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Sweet Dreams

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It all happened when he was 6.

Midoriya Izuku didn’t dream in his sleep often, and when he did, he barely remember what was it about in the morning. That night was different.

He was dreaming, completely conscious and aware of his surroundings, but feeling dizzy. He was at a park, sitting in the grass, under a tree. The sunlight felt artificial, just as the grass, the wind and the sky. Izuku knows this place, it’s the same park he went often with Katsuki and his friends, he could see the tree log that Katsuki once slipped off in the distance. Talking about it, he could see two small figures walking above the log.

It was him and Katsuki.

“So, you’re really quirkless, huh?” Katsuki asks, opening his arms to steady himself on one foot.

“I want to think I’m just a late bloomer, that I’m still going to get my quirk. Someday.” Izuku walks behind him, looking down, without much confidence in his voice. “Or maybe I already have a quirk! Like, a mental one, or one that needs a certain way of activation, or it’s really subtle...”

“Stop before the rambling goes too far.” Katsuki stops, spinning on his foot and getting face to face with Izuku. “You need your quirk soon. How are we gonna be heroes if you don’t have one?”

“But, Kacchan, what if… What if it’s a villain’s quirk? Or a useless quirk? I can’t be a hero if all I can do is… uh… I don’t know, glow my ears or never blink, like those dudes from school.” Izuku continued, playing with the sleeve of his All Might hoodie.

“But what if it’s your mom’s quirk? She has an amazing one! Think about it! No one could ever reach you, and you could control everything and everyone!” Katsuki smiles, moving his hand everywhere, like demonstrating Izuku’s mother telekinesis. “And what did you say your father’s quirk was?”

“He can breathe fire.”

“It’s just Endeavor, but like a dragon, which is way cooler! C’mon, keep your hopes up, Deku!” Katsuki spins again and continues his walk. “We’re gonna be heroes, together!”

Izuku – the one sitting by the tree, watching everything – made the most obnoxious expression of pure confusion and disbelief. Kacchan would never say that to him, or act like that. Was he transported to some alternative dimension? It's his best bet so far.

Then, Katsuki saw Izuku #1 and froze in place, eyes wide. Izuku #2 bumped on him and was about to ask what was wrong when he saw himself and did the same face as Katsuki, holding the blonde's wrist and hiding behind him.

“Do you think you can make clones?” Katsuki whispers, letting the fear aside and analyzing Izuku #1, who was sweating, trying to understand what the hell was happening.

“I don’t think so. Oi, are you a clone?” Izuku #2 looks over Katsuki’s shoulder to his clone.

“Uuuh… No?” he responds, getting up and patting the grass away from his pajama pants.

Wait, pajamas?

“Then, you’re an impostor!” Katsuki screams, letting go from Izuku’s grasp and running towards pajamas-Izuku

Pajamas-Izuku received a punch to the face and all the grass, trees and light from that place vanishes in a blur of black. He woke up being launched from his bed, his face hitting the shelf and knocking over an All Might doll to the floor. His nose hurts like hell and he hissed while touching it. According to his watch, it was 3:12 am. It was a miracle his mother didn’t woke up by the noise of his gasp.

Tip toeing, Izuku went to the bathroom to check on his nose. It was bleeding and a purple bruise was starting to form on the side. He cleaned it the best way he could, holding tears of pain. When he decided it was looking good enough, he came back to his room, putting his All Might doll on the shelf, laying down and finally stopping to think about what happened.

Izuku remembers basically everything from the dream and it was weird, to say the least. Katsuki acting like that was the most alien thing that happened, tops, but the punch – how did he hurt his nose like that? He probably woke up jumping by the scare and launched his face onto the shelf as a reflex. Ok, theory number one written down. Even with all this, he was too sleepy to think properly, so he accepted that thought and came back to sleep, without dreams this time.



In the morning, his mother saw his bruised nose and of course asked about what happened while properly taking care of it. Izuku said he woke up at night to go to the bathroom, tripped and bumped his face on the door.

“You need to be more careful, Izuku” Inko said, putting an All Might branded bandaid on his nose “You could have hurt yourself even worse”.

“I’ll turn the light on next time” he laughed, talking funny because he couldn’t breathe with one of his nostrils

Izuku arrived at school, still thinking about that nice, shiny, supportive Katsuki. It was so, so alien. But, oh god, what would he give to have that Katsuki on his life, to have anyone giving him some sort of support, telling him that there’s still hope, even tho he already accepted that yes, he is quirkless. But he could do it, he sure can. There are so many heroes with mental quirks, relying on mostly physical training! He could do it.

He could be a hero, even without a quirk.


Izuku, lost in thoughts, flinched and looked up from his notebook, staring into Katsuki’s intense glare. It was lunch time and the class was almost empty. He was so distracted that he missed the bell ring.


“K-Kacchan… Hi.”

“What happened with your face?” Katsuki frowned, suspicion edging on his voice

“Oh, I, uh… I tripped.” Izuku looked back to his notebook for a second, before frowning back to Katsuki, confused and curious “Why do you ask?”

“Because… - Katsuki stopped himself, scowling” It’s none of your business, stupid nerd!


Katsuki fummed away, mumbling some curse words, leaving a very weirded out Izuku to his thoughts once again.

Why would Katsuki care about his wounded nose? Why was he sounding so… concerned? Could Katsuki even be concerned about anything? And confused too…

It was sure weird.

Izuku would have to think a lot about this.

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Izuku dreamed again a week later.

He was sitting on a stopped train full of people, all of them with faces looking blurred or glitchy, but one. A girl, apparently at her 19’s, dressed in a punk black and blue style, messing with her phone, music blasting through her headphones. Izuku couldn’t hear a thing other than the faint sound of the music, so when a big chunk of the train simply got smashed into oblivion, he barely registered it. He got launched into the people in front of him and the sound came back all at once – screaming, metal scrapping metal, electronic wires sparkling and everything turning into hell. Izuku got pushed, bumping his arm on a seat and holding a whimp, trying to grab onto something, heart beat rising, panic and confusion attacking all at once. He heard a guttural scream and looked between the gaps of the seats, staring at the big rock golen-looking villain barely fitting inside the train, big rocky hands grasping the metal and tearing it apart. The girl from before got up on her feet, popping a blue bubble gum and immediately assuming a fight position, her headphone long gone, hands turning into some sort of hammer.

“Hey, faceass!” she screamed, launching into the villain and attempting to give him a left jab.

She succeeded in all her strikes and when the golen decided to fight back, she dodged with grace and ability. After a few hits, one last well landed uppercut knocked the villain down. Everyone on the train started clapping and Izuku noticed how robotic that looked. How fake all of that looked.

The girl turned around, smiling wide, normal hands now on her hips, popping her gum once more.

“That’s right! Breakdown is here to save the day!” the heroine opened her arms, clearly pleased with all that attention.

Izuku looked behind him to the robotic faceless crowd and felt a shiver run down his spine.



Next morning, a light bruise appeared on his arm.

This one he could hide from his mother and call it a day, but Izuku wasn’t worried about that. His mind was running fast.

He gets punched in a dream and wakes up with his nose bleeding. He bumps his arm in a dream and waked up with a purple wound on it. He even had an excuse for the first case, but the second one?

It couldn’t be a coincidence, right?

When he got home after school that day, he hopped into the computer and searched for a pro hero named Breakdown. And there she was: Lohane Rui, 20 years old, with her black and blue wide spiked hair, smiling wide, big hammer-hands ready to smash anything in her path. She had her debut just a month ago and her rankings where low, still mainly sidekicking, that’s probably why Izuku never heard of her.

Izuku picks up a notebook and starts writing to keep his train of thought because he thinks he’s mind is about to explode in a second.

He made a list of questions to start with.

Why were the faces blurred?

Maybe because they weren’t the main focus, he wrote down.

After some research, he found out that human minds can’t “create faces”. In dreams, faces always were from someone real you saw at one point. Even people walking on the streets that you pay no attention for; your brain does. The brain can remember anything with even a single glimpse so, when you dream, faces of random people are real faces from real people.

He never saw the people on the train in real life. That’s why he couldn’t see them in the dream.

Ok, he has a concrete answer, but it sounds wrong in a way. Like there’s a piece missing.

He added another column on the side, labeled “What if?” and wrote down one single question. But to properly answer that, he would have to rely on someone else’s response.





Izuku ran after Katsuki, holding him before he crosses the street. They just finished another day of school and Izuku could barely keep himself quiet at classes, always shaking his feet, munching on the pen, sending quick glares to Katsuki, anxiety creeping through him. He had to know, to confirm, or else he thinks he hit his head on the shelf hard enough to finally go crazy.

“Don’t touch me, Deku!” Katsuki quickly releases his arm from the other’s grasp, making an angry face “What is your problem?”

“I need you to answer me something! It’s important.” He tries to put some kind of mystery and super secret tone on his voice, but it didn’t convince Katsuki.

“Wanna ask how to stop being an annoying nerd? I’ll answer that for you.” he popped one of his explosions close to Izuku’s face, scowling.

“Stop for a minute, Kacchan! Listen, I think I have a quirk, but I need you to tell me something to confirm it.”

“Eh?! You think you what?” Ok, that got his attention “If you’re trying to make a prank out of this…”

“It’s not a prank!” Izuku paced around for a bit, trying to calm down that feeling of expectation on his chest “Do you remember that last week my nose was hurt?”

“Yeah, I do.” Katsuki smirks, clearly amused by the memory “You looked like a ridiculous clown.”

“And one day before that. Did you…” he swallows, holding his glare into Katsuki’s and spitting everything without breathing, or else he would stop mid sentence and lose his courage “You had a dream, we were walking on that park, and then you saw another one of me and punched me in the face. Am I right?”

By the way that Katsuki’s face crumpled into something indescribable, Izuku was right, but still needed the confirmation coming out of Katsuki’s mouth, because that face could mean absolutely anything from how? to stop being a freak and get off my face.

“What are you saying?” Katsuki managed to squeak out after a minute of silence

“Just answer it! Yes or no?!” Izuku was trying his best not to hold his friend by his shoulders and shake him.

“You… How did you…”

That was a yes apparently.

“I have a quirk!” Izuku’s smile was blindingly shiny as he screams, tossing his arms into the air and running around, laughing, too happy and pure for this world, almost crying “YES!”

While Katsuki was still processing what all of that was about, trying to see things from Izuku’s point of view, the green sunshine boy was about to make a hole in the ground from how much spinning he was doing.

“Wait a minute…” processing completed “So you invade other’s privacy?”

Izuku’s mood drops immediately, his smile and almost tears froze in his face, the happiness from finally having a quirk replaced with the dread of what his quirk actually meant.


“By what you said, you get into other’s minds or some shit like that.” Katsuki frowned, getting near Izuku, analyzing his face “Now you answer my question, Deku. What is your quirk about?”

“It’s…” Izuku squishes his hurt arm lightly, swallowing loud, a frightened look in the face, realization falling upon him all at once “Oh.”

“Answer it, Deku.”

“I think it’s… I go into people’s dreams and if I get hurt there, I get hurt in real life. And it probably works the other way around.” he grabbed a handful of hair with a shaky hand, whispering the last sentence, not liking the implication of it.

“Yeah, and it’s freaking creepy. I’ll tell you what, creepy Deku” Katsuki yanked him by his shirt, talking low, smiling in a threatening way, hands fumming “If you ever get into my head again, I’ll make more than simply punch you. Got it?”

Izuku nods robotically, staring straight ahead, completely lost. Katsuki lets him go and walks away in silence, shoulders tense. Izuku only came back to his senses when someone bumped into him. Noticing the sun was almost down already, he shaked his head to clear his thoughts at least a little and made his way back home, mind running as fast as his wobbling legs. That was bad. Suddenly having a quirk didn’t sound so amazing.



Izuku couldn’t sleep that night. With his eyes glued to the ceiling, fingers drumming on his belly, he thought. And thought a lot.

When he got home, he searched about quirks related to his, mind invasion or something alike. All of the registered ones weren’t focused on dreams, or were simple mind control/reading thoughts quirks, and none of them had this getting hurt sort of backslash, just a headache, which was common to anyone with mental quirks. He found one quirk labeled Dream Maker, but it was the same as creating illusions. So, in conclusion, Izuku is a late bloomer with a rare mental quirk that apparently does nothing other than get into people’s privacy and hurt everyone’s body and pride. How could he sleep now, knowing that he could be tossed into someone’s dreams, a place he has no permission to be on?

The next morning passes by like a blur. He goes to school, writes some notes, get yelled at by Katsuki for standing in his path, the usual, but different at the same time. He noticed that Katsuki told no one about his quirk. The blonde would normally be telling it to whoever happened to be by ear sight, calling him a creep, making others do the same, but none of this happened. It looks like Katsuki simply forgot about the day before, but it was there, in his eyes, in the way he kept staring into Izuku’s sleepy and tired form.

He remembers and is planning to do something about it, sooner or later, good or bad.


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Izuku didn’t even flinch, which could say a lot about the situation already.

“What, Kacchan?” he mumbled, holding back a yawn.

“You didn’t sleep.” and it wasn’t a question.

“Yeah. I got scared.” Izuku finishes packing his bag and puts it on his shoulders “I was searching about it too, but I didn’t got much. I don’t… want to sleep again.”

“You can’t stay awake forever.”

“I know, I’ll probably crash as soon as I get home.” he looks into Katsuki’s eyes with some sort of distress “But, y’know, I don’t wanna…” he didn’t finish that sentence, sighing “I hope I’m tired enough to not dream. See you next week, Kacchan.”

Izuku yawned and dragged his tired body away from class, Katsuki’s crimson eyes following him in silence. Said and done, Izuku barely made it through a shower before laying down on the bed and blacking out. His hopes haven’t been achieved.

He was in a dark empty alley, not getting wet by the heavy rain, light poles flickering like a rave. He could see someone sitting close to the left building, shrinking into a ball of cold and fear, always pushing his foot forward on the ground, as if they wanted to fuse himself with the wall behind his back. Izuku could feel that that person was scared of something and he was hating it. He was hating his quirk. He didn’t want to put his nose on people’s business like this! Sighing and trying to ignore what was happening, he sat down and hugged his legs, not feeling the rain or the cold, but feeling quite sad. Now he didn’t know if those feelings belongs to him or to the person sitting across him.

Nothing happened there. Just an endless night of silent rain.

Izuku was feeling somewhat better next morning. The first feeling of fear and disgust over himself was gone, replaced by his always constant curiosity. He still hate it, he wouldn’t dare to tell anyone else until he figured out more, but it couldn’t hurt to seek knowledge so he can deal with it better.

Actually, it could hurt in this situation.

Thanking it was weekend, he picks up his notebook, tears off the pages he already wrote about his quirk – because all of it was wrong, apparently – and starts again.



Quirk name: Dreamer / Dream invader / Privacy Breaker / Creep

The ability to get inside people’s dreams.

Only works while sleeping (still testing). If a person gets hurt inside a dream, the same person gets hurt in real life, in the same way (don’t test it). Can’t wake up until the dream ends/after a certain amount of pain (test it just in case, like a escape rote try not to test it too). The feelings of who’s dreaming may be felt by the user. Everything looks fake and glitchy, it’s like looking through a fog or dirt glasses (no one has HD looking dreams, so it makes sense). The noises are weird too, sometimes echoing and muffled. May cause sleep-walking. Can’t feel heat or cold, or any natural element (still testing).


That’s all he knows for now. It’s complicated because he’s only one side of the coin; what about the person who’s dreaming? Can they see him at any time, or can Izuku make himself invisible? Can he choose who’s dream he wants to see? There’s too many questions and he never thought he would have to train his quirk by sleeping, but life is truly full of surprises.



Three years passed and Izuku got way more confident over his quirk, Dream Walker. Lots of questions answered, lots still blank. He still suffer from sudden sadness thinking about how his quirk is completely useless for heroism, but he’s working hard trying to find the good side of it. He managed to get into Katsuki’s dreams twice again and it was so weird that he didn’t even wrote it down onto the dream diary he’s keeping.

In the first one, Katsuki was simply standing on a kaleidoscopic acid-trip cube while ducks with All Might’s face floated around. Izuku’s mind almost suffered a shut down, but he soon learned not to think too much about the weird nonsense dreams. The brain can be funny sometimes. But, well, since it’s Katsuki, Izuku decided to test if he could hurt people back.

He never thought he would feel so happy about slapping someone.

The morning following that, he received his first kick in the balls.

In the second dream, Izuku saw at first hand the greatests adventures of king warrior Katsuki, the megazord slayer. He slipped while trying to accompany Katsuki on his crazy explosive rampant and almost chopped his arm away in all the scrap junk flying around.

He managed to hide all the cuts and bruises from his mother and achieved some faint eyebags too, with all the waking up in the middle of the night. When Inko asked about it, he would always answer with I had a strange dream and couldn’t go back to sleep or too much homework. It worked. She stopped asking after a few months, but the preoccupied looks were still there.

That day was going ok, until it wasn’t.

“Say what again?” Izuku stared at his mother, almost dropping his chop sticks

“It’s just for a week, you’ll be fine.” Inko waved, smiling weirdly “Mitsuki-san is ok with it.”

“But… Kacchan...”

“Listen, Izuku.” she sighs, holding his hand across the table “I can’t miss this opportunity. It’s gonna be good for us, with the raise and everything. I’m not leaving you alone here and Mitsuki, even with her… strong personality, is very responsible. And she’s the only one I can trust you with. I know that you and Katsuki’s relationship is… complicated, but she promised to keep him in place for this week. You two may even get along again, hm?” she smiled brightly, still kinda weird, squishing lightly on Izuku’s hand

He smiled back, sweat sliding down his neck. A week living in the Bakugo household, hm? Could be worse.



It was worse.

“Why is he going to sleep in my bedroom?” Katsuki pointed, glaring his mother “I don’t want him there!”

“Do we have a guest room? No, we don’t, that’s why you two are going to sleep together. Your room is big” Mitsuki said, dropping a clean pack of sheets and a mattress on top of Katsuki’s bed “Stop being annoying. And if I hear you two fighting over any childish crap you start because you can’t deal with it, your dad is going to your bed and you will sleep with me. Got it, Katsuki?”

After twelve seconds of intense looks, Katsuki whispered a yes, rolling his eyes and leaving the room. Izuku was about to combust, standing like a statue near the door.

“Izuku, make yourself comfortable, you can choose a place to put the mattress on, there’s a lot of floor here. Put your bags over here.” Mitsuki opened Katsuki’s closet and pointed at the empty space she cleaned sooner that day “We wake up early and leave the house all together, so don’t get late. If there’s anything you prefer eating, just tell me, ok?” she smiled softly

Izuku nodded and started organizing his bags in the closet, then puts the mattress as far away as possible from Katsuki’s bed. After a shower and a way too silent diner, the boy spreads his notebooks on the bed and starts making his homework. Katsuki gets in minutes later, hops into his desk and starts his own homework too. Way too silent.

“What?” Katsuki scowls after noticing that Izuku was glaring at him for longer than necessary

“It’s just…” swallowing, Izuku looks at his hands “Nothing.”

Katsuki hums and goes back to writing, sometimes murmuring while reading. Izuku made the same, trying to ignore the agony crippling inside him.

He spent the first three days taking cat naps every time he could, too scared to sleep properly, have a weird dream and end up hurting himself and pissing off Katsuki, but he gave up eventually and slept.

Chapter Text

Katsuki was annoyed, to say the least. Seeing Izuku every time he walked in his own room was starting to win against his patience, but he was keeping it together for some reason. To simply ignore him was easier than try to yell at him when Mitsuki was around, eagle eyes always checking on them. He would still beat the other up while at school, but even this was stopping since Izuku told about his quirk. Why did Katsuki never gossiped about it to anyone else? Izuku knew something way too personal about him and could use it against him if people found out about what his quirk could do. They would ask and Izuku would spill the beans. He really, truly, wanted to make him feel miserable about his creepy disgusting quirk, but he could lose so much if stupid Deku decided to open his big mouth. Either way, Katsuki liking or not, it’s a win-win.

He noticed how Izuku was taking cat naps everywhere he could and waking up way too early, and soon he realized that the boy was scared of sleeping. He couldn’t pin point exactly why, but it was there, at every moment Izuku flinched awake after sleeping in class for more than 10 minutes straight. The eyebags where getting worse to the point it looked like he was a panda or something. Katsuki wasn’t dumb, he noticed Izuku was only doing this because he was sleeping next to him. Very often he woke up in the middle of the night with Izuku going out of the room, listening to the sound of rushing water, and Izuku would come back with wet dripping hair. He was shoving his head into cold water to keep himself awake. All that effort into something that could mess up his health in so many ways was starting to weird out Katsuki.

In the fifth day, Katsuki woke up and it took him some time to leave the sleep fog and figure out why. Izuku was asleep, clutching his pillow with his hand, making a weird deflating noise. Katsuki brushed his eyes, trying to see properly in the dark, sitting down and staring at Izuku’s shaking form. He got up and turned the light on, being blinded for a moment, then noticed that Izuku’s knuckles were hurt and bleeding, his breath strangled and slow, eyebrows furrowed and pillow damped with sweat.

“Deku? Oi, Deku.” Katsuki kicked him lightly in his shoulder, with no response. “Deku!”

He watched startled as another wound opens up in Izuku’s knuckles, but not enough to drip blood. Then it opened again in the same place and blood started spilling into the white grip of his hand on the pillow. Katsuki was static, heart beat loud in his ears, with no idea what to do. Everything seemed to stop when Izuku took one last struggled breath and his whole body relaxed at once.

“Deku…?” Katsuki whispered, sweaty hands grabbing onto Izuku’s shoulder and shaking him “Deku, wake up. Oi!” he shaked harder, panic crawling upon him at how the other boy’s body was moving without any resistance “DEKU!”

Katsuki slapped Izuku hard in the face and it worked; the boy opened his eyes wide, gasping and coughing, hands grasping hard into his throat. Katsuki held his hands away from his throat, trying to shush him, breathing just as fast as him, trying to ease his agony.

“What the hell are you two doing?!” Mitsuki busted through the door, barely awake, tying her robe around herself. She heard Katsuki screaming and came as fast as humanly possible. First thing she saw was her son almost sitting on top of Izuku, holding his wrists, bloodied hands, both breathing like crazy “Katsuki, what are you doing?!”

“I didn’t do anything!” Katsuki screamed back

“Get off from him!” Mitsuki almost pushed Katsuki away, holding the trembling whimpy form of the other boy “Oi, Izuku, look at me. Izuku.”

Izuku was staring the nothingness, holding his bruised hands near his chest, crying and hyperventilating. Masaru appeared a second later, fumbling with his glasses, trying to understand the scene in front of him: a clearly panicking Izuku, Mitsuki trying to calm him down, and Katsuki standing a few steps away from him, shaking just as much as the other kid. Masaru could sense the distress flooding through the room.

“Masaru, help me here, Izuku is bleeding.” Mitsuki got up holding Izuku by his shoulders near her chest, trying to walk him away from the room “And you, Katsuki, stop standing there like a statue and go get him a glass of water.”

Mitsuki took the boy to the bathroom and started cleaning his hands while Masaru tried to make him breath at a normal pace. In and out, counting, until Izuku started to calm down and think pass the fog in his mind. Katsuki didn’t say a word, doing anything his mother said without questions, but staying outside the bathroom. He couldn't handle that small place full of people like that right now. He spent the time that took to Izuku to calm down by biting down his nails, sometimes his fingers. Now everyone was at the living room, sitting around the table, Izuku with lots of bandaids on his fingers, holding and staring intensely at a cup of tea.

“I’m gonna ask once.” Mitsuki started “What happened?”

“Had a bad dream. Sometimes I start hurting myself because of it.” Izuku whispered, his grip hardening around the mug “Mom said she told you this.”

“She did. But I never thought it would be like this, I mean… You had a panic attack, Izuku. Are you going to a doctor or something?”

“No, I-”

“He’s lying.” Katsuki, who was sitting at the couch, finally had enough and spoke, standing up and scowling at Izuku, that stared back with wide scared eyes.


“No, shut up, I’m tired of you.” Katsuki walked to the kitchen, slapped his hands on the table and glared at Izuku with the strength of a thousand punches “This idiot has a quirk. It’s what’s doing this to him.”

“What?” both adults said at the same time “Katsuki, what do you mean?” Masaru continued.

“He has a weird quirk that mess up with dreams or some shit like that and he’s been hiding it since he found out because he’s a careless idiot.”


“Don’t look at me like that! You almost died twenty minutes ago, and I would be the only one to know why. I don’t want this on me, you stupid asshole!” Katsuki screamed, face crumpled into an ugly expression that could mean anything. He breathed out and left the kitchen, plumping down into the couch and crossing his arms, staying silent.

“All right.” Mitsuki was the one to get out of the weird situation, breathing deeply, lacing her hands together on top of the table “That was something. Izuku.” she waited until Izuku stopped trying to find something amazing inside the cup of tea and looked back at her “Does your mother know?”

“No. I just told Kacchan.” Izuku whispered, clearly looking defeated, shoulders slumped down, almost crying again.

“Want to tell me what it is, exactly? Your quirk?”

Izuku slowly got up and went back to Katsuki’s room, grabbing his quirk analysis notebook. He came back and gave it to Mitsuki, sitting back again in silence, taking a sip of his tea. Katsuki watched by the corner of his eye as his parents passed thought the pages, only thing showing any emotion or comeback being their eyebrows lifting occasionally. Katsuki wanted to know what was written there too, but he punched that desire away, sighing and staring down at the ground. He feels no regrets for telling Izuku’s secret. This whole thing that just happened was too much. To watch Izuku’s body stopping, pale and weak, wounds opening up out of nowhere, no breathing… It was too much.

“Izuku, I can’t be the one to talk to you about this.” Mitsuki stopped reading, but Masaru continued “But you are telling your mother. Let me finish” she lifted his hand when she noticed Izuku about to talk back, fear all over his eyes “She talked to me about your sleeping problems and how sometimes you appear with bruises all over. She thought it was Katsuki’s fault. But apparently, it’s your own’s.”

“Mitsuki.” Masaru warned, closing the notebook and setting it down

“Am I lying? Inko wouldn’t be worried 24/7 if she knew the actual reason to why her child is looking like a goddamn zombie!”

“This is something they need to talk about, as a family. We have no saying in this.”

“Yes we do, because she trusted me to take care of him. She’s coming back tomorrow and I’m sending her kid back with his hands looking like they got shoved into a grinder. While he’s here, he’s my responsibility. And like Katsuki said, and with what you saw here” she pointed at the notebook “he could have died. Now, look at me, Izuku. I’m not telling your mother about this; you are. But if I don’t hear from her within a week, because god knows she’s going to talk about it with me, I will be the one telling her. And you don’t want that to happen. It would break her trust in you.”

Katsuki was silent, sulking in his mother’s words, noticing how Izuku was putting all his strength into keeping his tears in place.

“Now finish your tea and go back to bed.” Mitsuki ended the conversation right there, getting up and leaving back to her room

After a few seconds, Masaru broke the silence “Izuku, you need to know that she’s not doing this because she’s mad at you, even tho it looks like it. She has a very strong way of dealing with stuff. But I want you to know, we just want you to be safe.”

Receiving nothing but guilty silence, Masaru sighed and got up, sending one last look at both boys and scouting them back to the bedroom. Katsuki plopped down at his bed and stared intensely at the ceiling, listening to Izuku shift twice a second under the blankets. Both of them simply wouldn’t be able to sleep after all this adrenaline.

“What was it about?” Katsuki murmured, fidgeting with his fingers to distract himself “Your dream.”

It took Izuku a few minutes to respond, raspy voice muffled by the amount of blankets he tossed on top of his head “I was in a fish tank or something. Couldn’t get out. Started biting my hands to wake up.”

Katsuki couldn't begin to imagine what that would feel like. He doesn’t want to think about it anyway.

“I don’t regret telling you out.”

“I know you don’t.” Izuku answered way too quickly, almost cutting Katsuki’s phrase. “I’m not angry at you.”

“You could never get angry at me.”

“You think so?”

“I don’t think you can get angry at anyone. You cry too much.”

“Thank you, Kacchan. For saving me.”

“...Go to sleep, you crazy idiot.”

Katsuki decided to ignore Izuku for now on. It was better than having to deal with all the messed up feelings and thoughts he was having every time he spotted the green mop at distance. He wanted to punch that freckled stupid face with some common sense. He could destroy himself just fine, Katsuki doesn’t care, but taking people down the shaft with his idiotic sacrifice is just bullshit. It’s no sacrifice at all. Can’t he stop to think about how this habit affects other people for a second? Stupid careless nerd.

It’s so annoying.

Chapter Text

Izuku was at the brink of having a mental breakdown. Everything he was seeing and feeling, no 9 years old kid should go through. Having to keep his cursed quirk a secret took way too much of his health in all possible ways. When he got back home and stared at his mother, at her concerned face and tired eyes, he finally noticed he wasn’t the only one getting hurt at his own lack of self aware. They sat down and talked for nothing more than half an hour. Inko forgave him right away for keeping it a secret, understanding why he did that, but made him promise that everything would be all right, that they would work on this together.

“Together” Izuku smiled, being taken on a big strong hug

It took them a whole week to update his documents, and another week to everyone at Izuku’s school find out about the news. No one at his classroom knew what his quirk actually was but Katsuki, and of course, he would be the one to spill the beans out. Izuku noticed how the blonde started to come back to his old self, when all he was doing was stare when someone mentioned Izuku’s new quirk. Soon he was joining the conversations, pretending he didn’t know, but not going easy with his words towards Izuku. For anyone, Katsuki was keeping up with his persona, but Izuku could see a difference. His glares keep reminding him about that night, those words full of anger and fear. Those desperate eyes.

“Oi, freaky Midoriya.” one of the many bullies stopped Izuku from getting up his seat, smirking and crossing his arms “Why won’t you tell us your quirk, huh?”

“Because it’s a useless one.” someone else spoke from the other side of the chair “If it took this much time to found out, it must be really useless.”

“I bet it’s a lie. Did you lie, Midoriya? Just because you wanted to feel welcome? It didn’t work, apparently.”

“Perhaps it’s a villain quirk. But not even that you can be, you can’t even defend yourself. How can a villain be such a crybaby? Huh, answer, Midoriya.”

Izuku did nothing but stare straight ahead, the only thing that could show his distress over the situation being his strong grip at his books. He could see the fluffy blonde hair of Katsuki getting closer by the corner of his eyes and he swallowed up, jaw close tight.

“What do you think, Bakugo? What’s his quirk?” the bully continued, laughing and flicking his finger in Midoriya’s forehead, making him flinch

“It doesn’t matter.” Katsuki growled, pushing the other kid to the side and putting his hands at Midoriya’s table, hands smoking and marking the wood, smirking widely “Because he can’t be a hero anyway. It doesn’t matter if you have a quirk now. You’re still a Deku, way below me. I’m gonna be a hero and surpass All Might. And you, Deku” Katsuki lowered his voice, what made Izuku look up into the fiery predator eyes, cold sweat sliding down his neck “will stay out of my way. And if you decide that being a villain is the best option with whatever stupid quirk you have, I’m gonna be the one to bring you down.”

After a few seconds of intense glaring, Katsuki left, leaving behind hand marks at the table and deeper marks at the other boy’s mind. He really meant that. Katsuki truly thinks Izuku could freak out and become a villain, of all things.

Izuku had to prove him wrong. He had to find out the good in his power. And for that, he had to sleep.



“Hey, kid.”

Izuku flinched and woke up, looking dazed and momentarily forgetting what was anything. Ok, he slept at the park, which was almost empty. The sun was down. His mother was probably freaking up by now, but not much. There was a man and a kid in front of him, both looking like they could use lots of days of sleep from the way their eyes were almost melting, both with wide untamed purple hair. Izuku yawned and scratched his eyes, staring at the people in front of him with interest.

“Yes?” he whispered, blinking

“You were sleeping. It’s late, you should go home. It gets dangerous out here.” the man said

“Oh, sure. Thanks for waking me up, I guess.” Izuku got up and put his bag onto his shoulders, staring at the kid hiding behind the legs of the man, who was probably his father “Hi.”

“Hi.” he said back, clearly shy, trying to find something to look at the ground to avoid Izuku’s big curious eyes

“Be safe going home, kid.” the man finished the weird small conversation, continuing his walk with his child

“Thanks again!”

Izuku waved at them and started walking to the other direction, getting home in no time. He got scolded by Inko, promised to not let it happen again, ate dinner, made homework, and went to sleep. Next morning he woke up, but not really. He could feel himself awake and asleep at the same time, vision blurry as hell, unable to move. It was the weirdest sensation ever.

The not being able to move part was starting to pinch on his anxiety, his breathing getting faster. He couldn't even speak. He tried, tried hard, to scream, to make any noise or movement, but he simply couldn't. Then he saw something sitting on top of him and managed to make a small deflating noise when he actually wanted to scream his lungs out. He couldn't see properly the thing, no striking features but the shiny big round white eyes. It was too dark to see the outline of the thing, it being pure black fog. Izuku’s vision was getting way more blurry because of how fast he was breathing. And then, just as fast as it all started, it all ended. Izuku gasped out loud, sitting upright, staring at every corner of his room, trying to find out where the thing went, but he was all alone, sweating, with his back hurting slightly. He clutched his chest, closing his eyes and taking time to calm down. He took a glimpse at the clock: barely 1 am. He sighed and plopped down at the bed, closing his eyes again, one hand at his chest and the other at his forehead, making a light massage at it.

“What the hell was that...” he whispered, swallowing out loud

Sleep paralysis, he wrote down a day later after doing some research about it. It’s something normal that happens, a stage between awake and asleep, basically everyone had at least one of those moments in life. It didn’t make it less freaky tho, since in some cases the person could see a shadow creature luring at the corner of the vision. And since his quirk is sleep-based, Izuku thought both could be related somehow.

Well, he’d had to sleep to find out.



It took him three months, but he had another paralysis.

Izuku put all his effort in analyzing instead of freaking out. He couldn't move or speak, vision foggy, same as before. Then the thing spawned on top of him again and his soul almost jumped off his body, but he calmed down in a second. He thanked it was already morning, sun going through the curtains and illuminating the place so he could see properly this time. The thing was indeed made of black fog, big curious white eyes glaring into big curious green eyes. He moved a hand, slowly, and touched Izuku’s nose. Then it vanished and Izuku started to get back to his senses. Quickly, he stood up and ran to the mirror, widening his eyes when he noticed a tiny red spot of blood on his nose, like he got poked with a needle. He touched his nose with a shaky hand, heart beating fast, mouth agape. He didn’t know where to start thinking.

“...amazing.” Izuku managed to squeak, smiling wide.

Oh, he couldn't wait to write about it.

Chapter Text

“Hey, kid”

Izuku opened his eyes and snored, blinking confused and staring into the tired eyes of the purple haired man in front of him, his kid hiding behind his legs and staring curiously. Oh, he slept by the park again.

“Do you sleep out here all the time?” the man asked, smiling amused

“Sometimes” Izuku yawned, laughing “I come here often when it’s dusk. And you?”

“I live at the end of this street. I pass here every day after taking Hitoshi from school.” he patted at his kid’s shoulder, smiling “What’s your name, kid? I’m Shinsou Hajime.”

“Midoriya Izuku. Nice to meet you” he bowed a little, noticing how the kid squeezed his eyes, pouting and glaring

“Introduce yourself, Hitoshi” Hajime said, messing his hair

“You just said my name to him!” Hitoshi whispered, pushing his father’s hand away from his hair, as if it would make any difference, his hair already looks like a floating purple sunflower

“Where are your manners, little man?”

Hitoshi pouted more and his ears got a little pink. He looked at the ground and mumbled “I’m Shinsou Hitoshi.”

Izuku eyed Hitoshi and smiled, laughing for a second. He looks so shy!

“If you don’t mind me asking, Midoriya, but why are you always asleep out here?” Hajime said, putting his hand on top of Hitoshi’s hair again

“Oh, it just kinda of happens.” Izuku laughs, scratching behind his ear “I come here to run away from… certain people and do homework. I’ll fall asleep eventually because of the insomnia my quirk gives me, it’s getting better these days because of the quirk suppressants, but sometimes I’ll sleep anywhere without even noticing. Once I slept at my school’s rooftop through the entire afternoon and got sunburn all over my face.”

“Quirk suppressants?” Hajime’s eyebrows shot all the way up his hairline “Goddamn kid. Your quirk must be a real burner, hm?”

“Sometimes.” he smiled looking at his shoes

“Run away from who?” Hitoshi mumbled, eyes a little bit more soft after Izuku’s explanation


“You said you come here to run away from someone. Who is it?”

“It’s… just some people that doesn’t like me. It’s normal.”

Hajime got silent, eyeing the kids with a pity and knowledgeable look. He sighs, messing with Hitoshi’s hair again and smiling. “Kids like to live wildly these days, huh? I get you, Midoriya, this mad boy here likes to sleep randomly everywhere too.”

“And who’s fault is that, zombie-man?” Hitoshi pushed his father’s hand away, again, scowling.

“It’s my fault.” Hajime laughs out loud “My quirk is no sleep. As it says, I don’t need to sleep and never did. Hitoshi got it as a natural backslash, he’s a crazy insomniac.”

“Oh, amazing.” Izuku’s eyes shone, his quirk analyst side waking up “So that’s why you look like you never slept. It’s because you never did.”

“Jackpot.” Hajime finger-guns

“I wish I never had to sleep again.” Izuku whispered, bumping the tip of his shoe at the ground “Well, Shinsou-san, I should head home now. My mom gets worried when I get late.”

“Sure. Be safe on your way home, kid”



Izuku never stopped going to that park to escape from Katsuki and update his dream diary. He was actually at his third notebook and finishing, filled with crazy, funny, terrible, absurd dreams from people he didn’t know. That was just another of those days, sitting down at the shadow of a tree, an empty cup of coffee by his side, pen going back and forth in the paper.

There was at least five children, holding hands, sitting with their legs crossed and forming a circle around a bonfire, each of them using the mask of an animal: fox, cat, horse, crow, I guess owl. I guess the dream was from the kid with cat mask, since they were the only one not blurry. They were humming a song, heads going right and left slowly, accompanying the music. Then a bunny hopped from within the fire into the cat’s lap and everyone stopped singing and moving. The bunny shapeshifted into a girl with a bunny mask, but she was translucent, floating a little above the other. The cat said “Sister. I did it, I got you back” but the bunny said “You didn’t. You can’t have me ever again. I’m gone. And you know who’s fault is that”. The cat answered “Yes, it’s our mother’s fault. She made you disappear. How can I make her disappear too?” “Kill her”, the bunny said, “Burn her like she did to me. Make her disappear within the fire.”, and grabbed the cat’s shoulders with bloodied, burned hands. They touched foreheads and the bunny fell back, into the fire, with a terrible high pitched scr-

“Oho, Bakugo, is it Midoriya right there?”

Shivering, Izuku stopped writing, recognized the voice and looked up, going pale after spotting Katsuki and one of his “friends” just a few meters away. He swallowed and closed his notebook, trying to force his shaky legs to move, to run, but seeing Katsuki’s big evil smirk after so much time avoiding it had him grounded to the grass. At that point he just hoped the earth would decide to swallow him up to oblivion.

“Ah, it is our little Deku.” Katsuki started marching down to Izuku, taking one hand out of his pocket and making a small explosion.

Izuku flinched at the sound and, just like all the sudden waking up he already experienced, he got up and grabbed his backpack, running as fast as possible away from Katsuki, cold sweat starting to slick down his neck.

“Oi, get back here, Deku!” he heard Katsuki scream and gulped, forcing his legs to go faster and further away.

He didn’t look back, he didn’t want to. Izuku just ran, making swifts and turns at the trees, trying to make Katsuki loose him. When he couldn’t hear Katsuki’s steps anymore, he stopped abruptly and almost fell over himself. Quickly looking around, he chose a tree and jumped on it, clawing his hands at the wood and pushing himself up, stabilizing his footing at the branches and putting one hand at his mouth to try to keep the volume of his rapid breathing down. Hiding up there within the leafs, he soon started hearing Katsuki’s explosions and threats again. He felt like throwing up.

“Here, here, little Deku...” Katsuki growled, close, too close “Why are you running, scared cat?”

Izuku’s heart almost stopped when he looked down and saw Katsuki right there, one look up away from disaster. And he did look up.

Hi, kitty.” Katsuki smiled wildly, the smoke at his hands getting darker

“Did you found him?” the other kid took his place at the other side of the tree, laughing when spotting Izuku “Oh, man. Hi, freak show!”

“Gonna get down?” Katsuki laughed “Grab him”

The other kid, the one with stretching fingers, used his quirk to try and knock Izuku down. Izuku slapped his hand with his notebook and almost fell off, but he managed to grab onto a branch. For that, he let go of his notebook, which fell right into Katsuki’s feet. The blonde picked it up and waved at Izuku with it after exploding it to ashes. Izuku yelped and lost focus, the other’s fingers grabbing at his backpack and pulling him down. He fell off on his back and screeched when a pain radiated from his elbow, not having enough time to get his breath back. Katsuki grabbed him by his shirt and pulled him up, pushing his back at the tree. Izuku got a hold at Katsuki’s wrists, staring at the wide red intense eyes in front of him, legs shaking.

“Long time no see, huh, Deku.” Katsuki laughed “You’ve been running away as soon as the bells ring, it’s been hard to catch you. But apparently I’ve found your safehouse, huh. Thought you could escape me forever? Guess what.”

Katsuki’s hands released Izuku’s shirt to punch-explode him in the guts. Izuku gasped out of breath, but Katsuki didn’t gave him a second after punching him in the face. Izuku fell to the side, arms going up to protect his head, eyes closed shut. He felt a strong kick at his chest and screamed, tears forming at his eyes. He stopped reacting with noises after the second kick, at his chin. He tasted blood and hoped he didn’t bit his tongue.


Izuku peaked between the shield of his arms and widened his eyes after spotting the blurry mess of purple hair getting closer fast. He felt a shoe pushing his head down at the dirt and closed his eyes again, releasing a shaky gasp.

“Let go of him!” Shinsou halted in front of Katsuki, fists closed and face crumpled in an angry expression

“And who do you think you are?” Katsuki growled, turning aroung to glare at Shinsou, hands smoking

“Or you let him go, or I’ll make you regret it.”

HAH?! Don’t ignore my question! I’ll destroy you!”

“I warned you.”

Warned? How funny-”

Katsuki stopped, his hands falling limp at his sides, staring blankly forward.

“Uh, Bakugo?” the other kid asked, confused

“And you too!” Shinsou screamed, jolting forward and making the other halt back, releasing his hold on Izuku

“Don’t g-”

With both kids caught, Shinsou breathed out and his expression shifted to worry, walking past the bullies and kneeling down close to Izuku. “Hey, you ok?”

“S-Shin-” Izuku coughed, trembling and crying, feeling his body sting with pain at every movement.

“It’s ok, they won’t bother you now. Can you get up?” Izuku shaked his head no “Ok, I’ll help you, c’mon.”

Soon enough, Izuku was hanging on Shinsou’s back, the purple haired kid almost falling forward from the extra weight but keeping it together onto his shaky legs. They walked away, leaving the other two behind.

“It’ll wear off in a few hours.” Shinsou said

“Wha’ have ye done t’ them?” Izuku mumbled, blood dripping from his mouth

“It’s just my quirk. Stop talking for now, I think you bit your tongue. I’m taking you to my house, it’s close from here. Ok?”

“S’fine. Thanks.”

“I said stop talking.”

Took them nothing more than 10 minutes to arrive at Shinsou’s house. After almost dropping Izuku while searching his pockets for the keys, Shinsou got in, kicked his shoes away and helped Izuku take his backpack off and sit down at the couch as carefully as he could. Izuku coughed again, body shaking, jaw closed tight.

“My parents aren’t home yet. I leave school early at Fridays. I don’t know how to take care of wounds like those, so we’ll have to wait for them to get back. Or I can call them and ask.”

“D-Don’t need t’ bother with it, Shinsh’” Izuku whispered, closing his eyes

“Shut up you.” Shinsou said, picking up the phone and calling his father. Hajime answered in a second “Hi, dad, I’m home. Yeah, I bought it on my way home, the price was good, but listen to me for a second. Midoriya is here. Yeah, that one from the park. He was getting beaten up by some stupid guys and I helped him, but he’s looking terrible, how do I take care of it? Wait, you don’t need to leave earlier. Dad- ugh, fine, he’s uh…” Shinsou eyed Izuku up and down, fiddling a little with his shirt “He’s bleeding through his mouth and breathing weird. His shirt is burned. I guess not. Ok, I’ll do that.” Shinsou hung up and sighed, scratching his head “He’s on his way and told me to- Midoriya? Did you fell asleep?”

Yeah, he did.


Chapter Text

“Midoriya? Hey, wake up.”

Izuku blinked dazed and soon closed his eyes again, making a noise. Too bright. His eyes were hurting, such as his arm and chest, mainly the chest. It hurts to breathe. His breath tastes like death.

“Midoriya, I need you to wake up.”

“I’m awake” Izuku mumbled, not wanting to move an inch

“Look at me.”

Cussing for himself, Izuku opened one of his eyes and stared into Hajime’s. He suddenly became aware of everything and made another noise, hands shaking. Hitoshi was sitting beside him, eyes full of concern, nibbling his nails.

“Midoriya, I need to call your mother, do you know her phone number?” Hajime whispered and Izuku thanked for that, his hearing was messed up, there was a constant bzzt going on and it was starting to get on his nerves. After receiving the number, Hajime stood up and walked around the room while talking. Izuku couldn't catch up a word properly.

“Are you ok?” Hitoshi said, touching his hands

“V’ been worse. Don’t worry” Izuku would laugh if he wasn’t aware that it would hurt

“...You crazy or something?”

“Ok, your mother told me to get you to the hospital and she’ll meet us there after work.” Hajime came back, sighing and putting his phone on his pocket. He started moving Izuku’s limbs around to catch him up without much effort. Izuku yelped and bit his lip when he got yanked into the adult’s arms, wanting to grab onto something but not trusting his own movements. He couldn't even stop shaking. “I think you broke something. Hitoshi, get his bag and open the door.”

Izuku blacked out again after settling down in the car, and woke up in Hajime’s arms again, at the hospital lobby. He couldn't keep his eyes open, it was too bright and his headache was already terrible.

“Oh, it’s Midoriya again.” he heard the familiar voice of a nurse “Bring a stretcher! What did he got himself up to now?”

Again?” he heard Hajime’s concerned voice “Some kids were beating him up and my son got him, his mother told me to bring him here. She’s on her way.”

“Wait, like, in real life? Oh, dear. Put him up here, I’ll send him in now. Give him the form, Mashiro.”

And Izuku fell into the unconscious realm again.



Hajime wasn’t prepared for the hurricane that is Midoriya Inko. When that small woman came through the front door using a regular accountant uniform, big eyes full of concern and anger, tiny heels doing an incredible loud noise while making a straight line to the hospital reception, Hajime knew he shouldn’t mess up with her.

“Where is my son?” she asked with a low voice, the hand holding her purse shaking

“Good evening, Midoriya-san.” the woman behind the balcony, Mashiro, gave her a reassuring smile “He’s being treated right now. I can call the doctor to update you on his situation.”

“Cut the cheap talk. Where’s the man who brought him here?”

“He’s sitting there, the one with purple hair.”

Hajime felt a shiver run down his spine when Inko turned around so fast her neck could have snapped and glared at him. “Thanks, Mashiro-san. Call the doctor.” and there she goes “Shinsou Hajime?”

“That’s me.” Hajime stood up and was surprised again by how much power the look of that woman could hold. He felt so small, even tho he was towering over her “Wish we could have met at a better situation. How’s the kid?”

“I’ll know in a minute. Tell me what happened, again?”

“Oh, Hitoshi is the one who knows everything, I just drove.” he called for Hitoshi and the kid got up, still hiding a bit behind his father, feeling just as surprised by Inko’s aura

“I, uh… I got off school earlier and since I go by the park anyway, I decided to see if Midoriya was there. I didn’t see him at first, but I noticed when two kids went running to the trees, one of them screaming Midoriya’s name. It took me a couple of seconds to notice what was going on and I ran after them. When I reached them, Midoriya was being kicked by both. I paralyzed both and brought him home, since was closer.”

“Good you could reach him before something worse happened.” a bit of Inko’s fire vanished, tired eyes scanning the floor “How were the kids like?”

“One was blonde with some sort of smoke quirk, I think, his hands were smoking, and the other one had long fingers. The blonde one was calling him Deku for some reason.” oh, never mind, the fire is back.

Bakugo Katsuki...” Inko growled, her purse making a noise from how much strength she was putting on her hands

“Not the first time, apparently.” Hajime mumbled

“Yeah, I’ll deal with it later.” Inko sighed and made the best smile she could at the moment “Thanks for helping him, Shinsou-kun” and she bowed

“Oh, no problem, really.” Hajime scratched the back of his head, looking anywhere but her. That’s when he spotter a doctor walking towards them

“Midoriya-san?” the doctor said, waiting for the woman’s eyes to meet his “What happened with Izuku this time? You know, for his psychologist report.”

“Just some bullies. No need for a report.”

“Oh, it wasn’t his quirk?” the doctor seemed surprised

What the hell is this kid’s quirk?, Hajime thought to himself, concerned. Psychologist report? And it’s not the first time? They sound so casual about it… Geez.

“No. How is he?” Inko asked, her eyes clearly saying to keep the bullies subject aside

“One fractured rib and elbow, already healed, but you’ll need to keep a look at his chest for the next day. If you still have that cream for bruises, use it as normal. If not, I can make another recipe. You can take him home if you want, but he’s sleeping now.”

“I, uh, I can give you two a ride.” Hajime intruded, smiling “It won’t be a problem.”

“I don’t want to bother, Shinsou-kun… You already helped so much”

“You won’t bother. Really.”

Inko smiled, her tired eyes scanning Hajime’s face. “Well, when you say it like that... I’ll wake him up.”



The first thing Izuku saw was red, almost shining among the pure black environment. He was grateful that the doctor’s quirk, Bone Healing, always let him dizzy and doped, because he didn’t want to see properly where that path of red was leading to. But the dizziness always blurred his judgment too, so Izuku started following the red. Then he saw someone laying down in the floor, too much red, red everywhere. The feeling of that dream started to break through the fog, fear and regret flooding onto his mind all at once. Izuku breathed out, shaking, blinking fast and taking a few more steps close to the body. He still couldn’t see who it was, but he didn’t really want to. Something he was still to figure out about his quirk was about how the whole hurting someone else worked. He already saw too much people dying on those dreams, and when he was still getting a hold onto everything, he would look frenetically all the news from the following day, expecting some crazy headline like “Man found dead in his sleep with multiple shot wounds, no suspects nor clues found”, but it never happened, so Izuku assumed that for someone to get hurt, he should be the one to do the damage. But it was a simple assumption, he never proved it wrong or right. It never stopped to send him into a guilt attack every time someone got hurt or died in front of him. It didn’t help the throbbing feeling on his chest when he suddenly recognized who that person laying down in front of him, in the middle of that pool of blood, was.

All Might, the Symbol of Peace. The number one Hero.

Izuku almost shoved his hands inside his mouth to keep himself from screaming. He felt his stomach starting to do flips and quickly turned around, staring down at his shoes, eyes wide in fear. “Oh God no…” he whispered and took a glimpse above his shoulder down to All Might. Why tho.

It was too graphic for him. He forcefully swallowed up everything that wanted to get out of his stomach and started biting down his knuckles, a nervous mania he acquired during the years. All Might’s body was… a mess, to say the least. Half of his torso was… completely destroyed. Izuku wanted to wake up. He never wanted to wake up so badly. He started biting stronger, shaking and crying, refusing to look behind him again. There was too many thoughts going on in his mind at once.

He’s hurt. I’m in his head. I’m in All Might’s dream. Why the HELL would he dream this? It’s my fault. If he gets hurt because I’m here… It will be my fault. Oh my god it’s All Might. He will get hurt like this because of me. Is he dead? God, please don’t be dead. He’s hurt. Stupid quirk. Wake up. Wake up. I’m in All Might’s head. I shouldn’t be here. Wake up.

He heard a cough and almost jumped two meters above the ground, turning around slowly and widening his eyes until it looked like they would pop off his skull at any second. All Might was looking at him. His fingers moved and he coughed again, blood spilling and meeting the pool. It looked like liquid ruby. It was almost hypnotizing. Izuku was so dazed, staring into All Might’s blue desperate eyes, he didn’t even noticed he was almost chopping his finger off from how strong he was biting it, literally. All Might’s lips moved. He said something, but Izuku wasn’t paying attention, his heart beat screaming louder.

Wake up. Wake up. Please wake up. Stop looking at me. Don’t notice me. If you notice me, you’ll get conscious of all this. This can’t happen. It’ll be my fault. Wake up. Don’t look at me. Wake up!

“Izuku, wake up!”

Gasping, Izuku sat up and grabbed his chest, pain irradiating from it at the same second. He fell back onto the bed, out of breath, hot tears sliding down his face. The nausea won and he barely had time to push whoever was pinning him down and bend his body to the side, puking his guts out. With that annoying bzzt back on his ears and half his body hanging off the bed, feeling weak and tired, he almost passed out again. Someone made him lay down properly again and held him in place.

“I thought you said the suppressants were taking care of this.”

“They are, but it’s not shutting down his quirk completely! He said he’s only having at least three dreams a month.”

“Good thing he’s already here, then. If you could get out for a minute, Inko-san, I’ll stabilize him in a minute.”

He heard a door opening and closing. Hands messing up with his face. He was staring blankly at the white roof, chest aching. His breath tasted like death.

“Izuku, can you hear me?” he shaked his head yes slowly “Good. I’ll fix your finger now”

My finger? Izuku felt the sting of pain that the doctor’s quirk caused starting on his hand and the dizziness starting again, as if he wasn’t already looking drugged as hell. Izuku made a gag noise, a sudden nausea hitting him, but he managed to keep it together.

“Want to puke again?” took him three seconds to answer

After a 10 minutes meeting with the bucket, a couple of water bottles and some medicine, Izuku was feeling somewhat better enough to keep his balance, with his finger properly bandaged . Ugh, he felt terrible in so many ways. He wanted to sleep for a whole week. After a long, long doctor’s speech about resting and a few medicine recipes, Izuku was tucked on the back of Hajime’s car with Hitoshi, his mother in the front seat.

“Hey, what’s yer quirk again?” Izuku asked with a drunk voice after staring Hitoshi for an entire minute

“It’s…” Hitoshi was clearly caught by surprise, his eyes widening “Uh, it’s brainwashing.”

Oooh, awesome!” Izuku smiled “It sounds cool!”

“What did they gave you in there? You look so drunk” Hitoshi smiled a little, poking Izuku’s cheek with his finger

“It’s the doctor-san quirk. It’s a cool quirk too. Oh, I never asked him about it. I should ask him.”

“You should calm down. This day was quite a ride. Go to sleep.”

“I don’t want to, I’ll have another bad dream. I just saw All-”

Izuku stopped talking, his mind clearing just enough for him to think about what he was about to say. He couldn’t say a thing about All Might’ s dream! His mind was a mess and he couldn’t figure out why he shouldn’t talk, but that instinct deep inside his guts told him to shut up . Actually, he couldn't even remember properly what All Might’s dream was about. It was probably really bad if his mind decided to shut it down. That usually happens.

“I just saw all… all of the, uh, people from the, uh...”

“Rest, Izuku.” Inko said, looking behind to her son with concerned and tired eyes “You shouldn’t be talking about your dream right now. You need to rest your mind.”

“Yeah, yeah, right.” Izuku blinked and yawned, brushing his eyes “I’m tired...”

“You can sleep. We’ll be home soon, dear.”

Izuku let his brain drift off slowly. For some reason, now that his mind calmed down, he could hear that phrase repeating at the back of his mind, low and raspy, weak. Scared.

Did I win?

Chapter Text

It’s 2:35 in the morning. Izuku just woke up and was staring endlessly at the roof of his room, hugging his pillow tight against his chest. He doesn’t know why he woke up, he just did. Sighing, he started beating his fingers rhythmically on the pillow, mind and body aching to do something. He picked up his phone and started playing some silly game to kill time, but it wasn’t helping. The news app pinged and he had a glimpse of the headline, it was something about Eraserhead and a bank robbery. Normal. Izuku grunted and got up, walking for a bit around the room, laying down on the floor, then crawled back to bed, letting his upbody hanging off the bed.

“Stupid insomnia...” he whispered, his body melting to the floor and rolling until his back was facing the ceiling.

He started biting the bandage off his finger while rolling through the floor, heart beat increasing. He had to do something before he dies of boredom. Getting up with a single movement, he turned on the lights, spun his chair and sat down, grabbing a pile of paper and a pen, letting his mind wander off while drawing something, the world completely forgotten. He stopped ten minutes later, hand relaxing and pen sliding off the table. He got up abruptly and almost kicked the chair down, staring with wide eyes to the drawing of All Might’s face. It’s not like he never had draw All Might before, but he never did such a perfect and creepy thing. It wasn’t actually perfect, it was a mess of fast rude lines, but it was a hundred times better than anything he could have ever done. And it wasn’t helping the way it looked… real, the eyes principally. Staring into his soul, full of palpable fear.

Izuku shredded the paper to small pieces and threw it at the floor, turning off the lights and jumping under his blankets. Grabbing a handful of hair, he growled and shoved his face in the pillow, eyes close tight. It didn’t help much. Shaking, he screamed into the pillow. His chest hurts and he knows it isn’t because of the still healing rib.



“You look like shit. Well, more than usual.”

Izuku stared at Hitoshi with a sarcastic smile “Why, thank you dear, I haven’t noticed yet.”

Both boys were sitting in the grass, some books and energetic drinks spread in front of them, the light breeze sometimes making the pages flip. It was weekend, but the finals were coming, so they decided to help each other with the subjects they had more difficulty in. It’s been only two weeks since the Katsuki incident and Izuku managed to avoid him with even more efficiency than before, but Katsuki wasn’t making too much effort to ambush him. Apparently it has something to do with Inko showing up at Bakugo’s house at 6AM holding all the medicine recipes the doctor gave to her a day before. Izuku never asked how his mother bought the medicines so quickly.

“You’re being sarcastic. Did something happen?” Hitoshi asked

“Yeah, I’ve been awake for almost 30 hours by now and math was created by Satan.” Izuku said, staring at the extensive math homework in front of him “One isn’t helping the other.” he scratched his head with the pencil and wrote down some numbers.

Hitoshi stared at him, at the homework, and back at him. “That’s 18, not 20.”

“Ugh!” Izuku threw his pencil far away and laid back in the grass, putting his hands at his face “Goddamn numbers!”

“Hey, what your language.” Hitoshi arched an eyebrow “30 hours, really?”

“Not my biggest record.” Izuku sighs and glares at a cloud

“Wanna talk?”



Hitoshi continued to make his own homework while Izuku tried to laser beam the cloud with his eyes. The silence didn’t last for more than 10 minutes.

“Do you like All Might, Shinsou-kun?” Izuku asked, crossing his arms

“Yeah, he’s cool.” Hitoshi asked, munching the tip of his pen “Not my favorite hero, but he’s awesome.”

“When was the last time you saw news about him?”

“Uh, I don’t know. I think a month ago, or less? I don’t keep up with the news that much.” Hitoshi glared at Izuku’s distressed eyes “...Midoriya, what happened?”

A month or less. Everything happened at that same span of time. Izuku was keeping the hero news in check, expecting something about All Might to show up at any second so his heart could calm down, but nothing showed up. Of course, he knows that All Might won’t save a person per day, he needs to step back to give spotlight to other heroes or to simply rest. He also knows that one month without the Number One Hero showing up isn’t something alarming to the society as a whole, they had an almost endless list of heroes to keep in check, but for Izuku, given the circumstances, he really wished to see something as simple as “All Might spotted buying dinner at Mc’Donalds”. Izuku just wants to know he’s alive and well.

“I think I… I can’t.” Izuku closed his eyes and clawed his arms, hugging himself “I can’t say it.”

“It’s fine, you don’t have to. We can finish this later. You can’t make math while thinking about whatever.” Hitoshi started closing the books and putting them on the bag “Wanna go home and play some vi-”

“I think I killed All Might.”

Hitoshi froze in place, taking some time for his brain to process what the hell he just heard. He looked to Izuku with wide eyes and mouth agape, letting the history book fall off his hands. “What?”

“My quirk, it’s…” Izuku was shaking, eyes closed tight, lips shaking. He doesn’t know what he’s feeling, exactly. Maybe something between fear of accepting his own words and released for finally saying what was going on in his deepest thoughts. “It’s a bad one, I think you noticed by now. I don’t like it, it hurts me, but other than that, it hurts other people. I don’t want to hurt anyone. Not like this. It looks like cheating, to be able to hurt someone when they’re at their most vulnerable moment, when they can’t fight back at all. It disgusts me, makes me scared. And that night, I saw All Might… He was hurt. He was hurt in a way that… I don’t think anyone could survive that.” Izuku shivered harder, biting his lip and sniffing “And if something actually happened to him, it’ll be my fault. I don’t think I could live on knowing that… t-that I-”

“It wasn’t your fault.” Hitoshi finally talked, grabbing Izuku’s arm and making him open his red teary eyes “If All Might is hurt or not, isn’t your fault. You couldn’t know.”

“Then where is he?!” Izuku stood up, finally starting to cry, shoulders going up and down with his hiccups “Why did he vanished at the same time I saw him like that?! Something happened to him! And it is my fault!”

“It’s not, Midoriya!” Hitoshi was still holding his arm, confused but trying to keep Izuku grounded onto reality “You’ll see, he’ll show up soon, and he will be fine. You need to calm down.”

“I can’t, I-” Izuku coughed, his hiccups tangling with his words, his breathing erratic and loud.

“Please calm down.” Hitoshi was starting to panic with him, completely lost about what to do “Hey, listen, look at me, he’s fine. All Might is fine, I’m sure, c’mon Midoriya. You’ll be fine.”

Izuku suddenly hugged the other boy, hiding his face on his chest and holding the back of his shirt tightly, shivering and struggling to stop crying, but there was too much going on in his head. Hitoshi was frozen, staring everywhere but him, taking some time to hug him back, still slightly weirded out about being hugged. “It’s fine, Midoriya.” he mumbled, patting the boy’s head and letting him release all his guilt. “It’s fine.”



“Then what are you scared of?”

Izuku blinked and looked around, seeing nothing but endless black. Yay, a dream. After so much time without one… The boy sighs and starts walking, trying to find something to look at. He spotted someone in the distance and started walking towards them, curious about the weak light shining in front of him.

“I’m scared that… Like this, I can’t…” the man said, distress in his voice

“You’re still a hero, Toshinori.” a woman said, but Izuku couldn’t see her

“Like this? I can’t be a hero like this! Everything on me serves to show to people that they are safe! Do I look like someone you would trust your safety at?”

“I think you do.”

“Well, now you’re just being nice to me.”

Now that Izuku was close enough, he started to understand what the man was talking about; he looked like a scarecrow had a kid with a skeleton. Thin, tall, pointy and messy. He looked like the weakest of winds could knock him over. His eyes were deep, dark and intense, big scarred hands moving a lot while talking to the woman-shaped light source floating besides him. Izuku was piecing the things he heard together to understand what the subject was, since he arrived at the middle of the conversation, but the man’s eyes were distracting him. He knows those eyes.

“It’s hard. This moment you’re having, it’s hard. But that’s all it it, a moment. If you think people will think less of you because of your looks, you didn’t learn your lesson correctly.”


“You’re still stubborn as ever, I see.”

“Sensei, c’mon…”

“Listen to me, Toshinori. The Symbol of Peace must never be daunted by evil. You need to accept yourself, weak or strong, there are people out there who need you. Give them your biggest fearless smile, All Might! Muscles or not, you’re still a hero!”

Izuku’s brain went into blue screen. His mind was blank. He wasn’t even asking himself what the hell, his thoughts just decided to become error 404.

“...You’re right. I’m… I’m still a hero. I’m not dead yet.” All Might closed his hand into a tight fist and sighed, smiling widely and looking up “The people still need-”

Izuku’s brain went back online when he noticed All Might stopped talking because he saw him. He held his breath and got pale in a second, staring back at All Might and starting to shake. Those freaking blue eyes…

Izuku started to see blurry because of how long he kept his breath, but he saw when All Might finally moved, frowning confused, his smile fading and hand relaxing. He got electrocuted by sudden aware of what was about to happen and elbowed himself in the abdomen as stronger as he could to wake up, All Might and the woman dusting away within the blackness.



Izuku screamed and threw his arms to the side, almost falling off the couch and punching Hitoshi in the face on his crazy failed attempt to dodge the blue shell coming straight for him. Hitoshi screamed too, stretching his neck to see above the other’s arm. “NO, stop, I can’t see!”

“That’s the goal!” Izuku continued to try to block Hitoshi’s sight, but the purple boy bit his shoulder and he screamed, falling back to his spot “Ouch, what the hell!”

“Get off my face, goddamn it!”

“No no no no! HOW?!

“I won!” Hitoshi stood on the couch and pointed at his friend, laughing as the victory theme starts playing at the television, the purple Inkling celebrating his 1st place on the race “Hahaha!” Hitoshi laughed evilly, striking a pose.

“You bit me, that’s cheating!” Izuku sighed and laid his head back, laughing and beating on Hitoshi’s knees with the control “Get down from there.”

“Wanna rematch, dummy?” Hitoshi sits down again with crossed legs, feline smile on his face.

“No thanks, I still have some dignity left to keep.” Izuku rolls his eyes and punches him lightly on the shoulder “You’re really good at Mario Kart.”

“I play a lot at my free time, and I have a lot of free time. Want more soda?” Hitoshi got up and grabbed the empty soda cans from the coffee table

“Yeah, sure.”

While Hitoshi was on the kitchen, Izuku’s phone ringed. He grabbed it and saw a new notification from the hero news app. Opening the article just for the sake of curiosity, his guts twisted by simply seeing All Might written in the headline. Grabbing the phone with a strong grip and straightening his back, Izuku started reading the news with big wide eyes. Hitoshi came back with a handful of cans and chip bags, letting everything at the coffee table and opening one of the cans, taking a sip. Then he finally looked at Izuku and frowned, confused. “Hey, what happened, why the long face?”

All Might...” Izuku said slowly and Hitoshi swallowed, for some reason expecting the worse “He’s…”

“He’s what, Midoriya?”

“He’s fine.”

“Oh, thank god.” Hitoshi breathed out, sitting heavily beside Izuku with a loud thud “Let me see.”

Izuku passed him the phone, eyes lost and wide staring at the soda can like it held the secret of the universe. Hitoshi started reading the news article. “All Might returns! After months out of the eyes of the media, the Number One Hero was spotted going out of his hero agency in Tokyo, this Friday.” Linked to the rest of the sensationalist text was a picture of All Might in civilian clothes, smiling and waving at the camera. Completely normal. “See, I told you he was fine.” Hitoshi mumbled, looking at Izuku, who was still in shock “You don’t seem happy.”

“I am, I’m just… Wow. I’m surprised, this came out of nowhere.” Izuku sighs and look back at Hitoshi, smiling wide and bright “He’s fine. He’s alive and fine.”

Before Hitoshi got blinded by the power of Izuku’s smile, he offered the chip bag. “Told you. You should listen to me more times.”

Izuku was happy, indeed, he was aching to start jumping and screaming around Hitoshi’s house, but he grounded himself to that couch and decided to simply smile and laugh until his face starts hurting. He knew better, but… All Might’s biggest fearless smile… That’s all he needed for now.

Chapter Text

“Do you want to be a hero, Shinsou-kun?”

Hitoshi didn’t look away from the brand new All Might figurine in his hands, pondering if he should buy it or not. Sighing, he puts it back in the shelf, shoves his hands inside his pockets and keeps walking through the store corridor, Izuku following him close. “I do.”

“I’ve been curious about your quirk and what it can do. Your quirk is so cool and powerful, you can solve so many situations by only talking, it’s truly amazing! In this hero world of flashy strong quirks that sometimes causes lots of property damage for the sake of capturing a villain, you can do it without causing too much trouble. But of course, someone may figure out how your brainwashing works and it’s really easy to counter it. You’ll need to acquire fighting expertise. I wrote some things down, I think it’ll be helpful. What do you think about fighting with a stick? You’ll need support gadgets too… Hm, perhaps a muzzle with sound equalizer… Does your quirk work by whispering? Oh, that would be cool. Imagine all the scenarios. Do you have a hero name in mind? I think Ghost is really cool. It fits.” Izuku finally stopped talking and walking, looking around and noticing Hitoshi was standing still a few steps behind, eyes wide. “What?”

“Who gave you coffee?” Hitoshi looked him up and down, lifting one eyebrow

“No one. Oh, I was mumbling, wasn’t I? Sorry.” Izuku laughs and blushes, eyeing the clothing session of the store “Look, hoodies.”

They were at a new big Pro Hero merch store, enjoying the opening sales. Izuku was holding a shopping cart full of All Might jibber jabbers and a few stickers and pins from other heroes he likes. Hitoshi thus far just grabbed the “Ms. Joke Pack of 30 Tricks and Dad Jokes for Holidays”, limited edition, and an All Might bracelet that he actually plans on giving to Izuku on his birthday, when he finds out when it is.

“Ghost is cool. But it already exists.” Hitoshi mumbled, picking up a Ms. Joke hoodie. Shaking his head no, he puts it back. Too much color for him.

“Really? I don’t remember. Who is it?” Izuku, of course, shoved two All Might hoodies in the cart.

“The Stealth Hero, Ghost. Quirk: Fade. They can make his body invisible and intangible at the same time. They’re the number one underground hero in Japan. No one knows how they look like.”

“Number one underground… That’s why you know about it, huh?” Izuku smiles “Mr. future underground hero.”

Hitoshi blushed violently and coughed, grabbing a piece of clothing and throwing it above his head, hiding himself. He heard Izuku laughing loudly and felt his neck get hot again. These last few weeks Izuku decided to restart his hero analysis (because of the All Might Tension, as he registered the last three months, he wasn’t able to do a thing properly and stopped taking notes) and Hitoshi was his target now. He already has a handful of pages written down about Hitoshi’s Brainwashing, how it worked, how to counter it, how to improve it, everything, and Hitoshi was feeling weird about this sudden positive attention.

They had been friends for nothing more than 6 months and so much already happened with these two. Hitoshi knows almost everything about Izuku and how to deal with all of his emotional moments, happy, scared or sad. In counterpart, Hitoshi still bottle up some things about himself. He trusts Izuku, but there are things he’ll only talk about if Izuku specifically asks. He’s only 10 years old but he doesn’t like talking about the past.

“This one is cool, from who is it?” Izuku takes the hoodie from Hitoshi’s head and opens it up, tilting his head and thinking for a moment, staring at the black fabric. Giving up, he looks at the tag. “Oh, Eraserhead. It’s rare to have any merch from him, but… this is just completely black, what the...”

“I’ll take it.” Hitoshi gets one his size and puts it in the cart.

“A simple black hoodie is way cheaper than a simple black hoodie with an Eraserhead tag inside of it.”

“Yes. But I prefer the one with the tag.”

“Oh sweet capitalism.” Izuku laughs and drives his cart to the cashier, still looking around trying to find something else he wanted to buy.

He spots a man holding a phone with his shoulder, basket full of clothings in one hand and a Midnight figurine in the other. He was using a cap on top of his long blonde hair, sunglasses and a big blue scarf. Izuku stopped and pays attention to him, for some reason. “I’m telling you, they did it without the whip. Well, you can always write a complaint and win money from it. Also, your hair looks weird. It’s official merch, they should do better, we pay for these things! Ugh, fine, keep living without your whip, crazy woman. Why do you want one?, you already get one for free from the company. Oh, wow. You’re so funny, you know that?” his voice tone couldn’t say the same, tho.

Izuku’s gears where spinning so loud Hitoshi stopped looking at the candy shelf and turned around, confused. “What are you up to, Midoriya?”

“That guy is suspicious.” Izuku whispered, pouting as the man puts the figurine in his basket “He seems to be talking with Midnight. And I feel like I know him.”

“Like, the Midnight? Also, I didn’t knew you liked to spy old people.”

“I’m not spying! I just… casually stumbled upon a situation and decided to see how it ends. I feel like I know him. Maybe he’s a pro hero!”

“It’s probably someone you saw in some dream. Why don’t you ask him?”

“I can’t just ask something like that to random people!” Hitoshi started walking forward “Wait, where are you going? Shinsou-kun!

Hitoshi stopped in front of the man, looked him up without any trace of shame and made a face, glaring at his moustache. He knew that moustache. The man looked back at him, lifting one eyebrow and smiling nervously, picking up the phone from his shoulder. “Uh, how can I help ya, kid?”

“Are you a hero?” Hitoshi asked.

In the background, Izuku facepalmed himself and audibly growled some cuss word.

“...No?” the man smiled more and laughed, clearly nervous. “Why would I be? I’m just… buying things. New store, the prices are good, aren’t they?”

“Sure thing... Present Mic.”

The man flicks for a second, but Hitoshi caught it. Smiling, proud of himself, he looks above his shoulder to Izuku and gives him a thumbs up. Izuku’s eyes widened up and he breathed in, ready to squeak, but the man started shooshing and moving his hands, looking around to assure no one else heard. “Shh, shh! Don’t scream!”

“That’s ironic coming for you.” Hitoshi was being sarcastic on the outside, but he was shaking on the inside. It’s the first Pro Hero he has ever met! Of course he’s excited. But he knew what could happen if someone else finds out. The store is big and it’s full of people, so he was keeping himself quiet for the sake of not causing an avalanche of crazy fans. One the other hand, Izuku was about to combust.

Oooooh god.” the boy squeaked/whispered, legs shaking “Oh god.”

“Shit, I think I broke him.” Hitoshi scratched his head and started to get nervous “Can you, uh… Give us an autograph?”

“Sure thing, lil listener!” Present Mic smiled, eyeing Izuku with concern “Is he ok?”

“It’s ok, he does that. Come here, Midoriya.”

Shaking and using the cart to support himself, Izuku walked towards them and picked his notebook from the bag, handing it over to Mic. “It’s so nice to meet you, sir, I listen to your radio show every time I can, I think you’re a really cool hero, I wanna be a hero like you, and-” Hitoshi slapped him in the neck and he stopped talking at the speed of light.

“That’s good to hear! Keep up the good work!” Mic signed two pages, one for each, and patted Midoriya in the head, making him almost faint.

“And I think that they should have done the figurine with the whip too. It’s her main weapon, they should have done it.” Izuku finished, grabbing the notebook and looking at the signature with wide shiny eyes

“Did you hear me on the phone?” Mic asked more for himself than for Izuku, whispering, but soon he shook his head and returned to his happy state of being, smiling and giving him a thumbs up “I’ll tell Midnight you agree with me. At least I have someone on my side. I have to go now, kids! I expect you two to be great heroes!”

Mic started walking away and Izuku’s feet was beating so much it could open a hole in the ground at any second, glaring at the pro hero’s back. Hitoshi smiled and bumped his closed fist into his arm. “See, just ask, it doesn’t hurt.”

“I need to… Ugh, I can’t.” Izuku turned around with the cart and started racing towards the cashier. A confused Hitoshi followed close.

“What? Can’t what?” they stopped at the line and Izuku started biting his nails down

“I saw his dream. I think two weeks ago. I wanted to give some advice, but I can’t just say ‘Hey, watched your dream last night, do that and I think it’ll work!’” Izuku sighs and hides his face in his crossed arms holding the cart handle.

“Oh, what was it about?”

“I can’t say. It’s… very personal. I feel bad enough for knowing, I can’t tell you.”

“S’ fine.”

Hitoshi just had to wait. He knew Izuku would start overthinking and eventually would spill the beans, it’s always like this. I won’t tell, then 10 minutes later he tells because he wants so much to hear a second opinion. He thinks his friend should work on changing this behavior, it can be bad depending on the people and the subject.

They paid their thingys and started walking back to the train station, but decided to stop in the middle of the way to get some ice cream. The sun was almost down, the weather was quite cold and there wasn’t many people in the streets. It was pleasant. They sat down at a table outside the ice cream shop, shopping bags all around them, and enjoyed the ice cream in silence. Hitoshi was eyeing the nervous tick in Izuku’s leg, but was keeping it quiet, just waiting for him to finally explode.

“Ok, listen.” took long enough, Hitoshi thought. “He asked a dude to marry him and the dude said no, but gave a weird justification for it. I think it was, uh… Hang on.” Izuku searched his dream diary inside the bag, opened it and flipped a few pages. “Here. Why should I say yes? Your allergic to cats. How am I supposed to live like this? Also your hair is ridiculous.” Izuku closed the diary and looked at Hitoshi “What do you think?”

“You said it yourself, dreams are made of confusion and deep wishes, and it never means what it looks. Y’know, like people say, when you dream about dogs attacking you, it means a close friend is trying to do bad things to you, or whatever. I never believed those things, by the way. I think you’re the one who can find the real meaning of dreams.”

“You didn’t answer me.” Izuku started biting the plastic spoon “Mic may be liking someone and is scared to give the first step. Or the second step, if it’s marriage. I should have said something to him.”

“He’s just insecure about some big decision he has to make, be it about marriage or cats or something else. I don’t know why you ask me these things, I don’t dream much and know shit about psychology besides what that man tells me.” Hitoshi rolls his eyes and takes the spoon off Izuku’s mouth “Stop, you’ll get hurt.”

“Sorry.” Izuku goes back to eating, staying in silence for a moment, thinking. It doesn’t last long. “Wait, what man?”

“My psychiatrist.”

“Oh, didn’t knew you went to one.”

“I do.”

Izuku stared at him and finished his ice cream way faster than he was supposed to. Hitoshi decided to poke the ice cream until it melted, mind wandering elsewhere. The silence was uncomfortable now and Izuku’s leg started to bounce again. He decided to start opening the pins to decorate his bag while Hitoshi finishes eating.

“What do you think falling means?” Hitoshi spoke, drumming his fingers on the table, glaring at them

“Falling? Endlessly?”

“Yeah. From a cliff.”

“Hmm… If I remember correctly, it’s something about health. Keep in check with your health.”

Hitoshi laughs without emotion and gets up, grabbing his bags “Yeah, right. Let’s go home, it’s getting dark.”

Chapter Text

“You are clearly wrong.” Izuku shakes his head, his finger tapping the scattered papers on the table “Endeavor is powerful, indeed, he has an amazing control over his quirk, as we can see here in the fact that he keeps his fire active all the time without any apparent backslash. But he can never be the number one hero.”

“I think he can beat All Might.” Hitoshi gave him a feline smile, his elbows on the table and head on his hands “If only he was at least a little charismatic and smiled once in a while, I think Endeavor could be the number one hero.”

“Endeavor never won a fight against All Might.” Izuku was shaking his head, clearly thinking his friend has lost his mind “It never went close to a tie. To be the number one hero, you must defeat All Might in fair fight.”

“And you plan on doing that, Mr. I’m Going to be the Number One Hero?” the purple boy was holding his laugh, staring at the wide desperate face full of freckles in front of him

“I could never! The dude’s a beast! His hand has half my height!” Izuku laughed, nervous, keeping his eyes on the papers to avoid Hitoshi’s sharp look “He could destroy me even in his skinny form, with his pinky toe, while having a tea party.”

“Being the Number One doesn’t mean beating All Might, you idiot. What has gotten into you these days? Saying all those crazy things, like, Endeavor could never be the Number One Hero.” Hitoshi squeaked a voice that resembled Izuku’s, laughing to himself

“I’m right about that part. He could never.”

“I mean it, Midoriya. You are obsessed with All Might again and don’t try to hide it, it’s right here in front of me.” he pointed at the papers. News from all of All Might’s and Endeavor’s fights during the last year were distributed around, some post-its glued here and there with Izuku’s notes, three of his hero analysis notebooks open. “Did something happened?”

“No.” Izuku avoided his eyes again, biting his pen, his foot beating nervously on the ground. “You know how I am, sometimes I go crazy over hero analysis. And since this last Endeavor versus All Might fight, I wanted to update somethings to Endeavor’s profile.”

Hitoshi simply glared at the way Izuku stabbed Endeavor’s picture with the pen a few times while talking, hand shaking and sweat slicking at his forehead. Crossing his arms, the boy took a moment to analyze the table and Izuku head to toe, frowning when figuring out everything. “...You’re not obsessed with All Might. You’re obsessed with Endeavor.” If it serves from any confirmation, Izuku flinched violently and clutched his pen fiercely, making the plastic crack. “Midoriya, what happened?”

“I don’t wanna talk about it. Not now.” he whispered, relaxing his grip at the pen and sighing, eyes closed. “I need to figure something out first. I don’t want to tell lies about something serious.”

“Geez, is his head that bad?” Hitoshi smiled weirdly, patting Izuku’s shoulder

“It wasn’t his. Well, one of the dreams were his.”

“You had more than one?”

“In one night. Yeah, amazing, right? No, it isn’t amazing!” Izuku started using sarcasm. That was a big red light for panic attack incoming, Hitoshi already noticed. “I got punched in the guts and it hurts. Wanna know how it feels to receive a Carolina Smash in the guts? It isn’t cool.”

“Wait, wait. Hold up. Carolina Smash?”

“Yes. It was Endeavor and All Might, one next to the other. And All Might punched me!” Izuku started talking louder and gesticulating a lot, almost poking Hitoshi’s eye with the pen “It was my first dream in, like, a year! I even forgot I had this stupid, mad quirk!”

“Midoriya, look at me.” Hitoshi got up and grabbed him by the shoulders, making him look into his eyes. “Calm down. You’re about to have another attack, I need you to calm down. Breathe with me, c’mon.”

“Shinsou-kun, I-”

“Shut up and breathe, Midoriya.”

Izuku breathed in and out, slowly, staring into Hitoshi’s tired eyes, clutching at the pen with both hands and sweating like a tea pot. The kid was tired, overthinking a lot of things, trying to finish a puzzle without all the pieces, hating himself to the fullest. The quirk suppressants kept his quirk hidden for more than one year, his sleep was regulated and normal for a kid his age, he never more woke up with cuts, bruises or traumas. Everything was fine. Then three days ago he saw Endeavor’s dream, one hour later he saw All Might’s, and his mind broke again. The guilt he felt over All Might’s wound was back, the admiration he felt over Endeavor was gone and dread filled in, clawing his deepest fears and bringing them to the surface once again. But dreams are a tricky thing. It never is a perfect copy of something from reality, it’s a hidden message, a silent scream of something else. One thing could mean something way different, or could mean the same thing. Dreams are one of the most confusing things. Not even Izuku was free from the confusion and trickery of dreams. Seeing Katsuki’s crazy dreams about Izuku having some awesome quirk and being his sidekick is one thing (it happened more times than Izuku would feel comfortable admitting); seeing Endeavor… was something else. Seeing All Might again was even worse, because he decided to freak out and fuck up.



All Might was in his skinny form playing bingo with at least 10 old ladies. Izuku blinked a lot of times and brushed his eyes to be certain he was seeing that. He was still recovering from Endeavor’s dream, so he couldn’t laugh at the sight of All Might jumping and screaming BINGO! even tho he really wanted too. He took a few steps to have a better look at All Might, feeling his heart clutch. He looked as weak as the last time he saw him, long slim fingers holding the card up, deep dark eyes with more eyebags than Hajime’s and Hitoshi’s combined, jaw so sharp Izuku was certain it could stab someone to death. He seemed happy, but Izuku couldn’t believe him anymore, not after the conversation he had with that woman-light-person. Sighing, the boy sat down at an empty chair, closing his eyes and trying to test if he could sleep inside a dream.

He doesn’t know how many time has passed when a big strong hand gripped his shoulder. Opening his eyes, Izuku met the fearless threatening smile of All Might, at his muscled form. Izuku screamed and threw his body back, kicking the air in front of him and falling backwards with the chair. Still kicking everything with tangled wobbly legs and screaming his lungs out, Izuku slapped All Might’s arm and freed himself for nothing more than a second. The hand grabbed the front of his shirt and yanked him from the floor, bringing him up and close to the hero’s face. The kid stopped screaming and kicking, but hugged the arm holding him just to keep some balance, breathing through his mouth.

Who are you, kid?” All Might asked with a low voice, sending a shiver down Izuku’s whole body

Mi-Mi-Midoriya Izuku, All Might sir!” Izuku screamed, almost choking with the air

Where am I, Midoriya?”

I don’t know! You’re asleep! This is a dream! I’m so, so sorry, sir. Please wake up, for the love of everything, wake up! I can’t deal with this now. Oh god, I’m gonna pass out.”

Everything started to get blurry and All Might’s voice seemed to be too far away to be heard. Then Izuku fainted in the arms of the Number One Hero. He finally found out what happens if he sleeps while sleeping: nothing. He woke up a few minutes later getting slapped in the face repeatedly. “Hey, hey, hey, he- Oh, you woke up!” All Might said, stopping his hand. Izuku blinked three times before going back to screaming and crawling as far away as possible from the hero. “O-Oi, kid, calm down!”

I’m so sorry!” Izuku got up to his feet and started bowing faster than humanly possible “I can’t control it! I’m really sorry! I mean no harm!”

Kid, calm down!” All Might got closer, confused “Talk slowly, I can’t understand you.”

I am sorry, All Might-san sir.” Izuku clapped his hands together and bowed one last time, almost hitting the floor with his head “For everything.”

What are you even talking about?”

Izuku’s brain went blue screen for a moment. He straightened himself and stared at All Might’s big structure, feeling his legs wobble again. Taking a deep breathe and slapping himself hard in the face to keep his sanity in place, he held his glare at All Might’s face. “What is happening?”

I should ask that, don’t you think?”

Yes, but… You shouldn’t be talking to me like this. Ugh, I’m freaking out too much to think properly.”

Just tell me where am I and who are you. And talk slowly. Your voice sounds weird.”

It’s my quirk. I’m inside your dream.” a light bulb could have popped on top of Izuku’s head. Of course. He’s so dumb. “Oh, yeah, this is a dream. None of this is real. Wake up now.” He started moving his hands and making a weird mystic voice.

I’m not falling for it, kid.” All Might crossed his arms “So, it’s your quirk? I assume you can’t control it.”

Yes.” Izuku stopped his act, feeling defeated “I’m sorry.”

Stop saying sorry, kid. It’s not your fault.”

For some reason, that single last phrase made his body shake. He remembered the wounded All Might, laying down in a pool of his own blood. Fear. Staring deep into the dark eyes of the hero in front of him, Izuku started to cry. “...Kid, you ok? I’m not mad at you for this. It happens.”

It’s not this, it’s…” he hiccups “I’m sorry. Can you please wake up?”

I… don’t know how to that like this.”

Just punch me!”

Eh? I won’t punch you!”

Please, All Might! Or… Or I will punch you!”

All Might snickered. “Yeah, right. Fear not, kid! We can solve this without any violence.”

No, we can’t. C’mon, punch me.” Izuku closed his shaky hands and stood in fighting position “Come at me, All Might!”

No. I won’t hurt you.”

Izuku punched All Might in the leg, which was the only part he could reach. He screamed and held his hand, pain irradiating up to his arm, jumping backwards. “OW, what the hell, are you a brick wall or something?!”

What are you trying to do, kid?” All Might was clearly holding his laugh, weirdly pleased by that strange crazy kid

Listen, I can only wake up if you wake up, or if I get hurt enough to transfer the pain to my real body. I can’t deal with you of all people now, I saw Endeavor punching someone to death an hour ago, my mind needs a break! So please. Punch. Me! Or I’ll backflip in a wrong way and break my arm.”

Endeavor what?”

Yeah, I have a villainous quirk and I was the one responsible for your wound a year ago, so come at me!”

Izuku really thought he finally lost his mind. He would believe it, if someone told him. All Might froze for a whole minute and something in his face changed. He seems angry. Izuku started to regret everything, but it was too late for him to take it back. All Might punched him in the guts.

Izuku woke up screaming and coughing, hugging his middle body and suffering to keep breathing as the pain kept going through his whole body. He bent to the side when his stomach made a flip and thanked that nothing decided to come out. Inko blasted through the door in a second, robe half dressed, turning on the lights and going towards her son with eyes still closed for the sudden waking, acting by pure motherly instinct. Izuku kept feeling pain for the rest of the day.



“So…” Hitoshi bit his nails, frowning, staring at Izuku “You asked All Might to punch you?”

“I freaked out. I didn’t know what else to do. That was the stupidest thing I’ve ever done.”

“You are completely right about that.”

Izuku calmed down, made a tea and told Hitoshi about All Might’s dream. Now he was so mentally drained from everything that he just wanted to sleep. “Do you think he will remember me?”

“I don’t know. As you said, some people remember what happened in dreams, some people don’t. I don’t know what to say, Izuku. You admire All Might with every fiber of your body, but you are scared of him.”

“I’m not scared of All Might! That’s stupid.” Izuku scowled, putting the empty mug at the table and crossing his arms. “I wanna be like him! A hero that saves people with a smile! I can’t be scared of him.”

“I’m just saying what I’m seeing.” Hitoshi grabbed his hand and gave a comforting squeeze, sighing “I think you’re still feeling guilty over the All Might Tension. You need to let this go, dude. It’s overloading your mind.”

“I can’t, Shinsou-kun!” the boy released his hand from Hitoshi’s and got up, starting to pace around the room “His wound was never made public. I can’t know if it was my fault or not, because I don’t know what happened! He survived, but he’s weaker. And there’s still a chance that it is my fault!”

“But it isn’t!” Hitoshi got up too and held him, making him stop “I need you to believe that it wasn’t your fault. Why don’t you… ask All Might about it?”

“Are you crazy? He got absolutely mad when I mentioned about it, I could never ask him about this!”

“Then live with this stupid senseless guilt for the rest of your goddamn life!” the purple boy screamed, starting to get frustrated by the whole situation “This is the only thing holding you back! The only thing keeping you from accepting who you are! Do you think you can be a hero like this? People hate me and my quirk, but I don’t hate myself. I’ll show them I’m good and that my quirk can be used for heroism. You need to the same, or else you’ll end up tied in the corner of a white tiny room for crazy people!” Izuku came back to crying, silent tears sliding down his red cheeks “I’m sorry for being this rude, but I need to put some sense into you and I really don’t know how to ease bad news. It’s making me mad, to sit down and watch you destroy yourself like this. You hold too much on yourself, but what you hold is from other people, and it’s fine, it’s enough. You need to accept yourself, Midoriya. You need to let the guilty bag go.”

“I can’t. Shinsou-kun, I can’t.” Izuku bit his shaky lips, sniffing “I can’t live with what ifs.

“You have way too much empathy for your own sake.” sighing, he let go of his friend. “Sorry for yelling at you.”

“It’s fine, I know you didn’t mean it.”

“Oh, I really mean it. I mean everything I said. You need to fix your crazy brain before thinking of becoming a hero.”

Izuku laughed between the sniffs, smiling wobbly at the tired purple eyes. “Sorry for making you worry. Can I hug you?”

Hitoshi rolled his eyes and opened his arms, not answering with words. “For now on, I’ll make you pay 20 push-ups for each time you make me worried”

“Oh, I’ll have such a nice body by the end of the year.” Izuku laughed and hugged his friend, shivering when a cold nose touched his neck “We should start training, shouldn’t we? To become strong heroes.”

“Yeah, yeah, shut up and rest for now. We talk about this later.”

Chapter Text

Hitoshi stopped walking, slowly looked at Izuku and frowned, confused. “I’m sorry?”

Izuku was smiling, shaking with excitement, holding at least four notebooks. “I found a pattern. I think I can control my quirk.”

“Oh?” his brows shot up, surprised “That’s cool. And how did you figured it out?”

“I noticed the pattern. That’s what I want to show you. If I’m right about it, I can control who’s person is my target.” Izuku looked around the park and walked fast to the closest table, setting his things and bag on it. “Sorry, I know we were going to study, but I need to show you this.”

“It’s fine. You’re good enough on math to survive the next exam.” he followed his friend and sat in front of him, actually curious about what he found out.

“I don’t wanna survive the exam, I need the biggest score. But anyway.” Izuku started spreading his notebooks open, so many post-its and news paper cuts on them it was hard to see what was actually written on the pages. “I started noticing it after the Mighty Fire Incident...” he pointed at the labeled page in the dream diary. He liked to code-name the hero related dreams, just for safety. “...because I had those dreams one week after seeing the news about the fight. More evidences here.” he started pointing at the news papers

Present Mic saves everyone from a building on fire, three days later, I see his dream about asking that dude to marry him. Breakdown debuts, I see her dream in the same day, it was about her debut, but of course with more pompousness, she’s like that. Eraserhead fails to save someone, four days later I see his dream. All of Kacchan’s dreams happened after he fought me or yelled something serious to me. All of this has to be correlated, right? Apparently, if I focus enough on someone, I’ll be able to pinpoint and see their dream, but if I don’t, I’ll just hop onto some random dream from people I don’t know. I don’t think focus is the right word for what I have to do, but it’s something like that. Do you think I’m right?” Izuku stopped babbling and glared at Hitoshi, expectation aching on his mind

“...Well, it makes sense.” the purple boy was still digesting everything the other said, his sleepy mind taking some time to see the pattern “I don’t think there is such thing as a quirk you can’t control, but yours is kinda tricky…” he scratched his head, thinking, then looked at the face his friend was making “You’ll test it again, won’t you?”

“I have to. I’ll focus on someone with all my might and see what happens in a week, since it’s the maximum time it took from all of those events I managed to relate.”

“And who will be this someone?”

“Kacchan, of course.” he said with a blank face, voice weirdly stiff “The other factor for this to happen is that the person have to dream, and Kacchan dreams a lot.”

“Don’t you have any other options?” Hitoshi wasn’t really fond of that idea and it shows on his face “Like, one that won’t punch you in the face?”

“I don’t. Basically everyone from the list would punch me in the face.”

“You made a list?

“Yeah.” Izuku flipped some pages and showed one.

It was written:

People I know dream a lot and I can use to test my quirk:

Kacchan (be careful and DO NOT let him see me again)

All Might (nope)

Mom (that would be weird, don’t do that)

Auntie Bakugo (why would I do that. Geez)

Breakdown (she’s indirectly teaching me how to dodge. Be careful)

The dude in the rainy alleyway (does he ever dream of something different? Haven’t seen him since The Wound*)”

Hitoshi closed his eyes for a moment, thinking “Why not Breakdown? She doesn’t know you.”

“Because I still haven’t done her dream schedule.”

“You made a dream schedule?

“Yeah.” and he shows another notebook

Apparently today is the day Hitoshi founds out Izuku’s deepest darkest analysis secrets. He already know his friend is really smart and notices things in a second while people would take way longer, his mind is incredible, there is no denying it, but sometimes it gets creepy. He glared at his big green excited eyes and couldn't find the strength to tell him what he was really thinking. Izuku just wants to understand his quirk and find some good in it, to help him save people, but Hitoshi can’t see the good part. No matter how hard he thinks, no matter how many notebooks Izuku shoves at his face, Hitoshi can’t see the good part and he knows Izuku can’t see it too, not yet. He’s desperate.

“Okay, and what’s a dream schedule?” Hitoshi kicked the weird thoughts away and looked at the sketchy chart

“The average time it takes for that person to dream again. I only have Kacchan’s and mom’s, but I’m trying to make one for each person. I don’t really know how this can help me but it’s what I’ve been doing every night I can’t sleep, which is almost all of ‘em.” Izuku sighs and sits, groaning “Why does this have to be so complicated? Hey, can I make your dream schedule?” he looked at his friend with his best puppy eyes

Hitoshi winced, glaring back at him “...Would it make you feel better if I say yes?”

“It would.”

“Fine then.”

Izuku beamed with sparkly eyes and a way too shiny smile. Hitoshi immediately regretted it, he knew he was going to dig everything out of him, but at the same time he was happy to see him this radiant again. It hurts his eyes tho.



The bell rang and Izuku packed his stuff, getting up and darting off the room as fast as usual, the red eyes of Katsuki following him close. For the heat on those eyes he knew he couldn’t get away today. He was almost at the end of the corridor when looked back and spotter Katsuki left the room, hand smoking and gripping tight at his bag stripe. Shivering, Izuku started jumping three stairs at once and almost kicking people in front of him to move faster, hearing the complains and heavy footsteps of his pursuer, but he wasn’t fast enough. He barely walked three steps outside the first gate when Katsuki grabbed the back of his shirt and spun him around, pining the boy against the closest wall and grabbing his face with his hot hand. Izuku yelped and grabbed his wrist, looking terrified at the pissed mad scowl Katsuki was making. The circle of people quickly formed, no one actually interested in stopping the incoming fight.

“I think I told you to not stuff your ugly nose in what goes on in my mind.” he whispered threateningly, hand getting hotter and hotter, making Izuku flinch and shrink into himself “How many times do I have to kick your sorry ass to remind you, Deku?”

“I was… I wasn’t… You know I can’t control it.” Izuku whimpered, lying. This was happening exactly because Izuku was testing his control.

Turns out he can indeed control the target, if he focus enough on said person. But he let Katsuki see him again. Big mistake.

“Yeah, I know. I know you’re weak. Can’t even control this freaky thing. Keeps messing up with people’s business, being a creep. Listen.” he got closer, smiling “Next time I see you somewhere that isn’t real life… I’ll make you regret for having developed this sick quirk of your. Got it, fucking Deku?” Izuku’s brows started to crisp

“K-Kacchan, stop!”

“Oi, asshat.”

A paper ball flew and smacked Katsuki in the head. Both boys looked to the side, Katsuki mad scowl returning, ready to yell at whoever was that crazy being, and Izuku gasping with big wide eyes. “You...” “Shinsou-kun!”

Hitoshi already had another paper ball being crushed in hands, glaring furiously at Katsuki. “Let him go or I’ll wipe the floor with your face.”

It took some seconds for Katsuki’s brain to rewind, momentarily weirded out by the threat, everyone who was still watching making a long oooohh noise. But than he laughed and everyone shushed instantly. “I’d like to see you try, fuck face. Can’t use your stupid quirk in here, huh?”

“Does it look like I care about the law?” Hitoshi started walking towards him, people moving away and letting him go through “Did you enjoyed staying at the park for 9 hours? Must be a blast.” he smiled and a lot of things happened at once.

Izuku saw Katsuki’s hand starting to glow at his face and he slapped his wrist, throwing himself to the side, while Katsuki screamed and got ready to run towards Hitoshi, who started running too, throwing the paper ball at his face. Katsuki grabbed the ball midair and blew it. Hitoshi took advantage of the smoke and dodged the blond’s following punch, grabbing Izuku by whatever was closer and yanking him, throwing him behind himself. Katsuki spun on his feet and gave an explosive blow to the purple boy’s face, making he topple onto Izuku, who was in his fours midway through getting up. Izuku fell with his back up and Hitoshi hit the back of his head into the ground, his tall body splatted everywhere. The latter got his head grabbed and shoved into the ground again, a heated hand making him almost whimp, but he held it together for his own dignity’s sake.

“Oh, I though you said you would wipe the floor with my face? What is this, then?” Katsuki laughed, wicked grin cutting through his face “Your friend is so stupid, Deku. You two match! How cute.”

“Leave him alone, Kacchan!” Izuku screamed, wiggling to free himself

“You shut up there, Deku!”

“Sorry, Midoriya, it may hurt.” Hitoshi whispered, making him wide his eyes and stop moving


Hitoshi bent his legs towards his chest and pulled his feet on Katsuki’s thighs while grabbing the front of his shirt. In one swift move, he yanked his body backwards and threw the blond from up top himself. Izuku got squished by the extra weight and lost the air for a second and he barely had time to recover. While Katsuki was falling and hitting the ground, startled, Hitoshi got up and grabbed his friend, starting to drag Izuku towards the gate. “God, get the fuck up, dude!”

Izuku stumbled onto his feet and got up, starting to run with Hitoshi despite the pain in his chest. They heard Katsuki screaming and whatever physical pain they were feeling just vanished while they ran off the school and into the busy streets. Took them three blocks to mislead their hunter and now both were inside a single cabin from the bathroom of a pharmacy, hyperventilating, sore and tired. Hitoshi started laughing, making Izuku frown.

“What you laughing at?” he said, incredulous, massaging his hurt ribs

“This was fun.” Hitoshi sat on the closed toilet, still smiling “He was ready to fry my brows, man.”

“Yeah I noticed. Mine too.”

“How many times do I have to save your ass from him, huh, Midoriya?” he stared, drying the sweat off his forehead


“There’s nothing to be sorry about, stop.”

Took them a few minutes to go back to breathing normally, so they got out of the building and started walking to the closest train station. Then Izuku processed some information. “Wait, what were you doing at my school?”

“It’s the last day of school and first day of summer vacation. You forgot?” Hitoshi looked at him, feeling slightly hurt

“I… I did. Sorry. Yeah, you were going to pick me up, since you leave earlier from school, and we would go to the beach…” Izuku scratched the back of his head. “I completely forgot. Math test had me dying today.”

“We can still go, if you feel up to it. It’s hot and I’m sticking.”

“Oh, please, I need it.”