calm herself, and then pushed it in. Her ass swallowed half of it before she paused.

"Everything alright?" Mina asked.


"Need a hand?"

"A hand?"

Mina didn't bother replying, crawling up on the bed. She put her own hand at the base of the dildo, pushing Momo's hand away. She twisted it, turning it around. She tugged it back one inch, watching captivated Momo's ass cling to it. Then, she pushed it back in, both the inch she had taken out and a little more.

Momo gasped. "Ashido, what are you-"

"Helping you."

"Be, ah, be careful-"

"I know how anal works, Momo," Mina said, winking. Maybe she didn't put things this large, mostly because she had never had the occasion to, but she had played with her ass before, even stealing one – average sized – dildo from an older cousin once. She knew how this went.

She pressed it in more in Momo's ass, deeper. Momo squealed as her ass was stretched. Mina kept going, pushing the toy in at a slow but steady pace, until the base was pressed against Momo's rim.

Momo's legs were trembling by then. She was whimpering uncontrollably. She was flushed down to her chest. Catching glance of her tits, Mina wondered what it would feel like to play with them, but right now she had more pressing matters.

She started fucking Momo's ass with the toy, slowly at first, then faster and faster. Momo moaned and whined, rocking her hips in time with Mina's thrusts.

"Feels g-good!"

"Yeah?" Mina said.

"It's great!"

Mina kept fucking her, fast and hard, until Momo was nearly screaming with her orgasm, slick gushing out of her pussy.

That was so much for Mina. She let go of the toy, and went to tear her skirt and panties off. She had soaked them completely.

Momo looked at her, panting. "Ashido?"

"Momo, can I borrow one of your toys?" Mina asked. Her fingers weren't enough for her right now, seeing Momo all spread like that was making her feel empty.


Now, Mina should have probably picked one of the small dildos. But she caught sight of that monster Momo had in her box, and damn if it wasn't a tempting idea.

"Are you sure?" Momo asked, seeing what Mina had grabbed.


Mina thrust her fingers in her pussy a couple times, feeling how wet she had gotten. A regular cock wouldn't be a problem, but she had to be sure to be as loose as she could be to take this one.

"Ah, wait!"

Mina turned to Momo. "What?"

"You aren't acid down there, are you?"

Mina shrugged. "A bit more than the average girl, but not dangerously so. Why?"

"I want to be sure the material won't be damaged, that's it."

"Oh." Mina thought about it. "Actually, can you make me one that is acid resistant?"


"Pink, if you can!"

There was shimmering on Momo's belly, and she dragged out a bright pink dildo, giving it to Mina.

"Thank you!" It was pretty much the size of the one Mina had grabbed. She smiled at Momo. "Gotta use lots of lube, right?"

She rubbed her hands along the toy, dripping a bit of acid from her hands, making the toy nice and wet. She knew her acid wouldn't dry in a while, and it didn't hurt her, it was excellent as lube.

Now, how was she going to go at that. Maybe she could lower herself on it. She put the dildo on the bed, and knelt above it. She didn't have to bend down all that much to have it brush against her opening.

"Do you want help?" Momo asked. Her embarrassment from before seemed to have disappeared, and her eyes were alight with heat now.

"If you can."

Momo turned around, gasping as she did. The dildo was still in her ass, but she didn't move to take it out and she moved to grab the base of Mina's dildo, where it wasn't covered in acid.

"Go on," Momo said, looking up at Mina.

Mina started to lower herself. Even with how wet she was, not even the head of the toy could pass through her entrance at first. She added some more acid to it, and tried again. This time, it did breach her.

She stopped with a gasp as soon as the first bit of the head was in her. It was so large, larger than anything she had ever had. The stretch burned, but that didn't kill Mina's arousal. She only had to get used to it.

She kept going, slowly. Her walls stretched to accomodate the girth of it.

"So big," Mina gasped.

"You're doing amazing," Momo encouraged her. Mina blushed at the praise.

"How m-much did I take?"

"Three inches." Mina whined. "Oh, for a first timer, that's pretty good. Come on."

Mina lowered herself a little more, taking a bit more of it before she had to stop. She raised herself up a little, and then lowered again, fucking herself to adjust to the size.

"You're halfway," Momo said.

Mina couldn't answer except for a little gasp. The initial pain that had come with the stretch had disappeared, and now it just felt good.

She couldn't believe it when she finally reached the base. Her pussy was so full, she couldn't think of anyting other than the incredible feeling of it. She looked down, and groaned when she saw herself. There was a definite bulge in her belly. She raised her hand to touch it, pressing down on it.

"How does it feel?" Momo asked. "Amazing, isn't it?"


"Come on, ride it."

Mina pushed herself up. It was so wonderful. Her hand traveled down to her pussy, feeling her stretched entrance. Her fingers found her clit, rubbing it. Her movement were disorganized, without a proper rhythm, but it was good enough.

She was surprised when she saw Momo grab the dildo in her, and taking it out. Mina caught a glimpse of her ass, and saw it gaping. It send a gush of warm through her, both the sight and the thought that surely her pussy would be gaping like that as well once she was done.

Momo grabbed the other, huge dildo, and lubed it up.

"I've never tried this in my ass, but I'm feeling inspired," she said, positioning it.

"Plus Ultra," Mina said, breathless, as she kept going.

Momo moaned, pushing the monster dildo in her. She went faster than Mina had gone, maybe because she was more used to it, maybe because she had already stretched herself before.

They moaned in unison, Mina at the pleasure of fucking herself, Momo at the stretch. It was all so much, and Mina came with a shout, falling face down on the bed.

When her brain started working again, Momo was stil fucking herself with the dildo. She had managed to get nearly all of it in her ass, her abdomen bulging out like Mina's. With the hand not holding the toy, she was fucking her pussy.

Mina had an idea. She fumbled for the toys box, grabbing one of the small dildos. While smaller, it was still some six inches, more than some boys Mina had met. She crawled to Momo, and pushed her hand away.

"What?" Momo gasped, too focused on her pleasure to understand.

Mina pushed the toy in Momo's empty pussy, and Momo screamed. It must have felt good, to be filled like that in both holes. For good measure, Mina started licking Momo's clit, while she relentlessly fucked her pussy.

Momo could do little but scream and writhe as pleasure took her, until she reached her second orgasm.

Both she and Mina lied down on the bed, panting. Eventually, Mina decided to slip out the dildo from her pussy, the size more uncomfortable than pleasurable now that she had come.

Unexpectedly, Momo made her flip over. "You are gaping so much," she said, sounding amazed.

"Bet you're gaping too."

Sure enough, Momo's ass was wide open, the red rim trying to clench around something now that it was empty. It almost made Mina want to go again, although she wasn't sure she'd be able to put anything else in her at the moment. Not if she wanted to walk tomorrow, at least.

"Do you mind if I keep this?" Mina asked, grabbing the dildo Momo had made.

"Not at all. It's a gift."

Mina smiled. "Great! Hey, can I ask you something else?"

"If you want more toys, another time. Not sure if I have enough fat left right now to make anything else. Or enough brains."

"Alright, but I'll be coming back to ask another time!"

Chapter Text

Tomura was bored. He had beaten his latest video game, and didn't feel like starting another. Sensei didn't have anything to do for him, and Kurogiri was away on some kind of mission.

Tomura wandered around the hideout, looking for something to do. He walked in the laboratory behind the bar. There usually wasn't much for him to do there, it wasn't like he could make Nomus, after all, and all those sciency babble wasn't for him.

There labs were pretty much how they always were. Sterile, metal and plastic surfaces, machineries Tomura couldn't understand. The heads and exposed brains of the Nomus peeked out from over the walls separating them. Tomura glanced at them as he walked in front of their cubicles.

The Nomus all looked as they always did. Tall, muscular, greyish skin, empty gazes fixed on some spot in front of them. They stood there, unmoving. One would almost think they were dead, if not for the slow raise and fall of their chest as they breathed.

Tomura stopped in front of one. It was a strange one, one that Sensei said he was perfecting for a certain mission. It was black, different. He wondered when would Sensei tell him what mission it was, exactly.

He walked up to the Nomu. It didn't give any sign that it had noticed Tomura approaching. Tomura had to wonder just what would this thing be good for.

"Raise your hand," he said.

The Nomu complied, raising his left hand over its head. Obedient. Not like it could disobey, after all, it didn't think. All it could do was do as what a few select people told it to. Tomura, Sensei, the Doctor, its brain had been programmed to respond to their voices and no one else's.

"Lower your hand." The Nomu did.

Tomura spent a few minutes like that, giving the Nomu random directions. Nothing complex, after all the Nomu couldn't leave its cubicle, not with the various wires still attached to it. Move your hands and arms, open your mouth, things like that.

After a while, he started getting bored of that too. Tomura huffed. These things were dull. Useful, but boring.

He ran one finger over the pitch black skin. It was strange, not quite human like, almost leathery. The muscles underneath felt like steel. He trailed the finger down its abs, following the bumps of its six pack, until it reached the Nomu's pants.

Tomura briefly wondered of who made the Nomus dress and undress. He couldn't quite imagine the Doctor putting the pants on the things. He wondered if the things were smart enough to know how to put their own clothes on if ordered to.

Tomura hooked his finger under the hem of the Nomu's pants, pulling the elastic back and then releasing it to hear it slap against the Nomu's stomach.

What did a Nomu even need pants for. Not like it could feel shame at being naked. The only use would be to hide its penis, but Tomura had seen Nomus who didn't have anything at all down there. He didn't really see why would the Doctor eliminate the genitals of only some Nomus, or rather, why would he leave them on some. A Nomu didn't have the need for them, after all.

Careful not to accidentally destroy anything, Tomura pressed his hand against the front of the Nomu's pants. That was most definitely not nothing. He followed the curve of the Nomu's cock. It was way bigger than what Tomura would consider average.

Not that Tomura had a lot of experience. He had never seen another man naked, had never had the occasion to. Even his experiences with porn had been sparse, he knew Sensei could monitor his internet history. Overall, the only cock Tomura actually had some experience with was his own.

Curiosity piqued, Tomura dragged the Nomu's pants down, freeing its cock. It hung limp between its legs. It had to be ten inches long, maybe, and proportionately thick. And this was just its soft state. Hard, it would be huge. Even Tomura, in his lack of experience, could guess it was far bigger than what virtually any human being had.

He knelt down in front of the Nomu. Tomura's finger traced the bulging veins, following their pattern. He pulled back the foreskin, revealing the red head underneath.

He looked up. The Nomu hadn't moved. It kept staring in front of itself with that parody of a toothed grin on its face.

Tomura bit his lip. He wanted to see the Nomu hard, how much it could grow. But he wasn't sure how to proceed. He'd need both hands to be able to wrap them around that cock, and jerking it off would be complicated given his quirk.

Mindful of always keeping his fingers in check, he dragged his palms along the length. It was dry, the friction uncomfortable, and Tomura ended up taking Father off his face to spit on his hands. That was better, the drag easier.

It wasn't yielding a lot of results, however. It might have been because the Nomu couldn't feel arousal. But Tomura had made up his mind, and he wasn't going to back off just because he had ran across a problem.

Bending down, he licked the length. Oral sex was supposed to feel very good, wasn't it? He dragged his tongue all over it. A strong, musky smell filled Tomura's nose as he did so.

A thought crossed his mind. The Nomu's skin maybe wasn't as sensitive as it would have been for a human. Perhaps he needed to try a different approach.

The red head peeked out from under the foreskin. He pushed his tongue in that space, stimulating the softer, more sensitive head, pressing against the foreskin to make more space. The taste was especially strong there, salty and a little bitter. Tomura's tongue found the slit, teasing it.

Now something was happening. Tomura didn't notice it at first, but soon the Nomu's cock started to fill up. The heavy length started to stand up by itself, without Tomura having to support all of it. And it was growing, as well.

When Tomura pulled away to catch his breath for a second, he found that the Nomu's cock was half hard, and significantly bigger. It had to be one foot long by now.

Tomura's own cock was straining his pants. He wasn't sure when a strange curiosity born from boredom had become genuine arousal, or what exactly had caused the change. Maybe it had been the novelty of it, or maybe the musk of the creature, or knowing that he was doing this to that inhuman thing.

Whatever it was, Tomura couldn't possibly stop then. He dragged the foreskin completely away, and started giving the head fast kitten licks. He licked all over the bulbous shape, under the crown, into the slit. He pulled back, surprised, when a drop of bitter liquid fell on his tongue. He thought for a moment the Nomu had come, but then realized it must have just started leaking pre come.

That spurred him on. He focused his attention on the slit, lapping up every drop. The taste wasn't pleasant, exactly, but it was going to Tomura's head. He found himself panting, almost frantically trying to get as much of the pre come as he could.

Feeling bold, he opened his mouth wide, and wrapped his lips around the head. He barely managed to, it was so wide Tomura's tortured lips felt stretched around it. He tried to fit as much as he could inside his mouth, but he could barely get past the head, and even that had his breath get labored.

He had no idea what to do now. He tried moving his tongue, licking what he could. He had to keep swallowing to prevent his mouth from filling with saliva and pre come, and even then he soon started feeling it dribble down from the corners of his mouth.

He knew, in some part of his brain, that what he was doing was disgusting. That didn't stop him, and even spurred him on. A moan escaped him, getting completely muffled by the cock in his mouth.

He stroked with his hand what his mouth couldn't reach. He wanted to take more of it in, but when he tried he almost choked. He didn't know how to regulate his breath while giving a blowjob, and so he had to settle for just the head.

His fingers brushed against the Nomu's balls. Tomura hadn't really given that particular part any attention so far, but now he had to touch them. They were large, heavy, and Tomura played with them while he sucked.

The Nomu didn't give any signs that it was getting close to orgasm. It couldn't, after all. Had Tomura been more expert maybe he would have thought something about how much pre come was filling his mouth, but he didn't. When the Nomu came, the first spurt ended up directly in Tomura's throat.

Tomura pulled back suddenly, coughing. The rest of the Nomu's come hit his face and hair. Tomura barely even noticed, trying to clear his throat. Only once he passed his hand on his face he realized in how much come he was covered. His face was completely soaked in both come and spit.

It was absolutely disgusting. Yet somehow it only made Tomura's cock throb painfully in his pants. He couldn't even have manage to open his pants and take himself out. His hand pressed down on his clothed cock. It bordered on painful, yet it only took Tomura a couple touches to explode.

He collapsed on the ground after. He stared up at the ceiling, blinking confusedly up at it. That had to be the most intense orgasm he had ever had. Much, much better than all the times he had jerked himself in his room to vague thoughts and images.

He couldn't believe he had just blown a Nomu. That had been fucked up. Now that it was over, the feeling of fluids drying on him went from exciting to gross. He should go wash his face, and his clothes as well.

He suddenly sat up, fast enough it made his head swim. Washing up. There were come stains on the floor and on the Nomu. If someone saw them, he'd be in trouble.

Scrambling up, he went to get the cleaning supplies. He hoped Sensei hadn't put cameras in this room.

Chapter Text

"Are you ready?"

Jirou played nervously with her jacks, eyes darting around. Her face looked vaguely blue under the club's lights, but Hitoshi knew she was probably beet red. "Yes."

Hitoshi grinned, activating his power. Jirou's eyes immediately glazed over, all traces of nervousness draining from her.

Jirou was, in many ways, the perfect girlfriend. She was pretty, a wonderful musician, had a sweet personality and, not of least importance, a variety of dirty kinks. Hitoshi knew not all girls would have been into all the things he was, and he considered himself lucky that Jirou was almost kinkier than he was. She had even been the one to suggest one or two things Hitoshi would have never thought about.

The hypnosis was one of those. Despite how kinky she was, Jirou could also be terribly shy. They had been together a while now, enough for Jirou to know Hitoshi was far from judging her when it came to sex, but sometimes she still ended up too embarrassed to go on.

They had both agreed doing things in public would have been hot, but every time Jirou ended up freezing, the fear of being seen beating the excitement. She had been the one to eventually walk up to Hitoshi and ask him to hypnotize her so that they could play out those particular fantasies. Hitoshi also had the feeling Jirou found the thought of being unable to control herself arousing.

And so they were here. They had decided to do this at a club for a simple reason: it was about as public a place as it could get, but no one was going to pay too much attention to them. The perfect setting for this.

"Let's go dance, baby," Hitoshi said, leading them from the more secluded place they had found to the crowded dance floor.

Jirou didn't object, not that she could. Hitoshi mentally ordered her to start dancing, and she did, body twisting to the music, hips rocking against Hitoshi's own. This in itself would have started waking Hitoshi's body up, Jirou was usually more contained than this, but Hitoshi was here for more.

He found his phone in his pocket. He was going to record this, both for his own enjoyment and to show it to Jirou afterwards. She'd be so embarrassed, but he could bet she'd soak her panties watching it.

Hitoshi thought of the best way to do this, and turning around he spotted a guy dancing alone near them. He looked somewhat drunk. Perfect target.

Obeying Hitoshi's mental commands, Jirou left him to go rub herself against the stranger. Hitoshi would be lying if he said he didn't feel the slightest bit jealous to see Jirou rubbing herself against some other guy, but he ignored that feeling. This was for an important cause.

Making sure he wasn't being noticed, he started filming Jirou rubbing her ass against the man's crotch. He didn't seem to think twice about the pretty girl who had suddenly come to him, not realizing how her eyes kept staring emptily ahead of her.

She sure made a nice picture. Her bust had filled up in the last year of high school, and her breasts were tightly hugged by a top that bared a generous amount of cleavage. The skirt she was wearing was the shortest she owned, not even reaching her mid thigh, and it was starting to ride up a little with her movements. She looked so wonderfully slutty like that.

Hitoshi let her dance like that for a bit, before deciding it was time to start spicing it up. He had made Jirou drink a bottle of water in advance, and then had gotten two beers in her since they had gotten here. Not enough to make her more than a little tipsy, but more than what was needed to fill up her bladder nicely.

Bet you really need to pee, baby. You should let go, Hitoshi thought.

It was hard to see with the club's lights, but a couple seconds later something wet started running down Jirou's legs. Hitoshi's cock twitched in his pants, seeing Jirou piss herself while still rubbing herself against the stranger. He didn't notice it at first, but then some drops started reaching his legs, and he suddenly pulled away, grimacing.

The man walked away, shouting something that sounded like, "how fucking drunk are you, bitch!"

What an idiot. Hitoshi would have come right there and then if a sexy girl at a club started pissing herself while dancing with him, but he supposed it was for the best that he had left. His use was over, anyway.

Hitoshi commanded Jirou to walk back to him. She was going to be beyond humiliated later, when he'd reveal it to her that she had embarrassed herself like that with a stranger. She wouldn't stop blushing for a week.

Hitoshi put his phone away, and went back to dancing. His hard cock rubbed against Jirou. He wondered if and how much she was enjoying herself, in the mental corner he had locked her in.

His hand went to her front, hiking her skirt up, wanting to feel her. He groped her pussy over her panties, now completely soaked. Rubbed his finger between her clothed lips, feeling where her entrance was.

It was nearly impossible for someone not to be seeing them now. Everyone around them was either drunk or occupied with a partner themselves, so it was likely no one would care, but there was no chance of no one catching a glimpse of them. Jirou sluttily dancing against him, his hand under her skirt. He wondered if someone could see her panties like this.

He pushed the fabric away, and found the wetness he was feeling was not just piss. Jirou was aroused, her fluids dripping from her pussy.

You dirty, dirty girl, this wet from pissing yourself in public?

Hitoshi's eyes scanned the club. He needed to find a quieter place, now. He almost dragged Jirou away and towards the back, finding an exit that led to a small alley. A couple people were there, smoking, and they shouted and wolf whistled at them as Hitoshi dragged Jirou along the alley and behind a large dumpster.

"Squat down, get your skirt up," Hitoshi ordered, fumbling for his phone.

Jirou quickly complied, getting in position. Hitoshi had a perfect view of her wet panties like this.

" Get yourself off, baby. You were so wet when I felt you up, your pussy must be dying for something in."

Jirou's hand sneaked inside her panties, and Hitoshi recognized the motion of Jirou pushing one finger inside her pussy and fucking herself with it. He had to adjust his pants with his free hand.

"Put your finger in your mouth." Jirou did as told, slipping it out of her. Hitoshi thought he saw something pass through her eyes, and he tightened the control he had on her mind. "Does it taste good? Do you like tasting your juices and piss?"

There was a minuscule nod from Jirou, so small he might as well imagined. She couldn't answer his question while hypnotized, so she must be getting some control back. Hitoshi wasn't sure how far he could take this before her hold on her snapped.

"Go back to touching yourself."

She did, finger fucking herself. Her cheeks were turning red, her mouth sightly open.

Hitoshi raised his phone a little, past the dumpster, enough to quickly film the people at the other end of the alley. "Look at yourself, masturbating when there's people right there that could come and find you. Bet you would have loved it if I fucked you right in the middle of the club, filled your pussy up where everyone could see you."

It did seem like Jirou was getting back to herself somewhat. Her eyes were flickering around, lips occasionally moving as if trying to say something. Hitoshi didn't know if it was her or him that was horny enough for Hitoshi's quirk to be wearing off, but he didn't care. This Jirou was hot too, struggling to get some control over herself but still unable to, not stopping touching herself as she did.

"Are you trying to say something?" Hitoshi said, kneeling down close to her. Jirou's lips opened and closed, small sounds coming from them but no discernible words. "I can't understand you, baby. You have to speak clearer."

He pushed Jirou's panties to the side to expose her pussy while he was at it. She had two fingers in her now, fucking her fast.

Jirou made some breathless, croaky sounds. "Speak clearer."

Her lips moved without results for a couple seconds. "C-cock," she uttered at last.

Said part of Hitoshi's body was starting to ache inside his pants. "Cock? You want my cock in you, is that it?"

She nodded, eyes rolling back.

"Want me to fuck you, baby? Pound that pretty pussy of your in a dirty alley where everyone could come and see?"

"Y- y- ye-es."

Well how could Hitoshi say no to such a request. "On your knees, face the wall." If they stood up, they would almost surely be seen, it would be better to do it like that.

As soon as Jirou was in position, ass angled towards him, Hitoshi opened his pants and got his cock out. It was hard to do with one hand, but he wanted to make sure he filmed as much as possible.

He rubbed the tip of his cock against her pussy, between her lips, probing at her entrance but not quite getting in. A sort of strangled sigh came from her, as close as a whimper as she could manage in her current state, and Hitoshi took pity on them both. He pushed in, slowly, biting back a moan as her heat engulfed him.

He didn't give her a moment to pause before he started fucking her. Not as fast as he would have liked, but given the circumstances, he couldn't allow himself to lose control completely. He still picked up a good pace, making up for the lack of speed with the depth of his thrusts.

She started panting soon, little breathy sounds escaping her. Her pussy was soaked. Knowing her, Hitoshi was sure she would be screaming had she not been still partially under his control. Her hips twitched, trying to fuck herself back but being unable to.

Nearing her orgasm made her more desperate, to the point Hitoshi could feel her mind slipping away from him. He didn't care anymore, couldn't really be bothered to put effort into his quirk when she was so hot around him. The whole evening had worked him up beyond belief, and he only cared about spending himself in her.

He put his hand over her mouth when she started to become enough in control to make proper moans. As much as the thought of someone watching him fuck her turned him on, this wasn't the right time for it.

His thrusts became erratic, skipping a beat or two before he finally came in her. He barely managed not to shout himself. He came harder than he had in a long while, filling her up.

It was maybe the feeling of him coming in her that sent her over the edge, with a scream that was nearly impossible to muffle. Her pussy clenched around him, her whole body writhed against him.

Hips giving a few last, short movements, riding out his orgasm, Hitoshi felt the wetness seep down around him. It took him a second to realize this wasn't just Jirou coming, the liquid trailed down along his cock in a different way.

She was pissing herself again. Her orgasm must have destroyed both Hitoshi's control on her, and Jirou's own. Her walls tightened rhythmically around Hitoshi's cock, all the while she pissed. Despite having just come, his cock gave a valiant twitch at the thought and feeling of her pissing while he was still buried in her.

She kept her face firmly turned towards the wall as she finished. Hitoshi pulled out once she felt she was done, tucking himself back in his pants. He pulled her panties into place, and fixed her skirt.

"Shinsou to Jirou, can you hear me, Jirou?" he said, teasingly.

She turned to him at last, face scarlet. Now that she had come, she was already reverting to her usual, shy self. "Hitoshi? What- What did I do, exactly?"

"Aside from getting fucked in an alley and losing control over your bladder?"

Jirou's eyes lowered in embarrassment. "Y-Yeah."

"Why don't we get up? I have a bit of video I bet you'd love to see."

"I'm gonna die of shame watching it, won't I?" Jirou whimpered.

"I'll fuck you through it, if it'll make you feel better."

Jirou didn't answer that. Hitoshi helped her stand up, her legs shaky from both her orgasm and the position she had been in.

There were still smokers around the alley, and they cheered at them when they saw them walk by.

"Don't you like people knowing exactly what we've been up to?" Hitoshi asked her, when Jirou buried her face in her hands. "Doesn't it make you all hot down there?"

"A- a bit," she replied not looking at him.

He grinned. "You know, if you like exhibitionism so much, I could share those videos with someone. Maybe, mmm, Kaminari would appreciate it. Or your friend Yaoyorozu."

"T-that would be a horrible idea," Jirou said. Her tone was the one she always used when she was too embarrassed to admit a kink of hers, before confessing to it a couple days later.

Hitoshi was so going to bring that up again.