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forget the past,here's to our future

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Once Bernie had organised all her belongings into various sized suitcases, she phoned room service and ordered a very large whiskey and sndwiches,as she knew she wouldn't get much sleep.

How could she explain to the ceo of the Nairobi Trauma Unit that she wanted to withdraw her resignation letter,as things didn't work out for her back in Holby City.

Serena finished her large glass of her favourite shiraz wine,and asked the bartender to phone a taxi for her to take her back to her home,the home she wanted to share with her beloved Bernie,but alas it was not to be.

The taxi arrived some 10 minutes later,Serena got in the back of the car, gave the driver the name of the street where she lived,15 minutes later she was back home.
Unbeknown to Serena, the taxi had been followed by a small dark car,driven by Dr. Faulkner who watched as Serena exited the taxi paid the driver and let herelf into her large detached house.

Bernie had been tossing and turning all night, she eventually got out of bed a little after 3.45 am,went down to the hotel and used the gymnasium for a couple of hours using the running machines,rowing machines, and the olympic sized swimming pool.

She was ready to leave the hotel and make her way to the airport,where in just a few hours time she would be going back to Nairobi Trauma Unit.

Just before she boarded the plane she sent Serena a text message "My Dearest Darling Serena,you are the one true person I have ever truly loved,you are the one who made me understand what love is,how it should be nurtured between 2 people who found each other after a lifetime of searching for the right person to share their lives with each other,take care my love,".

Bernie pressed the send button, tears streaming down her face, the call came for passengers who were booked on flight BA 65 bound for Nairobi should board the plane now,Bernie picked up her hand luggage and made her way to the plane.