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forget the past,here's to our future

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Serena's eyes were full with tears, so Bernie went and got some kitchen roll, so that Serena could wipe the tears away that were slowly falling down her face.
Whilst Serena was composing herself, Bernie went and got everyone a drink, Cameron, Charlotte, and Morven all had a lager, Harry a glass of orange juice and a glass of shiraz for herself and a glass of shiraz for Serena.
5 minutes later, Serena walked back into the living room and apologized for getting upset, but everyone consoled her and asked if she felt upto continuing, Serena agreed.
Serena continued " Whilst Elinor and myself were having a drink in the cafe that we spotted, she asked me " will I be at home until you come home, or going to gran' s house?, I took her hands into mine and looked at her and told her " haven't I told you, I am on holiday for the next 3 weeks".
Elinor looked at me in shock and disbelief and asked " are you really on holiday for 3weeks " I just nodded at her".
Once we had finished our drinks I asked her " do you want to speak to Edward or not" she looked at me and said " what a pity we can't go to Heathrow airport, then I could really tell him exactly how I feel".
So I told her " we can try to get to see him if you want, so we left the cafe, got back into car, and I began driving to Heathrow airport.
Once we got there I made my way to the V.I.P car parking area, pressed the intercom system and the woman who was in the office, came upto the car, asked for my name so I told her it's Ms.Serena Campbell and Ms.Elinor Campbell, she got her paperwork out, and let us through.
Elinor was puzzled, she looked at me and asked " why have we parked in the V.I.P car park?, I just looked at her and told Elinor you will find out later sweetheart".
A couple of minutes later a porter came along with a trolley, and when I opened the boot of the car, and she saw the suitcases, she looked at me and asked are we going somewhere? I told her " have faith in your mum".
We made our way into the airport, I gave the porter a tip and we were both looking for Edward and the plastic bitch, when suddenly we heard Edward shout " Elinor, what are you and your mum doing here? Elinor looked at him and said " we're doing our washing, what do you think, anyway Liberty interrupted Elinor and asked " you going on 'oliday then, " so I replied well that's what people go to airports for, to fly out to their chosen destination.
Well Edward asked " where you going then, Spain,Italy, or Greece, or somewhere else?.
I just looked at him and I held Elinor's hand and told him I am taking my daughter to New York,with that he said " brilliant we will all be together in 3rd class, I looked at Elinor, and continued " we are not going 3rd class we are going the only way to travel to New York, we are going First Class, and don't try to ask Elinor to swop seats because she will not, you stole the ticket I paid for to give to the plastic bitch.
Liberty then asked " are you stopping in a motel ?, I looked at her and then again at Elinor and told her " we are staying in a very expensive hotel, and yes Edward I have pre booked a hire car, so you don't need to bother us for the 2 weeks we are going to be in New York.
While we were talking a female attendant approached me and asked " are you Ms.Serena Campbell and is this young lady Ms. Elinor Campbell so I replied yes why? she told me that the 2 seats in the " V.I.P lounge that had been reserved for us were now ready for us to go in there until our flight leaves in a few hours time".
We made our way to the lounge area, and the attendant asked if we wanted anything just to let her know and she would arrange for it to be bought to our table.
Elinor looked at me and said "we are going to have a fabulous time, at least one parent cares about me".
At 13.45 pm. Our attendant came to us and advised us that passengers were now boarding the flight to New york, so we made our way to the boarding area, took our seats, and waited for take off.