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11 pm. You had everything ready. Your towel, your clothes, your cleaning supplies… everything required to make it seem that you were going for your routinary night time bath. However, you couldn’t shake the nervous knot on your throat that hid away your true intentions.

It all started with your boyfriend, Osomatsu, being extremely curious about the whole situation.

“I saw it on an AV” he said cheekily, while scratching his nose. “I mean… all I’ve done is jack it once or twice underwater, but I just wonder if sex feels just as great inside an onsen”

You had blushed at his candid curiosity, although you did not make much of it. He had brought up different requests, like this one, before. Sex positions, toys, ways of kissing, although everything tended to be pretty tame. Nonetheless, this is the first time he brings up something like this, and in such a public setting - not that you were surprised, he was already a quite touchy guy.

As the days went by, you noticed he would bring the idea more. At times detailing every single thing that would happen, what he would do to you, and how gorgeous your body would look while glistening due to the water.

It would intrigue you certainly, especially for the fact that after his little mental escapades, he did not  make any effort in hiding away his erection. It aroused him so, and he wanted you to know it.

“How would we even get away with it? I know the public baths by your house are quite busy” You inquired, trying to cover the fact he had accomplished to make you contemplate the idea more than a couple of times already.

“You see.. There are some perks of living in the same place for such a long time, like me and my brothers have” He said, proudly relaxing with his hands behind his neck “I know the baths are busy… but that is only during the day. Once 11 pm hits, there’s no one to be seen”

“Yeah right… don’t they lock the place?”

“Not at all, this is a small community. We all know each other here.”

There was a long silence. You lowered your eyes deep in thought, and had not noticed Osomatsu’s shit eating grin forming on his lips.

“Why the sudden interest, hm? Could it be you are… curious ?”

You muttered a low “shut up” in response, as you swallowed dry. To know it aroused Osomatsu that much , to know you were going to be so close to him, and in such a public setting… it caused you nothing but a rush.

“S-so… what’s the plan”

*  *  *  *  * 

It was cold. So cold. Whoever saw you would think you were crazy for “taking a bath” at such a late hour, but the idea of Osomatsu expecting you there was enough to warm you from your head to your toes. You swallowed dry as you approached the door and your heart jolted in nervousness as you saw him standing there, expectantly.

“S-so we are really doing this huh?” he tried to sound as playful and laid back as usual, but his stutter gave away his nervousness. You only nodded softly as you grabbed his hand.

“You are cold” he said almost in a whisper “It’s good we are going to take a bath, huh?”

“I s-suppose so” you felt yourself blush to your ears.

Instinctively you let go of his hand, automatically making your way towards the women section of the public bath, gaining nothing but a soft chuckle from Osomatsu.

“What are you doing? There’s no one here, so you don’t have to follow any rules” he smirked, making his way back, embracing you close.

“You don’t have to be nervous… no one will come” he softly whispered in your ear

“I just… if you say so.”


You and Osomatsu quickly walked into the dressing room, without even minding the lockers. According to his plan, it was easier to leave both of your clothes in a basket hidden away, just in case anyone came in. While you were unsure about being so far away and unclothed, Osomatsu assured you that if someone were to check by, you guys could hear it with enough time that you could grab your clothes and hide.

“It is foolproof” he repeated, as he took off his sweater.

You let out a disapproving grunt, as you turned away from your boyfriend, and started undressing. Osomatsu is usually a very talkative companion, but curiously enough, this time it was an exception. You felt his stare glued to your body, and you could not help but blush.

Y-you are so hot ” he said in contemplation, as he walked behind you. He was so close, you could feel his breath against the back of your neck.

You seductively pressed your ass against him, letting out a soft moan at the sensation of his hardened member.

“So... excited already?” you teased, looking back at him with a sultry smile.

“It is very hard for me not to” he grinned grabbing your hips and peppering your neck with kisses “after that show you gave me… how could I not”


After a quick scrub and rinse, Osomatsu was the first to make his way into the water; while you were busy trying to gather the courage to go right in front of your boyfriend’s gaze with nothing on. You found these feelings a little confusing; you had been with him before, so why were you so nervous about this whole ordeal now ?

“Come on babe! The water is so nice! What is taking so long?~ “ You heard Osomatsu cheerfully exclaim from the pool.

You took a deep breath and made your way out Your heart was beating fast, yet, once your eyes met, you were suddenly overcome with lust. You absolutely adored his dumbfounded expression, and were feeling quite flattered at the very visual arousal from your boyfriend.

You sat on the edge and smiled down at him, letting him take in the view. Your body, slightly wet from a previous quick shower, gave your curves a nice glisten. Osomatsu swallowed dry.

“You are very quiet today” you teased, sinking yourself on the warm water “mind sharing what you are thinking?”

Osomatsu’s eyes immediately fixated on the rippling water. It seems it was now his turn to be nervous. You chuckled softly as you sat on his lap, wrapping your arms around him. Your breasts that lightly rubbed against his chest, earned you a gasp from your boyfriend.

Instinctively, his hands rested on your waist, although the usual slow reach towards your ass was missing. You had become used to Osomatsu being a bit more decisive, but the fact he was now hiding his flustered face on your chest reminded you of the first times you were intimate.

“Whats wrong? Are you feeling ok?” you inquired with slight worry.

Your boyfriend tightened his grip around your waist, as if to confirm everything was fine. He just needed time. You ran a hand through the back of his hair and stayed like that for a while, until you felt a shift. His lips were now against your neck, and he was lightly rubbing them against you. You shivered, letting out a soft hum.

“You are so pretty” he whispered, as he peppered your neck with light kisses and licks. You let out little moans to the feeling of his warm tongue.

You started moving your hips, making Osomatsu grunt in response. You were feeling so warm, that you were not sure if it was the water, your partner, or yourself, but you definitely liked this. Osomatsu lifted his head, planting a soft kiss on your lips, that quickly opened enough to welcome his tongue.

Your boyfriend moved his hand to your breast, squeezing it lightly, and rhythmically, as his kisses grew more frantic. You couldn’t help yourself but moan against him, although you would break the kiss every now and then to take some air. Desperately, he lifted your body to poke your entrance with his cock, and you slowly lowered yourself down his erection.

F-fuck babe ” he groaned in desperation, his face fully flustered to his ears. He looked so red that if it weren’t for the difference in temperature with the cold air from outside, you were sure he would have already passed out. He started thrusting fast, deep. You wrapped your arms around him, whining against his ear, as he hit your spot repeatedly. You rotated your hips with every thrust, making Osomatsu moan deeply.

“You are so good b-babe, you are s-soo good” He cried as a mantra, his tone of voice reflecting his frenzy. You decided to incline your body, letting your weight rest on your palms. This gave Osomatsu a full view, allowing him to see your curves,your tits bouncing while the water subtly covered them, and your sweat running sultrily down your neck. 

S-shit, you are making me get so close ~” He said amidst grunts, tightening his grip around your ass. You grinned seductively, moaning louder.

“Then cum Oso… cum for me~” you said, feeling pretty proud of being the cause of Osomatsu’s current state. Nonetheless, he had a different plan in mind. In the middle of his lusty high, he pulled out completely, making you whine a little. Yet, he guided you towards the edge of the pool and bent you over.

“W-what are you doing?” you asked surprised, but your questioning was quickly silenced by a sharp slap against your ass.

You are so fucking wet” Osomatsu grinned grimly, looking at you as if you were his next meal. You moaned once you felt his fingers slide down your pussy. “ You are still aching for me, aren’t you? Look at you trembling just by the tone of my voice…. So fucking cute” He grinned, eyes heavily lidded.

Such a wet pussy…” You felt his cock rub against your thigh, as he fingered you very slowly. It was so torturous, you were moaning uncontrollably.

“O-oso please… I want you, please d-don’t make me wait any longer”

“Be clear baby.. Do you want me , or do you want my cock, hm?” You heard him chuckle, as he was now teasing your entrance with his tip.

“F-fuck.. I can’t believe I make you this wet. How can you expect me to hold back, when I have you all for myself, dripping wet in all places”

He slapped your ass once more, gaining a high pitch whine from you.

“P-please Oso….” your legs trembled “I want you inside me so bad

“ (Y/n) if you keep begging me with such a cute voice I don’t think I’ll able to hold back any longer. Especially if you keep shaking your ass like that, are you provoking me ?” his grin grew wide at the feel of your wet pussy.

“Oso… nii-san please

As he heard you say that, you noticed something on him had flipped on. He spread your legs and thrusted himself inside of you. Roughly, deeply, fast. Your moans got caught on your throat, and you could not help but thrust against him, as if your body was asking for more.

“I-if you say n-nii-san to me.. You know that’s it right?” He covered your mouth with his hand, fucking you faster, as he peppered your shoulders with desperate kisses “ I love you (y/n), I love you so fucking much”

“Please, PLEASE! I’m about to cum nii-san, fuck me faster” You felt yourself going crazy; and how could you not? he kept  hitting your g-spot over and over, making you tremble uncontrollably with each one of his thrusts.

“S-shit (y/n) you are so tight … I d-don’t think I can hold back much longer” He struggled.

“O-oso… Osoo ~ “ you gyrated your hips against him, making him grunt deep in pleasure.

“F-fuck (y/n).. I am cumming, I am r-really close!!” He groaned, but your mind was somewhere else. You felt that familiar tingly sensation build up faster that you could anticipate, and you knew it would not be much longer before your climax.

“Osomatsu..Oso!!! F-FUCK !!!!~ “

He kept riding you in the middle of your bliss, as he let out his hot seed soothe your throbbing pussy. He kept crying out your name, as his body slowly relaxed from his high; the two of you breathing hard in an embrace, completely spent by your intimacy.


*  *  *  *  *

“I’m totally going to jack off once I get home!!” Osomatsu laughed shamelessly, gaining a playful push from you.

“What?? More? You truly are amazing” You retorted, following his game.

“Your body,  how wet it was…trust me, I’ll  never forget this” Osomatsu added in a dreamy tone of voice “It was certainly better than any AV I’ve seen”

“I don’t think having porn as your go to guide it’s a good expectation for sex but… every now and then you can get good ideas” you chuckled.

“Every now and then? “ He stopped in the middle of the road and grabbed you from behind, playfully blowing raspberries against your neck.

“S-stop, Stop Oso! It tickles!!” you laughed.

There was a long silence after that, one of contemplation. You felt incredibly lovestruck as you looked into his eyes, and judging from his strong blush, you were sure he shared your sentiments.

“I d-don’t want you to go home. You should spend the night with me... i-if you want” You added softly.

Osomatsu looked down to the floor, and squeezed your hand, as if to say that it was ok. You smiled softly, and guided him your way.

“Hey, (y/n) ?”


“Can we… d-do this again some day?”

“At 11 pm? It’s a date!!”