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Of Anniversary Presents and Office Visits

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At the same time:

Gary was seated at his table, nervously trying to figure out who that woman was. ``Ben what was her name? Did she mention her name?´´ he asked the Chief of Staff and glanced to the door the moment she hurried by.

He immediately rose and went to the door but was stopped by Kent himself. ``Somewhere important you need to go?´´ he asked and raised an eyebrow. Gary swallowed and smiled at him. ``No. Actually not. I just thought that I saw something but that was nothing.´´ he explained quickly and went back to his table. The other man shook his head and placed a file on Mike’s desk.

The man looked up from his phone and noticed the limping but didn’t say anything, too uncertain on how Kent would react. ``Everything alright with your foot? Also-what is that smell? Did you try a new aftershave?´´ Sue, the secretary of the VP asked and raised an eyebrow. Kent just sighed and nodded. ``Yes, Yes I bumped into my table earlier but it’s fine. Also no I didn’t.´´

Mike now raised his eyebrows. ``Did you fall into a rose field? You smell like fresh out of a boutique.´´ he asked and grabbed the file Kent had put on his desk several minutes earlier. The gray-haired man silently cursed his girlfriend’s perfume and looked at everyone a little bit puzzled. ``Yeah well that’s freshener at home. I accidentally grabbed the rose one. But I have to use it anyway and it smells pretty nice.´´ he explained quickly and already wanted to leave when Ben spoke up: ``Didn’t the blonde Lady who just left smell the exact same? Gary?´´

Gary turned to the other and then back to Kurt, nodding. ``Yes! That must have been a pretty expensive perfume even though she must be using it like it’s cheap for her. But yes, yes she did.´´ Kent flinched slightly and turned around again.

``Okay, first of all, that woman you are talking about is my lawyer. She came in for some important documents. Second of all, she is allowed to use as much perfume as she wants even if it’s made out of unicorn blood. Now, would you please leave me and her alone? It’s none of your business what perfume she wears or what air freshener I use.´´ He quickly turned around, making his way back to his office. No one ever dared to mention her again. They knew better than to make him some type of mad. They had learned their lesson rather quickly.

3 weeks later, the topic of discussion was almost forgotten because there were no reasons to bring it up again. No weird non-fitting smells, no tall women wanting to see him for ‘important’ matters. So no one thought of it again.

Up until Mike went to a restaurant with his wife Wendy Keegan. He didn’t expect to see anyone from his workplace there because it was in the suburbs of Washington D.C., yet halfway through their stay, Mike noticed a certain gray-haired man sitting at a table with another woman. He needed a few minutes to realize that it was, in fact, Kent Davison who was sitting there with a woman.

``Did you know that your colleague Mr. Davison is sitting just a few tables away with one of the best attorneys Washington has to offer?´´ his wife asked when she came back to their table and sat down. His eyes widened just a bit and he bit his lip, trying to hide the grin that was slowly forming on his face.

Wendy raised an eyebrow and smiled confusedly. ``What’s so funny Mike?´´ she asked which made him lean closer to her. ``Do you remember that lady visit from him that I told you about? Who was this tall blonde lady?´´ he asked and she nodded. ``Yes of course. You talked about nothing else that day. Why?´´ she answered, still confused.

Mike raised an eyebrow meaningful and only then did Wendy realize. ``Do you think-?´´ she asked quietly and a smile formed on her lips but he just shrugged. ``I don’t know I never saw her...but Gary and Ben did. Do you know what her name is? Ben said, she only told him her last name but it should be enough to find something out.´´

Wendy had to think for a few seconds until she nodded while drinking something from her glass of white wine. ``Why yes of course. She was all over the news last month because she was the attorney of this big pharmaceutical case where a couple sued them. Her name is Maryann Thorpe.´´ she answered and the mention of her name made Mike grin. ``It’s her. The lady who visited him. ´´

Mike already wanted to stand up when his wife put her hand on his and shook her head. ``What do you intend on doing, Mike? You can’t just walk over there. They are having a date. Give them their privacy, will you?´´ Wendy said but the moment she finished her last sentence, her husband squeezed her hand and went over to the couple.

Maryann was the first to notice Mike walking towards them. She frowned and stopped mid-sentence, trying to make sense of that situation. ``What is it, love?´´ Kent asked confused and followed her look, turning in his chair just a little bit. When he saw his colleague walking towards him he cursed under his breath. ``You’re gonna meet colleague number 3 now.´´ he said quickly and took a swig of his scotch. Maryann followed his lead and took one from her martini.

Mike smiled brightly when he reached the table. ``Hello Kent. I didn’t know you went out to this restaurant.´´ he said, trying to start a conversation. Kent looked up at him and said: ``Well I usually don’t but I was hoping not to run into colleagues but as it seems that didn’t work out very well for me´´ Mike laughed and nodded. ``Well yeah but it’s nice meeting you here.´´

He looked over to Maryann and smiled even bigger. ``I didn’t know you were dating someone. What happened to Julie?´´ he asked and Kent drew in a sharp breath. ``It did not work out. She had to move because of a job offer.´´ he explained shortly and glanced at Maryann who had raised an eyebrow at the mention of his ex.

She took another sip from her martini and looked up to Mike, holding her hand out with a smile. ``My name is Maryann Thorpe. It’s a pleasure to meet you, Sir.´´ she explained. Mike took her hand with a smile and shook it. ``It is indeed a pleasure. I am Mike McLintock.´´ Maryann let go of his hand quickly but remained the smile. ``Kent never mentioned you but we don’t talk about our work at home so it doesn’t surprise me.´´ Maryann said and took her boyfriend’s hand rather obvious, intertwining their fingers. Kent looked at her and she nodded slightly, making it known to him that she would like to go home now.

``It was very nice seeing you here Mike but we have to head home now. I’ll see you at work.´´ Kent spoke and proceeded to stand, walking over to his girlfriend who had stood up as well and helped her into her coat. Maryann couldn’t resist kissing his cheek as a ‘Thank you’ and then emptied her martini glass. Kent smiled at her softly and pulled on his jacket as well. ``It was nice meeting you, Mr. McLintock. I hope we will meet again in the future.´´ she explained and smiled at him nicely, taking her boyfriend's hand as they walked out.

Mike could only nod because he was still shocked about the romantic gesture and looked after them as they left. After a few minutes, he went back to his wife. ``They’re good. She’s really nice. I hope she sticks around because he seems really I guess and he is actually really nice around her.´´ Wendy couldn’t resist laughing at that and when the waiter came, they ordered and continued their previous conversation. Kent and Maryann were already forgotten.