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forget the past,here's to our future

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Bernie looked at both Serena and Morven and asked " have you both got much more to pack up ? , Morven replied " got a few more boxes to put Harry's toys into and then clean the flat through before I hand the keys back, so we might be looking at 4 maybe 5 hours then the flat will be empty and I can hand the keys back, Serena said it " might be the same for me, as I have several boxes up the attic, and I need to sort through them".
Charlotte said " why don't I go and help Morven, Cameron and Harry, mum you go and help Serena, tomorrow", Bernie agreed to it.
Cameron then asked " what are we having for tea, I'm starving"., Bernie looked at everyone and asked if they all wanted fish and chips or a chinese takeaway, everyone wanted fish and chips, so Bernie and Serena went to the local chip shop and got everyone's tea.
Once everyone had eaten their tea, and everything had been washed up, Bernie looked at Serena and asked her " so are you going to tell us about the best 3 weeks you and Elinor spent together".
Serena looked at everyone and said ok I will tell you.
Serena started.
" When Edward and I divorced, we agreed that we would split the school holidays equally,but during the 6 weeks holiday one parent would take Elinor abroad for a holiday and the other parent would take her somewhere in England, anyway it was Elinor's 16th birthday, and it fell that Edward was the parent to take her abroad and I was taking her somewhere in England.
6 weeks before Elinor' s birthday Edward came to our house because he wanted to know where she wanted to go, and Elinor being Elinor just looked at him and announced " I want to go to New York", Edward looked at her and said ".ok sweetheart, we will go to New York.
But I knew he couldn't afford to take Elinor and himself to New York, so once Elinor had left the room I told him " you pay for yourself and I will pay for Elinor".
About 10 days later, Edward phoned me to tell me that he had found a flight to New York and we made arrangements to meet up and book the seats.We met up on the Friday of that week, and went into the travel agency and asked if there were any seats left on the flight that Edward had found and there were seats available from first class through to 3rd class, so Edward booked his seat in 3rd class and I paid for Elinor's ticket.
While I was sorting out Elinor's ticket his mobile phone started ringing out, so he answered it, and he said that he was needed at work urgently, so he went, anyway while I was at the travel agents, I ordered her spending money and accommodation, and I told the young girl behind the counter " if there are any issues please either email me or phone me on my mobile, so I left my personal contact details, but I told her " if you can't get me on either of my email or mobile phone, then phone me at work and ask for my extension number and I gave her those details and with that I left the travel agents.
It would be about 10 days before they were due to fly out to New York, and I had been in my office all day just doing admin work, when my office phone began ringing out, so I answered it, and it was the young girl from the travel agency to tell me that the name on Elinor's ticket had been changed to Mrs.Liberty Campbell.
Immediately I phoned Edward and asked him " just what the fuck do you think you are playing at? Giving Elinor's plane ticket to the plastic bitch?, he just replied Liberty is entitled to a holiday aswell Serena, and I said to him " not when I am paying for it, and you can tell your daughter that you have given her ticket to Liberty" and with that I hung up.
Once I got home I checked my mobile phone and there was a missed call from Elinor, so I called her back and asked her what the matter was.
" She told me that Edward had phoned her and that I had something to tell her so I told her " Edward has given your ticket to New York to Liberty, and she just replied " doesn't surprise me at all mum" anyway we carried on talking for about 10 minutes then we both hung up.
I went to work the following day and went straight upstairs to see Henrik Hanssen, about booking some annual leave, so we checked the calendar and I could finish work on the Friday as Elinor should have been flying out the following Saturday.
Rik Griffiths, Dominic Copeland and Sacha Levy, as well as Mr. Hanssen agreed to do all my elective surgeries whilst I was on leave., once everything had been sorted out with my holiday, I phoned my solicitor and asked him about the legacy my Father left for myself and Elinor.
The legacy was for £200,000 pounds to spend as we saw fit, he asked me what the money was wanted for, so I explained what I had in mind, and he instantly agreed to it, and he phoned the bank to release the funds to my bank account.
I finished work on the Friday afternoon, and went straight to the travel agents to ask if there were still any seats available for the New York flight that was flying out the following Saturday, there were still several seats left, but I wanted the best, I wanted first class seats, so I booked the 2 best seats in first class, I also arranged for us to stay in a hotel, I sorted out a hire car, and ordered more spending money, once all that was finalised the young girl behind the counter told me that I could collect the tickets and spending money on Wednesday morning.
I phoned Elinor on the Friday night and asked her " what time do you finish school on Wednesday, so I can come and pick you up" she replied 14.00 hrs" so we made arrangements for me to pick her up and bring her back home.
Anyway I spent that weekend cleaning the house from top to bottom aswell as packing my cases, and going out to buy our toiletries, sun tan lotions new clothes etc, on the Wednesday I went and collected her from school and we got home, and I asked her if she wanted a holiday somewhere in England, but she declined, she just said " we can have a few days out at various theme parks or to the seaside".
On the Friday night I asked her " would you like to go to London for the day tomorrow, maybe stay over and come back sometime Sunday?.
Elinor jumped at the chance, so I said " well we will need an early night as I would like to be there for about 8.00 am, so we can have a full day, she agreed, and once she had showered, she went to bed at about 20.30, once I knew she was sound asleep, I started to put our cases in the boot of the car, and I went to bed at 22.00 hrs.
On the Saturday morning we were both up at about 03.00, and once we were both dressed and had had some breakfast, we were ready to go to London.
Elinor asked " what is the small case for mum, I just replied a change of clothes for both of us, and toiletries." While Elinor was getting in the car I checked to make sure I had both passports, tickets, and the spending money had been loaded on to 2 prepaid visa cards ( they were safer than taking actual cash).
We got to London at about 08.30, and we went and had a cup of tea and Elinor was telling me everywhere she would like to go to, little did she know that in a few hours time she would be sitting in a first class seat on a flight to New York.