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Becoming One

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Kirishima woke to the sound of his alarm going off. It was 5:30 am on a Saturday. A day most of the students chose to sleep in after vigorous training and doing lots of school work. Eijiro Kirishima, the brightest hero in training, with a smile that never faltered, who always tried his hardest in school, at everything he did, still felt like he was always behind the others. So every Saturday at 5:30 am he would wake up, put on some training gear and head out to the large training field and train for as long as he felt he needed.

He staggered from his bed, rubbing at his eyes with the palms of his hands to get himself woken up enough to start the early day. He threw on some training gear and sulked tiredly to the bathroom to brush his teeth and throw up his hair. Kirishima was never a morning person. Aside from Kaminari he was usually the last to wake on weekends. Except for Saturdays when he felt he had to push himself if he ever wanted to become a pro hero. He looked in the mirror, his own tired reflection staring back at him. He brushed his teeth, but his hair up in a bun and smiled brightly to try and hype himself up. He wanted to be one of the best and extra work always made him feel like he was getting closer to that goal. He grabbed his headphones along with his phone and walked out of his room. As he stepped out of the building into the still dark morning, the smell of fresh air filling his lung and a gently breeze brushing his face made a small smile play on his lips. Kirishima had always thought that early mornings before the sun was out was so peaceful.

He continued on his walk to the large field he always frequented to do his training. Yard lights being the only lights to light his way. He let the quiet around him send him into a comfortable trance. About half way to his destination he noticed a figure. Cloaked in black from the shadows casted down from the lights over head. The closer he got the more he could see the silhouette of the person stretching their arms in the air. Kirishima wondered who would be out this early, no one ever even wanted to wake up before 8 let alone 5:30 in the morning. Unless you were Iida who always woke up at precisely 7 in the morning. Everyday.

As he inched closer a familiar cloud of ash blond spikes came into view. He was almost hypnotized by the way he looked. Shadows cast down his body, with the tips of his hair almost glowing in the yellow light above. His eyes were glued to the silhouette before him. "Oi, idiot. What the hell are you doing out here?" Kirishima was shaken for a moment from the loud voice. He continued his walk till he was about five feet apart from none other than the always angry Katsuki Bakugo, before he spoke up. "Oh, hey Bakugo! I always come out here now on Saturdays to train a little. What are you doing up so early out here for?" Kirishima had a smile that could brighten the sunless morning. Bakugo and him just recently started associating more and he couldn’t help the fact that he wanted to be closer to the angry blond, plus he was attractive as hell.

Bakugo continued stretching as he spoke. "Tch, maybe I decided I wanted to put in some extra training hours. Got a problem with that shitty hair?" Bakugo's ever famous scowl was plastered on his face. Kirishima couldn't help but smile more. "Nah dude, that’s super manly to come train on a free day!"

Kirishima took his own spot a few feet from Bakugo and began doing his own set of stretching. An oddly calming silence fell between them. Kirishima stole glances of Bakugo every chance he could. Watching the way the other mans muscles moved as he stretched. "Hey, do you want to spar with me, I've got this new move I've been wanting to test out but haven't had the time to try it fully yet?" Kirishima spoke, trying to find something the pair could do that would take his mind and eyes off the others muscles being flaunted before him. Bakugo was silent a moment. Kirishima hoped he wanted to cause he would have to cut his training short if he was stuck being this close to him and not having a fist flying at him as a distraction. "Let go then shitty hair, show me what you got!" Kirishima snapped up to see Bakugo, a smirk on his face as he began letting off small explosions in the palms of his hand. Kirishima just stared dumbly at Bakugo for a little longer than he should have, but the thrill in Bakugo's eyes was entrancing. "Hey, dumbass. We sparring or what?" Kirishima's eyes that were transfixed with Bakugo in that moment shot away from the blond. He gave a toothy smile and took a stance ready to bash it out with his, hopefully, new best bro.

A few hours later, Kirishima and Bakugo are both laying on the ground, spread out, trying catching their breaths. The sun is finally out and shining down on them. A slight wind began to roll in, cooling their hot, tired bodies as they lay in silence. The only noise being their heavy breaths.

A few more minute past and Kirishima began to giggle. "Man, that way so fun! We need to do this every Saturday dude." He looked to the side at Bakugo who kept his gaze up at the sky. "Ha, why so I can kick your ass every time?" Bakugo joked. The smile that Kirishima had on his face was inevitable to hide. "Haha, sure! We both know I almost had you that last round." Bakugo finally looked over at Kirishima, another smirk stretching onto his face. "You fucking wish Shitty Hair."

After laying on the ground a while longer they sauntered their way back to the dorms. Minimal talk as they went. It was comfortable, the kind of comfortable that feels like it happens everyday between year long friends.

The rest of the day carried on normally for the two. Kirishima however couldn't seem to get Bakugo out of his mind.

Kirishima transferred to Yuuei his last year of high school and kicked it off with everyone fast. Bakugo took a little longer and although he has only been there for three weeks now since school has started, he seems to have gotten the blond to accept him a lot easier than the rest of his class he has been with for going on three years already. It made him feel special knowing he has been the only person to really get Bakugo to come out of his shell, even if a tiny bit.

But these thoughts of Bakugo swarmed him. Maybe it was the fact they were both out before the sun, sparring and the adrenaline from training so early in the day has yet to leave his system, or maybe it was the fact that they have been growing closer as friends and Kirishima is having a hard time keeping his small, yet ever growing, crush on Bakugo at bay.

As the day went on and Kirishima had yet to rid himself of these wanted, yet unwanted, thoughts of Bakugo, he decided to go find something to snack on and then go hang with his friends. He entered the kitchen and stopped. Bakugo was standing at the counter, on the other side of the small island, with his back to Kirishima. Kirishima could hear the faint sound of music drifting throughout the kitchen from Bakugo's headphones. He hadn't seemed to hear or notice Kirishima's presence, so Kirishima took the opportunity to stare at the blond before him. He soaked in the image of Bakugo. The way his hair looked more ruffled than usual, his pale skin glowing under the fluorescent kitchen lights, The way his muscles moved under his clothes with his limited movements. He wore a black shirt and a pair of joggers that almost made Kirishima drool. They seemed to hug all the right places. Showing the outline of Bakugos toned thighs and round ass.

Kirishima was lost in his own thoughts, daydreaming of the angry boy in front of him. "What the hell are you staring at?" His eyes regained focus and Kirishima physically jumped seeing Bakugo leaning across the island looking at him. His eyebrows were raised and his arms were cross as they held the weight of him as he waited for a reply. Kirishima hadn't realized he was still staring at Bakugo the whole time his mind took over in a series of daydreams until he had been snapped back to reality. He brought his hand to the back of his neck and rubbed gently as he gave a small awkward smile. "Haha sorry bro, I must have spaced and didn't realize I was staring at you. I was just coming to get something to eat and then must have space without realizing it."

Kirishima hoped the embarrassed blush creeping onto his cheeks would go unnoticed. He looked all around the kitchen to try and find something he could focus his gaze on that wasn’t Bakugo looking. "So Shitty Hair, you always stare at people when you think to hard or just me? Your dumbass has been standing there a good five minutes staring at me." Bakugo scoffed playfully causing Kirishima to feel even more embarrassed than seconds ago. "I uh, actually no. Haha this would be the first time I've ever done something like this." Kirishima now looked to the floor fully embarrassed he had been caught staring and hadn't even known himself he was doing it.

"Tch, you never cease to amaze me with the dumb shit you do." That was all Bakugo said before he turned back around and went back to doing what he doing when Kirishima had entered. Kirishima sighed quietly once Bakugo had his back to him. He never felt so nervous, but Kirishima being Kirishima he couldn't help but want to talk to Bakugo anytime they were near each other, even after he had just completely made a fool out of himself.

"What are you making?" He said as he rounded the island to go stand up against the counter a few feet from Bakugo. He gave Kirishima a look that said 'are you dumb,' but went on to say what he was preparing anyways. "Dark chocolate chili cookies." He stayed focused on stirring the batter until it was all mixed together. Bakugo continued to place scoops of the dough onto a baking sheet before any other words were exchanged. "Spicy cookies, that doesn’t sound that tasty bro." Kirishima beamed, hoping to lighten the mood with a little humor he knows would get feedback. "They're fucking amazing!" Kirishima could help but laugh at the response from the blond. Bakugo finished dropping batter into piles on the baking sheet and took them to the oven before returning to clean his mess. They became quiet and didn’t talk for a while as Bakugo focused mainly on cleaning his dishes. Kirishima stole nervous glances every now and then, trying not to get caught this time staring. "Didn't you come in here to fucking eat or some shit or did you come here to just stare at me the whole time?"

Again. Kirishima had been caught staring again at Bakugo. He thought he was doing a good job at hiding it, looks like he thought wrong. "Oh yeah, right. Totally forgot about that." He nervously turned and went to the fridge, desperately trying to not look like a flustered mess. Kirishima searched through the fridge for a few minutes trying to settle himself down enough to slip back into his normal demeanor.

It was Bakugos turn to be caught staring. Kirishima shut the fridge and turned around to see two piercing red eyes staring back at his own. It was almost like an unspoken challenge to see who would break eye contact first and Kirishima knowing how Bakugo is, knew he wouldn't lose a challenge. Whether both people know what's going on or not. The longer they stood there, Bakugo leaned up against the counter and Kirishima in from of the fridge, the longer Kirishima was having a hard time keeping his eyes pinned onto Bakugos.

Time had seemed to come to a stop. Red glaring into red. Kirishima felt like he had been standing there all day, not moving an inch. BEEEEEEEEEP!
The sound of the oven signaling that its contents where done, startled Kirishima enough to make him the one to break eye contact. Bakugo let slip a small laugh before giving Kirishima a sly smile and getting the spicy cookies out of the oven. As he set to placing cookies onto a plate Kirishima decided to break the silence. "So what are your plans for the rest of the night?" Bakugo stopped what he was doing and gave Kirishima a plain look "Are you trying to ask me if I want to hang out with you Shitty Hair?"

"Haha, I mean since you mentioned it, why not? We can go play some video games or something. I mean unless your busy?" Kirishima smiled. An answer didn't come though. Bakugo returned to placing the cookies on a plate. Kirishima felt a little discouraged from the silence and from not getting an answer. He opted in just heading back to his room to play some video games the rest of the night.

Right as he got to the other side of the island, the side Bakugo was occupying, he was almost hit in the face by a hand holding a cookie. A confused Kirishima followed the hand to see Bakugo looking a him and then he looked back at the cookie only inches from his face. "You got any of those stupid ass Black Ops games?" Bakugo lowered his hand away from Kirishima's face a tad. Again Kirishima couldn't help but smile at Bakugo. "Are you saying you'll hang out with me if I have one of those games for us to play?"

Bakugo only scoffed, heading towards the door with his plate of cookies. "You fucking coming or what?" He said as he again extended his hand towards Kirishima with the cookie in it. Kirishima took the cookie and followed Bakugo out of the kitchen.

The remainder of the night was spent with the two, jumping around Kirishima's dorm room, shooting zombies. Kirishima was having the best time and seeing Bakugo having fun, even if he almost blew Kirishima's PlayStation up a few times, was even better.

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A few weeks have past since the day Kirishima and Bakugo sparred on the early Saturday morning and ever since then the two were almost insepeerable. Bakugo with his explosive personality only ever really hung around Kirishima instead of his other classmates and even decided he would spar on Saturday mornings with Kirishima. For his own reasons of course.

It was a Friday and Kirishimas little, big, crush on Bakugo had only grown bigger the more they hung out. All he wanted was to spend all his time with Bakugo, but hell, Kirishima wasn't even sure if Bakugo was gay. Whether he was or wasn't Kirishima had decided he just wants the angry boy in his life. The final bell went off signaling the last class of the day was over and Kirishima rushed from his seat over to Bakugos. He slowly bounced on his heels once he was standing in front of his friends seat. "Hey bro! Want to come hang out tonight and play some Mario Kart. Kaminari lent me the game and I thought it would be cool to get some snacks and battle it out and see whos the better driver." Kirishima was beaming, trying not to overexert how happy he was. Hanging out with Bakugo was turning out to be a lot of fun and although most of the class couldn't see it, it was making Bakugo a little less, assertive. "So you want me to come over and kick your ass at yet another game?" Kirishima could only laugh, although what he said had pretty much been true. Bakugo was a master at games, it was like no matter what they played Bakugo was always the one to win the most. "/Sure/ bro!" Kirishima laughed and set him a wink. "Just come by anytime, I'm gonna go change."

Now over excited, Kirishima turned around quickly, to quickly, almost colliding with his friend Mina. "Wahh Mina, hey sorry, I didn't see you there." Before Kirishima really understood what was going on Mina was throwing her arms around him and pulling him into a hug. "Kiri!! I was just coming to talk to you." She released him from her hold and smiled brightly at him.

Mina Ashido, the Alien Queen herself, was Kirishima's best friend. They went to the same middle school, but separated right before they hit high school. Kirishima's parents wanted him to prove himself at another school before they would let him attend Yuuei. Aside from Kaminari and Sero and now Bakugo, she was one of his best friend. Her and Kirishima had been friends for years and she always had his back.

She smiled brightly, her dark eyes boring into his. "I feel like we haven't hung out in forever, we should totally hang out later! Kami, Sero and I are gonna hit the mall, you should come." Kirishima hated to turn down his friends, but he wanted to be with Bakugo tonight. He smiled shyly to her, almost embarrassed to have to tell her no. "Ah, sorry Mina. I actually just made plans with Bakugo tonight. Are you free Saturday night? We can get the gang together and hang out then if everyone else is down."

Kirishima had somehow managed to be facing back towards the direction of Bakugo's seat and while Mina continued to show her pouty face, he couldn't help his eyes drifting over her shoulder to see Bakugo looking his direction. He gave him a small smile and Bakugo smiled, just barely, back before immediately adverting his eyes down to the pencil he was twirling through his fingers. Mina took notice and turned to the direction he was looking. Turning back, a mischievous smile formed on her lips and Kirishima was totally caught making eyes at Bakugo. "So Bakugo huh? He doesn't really seem like your type, but you are the only one that he lets close to him." Her dark eyes twinkled. A red hue started climbing up his neck and onto his cheeks. "Holy shit Mina, shhh." He put his hand across her mouth, making sure she wouldn't blurt out anything else. Mina laugh, the vibrations bouncing off Kirishima's hand over her mouth. He dropped his hand after her laughing fit was over and she shot him a wink. "Don't worry Baby Shark, you're secret is safe with me. Rain check on hanging out yeah? I'll see you tomorrow." And with that she was walking away before Kirishima could say anything back. He huffed, looking towards Bakugo's desk to find him not there.

After Kirishima left the class room, he started pacing back and forth in his room. Picking things up and making things less messy. Bakugo had been in his room hundreds of time but for some reason, tonight, Kirishima was extra giddy. Bakugo was going to be there any minute and Kirishima couldn't will away the butterflies erupting in his stomach. He kept thinking back to the time in the kitchen, the day they first officially hung out. He was nervous even then. He turned to look at a small mirror hanging on the wall next to the bathroom door, his face was flushed red and his cheeks felt hot. He was full on blushing, hard, from being so excitedly nervous. It was like the first time hanging out all over again.

He hurried to the bathroom, splashed some water on his face and fixed a few stray strands of hair, just in time before a familiar loud knocking came from his door. Bakugo has arrived.


As Bakugo stood there in front of Kirishima's door, waiting, he found himself nervous. When the fuck did he ever get nervous? Bakugo was strong and brave, he didn't have time for shitty nerves. He didn't fucking get nervous anymore. Except today. Something about the way Kirishima came bouncing over to his desk asking to hang out, the biggest, brightest smile stretching across his face. It made Bakugos heart skip a beat. He stood there, waiting only a few seconds that felt like hours. His heart was beating so fast, he swore it was vibrating his whole body. His breath hitched at the sound of the doorknob turning and in that moment he felt completely and utterly nervous. It was strange, like a brand new feeling coursing through his veins and Bakugo didn't like it. Not one bit.

Kirishima opened the door. Bright, cheesy, fucking smile plastered to his face. Bakugo was frozen. All he could do was stared at Kirishima. His stupid red hair was spiked up in that perfect way, he had a tight as hell black training shirt on that rested right above his shorts, high enough to show off some skin and just a peek of the band of his boxers. His shorts were just barely hanging onto his hips and Bakugo felt like he was going to choke. He knew he had a crush on Kirishima. He knew he, himself, was fucking gay. Since forever, but this feeling? This feeling was new. He didn't want to take his eyes off red head.

Fuck Bakugo wasn’t even sure if the dumb haired idiot was even gay. Yet here he was, catching shitty feelings, or at least that’s what he assumed these feelings were. Ever since Kirishima transferred to Yuuei, Bakugo had his eye on him. Something about Shitty Hair just always drug him in, but that’s just a crush. This though. Bakugo had no idea what these feelings were for sure and all he wanted to do was blow them the fuck up. If that was possible.

"You coming in dude?" Kirishima was looking at Bakugo, smile still on his face but his eyebrows were raised in a questionable way. Bakugo didn't say anything, just walked into the room, shut the door and proceeded to sit at the edge of Kirishima's bed.

Kirishima's room, for the first time, didn’t look like a shitty mess. His things were picked up and put away and there were even snacks all over the floor in front of the PlayStation for them. Again, for the first time, Bakugo was fazed with feelings he couldn't comprehend.Kirishima sat beside him on the bed, no closer than usual. Handing him a controller and showing his stupid, yet so fucking adorable, smile off. "Ready to start the night out with me smashing you in Mario Kart?" Bakugo settle down at that and nudged Kirishima in the side. "You fucking wish!"

The next few hours continued with the two duking it out between many different games. Bakugo insisted he had won more, But Kirishima was right there next to him in win numbers. Bakugo was finally tired of "kicking Kirishima's ass" at any game they put on and decided on watching a movie now instead. "What kinda movie do you want to watch bro? Kaminari lent me some horror movies and Sero lent me some cheesy romance comedy ones."

Bakugo scoffed. "Why the fuck does Soy Sauce have romance comedies for, not like he'll be fucking getting anyone anytime soon?" Kirishima laughed, a bright, bubbly laugh that went straight to Bakugos gut. "He's learning bro." With that is was Bakugo's turn to laugh, just a little. "I guess put in a shitty horror one, I'm not about to watch some fucking romance movie."Bakugo scooted back on the bed, leaning against the wall, while Kirishima set to putting in a movie. He was sitting in the middle of the bed and hoped like hell Kirishima wasn’t going to tell him to move over any.

Turned out Kirishima was a damn wuss and got scared by every little thing. The fucker damn sure wasn't scared of any villains but when he came to horror movies he was a pansy. Any jump scares popping up made him jump nd Bakugo desperately tried not to laugh his ass off at the dumb idiot. Kirishima was closer now. Their hands only a few inches apart from Kirishima jumping and ending up getting closer every time. Bakugo could feel the heat radiating off Kirishima. All he had to do was move a finger and he would be touching him.

The screen went black, incasing them in darkness. Only enough light to show the outlines of everything. All Bakugo wanted to do was stretch the few inched and take Kirishima's hand. He tried, attempting to grow some balls and just do it. Right as his fingers were about to connect with Kirishima's, the screen lit up, scaring Kirishima. Next thing Bakugo knew his heart was beating rapidly, butterflies were swarming in his stomach and he didn't dare look down to see that Kirishima's hand had landed on top of his. His palms were getting sweaty and he prayed he wouldn't accidentally set off some explosions. He sat there, eyes glued to the tv, hoping like hell Kirishima would keep his hand there.

Minutes went by before Bakugo remembered to breathe. Kirishima had kept his hand over his and hadn't decided to move it. So with that Bakugo decided to make his move. Since he wasn't able to be the one to initiate the first contact, even if Kirishima only did it because he was scared, he was damn sure going to initiate turning his hand over and intertwining his fingers into Kirishimas.

He tried to settle his nerves, just a little. His heart still hammering away in his chest from these all to new feelings. The screen went black again and Bakugo wasted no time flipping his hand over and lacing his fingers in between Kirishimas own. Perfect timing also. Right after he took Kirishimas hand the screen lit back up. He squeezed Bakugos hand and hid his face behind Bakugos shoulder. Kirishima laugh, the beautiful noise coming out muffled from behind Bakugos shoulder. "Man I'm being so unmanly right now! Sorry bro."

Something about the way Kirishima whined just made Bakugo want to smile. "'S fine." Was all he said and Kirishima lifted his head back up to continue watching. He never moved his hand away from his. Bakugo felt damn proud of himself for sucking it up and finally doing it, even if he still wasn't sure Kirishima was only holding his hand because he was scared easily. He stole glances often, mostly when the screen would light up. Basking Kirishima's features in white. Fuck the idiot was stunning.

The rest of the night seemed to go by way to fast. The movie ended and they both just sat there. Bodies close together, fingers interlocked. It felt unreal. Like something out of one of the cheesy fucking romance movies and Bakugo was fucking loving it. The credits rolled and neither of them wanted to move. Both lost in the moment. They sat there long enough the screen went black on the tv, it going into its sleep mode. Surrounded by black. Yet they stayed there, holding hands in the lightless room.

Finally after what seemed like hours, Kirishima made a move. He unwound his fingers from Bakugos, got off the bed and flicked on the light. Both squinting as their eyes adjusted. He looked over at Kirishima only to be meet with a sweet smile. "So, what do you want to do now?"

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A few weeks had passed since the night Kirishima and Bakugo held hands for the first time. Bakugo didn't stay much longer after that and Kirishima couldn't sleep the rest of the night. He swore he dreamt of that night for the next week. They started hanging out more, every night spent in one of their rooms. It was like a routine, a silent unspoken plan. Either Bakugo would follow Kirishima after class or vise versa.

They ate breakfast, lunch and dinner together. Trained together. Studied and did their homework together. They were almost literally inseparable. You couldn't find one without the other. They really were best bros. Best bros with deeps feelings towards each others.

Ever since the first night they held hands, any other time after when they would put a movie in, their fingers found each others and they would hold hands the rest of the night. They never spoke about it. Just let it happen. Like its been happening for years instead of only a few short weeks. They always sat close together fingers locked together. Occasionally Kirishima would wrap one of his legs over top of Bakugos and play footsy with him. Usually that ended in Bakugo kicking him, but he always managed to harden his leg a little, just seconds before he died laughing at the new "cuddle play Bakugos way," as Kirishima would call it.

They fell into a normal, everyday peace.


They had a test coming up, The Heroes of History. Kirishima wasn't the brightest, he knew he needed to work harder on that. Of course Bakugos tutoring was helping out tons. He was definitely trying his hardest to keep up with the blond.

The final bell had finally rung and Kirishima like always went bounding over to Bakugos desk with a bright smile. "So what's the shitty plan for tonight Red?" Bakugo said, smirking like he didn't already know they would be finding something to do if Kirishima didn't already have something in mind. Kirishima felt an all to familiar blush creep up his back, he never got tired of hearing Bakugo call him Red.

It happened a few nights after the hand holding "incident." Bakugo came to Kirishimas room that night to play some games and new nicknames had came out of it. Kirishima blushed the first time hearing it, having to turn away almost completely until his face cooled down. Ever since then Bakugo has called him Red and although Bakugo insisted nicknames were for losers, Kirishima got away with giving Bakugo the nickname Kats. He said he hated it but he always let Kirishima call him that.

"Want to help me study a little more for the test coming up tonight? I keep forgetting to much." Kirishima knew he didn’t even really need to ask, they would be hanging together tonight anyways, but he still felt like he needed to ask. "Sure, someone needs to help knock some more damn sense into you." Bakugo scoffed playfully at the red head. Kirishima clenched his shirt where his heart is. "Ouch, rude bro." He laughed. "I'm going to head to the kitchen and see if I have any chips left, just meet me in my room or whatever. Ill be there in a minute." He smiled at the blond as he turned to walk out of the class room.

It was almost like déjà vu, right as Kirishima turned around he almost collided with none other than Mina. A huge smile on her face and a mischievous look in her eyes. "Hey Baby Shark!" She radiated up at him. "Hey, Mina. What's up?" Minas smile only got bigger. "You tell me /lover/ boy." She said as she nodded her head in the direction of Bakugos seat. Kirishimas face lit up, a blush spreading over his cheeks. "W-what's that supposed to mean?" Mina laughed, it was bright and bubby and Kirishima couldn't help but smile from hearing it. "Please Kiri, you and Bakubabe are being so obvious."

Kirishima grabbed her wrist gently and pulled her out into the nearly empty hall. Empty enough to have a private conversation without half his class being so close by. "Okay, so like, please tell me we aren't that obvious. Oh my God! What if Bakugo knows I like him, holy shit I still don't really know if he's gay. I don't want to tell him I'm crushing and he's not gay. Shit, Mina help me out what am I going to do if he already know and he's just not saying anything about it cause we are friends, but he is straight and doesn’t like me back that way." Mina laughed again. "Woah, Kiri, baby slow down. Haha lets start slowly. So I'm taking all this as you guys aren't a couple? Damn, me, Kami and Sero could have sworn you guys already made things official. And I don’t think you have to worry about Bakuboy being straight, its clear he is totally gay. At least for you anyways. Have you guys seriously not talked about liking each other?"

Kirishima was just a little embarrassed by the fact that not just Mina but also his two other best friends could see just how gay he was for Bakugo. "Haha well no not exactly. I mean we hold hands a lot, kinda, but I haven't told him I liked him. I'm to nervous to and he hasn't said anything to me so I assumed he wasn't into me like that or something." Mina rolled her eyes at the red head. "Kirishima I love you but I didn't think you were that stupid. You literally just said you guys hold hands a lot. Not a lot of friends do that kind of thing. /Bakugo/ doesn't do that kind of thing."

Kirishima sighed. "Yeah I guess you're right. I just like him so much Mina, but I don’t want to ruin what we have." Mina walked forward and put her hand on Kirishimas shoulder. "You won't, its obvious he likes you. Just maybe figure out how to tell him. The sooner the better, I mean I don't want to rush you. Be comfortable if you do it but all these weeks you guys have wasted so far could have been spend with the two of you being together. In a dating, together way."

"Yeah, maybe ill try to tell him tonight. I should go though. He's probably already waiting in my room about to blow my head off cause I'm late haha." Kirishima felt a new happiness wash over him. His nerves were creeping through, but all he wanted to do was smile. "Text me everything later okay, love you Baby Shark! You can do this." With a peck to his cheek and a quick hug Mina smiled and left him.

Almost as soon as I had stepped into my room. Long enough to throw some shorts and a shirt on. Bakugo was there. Doing what Kirishima called his famous "knock and enter," where he knock loudly twice and then came in without waiting for an answer.

The rest of the day panned out like normal. They studied till Kirishima swore his brain melted, played some videos games until Kirishima finally beat Bakugo more than four times and Bakugo had, quote, "Enough of the shitty fucking games." Kirishima laughed a lot and found Bakugo laughing a little more than normal. They bickered and laughed and just talked the rest of the day, until it finally gotten pretty late into the night. Time slipped away from them. On school nights they tried not to hang out to long, so they wouldn't be tired in the morning. Something about the fun they had tonight distracted them until well past one in the morning.

"Oh fuck, I better go red. I'm gonna be tired as fuck in the morning." Bakugo said as he pulled his phone out checking the time. He stood up heading for the door, Kirishima following like always. He always felt the need to walk Bakugo out. Bakugo never said anything about him doing it, so he made sure he always did. Just to see him a few extra seconds before left. Right before he reached the door Kirishima seen Bakugo turn around. A flash of blond hair ending up right in front of him. Bakugo had turned around and slung his arms over Kirishimas neck. Embracing him in a loose hug.

Kirishima died, right there, in that spot with Bakugos arms around his neck. He quickly put his arms around Bakugos waist so he wouldn't pull away to quickly before Kirishima got the chance to hug back. Pulling Bakugo closer into him. He buried his nose into the crook of Bakugos neck. Damn, Bakugo smelt good.

Minutes ticked by as they stood there, holding onto each other. Kirishimas skin felt like it was on fire from the contact. Finally Bakugo squeezed a little tighter and pulled back. He didn't look at Kirishima but instead at the ground. Clearly a little embarrassed by his own actions. Kirishima on the other hand was melting, trying desperately not to collapse to the floor from the excitement coursing through him.

They stood there, Bakugo still keeping his head slightly down. Kirishima smiled big and bright even though Bakugo couldn't see it. He pulled him in, embracing Bakugo in another hug. "We still on for game day tomorrow?" Kirishima half laughed, trying to calm not only Bakugos but also his nerves as well. "Damn Shitty Hair, you really know how to ruin a moment." Bakugo said as he let go of Kirishima and walked the few steps back to the door. He opened it and right before it shut he said. "Be ready for me to kick your ass tomorrow Red." In that time Bakugos replies finally hit him. Did they really just have a moment? Oh shit, they did. Kirishima tried to open his mouth and say something, sorry maybe, for ruining the moment but the door was already closed by the time Kirishima attempted to spit something out.

Kirishima jumped. Full on jumped, onto his bed. Smiling from ear to ear. His heart was sputtering and his nerves were everywhere. He couldn't believe that had just happened. He finally got to hug Bakugo. The Bakugo Katsuki, who hardly ever let anyone touch him let alone hug him. He was just so excited. He couldn't keep it in. He leaned over and grabbed his phone off his dresser and decided to see if Mina was awake, he had to tell someone.

Me: Hey!!!!! You awake!!?????

Alien Queen: Sure am, I couldn't sleep knowing you might confess your feeling for Bakugo tonight!! XD Soooooo did you or what, tell me all about it!

Me: Haha well no I didn’t tell him how I felt, but uhh….something else happened and omg Mina I could have died right there on the spot.

Alien Queen: AHHHH, Kiri. Tell me what did you guys do. OMG did you kiss, please tell me you guys kissed!!!!

Me: Well no XD not that far, I wish. But he hugged me. HE. HUGGED. ME! Omg it was amazing and he smelt so good, I mean he always smells good but omg his natural scents is literally like a campfire with hints of caramel. It was such a pleasant smell and damn Mina I want to smell it the rest of my life. I also hugged him back and the he said I ruined the moment because I asked if we was still hanging out tomorrow, but like I was nervous. HAHA I DIDN'T KNOW WHAT ELSE TO SAY. I MEAN SDHFKHKDJJDOEIF….I GOT TO FREAKING HUG HIM.

Alien Queen: Omg no way he hugged you ksjdfie…. that's awesome Kiri. Omg XD XD you totally would say something like that during a moment huh! Pfft.

Alien Queen: Why didn't you tell him how you felt then, that would have been the perfect moment!?

Me: Hey I was nervous I didn't really know what to say. And umm because I got to scared. Super unmanly of me but I was thinking about telling him the whole time and I just couldn't I don’t have the courage to actually tell him to his face how much I like him.

Alien Queen: Kiri, Baby Shark, Kirishima Eijiro. That was the perfect chance. Why don’t you just text him then. I mean then you wouldn't have to like face him, ya know. Just do it fast like a band aid. Get it out there, you two hugged… I mean come on Kiri Bakugo definitely likes you.

Me: Yeah, you know maybe you're right. I need to just tell him, it's not manly for me to keep pushing this off. I'll text him. Maybe he hasn't went to sleep yet. I'll see you tomorrow in class, get some sleep. Love you!!

Alien Queen: Yessss baby, go get your boy! Love you to Baby Shark, see you tomorrow!!!! (Hopefully with lots of details)

Kirishima stared at his phone in his hand, contemplating what he should say to the blond. Would he even be awake still? He decided a simple message would be a good start.

Me: Hey Kats, you awake?

Kirishima hit send and sat there, worry running through him. He was way to nervous. He stood up, pacing back and forth waiting for Bakugo to message him back. He was sure the other must have fallen asleep. PING. Kirishima rushed to his bed grabbing his phone and opening the message.

Kats: Hey Red what the hell are you still doing up for?

Me: I couldn't really sleep.

Kats: Same

Me: I actually had something I was wanting to tell you

Kats: Okay, then tell.

The phone shook in Kirishimas hands. He was more than nervous now. He was scared and excited and wasn't sure what he was even doing at this point. He didn't want to back down though, not now, not after finally telling himself he would tell Bakugo this time how he feels about him.

Me: So I've been meaning to tell you this for weeks now. Really unmanly of me but I couldn’t find the courage to actually tell you so I'm going to try now.
I like you Kats, like, like like you. Like more than just a friend like you. I have for, well lets face it I'm pretty sure I've been crushing on you since the moment I seen you. I mean I understand if you don’t feel the same, I'm fine with being friends. Best friends. I hope that wont change if the feelings aren't mutual but I couldn't keep my feelings inside much longer I needed to tell you. You're perfect Kats and I find myself liking you more and more every day. Wanting to hold your hand and hug you, even kiss you. I can't seem to go a day and not think about you. I just, I want you to know you mean a lot to me. You give me goosebumps and make my heart flutter. Not to mentions our quirks were like made to go together, which is super manly but…you're my favorite person Kats!! I just hope no matter what we can always be best bro if not maybe something more later on in the future.

Kirishima hit send and threw his phone towards the end of the bed. He couldn't believe he was doing this. His stomach was turning. He thought to himself that he's happy enough he told Bakugo. Five minutes went by and Bakugo still hadn't responded. He stood up again pacing, glancing over at his phone. What was taking so long? Maybe he screwed up and Bakugo doesn't like him that way, maybe he ruined their whole friendship.

Kirishima felt sick, the thought that he might not be able to be friends with Bakugo anymore hurt and he wasn't sure he wanted to go without the blond boy always by his side. PING. Finally the familiar sound of his phone notifying him he had a message rang out. He stood by his bed looking down at his phone. He wanted desperately to look, but he was afraid it would be something he didn't want to see. He grabbed his phone quickly, opening the messaged before he could back out and seen what Bakugo said.

Kats: You're a sappy idiot, you know that.

That was it, Kirishima looked at it a hundred time but every time it always read the same. Kirishima didn’t know if he wanted to cry or if he should be happy it wasn't a straight out rejection. He was confused. What does he say to that. Another ping from his phone came from his phone.

Kats: You really are shitty for making me feel things. Ever since you transferred here I couldn't stop looking at you. Then you had to go and be friends with me. Fuck, this is harder than I thought it would be. Look Shitty Hair, Red. I don't exactly know how this works but I like you to or whatever. Like a lot. I've never had fucking feeling so I don’t know what the hell I'm even doing.

Kirishimas heart skipped a beat. He reread the message over and over again. Smiling more every time he did. This had to be a dream, there's no way it was real. Kirishimas hands shook uncontrollably, he tried multiple times to type something out but his fingers wouldn't stop shaking. He was so jittery. All he wanted to do was run up to Bakugo and hug him. To look at him and this time know he was liked back.

Before he knew it he had thrown his phone on the bed and rushed out of his room. He didn't have far to go but he was already out of breath. His heart wouldn't stop beating so fast. He stood in front of Bakugos door. Taking deep breaths to calm himself just a little. He raised his hand and knocked gently, hoping it was loud enough for Bakugo to hear but not loud enough to disturb anyone else.

The door opened, to slow for Kirishimas liking at the moment. Once it was opened enough for Kirishima to see Bakugo he lunged at him. "What the fuck Shitty Hair?" Kirishima almost knocked Bakugo off his feet, but Bakugo steadied them just in time. He wrapped his arms around Kirishima. Returning the hug. "Sorry Kats, I had to come see you." He smiled into Bakugos neck.

Chapter Text

The moment Kirishima had lunged at Bakugo, wrapping his arms tightly around his neck, everything else seemed to disappear. The two stood, arms wrapped around each other, smiles plastered on their faces. Kirishima was living in that moment and although Bakugo wouldn't admit it out loud, so was he.

Bakugo was the first to pull away, he stared at Kirishima with that stupidly large grin on his face and then Kirishima laughed. A dumb, adorable fucking laugh that made Bakugos stomach flip. "The fucks so funny Red?" Bakugo scowled, crossing his arms. The red head ruined yet another moment, fucking laughing, and Bakugo didn't even know why. Kirishima finally quit laughing. "Nothing bro, you just seriously look way to adorable when your face is all red." Bakugo was ready to go dig his grave and lay in it. Fuck, he was blushing and Kirishima was looking.

He walked around Kirishima, shut the door and when he turned around he just glared at him, heavily. "Don't fucking call me bro, Shitty Hair." He said and he passed Kirishima and went to sit on his bed. "Come sit down, or whatever." Kirishima just continued to stand there. "Oh, uh I can go back to my room if I'm keeping you up, I just…well I had to come see you for a moment." Kirishima lifted his hand to the back of his neck and rubbed nervously, smiling shyly down at the blond. This shit was starting to get to sappy for Bakugo. "Just come sit the fuck down Red, I wasn't sleeping in the first place."

Kirishimas smile brightened and he walked over to sit next to Bakugo on the bed. Of course he choose to sit right next to Bakugo. Their legs touching. Dammit, Bakugo was feeling way to much. They just sat there, in silence. Neither on really knowing what to say now that the truth has came out. "So, uh what now?" Kirishima had his hands clasped into his lap. Nerves taking over slightly. "The hell you mean what now?" Once again, for the second time that night Kirishima laughed and it make Bakugos stomach flip. He had made the mistake of looking over at Kirishima and instantly turned away, fuck, the red head was just to bright for him.

"I mean like what now? Obviously we both like each other. Oh fuck, wait, you do like me for real right?" Kirishima hid his face into his hand, fully embarrassed now. It was Bakugos turn to laugh. "Damn Red, you really are dumb huh. I texted it to you didn't I? Do I have to say it out loud or something. Fuck. I guess if that would make it easier then I guess I like you, more than a friend, I guess. Ok, whatever. Does that make you feel better."

Kirishima lifted his head out of his hand and pulled Bakugo into a hug. It only lasted a few second, not long enough for Bakugo to even hug back before he let go and leaned back. "Yeah, that does." He beamed. Bakugo just scoffed playfully and elbowed him lightly. "Good!"

They slipped back into a quiet, calming, silence before Bakugo finally spoke up. "I think we should keep going like we are or whatever. Don’t rush it ya know?" Bakugo kept his face turned away from Kirishimas as he spoke. He might not have been looking at the red head but he could definitely tell he was smiling when he said. "Yeah, I'm cool with that. I think I’m going to head to bed though now, Aizawa is going to kill me tomorrow if I fall asleep in class."

Kirishima stood up, walking towards the door and Bakugo followed him. Kirishima opened the door and stood there a second before turning around and looking at Bakugo, a question lingering in his eyes. "Yes, you can hug me again Shitty Hair." Bakugo deadpanned and Kirishima wasted no time wrapping his arms around Bakugos neck and squeezing. Bakugo settling his arms around Kirishimas waist. It didn't last long enough. Hell, Bakugo was sure he could stay that connected to Kirishima for hours. When Kirishima pulled back he didn't go far before Bakugo said. "Oh, fuck it!" Grabbing the sides of Kirishimas shirt and dragging him closer. Their lips locking.

Although Bakugo had initiated the kiss, he thought he was going to melt. His hands still fisted into Kirishimas shirt and Kirishimas hands placed on his hips. Fuck, Bakugo was ecstatic.


The next day panned out like usually. Nothing was different. Aside from the fact they both knew how they felt about each other. They went throughout their day normally. At the end of class they walked back to the dorms, Bakugo ranting about some dumb shit Deku had done while they were training.

Bakugo took the lead, Kirishima following close beside him.

They spent the rest of the day in Bakugos room, getting their work done, doing a little extra studying for The Heroes of History test, and destroying zombies on Call of Duty. Typical things for the two to do on a Friday night.

By the time it would be when they usually parted ways, they both found themselves sitting on the floor, slumped up against Bakugos bed. Both completely over playing video game but not wanting to split for the night.

"'S fine if you just want to sleep here tonight, not like we got fucking class in the morning anyways and its pretty late." Bakugo said as he eyed Kirishima out of the corner of his eye. Watching his reaction. Kirishima perked up but still didn't say anything right off. It seemed to take a few minutes to decide what he would say. "You sure that's alright bro, I don’t want to be a burden."

Bakugo scoffed. "Okay, one I told you to fucking stop calling me bro. Two you're not a fucking burden and three just shut the fuck up and get in the bed." Kirishima laugh, throwing his head back onto the bed. He kept his head laid on top of the mattress as he turned to look at Bakugo, a small smile playing on his lips. "Okay." That was all he said before he discarded his shirt, leaving him in nothing but his shorts, and jumping onto to bed. He laid there, a bright smile on his face as he placed both hands behind his head.

"You're such a dumb ass." Bakugo walked to his closet and took out a black shirt and some sweat, changing quickly and then proceeding to walk back to the bed. "Scoot the hell over Red." Kirishima was quick to listen as he lifted the covers and slide into them, moving over for Bakugo to lay beside him. Bakugo turned the lamp off beside his bed and laid himself down. He tried not to be to close to the red head but the bed was small. He couldn't not lay in the bed and not touch the other.

They laid there silently, nervous.

Neither of them had know when they fell asleep. Kirishima drifting off a few minutes before Bakugo and Bakugo desperately wanting to move closer to Kirishima but falling asleep before he was sure he actually would have.

Bakugo woke the next morning, the sun flittering in through gaps in the curtain. He felt good. He felt really good. Kirishima was draped over him. His head on his chest, one hand tossed over his stomach and their feet tangled together. Bakugo smiled. He had one of his hands placed on Kirishimas waist, touching his bare skin.

He looked at the red head, burning the image of the boy into his brain. The way his hair was half up and half down, falling down yet sticking up in all directions. He paid a lot of attention to the one strand that was laying across half of Kirishimas face, obstructing Bakugos view of it. He gently reached over and tucked it behind the others ear. He stared at him for minutes, soaking in the features of his face. The smoothness of it. His long dark eyelashes resting on his cheeks. His soft pink lips. Bakugo was entranced with Kirishimas beauty. He rubbed his hand that was resting on Kirishimas waist. Feeling the red heads silky smooth skin. Bakugo was sure that with his hardening quirk he would feel rough but surprisingly the boy was the opposite.

A few more minutes past before Kirishima stirred. Moving lightly as he began to wake. "Mm morning Kats." The raspy morning voice that came out of Kirishimas mouth had Bakugo weak. "Mornin' Red." He smiled. Actually, genuinely, smiled at Kirishima. Yeah, Bakugo was not liking these stupid fucking feelings, but damn he was loving the way Kirishima made him feel. Didn't exactly make any sense, but Bakugo was to happy in that moment to think to much on it.

Kirishima leaned up onto his elbow, his face resting into his palm. He looked at Bakugo, eyes closed tightly and he smiled big. "Did you sleep good?" Bakugo was taking his time soaking up the image of a shirtless Kirishima. Of course he had seen the boy shirtless before. Many times in fact, his hero costume literally consisted of a bare chest and back, but this time he wanted to make sure he never forgot. Kirishima, shirtless, with Bakugos legs still wrapped around his and his crimson orange comforter draping low across his stomach. Fuck, he was falling for the stupid red head to fast. "Better than I have in a long fucking time." He smirked.

Kirishima gently climbed over Bakugo and off the bed. Stretching. Bakugo had a full view of his back now, watching as each muscle moved as Kirishima stretched his arms.

Bakugo spent the rest of the morning, hands tucked behind his head, watching Kirishima do, well, Kirishima things and Bakugo was happy to take it all in.


Weeks had went by since then. Bakugo spending the night with Kirishima and Kirishima spending the night with Bakugo. They quickly got over being nervous about touching to much before they fell asleep and every night, Kirishima usually, would cuddle up to Bakugo and fall asleep. Bakugo was content. He smiled a little more. Just a little and was definitely falling more for Kirishima every day that passed.

The boys had unofficially, officially moved into each others rooms. Bakugo had some of his things at Kirishimas and the red head definitely had over half his things in Bakugos room.

Bakugo was constantly feeling new things all the time because of Kirishima. He was ecstatic and no one was going to take him off his high.

It was a Saturday, the two just got back from eating breakfast and then walking back to Bakugos room. They had spent the morning talking to their friends about going to the mall later and although Bakugo insisted he didn't want to go he found himself staring at Kirishimas stupidly adorable puppy dog eyes and agreed.

The second they all entered the mall, Kirishima and Bakugo got left. Mina drug Sero off into the direction of a clothing store and some how Kaminari had convince Jiro to go check out a music shop. Leaving the two to explore the mall together. The two walked around, glancing at all the stores. Nothing really peaked their interests, until Kirishima seen arcade games and insisted they spend some time playing games. Bakugo followed the cheery boy into the arcade center and knew this was the moment and place he was going to ask.

Three games in and Bakugo was already screaming at a screen, Kirishima laughing behind him. He was losing against the PC and wasn't happy about it. In fact, if it wasn't for Kirishima being there he would have definitely blow the stupid machine up. They continued to battle it out, enjoying there time. Bakugo was overwhelmed. His head rushing with excitement and nervousness.

The had just walked over to a different game. One that was enclosed where you would have to walk behind the curtain of it to play the game. It was the best moment Bakugo was going to get. Kirishima went in first, Bakugo following behind. The space wasn’t to big but big enough for the two playing to shoot monsters in their own little space. Kirishima put in the money to play and started the game picking up his gun. Bakugo did the same but at a slower pace. Unsure just how to say what he wanted.

Kirishima looked over at Bakugo, a bright, toothy smile plastered across his lips. Bakugo hesitated for just a moment. "Hey Red?" Kirishima looked at him, eyebrows raised in a questioning manner. "What's up Kats?" He said looking back to the screen, ready to play. The screen came to life, monsters and aliens running at them, Kirishima aiming his gun at the screen and shooting. Bakugo wanted to laugh at the faces Kirishima made. "Be my fucking boyfriend!" Bakugo blurted out, putting his gun back and turning fully towards Kirishima.

Kirishima dropped his gun, a smile to big for his face stretching over it. "Seriously! Like for real! Yes Kats, of course." He threw himself at Bakugo, arms wrapping around him tightly, face buried into Bakugos neck. Bakugo just laughed gently, hugging the red head back. His own smile slipping onto his face. Fuck, he was so happy. He wished he would have asked sooner for Kirishima to be his boyfriend.

They left the arcade center soon after. Hands interlocked and Kirishima with a bright smile on his face. Bakugo was sure it was permanent. They found their friends, Kirishima of course not being able to hold his excitement in any longer and telling them, they had become official. Mina insisted they go get ice cream from the food court. Her treat.

It was a good day. Great, in fact. Bakugo was happy, his spikey haired, now, boyfriend was happy and all his friends were happy. All this mushy shit was to much, but Bakugo was to happy to care.

As the days continued to pass, the two continued to grow. They were happy. They fit together perfectly. It wasn't long after that the whole class had found out also. Kirishima beamed with delight to have everyone happy with him about his relationship choice.


They had just left class, heading back to the dorms when Bakugo got a call from his mom. He kept it short. He didn't like phone calls. He got the call over with quickly, giving Kirishima a look. He drug his hand down his face, sighing. "The old hag wants me to come to lunch this weekend and you're coming with me!" He stated. "W-what? Me? Why do I have to go also!" Bakugo chuckled at the way Kirishima became frantic. "Because my mom knows I have a fucking boyfriend and insists on meeting you!" Kirishima stopped, starring at the ground. "Hey, look its fucking fine Red. My mom is cool with it! She's known I was fucking gay, since probably, before I knew. We can go tell your parents to if it will make you feel better."

Bakugo watched the way Kirishimas body tensed after he brought up the others parents. "I just don't want your parents to not like me and my parents don't even know I'm gay. They haven't exactly been around long enough to care in the first place." Kirishima looked up tp Bakugo, worry running through him. "Fuck, alright. Well two birds, one stone. My parents will fucking love you! I can guarantee that and we can go tell your parents together after we see mine."

Bakugo watched Kirishima hesitate a moment before giving him a small smile. "Okay, sure. Lets do it."

A week was all Bakugo had to prepare for Kirishima to meet his parent and to help his boyfriend finally come out to his and the way Kirishima acted about the whole thing made him nervous that Kirishimas parents weren't going to take the situation very lightly.

Chapter Text

The two spent most of the remainder of the week hanging out with friends. Bakugo was more than willing to hang around the idiots if it meant helping to take Kirishimas mind off things. The also spent some time training. Bakugo hoped it would help the red head let off some steam.

Kirishima wore a bright smile throughout the days, but when night settled and the days came to an end Bakugo seemed to notice the red head wasn't as talkative and obnoxious as normal. He didn't and wouldn't push Kirishima if he didn't want to go through with coming out to his parents when the day came. He knew just how much pressure that can actually be.

Bakugo asked, making sure more than once as the day got closer, if he was sure he wanted to do this. Every time, Kirishima put on a smile and said yes.

The night before Bakugo found Kirishima sitting at his desk drawing. Head phones occupying his ears, a foot tapping rhythmically on the floor and his eyes moving along the page as the pencil in his hand scribbled out lines. He was entranced into his own world and Bakugo wasn't about to break that peace. He just made his way to his bed and laid down, relaxing from the tiring day they had.

His eyes flicked to Kirishima, watching the other boy. The dim lamp that sat on his desk lit Kirishimas face in a soft yellow glow. Bakugo couldn't help but smile, the idiot was definitely way to fucking beautiful.

They boys finally settled in for the night. Bakugo pulling Kirishima close, his chest flush to the others back, legs intertwined. They both drifted off a lot easier than thought that night, Bakugo whispering "No matter what happens tomorrow, I'll always be here for you," and Kirishima nestling closer.


Bakugo woke the next day, way to early. The sun having yet to make an appearance. Kirishima was still asleep, cuddled up next to the blond.

He inched his way to the edge of the bed, gently as to not wake Kirishima. He sat there, running his hands through his messy bed hair and sighing. Fuck, today was going to be a long day. He looked behind his at the sleeping red head and smiled. His heart felt way to many new feelings but having Kirishima by his side made it worth it.

Bakugo had taken a quick shower, the sun having risen now. He went back to the bed, laying and scooting over to the red head. He laid his head on Kirishima, feeling the calming rise and fall of his chest. "Morning babe." Kirishima rasped, bringing a hand up and running it through Bakugos hair. Bakugo hummed, the feeling of his fingers felt so good. "Mornin'."

"You ready for today?" Bakugo spoke, head still resting on Kirishimas chest, comfort settling into his body. "Haha not really, but guess this is as ready as I'll ever be." Kirishima said chuckling nervously.

They laid together, enjoying each others presence before finally getting up and ready to go to Bakugos house. Bakugo made a phone call to his mom, telling her they would be there earlier and Kirishima just sat on the bed. Fiddling with his fingers in his lap, nervously.

"Well, lets get this shit over with. Yeah?" Bakugo said as he opened the door, extending his hand for Kirishima to take.


The walk was quiet. They didn't talk much, instead letting the calming atmosphere consume them.

Bakugo's house soon came into view. They walked up to the door, Bakugo squeezing his hand gently before giving a quick knock then opening the door. "We're here!" Bakugo shouted, kicking his shoes off at the entrance and walking into the living room. Kirishima followed suit, kicking off his shoes and sticking close to him.

A moment later and Bakugo was being welcome by his mom, giving him a rough punch to the arm and ruffling his hair. "The fuck, you old hag. Leave my hair alone." He said slapping his mothers hand away.

She just laughed, moving past the angry blond to Kirishima. "You must be Kirishima? It's nice to finally meet you." Kirishima smiled brightly at her. "Y-yeah that’s me. It's nice to meet you to." She looked him up and down and smiled "Aren't you just the cutest, Katsuki sure did score a good one." She winked turning back to Bakugo. "Don't fuck it up you little shit." She said quietly walking past Bakugo and Kirishima couldn't help but let out a small laugh after she had walked out of the room.

"Shut up Shitty Hair." Bakugo deadpanned, grabbing Kirishimas hand and pulling him along as he followed after his mom. They walked into the kitchen, the smell of food lingering. "Where's dad?" Bakugo said, sitting down. "He had to work, he was going to get the day of so he could be here but got to caught up. You know how he is with his work."

"Yeah." Was all Bakugo said before it slipped into silence. Kirishima began to fidget his fingers nervously. Bakugo noticed and took one of his hands into his own, interlocking their fingers and squeezing gently. He looked over to the red head and gave a small smile.

They sat and talked and Kirishimas nerves soon vanished. He felt so at home and welcomed by Bakugos mom. He was smiling and laughing so much is cheeks hurt. Although Bakugo didn't show it as much as the other to, he was having a great time. Watching as his mom and his boyfriend just laughed the whole time.

They didn't stay much longer. Bakugo insisting they get going to get Kirishimas parents situation over with. Bakugo's mom pretty much demanding they come back to visit as they headed out.

"Man, you're mom is so cool babe." Kirishima beamed as they started walking in the direction of his house. Bakugo just scoffed. "If you think so."


The walk seemed too short and before they knew it they were standing in front oh Kirishimas house. The smile Kirishima had on his face moments ago now long gone.

Kirishima let go of Bakugos hand and knocked before slowly entering and standing in the entrance. Bakugo felt a little tense, not really knowing what to expect. A long minute later and Kirishimas mom finally made her way to them.

"So you finally decided to make an appearance home I see. Who's your little friend there?" Kirishimas mom seemed a little, off. Her tone wasn't welcoming and she seemed to just skip over Kirishima straight to Bakugo. Bakugo stepped up a little, standing next to Kirishima. He was going to try his damn hardest to make a good impression. "Bakugo, I'm Kirishimas friend from school." He said. She looked him over a minute before turning and walking off and Bakugo swore he seen her throw a dirty look their right before she turned.

Kirishima turned to look at Bakugo when his mom was out of site. He sighed. "Sorry." He gave Bakugo an apologetic smile. Before he could say anymore his moms voice rang out. "Well, come are you going to come in her or what?"

Bakugo followed Kirishima into the kitchen where he seen Kirishimas mom with her back to them cooking at the stove. Already sat at the table was a man Bakugo presumed to be Kirishimas dad. "Hey buddy, long time no see huh?" The older man said. Bakugo and Kirishima sat at the table across from him. "Yeah, sorry been doing a lot of training." Kirishima said, no light to his words.

Kirishimas dad made some small talk, not even acknowledging Bakugo at all. The time seemed to tick by unbelievably slow for the fiery blond. He was confused, way to tense and starting to get pissed off. They way Kirishimas parents spoke to him was sketchy. Like they were acting as if they cared about the red head and how things were going but deep down didn't give a shit.

About an hour slinked by, Kirishimas mom not having said a single word the whole time they had been in there while she cooked, finally turned around and set some food on the table. She took her spot at the head of the table and gradually began filling her plate. An awkward silence started to creep it way through as they all took turns scooping food onto their plates.

"So why exactly did you decide to come visit, Eijiro? And with a friend." She shot Bakugo a quick look before turning to her son. "Oh right, well umm. Bakugos mom invited us over for lunch so I figure we would drop by before we went back to the dorms and I also had something pretty important I wanted to tell you guys." Kirishima smile but it didn’t give off any light. It was like his parents were darkness dragging the happiness away.

His mother straightened in her seat, pushing her food up as she placed her elbows on the table, interlocking her fingers in front of her face. "Well, what's so important?" She all but sighed out, seemingly very unimpressed. "Right, well I've done a lot of thinking. About myself and whatever, and realized a lot about my self also. And umm well…" Kirishima stopped talking, having found it hard to get the words he was trying so hard to say to come out. His mothers eyes seemed to go dead, her posture became cold and impatient waiting for him to continue. "Well, spit it out Eijiro."

Kirishima jumped slightly in his seat, his moms voice startling him. "Um well, I just wanted to tell you guys." His leg shook uncontrollably as he choked out what he wanted to say. " That, well, that Bakugo isn't just my friend. He um, he's also my boyfriend. I'm gay." He said looking over to Bakugo before focusing his eyes down at the table, avoiding eye contact with his parents. The whole room filled with an uneasiness.

Bakugo looked at Kirishimas dad, he sat there, continuing to eat his meal like he never heard a thing. Then Bakugo looked at Kirishimas mom, she was fuming. She looked as if she was going to burst at the seams. Her eyes were wide and her knuckles were white from her squeezing her hands together so hard. Fuck, she was pissed. Kirishima glanced up at his mother seeing that she was angry. "Mom, I.."

Before Kirishima had a chance to finish what he was saying, his mother scooted her chair back harshly. The legs of the chair scraping loudly against the floor. She stood up, her lips pressed firmly together and her brows furrowed. "How fucking dare you come into this house and say something like that. As if you weren't already pathetic enough, now you're a faggot!" She yelled, huffing down at Kirishima still sitting in his chair. Her face showed nothing but disgust on it and Bakugo was about to lose his shit.

Bakugo stood. "Fucking excuse me? What the fu-." Kirishima yanked Bakugos wrist down quickly to stop him. Eyes pleading to the blond. Bakugo sat back down. He wanted nothing more than to give her a piece of his fucking mind. He was livid. His felt as if his blood was boiling with rage. Kirishimas shoulders fell. Bakugo could see the start of tears in his eyes and wanted nothing more than to pull him into a hug.

He looked up at his mother slightly. "Mom.." Kirishimas voice cracked. A few tears rolled down his face. She closed the distance between them and before anyone could process what was going on she reached her hand back and swung it hard, slapping Kirishima. "I'm no mother to a faggot, you and your filthy friend get the hell out of my house and don’t come back."

That was the last straw. Bakugo jump out of his seat. "You fucking bitch!" He yelled. He was ready to scream more profanities at her but she had already stormed out of the room before he could. He was so angry. How the hell could a parent talk that way to their child. "I think you two should leave now." Kirishimas dad said. Bakugo looked over to find him slowly rising from his seat and walking to place his plate in the sink. He didn't say anything else before he left in the same direction as Kirishimas mom.

Kirishima broke down, crying into his hands and all Bakugo could do was keep himself together before he blew the whole fucking house up. A couple small explosions started going off and he had to squeezed his hands together, nails digging into his palm, for them to stop. He was breathing hard and clenching his teeth. He needed to just get Kirishima and go before it got any worse. Bakugo reached down, placing a hand gently on Kirishimas shoulder. "Lets get the fuck out of here."

Bakugo made sure to slam the door behind him, taking Kirishimas hand in his and hurrying down the side walk. Once the sight of the house was way out of view Bakugo stopped. He turned to face Kirishima. Tears stained his cheeks and he looked completely broken. Bakugo could feel his heart breaking for the other. He felt so guilty for putting him through that. "I'm so fucking sorry Ei. This is all my fault, I shouldn't have even suggested we do this, fuck." Bakugo pulled Kirishima into a tight hug.

He was, for the first time in a long time, about to cry. The way Kirishimas parents acted with him right from the start should have been a sign enough to not go through with telling them. How could anyone, especially his own parents, treat Kirishima, a literal ball of sunshine, that way.

Kirishima began to cry more against Bakugo. Pulling onto his shirt desperately and Bakugo could only hold him tighter.


Night had fallen, encasing them in darkness. They still stood there. Bakugo holding on tightly to Kirishima, who had calmed down and stopped crying. "I'm sorry Red, I'm so fucking sorry." Bakugo whispered.

"It's not your fault, my parents haven't ever cared about me. I don’t know why I thought this would be different. I should have told you they were like that. I..I was just hoping things might be different." Kirishimas voice came out tired and raspy. "Eijiro look at me." Bakugo said, gently placing his hand under Kirishimas chin to lift his head up.

Kirishimas eyes were puffy and red and his cheek was still slightly red from where his mom slapped him so hard, it made Bakugos heart fall into his stomach. "You're fucking amazing. A great hero and friend and person and the best boyfriend. You make everyone laugh and smile so damn much. Fuck your parents, if they can't accept you how you are, you don’t fucking need them." The words started to roll off Bakugos lips. He wanted the red head to know just how much he meant to everyone. How much he meant to him. "You're the fucking light of my life Ei, you mean the absolute world to me and I swear I won't fucking let anyone ever hurt you like that again." Bakugo could feel tears pooling in his eyes as he poured out his heart. The things he has been wanting to say to Kirishima slipping out easily. He was hurt for Kirishima. To see the other, he cared so much for, so broken. It broke him and he welled with emotions. He couldn't keep them back, Kirishima has changed him, was making him a better person and all he wanted to do was make the red head happy.

Kirishima stared back at him. New, happy, tears rolling down his cheek. Bakugo didn't want to stop, he wanted to make sure the red head knew just how important he really was. "Fuck Red, there's so much about you that’s perfect. Screw what your parents say and do, you don't ever fucking have to deal with them again. I'm here, I'm your family and I'll never fucking leave you." Bakugo could feel the tears starting to come out. He felt the way his heart was fluttering with all the emotions he's never felt before until Kirishima came along. "I fucking love you so much Eijiro." Bakugo said placing both hands on Kirishimas cheeks and locking their lips together. Desperate yet loving. He pulled away, wrapping his arms around Kirishimas neck and buried his face into the crook of Kirishimas neck. He choked back sob after sob as he cried with his boyfriend. Too many emotions flowing through both of them. "I love you to." Kirishima said. It came out wet and muffled

Bakugo let himself openly cry, holding on tightly to Kirishima. He hadn't cried that hard since the first grade. He felt too many emotions that night. Too many bad and good things going on all at the same time, but Bakugo would never take that moment back. He never felt closer to Kirishima and he never wanted to see the other boy that hurt ever again. He loved him.


The two walked quietly back to Bakugos house instead of to the dorms. Opting in taking the closer place. Kirishima still looked completely broken and it hurt Bakugo so much.

Bakugos mom was a little surprised to see the two coming back. Her face turned to one of shock, when she seen not only Kirishimas puffy, red, eyes but Bakugos also. She went to open her mouth and say something but Bakugo gave her a look before she could and she nodded silently, understanding.

Bakugo took Kirishima up to his room, the red head completely exhausted from the shitty day they had. Kirishima laid there in the bed and Bakugo sat next to him, rubbing soft circles into his back. They stayed quiet and before to long Bakugo found that Kirishima had finally fallen asleep. He sulked back down stairs to go talk to his mom. He had a close bond with his mom, they talked, pretty much about everything. It just always took Bakugo a little while to say everything he wanted.

The moment Bakugo locked eyes with his mother, tears were already starting to stream down his face. All the emotions from earlier rushing back to him. He cried even more when his mom pulled him into a tight hug, not saying anything, just letting him cry. He felt weak and vulnerable and he hated it. He couldn't stop the tears from flowing though, everything he's held in hitting him and it felt good so good to let it out as much as he didn't want to. His mom just held him, running a hand gently through his hair. Bakugo clung to her, hands fisted tightly into her shirt.

He hated feeling so weak, but he hated the way he seen Kirishima treated today more.

He didn't understand why it made him feel that way. Why it hurt so dam much to see the one he cared about completely broken. It was all to new to him. Too much for him to handle at the moment.

Once Bakugo had stopped crying, they sat down and Bakugo sniffled out everything to his mom. Telling her how happy Kirishima was meeting her and how completely lost he looked after he walked into his own house and then how shattered her became when he came out to them. They talked well into the night. After the discussion of the nights events, they had shifted subjects. Talking about schooling more and how things were going for him. His mother knew the distraction would be good.

They finally got ready to split for the night, Bakugo completely drained. "Hey mom?" Bakugos voice was quiet. "Yeah?" He didn't look up right after she answered. Keeping his head down. "I love you, or whatever." He said looking up, giving a small smile before averting his eyes again. His mom just laughed gently. "I love you to brat. Now go to bed."

Chapter Text

A few months passed since the incident with Kirishimas parents. Bakugo noticed how hard Kirishima took it, even though he continued to say he was fine days after. Bakugo was doing everything to make the red head happy. It still pained him to see his boyfriend upset.

Bakugos parents on the other hand had no problems stepping in though. They accepted Kirishima into the family. They certainly treated him better than his own family did. Mitsuki and Masaru, as they insisted Kirishima call them, instantly grew attached and always wanted to see Kirishima around more. The two visited almost every weekend. Mitsuki pretty much demanding they have a home cooked meal more often and Kirishima loved the fact that he fit right in.

Bakugo loved seeing his boyfriend and family get along so well.

The days Kirishima sulked around more than not seemed to fade away quickly. School was rushing by and they were one step closer to attending a hero college. Of course, Bakugo had his sights set on the top college and Kirishima was more than willing to try and follow along. Bakugo reminded him every time the subject came up that he is going to get in, he was a perfect hero. There's no way he wouldn't and it always made Kirishima beam.

Holidays, birthdays and celebrations came and went. Anytime it was meant for family to be together, Kirishima was welcomed whole heartedly to be with Bakugo and his family. He felt like he finally belonged and with a family that loved him. Ever since Kirishimas parents fully tossed him aside, Bakugos family has been not only his support but they became his family.

Kirishima had never heard from his parents since, he went back home on a day he knew they wouldn’t be there and packed what little he had left and Mitsuki said that he could store it at their home, his new home. He never bothered trying to get back in touch with them, he was happy with who his family was now and he was glad to be rid of that negative part of his life.

Kirishima was glad to let that part of his life go if it meant he could be happy. He didn’t need a mother, who from the beginning never seemed to cared about him, lashed out towards him because of his sexuality and even hit him over it. Nor a father, who Kirishima at least thought cared a little, who sat around and watched the way his mother treated him. He didn’t need them. He found a family. One that was accepting and supportive and actually cared for him.


As school grew closer to an end, with only a month left, Kirishima grew nervous. Bakugo had applied to only one college, knowing he was going to get in and not needing to apply anywhere else. Kirishima on the other hand applied to the three closest. Praying he would get in with Bakugo but just incase, he applied for two others that weren't to far away. He still didn’t have the confidence he needed.

Bakugos acceptance letter to the only school he applied for, Hero University, came during the middle of the last month of school. Neither of the boys were surprised. They knew Bakugo would be accepted. Kirishima was a nervous wreck on the other hand. He got two acceptance letters in one day shortly after Bakugo received his. Kirishima was happy, two colleges wanted him, but they weren't the right one. He wanted to attend Hero University with Bakugo. Another few days slipped by until a letter from them came addressed to Kirishima. He paced the room for an hour waiting for Bakugo to get back so they could open it together.

The moment Bakugo opened his dorm room Kirishima was shoving the letter at him, telling him to open it. That he can't handle it. Bakugo of course ripped it open and just stared at the letter, Kirishima bouncing on the heels of his feet in anticipation. The longer Bakugo was quiet the more Kirishima couldn't take it. He ripped the letter from Bakugos hand and read the first line of the sentence congratulating him for being accepted.

Kirishima looked up to Bakugo. Tears already pricking his eyes as Bakugo stared back, a large smile on his face. "Fucking told you, you'd get in!" He said and Kirishima nearly knocked them both to the floor when he wrapped Bakugo into a hug.

Kirishima was the one to tell Mitsuki and Masaru the good news. They wanted to wait till they both had acceptance letters before telling them and Kirishima was on the phone only minutes after, expressing the news. The two celebrated that weekend at a nice café close by. It was one step closer to them becoming full on heroes and one step further into their lives together.


Kirishima and Bakugo both decided they wanted to live in a rent house instead of the college dorms, they wanted to be together and have their own privacy. Both signed up to take on paid internships, starting a week after school getting out. Every day after the last class of the day the two went searching for the right apartment. Mitsuki drove them around when she was free and Kaminari, Mina and Sero tagged along on days she didn’t drive the two. They were more than ready for this new step in life, having both saved up loads of money, for that exact reason.

As school wound down to the last week, they pushed themselves harder. Graduation was nearing. They continued searching for the perfect house, close by the college. Their time seemed to slip away quickly. The stress took Kirishima easily and Bakugo told him repeatedly to not worry, things will be fine.

With three days left of school, Kirishima and Bakugo set out to continue the search for a home. Mitsuki had work and Kaminari, Mina and Sero had went to the mall. So the two set out alone, once again exploring the area for the perfect place to live. They walked, hand in hand. They had been out a few hours now, still not finding the right place with the right price. Bakugo was ready to call it a day and Kirishima insisted on walking down one more street.

Kirishima was more than stressed. Three days of school left and they had no where to go after, Masaru stated multiple times not to worry to much, that they can always stay at home until they found something, but Bakugo wasn’t having that. He knew they would find something. And he was right. The two go half way down the street they were on and a for rent sign appeared. They stopped, looking up at the house.

It was a beautiful two story house. Flowers lined the front of it and it had a large tree complimenting the whole yard. Kirishima all but gasped and Bakugo couldn’t help but smile at him. Bakugo called the number on the sign asking about viewing the place. It was quick and Kirishima was worried they would have to come back another day and possible miss out. Bakugo walked back to Kirishima, "there's a key under the mat, the lady said she will be picking it up in an hour so we have till then to look." Kirishima bounced with joy. The price of the place listed on the sign had instantly drug them in, seeing the place though, drug them in even more.

The took the key from under the mat and unlocked the door. Staring at the luxurious inside. It was open and spacious, maybe even too spacious. It was a four bedroom, three bathroom. It had a large kitchen which almost had Bakugo swooning. A large island sat in the middle, granite countertops throughout and grey walls with dark grey accents running throughout. The living room was large and open. A dinning room sat off the side off the kitchen followed by a den that ran a few steps lower than the rest of the floor. The bedrooms were decent, one about the size of an office space and one a little bigger, along with a bathroom were downstairs. Upstairs there was a bigger bathroom than downstairs, another office size bedroom and the master bath and bedroom. The master bedroom was the size of two dorm rooms. It was so large it had Kirishimas mouth hanging open. A walk-in closet was at one side and the master bath along the other. The bathroom was stunning, a separate shower and jet tub, twin sinks and a large mirror Kirishima was already ready to fix his hair in. The back yard was amazing, large and open. A privacy fence running the border of the yard. A large patio off to the side. Both boys had been awestruck with the whole place.

The two were both in agreeance about this place being the one and getting it. They stuck around waiting for the owner to come around to pick the key up. Bakugo did most of the talking once the lady finally showed up. He also dealt with the whole process with ease, sealing the deal in no time. The owner said it was ready to go and they were more than welcome to move in the next day. Kirishima all but bounced back to the dorms after they had left. Both ecstatic about the purchase they would be making tomorrow. The one that helps begin their adult lives, together.

The next day Bakugo met with the lady about the house, settling the down payment and months rent and getting the keys. Kirishima stayed back at the dorms to pack up things they didn’t need right off. Kirishima called Mitsuki while he packed, almost yelling the good news into the phone. They talked, she laughed and Masaru insisted they go to dinner and celebrate their new home and their gradation coming up tomorrow. Once Bakugo returned and found out they would be having a celebratory dinner with his parents, they set to getting dressed. Finding some nice clothes and waiting for Masaru and Mitsuki to arrive and pick them up.

As they celebrated over dinner Bakugos parents couldn’t help but express how immensely proud of both of them they were. They sat and talked and enjoyed the time they were spending out together. They talked about the new house and Kirishima couldn't wait for them to see it.

As the night went on Bakugo excused himself or more he rather pushed his chair back a little to harshly and stated he was going to the bathroom. Thankfully for Kirishima the bathrooms were on the other side of the restaurant and it gave him a little time to talk to Mitsuki and Masaru alone. Kirishima thought long and hard the last couple weeks and had something very important on his mind he needed their approval on. He looked over to the couple, clearing his throat nervously, catching their attention. "Well since the angry one is gone." He laughed trying to will his nerves away. "I'd really like to talk to you both about something and have to make it some what quick while Bakugo is away." The two had their full attention on him. He took a deep breath, cleared his throat and rubbed the back of his neck nervously. "Well, I know it hasn't been that long but you both know I love Bakugo more than anything. He's been with me through it all, helped me with so much. Both of you have also, welcoming me like I belong. I don't think I'd know what I'd do without Bakugos angry ass always with me or both of you supporting me. He's always so manly and perfect though, it's like a gift to wake up and have him in my life, haha ill try not to get to cheesy with this. It's kinda hard to actually put into words how I feel exactly, but I love him with everything I have." Kirishima tried to keep eye contact, but his hands were sweaty and he was to busy trying to contain his nerves, to keep it for long periods of time. "But well what I wanted to say or rather ask actually is… I uh, I wanted to proposed to Bakugo tomorrow after graduation and once we had gotten all moved in. I know its soon, but I also know I don’t want to spend my life with anyone else, ever. I want to spend the rest of my life with him. But I want your blessing before hand. You both have stepped up and filled the void my parents left and I'm unbelievably grateful to have you both in my life. So may I ask for your sons hand in marriage?"

Mitsuki instantly started crying, Masaru quick to comfort her by rubbing her back. Kirishimas cheeks were on fire as he waited for a response. Masaru smiled at Kirishima, speaking up first. "Of course you have our blessing! Right hun?" Mitsuki nodded, sniffling and trying to wipe away the tears. "Katsuki has become a better person since you came into his life and we love you just as much as he does, we would really love to have you officially in the family." He said, a bright smile still stretching across his face. Mitsuki stood, crossing the distance between them and wrapping Kirishima in a hug. "I'm so happy you want to spend your life with that shitty brat Eijiro. I know he's a handful and hard to put up with but I'm so glad you put up with him." She leaned back giving Kirishima a smile. Kirishima willed away his own tears knowing Bakugo would be returning any moment.

By the time Mitsuki had got sat back down and calmed enough for the tears to stop running Bakugo returned. "What the hell is this? Some sappy love show, why you crying?" The blond asked his mother, settling back down into his seat. Mitsuki laughed, "Sorry brat, I know you don't care for affection but Eijiro here doesn’t push it away and we got to talking about the last day of school tomorrow and it just got to me." She said, wiping the remaining tears away. Bakugo took her excuse and they finished the night talking about random things that came up.


Bakugo and Kirishima laid there that night, tangled up in each other. Bakugo drifting to sleep shortly and Kirishima laying there, alone with his thoughts. He remembered back, only a week ago. He had went to the mall with Mina while she got a few things and Bakugo stayed back at the dorms kicking Kaminari and Sero asses at a video game. Mina was the only one at the time who knew Kirishima was thinking of proposing. While Mina stopped for a coffee, Kirishima ventured off to a jewelry store and ended up finding the perfect ring for Bakugo. He had more than enough saved money for it and wasn’t about to let that opportunity slide. As Kirishimas thoughts about that day ran wild in his mind, sleep took over. Both boys finally sleeping peacefully.

The next morning the two woke to their alarm. Kirishima waking with a big smile and Bakugo ready to get the day over with so he can move into his new home. Kirishima was way to bubbly. It was graduation day, the day they get to officially move into their new home and the day Kirishima was hopefully planning on proposing. His mind was all over the place that morning.

Classes went by rather quickly only lasting a few hours, the teachers giving lectures about adult life and college and wishing them all the best. Once they were let out everyone was hurrying back to the dorms to get ready for graduation. The ceremony was beginning soon and Kirishima bounced back and forth throw the rooms telling everyone they were going to throw a party tomorrow at their new house to celebrate graduating.


It seemed that as soon as graduation started it was over. Applause and cheers filling the room they were in, the class throwing their caps into the air. Loved ones crying in the stands and diplomas being passed out. It was a night the two would never forget.

Mitsuki drove the boys to their new home, boxes stacked tightly into the car afterwards. Masaru got the rest of their stuff that didn’t fit into the car and loaded it into his truck. They pulled up to their new home, Mitsuki teasingly stating that, there was no way in hell this place was there's and that they are delusional and this was a joke. The boys only laughed, grabbing boxes and exiting the car to show Mitsuki the inside of the house.

By the time Masaru finally showed up they had unloaded everything from the car and were giving Bakugos mom a tour of the place. The truck that was only supposed to be carrying the few boxes of their belongs, now had a bed and couch hanging out the back of it. "Surprise!" He yelled happily as he got out of the truck. "I got you guys some furniture as a housewarming gift. Figured you could probably use it." He beamed, more than happy to have got the two boys something. Mitsuki showed Masaru around the house while Kirishima and Bakugo unloaded the truck.

They all took a much needed break on the new couch, gifted from Masaru, after unpacking everything and setting up what they could. They were all content in that moment, smiles all around, even Bakugo was smiling. It was still fairly early when Bakugos parents had finally left, leaving the two boys to finally be alone in their new home.

It was a blissful moment.

Chapter Text

The two cherished in the moment together. Alone in their new home with each other. Soaking it all in. They were both ecstatic that they made it this far and that they did it together. It was like a whole new warmth taking over their body.


Bakugo went into their new, almost too big, bedroom. He straightened little things here and there and finished putting away clothes when Kirishima eventually joined him. Both now standing in the middle of the room, looking at all the space. Kirishima took Bakugos hand in his and they just stood there, happy.

Kirishima turned to Bakugo and smiled. A bright smile so big his eyes were shut and his teeth were on full view. Bakugo took that moment to show his happiness back by pulling Kirishima in and kissing him. There lips meeting and fitting perfectly together. Kirishima wrapped his arms around the blond and sunk into the kiss. The events of today washing over him. It was a surreal moment.

Kirishima pulled from the kiss and almost as soon as their lips parted Bakugo was chasing after until their lips locked again. More forceful this time. He ran his tongue along Kirishimas bottom lip and the redhead smiled, sighed into the feeling. He opened and welcomed Bakugos tongue to explore his mouth. They have had many make out sessions since becoming a couple but this one had Kirishima melting. It was forceful, yet soft and slow.

Bakugo continued to work their tongues together, heat starting to creep in, hands starting to travel. Kirishima pulled Bakugo closer. The blond deepening the kiss further, hands roaming up the back of Kirishimas shirt. Kirishima could feel the way Bakugos fingers danced along at the curves of his muscles. Bakugo bit Kirishimas bottom lip enticing a moan and sparks were already flying through the redhead.

His body felt weak and he wanted nothing more than for the blond to keep touching him. The blond pulled Kirishimas shirt, along with his own, off. Tossing them to the side somewhere. The moment their lips found each others again and their bare chests made contact it was like fire coursing through Kirishimas veins. Every touch sending a tingling sensation straight to his dick.

It turned hot and steamy, their mouths working faster, their kiss turning sloppier, hands roaming further.

Bakugo pushed Kirishima backwards, the redheads back connecting firmly with the wall behind him. The blond removed his lips from Kirishima and took to working his neck. The blonds lips barely connecting with Kirishimas skin had the redhead shivering. He could feel the way Bakugos lips sucked and pulled at his skin, trailing his tongue over after. His body felt weaker by the second and he wasn’t sure he would be able to stand much longer.

Almost as if Bakugo knew, he grabbed Kirishima around his thighs and picked him up. His back still flush with the wall and his groin now flush against Bakugo. He could feel the heat radiating between them. Kirishima wrapped his legs around Bakugos waist the best he could, the blond locking the redheads lips with his own once again. Kirishima took a deep breath in through his nose, his back arching off the wall slightly. Bakugo rolled his hips. The redhead could feel how hard the blond was through his pants. Kirishima releasing their kiss and tilting his head back. A deep, whimpering, moan escaping from the feel. Although still both fully clothed from the waist down the feeling was exhilarating and Kirishima wanted more.

The redhead rolled his hips, his own erection growing harder. The blond nipping and sucking along his neck, while the he slowly started rocking his hips. Kirishima felt like he was in a sauna. A sauna filled with nothing but sexual tension. Hot, sticky and seductive. His dick was aching, desperate to be touched. The fabric of his pants not providing nearly enough friction as the two continued to slowly rock into each other, soft grunts and moans filling the air. Heat bouncing between their bodies.

Bakugo lifted Kirishima from the wall, walking them to the bed. The redhead landing rather gently as the blond hovers over him. Their lips coming back together. Bakugos hands were trailing down Kirishima abdomen in an instant, a trail of heat following after his touch.

Kirishima took in a deep, gasping, breath when he felt one of Bakugos hands find its way into his pants, taking and stroking him. The feeling had him thrusting up into Bakugos hand almost instantly. He was reeling, all these sensations swarming through him had him completely intoxicated. Their kiss went back to being sloppy. Tongues lapping desperately together, wanting, needing more. Kirishima made quick work of finding Bakugos belt, undoing it and his pants hastily. The blond leaned back, kicking them and his boxers off and the sight had Kirishima following hastily.

Both fully naked now. The touch of their bodies was burning, heat swirling between them as they both filled with lustful desires. They rocked into each other, their cocks rubbing together. Gentle moans from both filling the room. Bakugo leaned back, getting of the bed and searching quickly for a bottle of lube. He came back, throwing it off to the side and starting to kiss his way down Kirishimas neck and chest. Kirishima spewed moan after moan when Bakugo took one of his nipples in his mouth. His tongue dancing over it ravishingly.

Bakugo took that moment to lube up a finger and place it at Kirishimas entrance, slowly pushing in as his tongue still worked his nipple. The redhead moaned, deep and load as he tilted his head back. The blonds finger working gently into him. Kirishima reached down, wrapping his fingers around Bakugos neck and pulling him back into a kiss, full of desperation. The blond continued to work him with his finger, sliding a second inside. After a moment the blond squirted lube into his hand and pumped himself a few time, lining his dick up against Kirishimas entrance.

Pleasure wracked through Kirishima as the first bit of Bakugos dick entered. A painful sensation creeping its way up as Bakugo continued to push into him more, slowly, letting the redhead adjust as he went. It hurt, but Kirishimas blood was boiling. He needed Bakugo fully inside. He rocked his hip causing Bakugo to thrust into him further. A steady rhythm starting to take place. The redhead was panting, moans flowing from his lips with every thrust of Bakugos hips. The pain slowly moved to the back as pleasure fully took over.

Harder, faster. Kirishima got louder as the pace quickened. His dick desperately slapping against his stomach, begging for release. Thrust after thrust, moan after moan. The two rocked together. Bodies sensually moving together as one. Arousal taking full course. The sound of skin hitting skin and moans the only sound fluttering throughout the room.

Bakugo took Kirishimas dick in his hand, pumping it along with his thrust.

The redhead could feel the way Bakugos muscles were tensing, the blond bottoming out with a hard thrust as he came. Quick and hard, the feeling of hot liquid pooling inside Kirishima and the jerking of Bakugos hand around his dick had him coming seconds after. White liquid squirting all over his chest. Ecstasy ran wild in his veins, his eyes glossing over as a few tears slipped out. The sensations were overbearing, having the red head bursting at the seams. Emotions flooding his body as he came down from his high.

Bakugo pulled out, his hands finding the redheads face as he placed them on his cheeks, resting their foreheads together. "I love you so fucking much Ei!" He said, his words bouncing off Kirishimas lips as they both panted heavily. "I love you to!" Kirishima replied, smiling sweetly. Bakugo kissed Kirishima. A soft, loving touch of their lips. He rolled over and laid next to Kirishima. Their chests heaving in sync with their distorted breathing. Both completely blissed out.


A new atmosphere hung over the two of them when they walked back downstairs after showering. It was light and euphoric. Welcoming to the two who just shared their first deep, intimate moment together.

They sat on the couch, their living room almost completely bare. It was still growing late, the sun slowly setting in the sky. An orange hue taking over. "Well, want me to hook up the tv and we can play some games or something?" Kirishima asked, standing awkwardly, a little uncomfortable from the all too slowly dissipating soreness. Bakugo groaned as he stood, a seductive smirk playing oh his face. "Why the hell not. You really ready for me to beat that ass of yours again?" The blond joked. Kirishima only laughed in response as Bakugo went to look through their stack of games.

"Fucking dammit!" Bakugo cursed out, startling Kirishima a little with the outburst. The redhead looked to the blond. A questioning look on his face. "What's wrong babe?" Bakugo stood, walking towards Kirishima and leaning down to place a quick kiss on the redheads lips. "Just left one of the games back at the dorm, it's not in the damn pile. I'll hurry and go get it while you finish setting up, make sure we didn't leave anything else behind either." The blond said, making his way to the door and pulling his shoes on. Thankfully the school was only a few blocks away and Aizawa was sure to be there if the room was locked. Kirishima wave Bakugo off as the blond left the house.

After Bakugo left and Kirishima finished his small task, his ran up to the spare bedroom. Grabbing a small box he had hidden in the closet and walking back downstairs. His mind was on overdrive as he sat there awaiting Bakugos return.

A hour had passed and Kirishima was pacing back and forth in the living room. Bakugo was still gone. The sky was now a deep purple-y blue and the rest of the little bit of light was fading quickly. It should have taken the blond thirty minutes, at most. Kirishima was starting to get worried. He tried to call Bakugos phone but noticed he had left it behind. He figured maybe someone had just stopped and talked to him, that there was an obvious reason he was so late.

Another thirty minutes later and Kirishima heard the doorknob turning. He jumped from the couch, hissing at the small ping of pain from their earlier activity, to go meet Bakugo at the door. Kirishimas smile instantly dropping the moment Bakugo stepped inside. He lingered in the entrance, not coming into the house fully. His head hanging low as he stood there. Kirishima could faintly see tears slipping down Bakugos cheeks. "Hey! What's wrong babe?" Kirishimas voice was full of concern. The red head walked a few steps closer, trying to reach out to the blond. Bakugo slapped his hand away and stepped back. The redheads eyes grew wide and he was certain something was more than wrong.

"Katsuki, wha-," Kirishima was cut off before he could finish. Bakugos voice rough and shaky as he spoke. "I think we should break up." The words pounding into Kirishimas ears, his heart instantly racing. "W-what?" Kirishimas voice cracking as it came out. He could already feel the tears welling up in his eyes. "It's not working Kirishima, I'm catching a train and leaving tonight. It's for the best." Kirishimas heart shattered. Bakugos words hitting him in the chest like a knife.

Kirishima stood there, speechless. Tears already running down his face. Bakugo had yet to look at the redhead, continuing to keep his distance with his head down. Why? That was all Kirishima could think. Why was this happening? Thing has been so good. Kirishima tried to reach out again. "Don't!" Bakugo spat. "This is the right thing to do, it's for the best." And with that Bakugo turned and left. The door shutting slowly behind him.

Kirishima stood there, tears streaming down his face. He was staring at the place Bakugo was last standing like he was going to walk back in and wrap his arms around the redhead. Kirishimas chest ached, his body felt numb and his knees grew weak. He couldn't even fully register what was going on. His head was foggy. It was like a bright light being flipped off, his whole world leaving him in darkness.

A few long moments later and something clicked into Kirishimas head. The train. Bakugo said he was taking the train somewhere and before Kirishima knew it his feet were moving. He threw open the door and began running. He couldn’t let this be their end, he had to try.

Kirishima ran in the direction of the closest train station, praying it would be the right one Bakugo was going to. He ran, his feet thumping across the ground quickly. He pushed himself, willing himself to go faster. Once the station came into view a large sign flashing over the building was signaling that the last train was departing. Kirishima was rushing to make it in time, desperate for his body to move quicker. He staggered through the now empty station towards the train.

Kirishima could see the train pulling away, his heart dropping further. His eyes frantically searching the windows furiously for the blond. The train was almost out of the station, Kirishimas chance slipping away by the second.

The redhead screamed out the blonds name, trying to shout loud enough. He wasn't even sure Bakugo was on the train but he had to try. There was still time, he continued to shout and shout and shout.

Kirishimas voice faltered as the train finally slipped out of view. His knees finally giving out and the redhead falling to the ground.

His knees hit the cement, a sharp pain shooting through both of them. It was a small sting compared to how much his heart was hurting at the moment.
His whole body slumping over, his eyes still focused on the last spot he seen the train. Everything in front of him looked like it was underwater, the tears taking over his eye sight as he continued to cry. He reached his hand out, trying to reach out and grab something. Anything. But there was nothing. Bakugo was gone and he was alone.

The world around Kirishima stopped. Everything around him went silent as he dropped his hand. More of this harsh reality hitting him. He couldn't move, his body was hurt and tired and he felt like a hollow shell. He cried into his hands. His heart beating erratically, every pound sending a painful shock through his chest. He felt like he couldn't breath. Sobs and hiccups flowing between his muffled cries.

A few moments later and Kirishima was still on the ground in the train station, tears having slowed but not stopped. He tried to move but he couldn't, his body had finally given up on him. The redhead reaching into his pocket. Pulling out a small, red, velvet box. He stared at it in his hand, thinking back to just how minutes ago he was ready to ask Bakugo to spend his life with him.

He opened it gently, his vision becoming blurry and clouding over with new tears again as he stared down at the silver band that laid inside.

Kirishima didn't know what he was going to do now.

Chapter Text

The following days after Bakugo had left Kirishima could seem to do anything but cry. He laid in the large bed that occupied the even bigger, emptier bedroom. The red head couldn't eat and only seemed to be able to sleep when his body grew to weak, forcing him into a slumber. He stayed in the bed, his body having no will to move from the little comfort it provided him. The room became a dark abyss, swallowing him. Thick black curtains covering the windows, shielding the only light source trying to seep into the gloomy room. The heartbroken red head cried his days away in the room. He would cry till his body would give out, making him fall asleep from the exhaustion. Only for him to be woken from nightmares that he found to be his reality.

He didn’t see or talk to anyone. He received multiple text and phone calls the day after the blond had left him, asking about the party they were supposed to be throwing. He couldn't handle being able to reply to any of them, he wouldn't be able to tell them the reason the party was off. His phone just rang and vibrated with messages until all his friends gave up and his phone went silent again. Throughout the days that followed a few text and calls came randomly. Although he never replied or answered when his friends contacted he still kept his phone on the charger just in case that one person happened to call. About a week later Kirishima found his phone constantly ringing and messages flooding his phone from his close friends. It seemed to go on for hours. Almost non stop. The hours turned to days. Kirishimas phone would ring for a few hours and then stop only to ring a few hours later. A constant ringing, a reminder of his reality and why he doesn’t answer. The red head finally gave up and turned his phone off, tossing it to the floor. He didn’t wan to talk to anyone. How was he even supposed to explain what happened? He didn't know how or even where to begin.

No one knew where the two had moved to except the blonds parents. It was to be a surprise for everyone to see at their graduation party. It was kept a secret from even the red heads best of friends just so they could throw an awesome party. He had hoped no one would think to go ask the blonds parents. That hopefully Kirishima could stay locked away a while longer. He knew they were worried and looking, but he couldn’t bring himself to want to even talk to any of them.


It was a normal day or what had become normal for Kirishima now. He sat in the empty feeling bedroom, on an overly large feeling bed. The door was cracked just slightly letting light in from the hallway. He laid, wrapped in an All Might blanket he had gotten for Bakugo as a present. Tears having dried up enough they were no where to be found but the whole in his heart still there to ache. The sent of the blond drooped around Kirishima in the form of a blanket as he just sat on his bed, staring at the crack in the door. Kirishimas eyes struggled to stay open as he sat there. He was tired and exhausted. He struggled to stay away, the nightmares he had only brought more pain and he hated waking up, sweating and panting from nightmare after nightmare. His eyelids grew heavy and before he knew it he had laid down and started to drift into an unwelcoming sleep.

Almost as soon as his eyes seemed to shut, they flung open. His chest beating rapidly in his chest and his head pounding. A loud knocking from the front door was ringing in Kirishimas ears. It took him a few seconds to realize what it was exactly in his disoriented state. He sprung from the bed quickly and ran to the door, flinging it open and then stopping dead in his tracks. His heart was pounding and pounding and his breathing quickened as he stood in the door way realizing the slight bit of hope he just had shooting through him was only false hope. He stood there trying to calm his nerves and the racing of his heart as he realized fully that it wouldn’t be the blond, he wasn’t going to be coming back.

The knocking at the door seemed to grow louder and louder the longer Kirishima stood there. Pounding into his head. He didn’t want to see anyone but clearly someone found out where he lived and he knew now that they found him they wouldn’t leave until he opened the door. He slowly made his way down the short hallway and to the top of the stairs. The knocking echoing louder the closer he got to the door. He stood in front of the door taking in a few deep breathes. This would be the first time in a few weeks he would be seeing or speaking to anyone and Kirishima wasn’t sure if he was ready for it just yet.

As soon as Kirishima opened the door he was squinting, his eyes almost shutting completely from the sun beating down at his face. His eyes grew more adjusted to the darkness. The sun was like a wake up call punching him in the face with light. He squinted hard, barely able to made out the figures of his three best friends and as his eyes slowly adjusted a bit more he could see the frowns on their faces. They faces grew to ones of shock seconds after once they had taking in the sight of the red head. His hair was messy and sticking out all over and it wasn’t in his usually spikey way. His eyes had bags under them and he looked completely exhausted. He smiled trying to hide the fact his heart was still breaking just from the sights of his friends faces. It was a small and overly forced smile but it was the only one he could muster up in that moment. He couldn’t bring himself to say anything. He just stood there, with a small smile on his face. "Kiri? Kiri…what happened? What's going on, we have been trying to get ahold of you for days." Minas voice broke out in the silence between them. Her words hitting the red head like a ton of bricks. He knew now was the time he would have to say what had happened. He was going to have to explain that the blond left. Her voice was laced with worry. The worry in all his friends faces as he looked between them had his heart hurting that much more. He desperately tried to hold back the tears forming at his waterline. He didn’t know what to say to them. He didn’t even know where to start. He couldn’t find any words to say as he stood there on the verge of tears as his worried friends stared back.

"Hey bro? You know no matter what it is we are here for you." As soon as the words had left Kaminaris mouth Kirishima could hold back the tears. They rapidly fell as he tried to hold back sobs trying to escape his lips. All the tears the rea head thought had finally dried up where flowing down his face full force. He dropped to the ground, his knees hitting the cement forcefully from no longer being able to support his own weight. His hands covered his face as he slumped over crying into them. Every ache and pain that shot through him only made the moment worse. It hurt so much.

Kirishima could feel the hands of his friends on his back, trying to provide some, if only a little, comfort for him. They sunk to the floor around him. Mina sat in front of him while Kaminari and Sero sat on either side of him. All trying to provide a comforting touch. No one knew what to really do or say in the moment as Kirishima continued to cry into his hands. Mina placed her forehead to the top of his head and did her best to hold her friend close.


The overly bright light that had welcomed Kirishima when he has opened the door was now fading. The light blue of the sky now fading to a darker blue around them. The red head has since adjusted himself from the painful position oh his knees to a more comfortable cross legged one. His hands now rested in his lap with his head still hung low. He knew that once the tears finally ceased he was going to have to try explaining this whole mess. He needed to at least say something. "He left me." Kirishimas small, quiet voice broke out into the silence. A whisper only heard by those close to him. It was the first time Kirishima had spoken to anyone in weeks, the first time he had spoken at all except for the screams of a certain persons name when this whole thing started. It stayed quite for a moment after Kirishima had spoke. Mina wrapped her arms tightly around the red head and pulled him close to her. He desperately wanted to be able to hug her back but his body didn’t seem to want to move. Sero was the one to break the silence. "Why didn't you tell us?" His voice came out calm and sincere. It made the red head want to smile if that was even possible at the moment. Kirishima didn't really have an answer for him though, he wasn’t really sure why he didn't want to tell them. He just didn’t. Parts of his wanted to every day, he wanted to have his friends with him through it all. He was sure they could have helped at least a little. He just couldn’t find it in himself to do it though, so he shut himself away instead. "Kiri, we could have been here for you." Mina spoke gently, pulling away from the hug she gave the red head. She kept her voice low and hints of sadness came out in her words. A sound Kirishimas hasn’t ever heard come from his oldest fried.

Kirishima lifted his head to look at her, her eyes glossy. A few tears slipping down her pink cheeks as she stared into the puffy ruby eyes of her best friend. She smiled gently, wiping the few tear stain from her cheeks. Kirishima hated the way she looked, the way he made her look. He finally lifted his hands enough to pull her into a gentle hug, burying his face deep into her shoulder. "I'm sorry." He said, his voice muffled and quiet. Just for a moment, if only a few seconds, Kirishima felt all the pain wash away as he embraced his friend. Although it came back just as quickly as it seemed to leave, it was enough. It was enough for the red head to feel normal for just a few second. When the pain returned Kirishima felt disappointed. Disappointed at himself for shutting out the people who cared deeply about him. "I was lost, I didn't know what to do." The red head said as he leaned back from the hug. He wanted to be able to tell them everything, he wanted to get his emotions out of the way just a little. He finally thought that maybe he knew where too begin.

The night had washed over them quickly, clouding them in darkness. The only light coming from a street light not to far away. They all eventually made there way inside. Kaminari finding and flicking on a light. There were still boxes that went unpacked laying around and the living room seemed to be bare, aside from the couch and tv. Although the house had been lived in for weeks, it looked as if someone had just moved in yesterday.

The time passed quickly as the three sat together on the couch. Kirishima found out just how hard his friends tried to get into contact without him. This was their last attempt before they were going to go to the police looking for him. Luckily they had asked the Bakugos and found out where the house was. They figured at first he was busy with the blond getting ready for college and settling in, getting to spend time together. After they kept trying though they all got worried and eventually started asking around. The red head apologized many times to his friends. Kirishima told the everything that happened that night. He surprisingly held himself together as he retold the events of that night. It was hard but he managed to get through it. It left the other three just as confused as to why the blond left the way he did. They all didn’t understand.

The ret of the time passed rather quietly, the four sharing their existence with one another. Kaminari and Sero ended up leaving. They had an early college tour to attend in the morning and Iida was to give them a rid so they couldn’t be late. They apologized for having to leave but promised they would come back to stay the rest of the day with him tomorrow. Mina stayed with him. The red head knew she didn’t want to leave him. He could see the worry in her eyes that if she did he wouldn’t talk to them again for days.

The two settled on the couch, minimal talk between the two as they both grew increasingly tired. They fell asleep with Mina curled up on one side of the couch and Kirishima on the other.

Chapter Text

Bakugo sat there. Staring down at his now tear soaked lap. Internally screaming at himself. Hating himself. He still didn't understand why he let this happen. He questioned it all, questioned himself the most. Where the sudden coward inside him came from. The look on Kirishimas face hurt Bakugo more than anything. To see to bright light instantly fade away. It was like taking a knife straight to the heart. It was the only way, he had to do this for him. He could fix this. He may have let this happen but he wasn’t going to just lay down without a fight. He would figure something out. Instead of using his brain in that moment, he used his heart. In the moment it was the right thing to do. The only thing to do.

Tears continued to slowly stain Bakugos face as his thoughts consumed him. They were quickly cut short by a sharp pain shooting into the side of his neck. Bakugo snapped back into reality, a sharp knife pressed against his neck. Enough pressure to break skin and draw a few drops of blood. Bakugos eyes followed up the knife, a small hand holding on to the end of the knife effortlessly. He trailed his eyes further, soon meeting with large, chaotic yellow ones.

The short blond girl who held the knife against Bakugos throat stared. He big eyes beaming at Bakugo. A creepy, sadistic grin smudged across her face. She looked like the embodiment of a psychopath. She sat down in the seat next to Bakugo, not moving the knife an inch as she maneuvered her body into the seat. "Don't you worry your cute little love stricken heart out, just remember to do what we say and things will be just fine for him. Although I would love to pay him a visit or two and eventually get my knife in deep." Bakugo snarled. Her tone was disgusting. She pulled her blade away with a small giggle. The tip of the blade nicking Bakugos throat as she drew it back. "Fuck off, psycho bitch!" He growled causing the blond girl to only giggle more, resting her empty hand across her heart. "Ouch! I'm so hurt." She laughed. Her smile growing even more chaotic as she sat there.

She leaned over, pressing a finger against the small cut at Bakugos neck and swiped her finger across it. Bakugo flinched slightly, his hands restricted behind his back not allowing him to knock her hand away. He watched as she popped her finger into her mouth. Sucking and swirling her tongue all around it. Her eyes grew excited as she sucked the small amount of Bakugos blood from her finger. Rolling her eyes back in enjoyment. She flicked her tongue once more across her finger before laughing and skipped off out of Bakugo sight. "Fucking disgusting." The blond muttered to himself as the girl had skipped away. Bakugo knew she must have been fucking insane and that was all the more reason for him to hate the situation he was in. All he could think is why the fuck this had to happen to him, of all the time in the world it ended up happening on the best day of his life with the one person he loved.

Alone again with his own thoughts, Bakugo remembered back to when it happened. What could he have changed. Tears pricked the corners of his eyes at the though of Kirishimas face. He played the horrible life changing memory over again in his head. Why did he let it happen this way?


Bakugo hurried out the door, not bothering to grab his phone or jacket or anything for that matter. He just wanted to hurry to the school and get back to Kirishima. They were finally together in a place they could call their own. Bakugo would be lying if he said he didn't want that day to ever end. He still couldn't believe they had actually had sex. As he hurried down the sidewalk he smiled back at the memory, a slightly blush covering his cheeks. Kirishima really was turning him into a love stricken sap. He couldn't help it though, Kirishima made him a better person.

He jogged the whole way to the school. Block after block until it came into view. Luckily for Bakugo they hadn't closed the front gated just yet, giving him enough time to get in and get out. It didn’t seem as if anyone had stuck around. Most of the students and teachers had gone already. Bakugo had already assumed Aizawa would be amongst the few teachers who stayed behind and drowned themselves in teacher stuff. He continued onto the school grounds in the area the dorms were located. Bakugo stopped about half way there and looked around. He could have swore he say something out of the corner of his eye. "What the fuck." He looked around again. Nothing.

Bakugo didn’t think much of it. His mind was still focused on Kirishima. He continued to the dorms. The moment he stepped inside he felt off. It was a creepy feeling. As if he was being watched. Bakugo looked around, but he didn’t see anyone or anything in the common area. He took the stair two at a time till he got to the floor his and Kirishimas rooms were. The ere feeling still lingered as he made his way to Kirishimas room.

He stopped right before the door, his hand half reaching out for the doorknob. It was opened. The door was slightly ajar and Bakugo knew he had shut it behind him when they had left earlier. He didn't think on it to much, maybe Aizawa had went in there and didn’t shit the door back all the way. Bakugo pushed the door open the rest of the way. The sweet aroma of Kirishima had filled his nose as he entered. It was comforting and one he never wanted to forget. He walked further in and flicked on the light, taking in the sight of the old dorm they stayed in. it held many memories of the two. The blond was definitely going to miss this place a lot, but he was so happy to start a future with Kirishima by his side. He smiled to himself. He was so unbelievably happy he had met Kirishima.

He made his way over to the bare computer desk, the place Kirishima always stored all his games. He opened the top drawer to see the game he was looking for sitting there waiting along with a few notebooks Kirishima must have forgotten. The game was by far one of Kirishimas favorites. Bakugo loved the way the red head got so worked up playing it. Bakugo took the game and notebooks and was about to turn around and leave when the sound off the closet door opening stopped him. A chilling laugh echoed throughout the room and Bakugo could feel a cold chill run up his spine. He turned slowly. A short, blond haired girl accompanied the space of the closet doorframe. She looked about his age. Bakugo stared at the girl, she had lifted her hand revealing a knife in it. The blond girl ran her tongue on the side of her blade, a giggle ringing through after she flicked her tongue over the tip. "Who the fuck are you?" Bakugo growled. His guard was up fully. He should have paid attention sooner and realized all his off feelings where telling him something.

"Hehe, baby I can be anyone you want me to be!" She licked up her blade again, a seductive smile stretching across her face. She stepped out of the closet doorframe a few feet towards Bakugo. "Now, how about you be a good boy and come play with me! We can make formal introductions later! And..if you play nice I won't have to hurt your sweet, yummy looking boy who is sitting at home waiting for you!" She practically bounced with joy at each word. Bakugo instantly knew she was talking about Kirishima and he felt like someone was squeezing his heart. "I swear if you lay one fucking finger on him I'll kill you!" He hissed, he dropped the game and notebooks to the ground and his hands started crackling at his sides. The blond one gave a pouty look in response.

The girls demeanor changed from chaotically happy to a murderously happy. She didn’t smile but you could heat the excitement in her voice as she spoke. "Now, now, now… I thought we could all play nicely. You will do everything I say or I will just have to go have some fun with the red head instead. I'd be careful if I were you, we are all being watched. Even him." she laughed. Bakugo tried to hold his anger back a bit. He wanted to blow her head off but he needed to keep his cool long enough to find out what exactly is going on. Right before she opened her mouth to speak again her eyes grew big.

A large hand wrapped around Bakugos neck and he could feel it squeezing just tight enough. Bakugo looked out the corner of his eyes. Black spikey hair clouded his sight. Bakugo could feel the breath from the male standing behind him on his ear. "Calm down there blasty boy." He whispered into the blonds ear. A chill wracking down Bakugos spine. He dark haired male stepped up beside Bakugo and slowly took his hand off the blonds neck as he made his way over to the girl. Bakugo could see hi fully now and there were deep purples scars on his face and arms. "Let's cut the chit chat huh?" The dark haired male hissed to the girl as he turned his attention back to Bakugo. The girl stuck her tongue out at the male and crossed her arms. "I was just having fun." she pouted.

"I'll get straight to the point. We need you and you will come with us. Unfortunately if you don’t come willingly I wont be so sure that your precious Kirishima will be kept safe." Every word pounded into Bakugos chest as the other male spoke. "Why?" Bakugo hissed, he kept it short and simple trying not to talk to much himself and in hopes that they would talk more. "Well it’s a bit of a long story but we have a list of possible qualifiers for our little mission. The strongest and best were picked, you were among them. We decided to chose you, well, because you just so happened to be at the right place right time, for us that is. You’ve got yourself a damn good quirk and it would benefit us greatly. You're going to be out personal training toy, unless you would like to switch to our side that it." The dark haired male smiled slightly. "You will do what we say and if not Kirishima, who by the way is still patently waiting for you to return home, will be taken out. I'd hate to see him go so soon, especially after such a heated moment the two of you shared just recently." The back haired male sent Bakugo a wing and all the blood drained from his face. Bakugo knew they had to have been watching them, it had just happened. How long had them been getting watched. Hours, days, months?

"Tsk, tsk, tsk. How sad that would be to go so soon after your first time. So your will train with our member and you will not kill any of them in the process. You will do it when I say and you will continue to do it daily until we decide we are done with you or until you join us. We have quirk disabling cuffs so don’t think about any ideas. Disobeying will come with punishments and if you disobey to much you risk putting the red head in harms way." The males voice was dull and monotone the whole time he spoke. Bakugo knew every word he said was serious though. What the hell was he supposed to do? Kirishimas life was on the line, he couldn’t fuck this up if he tried to attach not knowing either of the villains powers.

Bakugo was worried about Kirishima. He knew no matter what he needed to keep hi safe. Bakugo ran over every possible scenario he could, but not knowing their quirks put him at a big disadvantage. "How will I know Kirishima is going to be safe if I go with you?" He had to keep Kirishima safe no matter what, if it meant trading his life for it, it would do it then. For him. "Well with the great help of my friend here." The other male pointed behind Bakugo. The blond turned slightly to see a black foggy figure in nice clothes behind him. Now there was three of them and Bakugo was really out numbered. "We can get pictures of the red head for you anytime." Bakugo looked back at the figure again. An arm extending towards Bakugo and he could see pictures in what's supposed to be his hand. Bakugo took the pictures carefully and flipped through them.

They really where being watched earlier as the first few pictures where of a naked Kirishima and Bakugo tangled in bed together. It made the blonds stomach drop. He continued through the pictures to see more, ones that had obviously been taken only a few minutes ago of Kirishima sitting in their living room waiting for Bakugo. "I can have photos and even videos taken for you if it means you will cooperate." The dark haired male said.

Bakugo didn’t have much of a choice at that moment. It was three to one and they obviously knew a lot more about him than he did them. "Fine." Bakugo said, anger and pain coursing through him. He never gives up so easily. Why is he doing it now, there must be another way. "I'm doing this for him, so if he gets harmed ill blow you all to fucking hell." He growled. Maybe once he was where it would be they took him he could figure out how to escape and get back to Kirishima. "Wonderful, there is one thing you will need to do first though." Bakugo shot a stern look at the male waiting to hear the rest of what he was going to say. The blond girl still beside him giggled and bounced giddily. "You must return home and break your lovers heart unfortunately. Just so that he wont be coming to look for you anytime soon. If he gets his heart broken he will be to sad to worry about what's happening to you. It makes our operation run that much smoother. Kurogiri here will warp you home and you will break up with him and then we will warp you to our base. Its that simple. Not to hard right?" Bakugos heart shattered into a million pieces. His whole life feeling like it drained from his body. In order to help keep Kirishima safe he was going to half to hurt him his self. How? How was he supposed to do that? He couldn't hurt Kirishima.

"You bastard!" Bakugo hissed, his palms crackling at his sides again. Tears pricked the corners of Bakugos eyes but he pushed them back before they could fall. "Ah, ah, ah. Calm down there blasty. We wouldn’t want to have to get rid of Kirishima so soon would we?" Bakugo had to keep thinking of Kirishima. He was backed into a corner at the moment. "Fine, I'll do it." He said, his heart shattered even more at his own words but to keep his best friend and the one person he loves more than anything safe this was the only way.

Kurogiri, surrounded Bakugo and the next thing he knew he was standing in from of his door. A few seconds later the blond girl and scarred male joined him. Look its simple. Open the door, break up with him, say you're taking a train or something and then head over to the tree right there." The male pointed to a tree in the yard. "Kurogiri will warp you back to base and we will continue on from there." Bakugo looked at the house. The one that was perfect for him and Kirishima. Their new home. He thought about Kirishima and his goofy ass smile and how much he really did love him. The three villains had made their way over to the tree and waited. A few tears slipping down Bakugos cheeks and he rubbed his face profusely. No tears he said to himself. He needed to get through this without them. He needed to get it all over with.

"This is for you Red!" Bakugo whispered to himself as he looked at the doorknob to his home. Bakugo took a deep breathe, reaching for the knob and turning slowly and walked into the house.


Bakugo was drowning in his memories. He knew what he did would hurt Kirishima more than anything. But he had to keep him safe, he had to protect him. Images stung Bakugos brain of the red head being hurt and alone. Lost without the blond and not even knowing why. Bakugo cursed himself. He was to weak. A coward. He should have tried to do something. Anything. Bakugo let his head fall in shame. He silently promised himself he would get out of this. He would do whatever it took.