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Bed or Breakfast

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“Matsuri, it’s morning.”

“Mmm,” Matsuri murmured, not budging an inch from where she was pressed against Miyu’s back.

“Come on, Matsuri, it’s your turn to make breakfast today, right?”

“Neither of us have classes and I don’t have practice either, can’t we stay in bed for longer?”

“Oh?” Miyu brought out her best teasing voice. “I didn’t move in with you so you can be a slacker, you know. I’m a bit disappointed, I must say. Maybe I should rethink this arrangement.”

“Miyuuuuuuu,” Matsuri drawled out, pulling on Miyu’s shirt. “It’s just one morning, you’re not going to move out just because of this, right?”

Miyu chuckled and turned around. “I’m joking, of course. I love waking up next to you like this.” She brushed her lips against Matsuri’s nose.

“Oh?” Matsuri wrapped her arms around Miyu’s waist. “Then you’d love staying like this for a bit longer, wouldn’t you?”

“Hmm… I think I’d love eating your breakfast more.”

“Oh, come on. Your breakfast’s better, besides.”

“You’ve been getting better.”

“You’re still better.”

“Then… wanna make something together?”

“Together, eh?” Matsuri’s ears pretty much perked up at that, and she tossed aside the sheets to rise up. “Let’s do it.”