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Fire Emblem Fates Rewrite (Conquest)

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Following the war, few Hoshidan retainers survived. Kaze lived through the invasion but went missing soon after. Rumor has it he was tasked by the queen to investigate something of unknown origin. Yukimura assisted the next ruler of Hoshido as he had done for Sumeragi and Mikoto before.

Mokushu never stabilized itself again. Following the death of Kotaro, the land fell apart. In the end, it became part of the newly reestablished Kohga. 

Cheve wound up being part of Nohr following the war. Its heir, once thought to be alive, was never found and, and their true identity is still unknown.

Sakura was released from Nohrian captivity after the final battle, but she was never the same. She supposedly suffered from many mental health issues as a result of the Hoshidan massacre she witnessed at Fort Jinya. She remained close to her sister always. 

Hinoka went to great lengths to restore Hoshido to its former glory. Much like Sakura, she struggled with depression for the rest of her life. She forged a peace treaty with Nohr but still kept her distance at all times.

Shura, Righteous Rebel

With the help of the Hoshidan royal family, Shura began the difficult task of rebuilding the kingdom of Kohga. It became a safe haven for people of all backgrounds and enjoyed an era of peace with Shura as its ruler.

Izana, Lord of Leisure

Izana returned to Izumo after the war and helped to rebuild the nation after the damage it suffered in the war. He was honored by his people as a just ruler and was remembered fondly for his celebrations.

Gunter, Inveterate Knight

Gunter served at Corrin's side for the rest of his life. He was a stern general in the Nohrian army that brought many victories to the royal family when various threats arose.

Anna, Secretive Merchant

Anna returned her merchant life, revitalizing trade in parts of the world most affected by the war. Official records show how her network and name were passed down for generations following the Great Pheuyuran War. 

Mozu, Rural Powerhouse

Mozu returned to her village and began rebuilding it. Inspired by her efforts, nearby towns began their own restoration efforts. Mozu was eventually hailed as a local hero and humanitarian. 

Beruka, Quiet Assassin

After the war, Beruka opened up more and was even known to smile sometimes. She spent the rest of her life at Camilla's side, rejecting offers for once-treasured assassination contracts and not discussing her hobbies.

Felicia, Maid Mayhem and Benny, Gentle Giant

Felicia gave up her career in the service industry for the military, ultimately becoming a commander. She and Benny worked alongside one another before retiring to the forest in their later years.

Peri, Childish Killer and Niles, Cruel to be Kind

Peri and Niles were known to be dutiful retainers to their respective lords. Despite it being unexpected, they grew close and forged a strong relationship that would last all their lives.

Arthur, Hapless Hero and Effie, Army of One

Arthur and Effie eventually retired from their positions as retainers but remained close with Elise always. They forged a small mercenary band and lived happily traveling the realm many times over.

Selena, Cutting Wit and Laslow, Dancing Duelist

Laslow and Selena vanished following the war. They were known to mysteriously appear and disappear at random points, never explaining where they were going or had come from in the process.

Flora, Cold as Ice and Jakob, Devoted Servant

Flora returned to the Ice Tribe, helping it regain its independence and prosperity. She eventually succeeded her father as chief. Jakob, while initially hesitant to leave Corrin, grew to love his life in the Ice Tribe. They freed it of its chains permanently through their work.

Lilith, Draconic Mystery

Lilith was scarcely mentioned in history. Legends tell of a fish-like dragon ruling over worlds besides Pheuyura, and some historians believe this dragon was somehow tied to Lilith, perhaps through reincarnation.

Elise, Budding Flower and Odin, Aching Blood

The records of Elise and Odin following the war are limited. They are thought to have run away together, though testimonies from the other Nohrian royals claimed they returned every once in a while with their son and daughter in tow.

Leo, Sorcerous Prince and Nyx, Cursed by Youth

Leo and Nyx left behind the life granted to them as Nohrian royalty. Instead, they went to Nestra and worked to restore it in as many ways as they could. Nyx became the first duchess of Nestra with Leo at her side. Nestra returned to its former glory under their rule and may have even surpassed what it once was.

Camilla, Bewitching Beauty and Keaton, Lupine Collector

Camilla traveled between the palace and Keaton's home with her peculiar companion in tow. Keaton became the leader of his tribe with Camilla as his bride. They raised two children together who shared Keaton's wolf features.

Xander, Paragon Knight and Charlotte, Wily Warrior

As king of Nohr, Xander laid the foundation for a new era of peace and prosperity. He signed a peace treaty with Hoshido as well. Charlotte was a caring wife and mother, and they lived together happily and genuinely.

Azura, Lady of the Lake

There are no official records or stories of Azura from after the war. She was such a mysterious figure that later generations wondered if she truly existed, or if she was merely a spirit in human form. Some say they saw a blue-haired woman with an angelic singing voice near the border of Hoshido alongside a ninja, but none of these rumors have evidence behind them.

Corrin, Crux of Fate and Silas, Loyal Knight

Corrin fell in love with her closest companion after the war. Silas became a general in the Nohrian army. Corrin was hailed as a hero, working to spread peace across Pheuyura for their whole life.

You have followed the path of conquest and fate

And yet

You must wonder

What would things have been like

If your choice had been different?