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Darkness Rises, and Light to Meet It

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~ 4500 BBY

The Force was at turmoil. Out in the Outer Rim, very far from the relative safety of the Galactic Republic, terrible things were happening.

In that time, Sith were roaming freely in the Galaxy, each and every one of them intent on wiping the Jedi out once and for all. This dire time was the period when a Sith Lord, Scar, rose to power.

He learned the ways of the Sith at the Academy on Dromund Kaas, then not long after he left the planet, he began his quest on murdering as many Jedi as he could. During the years, Scar collected a small fleet of Sith warships and a handful of devoted Sith acolytes, which fact made him all the more dangerous.

Now, after long years of preparation, Scar was about to launch an attack on the Jedi Enclave on Dantooine. For a long time, even he was reluctant to attack the Jedi on their own planet, but after one of them murdered his mate, Scar got fed up pretty quickly. He’d had enough.

He would wipe these Jedi scum out, even if it would be the last thing he did in his life.

The Force knew that if nothing happened to prevent it, Scar might very well succeed in his evil plan of exterminating the Jedi. If not stopped, Dantooine would only be the beginning. After the destruction of the Enclave, he would proceed to ransack the Temple on Coruscant and Ossus, going from planet to planet until no Jedi left. And the Force couldn’t let it happen.

So the mysterious, ever-present energy field with its own will decided to do something about the situation; that’s how it found five remarkable people in a galaxy far, far away, and transported them to Dantooine to form a Jedi strike team of them, hoping that they would be able to stop the rising Sith Lord.

These five people would have nothing but vague memories of their life in their own world; they would be a part of this galaxy, keeping only their names. Their life now belonged to the Force.

However, even the Force didn’t know what would happen if they fail; but most likely they would die a painful and gruesome death, and the Galaxy would sink into an age of darkness. So it was everyone’s best interest that this strike team succeeded.