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Homecoming Dance

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“Are you excited for the dance?” Yukako asked you impatiently, a big smile was upon her face. You shook your head at her, knowing she was soon about to rant about Koichi to you. “Before you say anything, we should go to the mall and buy some dresses.” You said avoiding the chatter of her boyfriend. “(Y/N)-chan! You’re right! Let’s go right now!” She grabbed your arm and dragged you out of the park to the nearest gown shop in Morioh. Walking down main street arms linked together, Yukako and you were window shopping at all the small shops you passed. “Wait (Y/N)..” Yukako said, making you stop with her. “Hmm? Did you find a dress you liked?” You asked her. “Do you even have a date?” She said covering her mouth in shock. You were a bit taken back realizing that you didn’t have a date. And yet here you were, planning for an amazing time with your best friend and your “supposed” date. “N-No I guess I don’t.” You spoke as you both sat on a bench. “Well, it’s not like no one wants to be your date. A lot of boys asked you out, and you did reject them all.” She said. You nodded. “I dunno, I wasn’t really feeling any of them.” She nodded in understanding.

“(Y/N)! Yukako!” You both looked over and saw the trio of guys who you always hung out with. Josuke, Okuyasu, and Koichi. “Koichi!” Yukako shrilled as she ran to him. You giggled and rolled your eyes as Josuke came and sat next to you. “So are you guys dress shopping?” He asked kindly. You smiled warmly at him and nodded. “Yes, it was just something to distract Yukako so she doesn’t kill me of boredom with her rambling.” You whispered to him and he chuckled. You joined in on the laughter. “Wait, why are you looking for a dress? Last I heard, you weren’t going with anyone.” He said with a look of confusion. “Wait, or unless you agreed to someone.” He said quite fast. A look of hurt replaced his confusion. “No no. I haven’t agreed to go with anyone yet.” You said giggling at his feat. “Okay good.” He said smiling and nudging you. You rolled your eyes once again as you playfully slapped his hands away. “(Y/N), We have to get you someone to go to the dance with!” Yukako said suddenly at your side once more. You laughed before stating, “Yeah, but who’s going to take me?” Yukako began naming all the guys in your class off of her fingers as you shook your head at each name she said. “(Y/N)! That’s everyone we know!” Yukako said about to hit you. “Yare yare calm down!” You said putting up your hands defensively. “Not everyone.” Koichi intervened. You both looked over at him waiting for him to continue. “You will have Josuke left since Okuyasu is going to be out of town.” Okuyasu who’s been mainly quiet this entire time shouted, “YEAH!” You giggled. “Well?” You turned your attention over at Josuke who was nervously combing his hair, avoiding your eyes. “(Y-Y/N), will you go to the dance with me?” He said as he sheepishly turned away, a light red dusting his chest. You thought it over. “Sure why not?” You replied giving him a warm smile which he returned. Josuke opened his mouth to say something but Yukako had already grabbed you by the arm, dragging you off to a store to finally buy a dress. “I’ll see you at 8!” You called out to him, waving bye to the trio.

You were currently standing on a small platform in front of several mirrors as Yu-Chan held several dresses she thought were fit for you. The first dress was a light purple, almost lilac coloured. It was a two piece one which complemented your hips and hugged your legs. You frowned and shooked your head knowing it would gain a lot of unwanted attention. The next dress was an orange long-sleeved mermaid style dress. It was backless as well. You shook your head once more. “Orange isn’t really my colour.” You said as Yukako nodded her head. “Thank god. You’re gorgeous but even I wasn’t sure how you’d pull that offer.” You both laughed and she moved onto the next one. She put a deep blue gown on your figure as you held it for her, seeing if it was right or not. The blue was a pretty color, the dress itself, however, was strapless and had a sash for the waistline; which was covered in small with diamonds varying in sizes. It also traveled up the torso and the bust to a small choker. The skirt of the dress fanned out, but not like a ball gown with layers and layers of fabric. Instead, it was cut at one side which showed your leg and draped over your waist, flowing to the floor. “This one is the one.” You said staring at the mirror in awe. “I agree, that would look killer on you.” She said, then ushered you to the dressing room to try it on while she went in another, wearing the dress she picked out.

You both walked out of the store with bags filled with the main dress and accessories. “We’re so lucky we were able to find such good dresses even though the dance is tomorrow.” You nodded as you leaned over and called for a taxi. “You’re right, and they fit us so well. I'm surprised that we don’t have to get them tailored like usual.” She nodded in agreement as you both got in a cab and made your way home exchanging small talk and plans for the dance and where you’d be getting ready.

As you entered your home, parents at work, your phone dinged. You toss the bag onto your desk as you sat down on your bed, reading it. ‘Josuke: Hey! So about the dance.. (;’ A smile graced your face as you laid down on the bed and replied. ‘What about it? (; lol’ He replied within a few seconds. ‘Josuke: How about, instead of picking you up at 8..’ He said as you waiting for an answer. ‘Yesss…??’ You quickly sent impatiently. ‘Josuke: What if we had a little dinner at Toni’s? (:’ A blush made it’s way to your cheeks as you sat up thinking about it. ‘Like..a date?’ You sent as you got up and stretched. A few minutes have passed as you found your way to the bathroom and began brushing your hair out of boredom. Your phone chimed as an incoming message lit up the screen. ‘Josuke: Hahaha Nah :P’ He said as you slightly frowned. You were about to slide to reply but another message came in. ‘Josuke:...unless... Of course, that would be okay with you..?’ You smiled once more as you replied. ‘Of course (:’

You were awoken by your friend basically breaking down your front door. “(Y/N)!! IT’S THE BIG DAY!” Running to the front door before she could make any major damage, you saw the door partially opened, with Yukako squeezed through it as the chain lock was preventing the door from opening any more. “Mind helping me?” She said grinning. “Yeaaaaaaaaah just hold on.” You took out your phone, taking a picture and sending it to Koichi labeling it ‘Come get your man.’ Once you undid the lock, she swung the door wide open, almost off its hinges too. “Yukako, calm down, you’re going to destroy my place.” You said but she ignored you as she grabbed your arm and dragged you to your bedroom, tossing her bag where you were previously asleep. “So quick thing, Koichi wanted us to take professional photos so I won’t be seeing you until 8 at the dance.” She said as she took out her dress, laying it down on the bed. “Oh, that’s alright. Josuke is planning to take me to dinner at Toni’s first.” You said nonchalantly as she did the same with your dress. “WHAT?” She said running over to you and grabbing your shoulders. “(Y/N)! This is a BIG deal!!” You glanced at her confused. “Why?” “Because Josuke is one of the most popular guys in school, and you’d make a perfect couple!” You shook your head and laughed. “Come on! Tell me you don’t like him like that. We’ve all seen how you act around each other. It’s clearer than day.” You thought about what she said as she put your hair up in a low effort bun then did the same with her hair. “I guess you’re right. He is handsome.” You said resting your cheek on your hand as you thought about the pompadour man.

Once dressed, you let Yukako do your makeup since she had already done hers while you were daydreaming. “Okay, now you look even more gorgeous.!” She said handing you a mirror and you smiled at your reflection. A honk came from outside. “That must be Koichi!” Yukako said excitedly as she grabbed her purse, “I’ll see you at the dance!” She called from the living room as you hear the front door close. Your smile faltered a bit as you realized you were growing anxious for the event. Soon Josuke will be here any minute. ‘Will he like the dress?’ ‘What if he goes for someone else instead?’ ‘Maybe he’s just as nervous as I am.’ A knock at the door quickened your heart beat as you knew it was Josuke. “Pardon the intrusion, (Y/N), I’m here, are you ready?” He called from the living room, allowing himself in. You stood up and dusted off your dress as you undid the bun, letting your (h/c) locks frame your face. “Coming!” You said, grabbing the purse Yukako got for you and putting your phone in it.

You entered the living room, smiling at Josuke. “Oh, he-” He cut himself off as he went slack-jawed at your appearance. “Is it a bit too much?” You said, brushing your hair with your fingers. “N-NO! I mean No!, You look gorgeous.” He said, earning a blush from you. He extended his arm at to you. “Shall we?” He smiled brightly as his marine eyes were full of admiration. “We shall.” You said returning the smile, linking your arms together.