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Oh Captain, My Captain

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March 4th, 1865


“Breathe in child!”

“I can’t anymore! It hurts!”

“This is supposed to hurt. BREATHE. IN!” Maz demanded as Rey clung to the bed frame, a corset being squeezed around her already slim frame.

“Why do I have to even wear this?” Rey whined, fidgeting with her undergarments.

“Tonight very special. You must look your best for Captain.”

With a final grunt from Rey, Maz finished tying the corset. She bustled over to the side of the bed where a brilliant emerald dress was laid delicately across the mattress. Maz gingerly removed the dress from Rey and marched over to her trusty footstool. Rey still had to stiffly bend at her knees in order for Maz to slip the dress over her head. A few more tugs around her already screaming waist and Rey was in the dress.

“Well? How do I look?” Rey asked. Maz began to cry, dabbing at her eyes with a red handkerchief.

“Like daughter Maz never had.” Maz said. Reys own eyes began to well with tears of her own.

“Oh Maz…”

“No no!” Maz firmly demanded, sniffing. “No tears from you!” Maz turned Rey towards her as she stood on the footstool and pinched at Rey’s cheeks to mimic the wearing of rouge.

“You must tell Maz all about ball. My Charles was never one for parties. Maz live vicariously through Rey.”

Rey giggled, her ribs hurting from even the simplest of movements. How was she supposed to dance if she couldn’t even turn in the slightest?

Rey admired herself in the small mirror Maz had above her bureau. The dress flared out thanks to multiple layers of petticoats underneath. It had elegant dyed lace trim along the hem and the sleeves with an off the shoulder square neckline that showed a hint of cleavage, something definitely accentuated from the use of a corset. Her hair was pulled up into a sleek bun, this one lower than the kind she usually wore. On her stocking feet she was forced into a pair of shoes with a hint of a heel. The shoes pinched her toes, but she had been told many a time by both Rose and Maz, that sometimes women were required to suffer through inconveniences such as tiny shoes and corsets for fancy occasions such as this.

Rey pinched at her cheeks herself before smoothing down the front of the dress with a hand. She twisted as much as she could to admire the dress from both sides. She was grateful for Maz for gifting her the money for the dress and shoes. Rose had been thrilled to dress her friend for the Inaugural ball, knowing immediately what color would be best for her.

“It will compliment your eyes!” Rose had said the very next day following the arrival of the invitation to the ball. “You will be the envy of every other girl there - and even the ones stuck at home such as myself.”

Rey leaned in as close as she could to the mirror and batted her eyes at herself. Yes, the dress did compliment her eyes just like Rose had said. She hoped Sam would like the dress. And the deepness of the green of her dress would certainly look divine next to the navy blue of his uniform.

A knock at the door made Rey intake a sharp breath.

“Rey wait here.” Maz instructed Rey. Rey nodded wordlessly, patting at her hair to make sure not a piece was out of place. Rey found herself pacing back and forth in front of the mirror as Maz went to answer the door, the fabric of her dress swishing loudly with every step. Rey could hear Maz greeting Sam in a murmur of voices in the other room.

“Rey! Captain Sam is here!” Maz called to her.

Taking what deep breath she could, Rey slowly walked out of Maz’s bedroom and into the living room where Sam was standing, fully suited in his uniform. His hair had been recently trimmed and was slicked down, the edges of his ears protruding from underneath ebony locks. He nervously clutched at his hat in his hands.

“You… You look beautiful Rey.” He said, trying to find his voice. Maz beamed.

“Rey more than beautiful. Rey is belle of the ball!” Maz exclaimed.

“Yes. Of course.” Sam agreed, laughing a little.

“Oh Sam!” Rey said, hurrying forward as quickly as she could. “You’re wearing the sash I made you for Christmas!”

“I finally had a fancy enough occasion to wear it to.” Sam said proudly, placing a gloved hand on the piece of silky fabric wrapped around his waist. “Thank you again.”

Rey blushed and fiddled with the fabric of her skirts. Maz began to herd them towards the door.

“Captain Sam take good care of Rey.” Maz said, shaking a finger at Sam. “And careful driving cart! Do not dirty her dress!”

“Yes ma’am.” Sam said as he escorted Rey out of the cottage. “I shall do my best.”

“Goodbye Maz!” Rey happily waved after Sam had helped her up onto the seat of the cart.

“Goodnight dear! Have wonderful time!”


The Patent Office was brimming with many fine dressed men and women. Some women had skirts nearly as big around as they were tall. A gentleman in a suit directed Sam to where he could leave the cart before they made their way up the street towards the white columned entrance.

Sam handed their invitations to the gentleman manning the door. With a smile and a bow of his head, the couple were gestured inside into a massive hall lit by an extravagant chandelier.

Rey marveled at the splendors around her, clutching tightly to Sam as he kept his arm looped with hers.

“Oh Sam, everything is so marvelous!” She gushed as he led her around the throngs of couples chatting with one another.

“I take it you’re enjoying yourself already?” Sam teased her. Rey blushed.

“I am.”

“Good. I’m glad.”

“However I believe I never did thank you.”

“Thank me? Whatever for?”

“For the invitation! I never would have gotten the chance to come to an affair such as this had it not been for you.”

Sam smiled down at her, placing a gentle hand over her hand placed on his forearm.

“You do not owe me thanks. You made enough of an impression on the President on your own.”

“Do you really think so?”

Sam smirked.

“I know so.” He whispered. Rey blushed again.

“Look, there he is over there.” Sam said, leaning in close to her.

Due to his height, Sam could see the President from afar better than she could. She pushed up on her toes, hoping to catch a glimpse of Mr. Lincoln over the crowd. She sank back down quickly, her shoes having pinched her toes as she rose. Off balance, her back brushed against a man passing behind her.

“My apologies sir.” Rey quickly apologized to the stranger with a quick bow of her head.

“No harm done.” The man gruffly replied before he rose the glass of drink in his hand to her in a toasting gesture. Sam and the man shared brief nods with each other before the man disappeared into the crowd.

Over the course of the evening, Rey ate some of the finest foods and danced along to many of the songs. She even convinced Sam to partake in the Virginia Reel with her, despite his initial refusals. Rey was introduced to several other members of the Military and their dates.

Rey found herself slowing down as the night progressed. Her feet sore from dancing and her cheeks sore from smiling.

“Would you like me to take you home?” Sam eventually asked, placing a hand at the small of her back. Rey smiled gently at him and nodded, placing a hand on Sam’s arm before staring up at him with a glint in her eye.

“Can we make a stop on the way back? There’s something I’d like to show you.”



No one was manning the telegraph office tonight.

Sam unlocked the door with his key and he entered first, quickly lighting the gas lamp on Major Thomas’ desk. Rey gathered the fabrics of her skirts and shuffled inside. Sam shut and locked the door after her.

“It’s so odd to see the office at night.” She mused as she made her way past the desks and tables towards the back.

“For you perhaps.” Sam said as he followed her. “I’ve spent many a night down here waiting on war correspondence.”

“How lonely you must have been.” Rey commented, pausing in front of the telegraph machine. She pulled out the chair stationed at the desk and settled herself into the seat, her skirt billowing around her. She let a finger run across the rounded metal of the lever.

“Would you turn it on for me please?” She asked quietly. With curious eyes, Sam slowly approached the machine, connecting a pair of wires. A low hum emitted from the machine. She tentatively pressed down on the lever, emitting a buzz that startled her. She laughed aloud at her nerves before turning to Sam.

“Do you have a piece of paper?” Rey inquired. Looking around for a spare bit of parchment, Sam grabbed a nearby scrap of paper and a pen.

“What are you up to Rey?” Sam asked, the pen poised above his paper.

“I’ve been practicing.” Rey said, wiggling slightly in the seat.

“Practicing telegraph? Won’t Major Thomas be impressed!” Sam teased. “Can you imagine? A lady - working the telegraph?”

“Maybe one day.” Rey said. She relaxed her shoulders, composing herself as her fingers hovered above the lever of the machine. She then began to press down, off and on, as she relayed her message.

‘ . . ’

‘ . - . . , - - - , . . . - , . ’

‘ - . - -, - - -, . . - ’

Glancing up through her lashes at Sam, she saw him with his pen paused atop his paper. He had only written down half of the letters. Had she made a mistake?

“Oh Rey.” Sam said, the pen clattering to the desktop as he pulled her to her feet. He stared down at her with adoration. “I love you too.”

He cradled her face as he kissed her. Rey realized as she kissed him back that he needn’t write down all the letters. He had already figured out what she was trying to tell him. Smart man indeed.

“My dear Rey….” Sam murmured as he leaned back from her, hands still grasping at her bare shoulders. “I’ve loved you since the moment I saw you.”

“Sam…” Rey whispered. “You’re so special to me. I am the luckiest girl to have you.”

“No Rey. It is I who is lucky to have you.”

“But I’m just an orphaned farmwoman. I have no parents and no money to my name. To have someone such as yourself to … to love me back… I -”

“I don’t care about any of that Rey. First and foremost, you are a brilliant woman. Secondly, you are the most gorgeous woman I have ever beheld.”

Rey blushed and held her head down. Sam placed his hand at her chin and raised her head to look at him.

“Can you not see how wonderful you are? Rey…” Sam trailed off for a moment, his face becoming stern and seriously. “Rey Morgan. I love you. With all my heart I do. Please… Marry me.”

Rey’s mouth fell open in surprise.

“Marry you?”

“Yes Rey. Marry me.” He repeated.

“Sam I… Oh Sam, do you truly want to be with me?”

“More than anything my love.”

Rey wiped away a tear from her eye as she gazed up at Sam.

“Of course Sam. Yes! I’ll marry you!”

Sam beamed at her before swooping down to capture her lips in a passionate kiss.

“Oh Rey.” Sam murmured between kisses. “How I wish I could show you how much I truly want you. How you deserve to be loved.”

Rey stared up at him blankly for a moment as his words sunk in. His face faltered.

“I’m sorry. I should not have been so forward.” He said, ashamed.

“No Sam.” Rey said, placing a hand on his chest. He stared down at Rey with wide eyes and he swore to himself he could almost see her thought process. Rey’s fingers practically danced up his jacket before pausing on the top button. Sam stared at her baffled. This beautiful woman - HIS beautiful woman - loved him.

“Please Sam.” She whispered. “Make me yours. In all ways.”

The feeling was exhilarating. Sam’s hands grasped at Rey’s waist as he kissed her. A whimper escaped Rey’s mouth.

“What is it my love?” Sam asked, quickly pulling back.

“It’s… It’s this damn corset!” Rey sighed. “It hurts to breathe and… Oh Sam you take my breath away enough as it is.”

Sam’s eyes glinted mischievously.

“May I?” He asked. Rey swallowed deeply before nodding at him. She turned her back to him and Sam’s fingers trailed down the back of the dress, nimbly unbuttoning each one. He peeled the silky fabric to the sides, revealing the ivory of her corset. He allowed his fingers to brush against the ribbons holding the corset together.

“This?” Sam asked, his voice deep and velvety. His warm breath hitting her on the curve of her neck, causing her to swoon.

“Yes Sam, yes.” Rey whispered. She assisted him in slipping her arms out of the sleeves and pushing the dress up and over her head, leaving her in just the corset and white undergarments. Jostled by the removal of the dress, pieces of her hair were already beginning to fall out of her bun.

Sam went straight to work untying the ribbons of the corset and once it was loose enough, Rey let out a gasp of relief, arching her back. Her backside brushed up against the front of his trousers and she was startled to feel the stiffness of his arousal, already straining to be free.

“See what you do to me Rey.” Sam groaned as Rey pushed further against him. “My lovely girl. My lovely Rey.”

Rey turned around and began making work of his jacket. Thankfully his jacket had less buttons than her dress. He whipped off the sash she had made him, letting it fall to the floor on top of her dress. She reached up and kissed him as her fingers searched to undo the buttons of his shirt. His cock flexed within his pants, itching to be released.

Sam wrapped an arm around Rey’s waist, his shirt half open as he clutched her to his partially bared chest. “Let us continue this in my quarters upstairs.” He practically growled.

His shirt was shed once they entered his quaint bedroom.

“My dear, I do believe you are still far too dressed.” Sam chided with a devilish grin.

“If only there was a handsome man who could help me with such frivolous matters.” Rey replied in an equally playful tone.

“I believe I may be of service.”

Rey sat on the edge of Sams bed as he knelt to the floor before her. He removed her shoes one by one, gently massaging her feet as he did so, Rey’s toes stretching free from within the silk of her stockings. She groaned with relief and euphoria as Sams hands made their way up her legs, searching for the top of her stockings within the confines of her petticoats.

“Here?” He purred, his hand sliding across the warmth of her core. Rey gasped at the sensation.

“Ye- yes.” Rey nearly panted.

His slightly calloused fingers smoothed down the skin of her belly, tucking themselves gently under the waistband of the stockings. Rey lifted herself up off the bed with shaking arms as Sam slowly shimmied the silk from her thighs. His thumbs brushed at her center once more on the way down and Rey bit down on her lip to keep from crying out.

Once the stockings were removed, Rey stood up and pushed down her petticoats. She stood before him in just her loosened corset. Pulling her towards him once more, he held her close to him and his pressing erection with one hand while the other worked to remove the corset. With a strong tug the corset fell away from her chest, revealing small breasts with pert pink nipples that made his mouth water.

Falling back onto the bed, Rey’s hair fully tumbled from the bun at the impact. Sam gazed upon her with hungry eyes as he removed his trousers, the outline of his cock impressive through the thin fabric of his drawers. He climbed on top of her, knees on either side of her legs.

“You are more beautiful than I ever imagined.” Sam whispered to her, Rey breathed heavily beneath him. His hands trailed between her thighs and once he reached close to her privates, she instinctively tried to squeeze her legs shut.

“What’s wrong?” He asked.

“It’s… It’s just… Isn’t touching…. There... Well… Dirty?” She barely whispered the last word.

“I thought you liked it when I touched you through your stockings.” Sam said, head tilting to the side. Rey blushed.

“Yes… I did.”

Sam grinned at her.

“Then you need not worry my dear.”

Rey bit her lip momentarily before taking a shuddering breath and nodding her permission to him.

“You’re so wet for me my love.” Sam said, his hand trailing through the patch of hair at the front of her swollen privates. Rey gasped as one of his thick fingers teased her entrance.

“Am I hurting you?” Sam asked.

“No Sam… It… It feels wonderful.”

He pushed his finger further inside her and her back arched off the bed when he curled his finger. After a few moments of flexing his finger inside her, Rey began to moan with pleasure. Sam added a second finger, stretching her deliciously. She knew he had to have strong fingers from working with the telegraph, but never could she have imagined them this strong. Her insides pulsed and wetness pooled around his knuckles.

“That good?” Sam asked.

“Oh yes! Oh Sam! M... Mm… More. I … I need more Sam.” Rey begged, her face and chest beginning to glisten with a layer of sweat.

Sam removed his fingers from her and he swiftly removed his drawers. His erect cock twitched, the head swollen and red. It was thick and long and Rey worried for a moment how it could possibly fit within her. Leaning over her, Sam placed one hand on the bed above her shoulder, using his other hand to guide his arousal towards her center. He parted the flushed pink lips of her privates with the tip of his cock. Rey panted with anticipation, squeezing her eyes shut in preparation for this thick member. She threw her head back with ecstasy as Sam slid slowly into her.

“Oh - Oh! Oh!!!” Rey cried out, unable to control the overflow of sensations that flowed through her as Sam pushed his full length into her.

“Rey…” Sam groaned. “You feel… Oh… Oh Rey you fit me so well!” Sam grunted as he began to thrust his hips into her, easing into a rhythm of elation. As the initial tightness of her center soothed, Rey wrapped her legs around Sam’s legs, holding him closer to her as he moved within her. She clung with her arms around his neck, raising her head off the bed to rest her forehead against one of his shoulders.

Rey could feel her core swell with mounting pleasure. Her moans and cries could not be contained anymore as Sam began to pound deeper and deeper into her.

“Oh… Oh!!!!” Rey moaned, head tilted back. Her nails dug into Sam’s shoulders but that only caused him to dive deeper.

“Oh Rey…” Sam sighed, sucking kisses into the side of her neck. “My love… My dear Rey…”

“Oh…. Oh!!! Oh Sam! Oh Captain!!! My Captain!!!” Rey nearly shouted as she felt herself spasm around the cock buried inside her. With a few more thrusts and mumbled grunts, Sam spilled his seed within her. They clutched their hot, naked bodies against each other as they came down from their high of emotions.


April 1865


Nearly six weeks later, Sam and Rey were wed within the telegraph office by Major Thomas. Albert and Maz stood by as the witnesses.

Sam was of course dressed in his military uniform. Rey stood by Sams side, though not in her pretty green dress. Instead she wore a sky blue dress at Sam’s request. Rey found it slightly odd her betrothed wanted her to wear what she considered to be a simple dress, but it made him happy. And she would do whatever she could to make her Captain happy.

Maz watched as Rey and Sam signed their marriage certificate while Albert had produced a bottle of whiskey from behind the Majors desk - preparing drinks to celebrate. Someone quietly knocked at the back door. Had it not been for Sam’s keen hearing, it may have gone unnoticed. Sam opened the door to find Lieutenant Grant standing there, a fine coach behind him in the street.

“Someone wishes to congratulate you on your marriage Captain.” Grant said to Sam. One look at the coach told him exactly whom was inside.

“Rey, my love!” Sam called to Rey. “We have a visitor!”

Rey bustled over and clutched lovingly at her husbands arm.

“Hello Lieutenant. Thank you for coming by on our special day!”

“I’m afraid you’re mistaken Miss - er - Mrs. Beckwith.” Grant turned and looked at the coach where the half door swung open and the massive figure of the President stepped out.

“Mr. President!” Rey gasped, her hold on Sam’s arm tightening. The President smiled at her warmly.

“When I heard from the Lieutenant you were getting married today, I insisted we stop by so that I could offer my congratulations.”

“Thank you Mr. President.” Sam answered, nodding his head at him. “We are very happy together.”

Sam looked down at Rey and she looked up at him with shining eyes and a wide smile.

“We are indeed.”

“Would you like to come in for a toast Mr. President?” Sam asked. Grant coughed disapprovingly at this but the President just smiled softly.

“Your offer is very kind Captain, but I’m afraid I must get going back to the White House.”

“I understand.” Sam replied, nodding once more.

“I shan’t take up any more time from you love birds.” The President said as he shut the door. “Mrs. Lincoln and I have tickets to a play tonight, at Ford’s Theatre.”

~*~ THE END ~*~