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forget the past,here's to our future

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The last words she heard from Serena,"if you gave it all up for me,I would never forgive myself" still rang around her mind.

Less than one hour had passed, since Serena had called off their relationship, due to Serena confessing her brief affair with Dr. Leah Faulkner, and Bernie admitting that her lack of communication didn't help their relationship.
Before they parted Bernie had promised Serena that "if anyone ever hurt Serena she would be back in a heartbeat ".

After Bernie had finished her glass of champagne,she walked to the door, turned to Serena and gave her a mock salute, she wished both couples Jason and Greta and Dom and Lofty a very happy future and may they have many memories to treasure in the future.

Bernie waited outside Albie's for a taxi to take her to the nearest hotel,where she would be until she booked a flight out to Nairobi,so she could resume working in the trauma unit she had set up.

The taxi arrived at Holby City Airport Hotel, where she checked in, went to the room she had been allocated, ot out her laptop computer,looked for flights to Nairobi, and there was a flight due to leave at 8.30 am the following day, so she booked her ticket, (the ticket would be printed off at the airport the following morning).

Serena sat at the bar caressing a rather large glass of her favourite shiraz wine,when suddenly she felt an arm around her shoulder,she thought Bernie had come back, but she was mortifiedwhen she discovered it was no other than the woman who had caused her to call off her relationship with Bernie.

Serena asked what was Dr.Faulkner was doing at the joint reception,to which Dr. Faulkner replied "I've come for you Serena, now Bernie has gone we can be the newest hot couple at Holby City" Serena replied " just go and leave me alone Dr. Faulkner, what happened between us should never have happened, so please leave me alone ok"
With that flea in her ear she made a hasty retreat,but she had other ideas.