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It was uneven, his feelings toward the situation and his actions. He couldn’t move, and he didn’t bother to speak. All he could do was stare with an unreasonable amount of rage under his calm exterior. He tapped his fingers on the table beside his coffee.

How long was he going to be?

Atsushi was standing in front of one of the servers and was currently speaking to them. This was a drawn out conversation that didn’t need to happen. He sniffled and picked up his cup, tearing his gaze away and glanced out the window. There was no one interesting to stare at, and he had the urge to look back at Atsushi.

When he did, he was making his way back to him with a smile on his lips. He tried to relax, but he glanced at the server who was staring in return, but his gaze was less pointed than Dazai’s. There was curiosity that slowly changed into a miffed expression as he tore his gaze away and continued with his work.

This somehow allowed Dazai to relax a bit more as he turned to Atsushi who didn’t seem to notice the odd tension he created. Was it accidental or on purpose? Dazai had a hard time believing that Atsushi didn’t do it without reason, and even when he tried to understand others, he always seemed to miss a few aspects. Which is natural to most people. He also knew that Atsushi didn’t have any perception like this, and maybe he needed to know what it meant coming from Dazai who had placed his cup down.

“Who was that guy?” he asked cheerily.

Atsushi glanced up, raising both brows. “What? Who?”

Dazai tilted his head, a slight gesture that Atsushi seemed to follow where his gaze fell on the server he had been speaking to awhile ago.

His lips parted, and his face softened, which didn’t help Dazai’s own predicament. He didn’t like how Atsushi can simply be so friendly to strangers since he became more aware of himself. Fear was easily thwarted when you yourself was a lot stronger than those minuscule reasons of the past.

“I was asking if the breakfast schedule changes every week,” Atsushi said, meeting Dazai’s eyes and smiling, “I was hoping we can eat here more often.”

“Planning ahead,” Dazai remarks, smirking, he sets his elbows on the table and leans his chin on his cupped hands. “I’m sure we can find somewhere else to eat the next time we can find ourselves away from our co-workers.”

Atsushi smiled, and then the moment is ruined by that same server who was speaking to Atsushi from earlier. Dazai’s smile faltered, and his gaze hardened, becoming empty of that same affection he had for Atsushi.

The man was between their ages with brown hair and eyes, with a lean body under the coat and green apron, while his face was nice and soft. There was a sort of innocence about him, except Dazai could spot those types of liars from miles away, and he was one of them.

His gaze only seemed to fall on Atsushi, and he had disregarded Dazai the moment he placed down their meals.

“I hope you enjoy your breakfast,” he says to Atsushi, his smile soft and welcoming, while Atsushi returned the same exact smile, a warmth seemed to radiant between them, and Dazai felt like a cold winter burning in the insides of his body.

He cleared his throat, and the server blinked and glanced at Dazai, and his entire composure unraveled as he sputtered out words and backed away. He turned on his heel and headed around the corner, disappearing into the kitchen.

“Hey, this is good,” Atsushi said, once more oblivious toward what had just happened, and Dazai would’ve considered it endearing if it wasn’t for that hot tempered jealousy scraping on the insides of his body.

“We should eat somewhere else next time,” he said, frowning down at his breakfast sandwich.

“How come?” Atsushi asked, about to take a bite. “This place is pretty nice.”

“It is,” Dazai says with less enthusiasm as he had before, “but I’d rather not have others ogle you for all you have, and you being completely oblivious of their obvious advantages.”

Atsushi went completely still while Dazai finished his coffee. It was sweet with enough bitterness to not overpower the coffee, and he’ll surely miss this place.

“You’re jealous,” Atsushi states.

Dazai blinked, almost about to scowl as he met Atsushi’s eyes, he had placed the sandwich down and was smiling. “Quit looking at me like that.”

“I’m amazed, that’s all. Who would’ve known I’d receive your kind of attention.” Atsushi truly didn’t have much of a filter early in the morning and started to eat his sandwich with relish.

“And you’re not entirely bothered?”

“Why would I be?”

Dazai sighed. “I’m sure you’d understand the implication of why I’m asking, mostly for your benefit, and opinion, that I’m quite curious about.”

Atsushi chuckled before swallowing his bite and clearing his throat. “I didn’t do anything, and if there was something out in the open, I’m sure you wouldn’t have let me stand there as he shamelessly flirts with me.”

“But you got the schedule throughout all that?” Dazai asked, hiding his astonishment.

Atsushi shrugged. “What was I supposed to do? Ask someone else while one stood in front of me with enough incentive to give me the answers. At least we’re awake to understand the situations we’re in or this would’ve ended horribly.”

Dazai shook his head, of all things that could’ve happened to him, and yet he tried to think Atsushi was dimwitted when in truth he was actually a quick thinker. It’s something he’d surely do in those rare moments, a scolding from his friend’s would’ve been uncalled for, and he spoke his apology to Atsushi.

“It’s fine,” he said, shaking his head, and finishing his breakfast sandwich.

Dazai gave one glance towards the server and he seemed awfully nervous about something. He smirked, picking up the sandwich and passing it to Atsushi who beamed at more food, and they headed for the door, before they could leave, Dazai turned Atsushi around and smiled down at his perplexed expression before kissing him full on the mouth.

Atsushi let out a squeak, and seemed to relax into the kiss before Dazai pulled back, waving at the server as he led Atsushi out the door. The man burned a bright red and disappeared into the kitchen, and when they stepped out, Atsushi was eating the sandwich and seemed content as they headed down the street.

“Did you have to do that?” he asked, swallowing his bite, and glancing up at Dazai. “It’s unethical.”

Dazai scoffed. “When have you ever known me to be ethical in the constraints of my profession?”

“This is different.”

“Fine. I was being spiteful—”

“And jealous,” Atsushi smirked.

Rolling his eyes, “And jealous.”

Atsushi linked arms with Dazai. “You don’t need to be jealous, I’m not going anywhere.”

Dazai smiled down at him, and was slightly comforted by the notion. He was linked with Atsushi, and nothing and no one was going to break it.