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BNHA kinky fics

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"Are you ready?"

Jirou played nervously with her jacks, eyes darting around. Her face looked vaguely blue under the club's lights, but Hitoshi knew she was probably beet red. "Yes."

Hitoshi grinned, activating his power. Jirou's eyes immediately glazed over, all traces of nervousness draining from her.

Jirou was, in many ways, the perfect girlfriend. She was pretty, a wonderful musician, had a sweet personality and, not of least importance, a variety of dirty kinks. Hitoshi knew not all girls would have been into all the things he was, and he considered himself lucky that Jirou was almost kinkier than he was. She had even been the one to suggest one or two things Hitoshi would have never thought about.

The hypnosis was one of those. Despite how kinky she was, Jirou could also be terribly shy. They had been together a while now, enough for Jirou to know Hitoshi was far from judging her when it came to sex, but sometimes she still ended up too embarrassed to go on.

They had both agreed doing things in public would have been hot, but every time Jirou ended up freezing, the fear of being seen beating the excitement. She had been the one to eventually walk up to Hitoshi and ask him to hypnotize her so that they could play out those particular fantasies. Hitoshi also had the feeling Jirou found the thought of being unable to control herself arousing.

And so they were here. They had decided to do this at a club for a simple reason: it was about as public a place as it could get, but no one was going to pay too much attention to them. The perfect setting for this.

"Let's go dance, baby," Hitoshi said, leading them from the more secluded place they had found to the crowded dance floor.

Jirou didn't object, not that she could. Hitoshi mentally ordered her to start dancing, and she did, body twisting to the music, hips rocking against Hitoshi's own. This in itself would have started waking Hitoshi's body up, Jirou was usually more contained than this, but Hitoshi was here for more.

He found his phone in his pocket. He was going to record this, both for his own enjoyment and to show it to Jirou afterwards. She'd be so embarrassed, but he could bet she'd soak her panties watching it.

Hitoshi thought of the best way to do this, and turning around he spotted a guy dancing alone near them. He looked somewhat drunk. Perfect target.

Obeying Hitoshi's mental commands, Jirou left him to go rub herself against the stranger. Hitoshi would be lying if he said he didn't feel the slightest bit jealous to see Jirou rubbing herself against some other guy, but he ignored that feeling. This was for an important cause.

Making sure he wasn't being noticed, he started filming Jirou rubbing her ass against the man's crotch. He didn't seem to think twice about the pretty girl who had suddenly come to him, not realizing how her eyes kept staring emptily ahead of her.

She sure made a nice picture. Her bust had filled up in the last year of high school, and her breasts were tightly hugged by a top that bared a generous amount of cleavage. The skirt she was wearing was the shortest she owned, not even reaching her mid thigh, and it was starting to ride up a little with her movements. She looked so wonderfully slutty like that.

Hitoshi let her dance like that for a bit, before deciding it was time to start spicing it up. He had made Jirou drink a bottle of water in advance, and then had gotten two beers in her since they had gotten here. Not enough to make her more than a little tipsy, but more than what was needed to fill up her bladder nicely.

Bet you really need to pee, baby. You should let go, Hitoshi thought.

It was hard to see with the club's lights, but a couple seconds later something wet started running down Jirou's legs. Hitoshi's cock twitched in his pants, seeing Jirou piss herself while still rubbing herself against the stranger. He didn't notice it at first, but then some drops started reaching his legs, and he suddenly pulled away, grimacing.

The man walked away, shouting something that sounded like, "how fucking drunk are you, bitch!"

What an idiot. Hitoshi would have come right there and then if a sexy girl at a club started pissing herself while dancing with him, but he supposed it was for the best that he had left. His use was over, anyway.

Hitoshi commanded Jirou to walk back to him. She was going to be beyond humiliated later, when he'd reveal it to her that she had embarrassed herself like that with a stranger. She wouldn't stop blushing for a week.

Hitoshi put his phone away, and went back to dancing. His hard cock rubbed against Jirou. He wondered if and how much she was enjoying herself, in the mental corner he had locked her in.

His hand went to her front, hiking her skirt up, wanting to feel her. He groped her pussy over her panties, now completely soaked. Rubbed his finger between her clothed lips, feeling where her entrance was.

It was nearly impossible for someone not to be seeing them now. Everyone around them was either drunk or occupied with a partner themselves, so it was likely no one would care, but there was no chance of no one catching a glimpse of them. Jirou sluttily dancing against him, his hand under her skirt. He wondered if someone could see her panties like this.

He pushed the fabric away, and found the wetness he was feeling was not just piss. Jirou was aroused, her fluids dripping from her pussy.

You dirty, dirty girl, this wet from pissing yourself in public?

Hitoshi's eyes scanned the club. He needed to find a quieter place, now. He almost dragged Jirou away and towards the back, finding an exit that led to a small alley. A couple people were there, smoking, and they shouted and wolf whistled at them as Hitoshi dragged Jirou along the alley and behind a large dumpster.

"Squat down, get your skirt up," Hitoshi ordered, fumbling for his phone.

Jirou quickly complied, getting in position. Hitoshi had a perfect view of her wet panties like this.

" Get yourself off, baby. You were so wet when I felt you up, your pussy must be dying for something in."

Jirou's hand sneaked inside her panties, and Hitoshi recognized the motion of Jirou pushing one finger inside her pussy and fucking herself with it. He had to adjust his pants with his free hand.

"Put your finger in your mouth." Jirou did as told, slipping it out of her. Hitoshi thought he saw something pass through her eyes, and he tightened the control he had on her mind. "Does it taste good? Do you like tasting your juices and piss?"

There was a minuscule nod from Jirou, so small he might as well imagined. She couldn't answer his question while hypnotized, so she must be getting some control back. Hitoshi wasn't sure how far he could take this before her hold on her snapped.

"Go back to touching yourself."

She did, finger fucking herself. Her cheeks were turning red, her mouth sightly open.

Hitoshi raised his phone a little, past the dumpster, enough to quickly film the people at the other end of the alley. "Look at yourself, masturbating when there's people right there that could come and find you. Bet you would have loved it if I fucked you right in the middle of the club, filled your pussy up where everyone could see you."

It did seem like Jirou was getting back to herself somewhat. Her eyes were flickering around, lips occasionally moving as if trying to say something. Hitoshi didn't know if it was her or him that was horny enough for Hitoshi's quirk to be wearing off, but he didn't care. This Jirou was hot too, struggling to get some control over herself but still unable to, not stopping touching herself as she did.

"Are you trying to say something?" Hitoshi said, kneeling down close to her. Jirou's lips opened and closed, small sounds coming from them but no discernible words. "I can't understand you, baby. You have to speak clearer."

He pushed Jirou's panties to the side to expose her pussy while he was at it. She had two fingers in her now, fucking her fast.

Jirou made some breathless, croaky sounds. "Speak clearer."

Her lips moved without results for a couple seconds. "C-cock," she uttered at last.

Said part of Hitoshi's body was starting to ache inside his pants. "Cock? You want my cock in you, is that it?"

She nodded, eyes rolling back.

"Want me to fuck you, baby? Pound that pretty pussy of your in a dirty alley where everyone could come and see?"

"Y- y- ye-es."

Well how could Hitoshi say no to such a request. "On your knees, face the wall." If they stood up, they would almost surely be seen, it would be better to do it like that.

As soon as Jirou was in position, ass angled towards him, Hitoshi opened his pants and got his cock out. It was hard to do with one hand, but he wanted to make sure he filmed as much as possible.

He rubbed the tip of his cock against her pussy, between her lips, probing at her entrance but not quite getting in. A sort of strangled sigh came from her, as close as a whimper as she could manage in her current state, and Hitoshi took pity on them both. He pushed in, slowly, biting back a moan as her heat engulfed him.

He didn't give her a moment to pause before he started fucking her. Not as fast as he would have liked, but given the circumstances, he couldn't allow himself to lose control completely. He still picked up a good pace, making up for the lack of speed with the depth of his thrusts.

She started panting soon, little breathy sounds escaping her. Her pussy was soaked. Knowing her, Hitoshi was sure she would be screaming had she not been still partially under his control. Her hips twitched, trying to fuck herself back but being unable to.

Nearing her orgasm made her more desperate, to the point Hitoshi could feel her mind slipping away from him. He didn't care anymore, couldn't really be bothered to put effort into his quirk when she was so hot around him. The whole evening had worked him up beyond belief, and he only cared about spending himself in her.

He put his hand over her mouth when she started to become enough in control to make proper moans. As much as the thought of someone watching him fuck her turned him on, this wasn't the right time for it.

His thrusts became erratic, skipping a beat or two before he finally came in her. He barely managed not to shout himself. He came harder than he had in a long while, filling her up.

It was maybe the feeling of him coming in her that sent her over the edge, with a scream that was nearly impossible to muffle. Her pussy clenched around him, her whole body writhed against him.

Hips giving a few last, short movements, riding out his orgasm, Hitoshi felt the wetness seep down around him. It took him a second to realize this wasn't just Jirou coming, the liquid trailed down along his cock in a different way.

She was pissing herself again. Her orgasm must have destroyed both Hitoshi's control on her, and Jirou's own. Her walls tightened rhythmically around Hitoshi's cock, all the while she pissed. Despite having just come, his cock gave a valiant twitch at the thought and feeling of her pissing while he was still buried in her.

She kept her face firmly turned towards the wall as she finished. Hitoshi pulled out once she felt she was done, tucking himself back in his pants. He pulled her panties into place, and fixed her skirt.

"Shinsou to Jirou, can you hear me, Jirou?" he said, teasingly.

She turned to him at last, face scarlet. Now that she had come, she was already reverting to her usual, shy self. "Hitoshi? What- What did I do, exactly?"

"Aside from getting fucked in an alley and losing control over your bladder?"

Jirou's eyes lowered in embarrassment. "Y-Yeah."

"Why don't we get up? I have a bit of video I bet you'd love to see."

"I'm gonna die of shame watching it, won't I?" Jirou whimpered.

"I'll fuck you through it, if it'll make you feel better."

Jirou didn't answer that. Hitoshi helped her stand up, her legs shaky from both her orgasm and the position she had been in.

There were still smokers around the alley, and they cheered at them when they saw them walk by.

"Don't you like people knowing exactly what we've been up to?" Hitoshi asked her, when Jirou buried her face in her hands. "Doesn't it make you all hot down there?"

"A- a bit," she replied not looking at him.

He grinned. "You know, if you like exhibitionism so much, I could share those videos with someone. Maybe, mmm, Kaminari would appreciate it. Or your friend Yaoyorozu."

"T-that would be a horrible idea," Jirou said. Her tone was the one she always used when she was too embarrassed to admit a kink of hers, before confessing to it a couple days later.

Hitoshi was so going to bring that up again.