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Min Yoongi's Guide to Holding Hands

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There was a trick to hand holding. In order for it to work, it has to be a mutual, but silent agreement. Both parties have to want, to need to hold a hand and they have to be comfortable with it. Min Yoongi always considered this in all of his relationships, be it friendships or romantic. He just knew how to hold a hand and when to hold a hand.  But what a waste of knowledge when the one person you want to hold hands with doesn't even realize you exist.

Yoongi had known this feeling for far too long. And there was only so much time you had to hold your best friend's hand. Especially since his best friend, Jimin, had the hots for some freshman that he liked admiring from afar. If anyone had told Yoongi he would spend his college life not holding hands, he wouldn't have went. He would have done something that would get his hands held. 

And that's why he was moping alone in the school library, a science book he knew he wasn't going to read in his hands. Anything to pretend like he wasn't staring at the fiery red head beauty who sat a few tables away with three friends. They were loud when this was a library except for Yoongi's red head crush, Kim Taehyung. He was leaned back in his chair, quietly observing them and Yoongi was leaned back in his, observing him observe them. It was weird, he knew. But he has been weird all 23 years of his life. 

Yoongi sat there in silence, looking at Taehyung, Taehyung's friends' laughter drifting through the rest of the quiet library. Who even came to a library to make all this noise. That was beyond Yoongi.

"What are we looking at?" A voice startles Yoongi from his staring session and Yoongi catches Taehyung glancing over at the sudden voice as well. He just wanted the world to swallow him up right now and it was all Park Jimin's fault. Yoongi made eye contact with Taehyung for a split second before he panicked and turned to his peach haired friend who was wearing the biggest grin on his face, one of his many backpacks slung over one shoulder. Today, Jimin was decked out in pink and he had a pink bag with kitty ears to match. "Glad you finally landed. How was your trip to the moon?"

Yoongi scowls as Jimin steals the seat across from him, blocking his view of Taehyung's table. He wants to scream. Jimin, he knew, was doing this on purpose. There was no way someone could be this annoying accidentally.

"Ugh, what do you want?" Yoongi groans, tilting his head a bit, Taehyung popping back into view. But Jimin decided he wasn't comfortable the way he was sitting and shifted in his seat, once again blocking him. He was definitely doing this on purpose. "How did you even find me?"

"I overheard Namu saying he was going to the library with Taehyung and Jungkook." Jimin smirks. Namu, or Namjoon, was a friend of everyone on campus. He made his presence known and made sure everyone knew he could talk to him. Such a sweet soul. Someday, Yoongi plans on holding his hand. But, right now all he wants is Taehyung's marriage. "Wherever Taehyung is, you are. And wherever Jungkook is I'll be." 

Yoongi thinks right then and there was the first time he has ever rolled his eyes so hard. Of course.

"Anyways, why do you have a science book but no science related classes. Is our musician switching majors or did you just need an excuse to stare dreamingly at your strawberry?" Yoongi physically cringes when Jimin calls Taehyung a strawberry. The things Jimin did just to see his reaction really made Yoongi want to hurt him, but he loved him too much.

"Jimin did you have a reason for coming over here other than your need to make me want to punch you in the face?" Yoongi answers a question with a question. Jimin only let's out his pretty laugh, the library suddenly stilling as it fills the room. "Seriously, why are you so annoying?"

"Aww you love it." Jimin simply teased before pulling out a notebook from his bag. From then on, there's a comfortable silence between them. With Jimin finally out of the way as he hunches over his work, concentrated, Yoongi can now admire Taehyung in peace. For a moment, he wonders if it's creepy. But, then he thought he wasn't doing any harm in admiring art. He just wishes one day he would get to touch. 


You could only be so smart. There are things that you might not know and sometimes that's okay. But for Kim Taehyung that was not okay. The one thing he isnt good at and will never be good at is history. History was too much memory and too much people who have died that supposedly did the things the books said. Enough said, history just bored him. And music history was definitely no exception.

But, even as a photography major, there was no way to get out of history. And music history to be exact. because that was what he was struggling with right now, and it could cost him his grade. And his best friend and roommate, Jeon Jungkook, knew this. So ..why was he blasting music in their dining room/kitchen at ass o clock at night while Taehyung was trying to study for the exam he had in 10 hours? And it wasn't just a casual listening experience. Ooooh no. Nothing could ever be casual with his 19 year old roommate. He was scream singing along with it, belting out notes that were so out of his range it was driving Taehyung insane.

After several minutes of contemplating how to kill his friend and get away with it, Taehyung shot up out of his chair and opened the door to his tiny room. He only needed to take a few steps to end up in the next room and there was jungkook, singing his lungs out as he poured himself a bowl of cereal, Taehyung's cereal, swaying his hips, shaking his ass (nonexistent ass is what Taehyung was thinking) without a care in the goolddamn world. Because Jungkook didnt study and didn't give a shit about it. Unlike Taehyung, he wasn't here on a scholarship. He was here on daddy's money.

"JUNGKOOK!!!" Taehyung shrieks, causing Jungkook to jump, startled. He rushed to turn the music off, concern on his face as turned back to Taehyung. "Turn that shit off. Unlike you, I study and that shit is making me lose braincells as I work."

Usually, Taehyung was cool with Jungkook blasting his tunes. He would just plug his own headphones in and all problems would be solved. But this wasn't usual. He really needed to pass this test. Jungkook rolls his eyes, putting a spoonful of milk and cereal in his mouth, some of the milk not entering his hole and dribbling down bottom his lip to his chin. Taehyung wanted to punch him so hard. But it was really just his frustrations speaking.

"Dude, it's almost midnight." Jungkook speaks with his mouth full. "Who the hell studies this late??"

"Who blasts music and sings this loud in such a small space at midnight???!!" Taehyung wants to rip his hair out. He doesn't let jungkook answer before turning on his heel heading for his room. "Turn it off."

He closes his door behind him and throws himself to his bed instead of sitting back at the desk. It creaks a bit with the weight. Taehyung is sure he has never been this stressed in his life. Who knew something like music history would even be important for him? Stupid electives.

He buries his face into his arms and close his eyes with promises to himself. He was only going to take a short nap and then he would be up and ready to study. He knows this isn't true as he drifts off, but it's better for him to have some kind of faith in himself right now.


Taehyung's eyebrows were knitted together in a frown as he looked over the book. Music History was really kicking his butt and he didnt understand why this was so difficult to understand. It was mainly just memory, which taehyung was fairly good with. And he enjoyed music and history as separate subjects so putting them together should have been a blast. Except it wasn't. And taehyung was sure they had a pop quiz in a few days and he was anything but prepared. And as he was thinking of just dropping the course altogether, failing and repeating it later, a figure slid into the seat that was in front of him.

Taehyung was at the school's cafe which was fairly empty and mostly quieter than going to the library with his friends. He had been fairly certain that most students didnt even know of the cafe. But the peach haired student before him, decked out in a strange purple clothing ensemble with a purple bag, seemed to know about his little secret place. And he had seemed to come just for him.

"Um..." Taehyung scratches the back of his neck awkwardly. He wasnt good with talking to people outside of his friend circle. "Can I help you?"

"No, but I can help you." The boy responds with a cheeky smile. He slid a slip of paper over to him and continued on before Taehyung could pick up the paper. "I heard from a little birdie that you need help with music history. Text that number on the paper and you'll have the solution to your problem."

Taehyung looked down at the paper. Yoongi, it read, followed by a series of numbers. The boy who sat in front of him stood up, a smile on his face as he looked down at Taehyung.

"Shoot him a text. I can guarantee you won't regret it." And with that he was gone, a little hop in his step as he walked off. Taehyung glanced at the paper and then back in the direction he had left in. Leaving Taehyung with an option that could just save his life in college.

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Yoongi swears the world is against him. With his luck, there's no way it isn't. He's always the one with the short end of the stick. And this time he didn't know how he was going to get out of it.

He had been washing the stack of dishes Jimin had left in their sink. Apparently he was more of Jimin's live-in maid than his roommate, Yoongi having to always clean up after him. He was drying his hands when the sound of a bell, indicating he got a notification from his phone, rang throughout the quiet apartment. He sighed, sure it was Jimin, he probably forgot his keys again.

Yoongi drags himself from the kitchen to their living room where he had left his phone after he had finished catching up with his drama. Jimin loved to tease him about how invested he always was in his shows. Yoongi tended to cry a lot or shout at the television when someone was doing something illogical. Yoongi wasn't ashamed. He knew he was just a very passionate person.

He plops down on the couch, and searches in between the cushions before finding his phone, letting out a sigh. I should just let Jimin suffer, he thinks to himself as he unlocks his phone. Except it's not Jimin. Or anyone he knows for that matter. A text from an unknown number stares back at him, and after reading it he's sure the universe has something against him.

Unknown Number: Hi Yoongi. My name's Taehyung and someone gave me this number and said I could contact you if I was interested in tutoring

His world was shaking. There was no way Kim freaking Taehyung had his number and knew his name. No way in hell. He sits his phone down and mulls over his options. He could pretend he isn't Yoongi because screw whoever thought it was an okay idea to just give out his number. But, Kim Taehyung had actually texted him. His one dream in life was for Taehyung to finally know of his existence. And as he thinks this over, the front door opens and in walks Jimin, dressed up in purple with one of his many matching bags. He has a small smile on his face that wavers when he notices Yoongi, but comes back to his face as a grin a second later. And then, something clicks. It hadn't been the universe trying to ruin his life. He was 98 percent sure it was just Jimin being an asshole.

"Heyyy." Jimin sings-songs, closing the door and slipping into his indoor slippers. Yoongi eyes him, trying to find something out of place. He wanted hardcore evidence before accusing. Jimin notices Yoongi's staring and stops his movement. "Take a picture."

"Jimin don't you have class right now?" Yoongi asks, ignoring Jimin's comment. Jimin rolls his eyes.

"Yeah but I just got back from hanging out with some people so I'm tired." Jimin responds as Yoongi stands. Jimin drops his bag on the floor before going to the kitchen and coming back a few moments later. Yoongi decides to just interrogate before Jimin slips into his room.

"Talk to Taehyng lately?" Jimin stops cold and Yoongi knows he's got him. "Like give him my number without permission, maybe?" Jimin rubs his neck, inhales, and avoids eye contact when he opens his mouth. "Don't lie. I know when you're lying." Yoongi can see Jimin visibly give up, meaning he had been intending to lie.

"Okay, I might've..." Jimin begins. Yoongi let's out the loudest sigh of frustration either of them had ever heard. "But, t's for a good cause. You were never going to make a move and neither was he and I was frustrated." Yoongi glares at him. "I did you a favor. You're welcome."

"I don't care why you did it. You don't go around giving my number out. Especially to my crush." Yoongi is extremely upset and even feels a bit betrayed. "That's like me sending your nudes to Jungkook."

"I'm sorry Yoongi." Jimin actually seems apologetic and Yoongi hates that he can't stay mad at him forever. But, he will stay mad at him for a while. "But, also, Taehyung really needs help. He's the definition of struggling."

"That sounds like it sucks. But you can't try to justify what you did." Yoongi isn't having it and he knows Jimin knows he isn't. Jimin shuts his mouth and decides to fiddle with the bottom of his hoodie. "You're on timeout til further notice." Jimin groans before he heads off to his room, knowing Yoongi wanted to be left alone.

Yoongi takes a deep breath and sits on the couch again, his phone in his hands. He looks down at the text, still confused on what to do. He really had no clue how this all played out in Jimin's head so he went with a choice that he was 100 percent sure Jimin would not see coming.



Taehyung has been staring at his phone for the past hour. He had sent Yoongi that text a while ago and still hadn't gotten an answer. He was sure the guy had a life and didn't always have a phone at hand, but still. This was his last resort. If Yoongi didn't help him, he didn't know what he would do. Failing was simply not an option.

He begins pacing. That's how anxious he is. What if all of this had been a prank? Oh God, what if it really was? Why had he trusted some random dude anyway? Also, it seemed pretty convenient too. Jungkook probably put him up to this. Jungkook knew how desperate Taehyung was and would definitely prank him for amusement. Of course this is a Jungkook prank. Why hadn't he thought of that before?

"Dude, if you need to pee the bathroom is open." Jungkook's voice interrupts his mini meltdown session. Taehyung turns and sees him grabbing his keys. He looked like he was dressed to go for a jog but Taehyung felt like that's what he wanted him to believe.

"Where are you headed?" Taehyung asks, both suspicious and curious. Jungkook doesn't even seem like he heard him as he examines the room before spotting what he is looking for and crosses to the other side of the room. "Hello??"

"Since when do you care about where I'm going?" Jungkook asks, grabbing his phone off their TV stand. Taehyung finds this answer suspicious which confirms that he shoudln't trust him.

"I'm just wondering because I don't want to have to pick you up from one of your friends places while you're drunk. Again." Taehyung thinks this is good enough reason and apparently so does Jungkook because he let's out a defeated sigh.

"I'm going for a jog. Like I always do at this time." Jungkook responds, eyeing Taehyung. He was just as suspicious as of Taehyung as Taehyung was of him and Taehyung felt like he didn't have a valid reason to be. He wasn't the one running around pranking people for no reason. That was all Jungkook. "i'm not gonna get drunk and I'll be home by 7 for dinner, Mom." Taehyung rolls his eyes.

"7? You're gonna be jogging for 3 hours?" Taehyung presses. Jungkook gives him a look of agitation.

"Why are you interrogating me? I just wanna go out and mind my own business." He seems to be genuinely asking but Taehyung refused to get thrown off. He knew Jungkook was up to something. "Can I go now? Or are you gonna ground me?" Taehyung just gives him a wave of dismissal and he leaves eagerly, nearly running out the door. Taehyung sinks into their couch. He takes a moment to think before picking up his phone again.


It's been a week since Jimin tried to set Yoongi up. And a week since Yoongi  hadn't responded to Taehyung's text. It hurt him inside to just ignore it but what else was he supposed to do? He was great with the subject but the thought of tutoring his crush since forever, one on one? He knew he couldn't do that and he wasn't going to try. He was also just really stubborn and didn't want to give Jimin the satisfaction. Even if he had somehow gotten with Taehyung, Jimin would be taking credit for it for as long as they lived and Yoongi didn't want to hear him talk about it forever.

"And you aren't even listening to me." Jimin pouts, interrupting Yoongi's thoughts. They were in their usual spot in the library. Yoongi had come here, expecting Taehyung and his group to be here but that's not the case for today. It hasn't been the case for the pass few days actually. Yoongi was just hoping nothing had happened to him. God forbid anything happens to him before Yoongi got to hold his hand at least once. "Yoongi, seriously, pay attention to me for five seconds. I really need help and you're the only person I know who will give me an honest opinion." Yoongi sighs and leans back in his chair, tipping it back and balancing himself on the back legs. "You're gonna fall if you sit like that."
"Your five seconds are up." Yoongi tells him to which Jimin quickly shakes his head. "What do you want?"

"I need to pick a good topic for my essay but I don't know what I should do." Jimin tells him. Yoongi tilts his head a bit as he rocks in his seat, pretending he is actually thinking of ideas.

"Why don't you write one on betrayal?" Yoongi suggests. Jimin frowns, confused. "You're pretty good at that. Betraying me and giving my phone number out to the guy I've been crushing on for years." Jimin sighs and he looks tired. As if he's the one who should be tired.

"Dude, I can't believe you're still hung up on that. Like, I apologized and cooked your breakfast ALL week." Jimin groans to Yoongi's satisfaction. Yoongi tries hard not to laugh at how frustrated Jimin seems. "I really need help. I don't have any unique and totally not overused ideas." Yoongi's rocking picks up speed as he actually thinks of a great idea this time. He considers Jimin and considers what Jimin would find interesting and an idea popped into his head.

"How about you-" Before he can finish is sentence, Yoongi is falling backwards. The back of his chair hits the ground with a loud thunk, followed by a soft cry of pain coming from Yoongi, the air knocked out of him. The room stills and Yoongi swears everything stops moving. He feels sick as his eyes close for a moment and he takes a deep breath, ready to get up.

"Are you okay?" That's not Jimin's voice. Yoongi's eyes open wide and he comes face to face with the person he's been ignoring all week. He wouldn't say ignoring more like avoiding responding to him because he knew he would just embarrass himself. Kim Taehyung is staring down at him, a look of concern mixed with curiosity and Yoongi completely freezes. They look at each other for what feels like years until Taehyung mumbles something. Something that Yoongi feels like wasn't meant for his ears. Something that makes his heart stop entirely.


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Sometimes Taehyung blurts out whatever it is that comes to his mind. And he knows that's a bad habit. He knows he should work on it. That way, it wouldn't get him into weird situations. Like the one he is right now. He hadn't meant to say pretty out loud. It was just his first thought when he had seen the guy lying flat on his back in his chair, confused. So, he had said it. And he hadn't realized he had said it until the guy stares up at him, wide eyed and adorable. Taehyung has to physically bite his tongue to stop himself from also saying this. Instead, he opens his mouth to try and patch this whole thing up because he's pretty sure the cute guy he's staring down at probably thinks he's a weirdo.

"Pretty, ummmm hard fall. That was a pretty hard looking fall you took there." Taehyung trips over his words. Taehyung rarely, if ever, trips over his own words. Shit, he thinks, I'm already making a fool out of myself. The guy just looks up at him with this innocent sort of look in his eye and Taehyung swears he's in love already.

"Yeah." The guy almost whispers. He hasn't budged at all, just looking up at Taehyung. Taehyung could stare into his eyes all day if that was possible. You know, without it being extremely weird. And there were so many people around probably wondering why they were just staring at each other and why Taehyung hadn't already extended his hand to help him. And Taehyung does just that.

"Need help?" He asks. He clearly did and Taehyung felt his cheeks growing hot. He really was making a fool out of himself right now and all cuz this guy was adorable. But, really, did he need any other reason to be making himself look dumb.

The guy nods and takes Taehyung's hand and Taehyung lifts him up effortlessly. And then they're having their staring contest again. Honestly, Taehyung knew the looked weird but he just wanted to stare into his eyes until he got lost. God, he just met the dude, doesn't even have his name yet, and he's ready to risk it all. Jungkook clearing his throat beside him brought him back to reality though. This is why Jungkook was definitely on his worst kind of friends list. He always needed to be annoying somehow.

"Need help?" He asks. He clearly did and Taehyung felt his cheeks growing hot. He really was making a fool out of himself right now and all cuz this guy was adorable. But, really, did he need any other reason to be making himself look dumb.

The guy nods and takes Taehyung's hand and Taehyung lifts him up effortlessly. And then they're having their staring contest again. Honestly, Taehyung knew the looked weird but he just wanted to stare into his eyes until he got lost. God, he just met the dude, doesn't even have his name yet, and he's ready to risk it all. Jungkook clearing his throat beside him brought him back to reality though. This is why Jungkook was definitely on his worst kind of friends list. He always needed to be annoying somehow.

It was then that Taehyung notices who the guy is sitting with. The same person who had given him the phone number of that nonexistent tutor. Taehyung hadn't gotten a response and it had literally been days and he still had an exam and crap ton of assignments to prep for. And that guy had knew that and played with him. This is why he was one hundred percent sure Jungkook had something, if not everything, to do with this. So, Taehyung decides to call him out.

"Hey, you're the one that gave me that fake phone number." He glares at him accusingly and he was given a frown in return. Taehyung couldn't believe he had the nerve to look so offended right now. The only one who should feel offended is him. "Seriously, what is your problem?"

"I didn't give you a fake number, pretty boy." The guy rolls his eyes. Taehyung can't believe what he's hearing. How could he just lie straight to his face like this? "You probably texted the wrong number."

"No." Taehyung snorts. "I texted that Yoongi guy, if he's even real, and he didn't respond like you told me he would. If Jungkook put you up to this just say it." Taehyung feels Jungkook hit him on his shoulder.

"Hey! What do I have to do with this?" Jungkook sounds and looks genuinely offended but for all Taehyung knows, it's probably just his little act. Jungkook was a pretty decent liar when he needed to be.

"No I gave you a real number. Yoongi does exist." Taehyung rolls his eyes and looks over at the pretty boy he helped up earlier. He doesn't look comfortable being in the middle of whatever this was so Taehyung decides he should just wrap this whole thing up. He and Jungkook had a big math test to study for and Namjoon had promised to help them and they were already late in meeting him. So Taehyung sighs.

"Then why didn't he respond to me?" Taehyung questions. The peach haired guy looks over at the other guy, wide eyed and surprised like Taehyung had just said he won the lottery. Then their little area goes quiet before the guy he helped opens his mouth.

"My phone is broken." Is what he says. At first, Taehyung is confused. What that has to do with this conversation and why had he said that unprompted. The, it marinates. It settles and he realizes that this guy, the pretty one who had been at his feet moments ago, was Yoongi. This hot guy, was the tutor that his friend had tried to get to tutor him. This super hot guy, with soft eyes and pretty lips was the one who was supposed to help him one on one. He was so screwed.

"Y-you're Yoongi?" Taehyung's voice goes up a pitch in disbelief and Yoongi nods, now playing with the sleeve of his sweatshirt.

"Yeah. My phone is in a repair thing so I can't answer texts til tomorrow." Yoongi informs him and Taehyung feels stupid and in love. He's stupidly in love with this guy he had just met like ten minutes ago and he doesn't know how the hell he's gonna be able to breathe if he's left alone with this guy. "Do you....still need a tutor?"

Taehyung nods quickly. He know he looks over eager but that's probably because he is.He could pass this class and get Yoongi's number and that's killing two birds with one stone. He hears Jungkook behind him cover up a laugh by coughing dramatically but doesn't entertain it.

"Oh so when I get my phone back tomorrow, I can text you details and when we should start I guess." Yoongi tries to make eye contact with him and fails and Taehyung doesn't know if it's possible for anybody to be this cute. And he really can't make out words so he simply nods.

"Okay cool. We gotta go." Jungkook says suddenly, nudging Taehyung a bit to bring him back to earth. "See ya. Later, Jimin." The peach haired guy waves bye to Jungkook and they start heading towards where Namjoon said he would be. And Taehyung feels like he's floating before a thought crosses his mind. Jungkook did know that peach haired kid and this could all still be some elaborate prank.



"Say thank you Jimin." Jimin is wearing a grin that looks too big to be on his face and Yoongi wants to punch him in it so badly. He had been demanding Yoongi say thank you to him since they ran into Taehyung and Jungkook at the library earlier that day and Yoongi was just sick of him. He really had nothing to thank him for.

"If you stop talking I'll thank you for saving me from a headache." Yoongi responds with a fake smile before glaring at him from where he lounged on their sofa. Jimin just smiles up at him, clearly wanting to say something but forcing himself to say nothing. That just irks Yoongi even more.

He didn't know why he told Taehyung he was Yoongi or why he even lied to him and said his phone was broken and he hadn't gotten his messages. Or why he agreed to help Taehyung even though he swore to himself he wouldn't. Maybe it had a lot to do with how desperate Taehyung seemed for a good grade. And Yoongi didn't want Taehyung struggling. That would just make him feel like shit. Also, how could he even think to say no after seeing Taehyung's beautiful face so close to his. After Taehyung helped him up and smiled at him.

"Yoongi are you okay? You've been staring at me for too long." Jimin tells him, pulling him out of his head and back into reality. "I mean I know I'm cute and all but you kinda aren't my type." Yoongi picks up the closest thing to him, the tv remote, and chucks it at Jimin who cries out in pain when it hits him in the stomach. Yoongi throws himself on the sofa beside Jimin, who is glaring at him, and looks over to him innocently.

"Jimin, since when are you and Jungkook buddy-buddy?" Yoongi asks. Jimin visibly gulps, like he had been dreading that question and it only amuses Yoongi.

"I don't know what you're talking about." Jimin says before using the remote that had been launched at him to change the channel. It's finality in Jimin's voice and as much as Yoongi wants to pry he feels like there has to be one sane one of the two of them and it just so happens to be him.

"Anyways..." Yoongi decides to change the subject and Jimin sighs in relief. "What am I gonna do about this tutor thing?"

"Why are you askin' me?" Jimin wants to know and Yoongi swears he's not a violent person.

"Because you're the one who set this whole thing up." Yoongi says between gritted teeth. Jimin scoffs.

"Yeah but you didn't have to go with it." Jimin tells him. "Taehyung didn't even know you were Yoongi until you opened you mouth to say so. It's a you problem now."

"Jimin I have been patient with you." Yoongi warns. They stare at each other for a moment before Jimin sighs.

"I don't know Yoongi. You promised to tutor him. Just text him tomorrow when your phone comes back from getting its fake repairs." Yoongi doesn't appreciate the way Jimin is making it like it was Yoongi's mess to begin with and he just dragged him into it.

"You got me into this. The least you can do is help out." Yoongi groans. Jimin lets out the loudest sigh Yoongi has ever heard him exhale before he looks at Yoongi with one of his looks. It was one of his "Yoongi you're better than this looks" that Yoongi despises. Was Jimin really not going to be of any assistance when he was the one who poked his nose into Yoongi's love life to begin with.

"I don't know Yoongles." Jimin finally says, shrugging in defeat. " yourself." "That's the corniest advice anyone could ever give someone." Yoongi actually laughs. "You're so lame, Park."

And as lame as it was, Yoongi felt a tad bit better about the whole situation. He doubted that that advice would actually be helpful since it was already something that was pretty obvious. And Yoongi wasn't a good actor. He couldn't just be anybody else even if he tried.



Taehyung was feeling awkward as he sat across from Yoongi, They had been sitting there for a good five minutes, neither of them saying a word. They hadn't even looked each other in the eye. Taehyung just figured it was because Yoongi was extremely shy. Either that or something was on his face.

Taehyung clears his throat, catching Yoongi's attention, and smoothly ran his hand across his cheeks and the bridge of his nose (just to be sure). Now they were making eye contact but still, nobody said anything. And just looking Yoongi in the eye made his face hotter than normal.

It had been a week since Yoongi had finally answered his texts and they had agreed to meet at the school library for their first study session. Taehyung had brought some coffee only to find out Yoongi didn't like it. Neither did Taehyung but he had wanted to seem mature and now he was stuck with two black coffees and his super cute, super quiet tutor.

"Um...what are you having trouble with?" Yoongi asked, finally putting an end to the long and seemingly never-ending silence. Taehyung blanks for a moment. Just stares at Yoongi like he was something mythical. He's sure Yoongi was probably related to some form of royalty. Maybe he could ask one day. "Taehyung?"

"Oh! Ummm..." Taehyung rubs his neck. Yes. Leave it to Taehyung to somehow make this awkward again. He struggles to find words but Yoongi is just smiling at him like it doesn't affect him. "To be honest? I don't understand any of it. My bad."

"No that's cool." Yoongi reassures him.

"You're cool." Taehyung thinks he says in his head. He mentally face palms himself. Yoongi doesn't seem to have heard him as he takes Taehyung's books and notes from his side of the table. Yoongi opens one of Taehyung's notebooks and furrows his eyebrows. Taehyung already knows why.

"Not a good note taker I see." Yoongi chuckles, to Taehyung's embarrassment. "We can work on that. How about we just start with the first few chapters." Taehyung nods in agreement and that's what they spend their 2 hour session on.

At the end of the session, Taehyung is sure of two things. One, that Yoongi is super smart and he's definitely gonna help him come out of this class with an A. And two, Yoongi was super cute and Taehyung was super fucked.