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bubble tea

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"why a bubble tea shop, of all places?"

"use your honorifics, yoongles."


yoongi grudgingly said to hoseok who was leading him down a busy street, face masks on. the color that they were wearing had contrasted, yoongi in all black and hoseok in a bright pink hoodie.

"first, because my boyfriend and i like this place so you should like it too. second," hobi stopped walking, turned around, and put his hands on yoongi's shoulders. "you should really get out and go places. yes, i know you aren't good at feelings and things like that, but going out once a day isn't bad for you."

yoongi sighed and shrugged hobi off. he said things like that every day and it never worked. he would always end up back in his studio and eating instant ramen with seokjin and going out every once in a while. yoongi was tired of it.

they kept walking down the street, hobi chatting about whatever crossed his mind while yoongi only half listened.

however, no matter how much yoongi dreaded it, the two arrived at the bubble tea shop. his first impression was that is was bright. the building was pastel pink, with purple accents.

through the pink-tinted windows of the shop, a tall man wearing a bright pink hoodie and waving frantically, smiling.

"there's jin!" hoseok excitedly ran inside, almost knocking over a dark blue haired man with a startled look on his face.

the two questions that yoongi had was that why was he going into a shop named unbelievabubble and why was a beautiful man standing at the counter?


jimin almost didn't come into work today.

only because namjoon was hella sick. he couldn't breath and was coughing at every second of the day. he was wrapped in five blankets and had tissues everywhere.

jimin felt horrible for him. he just wanted to do everything for him, get water, bring food, but taehyung convinced him not to.

"come jimin-ah. the store won't open by itself."

so that's why jimin was standing at the counter, staring at the man who had ordered a strawberry bubble tea, a taro bubble tea, and plain black tea. who does that? however, it looked like the man had more friends coming.

jimin always noticed that the black tea was for the man with the pink and strawberry for the boyfriend. but who was the taro for?

he got his answer a minute later when the loud boyfriend ran in, almost knocking over taehyung who was cleaning a table near the door. that was normal, but the short pretty boy at the door wasn't.

he wore a black sweater, black jeans, and a black long coat. he felt like he was bringing down the color of the place, which was okay with jimin. the place couldn't compare to him.

the music playing over the speakers broke him out of his thoughts. his favorite song by suga, trivia seesaw came on. come on, jimin. deal with this cute guy. so jimin dealt with the cute guy.

the guy walked up to the counter for some reason. he had noticed he got a drink, but wasn't drinking it. he looked surprised at the music choice. did he not like suga? his music was the best. not like anyone knew suga's face, but he was amazing.

"sorry about my friends. they're kinda loud."

"that's okay, um,"


"yoongi-ssi. they come in here almost every day and order the same things. some of our best customers, actually."

jimin sighed. he was just apologizing for his friends. from eavesdropping, the names were seokjin and hoseok.

"but i was surprised by the music choice. i thought not many people knew who suga was."

jimin's heart sped up again. another suga fan? finally!

"you know who suga is?" jimin asked. "he's amazing at rapping, and the dancing for seesaw was the coolest thing i've ever seen! i made sure to learn the dance with my friends."


yoongi was surprised at two things. one, the guy was so cute in his pastel blue hoodie and pastel green suspenders. not like yoongi would say anything about that. two, he knew who suga was. and he liked suga too! so, he responded with raised eyebrows and decided to ask another question. if this kid knew who suga was, he should know who suga's friends were, right?

"do you know who j-hope is?"

"j-hope is my favorite dancer! his body rolls are just, wow. and i love his cyphers with the other two.."

"what about rm?"

that stopped the other boy for a moment. yoongi got worried suddenly. did he make the pretty boy sad?

"sadly, no. he sounds like a really cool guy though! and his music is so cool."

"oh, um-"

the talking stopped for a moment as a shout was heard from the other side of the shop.

"yoongi-hyung! i though you were going to order some fried tofu for us!"

"oh,uh." yoongi fidgeted for a moment, as he had forgot about the tofu. "can i-"

"already rung you up."

yoongi left the counter, a fierce blush on his face. of course hobi had to shout across the shop.


jimin also became a panicked gay when he talked to yoongi and could barely pack the tofu for him.

"let me help you, jimin hyung."

he looked up to see taehyung smiling and jimin quickly moved over to help make someone else's drink.

he couldn't believe that he fanboyed over suga, j-hope, and rm in front of yoongi. but, no matter how much he wanted to die, he still wanted to see yoongi again.

once taehyung had finished packing the tofu, he quickly took it to the table and bowed, leaving. hopefully, that mess was over and he could leave. his shift was practically done.


"you want me to put jimin-hyung's number on the box?"

taehyung sighed.

jungkook could be tiring.

"yes! they sound like panicked gays and won't get anywhere without our help!"

"ah, okay, jungkook-ah."

so, taehyung had walked over to 'help' jimin finish the tofu and and written jimin's number on the top. perfect.


jimin was almost done cleaning up when he got a text from a unknown number.

unknown number:

um did you give me your number? this is yoongi. hyung now, i guess.

um, yeah!

yoongi hyung;

freaking taehyung, jimin thought as he rolled his eyes.

of course now he had the cute guy's number.

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"jimin! let me help you."

"jungkook. i can handle him by myself."

"he was expecting more texts two days ago! we need to help you."

jungkook pleaded to jimin, who was sighing. taehyung was leaning on the couch, watching from above while namjoon sat on a chair, looking over his schoolwork from when he was sick.

jimin couldn't believe that jungkook was so desperate to help him. any time that jungkook had dated anyone, jimin simply left him alone until he came back to his door, sad and wanting to watch various romcoms until he felt better.

but no. jungkook had to watch all over him and help with texting yoongi.

"ugh, fine. but only if you take my morning shift at the cafe."


jungkook lunged for jimin's phone, grabbing it and reading the three texts they had sent each other that first day.

"you guys are hopeless. how are we supposed to get you two together when you have barely sent each other texts?"

"introduce yourself more." namjoon said unexpectedly. the three youngest turned their heads to look at him. "you know, like tell each other about your likes and dislikes, stuff like that."

"good idea! thanks namjoon-hyung."

jungkook started typing out a text, but jimin snatched the phone back. "i can send my own texts, jungkook-ah."

"ugh, okay."


uh, can you tell me a bit more about you?


okay. i produce music for a living.

you do? cool!
my work isn't as cool


you work at a boba tea shop, and from what seokjin told me, you own it too

that's cool

really? thanks


"yoongi, i can't believe you said that."

"it seemed like the right thing to say!"

yoongi scrunched up his nose, pouting for a moment. suddenly, jimin had started texting him and the two idiots had been with yoongi.

"i gotta agree with yoongi. you know that's what i did with you, hobi."

"what?" hoseok fake gasped, putting a hand to his chest. "wow."

"shut up."

yoongi glared at him which made him shut up, and turn back to his boyfriend.

the two had gotten together because hobi had a set of dance friends that dared him to ask out seokjin, the colorful senior and then ghost him. luckily, hoseok liked seokjin a bit too much, and didn't ghost him, but ended up dating more after that. they even made a stupid ship name.

it was a bit awkward when hobi and yoongi had to tell seokjin that it all happened because of a dare.

"keep texting! 2seok has to go."

"okay, okay." yoongi turned back towards his phone.


can you tell me about you?

you already know where i work

like, favorite color? friends?

i like pink and purple and i have three friends, namjoon, the sick one

jungkook, who helps take care of the shop

and taehyung! your friend almost knocked him over


this is when yoongi realized that he knew namjoon.

he was part of the underground rappers that yoongi was part of.

the worst thing was that jimin didn't know.


"jimin! just ask him out already!"

"but, jungkook-"

"you're both free! perfect timing!"

a few days after the two met, the three maknaes and namjoon sat on the couch, watching a stupid tv show while talking.

jungkook and taehyung was trying to persuade jimin to ask yoongi to go out on a date while namjoon tried to stop them.

"but, i'm busy with you guys."

"do we care? all me and jungkook do is play overwatch anyway. namjoon is leaving soon for work." taehyung told jimin, pleading with him.

"but still!"

"ugh, fine. maybe lat-"

the doorbell rang, causing the four to jump out of their seats.

"i'll get it!" jimin leaped off the couch, excited to get away from the two. he walked towards the door with namjoon not far behind him, a bag on his shoulder.

meanwhile, taehyung was sending a convincing text to yoongi, asking him out.


hey, you wanna go to a park? its a nice day


be there in five


"oh, hey, hoseok, seokjin!" jimin paused for a moment. "how do you know where i live?"

"namjoon told me."

"we work at the same place!" namjoon  quickly grabbed hoseok's hand and led him out of the house, barely stopping to wave goodbye.

"anyway, i came over to hang out with your friends!"

"um, okay."

seokjin walked past him into the living room, seeing that the other two were grinning. "jimin-ah, why are your friends grinning?"

jimin appeared with a puzzled look on his face, tilting his head. "uh-"

"jimin, get ready quick!" jungkook yelled, standing up. "you've got a date with yoongi!"


the sun was setting softly, golden light on the two faces. they were laughing at a joke that jimin had told while sipping tea they had picked up.

"hey, um, yoongi-hyung?"


yoongi looked up at jimin.

"thanks for coming with me."

he gave a soft smile to jimin, who was fidgeting with the empty cup. god, he looked so cute right there.

jimin leaned in for a hug, and yoongi, not normally liking physical affection, leaned in, giving a tight hug, smiling.

they let go after a moment, waiting for each other to let go. they got up off the park bench they were sitting on, and walked back to jimin's apartment above the boba shop.

"good night, yoongi."

"you too, jimin."