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Of Anniversary Presents and Office Visits

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Kent had always hated the noisiness of his colleagues. Sometimes he would look at them and mentally slap them every time they asked something that they had no reason to know about. Especially when it was about people he was seeing, like Julie. God how often they would find a way to bring her up.

Which was the reason, why he decided to be even more discrete with his personal life than he already was. God knows it would be hard but he didn’t want his girlfriends to feel pressured to be nice or actually having to meet them. Especially Gary and Mike.

Kent had been in a new relationship for a few weeks now. 2 months, Kent. a little voice in his head said and he had thought about what he would get his girlfriend as an anniversary present. He wasn’t a huge romantic but completely stone cold? That he was not. They both had promised not to get something too big because it was only 2 months.

After lots of thinking if it would be a good idea and if she would like it, he had decided on a rather delicate necklace with a small diamond as the center of attention from Tiffany’s. Okay technically it was something big because even she would know how expensive it was but he didn’t care. It was their anniversary and he knew how much she loved his gifts.

For the first time in a while, they had found the time to eat breakfast together and he honestly had thanked God for it. He got up first, got dressed and prepared their breakfast while focusing on decorating the table and putting her present, plus a rose because he couldn’t go without a rose he knew that, on her empty plate. Luckily he was able to convince her to stay overnight, making it easier for him to make the anniversary thing right.

Afterward, he went upstairs to his bedroom. She was laying on her stomach, hands hugging his pillow and her nose buried into it. The duvet only covering from her behind downwards and even then one leg was spread out from under it.

He smiled and walked to her side and kneeled down beside the bed. His hand stroked a strand of her blonde hair behind her ear. ``Good morning Maryann.´´ he whispered with a half smile. She turned her head into his direction and smiled sleepily up at him. ``G’mornin’ handsome`` she snuggled into his hand and closed her eyes. Enjoying his warmth against her temple and his presence. ``Now if you fall asleep again, the pancakes are getting cold. And I am sure you wouldn’t-`` he began when she snapped her eyes open again and stared at him. ``You made pancakes? Don’t you have to-OH!`` she sat up and grinned at him while her head started spinning because she sat up far too quickly.

Kent grinned up at her and sat down next to her. She straddled him quickly, the duvet pooling around her hips and laid her arms in his neck. He placed his hands on her waist while pulling the duvet away onto the bed.

``Happy 2 month Anniversary.´´ she whispered against his lips and kissed him lazily but also softly. He quickly mumbled a response and returned the kiss. Kent pulled her closer splayed his hands over her lower back. After a few minutes of just kissing, she separated their lips slowly and smiled at him bridely. ``You mentioned pancakes?´´ she asked to which he responded with a laugh and nodded. ``Yep. With maple syrup strawberries and blueberries. But there is also Nutella if you want.´´ he responded and Maryann let out a soft sigh. ``You are too good to me, Kent.´´

After Maryann had showered, put makeup on her face and was dressed in a yellow pencil skirt and a yellow blazer, she went downstairs while putting on her bracelets. At this point, she was happy she had packed a small bag with clothes which she kept in her car because otherwise she would have to wear the same Outfit twice in a room and she would never do that.

As soon as she reached the bottom of the stairs, she stared at the table and laughed. In her left hand, she held a small package. ``Jesus, when did you get up to get all of this done?? This is marvelous!´´ she joined his side and kissed him softly. She sat down with him and glanced at the light blue package on her plate. A smirk appeared on her lips when she looked up again, handing him her present. He took it and watched her while she began unpacking hers. He bit the inner side of his cheek.

Her eyes widened and gasped softly. ``You-omg Kent. That is Tiffany. That must have been awfully expensive!`` she bit her lip and looked up when he walked over to her and helped her put it on. ``I know it’s not one of the necklaces you usually wear but I thought of you and I wanted to get something that’s special.´´ He kissed her neck after putting the necklace around it and smirked when she let her head fall back against his chest. ``I love it Kent. I am gonna wear it every day, even if it’s in combination with another.´´ Maryann explained and pulled her boyfriend down by his tie for a kiss.

Her present for him were tickets to a motorcycle event that was incredibly hard to get tickets for and his eyes sparkled when his eyes met hers. She grinned while eating a strawberry. ``How did you get those tickets? You have to book 1 year in advance to get them.´´ he asked with big eyes, still staring at her like she was heaven sent. ``I remembered you mentioning how much you loved motorcycles and I talked to a few friends who then got me 2 tickets.´´ she clarified and took a sip of her coffee.

Kent put the tickets back into its envelope and stood up, going over to her and helped her stand. She grinned at him coyly and bit her bottom lip, laying her hands on his chest and playing with his tie. His hands landed on her back and he pulled her closer, closing the small distance by placing his lips on hers. She returned the kiss and placed her arms in his neck. They just kissed for a few minutes until she lowered her head, starting to kiss his neck. ``We should continue this in the living room’’ she whispered against his jawline to which he responded by laughing and nodding.

He placed his hands on her thighs and scooped her up, making her squeal against his neck. He laughed and carried her into his living room while kissing her again. As soon as he reached the sofa, he sat on it and pulled her closer. She began to undo his tie while they continued to kiss passionately.

That day Kent came into work later than usual. His hair not quite as neatly as usual and a suspicious scent of roses following him while still maintaining his cold facade.

No one really said anything because he just went into his office and closing the door quickly. Everyone was confused. Kent must have had a bad morning, one said and everyone just casually agreed. He did come out for important polling matters but he avoided any kind of questions. ``It’s none of your business.´´ he snapped at Gary gruffly and rolled his eyes. Could this man just be quiet for once? It would make a lot of things easier for him.

Around 3 pm a blonde tall woman walked into the VP’s office followed by a security officer who tried to explain her, she couldn’t just walk in here without a security card.

``What is going on here?´´ Ben Cafferty stepped out of his office and nearly bumped into the woman. ``I am sorry, Mr. Cafferty. I am trying to explain to her that she can’t walk in here but she refuses to listen and she threatened to call Ex-Senator Tom James in order to get in. I wasn’t sure what to do.´´ he rambled and tried to restrain the woman so she wouldn’t walk away.

Ben sighed and looked at her puzzled. ``Where`d you wanna go Mrs..?`` he asked and she looked him directly in the eyes. `` Ms. Thorpe, Sir. I would like to see Mr. Davison. We have important documents to discuss.`` she explained and smiled sweetly. After she saw the literal question mark on his face she sighed. ``It is important. I am not allowed to talk about it.`` she added and crossed her arms.

The Campaign Manager frowned and nodded slowly. ``Sure..I’ll show you to his office if that is okay.´´ he mumbled and turned around after seeing her nod with her head high held.

As they both walked to his office, Gary walked past them and widened his eyes. Who is that?? he thought and turned around, pulling out his phone and following them. Maybe it wasn’t ethical but if there was an elegant woman walking towards Kent's office, he threw away all ethic.

Of course, Maryann noticed but she just shook her head, laughing slightly. Ben looked at her with a confused look on her face but she just shook her head. After 5 minutes he pointed at a white door.

``There you go, Mr. Davison’s office. If he should terrify you too much, just go.´´ he added with a grin, then turned and walked back, bumping into Gary on his way.

She shook her head and knocked on the door. An annoyed ``Yes??´´ came from inside and she opened it to find him scrunched over a paper. She quickly closed the door and sank onto the chair with a smirk. When he looked up, his eyes widened.

``Maryann what are you-´´ he asked shocked but she just pulled out his keys and a folder. ``You forgot that. I just got back from court and I thought I would bring it to you because I can’t stay another night. I have to get up early today. Also...I took some pancakes to court with me and best wishes from my colleague. She loved them.´´ she scooted closer to the desk and propped her elbows on the desk.

He laughed slightly and grabbed both folder and keys. ``Thank you, you are a darling. But you didn’t need to bring them you know? I have spare keys. And I didn’t need the folder today.´´ he stated and took her hand, pressing a kiss on it. ``Oh? Well, I possibly couldn’t have known that.´´ she laughed and pushed a strand of her blonde hair behind her ear.

``So...I think I just met two of your colleagues.`` she stated after a few minutes of comfortable silence and Kent groaned. ``I have no idea who they are but that the one guy is the formal Aid of the Vice President isn’t he?´´ she questioned and leaned back, crossing her legs. Another groan escaped his lips and covered his face. ``That is Gary Walsh. Who else did you meet?`` She smirked and said: ``Don’t know. A Mr. Cafeteria or something..the guard was mumbling I am sorry.´´ she grinned when he laughed at the name.

``You probably mean Cafferty and it’s fine. They all do.´´ he opened his eyes and locked them with his girlfriend, instantly smiling back at her. ``You didn’t just come to bring me my keys, did you?´´ he asked and watch her biting her lip with a smile. ``I wanted to see how you work and with whom.´´ she said and grinned. He shook his head, stood up and walked over to her. ``Liar. You wanted to see me didn’t you?´´

Maryann blushed at looked up at him through his lashes. ``Maybe. I didn’t get a proper Goodbye Kiss.´´ she pouted and crossed her arms. Kent had to laugh at this and leaned down close to her face. The pout formed into a grin and she kissed him deeply, making him lose his footing slightly. She quickly grabbed him by the waist and helped him steady himself. His foot crashed against the desk and he had to whine quietly. ``Fuck..´´ he mumbled against his girlfriend's forehead and both couldn’t hold back the laugh.

After a few minutes, she bit his lip and asked: ``Is everything alright with your foot?´´ He nodded and sat down on his desk. ``Yeah Yeah don’t wor-´´ He was interrupted by the ringing of her cell phone and she smiled apologetically. She picked up the phone and he could immediately tell it was work because she began to play with her necklace, his present he noted, and she sat straighter.

5 minutes passed and she hung up. ``I am so sorry. I have to get back to court. The judge is ready to rule and I-´´ she tried to explain but he just walked over to her, she noticed him walking with a slight limp, and kissed her forehead. ``It’s fine. Go. We will talk later.´´ She smiled and straightened his tie a little bit before pecking his lips for the last time. ``’Kay. I will call. Also, get something to cool your foot please.´´ With that, she left his office, hurrying back to court.

That evening she wouldn’t call him because she would come home, fall onto her couch and immediately fall asleep. And he didn’t mind because he understood and would never dare to have it any other way, but she also made it up by calling him in the morning.