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Maple, Lilac

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“Are you sure you want to visit now? Your rut is scheduled to start in a couple days,” Taeyong asks worriedly. Mark bounces his leg impatiently.

“Yes,” Mark insists. “We have more schedules soon, and I promised I would visit them this month.” He indeed did make a promise to the younger members of NCT that he will visit them this month. With all the conflicting schedules, they haven’t been able to hang out as much after Mark graduated.

“Okay,” Taeyong relents, “but if you need anything, just give us a call, okay?” Mark nods in agreement, opening the sliding door of the black minivan they use for schedules and stepping out into the light drizzle. Taeyong passes him his bag and he runs off into the SM dorm building.

He hears the shrieks from Chenle and Donghyuck’s boisterous laughs from the stairwell long before he reaches the dorm door. Shaking his head, he rings the doorbell and knocks on the door.

He hears the footsteps come to the door before it opens, revealing Chenle on sugar crushing him in a hug. His sweet scent, like fresh-baked cookies, drifts around Mark. Mark’s own scent drifts around, intertwining, saying yes, he misses him too.

“Our cutie Mark-hyung finally came to visit!” he yells, before dragging Mark into the dorm and kicking the door closed. Jeno is by the door as well, and he greets Mark with a shining smile before locking the dorm door.

They venture into the living room, where It’s Dangerous Beyond the Blankets is playing, with Mark in the center spotlight, trying to fry eggs. Mark groans as they turn their heads to laugh at him.

“Really, guys?” Mark complains. “This is how you greet me?”

“We vow to never let you live it down as long as we live,” Donghyuck solemnly promises, crossing his heart sarcastically. Mark rolls his eyes as he sinks into the free armchair.

“Aww, is our poor Markie-hyung embarrassed?” Donghyuck taunts. “Don’t worry, I’m sure you’ll eventually learn how to fry your own eggs in the near future.”

“Thanks,” Mark replies sarcastically.

“How long are you staying?” Renjun asks.

“Counting tonight, three days,” Mark answers.

“Oh, I have a schedule Monday, sorry,” Jeno comments, guilt lacing his woody scent.

“Me too,” Jaemin adds. “I’m filming for my drama.” His coffee scent becomes rather bitter, rather regretful.

“Oh, it’s fine. Good luck,” Mark says, hiding his disappointment. He really looked forward to spending time with the younger members.

“Chenle and I have filming as well that day,” Jisung adds apologetically. The once sweet cookie scent dulls as Chenle looks at Mark apologetically, and Jisung’s own lemon tea scent suddenly smells like someone added too many lemons. Mark looks at Donghyuck and Renjun hopefully.

“I have a surprise V Live with Jungwoo-hyung, Dongyoung-hyung, Jaehyun-hyung, and Taeil-hyung,” the former answers the gaze guiltily, his strawberry scent dimming. Mark, looking downcast now, replies with a sad nod.

“I don’t have anything planned,” Renjun supplies, and Mark’s mood brightens immediately.

“Really?” Mark asks, hopeful again.

Renjun nods. “Maybe we can hang out without the loud ones.” Mark sends him a grateful look. It’s been too long since they’ve hung out together.

“Hey!” Chenle protests loudly. “I’m not that loud!” Renjun raises an eyebrow at him. “Okay, maybe sometimes, I’m loud.”

“Okay!” Donghyuck captures everyone’s attention. The heavy cloud of negative scents clears. “We still have a whole night to spend, and a whole day tomorrow. What should we do?”

“Let’s just finish watching Mark-hyung embarrass himself for tonight, with snacks, of course, and go out tomorrow,” Jisung offers, ignoring Mark’s indignant “hey!”

“Where?” Jaemin asks, passing out popcorn he got from the kitchen.

“Let’s go to the waterpark!” Chenle pleads, bouncing up and down.

“Any objections?” Mark asks. No one speaks up. “Okay, we’re going to the waterpark tomorrow then!” The members cheer, and Mark bathes in the happiness. This is what he misses the most.

The rest of the night goes uneventfully, with the members finishing the reality show and going off the sleep. Tomorrow comes almost immediately, and they go to the new waterpark near the beach.

It has been a while since Mark treated himself, and this becomes the perfect opportunity. Despite his protests, the younger members throw him in the sea, but he only manages to catch Donghyuck as the others throw sand at him.

Alas, time travels when you’re having fun, they say. The day passes too quickly, and they wrap up, returning to the dorm drenched and dirty.

After taking turns to shower, they go out to dinner together, with Mark paying for their Korean beef. They return to the dorm happy and full.

When Mark goes under the covers is when he first feels it: the beginning of an uncomfortable heat throughout his body. But he only shrugs it off and goes to sleep.

Renjun wakes up to an overwhelming maple scent drenching his senses. He gets up and goes toward Mark’s room, toward the smell.

“Hyung?” Renjun knocks on the door, concerned. Scents are rarely this strong. “Are you okay?” When no response answers him, he opens the door.

Just as he opens the door, Mark, who had been struggling by himself on the bed, let out a deep moan. Renjun stills, then realizes why the elder’s scent is so prominent. He’s in rut.

“Oh,” Renjun squeaks. “Um... I’ll leave you... to... then... okay.” Awkwardly, he starts to close the door, but another moan, this one deep and guttural, echos throughout the room. Renjun winces when he realizes Mark’s gaze rests on him. Him being an omega with his scent probably isn’t helping the elder control himself either.

“Do... do you want me to help you?” He timidly offers, eyes downcast. When there is no response after some time, he mutters a shy “okay,” and proceeds to close the door. However, before the door can fully close, something yanks it open and grabs Renjun into the room. He backs up into Mark, who hesitates, standing there fighting to stay in control.

Nervous, Renjun closes the door and leads Mark back to his bed. The alpha lets out a groan of pain.

“Shh,” Renjun comforted. “It’s okay.”

He kneels down beside the bed as Mark, who undressed a while ago, immediately lines up with his mouth. “R-Renjun,” he gasps out, “c-can I?”

Without answering, Renjun strokes the base of Mark’s cock as he takes the head in his mouth. Mark lets out a breathy moan as Renjun takes in more every time. Mark feels blessed to be given a blowjob by the normally feisty omega, but right now, he’s in rut, and it’s not enough. The sweet, lilac scent drifts around him and he snaps.

Growling, he takes Renjun by his hair, and thrusts deeper. The omega chokes and tries to steady himself as Mark thrusts relentlessly, letting the alpha take control. The tip hit the back of his throat- no denying it, Mark is big - and when Renjun gets used to it, he swirls his tongue around the shaft and sucks as well, his free hands massaging the elder’s balls. The elder moans at the sensation.

With the new combination, Mark slowly comes undone bit by bit before coming without warning in Renjun’s mouth. Unprepared, Renjun chokes on the cum, coughing after Mark pulls out. Mark watches as Renjun sits there trying to catch his breath. He sits down in front of the younger, tilting his head up to capture his lips in a rough kiss, with Mark’s slipping right into Renjun’s mouth past his tongue. He can taste the remnants of his cum on the younger’s tongue as he forces him to swallow.

He pulls away when Renjun lets out a moan, with Renjun chasing after the elder unconsciously. Mark looks at the flushed face in front of him, panting softly with red tinting his cheeks. He kisses him again, this time lifting him onto the bed while doing so. Mark’s stiffened cock is begging for attention at this point, but the small space in the back of his mind is reminding him- warning him- to be careful with the omega. He isn’t a tool for rut.

In a daze, he takes off Renjun’s hoodie and throws it on the floor before attacking his neck, marking him in red. Looking at his masterpiece, red stars shining against the flushed skin Mark almost sees and angel before him. “You’re beautiful,” he mutters. Renjun gasps when Mark moves on to his neck, and moans when he bites down, his teeth gently scratching Renjun’s skin just enough to make a mark, but not enough to draw blood. He whimpers when Mark makes hickeys all over his collarbones, his back arching when the elder sucks on that one spot the makes him feel too good.

“M-Mark-hyung,” he whimpers. Mark’s eyes snaps to meet his, his mouth never stopping its work in painting his body with love bites. The younger moans, letting out quiet whimpers here and there as his body is marked. Mark slowly starts creeping upward again, stopping to make a nice purple spot just underneath Renjun’s jawline. When their lips meet again, Renjun can feel he amount of restraint Mark has himself on. “Y-you can -ah- let go. It’ll -ah- be fine,” he says, interrupted by small gasps when Mark bites down on his lower lip.

“Renjun,” he pants, “are you sure? I don’t want to hurt you.” Mark’s scent seems even more prominent now, with an omega very near his proximity during his rut.

“Yes,” Renjun breathes out, and the gaze in Mark’s eyes darkens. He shivers as the heat above him disappears. He looks up to see Mark hovering over him, a bottle of lube in his hands.

“Fuck, Renjun, you’re so hot,” Mark says, and Renjun whimpers at the praise. Mark removes the last article of clothing and moves up to shower the younger with kisses again. In the back of his mind, Renjun knows tomorrow, he will have to spend some time covering the hickeys up, but in the moment, being surrounded by a dense smell of maple severely coated with lust hazes his mind.

Renjun tilts his head back when Mark inserts one finger coated in lube. The cool substance contrasts with the warmth of his hole. “Shit, Renjun, you’re so tight,” Mark growls, and he bites down gently on the exposed neck.

“Ah, ah, hyung,” Renjun moans, wiggling his hips to get more. His thigh brushes against Mark’s painfully hard erection, and Mark lets out a hiss. Renjun reaches down to stroke his own hard cock, but Mark pins him arms above his head.

“No touching,” he commands, and adds two more fingers, thrusting them in faster than before. Renjun let out a gasp at the new intrusions. They fill him up so nicely. Mark curves his fingers, making them just barely brush against Renjun’s prostate.

“Ah!” Renjun moans, arching his back when they hit it dead on. Mark takes his fingers out covered in slick. “Alpha, please!” Renjun pleads, and Mark loses all control he once had. Letting out a deep growl, he bites down on Renjun’s collarbone, ignoring the yelp and pushes the head of his cock in. Mark groans at the feeling, pushing inside.

Renjun moans when he feels the head of Mark’s big cock finally push inside him. It brushes against his warm, tight walls that clenches down on the unfamiliar intrusion. “Ah, Renjun,” Mark moans, “so tight.” Renjun whimpers when Mark pushes inside him even more. Even after it feels like he can’t take any more, Mark seems to push more inside him every second.

Finally, he bottoms out. The first thrust is slow and dragged out, his cock brushing against Renjun’s prostate. It makes him arch his back and moan loudly at the feeling. “Hyung,” he whimpers. The second thrust picks up speed immediately, Mark setting a rather fast pace. His thrusts are fast and deep, his cock dragging itself against Renjun’s walls. It repeatedly pushes against his prostate, making him a moaning mess underneath the alpha.

“Mm, M-Mark! Ah, alpha !” Renjun moans. At the last word, Mark starts to thrust even harder, hitting Renjun’s prostate nonstop dead-on with each thrust. Renjun doesn’t know if he is screaming, moaning, or a combination of both, but he feels the pressure in his gut start to rise.

“M-ah-Mark, I-ah-I’m g-oh-oing to come!” he manages, a blushing mess. Mark doesn’t answer, but he presses his body down and bites his neck again, thrusting at a brutal pace. “Ah, ah, Mark! Ah, please, more!” he pants out, moaning nonstop now as the heat crashes over the edge and he comes all over his chest, panting to catch his breath from the intense orgasm.

Only stopping for a second, Mark starts thrusting again right after, though his thrusts are more unrhythmic and uneven. “Ah! Mark! I can’t- ah- no! Too sensitive, please,” Renjun blabbers incoherently, too busy trying to form straight thoughts in his head as Mark pounds into him relentlessly. He is still recovering from his orgasm, but Mark gives him no time to relax.

“So good,” Mark grunts. “So good for me.”

“Ah, ah, alpha! Yes, yes! Good- ah- good for you,” Renjun’s back becomes permanently arched. Mark’s cock drags against his hypersensitive walls and aims directly for his prostate. “No, no please. Too sensitive, please,” Renjun moans, but he doesn’t want Mark to stop either.

He starts trembling with the intense amount of pleasure he feels. None of his words make sense at this point. “Mark, yes! Mark, oh god, please, yes, come in me, please- ah- I need your cum.” Mark lets out a groan when Renjun clenches again from coming until his vision goes white. “Ah!” When Mark comes inside, he starts blabbering nonsense, shivering from oversensitivity. The alpha’s knot rests just inside his hole, filling him up to the brim.

Renjun lets out a sigh, panting. His two orgasms were mind-blowing, and he can still feel Mark’s cock inside.

He groans when Mark’s knot shrinks, and yelps when the elder flips him over, dragging him on his hands and knees before thrusting in again. “M-Mark!” he protests, but moans when Mark’s cock goes even deeper than before. The intense wave of pleasure comes back at once, and his arms collapse from underneath him, barely holding his face from the mattress.

“Ah,” he screams when Mark drags his cock against his abused prostate again. Mark drills into him until his mind has nothing but Mark, how good Mark is making him feel, and Mark. He comes again, spilling all over the sheets, and Mark doesn’t stop, continuing to pound into him like a wild beast. At this point, Renjun can’t even recall his own name.

“Ah, ah, Mark, alpha, yes, please, ah, yes! Alpha!” The string of words is never-ending. Renjun is now sobbing against the sheets from the too-intense pleasure and the extreme oversensitivity. Mark completely ruins him, taking more and more. He collapses when Mark comes again, with Renjun already on his fifth orgasm. His hole is filled to the brim with Mark’s cum, and the only thing keeping the liquid inside is the alpha’s knot. When it shrinks, Mark pulls out, and the cum inside spills out as well. Renjun lay, wrecked, on the sheets, too tired to do anything.

To say Mark fucked his brains out would be an understatement. Mark fucked him until he had nothing left to give.

“Oh shit, Renjun, are you okay?” He faintly hears Mark ask. Funny, since just a while ago, nothing could stop the alpha from completely ruining him inside out.

“Yeah,” he whimpers, his voice coming out scratchy. “Just need some sleep.” He groans when he feels something touch his sensitive hole again. “No, please, I can’t- no more.”

“Don’t worry, I’m pretty sure I’m good for a while. I’m just going to clean up, okay?” Mark comforts. He looks down at the omega in pity. Sometime during his rut, he lost control, but he welcomes the sight of the flushed omega underneath him, with his marks over his body and his cum dripping out of his ass. He feels proud that it was him who wrecked Renjun so badly. It was him that ruined him.

Mark reluctantly gets up from the bed to grab a towel from the bathroom.

“So,” a voice startles him, and Mark turns around to be faced with a smirking Jaemin. “Is that why you decided to visit so suddenly?”

“Wha- no! I knew it was coming, but I didn’t think it would be this early! And I’m sorry too. Well, we’re both-“

“Nah, I don’t mind,” Jaemin interrupts. “So was he good?”

“Na Jaemin, I am disappointed in you. I-“

“Was he good?”

“Yes,” Mark admits. “Why, didn’t you guys...”

“Yes, but I was curious,” Jaemin smiles.

“Ew! How much did you hear? Or see?”

“You don’t want to know. Now shouldn’t you care for your omega?” Jaemin taunts.

“Weren’t you just leaving?” Mark replies, fetching the towel and ignoring Jaemin’s cackles on the way back to his room.

If it’s the one good quality Mark has, Mark is very thorough with his aftercare, making sure Renjun is comfortable and clean before dressing him in new clothes and laying him in bed. He throws the sheets and clothes in the washer before spraying scent-blockers around the dorm.

When he’s done, Renjun is already asleep. Silently, Mark gets on his bed and lays down. The younger curls against the alpha, making his heart skip a beat. Leaning forward, Mark gives Renjun a kiss on the forehead before going to sleep himself.

“So who helped you?” is the first thing Taeyong asks when he picks Mark up to walk him to the practice rooms. They aren’t far away, just a couple minutes, but the walk allows Taeyong to smell the scents on Mark and ask questions.

“What do you mean?” Mark asks innocently, a blush rising from his neck.

“I mean , which poor kid isn’t walking today because you forgot to bring the rut pills?” Taeyong glares.

“I’m sorry!” Mark apologizes.

“Just tell me who it was,” Taeyong sighs. Even if the pills are in Mark’s bag, he would forget he has them.

“Renjun...” Mark mutters. Taeyong stops walking.

“I guessed, but I hoped it wasn’t true. Mark, you did bring scent-blockers, right?” Taeyong asks. Mark shakes his head, looking confused. “Okay then, plan B to not get killed today, avoid Sicheng and Ten as much as you can.”

Mark pales as he thinks of what his members would do to him if they find out what he did to Renjun.

“Oh shit.”