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Double Feature

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If Eijirou was being honest with himself, he honest to god could not tell whether he’d pulled off a winning look for tonight or not. He’d been called out enough times for his poor fashion choices before, and he did think Yaoyorozu would let him know if he was way over the line for his look, but he really couldn't be sure.

He smoothed his hair once again and gave himself a winning grin in the mirror. Really, what did it matter? This wasn’t his big night - it was the girls’, little as Kendou might have known.

That was why he offered Yaoyorozu another comforting smile as he exited into his living room, where she’d been waiting since she’d arrived to pick him up an hour early. She was sitting on the couch with an odd look on her pale face.

“Hey,” he called, and she looked up. There were glittering jewels littered all over her neck and dangling from her ears, and she was draped in what must have been the most elegant dress he’d ever seen on her - and that was saying something. “She’s gonna say yes. I know she is! You guys are the perfect couple!”

She gave him a weak tweak of the corner of her mouth in return. He might have been gay as it was possible for anyone to be, but even he couldn’t have ever missed the extra effort she’d put into her makeup and hair for the night. She looked like a movie star - it was no wonder he’d guessed her mission for the night so quickly. She heaved a deep sigh and said, “Thank you, Kirishima.”

“Hey, you haven’t showed me the rock yet! Where are you keeping it?”

“Oh!” Yaoyorozu gasped in reply, then fumbled for her clutch. “It’s - ah, here,” she finished, fishing it out and offering it for his consideration.

“Holy shit,” he breathed. It was easily the most intricate ring he’d ever seen, laden with what must have been dozens of sparkling diamonds and one more, much larger one surrounded by swirls of shining silver. “Did you make this?”

In true Yaoyorozu fashion, she gave him a scandalized look at the very suggestion. “Of course not!” she scoffed, then took the ring back, cradling it with a soft expression. “No, it’s… Marriage is an investment, right? So as personal as making it would have been…”

Eijirou nodded in understanding. Admittedly, when the four of them had started going on double dates like this, he’d always thought of Tetsutetsu and Kendou as the reason they bothered, and himself and Yaoyorozu as just a secondary duo being dragged along by their significant others. A few years later, however, and he’d come to look forward to their dual outings. Yaoyorozu had become a confidant to him, and seeing how she gazed tenderly at the ring in her hands just made him think of his own love.

Someday - hopefully soon - he and Tetsutetsu would be considering the same thing, a union for life. It filled him with warmth.

Tetsutetsu’s shoulders were hiked up to his ears, his hands buried deep in the pockets of his three-piece suit as they walked together. Itsuka had to suppress a laugh at the sight.

“Relax, Tetsutetsu,” she huffed, clapping him affectionately on the shoulder. “He’s gonna say yes. He’s crazy about you.”

Tetsutetsu blinked like he was coming out of a trance, then gave her a confused look. “What? I mean - Yeah! I know. But I’m… still not sure what to say.”

Itsuka raised an eyebrow. “You mean to tell me you’re proposing without a plan?” she questioned him, stopping to wait for the walk sign to turn on. They’d elected to walk instead of getting a lift from Momo so Tetsutetsu could have some time to settle his mind, and their shared apartment was close enough to get there on foot. Still, Itsuka was beginning to wonder if giving Tetsutetsu time to think was the wrong choice after all - he wasn’t a thinker. He was an actor.

“I just decided to do this today,” he muttered, ruffling his hair. Itsuka forced out a sigh. She’d spent ages taming his stiff hair into something fancy. “I haven’t had much time to think…”

“You’ve, like, at least discussed this with him, right? You’re not going into this blind?”

“Yeah! We’ve, like… talked about it before.”

“So… You could start there? Say, hey, you know that thing we talked about?”

Tetsutetsu just grunted, and Itsuka shook her head. Logic wasn’t getting her anywhere - it looked like she was just going to have to let him do as he pleased, here. She rubbed his shoulder again, then said, “You’re so stiff, you’re steeling up. Relax.”

“Right, sorry.”

“You don’t need to apologize! It’s a big night,” she comforted him. She smirked a little. As irksome as his stubbornness was on occasion, she had to admit it was fun planning this together with him - he and Kirishima had been together so long, longer than herself and Momo, and it was high time they took the next step. She was just glad her best friend trusted her enough to let her be present for the big moment.

Seeing Tetsutetsu like this, blushing like the first time he’d ever gone on a date with Kirishima, had Itsuka thinking fondly of Momo. She made her feel so special, she really did. Every step they took had her feeling the same flutters Tetsutetsu was feeling… She couldn’t wait until they were ready to take this step, themselves.

Speaking of Momo, she caught sight of their dates in another moment. Kirishima’s bright hair was hard to miss, towering as he was above the rest of the people on the street, and her girlfriend’s more subdued but equally statuesque appearance stood out after another moment. Itsuka smiled and waved, and Tetsutetsu followed along after.

“You look stunning!” she exclaimed as she approached Momo, ever starstruck by the beauty she called her significant other. Momo smiled bashfully and bent down to give her a peck on the cheek.

“I could say the same, dear,” she murmured, and the low tone of her voice left Itsuka shuddering. Did she know how special tonight was? Tetsutetsu didn’t have the tightest lips on the planet - she wouldn’t have been surprised if he’d let Momo in on the plan, what little of it there was. She placed her hands on Momo’s hips and just held her there for a moment, smiling warmly up at her love and thinking with anticipation of the big question waiting on Tetsutetsu’s lips.

Momo seemed to wither a little under her gaze. “Is it too much?” she mumbled, reaching up to twirl a lock of ringletted hair around her finger as Itsuka continued taking her in.

“Of course not! You did something different with your eyes, huh?” she observed aloud, and was distracted from Momo’s reply as Kirishima laughingly called to them. They had a reservation waiting, after all.

Itsuka held out her elbow for Momo to hook her hand through, and the two followed Tetsutetsu and Kirishima into the restaurant. The lighting was dim but rich and warm, reflecting off of the golden walls in such a way that it set Momo’s - and everyone else’s - skin alight. It was the perfect place for a proposal, and Itsuka had to give Tetsutetsu props for deciding to use tonight’s reservation for the big question.

They were lead to their table and ordered their main course without incident, and in spite of Itsuka’s best efforts the conversation seemed… clipped. Everyone seemed like they were on the edge of their seats, even Kirishima, and Itsuka had a brief moment where she wondered whether the gossip train had run too far.

Just after the main course was cleared away and they’d ordered their desserts, Itsuka looked to a fidgeting Tetsutetsu expectantly. If he was going to do it, now was the time.

She was much too distracted to catch the look Momo was giving her until she gently took Itsuka’s hand. She met her love’s eyes, and for a moment she was starstruck at the warmth she saw there - those stunning dark eyes of hers were overflowing with affection, and Itsuka was so amazed she almost missed the words pouring effortlessly from her lips.

“Itsuka,” she said, gently and warmly and softly, “This may seem sudden. I just want you to know that I love you no matter what, and that will never change. You have made my life so rich and exciting, I am never afraid when you’re with me. I was wondering -”

Momo paused, her breath catching in her throat as she stood, still holding her hand, and in that moment, catching sight of the happy tear pricking her love’s eye, Itsuka knew exactly what was coming. Momo fell to her knee, positively glowing with a rare confidence that Itsuka couldn’t turn away from.

“Would you please marry me?” she whispered, conjuring as if from midair the most flawless, beautiful, sparkling ring Itsuka had ever seen. She inhaled in awe, struck dumb for a moment, and heard a gasp from across the table.

“Of course I will,” she said, at the same time as Tetsutetsu exclaimed, “Wait!”

She looked across the table to her best friend, the spell broken, and snapped back to reality. His eyes were wide and panicked, looking sharply between her and Eijirou, who was looking at him with a touch of annoyance for interrupting. “Ah, fuck,” he said under his breath, “I’m - sorry - I, uh, was gonna ask you the same thing,” he stammered, fishing frantically through his jacket pocket to retrieve his own ring.

Eijirou seemed to take a second to understand what was happening. Then, he laughed. “Dude!” he snickered, “You could’ve waited until they were done!”

“Yeah, Tetsu,” Itsuka chimed in, not vindictively. “We were kind of in the middle of something.”

“I know, I’m sorry!” Tetsutetsu floundered, and Itsuka looked back to Momo and rolled her eyes. Momo herself seemed fairly embarrassed, herself, and gave the other occupants of the table a sheepish smile.

“I’m so sorry! I wouldn’t have stolen your thunder if I’d known!” she explained, “You’ve been together longer, after all, and I’m sure you’ve been planning this much longer -”

“He hasn’t,” Itsuka assured her, rubbing her thumbs over Momo’s knuckles, “He just decided to do this today. How long have you been planning it?”

“S-since we got the reservation,” Momo admitted, seeming cowed. “Six months ago.”

“See? Tetsu,” Itsuka said sharply, but humorously. “All the more reason you should’ve planned this.”

“My bad,” he mumbled, and Eijirou chuckled again.

“Well, I’m sure you can guess both of our responses,” he said, gently taking the ring box from Tetsutetsu’s hand and pressing a kiss to his cheek. “I know I’m not saying no to such a charmer.”

This seemed to perk Tetsutetsu up a little. Itsuka exchanged a look with Momo, who still looked a little nervous. “What, you think I’m gonna say no now?” she teased her. “Momo, I love you more than anything. Give me that thing.”

She wiggled the ring onto her finger and gave Momo another kiss as she took her seat once more. She then held her hand out to Eijirou. “Okay, let me see it,” she demanded, and he chuckled.

Perhaps it wasn’t the perfect proposal Momo had hoped for, but Kendou was a realist; having Momo’s warmth was a vital part of her life, but so were their treasured friends. As they shared lively, bright conversation and indulged in the most delicious desserts they’d ever tasted, she exchanged a look with her girlfriend - no, fiancee.

There was a long road ahead of them, but she’d always known that. For now, she couldn’t be happier to have this woman by her side.