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A Pack's Virtue

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If there was one thing most valued in a wild pack- it was an Omega.

That was just a given, as a tribe lacking the fairest caste had little chance of surviving. Pack numbers would dwindle over time, morale lowers, and there would be no buffer between the Beta workers and Alphan elites of both predator and prey subcategory. Either they would die out or wind up killing each other first.

It was of vital importance a healthy number of Omegas or existed within a pack…Though they were the rarest castes to find.

Simply put, Omegas were a treasure, and it wasn’t common for a pack to let one leave. Encountering a wild or unbounded Omega was a slim-to-nothing chance outside of mating season.

For Alpha hybrids that were kicked out of their own packs, this reason alone made it hard for them to start a tribe from scratch. However Bakugou Katsuki was certainly trying his best. Borne to a bustling tribe, he’d been the strongest of the litter, yet the first to go when his aggression proved itself to be too much.

They feared he’d try to upsurge the current pack leader.

The wolfdog wasn’t particularly pleased at being kicked out by the scruff, but alas, what could he do? Mitsuki had seen him off with a grieving goodbye. It was just nature after all; they had mouths to feed, and extra Alphas in a pack only caused turmoil.

So off he had went, his head held high and spirits soaring.

Within the next full moon he had procured himself a trusty pack to call his own. With a healthy ratio of Betas and Alphas making up their small tribe, things generally ran smooth. The only notable Alpha in his pack was his best friend, Kirishima Eijiro, who also was kicked from the nest when they grew too big. It helped diminish disputes when the depth of their aggression was play fighting.

Even if they were gathering enough food to fill mouths, and constructing dens at a steady pace…they were lacking in warm bodies to fill them.

With his paws pacing along the dirt of his den, Katsuki groused, clearly deep in thought as his nails caught on pebbles and leftover bones from his last kill. He hadn’t cared to work them into the series of necklaces showcased around his collar. For all his conquests and success…not a single Omega sat within their constructed nursery.

Any time his scouts would scent the elusive creatures, reports would come back that a rival tribe had swooped them up. Bigger tribes. Tribes that could easily wipe them off the map if they attempted to seduce or otherwise claim their Omegan population.

For if you couldn’t catch them, you had to take them.

With the rising of the spring moon again, the Wolf hybrids were getting ready for mating. A bunch of rutting wolves in close proximity with no Omegas? It was destined to be a bloodbath. All of his tribe may not be composed of wolf hybrids, yet the number remained substantial enough to cause concern. This could make or break his attempts at creating a tribe.

His pacing only halted when he smelt the familiar musk of his counterpart, noticing the wild haired dog sticking his head past the den with a crooked grin. He always smiled with too many teeth. “Hey, Blasty, you coming on the hunt or are you going to keep brooding?” he asked, already expecting the stray bone that would be lobbed in his direction. He ducked away from it with a hearty laugh.

“Now now, no need to be feisty! Rut season hasn’t even started yet!”

Kirishima was a nuisance, but always the nuisance that he needed. For all the shit pressure that being pack leader was, he could count on Eijiro to keep his chin up, goading the Alpha on with humor and hijinks. It was a welcomed distraction from their potentially grim fate. “Yeah yeah, I’m coming.”

In truth he needed this hunt more than he wanted to admit.

Even if they had plenty of food to add to their stockpile, it never hurt to keep ontop of things. Fortune smiled upon the pursuer. A surplus now meant less opportunity for hunger and famine to strike in the long run. Not to mention he just really needed to burn this pre-rut energy. Already the call of the moon was strong, seeping to his very bones, settling the instincts that drove his generation forward.

No doubt he reeked of pheromones when he shouldered his way past Kirishima, noting the way even his best friend had to lower his ears and show submission at the heady mixture of his presence. He smelt of spice and explosive capability, a volatile combination for sure. Perhaps this was why his birthtribe grew so wary of an Alpha as prime as Bakugou.

The group of their hunters stood at the ready near the exit of their encampment, eagerly shifting about with whispered words and anticipation in their footsteps. The warm season of spring was abundant with potential.

“Alright, alright, calm down.” He barked out to the awaiting group, watching as their heads tilted up to the approaching noise. It wasn’t often Bakugou could join the hunt- what with his duties largely being composed around their borders. Someone had to mark their territories and search for signs of intruders. It was the only way to survive in a hybrid-eat-hybrid world.

His tribe greeted him with raised weapons from their herbivores, and clashing teeth and whipping tails from their predators.

“Tenya, where the hell are we headed today?” Bakugou asked, noting the stag to his side with higher regard. The Alphan buck was his right hand man in affairs relating to organization and scheduling. His sense of duty was unprecedented. “Sir. Today we are headed towards the edge of the river, as the forest clearing and plains will be devoid of life after our previous hunt. It will likely prove a rendezvous for many creatures looking to drink.”

He could live with that. He wasn’t one for fishing or getting his paws wet, but he digressed. “Then we head out at once. We want to hunt before prey scatters to their den.”

A holler of approval ripped through the tribe, what with the hunting party the center of attention within their smaller pack. They rotated members quite a lot, but today was a day focused on preparing the dens and tribe for the upcoming season. A lot of their members elicited to stay behind and make preparations as they needed.

So with a final howl to signal their departure, Bakugou let loose, feeling the wind blowing through his blonde locks as he took off downwind of the river. It wouldn’t do for all of their prey to scent the approaching legion. It would require delicate attention to detail, sure, but he could manage.

Even if his only desire was to rip into something warm and living.

He led the pack throughout the brambles and brush of the wilderness, confident in their ability to keep up with his footwork. He only had the best in his tribe. It felt like no time at all that they were approaching the hunting grounds, his head ducked down low, scanning the waterline for any unaware prey.

They only hunted animal targets- only if aggressors attacked them did they bother eating other hybrid meat.

Usually Katsuki was more on his game in scenting prey; yet something familiar lingered in the air. It was faded, faint, and probably not even close to fresh- though his body felt keyed up at the very hint of it. The damn trail was eroded to the point of being unrecognizable. He attempted to keep his head in the game. Especially since the hunting opportunity was ripe here.

Already they had bumped into a doe drinking from the stream, unaware of the danger lurking in the brush. It was Kirishima that darted ahead to apprehend her with teeth and claws, bringing the game down with merciless precision. Bakugou was glad for the overzealous dog’s headstrong attitude in times like these.

He overlooked the kill, only to perk up when the snap of branches caught his attention. A magnificent buck stood in the distance, turning tail, running away from the bloodbath that had befallen the animal’s family. That just wouldn’t do. Katsuki went hot on his trail as the hunter’s instinct sung deep through his veins, inspiring the burst of speed and eagerness that propelled him forward.

Despite the distance, he caught up near instantly, having the wild buck down by the antlers before he could get far. It wasn’t hard to apprehend a creature when Katsuki was nearly its size. The taste of blood was absolutely refreshing as he sunk his teeth past the scruff, using the momentum to bring it down to a thrashing halt.

A twist of the antlers and it was done for, letting out a dying wheeze before the deer went slack. The glassy look in its eyes was his reward. He breathed heavily to catch up with the energy it took to take such a large kill down, listening as the approaching clicks of Iida’s hooves showed the satyr coming forth. He scanned the felled prey, only to nod his approval. “This is already sufficient to keep our supplies plentiful. Excellent work, pack leader.”

The buck weighed nothing to its hybrid counterpart as Iida hoisted the body upon his shoulders, noting with slight interest how his pack leader had frozen to the spot. Bakugou’s ears were perked tall, attentive, scanning the brush with a vacant appearance to his expression. It wasn’t often the wolf allowed something to distract him.

“Bring the kill back to camp.” Katsuki suddenly spoke, the edges of his voice lined with tension. That scent was back.

It was sweet.

Almost sickly so, what with the entire area being coated in potent pheromones. Bakugou’s nose struggled to breathe through the intense cloy of the odor. Before he could register what he was doing, he was moving forward, the movement of his own legs taking him by surprise. He was guided on gilded wings towards the trail of that heady scent.

“Where are you going?” Iida had the sense to ask, noting the slack posture and dilated pupils of their leader. Though he too froze when the delectable scent drifted towards him. At once he understood the importance of Katsuki’s intervention. Tenya knelt down, adjusting the buck over his shoulders, before rising up and giving a nod of affirmation to their trusted leader. He wouldn’t interfere with this.

Bakugou nodded back.

He was on a mission; one growing more urgent by the minute as he darted forward through the weeds and thorns. Every step scraped uncomfortably against his pelt and fur, though his own safety was trivial. Not when the smell of blood pushed him on. The closer he got to that sickly sweetness, the more an acrid undertone tainted it, mixing with the copper of blood.

Katsuki froze when his foot caught on a branch. The loud snap echoed within the dead woods, a deathly stillness in the air. This was the source of the scent. His trail had gone cold as red irises scanned through the foliage and plant life, looking for any sign of life. He couldn’t afford to startle the source of these pheromones; this was far more important than any petty hunt.

Through the silence of the woods, he swore he could catch the occasional shifting; though whether it was by the wind or his target remained unknown.

His hands met the cold earth, crouching low, letting his eyes drift closed and listen.

Whimpers. Soft little noises, coming from just adjacent to him.

With his direction reoriented, he began to move aside the thorns that blocked his path, wincing as the sharp sting could reach even through his thick callouses. This close he knew his presence was detected- the breath of the interloper growing still. It stopped whimpering, but Bakugou knew he’d find it. The sweet odor filling the air assured it.

It was when a stock of green caught his vision that all hell broke loose, the startled creature yelping in surprise when the branches covering his hiding spot were pushed aside.

Bakugou flinched back as powerful thighs kicked out towards him, the lithe and smooth muscle tapering off into solid rear paws. He had to move back or risk injury from the thorns buried around the ankles of the creature. He kept the branches parted as his eyes darted over the small thing-

A rabbit hybrid.

The hare was no older than him, with the boyish weight still clinging to his hips and cheeks. By the appearance of him, he had been on his own for quite some time, hair unkempt and ungroomed by pack hands. His scent may be soured with fear- yet the unbound freshness of unclaimed Omega made Bakugou’s mouth water.

He found one. An Omega with no previous ties.

The poor thing was in horrid condition though. Katsuki could practically taste the rapid pulse of his fear as the meek creature attempted to shield away from the predator looming overhead. An Alphan predator at that. It was a tricky thing, gentling an Omega with little to no trust. It was times like this he wished they had at least one Omega in the pack to coax new members in.

Bakugou’s throat echoed in a soft croon, ears flattening as a display of non-aggression. It wasn’t enough to gain the trust of such a skittish man. His legs kicked out again when Bakugou threatened to get too close, the tears of pain and fear striking deep. Every thrash in self-defense only buried the thorns deeper into his own skin. How long had he been stuck like this?

“I won’t hurt you,” he attempted to speak, his vocals familiar with prey tongue. It wasn’t easy to keep the natural growl and timbre of his voice down into something…unthreatening. He wasn’t built for gentle.

Katsuki’s heart skipped a beat when the Omega’s darling eyes widened in surprise, jaw falling slack, revealing plump lips and such a soft tongue. Everything about this creature screamed soft as Katsuki knelt low to the ground. It was a show of trust, putting himself at the other’s level, especially within striking distance. He hoped this would appease the rabbit.

Slowly, albeit very slowly, the muscles coiled tight in the rabbit began to relax. Without the rush of adrenaline and fear coaxing him on, the pain in the prey’s eyes was especially apparent. His lop ears were dirty and matted with grime, weighed down from the dirt clumps smeared throughout them. His thighs were stuck together with rust colored blood and…something else.

The petrified creature was in pure survival mode so close to his heat.

Clearing his throat, Bakugou kept his eyes to the side, not wanting to make eye contact. That would be a sign of aggression to this delicate male. “You’re injured. Do you need help?” he asked, not wanting to startle with any sudden movements to touch him.

The thorns in his leg were coated in dried blood- surely it was close to infection, depending on how long he had been stuck.

At least the Omega had common sense with him, as he glanced down to the brambles stuck deep within his skin. Meekly, he nodded his head, the pain in his eyes making every inch of Katsuki crawl. He needed to fix this. With the rabbit watching his hands so closely, Bakugou went slow, testing the give of the tangled branches.

It was no wonder the bunny couldn’t get out himself; the vines were nearly as thick as his wrist. Lacking the aid of claws or something sharp, nothing on the Omega’s body would be able to free himself. Not without major damage.

“I’m going to cut the branches.” He stated confidently, although he had to freeze when the flex of his claws drew a petrified squeak from the prey.

He hadn’t noticed it earlier, yet the rabbit’s skittish responses soon made more sense. Katsuki reeked of nerves and pre-rut anger. Not only that, but the blood of the buck lingered at the edges of his lips, dripping down his chin. Likely the Omega thought this would be the end of him. So Katsuki pulled back enough to wipe away what he could of his jaw and settled his nerves in a deep breath.

His scent was harder to focus, yet with a bit of conscious effort, he managed to dull it down to nothing more than a subtle undertone. Instead the soothing presence of his Alphan pheromones appeared to affect the Omega in ways he didn’t expect.

With his pupils dilated wide, and a passive look to his expression, the rabbit went slack at the first touch to his ankle.

He whined softly towards the Alpha when Bakugou had to angle his legs, finding his thighs readily falling open with so much as a tug. The sight was indescribably tempting. His focus had to be unwavering, however, as he went to work in carving open the main tangle of branches. His fingers ached from the scrape of thorns, but somehow that seemed trivial.

The true effort was keeping his eyes off the flushed and slick-soaked hole bore to him.

The wolfdog couldn’t think of the last time he’d even seen another Omega. Aside from the nursery, which had been barred to everyone besides the Pack Leader and mates, he’d only seen adult or elder Omegas. Such a young thing like this? It was an indescribable temptation to keep his eyes off of his arching hips.

“H-Hah…ow. That hurts,” The bunny spoke in softened prey tongue, mind hazy from the compatible pheromones drifting in the air. The hard part was getting the thorns delicately removed from the bunny’s injured ankle. He flinched with every long piercing thorn that had to be extracted. Worst off was how his struggling managed to snap a few of the thinner thorns beneath the skin.

Katsuki huffed. “You really fucked yourself up here. How’d you even get in this mess?” he asked, trying to distract the Omega whenever he had to bury his nails beneath the skin to work a thorn out. It was a painful and gruelingly delicate process.

As if judging his thoughts, the rabbit turned his head to the side, covering his face from the blood and damage of his leg. “I lost my way. I had been foraging too close to the riverside when a bear hybrid charged me.” He said, voice occasionally hitching in pain. It took a delicate croon and gentle rubbing of the sore wounds to get the Omega relaxed enough to continue.

“I didn’t know if he wanted to rut me or eat me. Either option didn’t sound good, so I ran. I knew a hybrid that large wouldn’t be able to get through the thorns…but neither could I.” he weakly joked, flexing the ankle that had been partly freed. “I may have lost him, but a snare caught me. I’ve been stuck here nearly all night and all day.”

Cursing softly, Bakugou made note to work faster, his fingers dripping blood and aching. Though it wasn’t hard with the massive snare out of the way. The smaller branches cut like butter through the Alpha’s claws, even if they had buried themselves far deeper than the original branch had.

“So you’ve been stuck here all day.” He confirmed, cringing at the thought. He was lucky to be found alive then, and not by actual predators. “What is your name?”

The bunny seemed surprised at that. He cringed when the final branch was woven out of his skin, the wound large and unsightly. But thankfully it was only surface deep. Aside from mild scarring, it would heal just fine. Testing the flex of his freed ankle, the bunny looked pleased, a distant look in his eyes.

The Alpha’s breath hitched when a deeply pleased sweetness began to fill the air around them. Not to mention the intensity that those viridian green eyes stared up at him.

“My name is Izuku. Izuku Midoriya.” He tacked on, a flush rising over his chest. “What about yours; you saved my life where most others would eat me or claim me when I am unable to escape.” It was a sad truth, especially considering how tempting it had been to bury his teeth at first sight to the unclaimed beauty.

But Bakugou was no savage, despite what his tribe may think.

Katsuki sat up with a flex of his sore shoulders, bringing his injured fingers to his lips to taste away the blood. Surely something must be reflected in his expression that had the Omega preening, his chest rising and falling, though this time not from fear.

Predator and Prey was no more; instead Alpha and Omega stood before each other.

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Instinct was a strong thing that drew Bakugou down atop the shifting and squirming rabbit. His breath was hot on the shell of Izuku’s ear, making the lop tremble in anticipation. “My name is Bakugou Katsuki, pack leader, and head Alpha of my growing tribe.”

The name sent a small whimper through Izuku’s throat. There was nothing that screamed provider like a pack leader.

“We are looking to add to our family,” he continued, their hips meeting in a jolt of shocking contact. Even with blood and slick between them, Bakugou didn’t mind, his nose seeking the matted and greased curls of the bunny. He still smelt like fertility beneath all that dirt and grime. “If you want a place to live, I can provide, and if you’re hungry? I can forage. We are a capable pack, but lack any Omegas.”

Midoriya’s small, padded fingers rested over the impressive muscle on Katsuki’s sides. He could feel each flex of his shoulderblades as the Alpha lifted himself to hover, the bunny’s stomach twisting in excitement at the prospect. He was a very strong and capable Alpha.

“If…you’re seeking an Omegan touch to the place, I may be willing to…uh, look.” He drawled on, eyes already fully dilated as he took in the solid muscles above him. Scars and battle wounds decorated the wolfdog’s chest, with a necklace of bones and teeth dangling from his neck. Conquest. Izuku’s inner Omega preened at the thought of being the first Omega to such a successful Alpha.

His legs spread wide open when Bakugou sought to play-mount him, a purr rolling through his chest that showed his reception. None-the-less he squirmed until he could properly scoot away from the eager Alpha, drowning in the pleased pheromones. He worried they’d actually mount at this rate. As loathe as he was to deny himself, Izuku knew, he’d hate the inevitable mess and filth that a proper breeding would make here.

He also hated how filthy he felt compared to the Alpha.

With a teasing squirm away from the Alpha, he lifted his nose, crawling through the bramble on his hurt ankle. “We need to clean up.” He said, wishing to distract himself from the man’s filling cock. It was already halfway out of its sheath. Midoriya was honored that somehow Bakugou found him arousing, even in this unsightly state.

Thankfully Katsuki didn’t try to throw himself over Izuku’s back as he rose up, unsteady on his two legs. Rather the thoughtful Alpha came to his weak side, aiding the bunny in walking forward, throwing Izuku’s arm over his shoulders.

Their size difference was comical as they made their way out of the fields of weeds and thick underbrush, Izuku ecstatic to the rush of water he could make out in the distance. The river. At the prospect of getting properly clean, Midoriya went forward, hobbling with increased gusto as his (potential) future Alpha helped every step.

“I cannot wait to finally clean myself,” he breathed out in a joking sigh, listening to the snort of agreement next to him. Bakugou may not be a man of many words, but that actually came in handy when the musk of many unfamiliar scents hit his nose. As they managed to enter the clearing of the stream, half a dozen other Alphas and Betas stood around a kill, only pulling away when the nervous jolt of Izuku’s pheromones caught their attention.

“Holy shit,” a rust-haired mutt spoke, his mouth wide open in rows of sharp teeth.

The sentiment was shared throughout the pack as they each turned and gauged their reactions, turning to Izuku, then looking back to Bakugou. All at once Izuku was overwhelmed as they began to approach them.

“You found an Omega!” A feline beta loudly chimed in, his black hair choppy and uneven. He was shoved aside by the sharp-toothed dog. “No, like, you sly fucking dog, Katsuki! You actually found an Omega!”

The murmuring and cacophony moving around him had Izuku petrified in fear, cowering beneath Bakugou’s arm as instinctively he pulled the bunny closer. It was getting to the point where they were crowded around an entire circle of them. His snarl silenced the men and women in front of him in an instant. “Everyone, back the fuck off.” He said, beginning to guide Izuku away from the crowd. He had the rabbit’s back as gingerly he guided the fearful Omega’s paws into the cool water. “Everyone regroup at camp and leave us alone.”

Feeling his skin grow hot at the wolf whistle that came from behind them, it was hard to take it seriously when Bakugou’s snapping teeth sent the pack off with their tail between their legs.

How cute.

He tried to focus on the water as he waded deeper into the gently flowing stream, cringing at the sting to his wounds. He hated to admit it, but he needed to clean inside the wounds, despite how the blood had already crusted over into the beginnings of a scab.

The rabbit leaned forward, feeling eyes on the back of his neck.

Lo and behold, there stood Bakugou, watching him diligently from the stream of the river. He wasn’t even close to putting his paws in the water. Rather instead he hovered over Izuku, scanning the horizon, clearly looking for any danger that may approach.

Oh, and he was definitely staring at the rabbit’s haunches.

It was blatantly obvious whenever he’d bend down and work the grime and blood off of his paws, the lift of his tail drawing an excited growl from behind him. He hadn’t gotten deep enough to fully restrict the view of his sex beneath the lapping waves. There was something…exciting, about teasing such a strong Alpha. If he really wanted to he could mount and bite Izuku right here, right now.

But he waited.

That’s what really gave Izuku the confidence to tease. He bent down enough to bring his chest to the water, rubbing the dirt and grime with quick swipes of his paw pads. Already he felt so much better by the time he was cupping water down his chest, rinsing just enough to expose the rosy pink buds that always got far too sensitive before his heat.

The water made him shiver as it washed down his chest, glistening beneath the midday sun, drawing an excited pant from his voyeur audience. What was even cuter was how he could hear the thump of the wolfdog’s tail against the rocks he basked on.

He turned over his shoulder as the very tip of his ear touched the water, looking at Bakugou with blatant amusement in his eyes.

“Did you want to join me?” he asked, stroking his wet fingers through the matted and tangled fur. “I can’t really get my back or tail very easily.”

In truth he knew exactly what he was asking as the Alpha looked with constricting pupils. Like a cat who found its next meal. Truthfully such a statement should scare him, should make him nervous- instead he felt a rising croon in his throat as the Alpha abandoned his pelt sack and beads to the shoreline. His hips jutted in invitation as he waded deeper into the water, washing his other ear, feeling the Alpha’s eyes on him the entire time.

Izuku was purring by the time Bakugou was directly behind him, chest-to-back, before giving his hips a playful tilt into the obvious lag of Katsuki’s cock. Water this cold should deter him from anything too invasive, though what would a courtship be without a little playing?

“Just wash the underside for me,” he invited, letting his cotton tail wag against Katsuki’s solid hip. By now the water was rushing around their thighs, high enough to occasionally make Izuku jump. It wasn’t fun having ice cold water rushing over his sex.

He shuddered as he noticed just how large Bakugou’s hands were, smoothing down his sides, groping and feeling to his leisure. He was admiring the gentle slope of Izuku’s waist, feeling how his figure definitely leant towards Omegan. Izuku felt pride in how his fingers grew unsteady at the arch of his hips. The rabbit was certainly as endowed as his species tended to be.

Katsuki made for an eager backrest as he nestled into the wolf’s chest, the subtle catch of nails as he traced his skin making goosebumps rise over his skin. Was he broken?

The thought of being ripped apart and eaten shouldn’t turn him on this much.

It was the reality that really got Izuku hot thought. He knew that Bakugou wouldn’t kill him; that he was far more useful warm and alive and willing. He pushed his hips back when Katsuki’s fingers traced around his tail, feeling the skin there, noting how the nub twitched with the sensation. He was almost worried that the pressure against his left flank would get closer to the mark they both wanted.

Though, true to his request, Bakugou simply proceeded in cupping water over his tail and massaging the wetted fur.

It felt electrifying as Izuku melted into the touch, the Alpha’s free hand scooting around to grab the small pouch of his stomach. His body had already begun to stockpile a bit of weight to aid in his natural duties as Omega. Usually the thought of a litter would terrify him. Being pregnant and alone, taking care of a litter, no one to watch his back? It hadn’t had any appeal.

But with the strong and muscled arms of the Alpha around him? He purred wantonly between pushing back against the hand at his rear and the one steadying him. No doubt his scent was betraying his interest.

Before they could get too far, a devious idea moved through Izuku’s mind.

He thrust his hips back enough to throw the wolf off balance, making him stumble further into the water with a yelp. It was really the splash of water onto Katsuki’s face that had his Alpha seeing red. “What, don’t like water, Kacchan?” Izuku asked with a playful tilt of his eyebrows, relishing in the mixture of anger and affection in his eyes.

Izuku dodged away before the Alpha could grapple him.

If Bakugou caught him, oh, he knew it would end with his ears getting very wet indeed. He may not be on the best foot right now with his injured ankle, but it seemed Bakugou was either really bad in water or very patient in letting Izuku have more time in getting away. The former became more likely the deeper he waded into the water.

“Get over here, Omega!” Bakugou growled, though the whip of his tail through the water showed he was having a good time as well, “I’ll get you damn clean if you just let me catch you!”

Squeaking when those large fingers came close to getting him, the hare twisted away, letting the slight current carry him further downstream. He was able to crawl from the banks and gain purchase on his hands and knees while Katsuki struggled to paddle against the tide. “You little shit-“

He was cut off when Bakugou managed to get footing far faster than Izuku expected.

Yelping at the sudden throw of the Alpha along his back, he weakly struggled, feeling the slap of his wet hips against his ass. Thankfully Bakugou wasn’t actually trying- it was a purely play gesture meant to bow his chest and get him to present. It felt a lot like pup play as he struggled to throw Katsuki off his back.

Only when they were both winded and out of breath did Izuku finally press his chest to the pebbles in the stream, his chin and chest getting wet from the water at his paws.

Bakugou growled in pleasure when he finally noticed the submission, his hips coming to a slow rut, all while his breath fanned over Izuku’s neck. It sent shivers through the Omega’s spine as his tail quivered and lifted to the stimulation. The half-hard swell of his cock was a tempting prospect indeed…

Until Bakugou grabbed him by the back of his head and dunked him beneath the water.

Coming up sputtering for air, he was able to throw Katsuki off of him, both of them falling into a heap within the water. They struggled to catch their breaths as laughter and amusement took it away as fast as they could inhale. Izuku clung to Katsuki in order to pull himself above the waves, their flipping and squirming forms finally easing onto the shore with a bit of kicking and paddling.

There they lay together, losing the second wind, all in favor of snuggling up together in the bank of the river. The sun may remain tall in the sky, yet there would be only so much sunlight left in order to get them dry.

Being the first to hoist up, Izuku took in a deep breath, shaking the water out of his rejuvenated curls. “That was a dirty trick, Kacchan, and you know it!” The very ends of them were already beginning to stick up at all angles as Midoriya worked his fingers through the locks, smoothing the excess water from his ears, before rubbing over his chest to properly fluff up the patch there.

Katsuki watched on in fond amusement, amazed at the sight this Omega made. It wasn’t often Bakugou actually worked up a sweat in play-fighting. The only one who ever even poised a challenge had been Kirishima.

This Omega, he knew, would hold a lot of surprises as the bunny’s warm smile filled the Wolfdog with such a peculiar feeling.

He already couldn’t wait to introduce the rabbit to their nesting den. He just might be able to convince him yet.

Chapter Text

All eyes were on them as they entered the clearing of the den, making it back with just enough time for the last rays of sunlight to guide their path.

After their impromptu sparring, it had taken a lot longer to dry off than they cared for, leaving Izuku tired and weighed down the entire trip back. What should have been a half-hour run for Bakugou turned into a slow saunter towards the gates of their tribe.

The sun had bid adieu long ago, leaving the twilight hours to guide their steps. Izuku was exhausted as he sunk into Katsuki’s arms, breathing a deep sigh of relief when the familiar scent of the Alpha interlaced seamlessly with the camp. It made the area far less daunting. His spine remained tense as the other pack members huddled around a fire, their kills and food evenly divided around the warmth of the camp gathering.

“Ah, so you’re finally back! We thought we’d have to finish your meat for you.” the other dog spoke humorously, the edges of his lips smeared with blood. It was the sharp-toothed one from earlier. Even with his words being directed to Katsuki it seemed his eyes just couldn’t leave Izuku.

Hell, everyone was staring at him.

(He cleaned up nice.)

Katsuki coaxed Izuku closer to the fire with a halfhearted grumble. “You wouldn’t dream of it, Kirishima. I’m the one that brought the other buck down.” he teased, pausing only when Izuku’s steps refused to move closer. At first he kept trying to push, only to watch as the bunny startled and side-stepped away from his grip. He hid behind Bakugou as the acrid scent of distressed Omega filled the air.

“I, uh. I’m tired, Kacchan.” He weakly protested as the weight of all their gazes pinned him to the ground. His ankle hurt, his body was sore, and the cacophony of scents to his pre-heat nose ached something fierce.

It was a stag hybrid that spoke up next with a loud clearing of his throat.

“I believe the Omega is tired, Bakugou. He must acclimate to a den before seeking out pack for comfort.” He spoke, attempting to keep his blue gaze off to the side. In all his damn life Bakugou had never seen Iida so quiet or meek, as though he was nervous of scaring off the bunny. Or perhaps making a bad first impression?

Katsuki nodded, feeling a possessive twitch to him. He wasn’t stupid.  “Alright, c’mon, bunny.” He said, motioning his way to the side of the cliff they’d taken residence in. There was a palatable tension in the air as Midoriya scurried his way behind the wolfdog- knowing that those eyes never left him until he was completely out of sight.

From there Bakugou guided them towards the unused portion of the camp- a narrow opening leading into a meticulously clean nesting den. It may have been a leftover from wild animals, but with a bit of tender care, their tribe had cleaned it out enough to make a comfortable new start to their future Omegas.

Katsuki swallowed nervously as he parted aside the protective layer of leaves hiding it. “Like I said earlier, we don’t have Omegas, so uh. Sorry if it’s missing anything.”

The entrance was just large enough to leave plenty of room to move into, yet confined enough to soothe his inner instincts. The area around them was large and open, with old pelts and dried grass all around for prospective nesting material. No doubt a cavern this sizable could house a large nursery…yet the empty and dark spaces just made Izuku nervous as he sniffed about.

It smelled completely neutral in here, aside from faded and old scents from the last cleaning and maintenance.

“Are you a fresh tribe?” the bunny inquired as he brushed his hands over the soft pelts, gathering a few into his arms as he pushed them all into a nice pile. His voice echoed out to where Bakugou sat waiting, refusing to enter the new territory to the Omega. This would be Izuku’s personal space- and hopefully any other Omega that came in to their numbers.

Bakugou nodded his affirmation from where he watched in with reflective eyes. “We are no more than two moons old- a group of Betas and Alphas outcasted from more populated tribes. We’ve made a home for ourselves here.”

Izuku nodded, tucking the information for later as he kneaded the nest of pelts and straw. It was a bit scratchy and dusty, but still, nothing he couldn’t clean when the sun rose tomorrow. He settled into the nest after rubbing his cheek and scent all over what he could. It was still a foreign territory to the Omega.

“Can you come in and maybe scent around a bit?” he asked, “I’m…it’s a big place.”

Bakugou froze, only to stick his head further in with a pinch of his brows. Now he wasn’t exactly the most graceful or tact person, but even he wasn’t blind to how lonely the rabbit looked in such a big space. “Did you want me to stay tonight?” he inquired, watching how those irresistible big eyes turned up to him in hope.

“Can you?”

Fuck, it was impossible to resist. He knew he had things he had to do to prepare for the upcoming mating season…and yet they could be put off a bit longer. Their potential Omega’s comfort was more important. He nodded his head as the hare’s lips curved into a wide smile. “Yeah yeah. Just let me grab some medicine and bring you back something to eat.”

The tension was gone from Izuku, melted away like butter as he nestled into the soft furs below him. His body flopped to the side as his tail wagged in excitement. “Sure thing, Kacchan! Just come back soon.” He pleaded, as if Bakugou would do anything else.

The wolfdog left feeling considerably lighter. Or maybe it was just the strong pheromones in the air?

They only made it much more irritating to be in the presence of his close-to-rut companions. The air was heady with the scent of excitement and anticipation, all of his pack staring at him with that hidden gleam in their eyes. No matter how strong a tribe may be, when the numbers were skewed like this, often times it became a fight for dominance.

Fearlessly he settled next to Kirishima’s side, refusing to acknowledge the clear elephant in the room.

It was Sero who broke the silence, the black haired feline bumping his way to Bakugou’s side. He was one of the few betas that could get close to Bakugou and Kirishima. “So?” he asked, a waggle to his brow making the wolf scowl. He was lucky he offered a hearty chunk of venison to the starving pack leader.

“So what?” Katsuki rumbled, tearing his teeth into the bloody meat. It had lost some of its freshness, but anything beat the dried strips of jerky left for preservation. “And if you’re going to ask about the Omega then you best turn your tail around and pretend it didn’t happen.”

A displeased murmur from his other packmates, only soothed over by Kirishima’s elbow in his side. “Surely you can’t be serious? You run off, come back with an Omega, and are currently holding up in the den with them! You have to tell us at least a bit; like is he going to join the pack or not?” The dog spoke, his own pheromones irksome to Katsuki’s nose.

He lowered his head into another bite of meat. “His name is Izuku, I don’t know where the hell he came from or why he was tangled in bushes aside from a bear chasing him, and he’s nervous as shit with all of you acting like horny pups. He’s uncomfortable in the nesting den and I’m trying to get him to stay.”

Sharp red eyes lifted to his other tribe members, narrowing in challenge. “Any more stupid questions?”

Silence greeted him, which Bakugou was more than happy to bask in. He licked the blood from his fingers as his ravenous appetite had him swallowing before he could even chew. “Good. I’d love to stay, but I have an Omega to convince to join the pack. If any of you assholes even sniff near that den I swear to god I’ll slaughter you where you stand.”

He couldn’t afford someone to ruin this; or make Izuku uncomfortable. There were plenty of other strong packs nearby that would gladly court an Omega in.

Katsuki left his pack behind in favor of gathering up their supply of berries and fruits, cupping plenty of food onto a flat rock, before thinking twice as he looked over their meager supply of ointments and salves. With spring just blossoming, what they’d managed to gather would have to last until the medicinal herbs came back up.

Thinking of the severity of Izuku’s wounds, Bakugou grit his teeth through his hesitance. He just would have to make sure his idiots would be extra careful without it.

Swiping the small pouch containing the salve, he bit it between his teeth, carrying the supplies with him towards the depths of his den. It was a balancing game to stay steady on his hind legs, but eventually he managed, placing the stone down near the entrance in order to get a better grip on the hide pouch.

“Izuku, I’m coming in.” he spoke into the cave, giving the only occupant inside a heads up. He hated how hard it was to worm his way in, but that only cemented his ideals of how a proper den should be. Their nursery would be safer from raids if other tribes decided to get land hungry. He knew how tense territorial disputes were getting near the river’s border.

Didn’t make it any more fun to get in the damn thing.

His paws landed with a thud as he attempted to clasp the salve again, reaching out past the den and siding the plate through. Thank god he had standing room now as his eyes scanned the darkness. What once was a small collection of pelts had turned into a towering fortress nearly as tall as Katsuki himself. At least it was obvious the Omega was keeping himself busy while the wolf was gone.

Brandishing the offering of food, he began to approach the Omega, making sure his body remained lax and unassuming. It wasn’t in his nature to not radiate intimidation…but Izuku was still in unfamiliar territory. He had to tread carefully lest he startle this delicate creature.

He froze when a mop of green peered over the nest, only for those tense ears to relax when the hare got a good whiff of the scent. “Kacchan,” he cooed, pupils dilating when he noticed the juicy berries and dried fruits. There were even some seeds and nuts scattered into the mix. With the offering of food readily accepted, Midoriya flopped onto his side once more, kicking away a few of the pelts to his nest. “Come sit with me?”

The whole area smelt of pre-heat.

Even with the undertones of anxiety souring the air, it was clear that Izuku was beginning to acclimate, hiding the extra space by making as big of a nest as he could. Without the crutch of a burrow to live within, Midoriya would just have to settle for making a nest of equivalent size. Katsuki actually thought it was kind of…cute.

Bakugou clambered his way up the plush nest, mindful not to allow the food to spill. He was sure he’d already lost a few on the way in. “I wasn’t sure what you liked so I brought everything.” He confessed, watching as the rabbit’s fingers went for the dried cherries first. Something warmed within Katsuki’s chest as he watched the contentment melt into Izuku’s features while he nibbled.

“Prefer the berries?” he asked, only to be swallowed whole by the black of the Omega’s irises. Izuku’s cheek rubbed over Bakugou’s shoulders as he savored the lingering flavors of the dried treat. “I like sweet things- though clovers and their blossoms are my favorite.”

Katsuki vowed to remember that next foraging mission. They would be coming up any day now if the weather permitted.

In the comfort of their presence, Izuku continued to eat, content in the lazy atmosphere around them. He had just met this Alpha and yet he didn’t feel threatened or alienated. Sure, it was a bit disheartening there were no other Omegas in this pack…but every pack had to start somewhere, didn’t they? He would be the head Omega of this tribe should he join; the matriarch.

His body shuttered with a wave of preheat, stomach fluttering at the thought. He couldn’t even imagine being a mother yet, let alone the highest ranking matron.

Nimble fingers roused Izuku from his less than comforting thoughts, dragging the rabbit out of his daze. He looked up to Katsuki as the wolf groomed him, picking at the knots, giving his curls their bounce back where his restless shifting had matted them. His body went slack without even entirely meaning to. Bakugou was an attentive Alpha; leaning down to scent the top of his head.

“I know it’s unconventional, but we are a good tribe.” He tried to reassure, “Our pasts may vary, but as a whole, there just wasn’t enough room for us where we were born.”

Izuku’s somber silence proved that the same practice occurred at his past tribe. It was nature at its finest. In truth the Omega hadn’t even thought of where the other Alphas who had to migrate would actually go.

“I never really thought of it that way,” he spoke, sifting through the plate, bunching up dried nuts and fruits to chew on. “I always had a place in my old tribe- well, that is, until we were forced to move from our territory. A bigger tribe had their mark on our spot. Me and my mom didn’t want to travel to the mountains though.”

Bakugou’s ears perked in interest. He gave the rabbit his full attention as his fingers continued to drift through those soft, soft locks. He took the welcomed distraction in order to pop open the skin and begin applying the medicinal paste to Izuku’s wounds.

“We stayed behind with a few others, vacating the territory, but still making a comfortable den for ourselves. In the end it was that bear that chased us away and split us off. I never really knew if my mom had stayed behind or returned to the mountains.” There was a tense pause, “…or if she’s even alive at all.”

Bakugou could sense the rising distress coming in waves off the rabbit, sending him into motion before he could even think otherwise. Tenderly his arms came around the bunny’s chest, pulling him close, until the tip of that button nose rested at the nape of his neck. At first Izuku was rightfully tense- until all of Katsuki’s focus went to dulling his scent to a comforting undertone.

Midoriya’s eyes grew heavy between the dual combination of scent and tactile touch.

“If your mom’s out there, we’ll find her.” He said with confidence, although skillfully avoiding a full on promise. The wilderness wasn’t for the faint of heart, nor the meek. A rabbit had a lot of potential predators in uncharted territory; let alone an older dam whom has already bore litters.

The sentiment alone, however, took a knock of tension off the Omega’s back.

It was strange; Bakugou had never gentled an Omega before, yet the motions came so naturally. He’d bury his nose into those green curls and nudge them back into place, scenting the contentment, his arms making the perfect hiding spot for the skittish rabbit. Katsuki noted that he had little to no desire to let the hare go anytime soon.

Instead he placed a soft kiss atop his ear, feeling it twitch, before handling the restless squirming of the bunny as Izuku tried to get a comfortable spot on his back.

“You know, the funny thing is? I believe you.” Izuku confessed, albeit with his words slurred from exhaustion. His body was heavy as the day’s events finally began to catch up to him. The paste was clearly uncomfortable from how his paws flexed, yet Bakugou made sure to work quick, pulling back only long enough to continue rubbing the salve.

Thankfully there was just enough to make a solid casting.

Katsuki admired his handiwork with a light brush of his fingertips, keeping Izuku’s paws raised, trying not to let the slight grimace of the bunny dissuade him. “I know it’s uncomfortable, but you need it to heal. It gets warmer with your skin after it dries for a moment.” He soothed, pressing his thumb to the padding of Midoriya’s foot.

He gave it a gentle rub, watching the bunny’s eyes flutter further. His eyelashes were almost otherworldly now that Bakugou could get a closer look. It was a relief to know that Katsuki wasn’t entirely incompetent as an Alpha, despite his terrifying exterior.

“Can we sleep now, Kacchan?” Izuku asked, his words distant and drifting. Whether he meant to or not, sleep was claiming him, and Bakugou watched on in fond amusement as the Omega’s head kept nodding off. He could deal with the leftover paste on his fingers for now.

He settled into the remaining space of Izuku’s nest, finding the give and plushness to be rather satisfying. A bit on the soft side. Yet still satisfying.

With the rabbit safe within his arms, and soothed by the Alpha’s presence, Izuku could finally rest easy for the first time since being split. With all the anxieties spiraling around him, the looming presence of a potential new pack, and an uncertain past lingering behind him…

…at least he could put all that aside for now in favor of being in Kacchan’s arms