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forget the past,here's to our future

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Cameron ran into the kitchen to make Charlotte a cup of hot sweet tea for whatever shock she had received.
Bernie and Serena sat her down and tried to console her, with whatever news she had received, it was obviously a shock to her, but just how would Serena react to what Charlotte would tell her in a short time.
Cameron went into the living room with the hot sweet tea, Charlotte very quickly put it down, as she needed to tell everyone just what was happening.
Charlotte began by saying " Serena, I am so sorry I don't mean to upset you or bring back memories of when Elinor passed away, I did what I did with the best of intentions".
Serena looked at Charlotte and told her " Tell us what you have done, I promise you I will not rant and rave at you, whatever you have done we will discuss it like mature adults ok"
Charlotte looked at her and nodded and she began.
" I don't know if any of you know, but this year is the 150th year since Holby City University opened it's doors for it's first students, and over the next few months there are various events taking place, such as open days, tours all around the various schools on campus, international fairs, family fun days etc."
Serena said " I think I remember reading about it in the Holby City News".
"Charlotte said that's right, because they are also unveiling a memorial to all the soldiers from the Holby city area who have fallen in wars over the years,whether it be the first world war or the second world war or the Falklands conflict or the war in Iran, and Iraq or Afghanistan there will be a permanent memorial to everyone, and there will be a small inscription aswell.
However Holby City University want to honour 150 students who for whatever reason didn't get to finish their degree.
Obviously students who went to war they are being remembered by the memorial plaque.
I made an appointment to see Professor Emma Taylor, she is the dean of 'The Nan Winton School of Journalism, broadcasting and Media Studies' and I asked her what would I have to do to nominate someone, so she gave a nomination form.".
I filled the form in and submitted it, and a fortnight ago I was in a meeting with a panel of several deans of various schools from Holby City University, and I gave a compelling arguement as to why I thought Elinor Campbell deserved to be awarded her degree posthumously.".
Serena looked at Charlotte and asked " why Elinor?".
Charlotte replied " because there was a side to Elinor, that not a lot of people knew about, Charlotte continued, the last weekend of every month Elinor and I went and helped out at the homeless centre, we didn't mind whatever we did whether it be cleaning, helping serve food or just listening or talking to someone,we just wanted to help anyway we could.
Elinor and I also helped out at the soup kitchen just giving something back to society after all we were in a better place than most homeless people"
Bernie asked Charlotte " I didn't know you and Elinor were friends, Charlotte replied " we were both respectful of each other and our chosen career choices, but I had the utmost respect for Ms.Serena Campbell, being the best vascular/ general surgeon in the U.K. and Elinor had the utmost respect for you mum, being the world renown trauma surgeon that you are.
Elinor was happy that you had found someone who made you happy, and she was more than happy to have mum as a step parent instead of Liberty.
Charlotte continued " anyway the phone call that I received was to tell me that on the 25th July this year there will be a special graduation ceremony honouring those students who didn't get to finish their degree, the ceremony begins at 11am and will conclude at 15 pm.
There will be 50 students name announced at the begining and their relatives will go on stage to receive the degree.
Elinor Campbell will be announced in the second set of 50 students whose relatives will go on stage and receive their degree posthumously.
Charlotte looked at Serena and once again apologised for upsetting her with regards to the loss she suffered when she lost her daughter.
Serena got up and walked over to Charlotte, she sat down next to her and thanked her for doing what she had done, but Serena wasn't upset, she couldn't have been anymore proud of what Charlotte had done.
Serena got up, and went to walk back over to her seat, and then the realisation of what Charlotte had told her hit home.
Serena Campbell was going to get her dearest wish come true, she would get to hear her daughter's name read out at a graduation ceremony and get her degree.