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Darkness Rises, and Light to Meet It

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"Are you okay, master?" Gabriel asked, creeping closer to Jeremy and stroking his back to get his attention, much like Jeremy did with him not ten minutes ago.

"Yeah, I'm alright. Just tired" the older Jedi muttered, trying to concentrate on the meeting.

"There's something you're not telling us" Liam said, looking at Jeremy curiously. "However, I have a feeling that it's important for this mission."

Jeremy sometimes wished his friend would've been a bit less... insightful. Liam's strongest talent was his keen perception. He always knew how people around him felt, and it was downright impossible to lie to him. He just knew it; he never called anyone on it publicly, but he always knew it. Jeremy learned this in the hard way.

So now he took a deep breath and began talking.

"On our way back here, I had a... nightmare. Or at least I thought it was that, but I don't remember much of it. Only... only a pair of golden eyes and a face with a scar on the left cheek. When I heard this name, Scar... It's just triggered this memory, that's all. Sorry."

Liam stepped closer and patted his shoulder comfortingly. Jeremy smiled tiredly at his friend, but while doing this, he noticed the funny glances master Fairash and the Jedi Shadow John cast at him. He chose not to react to it, and fortunately, the two went along.

"You're departing immediately. You can rest on the way to Dromund Kaas" master Fairash said, aiming the last sentence at Jeremy.

"Dromund Kaas? But it's a Sith world! There's no way we can land there without getting ourselves killed in the process" Liam protested, clearly baffled and perhaps a little bit afraid.

Jeremy couldn't blame him. No Jedi in his right mind would have gone to Dromund Kaas, not especially with the task of killing a powerful Sith Lord. He couldn't even imagine what was on the Council's mind when they came up with this plan. It sounded outright suicidal.

"Leave that to me" John said with a scary glint in his eyes. "I can get us into Kaas City without anyone even realizing it. Besides, not even one Sith scum would expect a Jedi trying to infiltrate its lair on Dromund Kaas. That makes them much less aware of external threats. They fear each other the best on that planet, not us. They're in fact more vulnerable to us there than anywhere else."

It seemed logical, still, Jeremy, and clearly Liam as well, had their reservations. However, on the other hand, they were Jedi. They were trained for this in all their life, and they knew that it could happen at any given time that they had to give this life for the greater good. And Jeremy accepted that, as well as Liam.

"We'll do everything to stop Scar" Jeremy said. "But Gabriel must stay."

"What? No!" the Padawan exclaimed, forgetting for a moment how he was supposed to behave.

Jeremy looked at him sharply and a bit angrily, which anger rooted in his worry for the boy's safety, but Gabriel stood his ground, keeping the eye contact with his master, unflinching.

"Master, I know how you feel, but... I'm a Jedi, too. I can't run from danger, not especially when you're about to dive head-first into it. I can't just sit and wait, knowing that you might very well be killed in any moment. Please don't make me stay!" the Padawan pleaded, and Jeremy wanted to hug and shake some sense into him at the same time.

"Fine" he choked out, not risking to say any more than that.

"It's settled, then. May the Force be with you" master Fairash told them, and an hour later the small team was walking through the Enclave's port toward John's personal ship.

The Shadow's ship was an artwork in itself: long, sleek and very fast, equipped with strong shields and a first-class cloaking device that made the ship practically invisible even from a point-blank range. Even Jeremy had to admit that with a ship like this, they indeed had a chance to get to Dromund Kaas unnoticed. However, John clearly sacrificed firepower for speed and stealth, for his spacecraft lacked any serious weaponry.

“If someone does see us and sends an army of fighters to shoot us right from the sky, we don’t stand a chance in a fight” Gérard commented, seeing the unsettling lack of guns.

“Who said I want to fight? It’s much better to disappear and lash out again when nobody expects it” John shrugged, not minding for a second the other’s somewhat offended look. “Besides, there’s no sensor in the Galaxy that could see my ship. I went pretty far to make sure of that.”

Gérard was about to ask, but Jeremy shook his head slightly, thus saying that it’s maybe for the best they didn’t know too much about the Shadow’s exploits. They boarded the ship, which was as neat and nice in the inside as was on the outside.

“Make yourselves comfortable, we’re taking off in ten minutes. You make a mess on my ship, then you unmake it as well” John said before he headed toward the cockpit.

The four Jedi huddled together in the one passenger-cabin, and despite being sickeningly worried about the mission ahead of them, soon Jeremy couldn’t help drifting off, only to be haunted by the scary golden eyes of a Sith Lord.