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soft as silk

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“The garden. I’m sure that’s where she’s hiding.” Sansa undid her top clothes, pushing it off her shoulders and lying back onto the bed.

“What my love?” A voice from the bathroom called.

“Antoinette.” Sansa replied, fiddling with her fingers.

“The rabbit i got you?” Margaery made her way into the room, a slim silk dress covering her. She sat uptop the bed and ran her finger along Sansa’s right shoulder, “I can always catch you another one my dearest.”

“I liked her though, she reminded me so much of you.” Sansa sat up, placing her hand on Margaery’s face, running her thumb along her cheek.

This was vulnerable. Sansa enjoyed these moments. She liked being able to be vulnerable towards Margaery, knowing she would never hurt Sansa.

“Did she now?” Margaery asked, placing kisses on Sansa’s shoulder, owing a few moans from the redhead.

Sansa put her head back, “I don’t want another rabbit, i want Antoinette.”

Margaery placed her kisses lower and lower, moving the remaining fabric that covered Sansa’s hips.

“Do you want me to have the guards look for them?” Margaery asked, carefully placing the fabric to the side.

Sansa scoffed, “No that would be useless.”

Margaery dipped her head between Sansa’s legs, causing Sansa to moan and arch her back. Sansa tried to avoid grabbing Margaery’s hair, instead she gently ran her soft fingers through it, Margaery kissed her thighs. Smiling up to Sansa,

“We’ll get you another rabbit dearest. I’ll get you more than one.” Margaery rekissed her thighs, “Anything you want my lady.”

“I don’t want another rabbit.” Sansa said, she guided Margaery’s chin so their eyes both met, “I only liked Antoinette because you gave me her, i don’t care about the stupid rabbit.”

Margaery laughed and smiled, “You didn’t care for Antoinette?”

“I cared for her because you gave her to me, i just said that.” Sansa shot her a look.

“You’re so serious.” Margaery scooted up, and straddled Sansa’s thigh. Sansa rised a little to meet her gaze, “What can i do to give you a little happiness, show me a smile.”

Sansa smirked and kissed her. Margaery deepened the kiss, grabbing Sansa’s face and with a quick shift, Sansa was ontop. Margaery quickly placed her hands to Sansa’s hips and Sansa rested hers on Margaery’s face.

“Then tomorrow i’m going to get you another bunny. The prettiest bunny ever, everyone will be jealous of your bunny.” Margaery cooed, looking up at the love of her life, “I’ll make sure you have everything you want my love.”

“I have you already, why do i need another dumb rabbit.” Sansa smiled after.

“Sansa?” Margaery asked.


“Be quiet.” Margaery smiled at her and cupped her face again, bringing Sansa in for another kiss.