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He came in the door, looking even more pissed than usual.
You have been waiting all day for him. All of them came into the dorm, pissed, sweaty, tired. Even Hoseok only offered a tired twitching of the corner of his lips instead of a smile. Namjoon ruffled your hair, then went to his room. Jimin and Jungkook went into the kitchen with Jin, quietly pleading him to make some food. You were worried. Hoseok dropped his jacket on the chair next to the kitchen counter and left, towards his room. You followed him with your eyes, when you looked back only you and Yoongi were in the living room.
"Babe, you wanna talk about it?" You asked, quiet but firm. He dropped his bag on the floor. And raised his eyes into yours. You gulped. He strut towards you, squatting down in front of the couch, grabbing your face with both hands and smashing his lips to yours. You gasped in surprise. He bit your lip, licking into your mouth, his tongue lighting your whole body on fire. His tongue was magical, in every single way. You moaned into the kiss. He growled, low and rough. He ripped you off the couch, towards him, your legs sliding above his bent ones. He pulled your lower lip with his teeth, let it go and looked you in the eye.
"Fuck, no I don't." he grabbed your thighs and ass and stood up. You chuckled.
"Fine, if we aren't gonna talk, you better fuck me good, I've been waiting all day." He stopped dead in his tracks, staring at you.
"What did you just say?" His voice was so low you almost couldn't hear it.
"U-um" he slammed your back against the wall, pushing one leg beneath your ass and cupped your pussy with the other. You groaned a little in pain, a lot in pleasure at his display of dominance. You loved the quiet, loving Yoongi. But you also loved the rough, dominant Yoongi. You leaned forward rubbing your chest against his, feeling his dick twitch against your front.
"Fuck me. Good. Now." You whispered into his ear, then nibbled at it. He growled ripping your shirt off one of your shoulders, biting down on your collarbone and licking a stripe from your shoulder to your jaw. You shuddered and gripped his shoulders tight. He opened the door to his room and walked in, throwing you on the bed.
He got up to walk to the door again, while opening his jeans with a lot of ambition. He was about to slam the door shut, when Jungkook stopped him. "Remember that tomorrow Jin-hyung wants us to..." you stopped listening to him. You were way to focused on Yoongi squirming by the door, trying to end the conversation to go back to you. He had the door moderately wide open, not enough to show you and him fully, but not really hiding his hard on either.
"Jungkook, I know what Jin said, I would like to-" he opened the door a little more, revealing you and your half ripped shirt laying on the bed and waving at the maknae with a devilish smile on your face, "get back to," he coughed," what I was doing." You giggled loudly.
"Oh. Yes. Sure. Sorry." Jungkook stuttered around, blushing a little. "I didn't want to intrude, I'm sorry and I just want to say, um Y/n you look very pretty and I wish you a lot of fun..." He started rambling again, you could practically hear Yoongi's eyes roll. You wanted him. And you wanted him now. You got off the bed skipping towards your boyfriend, stripping out of everything but your shirt, you slipped your bra off under your shirt. You reached the two boys at the door.
As soon as you reached them, things transpired very quickly. You slipped your hands over your boyfriend's ass, one sliding up to his chest, resting over his pecs. You licked at his neck, feeling him shiver against your body. You pressed your entire front against his back. He groaned quietly. "I'm sorry Kookie," you said, then dropping your voice to a sultry, sensual tone, one that you only use for Yoongi, when you want to pleasure him, "but I really need him right now." You slipped a little moan into the end of your sentence. Jungkook's eyes grew wide. Yoongi groaned back to you in response, pushing his body closer to yours. The maknae was stuttering at the door. You talked quietly, only to Yoongi. "What do say hm baby? Can you stop talking to Kookie? I want you." You sucked a hickey into his neck, your other hand throwing the bra at Jungkook's chest, then sliding over Yoongi's thigh and cupping his bulge. You didn't care that the golden maknae was right in front, choking on his spit, as you as soon as you felt the older's dick twitch below your hand. Yoongi growled, low and dangerous, his eyes narrowing as he saw the younger with your lace bra in his hands.
"Come on, August D," you whisper-moaned into Yoongi's ear, knowing the name would drive him insane, your hot breath was raising goosebumps on his skin. You traced the shell of his ear with your tongue. His heart was beating wildly and his dick twitched violently beneath your hand. You exhaled loudly, moaning. "Give it to me."
He snapped. He fucking snapped. He grabbed your hands, ripped them off his body and turned around to you, groaning when he saw your *cough* light attire. He slammed your back against the wall, lifting you up while simultaneously dropping to his knees. He wrapped your legs around his shoulders, stabilizing you with his hands and against the wall, immediately attaching his mouth to your clit. You moaned loudly, gripping strands of his hair, you loved his hair so much, and pulling on it, making him moan against your core. He was licking and sucking at you aggressively, like a starving man, going insane after all your teasing. He slapped your thigh, wrapped around his head, then let both his hands grab your ass, kneading the flesh and squeezing so hard it spread your pussy's lips against his tongue. You loved him eating you out almost as much as he loved doing it to you. You were moaning low and deep, spurring him on. "Fuck, Yoongi, just like that, baby, fuck, yes." He groaned, making you moan deep in your chest. An unknown moan hit your ears, but you ignored it, riding your hips against Yoongi's beautiful, beautiful face, lost in the pleasure. Suddenly he stopped, making you whine and buck your hips.
"Get the fuck out, Jungkook." He growled out, his eyes half-lidded but murderous, his voice low and gravelly, threatening and sounding dangerous. He made a sound similar to a growl towards the maknae, like a wolf protecting his prey from another wolf. You thought it was insanely hot. It made your clit throb, right in front of his face. He looked up at you, raising an eyebrow and smirking.
You only heard the maknae running away, fast. You giggled, carding your hands through Yoongi's hair and stroking your thumb over his cheekbone.
"You didn't want him seeing you take me apart? Hm, baby."
"You are mine." He growled out before slamming his lips against you again and grazing his teeth against your clit, hard. Your entire body jumped against him, almost losing balance. Fuck, he was so good. Your thighs were starting to close around his head and you could feel a tingling in your body, signaling just how good he was.
"Fuck, Yoongi." you moaned. You closed your eyes, suddenly feeling yourself being lifted off the wall only to be greeted with the mattress in your face. Yoongi ripped his shirt over his head, throwing it somewhere while kicking his jeans and boxers down his legs and making them join the small pile of clothes you had started earlier. The rapper settled in behind you on the bed, pulling your hips towards him and slamming two fingers inside your heat, curling them immediately, trying to find your special spot. You moaned at the stretch, pushing back onto his fingers. You loved it when he was rough.
"You alright, baby?" he cooed lowly in your ear, leaning over you. "What do you want?" Fuck. His voice was so low and rough. You could come from him talking alone.
"I want you. Now." He slapped your thigh with his free hand, grasping the skin and kneading it.
"You make no demands, baby girl. You plead. You plead for me, my tongue and my cock. If I like what I hear, I'll consider fulfilling your wishes."
"Fuck you." You growl back at him. He clicks his tongue, slapping your ass harshly. He flips you over within a second grabbing your throat and pulling your right to his face, his hot breath fanning over your lips.
"Well, that's no way to talk to me, is it princess?" You glare at him, trying to convey your defiance in your eyes, not really having enough breath to speak, but even if you did, you wouldn't know what to say. You love to make him mad, to not obey him, because it gets you both hot. But right now, you can't think of anything. He grins, knowing just what's going on. He starts to rub your clit in smooth circles with his thumb, moving some of his fingers on your neck, so they hook into your bottom lip. You shiver. He starts to speed up his movements on your core. "Answer me, princess." You whine quietly, bucking your hips up towards his hand, not meeting his eyes, too proud to submit to him. He pulls his hand away. "Nuh-uh, answer me with your words, kitten." He leans towards you even more, deep voice rumbling against your chest and breath ghosting across your skin. He traces his lips along your ear and your jaw, then along your neck down to your upper chest, where he sucks tiny kisses into the skin, scraping his teeth across your collarbone. You gulp, he can feel it against his hand, still wrapped around your throat. "As soon as you say it, I will give you what you want."
Mmmm-maybe later, you think. It's my turn now.
You press against his hand with your throat, quickly capturing his lips in a kiss, tugging at his lips with yours and using your tongue just how he likes it, in a way that makes his knees go weak every time. He moans into your mouth and his posture drops. You encage his waist with your thighs and fist a hand in his hair, using the new position to flip you both over.
He makes a sound between a chuckle and a surprised squeak but quickly gathers himself. He laughs lowly now, sliding his hands up your thighs gently, then grabbing them not so gently. You moan, loving his possessiveness. He smirks and you return the expression, leaning back onto his thighs with your hands to grind your bare core against
his boxer clad member. You hear a hiss and in a second he's sitting up, pulling your body close to his and bucking up to meet your grinding. He lets his hands run over your waist and to your face. He gently guides your lips together, in a very intimate and soft way, completely different from the absolutely filthy riding going on not far below. He pecks your lips many times, then deepens the kiss, lovingly and sensually. You moan again. Damn, he is good. He smiles into the next kiss, you can feel it. He knows how much of a sucker you are for his duality. His combining of the soft and loving side at times, like a rare angel reserved for you, that you adore, and his rough and demanding side, the hot devil you love so much. You love everything about him. Every side, aspect and even shard of his being. He breaks the kiss looking into your eyes.
"Fuck, I love you so much. You're the best thing that's ever happened to me." You almost tear up. He doesn't often speak like this. Its rare and that makes it even more treasurable.
"I love you too Yoongi. You're everything to me. Love you more than anything. Everything I am I want to share with you." He smiles, a gentle but very happy smile.
"Do you trust me?" He asks, a slightly mischievous glint in his eye.
"With everything." You chuckle at his expression, excitement bubbling in your stomach.
"Good. Keep that in mind when I destroy you," His hands grab your forearms on his thighs and push them together in a one-handed grip. "because I'm gonna fuck you until you can't move." His words sent a wave of heat all through your body, even into your fingertips. He grasps your hands tighter and flips you two again, settling in between your legs and having your hands trapped behind your back on the mattress. He start to suck at your neck, leaving a hot, wet trail of what you are sure are about a million hickeys and slides his hand between your legs again, rubbing at a pace, that is so so good but not enough for you to come. It's enough for you to get desperate though. He slides his long delicate fingers up both of your thighs, wapping them around his hips. "Hold on tight, kitten." He chuckles into your ear, licking a long stripe up your neck and blowing his breath on it, causing you to shiver. At his command, your legs tighten instinctively, securing your holding around his body. He raises himself up and scoots up, raising your hips off the bed.
Thats how its gonna be, is it? He's going to fuck you like this?
He moves up the bed, until only your upper back and shoulders are on the sheets, the rest in the air, your weight resting on his hips. He looks down at you and arches an eyebrow. "You ready, baby girl?" You blink a few times, distracted by his beauty. He slaps your side lightly. "I asked you something." He positions himself, head sliding against you, snapping you out of your trance. You eagerly push back onto him, whining when he pulls away, chuckling.
"Yes, goddamn, fucking do something." He laughs.
"You know what, kitten?" he moves forward again, rubbing the tip of his dick over your entrance, coating it in your juices. You hum, too concentrated on the feeling of him against and above you. "I'm gonna let your disobedience slide once, just once". He slowly curls his fingers around your hipbones, firming his grip, without you noticing. "Because you look absolutely perfect like this and I really need you right now." As soon as the words pass his delicious lips, he slides his entire length inside you in one smooth stroke. Your back arches off the bed even further, bending dangerously towards him. He laughs, setting a slow, very deep rhythm. It's almost teasing, the way his cock drags against your insides, smooth and slow, setting every nerve on edge and making your body tingle. It seems like he knows exactly what he's doing because he grips your hips tighter and changes his angle, pushing his tip against your g-spot with every slow drag into you. You try to shuffle towards him, to take at least a little bit of control over the speed of his thrusts, because they just aren't fucking enough anymore. He growls, his hand immediately shooting out to press against your chest, holding you down on the mattress. He leans down again, the tilt of his hips making you whimper. "Did I fucking say you could move?" He bites your neck, hard enough to leave a bruise. Your hands grip his shoulders, nails digging into his skin. You love it when he bites you, it's animalistic and primal and super fucking hot. You can hear him hiss at the sting of your nails, his posture faltering a little bit, body molding down to yours. You arch up again, rubbing your front against him and gathering him close and sliding your arms over his back, pulling him in. He allows you for a second, nose nudging your neck and hot lips leaving tiny kisses, while he slowly rocks into you. You thrive under his attention, a warm feeling spreading in your chest. He can change so fast. You love him so much though.
"Yoongi" You hum against his neck quietly. He makes a noise of acknowledgement. "You know I love you right?" He raises his head, fringes of his hair falling into his eyes as he meets yours. He nods. " I love you so much, babe. More than anything." He smiles at you, the feeling of affection in your chest swelling up even more. His smile is so precious.
"I love you too." He kisses you. "A lot." He kisses you again, longer and with more passion. His tongue sliding inside your mouth, the heat returning to the both of you. You moan into the kiss quietly, curling your fingers in the hair at the nape of his neck. The kiss turns rough within seconds, you both practically devouring each other. He breaks away from the kiss quickly, panting and turning his head away for a second, gathering himself. Your chest is heaving and your head is spinning. You circle your hips, grinding up onto him. His head drops back to you, quickly stealing a short kiss and then slapping your ass loudly. "Okay, back to fucking business." You chuckle at your boyfriend. The moment of laughter is cut short though. He picks up his pace immediately, slamming into you rough and deep. You moan loudly, pulling at his hair in response. It's a vicious cycle, riling him up further and further until he is thrusting into you at an almost inhuman pace. His one hand is on your hip now, gripping it harshly and holding you in place so his rough thrust don't cause you to slam into the headboard and your back keeps off the bed, allowing the perfect angle to make you see stars. His other hand is choking you, pushing you down into the mattress, adding to your lightheadedness. You are pretty sure you both are too loud for the whole neighborhood, his low groans and harsh breath sounding incredibly loud and your endless moans bouncing off the walls. The others are probably all awake, wondering what the fuck is wrong with you two, but you couldn't care less right now. Not when you know you'll be sore for the next week and probably have to stay in bed tomorrow due to your legs not functioning properly. So, fuck the other's sleep schedule. You need this.
You don't know how long it has been since you to have started, but your high is rapidly approaching, thighs and stomach tingling with the feeling and your legs tightening even further around your boyfriends hips. He seems to feel it too, harshly gripping your hip and the hand on your neck loosening to let his hand skim down your chest, squeezing your breast and flicking your nipple, then wondering across your stomach, setting your skin on fire, to then trace patterns over your hip and juncture of thigh and hip. His hand ends up right in front of your core, fingers teasing the skin and rubbing against your clit. You jolt up at the feeling and he groans out your name, telling you how he loved it when you clench around him and take whatever he does to you. You moan in response, too spaced out to do anything anymore, not when he's taking care of you like this. He keeps going, rubbing and slamming into you until his thrusts become sloppy and he loses his rhythm, bucking into you wildly and roughly. You push back onto him, as eager to find your own release. Your ears are filled with a symphony of moans, sounding heavenly, yours and his combined.
"Shit, fuck, fuck kitten, come with me." He rubs harder at you clit and slams himself as deep as he can. "come for me." He grins, grabbing both your hips and rollin them even further onto his cock. That's it. You're gone, coming and writhing under him, whole body buzzing with the effects of the pleasure and screwing your eyes shut. You roll your hips down a couple more times, not knowing how long it takes, before you come back down and open your eyes. You are met with a sweaty, but grinning Yoongi, brushing his hair out of his face and cupping your cheek. You lean into his touch, body still spasming a little from the effects of your mind-blowing orgasm. He smiles, removing your legs from around his hips and gently stretching them out, joints popping and you groaning. He hums as an apology and pulls out of you, causing you both to hiss. You can feel his cum slipping out of you and you groan. It feels hot and amazing but also gross and is always a bitch to clean up. He flops down on the bed beside you and pulls you to his side, snuggling into you. You sigh and curl up beside him, resting your head on top of his and playing with stands of his hair and breathing in the scent of it, mingled with the smell of sex and sweat in the air. Compared to the room, he smells like heaven. He purrs, loving it when you give him sweet attention like this. You giggle, running your hands through his hair stronger and massaging his scalp.
"Babe, I was thinking something." You hum. "It's okay if you say no but, would you be okay if I". he gives little kisses against your shoulder and grabs one of your thighs and sliding it over his front to rest atop of his. "um, record us having sex and use our moans on one of my tracks?" his voice grows quieter in the end, but you can hear it. You huff.
"Really?" He lifts his head, but avoids your eyes.
"Yeah. I just think it's so hot and we sounds so good together and it would sound great mixed with my music and it's so fucking hot." He rambles. You grab his chin and force him to meet your eyes.
"I'd love to moan your name on one of your tracks for you," You say, smiling, he reciprocates, smiling from ear to ear. "I'd love to moan with you, August D." you continue, voice dropping low and sultry again. You can feel his dick twitch against your leg at your words and it causes your core to pulse, making more of his cum drip out and slip down onto his leg. His whole body tenses and his smile vanishes.
"I-is that my cum?" He asks, quiet and breathless. You look around, trying got find any answer that won't be awkward, but you opt for just looking him in the eyes and saying,
"Yeah, it is. Guess I made you cum pretty hard, huh?" You bat your eyelashes innocently. His lips form a smirk and his dick twitches with interest again.
"Well, we can't have my kitten be all dirty and full of come before she goes to bed can we?" He licks his lips and start to slide down your body. "Let me clean that up for you." He breathes out, right onto your core, before gathering the cum that has dribbled out of you and licking into you. His tongue starts his magic again. Your hands fly to his shoulder and his hair, begging for more, begging for him to rap the song you would moan on right onto your clit. His eyes flash dark and his tongue starts spelling the syllables onto your most sensitive bundle of nerves, wrecking you. You really are lucky.
He keeps going and going. "How long is the song baby?" You ask, out of breath and so so close.
"Oh, I didn't tell you baby? It's on repeat." He grins at you again, winking, before going back to work.

Needless to say, you didn't leave the room for more than a day. Not only because your legs did not work, but also out of embarrassment of how loud he made you scream all of his names and how tired you were after being tortured by who knows how many orgasms, you stopped counting after the fourth one.
Yoongi on the other hand almost hopped out of his room in the morning, terrifying all the members with his happy and giddy attitude.

As soon as he was gone, Jungkook asked, "Does anybody have noise canceling headphones? Because I can't live through anything similar to last night again." Everybody agreed with tired and strung out voices, deciding to go to the mall later, to pick up some headphones. It's all for self preservation, you know ;)