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Fire Emblem Fates Rewrite (Conquest)

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-Fight with Nohr  

Is this the path you choose?  


Corrin:  I... I know what I need to do... Ryoma, withdraw your troops.  

Ryoma:  You can’t possibly mean that...  

Corrin:  I’m sorry, Ryoma, but I will not fight for Hoshido.  

Ryoma How can you say that?! You have seen the atrocities committed by the  Nohrian  nation first hand! They destroyed an entire city! Our mother nearly died because of their actions!  

Corrin:  It isn’t that simple. I know the  Nohrian  kingdom has done unforgivable things to  Hoshido , just as I know these people are not my brothers and sisters by birth. Even still, I must side with them. My heart won’t allow me to turn against them.  

Ryoma How can you return to  Nohr  after what they did?! You know of their sins, and still you try to justify joining them? You are of Hoshido! They are to blame for taking you away so many years ago! You mean to fight for those who stole you away?  

Corrin:  I don’t want to choose... But I cannot abandon the family I spent so many years alongside.   

Xander:  You did the right thing, Corrin... You know we never shared a bloodline, but we all believed you were family from the start. It means a lot to me that you’ve chosen to side with us. Father will be pleased as well.  

Ryoma:  You must be aware of King Garon’s attempt to kill them!  

Xander:  What?  

Ryoma There was an attack in our capital’s square. The explosion came from the sword your king gave Corrin. If their mother hadn’t protected them, nearly dying in the process, they would be dead. If your ruler truly cared, why would he do such a thing?  

Xander:  Is... Is this true?  

Corrin:  ...Yes, but... I need to hear the truth from him. The answers I seek are in Nohr. I must return there as soon as possible.  

Ryoma ...I don’t want to fight you...  

Corrin:  I’m not trying to start a battle. I merely want to settle things peacefully. I’m sure I can convince  Nohr  to join forces with Hoshido. There must be a reason for this. The war can end through diplomacy.   

Ryoma ... Nohr’s  atrocities cannot be forgiven. We cannot join sides until the king of Nohr is dead.  

Xander:  Stand down. I will not allow you to say such things.  

Ryoma Then do as you will. Let the battle begin.  

Corrin:  Xander, we must retreat. We can’t die here. Enough people have been hurt today.   

Leo:  Retreat isn’t an option here. While we were speaking here, they surrounded us. We must fight through them.  

Camilla:  Then let’s fight through them!   

Elise:  Everything’s going to be fine.   

Ryoma ...So be it. Hoshido! We battle!  

Hinoka You can’t mean to betray us here...  

Takumi:  It’s time to avenge all the people who died!  

Sakura:  I-I'll do my best!  

Xander:  The battle begins now!  

(If Corrin is male)  

Felicia:  Lord Corrin! I’m so glad to see you’re safe!  

Corrin:  Felicia?!  

Felicia:  I came with the royal family to search for you... I’m glad to see you’re safe!  

Corrin:  You’re just in time... It seems we must fight.  

(If Corrin is female)  

Jakob:  Lady Corrin, I apologize for the delay.  

Corrin:  J-Jakob?  

Jakob:  I have been searching for you ever since your disappearance... I wish I had been here sooner, but thanks to your siblings, here I am.  

Corrin:  You’re just in time... It seems we must fight.  

(Engaging Sakura)  

Sakura:  I-I won’t let you hurt the people I love!  

(Corrin engages combat with Sakura)  

Sakura:  A-Are you really going to fight me?  

Corrin:  You didn’t do anything wrong... I’m going to find my answers for you and the rest of your siblings.  

Sakura:  Stop it...  

(Sakura is defeated)  

Sakura:  I don’t... understand...  

(Engaging Takumi)  

Takumi:  Prepare to pay for what you have done!  

(Corrin engages combat with Takumi)  

Takumi:  I knew it would come to this...  

Corrin:  Takumi, I—  

Takumi:  Don’t bother. I have no time for your empty words. You’ll pay for your betrayal!  

(Takumi is defeated)  

Takumi:  This isn’t over...  

(Engaging Hinoka)  

Hinoka:  I’ve been training for this day!  

(Corrin engages combat with Hinoka)  

Hinoka What are you doing?!   

Corrin:  I can’t abandon the family I knew all these years. I’m sorry.  

Hinoka:  No...  

(Hinoka is defeated)  

Hinoka I... I can’t believe it’s come to this...  

(Engaging Azura)  

Azura:  Corrin...  

(Corrin engages combat with Azura)  

Azura:  I see you’ve made your choice.  

Corrin:  I don’t mean to betray you...  

Azura:  ...It’s your decision, not mine.   

(Azura is defeated)  


(Engaging Ryoma)  

Ryoma:  I won’t let this happen!  

(Corrin engages combat with Ryoma)  

Ryoma You can’t truly mean to leave us!  

Corrin:  I’ve made my choice. I know what I must do.  


(Ryoma is defeated)  

Ryoma:  I must withdraw for now... But this is not over!  

(Engaging Yukimura)  

Yukimura:  I’m sorry, Lady Mikoto...  

(Corrin engages combat with Yukimura)  

Yukimura:  You have come back to us with a blade in hand.  

Corrin:  Nohr  is where I belong.   

Yukimura:  It would break your mother’s heart to see you this way...  

(Yukimura is defeated)  

Yukimura:  Forgive me, Lady Mikoto...  

(After the battle)  

Corrin:  Please find it in your hearts to forgive me... I know this seems like betrayal, but I will end this war. The answers I seek can only be found in Nohr... A broken nation cannot be fixed by crushing it from the outside. It takes care from inside to repair the damage. Until then... Farewell.  

(Azura enters)  

Azura:  Corrin!  

Corrin:  Azura?  

Azura:  So... you’re really leaving us?  

Corrin:  Azura, I...  

Azura:  Once done, this cannot be undone. Are you sure?  

Corrin:  ...Yes. This is the only way I can learn what I must. I cannot betray the people I knew to be my family for so long.  

Azura:  I see... I will not stop you if this is the path you have chosen. I am certain we will meet again, likely as enemies, as my loyalties lie with Hoshido. Until that time comes, I suppose this is goodbye.  

(Azura leaves)  

Corrin:  Azura... Everyone... I’m sorry.