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forget the past,here's to our future

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The last words she heard from Serena,"if you gave it all up for me,I would never forgive myself" still rang around her mind.

Less than one hour had passed, since Serena had called off their relationship, due to Serena confessing her brief affair with Dr. Leah Faulkner, and Bernie admitting that her lack of communication didn't help their relationship.
Before they parted Bernie had promised Serena that "if anyone ever hurt Serena she would be back in a heartbeat ".

After Bernie had finished her glass of champagne,she walked to the door, turned to Serena and gave her a mock salute, she wished both couples Jason and Greta and Dom and Lofty a very happy future and may they have many memories to treasure in the future.

Bernie waited outside Albie's for a taxi to take her to the nearest hotel,where she would be until she booked a flight out to Nairobi,so she could resume working in the trauma unit she had set up.

The taxi arrived at Holby City Airport Hotel, where she checked in, went to the room she had been allocated, ot out her laptop computer,looked for flights to Nairobi, and there was a flight due to leave at 8.30 am the following day, so she booked her ticket, (the ticket would be printed off at the airport the following morning).

Serena sat at the bar caressing a rather large glass of her favourite shiraz wine,when suddenly she felt an arm around her shoulder,she thought Bernie had come back, but she was mortifiedwhen she discovered it was no other than the woman who had caused her to call off her relationship with Bernie.

Serena asked what was Dr.Faulkner was doing at the joint reception,to which Dr. Faulkner replied "I've come for you Serena, now Bernie has gone we can be the newest hot couple at Holby City" Serena replied " just go and leave me alone Dr. Faulkner, what happened between us should never have happened, so please leave me alone ok"
With that flea in her ear she made a hasty retreat,but she had other ideas.

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Once Bernie had organised all her belongings into various sized suitcases, she phoned room service and ordered a very large whiskey and sndwiches,as she knew she wouldn't get much sleep.

How could she explain to the ceo of the Nairobi Trauma Unit that she wanted to withdraw her resignation letter,as things didn't work out for her back in Holby City.

Serena finished her large glass of her favourite shiraz wine,and asked the bartender to phone a taxi for her to take her back to her home,the home she wanted to share with her beloved Bernie,but alas it was not to be.

The taxi arrived some 10 minutes later,Serena got in the back of the car, gave the driver the name of the street where she lived,15 minutes later she was back home.
Unbeknown to Serena, the taxi had been followed by a small dark car,driven by Dr. Faulkner who watched as Serena exited the taxi paid the driver and let herelf into her large detached house.

Bernie had been tossing and turning all night, she eventually got out of bed a little after 3.45 am,went down to the hotel and used the gymnasium for a couple of hours using the running machines,rowing machines, and the olympic sized swimming pool.

She was ready to leave the hotel and make her way to the airport,where in just a few hours time she would be going back to Nairobi Trauma Unit.

Just before she boarded the plane she sent Serena a text message "My Dearest Darling Serena,you are the one true person I have ever truly loved,you are the one who made me understand what love is,how it should be nurtured between 2 people who found each other after a lifetime of searching for the right person to share their lives with each other,take care my love,".

Bernie pressed the send button, tears streaming down her face, the call came for passengers who were booked on flight BA 65 bound for Nairobi should board the plane now,Bernie picked up her hand luggage and made her way to the plane.

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Serena opened her front door,kicked off her shoes,threw her coat over the bannister, turned around and made sure her front door was locked and she put the chain on as an extra measure.

She made her way into the kitchen,where she put the coffee machine on, she decided to have coffee instead of shiraz due to the fact she was babysitting her great niece Guinevere, whilst Jason and Greta had gone away for a couple of days,to celebrate their wedding.

10 minutes later,she was in her lounge nursing a large black coffee,she looked at her mobile phone to see that she had received a message so she checked it,and when she saw it was from Bernie,the tears started falling down her face,stinging her face with each new tear that fell from her eyes.

Serena composed herself and responed to Bernie's text.
"My dearest darling Bernie, thank you for loving me for the last 2years,you have taught me how to feel loved,feel wanted,made me laugh, taught me how to love myself.
Thank you for everything, understanding my grief when Elinor passed away
But more importantly thank you for being you
All my love Serena xx

Serena deliberated as to send it or not,"sod it" she thought as she hit the send button.

Once it was sent and she had finished her coffee,she made her way upstairs to get ready for bed,when suddenly somebody started to ring her front door bell,she slowly went back down the stairs ,looked through the spy hole in the door,only to see it was Dr. Faulkner.

Serena shouted "what do you want,do you realise it is passed midnight" Dr.Faulkner replied "just open the door Serena we need to talk about us"
Serena replied "just go away and leave me alone please" Dr.Faulkner replied "not until you open the door and we discuss where we go from here,if you don't open the door I will ring your front door bell until you get pissed off with me and open the door"

Serena told her to go away or she will phone the police,Leah Faulkner walked away from Serena's house,only to get back into her car and watch her house all night.

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Bernie was awaiting to board the plane when she heard her phone start buzzing,she looked and saw that it was a message from Serena, when she saw what she had written Bernie replied " You never have to thank me for anything Serena, I should be thanking you for loving me
I hope we can remain friends although we are thounds of miles apart you will be forever in my heart."

Bernie boarded the plane, and left to resume her job as a trauma consultant surgeon inthe Nairobi Trauma Unit.

Serena woke at about 08.00am that morning, Jason and Greta would be bringing Guinivere to her house after 10.00am so Serena needed to be prepared for the next few days looking after her Grand Niece.
She picked up her mobile to check for calls or messages, she saw that Bernie had sent her a message and began to cry,knowing that in reality both Bernie and Serena should be looking after baby Guinivere, not one half of the hottest couple Holby city had ever seen plying her trauma skills out in Nairobi and the other half in Holby City.

Bernie's flight landed at about 16.45 pm,once she had cleared customs,and passport control,she hailed a taxi to take her back to the apartment that she was renting.

She checked her mobile and saw that Serena had actually replied to her last text message and she also wanted to remain friends.

Jason and Greta arrived at about 9.45am the first words that Jason asked "where is auntie Bernie" looking puzzled, after all she had been at the double wedding the previous day and made a speech at Jason's and Greta's wedding and been at the reception,although she missed Auntie Serena catching Greta's bouquet he told everyone.

Serena just tried to explain that they could not manage a long distance relationship,but they were going to remain good friends.

Once Bernie had got herself settled back into her apartment,had a long hot bath,she got out her laptop computer, and began to check her
E mails there was one sent to her by Ms Abigail Tate the ceo of the Trauma Unit.
Bernie opened the e mail and it informs Bernie that she needs to make an appointment to see her as soon as possible..........

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Bernie stared at her laptop,asking herself,"why does she need to see me so soon?., what has happened?, what have I done this time?

Eventually the jet lag caught up with her,so she turned off her laptop ,locked up her apartment,and went to bed.
She tried in vain to sleep but to no avail,she tried everything but all she kept thinking about was the e mail, eventually she managed to fall asleep about 03.30 am,only to be rather rudely awakened by the weekly refuse collection at 05.30.
So she got up, went into the shower,had a longhot shower,and she reminisced about the times she and Serena had shared long hot showers ,made hot passionate long whilst showering,(well trying to have a shower) ,how they had also shared hot baths, suddenly she remembered that she had to phone abigail Tate, and make the appointment to see her.

Once she had showered and suitably dressed she started thinking about how she would have to ask Ms.Tate about withdrawing her resignation letter, and asking for a longer contract,as thing in the United Kingdom, didn't work out.
She phoned Ms.Tate's secretary to make an appointment to see her regarding the e mail she had sent to Bernie the previous day her secretary put her straight through to speak to Abigaill.

After her phone had out out three times she finally answered, "Bernie hi,how are you?, are you ok ?how are things back in the UK are they ok? .
Bernie just answered yes to her questions,but was more intrested to see why Ms.Tate needed to see Bernie so importantly.
Bernie asked why she needed to see her , Ms. Tate explained that she would much rather tell her face to face rather than over the phone,so an appointment was made for 12.30pm....................

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Abigail Tate sat looking at the letter she had received some 4 weeks earlier explaining that the government had decided to pull out of funding the Trauma Unit that Bernie had fought so hard.

Abigail kept rehersing various scenario's ,as to how she was going to explain to Bernie that ,yet again a Trauma Unit she had fought for,selected Trauma Trained Doctor's and Nurses, getting the best equipment was being closed down due to the government pulling out of funding the Unit.

Some 5 miles away,Major Berenice Wolfe, was trying desperately trying to find the "right outfit" to wear to see the ceo of the Trauma Unit,after all she was trying to save her job,hoping that the board would allow her to rescind her 3 months notice, and hopefully offer her a longer contract.
Bernie finally settled on a Navy Blue fitted 2piece outfit,complete with her trademark white shirt,,when she looked at herself in the dress mirror in her bedroom,she looked like a complete business woman,out to impress everyone see needed to see that day.
On any other day she would be wearingher trademark black skinny jeans and her long length white shirt, which she openly admitting it being more comfortable wearing.

The time approaching was 11.00 am,Bernie had already booked her taxi,which was due to arrive at 11.15, so she would be in plenty of time to make her appointment with Ms Tate ,later that afternoon.

The taxi arrived some 5 miutes earlier,the taxi driver pipped his horn to attract the attention of the passenger,who had been waiting patiently outside the apartment block.

Bernie asked the driver to take her to the "Kiran Shah"general hospital ( The hospital was in honour of one of Nairobi's top celebrities, he was in the Guiness Book Of Records as being the world's shortest stuntman, as well as a established poet).

The taxi arrived right on the stroke of midday, Bernie paid the taxi driver, and exited the taxi ,made her way through the reception area,where a lot of the staff stood and looked at the Senior Trauma Consultant, dressed in a skirt and jacket instead of her comfortable jeans and shirt.

She made her way upstairs in quick time,which considering she was wearing a pair of rather high heeled stilettos which like her suit, were navy blue, she informed Ms Tate's secretary that she had an appointment with her.
Her secretary knocked on Ms Tate's office door,and informed her that Major Wolfe had arrived some 15 minutes early and that she was waiting outside.

Abigail Tate acknowledged that Bernie had arrived ,her secrtary left her office,and she took a very deep breath ,and opened her office door and invited Bernie into her office,"here goes" as she closed the door to break the devastating news to Bernie...........

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Abigail , closed her office doors turned around walked her way over to her large desk, where she came face to face with Bernie,she asked her secretary to arrange for some tea and coffee to be sent up to the office, and once the refreshments had been delivered no one but no one was to interrupt her meeting with Major Wolfe,as they had very important issues to resolve.

Once the drinks had been taken to Abigail's office,she closed her doors and made her way back to her office desk, picked up a couple of beige coloured files, and asked if Bernie would object to sitting on the large black leather sofa,where the could sit and be more comfortable.
Bernie played "mother" by pouring them both a cup of coffee.

Both women went to start the ensuing conversation, with Abigail asking Bernie if she could speak first,Bernie duly agreed that Abigail should start the conversation.
"Bernie there really is no easy way to give you the news that I am about to tell you, the trauma unit is being closed down owing to the terror attacks worldwide, the government feel that the money would be better spent on tightening up security and transferring the Trauma Unit staff going to work in the E.D,the government have promised limited funding to have the extra staff and more supplies at our disposal,but it is no reflection on you or how hard you fought to get us the best Trauma unit in the country.
However the government have unfortunately withdrawn funding to concentrate on security for the country and all citizens.

Bernie just sat there,had she really heard Abigail Tate right?, once again a Trauma Unit she had fought for being taken away from her once again?,.
The tears fell from her eyes,Ms.Tate offered her a tissue to dab her eyes, as they were tears of sadness,not only had she lost the one true woman she truly loved, but now another trauma unit.

Abigail explained that the hospital were prepared to pay Bernie a lump sum of money which would include:her wages until her contract had finished,all her holiday pay, plus an additional payment which was classed as severence pay as she was effectively being made redundant.

Ms Tate gave Bernie the letter that nformed her that the Trauma Unit was being closed, and that if she accepted the generous lump sum that was being by the hospital board,she would be required to leave the apartment she was renting, by the end of the month.
Bernie asked if she could leave the apartment earlier,as she had very limited personal effects in the apartment,so it would not take long for her to pack,Abigail agreed that she could leave earlier than anticipated.

Bernie signed all the relevant paperwork,and all being well, she should be out of the apartment sooner rather than later.
She left Ms.Tate's office,her mind working overtime,what would she do now? go back to Holby?, take time out? have a holiday? .
She pulled out her mobile phone went into the contacts list found Cameron's number and sent him a text "hi cam,how do you fancy helping me to go house hunting?.
She pressed the send button and waited for his response.

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Cameron was sitting in his flat watching the latest "superhero" film,then he heard his mobile phone bleep,he looked and saw that he had received a message, so he looked and was shocked to see what it.
He quickly replied "why? What has happened now?. "
He pressed the send button and waited for a response, a response came back quickly .
"Another trauma unit closed down,flying back on Thursday, will land at about Holby City Airport.
Cameron typed back " I will meet you,speak again soon love cam xx
Bernie received the message,and began getting what few possessions she had wrapped up and put in packing cases,ready to be freighted backhome .

Bernie had an good flight back from Nairobi,the flight landed earlier than anticipated,once she hadcleared passport control and customs,she looked to see if Cameron had arrived,suddenly she felt an arm around her shoulders,turned to see that Cameron had come to pick her up.

Bernie hugged him and asked if everything was ok, she could tell that everything was not ok by the expression on his face, mum he said "we really need to sit and talk" Bernie was taken aback by what he had just said.

Cameron took her luggage whilst she found a taxi ,that would take them both back to his flat,where they could sit down and talk things through.

45minutes later they were sitting in his flat drinking beers,Bernie finished her beer first,put her bottle in the bin and told Cameron to tell her just what had been happening whilst she had been away.

"Where do I start, he asked" .
Bernie told him "start at the beginning" she told him

"Well firstly, he began,promise you will not loose your temper" Bernie replied "why"

Cameron "Do you remember how we were told to write letters about how you were never around,never at parents evenings,sports days"
Bernie "yes,I remember your father asked you write them."
Cameron "well,him and his mother conspired together and told us what to write".
Bernie "are you for real,Cameron".
Cameron "he has admitted it".
Bernie" I will talk to him about it".

Bernie "what else is there Cam".
Cam "Serena is being bullied and threatened by Dr. Leah Faulkner.
Bernie "ok so Dr. Faulkner thinks she can bully and intimidate Serena does she now?".
Cam "I lost the junior doctor lead "
Bernie "I heard about that,loosing your id card."
Cam "Charlotte wants to see you, "
Bernie " What, when ,where?.
Cam "she will phone me sometime today and then we can arrange a meeting".
Bernie "ok, but it will be wherever she wants it".
Cam "ok".

Bernie "Thank you for telling me about what has been going on in my absence.
Cam "so are you back for good, or just visiting? He asked."
Bernie " back for good,."

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Bernie woke early on the Friday,she went into the kitchen to make a drink, but was shocked to find Cameron already dressed, and had made a pot of coffee,and was eating some breakfast.

"Morning mum," he spoke,"good morning Cameron" she replied, what have you got planned for today? He asked her.
"Well firstly,once I have showered I will have to make arrangements to have my few possessions air freighted back to England, and hopefully I can go and see what properties are on the market,and try to arrange viewings" she replied.

Once both mother and son had eaten their breakfast,and cleaned the kitchen,Cameron picked up his phone and jacket and told Bernie "I'll be back in about an hour's time,so make the arrangements to have your possessions freighted back to England, and delivered to my address if you want ,until you find somewhere to live".

Bernie duly thanked her son,and once he had left to go to out, she made the necessary arrangements to have her items sent to England.

Just over an hour had passed when Cameron returned home...........with his sister behind him.
He walked into the living room,to find that Bernie had cleaned up, and had prepared some lunch.
"Mum,he said, there is someone who wants to see you," with that Bernie said "ok who is it then Cameron?"
Before Bernie had time to stand up,Charlotte,walked in to the living room," hello mum,long time no see "
Bernie walked up to her daughter and hugged her,kissed the top of her head,Charlotte was crying, tears started to fall from Bernie's eyes
Both hugged each other for several minutes, before the broke out of the hug and went and sat on the large sofa.

"Right,said Bernie,both of you tell me exactly what happened with those letters".

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All 3 sat at the kitchen table eating the lunch, which Bernie had prepared earlier,it consisted of a selection of cold meat sandwiches and salad items.

Once all three had eaten,they made their way into the living room,and began making small talk, about the weather,and news items,and general chit chat.

Bernie then asked both Cameron and Charlotte about the letters what they had been told to write about Bernie never being around whilst they were growing up.

Cameron began by saying "what we were told to write, in no way reflects the fact that we always loved you,and that you loved us,".
Bernie acknowledged what Cameron had said.
"We were told that, you went away because it was easier for you,instead of being at home and being our mum,you preferred to go out on deployment,with the R.A.M.C instead of being with us.
That you preferred the company of your soldiers and the camaraderie instead of watching us grow up and take our first steps, say our first words,first day at school, school plays,sports days.

Bernie turned to Charlotte, who had tears in her eyes,Bernie gave her a tissue and asked her what she had been told.
"We were also told that you could not wait to go back out on tour,even if you had only been back less than a month.
"That you referred to us as "Those two ".
And that you had no intrest in how we were doing at school,what we were good at and what we were having problems with I.e maths,art,etc.
And that you left it up to dad to explain the "facts of life" to us,you know mum ,puberty,and as he called it "women's things".

Bernie was distraught at what her children had told her, so she told the children "well it's about time you heard my side of things".

Bernie began by saying that "They have done a great job of painting me as the baddie in all this, well firstly".
Your father could not wait for me to go out on tour,as it meant you could go and stay with his side of the family, who were only to glad to say that I had gone and left you with him and his family whilst I was away fighting as well as being a medic.
That I never had time for you, which again is a lie,as they would not let me be alone with you long enough to find out w hat you were doing at school, how you were health wise, and how you developing into the person you have become today.
I always sent letters to both of you,and there was always pictures of me,and those letters were always sprayed with my perfume,and I always sent you presents from wherever in the world I was.

I always made sure that when I came back,we would spend time together,but your father and his mother had different ideas.

Both Cameron and Charlotte looked at Bernie, "what do you mean mum"asked Charlotte.
"Well when I explained that I wanted to take you out for the weekend, his Mother would always say "that she had already asked Marcus if you could stay at her house for the weekend.

"So you see they really have done a hatchet job of making me out to be the baddie,when In truth, they turned you two against me, and I only wanted the best for you both.

Once all three had finished talking about the past, Charlotte was about to give Bernie the first of 2 shocks.

Charlotte took her mum's hand and told her "well we don't want or need him anymore,mum,we have now got our mum back and that's what is important.

Bernie thanked her daughter for her kind words,and hugged her,.
"Mum there is something that you need to know about me and my choice of career"
Bernie looked at her and asked her why?.

Well first of all please don't be angry,Bernie nodded ,ok .

I will be graduating from university in July,as a .................Doctor.
And I will be working at ..........Holby City Hospital and I hope to follow in your footsteps and become a trauma specialist.

And in January I start my officer traing at Sandhurst.

Bernie was gobsmacked to say the very least.......

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Bernie sat in the leather recliner armchair, thinking 'am I dreaming?, Charlotte being a "mimi me?, a medic and a Sandhurst trained officer?.

The tears welled up in her eyes,one by one they fell rolling down her face, totally unaware that both her children were calling her.
"Mum, mum Charlotte to mum" Bernie was bought back to the here and now.

"Sorry sweetheart, but am I really dreaming or have you just told me that you have studied medicine and will be graduating in July, and that you begin your cadet officer training in January? Bernie asked.

Yes mum you have heard correctly, Charlotte replied.
Bernie was handed a tissue by Cameron, she dried the tears up, and hugged her daughter, with such love kissed the top of her head and told her that not only was shocked at the fact that she had studied medicine, but applied for officer training at Sandhurst.

Charlotte told her that ever since she was a young child,she was determined to be "just like her mum" a brilliant doctor ,as well as being a fearless soldier.

Bernie asked her "why choose medicine, I thought you wanted to do fashion design, or something similar".
Charlotte told her "no mum, that is what he wanted me to study,he never asked me what I wanted,it was always him and her deciding what was best for me,but they never thought to ask me what I wanted to do, so I got my head down at school,studied biology and maths and english, as well as chemistry.

How did they react when they found out about your career choice? Asked Bernie.

They did not like it, but I stood my ground and told them that "mum paid for my education and I will make her proud of me, regardless of whatever you two think of her,she is my mum and love it or hate it I will be a doctor and that I will apply to Sandhurst to train for officer training.

Bernie looked at her daughter and told her "being mum to my two beautiful children is why I get up every morning,why I still fret if I don't hear from you, but more importantly the reason that I love you,both of you as she bought cameron into the hug.

Once the hug had broke up, all 3 of them washed the tears from their faces and made their way back to the living room.

Bernie asked Cameron if she could use his laptop,he gave her the laptop, and she searched for makers of graduation gowns and mortar boards, as like Cameron Charlotte would have her own bespoke gown and mortar board.
Bernie found what she was looking for,got the phone number and made an appointment for Charlotte to be measured for her gown and mortar board..
Bernie also told her that she would take her out to buy her graduation outfit which, should be a black skirt,white short sleeved blouse and a matching black jacket, as well as a pair of black court shoes, and either black or nearly black tights.

Both mother and daughter began making arrangements for their first ever mum and daughter shopping day, Bernie was determined to make sure that Charlotte was treated the same as Cameron,because when he graduated he had a bespoke gown and mortar board and graduation suit.

Once everything had been arranged, both Cameron and Charlotte told Bernie that she would need a "large stiff whiskey" with their next surprise.

Cameron gave Bernie a large drink, both her children sat either side of her and gave her news that she never envisaged not in a million years.

They had both legally changed their surname by deed poll to ..........................Wolfe.

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Bernie, was gobsmacked to say the very least, not only had her daughter surprised her with her career choices, but her 2children , who she loved dearly had just told her of their name change.

Bernie was expecting to wake up from what she thought was a dream.

But it was not, not after the lies that Marcus and his Mummy Dearest had told the children, they had disowned him and his mother.

After all they had painted Bernie out to be the baddie, but in reality she wanted the best for her children and they wanted to get the credit for how well they had turned out.

Bernie was so determined to make up for lost time with her children.

Bernie asked Charlotte if she would like a bespoke gown and mortar board, Bernie didn't want to take it for granted so she asked.
Charlotte agreed to it, just as long it was what Cameron had when he graduated.

It was with pleasure that Bernie arranged an appointment with "Ede & Ravenscroft".
They are the countries finest Gown and Mortar Board makers, they can also fit a student out for a graduation suit.
The suites are made to measure by Paddy Campbell.

The appointment was made , Charlotte and Bernie would go to their london branch, and Charlotte would be measured for both her graduation outfit as well as her suits..

Bernie also asked Charlotte, when they go out they would go to a well known department store for her shoes.

She also arranged for a hairstylist, and a manicurist, to attend to Charlotte on her graduation day.

Once all arrangements had been made and that Cameron would be their "driver for the day"

Later that same evening ,whilst they were eating their tea,there was a loud knock on Cameron's front door.
Cameron reluctantly answered his front door.

And standing in front of him was Mr.Marcus Dunn and his new wife.Mrs.Felicity Dunn.

Cameron called them in and..............................
Bernie instantly recognized Marcus' new wife,.

Chapter Text

Cameron invited them into his house, showed them through to the living room, where Charlotte was sitting next to Bernie, discussing their day out,where they would go, what they would do together as mum and daughter.

Marcus and his wife walked into the living room, Cameron looked uneasy inviting his father and wife into his house , with his mum and sister in the living room.

Bernie looked up to see Marcus and his wife standing in the living room, she immediately stood up held out her hand to shake the hand of the "new Mrs. Marcus Dunn."

"Felicity Partington Whyte" Bernie said "well that was her name at school,as I seem to remember".

Marcus replied " so you two know each other"
Bernie "she was at Cheltenham ladies college at the same time I was there."
Marcus asked his wife if she knew Bernie, she told everyone that Bernie must have her confused with someone else.
Bernie replied to her that she "never forgets a face" even if she did leave college years ago.

Cameron made everyone a drink, once Bernie had finished her drink she explained that she needed to go out shopping,and that she would see Cameron and Charlotte later.

Cameron told his mum that once she had finished her shopping ,he would pick her up and bring her back home, Charlotte asked Bernie if she would consider going shopping tomorrow, as she had a free day, and it would be nice to go out with just her mum and brother, Bernie looked at both Cameron and Charlotte and both said that they would prefare to go out as a family the following day.

Bernie asked to speak to her children in the kitchen ,once all 3 were in the kitchen Bernie asked if they both want her to stay or would they like to have some time alone with Marcus and his wife, "they both replied no we want you to stay, if anyone leaves it will be them pair.

Once they were all in the living room,they all made small talk, then Marcus began asking Bernie how long she was in the country for, to which Bernie curtly replied "for good now".

Marcus started being sarcastic saying that she will soon get fed up of "playing mummy to their children,and she will just do what she always did,just run away and shirk her responsibilities as a parent".

Bernie started to get angry,with Marcus,so she began to tell everyone that "Marcus couldn't even pee without his mummies permission".
Bernie also told everyone that he had to consult his mummy about everything, even down to how Bernie and Marcus could decorate their first home, which Bernie's parents bought as a wedding present to Bernie and Marcus.

Charlotte stepped in before there was a full blown arguement,she asked Marcus how he met his new wife, he explained that she had been an air hostess, and that was how they met on a flight to New Zealand some 3 months earlier.
Marcus went on to explain that they are looking for properties in and around Holby, as he had been offered a job at the local hospital as a consultant orthopedic surgeon.

Felicity decided that it was time she should have a say.

So began to ask Cameron about his medical degree, and what he hoped to specialize in whether, it be orthopedic, or vascular,or emergency medicine.
Marcus replied that it would be orthopedics, as that was what Marcus had always wanted, another Dr. Dunn who specializes in orthopedics.
Cameron told everyone that he wants to go into "cardio thoracic surgery" and that he under the tutelage of Jac Naylor.

Charlotte also decided that she too would have some input,she began by telling everyone " that once she graduates she will be taking some time out, because in January she starts her 44week cadet officer traing at Sandhurst and once that is completed she will be doing her f1 and f2 traing at Holby City Military Hospital, and she will be studying trauma and emergency surgery like her mum had, and her grandfather before her had.

Marcus began it get angry,at the fact that his daughter had chosen to follow in her mum's footsteps, not only being in the army, but going to Sandhurst as well.

Felicity replied well at least there will be 3 Dr. Dunn's all working in medicine in one area or another, to which Marcus replied " better than having 3 Dr. Wolfe's, both Marcus and Felicity began laughing uncontrollably.

Cameron asked what "is wrong with 3 Dr.Wolfe's" Felicity replied sounds "awful being called Dr.Wolfe,I mean it is unthinkable".

Charlotte went to her case, and got out her letter from her solicitor as did Cameron, they handed the letters to both Marcus and Felicity.

Marcus looked at Bernie and bellowed at her "are you fucking responsible for this bloody name change".
Bernie told him that she was just as shocked as he is.
Cameron told them "that the reason they changed their name was because they wanted nothing to do with him anymore, not after all the lies that ge had told them about Bernie.

Cameron just walked to the front door ,and told Marcus and his wife to leave, and not to darken his doorstep again, with that they left.

Chapter Text

Cameron walked back into the living room, to see his mum and sister consoling each other after Marcus and his new wife had been escorted out of Cameron's flat.

Bernie turned to both her children and asked " were they both ok after his ranting about them changing their surname to wolfe".
Charlotte replied " yeah, we are ok mum, but what about you though" , Bernie replied " that she was ok , but he has not finished, he will be back.".

Less than 20 minutes later Marcus was back, he was banging on the front door demanding to be let in, as he was fuming that his children had changed their name without his permission.

Bernie told Cameron "let him in, if he wants a fight ,then he has got one,".
Cameron walked to the front door and opened itand Marcus and Felicity stormed into the living room.

Marcus ,firstly demanded that both Cameron and Charlotte explain "why the hell you have changed your surname to wolfe," to which Charlotte told him " that they wanted to change their surname to wolfe, as they didn't want to be known as Dunn anymore, owing to they way how Marcus and his mother told lie after lie about their mum, and that his mother tried to take over the role of mother to both Cameron and Charlotte.

Marcus replied " she was only trying to do what was right for both of you, whilst she (Bernie) was off on deployment to wherever in the world.
Cameron also voiced his opions by saying that "Charlotte and himself could not wait to get away from their 'granny Dunn', as she was a dominating force, who believed that children should be seen and not heard, and that she knew what was best for both himself and his sister.

Bernie then stood up and squared up to Marcus, " so you want trouble Marcus, good because it realky is time EVERYONE knew the truth about our marriage.

Bernie left the living room a nd returned about 5 minutes later,holding a diary.
She told everyone to sit down as she had some very revealing information about Mr.Marcus Dunn, which everyone had a right to know about.

She began by announcing that the title of the diary had been "The secret sex diary of Marcus Dunn aged 30 and over.
Bernie then continued to tell everyone that he started writing the diary not long after they were married, she also told everyone that there were 'codes, scores out of 10, favoured positions, varying locations, and star ratings.

Marcus sat in the chair his face red with rage ,his eyes bulging, nostrils flared, he kept making fists.

Bernie turned to everyone and said " right if everyine is comfortable I will begin, she also told everyone that "although Marcus named everyone of his conquests, I however will not be revealing their names, I will just give their medical status I.e.
F.J.D_ female junior doctor
F.S.N female student nurse.
F.T.T_ female theatre technician

Everyone understood and then they began to listen how Marcus, cheated throughout his marriage to Bernie.

Bernie began
"August 1994, been married 3 months, she is still not pregnant,must ask mummy for advice,
Mummy tells me to make sure she is not on pill,if she is take them of her.

September 1994, new student nurses starting at St.Luke's today, couple of crackers would not mind showing them around the on call rooms might even get to give one a bloody good shagging.

Bernie continued, tears started falling down her face, Charlotte stood up and took the book out of her hands, and she sat by Cameron, and they went through the diary with a fine tooth comb, reading about how their father had cheated.

One thing stood out a mile, Marcus was quick enough to berate Bernie for her affair with Alex Dawson, but he had cheated every year that they had been married.

Bernie asked fir the diary back, as there were other passages that everyone needed to hear especially the children..

November 1995
04.27 the baby was born, Dr. Cooke who I was at medical school with, my best friend, phoned me, but I was busy with the W.S.(ward sister) we were shagging in the back of my car.
He told me she had given birth to a boy,7lb 2oz.

April 1997
13.21, she gave birth to a girl, again Nicky Cooke, who covers for me from time to time phoned me and this time, I was in the Holby Hilton giving my girlfriend a bloody good pussy licking, who after I told her she had given birth thought it was time she gave me a present...........she gave my cock a damn good long hard sucking, and I came in her mouth.
An hour later Nicky cooke joined us for a threesome.

Bernie looked at everyone and asked if she should continue or not, Felicity told her "I want to know what sort if a man have I married".
She looked at both her children,they had tears running down their faces, they nooded, "yes mum, continue, we want to know what a bastard he has been not only to you, but to us all.

Bernie continued reading passages out to everyone,how he had thought of himself as a 'stud', how women would fall at his feet, hoping that he would shag them, or something else.

Bernie then went on to explain that even when they went on a family holiday, he would make excuses and go out on a "walkabout on his own".
One time Bernie took the children down to the beach, and they arrived back at the private villa tgey were renting and she found Marcus in bed with the daily cleaning lady.

Marcus sat in his chair, his head in his hands, he began to stand up,and Charlotte asked if what everyone had just listened to was right, he just looked up and nodded yes, with that confession, Charlotte landed a "left hook" and sent Marcus sprawling to the floor,Cameron dragged him up and told him "get the hell away from me,mum, and Charlotte".

Felicity, turned to everyone and said " he is only a man with a man's sexual appetite, but then looking at you Bernie,I fully understand why he had to seek enjoyment elsewhere.
To which Bernie sarcastically replied, "you won't be the first air hostess he has shagged, and you certainly will not be the last, as he likes to have role play, he is the pilot, and you the hostess, and he likes to show you his " large cockpit",

With that Bernie looked at Marcus and Felicity, and told them "keep the hell out of our lives.................for good.

Chapter Text

Once Bernie had "thrown out" Marcus and Felicity out of Cameron's house, she walked into the living room to see both her children visibly upset by the revealing chapters from Marcus's diary.

She asked if they were both ok, both Cameron and Charlotte broke the hold they were in and walked to their mum and all 3 hugged one another, there were tears spilled,not for Marcus, but for each other, how he had treated Bernie during their 25 year marriage, how he had treated his children, but the fact that he kept as Charlotte called it "a good shagging guide".

Cameron then asked his mum if Marcus had ever taken anyone back to the family home and "had his way with anyone in their home".
With tears in her eyes Bernie nodded "yes" and on more than one occasion.

Charlotte looked at both Bernie and Cameron and invited them to sit down on the large settee , and all 3 could or would talk about the diary, if they wanted to, because Charlotte thought that if everyone voiced their opions about the diary,then they could close the chapter of their lives which included Marcus Dunn.

Bernie began." I found the diary when we were clearing the house, because it had to be sold and the money would be split 50/50 between him and myself.
It fell out of one of his boxes, he didn't know he had dropped it ,until 4weeks after the house had been sold, he contacted my solicitors, and explained that it "was of great sentimental value and that if I had got it,could I take it to my solicitors and they would pass it on to his solicitors.
I told him and his solicitors and my solicitors that I had not found it, maybe he had misplaced it, or lost it.
Eventually he forgot about it, but I had kept it well hidden,wherever I went, the diary went.".

Cameron then asked Bernie "how did you feel whilst reading the diary, where you upset, angry, or what".
Bernie replied "I began reading it, and all I could think of was, just how low he would go to get to shag with however was desperate enough to with him,I mean, he is no oil painting, no adonis, he is /was a fat bellied sad excuse for a man.

Charlotte then asked her" did you know any of his conquests"
Bernie "replied yes several of the nurses and junior doctors".

Bernie then asked "what do you 2 think ,after reading his diary", are you just as disgusted as I was?."
Both Cameron and Charlotte agreed that he "was a filthy,depraved person ,who has no place in their lives, or their mum's life, and that all 3 are definitely better off with him and his wife out of their lives for good".

Chapter Text

Once all 3 had finished with the diary and talking about Marcus and his "sordid sex guide" as Charlotte called it, they decided that they would have a take away meal for their tea, and have an early night as all 3 were tired and worn out from the arguing and fighting with Marcus.

Charlotte asked "what are we all doing tomorrow (Saturday) " then.
Cameron replied " I need to go to Holby City Hospital, as I need to tell Mr. Hannsen about my name change,and show him my solicitors letter and I also need to ask him to order me a new identification badge,and I need to send an email to the gmc about my name change and upload the letter from the solicitor so they can alter my gmc details.

Charlotte told Bernie and Cameron that she had to take some work into the medical school, as her finals would be starting in May and she wanted to make sure that she had handed in every piece of work, some of which would go towards her final grades, then once she had handed her work in she had the rest of the day to do whatever.

Bernie told them that she was going house hunting,and she asked both Cameron and Charlotte if they would like to accompany her to go to some estate agents to view what properties were for sale in and around Holby City.
Both Cameron and Charlotte told her that "we will come with you and help you decide what is right for you or not right.

When they had finished their takeaway all 3 took the plates and cutlery into the kitchen and washed them up and left them to dry overnight, Bernie was the first ine to go to bed,it wasn't even 9.00pm and normally Bernie would stay up until the very early hours, but after the flight back from Nairobi, fighting with Marcus, jet lag finally caught up with her.
Charlotte was next, with Cameron making sure the house was securly locked up, he too finally went to bed.

Cameron was in bed, and he got his mobile phone and tapped the following message "need to see you, if you are at work can I see you as I need to talk to you"

5minutes later his phone buzzes he has a message "will be here from 06.00 am left me know what time you will be here"
He replied see you about 08.00am.

He held his phone in his hand had he done the right thing or not, but one thing he knew was that Serena Campbell should be told that his mum was back for good, after all she was the only person who had a right to know..................

Chapter Text

Bernie rose early from her deep, but well deserved long sleep,she looked at her mobile phone for the time it read 04.17 am.
She threw the quilt of her, went to the chair at the other end of the room,where she had placed her suitcase,found her dressing gown, wrapped it around herself and made her way downstairs.

Bernie made her way downstairs,went into the living room,where Charlotte was ,sitting on the large settee her knees pulled upto her chest and her head resting on them, Bernie wished her "a good morning " she looked up and Bernie saw that she had been crying.
Quickly Bernie sat by her daughter and wrapped her arm around her shoulders and asked Charlotte "what is the matter sweetheart".
Charlotte composed herself and asked Bernie " are you really staying or what".
Bernie replied "of course I am staying why, what has happened "
Charlotte showed Bernie her mobile phone there was a message from Marcus "Charlotte,don't get to attached to mummy dearest as no doubt she will be going away again to escape you and Cameron,but don't worry myself and Felicity will be here for you both".
Bernie was raging with anger,"how fucking dare he send such a nasty message,well if he wants to play nasty so can I.
With that she got Charlotte's phone and typed the message "no marcus mum is not going anywhere because she will be buying a property somewhere in Holby, and she is not running away from anyone especially me and Cameron so piss off and leave us alone."
Bernie pressed the send button and waited for a response, Bernie reassured Charlotte that there wasno way she was going to leave her children ever again.

Cameron woke up and made his way downstairs to find both his mum and sister had been crying he asked " what is the matter ", Charlotte showed Cameron the message that Marcus had sent, to which he replied "tosser".

Bernie went and made all 3 a drink, and some toast, once they had had their breakfast, they began to get showered and dressedas all 3 were going out in the morning Cameron was going to see "Mr.Hanssen", Charlotte was going to take some written work into university, and Bernie wanted to look at some properties, but she needed to go to her flat first to check her mail, which both Cameron and Charlotte had been going to her flat a couple of times each week to make sure everything was ok.

Cameron told his mum that he had been separating the post into 2 lots, junk mail and official letters.

Everyone was ready to go at 07.00, Bernie would be dropped of first, as her flat was nearest, then Charlotte at university and finally Cameron would go to Holby city Hospital.

Bernie arrived at her flat, she waved to her children who would be back "in a couple of hours,then they would go with Bernie house hunting."
Once inside her flat she opened the windows and went to her post, looking through it it was just bills she thought, until one in a white enevelop caught her eye.

The letter was very official, it was marked "Greening,Taylor and Greening Solicitors.
Quickly she opened it, the letter was in regard to her late parents wills, especially the financial aspect, and Bernie needed to see them at the earliest opportunity, so she got her phone out of her bag and dialled the number on the letter.

Greening,Taylor and Greening, solicitors the receptionist said.
"Good Morning my name is Major Berenice Wolfe and I have received a letter from you asking me to get in touch with you at the earliest opportunity.
Mr.Greening Senior needs to see you today in regards to what you have inherited from your late parents, so could you come to our office today please Major Wolfe?.
Bernie replied "certainly at 10.00am is that ok .
See you at 10.00 then Major Wolfe.".

She sent text messages to bith Cameron and Charlotte " got to flat solicitors letter waiting need to go and see them today at 10.00 .
Cameron replied see you at the flat about 9.00 ok mum.
Charlotte had been dropped off at uni, Cameron had made his way to Holby city Hospital.

He quickly made his way to the lift area where he bumped in Jac Naylor who asked him " what are you doing here on your day off then"
He replied "I need to see Mr. Hanssen about something and then I am off".
With that he made his way to pulses,he sent Serena a text "coffee and pastries ok"
Serena replied "just what the doctor ordered".
So he got 2 coffees and a selection of pastries, which had just come out of the oven and were still nice and hot,just how Serena liked them.


He made his way upto her office, where she was waiting to see Cameron, he knocked on her office door, she made her way to the door to open it for him as he had his hands full with their "breakfast".
She told him to sit down and tell her " what was going on with Bernie".

Firstly he explained that he had legally changed his surname by deed poll to "wolfe"from Dunn, as had Charlotte.
Serena asked why had they changed their name he went on to explain that he and his mother had manipulated both himself and Charlotte into believing that Bernie didn't want know her children, and that they had told them that the letters they wrote supporting Marcus's attitude that Bernie was an unfit parent, who cared more about her army career than her family.

Then he went on to tell her about the fact that although Bernie had cheated,with an army colleague, he had in fact cheated every year for 25 years, with Student nurses, Junior female doctors, and anyone who he wanted,or who was desparate enough to go with Marcus Dunn.
And the fact that when he was born he was with another woman, and when Charlotte was born he was having a threesome, with his best friend.
Serena nearly chocked on her drink with the revelations about his infidelity,and his as Charlotte called it " the good shagging guide".
He then went to explain that his mum was back for good.

Serena asked "what happened, out in Nairobi then.
Cameron replied "with all the terrorist attacks happening, the government in Nairobi decided that money would be better spent on security for its citizens, so they closed the trauma unit added a few extra beds to the ed and a few more nurses and doctors and closed down the trauma unit that mum fought for.

With that Cameron explained that he need to go as all 3 were going house hunting,as Bernie was back for good.
Serena looked at Cameron, and said "so she is back permanently then?, Cameron just nodded yes, with that he left her office.

He got his mobile phone out and sent the message "told Serena, she asked if mum was back permanently so I told her yes". A few minutes later he received a message " ok then Cameron, we just need to get them back together, love Charlotte.".

Chapter Text

Cameron walked out of Holby City Hospital feeling relieved that he no longer had to watch what he was saying around Serena, knowing that ,if he had not told her that his mum ws back she would have been angry, because although Serena had cheated on Bernie she still "held a torch" for her.
He got into his car,got his phone out and sent a text to Charlotte "will tell you about it when I pick you up shortly", he then started his car and began driving to Holby City University Medical School, where she was waiting for him.

15 minutes later he was waiting for Charlotte to come out of the Medical School and then they could go and meet their mum and go with her to the solicitors office.
When she emerged from the Medical School, Cameron saw that she was on her phone,she made her way to Cameron's car and he heard her saying "ok mum, show us the property later then ok, see you soon".
Cameron asked what the problem was to which she replied "mum has found her dream home, and she has a viewing at 15.30.this afternoon and she wants us to go with her to ask our opinion, and could we pick her up from outside Sanderson's Estate Agent's please".

Spot on 09.00 both Cameron and Charlotte arrived outside the Estate Agent's office only to find that Bernie was still looking at other properties on the window, Charlotte went and tapped her on the shoulder and explained that they were waiting for her,so all 3 could make their way to the solicitors office.

09.45 all 3 arrived at the solicitors office, and Bernie went into the receptionist office and told her that "she was here for an appointment with Mr. Greening at 10.00 am, " the receptionist told her that "Mr. Greening Senior would be with her shortly".

Less than 5 minutes later all 3 were in the office, waiting to hear about her parents wills.

Mr. Greening Senior was a tall distinguished looking, Middle aged gentleman, not dissimilar to Henrik Hanssen to height, and looks ( to be honest he looked like his twin brother).
He invited all 3 into his office, and asked his secretary to bring some refreshments into his office.
Once the secretary had bought the drink into his office, he informed her that "unless it is an emergency please don't disturb us as we might be here for quiet a while ".

He went to his filing cabinet and got out a large beige coloured file, he placed it on his desk.
He began by saying that "The Brigadier and professor Wolfe, wanted the financial aspect of their wills kept secret, as they wanted to make sure that "their money grabbing ex son in law didn't get his hands on Bernie's and her children's inheritance".
He went on to explain that "the estate that her parents had in Hampshire, had been sold to a well know health spa and resort just before her parents demise, and that her parents had also sold all their stocks and shares for a quiet considerable profit, as well as the Brigadier's 4 vintage Rolls Royce and his collectible Jensen interceptor Mark 4, all cars had been sold to a American collector for £8,000,000.
The estate was sold for £18,000,000 due to the size of the house and all the surrounding land and buildings and the private fishing lake, swimming pool, and tennis court.
Their stocks and share raised another £3,000,000 ,but there was also money in bank accounts, and savings, and pensions.

Bernie sat in the office totally shocked, she knew her parents had money, but not on the scale that the solicitor was talking about.

He went on to explain that what Bernie and her Children had been left so financially sound "that they need not work again, if they didn't want to".

Bernie asked if what they had been bequeathed in the first will, "would we be able to keep the items all 3 of us had been left.

Bernie had been left by her father : All his Military Uniforms.
: All his Military Medals, including his V.C and his O.B.E.
: All his Military Memorabilia.

Bernie had been left by her Mother : All her Medical books
: Her mother's first Stethoscope ( as it was a rare one).


Cameron had been left by his Grandfather : His extensive collection of Matchbox Cars and Military Vehicles.
: His collection of Gold cuff links and Gold tie_pins.


Charlotte had been left by her Grandmother: A very rare complete first edition of the encyclopedia Brittanica.
: All her Jewellery, including some silk Scarves.

Both Cameron and Charlotte had also been bequeathed other trinkets from both their Granfather and Grandmother.

Mr.Greening then went to explain how the money was to be split 3 ways, Bernie would get the majority and the rest would be split thus.

To our Daughter Major Berenice Wolfe,
A daughter who we were very proud to call our daughter, a fearless soldier, brave fighter, but above all a world renown trauma surgeon, who has never known what danger is.
To her we bequeath the following financial settlements the sum of £20,000,000 pounds.

To our Grandson Mr.Cameron Wolfe.
A Grandson, we are extremely proud of, a young man just starting out in, what will be a very pleasing profession for him as a young child he was determined to follow his mum and go into medicine, and he followed his heart and stuck to his dream.

To him we bequeath the sum of £4,5000,000, of which the sum of £4,000,000 is to be held in trust until he reaches the age of 30.

To our Grand daughter Miss Charlotte Wolfe.
A grand daughter,we are very proud to call our grand daughter, like her brother she was determined to follow her mum , well she has, firstly by joing the cadets at school, then studying medicine, and going to Sandhurst, if she turns out like her mum, then she will be a very feisty character.
To her we bequeath the sum of £4,5000,000 of which £4,000,000 to be held in trust until she reaches the age of 30.

Mr. Greening then bought the meeting to a close,he asked if anyone had any questions,Bernie asked "are we dreaming".
The solicitor handed all 3 copies of the will he had just read to them, he then left the office, he came back holding 3large brown envelopes, and told them that they needed to go and bank their cheques quickly.

With those words still ringing in their ears, they bid him farewell, and made their way to Cameron's car and made their way to the bank, where just one hour after hearing what they had been left had been deposited safely.

Chapter Text

Once all 3 had arrived back at Bernie's flat, they sat in total silence, still taking in what all of them had been left in the will left by Brigadier and Professor Wolfe.

Charlotte was the first to make a move, by going into Bernie's kitchen, she got 3 glasses out of the cupboard, and the unopened bottle of single malt whiskey, poured out 3 large whiskies,gave 1 to Cameron, 1 to Bernie, and one for herself.
They raised their glasses and toasted both the Brigadier and Professor, for everything they had left to them, all of them "downed their drinks in one go".

Charlotte then asked Bernie about the house what they would be viewing later that day, she got the details about the house from her bag and showed it to both Cameron and Charlotte.
"Talk about large mum, that is some house you are hoping to buy isn't" Charlotte commented, to which Bernie replied "well if I am going to settle down in Holby City, I want a nice large house, with some land and somewhere where you and Cameron can always back to if you want to.

Cameron began to describe the house to both Bernie and Charlotte.
He began "Large property, comprising of:
6 bedrooms 3 en suite,
3 guest rooms
2 bathrooms.
2 guest toilets.
Large living room
Open plan kitchen and dining area.
Intergrated kitchen appliances (dishwasher,duel fuel hob,).
Utility room
Large reception area
Bespoke staircase.
Large basement area (which Bernie would convert into a gym later).
Decked patio area.
And about an extra 10.5 acres of land which Bernie could do with whatever.
In the middle of the kitchen was an island,where she could prepare meals,or whatever.
Electronic gates.
Gravelled drive
And a 3 car garage.
And it also came with a very heavy price tag.
£1.4 million.

Bernie told both Cameron and Charlotte that she had the money in the bank without even touching her inheritance.
The time was fast approaching 14.30 and all 3 got into a taxi and made their way to the estate Agents where they would be met by a Mr.Jenkins, once they arrived there,Mr. Jenkins asked if they wanted to go with him in his car, or would they prefare to make their own way to the "Willow Green exclusive development, which is where the house was for sale, and it was the only 6 bedroomed property on the market and it was also the last remaining property up for sale.

Once they made their way to the property, he showed them the upstairs first, going into the en suites, although 3bedrooms were en suites they were also classed as master rooms.
Bernie bagged the biggest one which was painted in a pastel shade of blue, with laminate flooring.
Charlotte bagged the next biggest one it was painted in a beige coloured paint, and again with laminate flooring.
Cameron bagged the next one,this one was painted a tasteful shade of light grey, and again laminate flooring.

He then showed all 3 all of the other bedrooms,which were all tastefully painted in pastel shades of beige and cream and white.
They then went and saw the rest of the house,all 3 were really impressed with the property,and Some of Bernie's visions, about possibly re painting some rooms, how it would be furnished, and her budget for new furniture, and other household items.

Mr.Jenkins left all 3 to discuss what their next step would be, both Cameron and Charlotte looked at Bernie with baited breath awaiting her decision.
Bernie called Mr. Jenkins back into the living room and told him in no uncertain terms.

Chapter Text

All three go back to the Estate Agents office, where Bernie explains to Mr.Jenkins that she could either transfer the funds for her new property first thing Monday Morning if that was acceptable, if not she could get a bank cheque for the full amount.

He asked why Bernie was not applying for a mortgage, she explained to him that "she had the money in her account, so paying for the house in full wasn't a problem for her", he told her that payment by transferring the funds would be totally acceptable, and once all the paperwork was completed on Monday Morning, the house would be hers and hers alone.

They left the Estate Agents office and had a leisurely stroll down the high street, talking about decorating and furnishing Bernie's new home, and both Cameron and Charlotte were talking about a "moving in party", when suddenly they heard a voice ask "who is having a party".
They turned around to see Marcus and Felicity standing behind, Charlotte replied ' it is none of your fucking business dweeeble face'.
Bernie couldn't help but laugh at what Charlotte had called him, Felicity turned to both Charlotte and Bernie and told them " don't ever call my husband names or even laugh at him".

Cameron stepped him to diffuse a serious situation, and explained that all 3 had just come from the Estate Agents, because they had been to view a property that Bernie was intrested in buying.
Marcus began to ask Bernie " just how much does a shoe box cost these days then Bernie".
Just as Bernie was about to give him an answer, his mobile phone began to ring out " excuse me, I need to take this call, this is from our Estate Agents, as we viewed a property on Thursday, and we left a bid on the property, Marcus began by asking, who is calling please, ahhh Mr. Williamson, what a pleasure, so nice to hear from you, Marcus continued yes, oh I see, so someone else has made a bid, oh they have, have they, well my wife and I really like that house,and we want that house, with that he hung up.

Charlotte asked if they had any information about the house that they had viewed, Felicity turned round and told everyone "itis none of anyone's business, it only concerns Marcus and myself.

Marcus continued to badger Bernie about the property that they had viewed, and she retorted " it is none of your bloody business Marcus, it only conerns myself and my children so please go and leave us alone.

Just as all 3 were about to walk off Bernie's phone began to ring, so she answered it " oh good afternoon again Mr.Jenkins, and how are you, she asked him, yes of course, the money will be transferred first thing Monday Morning, I just need your details and then I will arrange everything through the bank so hopefully the money will be transferred by midday Monday.
Marcus demanded to know just where Bernie had had the money from, as he gloated " well you had to give me £400,000 divorce settlement, well £250,000 plus £150,000 from the sale of the house, so I don't think you have much money left given all your solicitors fees, and moving expenses, and so forth.

Bernie couldn't help but gloat herself, "well you signed away any rights to my army pension, any compensation due to me owing to me being blown up by an I.E.D whilst out on deployment in Afghanistan, oh and yes the money my parents left to me and my children.

Marcus demanded to know how much they had all been left by the Brigadier and Professor Wolfe, Bernie just looked at him and Felicity and told them in no uncertain terms " it is none of your fucking business, so piss off and leave us alone"

With that flea in his ear he turned to Felicity and took her by the hand and said "let's leave these 3 to their own devices, ".
With that everyone went their own separate ways.

Chapter Text

Once they had arrived back at Cameron's flat, Charlotte went and got the takeaway menus from the kitchen drawers, they all decided on a chinese takeaway for their tea.

Once they had eaten their meal, Bernie asked if both Cameron and Charlotte wanted to go 'window shopping at the new big shopping mall on Sunday, and she promised to take them out for lunch as well', both agreed that they would 'window shopping with Bernie and help her decide what furnishings and other househould items she would need.

They sat and discussed what shops they would go into and look at what they had for sale, what colours and what sizes.
A little after 22.30 p.m , all 3 went to bed, Bernie set her alarm for 07.30 a.m, as she wanted to be out of the house by 09.45 a.m at the latest, as all the big department stores didn't open their doors until 10.00 a.m.

Cameron reached over to his bedside cabinet and picked up his phone, looked through his contacts, found the one he needed and typed the message " me, Charlotte, and mum going window shopping tomorrow, Holby's new shopping mall , hoping to be there for about 10/10.15 am going to large department stores, ok."
He pressed the send button, less than 5 minutes later he had a reply "Thanks Cameron, love Serena".
He put his phone back on his cabinet, however, Bernie had got her phone in her hands, going through all the photos of her and Serena, whether they were at work, on holiday,or just pictures when they went out for the day, tears started to form in her eyes, how she would do anything for the woman smiling back at her from her phone.
She dried her eyes, and composed herself, and put her phone down and went to sleep,as on Sunday she knew all 3 would be out all day even if they were only ' window shopping'.

Charlotte was the first to wake up, it was a little after 06.30 a.m she threw her duvet off her, got out of the bed, got her dressing gown on, and made her way into the kitchen, so she could make a hit drink, shortly after, Cameron walked into the kitchen,he looked round, and told Charlotte that " he had sent Serena a text saying that they were going window shopping at the new shopping mall, and that Serena had sent him a reply thanking him for letting her know that they were going window shopping.".

Charlotte made a pot of coffee, poured out one for Cameron and then one for herself, and then she poured one out for Bernie, and took it into her room, Bernie however was already awake and sitting up in bed , once again looking at the photos of the woman she worshipped Serena Wendy Campbell.
Charlotte placed the steaming hot coffee on the cabinet, and gave her mum a ' morning hug, as Charlotte called it'.
Bernie gave her daughter a hug and a good morning kiss , once she was up, she was showered and dressed , ready for breakfast and then shopping.
Once all 3 had eaten their breakfast,and cleaned up, they were ready to go out for the day, Bernie insisted on taking a taxi, as if they were having their lunch in either a pub or restaurant it wouldn't be fair to Cameron if both Bernie and Charlotte, had an alcoholic drink and Cameron couldn't because of him driving, all 3 agreed that made sense.
They arrived at the shopping mall at about 10.15,.
All 3 made their way to a very well known sofa department store, closely followed by a trip to the next mega store, for soft househould furnishings, and other items.
Then it was on to a major electrical/technology mega store for more household items.
Once they had seen what Bernie wanted to buy for her new home, they made their way to a Starbucks coffee shop, Bernie told both Cameron and Charlotte to find a table, and she would bring the drinks over to the table, when suddenly Bernie heard "Auntie Bernie, Auntie Bernie, what are you doing here?
She turned to see both Jason and Greta standing before her, " hello Jason love, she replied, she gave Greta a kiss on both cheeks, and asked where is Guinivere, Jason replied Auntie Serena has got her, she has gone to buy some new clothes for her, as Jason, Greta, and Guinivere would be going on their first holiday as a family.
He got his phone out and phoned his Auntie Serena and told her to " come to starbucks coffee shop now please".
Cameron invited both Jason and Greta to sit with them, and Bernie got everyone a coffee, suddenly Jason looked up and announced that "Auntie Serena has finally got here, Bernie's head turned to the right, and saw Serena struggling to get Guinivere's buggy through the doors.
Bernie jumped up and quickly opened the other door, so that Serena could get the buggy through the doors, when Serena saw it was Bernie who had helped her with the doors, she became speechless, in fact both women were speechless.
Once the initial shock of coming face to face with each other, had waned, Bernie was the first to break the ice, by saying "hello Serena, how are you doing?."
Serena replied " I am fine thank you, are here on holiday?.
Bernie replied." No my job in Nairobi came to an abrupt end, and I am back in England for good, hopefully I will be buying my first home here in Holby tomorrow, but today we are just window shopping.
Serena " so sorry to hear about your job, what will you do ?.
Bernie " hoping to do some locum work, in and around the Holby area.
Serena " well if you need a reference, myself, and Mr. Hanssen will only be glad to write you one.
Bernie "Thank you Serena,.
Once all 5 had finished their drinks, and Bernie had a cuddle with Guinivere, Jason Greta, and Serena explained that they would have to go as they were having Sunday lunch with Greta' s parents.
Bernie then suggested that they find somewhere for them to have their lunch, they left the shopping mall, and made their way to Holby city Centre, where there were English, Chinese,Thai, Lebanese, French, Spanish,Greek,Russian basically there were restaurants serving food from every corner of the world, however one stood out,it was an italian restaurant, which had been given a glowing recommendation by all the local food writers, and it was highly recommend, as it had one michelin star.

Charlotte commented" I would love to have a meal here, but it is very exclusive, and very expensive, and I hear that there is a 12 month waiting list just to get a table."
Suddenly Marcus and Felicity appeared, and said to Bernie and Cameron and Charlotte " well if we cannot get a table, in 12 months time, you 3 have got no chance,then sarcastically Marcus said well " your mother won't be able to afford to buy a meal in there, if she can afford a loaf of bread and a tin of beans, that may all she will be able to give you 2, but don't worry because Felicity and myself will bri g you here for a meal.

Bernie replied to Marcus and Felicity," well there is nothing to stop me from trying is there?.
Marcus and Felicity just stood and laughed at Bernie, for her suggesting that "she would try to get a table at the most exclusive restaurant in Holby City".
Felicity replied " come on Marcus this we HAVE TO SEE.".

Bernie opened the door into the restaurants, she was greeted by a waitress who welcomed her and her 2 guests to "LA BELLA ITALIA.
They were then escorted to the reception area, where there was a woman sitting behind the desk checking the bookings for that evening,
The woman sitying behind the desk looked up and saw that Bernie was standing in front of her, and she shouted at the top of her voice , " oh my goodness it Major Bernie, she asked the waitress to go and get " my husband and 2 sons now as we have a very special and distinguished guest.
10 minutes later, in the reception area, Sophia,(receptionist) was hugging Bernie, and they were making small talk, when from nowhere a tall, dark haired 50/55 year old gentleman appeared, he ran to Bernie and hugged her and asked her "how are you doing Bernie".
Bernie replied" not bad Lucas, how about you and the family?.
He invited Bernie and Cameron and Charlotte over to a table, and they began to talk about their times in the army
Captain Lucas Barassi, he had sereved in the same regiment as Bernie The Royal Berkshire Rifles (3rd Battalion).
He had also completed his cadet officer training programme at Sandhurst Military Academy, at the same time Bernie was there, the only thing that separated the two was rank, he too had been a trauma surgeon, but due to injuries sustained he ,like Bernie had been medically retired.
Cameron asked him " what happened then".
Lucas began.
"Bernie and I always worked well together, we were either both out on daytime patrol or night time patrol, and we always looked out for everyone who was on patrol with us.
However one Saturday in July 2013 , I was on duty at the local civilian hospital, Bernie was out on day time patrol, for 12 hours we had been receiving coded messages that air strikes would begin, later that day.
I was in theatre operating on a 17year old man, whose appendix had perforated, I was halfway through, when suddenly they began dropping bombs everywhere, unfortunately one exploded not far from where I was operating, I told all staff to get out, I could and would finish off, however, a further 2 bombs were dropped ,the first exploded near to a surgical ward, the next one exploded my operating theatre,
Obviously I cannot remember anything about it because it knocked me out,when some rubble landed on me and nearly killed me.
Bernie, just ran to the hospital, got soldiers and civilians and formed a human chain to begin removing all the bricks, rubble, and everything else, and when they had made a hole large enough for someone to get through, Bernie began the task of getting through all the debris and everything else, to get the patients out.
One by one, it must have taken her some 7 hours to get everyone, through that large hole and on to waiting vehicles to take them to a military field hospital, then, without warning another bomb was dropped on the hospital.
Bernie, instinctively knew that there were more patients to rescue, so again, she formed another human chain and mounted a rescue operation, she got as many out ,babies, children,teenagers,men, women, Bernie didn't want any one unaccounted for, then she came back for me.
She crawled through bricks and hospital equipment, and unfortunately bodies of people who had been " in the wrong place at the wrong time".
After 3 hours she got me out she picked me up, lifted me on to her shoulders, made her way back to the exit point and pulled me up and got me into a waiting ambulance.
When we arrived at the hospital, she was determined that she was going to be the surgeon who operated on me, and so many of the people she saved that day.
If it had not been for Bernie, I wouldn't be here she saved my life that day, and I will always be eternally grateful to her.

Chapter Text

Captain Barassi and Bernie continued reminiscing about their time together in the Army, places they had been to, battles they had been involved in, the camaraderie with their colleagues,how they had operated in hostile conditions.

Cameron, Charlotte, and Sophia (captin Barassi's wife and receptionist) sat and listened to every thing the former army colleagues were talking about, waiting on their every word

Captain Barassi then went on to tell everyone about one rescue mission Bernie was involved with, however Bernie pleaded with him not to talkabout it.

"August 2015, a village in the hills of Kandahar, had been destroyed by continual bomings, houses, were burning, crops destroyed,a village school destroyed, the entire village razed to the ground by unnamed terrorist organization.
Our job was to see what damage they had created, what could be done to help, however we had been told that there may be casualties,but we were told by a translator that they didn't think any villiagers could have survived such a ferocious attack.
Bernie gathered as much information as possible about the village, and then she began forming a plan to try to see if there were any survivors.
She had heat seeking equipment and began trying to seek out if anyone had survived, and if anyone could find survivors, Bernie could, and trapped underneath the school there were signs of someone breathing.
So she began a rescue mission, I had to form a human chain to move the rubble, bricks, whilst she found an opening, and she went down and then some boulders fell, we all began scrambling to move the debris and form some sort of opening, where I would go down and try and locate Bernie.
I made my way down through the opening we had made, crawled on my stomach to try and find her,but nothing,I was determined to find Bernie.
After crawling through the debris for several hours, I made my way back upto the surface, once I had got out, I asked if anyone had news of Bernie, everyone just shook their heads, nothing they said.
We were then ordered back to camp, but the rescue mission would resume in the daylight, as we could see more and hopefully get some more soldiers to help move more of the debris.
We all arrived at the bomb site at about 07.30 am the following morning, we all just began moving what we could helping the rescue mission, trying to locate any survivors, and trying to locate our friend, our colleague.
A little after 12.00hrs,we heard shouting, we located where it was coming from,all of us began scrambling to move the remaining debris,but nothing could have prepared us for the sight before our eyes.
Bernie had located about 25 people,they were breathing, just but they were alive, thanks to Bernie.
I radioed for ambulances to take the injured to the nearest hospital, but Bernie still insisted that there were more survivor's, so I went back down with her, and we located more victims,and we bought them out to the waiting vehicles, where they were taken to the hospital.
Bernie was told that she needed to go and get checked out at the hospital as well, but Bernie being Bernie, she was adamant that the victims be treated before her.
All the victims that were pulled out from under tons of rubble survived, thanks to Bernie.
Before we left to comeback home the village elders gave us all thanks for saving their people.

Captain Barassi looked at Bernie and apologized for telling everone how she rescued all those people, he then looked at a very tearful Cameron and Charlotte, and told them "your mum is a true hero to everyone that is why she is one of only 3 female soldier's to be honoured with a V.C.
Charlotte and Cameron said " mum has a V.C. " Bernie replied yes, but I don't brag about it because the honour should go to all soldier's involved with that rescue mission not just me".

Sophia then asked Bernie Cameron and Charlotte if they would be their guests that evening,as it was an honour and privilege to have Bernie and her children eat at their restaurant, all 3 agreed that they would eat at LA BELLA ITALIA that Sunday evening.

Felicity then started shouting "if my husband and I cannot get a table for at least 12 months, how can you accommodate her and her family".
Sophia replied "Major Wolfe is a very close friend of ours,and the reason we have a table for her and her family is because of this reason.
If it wasn't for Bernie then I wouldn't have my husband.
My 2 sons wouldn't have their Father.
My Mother in Law and Father in Law wouldn't have their Eldest son.
My 2sister in Laws wouldn't have their Eldest Brother.
My 10 day old Grandson wouldn't have his Grandfather to dote on him.
That is why we will always have a table here for Major Wolfe and her children.

Chapter Text

All three left the restaurant and made their way to the multi storey car park, where Cameron had parked his car, on the way back to Cameron's car, Bernie saw the car of her dreams.
The car was a metallic blue m.g.sports car, brand new with a very large price tag. Charlotte suggested asking for a test drive, so all 3 went inside the showroom.
Bernie was approached by the young salesman who enquired what car Bernie was intrested in, when she told him it was the metallic blue m.g.sports car, he asked if " she would like to book a test drive for later in the week", he looked at his diary and booked Bernie in for the Tuesday morning at 11.00am, she thanked him and all 3 left the car showroom.

Once all 3 had got back to Cameron's car, Charlotte turned to Bernie and began crying, Bernie went and comforted her daughter and asked " what is the matter Charlotte" .
Charlotte replied " you are really staying aren't you mum, after all hopefully tomorrow you will buy your beautiful house, getting it furnished, and buying a brand new car".
Bernie beckoned Cameron and Charlotte she pulled both into a group hug,and looked at both of them and told them "you ain't getting rid of me ever again, Bernie Wolfe is back with the 2 most important people in her life so there".
All three shed tears, finally Cameron and Charlotte had the one most important people back in their lives ...............their mum.

Once all 3 got home they all had a drink before getting ready to go out for the evening, Charlotte decided on a grey fitted skirt white blouse and matching jacket, Cameron a navy blue suit, and Bernie wore her trademark black skinny jeans white short sleeved blouse,and black jacker.

Cameron had phoned for a taxi, which would pick them up at 19.00 hrs and he had asked if they could pick them up later that evening.
The taxi artived on time, got them to LA BELLA ITALIA, Sophia welcomed all three and showed them to their table, once they were seated the waiter bought over a bottle of champagne " with the compliments of Lucas and Sophia he announced".
He went and got the menus and wine list, meanwhile in the kitchen Lucas had left strict instructions that his guests meals were to be prepared and cooked by himself and no one else, as his guest was the most highly decorated and respected female army officer, and a hero not only to him and his family but to countless others and that she deserved only the best.

Lucas went into the restaurant and greeted his guests, who thanked him for inviting them into his restaurant. Once they had decided on their meals Lucas went and began to cook them, however, Bernie had noticed a distinguished gentleman in the far corner, who was observing her and her family's every move, Bernie beckoned the waiter over and explained her concerns about the gentleman who was beginning to unnerve her.

The waiter explained that he was a regular customer who always observed everyone, who had not been to the restaurant before.
40 minutes later Lucas brought out their meals, and another bottle of champagne.

All three sat and enjoyed their meals and then they ordered their dessert a tiramisu with 3 irish coffees to finish off.

Once they had finished Bernie asked Sophia for the bill,so she gave Bernie the bill which came to a total of £0.00 .
Sophia explained that " Bernie and her family were their guests and it was a pleasure to serve her and her family and it was a pleasure to renew their friendship after such a long time with no contact.

Lucas then came out of the kitchen and thanked Bernie and her family for being their guests that evening, Bernie then enquired "could we book a table for the end of July, as my daughter graduates from Holby city university as a doctor, and we would like to celebrate it here, if it is possible, Sophia asked how many would there be? .Charlotte replied,me. Mum, Cameron and 3 close friends".
To which Sophia replied no problem, a table for 6 , it will be a pleasure .

All 3 thanked everyone for a fabulous evening and they looked forward to seeing them all again the end of July, Lucas gave Bernie a hug, and told her please keep in touch, Bernie agreed she would.

Bernie obsereved the distinguished gentleman in the corner, only this time he was playing with his mobile phone,she wanted to go and ask who he was, but she resisted the temptation, so she bit the bullet and asked Lucas who he was, he just said " he is a regular who comes here once a week, and he always has the same.

Before the taxi arrived Bernie observed him talking to someone on his phone, once he saw Bernie watching, he quickly ended the call and left the restaurant.

Once they had git back home Cameron remembered who the gentleman was.

He is Sir Charles Anderson, deputy head of Holby city N.H.S Trust.

But why was he so busy observing Major Bernie Wolfe?.

Chapter Text

Once everyone had returned back home, Cameron got his case ready for Monday Morning,Charlotte, got her books and university studies ready for the Monday Morning, as both were returning to their chosen place of learning.
Holby city hospital was also a teaching hospital, and Cameron was eager to learn more about all aspects of medicine.
Charlotte had recently finished a 4 week placement, where she was an observer in a G P surgery, which although she found intresting, she really wanted to observe a trauma/emergency situation whether it be a training exercise or a true life situation.

Bernie was watching her children, getting ready, watching Cameron make sure he had everything he needed, any books, she even asked if he had remembered to pick up his pens, as he always forgot his pens,nothing else always his pens.
She made sure Charlotte had remembered everything all her books, all her university work,including a 2,500 word essay on working in a G.P. surgery.

Cameron asked Charlotte if she "was ready to leave the house, as he was dropping Charlotte of at the medical school where she was studying, and he needed to be at work fir 09.00hrs, as he was observing a major heart surgery with Jac Naylor talking through the operation, with Dr. McKendric assisting her.".

Charlotte asked what "what are you doing today mum", Bernie replied "hopefully buying the house, and making plans for deliveries of the furnishings and large white,goods".

Both Cameron and Charlotte got their jackets and both gave Bernie a kiss on her cheek and told her " that they would see her later that day".
Charlotte asked Bernie if she would text her "if you get the house of your dreams, please and Cameron asked her to do the same, Bernie looked at both of them and replied " you wouldn't forgive me if I don't will you?".

Both Cameron and Charlotte left the house, got into his car, and looked at each other, Charlotte wasthe first to speak, " I will ask Professor Latham if I can have this week of as compassionate leave, with mum just coming back from Nairobi, and buying her first house here, Cameron replied, " I still have 6 weeks annual leave to take, I will talk to both Serena and Jac Naylor, to see if I can have this week of aswell.

Bernie sat at home, when her mobile phone bleeped, it was a message from her bank informing her that recent cheques paid into her account were now cleared.
She phoned for a taxi to take her to the bank where she would discuss how she could put money into a savings account as she wanted to make provision for her pension, although she had got a private pension from the Army, as well as her medical pension.

She got to the bank at 09.30 and the manager saw her straight away,once she had explained what she wanted to do, and how much money she needed for her house and hopefully her dream car,and furnishings.

Once all the financial details had been sorted she went in to explain that she wanted to transfer funds from her account to the estate agents account,as hopefully she would be able to buy the house she had set her heart on.

The bank manager gave her the details she she required, with that she thanked the bank manager for his help and left the bank, only to be greeted by..........................Cameron and Charlotte.

Bernie asked why they were not at work and university respectively.

Charlotte replied " well I asked Professor Latham, that you were back from Nairobi, and settling down in the United Kingdom and that we were helping you adjust to life back home, and he agreed to a week's compassionate leave for me.

She looked at Cameron, well I asked Ms.Campbell, and she told me to speak to Jac Naylor, so I told Jac that you were back home, and she and Serena went through the rota's for this week, and they gave me this week off.

Cameron then told his mum that "Mr.Hanssen would like to have a meeting with you.
Bernie asked " what about".
Cameron replied I don't know what it is about, but it sounds important, so I told him you would phone him sometime this week.".
Bernie replied ok.

Meanwhile back at Holby City Hospital, in Mr. Hanssen's office, he had got Sir Charles Anderson, and Serena Campbell.
Sir Charles told Mr.Hanssen "I don't care what it costs or what we have to offer her I WANT BERNIE WOLFE AS HEAD OF THE NEW TRAUMA UNIT.

Chapter Text

Bernie and bith Cameron and Charlotte drove to the estate agents office, where Mr. Jenkins was sitting behind his desk, all 3 entered the shop, and were greeted by Mr.Jenkins, Bernie asked if they could go and talk in the back office as she wanted to transfer the funds from her bank account to the estate agents account, and buy the house of her dreams.
Mr.Jenkins invited them into the manager's office, where they discussed the fine details of Bernie's purchase. Once all the fine details had been sorted out, Mr.Jenkins finally handed Bernie, all the information regarding the heating systems, recycling bins, etc et .

Once the transfer had been confirmed,all 3 left the office, only to be confronted by Marcus and Felicity.
Marcus demanded to know why they "are looking at £1,000,000 plus properties".
Bernie could not resist a dig "well Marcus, you may have had £400,00 of me,because of the divorce, but I can still afford anything better than you and the bimbo can only dream of".
Marcus then snatched the details of her purchase out of her hands "how the pissing hell can you afford this kind of house,anyway it is too big for you,what do you want with a house this size?.
Bernie replied "what I do with my money is my business not yours it only concerns myself, Cameron and Charlotte, so if you don't mind myself and my children have shopping to do, so please get out of my way, unless you want to taste my knukles.".

Marcus and Felicity left the estate agents, followed by Bernie and Cameron and Charlotte, Bernie apologised for what she said to Marcus, but Cameron told her " I was looking forward to you giving him or her a knukle sandwich".

Bernie git her mobile phone out and phoned the car showroom, and asked if she could bring her test drive forward to the Monday, the car salesman told her " to be at the showroom within the hour if possible.".
Cameron drove them to the car showroom, and the salesman came out to meet her, Bernie asked if she could take the metallic blue m.g. sports car out for a test drive.

Both Bernie and the salesman began to talk about the car, I.e. fuel consumption, insurance, etc, mpg.
Bernie replied "I don't care I just want to test drive the car of my dreams, both the s a lesman and Bernie got into the car and began the test drive, leaving Cameron and Charlotte at the dealership, Charlotte began " how are we going to get mum and Serena together again, Cameron?"
Cameron replied that is something we will have to figure that out, but hopefully starting next week, mum should be working back at Holby City, Charlotte replied "how do you know".
Cameron replied "well Holby City Hospital are soon to open a £3,000,000, state of the art trauma unit and they want mum to head the unit, but don't say anything please, that is why Sir Charles Anderson was in the restaurant last night, he really wanted to make sure mum was really back and back for good."

Chapter Text

Bernie returned to the car dealership, and told the salesman " I want that car, how much will it cost".
The car salesman told Bernie that it would cost her in the region of £90,000 pounds.
She asked the salesman if they could go and discuss the sale of Bernie's dream car.

One hour later, both Bernie and the salesman emerged from the office with the sale completed, and Bernie took delivery of her new car, however she asked if they could deliverit as she was waiting for her new driving licence,as her old one had expired.

Once all details between both Bernie and the salesman had taken place.
All 3 got into Cameron's car and made their way to Holby City' largest shopping centre, and spent aas Charlotte called it " a bloody fortune".
But Bernie didn't mind how much she spent in getting her new home just perfect, after all both her children would have their own room at the house,"just in case they went out and got a little tipsy, or they couldn't get a lift home, but Bernie was adamant that they would have their room in what she eventually called "my and my children's home".

Once they had got back to Cameron's house, he gently reminded her to contact Mr. Hanssen, regarding that he wanted to see her.

Bernie explained to Cameron that "she wanted to get her house together, everything sorted out and all the details with her car, once all that had been dealt with then she would contact Mr. Hanssen.

Bernie eventually phoned Mr. Hanssen on the Thursday afternoon.

The phone call is as follows.

Bernie: Mr Hanssen, I believe you want to talk to me.
Mr.Hanssen .Yes I do, regarding a vacancy
Bernie. Which department please?.
Mr.Hanssen.please I would like you to come and see me face to face.
Bernie. Ok Then, what about Saturday Morning.
Mr.Hanssen 09.30 Saturday Morning.

Bernie see you then.

Chapter Text

Bernie was getting her house in order,after a mad day shopping, with Cameron and Charlotte, and spending a fortune on , white goods, a new large black leather reclining 3 seater settee and 2 reclining chairs,a large black and chrome dining table and chairs, as well as 60 inch tv, which would be wall mounted, at a later date.

On the Tuesday, Bernie was waiting for more deliveries,electrical goods for the kitchen, a microwave oven, her fridge freezer, and washing machine etc.
Also expected was her new double bed, dressing table, wardrobes, and bedside tables, as well as other items of furniture destined for the other bedrooms.

Bernie suggested to Charlotte about her helping to buy a new wardrobe of clothes ( Bernie wasn't upto date with the latest fashions, ).
And she also wanted a new outfit for her interview,with Mr. Hanssen, which was due to take place on the Saturday Morning at Holby City Hospital.
Bernie asked Cameron if he objected to staying at home waiting for the deliveries, whilst Bernie and Charlotte went out shopping for Bernies new wardrobe of clothes, he agreed tostay in for the deliveries whilst his mum and sister went shopping.
Once both mum and daughter had left to go shopping, the deliveries, started arriving thick and fast.
Firstly all the bedroom furniture arrived, and as it was flat packed, Bernie would be in her element, as she enjoyed putting things together, but Cameron and Charlotte both offered to help in any way they could.

Bernie and Charlotte arrived at the shopping mall with the intention of spending a fortune on clothes, and perfumes, and anything else that took their fancy, as well as buying something for Cameron.

Come 13.00hrs all deliveries had been delivered, and everything put in the room it was going into, Charlotte was having black bedroom furniture, and Cameron was having beige bedroom furniture, Bernie was having plain white.
Charlotte and Bernie arrived home completely weighed down with shopping bags from everywhere, next, matalan, river island, but to name a few.

Once everything had been unwrapped, tried on and put back on the hangers, all 3 decided to have a takeaway for their tea, and they would begin assembling all the flat pack bedroom furniture........the following morning.

Bernie was the first to wake on the Wednesday Morning, she went into the kitchen, and looked at her kitchen, in her house, no one could tell her how it decorate it,what to have ,what not to have, at last she had a place to finally call her home.
She went and put the kettle on, when she was bought back to reality when Charlotte, gave her a good morning kiss and hug, which Bernie reciprocated, then Cameron done exactly the same, gave her a kiss and a hug.

All three began the task of assembling all the bedroom furniture, once all the furniture had been put together, Charlotte and Bernie made up the beds.
All the furniture had been assembled by lunch time, so Bernie asked them if they wanted to go out for lunch, or have some fish and chips, all three decided on fish and chips, so Cameron, went to the local chip shop and got their lunch.

Whilst he was out Bernie's mobile phone began to ring out, it was Mr. Hanssen, and he wanted to alter the time of their meeting, from Saturday to 16.00 hrs on Wednesday.

Bernie agreed to the meeting being bought forward, however it didn't give her much time to shower and get ready, but Bernie being Bernie she would manage it.
Cameron returned home, only to find Charlotte was busy getting the plates and cutlery out, he asked "where is mum?" She replied that " she is having a shower,as Mr. Hanssen has phoned and rearranged their meeting for today at 16.00 hrs.

Once she was showered and dried herself off she decided to put on a pair of track suit bottoms and a tee shirt, she went down stairs, had her lunch, and a cup of coffee, and then went upstairs to decide what she would wear for her interview with Mr.Hanssen.

Whilst she was deciding what outfit to wear, she had another delivery...............her dream car, which she asked the driver to drive it into the garage,for her, as she had not got around to getting it taxed or insured yet.

Once she had decided what to wear, she asked for both her children's opinion, who both told her "you look totally stunning".
She had chosen, a grey fitted skirt, white blouse grey fitted jacket, a pair of black high heels, complete with a black handbag, she had also put on a small pair of earrings,( Bernie wasn't a big jewellery wearer,but she liked little stud earrings).

Cameron and Charlotte began to get changed as they would drive her to Holby City Hospital for her appointment.
Once all three were ready, both Cameron and Charlotte gave her a "good luck hug and kiss".

Once they arrived at the hospital, Bernie got out of Cameron's car and made her way to the entrance, and she saw a lot of her old work colleagues, Fletch was the first one to see her, he ran over to her and put his arms around her and asked " what are you doing here, then Bernie," she replied "I have a meeting with Mr.Hanssen at 16.00hrs today".
Bernie began to look around, and she saw Jason,Rik, Sacha, and Essie, and Lou, but there was no sign of Serena.

Meanwhile up in Mr.Hanssen's office, he was discussing the finer details regarding the new trauma unit, which hopefully should be ready for opening in about 3 months, and Sir Charles Anderson reiterated his wish.I WANT BERNIE WOLFE TO BE THE HEAD OF THE TRAUMA UNIT, REGARDLESS .

Chapter Text

Bernie went and hugged all her former work colleagues, who in turn asked " why are you back here at Holby City".
Bernie replied "I have got a meeting with Mr. Hanssen at 16.00hrs, have no idea what it about though,". .All of them wished her well with her meeting, and then Rik Griffin, asked her "will you come and tell us what Mr.Hanssen wants to see you about please,".

Slowly Bernie made her way up to Mr. Hanssens office, she passed other colleagues who she knew from her previous emplyment at Holby.
However there was one work colleague she was desperate to see again, her beloved Serena Wendy Campbell, she knew she was at work because her car was in it's usual parking space, next to Mr.Hanssen's.

"Maybe she is in theatre, or in a budget meeting, or the on call room", Bernie thought to herself, eventually she made her way to his office, knocked on his door and went and sat in the chairs opposite his office waiting to be called in.
10 minutes later Mr.Hanssen's secretary called her in and led her through to his office.

He invited her to take a seat in front of him, and then he invited his other guest that would be present during the meeting.
Sir Charles Anderson, entered the room, he immediately went to shake Bernie's hand and introduced himself to her.
She immediately recognised him from the restaurant where Bernie and Cameron and Charlotte had been for a meal a couple of evening's previously.

" So sorry I kept starring at you in the restaurant,but I realky wanted to make sure I had the right person, so I apologise if I made you feel uncomfortable in the restaurant, however myself and Mr.Hanssen have a proposition to put to you".

Bernie replied "what do you want to talk to me about then ".
Mr.Hanssen began.
" In about 3 months time Holby City's new state of the art trauma unit will be opening and we want you to run the unit.
We know you have the experience, after all you and Ms. Campbell were co leads on AAU, and she championed you to be the one who headed up our first trauma unit, although through no fault of yours or Holby City Hospital, it closed down due to mis_management, namely Guy Self and Nina Karnick, however we won't dwell on that.
And we know that the trauma unit in Nairobi closed down, due to governmental decisions,to improve security, and slightly expand the emergency department, with a few more nurses, and a couple of extra beds.
Sir Charles then interrupted, by saying "your military medical training is exemplary, performing operations in hostile conditions, working in field hospitals,your medical knowledge is second to none.
Holby City N.H.S. trust has sanctioned the following working contract for you, should you decide to take the job.
He then handed Bernie and Mr.Hanssen a copy of the contract.
It read.
Your contractual working hours will be 37 hrs per week.
You will have to work one weekend in 4.
You will also have to work shifts (days 06.00_ 15.00hrs ) (evenings 14.00hrs_ 22.00hrs).
If you have to stay and work over your rate of pay will be treble time.i
When you work the weekend the rate of pay is as follows Saturday's double time, Sunday's treble time.
If you work a bank holiday, you will get a day' pay and a day in lieu.
And finally your salary will be £1,750,000 a year, should you decide to take the job."

Bernie replied "when will I be able to apply for the job".
Sir Charles replied," you do not need to apply for the job,it is yours, myself, as deputy head of Holby City N.H.S. Trust have put your name forward for the job, and all board members are in agreement with me in this appointment"
Your title will be Director of Trauma and Emergency Department.
You will have the final say on the doctors, nurses, who will be working alongside you,and you will from time to time liaise with the Director of Medicine Ms. Serena Campbell.".

With all that whizzing around in her head, she asked both gentlemen if she could give them their answer by Friday Midday, both agreed.
With everything concluded Mr.Hanssen bought the meeting to a close, all 3 shook hands and Bernie left the office...........only to come face to face with .....................Serena Campbell.

Serena asked "What are you doing here then stranger", Bernie replied just had a very pleasent meeting with Mr.Hanssen and the deputy head of Holby City N.H.S.

Thry made small talk and then Bernie without warning asked Serena if "she wanted to go for a meal, just for old times sake".
Serena accepted, and they made "arrangements" to go out on the Saturday evening.

Once they had finished talking Bernie made her way to AAU where she got to know Mr.Duvall, and met Donna, and other staff members.
Serena was busy sending a text to Cameron " your mum has asked me out for a meal on Saturday".
Cameron replied "yes.
Charlotte asked why Cameron was grinning from ear to ear, then he showed Charlotte the text that Serena had sent.
Cameron and Charlotte then started to believe that at long last their mum may finally get the "Woman of her dreams.

Chapter Text

Bernie made her way back down to pulses cafe, where she found both Cameron and Charlotte talking to Captain Alex Dawson.
She swallowed hard and made her way over to where they were sitting, surprisingly laughing and joking, Bernie made her way over to all 3.
Charlotte was the first to look up and see her mum, she offered to go and get her mum a large expresso coffee, and a croissant, as she had bought everybody the same.
Cameron offered to go and get his mum a chair ,but Alex jumped up and offered her seat Bernie, who was just happy to be around her children, however she was also anticipating just what had Captain Dawson told her children about what had happened out in Afghanistan a few years previously.
Bernie asked if the conversation they were having was "intresting,and could she join in".
Cameron began by telling everyone "if it had not been for Alex Dawson, then his mum would still be with the idiot also known as Marcus Dunn,but both Cameron and Charlotte thanked her for getting their mum to be honest and truthful about her sexuality.
Without a doubt it was Alex who helped her to "come out, and accept the fact that she was gay, and they would be forever thankful to her for that".
Suddenly a younger looking woman approached where they were sitting and Alex ran to the woman and kissed her , then she introduced her to the assembled guests as "the future Mrs.Alex Dawson, wife of Captain Alex Dawson.
All three were shocked to say the very least, Alex introduced her Corporal Lauren Crossley, she was also an Army Medic specialising in General Surgery, and they had both been offered a posting out in cyprus, where once they had finished their army comissions, they would buy a property out there and set up home,as well as having a family of their own.
They were due to fly out to Cyprus in the next few weeks, so Captain Dawson had come to say her final farewells to her ex Army collegues aswell as her medical colleagues, not only at Holby City Hospital, but also at St.James Hospital.

Once all the goodbyes and handshakes had finished Alex Dawson and her fiance Lauren Crossley hugged all three and made their excuses and walked out of the hospital and out of Bernie, Cameron and Charlotte's life.

Bernie just sat in the chair waiting for her children to "have a go at her for her brief relationship with Alex", but instead they had nothing but thanks for the woman who "bought their mum to her senses " as Cameron put it.
Bernie then asked " just what did Alex tell you about what happened between us".
Charlotte began " she told us that it was her who made all the running, and then she first kissed you ,but you were unsure how to respond, as you were of a higher rank than her and you didn't want any trouble for you or her, so you kept it secret, but deep down she knew she couldn't or wouldn't ever be able to love you, how you wanted to be loved, so she let you go, and she just wants you to be happy, as do Cameron and myself.
Charlotte got up from her chair and went and gave her mum a hug, and told her " Alex Dawson really isn't as bad as what Marcus made out, in fact she is really friendly, and full of praise about you, Cameron sat by her and put his hand on top of Bernie's and said "I agree with Charlotte, she is not that bad, but we have got you,and you have got us, now let's have a hug and go home..................I'm starving.

Bernie said "ok so don't you want hear about my meeting with Mr.Hanssen then."
They made their way out to the car park ,found Cameron's car Charlotte got in the back of the car, Cameron opened the passenger doir for his mum, and he made his way to the driver's side.
Once all tgree were in the car Bernie told them "I have been offered a job here, head of the new trauma unit, it opens in about 3 months time.
She told them she would explain more once they got back to their new home, but Bernie was more worried about telling them about the date she had arranged with Serena for Saturday evening.

Less than an hour later they had arrived back at the new house, all of them got out the car, and made their way into the living room, where Bernie kicked off her high heeled shoes, and slipped her feet into a pair of camouflage pattern slippers.
Charlotte asked if they were having "a takeaway or pizza, or fish and chips for their tea,".
They all decided on a ham, cheese, and pineapple, pizza and wedges for their tea, whilst they were waiting for it to be delivered she showed them the contract that she had been offered, and that she had told both Mr.Hanssen and Sir Charles Anderson that she would have a reply for them by midday on Friday at the very latest.

Cameron and Charlotte both looked at just what Holby City N.H.S. Trust had offered her, and she went on to explain,that all the board members had all agreed that Major Bernie Wolfe was the one person they knew who was capable of running a trauma unit, and that all board members had unanimously agreed to the appointment of Major Bernie Wolfe,as she had been in charge of trauma units before, and through no fault of her own, both were closed down.
Cameron then asked " are you going to accept it or not then mum"
Bernie replied " yes I am going to accept the offer of the job" both Charlotte and Cameron congratulated her and Charlotte went into the kitchen got 3 glasses, filled them with a single malt whiskey, and all 3 clinked their glasses and said "to 3 Dr. Wolfe's all hopefully working at Holby City Hospital.

Bernie then put her glass down and went and fetched the remaining whiskey from the kitchen, refilled eveyone's glass and asked both Cameron and Charlotte to sit down as she had something to tell them, Charlotte then asked her mum " what's wrong".

Bernie just came out and told both her children the words they thought they would not hear again.
" I've asked Serena out for a meal on Saturday evening just for old times sake".
Charlotte put her glass down on the table, and asked her mum, " have we just heard you right, you have asked Serena out for a meal on Saturday evening".
Bernie replied "yes you heard correctly Charlotte"
Charlotte "you have really asked her out,"
Bernie "yes on Saturday evening".
Charlotte " well it looks like I will have to go shopping with you on Saturday Morning, so we can get you a new outfit, "
Bernie "you don't mind then.
Cameron "mum we think it is about time Bernie Wolfe started to think about herself , and put herself first, after all you have looked after us lo g enough,it is about time you thought about you and what you want .

Bernie began to cry Charlotre went to her mum, wrapped her arms around her and said " it's about bloody time you two got your act together again, Cameron agreed.

Bernie asked both Cameron and Charlotte if they wanted to go shopping with her on the Thursday Morning,as she wanted more clothes, and shoes, and jeans, and of course her skinny jeans.

Once they had had breakfast, early Thursday Morning all three cleaned their breakfast plates,and cereal bowls and put them into the dishwasher, they git into Cameron's car and made their way to Holby City shopping Mall.

Once they had parked the car they made their way to the entrance, where a group of people had congregated.

Bernie asked one bystander " what has happened here then."
The woman replied " The young lad has come off his bike, and his head has smacked off the floor, someone has gone to find his mum.
Bernie shouted to Cameron to " come and help, as he has a possible head injury ( Bernie could not do anything as she was waiting for her medical registration to come back from Nairobi).
Cameron ran over as quickly as he could, Charlotte was phoning for the ambulance, when suddenly a woman came running out of the mall, she made her way to where everyone was standing, she git through to where her son was.

Bernie tried to calm her down, eventually she managed to get her to give her her name and her son's name.

She told Bernie her name................Mrs. penny Dunn
She told Bernie her son' s name....................Master Marcus Dunn Junior.

Bernie, Cameron, Charlotte, looked at each other with shock, who is this woman, maybe it is a million to one coincidence or not.

One way or another Bernie would find out the truth, and woe betide Marcus, when she does get the truth............oh and Felicity.

Chapter Text

The ambulance arrived some 10 minutes later, Ian and Ruby (the paramedics), were quickly to the scene, Cameron explaining what medical attention he had given to the young lad who had sustained a slight head injury.

Bernie wanted to know more about the woman and son, so she began to ask questions regarding her son, so she could tell the hospital staff what they needed to know, so she could stay with her son, whilst he was in the triage area at Holby City Hospital.

Whilst the paramedics were busy attending to her son, Mrs. Dunn went to tell Bernie that her son Marcus Dunn Junior was born on the 01_06 _2005 which made her son 14years old, and that he was born on his Father's birthday, hence the reason we named him after his father.
Also his Father was also a prominent Orthapedic Consultant Surgeon who had been working at St. James Hospital , not far from Holby City Hospital.

And then she proceeded to tell Bernie that they got married Las Vegas ,in May 2004 after a whirlwind romance, then Mrs. Dunn made a terrible mistake, she showed Bernie a picture of her and Marcus after their Las Vegas wedding.

Bernie was seething with rage, how dare he do the unforgivable and marry another woman , whilst still being married to Bernie.
She wanted, no needed to see her solicitor asap, because one way or another he was going to pay, and pay severly.

Dylan came out of the cubicle where the teenager had been taken, and told his mum " she could go and wait with him until the porters come and take him for a ct scan".

Cameron and Charlotte took their mum to pulses to try to get her to calm down, with a very strong coffee, when suddenly they heard someone say " twice in 2 days Bernie, you must enjoy being here then", it was Serena Campbell.

Serena saw that Bernie was not in the best frame of mind, so she ushered everyone upstairs into her office, where she asked Bernie " just what the hell is going on here.

Cameron began to tell Serena what had happened outside the shopping mall, and the child's mother told Bernie that her name is Mrs.Penny Dunn, and that her son's name is Marcus Dunn Junior.
Bernie went on to explain that the injured boy shared the same birthday as her ex husband 01_06_1964.
And she had seen the incriminating evidence, a picture of Marcus Dunn and his " new" wife after their Las Vegas wedding.

Serena told eveyone to stay in her office whilst she went to find out further information, regarding the injured boy.

More than 1 hour had passed before Serena returned to her office, however, when she returned to her office, she locked the office door as she didn't want Bernie to leave her office................................because her ex husband was downstairs ...............with " his other wife and child".

Serena advised both Cameron and Charlotte to remain in the office with her and Bernie until Marcus and his other family had left the hospital.

The ct scan had been done and it didn't show any damage to the skull or brain, just a graze above the eyebrow, and a few facial scratches, once the scratches had been cleaned up he was discharged.

Bernie asked Serena if she could use her office phone as sge wanted to phone her solicitor regarding the events of the last few hours.

Once she got through, she booked an appointment to see him on Friday Afternoon.......................she also asked if her divorce would be legal or not, ger solicitor advised her to wait and see what they could do legally regarding Marcus's bigamy.

Unknown to Marcus, his secret life was slowly unraveling around him..............but he thought he could keep everyone wrong he would be.

Chapter Text

All 4 sat patiently watching and waiting for Marcus and his 'other family' leave Holby City Hospital, as the events of the last couple of hours had completely knocked Bernie and her children off their feet.
No one had any inkling of his 'secret wife and son', although Cameron had sworn to get even with Marcus, after all not only had he repeatedly lied about Bernie and her feelings towards her children, but his mother had also tried to manipulate them into thinking that it was only because of Marcus and his mother that both Cameron and Charlotte had turned out to be the adults that they are today.

Eventually nearly 3 hours after the young boy's accident, Marcus finally took them home,as they got into a waiting taxi, Marcus looked back and he could see that Bernie, Serena and Cameron and Charlotte were looking on, he knew from that moment onwards Bernie would do anything in her power to make his life as unbearable as possible.

Once they had seen them leave, Serena's office phone began to ring, when she answered , the look on her face began to show signs of worry.
Bernie looked puzzled what could a phone call make her look worried?.
Once the call was ended, she began to explain to Bernie that Henrik Hanssen wanted to see them both..............immediately.

Bernie got her wallet out and gave Charlotte a £20.00 pound note, and told both her children to go and get themselves a drink and something to eat, and Bernie and Serena would join the once their meeting with Mr. Hanssen was concluded.

10 minutes later both ladies were waiting outside his office, just making small talk, when Mr.Hansses's secretary told both ladies to go through into his office.

When they entered his office they were surprised to see Sir Charles Anderson and Lord Henry Silverman, (The chairman of the board of Holby N.H.S. Trust).

Mr.Hanssen invited both ladies to take a seat in front of the 3 gentlemen, who were busy going through some important paperwork.
Once they had finished with their paperwork Lord Henry Silverman explained why they wanted to see both ladies.
He Began.
"Firstly ladies thank you for joining us as short notice, but what we have to say is something that myself and the board at Holby N.H.S. Trust completely agree on.
As you both know Holby City Hospital is having a state of the art Trauma unit constructed and it will have state of the art equipment, and we will also become a centre of excellence not only for the Trauma unit,but also a centre of excellence for post graduate medical students, as we are having a medical school built not far from Holby city Hospital, however the medical school will not be ready for about another 18 months.
But we have not bought you 2 in here for the medical school, we want you both to be clinical leads of both A.A.U and Trauma unit, the board has heard that when you two ran both units before, it was run like a well oiled machine, every patient who came through the doors for either A.A.U or Trauma unit could not fault it, they also got fabulous write ups in various medical magazines, medical students were applying to come here and do their F1 and F2 foundation years, it got so much, that we had a waiting list to join us here at Holby City, and a lot wanted to learn their medical knowledge from the best two surgeons this country has to offer : Ms.Serena Campbell and Ms.Bernie Wolfe.

So when we found out that Ms.Wolfe was back in England we got together and decided that we want the best and we will get the best, so what we have to offer both of you is the following package:

Your working hours each week will be 40
One week you will be on the early shift (06.00am -14.00pm).
The following week it will be the late shift (14.00- 22.00pm)
You will be expected to work one weekend in 4.
If you work a bank holiday your pay will be treble time plus a day in lieu.
If you do any overtime your pay will be time and a half.
And your annual salary will be £1,800,000 plus bonuses.

Lord Silverman handed both Bernie and Serena copies of their contracts ( should they agree to work together again!).
Sir Charles explained that they had already approached Bernie about becoming Trauma lead, but they had altered the contract that they had already offered Bernie.

Bernie then asked "when would you like a response from us regarding the post of clinical leads"
Sir Charles replied By Monday if possible please.

Both ladies looked at each other and in unison they both announced
"When do we start".

Sir Charles replied the Trauma unit is due to open in about 3 months time, so when we have a completion date we will inform you both.
With that said both Sir Charles Anderson and Lord Henry Silverman explained that the meeting was now completed and shook hands with both women and left.

Mr.Hanssen then asked Bernie if she could stay a little longer as he wanted to ask her something important, with that Serena got up out of her chair and told Bernie " see you in pulses with Cameron and Charlotte later".
Once Serena had left the office Mr.Hanssen began by apologizing to Bernie for keeping her a little longer, she told him "it is ok".

He asked her if she would like to ho back to Holby City Hospital working alongside Serena Campbell in the A.A.U. unit until the trauma unit is ready.
She instantly agreed, but she needed to book 2 days off, she explained that at the end of July her daughter Charlotte was graduating from university as a Doctor and she needed the first Saturday in January as Charlotte has her intake day at Sandhurst Military Academy and Bernie would like to be with her daughter that day.

Mr.Hanssen instantly agreed, Bernie then asked when when would she start working alongside Serena in the A.A.U unit.
He replied "when would you like to begin"
Bernie "how about Monday Morning, as I have some business to attend to first".
Mr.Hanssen "Monday Morning it is then Ms.Wolfe, come to my office for 09.00hrs for a induction and to get your hospital I.d and computer password, and locker etc, etc.
Bernie "See you then Mr.Hanssen," once their meeting was completed both stood up and shook hands Mr.Hanssen escirted Bernie to the office door and asked him " regarding the job offer, do Serena and myself still have a say in the staff on the Trauma unit?".

Mr.Hanssen replied "of course you do Ms.Wolfe".

With that she made her way down to pulses where she saw Serena and Charlotte and Cameron, she went to the counter to get herself a drink and made her way over to where all 3 were sitting.

Serena looked at her and asked her " what did Mr.Hanssen want you for?"
Bernie replied " let's finish our drinks and go back to ours and get something to eat".
Because we are celebrating tonight, so Serena get your toothbrush and a change of clothes, and come and join us....................please.

Cameron took Charlotte back home, while Serena took Bernie back to her leafy detached to collect her thing .

Cameron and Charlotte got into his car, looked at each other, high fived each other and Cameron said " let's hope they stay together this time, as they are so in love, Charlotte agreed.

5 minutes later both cars began leaving the car park, with Cameron and Charlotte offering to buy the chinese takeaway, (once everyone had decided what they were having)
Bernie agreed to buy the alcohol, as they would be celebrating, as Bernie had some good news for everyone.

Chapter Text

Serena turned into her road, where she drove up outside her house, she turned to Bernie and asked her " are you and Cameron and Charlotte all ok with me going back to yours tonight?".
Bernie looked deep into her eyes and said " yes we are, if I hadn't have invited you, then either Cameron or Charlotte would have,so let's go inside and get your clothes, and toothbrush".
Both women exited her car, unaware that they were being watched, Dr.Leah Faulkner, still believed that she and Serena had a future together, despite Serena telling her that she didn't want to see her again.
Once Bernie and Serena got to her front door, Serena asked her to 'excuse the state of my living room as I am in the process of sorting through some old boxes of Edward's belongings, as I am thinking of downsizing'.

Once they entered the house, both women made their way through to the living room, where there were boxes of books, and other nik naks of Edward's as well as some bags of his clothes.
Serena explained to Bernie that Jason had been getting the boxes from her attic, but there was still a lot more to be bought down, but Jason could only do it on his day off, and providing Serena was on a late shift.
Bernie told her " I will get the remainder down for you, just let me know when you want them bought down, no problem.

Serena thanked her, and offered her a large whiskey as she would be a while whilst deciding what clothes to pack, Bernie went into her kitchen and poured herself a whiskey, and she also poured Serena a large glass of shiraz, and took it upstairs to her.
She knocked on Serena's bedroom door, as she didn't want to walk in as Serena may or may not be in a state of undress.
Serena opended the door, and asked Bernie "why on earth are you knocking for?", Bernie replied "well you might have been naked, or not and I didn't want to take it for granted, so I knocked, and bought here is your drink".

Serena invited her into her bedroom she was surprised to see that she had kept the photo of herself and Bernie, on her bedside cabinet, as
well as having Bernie's grey hoodie hanging on the back of her door.

Serena was looking in her wardrobe, when suddenly her front door bell began to ring, Serena asked "would you answer that for me please, while I get ready?" , Bernie told her "whoever it is I will get rid of them".
Bernie made her way downstairs, who ever was outside they had no patience, as they had kept their finger on the bell repeatedly "Bernie shouted "alright, alright, I will on my way, be patient," .Bernie opened the front door and was shocked to see Dr. Leah Faulkner standing in the doorway.

She went to barge past Bernie, but she couldn't get past her, Bernie asked her "just what the fuck do you want?"
Dr.Faulkner shouted to the top of the stairs "Serena it's me, Leah, we need to talk, but this fucking idiot won't let me pass.

Serena came down the stairs, she had her mobile phone in her hand, she told Leah " just get the hell away from me and my property, and never come back or I will get the police and have you forcibly removed from my property and charged."
Dr.Faulkner told her "you wouldn't do anything like that ,Serena now would you, after all we are meant to be together, not you and this fucking woman, Bernie looked at Dr.Faulkner and grabbed her by the lapels on her jacket, pulled her up to so they were both at eye level.

Bernie in no uncertain terms told her "leave my friend alone or I will make sure you never practice medicine any in the world again, Dr.Faulkner looked at Bernie and said " you cannot do that,you don't have the power or authority, Bernie replied " that is true, but I have extremely powerful friends in very high places, like the president of the G.M.C, and one word from me and your registration, and fit to practice license can and will be revoked..........permanently.

With those words in her ears, she admitted defeat, but told Serena that she would always think of her, and what they could have become.
But she knew that with Bernie back on the scene no one else stands a chance.

Bernie waited for Dr.Faulkner to get into her car and drive off, then she closed the door, only to see Serena sitting on the stairs crying uncontrollably, Bernie went and joined her, she wrapped her arm around her shoulder, helped her to her feet, and took her into the living room, Bernie went into the kitchen to get some kitchen roll so Serena could dry her eyes.
Once she had composed herself, she thanked Bernie for giving Dr.Faulkner a flea in her ear, and telling her to keep away, Bernie just looked at her at put her hands on her face and pulled them into a long passionate kiss,only breaking the kiss, when they need some air.
They both looked at each other and kissed again, only breaking the hold when Bernie's mobile phone began to ring out.
She answered the call it was Charlotte, asking "are you and Serena coming home soon, Bernie just replied " we will be back in about an hour.
Once the call had ended, Serena went back upstairs to get her clothes and toiletries, while Bernie went into the living room..............................

She went to sit down on the large sofa, where she saw a diary, she didn't open it, it was nothing to do with her, maybe it was Serena's or maybe it was Edward's.
She put it on the table, 10 minutes later Serena came back down stairs, she saw that Bernie had put it on the table.
Bernie explained that when she went to sit down, it was on the seat, Serena picked it up and placed it in her bag.
Bernie asked why she had put it in her bag Serena replied "it is Edward's, but I want to find out about a doctor friend of his.

Bernie asked who the Dr. Was, Serena replied............................Dr.Nicky Cooke
Bernie was shocked to say the least, after all there could not be 2 Dr.Nicky Cooke's............................could there?.

Chapter Text

Both women looked at each other, both shocked, that somehow both their ex-husbands seemed to know 'Dr.Nicky Cooke.
Maybe it was through doing locum work at various hospitals throughout the country, or maybe the became friends at medical school, or through university.

One way or another they were determined to find out much more about the mysterious Dr.Nicky Cooke.
Bernie got Serena her coat from the coat stand in the hallway of her 'leafy detached house', well that is what Bernie always called her house.
Bernie pulled out her mobile phone and called the local taxi firm, and booked the taxi to arrive in 15 minutes time, which gave both women time for a quick drink before they made the 30minute drive back to Bernie's home, admittedly they would have to stop of at the nearest 24 hr supermarket, to buy the alcohol, which would be needed, as they were supposed to be celebrating Bernie settling down in Holby City, becoming reunited with both her children, and working back at the hospital which held so many precious memories of her and Serena working side by side, working in unision.

Howver there were some memories which could never be forgotten.
Serena's daughter Eleanor having a car accident, then passing away,which Serena later admitted she blamed anyone and everyone, which she knew was wrong, she also decided to go to 'go on a sabbatical to find herself,which Bernie agreed would help her with coming to terms with the loss of her daughter'.
Serena always blamed Dr.Jasmine Burrows, for not doing enough to save her daughter, but Eleanor was just as stubborn as Serena, if she didn't want or need help, then she would just tell whoever was tryi g to help her to " go away and leave me alone".

Dr.Jasmine Burrows was an F1 with a good future ahead of her, well her sister, the renowned Cardio Thoracic consultant surgeon was her sister, so Dr.Burrows had a lot to live upto.
When Serena began blaming Jasmine, it was Jac who stepped in, and stood up for her sister, that was when Serena knew she need to go on Sabbatical.

Mr.Rafael Di Lucca was a consultant surgeon who was killed when Mr. Hanssen's son Frederick went ' on a rampage through the hospital,"
Frederick had hurt many patients and staff, eventually he took his own life.

But there were also memories made in operating theatres, the first time Bernie kissed Serena, both operated on Nurse Adrian Fletcher or 'Fletch ' to everyone who knew him.

However those were their memories, the friendships they had made over just a few short years, with colleagues, and some patients.

But all that woukd be put to one side for the evening, as they were determined to seek out Dr.Cooke, and hopefully get to the truth of the "friendship" between himsrlf Marcus Dunn and Edward Campbell.

The taxi arrived on time, both women got into the back of the taxi the driver asked " where to please", Bernie asked him if they " could go to the nearest all night opening supermarket as she needed to pop in and get the alcohol for everyone.
The driver agreed and they made their way to the nearest one, Serena asked Bernie if she wanted her to go in with her as "knowing Bernie shewoukd buy enough for the country let alone the 4 who would be enjoying a chinese meal and alcohol.

Bernie asked the driver to wait about 10 minutes while they just went and got their 'evening supply,' which consisted of 2 cases of lager, litre bottle of the finest malt whiskey they had in stock, and at least 4 bottles of the best shiraz they had.
Once the alcohol was bought Bernie phoned Cameron and told him that they were "roughly 10 minutes from home.

The taxi pulled on the estate where Bernie had recently purchased her new home.
Once they had paid the taxi driver, and got the alcohol out of the boot of the taxi cab, Serena began to walk to the nearest house.
Bernie called Serena back and asked her " where are you going ?
Serena replied to your home, Bernie shook her head and told her "that is not my house, this one is my home.

Serena was completely gobsmacked to say the very least, Bernie got her front door key out and let them both in.
Charlotte was the furst one out of the living room to greet both women, Cameron closely followed, if only to relieve his mum of the alcohol, that she was holding.
Charlotte called Serena through to the living room, Cameron offered to hang her coat up on the coat stand, Serena handed her coat and bag to Cameron.
Bernie asked Serena "what is the matter Serena?.
Serena replied " this is your new home, bloody hell Bernie it is massive".
Bernie " well I am settling down here in Holby and I needed to somewhere to live, and I saw this one and I asked Cameron and Charlotte what they thought, they liked it, so I bought it no problem, however I will give you the guided tour in the morning.

Cameron handed the chinese takeaway menu to Serena who decided what she wanted, then Charlotte chose her meal, Bernie then chose her meal, followed by Cameron who chose his

Eveyone that evening vowed to get even with the two of them, however it would be difficult as they needed to get in touch with most of the females mentioned in both diaries.

Their quest would begin on Friday Morning.

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Everyone was shocked, angry, and mad with both men, how could they have been friends without either Bernie or Serena knowing that they kept their friendship from both women and their children.

Charlotte looked at her watch, the time was fast approaching .1.30 am, and she announced that she was going to bed, because if they were to go and search for any of the women named in the diaries, she would need to be able to focus,as to who they had traced and asked what they knew about Edward Campbell and Marcus Dunn.

Cameron followed suit,and made his way upstairs to bed, because like Charlotte, he too wanted to be able to concentrate on finding any one mentioned in the diary.

Both Bernie and Serena were sitting down, in the living room, when Bernie asked her "if she wanted another drink, as there was only a drop of shiraz left in the bottle, and besides, Bernie was having another drink," .
Serena reluctantly agreed to finish the bottle of shiraz off, Bernie went into the kitchen to get the bottle of wine and refill her glass, with the last drop of the malt whiskey.
Once Bernie had filled her glass, and got the bottle of shiraz, she turned around, and found Serena standing behind her, Bernie put the bottle and glass, that she had been holding, back down on the kitchen table, and pulled Serena in for a long ,hot, passionate, kiss.
Once they had finished kissing each other, both ladies agreed that they needed to sit and talk about their feelings towards each other.
Bernie was the first one to ask if Serena wanted to talk about their feelings towards each other on Friday Evening as both Cameron and Charlotte were going out with friends, and it would give Bernie the chance to show Serena that she is still deeply in love with Serena.
Serena agreed.

About an hour later both women made their way to their bedrooms, once in bed, Bernie couldn't help but think that in the next room was the woman who had stolen her heart, made her feel good about herself.
In the room next to Bernie's was the woman, who had found a partner who made her feel wanted, loved,and would do anything for her no matter what.

Eveyone was up and dressed early on the Friday Morning, Bernie was busy in the kitchen making everyone a hot drink and some breakfast.
Serena went in and asked if 'she needed any help with anything', Bernie replied " yes there is something that you could do for me if you don't mind, Serena then asked " what can I do for you then Bernie" Bernie replied " give me a kiss then please" Serena duly obliged with a smouldering long hot passionate kiss, only to be disturbed when Charlotte entered the kitchen, wanting a glass of orange juice instead of tea.
Bernie and Serena looked at each other and both went very red faced, Charlotte just looked at them, and said " are you getting back with each other or not?".
Bernie replied " we are going to have a talk about it tonight, " Charlotte walked up to both of them and said " don't talk about it just do it, you two are meant to be together, if you don't, then I will be angry after all you have been married to men who hurt you, you both deserveto be loved by someone who loves you regardless of anything".
Suddenky they heard another voice say " I completely agree with you Charlotte, they should be together".
Cameron was standing in the doorway of the kitchen, all 4 of them sat around the kitchen table, and both Cameron and Charlotte told both women "if you love each other, what is the problem,we don't have a problem with you two being a couple, in fact we are happy for you both .

Serena looked at Bernie, and said " well , what do you want to do?, Bernie looked at both her children and asked " you really don't have a problem with Serena and myself being a couple then?.
Cameron got up and walked around to his mum and held her hand and told her "When you are with Serena, you come alive, there is a glint in your eyes, you shine, you have a spring in your step, you and Serena are a beautiful couple, everyone at Holby City Hospital says "that you are the hottest couple going,so if you and Serena are happy together, then give your relationship another chance".
The tears streamed down Bernie's face, Serena went and got her some kitchen roll, to wipe her eyes with.
Bernie got up from the kitchen table and made her way to her bedroom, Charlotte quickly followed her, she knocked on Bernie's bedroom door, Bernie went and opened the door and invited Charlotte inside, both mum and daughter sat on the edge of her bed, Charlotte was the first one to speak, " if you don't love her then tell her, but we both know that you are still in love with her, so get your arse back down stairs and tell her".
Bernie looked at Charlotte and told her " I don't want to lose you and Cameron, because we know what Marcus will do, he will try to turn you two against me again, and I don't want that not for you and Cameron.
Charlotte replied " let him fucking try, the bigamist, and cheat,and liar.
With those words going round her head, she told Charlotte that she "would be downstairs in a couple of minutes".
Once she had composed herself, she went back down stairs, where everyone was sitting in the living room, Cameron and Serena had cleaned up the breakfast plates,bowls and mugs, and just generally tidying up.
Bernie looked at everyone in the living room, went and sat by Serena, held her hand and looked at both Cameron and Charlotte, and announced that "we still need to talk about our feeling towards each other, and if Serena wants to then yes I think we should be a couple, Serena turned to her and put her hands on Bernie's face and pulled her in for a long , hot kiss,and then she shook her head, I would very much like to be a couple again, but this time we will talk more, and can we keep it between us four for now please.
Everyone was in agreement, that until they were happy to announce,that they were a couple no one would say anything to anyone.

Later that morning all 4 were talking about Bernie and Serena working together again, when suddenly there was a knock on the front door.
Bernie went and answered it.
Standing in front of her were 3 women, all aged about 50 years of age , Bernie asked "who are you and what do you want.

The first woman ,who was about as tall as Serena, very smartly dressed, and announced that her name was Mrs. Laura Harper.
The second woman again about as tall as Serena dressed in jeans and a blouse, announced that her name was Ms.Sarah Harding.
The third woman was a taller woman, not as tall as Bernie, dressed in a dress with matching jacket announced that her name was Mrs.Lisa Taylor.
Bernie once again asked "how do I know you" your names don't ring a bell with me .
Reluctantly she called all 3 into her house.
The second woman Sarah Harding was about to give all 4 something that they never expected....................

We were student nurses, working in Holby City,and our placements were in and around the surrounding areas.

We , well we believe that you know Mr.Marcus Dunn and Mr.Edward Campbell.

Bernie and Serena looked at each other, and told the 3 women that Bernie had been married to Marcus Dunn, and Serena told them that she had been married to Edward Campbell.

With that the 3rd woman said "we have found them at last".

Charlotte asked them " what do you mean by that?".

The first woman then said to everyone " we were all seduced by those two bastard men, and they wrote everything in diaries, and we want to expose them fir what they did to countless female staff, in the hospitals were they worked.

Will you help us in bringing them both down please.

Eveyone looked at them and agreed that they would do everything to bring them down..................................

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Bernie looked at all 3 women, she was shocked to see that 3 women, who had been "used by Marcus and Edward".
They wanted to find them to expose them for what they really were, men who wanted to "prove that they were desirable,and could have any woman in any hospital they wanted".

Serena was concerned that they had found Bernie's new adress, as she had not given it out to anyone other than to the utilitie companies, the bank, and her solicitor, etc etc.

Mrs Lisa Taylor admitted that she had longed to find Major Bernie Wolfe, as she had served with her husband whilst out on deployment to Iran, some 5years earlier.
Bernie tried to remember who her husband was, then she asked Lisa what regiment he served in, ," Adam Taylor served in the Anglian regiment, he was a Captain, and you saved his life, when he was hit by a rogue bullet, it damaged his abdomen, and you operated on him and saved his life.

Bernie then remembered her husband, tall dark haired, muscular, and a good sport, but firm but fair when it came down to reprimanding his troops, he was also a bloody good laugh, as Bernie recalled.

Lisa Taylor said "That's my husband, when I told him about what had happened to me and many others he told me to find Major Bernie Wolfe, and she would "sort him out, as he tried to turn her children against her, and that she wouldn't rest until he has been bought to account.

Charlotte then asked "please tell us it was consensual sex with the women involved, and nothing else, suddenly the 2 other women began to speak up.
Sarah was the first one to speak, yes it was always consensual, but he would always tell the woman he was with, his "friend Dr.Nicky Cooke"was outside and he would invite him in.

Laura was the next one to speak up, they even kept diaries, score cards, and marks out of ten, so we did the same.
They never knew of course, but what was good enough for them was good enough for us.
She then opened her handbag and pulled out a picture, it was of both Marcus, and Edward, they were both standing outside the hospital where they first worked together, St.Lukes General Hospital, both were F1's., and they started tgeur rotation on the mens surgical ward.

Bernie then asked "do any of you keep in contact with any others?,.
Laura Harper then replied "yes we keep in touch with most of them,we usually meet up on a Saturday Morning, at my house at 11.00 am, if you want to come on a Saturday Morning all of you will be made very welcome, as we all share the same feelings, we want to get even with both of them regardless.

Serena asked for her Address, it was '101,Elmtree Grove Holby City, she also gave her, her mobile phone number.

10 minutes later all 3 women got up to leave, and they said "that they were so very sorry for what happened between themselves and both Marcus and Edward, but they were naive, and anxious to make a good impression on other nurses and senior doctors, and they wished that they had never set eyes on those two selfish, egotistical, pretentious junior doctors all those years ago.

Once they had left, Cameron just said "I don't trust those women,I cannot put my finger on it, but I don't there is something bothering me about all 3.
Bernie then told eveyone, I have the same feelings as Cameron, there is something fishy about those 3 , then Serena and Charlotte agreed.

Bernie then told everyone "when I come home on after seeing the solicitor today I will get in touch with Army Records, to see if there realky was an Adam Taylor in the Anglian Regiment, because I don't recall operating on one with abdominal injuries.

Charlotte, went upstairs to her room, when she glanced outside her window.

Standing on the other side of the street was......................Marcus and Edward

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Charlotte quickly ran back downstairs to point out Marcus and Edward, who had been talking to the 3 women who had recently, tried to convince everyone, that they had been wronged by both Marcus and Edward.

Bernie looked at Serena and asked her " to check if the address what they had been given was in the local A-Z, but Serena only had ine, and that was in her car, however Charlotte had got her laptop out and was checking google maps, to find out if '101 Elmtree Grove' really existed.
It didn't, then she tried the mobile phone number they had left, again the number was non existent.

Everyone stood watching both men for about 10 minutes, then Marcus and Edward began walking away,towards a black Lexus car, which was Marcus's, it was the one he bought himself out of the settlement Bernie had to give him because of the divorce.
She looked at Cameron, and told him " go and check all the locks in the house, and Charlotte, could you please check the window locks ".

Once both Cameron and Charlotte had checked the locks in the house and windows, Bernie got her jacket out, picked up her car keys, and told everyone,"-I will not be long, just going to follow them two to see where they go to.
Serena told her " I am coming with you then, Bernie pulled all 3 into a hug kissed the tops of their heads, and told them " I just want to see if they follow either of those 3 women, or where Marcus ends up, with wife Felicity or wife Penny, along with his namesake Marcus junior.

Serena asked her "would you tell me where Edward goes to please, Bernie agreed.
Bernie also asked everyone to keep their phones on loudspeakers, as she would give the names of roads, statues, anything that would help them find out the truth about those women lived, and who they really were, because one way or another Bernie would make everyone pay for tricking both Serena and herself, as well as Cameron and Charlotte.
Nobody ever got the better of Major Bernie Wolfe.......................and those women certainly wouldn't.

Bernie told all of them not to answer the door, to anyone, when she was on her way home, she would send Cameron a text message.

Serena got everyone some paper so they could write down every street, or main road.

Bernie went into the garage, got into her car, and began driving, to find out where both Marcus and Edward, as well as those women had gotten to.

Firstly, she saw the car that Lisa Taylor had been driving, parked next to it was Marcus's car.

She took a note of the address it was :147,Maple Avenue, Holby City.
Bernie seemed to recognise the address, but couldn't figure it out, but she would do everything in her power to find out who lived there.

Over 2 hours later Bernie returned home, she had sent Cameron a text message, but it was in code so only Cameron and Charlotte understood it.
Once she got back home, everyone asked her "what did you find out anything or nothing".
She told everyone about the address that she saw both Marcus's car and Lisa Taylor' s car.

Serena told her I remember that address, isn't that where Mrs. Penny Dunn and her son Marcus junior live.

Yes, that's how I remember the address, that is where his "other wife and other son live".

With eveything said, she cancelled her afternoon appointment,with her solicitors, and re-scheduled it for the Saturday morning.

Bernie sat everyone down and between them they were going to make a plan of action, and make those 2men suffer for how they have treated Bernie,Serena,Cameron and Charlotte.

And pay they would.

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Everyone sat in the lounge, wondering how those 3 women managed to convince Bernie and Serena and both Cameron and Charlotte into believing that they had been 'wronged'.
"Obviously Marcus and Edward had coached them, as to what to say, how to behave, and turn the waterworks on and off" said Charlotte.
Bernie agreed with her daughter, who was seething with rage, how dare those women trick everyone in her mum' s house,especially as they were in cahoots with both men.

Bernie then asked Cameron " have my belongings arrived from Nairobi yet " to which Cameron replied " yes they came a couple of days after you arrived back home mum why?.".
Bernie asked if 'she could go and collect them from Cameron's flat, as there was something she needed to get from one if the airfreight cases.

Cameron and Charlotte both announced that they would go and collect them for her, whilst Bernie and Serena made their lunches, so they could all eat together when they got back to Bernie's house.
Bernie agreed, on one condition, it was that they kept in touch, just in case Marcus had turned up at his flat, and if he had then both Bernie and Serena would be there as quickly as possible.
They both agreed to it, Cameron then told his mum that " they would be back within the hour".

Once they had driven off, Bernie and Serena went into the kitchen, where Bernie wrapped her arms around Serena' s waist and pulled her into a long simmering passionate kiss, only to be broken when Serena's phone began ringing out.
She looked at the display on her phone, it was Edward.
"Yes what do you want Edward" she asked, he asked her " can you send all my boxes of books, and other bits and pieces to me via my solicitor please."
She retorted " with fucking great pleasure Edward", after all I have had enough of your shit in my life for far too long, so yes you can have your bits of pissing tat back, but I will send them directly to St Lukes Hospital ok.
Edward told her " please don't send them to my place of work, as there are somethings that remain private between a husband and his ex wife.
"Just what the fucking hell do you meanby that remark Edward, well I kept a ' little book about our sex life.
YOU DID WHAT,Serena screamed down the phone well it was meant as a joke, every male junior doctor was doing the same, with any girl he had been with.

Serena calmed down and very calmly replied, "as I said earlier Edward, they will be sent directly to your place of work, goodbye".
Bernie asked " what has he done ? Serena broke down in tears and told Bernie what he had done.
Bernie then looked at Serena and told her " he wants his diary back, so he told you, that it was about your private life, so you would just give him everything back, and he will be thinking that he has his 'sex book back, and no one need to know anything about it.

One hour later both Charlotte and Cameron arrived back home, with Bernie's few belongings from Nairobi, as well as a few clothes.
Charlotte looked at Serena and asked her " what is wrong Serena ?.
Bernie looked at Serena and asked her if she could tell both Cameron and Charlotte about the heated phone call between her and Edward, Serena agreed to it, Bernie explained about the phone call and the supposedly book about Edward and Serena's private life.

Cameron then asked Serena " does he know you are downsizing" she looked and shook her head, he just wants his bits of tat, oh sorry his belongings, Serena said".


Bernie then asked Serena " how many more boxes of his belongings are there in your attic", Serena replied "about 5 maybe 6.
"Ok we will retrieve them later tonight, Bernie told everyone.

Cameron and Charlotte went to the local chip shop and got everyone fish and chips for their lunches.
While they were out, Bernie went through her belongings, and was searching for a phone book.
Once she had located her phone book, she began by phoning the G.M.C, once she had got through she wanted to speak to someone about Marcus's and Edward's behaviour towards Female staff, and Female junior doctors, regarding some 'information that she had received about their conquests on student nurses and all female staff, whilst they were junior doctors.
She then got in touch with the Nursing and Midwifery council of Great Briton, again regarding the behaviour of both Marcus and Edward.
She made appointments with H.R/ personell at both for the following month, however they did not guarantee any thing would come of it, but they would do their level best to accomodate, any complaints made by any fellow doctor or Nurse against both men..

Bernie then made another call " Hello ,can I speak to Captain Sally Appleton, she said, as she put her phone on loudspeaker.
"Hello Sally Appleton speaking, who is this
Hello Sally, Major Wolfe speaking, you may remember me as Bernie, Wolfe.
Hello Bernie, long time no hear from you, how are you
Bernie, hello Salky I am doung fine thank you, and you.
Sally, I am ok thank you.
Bernie, Salky do you remember any junior doctors by the name of Marcus Dunn or Edward Campbell by any chances
Sally, Do I yes, I remember those pair they thought they were 'god's gift to women'.
Bernie, well I have found something that maybe you and a few others may be able to help me with, would you be willing to help me sort it out please.
Sally,with pleasure Major wolfe.

Bernie then looked at everyone, are you all with me or not?.
Serena,Charlotte, Cameron all looked at Bernie and told her. You bet we are with you.

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Some 3 hours later, Bernie phoned Sally Appleton once again but this time she wanted to make arrangements to have a meeting with her, regarding the way how both Marcus and Edward treated any female member of staff, in whichever hospital they were working in, a meeting would be taking place the following Saturday, with Sally, Serena and Bernie.

Once everything had been arranged Bernie got any evidence she had collected regarding Marcus's bigamy, and his diary, regarding his adultery during their 25 year marriage, because Bernie was determined to make him pay for all his "dalliances with other women".
Once all that was put safely away ready for Bernie to pick up on the Saturday Morning, ready for her appointment with her solicitor.

Charlotte then asked " where are you taking Serena for your meal tomorrow evening mum?."
Bernie then replied " we are going to the Hungry Dragon chinese restaurant, that was the first place we went to for a meal together," Serena then told everyone " when we first went there for a meal, your mum had sweet and sour chicken and rice, and tried to pick up a piece of chicken and dropped it on the floor,but she was using chopsticks so, I think that is why she dropped it .
Bernie then told everyone When you had the scampi chips and salad, you too dropped a piece of scampi down the front of your blouse, so there.
Everyone had a good laugh about both Bernie and Serena dropping food either down the front of their clothes or on the floor.

Cameron was begining to become cincerned about his mum, as she had gone very quiet very suddenly, he asked her " mum what us the matter, please tell us we want to help, "
Bernie replied " I am just thinking about tomorrow when I go and see the solicitor, Serena told her " don't worry, because we 3 are coming with you, after all it affects us all in some way, so we will put on a united front, and bring those two down.
Once they had all finished drinking and having something to eat, they made their way up to their bedrooms, because the appointment with her solicitor had been arranged for the morning, but nobody knew just how long it would take to sort everything out.

Bernie rose early at 05.00am, although she was no longer in the army, she still found it difficult to stay in bed once she was wide awake.
She got out of bed,made her way over to her shower, had a long hot relaxing shower, her room filled with various fragrances owing to the fact that Bernie had several different fragranced shower gels and shampoos, as well as soaps.
Suddenly the shower door opened, and she turned around to see Serena standing in front of her.................Naked.
Bernie soon invited her to join her in the shower, once she was in the shower, Bernie had her up against the back wall, kissing her like it was going out of fashion, kissing every inch of her soft, silky smooth skin, it was one thing Bernie could not get enough of.

Suddenly Bernie inserted 3 fingers deep inside Serena's wet pussy, she began twisting her fingers, hitting her several times in the process, Serena moaning in ecstasy, writhing in the hot steamy lather, that Bernie was rubbing all over her rather large breasts, which Bernie enjoyed playing with so much, Serena began shaking, knowing that she had just ridden through her orgasm.
Bernie withdrew her fingers........ only for Serena to lick her juices of Bernie's fingers.

Once both women had finished making love, Serena tried to go back to her room, but Charlotte was just coming out of her room, and went into Serena's room.
Serena looked at Charlotte, but she couldn't look her in the eye, however she was pleasantly surprised when Charlotte, told her " I think it is wonderful that you and mum are having a sexual relationship, Serena was shocked to say the least, she was expecting her to call her something nasty, but no, she was pleased that both Serena and her mum were going to give their relationship another chance, after all Edward cheated on Serena, and Marcus cheated on her mum.

Once Charlotte had left Serena's room, she began to get dressed, when she began to cry, she thought to herself " would Elinor be this happy for me?, would she like Charlotte, and Cameron ?.
What would she make of my relationship with another woman,?.
All of these questions were going around in her head when she was bought back to reality with Cameron tapping her on the shoulder, he had bought her a cup of tea in to her room.
He left the cup of tea on the bedside table, and she sat in front of the bedroom mirror and began to apply a light covering of foundation, followed by eye make up and finally lipstick.
She turned around only to see Bernie standing in the doorway, Bernie couldn't help but smile at Serena, not at how she had applied her make up, or how sge looked, but at the fact that both women were scurrying around like naughty schoolgirls being caught doing what they shouldn't be.

Bith women made their way to the kitchen, as both Cameron and Charlotte had made everyone breakfast, and a coffee.

Once everyone had eaten their breakfasts,and their drinks, everyone helped to clean up, and at 08.00 am, they all got into Cameron's car with Cameron and Bernie in the front, and Serena and Charlotte in the back.

They had been driving for about 20 munutes, when Bernie told Cameron to drive around Holby and the surrounding area, Cameron asked " why do you want me to drive around for, I thought we were going to the Solicitors office?.
Bernie told him, yes we are going to the solicitors................................but we are being followed, we have been since we all left home.

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Bernie kept looking in the rear view mirror to see how far back the black car that had been following them ever since they left Bernie's house, just under one hour ago.

There was a multi story car park, in the distance, when Bernie turned to Cameron and told him " drive to the car park and drive down to the basement level please, because I want to see who is in that bloody car, and why have they been following us since we all left home".
Cameron did as his mum asked, he found a dark corner, and Bernie and Cameron got out then Serena and Charlotte then got out of the back.
Bernie then told Serena and Charlotte to stay near to the car, and Cameron to follow her, as they approached the car that had been following them, the driver's door opened, and a woman driver got out.

Everyone was stunned when they saw who had been following them........................Detective Sergeant...........Felicity Partingham Whyte.
Aka Mrs. Marcus Dunn.

Bernie stood in front of her, dumbstruck, shocked, wondering why she had been following her and her family from the moment they left her home, over one hour ago.

Detective Sergeant Whyte, approached Bernie, and asked her if they could go somewhere quiet to talk about Marcus and what he has been upto, Bernie agreed, on one condition Cameron, Charlotte, and Serena, were present, she instantly agreed.

All 5 made their way upto a well known coffee shop, Bernie offered to buy everyone a drink, but, D.S. Whyte, told her, " it will have to be quick, Marcus thinks I am clothes shopping".

Bernie snapped " just what the bloody hell is going on with you and him".

The Detective Sergeant replied " I am an undercover police officer, with that she got out her identification, and her warrant card, and it was true, she really is a police officer".

She then went on to continue " We have had our eye on Marcus Dunn for a while, not only did he commit bigamy whilst married to you, he was stealing hospital medications for himself, we believe he also tried to cover his tracks by forging other consultants signatures, and systematically transferring money from his private patients, into his own personal bank account, so he could keep up the pretence of having a well paid medical career."
Bernie replied " he is a orthapedic consultant, so he is a very well respected doctor, who earns just under £500,000 a year, plus there is his wages from his private patients at 'Redstone Clinic '.

The officer went on to explain that Marcus's 'fit to practise medicince license had been revoked, and he had been suspended, for 12 months, for ' conduct unbecoming of a medical practitioner, and that his G.M.C registration, was also suspended.

Bernie put her head in her hands, and sighed, then she lifted her head out of her hands and then she began to ask Detective Sergeant Whyte
" How long has this investigation been going on for then, the officer told her "6 months, it began when the manager of the 'Redstone clinic',
She had noticed that most of his patients had been paying more than what he had originally quoted the patients, added to the fact that several of his patients had reported suspicious activity regarding their bank accounts,and then the fraud squad got involved, and once we began digging we found out a lot more about the respected Mr.Marcus Dunn.

We also discovered that he had bigamously married Ms.Penny Johnstone now Mrs Marcus Dunn, whilst still married to Major Bernie Wolfe.
He also convinced her to cash in one of her trust funds, which he greedily spent, on himself, and his friends especially a Mr.Edward Campbell.

Serena looked anxiously at the police officer, and asked " what did that bastard do then,".
The officer then replied "we are still investigating him and his activities, however there is one thing that we are unsure of maybe you could throw some light on the allegation that was made by a former employee of Holby city Hospital, Serena looked at her what is that then?'.

"Was Mr.Edward Campbell ever suspended for administering an anaesthesia to a patient that you were about to perform surgery on, and did you also ask the senior theatre technician to request another anaesthetist consultant.".
Serena just looked at her and replied "yes I did, because at the time he was drinking upto a litre and half of vodka a day, and if something had gone wrong it would have been me on a charge of medical negligence, and /or maybe a charge of murder or manslaughter, I was not having him in my my theatre because also at that time I knew he was having an affair with a staff nurse, who was also in theater, she was the scrub nurse for that patient's surgery.".

Bernie looked at her and then asked " what happens now ?'.
The police officer just looked at Bernie and told her, "please just leave it to us now.

Charlotte then told everyone " well that bastard deserves everything he gets, to which the officer replied "believe me, I will make sure he gets his come uppance, because, he has stole money from me and my parents as well, so it will be in everyone's intrests if we keep up the charade of him being a well respected Doctor, and that we all hate each other, then Cameron asked "what about the other Mrs.Dunn".
Dectective Sergeant Whyte replied "like you she now knows the truth,about Marcus.

Serena also asked " when will you contact us again with any updates, the officer replied soon, very soon.
You do all realise, when it comes out, you will all have to give evidence about both Marcus and Edward when it goes to trial.

Once their meeting was finished everyone shook hands, and then the officer gave Bernie her police officer's card it contained her station number,her extension number and told everyone "sorry if I frightened you all by following you, but I couldn't take the risk phoning you, ar emailing you, but if I need to see yiu or speake to you, I will call you from my office which is based at Holby city police station.

Once the officer had left them, Charlotte looked at everyone and told them................ " She is genuine I looked at her on Holby city face time group, she is a genuine police officer, Charlotte then showed everyone her profile.

The group made their way back to Cameron's car, and made short drive to Serena' house.

Bernie and Cameron followed Serena and Charlotte into the house, Serena offered everyone a drink, and she went and got 4large glass tumblers and a large bottle of whiskey, Bernie and Cameron offered to get the remaing boxes from the attic.

Once all the remaing boxes had been brought down from the attic Bernie noticed a shoe box, so she picked it up, and took it downstairs to Serena.

Serena took the lid of the box, and inside the box there was several more diaries, Serena picked them up and gave everyone a diary to look through, everyone was filled with the same as Marcus's diary, all about his sexual conquests, who, when, where, and marks out of ten.

Serena was determined that Edward was going to pay for his affairs during their marriage, and how he tried to convince their daughter Elinor that she would be better of with him and not her mum.

That day Bernie,Serena,Cameron, and Charlotte all vowed to help the police to bring both men down..............regardless.

Chapter Text

Once everyone had sat down and discussed their shock and belief at the fact that Felicity Partingham Whyte was a undercover police officer, and that in truth, she wanted to hurt Marcus where it his wallet.

Both Bernie and Serena agreed to give their ex husband's diaries over to the police, as they had more experienced officers who could and would get the female members of staff to tell them everything they needed to know, about how both men abused their positions of trust, and trying to 'blackmail' senior female staff into keeping 'quiet about their extra medical training especially with junior doctors or student female nurses'.

Bernie got the police officer's card out of her jacket pocket, and phoned D.S Whyte, and she wanted to make an appointment so that they could hand over the diaries, and let the police take over trying to sort the mess that Edward and Marcus had created.

Once the appointment had been made, Bernie told everyone " let's see how he copes with the police, and the G.M.C as well as us 4because we will get justice for everyone they have hurt and abused over the years.

Charlotte then asked Bernie " so where are you taking Serena tomorrow night for your night out then ?.
Bernie replied " well the first time we went out for a meal, it was to the 'Hungry Dragon chinese restaurant'.
Where we enjoyed a wonderful meal, and we had a very enjoyable stroll back to Holby City Hospital, where we both got separate taxis back to our respected properties.
Cameron then asked " you are going back there? Bernie asked " why not we both enjoyed it, didn't we Serena".
Serena replied well " it was an enjoyable meal and a nice restaurant and yes I would like to go there again for a meal.

Bernie looked at Serena and asked " where would you really like to go to then?."
Serena replied "well in an ideal world I would really like to go to ' La Bella Italia' the restaurant to be seen in, but unfortunately there is a mammoth waiting list, and not everyone gets a table there, but I can but wish .

Bernie gother phone out and dialled a number, and she also put it on to loud speaker " Good aftrenoon La Bella Italia restaurant, Sophia speaking how can I help you please ?.

Bernie " Good afternoon Sophia, It's Bernie Wolfe speaking, I just wanted to confirm the booking for 19.30 on Saturday evening for 2 ".
Sophia " Yes Bernie your table is booked for 19.30 on Saturday evening, why is there a problem.
Bernie." No there is no problem, I just wanted to confirm with you,a table for 2, and I want to order a bottle of your finest shiraz and a bottle of champagne.
Sophia. "That is all arranged for you Major Wolfe, we will see you tomorrow evening then?
Bernie" yes we will be there see you soon bye.

Serena sat there open mouthed, at the fact that Bernie had got a table at Holby City's most exclusive restaurant, and that she was on first name terms with the staff.
Later that evening Charlotte announced that she would be staying over at a friends house " as they needed to start revising for their final exams and she may or may not be back until Sunday morning.
Cameron also announced that he was going to Manchester as one of his former medical school friends, who was getting married shortly, was having his stag night at the same time when Charlotte was staying with her friends revising, andby a strange coincidence his mum was going out with her partner.

Cameron explained that his friend had arranged for a coach to take everyone to and from the pubs and clubs they would be going to,
Charlotte explained that she would have a taxi from Bernie' s house to her friends house so she could start her revising.

Bernie would need to go shopping on the Saturday morning to buy a new outfit to wear for the meal that she was taking Serena out for.

Later everyone made their way to their respective bedrooms, as everyone had a full day to deal with on the Saturday.
As always Bernie was up early, she made her way into the kitchen, where she found Serena sitting at the kitchen table, "hope you don't mind but I made some coffee, Bernie just looked at her and planted the hottest, sweetest, kiss on Serena's hot lips.
"Bernie replied please help yourself, do you want any breakfast?.
Serena replied "we will cook breakfast between us, with that both Cameron and Charlotte made their way into the kitchen,Bernie poured them both a coffee.
Once breakfast was finished, everyone helped to clean up, and then Serena told Bernie "that she needs to go home and have a shower, and decide what to wear for their evening out.
Cameron and Charlotte, both left their mum's house at about 11.30am, both her children had promised to phone her once they had got to their respective destinations.

Bernie got herself ready as she wanted something new to wear for the evening she didn't want any thing out of her wardrobe (although she had spent a fortune on various outfits, jeans, long shirts, etc ).
She made her way to the local shopping centre and went into several clothes shops, but she didn't see anything she liked, so she made her way over to another well known high street shop, where she found a slate grey 2piece skirt and jacket outfit, she tried it on and it fitted her like a glove, and to finish it off, she bought a short sleeved white shirt, and a pair of high heeled shoes As well as a new handbag.
Serena, had already decided on her out fit it was a fitted black skirt, white camisole top, and a fitted black jacket, complete with a matching black scarve and bag.

The taxi was ordered for 18.15 pm, the taxi driver would collect Bernie first, then they would drive to Serena' ' leafy detached house'.and hopefully artive at

The taxi driver arrived on time and got to Serena's house 5 minutes earlier than expected,, and then he drove them both to the restaurant, where, upon arrival Captain Lucas Barassi greeted both ladie with open arms.
Once inside the restaurant Serena and Bernie were escorted to their table, once both women had been seated Sophia bought them the menu as well as the extensive wine list.
Once they had both ordered Sophia bought out the finest bottle of shiraz and poured both ladies a large glass of wine.

2hours later.
Both women had enjoyed a wonderful meal as well as drinking the finest wine and champagne,Bernie asked Lucas for the bill, to which he replied " no charge for the hero who saved my life".
Serena looked at him and Bernie, and the captain went on to explain to Serena why he didn't charge her for the meal what both women had just enjoyed.
Serena was gobsmacked to say the very least, at how he regaled tales of Bernie's heroics during various tours of duty.

Once he had finished Bernie asked him if he "could phone for a taxi for Serena and herself, and they would be going back to Bernie's home.

15 minutes later, the taxi arrived, both women bid Captain Barrassi and his wife a very good evening and thanked for a most enjoyable meal
And told them that they would see them again shortly.

Once they git into the taxi, the driver explained that they would have to go through "the wood green estateas there were road works".
Bernie told the driver ok then, however the "wood green estate was notorious for drugs, and fighting as well as anything that went".

They had just begun driving through the estate, when Serena saw a group of middle aged men and women screaming obscenties, and hitting a young girl and her small child, Serena demanded that the taxi driver stopped immediately, so both Bernie and Serena could go and try to help the young girl and her child.

Bernie wasthe first one to get out and she shouted at everyone to leave the young girl and her child alone, one woman shouted back at Bernie,"she doesn't want help, she wants out of here.

Bernie turned to the young girl and was totally taken was Morven and she had a young son aged 3.

Bernie instantly got Morven and her son into the taxi, and told the driver to put his foot down.
Once they got back to Bernie' s house, Serena went and put the kettle on whilst Bernie began talking to Morven.

Morven was about to give everyone a shock..............................

Chapter Text

Serena went and made everyone a hot cup of coffee, and a glass of orange juice for Morven' s son, who told his mummy that "he wanted some pizza, as he was hungry".
Immediately Bernie phoned the local pizza parlour and ordered a pizza that Morven and her son would share, but Morven explained that " she didn't have any money to pay for a pizza, Bernie told her " don't worry I will pay, Bernie placed the order and it would be delivered in about 20 minutes.

Bernie then asked Morven " what happened out in Jamaica with Cameron please".

Morven then began to tell both women what had happened.
"When we first arrived everything was going well, too well to be honest with you, both Cameron and I were working the same shifts, but on different wards, Cameron was on men's general surgical ward and I was working on ladies general surgical wards.
We both enjoyed working the same shifts,as it gave us time together, time to nurture our fledgling relationship, as we both wanted it to work out.
Having nights off together as well as every other weekend, we thought everything would be fine.
Cameron was suddenly transferred to work in the 'Tropical infections unit', and that was when things slowly began to go so bad, so wrong.
We were working opposite shifts, when I was finishing Cameron was just starting, and when I was starting, Cameron was just finishing.
We began arguing about silly petty things,nothing major, but somehow we always found some common ground and resolved our differences.
Then I began hearing rumours that Cameron was seeing a student nurse, who had recently transferred to the T.I.U from the local general hospital, so one night, I thought I would confront the two of them, to see if it was true, to see if Cameron was really cheating on me.
They both left the hospital at 22.30pm, how wrong could I be?
The nurse in question was being met by her husband, and Cameron was holding a rather large bouquet of flowers, once he had spotted me
I went over to him and I asked him outright, I asked him if he was seeing someone else, obviously he denied it, but he was telling the truth.
We got a taxi back to the flat, and I told him that I had heard rumours that he was seeing another woman, and I wanted to confront bith of them, but when the nurse in question left with her husband, I knew someone was stirring it for myself and Cameron.
Aftr that episode we bith found it difficult to trust each other, because Cameron had been told the same, that I was seeing anither doctor who worked alongside me, when I got transferred to working in the E.D.

Suddenly there was a loud knock on the front door, it was the pizza delivery driver, Bernie instantly paid him, and took the takeaway food straight through to the kitchenwhere she put it on plates so Morven and her son could eat it.
While both mother and son were eating the pizza, Bernie and Serena went and made a bed up for Morven and her son to share.

Once tgey had made the bed both women went back into the living room, to find that both Morven and her son had demolished the pizza.
However Harry (Morven's son) had fallen asleep on the settee.
Bernie looked at Morven, and she could see that Morven was getting tired as well, so Bernie went and got her a pair of pyjamas to wear, but she had nothing for Harry to wear,but Morven told her " he doesn't wear pyjamas, he just sleeps in his vest and pants.
Bernie gave Morven the night wear to change into, and Serena went and picked Harry up off the settee and placed him inside the bed, where Morven joined him, 10 minutes later both were out for the count.

Bernie and Serena were puzzled, why would a brilliant doctor like Morven, be living on a council estate,but more worrying why was she walking the streets so late at nighr, especially with her son?.
Berni went and checked the house, she made sure it was all locked up and secure.
Hopefully Morven would continue to tell both women exactly what happened out in Jamaica, however, Bernie and Serena were bith exhausted and they made their way to bed themselves, after all they had a lot of cathing up to do.............

Chapter Text

Serena lay in Bernie's arms,her head resting on her shoulder, Bernie was rubbing her hand up and down Serena's arm, both women exhausted from their marathon love making session.

Serena began talking to Bernie about Morven, " Bernie I don't know about you, but I cannot bear the thought of Morven and her son going back to the flat, being harassed by men and women, who should really be trying to help her, not making her life unbearable by bothering her like they were on Saturday night.".
Bernie agreed with what Serena was saying, but did Morven want or need their help, if she did, then both women would help her with anything and everything, but if she refused their help,,they would respect her wishes, but they would ask her if they could all keep in touch, as they were all friends and former work colleagues.

Once Bernie and Serena had finished their discussion they got a couple of hours sleep, Bernie however as always was up earlier than everyone in the house, she woke at about 04.35, she got up and got dressed, made herself a cup of coffee, only to be joined by a very sleepy Morven, who had little sleep,due to the fact that she was in a new environment and was unsure about her son as he was also in a new environment and unsure of where they were, and he didn't know Bernie or Serena, as the only female in Harry's life was his mum.
Bernie made Morven a cup of coffee and made her some toast, Bernie asked what Harry liked for his breakfast, if he liked cereals then she would go to the supermarket to get what cereals he liked, as well as some more shopping as Bernie wanted both Morven and Harry to stay for their Sunday lunch.

Morven began to ask about Cameron and Charlotte, Bernie told her that Cameron was back at Holby City Hospital, Charlotte was in the last few months of her medical degree and she would be graduating at the end of July, and hopefully do her foundation training at Holby City Hospital, but in January she starts her 44 week officer traing course at Sandhurst Military Academy, and then she would be a P.Q.O.
(Professionally qualified officer).

Serena woke only to find that Bernie was already up and dressed, so Serena got up got herself dressed and made her way to the kitchen, where she found both Morven and Bernie talking about both Cameron and Charlotte.
Bernie poured her a cup of coffee, and then all 3 women were interrupted by a little boy who was looking for his mummy, as he slowly walked over to his mummy, Bernie looked at him, and asked if he wanted a drink of orange juice or something else.
Morven asked if he could have a glass of orange juice, Bernie went to the fridge and poured out a small glass of orange juice, and passed it to Morven who asked ger son to thank Bernie for the orange juice , the little boy just looked at Bernie and said "Thank you for my drink".
Bernie replied " you are very welcome young man,".

Bernie then asked "what does Harry have for his breakfast", Morven told Bernie he normally has cereal with milk, Bernie asked " you will be staying for your Sunday lunch as well won't you.

Morven told Bernie that they needed to go back home, and have a shower and change their clothes, and Morven needed to get Harry's clothes ready for him to wear at nursery school on Monday.

Bernie then began talking to Morven about Serena and herself having reservations about both Morven and her son going back to the estate where they live, as they were worried about the level of harrasment that they witnessed Morven endured on Saturday evening.

Morven began to open up more about what happened out in Jamaica.
"When things began going wrong for us we were always at each other's throats, arguing about anything and nothing, but at the time we didn't realise that Paul ( the club barman where we used to go to) was playing us off against each other, he was telling me Cameron was bragging about having great sex with student nurses, ans he was telling Cameron that I was bragging about having the pick of the consultant doctors, and that I was having sex with the most senior consultant.
We agreed to split, but we would always remain friends, however, Paul would not let up he even convinced me that I was better off leaving Cameron and that I should go with a "real man, who could and would show me what a real man does to keep his woman happy".
Cameron already knew how to make me happy, and when we made love, he was the most kindest, gentle, loving man, he never pressured me into making love, it was spontaneous, and he always made sure he had plenty of condoms, whereas with paul,it was always sex,sex,sex and he never used anything, as he claimed that he was allergic to them.
The last time Cameron and I made love, when we had finished and Cameron had got off me, he saw that his condom had split, and he apologised but he said that if anything happens, then whatever I decide to do he would respect my wishes,and he would always be there for me regardless.
When Cameron flew back to the United Kingdom on the Saturday, I turned back and saw that Paul was watching me, watching every move I made, and he followed me back to the apartment that Cameron and I shared when I opened the door he followed me in.
Serena just looked at Morven with tears in her eyes and asked her " please tell me he didn't rape you".
Morven just broke down in tears, no he didn't rape me, but he just would not take no for an answer, so he knew I was vunerable, so I just gave in".
Bernie went and sat next to Morven, and put her arm around her, consoled her and told her "don't worry he will not get away with anything, I have friends in the Jamaican police force, as well as army personell, someone will make him pay.

Serena said to Morven "you stay here with Harry, while Bernie and I go to your flat to get you some clothes, Morven asked "can Harry and I come with you please, so I can get everything we need, and Harry wants his " army teddy bear".

Bernie agreed, that once they had been to get clothes for both Morven and her son as well as his teddy bear, they would continue to go to the supermarket and get more shopping in.

Once all four were ready to they got into Serena's car, and made their way to the estate where Morven lived with her son, they found somewhere to park the car, made their way to the block of flats, got into the lift, made their way to the 7th floor, got out and went to Morven's flat.

It was decorated tastefully, and very clean, once Morven had got what they needed, all 4 made their way back to the lift area, called for the lift, they got in, went back down to the ground floor, and back to Serena's car.

Once they had been shopping and lunch was prepared, Serena asked Morven if they could talk about where she lives as she couldn't bear the thought of Morven and Harry living in the flats, and she had a proposal to put to Morven...........................

Chapter Text

All 3 women sat in the living room, Harry was busy watching the cartoons on t.v., Serena began to ask Morven about why she was living in a multi story block of flats.
Morven began.
"When I was 6 months pregnant, I decided that I was leaving Jamaica, and returning to the U.K.
Once I returned to the U.K, I began to look for a property, and I saw that a middle aged couple had a 2 bedroomed flat for rent, so I phoned them up about the chance of me renting their flat.
We had a meeting, discussed the monthly rent, and the utilitie bills, and they both agreed, that I could become their tenent, so once everything had been agreed, I moved into their flat.
Everything was going fine, I made sure the rent was paid every month, all bills were paid, and made sure the flat was spotless.
Mrs.Crossley (The owner of the flat) she came around and helped me decorate Harry' s nursery, and she even bought a few clothes for him after ge had been born.
Then when Harry was 6 months old, Mrs.Crossley, came around to see me, that was nothing unusual, as she often came around , just to make sure everything was ok, and that Harry and myself were ok.
But nothing could have prepared me for what she was about to tell me, her husband Mr. Crossley had suddenly passed away, and she needed to sell the flat, to settle some debts, but she gave me 2 months notice, and she took me to the council offices to explain why sge was effectively evicting me from her property.
When we saw the council officer, everything was explained as to why I was being evicted, and I was given a housing application form, which I filled in and handed it back to the officer, and I was then given a 'bidding number'.
6 weeks after we went to the council offices, they offered me the flat where I am now, and I had no choice but to accept it,otherwise I dread to think where we would have ended up, but Mrs. Crossley, helped me as much as she could, she didn't accept the ladt month's rent, she gave it back to me to help with my moving expenses and any other expense.
Once we moved in to the flat, I began to look for work, but the Jamaican Health Authority have kept my medical registration, for some reason the refuse to give it back to me.
Bernie then tells Morven " Serena and mysrlf have a meeting with Mr.Hanssen tomorrow, and we will ask him to look into for you.".
All 3 women continue talking about Morven's situation, when suddenly both Cameron and Charlotte walk into the living room.
Cameron is the first to go and greet Morven, he walks up to her and gives her a big hug and a peck on the cheek
Then Charlotte goes and gives her a hug and asks her "how are you, and just how long have you been back in England".
Morven begins to tell both Cameron and Charlotte how long she had been back, when suddenly, Harry asks Bernie for a glass of juice, Cameron looks to Morven, and asks "just who is this handsome young man then?
Bernie gets Harry and asks Serena and Charlotte to help her with the lunch, while Morven and Cameron have a talk.
Cameron looks at Morven and asks " is he my son?.
Morven replies Cameron " The last time you and I made love, your condom split, and you said "if anything happens because of your condom splitting that you would respect my wishes whether I kept the child or had a termination, well after you left, and I had taken you to the airport, Paul was watching me and he followed me home, and he wore me down and I gave in to him.
Cameron looked at Morven, and walked up to her and told her "why didn't I fight harder for you, he wanted to come between us and he succeeded, when you found out you were pregnant why didn't you phone me?, I would have been on the next flight back to Jamaica, and we could have sorted everything out.
Morven looked at Cameron and told him " when I was 6 weeks late, I told Paul, and he told me in no uncertain terms to 'go away, he wanted nothing to do with me ir my unborn child,,so I carried on working at the hospital until I was 6 months pregnant and then I came back to the U.K.
With tears in her eyes she admitted to Cameron that "she doesn't know who Harry's father is, as when he was born she informed Paul, who told her "I want nothing to do with either one of you, so get lost, I had my fun with you, now get lost and don't bother me again.
Cameron looked at her and told her " let's do a D.N.A. test so we can go forward and take everything from there.
Morven agreed, when Bernie, Serena, Charlotte and Harry all walked back into the living room, and both Cameron and Morven tell everyone that they will be doing a D.N.A test to determine just who is the father to Harry Shreeve.
Cameron then went on to tell everyone.
"Regardless of the results, I want to be 'there' for both Morven and Harry
I want to be the man who stands with his mum when he starts at junior school.
I want to be the man who takes him to his first foitball match or rugby match .
I want to be the man who stands with his mum when he starts at high school.
I want to be the man who sits with his mum at his parents evening.
I want to be the man who teaches him to ride a bike.
I want to be the man who sees hid face on christmas mirning when he sees his presents.
I want to be the man Harry calls daddy, or dad.
I want to be the man who is with his mum throughout his life.
Charlotte looked at Cameron and told him " good man, at least you are taking responsibility, even if he is not your son, well done.
Bernie stood in her living room, tears streaming down her face at the speech her son had delivered to everyone.
Cameron got down to pick up Harry, Cameron had him in his arms and looked at both Morven and Harry, and told both of them " no matter what the results I promise bith of you I will love and cherish both of you for ever.
Bernie git her phone out and made a phone call to Holby City Hospital.
The receptionist answered the phone, and Bernie asked " could you put me through to the labs please"
A woman answered the phone,
"Hello, Ms.Jo Taylor speaking.
Good afternoon this is Bernie wolfe speaking, I was wondering could you do a D.N.A paternity test please.
Jo Taylor. Hi there Bernie, when do you want the test doing.
Bernie Couldyou do it tomorrow morning please.
Jo Taylor. What time as I am only here until 12.00pm tomorrow.
Bernie about 9.00 am.
Jo Taylor, certainly no problem
BernieThank you.
Jo Taylor who is it for please,
Bernie, my son Dr. Cameron Wolfe and Dr. Morven Shreeve.
Jo Taylor right I will see them at 09.00 am tomorrow morning.
With the appointment arranged, everyone sat down to their Sunday lunch, once everyone had eaten Bernie and Serena loaded the dishwasher, and cleaned up the kitchen.
Once eveyone was showered, and clothes ready for the following day, everyone made their way upstairs to bed.
Cameron was the first to wake, at 03.30 am and made his way into the kitchen, where he made a pot of coffee, and made himself some toast, when he was joined by his mum, he poured her a. Up of coffee and made her some toast, they began talking about the test and Cameron looked at his mum and told her "whether I am his dad or not he needs to parents who will love him, and teach him right from wrong and I want to be the one who is with his mum and help him turn into a polite, young man.
Bernie looked at her son, there was so much pride in her face, at the fact that her son wanted to take responsibility and help bring ip Morven's.
Eveyone was up out of bed for about 6.00 am, all had a shower, and Charlotte was the first to leave, at about 08.15, but she told Cameron "please let me know the result as soon as possible please", Cameron agreed to phone her once the results were announced, Morven phoned the nursery where Harry went, and told the nursery manager, that "Harry had, a bout of the sickness bug that had affected some of the nursery children".
Bernie and Serena and Cameron Morven and Harry all left the house at 08.30, they arrived at Holby city Hospital, Cameron and Morven along with Harry made their way to the labs, whilst Bernie and Serena made their way upto Mr.Hanssen's office.
2 hours later both Bernie and Serena, left Mr.Hanssen's office and made their way down to the labs.
Cameron or Morven or Harry were around, so Bernie phoned Cameron, when he answered the phone all Bernie could hear was .....................
MUM, HARRY IS.....................MY SON, HE IS MY SON MUM.

Chapter Text

Bernie asked Cameron "where are you, " Cameron replied through his tears " we are in pulses mum" Bernie replied "Serena and myself will be with you shortly.
Serena turned to Bernie and asked " do you want me to come to pulses with you, or do you want to go alone, to get to know your grandson and daughter in law?.
Bernie replied " I would very much like you to come to pulses with me, as you too are part of my family, as are Morven and Harry now, so let's make our way down to pulses, and have a drink and something to eat, as I am famished.
Both women made their way down to pulses, when they got there, Harry looked up and shouted " Bernie and 'Rena are here," he got of his chair and ran straight to Bernie, who picked him up and rested him on her hip.
Morven looked up and saw that Harry was in Bernie's arms, she immediately apologised to Bernie for Harry running straight to her.
Bernie told Morven "don't worry he is ok," .
Cameron went and pulled the chairs out forhis mum and Serena to sit down, once everyone was seated at the table, Bernie asked if anyone wanted a drink or something to eat.
Once everyone had decided what they wanted to drink, Bernie went to the counter and placed the order, when suddenly Morven went and stood by her, to help her with the drinks, Bernie looked at her and asked " how do you feel, now that we know that Cameron is his dad?.
Morven began to get upset, Bernie placed her arm around her shoulders and asked "what is the matter?".
Morven replied " I am just so relieved that Cameron is his dad and not Paul, because I know that Cameron will look after him and teach him right from wrong and be the dad tgat I know he can and will be, just the same as you and Serena will make great nannies, or grannies, whichever you choose to be called.
Once the order was ready Bernie and Morven made their way back to the table, and placed the drinks and snacks on the table,, when Bernie asked Cameron" have you phoned Charlotte yet, to tell her the news about Harry?., Cameron shook his head , when Bernie asked him " do you want me to do it for you, Cameron replied "yes please mum".
Bernie got her phone out and dialled Charlotte's number,after a couple of rings Charlotte answered the phone " hi mum, what's wrong.
Bernie replied "everything is fine, just to let you know Harry IS Cameron's son, so you have a nephew.
Charlotte replied " how is Morven and Cameron, how have they both taken the news.
Bernie replied " they are both still in shock regarding the result, but they are happy, so yeah, everything is fine.
Charlotte told her mum that "she will see them later, as she needed to get to a lecture, and she ended the phone call.

Once everyone had finished their drinks and snacks, they got ready to leave, to go back home, when they were seen by Mr.Hanssen.
He looked at everyone, and asked to see Cameron in his office, in 30 minutes time, followed by Morven, then Serena.
Everyone made their way upto Mr. Hanssen's office, where the assembled party waited outside.
At 11.30 am Mr.Hanssen opened his office door and called Cameron in to his office.
Mr.Hanssen began by thanking him for attending the meeting at such short notice, he began by asking him " how are you ?.
Cameron replied " well I have just found out that I have a 3 year old son, with Dr.Shreeve, his name is Harry.
Mr.Hanssen asked him if he needed time off to talk thing through with Dr.Shreeve, regarding their son, Cameron asked him " cani take some annual leave please, Mr. Hanssen replied, " it has been arranged, take the rest of this week off, and come back next Monday at 08.00 am please.
Cameron stood up and thanked him for arranging leave at such short notice, Mr.Hanssen then asked Cameron to ask Ms.Campbell to go in next.
Cameron left the office and asked Serena to go in next,.She walked into his office, he offered her a seat, and he began by asking her " I believe you are thinking of downsizing, is that true? , Serena nodded and told him "yes I am going to downsize, as there is only me rattling around in a large leafy detached property.
Mr.Hanssen then asked her" have you packed everything up yet or not, Serena looked at him and told him "no I haven't even begun packing anything yet, to which he replied, "well you still have considerable annual leave to take, so I have arranged for you to take the remainder of this week off so you can get everything packed and put into storage.
Serena looked at him and asked " who will be covering my shifts and elective surgeries,".
Mr.Hanssen replied myself, Mr. Levy, and Mr.Copeland ,so you can rest easy, as your ward will be in safe hands for the week.
She stood up and thanked him for arranging her annual leave at short notice, he then asked her to tell Dr. Shreeve to come in.
Serena left the office, and asked Morven to go in, she stood up and entered his office, where once again he invited her to take a seat, as he had a proposal to put to her.
He began by telling her " that her medical registration will be being sent back from the Jamaican health authority, and it was being sent directly to Holby City Hospital..
Morven thanked him for arranging for her medical registration to be sent directly to the hospital, but she couldn't understand why he would want ut sent directly to the hospital.
Then he asked her, " would you like to come back and work at Holby City Hospital,as a locum Dr. For the next 3 months?.
Morven looked at him and immediately told him " yes I would love to come back to Holby City Hospital, but I would only be able to work part time hours as my son is at nursery, and he finishes at 3.00pm, so I would need to be at the nursery to collect him.
Mr.Hanssen agreed, and asked if she wanted to start the following Monday, on AAU along with Ms.Campbell.
Morven told him " I cannot wait to start.
Mr.Hanssen went on to explain to her that she would need to be at the hospital for 08.30 as she would be having her induction along side some other new Doctors as well as other medical staff.
She stood up and shook his hand and thanked him for the chance to be a Doctor.
She left his office and was greeted by her son, who was being held by Cameron, and she looked at everyone and told them, " I have been offered a 3 month locum post, which I have accepted and I start next Monday.
With that Bernie looked at everyone and said " right let's all go home and order a very large takeaway meal for all of us.
Bernie walked over to Morven and Harry and told them " welcome to our family, both of you."

Chapter Text

Charlotte was the first to arrive back home, she put her books down on the coffee table, when she was greeted by her mum and Serena, and the newest members of the Wolf family, Morven and Harry as well as Cameron, who was grinning like the 'cat who got the cream'.

Charlotte went and hugged Morven and asked " how are you feeling, now knowing that Cameron is Harry's dad?".
Morven replied " fine, knowing that Cameron is his dad, as he will be the dad he can be, and the dad that we all know he can and will be".
Bernie got everyone together, and pulled them all into a large group hug, with tears forming in her eyes, she told everyone that " at last my family is together, along with the woman I love, and my (hopefully ) future daughter -in-law and my grandson".
Once they had all broke from the family hug, Charlotte went and got all the take away menus from the kitchen cabinets.
Bernie and Serena had decided on a Thai takeaway meal, Charlotte wanted a chinese takeaway meal, while Cameron and Morven had decided on a Indian takeaway meal, and Harry wanted a pizza.............a ham and pineapple pizza.
Once all the orders had been phoned through, Bernie then went on to ask everyone about their plans for the remainder of the week.
Charlotte told her mum that "I have got lectures all day Tuesday, Wednesday,Thursday, and Friday myself and 4 of my friends are going to the library and doing a couple of hours revision.
Cameron told his mum "Morven and Myself, need to sit down together and discuss where we go from here, regarding us and Harry, so if you don't object, we would like to do that tomorrow (Tuesday) and see how things go from there.
Bernie then looked at Serena and told her " well it looks like I will be helping you to pack your belongings up, and bring them back here".
Serena looked at her and asked Bernie," bring my things back here?.
Bernie looked at her and said " well why do you think I purchased a large 6 bedroomed house for, I bought it so my family, could and would be together under the same roof.
I have waited for so long to have the woman I love, my children,and my daughter-in-law and grandson together.
I have been estranged from my children for so long, and they were manipulated not only by their father, but also by his mother, who fed them lie after lie, now its my time to enjoy time with Cameron and Charlotte.

The takeaway meals arrived one hour after they had been ordered, Bernie and Serena plated up everyone's meal, and they ate their meals in silence, Bernie looked at the people in her living room, her beloved partner Serena Wendy Campbell, her son, Dr.Cameron J.Wolfe, her daughter Miss Charlotte.L.Wolfe a 5th year medical student ( who wouldbe graduating from university at the end of July), One of her former colleagues, Dr.Morven Shreeve and finally, her 3 year old grandson, tears fell from her eyes, she never though that life could get much better than this, until Cameron looked up and saw his mum crying, he out his meal down, got up from his seat and went and sat by her, he put his arm around her shoulder, and Bernie looked at him and buried her head in his neck and cried like she had never cried before, but these tears were tears of joy, happines.

Chapter Text

Bernie broke from Cameron's hug, and ran into the kitchen, where she had a glass of water, got some kitchen roll to dry her tears up and wiped her face.
She stood at the kitchen sink, staring into space, when she felt a hand on her shoulder, she turned around to see who it was , it was Serena.
Serena looked at her and asked her " why do you think you don't deserve to be this happy? " Bernie replied " because of the times I was away on deployment, or working,I didn't get the time with my children I needed, or they get the time they needed to be with me, but that was Marcus and his mother always conspiring against me so they would hate me, and for a while it worked, but now I still want someone to pinch me and tell me I am not dreaming.
Charlotte was the first into the kitchen, "yes mum it is true he did manipulate us into thinking you didn't love us, but in reality you did what you had to do to make Cameron and myself the people we are today, so how we have turned out is thanks to you, you taught us how to respect others, how to be polite to our elders, you taught us right from wrong, you made us into the young adults we are today, so Marcus and the hag can go and bury their heads in the sands.
Cameron was next to speak, Marcus and his hag of a mother, tried to turn us into mini versions of them, but we were not having any of it, and they didn't like it, so they can go and well whatever.
Serena was next to speak, " no more words need be spoken, Cameron and Charlotte have just given the best glowing reference of what a mum does for her children, you may not have been around for them a lot, but you taught them respect, honesty, and manners, which says a lot about you.
Marcus and his mother may or may not have taught them everything, but in the end they have seen through his and her's manipulative ways and no they respect you a lot more, not because of who you are, but because of what you taught them.
Cameron, Charlotte, and Serena all made their way out of the kitchen and back into the living room, Harry had fallen asleep on Morven, Cameron picked him up and took him to bed, Cameron and Morven returned to the living room.
Bernie walked into the living room, and apologised for becoming upset, she explained to everyone that it was a dream for her to be happy, after being married to a cheating low life called Marcus, happy that her children had accepted her sexuality, and her partner, and happy that she had a grandson and future daughter-in-law.
After everyone had had a couple of drinks, they were about to go to bed wgen suddenly there was a loud knock on the front door.
Bernie shouted through the front door "who is it please".
The response came " Bernie it's me Detective Sergeant Felicity partingham Whyte".
Bernie opened the front door, she called her in, and invited her through into the living room.
The police officer asked Bernie to take a seat.
She was about to give everyone in the room some devastating news regarding.....................Marcus.

Chapter Text

Everyone in the living room all sat down and waited for the police officer to reveal just what had happened to Marcus.
Felicity began by telling everyone in the room, " at 17.35 this evening Mr.Marcus Dunn was arrested and charged with misappropriation of company funds by employee at 'The Redstone Clinic', and he was also charged with a further 10 charges of fraud by deception regarding his private patients, and he also asked for a charge of failing to notify the medical director that his fit to practice licence and his G.M.C registration was suspended for 12 months for the theft of hospital medicines as well as opioids."

Bernie sat in her chair in utter disbelief, her ex husband arrested for theft, and deception, but, as Bernie told everyone "at last he will be found out for what he really is, a lying,cheating,money grabbing,sefish bastard.
Bernie quickly apologised for her language in front of the police officer as well as to Morven, who very discreetly wanted to leave the room, as she thought that it was none of her business, but Bernie asked her to stay as it was about time exactly what Marcus Dunn was like as a father and husband.

Cameron then asked "does Penny and her son know what has happened to Marcus".
Felicity began to tell everyone "both Penny and Bernie as well as my self, have found out the hard way just how he has manipulated us into thinking that he only had eyes for us, but in truth he couldn't give a hoot about his wives or children, it always had to be about him and him alone.
Felicity continued "when he was arrested, we also arrested his colleague Mr.Edward Campbell, as he was also stealing from the Redstone Clinic, however, he has admitted to stealing £50,00 from one of his private patients.
Serena looked at the police officer in total shock, "he stole money from the clinic as well as patients,"
Detective sergeant Whyte wanted to talk to Serena in private as to why Edward had confessed to stealing a huge amount of money, but Serena asked her " please just say why he did it"
Felicity looked at Serena and began to explain that " Edward was on the brink of being declared bankrupt as the extravagant lifestyle his second wife Liberty enjoyed.
She continued " she wouldn't think twice about spending thousands of pounds on new clothes, wear them once then throw them away,or throwing parties and hiring catering staff, as well as waitresses and waiters to serve food and drinks to their guests.

Charlotte then began to ask about Penny and her son, what would happen to them.
Felicity put her head in her hands and looked up at everyone and began "well it looks like they will be losing their home as Marcus had mortgaged the house to the hilt, and he was several months behind on the payments, so the bank will be repossessing the property in the next few months, unless she can get the money together to clear the debt.
Not only that, but he had also taken all the money out of their son's trust funds, which had been set up by Penny's parents, when their son was born, he also stole money from her parent's bank accounts.
He was also on the verge of having his pride and joy, his vehicles repossed by the finance company, as he had also fallen behind with the payments on his vehicles.

Bernie asked Felicity " just how much debt was he really in Felicity, he was a well respected doctor, who earned £500,00 a year, but I don't understand why he would steal from anyone, let alone his employers".
Felicity then gave everyone another bombshell " the reason Marcus was in so much debt was because he was gambling and he owed casino's hundred' s of thousands of pounds, and he is in court next month for his .....................bankruptcy hearing.

Eveyone was totally gobsmacked at what they had just heard, Marcus Dunn, serial bigamist,liar cheat,thief......................bankrupt.

Chapter Text

The Detective Sergeant finished telling everyone about the arrest of Marcus Dunn and Edward Campbell, and she stood up and explained that she needed to get back to the police station to write up her reports in regards to thedouble arrest that had taken place several hours earlier.
Bernie then asked her "what happens now please", D.S Whyte explained to everyone that 'both Marcus and Edward would be in the magistrate's court within the next 48 hours to plead guilty or not guilty, and hopefully the magistrate will give a crown court date, but it doesn't automatically mean that they will be released on bail, they may or may not be remanded in custody, until their court date.
The police officer then left the house, and got in her car and drove off.
Bernie locked the front door, and asked Cameron to make sure the back door was also securely locked, and Charlotte checked all the window locks, which were also locked safely.

Once Bernie was satisfied the house was securely locked up, she went into the kitchen and got 5whiskey tumblers and a bottle of single malt whiskey, she poured everyone a large drink, and asked if everyone was ok.
Cameron and Charlotte were concerned for their mum, as she had suddenly gone ' a peculiar shade of white'.
Bernie looked at everyone, and told them "They have not charged him with bigamy", but at least the people he has wronged over the years will get some sort of justice.".
Cameron then began to speak " if what I am about to say, if it offends anyone then I am sorry, that bastard made mine, Charlotte, and mum's life miserable for years, so this is karma, what goes around comes around, and personally if or when he is found guilty they should throw awaythe bloody key".
Charlotte raised her glass and said " Cameron I couldn't agree more with you" they both looked at their mum, and both apologised for what they had both said.
Bernie just looked at her children and she asked everyone to stand, everyone got up from their seats and stood in the middle of the room and Bernie made a toast " may British justice be served and finally Marcus Dunn will get a taste of his own medicine, by being walked over and put down at every chance, like he has done to me over the years".
She then asked Serena "would you like to say anything about Edward being arrested, or not"
Serena looked at everyone and said "finally good riddance to bad rubbish,after all the shit I endured from him over the years he along with Marcus will get their comeuppance for all their philandering over the years.".
Charlotte and Cameron and Morven (reluctantly ) agreed that they had engineered their downfall themselves, however Charlotte was a little concerned about his (Marcus) other family would cope with losing their home, as Marcus had taken multiple loans as well as a second mortgage out on their family home.
Bernie looked at everyone and told them " I too feel sorry for Penny and her son, but maybe there is something I could do to help her and her and her son, however I will need to speak with you all and my solicitor.
Everyone finished their drinks and made their way to their respective bedrooms, however, Bernie and Serena sat in their living room working out how to hurt both Edward and Marcus hitting them where it hurt the the wallet.

Chapter Text

Bernie and Serena sat in the living room until about 02.15, when they made their way to bed.
They lay entwined in each other's arms, reminiscing about how they met, and how they had not got off to the best start, but eventually they became friends, and that friendship eventually turned into love.
Serena also mentioned the arm wrestling match, which Serena still maintained that Bernie let he win, but Bernie was adamant that Serena won fairly and squarely.
Then then talked about Bernie going off to Ukrainian, "I took the secondment, to think about us, and how I would tell not only Marcus ,but also Cameron and Charlotte, and would you still want to be in a relationship with me? "Bernie said".
Whilst they were talking about the early days of their relationship, Bernie's phone began ringing out,Serena asked her "are you going to answer it or not?".
Reluctantly Bernie answered the phone.
"Hello Bernie Wolfe speaking"
"Bernie, it's me Felicity, so very sorry to call you this early in the morning, but Marcus is demanding that you see him sometime this morning
Bernie "What the hell does he want to see me for"
Felicity " He is hoping that you can somehow help him out either with legal help or financial help.".
Bernie "Is he having a laugh or what?".
Felicity " He is adamant that you and only you can help him with some sort of help or advice, not only that, but Edward Campbell, is desperate to see his ex wife Serena Campbell".
Bernie " Felicity, I make no promises, but I will talk to Serena and Cameron and Charlotte, however I have made plans for today, if and it is a bloody big if we decide to come and see both Edward and Marcus, then it wi be early in the morning.".
Felicity " Well just to let you know, bith myself and Penny as well as Penny's son Marcus Junior will also be there."
Bernie "does Marcus know that you are a police officer".
Felicity " Well he does now, as I was part of the arresting team, and I 'cuffed Marcus".
Bernie " what time will you be at the station later this morning?".
Felicity " I will be going home once Marcus has been given the date and time for the magistrate's court hearing later sometime today (Tuesday).
Felicity and Bernie finished their phone call, and Bernie asked Serena "how do you feel about going to see Edward sometime this morning".
Serena looked at Bernie and told her " I cannot wait to goand see him and gloat about my new life without him, and how happy you have made me."
Bernie looked at Serena and asked her " do you want me to phone Felicity back and arrange to see our lying, cheating,scheming ex husbands then?.
Serena looked at her and told her " yes please, phone her back and tell her we will be there early in the morning, about 08.00 am if possible.".
Bernie instantly phoned Felicity back and told her " Serena and myself will be at Holby City Police Station at about 08.00 to see both Edward and Marcus.
Bernie and Serena git up out of bed and made their way to the kitchen, where Bernie put the coffee machine on and made them both a hot drink.
They were joined a few minutes later by Charlotte, who asked her mum "who was you on the phone to then ".
Bernie asked Charlotte to sit down and she would tell her everything regarding the phone call.
Once Bernie had told Charlotte everything, Charlotte told her " ok mum, go and see him, but please don't let him try and tell you that with your help he will change his ways, because that is what he will try to do,.
Bernie held her daughter's hand and told her,"Serena and myself not be alone, because not only will Felicity be present, but Penny and her son Marcus Junior will also be present, when suddenly everyone heard "if Marcus Junior is going to be present, why can't Charlotte and myself be present? Asked a worried Cameron.
Charlotte looked at Bernie and asked "can we come aswell then?.
Bernie looked at both her children, and asked Charlotte "what about your lectures?.
Charlotte replied " I can ask my friends what I missed".
She then asked Cameron, " what about you and Morven talking about your relationship and Harry's relationship with you Cameron?.
Morven replied " we can do that tomorrow (wednesday) if needs be.
She then asked Serena " What about me helping with your packing?".
Serena replied " There is the rest of the week to help with my packing".
Bernie looked at everyone, ok I will phone Felicity and make the arrangements.
Bernie got her mobile phone, dialled Felicity' s phone and wanted to ask about everyone going to see Marcus and Edward.
Felicity didn't give Bernie time to ask........Felicity had something more important to tell Bernie.
Felicity asked Bernie to sit down as she had some very important news to tell her.
Marcus and Edward were due in court at 11.30 am on Tuesday Morning.
Bernie ended the phone call with Felicity, looked at everyone and told them.
"They are both in court this morning at 11.30 ".
Charlotte phoned her lecturer and explained "that she wasn't feeling too good and she wouldn't be at her lecture today, but would be back Wednesday".
Everyone in the kitchen just looked at each other, finally, both Marcus and Edward would be bought to book, for their scheming ways, the way how they used and abused the female junior Drs., female student nurses, student midwives, and finally robbing patients from the "Redstone Clinic" and actualky stealing from the clinic itself.
Finally justice would be served.

Chapter Text

Everyone was in shock, less than 24 hours ago, bith Marcus and Edward were free men, now they were in custody, awaiting to be taken to the magistrate's court, for charges ranging from deception, and theft, and Marcus's failure to inform the 'Redstone Clinic' of his suspension of,his ' fit to practice licence, as well as his G.M.C registration,owing to the theft of various medical drugs, as well as opioids, and also forging other consultants signatures.
Bernie, looked at both Cameron and Charlotte, and asked " if they were both ok, with what was going on".
Charlotte replied " we are bith ok mum, but what about you?, after all you were married to him for 25 years, ".
Bernie replied " I am ok sweetheart, it is a shock knowing that he has stooped to stealing, and forging colleague's signatures to cover his tracks, but what goes around comes around, and knowing he can't hurt anyone of us anymore is a bonus".
Serena got up and made everyone some breakfast and a hot drink, when Charlotte, went and put her arm around Serena's shoulder, and asked " how do you feel about Edward being in court this morning on charges of theft?".
Serena replied " what he chose to do is his business, but like your mum, knowing he can't hurt me anymore is a bonus.

Everyone was sitting in the kitchen, when there was a loud knock on the front door, Bernie went and answered it, and both Felicity and Penny, were standing outside, Bernie called them both in.
Penny, had some news that she thought Bernie had a right to know.
Bernie asked Penny " do you mind telling us all, or would you rather it just be myself and Felicity, Penny looked at everyone and told her " you all deserve to know about what I have found out about Marcus.

Penny began by saying.
Thank you for inviting me into your home, and meeting your family, but what I have discovered will not onky shock you, but it will prevent him from being declared bankrupt, and we all should get some sort of recompence for 'putting up with him'.
Cameron was the first to speak " so what have you found out about him then, and how will it stop his bankruptcy hearing".
Penny continued
" On Sunday afternoon I was going through some old boxes, full of letters all for Marcus, from various drug companies, medical suppliers, etc, when I found a solicitors letter, dated 5 Years ago.
I opened the letter, I have to say the letter had already been opened by Marcus,
I began reading it,
" I Harriet Elizabeth Dunn, being of sound mind and body,
Do declare this Last Will and Testament, to be my decision as to how my estate is to be distributed, and all beneficiaries should be bequeathed are as follows.
To my one and only son
Marcus James Dunn,
I hearby bequeath the following,
The sum of 3,000,000 pounds, and all my worldly possessions, my house to be sold and pay of any debts I may or may not incur before my passing.
To my daughter in law, Major Bernie Wolfe, and to my 2 grandchildren I leave the following..........................nothing.
They never appreciated anything I did for them, so they get bugger all.
Penny continued,
To my daughter in law Penny,
I bequeath the following, £50,000, and to my grandson Marcus James Dunn Junior,
I bequeath the following the sum of £25,000,as at least he appreciated what I did for him, unlike those 2 spoilt brats Cameron and Charlotte, who, I suspect hated me.
My son knows how my funeral service is to be conducted, however I request that neither Major Wolfe or her children attend my funeral, as I only want my true family at my funeral service.
And that concludes my last will and testament.
This will supersedes any previous wills written by myself."
Penny looked at everyone, her eyes filled with tears, I would much rather have you as friends, than take a penny piece from the old dragon".
Felicity looked at everyone, and asked Penny " we can use this in court, and we can make him pay for his dalliances, with out any comeback on us, and not only that,but he can pay off all his creditors as well as payback the "Redstone Clinic".
Bernie looked at Felicity and Penny and told them.
"Let's make him pay".
Bernie then looked at everyone assembled in her living room and told them all
" I need to tell you all regards to the "Redstone Clinic"'s mine.

Chapter Text

Everyone was sat open mouthed, after Bernie's revelation that she owned the "Redstone Clinic".
Bernie then told everyone " well I had better tell you all the truth about my clinic then hadn't i".

" In early 1990 both my grand parent's sadly passed away, at the time I was on my first overseas tour of duty as a army medic and not a soldier.
When I returned in march 1990, my Father informed me of my grandparents passing, and informed me that I needed to see the family solicitor as soon as possible, owing to the fact that they had left me a significant sum of money.
So I made the appointment to see the solicitors, and they informed me that both my parents would need to be present as well.
I relayed the information to both my parents and we made an appointment to see the solicitor at the end of March that year.
When the time came for us to see the solicitor, my Father told me to expect a "windfall beyond my wildest dreams".

When we entered the solicitors office, everyone was looking and starring at me, like I was not there.
We were all offered seats, as I had wanted not only my Father present, but also my Mother, as she had also received a bequeath from my grandparents, however they had stipulated in their wills, that all 3 members of the family should be present when both my Mother's and mine inhertance be spoken about.

After about a hour with the solicitor talking about my grandparents wills, he eventually declared what my Mother had been left, she had been left a significant amount of money, £70,000.
Then the solicitor looked at me, there I was a 25 year old junior doctor, and solider, who was expecting the same amount as what her mum had been left

Then the solicitor looked at me and told me " you are about to become richer than you can imagine, so I asked him " just how weathly do you mean then ".
"To Miss Bernie Wolfe our one and only grandchild, we leave the following amount £30,000,000. To say I was shocked was an understatement, I was totally shellshocked, however there was a clause with me receiving that amount. The clause was that I had to do something worthwhile with my inhertance, so I went to my parents and asked their advice, and they told me " do with your money what you see fit". So I looked into military injuries and military hospitals, and hospitals with military injuriy departments. But there wasn't that many hospitals with military injury and military units attached, so I thought "why not open up a clinic that specializes in dealing with soldiers who have been badly injured, so I went and spoke to the army powers at whiehall. They told me " go back and talk to them when I have premises, and a plan of action". Well when anyone telks Bernie Wolfe, to get thing sorted, that is just what she does, so I looked at various properties, but nothing stood out, until I saw the building that would eventually become the "Redstone Clinic". So I booked a viewing, along with my parents, and various army officials, and we all agreed it would be a superb clinic, but I made one promise, that all staff would be ex army. I then placed a bid for the building, which was accepted, and within a year the "Redstone Clinic " was founded. Yes, it needed a small amount of renovation work, but after inspections from the G.M.C. and army medical personnel it was deemed fit for practice, so once we had gained all revelent licences, and started employing staff, it opened in early 1992. And it has turned itself into a center of excellence.

Chapter Text

Bernie looked at everyone, who were still in shock after Bernie had told them about her association with the "Redstone Clinic".
Bernie asked if everyone would like to have some lunch, as there was still more she wanted to tell them about the clinic, and how it became a center of excellence.

Cameron and Charlotte went to the nearest chip shop and got everyone fish and chips for their lunch, with the exception of Harry, who had a happy meal from a well known burger joint.
Once everyone had finished eating, and they had finished their drinks,Charlotte went and loaded the dishwasher, while Morven went and put Harry to bed for his afternoon nap.
Bernie continued with telling everyone about the clinic.
"We started off treating injured soldiers, and eventually we began treating members of the Royal Navy as well as The R.A.F , well basically it didn't matter what branch of the forces the were from, we treated them ,as at that time,there were not so many hospitals with military injury units.
2 years after we opened the clinic, we began taking in private patients,and our reputation kept getting better and better, with some patients even coming from overseas to be treated at the "Redstone Clinic".
When Marcus started dating/courting me, the first thing my parents told me " don't tell him about the clinic,as he will want some sirt of senior medical position, and demand a high salary".
I never told him about the clinic, or just how financially well off my family and myself were, as he was motivated by money and power, and if ever his mother had found out about the clinic, no doubt she would have wanted free treatment for herself as well as her friends.
18 months after we first started dating ,he asked me to marry him,obviously I told my parents, who told me "before you marry him get him to sign a pre-nuptial-agreement, as he would get half of everything I owened, including the clinic as well as a significant amount of my money"
So I asked him about him signing a 'pre-nup', as not only would it protect him and his money, but I would be protected from him grabbing any of my assets.
We booked an appointment with my family solicitor, and discussed a 'pre-nup' agreement.
It was Marcus's idea that if I divorced him or if he divorced me, then whoever began the proceedings would give the other one £250,000 plus whatever our property was sold and all legal costs had been paid, whatever was left it would be shared 50/50, but I want to stress it was his idea.
He immediately demanded to sign it,as he thought it was a good deal and 4 weeks before our wedding we both signed the agreement, and his mother was not happy about it, as she thought £250,000 was a small amount, considering how 'eligible' she claimed her son was, but apparently a couple of his ex girlfriends had turned him down,owing to his mother saying "they are not worthy of the name Dunn", but I was so she told everyone.
A week before the wedding my mum told me "if you want to call it off no one will think any less of you,after all you are more worthy of marrying a loser like him, however I told my mum".
If I call it off his mother will create trouble for us, so I married him, and when my parents gave us their wedding present to us, his mother complained "it is too small,,considering it had 4 bedrooms, a large garden, open plan kitchen, dining area, living room, 2 bedrooms were en suite, as well as a guest shower and toilet, and a conservatory, but to her it was too small.
Little did I know that she would be spending nearly every day at the house, criticising my every move, complaing that I spent far too much time at the army barracks, going off on tours of duty,spending time at the hospital honing my trauma skills, working all hours so my 2 children could have the best of everything, not that he bothered,as long as 'mummy dearest' was about he was happy.
When Cameron was born, she demanded that he be named after her father, but I put my foot down and told her "my son's name is CameronJames Wolfe, not Hector, as you would have him named".
When Cameron was a month old I enquired about him going to Eton College, and we had the application form come through, and I filled it in and when he was just over 1 year old, we were told he had been accepted at Eton college.
When Charlotte was born again she demanded that Charlotte be named after her mother, but this time Marcus agreed with me, no way was my daughter being named Agnes, and I decided on Charlotte Louise Wolfe and surprisingly Marcus agreed with me.
Anyway enough about him and his mother, as the reputation of the grew by word of mouth, the clinic needed more medical staff as well as support staff, so the "men at Whitehall interviewed several surgeons, nurses, and ancillary staff and I was invited to the interviews of all prospective new staff, I gave my list of who I thought should have a second interview, and who should be 'kept on file for later'.
Serena then asked "how did Marcus and Edward slip through the net then".
Bernie looked at everyone and began by saying "While I was out in Nairobi, the clinic's accountants e mailed me, saying that there were a couple of consultants who were quoting prices to prospective patients, the after they had been given the surgery they needed they were charged a highly inflated price, one patient was quoted £12,500 for a double knee replacement, once "patient x" had been given the surgery they needed they were charged £22,500 an extra £10,000, and several other patients complained about being charged extortionate fees.
So undercover of darkness I flew back to the United kingdom and booked into a hotel, and first thing that morning I made my way straight to the clinic, and straight to the account, and wanted to know about these doctors who were ripping patients off.
I weny into the office, and he handed me 2 blue folders,and when I opened the first folder, I knew straightaway it was Edward Campbell,but Serena, I am so sorry to tell you this, but he used your later Father's name "Sidney William McKinnie"., he also used his date of birth, and created a fictious G.M.C registration number.
Then I opened the second blue folder, and lo and behold it was Marcus, but he used the name "Willian Daniel Johnstone," and apparently he was a doctor, a psychologist, who worked at several hospitals in and around the Holby City Area.
Penny looked up and asked Bernie " could you please repeat that last statement again " Bernie repeated the last statement, Penny began crying Charlotte, went and comforted her and asked her "what is the problem Penny?".
She looked at everyone and told them "that was my late father's name,and yes he was a psychologist, who did work in and around the Holby City Area, until his passing 8 years ago."
Bernie put her head into her hands and apologised for the fact that her ex husband had used the name of a well respected Dr.
Penny looked at Bernie and told her "you have nothing to be sorry for, you didn't use my late father's name, he did.

Felicity looked at everyone in the living room of Bernie's house, and told them " that will be another charge to be filed against them both".

Charlotte looked at her mum, and asked her "if you don't mind me asking, what was your salary from the clinic".
Bernie told everyone " I never took a salary whatever I should have been paid, it went straight back into the clinic, so we could improve on our equipment and have a few state of the art scanning machines, the hand held sort.".
Felicity looked at everyone in the living room, and asked them, "will any of you be going to see either Marcus or Edward in custody tomorrow or not?.
Bernie told Felicity, I will go and see Marcus tomorrow,and I will tell him that he can go to hell, Cameron and Charlotte announced that they will go and see him as well, then Serena told everyone " I will go and see Edward tomorrow as well.
Everyone agreed that they would all meet up outside Holby City Magistrate's court at 08.00 am.
And they would be allowed to see both men for 1hour before they go before the bench on Tuesday Morning.

Chapter Text

Everybody sat in the living room, still reeling from hearing that both Marcus and Edward would be in court the following morning, both facing multiple charges,ranging from theft by employee, deception, and Marcus on bigamy charges.
Bernie, got up from her chair and went into the kitchen and got whiskey tumblers for everyone, and bought out a large bottle of a single malt whiskey, and a bottle of shiraz.
She poured Cameron and herself a large whiskey,while Serena, Charlotte and Morven all had a glass of shiraz,she then asked everyone "does anyone need anything new to go to court in tomorrow?".
Serena was the first to speak " I need to go and get something from my house as I want to look my best, and get some perfumes, and other items".
Bernie then looked at both her children and asked " if you want or need anything please tell me now,as Serena and I can have a taxi to her house, and then go into town and get whatever is needed or wanted".
Morven told her " I just need to phone Harry's nursery and tell them that he will be back tomorrow, and then while you are all at the court I can start to pack our belongings up at the flat".
Bernie went and sat by her, and held her hand and told her " like Serena, you and Harry are now part of my family and I would very much like you to be with us at the court in the morning, so do you want or need anything new for tomorrow?".
Morven just looked at her and shook her head, " Thank you Bernie, but I don't want anything new for tomorrow, as I have a new outfit of clothes at the flat, so if you and Serena don't mind, could I please share your taxi, to go to my flat and pick up my outfit".
Cameron then told Morven " it is ok, I can take you to your flat, get whatever you need and get some of Harry's toys at the same time, if you want to.".
Morven then agreed to letting Cameron take her to her flat to collect whatever she and Harry needed, but, Bernie and Serena would stay at home until both, Cameron and Morven got back home, as Harry was having his afternoon nap.
15 minutes later bith Cameron and Morven left the house to go and get whatever Morven and Harry needed, Charlotte git all the empty glasses and took them into the kitchen and placed them in the dishwasher.

Bernie,Serena and Charlotte were talking about the court apperances of both Marcus and Edward, when Charlotte's phone began ringing out
She looked at the display and saw it was 'Ede and Ravenscroft' the company who were making Charlotte a bespoke gown and mortar board for her graduation, which was taking place towards the end of July.
She quickly answered the phone and asked them " what can I do for you today please?".
Mr. Kirby ( The senior tailor at 'Ede and Ravenscroft,and who was working closely with Paddy Campbell to create a stunning bespoke black fitted suit for Charlotte to wear underneath her graduation gown, and they were also designing a white short sleeved shirt to set the suit of perfectly).
Mr. Kirby asked if Charlotte " will you be available for a measurement fitting on Saturday at 10.30. A.M at their Holby City branch as their London branch was closed due to refurbishment".
Charlotte asked him " just give me a moment please, she asked her mum if Saturday was ok, Bernie nodded her head and told her Saturday was ok, as Serena would be able to go with them aswell.
The appointment was made 10.30 am Saturday morning.
An hour after Cameron and Morven had gone to Morven's flat to collect whatever they needed they returned with more clothes and Harry's toy box.
Cameron put the toy box into Morven's room, and she put their clothes away in the wardrobes and draws.
Bernie then phones for a taxi, which arrives some 10 minutes later,and both ladies get into taxi, and made their way to Serena's " leafy detached property, as Bernie called it".
Once inside Bernie asks Serena " do you want or need any help with anything", .
Serena looks at Bernie and tells her "I was begining to think you would never ask".
With those words in her ears Bernie swept Serena up in her arms and carried her upstairs..............................only to come out of her room some time later.

Chapter Text

Bernie and Serena arrived back home some 3 hours after they left to go to Serena's house to pick up some clothes for Serena to attend the court hearing on Tuesday morning.
Cameron was the first to greet, and told Bernie that Felicity hd phoned her, in regards to the will that Penny had found, and the money that Marcus's mother had bequeathed him after her passing some 5 years previous.
Bernie immediately phoned her back, and Felicity gave Bernie the news she thought she would never hear, ' he had to surrender the money to his bankruptcy practitioner and all his creditors and the people he stole from WOULD GET EVERY PENNY PIECE BACK FROM MARCUS'.
Once Bernie had finished the phone call Bernie went and told everyone the good news,that all his victims would be recompenced from the money his mother had bequeathed to him.
Everyone in the house was happy to know that Bernie' clinic would get the funds returned to them, as well as knowing that Penny and Marcus junior wouldn't be evicted from their house, as there was money to clear all debts on the house.
Once everyone had calmed down, Cameron and Morven went to the local chinese takeaway to get everyone's tea, and a happy meal for Harry.
Everyone sat in a comfortable silence knowing that Marcus, will end up with nothing, because of his greed, and underhanded actions.
Once everyone had finished eating Charlotte and Serena went and cleared the plates away and loaded the dishwasher, while Morven went and bathed Harry and once he was dried and dressed (he didn't wear pyjama's he was hapoy just sleeping in his vest and pants) although he did wear a small army design dressing gown.
Once his bath time was over and Morven had dried him off and put his clean underwear on she took him back into the living room, where he was allowed just another 30 minutes t.v. time before going to bed,as he was going to nursery Tuesday Morning.
Once everyone else was showered they all made their way to bed, Bernie had set her alarm for 05.00 am.
Once everone was sleeping soundly Bernie made her way into the living room, where she found Charlotte sitting in the living room crying.
Bernie went and sat by her daughter and asked " what is wrong sweetheart, ".
Charlotte replied "at last he is being bought down to earth with such a bang, and knowing that there is a chance he might go to prison and never hurt you, me, or Cameron or any other family members is such a relief, after what he put you through all the time you were married, the lies he told, the scheming, the cheating, and god knows what ever else he had done to countless others, he will finally get his just desserts".
Bernie went and sat next to her daughter and wrapped her arms around her and told her " I think that he thought he was untouchable and that he could or would get away with everything.".
Bernie went and made them bith a hot coffee and sat talking about Charlotte's entry to Sandhurst Military Academy in January, and Bernie told her " I am so proud of you, not only because you are going to Sandhurst, and becoming a doctor, but I am proud to call you my daughter, just the same as I am proud to say Cameron is my son and also a doctor.
A little after 06.00 Harry padded into the living room, closely followed by his mum, then both Cameron and Serena.
Charlotte went and made everyone a hot coffee, then Bernie and Charlotte made everyone their breakfast, and toast and or cereal.
Once everyone had eaten their breakfast they all went and cleared the breakfast things away, and cleaned the kitchen.
Cameron and Morven and Harry were first to leave, just before 07.00am, as Harry could be at nursery anytime after 07.15.
Next to leave was Bernie,Serena and Charlotte, who were in Serena's car as Bernie only had a two seater sports car, but Serena's was a family car.

07.45 am.
Detective sergeant Felicity Partingham Whyte, and Detective Chief inspector James Goulding were already waiting at the court.
Bernie, Serena,and Charlotte arrived a little after Felicity and her boss had arrived, and just before 08.00 am Cameron and Morven arrived.
Everyone was waiting nervously at the thought of going into court, seeing both Marcus and Edward for the first time since they had been arrested.
Felicity made her way to Betnie and her party, and they were discussing what would happen that morning, Felicity explained that the court apperances for both men was to confirm their names and addresses and whether they would plead guilty or not guilty and they may or may not be remanded to custody.
The magistrate court opened at 08.00 am and Bernie and her party were escorted to a waiting area,while both men were bought up from the cells.
Ten minutes after they were shown to the waiting area Bernie and her children were shown into a room where they would be allowed to see Marcus for 45 minutes, however there was no physical contact with him.
While Bernie and Cameron and Charlotte were sitting in the room, suddenly a side door openedand in walked Marcus Dunn the disgraced consultant orthopedic surgeon, he looked a shadow of his former self, but as Cameron told him "it is self inflicted so don't expect any sympathy from me or mum or Charlotte and they all agreed, it was his fault, if he hadn't become so financially greedy, people might have wanted to help him, but now who wants to help a thief, a liar, and someone who would jeopardize their reputation on him, no one they told him".
Suddenly the side door again, this time the guards told him " get up Dunn you have had your alloted time back to the cells for you, ".
Marcus got up and looked at the family he had hurt so much and told them " this is all your fault", I have done nothing wrong.
Bernie snapped back " That is you all over Marcus, you fuck up big time and blame anyone and everyone, in your eyes you never do anything wrong do you?."
The prison guards put the handcuffs back on him and took him away, Felicity, who was present, went to Bernie and her children and asked if they were ok, after seeing him in that state,they all said yes.
They were escorted back to the waiting area, where they were suddenly joined by Serena, who was clearly emotional after seeing her ex husband.
Like Marcus, Edward had blamed Serena for his downfall, but she remained resolute and held her head high, she had nothing to reproach herself about,neither had Bernie or her children.
Felicity and her boss then called everyone into a meeting room, where the barristers were waiting to talk to everyone.
They explained that today court appearance was what they call formality hearing, basically confirming their names and addresses and the crimes what they had been charged with and whether they plead guilty or not guilty.
Once the meeting had finished the were waiting to be called into the court, although it would only be the gallery area .

09.30 am.
Bernie Serena and Cameron and Charlotte and Morven made their way into the magistrate's court number 3
The usher called the first defendant.
Marcus James Dunn.
You are charged with:
2 counts of bigamy.
Multiple counts of theft by employee.
Multiple counts of deception.
Multiple counts of theft from the "Redstone Clinic".
And you are also charged with failure to reveal funds to stave of a bankruptcy hearing.
You are also charged with stealing funds from your son Marcus James Dunn Junior.
As well as stealing from Mr. And Mrs. Johnstone.
How do you plead Guilty or Not Guilty to the charges.
Marcus Dunn: Guilty.

Edward Ernest Campbell.
You are charged with multiple thefts from the Redstone Clinic.
You are also charged with theft by deception.
How do you plead to the charges Guilty or Not Guilty.
Edward Camobell: Guilty.

Chapter Text

Everyone sat in the gallery as both Marcus and Edward pleaded guilty to their crimes, both hung their heads in shame, not only were their ex wives and family members to see their first court apperance, but former collegues and friends.

The magistrate looked at both defendants and told them that " the crimes which they have commited are too severe to be heard in a magistrates court, therefore he had no choice but to send both to crown court, for their trial to be held in front of a jury of their peers, which would commence 14 days from today."
The barrister who was representing both Marcus and Edward stood up and asked " for one day adjournment as on the day when their trial was due to begin, both men were due before the G.M.C for their disciplinary hearing, in regards to several matters which they both failed to reveal to the 'Redstone Clinic'.
The magistrate agreed to a one day adjournment so they could attend their hearing at the G.M.C
Once the 15 minute court hearing was over, both defendents were taken back down to the holding cells, where they would remain until the police van came to take them to Holby City Prison.
Bernie and her assembled party left the magistrate's court, only to be met by D.S partingham Whyte and her boss.
Felicity asked " are you all alright, after what has just happened in there?.
Bernie was the first to speak, " I am ok Felicity, but I am worried about both Cameron and Charlotte, they both look visibly upset by what they have just seen, with Marcus in the dock and being sent for trial by jury, I am also worried about Serena, she too looks upset.
Felicity and the D.C.I took everyone into the large meeting room, where Marcus and Edward's barrister was, he was busy going through their statements,and their was also a C.P.S barrister present, they both made small talk and made a hasty retreat once they knew that Marcus and Edward's ex wives and family were present, as they couldn't talk about the case in front of those who would give evidence against both men.
Morven and Bernie went to the hot drinks machine and got everyone a drink.
Bernie looked at Morven and thanked her for being "there when Cameron needed her".
They took all the drinks back to the meeting room, where everyone picked up a drink and began talking about the upcoming trial, when Bernie announced that " she was going to have to see Mr.Hanssen and the board of Holby City N.H.S trust about the trial and that, not only Bernie, but also Serena and Cameron might need some time off as they would be expected to give evidence.
Charlotte would need to speak to her lectures about having time off, as she may need to give evidence, against Marcus.
They were all making small talk, when one of the court ushers came in and politely asked them to vacate the room as other defendants and their legal teams needed to use the room.

Once everyone had left the room, a policeman made his way to Felicity, and he called her to oneside, and once the policeman had finished talking to Felicity, she made her way overtothe assembled party, and announced "both Marcus and Edward wanted to everyone, before they were taken away, everyone agreed to see both men.
They were escorted to a waiting area,where they waited until they were called in to see both defendants.
15 minutes after they first arrived to the waiting area, everyone was called into a large room, where there were several tables and chairs, however there were 4 large tables which had been pushed together so everyone could sit together and both men would be sitting together, however they would be handcuffed and there would also be 4 police officers present.

Everyone was sitting around the table, when suddenly a side door opened and both Marcus and Edward were escorted in to the room.
They made their way over to the table, sat down, when Penny just looked at Marcus and gave him a slap across the face, and told him " I hope you get everything you deserve, you cheating bastard, you have hurt everyone, but to steal not only from my parents, but to steal your youngest child's trust fund, which was to pay for his education, and to go to university, you are the lowest of the low, I hope the judge throws the book at you, and throws away the key, so you cannot ever be free to hurt anyine again".
Marcus just sat there in front of everyone smirking,then Charlotte wanted no needed her say " you call yourself a husband and father, you are not man enough to be called either, you are a thieving lowlife, who couldn't do anything unless your dominating mummy told you, you hurt myself and Cameron with your lies about our mum, yes it's true mum did have a brief affair, but you cheated on mum every year that you were married, I just wonder are there any more Marcus Dunn children because if there is then they need to know the truth about you and your lying cheating scheming actions."
Then it was Cameron's turn to slate the man who sat in front of everyone, he didn't rant and rave he just did one simple thing, he got his mobile phone out, went to his pictures and clicked on a certain one and said to Marcus " do you see that little boy in the picture? Marcus nodded his head, Cameron continued this little boy is "Henry William Wolfe" or Harry to his family and friends, but take a good look at him,because this little guy is my son, yeah, that's right MY SON,so take a good look at him, because that is the one and onky time you will ever get to see him.
Marcus liftedhis head up, " but he is my grandson Cameron, you cannot stop me seeing him, Cameron replied "my son has 2 grandparents and you are not one of them, he has his Nanny Bernie and his Nanny Serena, he doesn't want or need you, so fuck off and leave us well alone.".
Marcus and Edward then looked at the 4 women sat before them: Major Bernie Wolfe, Ms Serena Campbell, Mrs.Penelope Dunn, and Dectective Sergeant Felicity Partingham Whyte.
Bernie was the first to speak " goodbye Marcus, I will see you in court, and the other 3 women repeated what Bernie had just said.
With that everyone left the magistrate's court, and agreed they would remain friends, and that they would meet up at the Crown Court for the trial.

Chapter Text

Cameron and Morven where the first to arrive back home, Morven wanted to change into something more comfortable while Cameron went and put the kettle on to make them both a cup of coffee.
While Cameron was standing in front of the kitchen window, staring into space, he suddenly felt 2 arms wrap around his waist and Morven resting her head on his shoulder.
"Hey you" Cameron said to which Morven replied " any regrets about us picking up from where we left off?" To which Cameron replied " no regrets at all".
Cameron went and made them both a cup of coffee, they went and sat around the kitchen table and began talking about their futures.
Morven was the first to speak "well firstly we need to be honest with each other, so I need to tell you that I had a one night stand just before Christmas last year, it meant nothing to me, I was feeling low, and unhappy, and myself and a few mums from the nursery where Harry goes to decided to go out for a few christmas drinks and I got talking to a guy and one thing led to another, and I was so disgusted with myself for even letting it happen".
Cameron looked at her and said " I also had a one night stand with a C.T 1 junior doctor, it happened when I had finished my F2 year, there was a party for all F1 and F2 doctors finishing their respective years, her name is Dr.Nicky Mckendrick, and she works at Holby City Hospital, like you it meant nothing to me, but if we are going to give our relationship another go then it's honesty all the way, no holding anything back,Morven agreed.
Both Cameron and Morven both agreed that if they were going to give their relationship another go, then tell each other about anything that happened whilst they were apart,because they didn't want to hear it from anyone else.
Cameron looked at Morven and explained that both Cameron and Morven would have to 'get to know each other again, and Cameron would need to get to know his son', and Morven agreed.
Whilst both Cameron and Morven were discussing their relationship, Bernie,Charlotte and Serena arrived back home.
Cameron went and made everyone a cup of coffee whilst Bernie, and Charlotte and Serena went and changed ibto something more comfortable.
Everyone made their way into the living room, Cameron gave everyone their drinks, and went and sat next to Morven and announced that they had something to say he began " after talking things through with Morven, in regards to us and the fact that Harry is our son, we have give our relationship another chance, but this time we will listen to each other, instead of others, and take our relationship slowly".
Bernie was the first to stand and give both Cameron and Morven a hug and congratulated them on giving their relationship another go, then Charlott went and gave them both a hug and again congratulated them both, and finally Serena gave them both a hug.
Once everyone had finished, Cameron looked out of the living room window, and he saw Detective Sergeant Felicity Partingham Whyte and a Police officer walking towards the front door.
Bernie went straight to the front door, before they had time to knock the front door.
Bernie called them both in, Detective Sergeant Whyte asked Bernie to take a seat as she was there on official police business.
Bernie looked at her and asked " what is the matter Please".
The Detective Sergeant began " It is with regret that I have to inform you of the following news, at 12.17 pm. this afternoon Mr.Marcus Dunn suffered a major heart attack, and even the best efforts of the emergency services, they could not revive him, he died at 12.28pm.I am so sorry to be the bearer of bad news.
Bernie looked at her and asked " does Penny and her son know yet,?.
Felicity told her that 2 other experienced police officers had been and told her of Marcus's passing.
Everyone looked at Bernie and asked how she was feeling, she looked at everyoneand told them I am fine
With that the two police officers left Bernies house.

Chapter Text

Everyone sat in total silence, just a few hours ago they were talking to Marcus,now without any warning he was gone from everyone's life, so he had effectively git away with theft, bigamy, as well as other charges.
Serena was the first to say "does anyone want a drink or something to eat?, Bernie lifted her head up and informed Serena that there "was a new bottle of single malt whiskey in the kitchen cabinet, and the glasses were in the cupboard next to where the whiskey was.
Serenapoured everyone a large whiskey,however Cameron refused the drink as he and Morven had to go and collect Harry from nursery and he didn't want the nursery staff to smell alcohol on his or Morven's breath.
Bernie's phone began ringing out, she looked at who was calling her it was D.S Partingham Whyte.
Bernie answered the call.
"Bernie, so sorry to bother you, but we have a problem, the phone number that Penny Dunn gave me is no longer available, and the house where her and her son lived in is empty, it has been forseveral weeks, according to the neighbours."
Bernie told her to go back to Bernie's house and explain what is going on.
30 minutes later D.S Partingham Whyte and the p.c who had accompanied her to tell everyone about Marcus passing away, arrived back at Bernie's house, Charlotte jumped up and opened the front door and let them in.
Bernie stood up and asked "what is going on Felicity".
Felicity began " after I left you and your family, he 2 experienced officers, who had gone to the house phoned me and told me that the house was in darkness and totally empty, so they went and asked the neighbours if they had seen anything suspicious within the last few weeks.
The one neighbour told my officers that about 6 weeks ago a removal van turned up and emptied the house, admittedly it took 2 days, but hey left without leaving a forwarding address or contact number, so where they are living now is anyone's guess, also her phone number now it just keeps ringing out, doesn't go to voicemail, so we have no way of getting in contact with her".

Bernie looked at everyone and began by saying " is there anyway the police can trace her mobile number, or check the electoral register or any land registry to see if they have bought a house somewhere else and are living under a different name.".
Felicity replied " I have already instigated all those checks Bernie,and hopefully they should or could come up with something.
Serena was next to speak "I have been a Doctor for nearly 25 years and even I cannot and would not say that someone has died from a heart attack with out doing a post mortem, are the paramedics sure it was a heart attack?.
Felicity asked "what do you mean Serena, she replied, it could have been natural causes, an anuersym, or a stroke or something else, and more importantly which hospital mortuary or funeral directors have received his body into their care?.

Bernie then went into Major Wolf Mode " Cameron phone all the hospitals within a 75 mile radius and ask to speak to the mortuary department and ask if they have received the body of Mr.Marcus Dunn into their care today.
Charlotte phone all the funeral directors within a 75 mile radius and ask them if they have received the body of Mr.Marcus Dunn into their care today.
Serena, you phone the G.M.C. give them the fake number that Marcus made up when he stole Penny's late father's name to gain employment.
Morven, can you check with the council and ask them about 117, Sexton Drive Holby City, ask if there is anyone paying council tax, check with rhe gas and electric companies to see who is paying for gas and electric and also check with the water board ask whose name is on the account.
Everyone was busy phoning around doing what Bernie had asked them to do, when Serena was about to give everyone a shock.
Serena put her phone down and asked for everyone's attention, she began by saying.
"Well I think we have solved one problem, the number that Marcus 'made up' , is in fact the registration number of ............................................
Doctor Nicola Cooke aka Mrs Penny Dunn.
Everyone was dunbstruck to say the least.

Chapter Text

Bernie was the first to speak " Serena could you please repeat that last sentence" ,Serena replied "certainly the number that we all thought was false was given to Dr.Nicola Cooke when she graduated as a Doctor.
Everyone was just as gobsmacked as each other, Cameron was the first to speak, " no mortuary within a 75 mile has received the body of Mr.Marcus Dunn into their care today, then Charlotte was the next to speak, "no funeral directors or funeral homes have received him either. Morven was the next to speak, "Bernie, apparently a Mr and Mrs Dunn are responsible for the utilities at 117 Sexton Avenue, Holby City, and they had taken the account over from Mrs.Harriet Dunn some 5/6 years ago.

Felicity was next to speak, " was that where his mother lived then?".
Bernie replied " yes that was the last house she bought ,not long after Marcus and myself got married, and he gave her £20,000 to pay straight off the mortgage.
Serena was next to speak " I wonder if the will was a fake, or real, because, I don't know if anyone else noticed, but when she went to put the will back into the envelope
A-She couldn't fold it properly
B-The letter looked like it had been written recently.
C- The envelope or letter were not faded, even after 5 years.
D- She never said who the solicitors were.
Serena continued " she also knows that Bernie owns the 'Redstone Clinic'. and will she tell Marcus, that is if he is hiding out with her and their son".
Bernie was raging with anger, "how dare they fucking try to con us, however they can try but, they won't beat us, if Marcus knows I own the clinic, he will be bloody petrified, as he knows my feelings about theft, considering I drummed it into bith Cameron and Charlotte that there is no need to steal, if you want something you just ask.".

Felicities phone began to ring out, she looked at the number and told everyone it was her boss the D.C.I.
"Hello James, how are things going at the station, she dropped her phone to the ground, Bernie picked it up, "hello Bernie Wolfe speaking on D.S Partingham Whyte's phone, she looked at Felicity and just handed her her phone back.
Everyone looked at Bernie, who turned to the D.S.and asked her " do you want me to tell them or do you want to tell them.
Charlotte looked at Bernie, and asked tell us what mum.......................
Edward has got out, and he and Marcus are...........armed and dangerous.

Chapter Text

Everyone sat there, dumbstruck how could 2 former well respected Doctors suddenly become hunted criminals.
Bernie was the first to speak, " do the police know how Edward got out?" Felicity replied " Until I get back to the station I know just as much as you do, so that is where I am going now".
Felicity stood up and told Bernie " make sure you lock everything up including the windows, and if you should see him or if anyone hears from him please phone me back at the station, I will probably be there all night, trying to piece everything together".
Once she had left to go back to the police station, Bernie went and got her laptop and clicked onto the map icon, and typed into the search box 'Holby City' and within seconds Cameron and Charlotte and Serena had all done the same.
Bernie told everyone " we are looking for disused industrial estates, empty buildings, anywhere where there are empty buildings.

Morven told everyone that she needed to go and collect Harry from nursery so Cameron turned his laptop off got his carr keys and went with Morven to pick their son from nursery.

They arrived back home some 45 minutes later, Cameron had remembered something.

Cameron had asked everyone to sit down as he began to recall what he had remembered.
" He began by saying,
Mum, do you remember when you had to go off on deployment I think it was somewhere in India, there had been a bad earthquake, and your C.O phoned you on the Sunday whilst we were in the middle of lunch.
Bernie replied " yes it was about 6 maybe 7 years ago, most of the soldier's were going to help rebuild the village that had been wiped out, I was going out a the 'Senior Medical Officer, it was my job to assess the injuries that most of the villagers had sustained and to help train their Doctors cope with Trauma Injuries and effectively treat the superficial injuries.
Bernie asked why do want to know, Cameron replied.
" Well you had been gone about 2 weeks, and I think it was about this time that he said that his Mother had passed away, so Charlotte and Myself wanted to go and pay our respects to her and asked if we could go to her funeral, but he was adamant that we should not loose anytime from school, he effectively banned us from going to her funeral.
Bernie looked at Cameron and asked him to continue,
" He also said that the funeral was arranged and that we would be better at school, so we never got to say goodbye to her.
Charlotte mentioned that the sympathy cards that they had sent to their father, he didn't even open them.
Cameron then told everyone " but, what we couldn't understand was why had her will been read so soon, and he suddenly announced that he had been left 2 trust funds that he didn't know about , Cameron continued if I think correctly the first one was for about £80,000 and the second one was for £25,000.
Bernie looked at Cameron and asked "where is this leading to Cam ?".
He looked at her and continued " didn't that other woman Penny or Nicola or what ever her name is say " Marcus convinced her to cash in one of her trust funds which as she herself said " Marcus greedily spent it on himself and Edward Campbell and he also had his other child's trust fund.".
Bernie looked at Cameron and said " £100,000 but what would he spend that much money on in such a short space of time?.
Morven then spoke " I think I might have the answer to that, and she continued, the flat I first lived in when I came back from Jamaica was owned by a Mr and Mrs. Crossley, and he had a very successful building company, anyway the one afternoon Mrs Crossley and I were talking and she told me that her husband had just converted a basement in a house into a cinema room and that the gentleman had paid him in cash, that was how they had been able to buy the flat, and the address was in Sexton Avenue Holby City".
Bernie looked at everyone and told them we need to tell the police about this, everyone agreed...............................

Chapter Text

Serena took charge, Bernie you phone the clinic tell them what has happened and put the clinic on immediate lockdown, no one to enter or leave, Cameron and Charlotte see if you can identify any unused industrial estates or empty buildings, as Bernie asked earlier, and Morven could you please phone Mrs.Crossley to ask if she remembers anything else about that renovation her husband did in Sexton Avenue, while I phone the police.

Everyone did as Serena had asked, Cameron had found a factory which had closed down some years earlier, Charlotte she drew a blank, but Morven was talking to Mrs Crossley and she invited Morven and everyone to her house as she had information which may or may not be of use .
Morven scribbled down her address and explained that there would be another 5 people with her and they were:
Major Bernie Wolfe.
Ms Serena Campbell.
Dr.Cameron Wolfe.
Miss Charlotte Wolfe.
Master Henry Wolfe.
Mrs. Crossley told her " are they Marcus's family, Morven explained that Major Wolfe, that she was the ex wife of Marcus Dunn and Cameron and Charlotte are their children.

One hour later everyone arrived at 66 Yew Tree avenue Holby City.

They walked up the path and Morven knocked on the front door, everyone waited until a lady in her middle to late 70's opened the door.
Suddenly Serena shouted for help......................Bernie had fainted with shock.
Everyone tried to help get Bernie up to her feet, the lady who opened the door got some smelling salts, and put them under Bernie's nose.
Suddenly Bernie began to regain consciousness...............she was shocked to see Marcus's supposedly deceased mother. Everyone went inside the house, when another lady in her early 70's went into the living room, Morven introduced everyone to Mrs. Audrey Crossley, everyone shook hands, and then the other lady introduced herself.........................Mrs.Harriet Dunn, adoptive mother of Marcus Dunn.

Bernie looked at both women and said " can someone explain to us just what is going on please or am I dreaming?."

Chapter Text

Bernie was bemused to say the very least, to her left handside was his adoptive mother and to her right handside was his birth mother.
She looked at Audrey Crossley and asked her " why did you give Marcus up for adoption", Audrey replied " I had nothing to do with it, it was the work of my mother in law".
Bernie then asked Audrey to explain everything to her, Audrey began.
" I met Marcus's father when I started at college, I was studying nursing and midwifery as I wanted to be a nurse.
Gordon Jamieson ( Marcus's dad) was studying carpentry and bricklaying as he wanted to go into house building and or construction.
Anyway, we were introduced by some mutual friends, and we got on well, so we agreed to go out with each other.
We finished our first year at college, and there was a end of year party, and everyone was smoking and drinking and getting intimate with their partners, so we weren't drinking or smoking but, one thing led to another, and 6 weeks later I discovered I was pregnant.
We both agreed Gordon and I that we would tell both sets of parents together, as we both thought it was right.
So the following Sunday, my parents invited Gordon's parents over for tea, once we had all eaten our tea both Gordon and I said that we had something to tell everyone.
Once we had told them that I was pregnant, my Father asked Gordon, what he was going to so Gordon got down on one knee and asked me to marry him, as that was the right and proper thing to do.
I obviously said yes, and his parents were pleased that he was doing the right thing by me.
My parents bought us a 2 bedroomed flat and his parents furnished it out , we were busy arranging our wedding, it was only going to be a registrar office wedding, but that was what we wanted, nothing big and grandiose, just small and intimate.
Once we were married Gordon continued at college, but during holidays he worked at my Fathers building company, not only for experience but to get some money, as we needed baby clothes and everything else, pram, cot, etc etc.
Anyway the months flew by, and my mum had been busy knitting booties and jackets, his mother did nothing,not even ask how the pregnancy was progressing, which we thought was strange, but we never questioned her as she always got defensive.
Anyway, the one Sunday she asked Gordon to go and do some gardening for her as her husband had hurt his back and was resting in bed, Gordon never came back home that night, so I phoned his mum and asked what was going on with Gordon, she told me that he had been gardening all day and cut down her privet and he would be staying over at his parents house, and once the gardening was finished he would be back home..
Once I put the phone down to her, I started having contractions every 10 minutes apart, so I phoned my mum, and she and my dad arrived at the flat 25 minutes later, they got me into their car, drove us to the hospital.
I was taken to the maternity unit, my mum phoned Mary (Gordon's mother) but she was not bothered, she very politely told my mum to phone her " once the child had been born".
At 04.45 on the first of june weighing in at 6lb 10 ounces Mark Gordon Jamieson was born.
He had a little shock of black hair, brown eyes, and to me he was perfect, mum held him for a few minutes then the midwife came and took him and told me " he was going in the nursery, and I could go and see him whenever, but I would have him later so I could feed him.
My parents went, the midwife had taken Mark to the nursery and I was told to get some rest.
I was woken at 07.15am so I could feed my baby, the nurse asked me his name, when I told her, she went and got a doctor and a senior nurse, they had phoned my parents,, I started shouting wanting to know where my child was.
The doctor came to me and explained that I had signed papers to have my son adopted, I knew I hadn't, so I demanded to see the paperwork.
The signature on the paperwork was that of Gordon's mother Mrs.Mary Jamieson not mine.
The police were called, the social workers who had taken Mark, were recalled to the hospital, and everyone was trying to get in touch with Gordon's parents.
The police went to their house, but no answer, suddenly she walked in, I looked at her and asked "where is my son and where is my husband?.
She began smirking, and told everyone " that her son, my husband, was on a boat bound for Australia, and that she had signed my son over to social services, as I had ruined her son's life, so she was going to ruin my life.
The police arrested her on the spot, for child abduction, and drugging her son and getting him aboard a passenger ship bound for Australia.
The shock caused her husband to suffer a fatal cardiac arrest, he died in shame because of what she had done.
Gordon was flown back home to England, he wanted a divorce, because of what his mother had done, but I told him "I married you for richer or poorer, in sickness and in health and we can and we will get through what his mother had done to us, and we did, until he sadly passed away a few years ago, his only regret was that he never got to see or hold his son, but my father had taken a couple of photographs of our son.
We did try for another child, but it never happened, but I had my memories of my son Mark, even if I only held him for 30 minutes, those 30 minutes will be with me for ever.

Chapter Text

Bernie went and sat in between both Audrey and Harriet, and them both " what ever happens we are all here you both, so please don't think you are on your own, anyone of us is only a phone call away".
Serena reiterated what Bernie had said, and with that everyone swopped landline phone numbers aswell as mobile phones but Audrey and Harriet both admitted that they were not very over keen on mobile phones, so it was agreed that they would use the landline instead.
Once they had said their goodbyes Serena and Bernie got everyone back home, Serena, Bernie, and Charlotte in her car and Cameron, Morven and their son Harry in his car.
Whilst on the way back home Bernie's mobile phone began ringing out, she looked who it was and it was Felicity.
" Hello Felicity , how are you Bernie asked, fine she replied, what's the problem she asked.
We have found out how both Marcus and Edward escaped custody , Bernie asked " how did they do it then?."
Felicity replied.
It transpires that Penny Dunn has a couple of brothers who work within the prison service, so when both Edward and Marcus both got arrested they worked a plan of action and she also searched the internet for information as to how to cause a heart attack and what medication would be needed, etc,.
Her brothers made sure that they would be on escorting prisoners to and from court today and they somehow got information to them as to what time they were appearing in court and what prison van they would be travelling in and how many other prison staff were also on duty escorting prisoners to and from court and whether it was magistrates court or crown court.
They swopped around with other staff so that her brothers could help Marcus and Edward escape
Bernie then asked " but how did they get guns".
The guns what they had were guns that were dummy but, they look realistic.
Bernie then asked " have you any idea where you may think they could be,or not, because myself and Serena have started looking at disused building in and around Holby city, but we cannot seem to find anywhere yet, but we will continue to look everywhere where it is possible.
Bernie finished the phone call.
20 minutes later everyone had arrived back home and they had ordered a family sized chinese takeaway for everyone to share, however Serena was really quiet,
"Serena, what is the matter Charlotte asked, Serena looked at everyone and said " I think I might know where they might go, Bernie told her to continue." Serena continued when Edward and were courting he always said he wanted flying lessons, and I asked him why?.
He always said " just think If I can fly a small plane what is there to stop us from flying to paris for a dirty weekend or going further afield.
I told him to stop being so bloody stupid flying lessons are expensive, and he replied " we will ask your d
Parents to pay for me to have flying lessons as a wedding present, and I told him to forget it, as they will never do that.
Anyway my parent did not agree to flying lessons for him, but he always drove past the flying school, which was based near to Holby City international airport.
Armed with this new information Bernie immediately phoned Felicity and told her what Serena had told everyone.
Felicity informed Bernie that she would instigate a search of the building and keep everyone informed if they found anyone at the disused flying svhool.

Chapter Text

It was way past midnight before everyone had gone to bed apart from Harry, who went to bed after having something to eat.
Serena lay awake in the double bed she shared with her Bernie, unable to sleep, owing to the fact she was troubled knowing she had told everyone about the flying school.
Bernie woke up an saw the time on her phone, it was 02.27, and she turned over to see Serena lying wide awake, and unable to sleep, Bernie looked at her and asked her " what is the matter then Serena?".
Serena looked at Bernie and told her " if I tell you you will only think I am being silly".
Bernie took Serena's hand in hers and told her "ok we will go downstairs and talk about things then".

Both Bernie and Serena made their way downstairs into the living room, Bernie went and got 2 wine glasses and the last bottle of shiraz ( well the last one in the house).
Bernie told her " tell me what you know about the flying school then".
She began.
" As you know, Edward wanted flying lessons as a wedding present from my parents, and they declined as they wanted to give something worthwhile so they bought us our first home, anyway before and even after we were married he would always find a way of driving past the flying school, his excuse was that he wanted to know the cost of the lessons, and how much the pilots licence cost and how long it would take to arrive once the application form had been submitted.
Eventually his intrest waned in wanting to learn to fly, especially after Elinor was born, but he was gutted when it closed down permanently, but that didn't stop him from passing by the school, not every day but a couple of times a month".
Suddenly the living room door opened, and Charlotte was standing in the doorway.
"Are you talking about the flying school? Charlotte asked, Serena replied yes why?.
Charlotte replied," well I had to do an in depth investigation about the flying school it was part of a study myself and 3 other students had to do as part of our entrance exam for Sandhurst.
Serena looked at her and told her "please continue".
Charlotte continued " anyway the flying school and the adjoining farm and the outside buildings and the land were owned by a Mr. Gerald Coleman, ( no relation to the mustard maker), who never married or had a family, and he always paid cash on delivery,no matter what he wanted he alwayd paid on the spot, but when he wanted a small house built on his land several building firms jumped at the chance to build the property,but he chose to build it himself, he paid for all the amenities installed, gas electricity and a water supply, but he had to pay to have some land dug up and have drainage channel's installed, and again he paid in cash once the job was completed.
Charlotte continued " one of our group did a background check into his financial affairs, and when it was completed everyone had a utter shock, although he lived very sparsley, and only ate what he had grown in his field, and and had eggs his chickens had laid, but he never ate meat.
When we found out that he was extremely wealthy we did further checks into his life, he was a military officer, a field marshall to be precise, but he knew Brigadier Sir Henry Charles Wolfe, our grandfather, your father mum.
And he knew officers from the R.A.F and that was where most of the flying officers either taught or they learned to fly at his flying school.
However when he passed away several years ago, he had no heir or a next of kin to leave his fortune to, but in his will everything he owned all his money, and land and possessions, he left to Her Majesties British Army, on the understanding that all the land be converted into a
Army Foundation College, just like the one in Harrogate, with a state of the art gym, swimming pool, lecture theatres and accommodation blocks, but there was a caveat and that was that the house he had built could not be demolished,because it was not finished, the garage still needed the roof installing, and it once the garage is/ was completed then the Army can begin to build the A.F.C.
Bernie looked at Charlotte and told her " let's go and get our maps and find out where the house is standing and maybe, just maybe that could be where Marcus, Edward, and the child and whatever her name is could be hiding out".
Serena looked at Charlotte and Bernie, and asked her " when do we go and find out if they are hiding out there".
Bernie looked at both Charlotte and Serena and told them "we will have to go and see for ourselves first how big the house is and access to and from the property, and routes to and from the house, and vantage points, and we begin tomorrow.

Chapter Text

The time was fast approaching .8.30 and everyone in the Wolfe household were sitting in the living room, all had showered and had their breakfast, and they were discussing what everyone would be doing .
Bernie was going to hire a van so Morven and Cameron could go and empty Morven and Harry's flat and get their clothes and belongings to their new home,once that was completed Bernie and Serena would go to Serena's house and start to get all her clothes and belongings over to the house she now shared with Bernie and her family.
Bernie herself had been busy, she had phoned several car/van hire companies, and eventually she managed to hire from the local hire company, however she couldn't go and collect it until midday.

Everyone was getting excited about the next chapter in their lives, Bernie reunited with her children, Cameron rekindling his relationship with Morven and getting to know his son, and Serena finally being with the woman she adored the magnificent Major Bernie Wolfe.
Charlotte was just happy with the knowledge that both her mum and brother were with people who loved them, Harry was oblivious to what was going on around him, he was just happy playing with his toys.
Bernie asked Morven " does Harry ever sleep in his own room or does he sleep in your room?."
Morven replied " Harry always sleeps in the same room as me, but in his own bed "
Bernie replied " it's no problem but if Harry was in his own room, how would he like it decorated, with dinosaurs, or astronauts or football?."
Morven replied with a simple answer "anything to do with the army, he loves watching soldiers, in fact any thing that is army related".
Bernie replied " ok Morven, would you like us to decorate a room for Harry that is all army inspired?."
Morven replied "Yes please, that might encourage him to sleep in his own room, "
Cameron then said " Ok Morven before we go and start to empty your flat, we will go to decorating shops and see what they have in wallpapers with army patterns".
Serena then said " why don't you look online, there may be a bigger and better choice, both Cameron and Morven agreed to look inline once they had finished in Morven's flat.
Bernie then announced that while Cameron and Morven along with Charlotte and Harry were busy emptying Morven's flat, both Bernie and Serena would be going into Holby city centre as there was still some kitchen gadgets that Bernie wanted for her state of the art kitchen, as well as other items.
Bernie then made another announcement and that when everyone was back home the family would be going shopping, as she wanted to make sure that there was plenty of food in the house, as it was something Marcus never allowed.
She also wanted to make sure that there would be something for everyone, starting from cereals, to crisps, to biscuits to fruits, desserts etc.

The time was now approaching 10.00am, when suddenly there was a knock on the front door, Bernie got up to answer it.
Standing in front of her was : Detective Sergeant Felicity Partington Whyte and Detective Chief inspector Goulding.
Bernie called them both in immediatly, she showed them into the living room and introduced her and the DCI to Morven.
She was going to deliver some news that would shock everyone.

She began by thanking everyone for their help and assistance regarding Marcus Dunn, Edward Campbell and Nicky Cooke/ Penny Dunn, and Marcus Dunn Junior.
"At 05.35 am this morning at Holby City Police Station Mr.Marcus Dunn surrendered himself to the custody officers and he also surrendered his passport he gave a signed confession of all his crimes and thefts, not only from some of his patients but also the Redstone Clinic.
At 05.40 this morning at Holby City Police Station Mr.Edward Campbell also surrendered himself to the custody officers and he also surrendered his passport and he too signed a full and frank confession of all his crimes and thefts from some of his patients and also the Redstone Clinic.
At 05.45 this morning at Holby City Police Station Ms Nicola Cooke surrendered herself to the custody officers and she also surrendered her passport and she too gave a full and frank confession of all the crimes that she had committed, as well as growing cannabis and threating behaviour towards a Mrs.Harriet Dunn and a Mrs. Audrey Crossley, and the theft of £25,0000 for her son Master Marcus Dunn Junior.
All 3 are now in different prisons so there will be no contact between any of them, and they are due to appear in court early next week, obviously it will not be in Holby City or the surrounding areas.
Master Marcus Dunn Junior has put himself in the care of the local authorities".
Bernie sat in her chair dumbstruck, gobsmacked, in fact there were not enough words to say how she felt, but she went to both her children and asked them both how they felt, Charlotte replied " let's hope they lock them all up for a very long time and then throw away the keys, and Cameron said exactly the same".
Both Detective sergeant Partington Whyte and DCI Goulding went to leave when Bernie looked at both of them and said " Thank you for telling us what has happened, and I hope that we can remain friends after the trials because without you none of us would have known what had been going on, everyone agreed to remain friends.
Once the police officers had left, Bernie looked at her family and announced " Now the next new chapter in all our lives can begin"

Chapter Text

Everyone was sat in the living room, bewildered, shocked, but elated at the fact that Marcus Dunn, Edward Campbell and Penny Dunn were safely ensconced in various prisons, although they still had to go to the nearest magistrates court for their bail hearings.
Bernie still had to go and pick up the hire vehicle, that would transport all of Morven and Harry's belongings from their flat to the home that they would share with Bernie and her family.
Whilst Morven along with Harry, Cameron and Charlotte would be packing the flat up, Bernie and Serena would be at Serena's house packing up the last few belongings of hers and then they would get all of Serena's stuff over to the home that she also would be sharing with Bernie and her family.
Bernie was getting ready to go and pick up the van, when she noticed that Morven was looking worried, so Bernie asked Morven to go with her to pick up the van, Morven immediately agreed to go with her.
They left the house at 11.30 am, as they couldn't collect the van until after 12.00 pm. On the way to collect the van Bernie stopped and asked Morven " what is the matter Morven, is it me? am I rushing you, ? Is it Cameron? is he rushing you, ?".
Morven looked at Bernie and said " do you fancy going for a coffee Bernie, then I will tell you what is wrong". Bernie agreed.
They made their way to a little cafe, which was not far from the hire vehicle company, once they had entered the cafe Bernie went and got 2 coffees whilst Morven went and got a table for them.
Once they were both sitting down with their hot drinks Morven began to tell Bernie what was wrong.
" In January of this year, Harry developed a nasty chest infection, it was so bad it put the little guy in hospital, and I stayed with him the whole 4 days he was in hospital, but while Harry was in the hospital I had an appointment with my work coach at the job centre, but I informed him as to what was going on with Harry, so I could not make my appointment but I did rearrange the appointment and my work coach was happy to do that, but he told me that I would need to provide proof that Harry HAD BEEN an inpatient at St. Lukes hospital.
So I asked his paediatric consultant and his paediatric nurse if they could both write letters confirming that Harry had actually been in hospital, as my work coach and the job centre needed proof otherwise without those letters my benefits could be sanctioned".
Bernie looked at Morven in utter disbelief,she said " you actually needed proof that your son was very poorly in hospital, or you benefits would be sanctioned, for goodness sake Morven you are a fully qualified Doctor, how dare they demand proof that your son, my grandson was in hospital".
Morven continued " Bernie, when you claim benefits of any sort they think that they can treat you as they think fit, you could be a Doctor, Teacher, High court Judge, but when you make a claim for benefits you become beholden to them, and if they tell you that they have found you a job, you have to go to the interview that they have arranged for you otherwise they stop your benefits and they don't care whether you have money coming in or not.
On the day Harry was discharged from hospital, both the paediatric consultant and his nurse handed me the letters that I had asked for, I put them in my bag and got Harry dressed and waited while the hospital got his prescription ready, once I had been given Harry's medicine we made our way back home.
When we got back home, there was several letters on the floor, 2 were from the D.W.P so they were the first ones I put on the top of the pile.
Before I opened them, I went and got Harry's duvet and pillow from his bed, and put them on the settee for him and once I had got him settled I began to open the top 2 letters, they knocked me for six, because I hadn't been able to attend my appointment with my work coach, all my benefits had been sanctioned, effectively I only had the monthly child benefit for Harry.
On the Monday Morning myself and Harry made our way to the jobcentre and I wanted to see my work coach urgently, but he told the reception desk that it would be at least another hour before he would see me, so I waited and waited, he eventually decided to see me at Two o clock and immediately I handed over the letters from the hospital, but he wasn't interested at all, he just told me " you failed to make your appointment, because you claim your son was in hospital with a chest infection, and he basically told me to leave".
Bernie looked at Morven and asked her " have you accrued any debts because they stopped your benefits?.
Tearfully Morven looked at her and showed her a couple of letters, Bernie looked at Morven and said .
" ok we will go and sort all these bills out, and get your belongings from the pawn shop, but this stops between us,unless you want to tell everyone what happened".
Bernie got up from her seat and went and put her arm around Morven, and said " come on have a good cry in the van and then we will clear the arrears on these bills and then we go and get the fish and chips and then you and Cameron along with Charlotte and Harry can empty the flat and start a new with your partner and yours and Harry's new family ok, Morven looked at Bernie and said ok Bernie thank you.".

Chapter Text

Bernie and Morven finished drinking their drinks left the cafe and made their way to the vehicle hire company, where Bernie took delivery of a large transit van, which would help Morven and Cameron remove all of their belongings from the flat and take them to their new home, who they would share with Bernie and the family.
Once all the paperwork was sorted Bernie got into the driver's side and Morven got into the passenger seat, Bernie asked Morven " Where to first then Morven", and Morven replied " could we go to the housing office first please?".
Once they had got to the office, they spoke to the receptionist and Morven asked to speak to her housing officer, Mrs.Elliot.
Some 15 minutes later, a middle aged woman came out of an office holding a blue folder, and she called out for Ms.Morven Shreeve.
Morven and Bernie made their way over to her, she called them both into her office and invited them both to take a seat.
Morven was the first to speak and she told Mrs.Elliot " whatever is said in this office regarding my rent and council tax accounts can be said in front of my Mother in law as I have no secrets from her,"
With that Mrs.Elliot began by saying that Morven had been a model tenant and that she had sympathies for Morven wuth regards to her situation.
Mrs.Elliot explained that due to Morven's benefits being sanctioned she had accrued rent arrears of £475.00 and council tax arrears of £369.00 and that she needed to come to a repayment plan to clear arrears on both accounts, Bernie told Mrs.Elliot that she would clear all arrears and then asked " how much notice does Morven have to give you to vacate her property"?, Mrs.Elliot replied a month's notice.
Bernie got her wallet out and got her bank card out and cleared all of the rent and council tax arrears, once everything was cleared both Bernie and Morven thanked her for her help and assistance in both matters, and left the housing office, and made their way to the van.
Once they were back in the van Bernie then asked Morven " where to next then " tearfully Morven told her " the pawn shop on the high street"

They drove the short distance to the pawn shop, both ladies exited the van and made their way into the shop and made their way to the 'buyback counter'.
A young lady appeared from a back office, and approached Morven and asked her what can I do for you today Morven?.
Morven replied " can I please buy my goods back please?".
The lady had the tickets off Morven and added up the re-purchase prices and it came to £195.00 , Bernie got out her wallet out and paid the money and the lady advised both ladies that it would be about 15 minutes to get all of Morven' s goods together.
Whilst the assistant was getting Morven's belongings together Bernie told her " I haven't been inside one of these shops for years".

Chapter Text

Morven looked at Bernie shocked to say the very least " you have used these shops before then Bernie " asked Morven, Bernie replied to her "Marcus was always pawning my jewellery when we were first married, and I found out by accident", was Bernie's replie.
The young lady who was serving behind the buyback counter called Morven over, as she had found all of Morven's belongings and handed them over to both ladies, who thanked the young lady, and quickly exited the shop.
Once everything was in the van Bernie continued telling Morven about what Marcus got upto when Bernie was away on an overseas deployment.
" We had been married for 3 months when I had my first overseas deployment, myself and other medical officers and soldiers left the United Kingdom to go to a war zone, it was due to be a 6 month deployment, however after 5 months out , the senior officers were called to a meeting and relayed the information that the regiment that I was with ' The Royal Berkshire Rifles' had been recalled to the U.K.
Less than 24 hours later we were all back home, once we had been debriefed we were allowed home, so I phoned Marcus, but there was no reply from home, so I phoned my parents, and they came to pick me up.
Once they had taken me home, I showered and had a few hours sleep,then I phoned St.James's hospital where Marcus worked, and I was told he was on annual leave, with his wife, but I told them I was his wife and they hung up on me.
I got dressed and went to my jewellery box to get my etenity, ring, engagement and wedding rings out, but they were not there so I searched the bedroom for them, and I couldn't find them, however I found a pawnbrokers receipt for my jewellery, and armed with this I drove to St.James's hospital and demanded answers regarding Marcus.
I was very irrate and the C.E.O of the hospital invited me upto his office, where he explained that he had been on leave and gone on holiday with his wife Captain Bernie Wolfe, then I got out my army warrant card to prove who I was, once my identity had been proved, he offered to contact him immediately, and I asked him to contact me with any news regarding Marcus.
Once I had left the hospital I made my way to the pawnbrokers and I asked if I could buy MY jewellery back, but because it had been pawned in Marcus's name only he could buy it back, so I told them that they had effectively bought stolen goods as they belonged to me and Marcus had no rights in pawning them, but they kept repeating themselves saying " only the named person on the contract can repurchase them".
So I told them I would get the police involved and inform the National Pawnbokers Association of the United Kingdom what they had done and that they would lose their licence.
Eventually they gave in and I bought my jewellery back, and I asked them if they could Marcus's name on a list of banned customer's or something similar, but they couldn't as there are countless shops up and down the country who would find a way around it.".

Morven then asked " did he ever do anything like it again Bernie?." Bernie replied yes several times more but it was always mine, Cameron's or Charlotte's goods he would pawn.
Suddenly Bernie's phone began ringing, so she pulled into a car park to answer the phone, it was Charlotte and she asked " where are you mum, as Felicity has phoned and Harry is upset, Bernie replied " we were late in getting the van and we are on our way home now, we should be with you in 30 minutes, because we will bring fish and chips back for everyone.", Charlotte replied ok mum see you both soon.".
With that both ladies drove to the nearest chip shop and got something for everyone, once they had arrived home ,Harry ran to Morven crying thinking she had left him, whilst Cameron and Charlotte dished up everyone's lunch.
Once everyone had eaten, and the plates and cutlery had been placed in the dishwasher, Bernie phoned Felicity, the phone call was to say that Marcus had confessed to everything and his court case could take place within the next few weeks, but he was definitely looking at a custodial sentence, as were Edward Campbell and Penny Dunn.
Cameron asked what everyone was doing for the rest of the day, because himself, Morven,Charlotte and Harry could get everything in Morven's flat packed up and taken out and over to the house, then Serena spoke, " why don't we all go because either on the way over to the flat we could pick up some of my belongings aswell " eveyone agreed that was a good idea.
Suddenly Charlotte' s phone began to ring out, she looked at the number was her commanding officer from Holby City Barracks
She answered the phone and her C.O. adked if the rumours were true, that Major Bernie Wolfe was back in Holby City, Charlotte replied " yes sir Major Wolfe is back in the country, in fact she is sitting next to me, with that she put her phone on loud speaker.
Bernie was the first to speak "good afternoon Colonel Richardson, and what can I do for you?.
Colone Richardson replied " good afternoon Bernie, hope you are well, Bernie replied I am very well sir thank you for asking".
The colonel went on to explain to Bernie, that there was a open weekend taking place the last weekend in July, and would she be the officer who does the tank driving demonstration on the open weekend, she would be on Holby City Barracks Strength BUT she would not be asked to take up a commission, it is strictly a one off.
Bernie looked at her family.........who all gave her the ok to do the demonstration on the open weekend, she told the C.O that she would and asked how many guests she could bring along with her, he told her ", you can bring upto 6 people with her as her guests, Bernie told him " I will look forward to it sir, the C.O.told her he would give any information to Charlotte, when she attended the barracks as she would be a marshall escorting visitors from exhibit to another.
Once the ohone call had ended, Charlotte's phone began to ring out again she looked at everyone and told them she needed to take this phone call as it was important, to her.
5 minutes later Charlotte returned to the living room, she was visibly upset and ashen faced.
Who was the call from, why was Charlotte upset and ashen faced, had someone hurt Charlotte, was it to do with her studies?.......
Charlotte knew that she might have hurt or upset Serena with what she had done, or would Serena be proud of what she had done, one thing was certain she would have to tell Serena soon..............

Chapter Text

Cameron ran into the kitchen to make Charlotte a cup of hot sweet tea for whatever shock she had received.
Bernie and Serena sat her down and tried to console her, with whatever news she had received, it was obviously a shock to her, but just how would Serena react to what Charlotte would tell her in a short time.
Cameron went into the living room with the hot sweet tea, Charlotte very quickly put it down, as she needed to tell everyone just what was happening.
Charlotte began by saying " Serena, I am so sorry I don't mean to upset you or bring back memories of when Elinor passed away, I did what I did with the best of intentions".
Serena looked at Charlotte and told her " Tell us what you have done, I promise you I will not rant and rave at you, whatever you have done we will discuss it like mature adults ok"
Charlotte looked at her and nodded and she began.
" I don't know if any of you know, but this year is the 150th year since Holby City University opened it's doors for it's first students, and over the next few months there are various events taking place, such as open days, tours all around the various schools on campus, international fairs, family fun days etc."
Serena said " I think I remember reading about it in the Holby City News".
"Charlotte said that's right, because they are also unveiling a memorial to all the soldiers from the Holby city area who have fallen in wars over the years,whether it be the first world war or the second world war or the Falklands conflict or the war in Iran, and Iraq or Afghanistan there will be a permanent memorial to everyone, and there will be a small inscription aswell.
However Holby City University want to honour 150 students who for whatever reason didn't get to finish their degree.
Obviously students who went to war they are being remembered by the memorial plaque.
I made an appointment to see Professor Emma Taylor, she is the dean of 'The Nan Winton School of Journalism, broadcasting and Media Studies' and I asked her what would I have to do to nominate someone, so she gave a nomination form.".
I filled the form in and submitted it, and a fortnight ago I was in a meeting with a panel of several deans of various schools from Holby City University, and I gave a compelling arguement as to why I thought Elinor Campbell deserved to be awarded her degree posthumously.".
Serena looked at Charlotte and asked " why Elinor?".
Charlotte replied " because there was a side to Elinor, that not a lot of people knew about, Charlotte continued, the last weekend of every month Elinor and I went and helped out at the homeless centre, we didn't mind whatever we did whether it be cleaning, helping serve food or just listening or talking to someone,we just wanted to help anyway we could.
Elinor and I also helped out at the soup kitchen just giving something back to society after all we were in a better place than most homeless people"
Bernie asked Charlotte " I didn't know you and Elinor were friends, Charlotte replied " we were both respectful of each other and our chosen career choices, but I had the utmost respect for Ms.Serena Campbell, being the best vascular/ general surgeon in the U.K. and Elinor had the utmost respect for you mum, being the world renown trauma surgeon that you are.
Elinor was happy that you had found someone who made you happy, and she was more than happy to have mum as a step parent instead of Liberty.
Charlotte continued " anyway the phone call that I received was to tell me that on the 25th July this year there will be a special graduation ceremony honouring those students who didn't get to finish their degree, the ceremony begins at 11am and will conclude at 15 pm.
There will be 50 students name announced at the begining and their relatives will go on stage to receive the degree.
Elinor Campbell will be announced in the second set of 50 students whose relatives will go on stage and receive their degree posthumously.
Charlotte looked at Serena and once again apologised for upsetting her with regards to the loss she suffered when she lost her daughter.
Serena got up and walked over to Charlotte, she sat down next to her and thanked her for doing what she had done, but Serena wasn't upset, she couldn't have been anymore proud of what Charlotte had done.
Serena got up, and went to walk back over to her seat, and then the realisation of what Charlotte had told her hit home.
Serena Campbell was going to get her dearest wish come true, she would get to hear her daughter's name read out at a graduation ceremony and get her degree.

Chapter Text

Bernie and Serena looked at each other in shock, Cameron was the next to speak, and he said to Charlotte " tell us about it no one will criticize you for helping others less fortunate than others".
Charlotte began.
" I finished from Cheltenham Ladies College the second week in July 6/7 years ago, Cameron picked me up and bought me back home, once I had emptied both my suitcases and washed and dried all my clothes, I also had a sort out of my wardrobe and what I didn't want I put to oneside and there were also some c.d's and books etc.
On the Saturday I got everything into a couple of holdalls and asked Cameron if he would drive me into Holby City town centre, he asked why I wanted to go there, so I told him I had some donations to give to a charity shop, a d Cameron he too had some donations to give to charity.
Once we got into Holby City center and he gave me a hand to take the 4 bags of donations into ' Holby City Homeless Charity Shop', once inside I saw the Manageress a Mrs.Anne Harvey, and I handed the donations over to her, however there were a couple of signs behind the counter, the first one was ' donations needed' and the second one was ' volunteers wanted', and I was just about to ask her about becoming a volunteer, a girl walked in she was tall, long hair and stunning in looks, it was Elinor.
Like me she also had donations to give to the charity, she looked at me and said " you are Charlotte Dunn, right, then I looked at her and said "you are Elinor Campbell right" once we had said why we were both there, I then asked about becoming a volunteer, and Elinor asked the same.
Anne gave us both application forms, and she let us fill them in whilst we were in the shop, about an hour later, after Elinor and myself had completed filling in the forms, she gave us a joint interview, and we were both accepted as volunteers at Holby City Homeless Charity.
She told us that we wold be working at the homeless shelter, we could be cleaning, changing bed linen, or helping serve dinners to anyone who came through the doors.
We explained to Anne that we were both taking a year out before we started at university, she was still happy for us to volunteer, if we still wanted to, we were both more than happy to help out.
We were needed Friday's, Saturday's and Sundays ( just until 13.00 hrs) ,and the first weekend of every month the kitchen was deep cleaned, the bedding was changed every Friday, and Saturday's and Sundays breakfast which was cereal and OR toast with tea or coffee, was served from 07.00 until 09.30 the lunches were served from 11.00 until 14.00 (except Sunday's).

Everything was working out fine, until one Friday afternoon Anne had asked us to help her out at the soup kitchen, it was basically a converted caravan, but it was pased fine by Holby City Council, and it had a 4 star hygiene rating, we were filling the stirrers up, replenishing the sugar sachets,etc, when those 4 turned up, wanting hot drinks and claiming poverty.
Bernie looked at Charlotte and said " those 4, and they are?"
Charlotte said sorry " I mean to say Edward, Liberty , Marcus, and that woman Penny or whatever her name is asked for coffees for all of them, until Elinor said " these people are not homeless, one of these men unfortunately is my nasty father with his floozy, and I said the other one is my nasty father with a woman I don't know.
Charlotte then began to break down in tears, Bernie went and tried to comfort her daughter, but to no avail.
Charlotte went upstairs to the bathroom and composed herself, then went back into the lounge and said " before I continue I need Cameron to go to his flat and get some things for me, Cameron looked at her and asked " what do you need sis, she replied " the brown bankers box, and out of my wardrobe the 2 large flat cardboard boxes and the 2 large square boxes please".

Why would 5 boxes be so important to one person, but Charlotte was adamant that she couldn't continue without those boxes, one thing was sure once Bernie and Serena had seen the contents of those boxes, they would surly understand the importance of why both Elinor and Charlotte wanted to help, but their biggest and best achievement was yet to be revealed.

Chapter Text

Cameron asked Morven if he would go with him to his flat to get the boxes Charlotte had asked for, and she agreed.
Bernie and Serena would look after Harry until both Cameron and Morven returned home.
Serena went to her handbag and got out her purse and handed Morven a £20.00 pound note and asked her " to bring something back for everyone's lunch.
Cameron and Morven got their coats on and told everyone " we will be back within the hour ".
Whilst Cameron and Morven were away, Bernie had a phone call from Ede and Ravenscroft with regard to Charlotte's gown and mortar board they wanted her to have final fitting on Saturday Morning, and Charlotte agreed to it.

One hour later Cameron and Morven returned home, complete with the 5 boxes that Charlotte had wanted and Morven had got lunch for everyone.
Charlotte took the 4 boxes that were in her wardrobe and took them upstairs to her room, she opened the first of the 2 large flat boxes it contained a certificate in Elinor's name and replaced it and then she opened the first of the 2 large square boxes and the award was again in Elinor's name.
She put the first of the large flat boxes on her bed, and placed the black velvet box on top, and took them downstairs and handed it to Serena, she then went back upstairs and got the second large flat box and second black velvet box, and once again took them into the living room and handed it to her mum.
Serena looked at Charlotte, and asked " can I open the boxes please, Charlotte looked at her mum and told her to open the boxes aswell.

The tears streamed down both Bernie and Serena's faces.
Charlotte went and held Serena's hand and told her " If after what I tell you, if you need to ask anybody about christmas 2016 then please ask Anne Harvey, she will tell you exactly the same.

Charlotte began " in May 2016, Anne received a letter from Holby City Council, it was a letter saying that they ( The Council) were stopping funding to the homeless charity, and other services I.e meals on wheels, and help the aged, and one parent families.
When Anne told everyone at the homeless shelter, we were all shocked, but bloody well annoyed after all the councillors were still being driven around in their chauffeur driven cars, having holidays, and extortionate wages, and not to mention claiming expenses.
Any way once we had finished at the shelter, Elinor offered to drive me home, so I agreed, and on the way home she said to me " I have got an idea, want to help me or not, so immediately I said yes .
Once we had reached your house, she invited me in, you were at work Serena, anyway we went into the kitchen and she made us both a coffee, and I asked her what was her idea.
Elinor looked at me and said " if it works, we will make Holby City Council look mean and stupid.
So I looked at her and said " what is your idea then,?.
Elinor replied firstly we need the adresses and any email addresses that we can find of the major supermarkets in and around Holby City, and we need to write a letter and each and we will see which one sounds best, if not we might have to write a lette using both letters and use whatever we can, then we will make a template, and email it to all the top supermarkets and wait for their replies.
We both agreed that we would keep it to ourselves, unless someone found out and then we would tell everyone.
Charlotte then pointed to the brown banker's box, once again she began to get upset.
Serena went over to Charlotte and dried her tears, and told her " take a break, we will have some lunch, and if you feel up to it would you continue after lunch, Charlotte agreed.

Chapter Text

Once everyone had eaten their lunch, and the plates, and cutlery had been washed up, Bernie asked Charlotte if she would continue, Charlotte agreed.
Charlotte began, " Elinor phoned me up on the Monday Morning and asked me to look for head office addresses of some of the big major high street stores, so I looked online, not only did I get addresses, but email addresses and I wrote them down in my notepad, Elinor did exactly the same, later on the Monday afternoon she phoned me to tell me that she would pick me up at 9.00 am on Tuesday Morning and we would start emailing the companies that we thought might give us donations".
On the Tuesday Morning I got all my information together, and waited outside for Elinor to pick me up,and she turned up on time, we went into Holby City Centre, and made sure no business had been missed of either my list or Elinor's list, thankfully we hadn't missed anyone.
Once we had checked everything out, we made our way to your house Serena, Elinor had told me that you were at work until 18.00 hrs.
We looked at both letters that we had written, and we both decided that we would write a letter using parts of my letter and parts of Elinors letter.
Once we had written the letter, Elinor typed it up and we used it as the letter that we would use to email the companies we hoped would give us donations to help out the homeless, and the vunerable people in and around Holby City.
Before we started to send out emails, we both agreed that if no one was willing to donate, then we would tell Anne Harvey, But, we would not say anything until the end of November..
Morven looked at Charlotte and asked " didn't the homeless charity try to do anything themselves?.
Charlotte replied " yes they did, the raised the prices slightly in the charity shop, and they began selling hot and cold drinks at 50p for either tea or coffee squash was also 50p and sandwiches were £1.00.
By doing that they raised about £100.00, but it wouldn't have been enough to feed the homeless or try to come anywhere near what was needed.
Anyway, after hours of emailing nearly all the major store in Holby, we called it a day, and then we would just wait for the companies to reply to our email.
Nearly a month had passed before we had our first reply, it was Asda, and all they said was "Thank you for your email, and we are considering your request".
Every company who didn't reply we just kept sending the email, but no one bothered to reply, monthe passed and at the beginning of November, we both agreed that on the last weekend we would tell Anne everything that we had done to try to get the homeless people, and the elderly, aswell as vunerable families in the city.
The last Saturday in November, we had finished serving the dinners, washed everything up dried everything and put them away, the intercom began buzzing.
So Anne answered it and she said " are you sure, a delivery for Holby City Homeless shelter ok I will be down in a minute".
All the staff went downstairs, to see about this delivery..............there were about 5 maybe 6 large trucks, and Anne asked " are you sure you have the right place" the driver went back to the van and he came out with a board, which had got delivery notes on it, he showed it to Anne, and told her " Holby City Homeless shelter" , Elinor and myself looked at each other in shock.
Suddenly a newspaper reporter approached Anne and asked her " How do you feel about what has happened?
Anne looked at her and asked "what do you mean".
The reporter replied " The fact that 2 Holby City University students have shamed Holby City Council, and got the major high street stores to donate food, toys, and toiletries aswell as other items.
Elinor and myself just broke down in tears,we didn't think anyone was bothered about the homeless and elderly and vunerable.
We had donations from: Asda, Tesco,Morrison's, Sainsbury's, Argos, Iceland,(frozen foods), Smyth's toy shop, The body care shop,aswell as other companies, in and around Holby City.
Oakleigh's farm donated enough fresh vegetables and fruit to last a lifetime.
We didn't realise just how generous companies could be when it came to donating for charity.
After all the trucks had been unloaded and everything stored away safely, Elinor and myself asked to speak to Anne and all the staff wanted to know what we had done so we went upstairs into the kitchen, and we showed everyone all our paperwork, and we both broke down in tears.
Anne consoled us both, and once we had stopped crying, we both offered to leave there and then, after all we had shamed Holby City Council and we didn't want any trouble for Anne or the staff at the shelter, Anne refused point blank.
After all It took 2 university students to get Holby City Council to reinstate funding for the homeless shelter and the most vunerable residents to be looked after.

Chapter Text

Everyone was shocked by what Elinor and Charlotte had achieved, just by emailing major high street stores, and asking for help.
Serena looked at Charlotte and asked her " what happened afterwards".
Charlotte replied " on the Saturday afternoon, Anne phoned the local salvation army hostel, and asked if they would give the homeless people and the vunerable residents of Holby their breakfast and their lunches, but Anne would provide the cereals and bread for the toast aswell as everything needed for the Sunday lunches, they agreed, so Anne got everything out ready for someone to collect later.
"Once everything had been collected, Anne asked all the staff if they could be at the homeless shelter by 09.00 a.m on the Sunday morning as she needed to do a full inventory of what had been donated".
Charlotte continued " Elinor drove me back home and we made arrangements for her to pick me up on the Sunday morning, Elinor would pick me up at 07.45 am, then we would go and have a McDonald's breakfast then carry on to the shelter.
Serena looked at Charlotte and asked her " why a McDonald's breakfast?'
Charlotte replied " Elinor would never accept any petrol money off me, so I always bought us a McDonald's breakfast, once we had eaten our breakfast we made our way to the shelter and we were shocked to see more donations being delivered, this time it was christmas cake, slices, Christmas puddings, mince pies, selection packs etc, anyway once we got inside everyone from most of the charities that support the homeless, elderly, and vunerable, as well as single parent families applauded us for our efforts, but the real heroes are the charities that support the people Elinor and myself were trying to help.
Charlotte continued " at about 10.00 we started to do a 'stock take' of what had been donated, and whilst we were counting everything the intercom went off, so Anne answered it and it was the owner's of the ' c&c clothing company who had bought mens and boys jeans, trousers, shirts,t shirts and big winter style parker coats, they also bought womens jeans, trousers,blouses,t shirts,and ladies style winter parker coats aswell as pyjamas for men and boys, and night shirts for the ladies and girls.
Everyone thought that they were 'seconds' but they weren't they were brand new, we were gobsmacked to say the very least.
Once everything had been counted and stored safely, Anne asked us " do you object to us giving some of the donations to the local food bank charities and sharing it with the salvation army, as we work together to help everyone".
"Elinor and myself had no issues with that after all, Holby City Council stopped helping the most needy and we thought why should they be penalised because of the council".
Charlotte looked at both Bernie and Serena, and she picked up the box that sat in front of her and placed it between her mum and Serena and told them " if there is anything else you want to know, it is box, there are 2 mobile phones that we used to send text messages to each other, we didn't want to use our other mobile phones just in case either Edward or Marcus looked through them".
Serena got up from her seat and made her way over to where Charlotte was sitting and held her hands and thanked her for telling her about a part of her daughter's life that she had no idea about.
Cameron asked " what are the certificates for?."
Charlotte replied in 2017 Elinor and myself were voted the "young persons of the year for our charity work".
Cameron, Morven and both mums were emotional after what the girls had achieved.
Charlotte looked at Serena and said " there was one thing though Serena, Elinor always promised to tell me about the best 3 weeks you and her spent together, but unfortunately she never did,"
Serena looked at her and told her " I will tell you all about it, but we have a flat and a house to empty.
Bernie looked at her and said " we will do all that tomorrow.

Chapter Text

Bernie looked at both Serena and Morven and asked " have you both got much more to pack up ? , Morven replied " got a few more boxes to put Harry's toys into and then clean the flat through before I hand the keys back, so we might be looking at 4 maybe 5 hours then the flat will be empty and I can hand the keys back, Serena said it " might be the same for me, as I have several boxes up the attic, and I need to sort through them".
Charlotte said " why don't I go and help Morven, Cameron and Harry, mum you go and help Serena, tomorrow", Bernie agreed to it.
Cameron then asked " what are we having for tea, I'm starving"., Bernie looked at everyone and asked if they all wanted fish and chips or a chinese takeaway, everyone wanted fish and chips, so Bernie and Serena went to the local chip shop and got everyone's tea.
Once everyone had eaten their tea, and everything had been washed up, Bernie looked at Serena and asked her " so are you going to tell us about the best 3 weeks you and Elinor spent together".
Serena looked at everyone and said ok I will tell you.
Serena started.
" When Edward and I divorced, we agreed that we would split the school holidays equally,but during the 6 weeks holiday one parent would take Elinor abroad for a holiday and the other parent would take her somewhere in England, anyway it was Elinor's 16th birthday, and it fell that Edward was the parent to take her abroad and I was taking her somewhere in England.
6 weeks before Elinor' s birthday Edward came to our house because he wanted to know where she wanted to go, and Elinor being Elinor just looked at him and announced " I want to go to New York", Edward looked at her and said ".ok sweetheart, we will go to New York.
But I knew he couldn't afford to take Elinor and himself to New York, so once Elinor had left the room I told him " you pay for yourself and I will pay for Elinor".
About 10 days later, Edward phoned me to tell me that he had found a flight to New York and we made arrangements to meet up and book the seats.We met up on the Friday of that week, and went into the travel agency and asked if there were any seats left on the flight that Edward had found and there were seats available from first class through to 3rd class, so Edward booked his seat in 3rd class and I paid for Elinor's ticket.
While I was sorting out Elinor's ticket his mobile phone started ringing out, so he answered it, and he said that he was needed at work urgently, so he went, anyway while I was at the travel agents, I ordered her spending money and accommodation, and I told the young girl behind the counter " if there are any issues please either email me or phone me on my mobile, so I left my personal contact details, but I told her " if you can't get me on either of my email or mobile phone, then phone me at work and ask for my extension number and I gave her those details and with that I left the travel agents.
It would be about 10 days before they were due to fly out to New York, and I had been in my office all day just doing admin work, when my office phone began ringing out, so I answered it, and it was the young girl from the travel agency to tell me that the name on Elinor's ticket had been changed to Mrs.Liberty Campbell.
Immediately I phoned Edward and asked him " just what the fuck do you think you are playing at? Giving Elinor's plane ticket to the plastic bitch?, he just replied Liberty is entitled to a holiday aswell Serena, and I said to him " not when I am paying for it, and you can tell your daughter that you have given her ticket to Liberty" and with that I hung up.
Once I got home I checked my mobile phone and there was a missed call from Elinor, so I called her back and asked her what the matter was.
" She told me that Edward had phoned her and that I had something to tell her so I told her " Edward has given your ticket to New York to Liberty, and she just replied " doesn't surprise me at all mum" anyway we carried on talking for about 10 minutes then we both hung up.
I went to work the following day and went straight upstairs to see Henrik Hanssen, about booking some annual leave, so we checked the calendar and I could finish work on the Friday as Elinor should have been flying out the following Saturday.
Rik Griffiths, Dominic Copeland and Sacha Levy, as well as Mr. Hanssen agreed to do all my elective surgeries whilst I was on leave., once everything had been sorted out with my holiday, I phoned my solicitor and asked him about the legacy my Father left for myself and Elinor.
The legacy was for £200,000 pounds to spend as we saw fit, he asked me what the money was wanted for, so I explained what I had in mind, and he instantly agreed to it, and he phoned the bank to release the funds to my bank account.
I finished work on the Friday afternoon, and went straight to the travel agents to ask if there were still any seats available for the New York flight that was flying out the following Saturday, there were still several seats left, but I wanted the best, I wanted first class seats, so I booked the 2 best seats in first class, I also arranged for us to stay in a hotel, I sorted out a hire car, and ordered more spending money, once all that was finalised the young girl behind the counter told me that I could collect the tickets and spending money on Wednesday morning.
I phoned Elinor on the Friday night and asked her " what time do you finish school on Wednesday, so I can come and pick you up" she replied 14.00 hrs" so we made arrangements for me to pick her up and bring her back home.
Anyway I spent that weekend cleaning the house from top to bottom aswell as packing my cases, and going out to buy our toiletries, sun tan lotions new clothes etc, on the Wednesday I went and collected her from school and we got home, and I asked her if she wanted a holiday somewhere in England, but she declined, she just said " we can have a few days out at various theme parks or to the seaside".
On the Friday night I asked her " would you like to go to London for the day tomorrow, maybe stay over and come back sometime Sunday?.
Elinor jumped at the chance, so I said " well we will need an early night as I would like to be there for about 8.00 am, so we can have a full day, she agreed, and once she had showered, she went to bed at about 20.30, once I knew she was sound asleep, I started to put our cases in the boot of the car, and I went to bed at 22.00 hrs.
On the Saturday morning we were both up at about 03.00, and once we were both dressed and had had some breakfast, we were ready to go to London.
Elinor asked " what is the small case for mum, I just replied a change of clothes for both of us, and toiletries." While Elinor was getting in the car I checked to make sure I had both passports, tickets, and the spending money had been loaded on to 2 prepaid visa cards ( they were safer than taking actual cash).
We got to London at about 08.30, and we went and had a cup of tea and Elinor was telling me everywhere she would like to go to, little did she know that in a few hours time she would be sitting in a first class seat on a flight to New York.

Chapter Text

Serena's eyes were full with tears, so Bernie went and got some kitchen roll, so that Serena could wipe the tears away that were slowly falling down her face.
Whilst Serena was composing herself, Bernie went and got everyone a drink, Cameron, Charlotte, and Morven all had a lager, Harry a glass of orange juice and a glass of shiraz for herself and a glass of shiraz for Serena.
5 minutes later, Serena walked back into the living room and apologized for getting upset, but everyone consoled her and asked if she felt upto continuing, Serena agreed.
Serena continued " Whilst Elinor and myself were having a drink in the cafe that we spotted, she asked me " will I be at home until you come home, or going to gran' s house?, I took her hands into mine and looked at her and told her " haven't I told you, I am on holiday for the next 3 weeks".
Elinor looked at me in shock and disbelief and asked " are you really on holiday for 3weeks " I just nodded at her".
Once we had finished our drinks I asked her " do you want to speak to Edward or not" she looked at me and said " what a pity we can't go to Heathrow airport, then I could really tell him exactly how I feel".
So I told her " we can try to get to see him if you want, so we left the cafe, got back into car, and I began driving to Heathrow airport.
Once we got there I made my way to the V.I.P car parking area, pressed the intercom system and the woman who was in the office, came upto the car, asked for my name so I told her it's Ms.Serena Campbell and Ms.Elinor Campbell, she got her paperwork out, and let us through.
Elinor was puzzled, she looked at me and asked " why have we parked in the V.I.P car park?, I just looked at her and told Elinor you will find out later sweetheart".
A couple of minutes later a porter came along with a trolley, and when I opened the boot of the car, and she saw the suitcases, she looked at me and asked are we going somewhere? I told her " have faith in your mum".
We made our way into the airport, I gave the porter a tip and we were both looking for Edward and the plastic bitch, when suddenly we heard Edward shout " Elinor, what are you and your mum doing here? Elinor looked at him and said " we're doing our washing, what do you think, anyway Liberty interrupted Elinor and asked " you going on 'oliday then, " so I replied well that's what people go to airports for, to fly out to their chosen destination.
Well Edward asked " where you going then, Spain,Italy, or Greece, or somewhere else?.
I just looked at him and I held Elinor's hand and told him I am taking my daughter to New York,with that he said " brilliant we will all be together in 3rd class, I looked at Elinor, and continued " we are not going 3rd class we are going the only way to travel to New York, we are going First Class, and don't try to ask Elinor to swop seats because she will not, you stole the ticket I paid for to give to the plastic bitch.
Liberty then asked " are you stopping in a motel ?, I looked at her and then again at Elinor and told her " we are staying in a very expensive hotel, and yes Edward I have pre booked a hire car, so you don't need to bother us for the 2 weeks we are going to be in New York.
While we were talking a female attendant approached me and asked " are you Ms.Serena Campbell and is this young lady Ms. Elinor Campbell so I replied yes why? she told me that the 2 seats in the " V.I.P lounge that had been reserved for us were now ready for us to go in there until our flight leaves in a few hours time".
We made our way to the lounge area, and the attendant asked if we wanted anything just to let her know and she would arrange for it to be bought to our table.
Elinor looked at me and said "we are going to have a fabulous time, at least one parent cares about me".
At 13.45 pm. Our attendant came to us and advised us that passengers were now boarding the flight to New york, so we made our way to the boarding area, took our seats, and waited for take off.