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'Cause I'll Be In Love Maze

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Unable to contain his anger anymore, Jungkook slammed the door on his way out of the temp agency. He seethed as he strode down the sidewalk, tugging off his black tie, rolling it, and putting it in his pocket to keep it nice – he only had two ties, and this was the nicer of the two. He had worn it to all eight of his interviews so far, for all the good it did him. He could have shown up in the old tie, or no tie at all; the only thing people saw was his collar.

He fingered at the plain black nylon webbing. He had gotten used to it in the last year and a half since he’d presented, but he still wasn’t used to the prejudice that came with it. At every interview he’d gone to, his interviewers had taken one look and instantly found reasons not to hire him.

Omegas were unreliable.

Omegas should be at home, caring for their pack and pups.

Omegas weren’t a smart choice, because the company would invest the time and resources into training them, only for the Omega to get pregnant and quit the job to stay at home with the pups.

And then today, the interviewer had insinuated that Omegas only wanted jobs as secretaries or what-have-you so that they could hunt for a rich mate.

Nobody saw him anymore, only the collar.

Nobody bothered to learn his name; he was just “Omega.”

It was enough to drive him insane. As he boarded the train home, he pulled out his phone to see a text from Yugyeom, his best friend and another Omega.


Yugi-yum: How’d it go?


Jungkook typed his response quickly, ready to vent.


Kookie: No go. Slimeball said I was only there to score a mate.

Yugi-yum: No way!

Yugi-yum: Asshole

Kookie: Agreed

Kookie: I’m worth so much more than any stupid secretary job anyway. Jerk was probably intimidated by my resumé.

Yugi-yum: You know you could always dance with me and BamBam. We both know you can move. You’d get hired, no problem.

Kookie: I want to work with computers. It’s why I have the degree I do.

Kookie: But thanks. I may have to take you up on that offer, at least until I can find something more permanent. Rent is due soon, and I’m running out of savings.


        Jungkook sighed. Dancing with his friends wouldn’t be that bad, but it was only part-time work, and he would need more to sustain himself. Plus, it felt like failure, to settle for a more job more socially acceptable for an Omega, and Jungkook hated to lose. Having presented so late in life, it had been assumed he was a Beta, and he had been raised with the expectation that he would get a good job and be independent. He missed being a “Beta,” being able to do what he wanted, when he wanted, and no one to question his every move.

        He got back to his tiny apartment – small and old, but clean and tidy, with kind neighbors and a quiet street – and forced himself to search for more job listings. He regretted lowering his standards on this last try, so desperate for a job that he’d stooped to secretarial work, and determinedly looked up IT, developer, and programming jobs. He paused on one listing, the company name ringing a bell. BigHit Entertainment – why did that sound familiar? Had Yugyeom danced for them? He shot off a quick text to his best friend, asking if he recognized the company name. He was wary of working for an entertainment company, but it was an IT listing, and that’s what he was after.

        His phone pinged, and he read Yugyeom’s reply.


Yugi-yum: That’s the company JB-hyung and Jinyoung-hyung work for.

Yugi-yum: Why? Are they hiring?

Kookie: Yeah, they have a listing for IT

Yugi-yum: I’m on it

Kookie: What?

Kookie: What do you mean?

Kookie: Yugi?


        When his best friend did not respond, Jungkook shrugged and decided it was time to fix dinner. He followed his nighttime routine, and it wasn’t until hours later that he received a response from Yugyeom.


Yugi-yum: Got you an interview tomorrow. You may praise me now.

Kookie: What?

Kookie: Explain

Yugi-yum: Well, your best friend

Yugi-yum: The best friend anyone could ever have

Yugi-yum: Worked his magic on a certain hyung, and said hyung has gotten you an interview at BigHit tomorrow.


        Jungkook jumped up from his bed, where he had formed a depressed little nest for himself, nearly tripping as the blankets tangled up his legs, and pressed the call button on his phone. Quivering with excitement, he waited impatiently until Yugyeom’s face popped up on his screen. “Yugi, you better not be kidding right now, or I will kick your a–”

        Yugi giggled, his face flushed and dewy, and he sounded slightly out of breath as he said, “I’m not kidding; you have an interview tomorrow for the IT position at BigHit Entertainment, courtesy of JB-hyung, courtesy of yours truly.”

        “How…” Jungkook said, clutching his hair.

        His best friend grinned, raking a hand through his sweaty black fringe, and looked to one side. “Well, you know, JB-hyung likes it when I–”

        “Not that, Yugi. I don’t want to know the details of your sex life,” Jungkook huffed. “Tell me about the interview!”

        “Ok, so I listened in when he called, because duh, and he called up his HR and said he had a referral for the IT position. He gave them your name and set up the interview, and he didn’t mention your gender and they must not have asked. Probably figured he wouldn’t set them up with an Omega. Anyways, it’s tomorrow at 9 am, and it’s with the head of HR, Mah Hyun-something, but JB can tell you tomorrow. He’s going to come by and pick you up at 8, so be ready to go, ok?”

        “Yugi, you are amazing,” Jungkook breathed.

        The other Omega preened. “I know.”

        “You are the best, the greatest, the most spectacular and amazing and wonderful best friend a person could ever ask for, and I love you,” Jungkook rattled off as he started laying out his interview outfit, double-checking for stains or strange smells.

        “Aw, stop,” Yugyeom pretended to blush. “Actually, no, don’t stop, keep going.”

        So Jungkook did, until he saw a naked arm hook around Yugyeom’s neck and heard JB-hyung murmur, “Good night, Kook-ah.”

        Jungkook smiled as the screen went black.



In the lobby, someone called out to JB, and Jungkook noticed him grit his teeth before turning to greet a group of three men. Jungkook knew that JB had hoped to sneak the Omega past everyone until they reached HR, but apparently fate had other plans. Jungkook did his best to fade into the background behind JB, not wanting to cause the Alpha any trouble, but he knew it was too late when one of the approaching coworkers’ eyes rested on him. He recognized the man as an Alpha instantly, with the way he strutted, shoulders back, and a cloud of sandalwood floated in his wake - clearly he didn’t feel the need for scent blocker. Jungkook saw the moment the Alpha recognized him as an Omega, his gaze resting on Jungkook’s hands, fiddling with his shirt collar to try and fit it over his collar. At least Jungkook was wearing scent blocker.

“JB, I didn’t know it was Bring Your Omega to Work Day,” the Alpha joked, and the other coworkers, one Beta and another Alpha, immediately turned their analyzing gazes on Jungkook.

JB shrugged uncomfortably, but kept his tone polite as he introduced everyone. “Jungkook, these are my coworkers, Lee Seungri, Kim Suho, and Lee Taeyong. Lee Seungri-ssi is a dance academy director who works with our trainees, Kim Suho-ssi is one of our promoters, and Lee Taeyong-ssi is one of our talent agents. Gentlemen, this is Jeon Jungkook, a friend of my mate’s.” JB’s voice just barely stressed the word “friend,” as if the desire to publicly not claim Jungkook as his overpowered him. Jungkook squared his shoulders under the other men’s curious stares, but didn’t offer anything other than a polite bow. He could tell the first Alpha, Lee Seungri, was about to say something, probably another joke, but JB cleared his throat and said, “If you gentlemen will excuse us, we have an appointment to make.”

“Ah,” Lee Taeyong, the other Alpha, said as if he just figured something out. “Good luck, Jungkook!” The other two made similar noises and allowed them to pass.

They probably think I’m new talent, Jungkook realized. Never mind his business suit, the only conceivable reason in their minds for an Omega to come to BigHit was as a performer of some type. JB did nothing to clear up the misunderstanding, and Jungkook let it go, much as it rankled him. He’d clear up such misunderstandings himself - once he got the job.

JB was able to lead him the rest of the way to the HR office without being stopped, and Jungkook could sense a little tension ease out of the Alpha’s shoulders. “JB-hyung,” Jungkook said, stopping the Alpha before he can open the office door. “I want to thank you again, for helping me. I hope I haven’t made you too uncomfortable.”

JB turned to look at him, and more tension bled from him as he smiled softly. “Don’t sweat it, Jungkook. You’re a good friend to Yugi, and we all know that you’re more than qualified for this job. Now go prove it to them,” he said, as he opened the door for the Omega.

Giving him another grateful smile, Jungkook forced confidence into every line of his body as he strode forward to the receptionist’s desk and said, “Jeon Jungkook, here for an appointment with Mah Hyunshik.”

The receptionist’s eyes barely flicked up before she was pressing a button, presumably to alert the interviewer of his arrival, and said, “Please have a seat. He will be out to fetch you momentarily.”

Jungkook sat, trapping his hands underneath his thighs to keep himself from fidgeting. He distracted himself by reading the various posters and notes tacked onto the wall opposite, one of them advertising a company sports day. It looked like there would be events like races and such. The corner of his mouth twitched up as he read through the details, but then his name was called and he was led back to a large office.


The head of HR barely gave Jungkook’s resumé a glance before looking at him and saying, “Im Jaebum-ssi did not mention that you were an Omega.” His voice wasn’t judgmental, but rather kind in a condescending way, like a grandfather about to deny a child a sweetie.

“I asked him not to mention it. I don’t see how it is relevant to my capabilities as an employee,” Jungkook said as politely as he could manage. He had to make this work. He was out of options if BigHit didn’t work out.

“Well, I wish he hadn’t given you false hope,” the older man said, judgment against JB evident in his voice as his hands gathering up the papers of Jungkook’s resumé, clearly preparing to hand them back to him. “BigHit does not employ Omegas outside of talent–”

“Nowhere in your business rules does it state that Omegas cannot be employed in other capacities other than as talent,” Jungkook firmly interrupted him, and held eye contact with the older man despite his instincts telling him to look away and submit.

The HR head paused, seemingly shocked that an Omega was talking back at him, but kept his tone polite (and condescending) as he said, “Be that as it may, none of our departments will accept an Omega. Forgive me, but your gender is not known for being very reliable, what with your heats –”

Again Jungkook interrupted him, maintaining eye contact despite the sweat beginning to bead on his temples. “I am on suppressants, Hyunshik-ssi, and even if I were not, I believe all of your Alpha employees undergo ruts, do they not?”

He saw the older man’s eyes flash as his Alpha instincts finally began to surface, trying to break through his veneer of professionalism in response to the Omega that dared to defy him. Jungkook watched him grit his teeth before he admitted, “They do –”

“Then I don’t see where the problem is,” Jungkook said. He’d heard all these arguments before. His heart was pounding, his body rigid as he fought his flight response, but he maintained his outwardly calm. “I am more than qualified for this position, my gender will affect my work no more than an Alpha’s affects there’s, and I am a very reliable, hard worker.”

The man shook his head and said, “Omegas are a liability. All it takes is one corporate spy using Alpha voice on you, and you’d spill all the company’s secrets.”

“I have ways around that, sir,” Jungkook said. He long since learned that Alphas didn’t play fair, and had taken precautions. But Hyunshik did not seem convinced, and Jungkook could tell his patience was wearing thin. There was anger and dominance in the set of his shoulders, and although he was older and had his hormones well in hand, his Alpha pheromones began to suffuse the air between them. It was probably taking him a lot of self-control not to immediately suppress Jungkook’s challenge. Jungkook’s Omega whined internally, begging him to stop defying the Alpha in the room and submit.

Well, he and his Omega didn’t see eye to eye on a lot of things. But maybe he could use this…

Jungkook’s voice took on the slight edge of a pleading whine as he said, “Please, sir. Just give me a chance to prove it to you. I won’t disappoint you.”

The HR head, gearing up for another attack, seemed to have whiplash, clearly unprepared for his combatant to suddenly beg. He looked uncomfortable for the first time, his instincts working against him to calm the distressed Omega. He shifted in his seat as he said, “Jungkook-ssi, why do you want this job so badly anyway? Wouldn’t you rather be at home, with your pack?” He pleaded with Jungkook, as if trying to convince this crazy Omega that he was being unreasonable.

“I do not have a pack,” Jungkook answered firmly, dropping part of his weak-Omega-in-distress façade, “I am independent, and intend to stay that way.”

Jungkook hated to see the look of pity come over the other man’s face. In the Alpha’s eyes, he had just become some pitiful, homeless, packless Omega, desperate for support, just hoping to make ends meet until some strong Alpha can rescue him.

“Jungkook-ssi, I would love to help you, but I just don’t see you being a good fit for this company,” Hyunshik said. He made as if to hand the papers of the resumé back to Jungkook, but Jungkook pretended he didn’t see them.

“Is it my skills that you have a problem with, or is it my ability to ‘fit in’ in this company as an Omega?” He asked, keeping his eyes up.

“There’s no question you have the skills. I have reviewed the references you sent in ahead of time, and everyone has nothing but good to say about your work,” the older man begrudged. “But our company is competitive, fast-paced, and often brutal. It’s too much to ask of an Omega.”

“What if I can prove I can handle it?” Jungkook asked. He continued before the Alpha could respond. “What if I can prove I can not only be competitive, but that I can beat any Alpha you put me against?”

Hyunshik huffed. Clearly humoring him, he asked, “And how would you do that?”

Jungkook drew in a breath, and hoped he knew what he was doing. “Let me compete in your company sports day this weekend. If I win, you have to give me the job.”

At first Hyunshik’s brows drew down in consternation, but then he suddenly barked a laugh. “You don’t know when to give up, do you?” He shook his head, chuckling.

“No sir.” Jungkook said.

“All right then,” he said, throwing up his hands in surrender. “You compete this Saturday. You win any category, and the job is yours. Can’t guarantee you’ll be able to keep it once you’ve got it, but then it’ll be out of my hands.”

“Thank you, sir. Thank you!” Jungkook did his best to stay calm and collected - still trying to prove he’ll be a reliable employee, after all - but all he wanted to do was run a victory lap around the building. His inner Omega yipped in delight, and for once, they were in agreement.

Jungkook shook the man’s hand and kept his pace measured as he walked out of the office, down the hallway to the elevators, and onto an empty elevator. It was only as the doors closed that he finally gave in and whooped in satisfaction, punching the air.

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The weekend came, and Jungkook showed up to the sports day already in his standard workout gear: white t-shirt, joggers, and tennis shoes. The t-shirt did nothing to hide his collar, but he figured the cat was already out of the bag with HR anyway. Besides, he took private glee in the fact that the Alphas would know who it was that beat them that day.

(He wasn’t planning on working out some built-up resentment from his job hunt. No. That would be petty.)

His competition were a mix of Alphas and Betas (no Omegas, big surprise). Some looked to be in pretty decent shape, despite being salarymen - they probably squeezed in some hours at the gym each week. He sized them up as he signed up for his chosen three events: archery, wrestling, and racing. Hyunshik-ssi said he only had to win one event, but where was the fun in that? Better to have his bases covered, he told himself.

(Not petty at all.)

It seemed like most of the other competitors were using the talent locker rooms to dress out. He stayed away, knowing better than to enter an area full of posturing Alphas, and waited on some bleachers set up to one side of the event space. He took the number he was given at the registration table - 17 - and attached it to the front of his t-shirt.

Part of the parking lot had been cordoned off for the events. An empty bit of landscaping off to one side was piled with mats, probably for wrestling. One section of the parking lot was divided into lanes, and he could see the improvised archery butts grouped together at one end. He knew there would be other events than the ones he signed up for, but those events were all team events, and he didn’t have a team. Just as well - most Alphas would bypass the team events, he figured, Alphas not being known for being team players while competing, and he was there to beat Alphas.

Soon, the other competitors emerged from the building, registered, and received their numbers. There was a decent number of Alphas, maybe fifty, which was to be expected in a company the size of BigHit. The vast majority were Betas, and as he expected, most Alphas signed up for the solo events, and the Betas signed up for the team events. Jungkook was pleasantly surprised to see the number of women there. To him, it not only meant that BigHit believed in hiring women into positions of power, but also that the women felt comfortable enough to compete on the same field as the men. That spoke of a good workplace environment, and he was even more eager to land the job.

Registration wrapped up, and the tournament schedules were listed. Archery was the first solo event, running at the same time as the three-legged race and the basketball tournament. Jungkook saw that he was in the second heat, and found a good spot to watch the first heat in the bleachers. The bleachers seemed to be filling up with employees’ mates and packs, even some pups, there to support their packmates. A number of people wore the tell-tale Omega collar, though none of them sat alone, always surrounded by packmates. Jungkook realized that with the way he was sitting hunched over, his number hidden, that he looked like just another Omega there to cheer on his mate. He frowned, but didn’t change position - the misunderstanding would clear itself up once he stepped up to compete.

He watched the first heat, and he could tell the hobbyists from the amateurs immediately. The amateurs used bows with low weight, their shoulders shook as they pulled, and most of their shots went wild. The hobbyists used stronger bows, had better form, and always hit the target, even if they didn’t quite make it to the center on the majority of the shots. Jungkook knew he shouldn’t be pleased he had some actual competition that knew what they were doing – they were in the way of his goal, after all - but he couldn’t help it; he’d always been competitive, and he could feel his blood rising at the challenge. He began to stretch, his teeth unconsciously bared in a feral grin.

His Omega practically side-eyed him, but he ignored it.

As the heat wrapped up, he gathered with the next heat’s competitors and selected his bow. He found one with the perfect weight and pull on it, and collected a quiver of five arrows. The Alphas around him looked at him bemusedly, but none seemed to realize he was there to compete against them. Maybe they think I’m holding it for my Alpha, he thought sourly. Joke’s on them.

The Alpha ahead of him took his shots, earning himself a modest 11 points. Then Jungkook stepped up, and he could hear the murmuring as people finally caught on. He heard snatches, “Omega” and “compete,” but he tuned them out and focused like he’d been taught. His first shot hit the third circle, and he tutted. Six points. His old coach would be disgusted. His second shot hit the second circle - 8 points, better, but still not up to his past consistency. Obviously he’s gotten rusty in the last year. His third, fourth, and fifth shots all hit the center circle, 10, 9, and 9 points respectively, and he finally allowed himself to smile slightly. That was more like it.

He’d been so focused, he hadn’t heard the noise of the crowd, but as he lowered his bow, he finally became aware of the silence. Turning to look around, he spotted the Alphas of his heat staring at him like he’d grown three heads. One had his mouth dropped open, and it was very satisfying.

And then there was a cry from the bleachers, and the spectators erupted in applause. He felt his face turn red, and he shyly bowed in the direction of the bleachers before returning his bow to the handler. His Omega preened at the attention, and he purposefully did not make eye contact with the rest of his competitors for the duration of the heat. He wasn’t there to make enemies, after all; just prove a point.

The heat concluded, and Jungkook was in the lead with his 42 points, a wide margin separating him from the next competitor at 27. He took a seat on the bleachers, awkwardly bowing at those who congratulated him, and high-fiving the pups who clamored around him. He enjoyed the moment until a well-meaning Beta woman asked him if his mate was competing too, and oh how nice they must be, to let him compete, too. His smile turned stiff and he mumbled something that seemed to satisfy her before he walked away, deciding he needed a drink of water.

At the water coolers, he met some of the other competitors, who didn’t seem to know what to make of him, or how to talk to him. He got his cup of water and was about to turn away, but was stopped by an Alpha his height that he vaguely recognized from the heat before his. One of the hobbyists, he’d scored 34 points, and was shaping up to be Jungkook’s biggest competition in archery.

“So what’s your name, Omega?” he asked. The crowd around the coolers edged in, clearly curious, but it left Jungkook feeling cornered, surrounded on all sides by Alphas and their pheromones.

“Jeon Jungkook. And yours?” he asked, keeping his voice steady and keeping himself from cringing when one Alpha got too close, flanking him on his right.

The Alpha puffed up slightly as he answered, “Wonho. Lee Wonho. I’m a talent nutritionist.” When Jungkook failed to react to his posturing or offer his own job title, he continued. “Where’d you learn to shoot like that? Didn’t think most clubs would let Omegas in. Did your mate teach you?”

Jungkook clenched his jaw, but then forced himself to relax. “I learned when I was young. I was part of my college’s archery team.” He didn’t deign the rest of Wonho’s statements with a response. Even if it wasn’t belittling, clearly his collar didn’t have a tag.

“What college did you go to? O Prep in Cheongdam-dong?” The school Wonho mentioned was the most affluent Omega school in Seoul, but the place was more of a finishing school than an actual college. Wonho must have figured than only an Omega from a rich family would have been indulged in such pastimes as archery.

“KAIST,” he responded, and he felt the surrounding Alphas’ reactions like a physical impact. The recoil in their pheromones alone left his senses reeling for a split second. He actually heard someone choke on their water behind him, but he kept his eyes fixed just over Wonho’s shoulder - not meeting his eyes in a challenge, but not dropping his gaze in submission, either. The behavior of a Beta towards an Alpha rather than an intimidated Omega. Before anyone could work up something to say, he gave a polite, shallow bow and said, “Excuse me, I think it’s time for the next round.”

He walked back to the archery lanes and saw that anyone who made it above 25 points had been progressed to the next round. Certainly not up to the standards he’d once competed at, but he reminded himself that this was a glorified play day for salarymen, and told himself to stop copping an attitude. He and eight Alphas progressed out of the three first-round heats, and he stepped forward to choose his bow again. Before he can reclaim his first-round bow, however, an Alpha grabbed it, staring him down. Jungkook shrugged and tested the other bows for one that would suit. He ended up with one he would never have competed with in college, but he thought he could make work. He collected his quiver and got in line with the Alphas.

It was clear only the serious hobbyists made it through, as each one scored above 30 points that round. Wonho landed himself a solid 41 points, and turned to give Jungkook a smug look. Jungkook kept his face blank and watched the lanes, waiting for his turn. When the person ahead of him finished up, he stepped up and took his stance. He tuned everything out, just like the first time, but his instincts still warned him when an Alpha stepped up behind him a little too close and drew in a breath.

Jungkook suddenly began coughing and hacking, dropping out of his stance and making a racket. Spooked, the Alpha behind him retreated as Wonho stepped forward to ask if he’s ok. Jungkook made a great show of getting himself under control, saying his allergies must have gotten to him all of the sudden. He took a moment, pulling a tissue from his pocket and making a big deal of wiping his tearing eyes. No one noticed the chunks of clay his thumbs smushed into his ears, and he gave a thumbs up, indicating he was good to go. He saw Wonho’s mouth move, and he read, “Are you sure you’re ok?” He nodded and resumed his stance.

The bow was not up to his standards, but he’d warmed up by then, and scored a total of 47 points. Three shy from perfect, but he would take it. Especially when he didn’t feel a pull on his body like he’d expected.

For the final round, everyone who scored 40 or above was left, which meant Jungkook, Wonho, and one other Alpha who scored exactly 40. Jungkook was able to reclaim his first round bow, the thieving Alpha from the second round having been eliminated. In his peripheral vision, Jungkook could see the crowd at the bleachers getting worked up as the three men took their positions at the lanes. The lowest-scoring went first, and the unnamed Alpha improved upon his score with a 42, and seemed pretty proud of himself. Good, Jungkook didn’t like sore losers.

Wonho was up next, and his first four shots were all bullseye's, and Jungkook began to worry. But then the Alpha’s final shot clipped the outer edge of the first circle, and was deemed an 8 upon closer inspection. Finally, it was Jungkook’s turn.

The last to go, all Jungkook could hear was his pounding heartbeat, and he narrowed his focus to the distant bulls-eye. He felt the moment his stance fell into place. He inhaled, and exhaled as he let the first arrow fly.

Bulls-eye. 10 points.

He repeated the process.




10, 10, 10.

It was his last shot, and he needed to at least score a 9 if he was going to win. And he needed to win. His potential job, his future was on the line, and a draw wasn’t going to cut it.

Breathe in.

Breathe out.


He broke from his trance when someone jostled him, and he turned to see Wonho shaking him excitedly. The Alpha was congratulating him, telling him he’s never seen an Omega do anything so incredible. Jungkook mumbled something in return, thanking the Alpha for the compliment, before he pretended to bend down and re-tie his shoelaces, slipping the clay out of his ears and letting the roar of the modest crowd on the bleachers finally reach him.

Wonho and the other final-round Alpha thumped him on the back, but Jungkook was aware through his smiles of the glowers on several Alpha faces around him. He did his best to be a gracious winner when presented with the little plastic 1st place medal, and discreetly tucked it into his pocket after his photo was taken with Wonho and the 3rd place winner.

He’d made his point. He had the job. But he couldn’t stop now. He was having too much fun. So he took a short break, and got ready for the wrestling tournament.

He should have stopped after winning archery. Maybe things wouldn’t have happened the way they did if he’d taken his win and been satisfied.


“This is you being inconspicuous?”

Taehyung looked down at himself, as if he didn’t understand Namjoon’s skepticism. The model was wearing a plain snapback over his fiery red hair and a face mask over his distinctive features, sure, but everything else he wore practically screamed “Look at me!” His slightly oversized Gucci shirt draped gracefully over his form; his skinny jeans were ripped at the knees and had been patched with brightly-patterned silk (probably last season’s scarves); his combat boots added another inch or two to his already impressive height, especially considering he was an Omega; and to top it all off, he was wearing the red suede collar from YeppeO, studded in two parallel rows of twinkling rubies. The plainest thing about that collar was the black metal buckle and their pack’s tag dangling from the front loop in matching black steel. Namjoon sighed; he didn’t know why he had expected any different. He brought Taehyung in for a hug, briefly running his nose along the Omega’s throat to scent him, causing the other man to hum happily.

“Have I mentioned lately how grateful I am that you’re almost as tall as me? So convenient,” Namjoon mumbled into Taehyung’s skin.

Taehyung chuckled, his low baritone sending pleasant tingles down the Alpha’s spine. “Only about every other day,” he said with a smile. “You better be glad Jiminie’s never heard you say it.”

Namjoon winced - their pack’s other Omega would be just as likely to beat him up as to pout with tear-filled eyes if he ever heard it. He drew back from Taehyung to look at him properly and said, “Then it will be our little secret, yeah?”

“Sure, boss man,” Tae chirped with a smirk. The Omega lifted a fancy takeaway bag from behind him, one Namjoon recognized from an upscale restaurant Taehyung liked to haunt. “I brought lunch!”

“Excellent,” Namjoon said, his stomach growling loudly as the smell of the food wafted to him. The two men found a patch of grass in the landscaping around the parking lot to set up their impromptu picnic, and quickly dove into the food.

“I thought you were filming today?” Namjoon said, barely swallowing his bite of food before speaking. He was hungry, sue him.

“Not til later,” Taehyung said, contemplating the meat in Namjoon’s lunch before visibly deciding to screw his diet and steal a piece. Namjoon let him - he felt like Taehyung’s diet was an offense to not only the Omega’s beauty, but also an insult to Namjoon’s own inner Alpha, who always felt frustrated when it couldn’t feed his Omega what or however much he wanted. He snuck a few more pieces of meat into Taehyung’s container of vegetables, and his Alpha rumbled happily when Taehyung produced a pleased whine.

“Say, did you get a chance to see that Omega compete?” Taehyung suddenly asked.

“Omega?” Namjoon asked. “Didn’t know we had an Omega here today.” He searched his memory, trying to remember if any of his Omega idols had said they would come, but he couldn’t, which wasn’t unusual. Most of his talent decided to take the company sports day as a free holiday, and he was happy for them to do so. They all worked hard, and deserved a break.

“I didn’t recognize him from any of your groups or trainees, and I think I would have, because let me tell you, the guy is hot,” Taehyung said, wiggling his eyebrows suggestively at Namjoon. “Maybe he’s new? But anyway, I’ve never seen anything like him.”

“What do you mean?”

“I mean he won the wrestling tournament,” Taehyung said significantly.

“What?” Namjoon said disbelievingly. The idea of an Omega competing against Alphas in wrestling was preposterous by itself, but winning? Absurd.

“I kid you not, he won,” Taehyung said. “I watched the whole thing.”

“I thought you came to watch me,” Namjoon pouted playfully.

Taehyung patted him on the shoulder without looking away from his food. “I’ve seen you compete at these sports days for several years now, but I have never seen an Omega beat a field of Alphas in wrestling, of all things. Forgive me, but your three-legged race wasn’t nearly as impressive.”

Namjoon let that go. “I still can’t believe it, though,” the Alpha said. “Wrestling is literally all about using your body to dominate another’s. You would think his instincts alone would have made him fail in the first ten seconds.”

“I know, right?” Taehyung said. “But he never even got pinned until the final round. He used his opponent’s momentum to throw them out of the ring, like some Aikido crap. The Alphas didn’t know what hit them. Seriously the coolest thing I’ve ever seen.”

“But you said he got pinned in the final round? How did he still win?” Namjoon asked, chewing thoughtfully on his last piece of meat.

“I’m not completely sure, but I have a guess,” Taehyung said. “This Alpha he was up against was smarter than the others and saw what he was doing, so he was a lot more cautious in his approach. He locked his body against the Omega’s, and even though the Omega was tall - as tall as me, maybe - and obviously strong, he still couldn’t win against Alpha strength, you know? So he was forced down and the Alpha got on top of him and pinned him, and the Omega immediately went limp and bared his neck.”

Namjoon nodded - expected Omega behavior - but then frowned. “But you said he won?”

“I was getting there!” Taehyung said, gesturing at Namjoon with his chopsticks. “So, the Omega went into full-on submission mode, and I think the Alpha got cocky, or maybe his instincts took over, because he changed his grip, and looked like he was going to scent the guy.”

Namjoon gasped. Scenting an Omega without permission was a serious societal taboo.

“I know, right?” Taehyung said, shaking his head. “I think the ref was about to step in, but then the Omega suddenly threw the Alpha off of him. I think when the Alpha shifted to scent him, he released the Omega’s legs, and I think the Omega was waiting for it to happen, because he acted immediately, throwing the guy off, and the Alpha landed with one hand outside the ring. Bam! Omega wins!” Taehyung threw his chopsticks down with a flourish as he concluded his story.

“That’s amazing, if your theory is correct,” Namjoon said wonderingly. “If he deliberately used his Omega instincts to weaken the Alpha’s attack... that’s brilliant.”

“I know I’ve done similar things in my line of work, and Jimin too,” Taehyung said. “It’s common practice for Omegas to use their ‘wiles’ to get their way with managers and directors,” Taehyung used air quotes on the word “wiles,” and continued, “But it never occurred to me to use it like that. I don’t even know if I could pull it off. He must have extreme force of will to go against his instincts like that.”

Namjoon nodded his head in agreement, still trying to imagine an Omega throwing off an Alpha after being pinned and letting his instincts take over. His curiosity about the mystery Omega overtook him. “What was this Omega’s name? Did you catch it?” he asked.

“No, but he wore number 17 on his shirt front,” Taehyung said. “You can probably look him up at registration.”

“I’ll do that,” Namjoon promised as he cleaned up the debris of their lunch. Taehyung tugged his face mask back up to cover his mouth and nose, and helped Namjoon carry the waste to a nearby trash can.

“I’ve got to run,” Taehyung said, pulling Namjoon in for a hug and discreetly scenting him. “My shoot starts in a couple hours, and I need to get ready.”

Namjoon hugged him back and allowed the scenting with a gentle smile. He knew it would help keep his hyperactive mate stay calmer during his shoot to have his Alpha’s scent on him, and he quite liked carrying Taehyung’s scent, as well. The two finished up their goodbyes, and Namjoon headed to the registration table. He asked to look at the roster, and the volunteer employee handed it over without question. Namjoon was the CEO, after all.

Number 17…

“Jeon Jungkook,” he mused aloud.

Jungkook headed into the bathroom connected to the men’s locker room with the intention of wiping some of the sweat from his body. The wrestling medal sat snug in his pocket next to the archery medal. He felt its weight more heavily than the first medal, despite them being made of the same cheap plastic. The second medal cost him dearly, and it showed as he neared the mirrors above the sinks.

Sweat poured down his face, his black hair plastered to his forehead and neck. Dark sweat stains shadowed his neck, upper chest, armpits, and lower back. If that wasn’t enough, his skin was ashen, and his pulse was still trying to resume its normal pace. Flashbacks to the last match flickered before his eyes: the Alpha’s weight pressing him down despite his best efforts - the large hands pinning his shoulders to the mat, strong legs restraining his own - the willful decision to give in to his instincts - feeling the fear, the submission cloud his mind, all the fight leave his body, his head flop to one side to bare his neck - the panic, the panic, he’s not in control, he’s not in control - the fight, the incredible willpower it took to resist the submission fuzzing his mind - the moment he’d been waiting for, the shift of body weight, the flash in the Alpha’s eyes as he reveled in Jungkook’s submission, the intention in his movement towards Jungkook’s neck - the almighty wrench of his core and legs as he threw off the Alpha, his legs sending the larger man off, back, away

It’s over, he reminds himself. He did it, and it’s over.

Suddenly, he felt restricted again, like he had on the mat under the Alpha. His hands flew to his shirt, yanking it off and throwing it to one side without looking to see where it landed. His fingers fumbled with the buckle of his collar, loosening it so he could take great gasping gulps of air. His shaking hands turned the tap, scooping up water to messily scrub away the sweat - not the sweat of exertion, but the sweat of fear. Jungkook stank of it, could smell it souring his scent, and he hated it.

He heard voices nearing, echoing down the hallways into the locker room, and he panicked, fleeing to a bathroom stall. He couldn’t be seen in such a weak state. The group of men who entered were rowdy, and he caught some snippets of their loud conversation. He was surprised, though he supposed he shouldn’t be, when he heard complaints about himself, the Omega who won the archery and wrestling tournaments, who didn’t know his place and humiliated his betters (the Alphas, he figured). Some idle threats were made, to put him in his place and teach him a lesson, and he was grateful more now than ever that he chose to hide in a stall. He quietly drew his legs up so that they wouldn’t be seen underneath the door and worked on calming his heart rate. He had to get himself under control, or they would be able to smell him. He managed to wash most of the sweat off, but he knew it wouldn’t help for long if he couldn’t calm down.

Suddenly, a silence fell over the men’s conversation. Jungkook strained his ears, trying to figure out what had their attention.

“What do we have here?” He heard one say, and there was the sound of shoes softly scuffing over the floor in the direction of the bathrooms. Jungkook tensed, but the steps stopped near the sinks. He cursed internally - his scent was probably still lingering heavily over the area. The group could probably smell his fear. He heard some chuckles, and fumed silently. They probably thought that he’d been cowed, that despite his win, the Omega had learned his lesson about challenging Alphas. He knew some of the competitors had seen the final match, and said he shouldn’t have won, that he only won on a technicality, the Alpha’s hand the only thing out of bounds. But I did win, Jungkook thought, so suck it. He would teach them all not to count him out. They may found evidence of a moment of weakness, but Jungkook was not done yet. He was going to prove, not only to the head of HR, but to every Alpha there that he was not lesser, not ‘below,’ not unworthy of the same things they were. He was not just going to score a job – he was going to earn some respect. So he didn’t let the growing laughter on the other side of the stall door get to him. The group of men eventually left the locker room, and after their voices faded, no longer even an echo, he emerged from the stall, more determined than ever.

However, as he walked back out into the sink space and saw himself in the mirror, he noticed that he still had his collar loose about his neck, and he was not wearing his shirt. His fingers automatically set about tightening the collar to its normal snug size as he scanned the floor for his discarded shirt, confusion mounting when he couldn’t find it. He didn’t think he threw it hard enough for it land in the locker room. He walked over anyway, peering inside, but he still couldn’t find his shirt.

Dread and realization hit him. The Alphas hadn’t been laughing about his scent, or at least, not just his scent. They’d found his shirt, and they’d taken it. Classic grade-school bullies, stealing the weak kid’s clothes so he’d be trapped in the bathroom or locker room, waiting in humiliation for someone to discover him and rescue him. He sneered in disgust. Those men better be glad he hadn’t seen their faces, or his first day on the job he would have planted viruses on all their computers and watched them suffer.

As his eyes traced the locker room, his gaze fell upon a discarded Sharpie marker, and he got an idea. A wicked grin spread over his face as he grabbed the marker and went back to the mirrors.

Chapter Text

Namjoon was cheering on his employees engaged in a soccer match when first silence hit, and then a wave of murmurs. Distracted, he looked around for the source of whatever controversy gained the crowd’s attention, and his eyebrows shot up into his hairline when he saw it. Or rather, him.

Namjoon thought this must be the infamous Jeon Jungkook, and he could see now why the Omega was the talk of the water coolers. He was tall, like Taehyung had said, and had a lean, muscular body more fitted to a Beta or young Alpha’s physical type than an Omega’s. But it wasn’t the man’s beauty - because he was beautiful, with his large dark eyes and pretty reddened lips - or his height, or even the confidence in his walk that made Namjoon’s mouth drop open. No, it wasn’t any of those things.

Because the Omega heading towards the starting zone for the afternoon’s races was bare from the waist up except for a simple black collar around his neck. And not only that, but inscribed across his - admittedly - glorious abs was the number 17 in black ink. The darkness of the collar and ink on his stomach set off his pretty, pale skin, and Namjoon’s mouth started to water before he realized and stopped himself. The hottest thing about it, Namjoon decided, was that the Omega walked past groups of Betas and even Alphas without sparing any of them a glance, as if he was completely unaffected at being half-naked in front of the more dominant genders. He oozed confidence, and Namjoon was reminded of Jimin’s knowing smirk when he danced, and Taehyung’s bold eyes, unafraid to communicate his desires either in front of a camera or to his pack in private.

Namjoon finally returned to reality, and started to pick up on the murmuring around him. Although his reaction to the shirtless Omega was (ahem) favorable, it was apparent that many around him only had negative reactions. Some Omegas in the stands looked to be shielding their pups’ eyes, some even going to far as to flee with their families. Some Betas seemed to want to censure Jungkook, while others eyed the Alphas nervously. And the Alphas… Their reactions were the strongest. It occurred to Namjoon that the Alphas may be the reason for the retreating Omegas, not Jungkook himself. He could see the mounting tension in every Alpha that looked at the stunning Omega, and even nearby ongoing events were beginning to be affected, the Alphas stopping dead in their tracks to track the Omega’s every move. Namjoon saw various expressions - scandalized anger, rising challenge, outright lust - but every single Alpha was tensing up, and he could sense the wave cresting, ready to break. No wonder the Omegas had fled.

Namjoon quickly strode over to the race starting zone, liberally releasing his dominant pheromones as he approached the Omega. He could feel the mounting tension crumble, the nearby Alphas drawing back as Namjoon made his claim. None of them relaxed, but at least they weren’t poised to attack anymore.

“Hi, I’m Kim Namjoon,” Namjoon said, holding out his hand for the Omega to shake. Jungkook stared at him with narrowed eyes, probably picking up on the pheromones Namjoon emitted and suspicious of his motives. The Omega’s eyes flicked down to take in his appearance: tall and gangly, glasses, ashy-brown hair, athletic shorts, an old company t-shirt, tennis shoes, and the gold ring on Namjoon’s right hand, the flat top inscribed with his pack symbol. Namjoon just smiled in what he hoped was a friendly way, and desperately hoped the Omega would play along. He sighed in relief when the other male slowly took his hand, shaking it firmly as he said, “Jeon Jungkook.”

“Jungkook-ssi, it’s nice to meet you,” Namjoon said. “Can I talk to you for a second?” He did his best to appear nonthreatening, although with the stones on this Omega, maybe he shouldn’t even bother.

Jungkook considered him, his head just slightly tilting to one side (cute) before he nodded and allowed Namjoon to usher him off to the side onto a patch of landscaping. A quick glance over his shoulder showed most of the Alphas getting back to their previous tasks, though none really took their attention away from Jungkook for more than a few seconds. He turned back to the Omega when Jungkook said, “So what did you want to talk about, Namjoon-ssi?”

“Ah,” Namjoon scrambled for a second, knowing he looked kind of dumb in that moment. His goal had been to simply remove the Omega from the dangerous situation, but now that he had, he found himself distracted by the Omega’s beauty and, well, half-nakedness. Namjoon couldn’t make out his scent clearly, despite his obvious sweat; he must have been wearing a thick layer of scent blocker.

“Is there a problem?” Jungkook asked, his head doing that cute tilting thing again.

“No! No, I mean, well, maybe–“ Namjoon fumbled. “I guess, um – do you have a shirt? That you can put on?” Smooth, Namjoon. Very smooth.

“Nope,” Jungkook said calmly.

Namjoon deflated somewhat. This Omega was not being very cooperative. “Didn’t you have a shirt on earlier? With your number?” Namjoon gestured at the man’s abs, and whoops, big mistake, he was staring again. Namjoon had a thing for abs - one of the many reasons he loved Jimin, in fact. He tore his eyes away and made himself meet Jungkook’s eyes. He was dismayed to see the Omega was smirking at him ever so slightly. Busted.

“I did have a shirt earlier,” Jungkook admitted, “But it seems to have been misplaced.”

“‘Misplaced’,” Namjoon repeated.

“Yes, misplaced,” Jungkook said, letting the faintest hint of humor color his tone before his face smoothed out into blankness again.

“Um,” Namjoon said intelligently, “I could help you look for it?”

Jungkook’s face hardened for a second before he smiled politely and said, “That’s very kind of you, Namjoon-ssi, but I don’t think that will be possible, unless you plan on searching the whole campus, including trash cans, and probably other employees’ belongings as well.”

It clicked then, and Namjoon’s eyebrows drew down as he frowned. “Someone stole your shirt?” He asked.

“That seems to be the case,” Jungkook said. “I doubt it decided to walk away on its own while I was in the bathroom.” The Omega straightened up and said, “Now, if you’ll excuse me, Namjoon-ssi, I have a race to get to.” Not waiting for a dismissal, the Omega turned and walked back to the starting zone, leaving behind a frustrated CEO. Namjoon couldn’t believe one of his employees had pulled such a low move, but he doubted Jungkook would have deliberately provoked every Alpha within a mile by discarding his shirt willingly. The Omega was confident, but not suicidal, Namjoon could tell that much. The Alpha decided that he would keep an eye on Jungkook and the Alphas around him for the rest of the day.

Jungkook shivered ever so slightly as he took his place on the starting line. That Alpha - Kim Namjoon - had the strongest, most dominant pheromones Jungkook had ever encountered. He would bet his new job that Namjoon was a higher-up in the company, or at least in some position of authority. He had triggered Jungkook’s instincts almost immediately, and it had taken him a moment or two to gain control of himself back from his Omega, who wanted nothing more than to roll over and bask in that heady, delicious scent. Like spice, but also fresh-baked bread. Spicy bread? Spiced bread. With his tall, broad-shouldered frame, ashy-brown hair, warm golden skin, dimples, kind eyes behind quirky eyeglasses, and deliciously spicy scent, the Alpha satisfied his type to a T. The man had seemed kind enough, too, his attitude polite and nonthreatening despite his overwhelming scent. He’d even looked concerned when he’d learned about Jungkook’s missing shirt.

He shook his head. Now was not the time to ponder strange Alphas. He had a race to win.

Jungkook was in the first heat, against five Alphas. It was the end of the day, and they all, Jungkook included, looked a little exhausted, but Jungkook powered through. He knew that the Alphas would feed off of one another, their instincts telling them to out-do rivals, and that would make them hard to beat. But he had a plan, formulated after the final match of the wrestling tournament, and he was pretty sure it was going to work.

So as he took his position, the five other men on either side of him, he allowed himself to sink into his Omega instincts yet again. He let himself feel their presence, their dominant pheromones laced with hunger. Intellectually, he knew the hunger was for a win, but he let his Omega draw other conclusions. The men around him were primed for a hunt. Jungkook’s breathing came faster as the countdown began, his pulse throbbing loudly in his ears. His Omega shifted restlessly, anxious as it become more and more aware of the aggressive Alphas surrounding it. His Omega wanted to run, to flee, and as the horn blared, Jungkook let it take the reins.

He shot out from the starting line, his lighter body moving faster than ever before, his Omega desperate for the strange Alphas not to catch him. It would be different if he felt attraction towards any one of them - his Omega would have deliberately slowed and allowed the favorable Alpha to catch him. Luckily, he felt no such attraction, and his Omega reacted in fear instead of coyness, just as he’d hoped.

Every heavy breath of the Alphas behind him spurred him on, his heels flying as if he could feel their teeth snapping at his ankles and calves. When one of the men growled, adrenaline shot through him, and he hit a burst of speed that propelled him over the finish line, and it took all of his willpower to stop himself from continuing to run, out of the parking lot, off the campus, down the many roads and streets until he reached the safety of his apartment. My nest, his Omega whined as he placed his hands on his knees, gasping for air. Want my nest! Jungkook shook his head to clear it, and congratulated himself on a successful strategy, no matter how the residual anxiety made his stomach twist into knots. He won his heat, and he was on to the next round.

Five other heats gave Jungkook some time to coax some water into his upset stomach. He met Wonho again at the coolers, and the Alpha patted him on the back for winning the wrestling tournament earlier. Apparently the tall Alpha only intended to participate in the archery event, and was here now to cheer on his friends. They chatted for a few minutes, Jungkook doing his best to appear normal when internally he was still roiling from the race, his gut clenching at the Alpha’s proximity. As Jungkook took a brief rest and waved bye to Wonho, he noticed that Alpha, Kim Namjoon, watching him closely while pretending not to. He was subtle about it, his eyes scanning the crowd at large, but every few seconds his eyes would flit over to the Omega, as if checking to see if he was ok. His Omega’s internal monologue suddenly went from flee, run, hide in my nest to flirtation, did he see me run, did he see how good I was, purrrrr.

Jungkook pulled a face, disgusted. He supposed he should be glad Namjoon wasn’t participating in the races, otherwise his Omega would have had him laying down in the middle of the track in front of the man and baring his throat. Pathetic.

Although. Namjoon’s scent had been pretty attractive. He wondered what it would be like to have Namjoon scent him, to smell like him, be covered and surrounded by that spice…

He was interrupted from his disturbing (lovely) daydream by a shrieking pup, maybe twelve or thirteen years old, running past, weaving through the crowd haphazardly. He shoved all thoughts of the Alpha to the back of his mind and deliberately did not look at the bleachers again. Out of the corner of his eye, he saw an older man hurrying in his direction. The man opened his mouth, his eyes focused past Jungkook, and he said, “Stop!”

Jungkook froze, the man’s Order leaving him with one hand up to brush his bangs away from his eyes, in the middle of shifting his weight from one foot to the other. He was unable to see it, but the pup from before had also stopped in her tracks, her momentum making her topple forward as her legs locked. Jungkook tried to lower his hand at least, but his body resisted him, his muscles straining with the dual effort of trying to stay frozen and trying to break free. He heard the man speak again, “It’s ok, I’ve got you,” presumably catching up to the pup and gathering her to him, and suddenly Jungkook could move again. Cursing, he stumbled away from the crowd, seeking privacy under some trees by one of the building’s corners, a good distance from the parking lot. His hands shook and he kept cursing under his breath, even as he reached the trees and fell down to sit with his back against a trunk.

In the year and a half since Jungkook had presented, he had fallen victim to Alpha voice a handful of times. A few times were accidental, like the one that just happened, but a small number hadn’t. He took deep breaths, closing his eyes and pushing away the memories that came crowding to the surface. He was ok. He was unharmed. He hadn’t done anything. He was ok. The litany cycled in his brain as he forced himself to calm down.

“Are you ok?”

Jungkook’s eyes flew open, and he scrambled to his feet to press his back defensively against the tree trunk. Namjoon hastily took a few steps back to give him space, hands up in the universal symbol of “surrender”/“no harm intended.” “Sorry,” the Alpha said, “I didn’t mean to startle you.”

Jungkook forced himself to breathe normally, and said, “What are you doing here?” It came out harsher than he expected, but he couldn’t help it.

Namjoon maintained his distance, his hands falling down to his sides. “I was worried about you. You left really suddenly, and it looked like you were going to be sick.”

“I’m fine,” Jungkook snapped back. Oops. More calmly, he repeated, “I’m fine. No need to worry.”

“Are you sure?” Namjoon asked. His hands twitched, as if he wanted to reach out, and Jungkook was grateful that he restrained himself. He didn’t have a problem with Namjoon, but he was pretty sure he wouldn’t be able to handle an Alpha touching him at the moment.

“It was nothing,” Jungkook said, and before he could realize what he was doing, he explained briefly, “Just got caught in an Alpha voice for a second. But I’m good now. It wasn’t even directed at me; it was to stop a pup from running through the crowd.” He flushed. He did not intend to say that much. He didn’t want Namjoon to think of him as weak, or look at him with pity.

Namjoon’s expression did change as he understood what had happened, but Jungkook couldn’t detect any pity in his face or voice as he said, “I see.”

“I’m fine,” Jungkook said again.

“Ok,” Namjoon said, and backed up another pace. Jungkook breathed a little easier. “Just wanted to make sure.”

“I appreciate it,” Jungkook said politely, and made no move to peel himself from the tree trunk and follow Namjoon back to the event space. He could tell the Alpha was reluctant to leave him, but he went nonetheless. Distantly, he heard the fourth heat conclude, and he knew he only had a few minutes before the fifth heat began, and after that, the final race. He had a couple minutes to get himself under control before he needed his head back in the game.

Jungkook took his two small wads of clay out of his pocket and shoved them in his ears. He’d worn them the whole time wrestling, but it had worked against his strategy during the race, being unable to hear the other competitors. But the incident with the pup made him too nervous to go without. He knew the Alphas around him were riled up; it was too much of a temptation to go without some precaution against Alpha voice. He’d been lucky no one had tried anything during the first heat. He’d just have to use his other senses to get his Omega’s instincts fired up.

He walked back over to the race event space, the noise of the crowd and the competitors around him muted to a faint drone, unable to make out any distinct words. He waited for the fifth and last heat to wrap up, and sized up his opponents.

They were all Alphas, of course. Most were men, but apparently the winner of the third heat had been a female Alpha. She was tall, her hair tied up in a high ponytail, and she looked very fierce. She visibly looked him up and down, and sent him a sharp smile, and he nervously edged away. She alone was enough to prep his instincts, forget the other guys. The fifth heat concluded, and a short break was called to give the winner of the fifth heat a moment to rest.

Jungkook allowed himself to slowly sink into his Omega’s headspace again, taking care to look at each Alpha lingering near the start line, noticing their strength, their size, their hungry gazes. His nose picked up on their scents, overwhelming and harshly clashing in their close quarters. His heart rate picked up, adrenaline coursing through his veins.

The others moved forward, and he joined them, taking his position on the outer edge, a male Alpha between him and the fierce female, the Alpha in between them doing nothing to calm his Omega. He let the rising panic fuel him, his Omega spinning in circles, ready to bolt at a moment’s notice. He had to turn his head for the countdown, reading the man’s lips and seeing him raise the horn before Jungkook allowed his eyes to drop back to the track. The faint tone of the horn alerted him even through the clay in his ears, and he took off, letting his Omega spur him on.

For a split second, he felt a pull on his body, his muscles dragging, and he knew someone had tried to use Alpha voice on him. Unable to hear the Order, he didn’t have to follow it, but his body still knew it had happened, and even as he snapped out of it and put on another burst of speed, he felt his stomach heave and his head pound. The finish line was getting closer, and he could still see the Alphas in his peripheral vision. He imagined the female Alpha right behind him, her grin forming into fangs in his head, her voice howling as she closed in on her prey. His feet flew, his Omega screaming at him run, run, get away, hide, need my nest!

He crossed the finish line, managed to slow himself down, and promptly threw up the water he’d consumed that afternoon, along with his light lunch. His eyes watered and he couldn’t see, but he felt a large hand grasp his shoulder, and he flinched before the person’s scent could register above the sourness of his vomit. Namjoon. His Omega whined, still in panic mode, and Jungkook’s stomach heaved again before he could get it under control. Namjoon’s scent began to suffuse the air around him, the pheromones meant to calm and soothe a distressed Omega, and Jungkook began to feel his stomach settle. He swiped his eyes free of tears and realized Namjoon was trying to talk to him.

“Sorry, what?” He asked, making sure to keep his volume normal like he’d practiced, and not overly loud because he couldn’t hear anything.

“Are you ok?” Namjoon’s full lips formed the words, and Jungkook nodded weakly. Namjoon still looked skeptical, and Jungkook’s frazzled brain tried to come up with some reasonable explanation, but before he could, something drew Namjoon’s attention off to one side, and the Alpha’s face went carefully blank. Jungkook turned to see what had his attention, and he saw the Alpha who had been between him and the female Alpha - who was standing off to one side, concern written all over her features, and Jungkook felt guilty about demonizing her to motivate his Omega - stomping up to Jungkook, his mouth wide and his baby face twisted in anger as he shouted.

“–not an Omega!” Jungkook read, and Jungkook turned to Namjoon, confused about what was going on. He didn’t feel safe enough yet to remove the clay, so he hoped Namjoon would say something to clear up the situation. The unknown Alpha had a strangely sweet scent for his gender, like bitter licorice.

“Calm down, Lu Han-ssi,” Namjoon’s lips pronounced, and his hand stretched out to lightly press against the charging Alpha’s chest, his other hand still on Jungkook’s shoulder. “What are you saying, he’s not really an Omega?”

Jungkook turned to look at the Alpha - Lu Han - in consternation. He’d never been accused of not being an Omega before. How could the other man even think that? Didn’t he have eyes, a nose? The idea was so ridiculous Jungkook found himself laughing.

The Alpha surged against Namjoon’s hand, and Jungkook promptly shut up, taking a cautionary step behind Namjoon. The man’s lips shaped the words, “He’s a Beta, or a baby Alpha in disguise. There’s no way he could have beaten me- us, otherwise.”

Jungkook arched an eyebrow. Wow, sore loser much? He turned to catch Namjoon’s response, keeping the angry Alpha in his peripheral vision.

“–admit that it is rare for an Omega to be so athletic, but it’s not impossible,” Namjoon was saying, but the other man was already talking back.

“–don’t understand, sir,” Lu Han said angrily, and Jungkook was secretly pleased that he had guessed correctly. Namjoon was someone important. “He shouldn’t have been able to keep running–” The Alpha’s eyes widened and he stopped talking. Before Namjoon could respond, Jungkook was stepping forward angrily.

“It was you!” He said, doing nothing to control his volume now. “You’re the one who tried to use Alpha voice on me!” He saw a ripple pass through the people around them, recoiling from the accused Alpha.

Namjoon again stepped between them, now physically restraining the both of them. He spoke to the other Alpha, “Is this true? Did you use Alpha voice on him?” His expression said he was disbelieving and, oddly, betrayed, as if he took it personally.

Then Lu Han’s anger clearly boiled over, and he must have been shouting, because his face was turning red from the strain, “So what if I did? He’s not supposed to be here anyway, and he didn’t react! He’s not a real Omega!”

Before Namjoon had a chance to react, Jungkook loudly responded, “Well joke’s on you, fucker, because I knew one of you Alphas would give in to temptation, and I prepared!” He yanked out the clay from his ears, holding the lumps out for everyone to see, and the noise of the crowd flooded his ears. They sounded hostile, though whether they were for him or against him he couldn’t tell.


“Oh, you’re one to talk–“

“ENOUGH,” Namjoon roared, and the crowd, Lu Han, and Jungkook immediately stilled. He didn’t even need to use Alpha voice - his voice held that much authority. Jungkook thought he could have heard a pin drop in that parking lot.

Namjoon’s face was hard, but his voice was measured, firm, controlled, as he said, “Lu Han-ssi, you are fired.”

Jungkook’s head whipped to look at Namjoon. He could do that? Wait, why would he do that? It couldn’t possibly be because of Jungkook. The thought of an Alpha of authority going so far for an Omega was absurd. Crazy.

The other Alpha made a noise of outrage, but it was strangely muted, as if he didn’t dare challenge Namjoon’s authority. Namjoon’s eyes locked with the other Alpha’s and he said, “Please leave now, or you will be escorted from the premises.”

With one last look around, his expression a mix of defiance and desperation, the Alpha turned and walked away. Jungkook could only look after him, stunned. He was leaving, just like that. No one had stood up for him. No one had challenged Namjoon. Who the hell was he?

“Jungkook-ssi,” Namjoon said, his voice almost identical to the one he’d used on the other man. Jungkook met his eyes and swallowed hard, unable to stop himself. “Would you please come with me?” Namjoon said, and beckoned. Jungkook found himself just as helpless to resist him as everyone else. They began walking in the direction of the office building, Namjoon turning at the last minute to address the crowd, everyone still locked in place and silent. “I apologize for the drama, and I hope it hasn’t ruined your enjoyment of the day. Please, carry on, and be safe on your way home.”

The magic spell broken, the people began to move again, to speak in hushed tones that quickly grew, so that by the time the two men reached the office front doors, the noise was a dull roar. Namjoon held the door open for him, and Jungkook stepped through, feeling a wave of chill roll over him as he entered the air-conditioned space. Namjoon stepped through, letting the door fall shut and the sound of the distant crowd cut off. The Alpha walked towards the elevators, calling one down for them both to get into, and he swiped a card as they got in, pressing the top floor. Jungkook thought Namjoon must be in the upper management, if he worked on the top floor. The behavior of the people outside made sense.

The elevator came to a stop and opened onto a floor decorated in modern clean lines, abstract art, and lots of white and gray with accents of vibrant blue. Namjoon walked down the hallway to double frosted-glass doors, opening into the largest office Jungkook had ever seen. The far wall was all windows, floor to ceiling, and in front of the windows sat a large desk of raw wood and wrought iron. There were some couches around a coffee table to one side, and chaise lounge draped with a soft-looking blanket positioned in front of a large flat screen to the other. There was another doorway on the same wall as the flat screen, and it was to this door that Namjoon walked, not seeming to notice he left a stunned Jungkook behind. The Omega couldn’t stop ogling everything in the office, and his eyes latched onto the nameplate sitting on the front edge of the desk.

“Kim Namjoon – Chief Executive Officer”

Oh shit, Jungkook thought faintly. Namjoon was the CEO of BigHit. Namjoon was his new boss, was everyone’s boss, was the most powerful man in the company.

“You didn’t know?” Namjoon asked, and Jungkook blushed when he realized that he was mumbling his thoughts aloud. The Omega straightened up and bowed lowly in the Alpha’s direction.

“I deeply apologize for what happened today,” Jungkook said, holding his bow, his eyes landing on his bare stomach, and oh shit, he wasn’t wearing a shirt, hadn’t been wearing a shirt this whole time.

“Whoa!” Namjoon said, rapidly coming over and urging him out of his bow with a hand on his shoulder (his bare shoulder, oh SHIT). “No need for that! I don’t know what you’re apologizing for. Lu Han was clearly in the wrong. I can’t believe he did something so stupid and disgusting, all for a company sports day.” For the first time, Namjoon sounded angry, and Jungkook realized that the Alpha was angry on his behalf. His Omega purred happily, but Jungkook was confused. The CEO had just fired someone, someone he knew by name, obviously someone he had a history with, all for some troublesome Omega that no one knew or had any loyalty to.

“I…don’t understand,” Jungkook finally admitted. “You don’t even know me.”

Namjoon’s eyes were warm and kind, belying his anger towards the departed Alpha. His voice was firm as he said, “I do not tolerate discrimination, or harassment, in my company. I have a zero-tolerance policy, and he knew that, and still chose to act in such a disgraceful fashion.”

Jungkook nodded politely, but he was still having a hard time coming to terms with all of it. A fresh blast of AC came through the vents above him and he shivered. He crossed his arms, and again was reminded of his half-naked state in front of his new boss. He blushed furiously and did not make eye contact with the CEO.

“Forgive me,” Namjoon said, and Jungkook finally looked up, confused again as Namjoon walked back towards the door in the far wall. “Please, come here,” the Alpha said, and Jungkook hesitantly followed him into what turned out to be a closet and full bath combo. There was even a mini fridge just to the left of the door as he came in. Jungkook realized that Namjoon could practically live at the office, since he had the chaise lounge, the fridge, extra clothes, and a full bath at his disposal. And maybe he did, for all Jungkook knew. Being a CEO must be a lot of work, he figured.

He turned his attention back to Namjoon to see him take a white button-down shirt off of a hanger and set it aside. Next he collected a towel and washcloth, and set them near the shower. “I thought you might want to wash up,” the Alpha said, gesturing vaguely in the direction of Jungkook’s ink-covered stomach. “You can borrow one of my shirts, I have plenty here.”

Jungkook thought of refusing. It felt so rude, like such an imposition, for the CEO of the company to indulge him this way. But then again, Jungkook really didn’t fancy taking public transportation while shirtless, he didn’t have enough money for a cab, and he knew Yugyeom was on a date with his mates that day, which was why JB and Jinyoung hadn’t been competing. He didn’t want to ruin the date his best friend had been looking forward to all week. It made sense to take the Alpha up on his offer, so he shyly ducked his head and thanked the CEO for his kindness.

“Don’t mention it,” Namjoon said easily. “I’ll be out in the office, so yell if you need anything.”

Probably the last thing he would ever do, Jungkook thought, but he nodded anyway, and after the door closed behind Namjoon, he gently locked the door, trying not to make the click noise too obvious. He stripped out of his sweaty joggers, briefs, and socks, placing his shoes neatly under a handy bench where lay the towel and washcloth Namjoon had gotten him. He decided to leave his collar on, figuring it could do with a wash, too, after how much he’d sweated. It was cheap material, anyway, sturdy and nothing fancy. He turned on the water and let it warm up before stepping under the spray.

The events of the day came back to him as he washed his hair with Namjoon’s shampoo, his Omega satisfactorily distracted with thoughts of smelling like the Alpha. That morning he had been so cocky, confident that he would prove to everyone he was the equal of any Alpha out there. He’d always been athletic, and was confident in his skills, despite his physiology changing recently to that of an Omega. The archery had gone pretty smoothly, and he briefly regretted not finishing with that win. If he’d stopped there, he wouldn’t have wrestled, he wouldn’t have had to fight his instincts so much, and he wouldn’t have had the panic attack in the bathroom. He wouldn’t have lost his shirt, wouldn’t have riled up practically everyone in the company by emerging half-naked, brazenly continuing to compete despite knowing how provocative his appearance was. How many enemies had he made today? He had to work with these people! What had he been thinking?!

He scrubbed furiously at his scalp, rinsing his hair clean before moving on to the soap. At least some people like Wonho seemed to have a good impression of him. And JB hadn’t been there, so maybe he would still consider talking to him even after he returned to work on Monday and heard about the Omega who ruined sports day. Small blessings, he thought, as he scrubbed his stomach over and over again, the sharpie barely budging from his skin. In hindsight, Jungkook knew he had messed up. He resolved to stay under the radar once he started work, and avoid provoking anyone else.

Especially Namjoon. Oh God, Namjoon was the worst of it all. He’d made a complete fool of himself in front of his new boss, the CEO of the entire company, caused him so much trouble, even made him fire one of his employees. And the man had been nothing but kind to him the whole day, which somehow made it worse.  The CEO obviously cared a great deal for his company and employees. The fact that BigHit even had a company sports day was testimony of that. And Jungkook had ruined it. He would stay far, far away from Namjoon after this.

He gave up on the sharpie and turned the water off. He cringed at the idea of putting his sweaty clothes back on, but he’d be damned if he troubled Namjoon any more than he already had, so he just sucked it up and pulled them back on. He decided he would just shower again when he got home. He slipped Namjoon’s shirt on, along with a hefty dose of spice-scent, and realized the numerals on his skin could still be faintly seen through the white fabric. He would just have to keep his arms crossed on the train. He rolled up the sleeves, as they were a little too long for him, and decided to leave the shirt untucked, letting the excess fabric sway around his slender frame and send cooling drafts of air against his damp, heated skin. He ruffled his hair one last time with the towel, finger combed it, and opened the bathroom door.

Namjoon was sitting on one of the couches on the far side of the room. He looked up as Jungkook poked his head out and quietly asked, “Where do I put the towel and washcloth?”

Namjoon got to his feet, waving his hand in a nonchalant gesture. “Don’t worry about it, the cleaning services will get them when they come by in the morning.”

Jungkook felt bad about just leaving them there, so he tried to gather them in a neat pile on top of the bench, hopefully easy to collect come morning. He hesitantly emerged from the bathroom before he gathered himself and gave Namjoon a short bow. “Thank you for letting me use your shower, and borrow your shirt.”

“No thanks necessary,” Namjoon said. “Please don’t hesitate to ask if you ever need anything in the future.”

I won’t ask, ever, Jungkook vowed to himself.

“Do you have a ride home?” Namjoon asked, unaware of Jungkook’s inner dialogue.

Jungkook shook his head, but was quick to say, “I’ll just take the train like I did this morning.” The CEO almost looked ready to give him a ride himself, and that would just not do. “Thank you again. I’ll wash your shirt and return it to you Monday, I promise. Good bye,” he said, and quickly fled the office, leaving a puzzled Namjoon staring after him.

His Omega had an attitude, and Jungkook finally realized as he boarded the train fifteen minutes later that the thing was pouting.

You can’t be serious, he thought to it, carefully keeping his arms crossed and doing his best to balance on the shaky train without holding on to anything.

Alpha... the inner Omega whined. Where is my Alpha?

NOT your Alpha, he snapped. Namjoon was not his Alpha, and never would be. Not that that mattered. Of course it didn’t matter. Just because Namjoon was the first Alpha he’d ever been attracted to meant nothing. Namjoon wouldn’t want him, didn’t want him, and Jungkook didn’t want him either. He didn’t need him. He didn’t need an Alpha. He was independent. That was the whole point of getting the job in the first place.

His Omega continued to sulk the whole way home, and Jungkook didn’t realize his expression was just as pouty.

Chapter Text

Jungkook tugged on his tie one more time, but immediately tightened it back up properly. It was so tight over his collar, but he wasn’t going to be a slob and not wear a tie and have everyone eye his collar the whole day. He forced his hand down and picked up the bag by his feet instead. Inside the bag was Namjoon’s shirt, freshly cleaned and pressed.

That shirt.

It had been the cause of several conflicts throughout the rest of the weekend, as his Omega first didn’t want him to take it off, then had him carrying it to bed before he could realize it. He had thrown it into a corner after realizing his Omega wanted to nest with it, disgusted with himself. But by the time he’d woken up Sunday morning, the shirt was clutched in his hand, pressed against his face, so that Jungkook was inhaling the spicy scent of Namjoon as he woke. He had no idea how it got back in his bed, and he decided that Sunday was laundry day, not only washing Namjoon’s shirt, but also his sheets and pillowcases, his sports day clothes, and everything else sitting in his laundry basket. He used scentless detergent, and even aired his duvet on the balcony. He’d already showered the night before, but he decided to do it again. By the evening, nothing in his apartment, including himself, smelled like the Alpha, and he’d gone to bed satisfied, though his Omega still had him dreaming of scenting the shirt all over, rubbing it against his neck and wrists, rolling in it, and then handing it back to Namjoon and watching him coyly as he inhaled Jungkook’s scent on his clothes. Luckily, no shirt molestation occurred during the night, and he was able to leave his apartment on time, clean shirt tucked neatly into a bag, safe from his Omega’s meddling.

He reported to HR once he arrived at the office, and Hyunshik greeted him warmly, congratulating him on his multiple wins. Jungkook was proud of himself for accepting the compliment without cringing, regret still twisting his gut. The HR head gave him his security fob that allowed him access to the building, guided him to the floor and area he’d be working in, and introduced him to his new manager, a smaller Alpha by the name of Yoon Hyo with a discreet silver ring pack marker. He didn’t recognize him from the sports day, so he did his best to make a good impression, and the Alpha was pleasantly polite towards him. Hyunshik wished him good luck on his first day of work, left to return to his own office, and Hyo showed him his desk.

Hyo explained that his new neighbor, Kim Jungwoo, would explain how the work orders came in and the procedure for processing them. Jungwoo usually came in a little later than Jungkook had that morning, so Hyo said he could familiarize himself with the building layout and department locations using the OfficeSpace application on his computer. Jungkook was familiar with the program already, he assured Hyo, so his new manager left him alone to play around with the interactive maps until Jungwoo came in.

The building was a mid-rise, with several of the floors being dedicated to practice rooms, dance halls, recording studios, and large, blank spaces simply labeled “MV.” The business offices started on the 8th floor, and were littered with conference rooms and break rooms. He saw departments for agents, managers, and promoters, as well as the legal department and of course, his own department, IT. Unbidden, his mouse clicked up the building to the top floor, and found that the maps ended at the floor just below the CEO’s office. He frowned, thinking there had been some mistake, but then he figured that it was probably a safety measure, not to show the floor plan and exact location of the most important people in the company.

Though he tried to not even think of the man, Jungkook knew that at some point today he was going to have to go up to that office and give back his shirt. He pictured him at his desk, in front of those windows, and couldn’t help but wonder what he was doing right that moment.

Yoongi cursed loudly and colorfully when his computer froze - again. He was frustrated enough with this track - something was just not coming together, and he’d yet to figure out exactly - and the damned thing was acting up for what seemed like the tenth time since he’d started. And he’d started…

The white-blond male leaned to one side, his tired eyes squinting at his phone screen to see the time. Shit, he’d been at it for five hours already? He knew he’d finally crashed sometime yesterday, but after a short rest he had come back down to his studio somewhere around three in the morning, the need for perfection driving him from sleep after only a few hours’ rest.

At least it was during work hours now, which meant he could call IT and get someone to fix his computer. He picked up his desk phone, dialing the internal code for IT, still cussing out his computer, threatening it with tossing it from the roof if it lost any of his recent work (he saved obsessively, religiously , but he was still paranoid). Yoongi didn’t realize someone had picked up until he heard a quiet, “Um.”

Shit. What had he been saying? He couldn’t remember. He hoped whatever kid had just picked up hadn’t thought that Yoongi was going to throw him from the roof. He didn’t need another, ahem, misunderstanding to clear up with Namjoon. “Ah, yeah, hi,” he rasped, coughing slightly, his voice rusty from disuse. “My computer’s gone to sh- um, it’s frozen or something. Can you come and look at it?”

“What’s your name?” the voice said in a professional tone, more confident now. Yoongi didn’t recognize it, but then, he didn’t interact with IT enough to be that familiar with them.

“Min Yoongi,” he said, striving for clearer enunciation this time.

“Ok, Yoongi-ssi, I’ll be right up in a moment,” the voice said politely.

“Thank you,” Yoongi said, and after he hung up, he decided it was a good time to stretch his legs and drink some water. His body creaked almost as much as his chair as he got to his feet, stretching his arms above his head and hearing his spine and hips snap back into place. He swayed for a moment at the release of tension, and stumbled over to his bag, fumbling out his water bottle. Shit, how Jin would fuss if he could see him. The Beta was definitely the nurturing type, and always seemed to be personally offended by Yoongi’s level of (lack of) self-care.

He shook out his legs, drank some more water, and carefully rolled his neck, before he heard a polite knock on the door and the pleasant voice from the phone say, “Min Yoongi-ssi?”

“Come in,” he said, and his voice sounded human this time.

The door opened, revealing a tall, black-haired kid with a laptop under one arm. The guy had the biggest, darkest eyes, like some adorable woodland creature, and his lips were pink and cute. He was dressed in a button-down, necktie, and pressed trousers, and Yoongi felt the grunge of his slept-in hoodie and jeans. Shit, when was the last time he’d showered? It hadn’t been last night - he’d socked out before he even made it to the bathroom. He surreptitiously sniffed himself, trying to discern if there was any B.O. under his usual scent.

The kid was looking at him oddly as he came inside and closed the door behind him, and Yoongi made himself stop. He gestured towards his malfunctioning technology and said, “Can you fix it?”

“I’ll do my best,” the kid said, and he sat down at Yoongi’s desk, carefully setting up his laptop in the empty space between the desktop and the sound equipment. He connected a cable, and started typing out some commands in complicated code that Yoongi didn’t even try to follow. He just hovered protectively over the kid’s shoulder.

Some minutes passed, the kid’s fingers flying across his keyboard, occasionally lifting to pull at his tie or fidget with his shirt collar. Those large eyes stayed focused on his laptop screen, never flickering down to see where his fingers were moving. Yoongi could see that he was clearly confident in his skills, and tried to take comfort in the kid’s calmness.

Suddenly the desktop screen went blank, and Yoongi cried out hoarsely, “No! Nonononono. Bring it back!”

“Please don’t worry, Yoongi-ssi,” the kid said, serene as ever. “It’s not lost, I have everything right here. I’m just hunting down the virus on your computer.”

“Virus?” Yoongi growled. “How the hell did a virus get on my computer? I’m very careful, and nobody else has access to my studio.”

The kid’s shoulders hunched momentarily at his growl, and Yoongi tried to calm down. He took a step back so he wasn’t looming over the younger male, and took a deep breath before saying, “Do you think this is corporate sabotage?”

The kid’s eyes left the screen for the first time since he started working to look at Yoongi with surprise. “Sabotage? I don’t think so,” he said. His head turned back to his laptop, his fingers did their little dance over the keys, and he tugged at his tie again.

“Are you hot or something?” Yoongi said, trying not to sound annoyed. It was a valid question. Yoongi was always cold and kept his studio warm, probably too warm for this kid in his formal wear. “You can take off your tie if it bothers you, I don’t mind you being informal.”

The kid flushed, his gaze landing on the floor for a few seconds before he deliberately smoothed out his tie and said, “I’m fine. I think I’ve found the source of virus anyway.” He typed a few last commands, and then halted, his eyes wide and his hands frozen as he looked at the line of code that appeared on his screen.

“What?” Yoongi worried. “What is it? It is sabotage, isn’t it? Shit-”

“Um,” the kid said, and Yoongi noticed that the younger man was beginning to blush furiously. “Unless corporate sabotage involves porn, I think we’re safe, from that at least.”

Yoongi’s racing brain crashed to a halt, and he said, intelligently, “Did you say ‘porn’?”

The kid nodded jerkily, and absently pulled at his shirt collar, his blush turning him glowing red.

“No,” Yoongi said. “That’s not possible. I never-”

The kid rapidly typed a command and a video window appeared on Yoongi’s desktop, the video starting automatically to reveal two women, one an obvious Alpha, and the other presumably an Omega based on the collar around her neck, intertwined and moving in vigorous, explicit fashion. As their cries and whimpers filled the room, Yoongi’s mouth dropped open, and he stared, stunned. There was porn. On his work computer. It could only mean one thing-

“I’m not judging you, Yoongi-ssi, but I’m pretty sure if we deleted this and the other files, the virus will disappear,” the kid mumbled.

“Not judging -“ Yoongi cried in consternation. “I didn’t put porn on my work computer!” His voice was vehement as he growled, “But there is one other person who has access to this studio, and that fucker is going to die when I get my hands on him.” He fumbled his phone out of his hoodie pocket, failing to notice the kid’s eyes wide with wariness, or when the obnoxious vocalizations of the women on screen cut off as the file was deleted. He was too busy pulling up a private chat and firing off the following:

Suga: you FUCKER

Suga: How DARE you put PORN on my computer!

Suga: you are DEAD 💀

A response came almost immediately.

RM: What?

RM: porn?

RM: what?

He typed furiously.

Suga: You know what you did. And you’re going to pay.

Suga: 💀 💀 💀

Beyond irritated and daydreaming of ways to torture a certain CEO, he snapped his phone shut and turned back to find the kid gingerly putting away his equipment, trying to be as quiet as possible. Guilt struck him, and he said, “I’m sorry for losing my temper like that. It was unprofessional of me.”

The kid faced him, a look of surprise making his pretty eyes even wider, his mouth popped open just enough to reveal the bottoms of his two front teeth. Somehow it made Yoongi think of a bunny. Cute.

“Oh,” the kid said. “Uh, that’s ok. I would be upset too.”

“Still, I am sorry,” Yoongi said. He turned to look at his desktop, and was relieved to see the program before was back up, exactly where he had left off. “Oh thank you, thank you, you’re a lifesaver-” he suddenly stopped, realizing he’d never gotten the kid’s name.

A look of understanding popped into the kid’s face, and he quickly said, “Jeon Jungkook.”

“Jungkook-ah, I owe you one.” He really had - Yoongi couldn’t remember how many times he’d lost hours of work on this machine, and now hopefully he didn’t have to worry about that again. He felt unusually affectionate towards the relative stranger; maybe he was just that relieved to have his work safe. “You ever need anything, you come to me, got it?” Yoongi said firmly. The kid - Jungkook - looked like he was going to brush it off, but Yoongi clapped a hand onto his shoulder, stared him in the eyes in that intimidating way he knew he could, and said, “Anything. Got it?”

Jungkook gulped (cute) and nodded faintly. “Got it,” he said weakly.

“Good,” Yoongi nodded back. “Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to get back to work.” He was almost cut off by a yawn, and took his hand off of Jungkook’s shoulder to cover his mouth.

Jungkook watched him with a concerned expression, “Yoongi-ssi...”

“Call me hyung,” Yoongi said, swiping at his watering eyes.

“...Yoongi-hyung,” Jungkook said shyly. “Forgive me, but you look like you could use a rest.”

Yoongi idly scratched at his rumpled silver-white hair. He must look like shit for this polite kid to say something. He was very tired. Maybe a nap wouldn’t hurt, before getting back to work. He stifled another yawn and said, “You may be right. I’ll go crash for a little while. Good advice.” Although he wasn’t much for open displays of affection, he found himself patting Jungkook lightly on the head and saying, “Good dongsaeng.”

Jungkook blushed again, ducking his head, and gave a small bow. “I’ll be going then, Yoongi-s, ah, Yoongi-hyung. Have a nice nap.” With that, the young man turned and left, not noticing how Yoongi had frozen up behind him.

Yoongi had his hand still upraised, as if to continue patting Jungkook or wave him goodbye, but his eyes stared into the middle distance. When Jungkook had ducked his head, Yoongi had finally understood why the kid kept tugging at his tie and shirt collar, for under his shirt collar was the collar of an Omega.

Jungkook had just finished his lunch, sitting with Jungwoo, who apologized yet again for “sending you to the wolves on your first day, I’m a terrible sunbae.” Apparently Yoongi had quite the reputation in the company, the Alpha known for his blunt, savage statements and intimidating persona. Jungkook had assured Jungwoo that everything had gone fine with Yoongi, that he’d found the source of his problems, eliminated it, and had been thanked for a good job. Jungwoo continued to apologize, though, as if convinced Jungkook was only being polite, not wanting to complain on his first day on the job, and eventually Jungkook gave up trying to convince him, and changed the subject.

The subject was not so easy to change in his mind, however. The shorter Alpha had been intimidating, yes, but Jungkook had also felt inexplicably safe with him, not even feeling it necessary to plug his ears the second after learning Yoongi was an Alpha. Something about the older man made Jungkook feel so comfortable, so at home, even with the older male’s growling and mumbled threats, that he had almost whined when he left the studio behind. He couldn’t forget the sensation of Yoongi’s fingers on his hair, or the Alpha’s overwhelming yet soothing minty scent. In the small studio, the Alpha’s scent had been so strong it was almost tangible against his skin. For once, his Omega was completely docile, as if lulled into a sense of peace by the Alpha’s dominant personality. He’d never experienced anything like it.

Jungkook shook his head, trying to clear it as he approached the second-highest floor. He had another Alpha to think about right now. The elevator doors opened, and he walked up to a receptionist’s desk, where sat a Beta with a wide smile. He had hoped to just hand the shirt off to the receptionist, and thus avoid further contact with him , but the man cheerfully buzzed him on up, unlocking a set of doors to one side of the elevators that revealed a staircase to the top-most floor. Setting his shoulders in determination, Jungkook climbed the stairs and emerged on the top floor, halting in front of the frosted glass doors, familiar from two days before. He lifted a hand to knock, but had barely tapped the glass before it was swinging open and Namjoon was poking his head out, one finger pressed to his lips, the universal sign for “be quiet.”

The Alpha’s sudden proximity made his brain short-circuit, and like a toddler, he responded by pressing a finger to his own lips: “I will be quiet.” Namjoon smiled at him, and oh, he had dimples. Dazed, Jungkook stumbled slightly as Namjoon beckoned him inside his spacious office.

The need to be silent became readily apparent. On one of the couches to the left, Yoongi was curled up in a snug little ball under a blanket. His relaxed face was angelic, and the contrast from this morning was jarring. The small Alpha’s head was pillowed on the lap of a stranger, the most handsome man Jungkook had ever seen. He had pale pink hair, broad shoulders, full lips, and his features were almost scary in their perfection and symmetry. His clothes looked tailor-made for him, and on one wrist was a pretty bracelet of pink velvet ribbon threaded through silver chain links, a small silver charm glittering at the clasp. A Beta, then, and part of a pack - Yoongi’s pack?

“Jungkook, let me introduce you to a couple of my packmates,” Namjoon whispered and gestured to the couch. Jungkook did his best to not act surprised at the discovery of learning Namjoon and Yoongi were in the same pack, and tried to focus on the introductions. “The sleeping one is Min Yoongi, he’s one of our producers here, and this is Kim Seokjin, a model and amateur chef. You’ll have to forgive Yoongi-hyung; he had a rough night and morning. Jin-hyung and I were just finishing lunch when he practically collapsed on the couch.” Warm affection colored Namjoon’s soft murmurs as he regarded the two men on the couch.

“It’s very nice to meet you,” Jungkook said as softly as he could while still being heard. “I’m Jeon Jungkook, and I work in IT,” he added with a short bow. The ridiculously handsome man, Seokjin, smiled and nodded in acknowledgment, but remained still except for gently combing his fingers through the sleeping Alpha’s pale hair.

“Would you like something to eat, Jungkook?” Namjoon whispered, gesturing to the array of containers spread on the coffee table. “Jin-hyung always makes too much, so please, help yourself.”

“I’ve already eaten,” Jungkook replied regretfully. “Otherwise I would. It looks delicious.” He directed the last to the Beta, who visibly preened. The food smelled wonderful, but Jungkook was secretly glad he had a good excuse to refuse the food. His stomach was doing weird things, being so close to two Alphas who affected him so much, and an absurdly handsome Beta, to boot.

“Here, I’ll fix you a bit to take home,” Seokjin whispered enthusiastically. “I’ll have it ready by the time you’re done with your business with Namjoon-ah.” He started gathering portions of food into a container, and Jungkook didn’t feel like stopping him. He knew he’d be able to enjoy it later when he was alone.

“Thanks, hyung,” Namjoon said, whipping out those dimples again. He set a gentle hand on Jungkook’s elbow, guiding him to the far side of the room near the windows. He wasn’t wearing his glasses today; Jungkook couldn’t decide whether he was grateful or disappointed. “So Jungkook, what did you need my help with?”

With the Alpha’s full attention on him, his Omega started clamoring, but Jungkook forced himself to ignore it. “Um,” he said, and lifted the bag with the CEO’s shirt in it. “I really just came to return your shirt. I didn’t mean to interrupt your lunch.”

“Oh,” Namjoon said, and was that disappointment Jungkook heard in his voice? “Well, that’s fine. I’m glad you could use it.” Namjoon accepted the bag from Jungkook. “You didn’t have any problems getting home, right?”

Jungkook felt warmth at the Alpha’s concern, but he did his best to hide it. His fingers fluttered to his collar before he could force them back to his sides. “Oh, no, no problems. Thank you,” he mumbled. He looked back up to find Namjoon’s eyes looking below his face, his brows drawn in puzzlement. “What?” The Omega asked, suddenly self-conscious. Had he dropped food on his shirt? Jungwoo would have told him if he had, right?

“Why are you wearing your collar so low?” the Alpha asked quietly. “It looks uncomfortable.”

Jungkook blushed and stuttered, “O-oh, no reason. I guess I just didn’t want to be distracting?”

Namjoon chuckled. Seokjin shushed him from across the room, and he immediately quieted, but still kept his smile. “You? Didn’t want to be distracting? The Omega who competed shirtless at the company sports day?”

Jungkook’s blush deepened, but he smiled slightly, admitting it was kind of funny. “Yeah, well, that was...then. And now I’m at work. And I thought it would be better, I guess.” Articulation failing him, he just stopped talking.

“Well I don’t think you should make yourself uncomfortable for the sake of others,” Namjoon said warmly. “You should wear it normally. It’s not like you have anything to be ashamed of. Far from it, I would think.”

His Omega purred, and Jungkook felt himself glowing. Suddenly all the effort he’d put into being inconspicuous, trying to hide after the controversy he’d caused the past Saturday, seemed silly. It’s not like the people who had been at the sports day wouldn’t recognize him without the collar. And Namjoon’s comments gave back that feeling of pride in himself that Jungkook had lost after the fight with that Alpha. Namjoon clearly felt like Jungkook should embrace his identity as an Omega, which was completely opposite the rest of society, that seemed to look down upon him for his gender. It was unexpected, and caused butterflies to swarm in his stomach, which was …pleasant, he decided. “Oh,” Jungkook said shyly. “In that case, do you mind if I...?”

“Go right ahead!” Namjoon said, and gestured towards the bathroom. Jungkook went into the bathroom, tugging his tie loose with relief. Once he was in front of the mirror, he opened his shirt collar and yanked his black collar higher, where it fit snugly. He refastened his shirt collar below it, pulled his tie back into place, and immediately felt like he could breathe so much easier. His black collar rested on the top edge of his shirt collar, barely overlapping, and it felt so much better. He smiled and returned to the main room to find Namjoon and Seokjin in whispered discussion, but they cut off when he reappeared. Namjoon had a hand on one of Seokjin’s broad shoulders, and the look the Beta was giving the Alpha was so intimate, Jungkook felt like he was intruding.

Seokjin turned to the Omega and smiled (oh, his heart) before saying in a low, quiet voice, “Much better.” Namjoon’s expression was pleased as he took in the newly-revealed collar.

Jungkook ducked his head for a second, feeling shy under their gazes, before he pulled himself together and whispered, “Thank you, Seokjin-ssi, Namjoon-ssi. I’ll go now and stop intruding.”

“Nonsense, you were no imposition,” Namjoon murmured, walking around the couch to face him more directly.

“Here, take this with you,” Seokjin said kindly, holding out a bundle of two containers held together in a scarf, which Namjoon took and passed to Jungkook. Jungkook gave them both a bow and exited the CEO’s office to return to work.

Jungwoo was looking at Jungkook as he sat at his desk, and Jungkook remembered that his collar was now visible. He worried about his new coworker’s reaction, but kept his face carefully blank.

“I didn’t know you were an Omega,” Jungwoo said, voice curious. He wouldn’t have been able to smell Jungkook with the amount of scent blocker he’d put on that morning. “Were you wearing that the whole time?”

“Yes, under my shirt collar,” Jungkook replied. “It was too tight, though, so I moved it back up.”

Jungwoo nodded and said, “Yeah, I bet it was tight. No wonder you kept pulling on your tie.”

A moment of silence, and then:

“Your pack lets you work?” Again, Jungwoo sounded more curious than judgmental.

“I don’t have one,” Jungkook said. “I’m independent.”

“Oh,” Jungwoo said, and that seemed to be the end of it. Jungkook did his best to hide his surprise. Well that was easy.

“I forgot to tell you at lunch,” Jungwoo said, “But Thursdays are late days. We come in late, around noon - eat lunch before you come - and stay until ten pm or so. It depends on what we’ll be releasing or updating. We wait until eight to start the releases and system updates, because most of the office workers will have left by then, and the talent and staff know not to use anything internal past that point. It’s actually really fun - we bring casual clothes to change into for the evening, we all go to dinner together, and we don’t have to come in until ten the next day.”

Jungkook nodded along. It did sound kind of fun, and a good time for the IT department to bond. Despite his declarations of independence, Jungkook was still a social person, and he missed the camaraderie he’d had with clubs and friends back in college. He still didn’t want to be tied down by a pack, especially since they would inevitably force him to quit working, but he hoped he could still bond with his coworkers. He was tired of third-wheeling Yugyeom’s pack; he needed other friends.

The rest of the day passed peacefully, nothing as exciting as Yoongi’s incident from the morning. He replaced a wireless mouse that had stopped working; he moved a computer from one desk to another; he changed user permissions for someone who had been promoted (and congratulated them on their promotion when he was done); and other similar tasks. Some people looked at his collar doubtfully when he showed up to help, probably wondering if they could trust him to get the job done, but thankfully all were too polite to actually say anything out loud. Before he knew it, it was time to clock out, and he waved goodbye to Jungwoo and Hyo as he turned right towards the train station, the others going left for the parking lot.

On his way home, rocking with the motion of the train, he mused to himself that his first day on the job had gone very well. He had a lot to catch Yugyeom up on when they FaceTimed tonight.

Chapter Text

Jin mostly ignored the bickering going on in the living room, only keeping track of the argument between the two Alphas with his nose to make sure no scent spikes indicated things going out of control. He’d learned a long time ago to let his Alphas fight over the little things all they wanted - it wasn’t healthy for them to keep in their aggression all the time, and it was better to let it out in small doses to prevent them from exploding later.

However, he reminded himself to check on Tae after he was done cooking. The Omega had wisely chosen to watch anime in his room rather than stay in the Alphas’ proximity, but Jin knew his youngest packmate would still be affected by the little fight. In a perfect world, all the Alpha “messes” would happen when the Omegas weren’t home, or would happen somewhere else, but Jin - and Tae - knew that was unrealistic, especially with such high-profile Alphas. Any public fight would cause far more drama than any of their bickerings deserved, and it would only affect the pack, especially the Omegas, more.

Jin had a highly sensitive nose for a Beta, and was able to monitor the Alphas’ scents even over the smell of the various foods cooking on the stove in front of him. His nose made him a particularly nurturing Beta, being able to sense his pack’s emotions, and him being the oldest, he loved to take care of his pack. Seeing to their needs made him so satisfied, and he found himself thinking of them often, tracking their heats and ruts, making sure all suppressant and birth control prescriptions were filled and stocked, monitoring their emotional health, preparing dishes he knew they liked when one of them was down. It nearly killed him when his job took him away for days, even weeks at a time, and he was particularly glad the fashion week season was over now, so he could restore his inner well-being by caring for his pack.

The fight in the living room was getting quieter, so the Alphas must be wrapping up. Jin still couldn’t believe Namjoon had been so stupid as to download porn on Yoongi’s computer - his supposed reasoning being the CEO’s computer couldn’t have any porn on it on principle, but the producer was infamous for guarding his equipment and studio like a dragon guarding its hoard, so it should be safe - but then again, his pack Alpha could be incredibly dumb, despite his absurdly high intelligence.

It was a good thing they were finishing up, because the food was done, and Jin wanted everyone at the table while the food was still hot. He checked the clock, knowing Hoseok and Jimin should be home any minute (he’d memorized everyone’s schedule), and went into the living room to summon the Alphas.

When he entered the living room, he was met with an unusual sight: Namjoon sat on a couch, his hands limp by his sides, and his head tilted back and to one side in submission; Yoongi sat on his lap, his legs to either side of Namjoon’s hips, his arms braced on the back of the couch, and he gently held the skin of Namjoon’s neck in his teeth. There was no growling, so it wasn’t a genuine power play, and Jin theorized that Namjoon had offered his neck as a way to make peace, since he had been in the wrong. After a few more moments, Yoongi released Namjoon’s neck, giving a quick few licks to soothe the skin, and clambered off of the younger Alpha. Namjoon seemed dazed for a second, but gathered himself in time to spot Jin in the doorway. They made eye contact, and Jin spoke, “Dinner’s ready. Will you two set the table, and I’ll fetch Tae?”

The Alphas nodded, returning back to their normal, reasonable states, and Jin quickly climbed the stairs to knock on the Omegas’ partially open bedroom door. He heard a low hum, and he opened the door the rest of the way to spot Tae stretched out on the bigger-than-king-sized bed, headphones pulled down around his neck, setting his laptop to one side. The room was saturated in Omega smell, as it was both sound- and scent-proofed for heats. Jin climbed up on the bed and cuddled the Omega for a moment, taking in his slightly distressed scent, and scenting him as best as he could with his weaker Beta scent. Tae went limp under him with a small, happy sigh as Jin nudged up his brown leather collar, studded with chocolate diamonds, with his nose to get better access. In response, Tae gently lifted one of Jin’s wrists - the one his pack marker, today a gold chain threaded with white leather, dangled from - and rubbed it on his cheek, scenting the Beta in return. When Jin was unable to detect any more scent of distress, he rose up to face the Omega, who had a dreamy expression on his face, and said, “You ready for dinner, pup?”

Tae hummed in assent, and let Jin lift him into a sitting position before taking control of his own long limbs and getting to his feet. The scent of food wafted up the stairs as they entered the hallway, and Tae’s scent spiked in happiness.

“Japchae?” He asked the Beta excitedly, and Jin nodded indulgently. The Omega whooped and sped down the stairs, just as the sound of the front door opening reached Jin’s ears. He reached the bottom of the stairs in time to hear Jimin and Hoseok greet the other three, and Jin’s heart warmed, his pack complete.

After Hoseok had pecked everyone on the cheek or lips, and Jimin (and Tae, who was standing close enough to get pulled in) had been thoroughly scented by the Alphas, Jin was able to herd everyone to the table. The Alphas had set the table and brought the food to sit in the middle, and they all waited with barely restrained impatience for Namjoon to grab his portion before they fell on the food all at once. After a few minutes of contented munching, Jin turned to Hoseok and Jimin and asked, “So how did your day go?”

Hoseok answered first, his voice cheerful as always, “It went pretty well. The new group is picking up the choreography, and they’re showing some potential for being really good dancers, with a bit more work.” The other Beta in the pack was a freelance choreographer who sometimes choreographed for BigHit, but just as often worked for other agencies. Namjoon had always made it clear that he didn’t expect Hoseok to limit his career options out of misplaced pack loyalty, and Hoseok had flourished doing his freelance work. There was a rule though, that Hoseok would not discuss the particulars of any other agency, and Namjoon wouldn’t ask.

“What about you, Jiminie?” asked Tae, and the other Omega sighed. At his downcast expression, Tae frowned. “Uh oh - not good?”

“It wasn’t bad, ” Jimin waffled, not making eye contact with the rest of the table, his chopsticks playing with his glass noodles.

“Jimin-ah, what happened?” Yoongi asked, and Jin could sense the Alpha’s overprotectiveness kicking in. With Tae, you could almost forget that he was an Omega, if it weren’t for his collar and scent, because he was so tall. Not so with Jimin - Jimin was the picture of an Omega, shorter, smaller, with soft facial features and a gentle voice. Most people learned pretty quickly that Jimin didn’t act like the stereotypical Omega, but at home he let himself be vulnerable, and it always provoked a protective response from Yoongi, and sometimes Namjoon.

“It’s nothing to get bent out of shape about, hyung,” Jimin explained. “It’s just this new choreographer. He acted like he didn’t know how to use me, just because I’m an Omega, despite the fact that I’m the strongest male there and can lift any of the girls, Alpha, Beta, or Omega.” Jimin’s tone darkened a little, and Jin could smell lingering traces of anger and resentment from the Omega. He hoped Jimin had been able to keep himself under control. The Omega’s temper was legendary, and it would have gotten him off to a rocky start with a new choreographer who already regarded him with prejudice.

Jin’s tone was teasing, trying to lighten Jimin’s mood. “Maybe you should just flash your abs at him. He’d get the picture then.”

“I’d think his biceps alone would do the trick,” Hoseok chipped in.

“Or his thighs. God ,” Tae said in appreciation.

Jimin couldn’t help but smile at their banter, and Jin felt relief to see his mochi looking happy like he should. However, Yoongi was apparently still in protective mode.

“You shouldn’t have to do anything to prove yourself,” he grumbled lowly, causing both Omegas to sit up and look at him with attention, instinctively responding to their Alpha’s growl. “You’re the top ballerino in the city, and he should give you due respect. I can talk to him, if you want.”

Namjoon hurriedly cut in, “I don’t think that will be necessary, right Jiminie?” Jin set his hand on Namjoon’s thigh under the table, silently thanking him for heading off Yoongi before he could get too fired up.

“Right, hyung,” Jimin said, visibly setting his shoulders more confidently and invisibly releasing soothing pheromones that made Yoongi relax back into his natural slouch. “I’ve got this,” Jimin continued. “It won’t be the first time I’ve had to force some sense into a choreographer’s head, and it won’t be the last.” His fingers stroked the soft white suede of his collar, studded with diamonds on the buckle. It had been a gift from the pack after he’d gotten principal. “After all, I don’t have a reputation for nothing. He’ll come around.”

Looking at the stubborn determination on the Omega’s face, Jin almost felt sorry for the poor man. Almost.

“What about you two?” Hoseok asked, gesturing to the Alphas. “Everything ok at the office?”

Yoongi opened his mouth with a significant look at Namjoon, but Jin kicked him under the table. As amusing as the story would be, especially to Hobi, Jin didn’t want the Omegas to be uncomfortable if the Alphas got tense. Yoongi’s face twisted and he pouted, saying, “Ow.”

At the others’ curious expressions, Namjoon spoke up. “I unknowingly caused a little trouble for Yoongi-hyung, but it’s been straightened out.” The Alpha’s hand absentmindedly lifted to stroke his throat, one quick swipe before he caught himself. Hobi looked like his curiosity was killing him, but had enough sense to wait until after dinner to corner Namjoon for the full story. Tae was giving Jimin a meaningful look, and neither Omega pressed for more information. Jin knew that eventually everyone in the pack would hear the full story, but was satisfied that enough time would pass before it happened so that when it did, all tension will have passed and only the humor would remain.

“Oh!” Namjoon said, “Yoongi-hyung and Jin-hyung got to meet the Omega I was telling you all about Saturday night. Turns out he’s in IT, and he helped hyung today with his -ah, issue, and later swung by the office while Jin-hyung and I were finishing up lunch.”

“Was he really as bold as Namjoon makes him out to be?” Hobi asked Jin, and ignored Namjoon’s hand to his chest, mock-offended.

“I found him to be very polite,” Jin said. “But I suppose he has to be when he’s working.”

“Never stopped Yoongi-hung,” Namjoon mumbled, and winced as Yoongi kicked him under the table.

“Hyung’s right,” Yoongi said. “He was very polite, even soft-spoken, when I met him. I didn’t even know he was an Omega until just before he left; he was hiding his collar under his shirt collar, and he must have been wearing scent blocker. It wasn’t until later when I put two-and-two together and recognized his name from Joonie’s story, but it’s hard to believe the Omega I met today is the same one from Saturday.”

“He wasn’t provocative at all,” Jin said. “Demure, I would say.”

“Weird,” Hobi said.

“Do you think he has an evil twin?” Tae asked, and everyone’s heads swiveled to look at him in silence before returning to the conversation. Jimin patted the other Omega on the shoulder.

“I suppose it is possible that he felt the need to conform while on the job,” Namjoon mused, and Jin smiled internally - the Alpha had that philosophical expression on his face that the Beta was all-too familiar with, after many occasions where the younger man would ramble on for hours, picking apart every last detail and angle of an incident until he was questioning reality itself. “And from what I understand, he didn’t intend to be so controversial on sports day - someone stole his shirt, which I still can’t believe.”

“I can,” Yoongi said, and Namjoon gave him a hurt look. “I’m not saying I would have done it,” Yoongi said exasperatedly, “But sometimes your heart of gold doesn’t let you see the whole picture, Joon-ah. Did you really expect a field of Alphas to take kindly to an Omega trouncing them in three separate competitions? And not even the same type of competition either: one where you had to have skill and poise, one where you had to have strength and strategy, and another where you had to be fast and have endurance.”

“Didn’t know you liked sports that much, hyung,” Hobi said. “You always whine and complain when we try to get you to exercise.” The Beta ducked the Alpha’s half-hearted swing, laughing.

“You forget I used to play basketball,” Yoongi retorted.

“But still, I thought people were better than that,” Namjoon said, and Jin squeezed the Alpha’s knee under the table. Namjoon smelled genuinely distressed, though it was weaker today than it had been Saturday, at the thought of one or more of his people acting in such a hateful way.

“A lot of people are getting better about it,” Jin said gently. “But there’s still a lot of prejudice out there, even in your own company. Think about it, Joonie - do you know of any other Omega who works for BigHit that isn’t talent?”

Namjoon frowned in thought, and Jin saw it click when his eyes went wide. “No,” he breathed. “All the ones I can think of are talent of some kind.”

“But it’s not like it’s against the rules, right?” Hobi said in Namjoon’s defense.

“No, it’s not,” Yoongi said tiredly, “but Namjoon can’t be there for every interview, and who can say how many Omegas get turned away at the door? Mah Hyunshik is a good man, but he’s old, and old-fashioned. I’m amazed Jungkook even got the job.”

“Wonder what he had to do to get it,” Jimin muttered bitterly. Everyone turned to the Omega in shock, and Jimin huffed. “Don’t be naive,” he said. “I out of everyone at this table would know just how hard it is to break gender roles, to get anywhere in an industry that fights you every step of the way.” Tae set one his large hands on Jimin’s shoulder in sympathy.

Namjoon choked, “But you’ve never…”

Jimin just met his eyes from across the table and didn’t say anything, but his scent spoke volumes, sour with past regret, humiliation, and anger. It physically hurt Jin to stay in his seat and not rush over to the Omega, but he was already doing his best to support Namjoon, who looked like he was going to be sick. Even Yoongi, who had seen more of the evil part of the world than anyone else in the pack, looked furious at the thought. He started growling, and the sound seemed to snap Jimin out his memories in concern for his Alpha.

Jimin stood up from the table and walked around to Yoongi, crowding into his lap and wrapping his arms around the Alpha’s neck, effectively smothering his growls. Yoongi’s arms wrapped around Jimin’s waist and held him tight, his muted rumbles tapering off as the Omega rubbed his cheek along Yoongi’s pale hair and face. “It’s ok, Alpha,” Jimin murmured softly, his scent sweetening the air.

“Why are you comforting me? Dumb Omega,” Yoongi’s grumbles were muffled against Jimin’s chest, but he only clutched Jimin tighter.

“I haven’t done anything since I met you all,” Jimin says, making eye contact with Namjoon from his position in Yoongi’s lap. Jin could feel the Alpha’s tension ease at the sincerity in Jimin’s voice. “I haven’t needed to. I’m much more confident than I used to be, and you,” his said down to Yoongi’s head in his arms, “have taught me not to take shit from anybody.”

“Damn straight,” came Yoongi’s muffled voice.

The conversation lightened from there, but Jin could tell Namjoon was still bothered, so it came as no surprise that night when the pack Alpha came knocking at his door. Yoongi took one look at Namjoon, grabbed his pillow, and said, “I’ll sleep with Hobi.”

It’s not that Yoongi was uncaring - it was just a well-established fact that if someone needed a confidant, Jin would open his arms and bed. Yoongi respected that, and left to give Namjoon some privacy.

Jin had already completed his skin care routine for the night, so he held open the covers for the Alpha and allowed himself to be pulled close, Namjoon’s strong arms wrapping around him and his nose against Jin’s throat. As a Beta, he didn’t have the same response as Jimin or Tae, but it still felt lovely, warm, complete , to be scented, especially by the pack Alpha. He briefly closed his eyes to enjoy the sensation, lifting a hand to gently rake it through Namjoon’s hair. He felt the younger man relax against him, soothed by his scent and stroking hand, and eventually he spoke.

“I never knew it was so hard,” Namjoon said. Jin was silent, waiting for his mate to continue, like he knew he would. “I mean, I knew it was hard. We’ve all heard the gossip about Jimin, about how Tae became such a popular model and actor in such a short amount of time, but we all knew it was rubbish, never paid it any mind...”

When his deep voice didn’t pick up again, Jin added gently, “Until now.”

Namjoon gave a small nod, his chin nudging against Jin’s collarbone. “Until now... Hyung, did you- did you know-”

“About Jimin’s past?”

Another small nod.

“He’s not told me everything; pretty sure only Tae has heard the full story. But I knew some of the people he’d worked with, and he would tell me just enough, you know, to feel better. It wasn’t hard to fill in the blanks.”

“Why did you never tell me?” Namjoon raised his head to look at him, his face twisted in anguish. It hurt, to see him hurting.

“Most of it happened before we came along, Joon-ah,” Jin said, smoothing the Alpha’s hair back from his forehead. “From the sounds of things, the situation was the worst in his first company, the one straight out of high school, and we met him after he’d left them for the company he’s with now. And besides,” he gently scolded, “he told me in confidence. You wouldn’t like it if I spilled your secrets to the pack, would you?”

“But that’s different,” Namjoon insisted. “My secrets don’t put myself or the pack in danger. They’re just petty grievances and my own insecurities. But Minnie was being hurt , hyung. As pack Alpha, I need to know when any of you is in danger. How else am I supposed to protect you?”

Jin nodded. “I see your point, but let me remind you that I care for this pack just as much as you do. Do you think I would have kept silent if Jimin were in danger?”

Namjoon frowned thoughtfully and shook his head.

“I wouldn’t have,” Jin agreed. “The unfortunate thing here is that Jimin didn’t say anything to us while it was happening, only after. He kept everything to himself, with some misguided notion that he had to prove he was just as strong as everyone else. Not to mention that we were still courting him, so he didn’t know us that well yet. The longer he knew us, the stronger he got, and he had already dealt with all of these problems by the time he said anything to me. I did scold Tae for keeping it secret, because he’d known for longer, while some of it was happening, but like you said, it’s hard for any of us to really know how difficult it is for Omegas, not being ones ourselves. I can’t blame Tae for his loyalty to another of his gender, even if I can and did blame him for keeping a potentially harmful situation a secret. Things could have gotten a lot worse, and I made sure he understood the risks he’d taken with Jimin’s life by not sharing when he knew. Both of them know now that they can trust us, not just to stand up for them, but to have their backs when they need us.”

Namjoon took all of this in, and eventually nodded. “Ok, hyung. I understand, even if I’m not happy about it. So long as you promise me that you’ll tell me if anyone says or even looks like they might be in trouble. No one looks after us like you do, and I’m trusting you to keep me in the loop.”

Jin took in his earnest expression, raised his hand to cup the Alpha’s face, and gently kissed his furrowed brows, his downturned lips, his wrinkled forehead, all the while chanting softly against his skin, “I promise. I promise. I love you. Best pack Alpha ever.”

Pacified, Namjoon was able to go to sleep, spooning Jin, and Jin feel asleep basking in the love he felt for his mate.


Chapter Text

Thursday came around, and Jungkook spent his free morning in the gym. He usually went in the early morning or late at night, when it was less full and the attendees kept to themselves.

This morning, however, was packed with the career athletes, personal trainers, seniors in low-impact classes, and well-off, stay-at-home mothers and fathers with time to kill, and every last one of them wanted to ogle the ripped Omega. As a result, he kept his shirt on, and stone-faced every cocky Alpha and brave Beta that approached him, asking if he needed a spotter, if he needed someone to show him how to use the free weights, if they could give him some pointers on just about anything they fancied themselves of more proficiency than an Omega could aspire to. He had a good workout, a nice long one like he hadn’t been able to manage since he started working, but he couldn’t enjoy the endorphin high because of all the annoying would-be suitors.

He returned home, showered, ate lunch, and dressed for work, making sure to lay out another set of clothes - an oversized white t-shirt and red sweats, his standard comfy clothes - to change into for the evening. He gathered everything and left his little apartment.

It was only once he was on the train in to work that he discovered he’d forgotten something when one too many people eyed him sidelong or tried to stand close to him, despite there being plenty of room at this hour. When one particularly aggressive lurker gave an audible sniff, Jungkook realized he’d forgotten to reapply scent blocker after his shower. A glance at his phone showed that he didn’t have enough time to return home, so he hoped that once he reached his stop there would be a convenience store he could stop in on his walk to the office.

However, his frantically scanning eyes didn’t spot a convenience store along the way; most of the buildings around BigHit were large businesses or higher-end restaurants and bars. Jungkook couldn’t believe that there wasn’t even a 7Eleven, but he didn’t have time to search the area besides the couple streets he took to his office. He resigned himself to asking Jungwoo if he knew of a place nearby.

Jungwoo was able to tell him of a pharmacy nearby, but Jungkook didn’t get a chance to go. They were slammed with work that afternoon, as one small department was relocated to another floor, which required practically all of IT to move, and then Jungkook had to work his virus-slaying magic on some computers the talent had access to, because some one - the trainees pointing fingers at each other - had downloaded pirated movies and music. Jungkook had to tune out an entire sermon from an incredibly tall manager who decided to educate the trainees on how pirating music, movies, and TV shows only hurt their own industry, and how disrespectful was it that they cheated their predecessors out of their hard-earned wages, and would you like some brat to do the same to you one day? Thankfully, Jungkook was able to hunt down all the viruses on the various computers and make his escape, because the manager looked like he was only picking up more steam.

Throughout the day, Jungkook noticed more people noticing him. He’d gotten used to the mild level of interest his visible collar produced, but he had to adjust all over again to the attention his scent evoked. People asked to carry things for him. Alphas held the door open for him and pouted when he didn’t give them a smile. Trainees wanted to hug him. The receptionist pressed candy into his hand as he walked by. Though most of the reactions were benign, it still made him frustrated. Everyone treated him differently, like he was made of glass, just because they could now smell that he was an Omega.

Thankfully, six o’clock came soon after, and the IT department flooded the nearby bathrooms to change into their casual clothes before walking to dinner. Jungwoo told him he could leave his work clothes on his desk while they went to dinner; the cleaning staff knew about late Thursdays, and didn’t come into IT on those nights, so his things would be undisturbed. The sports day was still fresh on his mind, though, so Jungkook carefully folded his clothes and locked them in his desk before heading out with the others.

Dinner was fun. They went to a hole-in-the-wall restaurant that served common Korean dishes with such authenticity that Jungkook almost peeked into the kitchen to see if his halmeoni was back there. Some people sipped soju or beer, but no one overdid it, knowing that they still had a few hours of work left in the day. Jungkook turned down offers to buy him a drink - mostly from the few Alphas in the group - and Hyo fussed at them for being too persistent, saying that if they really wanted to buy someone a drink, shouldn’t they treat their wonderful boss?

After that, he just had to deal with people sitting or walking too close, and he was practiced at evasion, so he didn’t feel like it was a big deal. At least no one in IT offered to pay for his food or other such nonsense - they all had gotten pretty used to him and his independent ways after four days, and for that he was grateful.

They all returned to their mostly empty office building and started to run system updates and software releases. About an hour in, Jungkook got a phone call at his desk. He didn’t even get a greeting out before he heard–

“–fucking piece of shit computer fucking shut down on me–”

“Yoongi-ssi?” Jungkook asked.

Silence. And then a quiet “ shit ,” before, “Ah, hi Jungkook. How are you?”

Jungkook smiled. “I’m well. And you?”

“Fine, fine…” Yoongi’s low drawl trailed off. “Well, not really. My computer restarted while I was in the middle of something, and I haven’t been able to get it back up yet, and I’m worried I lost everything. Do you think it could be another virus?”

“I don’t think it’s likely,” Jungkook said. “It’s probably because the system is updating. Everything should come back up once it’s done.”

“…It’s Thursday?” Yoongi asked, and Jungkook detected a hint of embarrassment in his voice.

“All day,” Jungkook chirped, surprised at his own cheekiness in talking with the Alpha. Maybe he was still loose from dinner. Or maybe it was just that mysterious comfortable feeling Yoongi gave him.

Yoongi groaned. “It’s Thursday,” he mumbled.

“Did you really not know what day of the week it was?” Jungkook asked, holding back a giggle.

“Sometimes I work through the night and sleep during the day. It’s hard to keep track,” Yoongi muttered.

“I see,” Jungkook said, glancing at his laptop. “Well, the system update on your computer should be done in another minute or two. Would you like for me to come up there just in case you need help picking up where you left off?”

“Yes please,” Yoongi said vehemently, and this time Jungkook did giggle, but just for a second.

“I’ll be right up,” he said, and hung up. He gathered his laptop up just in case, and as he turned to unplug the cord, he caught Jungwoo staring at him.

“What?” Jungkook asked, wondering if he’d spilled food on his shirt.

Jungwoo blurted, “You giggled.”

Jungkook flushed slightly, but said nonchalantly, “So? I’m not allowed to giggle?”

It was Jungwoo’s turn to flush as he stuttered, “Ah, no, of course not! It’s just, you seem, I dunno, happy? Not that you don’t seem happy normally. But, that was Min Yoongi-ssi, right?”

Bemused, Jungkook nodded, but Jungwoo only stared back at him with wide eyes, his mouth slightly open, like he couldn’t figure out what to say. Shrugging, Jungkook said, “Well anyway, I’m going to help him, so I’ll be back in a bit.”

Jungwoo just nodded mutely.

On the elevator up, Jungkook thought back to his conversation with Yoongi. He hadn’t behaved oddly, he thought. Maybe Jungwoo just hadn’t seen him truly comfortable with someone yet. Despite the big dinner with everyone a couple hours ago, Jungkook had still maintained a level of professional distance. Somehow, Jungkook felt like he could drop that measure of detachment with the producer, and it must have appeared odd to Jungwoo, who seemed especially wary of the Alpha’s reputedly savage temperament.

Jungkook knocked on the studio door, and Yoongi answered the door looking rumpled again, like he just woken from a nap a little while ago. Remembering what he’d said about sleeping during the day, maybe he had. His hair was flattened on one side, and fluffed on the other, and Jungkook couldn’t help but giggle again at the sight. “Nice hair, Yoongi-ssi.”

Yoongi just looked back at him with a dazed expression, his hand lifting to absently comb his hair as his eyes slowly looked Jungkook up and down. Suddenly remembering his casual clothes, Jungkook blushed slightly under the Alpha’s scrutiny, unconsciously lifting his laptop to shield his chest. Yoongi’s nostrils flared. For a second, the Alpha looked hungry , and it made Jungkook’s stomach tighten and his heart skip. Yoongi visibly shook himself and his eyes cleared.

“Please come in,” Yoongi said, stepping to one side and holding the door open. Was that a sniff as he walked by? Jungkook couldn’t tell. His spine tingled as he passed close to the Alpha. “I thought I told you to call me hyung.”

The rumble of his voice so close by made warmth bloom in Jungkook’s middle. “Hyung,” Jungkook said shyly, confused by his reactions to the Alpha.

Yoongi pulled out his desk chair for Jungkook to sit in, and the Omega was surprised that he didn’t find the courteous action annoying or condescending like he had for most of the day. It felt nice, he decided; like being taken care of by an equal, not babied by a supposed superior. Yoongi’s overpowering scent clung to his chair, and the Omega didn’t even notice when he started slowly shifting in the chair, rubbing his back into the seat, as if being second-hand scented by the Alpha.

Jungkook set up his laptop next to Yoongi’s desktop, checking to see if the system update had been completed. “Looks like the update is done,” Jungkook said, his voice hushed for no reason he could decipher.

“Oh,” Yoongi said from directly behind him. “That’s good.” Jungkook felt a blush redden his neck, the Alpha’s proximity making the hairs on his nape spring to attention. He shivered.

“Are you cold?” Yoongi asked, and before Jungkook could respond, the Alpha was tugging off his hoodie and draping it around the younger man’s shoulders. Jungkook’s inner Omega died and went to Heaven as he was engulfed in mint and earth, and even Jungkook found himself rubbing his cheek against the soft, worn fabric before he could stop himself. He looked up and back to thank the older man, only for the words to die in his throat. Yoongi’s eyes looking down on him were blown, almost no pupil visible, and that look of hunger was back, but tenfold. He wasn’t touching Jungkook or the chair in any way, wasn’t leaning over him, but the Alpha loomed in his mind, and Jungkook felt paralyzed.

Slowly Yoongi took in a breath, released it just as slowly, and blinked. Suddenly Jungkook could move, and he dropped his head back down and gulped, his throat dry and cheeks warm. What was that? He fiddled with the producer’s computer, trying to focus on waking the computer up and restoring the previously open programs. Yoongi moved to his left side, no longer behind him, and occasionally commented that everything looked fine as each window was opened. Jungkook started to relax again.

The last window to open was a program that immediately resumed playing the audio file it had had open before. Music filled the small studio, an entrancing beat layered over with a familiar voice spitting rap fast and hard. Was that… Yoongi-hyung? Before he could ask, Yoongi lurched forward, and Jungkook jumped, pushing back into the desk chair, wide eyes watching the Alpha. Jungkook realized belatedly that Yoongi had probably only meant to grab the mouse and turn off the music, but it was too late. The Alpha had halted his movements at Jungkook’s reaction, leaving him stretched across Jungkook’s front, one hand braced on the back of the chair for balance, his face inches from Jungkook’s. His scent overwhelmed Jungkook’s mind.

Jungkook’s Omega took over before he could even think to stop it. Yoongi unintentionally had caged him in, arms on either side of him, his slightly higher body pressing into his personal space, and the effect was instantaneous. The Omega lifted his chin and turned his head to one side, baring his neck to the Alpha, his body went limp in the chair, and a low, soft whine escaped his throat. His mind went completely blank, his half-lidded eyes watching the Alpha above him.

Yoongi’s eyes widened. He choked down what sounded suspiciously like a growl and flung himself back from the desk. “I’m sorry,” Yoongi said, his voice rough. “I’m sorry, I’m sorry.”

It felt so good. He was light-headed, but didn’t feel dizzy or sick. Actually, he felt warm, and kind of soft, inside and out. All his cares had fluttered away, wafted by Yoongi’s minty scent. Jungkook floated in his new headspace, conscious of the Alpha prowling the far wall, chanting apologies as he yanked his hair. Yoongi’s phone was at his ear, waiting for someone to pick up. Jungkook hazily heard snatches of Yoongi’s frantic voice as the call went through:

“–Jungkook – scent – help – fucked up…”

Jungkook slowly frowned, and his inner Omega whined, Alpha is distressed. Not good. Calm Alpha. Make Alpha happy.

Jungkook whined aloud, still slumped in the desk chair, his body uncooperative, and Yoongi whirled to face him with wild eyes. He didn’t come any closer, which frustrated the Omega, and he snapped into the phone “get here fast” before hanging up. The Alpha stalked to a corner, the farthest away he could get from the Omega in the small studio, and sank down to sit on the floor.

Jungkook whined again, struggling to get out of the chair and go to Yoongi, crawl in his lap, wrap his arms around him, bare his neck, feel the Alpha’s teeth at his throat…

The door crashed open and another scent registered. Other Alpha , his Omega supplied. Pack Alpha. He’ll make it better. Jungkook whined again, and saw Namjoon freeze in his tracks through his half-open eyes, the Alpha looking at him with astonishment.

Namjoon slammed the door open, not even wincing when it smacked the wall hard enough to dent the drywall. His eyes searched out Yoongi and found him in a far corner of the room. The older Alpha looked at him with desperation. “I didn’t mean to,” he croaked. “I swear, it was an accident.”

The CEO paused, quickly analyzing the situation.

Jungkook, limp and baring his throat in Yoongi’s desk chair, his cheeks and lips flushed prettily, his large, dark eyes gazing at him trustingly from under half-closed eyelids. The Omega was wearing a thin white t-shirt that was almost see-through, and the wide neckline gaped, showing tempting peeks of collarbones and pale skin. Jungkook whined, and the sound sent a shock of sensation through Namjoon’s body that surprised him with its intensity. Yoongi’s hoodie was draped over Jungkook’s shoulders, and as he watched, the Omega pressed the cheek turned away from him into the fabric and rubbed his face in it. Yoongi groaned at the sight. There was a honeyed sweetness to the air that Namjoon didn’t immediately recognize as “Jungkook,” but definitely did as “Omega.” Was Jungkook not wearing his customary scent blocker?

Based on Yoongi’s flushed face, his temples dewed with perspiration, and his white knuckled fists, the probable answer was negative. Namjoon did his best to tune out the distracting new sweet scent and isolate the familiar scent of his pack mate, and found Yoongi’s state was a jumbled mix of fear, bitterness, and arousal. Deciding his fellow Alpha could wait, Namjoon approached Jungkook while firing off questions to Yoongi.

“How long as he been like this?” Namjoon squatted down next to the chair, careful to never be higher than Jungkook’s eye level. He had to get Jungkook out of his submissive headspace, and it wouldn’t help if he stood over the younger man.

“Ten minutes? Maybe less?”

“Has he said anything?” The CEO began to gently unwrap the hoodie from around the limp young man; Yoongi’s scent was only making things worse. Jungkook protested with a soft whine that sent another jolt through Namjoon’s system.

“No. He’s only,” Yoongi audibly gulped, his voice almost gasping, “whined.”

“What happened just before he went under?” Namjoon gently cupped Jungkook’s cheek and turned his head so their eyes met straight on, delicately tipping his chin down. The Omega was docile, his eyes glazed over.

“He was at the desk. I stood to one side. I tried to grab the mouse, and like an idiot reached across him instead of walking around the fucking chair–”

“Hyung,” Namjoon said sternly.

“Sorry,” came the low mumble. “I reached across. He, like, flinched– I looked at him, and he went–”

“Ok, hyung,” Namjoon said calmly, trying to keep his mate calm. “Do you know if he’s ever done this before?”

“I’ve only met him twice, how am I supposed to know?” Yoongi growled in frustration, and immediately, Jungkook’s mouth popped open and his head tried to tilt back and to one side again.

Namjoon kept his tone as gentle as his hand, steering the Omega’s head back down and not letting Jungkook submit as he warned the other Alpha, “No growling, Yoongi-hyung.”

“Sorry,” came the hoarse reply.

“He’s working late with IT, right?” The CEO met Jungkook’s eyes and asked, “Are you working tonight?”

Jungkook only frowned faintly, as if puzzled by the question, so Yoongi said, “Yes, he was here to fix my computer.”

“Ok,” Namjoon said firmly. “Go down to IT and get his supervisor, and any friends he may have. Leave the door open - I’m going to move him to the lounge, try to get him away from your scent.”

Namjoon detected a spike of anger in Yoongi’s scent that was immediately squashed. His hyung’s Alpha probably thought Namjoon was stealing his Omega. He definitely needed to get these two apart.

Yoongi stumbled past them and left the door open as instructed. Namjoon waited until he could no longer hear his packmate’s shuffling steps before gathering Jungkook in his arms. His own scent blocker must be wearing off, because the Omega immediately snuggled into his hold, pressing a nose against the base of his throat. Jungkook hummed, and Namjoon stifled a groan. Jungkook’s reactions to Alpha pheromones shouldn’t be this strong , he thought. He’d seen the Omega surrounded by sweating Alphas on sports day, and he’d been unaffected. So why had Yoongi set him off? And why wasn’t he coming out of it now that the other Alpha was gone? He was still down as deep with just Namjoon.

The CEO set the young man on a couch in the nearby lounge room and carefully disentangled himself from the clingy Omega. Jungkook whined in distress as he walked away, and Namjoon had to fight every instinct within himself to go not back to the willing Omega, not climb on top of him, not pin him down with his larger body, and not scent his neck like the Omega so clearly wanted…

Shit. Yoongi needed to hurry up.

Namjoon hovered in the doorway until he heard the elevator ding, announcing the arrival of Yoongi and the others. The older man, an Alpha, introduced himself as Soon Hyo, head of IT, and said the younger man, a Beta who looked the same age as Jungkook, was Kim Jungwoo. Jungwoo himself didn’t stick around for introductions, rushing to the Omega’s side and encouraging him to sit up, softly patting his cheek to bring him round. Hyo chose to stand with Namjoon and Yoongi at the door, the Alphas giving the Beta space to work.

Insistent pats on his cheek distracted Jungkook from staring longingly at the Alphas by the door. His floaty headspace was shrinking without their scent around him, and he was unhappy about it.

Lonely , his inner Omega said. Want Alphas.

He agreed.

They smelled so nice, his two Alphas. Yoongi-hyung smelled earthy and minty, and Namjoon smelled like spice and baked bread. Jungkook wanted to roll in their scents, cover up his own sweetness with their heavy perfumes.

“Hey Jungkook,” a voice said, and the patting against his cheek became a hand guiding his head to look away from the Alphas. He was surprised to see a familiar face so close.

“Jungwoo?” He asked groggily. “What…?”

“Hey,” Jungwoo said smiling. “You coming back to us?”

Back? Where did he go? His memories brought him back to mint and spice, and his Omega chanted Alpha Alpha Alpha.

But that didn’t make sense, he realized. Jungkook didn’t have an Alpha.

Jungkook blinked again, his eyes focusing with more clarity now, to see Jungwoo squatting down in front of him, a strained smile on his face. He looked worried. “Why are you worried?” Jungkook asked. His mind was getting clearer with every second that passed. He fumbled to gain leverage to sit himself up properly, and realized he was sitting on an unfamiliar couch. A quick scan revealed the room was equally unrecognizable. “Where are we?”

Jungwoo said carefully, “Do you remember what happened?”

Jungkook pursed his lips in thought, trying to remember how he got in the strange room. He remembered getting a phone call from Yoongi-hyung and going to his studio to help - with something... the overwhelming scent of earth and mint... a floating feeling, light and happy, like he’d never felt before... and then a mouthwatering smell, like freshly baked spiced bread... Yoongi’s face, so close, and Namjoon’s neck—

“Omygod,” Jungkook said, whipping his head to look at the door, and there they both were, watching him with concern. He could feel his skin flaming with a blush so strong he felt like he was glowing. Humiliation - embarrassment - mortification - every word fell short of how he was feeling in that moment. He covered his face with his hands and rasped quietly, “Please tell me I didn’t do anything.”

He sensed Jungwoo shifting awkwardly as he replied, “Not that I saw, but by the time I got here you were alone on this couch, and you were supposed to have been at Yoongi-ssi’s studio, and I don’t know how you got from there to here, or anything else...”

Jungkook peeked through his fingers towards the door, and noticed Hyo for the first time. Fuck, the CEO and his supervisor. He was going to get fired. Fired after four days.

Stupid, stupid, stupid Omega.

Jungkook scrambled to his feet, almost knocking over Jungwoo in the process. He mumbled an apology as he stepped away enough to fold into a ninety-degree bow. “I am so sorry,” he said, not able to control the panic and self-loathing in his voice. “I will go home now. I’m sorry. So sorry.” Before he knew it, he was charging the door. The Alphas sprung out of his path and he broke into a run the moment he hit the hallway, tripping over his own feet as he careened around corners, searching for an exit. The elevators appeared before him, but they were too slow - he needed out now .

Stupid, stupid, stupid!

Why had he done that?


The stairwell door beckoned. He slammed into the door with his whole body, swinging it open only to race down the stairs. He didn’t stop on his floor, just kept going, down, down, down, until he had reached the ground floor, and his legs were wobbling from the exertion. He gasped for breath, swiping tears from his eyes (when had he started crying?) as he pushed himself to jog down the street towards the train station. He fumbled out his phone and punched the only icon in his favorites, the line ringing twice before the call was picked up.

“Yugi,” he sobbed. “Yugi, I fucked up.”

Chapter Text

Jungwoo knew that Jungkook wasn’t coming in when he didn’t show by ten o’clock. He didn’t need Hyo to confirm it. He couldn’t shake the look of anguish on the Omega’s face from the night before. He didn’t know what had gone down, exactly.

Yoongi-ssi had barged into the IT department, barking for the supervisor. He demanded that Hyo and any friends of Jungkook come with him immediately, and only Jungwoo had stood up. Despite the chummy atmosphere at dinner, no one else was close yet to the newbie, so Jungwoo wasn’t surprised.

Yoongi-ssi had urged them into the elevator, and his only explanation was that Jungkook was in trouble, he had been forced into a headspace and he wouldn’t come back out. Jungwoo had been too scared of the producer to question him for more information, and decided to wait and see with his own eyes.

They’d arrived at the lounge to find the CEO, Kim Namjoon, at the door, and Jungkook a limp body on a couch across the room. His awe over the CEO’s presence was overshadowed by his concern for his new coworker, and he had raced over to find Jungkook’s eyes wide and staring, and practically smothered in Yoongi-ssi’s scent. If it was strong enough for him as a Beta to pick up on, he couldn’t imagine how overwhelming it must have been for the Omega. He’d done his best to rouse him and try to get him caught up in his head, but Jungkook had freaked out and left in a hurry. After that, none of the Alphas had offered an explanation.

It left a sour taste in his mouth. He couldn’t help but think that foul play had gone down. Jungkook had seemed so happy to go help the producer, but to find him like that had been a major shock. Yoongi-ssi was known for his harsh attitude and blunt words, but Jungwoo had never pictured him capable of - whatever had happened. And the CEO was in on it, too. He’d stood there, guarding Jungkook in his vulnerable state, but had he been protecting the Omega, or protecting the producer?

Jungwoo wasn’t a naturally suspicious person and he hated being negative in general, but he couldn’t help his frown when Namjoon came by mid-morning to ask after Jungkook. He sent a weak glare to the CEO from his desk, but Namjoon didn’t even notice him, and then he was gone.

His friends asked him what was wrong at lunch, but he couldn’t explain what he didn’t understand. Besides, it was Jungkook’s story to tell or keep secret, not his.

When Yoongi-ssi himself came by mid-afternoon, Jungwoo told himself he was glad Jungkook hadn’t showed today. The Alphas were clearly out to harass him - force him to keep quiet about what happened? For a brief moment, he wished he was an Alpha, so he could growl his displeasure and challenge the producer. It must have showed on his face, because when Yoongi-ssi turned to scan the room (what, was he expecting Jungkook to be hiding behind someone’s desk?) and their eyes met, the Alpha’s eyebrows snapped down and together, his chin lifting ever so slightly as he stared straight back at Jungwoo. The Beta had wilted under his intimidating gaze and had dropped his eyes first, unable to stop himself from submitting to the Alpha.

Yes, he was very glad Jungkook had stayed home.



“He didn’t come in today. His boss said he called out sick.”

“He might just need time to recover?”

“Don’t try to calm me down. I know what I did.”


“No, Joon-ah. I won’t be able to sleep until I’ve made this right.”



Jungkook moped from his nest of blankets and pillows sprawling over his little couch. Some drama was playing on his TV, but he wasn’t really watching. He fumbled for the bag of potato chips, but when he shoved his hand in all he felt was crumbs, and he just let the bag fall from his grasp onto the floor.

Yugyeom had gone home a little while ago. The other Omega had bullied his pack mates into driving him over, and he’d arrived at Jungkook’s door armed with potato chips, ice cream, and water bottles because “crying makes you dehydrated.” At first, all Jungkook had been able to do was cry, and Yugyeom had held him and wrapped him up in a blanket burrito and spoon fed him ice cream until he was reduced to a stray hiccup every now and then.

After that, Yugi got a garbled account of what had happened, Jungkook still unclear about a lot of things, and emotional over others. Yugyeom listened attentively to the whole thing, making appropriate noises that gave Jungkook a feeling of validation in his own emotions. After he explained the events, Yugyeom had said, “It sounds like you were pushed into a pheromone high.”

“A what?” Jungkook mumbled around his spoon.

“It’s when your body gets overwhelmed by intense pheromones and gives you this high feeling, like the endorphin high you get from exercise.”

Jungkook nodded thoughtfully, sucking on his spoon. He knew endorphin highs, had experienced them in the past, but none had ever been so intense as last night’s episode.

“I’ve had them before,” Yugyeom continued. “When I’m in preheat, I’m super sensitive to my pack’s pheromones, and there have been times when my Alphas were all over me, releasing all these yummy pheromones - don’t make that face, I can call my mates’ scents yummy if I want to - anyway, I got high off of them, and it was just like what you said. I got all floaty and limp, just happy to be with them. Jinyoung-hyung said it was kinda scary, because I seemed willing to do whatever was asked of me without any resistance or inhibitions. After the first time, he made sure the Betas were there during my preheat, to keep an eye on me, though I think it’s silly. Neither of my Alphas would take advantage of me.”

“I’m really glad he does that, though,” Jungkook said seriously. “If you’re so vulnerable... so susceptible to suggestion. It’s so dangerous. I’m glad Jinyoung-hyung is careful with you and BamBam.” After his own experience, Jungkook had a newfound appreciation for his best friend’s pack. His best friend was really lucky to have so many people looking out for him.

Yugyeom had warned him that after pheromone highs, he could experience something called “sub drop,” where his chemical levels dropped off suddenly after a high, and he could be left depressed, troubled, even with physical aches, pains, and fatigue.

Which was where he was now.

Yugi had cuddled him all night, and comforted him every time he woke up crying, but he couldn’t stay forever. He had a gig as a backup dancer, and had had to leave. Now Jungkook was left feeling numb, and so, so tired. It had been a no-brainer to call in sick, especially given how mortified he still was over his behavior the night before. Thankfully Hyo had been understanding - or maybe he just didn’t care, since Jungkook was going to be fired soon anyway, the Omega thought negatively. It would probably happen as soon as he walked in on Monday morning; he wondered if he’d even be allowed up the elevator, or if his fob would have already been deactivated, the first sign that he was no longer welcome.

Jungkook slumped sideways, landing on top of the TV remote and accidentally switching the channel to an unfamiliar kids show, and he was too tired to care. His thoughts kept circling back to the events of the night before, trying to fit puzzle pieces together that grew a little clearer in shape each time. He remembered now, how strong Yoongi’s scent had been in the small studio, and how it only grew stronger the more they interacted. Had Yoongi been aware of the effect he was having on Jungkook? Or had he been oblivious as well? The Alpha didn’t seem the type to have such loose control over his pheromones. Had he been tempted by Jungkook’s scent, like the others throughout the day?

And why had Jungkook himself reacted so strongly to the Alpha’s pheromones? He’d been around Alpha pheromones before - dominant pheromones, angry pheromones, aroused pheromones, the whole gamut. None of them were new to him, so why had Yoongi set him off like that?

And then Yoongi’s face when Jungkook had slipped into the high. He was beginning to remember it more clearly: the Alpha’s eyes had been wide, his mouth open and turned down at the corners, his brows raised but also pushed together. Had he been surprised? Disgusted? Dismayed? Jungkook’s memories were still too hazy to decipher the expression. Did Yoongi hate him? He had to hate him. Some useless Omega practically throwing themselves at his feet - forget unprofessional, Jungkook had been downright vulgar. Yoongi wouldn’t want to have anything to do with him ever again, and Jungkook couldn’t even fault him for it. He’d avoid him too, if he could.

And though he couldn’t exactly remember how Namjoon had entered the picture, he was sure that he had been there, had tried to snap him out of his stupid high, had even removed him from Yoongi’s studio to stop him from stinking up the place with his sickly-sweet pheromones. Namjoon had deposited him on a couch and gotten as far away from him as possible while still being able to keep an eye on the troublesome Omega. He was probably disgusted with him too. First Jungkook had competed half-naked at sports day, and not four days later he was reduced to a limp puddle of whiny Omega at his packmate’s desk, practically begging for it. How could he not be disgusted? Jungkook wouldn’t be surprised if the CEO wasn’t already having his legal team draft new business rules that forbid the hiring of Omegas as anything other than talent. The head of HR had been right all along - Omegas weren’t cut out for real jobs.

He closed his eyes, and just let himself drift. He had no desire to be himself today, and probably wouldn’t tomorrow, either.



By Sunday, Hoseok decided things had gone far enough.

Normally, he tried to be upbeat and cheer everyone up, but the funk that had fallen over his household was too strong for even his smile to penetrate.

First, there was Yoongi-hyung. The Alpha had barely been home the past three days. He’d taken to wandering the streets at night, and shutting himself in his home studio during the day, feverishly working until he passed out, but then he’d be up again a short while later, unable to stay asleep. He reeked of regret, pain, and self-loathing, despite Jin forcing him to take daily showers. The scent of despair clung to him no matter how often he washed, and it was apparent to even Hoseok’s Beta nose.

Second, there was Namjoon. Hoseok expected more from him. He was the pack Alpha, for Pete’s sake. He was supposed to be getting Yoongi back in line, not joining him in whatever mope-fest Yoongi had started. He didn’t smell as strongly as Yoongi, but he still carried the odors of regret and guilt with him everywhere.

Thirdly, there were Jimin and Tae. The Omegas were stricken by the Alphas’ moods. At first they’d tried comforting their mates, but the Alphas refused to be consoled - in fact, the guilt scent only grew around Namjoon when one of the Omegas approached. Now the two youngest were despondent, clinging to Jin or Hoseok himself all hours of the day and night, and would not settle.

And finally, there was Jin. Ever dependable Jin, the oldest, the one who truly kept this pack together. He seemed at his wits’ end. He couldn’t cheer up the Omegas, he couldn’t snap the Alphas out of their funk, and he’d coped by stress-cooking. He cooked from the moment he woke up until late in the night, preparing lavish dishes that the pack picked at half-heartedly, meal-prepping enough food for the next six months, and jamming their freezer with containers of this stock or that soup. He produced so much food Hoseok had taken to sneaking off with whatever he could carry, taking them to homeless shelters or handing them out on the streets himself.

It had to stop.

First step, pack Alpha.

He cornered Namjoon in their bedroom Sunday morning, refusing to let the man pass regardless of his pleas for a breakfast he would barely touch anyway. “What happened Thursday night?” he demanded.

“Nothing happened, just some work drama,” Namjoon said evasively.



“Don’t ‘Hobi’ me, Namjoon. This is serious. Yoongi-hyung looks like the walking dead, Jin-hyung has gone to the grocery store three times in as many days, and the pups are crying in my arms every night,” Hoseok said firmly. “Now what - the hell - happened?”

The Alpha sighed, looking exhausted, and said, “You remember Jungkook, the Omega from IT?”

“Yeah,” Hoseok said, wondering what a relative stranger had to do with any of this.

“Last Thursday night, he was working, and came to Yoongi-hyung’s studio to help him with his computer. I don’t know all the details exactly, but Jungkook wasn’t wearing scent blocker like he usually did, and Yoongi hadn’t been prepared for it, I guess. The studio is small, and sound-proof, which means—”

“Which means it’s pretty much scent-proof,” Hoseok muttered.

“Right,” Namjoon said. “It must have gotten pretty overwhelming for Jungkook, because he got pushed into a pheromone high.”

“I thought that only happened with bonded Alphas and Omegas?” Hoseok asked.

“I thought so, too,” Namjoon replied, “but Yoongi-hyung called me in a panic, telling me to get there right away, and when I got there, Jungkook was down deep.”

“And Yoongi-hyung blames himself,” Hoseok concludes. “Of course. But that doesn’t explain you. Why do you smell of guilt?”

Namjoon fidgeted, clearly trying to figure out how to evade the question.

“You’re a terrible liar, Joonie,” Hoseok said, and softly cupped the Alpha’s cheek. “It’s why we love and trust you so much.” He abruptly (and lightly) smacked Namjoon with the same hand, making the Alpha’s eyes widen in shock. “Now tell me the truth.”

“He reacted the same way to me,” Namjoon blurted out. “Even after I carried him out of the studio and he was across the lounge from me. He whined for me,” his voice got tight, almost strangled, and Hoseok understood why. It made sense in the studio, for an Alpha and an Omega’s pheromones to build up and overwhelm each other - though still unusual without being mated - but the Omega had reacted to Namjoon outside of the studio, in an open space with plenty of ventilation.

“Ok, that’s super wierd, but why are you guilty?” Hoseok pressed.

“I,” Namjoon cleared his throat, “I, ah, responded. I didn’t do anything-” he rushed to explain, “but I...thought about it. My Alpha wanted him.”

And thus why the guilt-stink got thicker when Jimin or Tae approached Namjoon. The Alpha felt like he’d cheated on his pack, on his Omegas. Hoseok sighed and pinched the bridge of his nose. “You idiot,” he said affectionately, “You lovable, beautiful, sensitive idiot. Instinctually reacting to a willing, vulnerable Omega in submissive headspace does not make you unfaithful to your pack. That would be like placing a filet mignon in front of a starving vegetarian and condemning him for salivating.”

Namjoon cringed. “He’s not meat, Hobi-hyung, he’s a person.”

“Whatever, you know that analogy was a good one,” Hoseok waved his hand as if to brush away Namjoon’s complaints. “Anyway, you are coming with me right this instant and you are going to apologize to the pups, not for cheating on them, but for neglecting them for days. Bad pack Alpha.” Hoseok lightly thumped the younger man on the head, and Namjoon took his punishment without complaint. Hoseok immediately followed the blow with a loud kiss on the cheek that made the Alpha smile softly, and he took Namjoon’s wrist to tow him downstairs, throwing over his shoulder, “And dear God, do something to stop Jin-hyung before he cures world hunger.”

Chapter Text


On Sunday, Jungkook began to feel more like himself, though he was still tired and depressed.

Monday morning saw him getting ready for work, probably for the last time. He had to use his not-so-nice tie and old trousers because his normal work clothes were still locked in his desk. He wondered if they’d bring them down in a box with his other meager belongings. He hadn’t been at BigHit long enough to accumulate much.

The train ride in was nauseating, the tension of the impending confrontation making his stomach twist and heave in counterpoint to the train’s motion. Getting off the train didn’t help much. At the sight of BigHit’s looming building, he almost turned tail and ran back home.

But no. He would see this through honorably. His tattered pride demanded it. He comforted himself with the thought that he could always get drunk afterwards.

The receptionist didn’t say anything as he walked by and mumbled a greeting. His fob successfully got him to his- no, IT ’s floor. He peeked his head inside, and saw Hyo wasn’t at his desk, and Jungwoo would come in at the last second as usual - would Jungkook be gone already by then? Well, Jungwoo probably wouldn’t want to say goodbye to him anyway. He approached his desk, and everything was still place as he’d left it. Even the laptop that had been abandoned in the production studio had been returned.

He got more and more tense as the minutes dragged on, until they stretched into hours, with no cardboard box in sight. Hyo came back, saw Jungkook, and approached, but only asked him how he was feeling. Jungkook had muttered that he was fine, prepared for the blow, but Hyo had just nodded and returned to his desk, leaving Jungkook dumbfounded and on edge.

Jungwoo arrived, and he also asked if Jungkook was ok. He seemed genuinely worried, which confused Jungkook, but the Omega was willing to take whatever kindnesses he could get before he had to leave, so he merely thanked Jungwoo for his concern.

Every second throughout the morning, Jungkook expected an email summons from Mah Hyunshik, to be pulled aside by Hyo, even for building security to show up and escort him from the office. He was sweating and chilled by turns. A bathroom run showed his skin pale and visibly clammy. He looked like a wreck. Why didn’t they just end his misery?

He went to lunch, but decided to just crash in an empty lounge room instead of eating with Jungwoo and his buddies. He got a text from JB asking if he was ok, if he wanted to grab lunch together - probably tipped off by Yugyeom - but Jungkook politely refused. He didn’t want to sully either man’s reputation in the company by association, and he felt too nauseous to eat anyway.

He returned to his desk early, and felt his stomach plummet down to his toes at a new email in his inbox. This was it, then. He prepared himself, but was surprised to see that it came from “Office of the CEO” instead of HR. Damn, Namjoon himself was going to fire him. The thought saddened him, but also satisfied him: it was strangely validating for the top man of the company to give him the boot for his transgressions.

Jungkook sucked in a breath and read the email quickly, like ripping off a Band-Aid.

He blinked.

Read it again.


“To Jeon Jungkook-ssi,

This is CEO Kim Namjoon.

I hope this email does not inconvenience you if you are busy.

I would like to formally apologize for the events of last Thursday night. Min Yoongi-ssi would also like to give his apologies. To that end, I invite you to come to the office of the CEO at your earliest convenience. We hope that you will not judge the company for our actions.

Please take care of your health.

Work hard,

Kim Namjoon

Chief Executive Officer

BigHit Entertainment”

Jungkook’s head was spinning. The email didn’t make any sense. Why would either Alpha apologize? They hadn’t done anything wrong. Jungkook had been the one in the wrong, throwing himself at the two men.

Then an idea clicked in his head that made him grimace. It was probably a legal thing. He’d heard the news stories, of Omegas falsely accusing people and businesses of abuse of power, of taking advantage, of metaphorical (and with people, sometimes literal) rape. He supposed it made sense that Namjoon would want to cover his bases. The apology was probably just to prevent a controversy, and they’d still fire him after.

Despite the fact that the apology was legally necessary, the idea disgusted Jungkook, and for the first time he felt a little angry in defense of himself. He was perfectly willing to take full responsibility for his actions, had no intention of suing or dragging BigHit through the mud in the media trying to save his own reputation. He couldn’t help it; he was a little offended that the CEO had lumped him in with people who made a living out of being a victim.

His anger seemed to shake him out of his despair, and he stubbornly (and maybe stupidly) decided that his “earliest convenience” wouldn’t be today. If Namjoon and Yoongi were going to treat him like a money-grubbing swindler, then he was going to avoid this “apology” for as long as possible. He hadn’t even worked a full two weeks yet, and he wanted his one and only paycheck to be hefty enough for him to make arrangements for his living situation, since he wouldn’t be able to afford his apartment for much longer.

Newly determined, Jungkook deleted the email and got back to work.


Namjoon scraped his fingers along his scalp, tugging his hair in frustration and knocking his glasses askew. Why hadn’t he turned on read receipts for that email? He didn’t even know if Jungkook had seen it. Tomorrow would make it a week since the incident, and he didn’t think Yoongi would hold out much longer. Namjoon had made his peace with the pack, but Yoongi was inconsolable, wandering in and out of their apartment like a ghost, Jin was barely getting any food into him, and even Hoseok hadn’t been able to snap him out of it. His behavior was extreme, even for him, and it worried Namjoon.

Every time Namjoon went down to IT, Jungkook was away from his desk. After the fifth time, the CEO had begun to suspect he was being tricked by Jungkook’s Beta coworker, who gave him the stink-eye every time he came in. The Beta wouldn’t be able to hold eye contact for more than a few seconds at most, but those few seconds were enough for Namjoon to get the message that he was not welcome. Quite clearly.

He supposed he couldn’t blame the young Beta. No one had offered him an explanation, and it looked bad. He had found his friend in a pheromone high, completely vulnerable and helpless, with two agitated Alphas, one the CEO of the company, guarding him. Shit, Namjoon expected the lawsuit any day now, if not from Jungkook, then from his friend.

He didn’t understand how things had gotten this bad so quickly. Jungkook shouldn’t have been able to go into a pheromone high with an Alpha he wasn’t bonded to, especially when Yoongi insisted he’d never actually touched the Omega. And he shouldn’t have been able to sustain it with a completely different Alpha once the original instigator had been removed, but he had. It just didn’t make sense. What was it about Jeon Jungkook?

He needed answers.

“MJ, get me an expert on pheromones and bonds on the phone,” he said over the phone, and his receptionist-slash-personal-assistant responded, “Yes sir, boss man!”

They all sat around the dinner table (sans Yoongi), but none of them were eating, instead trying to digest what Namjoon had just said.

“True mates?” Jimin breathed.

“With two Alphas?” Tae added, sounding just as mind-blown as Jimin.

“Sort of,” Namjoon responded, pushing his glasses further up his nose. “The doctor said it was more like very high compatibility. And that it would likely carry over to the whole pack, not just Yoongi-hyung and I. Something about his instincts resonating with our pack bond.”

“You know, that kind of makes sense,” Jin said, snapping his fingers. “When I met him, I instantly wanted to take care of him. I even packed him leftovers from lunch for him to eat later. I’m a friendly person, but I’ve never gone so far for any of Namjoon’s other employees.”

Jimin couldn’t believe it, didn’t even know where to begin. It seemed like the moment this Jeon Jungkook entered their lives, their world had been turned upside down and shaken like a ragdoll for extra measure. At first, Jimin had been somewhat in awe of the Omega’s brazenness at BigHit’s sports day, then sympathetic when he imagined the hardships he’d gone through to get a steady, nine-to-five job; then, resentful and angry after last Thursday’s incident and the negative effect it had had on his packmates. Now, to learn that this stranger, this other Omega, was highly compatible with his mates, maybe even himself, so much so that the archaic phrase “true mates” had been used…

How was he supposed to feel about that? Happy? Wary? Defensive? Interested? Jimin felt all of those things, and more that he couldn’t articulate in the moment. But he knew one thing.

“I want to meet him,” Jimin declared.

“Me too,” Tae said immediately.

“What for?” Hoseok asked curiously. “You want to see how you will react to him?”

“It’s a moot point anyway,” Namjoon sighed. “He’s clearly avoiding us. He hasn’t answered my emails, he’s always away from his desk, his supervisor knows nothing, and I’m pretty sure his closest coworker hates our guts.”

“Leave it to us,” Tae said. Jimin met the other Omega’s eyes and nodded firmly before facing the table again.

“Yes,” Jimin said. “He doesn’t know us, he doesn’t know of our affiliation with Yoongi-hyung or Namjoon-hyung – there’s no reason for him to avoid or be suspicious of us.”

“We’ll do it tomorrow,” Tae concluded.

“Come on, Tae, we’re going to be late!” Jimin called while jogging towards the station.

“Well, if you hadn’t made me change six times,” Tae responded, his low baritone broken by light panting, “We would have been on time!”

“Oh come on, you were going to were going to wear Gucci and the chocolate diamonds, there’s no way that’s inconspicuous,” Jimin responded, not even breathing hard. You would think that with his longer legs, Tae would be able to keep up , Jimin thought. Gotta get him working out more .

“I can’t believe you’re making me wear this old thing,” Tae pouted audibly. The collar he wore today instead of the chocolate-diamond-studded rich brown leather he had originally chosen was as plain as Taehyung ever got: faded blue nylon webbing with a steel buckle, the standard collar of a tennager too poor or stingy to spring for leather or decorations. It had been buried in the model’s closet for years, discarded after Taehyung had been gifted the red suede with rubies when he became brand ambassador for YeppeO, a high-end fashion company that focused on Omega-centric products.

“Get over it, Tae,” Jimin said as they finally reached the train and climbed aboard. “It won’t kill you to wear nylon for one afternoon.” Jimin himself was wearing his high school collar, pale, thin, cracked leather with a brassy buckle.

“That’s what you think,” Tae mumbled lowly. “My skin is delicate. I’m already chafing.”

Jimin rolled his eyes.

The older Omega reviewed the plan in his head. He and Tae would go up to the IT department, find Jungkook, and ask him for directions, pretending to be lost on the way to an appointment. They’d at least get a greeting if the other Omega was too busy to help, and at best, Jungkook would guide them to reception where they could get specific directions for their “appointment.” It was a simple plan, but Jimin felt simple plans were the best ones, because they were easy to remember and follow, and easy to adapt to surprises.

Easy peasy. They’d be in and out, with Jungkook none the wiser.

He should have known better.

The first hiccup was when they got to the building and realized they didn’t know which floor IT was on. They ended up going to reception to ask where the department was located. Jimin had thought their disguises were sufficient, but apparently the receptionist on duty was a big fan of the ballet, and instantly recognized Jimin despite his face mask and snapback. She didn’t freak out as much as some of Jimin’s fans were liable to do, but it still caused a small commotion as she asked for an autograph, and then a photo, and then a selfie, or two, or three , with him. Eventually she was appeased, but then she offered to escort him directly to wherever he was going, and he had to gently refuse. She then offered to call ahead to his destination and ask for a guide to come down, and he fibbed by saying he was there to surprise someone, and she was sufficiently distracted with the intrigue that he was able to make his escape.

He searched for Tae, and found him mutely pointing at a directory on the wall near the elevators. IT was clearly labeled.


The second speed bump was that they hadn’t remembered that they had to have a badge to get to certain floors, including IT. They didn’t want to go back to the receptionist, so they hovered awkwardly in the elevator bay until someone else finally came along and they could join the stranger in the elevator up. The stranger wasn’t going to the correct floor, so when they disembarked, they had to immediately turn into the stairwell and climb the rest of the way. Tae quickly lagged behind.

“Curse you and your glorious thunder thighs,” Tae panted heavily, dropping his face mask so he could take in more air.

“You can do it, Taetae!” Jimin encouraged, a little winded himself. “One more floor to go!”

“I am a fashion model, Minnie,” Tae gasped melodramatically. “My little muscles are just for show. I am a delicate flower, not a muscle head like you.”

“What was that, pup ?”

“Not a gorgeous athlete with the body of a mini-Adonis,” Tae amended.

“You are only 1.7 inches taller than me –”

“Every inch counts, Minnie,” Tae taunted as he reached the top step.

“It’s not the size that matters; it’s how you use it,” Jimin said, his voice suddenly sultry as he backed Tae against the landing wall. He met the other Omega’s eyes with a hot gaze, and saw Tae swallow hard, the model’s hands fumbling for the hand rail to support himself. “How ‘bout I remind you of what my inches can do when we get back home?”

“Yes please,” Tae rasped delightedly.

Jimin backed away with a smirk, and as he opened the door to the floor, he sing-songed softly, “Don’t forget your mask, baby.”

Namjoon had pulled up photos from sports day to show them what Jungkook looked like (“ Damn ,” Tae had said), so when they reached a section labeled “IT,” they peeked around the entrance and scanned for him.

“I don’t see him,” Tae mumbled.

“I don’t either,” Jimin said.

“Who are you looking for?” said a voice behind them.

Both Omegas jumped what felt like a foot in the air and whirled around to find their target right behind them. Tall, black hair, pale skin, large, dark eyes staring at them.


The Plan. Right.

“We’re lost,” Jimin blurted out. He saw Tae nod jerkily beside him.

“I gathered,” Jungkook said wryly. He was a cheeky one, this Omega. “So who are you looking for?”

“We have a meeting,” Tae supplied.

“Yeah,” Jimin said.

“…With who ?” Jungkook was beginning to look at them like they’d lost their marbles.

“Um,” Tae said.

“A producer!” Jimin said.

“We have a lot of those,” said the sarcastic brat with a smirk. “You got a name for this producer?”

Jimin scrambled his brain, trying to remember any of the producers’ names he’d heard Namjoon or Yoongi mention –

“Yoongi!” Tae yelped. “Min Yoongi.”

Jimin almost face-palmed. Almost.

Jungkook’s expression went blank. “Min Yoongi?” he asked.

“Ah, yeah,” Jimin said, trying to sound casual. Too late to take it back now.

Jimin hadn’t even noticed the warm feeling he had been getting from Jungkook until it was gone. The other Omega seemed to withdraw in front of them without moving a muscle. Out of the corner of his eye, Jimin saw Tae lift a hand to press to his ribs, and he knew his pack mate felt the loss too.

“I can show you to reception,” Jungkook said, no emotion discernible in his voice, and no scent to indicate his mood. He must have been wearing scent blocker. “They will be able to direct you to –”

“Can you guide us there?” Tae said quickly. “To Min Yoongi?”

Jimin turned and stared at his pack mate. What the hell, Tae?

“Uh,” Jungkook said.

“Please?” Tae said, taking a tiny step forward into Jungkook’s space. “We’re already running late, and reception tried to give us directions already, and we got lost. Can you help us?”

Jimin’s eyes cut to Jungkook. The Omega looked uncomfortable, but Jimin knew first-hand the effect of Taehyung’s puppy-dog eyes. Jungkook’s eyes flitted away, and then back, and then down to their collars, and back up to their faces. “Ok,” he said weakly.

Well damn. He’d clearly underestimated Taehyung’s powers.

“Wait here, I’ll just let my boss know,” Jungkook said. The two Omegas watched him avidly as he entered the IT area. As soon as Jungkook was out of sight, they turned towards one another and silently screamed, flailing their arms at each other, but at the sound of approaching footsteps they dropped their hands and assumed innocent expressions. Jungkook returned to them and said, “Follow me, please.”

After a brief, discrete elbow fight with Tae, Jimin spoke up, “So, what’s your name?”

Jungkook glanced over his shoulder before answering, “Jeon Jungkook. What about you two?”

Ignoring Tae’s look of really, are you that stupid , Jimin stuttered, “K-kim Jimin. And he’s Park Taehyung.” Ok, admittedly, they really should have come up with fake names beforehand.

“Those names sound familiar,” Jungkook said as he pressed the elevator button. While they waited, Jungkook gave them a closer look, and Jimin tensed. When the elevator doors opened, Jimin lurched inside, avoiding eye contact with Jungkook. The doors closed and the elevator began moving before Jungkook spoke.

“So why do a top fashion model and a ballerino want to see a music producer?” His voice was quiet, discreet, and he kept his body turned towards the doors, not making eye contact in their mirrored surface.

Jimin fumbled for an answer, squeezing Taehyung’s wrist behind Jungkook’s back to keep him from word-vomiting their whole plan. “We have a mutual friend…who’s worried about him.”

Jungkook didn’t turn around, but his head jerked, as if he wanted to turn and look them in the eyes before his gaze dropped back down. His voice was suspiciously apathetic as he replied, “Is something wrong?”

Jimin didn’t believe Jungkook’s supposed disinterest for a second.

“He hasn’t been sleeping,” Jimin said carefully.

“Or eating,” Tae added.

They both watched Jungkook’s expression in the mirrored elevator doors as he frowned. He looked concerned. Jimin met Tae’s eyes through their reflections, and Tae nodded. He’d noticed it too. Despite avoiding Yoongi and Namjoon, Jungkook clearly cared enough about their well-being to be worried about Yoongi. If Jimin focused hard enough, he could detect a bit of that warmth he’d felt before, as Jungkook dropped his guard ever so slightly.

“I’m sorry to hear that,” Jungkook said softly. The elevator stopped and they exited silently. Jungkook led them down a few hallways until he stopped at a door with a nameplate that read “Genius Lab,” and under that, “Min Yoongi.”

“This is his studio,” Jungkook said, looking torn between wanting to get away and wanting to go inside. “I’ll leave you to it,” he said, and bowed politely.

On impulse, Jimin reached out and snagged his hand in a soft grip. Jungkook’s hand engulfed his, and the faint feeling of warmth blossomed until Jimin felt like he was basking in sunlight. Shocked, Jimin looked up to meet Jungkook’s equally surprised eyes. Did he feel the warmth too? Jimin was overcome with the urge to scent the other Omega, and barely restrained himself. Had the compulsion been this strong for Yoongi and Namjoon? No wonder they had been so affected.

Jungkook was looking at him expectantly. He hadn’t pulled his hand away yet, and Jimin wanted to cling to that sunlight for as long as possible. Jimin stuttered softly, “T-thank you, Jungkook-ssi. For helping us.” He gently squeezed Jungkook’s hand before releasing it, slowly.

Jungkook seemed just as reluctant to let go. He cleared his throat before saying, “You’re welcome. I hope- ah, that everything goes well. For Yoongi-ssi, and, your friend.”

Jimin nodded, and Jungkook slowly walked away. Jimin met Tae’s eyes, and his packmate looked like he was dying to know what had just happened. Jimin pointed at the studio door, Tae nodded, and they opened the door without knocking, only to stop in their tracks.



Chapter Text

Jungkook was barely to the next hallway when he heard the exclamation, and before he could process what was happening, he was running back to Yoongi’s studio, heart in his throat. He didn’t slow down as he reached the studio and crashed into the doorframe, holding himself up. Inside, Park Jimin and Kim Taehyung were crouched over a small form collapsed on the floor. A glimpse of icy hair flashed under Taehyung’s arm, and Jungkook’s stomach dropped.

“Yoongi-hyung?” He whispered.

“Hyung!” Taehyung said, patting the Alpha’s face as Jimin turned Yoongi from his side onto his back, carefully straightening his curled limbs. Jimin fumbled for Yoongi’s wrist and pressed two fingers there - you didn’t check an Alpha’s pulse at the neck unless you wanted your fingers bitten off - while Taehyung leaned over to try and see if his chest was moving. Both men sighed with relief after a second, meeting each other’s eyes, before returning their attention to the fallen producer.

Jungkook finally snapped out of his frozen state and pulled out his phone to call emergency services. After he finished the call, he shot off a text to JB-hyung, not having Jungwoo or Hyo’s numbers in his cell phone yet, asking him to bring the CEO to Min Yoongi’s studio immediately due to a medical emergency. Tasks done, he stumbled forward and fell to his knees next to Yoongi’s legs. Jimin shot him an unreadable look at his arrival, but his attention was drawn back to Yoongi immediately.

“How is he?” Jungkook asked, his voice weak and betraying his panic.

“He’s breathing,” Taehyung said, still patting the Alpha’s face. “Hyung!” he called, but Yoongi didn’t respond.

“His pulse is weak and slow,” Jimin said with the wisdom of a professional athlete. “He’s gone too far this time.”

“‘This time’?” Jungkook echoed. Now that he was closer, he understood why the Omegas’ mutual friend had been concerned for Yoongi. His characteristically oversized clothing obscured much of his form, but his arms and face looked thinner, like he’d lost weight. His face looked sunken, with deep bruises around his eyes, and his lips were so pale they were colorless.

“He’s done this before,” Jimin said, ripping off his jacket, rolling it up, and gently lifting Yoongi’s head to slide the makeshift pillow under.

“Never this bad,” Taehyung muttered. The taller Omega hadn’t looked away from Yoongi’s face once since Jungkook had found them. “Jiminie, he won’t wake up,” Taehyung said, his voice and scent edged with desperation.

“Stay calm,” Jimin ordered.

“I called emergency services,” Jungkook said. “And for the CEO to come.”

Jimin sent him a brief look of gratitude, before he began gently palpating the Alpha’s body.

“What are you doing?” Jungkook asked.

“Checking for breaks,” Jimin responded, focused on his task. “I don’t know how far or hard he fell. Nothing feels broken to me, but the hospital will be able to verify that.” He seemed outwardly calm and collected, but at this close range, Jungkook was able to detect every hint of fear, worry, desperation, and barely-controlled panic in Jimin’s sweet floral scent.

“You’re handling this very well,” Jungkook felt the need to reassure the other Omega. Somehow he felt close to the two men - was it just a sense of camaraderie with other Omegas? He didn’t know, but he felt just as comfortable with them as he did with Yugyeom, his best friend of several years.

Jimin’s concentration broke, looking up at Jungkook with a vulnerability that revealed just how scared and uncertain he was. Jungkook found his hand and twined their fingers together briefly, and that feeling of warmth, of completeness, he’d felt before came back to him. The other two Omegas were so warm, in a way he couldn’t articulate.

“Thank you,” Jimin whispered; his eyes watered slightly before he gathered himself together and resumed his check on Yoongi’s bones.

Taehyung muttered, “Oh God, someone’s going to have to tell Jin.”

“Jin?” Jungkook asked. Why did that name sound familiar?

He barely had time to ponder before running footsteps could be heard, and suddenly Namjoon was in the doorway, lunging forward, and falling to knees besides them. The Alpha hardly spared Jungkook a glance, too focused on Yoongi.

“What happened?” he asked sharply, his scent of dominance overtaking them. Jungkook didn’t even notice that he reacted the same way as the other two Omegas in the room: settling back on their heels, attention on the Alpha, immediately surrendering control, waiting for instruction. It was almost a relief, someone coming in and taking charge.

“We opened the door and found him collapsed on the floor,” Jimin reported.

“I called emergency services,” Jungkook said, just now noticing JB-hyung hovering in the doorway, “and asked Jaebum-ssi to bring you here.”

“He’s breathing,” Taehyung added.

“But his pulse is weak and very slow,” Jimin concluded.

“Any breaks?” Namjoon questioned, gently feeling Yoongi’s ankles and feet himself.

“None that I’ve found so far,” Jimin said.

“Any response?”

“None,” Tae said whined worriedly.

“It’ll be ok, Tae,” Namjoon said, releasing soothing pheromones that had all three of them sagging ever so slightly, a level of calm pressing down on them. He must not have put on scent blocker that morning; he looked rather disheveled himself, with his glasses cock-eyed, his tie off-center, and his hair mussed. Jungkook’s Omega wanted more of his pheromones, wanted to be scented, wanted the stability a mate could give, but he shut it down. Now was not the time. Jungkook wondered for a second how the CEO was familiar with the two Omegas, but supposed if they knew Yoongi, then they were probably familiar with his pack, which included Namjoon and - Seokjin! That’s where he remembered the name from. Kim Seokjin, the handsome Beta that had given him food wrapped in a scarf.

He needed to return that, his mind rambled.  

“Sir, the paramedics are here,” JB said from the doorway, and sure enough, the sound of urgent footsteps clamored in the hall, and Namjoon was ordering them to move back against the far wall to give the paramedics room to work in the small studio. The paramedics were all Betas, as most emergency services personnel were; in most cases, Betas were better at de-escalating Alphas and calming Omegas in situations where the distressed individual was a stranger. Jungkook couldn’t get a scent off of them at all, and figured they wore scent blocker like him to make things easier professionally.

Namjoon answered their questions as the paramedics worked to check Yoongi’s vitals and move him onto a stretcher, using information he’d gleaned from the Omegas. The paramedics were efficient, and within two minutes were carrying Yoongi out of the studio to the elevators. The four of them followed, Namjoon asking JB to tell his assistant that he would be leaving campus for the hospital. Jungkook didn’t question his instinct to stay with the others, and asked JB to inform Hyo as well.

The ambulance left for the nearest hospital, and Namjoon loaded the Omegas into his shiny black Lexus and followed after. Namjoon didn’t seem hesitant at all to bring them along, and Jungkook subconsciously admitted that it felt natural for all them to be together. Jungkook took shotgun, and Taehyung and Jimin took the back seat. The two Omegas clung to each other, sitting right up against each other instead of keeping the middle seat space empty between them.

When they arrived at the hospital, Yoongi had already been taken back, and they were asked to wait in the large waiting room. Strangely, Jimin held Namjoon’s hand, while Taehyung clung to Jungkook. Namjoon pulled out his phone, presumably to alert Seokjin and deal with any consequences from his abrupt exit from the company in the middle of the afternoon.

Maybe half an hour had passed, and no news yet on Yoongi, when a tall man with pastel pink hair burst into the waiting room. Seokjin looked around frantically, Namjoon rose, and the Beta charged over them, questions spilling from his mouth.

“What happened? Is he ok? Where is he? Can we see him-”

“Please calm down, hyung,” Namjoon said, bracing his hands on Seokjin’s upper arms. The Alpha instinctively began to emit calming pheromones, but Seokjin was still wound up.

“Don’t tell me to calm down, Namjoon-” Seokjin’s voice was rising hysterically. Jungkook heard an almost soundless whimper come from Taehyung, and Jungkook wrapped an arm around the other Omega’s waist to squeeze him gently. Briefly, Jungkook wondered why he was so comfortable with the amount of touching between him and the other two Omegas, but decided it didn’t matter. He was worried for Yoongi as well, and the skinship seemed to soothe him too. He could analyze the deeper meanings later.

A Beta nurse suddenly appeared at Namjoon’s elbow, interrupting Seokjin’s ranting and Namjoon’s quiet pleas for calm. “Sir, we cannot have you releasing your pheromones like this in here. This is a public facility, and other people will be affected,” she said politely but firmly, meeting Namjoon’s eyes for a good three seconds before shifting them away.

“Of course, I apologize for the disturbance,” Namjoon said. He took Seokjin’s elbow and said, “We’ll go outside for a little while.” The two men swiftly exited, and Jungkook watched through the windows as Seokjin started up again, his mouth moving rapidly, worry and frustration straining his face.

Left alone, Jimin came to sit with Jungkook and Taehyung, joining in on the pseudo-Omega-pile. Jungkook hadn’t been in a pile since he was a pup in primary school, but it felt really nice. He could see now why the early-presented Omegas he’d seen in school had always been all over each other. He felt warm, safe, and more stable.

More time passed, Jungkook wasn’t sure how long, and still no word about Yoongi. Jungkook worried about the lack of news, wondering what it could mean, but did his best to soothe the other two, be strong for them and not show his concern. They were distressed enough as it was, so much so that Jungkook worried the Beta nurse from before would come back to scold them for the cloud of scent hovering about them.

The waiting room doors opened again, and Namjoon and Seokjin re-entered, Seokjin no longer hysterical but still stiff with worry, and Namjoon wearing a poker face to keep a strong front. They were joined by another Beta, about the same height as Jungkook and Taehyung, with a face that looked more used to a smile than the grim expression he currently had. He was in clothes that Jungkook associated with exercise and free movement, he had a silver cuff on one wrist, and his brown hair was dark with sweat.

“Hobi-hyung!” Taehyung called, extricating himself from the pile to meet the Beta, Jimin not far behind. Namjoon stepped back slightly to let the Omegas greet the new Beta and Seokjin. They must be really close friends to greet each other so intimately, he thought, especially in an emergency, when people typically got defensive and only wanted mates or pack around.  

Namjoon gently herded them back to the chairs where Jungkook waited, gesturing between the new Beta and Jungkook. “Jeon Jungkook, this is Jung Hoseok, another member of our pack. And you remember Jin-hyung, right?”

“It’s nice to meet you, Hoseok-ssi, and yes, I do,” Jungkook said with a bow to Hoseok, then turning to Seokjin to say, “It’s good to see you again, Seokjin-ssi. I wish it was under better circumstances.”

Seokjin didn’t smile, but his expression softened somewhat as he said, “Thank you, Jungkook-ah.” Jungkook blushed slightly at the informal form of address. Seokjin must be naturally affectionate.

“Have you had any more news?” Namjoon asked the Omegas. “I got the hyungs caught up outside.” It occurred to Jungkook then that Namjoon must be the youngest in his pack, if Seokjin, Yoongi, and Hoseok were all his hyungs. It spoke to his strength as an Alpha that he was pack Alpha even being the youngest.

“Nothing yet,” Jimin said sadly. He had sat down with Seokjin, while Taehyung sat between Namjoon and Hoseok, leaving Jungkook still in the circle but alone. Jungkook didn’t like it. He felt cold, and wished he had someone to snuggle.

“I’m going to go ask for an update,” Namjoon said, getting back up again. “We’ve already been here an hour and a half.”

Seokjin began petting Jimin, running his fingers through the Omega’s honey-colored hair. It made Jungkook…uncomfortable, somehow. He didn’t know the extent of their relationship, but wasn’t that a little too much skinship for a Beta towards a non-pack Omega? It was one thing if Jungkook did it, he rationalized; he was an Omega himself, and Omegas were naturally touchy-feely (though Jungkook had never had the chance to be so intimate with another Omega besides Yugyeom and BamBam). He felt almost protective over Jimin, which was absurd, because he’d only met the other man that day.

No, he realized with shock. Not protective. Possessive.

What the hell?

He didn’t know where this irrational feeling was coming from, but Jungkook squashed it as much as he could. He had no right to Jimin, or Taehyung, or any of these people. They could do what they wanted.

His eyes flicked away from Seokjin and Jimin to see Hoseok with his arm around Taehyung, his hand rubbing the Omega’s shoulder. Jungkook had no objections. Nope. None. His hands were clenched into fists because his fingers were cold. That was all.

Namjoon returned and said, “They’re giving him IV’s and running some tests. He hasn’t regained consciousness yet. They ask us to wait.” Only the tension in the Alpha’s neck and shoulders testified to his impatience and frustration. His face kept its carefully neutral mask in place, and he had his scent locked down. Jungkook admired his control; not many Alphas would be so calm and collected in this situation.

“Running tests? What tests?” Seokjin asked, but Namjoon just shook his head and said, “They didn’t tell me.”

“He hasn’t regained consciousness yet?” Tae asked worriedly.

“Just how badly did he fall?” Jimin murmured, more to himself than to them.

“We will be patient, and trust the doctors,” Namjoon said, and no one challenged him.

Time passed, and Jungkook was sure he wasn’t the only one feeling sick with the tension of waiting without knowing. Occasionally one of them would stand up to stretch their legs. Some of them paid minimal attention to a TV showing cartoons in one corner of the large waiting room. Each second felt reluctant, as if dragged by, and still no news.

Hoseok left at one point and returned with sandwiches for them to eat on the sidewalk outside. Jungkook sent a message to JB, asking him to let Hyo and Jungwoo know that he wouldn’t be there for dinner or the late night’s work, that he was still at the hospital. He briefly texted with Yugyeom, explaining what had happened and where he was. He thought about asking his best friend if he’d ever heard of an Omega being possessive over another one he’d just met, but decided that was a topic best saved for FaceTime.

The other two Omegas migrated from person to person, sitting next to Namjoon, stretching their legs with Hoseok, sitting with Jungkook, with Seokjin. They seemed in need of comfort, and Jungkook was pleased in spite of himself that they gave him just as much time as they gave the others. He tried not to think about why he was pleased.

Namjoon and Taehyung went to the bathroom, and a minute later, Jungkook decided that sounded like a good idea. Feeling numb from the never-ending wait, Jungkook wasn’t paying attention as he pushed open the bathroom door, and he almost missed it. It was only the sudden movement that drew his eyes, and he froze, letting the door swing shut behind him.

By the sinks, Namjoon had Taehyung pressed against the wall. Taehyung had tear streaks on his cheeks, and the scent of distress permeated the air. Namjoon’s head had jerked up from where it had been positioned at Taehyung’s neck. Namjoon and Jungkook locked eyes, both of them shocked.

Taehyung sniffed quietly, and it snapped Jungkook out of his frozen state.

“What the hell?!” he exclaimed, charging forward and pushing Namjoon back from Taehyung, placing himself in front of the crying Omega.

Namjoon instantly growled, the instinctive response of an Alpha being forced away from an Omega. His expression twisted at Jungkook’s challenge, but Jungkook didn’t allow himself to be afraid (though he really, really wanted to, holy shit). Namjoon seemed to lose control of his pheromones, because his scent, spicy with agitation, began to cloud the air. Jungkook trembled and locked his knees. Don’t submit, don’t get high, mustn’t drop my guard.

“Jungkook?” Tae murmured thickly behind him.

“Are you ok?” Jungkook asked the other Omega, not taking his eyes off of Namjoon.

“Jungkook, you don’t understand,” Namjoon said, visibly forcing himself to relax and stop growling, though a faint rumble still resounded in his chest. He kept a good five feet between them, as if to appear non-threatening, but the effort was useless, because his scent screamed “predator.”

“Don’t understand what?” Jungkook challenged bravely, and his Omega wondered since when had he had a death wish. “An Alpha forcing an Omega in an empty bathroom? How dare you take advantage of him in his vulnerable state–”

Taehyung gasped, and a growl ripped from Namjoon’s throat, the Alpha surging back into Jungkook’s space. Jungkook held his ground, determinedly ignored every instinct in his body, though it made him shake visibly, sweat breaking out on his scalp and forehead. Namjoon stopped himself just before he reached Jungkook, his eyes boring into Jungkook’s from only a couple inches away. Don’t submit, don’t submit. The Alpha’s voice was barely understandable through his growl as he said, “I was not taking advantage of him. He needed comfort. I was helping him.”

Jungkook had heard such justifications from Alphas before, and was about to retort, when suddenly Taehyung’s hand wrapped around his wrist from behind and the Omega said, “Jungkook, it’s true, he was just helping.”

Jungkook’s heart broke, and he felt sick. Taehyung was defending Namjoon, just like a victim would defend their abuser. “Taehyung,” he said, keeping his body between the Alpha in front of him and the Omega behind him. “Don’t defend him. No Alpha should do that an unmated Omega, unless they’re courting…”



Oh God.

Namjoon froze, his growl cut off as if by guillotine and his face going blank. Taehyung’s grip on his wrist slackened. Both of their scents swirled with confusion.

“Oh God,” Jungkook said, his face draining of color. “You’re courting.” Of course. Of course. He knew Namjoon well enough. He should have known the Alpha wouldn’t be the type to force an Omega, not after all the respect he’d shown Jungkook and his famous zero-tolerance harassment policy. Namjoon hadn’t even gone after Jungkook when the Omega had gone into a pheromone high last Thursday and was practically drooling for him.

“I’m so sorry,” Jungkook said, guilt and mortification flooding him. “I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have– I should have–” Words failing him, Jungkook tried to flee, but Taehyung tightened his grip and pulled him back.

“Wait,” Taehyung said. The Omega lifted his other hand to trace his unadorned collar with long fingers. “We’re not courting.”



“I won’t tell anyone, I swear,” Jungkook mumbled awkwardly. Leave it to him to stumble on a tryst. “It’s none of my business.”

“No, you don’t get it,” Taehyung said. “We’re mated.”


“Huh?” Jungkook replied intelligently. He looked between Namjoon and Taehyung, between Taehyung’s face and his empty collar, no tag or marker in sight, and his brain just did not compute.

“I tried to say so earlier,” Namjoon said, sounding sheepish. “I lost my temper before I could. I’m sorry about that.”

Jungkook’s mouth was hanging open, his eyes blinking as he tried to understand. “You’re mated?”

“Yes,” Taehyung said.

“But your collar,” Jungkook said, almost whining.

“It’s a long story,” Taehyung said, “But normally I do wear the pack marker. Jimin, too.”

“’Pack’– ‘Jimin’– huh?”

Namjoon stepped in. “We are all in a pack together: Jin-hyung, Yoongi-hyung, Hoseok-hyung, Jimin, Tae, and myself. I forgot that you didn’t know about Jimin and Tae, or else I would have mentioned it earlier.” “But Jimin said– ‘a mutual friend,’” Jungkook mumbled. “Why…?”

Namjoon raised his eyebrows at Taehyung, and the Omega blushed. “That’s part of the long story. We were trying to be secretive.” Jungkook was still confused, and Taehyung sighed. “Maybe we should go back and explain it from the beginning.”

“Yeah, ok,” Jungkook mumbled, and dazedly followed Taehyung out of the bathroom, Namjoon holding the door open for them. His inner Omega cringed as he passed the Alpha, still a little frightened, but he did his best not to show it. Namjoon’s scent was much calmer now, and Taehyung’s was no longer sour with distress. They were halfway back when Jungkook suddenly stopped.

“Actually, I really did need to use the bathroom,” he said. “I’ll be right back.”

He re-joined the others – the pack – after a couple minutes. Now that he saw them with fresh eyes, it was obvious they were all together, and Jungkook felt stupid for not realizing it sooner. It looked like Taehyung had given them the rundown on the misunderstanding in the bathroom. Jungkook tried not to blush in embarrassment over his actions, but also noticed Namjoon looking just as sheepish, probably for his Alpha display in the bathroom, and figured he was in good company. Jimin smiled at him reassuringly, taking his hand and guiding him to a chair that formed a circle with the other members of the pack.

“Sorry for tricking you, Jungkook,” said Jimin. “Obviously we weren’t expecting any of this to happen, or else we would have been upfront the beginning.”

Jungkook nodded in acceptance and said, “It’s ok. You were probably just trying to protect your privacy, right? And I messed that up when I recognized you in the elevator.”

Taehyung winced, and said, “That’s not quite the reason. We were trying to be unrecognizable yes, but mostly just…to you.”

“Me? Why?” Jungkook asked, puzzled.

Taehyung looked at Jimin and said, “It was your plan.”

“But it was your idea to actually meet him,” Jimin said.

“You said you wanted to meet him first.”

“But you were the one who said we would actually do it.”

“Ok pups,” Seokjin chided. “Will one of you just get on with it?”

Properly chastised, Jimin began, “Namjoon told us about the sports day. More specifically, about you.”

“What? Why?” Jungkook asked.

“Come on, you have to admit it makes a pretty good story,” Namjoon said with a wry grin. “A strange Omega descends upon sports day, thrashes every Alpha he competes against, and does a third of it half-naked, with his number Sharpie’d onto his abs.”

Jungkook spluttered, “B-but you know what happened with my shirt!” He blushed, admitting to himself that it wasn’t that unexpected for Namjoon to want to talk about it. “But I see your point,” he mumbled.

“So we were curious about you,” Jimin said. “But then, last Thursday happened.”

Oh. Of course they would know about that too. Jungkook wanted to hide in embarrassment. Why was he always embarrassing himself in front of Namjoon?

“I still need to apologize to you properly,” Namjoon said.

Confused, Jungkook said, “Wait, you really wanted to apologize?”

Now Namjoon looked confused. “Yes? What did you think I meant?”

“I thought you were going to fire me, and just wanted to make sure I wouldn’t sue the company,” Jungkook said.

“What?” Namjoon asked. “Why would I fire you? Although I have been expecting to receive a lawsuit from you.”

“Because I– you know, I did that,” Jungkook said, too embarrassed to say the words aloud.

“But that wasn’t your fault,” Namjoon said, pushing up his glasses.

“That doesn’t change the fact that I– did that,” Jungkook said. “Why would you keep me around? I’m an embarrassment,” he whispered the last part. “Anybody else would’ve.”

“You are not an embarrassment,” Namjoon said firmly. “I would be wrong for firing you over something you had no control over, especially something I played a part in.”

Jungkook thought to himself, not for the first time, that Namjoon really was a different breed of Alpha.

“Ok,” Jungkook said, still trying to get used to his new perspective on the email from Namjoon and the last four days at work. He turned back to Jimin. “So last Thursday happened.”

“Yes,” Jimin said. “And this raised a lot of questions.” He looked to Namjoon.

“So I reached out to some experts,” Namjoon said. “And they suggested that the reason why we were able to affect each other so strongly was due to…high compatibility.”

“What do you mean?” Jungkook said.

Namjoon shifted uncomfortably. “That’s probably a discussion for another time. Suffice it to say, after hearing this, Jimin and Tae expressed an interest in meeting you.”

“So Jimin came up with a plan,” Taehyung said, and Jimin huffed. “Where we would come to BigHit in disguise, pretend to be lost, and have you guide us to reception for ‘directions,’ giving us a chance to interact with you.”

Jungkook couldn’t help but chuckle softly, “You guys were trying to be in disguise?”

Taehyung pouted and said, “I didn’t even wear Gucci today. I went through a lot of effort.”

Jimin rolled his eyes. “Anyway, Tae deviated from the plan by asking you to guide us to Yoongi-hyung instead of reception, which in the end I’m grateful for, otherwise I don’t know how long hyung would have been on the ground before someone found him.” Jimin’s tone turned worried at the end. Jungkook felt the mood grow somber as everyone reflected on the truth of Jimin’s statement.

“Is anyone here with Min Yoongi-ssi?”

Jungkook’s head whipped around to see a doctor standing in one of the doorways from the waiting room. He leapt to his feet, along with everyone else, and crowded around the doctor. Namjoon had to gently guide them all back a little to give the man more space.

“Are you his pack?” the doctor, a Beta, asked.

Oh. He must have something sensitive to say. Jungkook felt all the closeness he had built up with the others fade away. It’s ok, he told himself. I’m not his pack.

Meanwhile, Namjoon had answered, “Yes. I am Kim Namjoon, pack Alpha.”

Jungkook quietly stepped back and started to return to his chair, only for the doctor to say, “Please stay, it’ll be better if the whole pack is here.”

Jungkook paused, not making eye contact with the pack - not my pack - only with the doctor as he replied, “I’m- I’m not in their pack. I’m...just a coworker.”

Just a coworker. Why did those words hurt so much?

“Oh,” the doctor said. “In that case, you can remain here in the waiting room, or go home if you like. The patient will be here a while. I’m sure his pack will update you when they can.”

Surprisingly, Namjoon’s hand shot out in a halting gesture for Jungkook (which he instinctively obeyed) while he addressed the doctor. “What do you mean, he’ll be here a while? He’s already been here four hours.”

The doctor looked uncomfortable with continuing with any explanations while non-pack was present, so Jungkook said, “It’s ok, Na- sir. I can leave.”

But Namjoon placed his hand on Jungkook’s shoulder and steered him back into the semi-circle around the doctor. “I insist that you stay,” he said firmly.

Confused but pleased, Jungkook scanned the other pack members’ expressions for any sign of protest: wouldn’t they be more comfortable without him there? But he couldn’t see anything but welcome in their expressions. Jimin’s small hand sneaked into his, and the other Omega gave him a hopeful smile. Taehyung wrapped an arm around his shoulders on his right and with Jimin pressed close on his left, he felt like he was in an Omega sandwich. He felt warm again, and despite the tense situation, felt himself smile.

The doctor cleared his throat and said, “I’m that case, please follow me. We can talk in private.”

He led them to a small room with more comfortable chairs and some couches, probably a private waiting room. There was a glass-front mini fridge filled with water bottles, and tissue boxes scattered liberally about. It smelled of harsh chemical cleaners, as if they regularly erased people’s scents from the room. The smell made dread twist in his gut.

The doctor gestured for them to sit, and Namjoon perched on the edge of his seat, as if ready to spring back up at a moment’s notice now that they were about to get some answers. Jungkook remained in his Omega sandwich on one of the couches, while the Betas took up positions on either side of their pack Alpha, looking ready to support or restrain as needed.

“Min Yoongi-ssi was severely dehydrated when he arrived,” the doctor began. “He has been on an IV drip for a couple hours now. He is also showing signs of malnutrition, and sleep deprivation.”

Namjoon nodded, his face grim. “He pushes himself too hard,” he said. “This has happened before.”

“I’m afraid the situation is beyond that of overexertion and stress,” the doctor said. “Otherwise we would be sending him home right now.”

“What do you mean?” Seokjin asked. “What’s wrong with him?” The Beta fumbled for Namjoon’s hand and clutched it tightly. The Omegas on either side of Jungkook reeked of distress, and unthinkingly, he rubbed his wrists against theirs, trying to comfort them with his own scent, forgetting his had scent blocker on.

“Have there been any fights in the pack recently? Any threats of division?” the doctor asked delicately.

“What? No!” Hoseok said, horrified.

“We all care for Yoongi greatly,” Seokjin added.

The Omegas on either side of Jungkook nodded fervently.

“Why do you ask?” Namjoon said, and he sounded thoughtful.

“Min Yoongi-ssi is exhibiting symptoms of bond breaking syndrome,” the doctor said. “Have you heard of it?”

Jungkook didn’t like the sound of that, and judging by how tightly Jimin and Taehyung were squeezing his hands, they didn’t either.

“That’s when someone feels like their bond is broken but they’re actually still bonded, right?” Hoseok asked, fiddling with the silver cuff on his left wrist.

The doctor nodded and said, “Breaking bond syndrome is when an individual suffers the effects of a broken or closed-off bond while the bond itself is still intact. It often happens when bond mates live separately, or when the relationship is long distance. It can also occur when there are serious fights between bond mates that leave the one affected with the impression that the bond will be broken soon. That particular manifestation usually occurs in patients with a history of depression and/or abuse.”

Seokjin covered his mouth in horror. Hoseok said, “Yoongi-hyung has a history with depression and social anxiety. But we haven’t been fighting.”

Namjoon looked pensive as he said, “We haven’t been fighting.”

“What do you mean?” asked Seokjin, directing the question at the Alpha.

Namjoon said, “He has been going downhill for a week. We all assumed he was upset and burying himself in his work, like he’s done in the past.”

“He was,” Jimin said. “He’s been working so much, and hardly sleeping.”

“But that started a week ago…” Taehyung said, and suddenly he was looking between Namjoon and Jungkook, as if he’d just realized something.

“A week,” Seokjin breathed.

“Last Thursday,” Hoseok said, and suddenly everyone was looking at Jungkook.

“You think this has something to do with – that?” Jungkook squeaked. “But I’m not in the pack.”

“May I ask what you are referring to?” the doctor asked politely.

Jungkook was too embarrassed and confused to speak, so Namjoon summarized, “Last Thursday, Yoongi-hyung and Jungkook were working together in hyung’s studio. It’s a small, soundproof space, and they were in close proximity. Jungkook was sent into a pheromone high. Yoongi blames himself for what happened.”

“He does?” Jungkook whispered in dismay. “I didn’t know that.”

“You say that you are not part of the pack?” the doctor addressed Jungkook.

“I’m not,” he said. “I met Namjoon almost two weeks ago, and I’ve known the others even less.” Jungkook saw the way the doctor’s eyes flitted from Jimin’s hands held in one of Jungkook’s, the blond Omega leaning into him, to how Jungkook’s other arm was wrapped around Taehyung’s waist, the redhead curling into his side.

“It seems you have become rather close, in such a short amount of time,” the doctor observed cautiously.

“I guess?” Jungkook replied, self-conscious.

“Doctor,” Namjoon said, drawing the man’s attention away from Jungkook. “After the incident a week ago, I discussed the events with some bond experts. All of us that have met Jungkook previously have experienced a sort of, ah, high compatibility with him.”

Jungkook’s head whipped around to look at Namjoon, who was pointedly maintaining eye contact with the doctor. What was he talking about? “All” of them?

“The experts I talked to mentioned the possibility of Jungkook being – forgive me for using an archaic term – a ‘true mate’ with us,” Namjoon said.

“What?” Jungkook said, shocked. Nobody in the circle met his eyes, and he realized they had all heard this before. They obviously believed in this true-mates theory. Now he understood why Jimin and Taehyung had gone to such lengths just to meet him. Jungkook reeled at the new information. True mates with an entire pack? That was a lot to take in.

The doctor nodded and said, “I believe that may be the issue, then. If Min Yoongi-ssi’s relationship with his official pack mates is stable, but there was a conflict involving a highly-compatible potential mate, then that could explain the manifestation of the syndrome.”

“But we’re not even bonded,” Jungkook said weakly.

The doctor looked at him with sympathy, “If you are compatible enough for experts to be using the phrase ‘true mates,’ then I don’t think it matters if you are bonded or not. I believe Min Yoongi-ssi recognizes you, at least on an instinctual level, as a mate and therefore part of the pack.”

Jungkook’s head spun. “ what do we do now?”

“The best treatment for bond breaking syndrome is reassurance that the bond is intact and stable,” the doctor said. “This can mean anything from an honest, heartfelt conversation between bond mates, to physical reassurances like scenting and mating. Since the patient is unconscious, the best plan would be scenting.”

This doctor wanted him to scent Yoongi? He understood that conversation was off the table, the Alpha being unconscious, as was mating (!!!), but could he really scent an Alpha he had only interacted with twice?

His mind lingered on Yoongi’s scent, earthy and minty; he remembered how his Omega had wanted to roll in that scent when he was in the pheromone high. Now he was being asked to scent him, to mingle their scents, and the thought sent a rush of  heat into his stomach.

“Jungkook?” Namjoon asked. “This is your decision. We won’t force you to do it. We can find other ways.”

Everyone was staring at him with hope in their eyes, Seokjin with a kind of desperation that said he was about to break down. He didn’t need to see the expressions on the Omegas’ faces on either side of him; he could feel their pleas in the way they touched him. Hoseok, who he knew the least, also looked at him with reserved hope. Only Namjoon kept his poker face, though his eyes betrayed his hopeful expectation, and behind that, fear that Jungkook would refuse.

“Of course I will help,” Jungkook said firmly. “It’s the least I can do.”

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There was a collective sigh of relief, and then the doctor asked them to follow him to Yoongi’s room. The doctor reasoned that having Yoongi’s actual bond mates present could only help, so all six of them entered the room after the doctor. It was a relatively large room with space for two beds; Yoongi was by the far wall, and the near bed space was currently empty. Yoongi looked so small and fragile in the hospital bed, an IV drip in one arm, blood pressure cuff on the other, one finger in a blood-oxygen level sensor. His pack marker, a silver flat-top ring like Namjoon’s, seemed loose on his bony finger. The bed was piled with blankets. Jungkook remembered what Yoongi had said about always been cold, and was glad that they had covered him up so well.

“All right, Jeon Jungkook-ssi,” the doctor said. “Basic scent points will be sufficient - neck and wrists. Since his condition has been building for almost a week, he may take a while to respond, but don’t give up or be alarmed. His condition is stable; he’s in no danger of dying. This isn’t a real bond break.”

“Ok,” Jungkook said, taking a deep breath and cringing when the harsh cleaner smell invaded his nose.

“I will leave the room and close the door. The room is scent-proof, so please, none of you feel restrained if you wish to scent as well. If you need anything, press the call button.” They all thanked the doctor as he left, and then it was just the six of them - well, seven, if you counted Yoongi.

Jungkook realized he didn’t know how to start. This was different from scenting Yugyeom, who had been his best friend before he’d joined his pack. He didn’t have to think about the how of scenting the other Omega - he just did it. He knew the others wanted him to do this, but he didn’t want to offend anyone by doing it the wrong way. Sensing his hesitation, Jimin squeezed his hand and tugged him gently forward to the bedside. Jimin gave him an encouraging pat and stepped back. Jungkook figured he could start easy with Yoongi’s wrists, but then Namjoon stopped him.

“Jungkook, you’re wearing scent blocker, aren’t you?” the Alpha asked.

“Oh, yeah,” Jungkook said. He spotted the ensuite bathroom and said, “I’ll be right back.”

In the bathroom, Jungkook removed his tie, rolled it up, and slid it into his pants pocket. Next, he undid the buttons on his shirt, tugging it off so it would stay dry, and hanging it on the inside door hook. Lastly, he unbuckled his collar, sliding it off and looping it over the door hook too. He got some paper towels wet and squirted them liberally with the scentless hospital brand hand soap, taking the mess and scrubbing at his neck and wrists until he couldn’t feel the film of the scentblocker clinging to his skin anymore. Tossing the soapy paper towels, he got fresh ones wet and wiped the suds from his skin, then dried his neck and wrists with some more. The paper towels were rough, and left reddened skin behind; when he glimpsed himself in the mirror, it looked like he was blushing. Once he was dry, he put his collar and shirt back on, though he left his sleeves unbuttoned so his wrists were free.

He walked back into the room, and Taehyung approached him, lifting a hand to sniff his wrist. “Much better,” the Omega declared. “Though it would be better if you were sweating.”

“Oh, um.”

“It’s ok, you don’t have to do jumping jacks or anything,” Namjoon said. “This should be enough.”

Jungkook nodded and approached the bed more confidently this time, standing on the right side. He lifted Yoongi’s left hand, careful of the various machineries he was hooked up to, and gently but firmly rubbed the inside of his wrist against the inside of Yoongi’s. Nothing happened, but Jungkook hadn’t really expected anything yet. He could sense the others fidgeting behind him, but he tried not to think too hard about how they were all watching him, and repeated the process with Yoongi’s other wrist. Next came the neck, and Jungkook gently turned the Alpha’s head to the left so that he could reach his neck. It was weird, because in real life, no Alpha would turn their head for an Omega – it would be the other way around. But in this situation, things had to be reversed due to Yoongi’s state.

Jungkook had been focused up until this point, but as he lowered his head and nosed along Yoongi’s pale neck, he felt himself getting caught up in the Alpha’s scent. It wasn’t the same as before during their previous interactions, with more sour and sharp notes that probably indicated his poor condition, but it was still earthy and minty, and Jungkook didn’t think before rubbing his cheek against Yoongi’s neck, paying special attention to the Alpha’s scent gland. Yoongi’s scent grew thicker in the air, and Jungkook’s Omega loved it. His skin flushed warmly, and his head buzzed pleasantly. He heard quiet gasps behind him, but he was lost in the haze of Yoongi’s scent.

Vaguely, he heard someone – Hoseok? – say appreciatively, “Wow, he smells good.”

I agree, Jungkook thought.

“He really does.” Jungkook was reasonably certain that voice was Jimin’s.

“It’s getting stronger,” a baritone voice – Taehyung, he decided – said in awe. “It wasn’t that strong when I smelled him a moment ago.”

“So sweet,” Seokjin chimed in.

“He’s reacting to Yoongi’s scent,” Namjoon murmured, and distantly, Jungkook picked up the sound of a humming, throbbing sound. One of the machines? He decided it didn’t matter. As if sleepwalking, Jungkook found himself not only bracing himself on the bed, but also now climbing up, placing his right knee on the edge of the bed, to get a better angle as he continued his nuzzling.

“Oh my goodness, he’s purring,” Seokjin gasped quietly. “So cute.”

A gentle hand warmed his shoulder, and he looked up to see Namjoon. The other Alpha was smiling at him, and Jungkook smiled back dreamily. Namjoon patted him lightly and said, “Let’s take a break, ok?”

“Ok,” Jungkook said groggily. He stood back up and allowed himself to be guided onto a padded bench against the opposite wall, his senses slowly returning to him. He realized after a moment that the others had been talking about him – he was purring. Embarrassed, he choked it down.

“Aw, why’d you stop?” Taehyung said. “You sounded so happy.” The other Omega joined him on the bench and wrapped him in a hug. Taehyung hummed, and said, “Oh, you smell like Yoongi, now, too. Your scents are good together.”

Embarrassed but irrationally pleased, Jungkook said, “Sorry for purring. I don’t know what came over me.”

“Please don’t ever apologize for doing something so cute,” Seokjin said with wide, earnest eyes. “I love it when Omegas purr; it’s a weakness of mine.”

“Don’t be embarrassed,” Namjoon added. “I expected something like this to happen, with our high compatibility.” For the first time, Jungkook noticed that while everyone else had crowded around him on the bench, Namjoon had maintained a bit of distance. Namjoon noticed him noticing, and said, “I’m sorry for hanging back, but you smell – really good.” His voice was light, but Jungkook could see a darkness to his gaze, eyes flashing behind his glasses lenses, that made him shiver pleasantly.

“It’s ok,” Jungkook murmured, suddenly too shy to maintain eye contact with the Alpha.

So coy, his Omega teased.

Shut up, he retorted.

“Did anything happen?” he asked. Namjoon and Hoseok went back to look at the various monitors, which didn’t show any noticeable changes.

“I think his color is a little better,” Hoseok said. Namjoon hummed noncommittally.

“I’ll try again,” Jungkook said, but was halted by Seokjin, who gently pressed him back down to the bench.

“Rest a little more. I’ll go grab some water for everyone from the waiting room,” the Beta said, and departed. He seemed more confident and less frantic, now that they were actually doing something for Yoongi.

Jimin got up and walked over to Yoongi. “You don’t think it would hurt if I scented him too?” the smaller Omega asked tentatively. Namjoon shrugged and gestured for him to give it a try, and Jimin got to work carefully but very thoroughly scenting the unconscious Alpha.

“It’s not a bad idea,” Hoseok said. “We can all take turns scenting him, not just Jungkook. That should convince his instincts that his pack is whole.” The Beta tenderly fingered through Yoongi’s pale hair, straightening out the tangles from days of neglect. Namjoon and Hoseok murmured back and forth, debating which things to try, and Jungkook let his mind drift. Taehyung was still hugging him around the shoulders, and it felt really nice and warm. He relaxed, and his head tipped until it softly knocked against the other Omega’s.

“How do you feel about this ‘true mate’ thing?” he asked softly.

“I thought it sounded really cool from the beginning,” Taehyung’s low voice murmured. “But I think Jimin didn’t like it at first. But that was before he met you. Now I think he’s definitely on your team now.”

“’My team’?”

“Yeah,” Taehyung said. “Like, I think Namjoon-hyung has been on your team since he met you at the sports day. Yoongi-hyung’s probably been on your team since he met you too, but he doesn’t like admitting his feelings, so it’s hard to tell.”

“What about the others?”

“Well, Jin-hyung liked you when he met you, but I don’t know if he’s bought into the whole ‘true mates’ thing yet. He should now though, after that display you put on,” Taehyung said frankly, and Jungkook blushed. “I can’t tell with Hobi-hyung yet, but I think he has a good impression of you so far.”

Jungkook nodded, taking in all the information. It still came as a shock to him. He’d thought true mates were just fairy tales from children’s movies, not an actual thing, even if it was referred to as “high compatibility” in professional circles. It felt a little too much like fate, which Jungkook wasn’t fond of. He had enough people trying to tell him how to live his life without some invisible, mystical force shoving him into a pack before he could even get to know any of the people.

“How do you feel about it?” Taehyung asked softly.

“I don’t know what to think,” Jungkook said. “I barely know any of you. It feels weird, like it should feel wrong, how comfortable I am with all of you, but it just feels so natural.” Taehyung nodded in agreement. “I feel like I want to be with you all, all the time. But I don’t understand it, and it kind of scares me that I can’t control it.” Taehyung just listened and squeezed him a little tighter.

After Seokjin had returned and they had all drank their fill of water, Jungkook got up and approached Yoongi again. He didn’t know if Hoseok was right, whether the Alpha’s coloring had gotten any better, or if it had been wishful thinking on the Beta’s part. Yoongi still looked sickly pale, delicately fragile in the hospital bed. Lifting one of his limp hands, Jungkook could smell Jimin’s scent – something sweet and floral that Jungkook couldn’t identify – as well as an unfamiliar scent that was fainter and musky rather than sweet. Maybe Hoseok? Underneath both scents was Yoongi’s own mint and earth. The combination of all three scents was unusual, but ultimately pleasant, he thought. Jungkook tried something different this time, raising Yoongi’s right hand and rubbing the Alpha’s wrist directly against the scent glands on his neck.

It caused an immediate effect, but not on Yoongi. Jungkook’s senses were flooded with musk, florals, mint, and earth, and he relaxed so quickly Namjoon leaped forward to catch him before he could fall. The Alpha held him, looking down at him and asking, “Are you ok? What happened?”

Oh, now freshly baked spice bread was added to the mix. Jungkook was cognizant enough to realize he was purring again, but was too far into the delicious bouquet that drowned him to care. “I’m ok,” he mumbled. “I’m great.”

Seokjin stepped up behind Namjoon’s shoulder and said, “His pupils are dilated. Is he in a pheromone high?”

Hoseok was on Namjoon’s other side, and said, “Looks like it. But why this time? Yoongi’s scent isn’t any stronger.”

Jungkook didn’t see what the big deal was, but he continued to purr and let himself be held in Namjoon’s strong arms. Namjoon slowly lowered him until he was sitting on the edge of the bed, and Jungkook whined when the Alpha tried to withdraw his arms, clutching at his shirt.

“That’s cute,” Hoseok whispered.

“So cute,” Seokjin whispered back.

Jungkook smiled, enjoying the praise. Namjoon shifted until he was holding Jungkook’s wrists so he could look Jungkook in the eyes. “Are you still with us, Jungkook?” he asked slowly and clearly. “Do you need to take a break?”

Jungkook pouted. His voice vibrated with his purrs as he said, “Don’t wanna stop. Smells good.”

Jimin spoke from somewhere behind him, probably on the other side of the bed near the wall. “I think I know what happened. Hobi-hyung and I scented Yoongi, and then Jungkook rubbed all three scents on his scent glands. He’s reacting to all three of us.”

“I didn’t know it was possible for an Omega to react to a Beta and another Omega to the point they’d go into a pheromone high,” Seokjin muttered. “Is this because of the ‘high compatibility’?”

“Most likely,” Namjoon muttered back before turning his attention back to Jungkook. “Are you sure you don’t want a break, Jungkook?”

Jungkook shook his head vehemently and wobbled slightly from the vigorous movement. “Wanna keep going. Please?”

Namjoon nodded and released him, turning around to lean against Seokjin. Jungkook thought he heard the Alpha say, “He’s going to be the death of me, hyung.” Jungkook was barely aware of Taehyung patting Namjoon on the back in sympathy; he was already focused back on his task.

Still unsteady, Jungkook decided to stay on the bed. He turned so that he was facing Yoongi, and moved so that he was bracing his legs on the right side of the Alpha’s body and his hands on the left, his goal the left wrist. He picked it up and brought it to the other side of his neck, brushing it over his skin, and was immediately hit with a new wave of scent. His purr redoubled in volume, and he swayed over the Alpha. Nothing had ever felt as good as this. He wondered if this was what addicts felt when they got a hit, and doubted anything could feel as good. He felt a hand on his shoulder steadying him, and looked up to find Jimin. The other Omega, blond, beautiful, like a flower, like his scent…

“So pretty,” Jungkook mumbled, his voice chirpy from his purr. He rubbed his cheek against Jimin’s forearm, and heard the other Omega gasp. Florals filled his senses, and he forgot where he was and what he was doing. Instinctively, he turned his head a little more and gently bit the inside of Jimin’s arm, an affectionate nibble that coated his mouth with Jimin’s wonderful scent.

“Oh shit!” Jimin yelped, and looked frantically over Jungkook at the others. “Help?”

Then Jimin’s arm was gone, and he wasn’t purring anymore, he was whining. No, come back. He swayed as he turned, trying to see through the golden haze coloring his vision, searching for a return of that delicious flower scent, and he felt hands on his hips, steadying him.

“Easy there, pup,” said a gentle voice behind him. Seokjin, Jungkook decided. “Be careful. You don’t want to hurt Yoongi, right?” Tenderly, his head was turned to look at the Alpha under him, and Jungkook remembered Yoongi, remembered Yoongi was sick, Yoongi needed him, he had to help Yoongi. He fumbled to change position, the large hands on his hips supporting him, and ended with his knees on either side of Yoongi’s thighs, his hands on either side of his shoulders, and his head positioned at Yoongi’s neck. He didn’t hesitate before rubbing his face all over the Alpha’s neck, stimulating his scent gland to release stronger and stronger waves of minty earth, earthy mint, minty-mint mint mint… He whimpered in happiness. He wanted to rub that scent all over his body.

But then the hands on his hips were pulling him back gently, guiding him to the edge of the bed, away from the Alpha’s neck. “Alpha,” he whimpered longingly, his ears registering the sound of someone choking without his brain acknowledging the meaning.

“Shhh, it’s ok pup,” Seokjin’s tender fingers were at his cheek again, turning his head to see the Beta’s handsome face. “You did very well.” The praise sent a wave of warmth throughout Jungkook, and he smiled dopily. “Yes, good boy,” Seokjin said, softly petting him. “It’s time for a break now, ok? Let’s get some water.”

Jungkook nodded and let himself be guided away from the bed, because he was a good boy.




         When Jin had finally gotten a stumbling Jungkook out of the room, Namjoon broke down and allowed himself to growl. Holy shit, that was one of the hottest things he’d ever seen. Jungkook had been so submissive, so enthusiastic in his attentions, and it was wrong, Namjoon shouldn’t be thinking about him that way. Jungkook was an employee, he was not in Namjoon’s pack, and no “true mate” phantom-bond would justify them taking advantage of him, even if he was willing, even if he was begging with those huge dark eyes of his, whimpering and whining for them, for him


         He had to get himself under control!

         He turned to face the wall near the door, and felt his self-control slipping despite his best efforts. He fumbled off his glasses, tucking them into his pocket, closed his eyes, and breathed deeply. The idea had been to calm himself, but the plan backfired.

         The scent of flowers teased his nose, followed by tart sweetness like strawberries, and his Omegas were there behind him, he could smell the arousal on them too, and he reacted without thinking. He grabbed them both, spinning them until their backs thumped against the wall side by side, his arms caging them in. Their faces were flushed, lips slick from running their tongues over the skin, and they breathed heavily. His right hand left the wall to grab Taehyung’s jaw, tilting his head at the perfect angle so he could slot his mouth over the Omega’s, swallowing his gasp and licking into his mouth hungrily. Insistent hands tugged his left hand off the wall and guided his palm down a firm, muscled chest heaving for breath, over a fluttering, taut stomach, teasing briefly at the waistband of a pair of tight jeans, before lifting it back up to encircle a delicate throat. He broke away from Taehyung’s mouth, taking a split second to appreciate the picture of his hand around Jimin’s throat, before he was kissing and biting along the shorter Omega’s jaw, licking his ear, letting his growl make the Omegas under him shiver and tremble.

         Mine, he thought. Mine mine mine.

         Voices from the doorway. “No, everything’s ok, doctor, we’re just taking a break.” He growled louder, a threat to anyone who dared come near his Omegas. Voices again, one he recognized as Hobi’s. Mine, he thought fiercely. The door shut, and Namjoon’s hand shot out to grab the Beta around the waist, yanking him close so that he could lick along his neck, suck hickeys into his smaller scent gland, growling triumphantly when his efforts produced a small wave of musk. Hoseok gasped, weakly pushing against the Alpha’s hold. He was saying Namjoon’s name, was saying something. With effort, Namjoon tuned in.

         “ – I know it feels good, but you’ve got to calm down, Joonie, Jin-hyung will be back with Jungkook any second – ”

         At the sound of the Omega’s name, Namjoon snarled. Mine!

         No, that wasn’t right.

         With tremendous effort, Namjoon got his brain in gear. Jungkook was not his. Jimin and Tae were his. Hoseok was his. Jin was his. Yoongi was – Yoongi was sick. Yoongi needed help. Jungkook was here to help Yoongi. Shaking with effort, Namjoon pushed away from the wall, away from Jimin and Tae’s trembling forms, avoiding their feverish gazes and releasing Hoseok’s waist. Clenching his fists, he forced his growl down, and said roughly, “I’m going to go to the bathroom. To clear my head.” Nodding firmly, he strode to the ensuite bathroom, shut the door behind him, and began the long, difficult task of becoming human again.




Hobi: Don’t come back yet. Things are a little crazy.


         Jin sighed. He had known that things would deteriorate rapidly after Jungkook entered a pheromone high, but he had hoped that removing the Omega from the room would have helped maintain some level of rationality. Based on Hobi’s message, such was not the case.

         He turned to look at Jungkook, who was seated on a metal bench out front of the hospital, still completely limp and unmoving from where Jin had set him down. He couldn’t tell if the younger man had recovered yet, but he should be coming around soon. The outside air was warm and slightly humid, the sky dark as the evening progressed, and the only scents were petrichor and petrol. Jin went and sat on the bench next to Jungkook and tentatively patted his shoulder to get his attention. The Omega slowly turned to look at him, his pupils still enlarged, but not nearly as blown as they had been, and the color in his cheeks was going down.

         “Are you ok, Jungkook?” Jin asked.

         Cautiously, Jungkook nodded. “I went into a pheromone high,” he stated.

         “Yes,” Jin said. “Do you remember everything?”

         “I think so,” Jungkook answered. “I could recognize what was happening this time.”

         Jin hesitated, and then said, “Are you sure you want to do this, Jungkook? I can’t help but feel like we’re getting dangerously close to crossing a line. We appreciate your help with Yoongi, but you don’t have an obligation to our pack, and ‘high compatibility’ or not, this is beginning to push into some – ah, intimate areas. I know I speak for everyone when I say that we do not want to take advantage of you, but you have already lost control once, it’s likely to happen again, and I know my pack. They are not unaffected.”

         Jungkook looked out to the parking lot, his gaze far away as he digested Jin’s words. Of course Jin didn’t want Jungkook to stop helping them, but his conscience was nagging at him. He had gotten the Omega out in time this time, but what about when it happened again? And Jin was sure it was going to happen again. The longer the seven of them stayed in that small room, deliberately scenting one another through Yoongi, the greater the chances of something happening, something they would all regret, and something that may damage the fragile friendship they’d started building with Jungkook. Jin was aware of his own growing attachment to the Omega, and didn’t want to sacrifice the potential of something more because they couldn’t control themselves.

         When Jungkook finally spoke, his voice sounded much clearer and cognizant: “I understand what you’re saying, Seokjin-ssi. I don’t know what will happen if I go back in there and continue. It’s likely I will go down again, and I might not come back up for a while. It would leave me in a very vulnerable position amongst relative strangers, which is something few people would be comfortable with.”

         Jin nodded. It made sense for Jungkook to back out. It was getting too dangerous, and he’d already helped a lot. Jin was sure they’d figure out –

         “But,” Jungkook said, turning his head to look Jin in the eyes. “I have this gut feeling that I can trust you all. The fact that you are talking about this with me right now, that you got me out of there, speaks to your trustworthiness. Maybe it’s foolish, to have so much faith in my instincts, which favor you all so much, but I can’t help it. I still want to help. Please let me help.”

         Jin wanted to be shocked; he wanted to hesitate, to question the Omega’s rationality on this decision, to warn him further until he changed his mind. But he couldn’t. His own instincts had already known that Jungkook would want to keep going, and that Jin wasn’t going to fight him on it. “All right,” he said. “If you’re sure, we can go back whenever you’re ready.”

         “I’m ready,” Jungkook said. “Let’s go back.”




    When Jungkook and Seokjin returned to Yoongi’s hospital room, there were some noticeable changes.

  1. Namjoon was nowhere to be seen, the bathroom door was closed, and the Alpha’s scent thickened the air to an almost palpable level. Jungkook nearly slipped into a high just by walking through the door.
  2. The other overwhelming scent in the room was sex, run through with floral notes and tart sweetness, and Taehyung and Jimin were leaning against one another on the padded bench, faces flushed and sweaty, breathing deeply, and expressions blissed. The combined sight and smell had warmth blooming in Jungkook’s core.
  3. Hoseok, the last man standing apparently, looked exhausted, his brown hair ruffled, his clothes disheveled, and his lips swollen.

    “So this is what you meant by ‘things are crazy’?” Seokjin asked dryly, and Hoseok grimaced.

    “Spare me,” the Beta replied. “You got the easy job.”

    Filling in the blanks on what had happened wasn’t that hard, and Jungkook blushed, imagining the task Hoseok had faced. He ducked his head, feeling like he should apologize, but Seokjin just nudged him in Yoongi’s direction and said, “Don’t mind him. He gripes, but he loved it.”

    Hoseok gasped exaggeratedly, hand to his chest, “You mock my pain.”

    “Life is pain, highness,” Seokjin snipped back. “Anyone who says differently is selling something.” The two men smiled at each other lovingly. Jungkook felt like he had just missed something.

    Approaching Yoongi more closely, Jungkook was shocked to see the transformation. Yoongi’s skin was back to a healthier shade of pale, the bruises around his eyes had faded, and his lips had gained enough color to not blend into the skin of his face. He still looked weak and thin, but at least he didn’t look like he was going to die anymore. The scenting was definitely working, and that fact reaffirmed Jungkook’s decision to keep going. Empowered by that knowledge, Jungkook didn’t hesitate and climbed up on the bed, kneeling to the right of Yoongi’s body, and braced himself so that he wasn’t putting any pressure on the Alpha or the various machineries he was hooked up to.

    The process was familiar by this point, and he did his best to prepare for the onslaught of pheromones, but nothing could have prepared him for that first swipe of Yoongi’s wrist against his scent gland. The heavy scents that permeated the room - the spicy smell of dominant, aroused Alpha; the sweet smell of sex between two young, healthy Omegas; the musk he was learning to identify as Hoseok’s heightened by exertion - all blended together with Yoongi’s scent, grown more powerful by his recovery, and the whole mess smothered Jungkook’s senses until he couldn’t tell up from down, couldn’t hear Seokjin’s muffled curse as he dashed forward to support him, only aware of the added smell of bitter chocolate mingling with everything else at the Beta’s proximity. He drowned, and happily.

    If he had been conscious enough, he might have wondered if this was what Yugyeom talked about when he said a pack made him whole, and that he would do anything for them. He might have finally understood a little of Yugyeom’s devotion to his mates, how content he always was despite whatever life threw at him, how determined he was to please them. It wasn’t out of a sense of subservience like he had thought - no, it was out of this impossibly strong feeling of yes - right - complete - maybe even love, that Jungkook was feeling at that moment.

    If he had been conscious enough, he might have been able to stop himself from turning in Seokjin’s arms and mouthing at his perfect jawline. He would have heard Seokjin’s surprised gasp, and felt the way the Beta’s hands clutched him with tangible strain.

He would have been aware of Hoseok swiftly tugging Yoongi’s right wrist from his limp grasp and rubbing the left along the other side of his neck, causing him to keen in desire from a fresh wave of pheromones. He might have seen Hoseok holding his breath, determined to finish the scenting session.

He might have fought Hoseok gently pushing his head down, guiding his face along Yoongi’s neck - or he might have realized he wasn’t fighting anything, just submissively allowing the Beta to bend him, his back arching instinctually, his hips shifting back against Seokjin, causing the man to moan softly. But he wasn’t conscious enough for anything other than the bouquet cycling through his senses, and how good it felt, so good, and how he wanted more, and he knew how to be good, how to get more, please let him have more, please, please --




    The doctor received notification from his attending nurse, who was monitoring Min Yoongi-ssi’s vitals, that the Alpha was regaining consciousness. He hurried to the patient’s room and opened the door onto chaos.

            Bond breaking syndrome was rare enough that he’d only treated it maybe three times in the fifteen years he’d worked at this hospital. Two times, the case had not been nearly as severe as Min Yoongi-ssi’s: one pair of mates had fought, stayed apart for a few days, and barely exhibited symptoms, so they’d been able to fix each other up with a good heart-to-heart; the other time, the pack Alpha had had to go on a month-long business trip, and a little scenting, a good talk, and some mating (at home) had set him to rights. The third time, the illness had been misdiagnosed by a previous doctor, and by the time the pair had reached him, both were already in comas, and there was nothing he could do. Despite that black mark on his record, the doctor was considered a bit of an expert in the particular illness. Never could he have imagined the scene before him.

            The non-pack Omega – Jeon Jungkook-ssi, he reminded himself – was practically on top of his patient, with the two pack Betas holding and kissing him passionately, touching each other and him suggestively. None of them reacted to the door opening, or the doctor’s presence, seemingly lost to their instincts. The Omega seemed to be in a pheromone high, which was highly unusual, considering the lack of a bonded Alpha in his proximity. Similarly, the two pack Omegas, seated on the bench against the near wall, were making out heavily, oblivious to his presence, and clothes were beginning to be undone. Alarmed, his eyes scanned for the pack Alpha, Kim Namjoon-ssi, but couldn’t readily find him. The pack Alpha’s scent was heavy in the room, and an ominous rumbling sound was coming from the ensuite bathroom. If Kim Namjoon-ssi was the source of that rumble, and his pack was this out of control, things were about to get seriously out of hand. As in, he would need the hospital’s legal team.

            He called for a pair of strong nurses, and had them pull the non-pack Omega out of the Betas’ hold, instructing them to take him to an isolated room for recovery. The last thing he needed was an unbonded Omega threatening to sue the hospital for negligence because he was raped while on his watch. The Betas immediately protested the young man’s removal with soft growls, but the doctor and his attending nurse quickly guided the two dazed men to their Omegas on the bench, and their mates’ pheromones sufficiently distracted them so they stayed out of his way. Another liability taken care of; so long as the four of them stayed over there , and did not threaten his patient, he didn’t care what they did. They were bonded, after all, and therefore none of his legal concern.

            Min Yoongi-ssi’s eyelashes fluttered, and he licked his lips, flushed a healthy pink now instead of sickly gray. “Jung…kook?” he muttered, his eyes opening and flitting around while they focused. The doctor breathed a sigh of relief and smiled proudly. The Alpha looked healthy, his vitals were good, and by all accounts, it looked like he would make a full recovery.




    Jungkook came back to himself slowly. Sounds that were muffled reluctantly became clearer. His head felt soft, like it was stuffed with cotton, pleasant but hazy, difficult to think. His eyelids seemed to weigh a ton each, and it took so much effort just to raise them, and then more for colored blobs and blurred shapes to resolve themselves into recognizable forms. He blinked, and whimpered softly, trying to get his bearings. His head felt so good, but something within him felt hollow, empty, and he didn’t like the feeling. The good feeling in his head was fading, and something was missing, something he desperately wanted back.

    There was a voice, masculine and barely familiar, but he couldn’t understand. He blinked, trying to clear his vision, and made a sound of confusion. The voice spoke again, and this time he was able to hear, “Jeon Jungkook-ssi, how are you feeling?” It was the doctor, he remembered finally.

    “I feel…” Jungkook mumbled. “I felt…good. But now…” He frowned, the empty feeling within him growing.

    “I’m afraid that’s to be expected,” the doctor said, his face becoming clearer the longer Jungkook looked at him. He looked sympathetic, but not very concerned, which concerned Jungkook. Jungkook was starting to feel terrible, that hollowness aching within him to the point that his extremities trembled, and he felt like the doctor wasn’t reacting appropriately. The doctor continued, “We had to remove you from the room before things got out of hand. Unfortunately, that means that you are more than likely experiencing a drop right now, as your body tries to recalibrate after the high you’ve just had.”

    That sounded familiar, he thought. Yugyeom’s voice came to him. “Sub drop,” he croaked, clenching his fists to try and keep them from shaking. It didn’t work.

    “Yes, exactly,” the doctor said, as if praising a student. He clearly wasn’t grasping the severity of the situation, because Jungkook was becoming increasingly sure he was dying. His head hurt terribly. He felt so empty inside that he thought he would implode, like there was nothing left of his guts and bones to hold up his skin. He was so, so cold, despite the blankets piled on his bed. Clearly, something was very wrong. But when he tried to communicate this to the doctor, the man only patted his hand and said that he would be ok. The high had been extreme, so the drop was bound to be severe.

    “If it helps any, Min Yoongi-ssi has regained consciousness,” the doctor continued. “His pack is with him now, and I am sure they will extend their thanks to you as soon as they are able.”

    Jungkook nodded jerkily - yes, this was good news. He felt like he was dangling from a precipice, and holding on by a thread. Good news.

Good news.

And then he started crying, quiet, whimpering tears that escalated into full-bodied trembling and sobbing. He tuned out the useless doctor’s blabbering and just let himself fall.

    “His pack” - not Jungkook’s pack.

    “They” - not “them,” not “us.”

    “As soon as…”

They remembered him.

    Because he wasn’t in the pack, he wasn’t bonded to Yoongi and the others, he wasn’t needed anymore. He had served his purpose. He was a discarded tool. They’d come back later to put him back in the toolbox, back in his place, but for now, they reveled in their win, and he was left alone in the darkness of his mind. Jungkook wept, and cried himself back to unconsciousness, his body finally ceasing its spasms. One thought stood out:

    I’m never going through this pain again.

Chapter Text

Yoongi smelled like honey. Yoongi also smelled of other things, but the honey stood out.

    “I can’t believe he just left,” Jimin said, sounding hurt. “I wanted to see him again, make sure he was ok.”

    The honey stood out because it was new, and yet, not.

    “I hope we didn’t make him too uncomfortable,” Jin fretted. “I understand the necessity of taking him out while things were out of control, but why wouldn’t they let us see him after?”

    New, because he had only really smelled it once before, in a moment so intense the backlash had eventually ended with him in the hospital; but not, because it was a scent so familiar, so seemingly essential to his identity, intrinsic with the scent of home , that it felt like it had always been there, and was just now able to articulate it.

    “When I went to ask the doctor, he said he wasn’t taking visitors; when I went back, he was already gone,” Namjoon said woodenly. “I really don’t know whether I should expect him at work tomorrow, or a lawsuit on my desk.”

    He had finally become aware of that scent, that warm, delicious honey scent, seeping into his nightmares, cleansing him of the darkness, lulling him into sense of peace.

    “Don’t exaggerate, Joon-ah,” Hoseok said worriedly. “He consented; every time we asked, he consented again. And I don’t think he’s the type to play false victim.”

    That sense of peace that he had longed for, for almost a full week, that he had wandered all over looking for, his tired feet trudging down dark alleys and along bright thoroughfares, and he’d finally found it, waking in a hospital bed.

    “I have a bad feeling about this,” Taehyung murmured. “It doesn’t feel right.”

    He’d finally found it, waking in a hospital bed, only to be denied the source; Jungkook wasn’t there when he opened his eyes, he wasn’t there when he was released, and that peace, that scent of honey, mocked him the whole car ride home.

    “I didn’t even get to apologize,” he whispered, and no one responded.




    “I hope this isn’t going to become a habit for you, Jungkook-ssi,” Hyo said. “We can’t have you miss every Friday.”

            “I understand, sir,” Jungkook said. “It won’t happen again.”

            And as he hung up with his boss, he felt the truth of that statement in his bones. It wouldn’t happen again. He wouldn’t let it.

            When he had presented as an Omega, he had decided then and there that he was not going to change his life plan. He was going to finish his degree. He was going to get a job. He was going to live on his own and be independent. He was going to do everything he set out to do, and nothing, not society, not Alphas, not a pack, not gender roles, was going to stop him. He was stubborn, and determined, and he had accomplished his goals. He had finished his degree; he had gotten a job. He could afford his apartment, and he was independent.

            It had been nice to play pretend, he admitted to himself, but pack life was not for him. He didn’t need a pack, didn’t want a pack. The night before, what he had felt with the pack was amazing, a world he couldn't have ever dreamed of; what he had felt without the pack was worse than his darkest nightmares. No pack bond, no “true mates,” no scheming on the part of fate was worth that pain.

            Fate could go screw itself.

            So when Yugyeom called him and asked if he was ok, what had happened, he simply answered, “They treated him, and he’s better now.” When his best friend commented on his dark eyes and blank face, he pleaded weariness. When the other Omega suggested ice cream and potato chips, Jungkook had declined; he was fine, he just needed a nap, and Yugyeom shouldn’t be always leaving his pack for a loner like Jungkook.

            That weekend, he did not mope (much). He did his laundry, ironed his work clothes, and set them out for Monday morning. He cleaned his tiny apartment, and he cleaned himself, until the only thing he could smell was his deodorant and bleach. He went grocery shopping and cooked food for the week; he set out a particular set of containers from his dish drying rack, folded a scarf on top of them, and set them by the door to grab on his way to work Monday. He went to the gym, and ignored the aches and pains that wracked his body. He was numb, but he could work with numb. Numb was safe.

            On Monday morning, he greeted Hyo and apologized once again for being absent Friday. He begged Jungwoo to take the containers and scarf up to the CEO’s receptionist, and promised him part of his lunch in return. He ate lunch with Jungwoo and his friends, but he stayed reserved, distant, and no one tried to get too close.

            He resurrected the email from the office of the CEO that he had trashed the previous week, and sent the following reply:

“To Kim Namjoon-ssi,

This is Jeon Jungkook.

I hope this email finds you well.

Any apologies, formal or otherwise, are unnecessary, either from you or from Min Yoongi-ssi. I hereby release you of any such obligations. I hold neither you, nor Min Yoongi-ssi, nor BigHit Entertainment accountable for the events of the last two Thursdays, and I promise that you will be troubled by me no further.

I sincerely hope that you, Min Yoongi-ssi, and your pack had a good weekend, and that Min Yoongi-ssi continues to heal.

Work hard,

Jeon Jungkook


BigHit Entertainment”

            He received several emails from the office of the CEO throughout the rest of the week, and this time he did not ignore them. He read each one and sent polite answers back, and ignored or evaded every request for a meeting, for lunch, for coffee or tea, that was extended. He redirected any calls from Genius Lab to Jungwoo (“I’m sorry, Yoongi-ssi, but if you do not have a work order to place, I’m going to have to ask you to stop calling so that other employees may be served.”), and made himself busy doing mundane things.

            Thursday came, and the day was uneventful. He remained aloof at dinner. He did not change out of his work clothes into more comfortable ones. He finished his work in record time, and volunteered to help Jungwoo with his projects until ten o’clock rolled around, and then he went home.

            Yugyeom continued to ask him what was wrong, but Jungkook said he didn’t know what the other man was talking about. Work was going fine, he’d gotten his first paycheck in time for rent, he’d even called his parents like a dutiful son and reported his success to them, skipping over most of the details. Nothing was wrong. Everything was fine.

            If he woke up weeping in the middle of the night, smelling mint, or musk, or sweet tartness like strawberries, then who was to know?

            Another week passed much like the one before. There were less emails, no more phone calls from Genius Lab, and he’d invested in an awful air freshener for his bedroom that smelled like lavender. He told himself he was glad the communication efforts were dwindling; that was the goal, after all. He ignored the numbness, the empty feeling, and threw himself into his work. And it worked, at least for a short time.

            That time ended on a Monday a couple of weeks later, just as he was finishing up his lunch. He was eating near Jungwoo and his friends, but it had been a while since he could say he ate with them. He was there on the peripheries, but he didn’t engage, and they had stopped trying. He went through the motions of finishing his food, waiting for the others to finish, then gathering their waste to take it to the trash cans. They all congregated to one side of the doorway to the cafeteria to say their goodbyes before splitting up to return to their disparate offices, and Jungkook hovered nearby, waiting to walk back with Jungwoo. He was barely paying attention, so he didn’t notice a pale blond head bobbing through the masses, making a beeline for him, until it was too late.

            The relative crowd around the cafeteria entrance parted like the Red Sea for Yoongi, the Alpha stalking towards him with a look of grim determination. Jungkook felt himself snap out of the numbness for the first time in weeks, his head twisting this way and that to find an escape route, alarm bells going off in his head. Before he could do anything, however, Yoongi came to a stop in front of him, Jungwoo, and the others.

            “Jungkook,” Yoongi greeted tersely. “We need to talk.”

            Jungkook floundered for a polite but evasive reply, and Jungwoo said, “Yoongi-ssi, this is harassment. You can’t keep - ”

            Yoongi shot the Beta a withering glare, chin up, Alpha presence on maximum, that quietened Jungwoo instantly. He returned his gaze to Jungkook and said, “Well? Can we talk now?”

            Jungkook gathered himself and said, “There’s nothing to talk about. I have to get back to work now.” Despite his dismissive words, he was rooted to the spot, and Yoongi’s knowing stare said that he knew Jungkook wasn’t going anywhere. That stare was predatory, like Yoongi had herded him into a corner, and knew he had no escape. The producer stared at him for a moment, waiting for Jungkook to say or do anything more, and when the Omega just stood there, Yoongi nodded curtly and said, “Fine then. You asked for this.”

            The Alpha suddenly dropped to his knees in the middle of the doorway, in sight of the whole cafeteria and wide hallway. He placed his hands on the ground in front of his knees and bent himself until he was in a full bow, prostrate in front of the Omega.

            Jungkook panicked. Alphas didn’t bow to Omegas. Alphas certainly did not make full bows to Omegas. And Alphas definitely would never, ever do any of these preposterous things in public, in front of their peers and coworkers. Jungkook flushed hot and broke into a cold sweat at the same time. Everyone was staring at them: Jungwoo, his friends, the cafeteria, everyone had quieted to see what was going on, and everyone in the hallway was frozen, taking in the spectacle. Jungkook dropped down to his own knees by the prone Alpha, frantically tugging at him as he said in a strangled voice, “Please, Yoongi-ssi, stop, get up, you can’t do this – ”

            Yoongi did not budge, and only replied, his low drawl muffled against the floor, “I believe I asked you to call me something else, Jungkook-ah.”

            Jungkook blushed slightly. “Yoongi-hyung,” he whispered in a desperate hiss, “Please, please get up.” The crowd around them grew larger and larger, beginning to murmur both their names along with “Alpha” and “Omega.”

            Yoongi’s head stayed bowed as he said, “Will you allow me to apologize, then?”

            Jungkook whined in spite of himself. “YES! Yes! Just please, get up!”

            Finally, Yoongi unfolded himself, taking his time getting to his feet while Jungkook pulled at him desperately. When he was finally standing, Jungkook began to pull away, but Yoongi’s hand shot out lightning fast to clasp around his wrist, and the Alpha turned to pull him away, apparently unaffected by the display he’d put on or the stunned faces of the people standing and watching them exit the area. The only evidence of the effort it had taken the Alpha to reject his own instincts was a light dew of sweat on his temples. While the cafeteria and hallway erupted loudly, Yoongi towed him down several hallways he was not yet familiar with until they reached an unmarked door. Yoongi opened it, revealing an old conference room that was partially broken down, clearly no longer in use and its tables and chairs cannibalized for other rooms, and firmly pushed Jungkook in ahead of him before closing the door.

    Jungkook had a moment to appreciate that Yoongi had not taken him to his studio or some other sound-proofed room. The old conference room was large and well-ventilated, and Jungkook convinced himself that he could not detect any hints of earthy mint in the air. He rubbed his wrist, still hot from where Yoongi’s hand had been, and resisted the urge to check if any of the Alpha’s scent had rubbed off on him.

    He turned to face the producer, who was watching him with that intimidatingly intense gaze again. Jungkook didn’t know anyone else who could simultaneously frighten and arouse him like Yoongi could (not that he was willing to admit the latter at the moment). The Alpha was maybe two inches shorter than he was, but Jungkook felt small in Yoongi’s unapologetically dominant presence. He swallowed hard, working up the courage to finally say, “That wasn’t necessary, what you did back there.”

    “I beg to differ,” Yoongi replied with his slow drawl, one eyebrow arched. “It got you to finally talk to me.”

    Jungkook flushed. “You shouldn’t have done that. Now people will think there’s something going on between us.”

    Yoongi took one deliberate step forward, and Jungkook reflexively stumbled back a few paces. “Oh?” Yoongi said. “Is there not?”

    Voice failing him, Jungkook shook his head in denial.

    “Really?” Yoongi asked. “Because I seem to remember quite a lot happening between us.” The Alpha raised one hand and started ticking items off on his fingers as he spoke, advancing slowly. “One: I forced you, a kid I had just met, in a pheromone high. I hated myself for it; I couldn’t stomach food or get any sleep for what I had done, so two: I tried to apologize, but you refused to see me.”

    Jungkook opened his mouth, struggling to find something to say in response as he shuffled backwards, but Yoongi wasn’t done.

    “Which then led to three: I figured I had hurt you too badly, scarred you, that I deserved the punishment my mind meted out, embraced it even, until it finally became too much. And then four: I wake up in a hospital bed, covered in your scent and the scent of my pack, along with some other very suggestive scents, but again, you’re nowhere to be found.”

    Jungkook wanted to duck his head, wanted to look away, but Yoongi’s fiery eyes had his gaze captive.

    “Five: again, I try to contact you, still wanting to apologize, but also now to figure out why, if you hated me so much, if I had hurt you so badly, you would go to such lengths to save me. Yet you still refused to see me, to talk to me, to even help me with my damn computer.” Yoongi lowered his hand, clenching it back into a fist, and continued, “Which leads to now. I don’t whether you hate me, are scared of me, or care for me, but I am done being delicate in respect for your feelings. It’s ok if you want to avoid me after this, use your Beta friend as a shield between us, whatever, but I will apologize as I intended from the beginning, and I will get a straight answer out of you.”

    During Yoongi’s speech, Jungkook had retreated until his back was against the wall, and Yoongi had advanced in step with him, until he had pinned Jungkook against the wall with the force of his eyes alone. By the time Yoongi finished, Jungkook was doing his best to hide his shivers. He couldn’t tell if he shivered because he was scared, or for some other reason he was not ready to face, but he knew instinctively that even though Yoongi wasn’t physically touching him, the Alpha metaphorically had his teeth at Jungkook’s throat, and Jungkook couldn’t think of anything except submitting.

    When he didn’t respond or try to run, Yoongi seemed satisfied, and said, “Good.” The Alpha took a deep breath and bowed, this time more moderately, and said, “Jungkook, I apologize for forcing you into a pheromone high. I crossed a line, and I hope you can forgive me.” Yoongi rose from his bow and looked at Jungkook expectantly.

    This is my chance , Jungkook thought. I can tell him that I that I don’t forgive him, that I don’t ever want to see him or any of his pack ever again .

    “I forgive you,” he blurted out. “I mean, there’s nothing to forgive. It wasn’t your fault.” Well, there goes that plan . Jungkook fidgeted, then bowed himself. “I’m sorry for avoiding you. I was embarrassed and thought I was going to be fired, and avoided both you and Namjoon-ssi to delay what I felt was inevitable. I assumed the worst, and my ignorance cost you your health. I am sorry.”

    Yoongi gently patted him on the head, and Jungkook spied a small smile quirking up the corners of his mouth. “I forgive you,” he said.

    Jungkook rose from his bow, but continued to fidget, wishing he could break away from Yoongi’s eyes. “A-as for the other,” he stuttered, “I don’t hate you. I never have.” Yoongi smiled widely, and warmth flooded Jungkook’s core before he could squash it down. The younger man continued before he could lose his nerve: “But I think it’s best if we don’t see -er, interact anymore.”

    Yoongi’s smiled dropped, and he frowned in puzzlement. “Why?” he asked.

    Because it hurts , he thought. Aloud, he said, “It only causes problems. For everyone involved. It’s best if we just avoid each other.”

    Yoongi studied him as he said, “But Namjoon said it was because of the high compatibility. Now that we know what’s behind it, we can - ”

    “I’d rather not,” Jungkook interrupted, willing himself to be strong. “I want my independence, and this… thing between us just keeps messing everything up.” I won’t be hurt again , he reminded himself. This is for the best.

    Yoongi’s mouth opened as if to argue further, and Jungkook said firmly, “I don’t want it. Please respect that.” His gut twisted and his heart ached, but he told himself it would be the last time. After this, he wouldn’t hurt again.

    Yoongi’s expression blanked, the fire in his eyes vanishing behind walls until Jungkook thought he’d only imagined the light. The Alpha took a careful step back and to one side, opening up the space between them, giving Jungkook a path to the exit. “If that’s what you want,” he said, voice lacking inflection. The sudden coldness in his attitude was enough to make Jungkook shiver, and this time he knew the source was Yoongi cutting him off.

    This is what I wanted , Jungkook reminded himself. “Thank you,” he said, voice barely above a whisper. He forced himself off the wall, took one hesitant step forward, then another, his every move traced by Yoongi’s dark eyes. The Alpha did nothing to stop him, and every step Jungkook took towards the door made him colder than the one before.

Chapter Text

Jungkook should have anticipated the effect that Monday would have. Not only did he no longer receive service calls from Genius Lab or emails from the office of the CEO, but he had gained the attention of the entire company, or so it seemed. Pretty much everyone in BigHit knew Yoongi, the man being such a stellar producer with a fearsome reputation, and those who didn’t only had to know that an Alpha had prostrated himself in public for an Omega for their curiosity - and other, less favorable reactions - to be peaked.

    Trainees on campus faked viruses and other technology issues to lure him into conversation, their attempts at learning the truth behind the events as subtle as a jackhammer. Most of them were young romantics, convinced the incident was a lover’s spat, and that Jungkook must be “some Omega” for an Alpha like Min Yoongi to make up with him with a full bow. Jungkook mostly responded by rolling his eyes.

Alphas had varied reactions: some watched him with interest, the Omega who had brought an Alpha to his knees; some postured and whispered loudly behind his back about Omegas who reached beyond their place; some mocked Yoongi openly for his degradation, and Jungkook had to restrain himself from challenging those who scoffed at the producer; and some avoided Jungkook to the extent that they would cancel work orders and re-schedule with other technicians.

The Betas had similar reactions, with the addition of one in particular that made Jungkook more uncomfortable than the threats to put him back in his place: some of them congratulated him, applauded him, for exacting “revenge” against the almighty Alphas, and placed him on some sort of pedestal, a representative for the oppressed. Every other reaction Jungkook could ignore, but not this last one: he explained over and over it hadn’t been like that, but people only thought he was being modest, giving him a wink or a nudge and saying “sure” knowingly.

    Little things started happening that at first Jungkook chalked up to carelessness or accident, but the incidents mounted up to a point where he couldn’t discount them anymore. Items of his were stolen, like his favorite pen or his good work tie (he had to wear the old one until payday when he could buy a new one). Someone or someones attempted to break into his desk while at dinner on Thursday nights. Items he knew he had thrown away in his trash can reappeared later on his chair, under his desk, in the hallways, and he was scolded by Hyo for not cleaning up his space well.

Jungwoo and his friends started going to lunch at different times without telling him, and he couldn’t blame them for wanting some peace while they ate. Jungkook started to eat his lunches outside, in the stairwells, in empty conference rooms, anything to avoid the stains from people “accidentally” dropping food or drink on him as they walked by. Through it all, Jungkook endured, sure that it would all blow over once the novelty of the incident wore off. Over time, he succeeded in becoming part of the background, the flashy Omega who had beaten Alphas at sports day and made the infamous Min Yoongi perform a full bow fading into people’s memories to be replaced with the quiet, reserved Omega from IT, boring and disgraced.

    The worst part, he decided, was that he had grown distant from Yugyeom. He FaceTimed his best friend less and less, their conversations short as Jungkook tried to hide what was going on in his life. Jungkook knew Yugyeom would try to persuade him to abandon his decision to abstain from the pack if he knew, and it hurt to hear how happy the other Omega was with his own pack. Stories he used to be able to listen to with a smile on his best friend’s behalf only seemed to grow the hollow emptiness in his core. After four days of silence between him and Yugyeom, not even a text, Jungkook admitted that he was lonely, but he didn’t know how to fix it. The distance between them only made the incidents at work more bothersome, but he held his course, stubbornly insisting that this was all for the best. He could patch things up with Yugyeom once he got over the pack-related pain.

    And he would get over it. He just needed more time.




    Hobi collapsed onto the bed next to Jin, both of them sweaty and breathing hard. They were both quiet, which was unusual - they’d had better orgasms, so it wasn’t like they were too blissed to be speechless. Usually both Betas were enthusiastic with pillow talk, laughing and joking around, throwing towels at each other, but both men found themselves cleaning up and getting ready for bed quietly. They climbed back into Jin’s bed, Yoongi absent from his - no doubt holed up in his home studio until dawn - and cuddled loosely. Jin thought Hobi had fallen asleep after a few minutes, the choreographer exhausted from a long day of working with trainees and then sex before bed, but the brunet’s voice muttered into the darkness of their room, “This isn’t right.”

    Jin knew he wasn’t talking about the sex. “I know. It doesn’t feel right to me, either,” he said, tugging Hobi closer until the dancer was pillowing his cheek on one of Jin’s broad shoulders.

    “I don’t know what to do,” Hobi admitted. “Joonie and Yoongi-hyung are determined to respect his decision, which I totally get, but it just feels so wrong, like there’s something missing.”

    Jin nodded. “I know what you mean. I keep making extra food, like I’m expecting there to be another person for dinner.”

    Hobi lifted his head to shoot Jin a look in the dark, “Hyung, you always make extra food. That’s hardly new.”

    “Yah!” Jin said, smacking Hobi on the arm lightly. “I could always make less, you know. Leave you to fend for yourself for a while, see if you’ll disrespect me then.”

    Jin felt Hobi smile against his shoulder, the apple of his cheek pressing into his clavicle. “Nooooo,” he mock-whined. “I’ll die if I don’t have your food, hyung!”

    They both chuckled before falling silent again. Jin spoke up, “Maybe I should say something to Joonie again?”

    Hobi shook his head. “You know he won’t listen. I love the man, but he’s stubborn and determined to respect Jungkook’s decision.”

    Jin huffed. “I just wish we’d all had a chance to talk to him, not just Yoongi. Yoongi didn’t even give us any details; he’s a horrible gossip.”

    Hobi was silent for a second before he said thoughtfully, “What if we talked to Jungkook ourselves, and just didn’t tell the Alphas?”

    Jin whipped his head to the side, as if he would be able to make out more of Hobi’s expression through the shadows. “What?” he gasped.

    “Oh come on,” Hob said, rising up on his elbow. “Don’t act like we can’t do anything without the Alphas’ permission.”

    “You know that’s not what I was saying,” Jin said. “This wouldn’t be going against the Alphas - this would be going against the pack’s decision.”

    “But how much of this decision was made by the pack, and how much by the Alphas?” Hobi insisted. “Did the maknaes say anything before the decision was made? Were they even given a chance? How do we know that they’re not thinking the same thing?”

    “What, so we just go behind Yoongi and Namjoon’s backs?” Jin said, lifting up onto his own elbows.

    “It’s not going behind their backs if we just talk to the Omegas about this,” Hobi defended. “We can bring the Alphas into the discussion once we know how the pups feel.”

    “I don’t like it,” Jin said.

    “Well I don’t like this,” Hobi said emphatically. “We’re all walking on eggshells, dancing around this topic that we’re all thinking about but nobody’s talking about. I haven’t seen Yoongi-hyung smile in weeks, Namjoon keeps working late nights like he’s avoiding us, and the maknaes are getting depressed. They’re due for their heats next month, and we can’t go into that as unprepared as we are now. Something has to be done.”

    Jin sighed and rubbed his eyes. “Ok,” he said, “ok. We talk to the pups. We see how they feel. But then we immediately bring the Alphas in, and we handle this as a pack, understand? No flying solo, Hobi.”

    “Of course, hyung,” Hobi said soothingly. “I would never.”

    Jin decided then and there to keep an eye on Hobi.




    Jungkook stood at the front doors to BigHit, watched the heavy rain, and sighed. He’d thought everyone had finally gotten bored enough to leave him alone, but no, today his red umbrella had been stolen while he had found a hidey-hole to eat lunch in, and now he faced the walk to the train station, and then from the train to his apartment, without any protection for his work clothes. He could and did slip off his tie and lock it in his desk, preferring to keep it safely dry and put it on in the morning once he came back, but he couldn’t exactly do that with his dress shirt and trousers.

    Nothing for it, he decided, and began jogging to the train station, his white shirt instantly turning transparent in the downpour. It was still a little warm outside this time of year, so he wasn’t too cold, but he still shivered, knowing that people on the train would be able to see clear through to his skin. The Jungkook from a couple months ago would have stuck out his chin, crossed his arms over his chest, and stared down anyone who looked at him askance, but these days, he just felt too tired and numb to exert that kind of energy.

    He dodged in and out of the flow of pedestrians on the sidewalk, the crowd around the train station growing thicker the closer he got. His hair was soaked, his black bangs falling into his eyes, and as he shook his head to see better, he crashed into a person about the same size as him, a dry form underneath the shelter of a red umbrella.

    “I’m sorry, please excuse me,” Jungkook mumbled, bowing quickly.

    “Maybe if you had an umbrella you wouldn’t blindly run over people on the sidewalk,” the man said. His face looked vaguely familiar, boyish but with a sharp jaw and furrowed brows Jungkook felt like he remembered from somewhere. The rain made it nearly impossible to get a read on his scent.

    “I’m sorry,” Jungkook repeated, flushing.

    “Here, take this,” the man said, shoving the handle of the umbrella at Jungkook, who fumbled for it with numb fingers. “You look like you need it more than I do,” he said, and it sounded more critical than merciful.

    “Uh,” Jungkook said, “thank you?” He bowed once more and turned around to get into the train station.

    “You’re welcome, Jungkook.”


    He turned around, but he couldn’t see the man anywhere.

    When Jungkook finally made it home, he examined the umbrella, and was chilled to discover it was the same one that had been stolen from him earlier in the day.




    Jungkook stared at the small vase of flowers on his desk, utterly confused. He was frozen in the act of sitting down, just staring at the tiny white and yellow blooms that gave off a sweet, honey-like perfume. Jungwoo watched him freeze, and when Jungkook didn’t move after a few seconds, he said, “Got a secret admirer, Jungkook?”

    Jungkook thumped down in his chair, his legs giving out. He remembered the red umbrella, now shoved behind some boxes in his coat closet where he wouldn’t be reminded of the creepy man who knew his name. The flowers didn’t have a card, and they gave Jungkook the heebie jeebies.

    “No,” he said decisively, and cautiously placed the vase into his trash can, careful not to touch any of the blooms. He didn’t like coincidences like that.




    “You did something,” Jin accused.

    “I don’t know what you’re talking about,” Hobi evaded.

    “I found a receipt for flowers in your pants pocket,” Jin said.

    “I bought those for Jimin,” Hobi shrugged.

    Jin put his hands on his hips. “Jimin said he hadn’t gotten any flowers from you or anyone else since his last performance.”

    Hobi’s eyes flicked right and left. “I meant Tae,” he said.

    Jin’s eyes flashed as he said, “Tae hasn’t gotten any flowers either. I checked.”

    Hobi gave up with a gusting sigh. “Ok fine, I bought flowers. What’s the big deal? I just walked by, and they smelled like him, and I couldn’t resist,” he mumbled.

    Jin sighed and dropped his arms. “Hobi, you promised,” he said.

    “It’s just flowers, hyung,” Hobi replied. “What harm can flowers do?”




    In the morning, the vase of flowers was shattered under Jungkook’s desk, the tiny blooms trampled and scattered about, wilted petals crushed underfoot. Jungkook quickly and quietly cleaned up the mess before Jungwoo came in. Hyo helped silently, fetching a broom and dustpan. The whole day his nose was filled with the smell of rotting flowers and honey.




    Namjoon sighed, straightening his shoulders and forcing a smile on his face before he opened the front door to the apartment he shared with his pack. Jin had issued an ultimatum, saying he had to make an appearance at tonight’s dinner or he’d be on his own for food for the next month. And yes, Namjoon could technically afford it - he was financially set, being a CEO - but he was pretty sure Jin would kill him faster than a month’s worth of takeout if he refused to show.

    Besides, he figured he owed it to the pack. He had missed too many pack dinners, working late more times than he could count over the past weeks. He refused to dwell on the reason why.

    He opened the door, set down his keys, and tugged off his suit jacket and tie as he walked to the kitchen. He found Jin working on a truly humongous meal, which meant his Beta mate was stressed out about something. “Joonie, is that you?” Jin said without turning around, likely having heard the front door open and close.

    “One pack Alpha, reporting for duty, sir,” he joked and saluted. Jin glanced at him over his shoulder and smiled.

    “Good,” Jin said. “Go wash up; dinner will be ready soon.”

    Namjoon nodded and left the kitchen, passing by the living room, where he found Hoseok and Jimin already home and doing some complicated stretches or yoga that looked entirely too painful for the playful expressions on their faces. He greeted them briefly, and they returned the greeting cheerfully as he passed by on his way to the stairs. Jin must be stressed about something else, then, if the dancers were home and happy.

    Up the stairs, he paused on the doorstep to the Omegas’ room to see Taehyung avidly watching anime on his laptop. The model didn’t smell of distress, but rather his own tart sweetness mixed with the perfumed smell of makeup still on his face from his photo shoot earlier in the day and the chemicals on the clothing samples he’d gotten to take home. Tae spotted him in the doorway and waved before returning his attention to the show, and Namjoon walked on, puzzled as to what had Jin in a tizzy.

    A quick inspection of the other two bedrooms revealed that Yoongi wasn’t home yet, so maybe that was why Jin was stressed out, but Namjoon couldn’t really see Yoongi staying away if he had been similarly threatened with a month of no food. Namjoon could fend for himself (badly), but Yoongi would pass out and die if he got to working on his music with no one to remind him that he was, in fact, a human being with nutritional and hydrational needs. Namjoon had faith Yoongi would appear, so he put Jin’s worry out of his mind and got himself cleaned up with a quick shower.

    By the time he emerged and got back downstairs, Yoongi was home and helping set the table, and Tae was trying out some of the more basic stretches the dancers showed him to the hilarity of all. Namjoon knew better than to offer to help in the kitchen - he was notoriously clumsy, and had caught the kitchen on fire several times - so he just waited in the living room with the others until Jin pronounced dinner ready.

    Things seemed to be going normally - his pack was smiling and even laughing, the food was delicious, everyone had had a good, or at least reasonable, day - but as they finished up their main course, Namjoon couldn’t help but notice that Jin still seemed stressed. As a Beta, his scent wasn’t strong enough to read through the smells of food and other packmates in the room, but his broad shoulders were tensed, and his infamous windshield-wiper laugh was noticeably absent. Strangely, Hoseok kept shooting looks at Jin, like the two Betas were trying to silently communicate; they were making a poor job of being subtle. He noticed Yoongi watching them too, his eyes beginning to narrow, and decided it was time to say something.

    “So Jin-hyung, why was tonight’s dinner so important? It’s been lovely, don’t get me wrong, but I don’t think it was worth threatening us with starvation,” Namjoon said lightly.

    Jin gave Hoseok a meaningful look, and Yoongi dropped his chopsticks exasperatedly. “Alright, you two, out with it,” the older Alpha growled. “You want something? Is there an obscure anniversary we missed?”

    “Nothing like that, hyung,” Hobi said. “We just wanted to talk.”

    “What did you want to talk about?” Namjoon asked, puzzled.

    Hoseok tossed the metaphorical ball back into Jin’s court, who fidgeted and said, “Well, something’s been bothering us.”

    “‘Us’?” Namjoon asked. “You mean you and Hobi-hyung, or…?”

    “All of us,” Tae chimed in, surprising everyone with his contribution, apparently even the Betas. The youngest eyed his hyungs and said, “Let’s stop beating around the bush. We need to talk about Jungkook.”

    Tension settled over the table, like a thin layer of ice, crackling and groaning with each tiny movement, ready to fracture if someone pressed at the wrong place. “We already talked about that,” Yoongi said, eyes glued to the table.

    “No hyung, you and Namjoon-hyung talked about it,” Jimin said softly. “We didn’t have a chance to process before the both of you had made the decision to stay away.”

    “It’s not our decision to make,” Namjoon said. “Jungkook decided he didn’t want - he doesn’t want any further contact with us. We must respect his decision and move on.”

    “I disagree,” Hoseok said. “Jungkook only talked to Yoongi, and he was very upset, from the sounds of things. None of the rest of us was there. Maybe Jungkook just wasn’t ready to talk to us at the time; maybe he just needed reassurance, after he didn’t see us again at the hospital; maybe he was confused by the whole ‘true mates’ thing. How are any of us to know?”

    “I didn’t know my word was so unreliable,” Yoongi grumbled.

    “Yoongi, it’s not like that,” Jin said, gently capturing the Alpha’s hands as they fidgeted with his chopsticks. “Hobi doesn’t mean that we don’t trust what you said. He just means that he - that we - wish we could have been part of the discussion, too. This decision affects all of us, has affected us greatly over the past few weeks, and simply ‘moving on’ as Namjoon-ah suggests is not working out.”

    Namjoon looked around the table to find everyone but Yoongi nodding their heads, meeting his eyes to show the strength of their agreement with Jin’s statement. “I don’t know what you expect us to do,” Namjoon said helplessly. “Jungkook has made it very clear he wants nothing to do with us, and I am not going to harass him at work just so we as a pack can have peace of mind.”

    “We wouldn’t suggest it,” Jimin replied.

    “Then what do you suggest?” Yoongi snapped.


    Everyone at the table turned to look at Taehyung in surprise. Clearly that had not been what the others were about to suggest, but the maknae held his ground. “Courtship is all what it amounts to,” he continued. “We could waffle about, try to get him to talk to us, send him letters or flowers or whatever -” Hobi coughed suddenly “or we could just call it like it is. Let’s face it, we don’t want to just talk to him. I can’t be the only one who felt like they found a missing part of themselves that Thursday, only to feel ripped away when we left and didn’t see him again. That’s more than any talk can achieve.”

    “Tae,” Jimin breathed. “You’re saying… add him to the pack?”

    “Why not?” Tae replied.

    “We know practically nothing about him,” Jin said.

    “What did we know about Jiminie when we started courting him?” Tae rebutted. “Almost nothing. You knew I had befriended him, that he was an Omega, that he was a dancer, and that I was interested. That didn’t stop any of you. That’s what courtship is for - getting to know the person to see if they make a good fit.”

    Namjoon’s head spun, but he couldn’t lie and say he wasn’t interested in the option Tae presented. He did know that empty feeling, had felt guilty for not being satisfied with the five mates he already had, couldn’t understand why he had felt so lonely. The scent of honey was torturous to him. Weeks had passed, and things only felt worse, not better. Determined as he was to “move on,” he had to agree with Jin: it wasn’t working.

    “This is a very big decision,” he said slowly. “It may be very appealing from our perspective, but we can’t forget what Jungkook told Yoongi. Even if he was confused or in doubt at the time, he still asked us to stay away and respect his wishes. Courting him may lead to answers, but it may also antagonize him to the point where he leaves BigHit and our lives forever.”

    “I can’t believe you’re actually entertaining this idea,” Yoongi said, dropping his head into his hands.

    “Do you have any others?” Hoseok challenged. “By all means, let’s hear them.” The Alpha glared but remained silent.

“Tae’s plan sounds better than what Hobi and I thought up because it’s a more permanent solution,” Jin added, tapping a chin with one finger. “We had just planned to make peace, hopefully have him as a friend. Worst case scenario, the courtship doesn’t work out, and we can fall back to the friends plan.”

“Ok,” Jimin said, still digesting the new plan. “So how do we go about this? How do we court him, while respecting his wishes?”

“What did you and Hobi-hyung have in mind for your plan, Jin-hyung?” Namjoon asked. “That’s as good a place to start as any.”

Chapter Text

On Monday morning, Jungkook felt a sense of déjà vu as he walked to his desk and saw something sitting on it he was not expecting. This time it was a boxy shape wrapped in a familiar scarf instead of flowers. He looked around, but he was the first one in that day, even beating Hyo, so there was no one to question. He sat at his desk and hesitantly fingered the scarf’s silky material. It really was too nice of a scarf to be wrapping food up in. He tugged on the knot to open the scarf and reveal two stacked containers filled with delicious-looking food.

    There was no note, but the sender was obvious: Kim Seokjin, one of the Betas from Namjoon and Yoongi’s pack. Jungkook contemplated taking the whole package straight up to the CEO’s receptionist and politely declining, but… that food looked really good. And he remembered how good the food had been the first time Seokjin had packed him up some leftovers. He briskly tied the containers back up in the scarf and set the food in his desk drawer for later. He would eat the food - why waste it? - clean the containers, and return them and the scarf to Namjoon’s receptionist. He would still keep to his rule of avoidance, but he would also enjoy some good food while he was at it. He would even write a thank-you note to Seokjin for remembering him, even after Jungkook had cut all ties.

    He did wonder why Seokjin had made him a dosirak. Maybe it was the same situation as last time, and the Beta had simply made too much food and decided the gift the extra. That made sense. There was no special meaning behind the food on his desk, just practicality. Satisfied with that answer, Jungkook smiled to himself for the first time in weeks and got to work, looking forward to lunch.




    Namjoon handed two clean containers to Jin that night, along with his neatly folded scarf and a handwritten note jotted down on some printer paper. Jin snatched up the note, ignoring the containers and scarf for the moment, and read it aloud:

    “To Kim Seokjin-ssi: Thank you for the delicious dosirak. The kimchi pancakes were especially tasty. I appreciate you thinking of me when you had leftovers. Please take care of your health, Jeon Jungkook.”

    Namjoon said, “‘Leftovers’?”

    Jin finally took the containers and scarf from Namjoon and said, “He must have thought that I only fixed him a dosirak because I had leftovers. Let’s see how he likes lobster seaweed rice rolls.”

    “I’m not sure he’s getting the message if he just thought it was leftovers,” Namjoon worried.

    “Ah, but he did respond!” Jin said triumphantly, waving his spatula about. “That’s a step in the right direction.”

    “This was your grand plan all along?” Yoongi muttered from where he was sat at the table, head in his arms for a little nap before dinner was finished. “Woo him with food?”

    “Worked for you,” Jin retorted.




    Jungkook was surprised to find new containers on his desk the next morning, wrapped in the same silky scarf. Taking a peek inside, he saw lobster rolls, and had to stop himself from drooling. Seokjin hadn’t written a reply to his note, so Jungkook figured that the dosirak was merely leftovers again. He could do leftovers - there was no pressure, no strings attached that he could find. He was merely benefitting from Seokjin’s overzealous cooking. He resolved to do as he’d done the day before: eat the food, wash the containers, and return everything to the CEO’s receptionist with a note of gratitude.

The next morning, the pattern repeated itself. He came in to work earlier, already anticipating the scarf-wrapped bundle of food, eager to see what was on the menu for the day, before securing the food in his desk to have for lunch later. After eating, he washed the containers in the break room, and ran the containers, scarf, and a brief thank-you note up to Namjoon’s receptionist. He tried not to wonder what Namjoon thought of all this - he must be aware that a Beta of his pack was giving Jungkook leftovers, but he hadn’t made a move to stop the proceedings, so maybe he didn’t care.

    And he wasn’t disappointed that the CEO didn’t seem to care about him. Nope. Not at all.

    Thursday came around, and Jungkook arrived to work around lunchtime as per usual. He wasn’t expecting a dosirak from Seokjin, but he definitely wasn’t expecting what he found when he walked in.

    Thready scraps of familiar silky material lay scattered on and about his desk. Broken fragments of food containers spilled what smelled like spicy stir-fried fish cakes onto the floor, but the food itself was unrecognizable, stomped and ground into the carpet aggressively. Sauce from the fish cakes dribbled from his desk randomly, like someone had smashed open the containers onto his desk and then swept the whole mess onto the floor to trample underfoot. Hyo stood off to one side, talking to building security and a member of the cleaning staff. They seemed to be taking pictures before cleaning up.

    “What the hell?” Jungkook breathed. In the wake of three days’ worth of wonderful food, Jungkook had forgotten about the incidents, but now it all came flooding back: items of his being stolen, his red umbrella being stolen and then returned by a creepy man, the flowers that smelled like him, thrown away and then destroyed, just like the dosirak. Clearly his persecutor or persecutors had not gotten bored and given up as he had hoped.

    Irrationally, Jungkook was especially angry because this time whoever it was had destroyed something of Seokjin’s. It was one thing to torment Jungkook, who had caused controversy after controversy since coming to the company, who challenged societal gender norms by simply working there in IT, who had publicly degraded an Alpha in front of the whole company - but the Beta was innocent. Seokjin had nothing to do with any of this, technically had nothing to do with Jungkook. He’d simply given Jungkook leftovers out of the goodness of his heart, and now his nice scarf and nicer food were destroyed.

    The cleaning staff were given the go ahead to clean up the area, and Hyo and building security approached Jungkook. Hyo gestured to Jungkook and said to the guard, “This is Jeon Jungkook-ssi.”

    The guard bowed politely to Jungkook, who returned the bow, and said, “Jeon Jungkook-ssi, this is your desk, correct?”

    “Yes,” Jungkook replied.

    “Your manager, Yoon Hyo-ssi, says that this is not the first incident of this nature to have happened,” the man continued. He wore scent blocker and was of medium-tall height, so Jungkook couldn’t tell if he was an Alpha or Beta, but he had a degree of self-assurance and confidence that made Jungkook think it didn’t matter.

    “That is correct,” he said. “Several of my things have been stolen, my trash rifled through, my desk lock has been tried, and the other day some flowers I discarded into my trash can were found destroyed around and under my desk, just like this.”

    The guard eyed him up and down, and said, “Forgive my bluntness, Jungkook-ssi, but it appears that you are an Omega, is that so?”

    “Yes?” Jungkook frowned, not sure where the man was going with this line of thought.

    “Are you being courted by anyone?”

    Hyo stepped in. “I don’t see how that is relevant to the situation. It is Jungkook-ssi’s own business if he is being courted, and he is under no obligation to answer that question.” Hyo met Jungkook’s eyes firmly, and Jungkook felt surprised. He had no idea Hyo cared enough to stand up for him.

    “I don’t wish to pressure Jungkook-ssi into revealing anything that he considers personal information, but the question is relevant,” the guard replied. “If he is being courted, and someone at this company opposes the courtship for whatever reason, then that would explain the harassment, destruction of property, and thievery.”

    “I’m not being courted,” Jungkook said, the urge to laugh bitterly swelling inside him.

    “Are you sure?” the guard pressed. “Perhaps someone is courting you but has not yet made their intentions known. That would explain gifts of flowers and food, and the opposer’s targeting items carrying your scent or the scent of the rival.”

    “I am not being courted,” Jungkook repeated firmly. “If whoever is behind these incidents believes that I am, then they have knowledge I do not.”

    The guard nodded, and said, “In that case, we will file a report with the police so that they have a record of the incident, and monitor this department more actively to see if we can catch the transgressor or transgressors in the act. Please let us know if you notice anything else.”

    “Thank you,” Hyo said, and Jungkook bowed as the security guard left. Jungkook was about to turn back to his desk and see if he could help clean up, but Hyo lightly touched him on the elbow, drawing his attention back before saying, “Jungkook-ssi, I am sorry for failing to report these incidents sooner. As your manager I should have been doing a better job of watching out for you, and I apologize.” Hyo then gave a moderate bow, but thankfully stopped before Jungkook could work up too much embarrassment.

    “The apology is unnecessary, Hyo-ssi,” Jungkook mumbled as he blushed.

    “It is not, but I am glad to hear that you will not hold it against me,” Hyo said, and then more quietly, “I will not ask who has been gifting you food or flowers, but just some friendly advice: if you do know who it is, you should probably warn them to save such displays for outside the workplace, at least for the time being. It would be safer for all involved, I feel.”

    Jungkook nodded, frowning slightly. “Yes, you’re right,” he replied. “I will pass along the message.” To that end, once the cleaning staff had finished triaging his desk - enough to allow him to work and do a deeper clean later on - he grabbed a sheet of printer paper and quickly jotted down a note.




    “And Jungkook-ssi said that incidents like this had happened before?” Namjoon asked building security sharply.

    “Yes, sir,” the man replied. “He stated some items of his had been stolen, someone had tried his desk, and that a gift of flowers was similarly destroyed.”

    Namjoon frowned as he thought deeply, absent-mindedly acknowledging a notification from MJ saying he had a package waiting for him at reception. He didn’t like the sound of any of this. He had once told Jungkook that he had a zero-tolerance policy for harassment and discrimination at his company, and then right under his nose, someone had done all this, and gotten away with it. So far , he amended. Not anymore.

    “I want someone actively monitoring the security cameras for that floor for the next two weeks, and stricter identity checks at lobby reception for visitors,” he commanded. “I want the antagonizing party caught, and an end to this, in the next two weeks, or further measures will have to be taken.” While the security guarded nodded in acknowledgement, Namjoon also made a mental note to have Hyo assign someone - not Jungkook or his Beta coworker, but someone more detached from the situation - to screen all corporate communications for any suspicious behavior. If it was sent through email or messaging using his servers, it was free game, and he wanted to get to the bottom of this immediately. He’d had to enact similar measures in the past when a new group was leaked or when trainee drama made it into the news. Business-wise, attacks on Jungkook were minor in comparison, but he couldn’t deny that he was taking the persecution of the Omega personally.

    “Thank you,” he said to the guard. “You are dismissed.” The guard bowed and exited his office, Namjoon already writing up the email to send to Hyo requesting an employee to be assigned to a special project for the purposes of hunting out any untoward behavior. After he sent that off, the CEO remembered MJ’s notification and went downstairs to fetch his package. He didn’t realize what it must be, what it had been every other day of the week at this time of day, until he saw a ragged scrap of Jin’s silky scarf, and on top of that, a note on printer paper written in a now-familiar hand.

    “To Kim Seokjin-ssi, greetings,” he read silently. “As I have been the past week, I am grateful to you for thinking of me when dealing with your leftovers -” ( Ha! He thought. “Leftovers.” All I got today was omurice - no spicy fish-cakes for me. ) “- but I request that you find some other means of disposal for the foreseeable future. I regret to say that your scarf and containers, as well as the lovely food you prepared, were all destroyed today by persons unknown who seem to hold some hostile feelings towards me, and did not hesitate to destroy your personal property in an effort to get to me. I do apologize for the loss of your scarf; please let me know what it cost, and I will pay for its replacement. I hope this day finds you well. Jeon Jungkook.”

Chapter Text

Jin tried to process the words of the note Namjoon had just read aloud to the pack, quietly turning the torn piece of his scarf in his hands. He’d liked that scarf, his numb mind rambled. It was from several seasons ago, so he never wore it anymore, but it had been one of his favorites while he did wear it; plus, he had begun to associate it with Jungkook in his head, and would smile every time he saw it. This association now disturbed him, because the scarf was viciously destroyed, and apparently someone held hostile intentions towards their potential mate.

    Jin tuned back in to find Yoongi cursing (big surprise) and threatening whoever was after Jungkook, while Jimin and Tae murmured worriedly amongst themselves. Hobi had borrowed the note to read it for himself, and Namjoon was watching Jin, waiting for him to react. His pack Alpha knew him well. Jin was notorious for his overreactions to events, which made his silence in this situation unusual, and possibly troubling, to the Alpha.

    “I think,” Jin began, and the table instantly quieted to hear him speak. “I think that we should tell Jungkook that we intend to court him.”

    “Are you sure that’s a good idea, hyung?” Jimin asked, his soft features twisted in worry. “Won’t that draw more negative attention down on him?”

    “Maybe we should do as Jungkook asks in his note, and hold off for a while until the perpetrator is caught,” Namjoon said. “I have my security team working on it. We’ll catch whoever it is.”

    Jin held up a hand in a halting gesture. “But I don’t want to lose any progress we made this week. And if we tell Jungkook, then we may be able to court outside of BigHit, where this jerk isn’t around. It could be safer, especially if there’s no more visible courtship at the office.”

    “But what if this asshole isn’t just watching him at work?” Hobi asked. “Remember what happened with Tae’s stalker? We had already courted and bonded, but we had to keep everything a secret, he had to live apart from us, and we hardly had any contact with him for months until the guy was caught. So far whoever it is has kept the incidents at BigHit, but this might prompt him to escalate.”

    “I agree with Jin-hyung,” Yoongi said, surprising everyone. His expression was fierce as he said, “If we back off and the guy goes dormant before Namjoon can catch him, he’ll just start back up again once we resume the courtship. But if we manage to draw him out by declaring our intentions, we’ll be able to catch him faster.”

    “That’s really risky, hyung,” Namjoon murmured. “You’re talking about using him as bait.”

    “But Jin-hyung and Yoongi-hyung have a point,” Tae added. “I prefer risky progress to being stagnant and afraid.” Jin recognized the look on the Omega’s face - a mix of anger, resentment, and fear that always painted his usually beautiful face in harsh lines whenever he remembered his stalker experience.

    “If we do this,” Hobi said. “We would need to make sure that Jungkook is protected. What happened to Jin-hyung’s scarf will seem tame in comparison to how bold this person will get off BigHit premises, mark my words.”

    “We’ll protect him,” Yoongi said, his voice edged with a growl.

Namjoon nodded in agreement. Obviously both Alphas would feel more satisfied with the proposed hands-on approach, rather than waiting and delegating the task to others. Jin worried about the risks to both Jungkook and his pack, but it physically pained him to stop the fledgling courtship before it had even really begun. He hadn’t realized he’d built up so much hope in Jungkook joining their pack already.

    “I still don’t know…” Jimin said, voice soft, his hands fidgeting on the table surface. “I’ve never been on this side of a courtship before, and I feel so responsible for what might happen. It frightens me.”

    “It’ll be ok, Jiminie,” Yoongi said, reaching out to place his hand over Jimin’s smaller ones. “We’ll make sure he’s safe. We’re a lot more equipped to deal with this type of situation than we were when it happened to Tae.”

    “If it would make you feel better, we can make sure that every time he’s around us that there are at least two of us there, in case of emergencies,” Jin said.

    “We can do a refresher course with Baekhyun,” Tae said. “We won’t go into this unprepared.” Byun Baekhyun was an Omega self-defense instructor that they’d gone to before at Yoongi’s insistence, early on in their bond when both Alphas had been overprotective of the new Omega additions to the pack. An Omega himself, Baekhyun understood an Omega’s position in society and could give advice tailor-made to the gender.

    “That would make me feel a bit better,” Jimin said.

    “We’ll set it up, then,” Namjoon said. “This plan is risky, but I don’t want any of you to be in danger. If we do this, we play it safe.” The last was directed at Yoongi, who dropped his eyes after three long seconds and huffed, crossing his arms over his chest.

    “So do we all agree, then?” Jin asked. “We make our intentions known to Jungkook?” A chorus of nods answered him, and he continued, “Ok, then I think we should do this quickly. We should pick a couple of us to talk to Jungkook tomorrow, maybe try to catch him off BigHit’s campus either before or after work.”

    “I want to be one of the people to talk to him,” Jimin said.

    “I’ll go with you,” Hobi responded. “Neither of us has rehearsal tomorrow after two o’clock, so we can try and talk to him once he gets off work.”

    “Ok,” Namjoon said. “If either of you need anything, Yoongi-hyung and I will be in the building. We can give you a ride home afterwards.”

    Decision made, the pack separated for bed. Jin was the last to the leave the kitchen, still holding on to the ragged piece of his scarf in one hand. He thought about throwing it away. It was useless, not even big enough for Tae to use in one of his art-project-style patches. He thought about the ferocity it must have taken to tear the silk strands without any visible evidence of a tool, just bare hands, and shuddered. Slowly, his fist closed over the fabric, and thrust it into his pocket as a reminder of the risks they were about to take.




    Jungkook left the office Friday afternoon and caught a strangely familiar scent, a mix of musk and flowers that he felt he should recognize. It wasn’t strong; he was outdoors after all, on a crowded sidewalk as people made their way to their cars, the bus stop, or down the street to the train station. It was pleasant, and it made him turn his head to the left and right, trying to identify it. As he scanned the area, his eyes caught on two figures, one shorter than the other, hanging out by the street. The shorter person had on baggy clothes and a red bucket hat, while the taller one wore joggers, a t-shirt, a silver wrist cuff, and a face mask. It was strange that he could smell them at such a distance and in such an open-air, heavily-trafficked area. Somehow he knew, even from a distance, even with their faces obscured, that he knew the two people, and the scent on the air confirmed it.

    As he watched, the red bucket hat turned in his direction, and the shorter figure elbowed the taller one, gesturing towards him. Based on the nature of the incidents that had happened around him lately, Jungkook should have felt alarmed at two disguised figures apparently waiting for him to leave his workplace, but that scent lulled him, refused to provoke an adrenaline response. He knew instinctively that they weren’t there to hurt him.

    The two people approached, and as they came closer, Jungkook was able to make out  more of their features. Under the red bucket hat were cute, sweet eyes and soft, full lips set in a round face above a bone-colored suede collar with pearls set into the buckle; on the other, above the face mask were dark eyes that twinkled with humor and life, high cheekbones turning eyes into half-moons as he smiled. The scent finally locked into place in his memory.    

    “Hoseok-ssi, Jimin-ssi, hello,” he greeted with a small bow as the men stopped before him, a good three feet of distance between them. “I hope you have been well.”

    “Hello, Jungkook-ssi,” Hoseok said, both men returning the bow. Their interactions felt stiff, too formal to be comfortable.

    “Are you waiting for Namjoon-ssi or Yoongi-ssi?” Jungkook asked politely. It felt strange to say the pack names again, to smell the two men before him in the air after almost two months since their first meeting. They’d been so far away when he’d first smelled them that he shouldn’t have been able to detect them, but it seemed his senses were still attuned to them, able to pick them out in a crowd. Despite the cool late November weather, he felt warm in their presence, like sinking into a hot bath after a day spent working in the cold.

    “Actually, no,” Jimin said, smiling at him cautiously. “We were hoping to talk to you. Do you have a minute to grab some coffee or tea?”

    Half of his brain immediately wanted to say he was too busy, he should get away from them as fast as he could before he could get hurt again, whereas the other half (the half with his Omega) argued that not only did he not have any plans for the evening, he was looking forward to another lonely night of pathetically nesting on his couch and consuming cup ramen, and he desperately wanted company, wanted their company so bad it almost hurt, wanted to wallow in their scents until the three of them couldn’t be told apart anymore. The conflict must have shown on his face, because Hoseok added, “No pressure or anything. We just want to talk. You can choose the place, if you like.”

    His Omega practically screaming at him, Jungkook managed, “I- I don’t have plans. Tea would be nice.”

    Jimin beamed at him, and Jungkook nearly staggered. That smile should be registered as a lethal weapon. “Great! Do you have a place you prefer?” the other Omega said. When Jungkook shook his head, Jimin beckoned and said, “That’s ok, I know a good place a couple blocks down. Follow me.”

    Oddly, Hoseok walked on one side of Jungkook and Jimin on the other, and both men seemed unusually alert. It felt protective, which might have chafed Jungkook if anyone else was doing it, but it didn’t seem to bother him as much as it should have. In fact, the most bothersome thing about it was that Jungkook wanted to switch positions with Jimin so that the ballerino was in the middle; it seemed like that odd possessiveness he’d felt over the shorter Omega at the hospital all those weeks ago was making a reappearance in the form of protectiveness. He tried to justify it to himself by saying it wasn’t his fault the other Omega was smaller, with a softer appearance and such a cute smile. Anyone would want to protect him. It was normal.


    They arrived at a narrow tea shop squeezed between two other, larger shops. The bottom floor was mostly the counter and kitchen, with seating upstairs, and a comfy reading space on the third level for those who preferred to sip as they worked or read. They placed their orders, Hoseok insisting on paying since he was the hyung, and after they received their drinks from the barista they climbed the stairs to the second level and sat at a table with comfortable, mismatched chairs. The tea shop wasn’t very busy, most people on their way home to their families and packs rather than out for a drink, so they had most of the second floor to themselves.

    “How have you been?” Hoseok asked, blowing on the surface of his tea gently to cool it.

    “Fine,” Jungkook replied, not knowing what else to say. He didn’t know why they were here, talking, and he still felt like he should leave. His Omega growled at him to stay.

    “We heard that you’ve been having some trouble,” Jimin prompted, stirring sugar and cream into his tea.

    Jungkook realized that they must be referring to what had happening with the scarf and food their mate had given him the day before, only for it to be destroyed. So Seokjin hadn’t been keeping his activities a secret from the others, then. “Ah, right,” he said. “Sorry about what happened with Seokjin-ssi’s scarf. I offered to pay to have it replaced.”

    “Oh, that’s not necessary,” Hoseok scoffed. “It’s not like it was your fault.”

    “Besides, I’m pretty sure you wouldn’t want to pay for it,” Jimin said with a little smile. “It was Dior.”

    Jungkook choked on his sip of tea. “Hot,” he explained with a gasp to the other two men as he fumbled for a napkin.

Jimin helpfully slid a napkin into his reaching hand, and said, “We actually wanted to talk to you about that - well, the food more so than the scarf.”

    Jungkook blotted his chin, stalling for time while he thought. Were they mad at him for accepting pack leftovers? Was he mixed up in some pack drama he knew nothing about? He knew Betas tended to want to take care of their packmates - were they reading more into Seokjin’s actions, and angry at him? “What about it?” he asked, not wanting to say the wrong thing.

    “We know that you were under the impression that Jin-hyung was just giving you leftovers,” Jimin said, “But that was not actually the case.”

    Oh crap. This was some internal pack drama, and he’d been caught in the middle of it unawares. What was it about this pack, fate always dragging him in and entangling him with these men? Screw you, fate, Jungkook thought, keeping his face carefully blank. Somehow he had to convince these two that he didn’t know anything, and that he had just ignorantly eaten the food left on his desk.

    “It was part of the plan to make you think the food was leftovers,” Hoseok continued, “because we didn’t want you to refuse any overtures due to past events.”


“‘Plan’?” Jungkook asked. “What plan?” Not pack drama, then? The Beta made it sound like the whole pack had been behind the food, not just Seokjin, which was ridiculous. He had cut ties with them, and they would have moved on, not hatched some plot to… what, feed him?

    Hoseok and Jimin shared a look, and Hoseok said, “We hoped to court you.”

    Jungkook’s mind went blank.

“You wanted to... court me,” he repeated dumbly.

    Jimin hesitantly reached out his hand as if to touch Jungkook’s, but stopped himself and said, “Yes. We want to court you. Our pack, that is - we all want to court you.”

    When Jungkook didn’t reply and just stared at them blankly, Hoseok said, “We know things ended on the wrong foot between us after Yoongi-hyung went to the hospital, and we tried to move on, but none of us could.”


    “So we all thought - well, more like Jin-hyung and I thought - that we wanted to mend things between us and at least be friends,” Hoseok rambled on, “But then Tae suggested that what we were really after was more than just friendship.”


    “So we all decided to court you, but knowing how things ended badly between us, we thought a straightforward approach would be immediately rejected, so Jin-hyung just started making you a dosirak when he made ours, to get you more comfortable with the idea of interacting with us.”

    Wha… huh?

    “But then the harassment started, and we didn’t want you to be in danger, being completely ignorant of what was going on, so that’s when we decided - as of last night - that we should make our intentions known to you, and hopefully we could court you outside of work, where it would likely be safer,” Hoseok finished, taking a deep breath after spewing out so much information.

    Jungkook felt like a computer that had just encountered a virus. Images of smashed flowers, broken glass, crushed food, and ripped silk cycled through his brain. A looped soundtrack repeated over and over again, “Perhaps someone is courting you but has not yet made their intentions known” and “I am not being courted.” His overwhelmed mind could not comprehend the information he had just received, and had promptly short-circuited.

    “Jungkook-ssi, are you ok?” Jimin asked, reaching out for him again, his small fingers soft of the back of his hand. “Hobi-hyung, why isn’t he blinking?”

    “Hey, you ok?” Hoseok said, leaning in. “Here, drink some of your tea.” Hands closed over his own, wrapped around his cup, and lifted the drink to Jungkook’s face. Robotically, he sipped, and struggled to reboot.

    “Is he going to faint?”

    “Don’t be overdramatic, Minnie; that’s Tae’s job.”

    “Well someone’s gotta do it, and Tae’s not here, so…”

    “Cheeky brat.”

    Their banter eased him out of his frozen state, and he looked both men in the eyes as he slowly said, “Let me get this straight: your pack wants to court me.”

    The other two men looked at each other confusedly and then back at him. “Yes?” they said.

    “And the food - that was meant as courtship gifts?”

    “Yes,” they answered more confidently.

    “And you all made this decision to court me, even after I told Yoongi-ssi that it would be best if we never saw each other again?”

    “...Yes,” they answered doubtfully.

    “Why?” Jungkook breathed. “I don’t understand. After all this time, no interaction between us… You both only met me once. And after Yoongi- after the hospital… When I woke up, no one came to see me. I thought…”

Wow, he sounded pathetic.

    Jimin’s face fell. “Oh, Jungkook,” he said softly.   

Hoseok looked similarly troubled. “We were told you weren’t taking visitors,” he said. “We wanted to come see you after you woke up, and Yoongi-hyung wanted to see you before he was discharged, but they told us you’d already left.”

    Jungkook tried to remember back to that night. All he could remember was pain and loneliness. Had he refused visitors? Or had the doctor made the decision for him? He was still in so much pain come morning that he had left early, absolutely sure that the pack had no interest in seeing him. “It was… a misunderstanding?” he whispered.

    “Honey,” Jimin said, sounding heartbroken. The other Omega got up from his seat, walked around the table, and hugged Jungkook around the shoulders, pressing Jungkook’s head into his chest. “I’m sorry for not asking first, but I really need to hug you right now,” he whispered into Jungkook’s hair. “Please don’t cry.”

    I’m not crying, he thought in confusion, but his vision was blurry, and when he swiped at his eyes to clear them they were wet. As Jimin’s floral scent suffused the air around them, Jungkook re-evaluated the events of the past weeks from the new perspective the two men had presented. Would he have been in so much pain if he’d known they hadn’t abandoned him? Would he have pushed them away if he hadn’t been so convinced in their disinterest? Who knows. All he knew at the moment was that he was hurting again, but in a strangely wonderful way. He’d felt hollow for so long, and now, for the first time in weeks, he felt something - something bruised and battered, somewhat misshapen, but still something - filling that emptiness inside, and it hurt, but it was better than the void.

    “Jungkook,” Hoseok said carefully. “Can we take this to mean that you’re not opposed to the idea of courtship?”

    Jungkook patted Jimin’s arm, and the other Omega released him with a final squeeze before resuming his seat. Jungkook felt more relaxed, Jimin’s floral scent releasing the tension from his muscles. From this calm headspace, he thought about courtship - about spending more time with the pack he already felt at home in, possibly becoming part of that pack, of always being able to spend time with them. His Omega howled in happiness at the mere thought, and all his bluster about independence suddenly seemed childish. It wasn’t like he wanted to live alone the rest of his life - he just didn’t want to be controlled, by either his hormones or a pack. But Namjoon was respectful, always conscious of boundaries, and Yoongi… Yoongi would never hurt him. No matter how intimidating the Alpha could be, Jungkook believed that in his bones. Looking at Jimin, and remembering his and Taehyung’s behavior from the first time they’d met, neither one seemed oppressed or controlled by their Alphas or pack, but rather supported and cared for. He didn’t know much about Hoseok yet, and most of what he knew about Seokjin was in relation to food, but he could get to know them through the courtship, right?

His eyes landed on Jimin’s collar, and his mind took a sudden, carnal turn - the thought of belonging, of being an Omega in a pack, of mutual ownership, and that satisfying feeling of submitting to someone you trusted… it made his cheeks heat a little.

    How would Namjoon look at him, if he was his Omega?

    What would Yoongi’s dark eyes look like, looking at a collar with his pack marker on Jungkook’s neck?

    He shuddered, and chided himself. Stop fantasizing and focus on the conversation! He cleared his throat and said shyly, “Um yeah, I’d like to try that, I think. Being courted, I mean.”

    Both men beamed at him, and if he’d thought Jimin’s smile was powerful, the two of them together was overwhelming. Blinded by their brilliance, he found himself smiling back before ducking his head shyly. Hopeful daydreaming took him over for a second, but immediately crashed down when he remembered why they were having this conversation at that moment in the first place. “But wait,” he said, face falling. “What about what happened to Seokjin-ssi’s scarf? Someone out there seems pretty unhappy with the idea of me courting, and I don’t want to endanger any of you.”

    “We don’t want to endanger you either,” Hoseok replied. “Which is why we thought moving the courtship outside of BigHit might make things safer. This isn’t the first time someone has opposed to our courtship of someone; we know how to handle this.”

    “Really?” Jungkook asked. “Who? What happened?”

    Jimin’s mouth twisted. “Taehyung had a stalker who followed him up from Daegu. When the pack bonded Taehyung, they ended up doing it in secret for fear of what this guy would do, and Taehyung had to live apart from the pack for a few months before the guy was caught. Since then, the pack has been a bit more proactive when it came to unwanted attention.”  

    Jungkook thought about the Omega he had met just once - sweet, with a striking beauty, beautiful baritone voice, and killer body - and shivered to imagine what he must have gone through. To have found a pack, but be unable to live with them, interact with them openly, even wear their pack symbol for months after being freshly bonded… It must have driven him crazy. Not mention what it must have been like for the other pack members, especially the Alphas. It made him both sad and angry on the Omega’s behalf.

    “Well I’m not exactly defenseless,” Jungkook said. “I’ve trained in Aikido, so I can handle myself pretty well.”

    “That’s good to hear,” Jimin said. “I was going to offer for you to join Tae and me in an Omega self-defense course, but it sounds like you’ve got that covered.”

    “While I’m not doubting your physical capabilities,” Hoseok said, “I also want you to understand that as a pack, we protect one another, and that extends to you since we are courting you. We want you to be careful, and let us know if anything happens, ok?”

    Jungkook nodded. “I can do that.”

    “Great,” Hoseok replied with a smile. “Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, would you like our contact information? That way you can message us whenever you want, we can get to know each other a little bit, and we can arrange things like dates without having to wait for you after work.”

    Jungkook handed over his phone for the Beta to input the pack’s information, his stomach fizzy at the word “dates.” Jimin took his hand, and it felt so nice, holding his smaller one, and Jungkook smiled to think he probably had a lot of hand-holding - a lot of skinship in general - to look forward to. Generally, Jungkook didn’t behave like an Omega in public for fear of being marginalized, but he never denied himself in private, indulging in skinship and nesting whenever he wanted.

    Which reminded him - he need to get back in touch with Yugyeom. There was a lot they had to catch up on.

    “So I think it’s time we spoke a little less formally towards each other,” Jimin said, his eyes in cute half-moons from his smile. “How old are you?”

“I’m twenty-two,” Jungkook answered. “You?”

“I’m twenty-four,” Jimin responded. “You can call me hyung, then; the others call me Jiminie or Minnie sometimes, so if you feel like it someday, you can call me that too. You’re the youngest, since Tae is also twenty-four, so technically we’d all be your hyungs.” The blond giggled. “Oh, that’s going to be fun. Tae won’t be the maknae anymore!”

“He’ll still get spoiled,” Hoseok said as he typed away at lightning speed. “It’s not like we can help ourselves.”

“So who’s oldest?” Jungkook asked. “Seokjin -”

“Jin-hyung,” Jimin corrected. “He prefers to be called Jin.”

“Jin-hyung,” Jungkook repeated dutifully, “or Yoongi-hyung?” It felt weird, but in a good way, to call them hyung. Warm.

“In order, Jin-hyung is the oldest, followed by Yoongi-hyung, myself, then Joonie - Namjoon - Jiminie, and Tae,” Hoseok said. “And you can call me Hobi, if you’d like.” He looked up and winked, and Jungkook chuckled.

“Ok, I will,” Jungkook said. “Hobi-hyung.”

Jimin squealed quietly, squeezing Jungkook’s hand and shaking his arm slightly, and said, “I’m just so happy! Wait til the others hear!”

“I’m still getting used to the idea that you guys actually like me,” Jungkook said, blushing at his honesty.

“You better believe it,” Hoseok - Hobi-hyung said. “We’ll make sure of that.”

Jungkook looked forward to it.

The three of them finished their tea, chatting about light topics like the weather and what projects they were working on for their jobs. Jimin said he was working with a new choreographer, and invited Jungkook to his solo practices whenever he wanted - “Tae crashes them all the time.” He discovered that Hobi and his friends BamBam and Yugyeom had worked together once, when the two Omegas had been cast as backup dancers for a group Hobi was working with. Hobi didn’t remember much about them, just that Yugyeom was incredibly tall and BamBam was scarily good at imitating female choreography. Jungkook laughed at his observations and made sure to remember them, planning on sharing them with Yugyeom later.

Eventually they had to go their separate ways, though. Outside the front of the tea shop, Jungkook bid farewell to the two dancers. Jimin hesitantly brushed his wrist against Jungkook’s, and Jungkook shyly returned the gesture, grinning dopily when his wrist smelled like he had just rubbed it in a bouquet of flowers. Hobi and he did the same routine, though the Beta was less tentative, his enthusiasm bleeding through the light musk of his scent to reveal his happiness and excitement.

“Bye, Jungkook,” Hobi said.

“Bye!” Jimin said, waving.

“Good night, Hobi-hyung, Jimin-hyung,” Jungkook replied with a smile, turning towards the direction of the train station. Once he boarded the train, he pulled out his phone and opened his contacts, smiling shyly down at the six new ones. Courtship, he thought dazedly. I’m in a courtship. Weird. But... good. His Omega wanted to howl in happiness, and he was sure his dopey grin was evoking weird looks from the other train passengers. A few months ago he would have looked at himself that way. He had been so set on being independent, on never being tied down by a pack, because he couldn’t fathom a pack that would let him do whatever he wanted. But that was the thing - he didn’t feel tied down at all. He didn’t feel like this pack would restrict him, force him to stop working or switch to a more socially-acceptable job for an Omega.

He hastily typed out a message to Yugyeom, too excited to keep the news to himself anymore.


Kookie: Hi Yugi, sorry haven’t been in touch in a while. How are you?

Kookie: I have some big news!

Kookie: You’ll be surprised.


    After a couple minutes, Yugyeom replied.


Yugi-yum: Hey Kookie

Yugi-yum: Good to hear from you. Thought you ghosted me. 👻

Kookie: Yeah, sorry about that. Went through a bit of a rough patch. Tell you about it later?

Yugi-yum: Sure. I actually have some news too.

Kookie: You first

Yugi-yum: No you

Kookie: Ugh fine

Kookie: I’m in a courtship. With a pack.

Yugi-yum: !!!!!

Yugi-yum: WAHT

Yugi-yum: EXPLAIN. NOW.

Kookie: But what about your news?


Kookie: I don’t know, maybe I should tell you later

Yugi-yum: the disrespect

Yugi-yum: SPILL

Yugi-yum: THE

Yugi-yum: TEA

Kookie: Ok ok

Kookie: So you remember the producer at BigHit, Min Yoongi, and the CEO, Kim Namjoon?

Kookie: And the hot Beta who gave me food?

Yugi-yum: no wya

Yugi-yum: The freaking CEO????

Kookie: It’s their pack. There’s six of them, and they’re pretty amazing, Yugi

Yugi-yum: Wow Kookie

Yugi-yum: This is great news!

Kookie: I know, right?!

Kookie: Wanna get drinks? I was gonna FaceTime you, but I miss you. Let’s go out!

Yugi-yum: About that

Yugi-yum: Um

Yugi-yum: I can’t

Kookie: What’s the matter? I can cover you

Yugi-yum: Um

Yugi-yum: You see

Yugi-yum: You know what month it is, right?

Kookie: It’s November…?

Yugi-yum: Do you remember what happened at the beginning of this month?

Kookie: …?

Yugi-yum: Happens every six months?

Yugi-yum: Ok, I’m just gonna say it

Yugi-yum: I had my heat at the beginning of the month, and um

Yugi-yum: I’m pregnant


“WHAT?!” Jungkook shrieked, leaping to his feet, only to immediately turn bright red and sink back into his seat at the looks of censure he received from the other train passengers. He frantically started typing, his fingers fumbling in his haste.


Kookie: Ok, 1, I am a shit friend

Kookie: I forgot your heat

Kookie: I am so selfish. I’ve been wrapped up in my own shit. I can’t believe I didn’t remember

Yugi-yum: It’s cool, Kook. I’ll just beat you up later.

Kookie: You wish

Kookie: Also, 2, we are definitely getting together tonight. No alcohol. I’ll bring juice. Juice is safe, right?

Yugi-yum: omg Kook

Kookie: It’s not safe, is it?

Kookie: Milk? Milk is good, right?

Kookie: I mean, pups drink milk, so


Kookie: Sorry

Kookie: Anyway, we need to talk about this in person. This is too much for even FaceTime. I’ll go straight there from the train.

Yugi-yum: Ok

Yugi-yum: Is there a 3?

Kookie: ?

Yugi-yum: You said 1, shit friend, 2, getting together...

Kookie: 3 is mostly OMYGODOMYGODOMYGOD

Kookie: And congrats

Kookie: It is congrats, right?

Yugi-yum: …

Kookie: Shit

Chapter Text

Yugyeom and his pack lived in one of those new apartment complexes with units specifically designed for packs. Used to be, packs only lived in houses, because apartments were built for singles and mated pairs and their families, but as the pack family structure gained a resurgence in urban populations, apartment developers adapted to the changing demographics. The apartments were modular, and could be combined with adjacent units to add more space. Yugyeom and his pack had two units combined into one; thus, they had two front doors. Jungkook went up to the right-most one, because he knew the other one was usually blocked by Mark and Jackson’s martial arts and fencing equipment.

He knocked, and the door swung open almost immediately to reveal his best friend, who had clearly been waiting nearby for his arrival. Yugyeom was the tallest Omega Jungkook had ever met, with black hair in a bowl cut like Jungkook. Yugyeom wore his typical at-home collar, which was more of a choker, a gathered band of soft, black fabric with a clasp in the back. He had a nylon collar like Jungkook for going out, but at home he preferred to be comfy, which Jungkook totally understood. They greeted each other warmly, briefly nosing each other’s necks, before they separated and Jungkook came inside.

    The front doors of the units each opened into an open kitchen and living room space, with the bedrooms along the exterior walls of the apartment. The wall between the two adjacent units had been removed, so they had two kitchens and one giant living room space. On the far side of the combined living room space, JB had set up his workspace for photo editing, his photography equipment organized neatly on shelves on either side of and above his desk. The Alpha sat there currently, and despite his headphones in playing music, he looked up briefly to see Jungkook come in, giving him a quick scan before returning to his work - typical Alpha behavior when someone entered their territory. On the opposite side of the living space from JB’s workspace, a large area had been left open for Mark to practice his martial arts, Jackson his fencing, and Yugyeom and BamBam their dancing. In the middle of the two units, there was a loose grouping of two couches and an armchair around a TV hung on the wall.

    Each unit came with two large bedrooms and a jack-and-jill bathroom in between. The four bedrooms from left to right belonged to: Jinyoung and JB together, then BamBam and Yugyeom, then the Betas Mark, Jackson, and Youngjae, and the last bedroom was set up as a guest bedroom/heat and rut room/overflow room when someone wanted some alone time. It was to this room that Yugyeom tugged Jungkook to, armed with two family-sized bags of chips and, strangely, a bowl of pickled daikon. Yugyeom unceremoniously kicked Youngjae out, the Beta having been practicing his singing in the soundproofed room, and the singer left, shooting a brief pout Yugyeom’s way that the Omega completely ignored.

    “No ice cream?” Jungkook asked, eyeing the haul of food in his best friend’s arms.

    “Can’t stand it,” Yugyeom responded, and Jungkook whistled.

    “Damn,” Jungkook said. “You are pregnant.”

    “Shut up.”

    Before Jungkook could even sit on the guest bed, Yugyeom ripped off the duvet and knocked the decorative pillows onto the floor. Jungkook was about to ask what the other Omega was doing, but Yugyeom looked so focused, and his scent was releasing so strongly, filling the room with the smell of sugar cookies, that he decided to watch and wait. Yugyeom punched the remaining pillows into misshapen lumps and angled them a certain way; next he bunched up the duvet in a plush semi-circle along the bottom of the bed; he took the decorative pillows he’d knocked onto the floor and used them to connect the two lumpy regular pillows to the duvet ends, creating a full circle; he ran out and came back in with another blanket that smelled strongly of Jinyoung and a hoodie that had to be JB’s based on the scent, and padded the nest he’d created with the items. He bunched up the sheets and rubbed his wrists on them, and even adjusted the bedside table, watching the way the lamp cast light on the bed before being satisfied.

    “Ok, you get in now,” Yugyeom said, and Jungkook gave him a raised eyebrow before obeying. The taller man didn’t seem to notice, and tugged Jungkook’s legs slightly to one side. He tossed the chips into the center of the nest and climbed in opposite Jungkook with his bowl of daikon. He snuggled up to Jungkook, tangling their legs together, and smiled.

    “Good now?” Jungkook asked. Yugyeom blushed and nodded, but Jungkook didn’t tease him on the extreme nesting behavior because he was a Good Friend. Instead, he said:

    “Your breath smells like daikon, ew.”

    “Not sorry,” Yugyeom said. “Never realized how tasty pickled daikon was until recently - especially with strawberry jam, but we’re out of that.” He pouted, and Jungkook couldn’t find it in himself to feel sorry for him. Gross.

    “So… you’re pregnant. I didn’t realize you could know so soon after a heat. It’s only been, what, a little over three weeks?” Jungkook said, calculating in his head. “I didn’t think you would show symptoms already.” Not that he was an expert on pregnancies by any stretch of the imagination.

    “Yeah, your parents are Betas, so you wouldn’t know, would you?” Yugyeom mused as he munched daikon sandwiched between potato chips. “Omegas show signs much earlier.” Yugyeom was born to an Alpha-Omega coupling within a pack, the complete opposite of Jungkook’s childhood household of three, and had been an endless resource to Jungkook once he presented on all things Omega and pack-life.

    “Ok,” Jungkook said quietly. “What’s the drama? Is it because it’s unplanned?”

    “It’s not entirely unplanned,” Yugyeom said, pulling a small pillow onto his lap to hold. “I mean, we’ve talked as a pack about pups, and sometime soon. But, well, the timing is off.”

    Jungkook cocked his head to one side in question, snacking on the potato chips.

    Yugyeom sighed. “So, BamBam and me have never synched, you know? We started our suppressants at different times, and we’ve never come off of them. When the pack talked about pups, there was kind of this idea that we would, I don’t know, like, do it together?”

    Jungkook frowned. “What, like have your heats together? Or get pregnant at the same time?”

    Yugyeom rubbed his eyes. He looked tired, strained around his mouth as he replied, “Both? We hadn’t exactly planned it out that far. But BamBam stopped his suppressants back in April so that we could sync up, but he’s been on them so long, I guess it’s taking longer for him to get them out of his system, because my heat came, and his didn’t.”

    Jungkook hissed. That must have caused drama, all right. “Why didn’t you wait until the next heat?” Jungkook asked, gesturing vaguely at his best friend’s middle. “He might have been ready by then.”

    Yugyeom blushed and played with the last pieces of daikon in his bowl. His scent was... tense. “Um,” he said quietly, not meeting Jungkook’s eyes. “We ran out of birth control.”

Jungkook sat up and looked at him with wide eyes. “What?” he gasped. “Birth control is the number one thing you have to make sure you have before a heat! You taught me that!”

“After BamBam’s last heat,” Yugyeom mumbled quickly, “We ran out, and we were talking about pups, and we were trying to sync, and I guess no one thought to...refill them. And then… it was too late.”

    “But when you went into preheat and he didn’t, they should have gone to get them. They could have gotten the birth control to you in time,” Jungkook said, raking a hand through his hair.

    “We thought he would catch up at any moment!” Yugyeom defended, his scent souring. “He could have! And then my heat hit me and I lost all rational thought, and I don’t know, he might have said something to one of the others when he didn’t go into preheat even after I’d gone into full heat, but by then, there was nothing we could do, the Alphas had already been at me.” Yugyeom slipped a hand under the pillow to cup his still-flat stomach. “And there’s no way I’m aborting,” he said fiercely, his scent spiking alarmingly.

“Whoa!” Jungkook said, shocked. “BamBam wants you to abort?” That was extreme, to Jungkook’s mind - so what if the pups weren’t perfectly timed? They had still planned for them, still wanted them. It would be so petty of the other Omega…

“God, no!” Yugyeom said, eyes wide as he realized how his statement may have come across.    His scent immediately mellowed, the change so fast it gave Jungkook whiplash. “No, nothing like that. I just, want to make it clear, you know, that I won’t sacrifice them to keep peace in the pack. Not that anyone’s suggested it, because they haven’t. I just, I guess I’m feeling protective. Everyone’s so on-edge, and my instincts are going haywire.”

That explains the rapid scent changes, Jungkook thought. “It’s ok,” he said, patting his friend on the shoulder. He asked, “So BamBam’s angry then?”

Yugyeom sighed. “I wouldn’t say he’s angry; it’s more like, depressed? The others have been all over me, babying me right and left - kind of annoying, actually - and I can tell he’s imagining what it should have been like, with him being pampered too. We were supposed to share this experience, and I think he feels left out, and I don’t know what to do,” he finished.

Jungkook took a moment to be thankful he wasn’t part of a pack. It seemed like so much extra drama.

And then he realized, oh wait, I’m being courted by a pack.

Jungkook wrapped his arms around Yugyeom and said, “It’ll be ok, Yugi. BamBam will realize he’s not been forgotten, and he can always join you later, you know, whenever his heat does come. It might actually work out better - can you imagine if you both went into labor on the same day? Your pack would be so stressed, going back and forth between you!”

His best friend nodded, nuzzling into Jungkook’s neck and breathing his scent. Jungkook had a moment of worry over the scenting - he could smell the pack, especially the Alphas, all over the other Omega, like he had been recently (and aggressively) scented - but decided to screw it. The pack could be overprotective later. Yugyeom was his best friend, and he could scent him all he wanted. So he nuzzled Yugyeom’s neck in return, releasing his best friend’s sugar cookie scent.

“Ngh,” Jungkook grunted. “You always smell so edible. It’s a wonder your Alphas haven’t eaten you yet.” Yugyeom giggled, and Jungkook smiled to hear his friend happier. The mood lightened, and they spent a few minutes snuggled up together, taking comfort in the feel of each others’ skin, the press and weight of each others’ bodies, the swirl of their scents. It was one of those moments that Jungkook lived for as an Omega - as a “Beta,” he could never have experienced anything like it.  

“So,” Yugyeom finally said as he lifted up on one elbow to face Jungkook. “Your news! You - are being courted - by a pack?”

Jungkook sighed and said, “I know, right?”

“Come on, you’ve got to explain!” Yugyeom said, somewhat crawling on top of Jungkook to shake him lightly. “Give me the deets!”

Jungkook laughed. Only his best friend could get away with pseudo-pinning him like this. He was more comfortable around Yugyeom that he was anyone else, and knew he wouldn’t ever be judged for relaxing his normally guarded behavior. He could be soft around Yugyeom, and Yugyeom still knew he was strong. “Ok, so I know I told you about the sports day, when I accidentally met the CEO whilst half-naked and wore his shirt home.”

Yugyeom wiggled his eyebrows. “Oh yes, I love that story.” Jungkook rolled his eyes.

“And then, you know about the pheromone high Yoongi-hyung sent me into that first Thursday on the job,” Jungkook said, tone dropping slightly.

“Ah yes,” Yugyeom said solemnly. “The sub drop.”

“Right,” Jungkook said, and cleared his throat. “So I know I haven’t told you much else - and I’m really sorry about that, you know, I really have been a shit friend lately -”

“Forgiven already,” Yugyeom said impatiently. “Get to the good stuff!”

“Ok, so, I didn’t know this, but apparently the whole pheromone-high incident made Yoongi-hyung - that’s the producer - feel really awful, like he had forced me to do something against my will, so he really wanted to apologize. But I was embarrassed and convinced I would get fired for acting like - like that, so I avoided both him and Namjoon-hyung, the CEO,” Jungkook continued. “Then Yoongi-hyung got really sick, and the next Thursday, I was showing someone to his studio - oh, yeah, his pack’s Omegas snuck into BigHit just to meet me, because apparently Namjoon-hyung talked to some bond experts who said we’re all like, ‘true mates’ or something - and then he collapsed, and got taken to the hosp-”

“Hold up,” Yugyeom said, waving his arms dramatically. “Rewind. ‘True mates’?”

“Uh, yeah,” Jungkook said, blushing. “Namjoon-hyung was wondering how I could be pushed into a pheromone high so easily when Yoongi-hyung wasn’t bonded to me or even touching me, and the experts said it was because we were highly compatible, like so-called ‘true mates.’ Anyway, it’s because of this that Yoongi-hyung got so sick-”

“Waitwaitwait,” Yugyeom said, holding up his hands again and squeezing his eyes shut for a moment. “Sorry, but this is a lot to take in. You’re true mates with two Alphas?”

“With the whole pack,” Jungkook corrected. “But let me finish! Anyway, Yoongi-hyung got sick with bond breaking syndrome, and the only way to make him better was for me to scent him, which I did, but it sent me into another pheromone high, an even stronger one, and afterwards I dropped so hard I felt like I would die, and I avoided them all because it hurt to think about them, and I avoided you because of stupid reasons.” Yugyeom gaped, like he had too many questions that were about to overflow past his tongue, but Jungkook rattled on. “So Yoongi-hyung cornered me at work and did a full bow, like an honest-to-God full bow in front of the entire company, just so he could apologize for the first pheromone high, and I told him I didn’t want to see him or his pack anymore, but then I started getting these gifts and my stuff got stolen and there was this creepy guy who had my umbrella and today I had tea with two of his packmates and they asked to court me and I said yes.”

Jungkook took deep breaths, feeling a little light-headed after getting that all out, and Yugyeom looked like he had been hit by a train. The other Omega visibly gathered himself and said, “Ok, so you’re going to need to run that by me again. Much. Slower.”




    Jungkook lay in his bed that night, smiling into the darkness. It had been too long since he had hung out with Yugyeom like that. His best friend had reacted perfectly to each situation in Jungkook’s story, which was extremely validating, and Yugyeom was happy for him, being courted. It felt good for his best friend to be so supportive. He vowed to never go radio-silence on Yugyeom ever again, and be the best support Yugyeom could wish for as his pregnancy developed.

    Suddenly, his phone screen lit up. Picking it up, his stomach performed acrobatics to see that the sender was Kim Seokjin. He quickly made the contact nickname “Jin-hyung” and read the message:


Jin-hyung: Hi Jungkook-ah! We’re so glad you accepted the courtship with us. We don’t want to overwhelm you, but we’d love for you to join us for dinner tomorrow night. Let me know if you can, and I’ll text you the address!


    Butterflies erupted in his stomach. Dinner, with the whole pack, tomorrow night?! The thought was a little overwhelming, but he couldn’t deny he was a little excited, as well. He took a couple deep breaths before responding.


Jungkook: Hi Jin-hyung! I’d love to have dinner with you all. Should I bring something?


    Jin responded in less than five seconds; he must have been waiting for Jungkook’s reply. The idea that the Beta could be just as nervous and excited as he was made him squirm in his bed.


Jin-hyung: Great! Just bring yourself. Here’s the address:

Jin-hyung: [contact shared]


    Jungkook saved the address in his phone, and sent a quick thank-you-and-good-night text before plugging up his phone to charge. Restless, he finally fell asleep planning different outfits, wondering what he should wear.

Chapter Text

Kookie: SOS

Kookie: I have a pack date tonight and I don’t know what to wear

Yugi-yum: [incoming video call]


    “Ok, so what are our options?” Yugyeom said, his face focused and business-like on the screen.

    “That’s the thing,” Jungkook whined, surveying the mess of clothes in his closet, on his bed, and on the floor. “I have work clothes, I have workout clothes, and I have a never-ending supply of white t-shirts, a few jeans, and I think my graduation robe is in here somewhere, but that’s-”

    “-Not really an option,” Yugyeom finished for him, and sighed. “Ok, so what kind of date is it? Because if it’s a fancy one, then we need to make a shopping run. There’s no way you can show up in work clothes.”

    Jungkook made a disgusted face. “I wasn’t gonna,” he said defensively, and carefully angled the phone so that his best friend wouldn’t be able to see his dress shirt and new work tie thrown over the foot of his bed. “Anyway, I don’t know if it’s fancy or not. They invited me for dinner, and the address looks residential, but it’s in Apujeong-dong…”

    Yugyeom whistled. “Should have guessed a pack with a CEO and top producer would live in Gangnam.”

    “Not to mention two top models, an in-demand choreographer, and the principal of Korea National Ballet,” Jungkook said, just a little smugly.

    “Show off,” Yugyeom grumbled. “Ok, so it’s dinner at their place, which could mean casual, but the location screams fancy, and sometimes home dinners can be fancy.”

    Jungkook frantically calculated how much money he had in his bank account and if any bills were due before his next paycheck. Could he afford a shopping spree? He pulled up his banking app to check, but then noticed the time. “Shit,” he said, “It’ll have to be casual, I have to be there in three hours and I haven’t showered yet or anything.”

    “Why did you wait so long to contact me? You should have called me this morning!” Yugyeom rebuked.

    “I was really nervous!” Jungkook cried. “I went to the gym to burn it off.”

    “Ew,” Yugyeom said, screwing up his face. “And you haven’t showered yet?”

    “I took a gym shower,” Jungkook said, “But I need to take a shower-shower now.”

    While Yugyeom silently mouthed the phrase “shower-shower,” Jungkook drew out his newest white t-shirt, a brilliant white, and held it up for his best friend to see. “What about this one?”

    Yugyeom said, “Um, it’s a white t-shirt just like all your other white t-shirts, but yeah, sure.”

    Jungkook ignored him and picked up another shirt. “Or should it be this one? It’s not as new, and the neck’s a little stretched-”

    “That one!” Yugyeom exclaimed. “Why didn’t you tell me you had something like that?”

    “Like what?” Jungkook asked, confusedly eyeing the shirt in question. “You just said, it’s another white t-shirt-”

    “Kookie, you are so dumb sometimes,” his best friend tutted. “Anything with a deep, or wide, or stretched neckline is the way to go. It’ll show off your neck! You still only have that one ratty collar?”

    Jungkook defensively stroked his collar as he set aside the chosen shirt, and said, “It’s not ratty.”

    “You wore it to the gym again, didn’t you?” Yugyeom asked flatly.

    Jungkook winced. “No comment.”

    “Ok, here’s what we’re going to do,” Yugyeom said. “You will wear that stretch-neck shirt and your tightest jeans and those Timberlands. You jump in the shower and start doing your hair. I will get someone to drop me off at your place with some of my extra collars and I’ll bring some makeup, because I know you don’t have any.”

    “Is makeup really necessary?” Jungkook said as he assembled the outfit Yugyeom had dictated.

    “This is a date, Kookie,” Yugyeom said, rolling his eyes. “Of course you need makeup! But don’t worry, it’ll be subtle, since you’re just having dinner.”

    “Ok, thanks Yugi! You know where the spare key is,” Jungkook said, already stripping for his shower.

    “You really need to stop leaving the key out like that,” Yugyeom said. “It’s not safe.”

“Yeah, yeah,” he replied. “Bye!”





    “I can’t wear this.”

    “You will .”

    “It’s too much.”

    “You look smokin’ hot, and I didn’t spend the last fifteen minutes removing my pack markers from these collars for you to chicken out now.”

    “...I look hot?”

    “Have you seen yourself? You’ll have them on their knees.”

    “Ok, ok. I’ll wear it.”




    Yoongi wasn’t fidgeting. He didn’t fidget . He was the calm one, the lazy, laid-back one, utterly unruffled except for when he was spitting rhymes into a microphone. The rest of his pack may be twittering around in a tizzy about the dinner tonight, but he was completely relaxed.

    Except he couldn’t get his damn fingers to be still.

    He blamed it on the coffee.

    He decided a lap around the apartment would do him good. Just because he was bored. No other reason. He got up from the couch in the living room and climbed the stairs up to the bedrooms. The first door opened to his right, and revealed a half-naked Taehyung trying to choose between two Gucci shirts, and a fully naked Jimin fresh from the shower applying his makeup. Damn, how did he get so lucky to have such beautiful Omegas? Yoongi had the urge to walk up behind either Omega and start touching their bare chests, nuzzling and kissing their necks, but he restrained himself. Knowing them, the maknaes would need every spare second to get ready, so he was a Good Alpha and didn’t distract them.

    The second room was further down on his left: Namjoon and Hoseok’s room. Hoseok was nowhere to be seen, but Yoongi heard the shower running, so he must have been in there. Namjoon appeared to be sitting and reading a book calmly, glasses perched on his nose, but as Yoongi stared at him, he noticed the other Alpha’s eyes weren’t moving. He was just staring at the book, frozen, probably lost somewhere in his vast psyche. Yoongi reminded himself to have someone bring him back to earth when Jungkook arrived.

    The last room at the end of the hall was his and Jin’s, and Yoongi knew better than to look for Jin there, so he just turned and went back downstairs, his feet steering him to the kitchen. He could hear sizzling sounds, the occasional impact against a pot or pan, and Jin singing to himself. Despite his restlessness (he wasn’t nervous, he’d just had too much caffeine), Yoongi smiled to see the Beta dancing between the rice maker and the stove, side-stepping to grab something from the fridge, sliding around to fetch something from the cabinets, all while singing and bopping. It was a familiar sight, Jin in his element, and it calmed Yoongi.

    “Can I help?” he drawled.

    Jin jumped a foot in the air - not as calm as he looked, then. He turned to Yoongi with a sheepish smile and said, “Sure! Come help with this samgyeopsal.”

    Cooking with Jin was relaxing. Both men knew their way around the kitchen, even if Jin did the majority of the cooking for the pack because it was his hobby, and they worked well together. Yoongi found himself rubbing elbows, brushing hands, and standing close to the Beta, absently scenting him in small doses. Jin smirked slightly, and Yoongi knew he’d been caught, but his hyung never called him out on it, probably understanding it was a comfort to the Alpha.

    Best thing about cooking, though, was that he couldn’t fidget. Not that he had been. Because he didn’t fidget.

    In no time at all, the two of them finished cooking the food and Yoongi set the table so that Jin could run upstairs and change into his pre-selected non-greasy clothes. Yoongi was about to call up the stairs to the maknaes to make sure they were ready, when the buzzer for the door went off. Yoongi clenched his fists and took a deep breath, then strode to the door and greeted the pixelated image of Jungkook through the intercom.

    “Hello, Jungkook.”

    The image waved back and said, “Hello, hyung.”

    “Come on up,” Yoongi said, and buzzed the Omega in. He could hear thundering footsteps above him, probably the maknaes floundering with last-minute details, possibly Namjoon crashing into something, and fiddled idly with the buttons of his dark shirt before he realized what he was doing and clenched his fists again. Jin came back downstairs and joined him at the door, and Hobi could be heard upstairs herding the maknaes and Namjoon down. Just as he heard feet on the stairs, there was a knock on the door, and Yoongi swung it open to welcome Jungkook in.

    And promptly froze.

    His body still blocked the entrance, his hand on the half-opened door, and he couldn’t move. His instincts clamored unspeakable things to him, and he had to lock his body to keep from lunging forward at the Omega, pinning him against the nearest wall, and attacking his neck, among other things.

    Jungkook looked amazing . His eyes looked even bigger than normal, hypnotizingly dark, and his lips looked redder and shiny, like they were wet. His thin shirt gaped at the neck, revealing tempting peeks of smooth collarbones, and making his neck look long and graceful. Oh and his neck - he wasn’t wearing his normal black nylon collar, but instead one of striking red snakeskin. The red set off his pale skin beautifully, and Yoongi could picture how well red hickeys would look on that neck, on those collarbones, and further down… Jungkook’s scent came to him unblocked, sweet honey tinged with a tanginess that Yoongi thought was nervousness. The Alpha forced his eyes away from Jungkook’s neck, raking over his body, taking in his tight black jeans that showed off his muscular legs, well cared-for Timberlands giving him extra height, and a jean jacket that accented his strong shoulders.

    “Are you going to let him in, Yoongs?” Jin asked tentatively from behind him. Jungkook was staring back at him with those big dark eyes of his, unmoving.

    Prey , his Alpha rumbled.

    Shut up.

    Yoongi was practically drooling, and he had to swallow hard before he could speak. “Uh, yeah,” he rasped. “Sorry. Come in, Jungkook.” He shuffled to one side to let the Omega pass, swallowing again when the honey scent increased, making his mouth water. Jungkook greeted Jin, who welcomed him in eagerly and began ushering him to the dining area. Yoongi had frozen again, because damn , the view from the back was just as good. Between the jeans and the snakeskin, Yoongi had to take calming breaths and adjust himself before he could join the pack in the dining area.

    By the time he made it to the table, Jungkook was just about done greeting everyone, either with brushed wrists or a loose hug, and Yoongi cursed himself for missing out on physical contact. And then cursed again, because physical contact was probably a Very Bad Idea. Especially if Namjoon’s dazed and heated face was anything to go by. Jin gave him a questioning look from his seat, but Yoongi just shook his head and forced himself to sit down and appear relaxed. The others sat quickly, Jungkook last, taking the traditional place of honor farthest from the front door at Jin’s encouragement.

    Unlike their normal pack dinners, which usually just held to pack-Alpha-eats-first protocol, everyone seemed to want to impress Jungkook with their table manners. They patiently waited for Namjoon to get his portion, followed by Jin as the oldest, and then descending in age order until it reached Jungkook.

    “Jalmukesumneda,” Jungkook said politely, and everyone echoed him.

    After Namjoon got his first bite, Yoongi and the rest began to eat. Jungkook made a delighted face once he tasted the food, and Jin asked, “You like it?”

    The Omega nodded enthusiastically, and Yoongi was reminded of a bunny as Jungkook nibbled up some vegetables that hung out of his mouth from a too-large bite of food. So cute. Jin caught him staring past him at the Omega, and Yoongi fixed his eyes on his food, blushing slightly. Hobi kicked him under the table and smirked.

    “So Jungkook, tell us a bit about yourself,” Namjoon said. “Were you raised in Seoul, or did you come here from somewhere else?”

    “I was born in Busan,” Jungkook said.

    “Me too!” Jimin exclaimed. “I miss the sea so much. I haven’t been able to go back in over a year.”

    “I haven’t been back since I started college,” Jungkook said with a wistful smile. “I was always saving my money. I miss the sea too.”

    “I’m surprised your pack let you go so long by yourself,” Jimin said. “Even mated, mine and Tae’s home packs are always pestering us to visit.”

    “Oh, I wasn’t born in a pack,” Jungkook said. “My parents are Betas, and it was just the three of us growing up.”

    Yoongi blinked. “But you’re an Omega,” he said, confused. Beta-Beta couples almost exclusively produced Beta children.

    “Yeah, weird, I know,” Jungkook said. “Everyone was really surprised when I presented, including myself. Luckily I was almost done with college, so I was still able to get my degree.”

    At the word “college,” Yoongi found himself stunned, and he was aware of Jin sitting back in his chair, similarly shocked. The table fell silent and still. It was Tae who was eventually able to speak: “Wait, you presented in college ?”

    “Yeah,” Jungkook said cautiously, seeming to pick up on the tension. “About a year and a half, going on two years ago.”

    Hoseok gasped.

The Omegas stared.

    “God,” Namjoon breathed.

    “Shit,” Yoongi cursed, earning him a slap upside the head from Jin. “ Ow .”

    “I think what everyone means to say,” Jin said, shooting daggers at Yoongi before turning to Jungkook, “Is that you presented really late. You haven’t been an Omega that long at all.”

    “This explains so much,” Namjoon said, fiddling with his glasses. “I’d never seen an Omega do the things you did on sports day. If you were raised a Beta, believed you were a Beta for the longest time, then you wouldn’t have the same hang-ups as typical Omegas.”   

    “No wonder you could beat that Alpha,” Tae said. “I was there that day, I saw you wrestle. I seriously doubt any other Omega would have had the force of will - and the strategy - to pull off that maneuver.”

    Jungkook blushed. “I didn’t know you were there,” he muttered, shyly fiddling with his chopsticks. Yoongi found Jungkook’s contradictions fascinating: he was tall, muscular, athletic, but his pretty face was young and sweet, delicate. He carried himself with confidence many Omegas lacked, but turned adorably shy at the most unexpected moments.

    I think I’m in love.

    “Oh, don’t be shy!” Tae said, knocking Yoongi out of his daydreams. “I thought it was really cool. And hot.”

    Jungkook blushed even harder. Tae winced as Jimin kicked him under the table. “Don’t embarrass him!” the older Omega said. Yoongi knew he should scold Tae, too, but he thought Jungkook looked really attractive with that blush, so he kept silent. Sue him.

The dinner was more tame after that, with the different pack members giving basic details of their backgrounds. Everyone except for Yoongi and Jin had come from packs; Namjoon and Jin were from areas close to Seoul, whereas everyone else had come from the southern regions of Korea. Jimin and Tae had attended schools for the arts, arts being one of the few socially-acceptable subjects for Omegas in higher education; Namjoon, Yoongi, and Hoseok had done their schooling online because they started working during high school; Jin had gone to school for acting before becoming a model.

    “It kind of makes sense when you think about it,” Jin said, referring to his college major. “Models act with their bodies and faces to tell a story on film or on a runway, and if you’re comfortable with video, you can get commercial jobs, too.”

Once they were all done eating, they cleared the table and moved to the living room to talk some more. With full bellies, they all relaxed. Yoongi sat behind Jimin on a couch so that he could pet the Omega’s hair and rub his back, needing something to do with his hands and enjoying the feeling of grooming his packmate. Namjoon, Jin, and Hobi took up places on the couches, but Tae dragged Jungkook down onto the floor with him before the Omega had a chance to get a spot on a couch or chair, easily pulling the younger man into a pile like they’d been close for years.

Jungkook was stiff at first, unsure of the others’ boundaries, but Tae started tickling him, and the dark-haired young man laughed as he briefly wrestled with the other Omega. His smile lit up his whole face, making his eyes sparkle and scrunching his nose cutely, and his skin flushed attractively. His white shirt rode up as he squirmed around, giving glimpses of pale golden skin.

Yoongi would be lying if he said his Alpha wasn’t incredibly interested in their play, and he shifted so he wasn’t pressed quite so close to Jimin. Jimin gave him a little smirk over his shoulder, like he knew exactly how affected Yoongi was, and deliberately wiggled further back to maintain pressure between Yoongi’s hips and Jimin’s plush ass.

Damn brat.

The two on the floor settled down, Tae stretched out and Jungkook sitting up next to him with his legs crossed, and Jungkook asked, “So how did you all meet?”




Jungkook watched as everyone turned to Yoongi, and the Alpha sighed before saying, “Yeah, I guess this starts with me.” He looked down to where Jungkook was cuddled on the floor with Taehyung - Tae , he reminded himself - and began:

“So I already told you I didn’t grow up in a pack,” he said, his low voice with its characteristic drawl, lulling Jungkook like a storyteller wrapping a crowd around their little finger. “My parents are Alphas, my older brother’s an Alpha, and there were certain expectations placed upon me from a young age, long before I presented. I didn’t exactly make them happy when I decided to ditch those expectations for a career in music. So they cut me off, and I was kind of homeless for a while.”

Jungkook was a little shocked. He’d heard of Omegas being kicked out of their families for being useless, but never an Alpha. Alphas were prized, the elite of society. Yoongi must have really pissed off his parents.

    “So I performed in the underground rap scene, taking production jobs as I could find them. I met Namjoon, who was also an underground rapper.”

    “Really?” Jungkook said in wonder, turning to look at the CEO with new eyes.

    “Is it really so hard to believe?” Namjoon asked, looking a little pained.

    “Oh! No,” Jungkook said. “It’s - it’s just, you’re a CEO, it’s hard to picture.” Namjoon winced, pushing his glasses further up his nose. Hobi patted his shoulder in mock sympathy.

    “You’ll never guess his rapper name,” Tae said gleefully.

    “Please don’t,” Namjoon said, his voice stern but his eyes begging for mercy.

    “Rap -”

    “Tae, NO.”

    “- Monster,” Tae finished with a wide grin.

    “‘Rap Monster’?” Jungkook asked, grinning in return.

    Namjoon groaned, covering his face with one large hand. “We will never speak of this again, you hear me?”

    “Text me later,” Tae said to Jungkook, unabashed. “I’ll give you all the details.” Jungkook giggled, and then stopped, surprised at himself. He liked Tae; the other Omega was unashamedly fun.

    “ Anyways ,” Namjoon said. “I’d heard of Suga - that’s one of Yoongi-hyung’s rapper names, by the way -”

    “‘Suga’?” Jungkook asked, quirking an eyebrow at the older Alpha.

    “‘Cause I’m so sweet,” Yoongi deadpanned, making Jimin giggle from his lap.

    “I’d heard of Suga before, and I met him for a collab, and realized he was really good,” Namjoon continued. “I already had some connections in the music industry through my pack, so when I applied for a job at BigHit straight out of high school, he did too.”

    “Not like I had many options at the time,” Yoongi quipped. “Unlike Mr. My-IQ-is-148.” Jungkook whistled, eyes wide.

    “Anyway,” Namjoon said, rolling his eyes at Yoongi, “We met a lot of people through BigHit, made some good connections.”

    “Like me!” Hoseok interjected. “I was going to school in Seoul and street dancing whenever I wasn’t in class. I’d already been commissioned for a few choreographies for street crews by the time I graduated. I met these two on a job with BigHit and tried out rapping just for fun, found out I liked it, and we even did some tracks together.”

    “BigHit got our names out there,” Namjoon said. “We did really well, and Yoongi and I were offered promotions within the company, but only I took it.”

    “Why leave my studio and wear a tie everyday?” Yoongi muttered incredulously.

    “As part of my new job, I did some recruiting for talent,” Namjoon continued.

    “BigHit was still relatively unknown,” Jin interjected. “I was actually scouted by Namjoon while getting off a bus on my way to class, and I thought it was a scam.”

    “No way,” Jungkook giggled.

    “Totally thought it was a scam,” Jin nodded solemnly. “But it did give me the courage to try out for some agencies with bigger names, and that’s when I dropped out of college and became a model.”

    “It was so funny,” Hoseok said with a wide smile. “Namjoon tried to steal Jin-hyung away from the bigger agencies, and every time, hyung would turn him down. Namjoon kept it up even after he’d been promoted again and wasn’t recruiting anymore. Eventually, Jin-hyung asked him if everything he was doing was just an excuse for Namjoon to court him.” Jungkook smiled while the others laughed. Tae wrapped an arm around his waist, making him jump, but he felt warm and peaceful, and decided not to shrug him off.

    “He surprised me, though!” Jin responded. “I meant it as criticism, but he just immediately asked if courting me was a viable option.”

    “You’re gorgeous,” Namjoon shrugged, “Can you blame me for wanting you?” The look they shared was so full of love it was almost disgusting.

    “Right,” Yoongi drawled. “So Namjoon comes home one day and says he’s started courting this Beta model. We’re all pretty close at this point, so it felt weird for him to court someone who was a stranger to us.”

    “While Namjoon was off with Jin-hyung, Yoongi-hyung and I realized that what we felt for each other - and for Namjoon - was more than what just friends and colleagues felt,” Hoseok picked up the narrative. “So one day he comes home, and we tell him we want to make a pack bond with him.”

    “I was shocked at first,” Namjoon admitted. “My head was so full of Jin-hyung. But I realized that I didn’t want a life without Yoongi-hyung and Hobi-hyung, so we agreed to a four-way courtship. I wanted to bond with Yoongi-hyung and Hobi-hyung, but I was so invested in Jin-hyung by that point that I wanted it all.”

    “Greedy,” Jin teased, sending Namjoon a gooey look.

    “So we all courted,” Hoseok said, “And we bonded the day Namjoon was promoted to CEO.”

    “One of the best days of my life,” Namjoon said.

    “What about Jimin-hyung and Tae-hyung? Where did they come in?” Jungkook asked.

    “Woo! It’s finally my turn!” Tae said, stretching out and wiggling on the floor for a second before he continued to speak. “So my home pack were all farmers, right? But I wanted to be something more than just a farmer, so I went to a BigHit audition in Daegu with one of my friends. My friend didn’t make it, but I did, so I came to Seoul as a trainee.”

    “Wait, you were a trainee when you all met?” Jungkook said, frowning.

    “God, no,” Namjoon said, just as Yoongi said, “Fuck no,” earning another smack from Jin.

    Taehyung was quick to deny it as well. “No, I didn’t meet them until much later, after I had gotten my first modeling contract. I really admired Namjoon-hyung and Yoongi-hyung as rappers, so they kept catching me sneaking into their studios to listen to their unfinished tracks.”

    “Persistent little f- ah, pup,” Yoongi said, eyeing Jin’s hand warily.

    “We ended up talking about music a lot, and when we realized we liked each other, Namjoon-hyung and Yoongi-hyung asked to court me.” Tae’s voice dropped, losing it’s happy tone. “Things were great until a guy I’d met like one time in Daegu decided to follow me to Seoul, and he was not happy at all with me being courted.”

    “Bastard,” Yoongi growled, and Jin’s hand didn’t even twitch. The Beta was stone-faced. The stalker must have been a piece of work.

    “So he harassed me, and sent threatening messages to BigHit, made death threats against Namjoon, everything you could imagine. For my safety, I was moved out of the company’s apartments and I could only see the pack in rare, stolen moments,” Tae said, sounding so sad and resentful that Jungkook unthinkingly pulled him close in a hug and nuzzled their cheeks together.

It wasn’t direct contact with a scent gland, just close, but the effect was still powerful, making Jungkook a little dazed as he was engulfed in a wave of sour strawberries, Tae’s distress still evident. He didn’t know what had possessed him to act so boldly - or so stupidly. The other Omega gave a pleased hum, his low voice dropping deeper and sending pleasant shivers up Jungkook’s arms and legs. Jungkook relaxed. He wasn’t high, he thought. Just relaxed. He slowly fell onto his back, and Tae came with him and cuddled close, his warm body tangling with Jungkook’s.

It wasn’t just the scent, Jungkook thought dreamily. Something about Tae put him at ease, something about the pack made him drop his guards. He forgot his nervousness, how tense he was over making a good impression on the first date, and let himself snuggle in Tae’s hold. He forgot the others in the room, forgot what he must look like, and let himself drown in the scent of honey-dipped strawberries.

    Distantly, Jungkook heard Yoongi growl softly, “ Don’t start what you can’t finish, Jimin ,” and a high whine, presumably from Jimin. Jungkook slowly realized that everyone on the couches was looking down at him and Tae with varying degrees hunger in their eyes. Jimin, still on Yoongi’s lap, was panting lightly with a flushed face, and Yoongi’s knuckles were white on the Omega’s hips, as if to keep the blond from moving. Tae seemed unbothered by the others’ intense interest, but Jungkook blushed.

    “Sorry,” he whispered, untangling himself and sitting back up. “I don’t know what came over me.”

    “It’s ok, Jungkook-ah,” Namjoon said, and Jungkook’s stomach clenched - it was the first time the Alpha had referred to him so familiarly. Namjoon was obviously taking deep breaths and his hands were clenched on the couch cushions, but his voice was gentle when he said, “We don’t exactly have great command over our instincts right now either.”

    “Tae,” Jin called encouragingly. “Why don’t you keep telling the story?”

    Tae slowly sat up, closing his arms around Jungkook in a back hug. “Can we still cuddle?” he asked Jungkook lowly. The older man had to have felt Jungkook’s resultant shiver, but made no comment.

    “Ok,” Jungkook breathed, still woozy with strawberries.

    Tae sighed, his scent cleaner now, and picked up the thread of the story again: “Despite the bastard stalker, we all got really close, and we decided to bond. We had to do it in secret, though, because we were afraid of what would happen if he knew. I couldn’t even tell my home pack. But during this time, I met Jimin, and he and I got to be really close friends when I couldn’t be around the pack.”

    Jimin chipped in from the couch, sagging in Yoongi’s hold as he gave up grinding, “Tae had to keep everything a secret from everyone all the time. I could tell he was hurting, and I was hurting at the time, too, because I was with a crappy company at the time. We comforted each other.”

    “Whenever we got together with Tae, we would smell Jimin on him,” Jin said. “We were curious, and he told us about Jimin. Jimin saved his life, kept him sane all those months it took to catch the stalker, and we were naturally endeared to him.”

    “So when they finally caught the stalker, I moved in with the pack, and brought Jimin to meet them,” Tae murmured.

    “We clicked,” Jimin said with a smile as he reminisced. “We courted for four months, and the decision to bond was easy. And I’ve never been happier.” Jimin snuggled back in Yoongi’s arms, and the Alpha absently stroked his hair. “My part of the story’s pretty boring, but I like it.”

    “So there you have it,” Namjoon said. “That’s how we all got together.”

Chapter Text

When it was eventually time for Jungkook to go home, the pack asked if they could scent him, just wrist-to-wrist so it wouldn’t be as strong, but enough to feel that closeness they all craved. Jungkook cautiously agreed, and was relieved when he could smell the others on himself  without being completely overwhelmed, since his scent glands were still untouched. He was beginning to understand just how much he had been missing out on, not being in a pack. He was excited to FaceTime Yugyeom once he got home and tell him about the dinner date.

    In his excitement, he wasn’t as careful as he should have been. Jin had fetched his jacket, and they were all crowded in the entryway, saying their goodbyes. Jungkook was focused on politely declining Namjoon’s insistent offers of a ride home - the Alpha seemed very protective, which made Jungkook’s Omega feel warm and safe, but it wasn’t that late, he would be fine on the way home - so when he shrugged on his jean jacket and brought his hand up to fix the jacket collar, his wrist accidentally rubbed his neck.

    Yoongi was standing slightly behind him, as Jungkook had turned to talk with Namjoon, so when Jungkook staggered, the Alpha caught him quickly. Yoongi grunted a little, but his Alpha strength helped him support Jungkook’s weight. “Shit,” the Alpha cursed, as Jungkook struggled to get his feet back underneath him, his senses overwhelmed by bitter chocolate and florals and mint, everyone’s scents suddenly that much more potent. “Is this going to happen every time?” Yoongi asked, aggrieved.

    “I’m fine,” Jungkook said woozily.

    “You are most definitely not,” Jin said, pushing through the others to sweep Jungkook’s hair off of his forehead and peer at his eyes. “Your pupils are dilated, and you can’t stand.”

    “I’m driving you home,” Namjoon said, and when Jungkook opened his mouth, he held up a stern finger. “No arguments.” Jungkook snapped his mouth shut, his headspace a little too far down to challenge Namjoon’s authority.

    “Maybe I should come with you,” Jimin said, stepping forward. “He might need help up to his apartment, and he might not be comfortable with an Alpha in his nest yet.” Jungkook sent a look of gratitude Jimin’s way, and the blond responded with a sympathetic smile. “Here hyung, pass him to me. I’ll get him into the car,” Jimin said.

    “I’m too heavy for -” Jungkook mumbled in concern, but was cut off.

    “Since you’re still new, I’m warning you now not to finish that statement,” Jimin said, his eyes flashing. Jungkook flushed hot and thought, Oh. Jimin has a dominant side. That’s interesting. Yoongi passed Jungkook’s unstable weight over to Jimin, and the ballerino swiftly scooped him up into a bridal-style carry with little effort. Jungkook’s head spun, though whether it was from the sudden movement, or from the surprise feel of Jimin’s hard muscles under his clothing, he couldn’t tell.

    “Show off,” Tae mumbled.

    Jimin smirked, “You’re just jealous,” he said.

    “Of holding Jungkook,” Hoseok asked, “or of being held?”

    “Yes,” Jimin and Tae said in unison.

    “All right, let’s get this show on the road,” Namjoon said, picking up his keys and holding the door for Jimin and his armful of Omega. Jimin continued to hold to him all the way to the elevator bay, and made no sign of putting him down once inside the elevator.

    “Hyung, really, I can stand,” Jungkook said, embarrassed. He wasn’t that far down, he rationalized.

    “Hush, pup,” Jimin said, nudging Jungkook’s cheek with his nose, releasing a small, concentrated burst of floral scent that mixed with Namjoon’s spice in the small elevator. Jungkook instantly sighed and relaxed in the dancer’s hold, resting his head on Jimin’s shoulder and softly nosing at Jimin’s white leather collar.

    “You did that on purpose,” Jungkook heard Namjoon whisper, scandalized.

    “So what?” Jimin retorted, unabashed. “He’s not arguing anymore.”

    “Devious little thing,” Namjoon murmured. “Sometimes you scare me.”

    “You like it,” Jimin said with a smirk.

    “Didn’t say I didn’t,” Namjoon responded, and Jungkook giggled. His hyungs were silly.

    They walked to Namjoon’s Lexus in the parking deck, and Jimin helped Jungkook get inside and his seatbelt buckled. Namjoon drove smoothly and confidently, and Jungkook relaxed and allowed himself to come up out of his headspace slowly. Once he was aware enough, he felt like he should be upset with Jimin for manipulating him into obedience, but he couldn’t summon any anger. Despite his bruised pride, Jimin’s argument had made sense, and it had felt nice to be cared for like that. He would just make sure to tell Jimin not to do it again. His instincts might be trusting, but logically, he hadn’t met Jimin more than three times now. He couldn’t let himself be one of those fool Omegas who got swept away after a single date.

    Jungkook directed them to his apartment, and once they arrived, he got out of the car and stood on his own. Jimin still walked him up to his apartment, his head turning side to side, his eyes scanning their surroundings alertly. Jungkook wanted to blush at the old, run-down building, but he shook off his embarrassment. It wasn’t in Apujeong-dong, but it was still respectable, clean, and well-cared for. They arrived at his door, and Jungkook said, “This is me.”

    Jimin stared at his door for a second, clearly memorizing the number, before he turned to Jungkook with a shy smile. “I should apologize for earlier,” the blond said. “I hope you aren’t offended.”

    “I should be,” Jungkook said as he pulled out his keys. “But I’m not. You had a good point, and I was just being stubborn. Just, don’t do it again?”

    “I promise,” Jimin said, and quickly bounced forward and kissed him on the cheek. “Good night, Jungkook.”

    “Guh- Good night,” Jungkook stuttered, frozen with his key halfway to the door as he watched Jimin turn and walk away, a slight sway to his hips.

What a view , he thought, heat stirring in his gut. And what soft lips.

He shook himself, unlocked his door, and stumbled inside his apartment. Finally alone, he relaxed, and his instincts clamored for attention. He wanted to FaceTime Yugyeom and tell him all about the date, but before he knew it, he had crashed onto his bed, his feet still in his Timberlands hanging off the edge, drew one wrist up to his nose to inhale deeply, while his other hand slid to the waistband of his jeans. As each of their scents hit him one by one and all at once, swirling and cycling in a hypnotic perfume, he felt himself slip again, and welcomed it with a small groan. He was safe in his nest; he could indulge in the high. He fumbled with his tight jeans, giving up after getting them partway down his thighs, deciding it was good enough.

It wasn’t wrong, was it? They’d only had one date, barely knew each other. It was wrong to fantasize about them, but between the scenting and the cuddling and being carried and kissed , any guilt he felt was overwhelmed by arousal.

He thought about Tae’s long limbs tangled with his, his warm body molding to Jungkook’s. The other Omega had probably only meant to cuddle, but Jungkook wasn’t used to such contact except from Yugyeom, and his best friend’s cuddling had never inspired such slow, lazy heat to flood Jungkook’s chest, wash down his belly, and pool in his hips. Tae’s voice was so deep, too, like an Alpha’s, and the contrast with his sweet scent gave Jungkook shivers. The model was a delicious contradiction. Tae’s voice made Jungkook want to submit, but the other Omega’s scent made Jungkook want to push him down and bite his neck, see if he tasted as tart as he smelled, see how high-pitched he could drive Tae’s moans. Jungkook palmed his growing erection, imagining Tae’s deep voice pushed high and sweet.

He thought about Yoongi catching and holding him up from behind. Although the Alpha was shorter than he was, his presence was so large and intimidating. His slender body had been firm against Jungkook, and made the Omega feel so small, vulnerable yet protected. Yoongi’s arms hadn’t wavered as he supported Jungkook’s weight, and the display of strength had Jungkook gasping as he kneaded over his underwear. He broke out into a light sweat, and the pheromones on his wrists intensified as his skin temperature rose.

He thought about Jimin, the absolute picture of an Omega: small, sweet, rounded face, melodious voice, and overall just so cute. He inspired unusual feelings of dominance in Jungkook that made him want to pin Jimin, restrain his wrists, and force him to submit. Yet, the older Omega had lifted and carried him as if he weighed nothing, his slender and sweetly curved body packed with hidden muscles. His eyes had flashed in challenge when Jungkook questioned his strength, and he had effortlessly manipulated him in the elevator. Would it be more satisfying to force such a strong Omega to submit, or to submit himself to Jimin’s dominant side, which he’d only gotten a peek of?

He got his hand around himself, his underwear pushed down to free his cock, and moaned again. Even though he was just as tall as half of them, there was something about how the pack touched him, that made him feel so small, and precious. Even Jin’s gentle fingers combing through his hair, his beautiful face concerned for Jungkook, had made him feel cared for in a way he wasn’t used to. It was a strange feeling, but also intoxicating. He stroked himself, imagining it was Tae’s large hand gripping his cock instead of his. He summoned Yoongi’s voice, rumbly and raspy, sounding so close to a growl all the time , his eyes commanding him to submit better than any Alpha voice could. He pushed a couple fingers in his mouth, his nose filled with their scents from his wrist, and imagined kissing Jimin’s full lips. They had been so soft on his cheek - how would they feel on his lips?

He stroked himself and began to feel wetness underneath his hips; the smell of his slick mixed with the smell of the pack had him panting and whining through the fingers in his mouth. Committed now, he pictured Jin, with his angelic face and broad shoulders, holding him down, holding him from behind, whispering sweetly in his ear. He sped up his strokes, but it wasn’t enough. He needed more.

In the past, Jungkook had been mildly disgusted with anything anal, never having considered it as a “Beta,” but after a couple heats, he had at least grown comfortable enough to take care of his own needs. He didn’t feel any reluctance now, though. Instead, he ached, longing for something to fill him up, and he eagerly took his fingers out of his mouth and brought them between his cheeks. He gathered up slick to mix with his saliva, and circled his rim, teasing himself as he briefly brought his other hand off of his cock up to his face to get another hit of pack scent. Instant aphrodisiac. He whined, his ass relaxed, and his fingers slipped inside. Starting with two made him burn as he stretched, but he was impatient. He took up his cock again as he started fingering himself, and his pleasure doubled. His dirty mind cast to Hoseok, how he was a dancer, how good he must be with his hips; it was easy to imagine how the Beta would work those hips, driving his cock into Jungkook’s needy hole. The fingers in his ass sped up, punching little whimpers from his mouth with each thrust. He felt his arousal coil tight in his abdomen, and knew he was close.

Finally, he thought of Namjoon. He thought of his commanding presence, how it was so natural, as natural as breathing for him to take command. The Alpha was gentle, yet undeniably, unrelentingly dominant. He made every part of Jungkook want to submit , to please him, to be good for him. In his imagination, Namjoon stood over him, face gentle, eyes flashing behind his glasses, his voice inspiring absolute obedience as he said one word: “ come .” Jungkook flicked his thumb over the head of his cock just as his searching fingers found his prostate, and he cried out as the tension snapped and pleasure exploded through his body. He tried to catch his cum in his fist, but he wasn’t fast enough, and it shot up as far as his chest, getting all over the white shirt.

Jungkook panted, his body still twitching occasionally, as he withdrew his fingers from his ass and tried to gather as much cum as possible into his other hand. On shaky legs, he tottered to his bathroom, washing his hands and throwing the white shirt in his hamper. He cursed silently - he should have taken off the shirt before he got started, so he could keep their scents on the fabric. He felt too good to be upset, though, warm and tingly-numb, head hazy still with their scents, so he just cleaned himself up and stumbled back out of the bathroom to haphazardly undress and fall into bed.

He could FaceTime Yugyeom tomorrow.




    The door had barely closed behind Namjoon, Jimin, and Jungkook before Yoongi grabbed Tae and Hoseok by the wrists and began pulling them upstairs. “Hyung, you wanna come?” Yoongi growled, his voice almost unintelligible.

    Jin looked the three of them over with hot eyes, but he just said, “I’ll wait up for Joonie and Jiminie. You go have fun.”

    Yoongi grunted in acknowledgement, roughly pulling Tae forward to stumble up the stairs first, still towing Hoseok behind himself. The Beta’s hands pulled at his clothing as they hurriedly climbed the stairs, lifting his shirt hem to fumble at his waistband. They barely made it to the top of the stairs before Yoongi pushed Tae against the wall, the redhead immediately baring his neck, and Yoongi mouthed at his exposed skin. The air filled with Yoongi’s earthy, minty scent, and the Omega’s throaty moans. Hoseok lost his shirt somewhere and pulled off Yoongi’s too, the Alpha never taking his mouth from Tae’s neck. Hoseok carefully maneuvered Tae along the wall, sliding him out from under Yoongi with practiced ease. Yoongi growled lowly in warning, and Tae whined, but Hoseok pulled the Omega into a firm back hug and began walking him backwards to the Omegas’ bedroom, Yoongi obediently following so long as he could keep in contact with Tae.

    As they passed the threshold of the bedroom, Tae surfaced enough to say, “Wait, not in here-” he gasped as Yoongi bit him on a collarbone, “Jimin-”

    “I don’t think Jimin’s going to end up in this bed anyway, Taetae,” Hoseok said as he expertly undid the buttons down Tae’s front from behind. Yoongi growled in agreement, grasping the open front of the Omega’s shirt and ripping it off his shoulders and down his arms, leaving the shirt wrapped around his wrists so that Tae could barely move his arms forward. Tae whined happily.

    “Always did like restriction, didn’t you?” Hoseok said lowly in Tae’s ear, backing them up to the bed.

    “Yeah he likes it,” Yoongi rumbled. “Likes feeling helpless. Just wants to be good for his hyungs, like a good little Omega.” Yoongi fisted his hand in Tae’s red hair and angled his head so that the Alpha could crash his mouth against the Omega’s, swallowing his whimpers.

    “Bed,” Hoseok told Yoongi when his knees hit the edge of the mattress, scooting to one side. Yoongi acknowledged the announcement by releasing Tae’s hair and shoving him backwards onto the bed. Tae did his best to scoot up the bed with his wrists caught up in his shirt underneath his body. Before the Alpha could crawl after him, Hoseok captured Yoongi’s lips in a passionate kiss, which the blond returned fiercely. Hoseok raked his nails down Yoongi’s pale skin, drawing bright red marks that made the Alpha hiss in a mix of pain and pleasure. They were aware of Tae wiggling on the bed, of the Omega slithering out of his trousers and underwear, kicking them off the bed, and of his needy whines as he watched them kiss.

    Hoseok broke away from Yoongi’s mouth to smirk at the Omega, Yoongi kissing and biting along the Beta’s jaw and neck. “Feeling neglected, Pretty?” he taunted.

    They’d first used that pet name when Tae had gotten the contract with YeppeO, and the effect was always immediate. Tae flushed, his knees falling apart and revealing his hard cock, dark against his abdomen. The Omega’s eyes went from wide and begging to narrowed and sultry as he rearranged his body gracefully. He looked long and lean, his back arched attractively, his toes pointed, and his darker skin turning pink all over. His gaze was bold, demanding, as he looked the other two slowly down and back up from under his lashes. He was the picture of seduction.

    Deliberately, Tae slowly licked his lips from one side to the other.

    It did things to Hoseok.

    The Beta broke away from Yoongi and crawled up the bed, his body hovering over the Omega’s, whose look challenged him to do his worst. The first step for Hoseok was capturing that tongue between his teeth and sucking it, making Tae gasp and his back arch. The Beta placed his hands on Tae’s broad shoulders, pinning him to the bed. Hoseok brought his hips down onto Tae’s, and the Omega rutted helplessly, whimpering again encouragingly.

    “Fuck,” Yoongi cursed appreciatively from behind.

    “You like that, Pretty?” Hoseok teased. “You want my cock?”

    “Yes,” Tae demanded with a gasp. “Give it to me.”

    The bed dipped as Yoongi joined them on the bed to one side of their entangled bodies. Yoongi stroked one hand up Hoseok’s spine, ending with one hand gently scruffing Hoseok at the neck. Hoseok shivered at the display of dominance, falling still, and Tae let out a burst of sweetly tart pheromones, the air sweetening at the Omega’s heightened arousal. Yoongi rasped into Hoseok’s ear, loud enough for Tae to hear: “You gonna go first, Hobi? Fuck him open on your cock, leave him nice and wet for me?”

    Hoseok’s hips bucked, and Tae cried out, fingers scrabbling the sheets with his wrists still bound by his shirt sleeves.  

    “Go on,” Yoongi encouraged with a low growl. “Make a mess out of him. Bet he’d look so pretty, his hole dripping with your cum.” Hoseok gasped and rutted continuously against Tae, his dancer’s hips causing the Omega to cry out in pleasure again and again.

    Yoongi tutted mockingly at Tae. “That won’t do,” he said. “You’ll bring Jin-hyung up here with all those noises. Guess I should plug that mouth.” They all knew the room was soundproof, but nobody corrected the Alpha as he released his scruff hold on Hoseok and moved to kneel next to Tae’s head. Freed, Hoseok lifted one of Tae’s legs up onto his shoulder, rubbing his fingers through the copious slick on the Omega’s thighs and ass and teasing the Omega’s twitching entrance. Yoongi pinched Tae’s chin between his thumb and index finger, pulling open his mouth so he could rub the head of his cock against the Omega’s eagerly outstretched tongue.

    “Pretty Tae,” Yoongi rumbled, and thrust shallowly into the Omega’s mouth with a groan. Tae licked and sucked enthusiastically, whimpering around the Alpha’s cock as Hoseok fingered him open carefully. As riled up as they were, Hoseok still took his time to thoroughly stretch him, because they all knew things were likely to get rougher and no one wanted him hurt. Yoongi’s scent lay heavy in the air, obscuring Tae’s sweetness, with hints of Hoseok’s musk.

    Suddenly, Hoseok used his free hand to bring Yoongi’s wrist to his nose, inhaling the lingering scent of honey. His fingers sped up in Tae, and he mumbled, “What do you think Jungkook looks like in bed?”    

    “Hobi,” Yoongi choked, his scent spiking. Tae hummed around the Alpha’s cock, causing him to groan.

    “What?” Hoseok responded. “Are we going to pretend that he isn’t the reason we’re in this state? I think Tae likes the idea.” The Omega’s hole was clenching down on Hoseok’s fingers, and the younger man sucked Yoongi’s cock with a ferocity that had the Alpha gasping and panting, his hips starting to rock uncontrollably.

    “T- Tae, stop,” Yoongi sounded strangled. “I’ll come!”

    Tae popped off with a lewd sound, panting as he said, “Let me smell. Please.” Hoseok leaned over and thrust Yoongi’s wrist into Tae’s face. The Omega moaned, releasing more sweetness in the air.

    “Come on, hyung,” Hoseok said, removing his fingers from Tae and lining up his cock with the Omega’s hole. “Imagine it. Instead of tag-teaming Tae, we could tag-team both of them.” He thrust inside, causing Tae to shout obscenely. Yoongi stared hungrily at Hoseok, and the Beta maintained eye contact as he began to thrust. “They’d look so pretty together, Jungkook and Tae. Remember when they got on the floor after dinner? So cute.”

    Yoongi swallowed hard, a growl building up in his chest.

    “I really wanted to kiss him,” Tae panted. “I’d kiss him so hard, hyungs - ah!” Tae cried out as Hoseok snapped his hips forward sharply.    

    “We would be on either side of them,” Hoseok grunted as he thrust with more vigor. “Take ‘em both from behind while they kissed.”

    “Fuck!” Yoongi growled, his hand encircling the base of his cock in a tight grip to keep himself from coming. He grabbed Hoseok’s wrist and brought it to his nose, inhaling honey and exhaling a thunderous growl. His pale skin flushed red with the strength of his arousal.

    Hoseok couldn’t seem to stop himself anymore, mumbling aloud the fantasy as he went faster and faster. “His skin is so pretty - it’d look so good with Tae’s - all tangled up - already submits so beautifully - imagine in bed - that throat - red collar -” His hips began to stutter as he neared his climax. Yoongi shifted closer so he could go at the Beta’s neck, sucking bruises into his skin, his teeth making Hoseok jolt, and then Hoseok was coming, hard, continuing to thrust as he rode out the orgasm. Yoongi grabbed Hoseok’s hair, turned his head, and kissed him deeply.

    “I love you,” the Alpha whispered vehemently as the Beta’s thrusts slowed and stopped. Spent, Hoseok collapsed like his strings had been cut, and Yoongi helped lay the exhausted man down alongside Tae, who turned his face to Hoseok and kissed him gently. Yoongi wasted no time in lining himself up and thrusting in, his larger cock stretching Tae wider and making sloppy squelching noises with every push and pull. He gripped the Omega by the hips hard enough to leave bruises, pounding into his ass, knowing he wouldn’t last long. Tae thrashed under him, overwhelmed by sensation until Yoongi wrapped a hand around his throat. He didn’t squeeze or apply any pressure, but it made Tae go limp and pliant.

    “Omega - unh ,” Yoongi growled, feeling his knot begin to grow. It was rare outside of a heat or rut, but a faint whiff of honey and strawberries mixed with musk had him swelling rapidly.

    “Ah-! Alpha!” Tae whimpered, canting his hips as much as he could in his eagerness.

    Yoongi grunted, thrust three more times before his knot caught on Tae’s rim, then forced the whole thing in with a muttered “ fuck !” He rocked his hips a few more times until he felt Tae clamp down on his knot and sob loudly with pleasure as he came. Yoongi couldn’t seem to calm his breathing as he pumped his load into Tae, hips jerking with short thrusts, inhaling honey on every breath.

    “Damn,” Hoseok said sleepily. “Think we got it bad for him.”




    Jin worked to calm his heart rate, his body wound tight where he leaned against the wall in the hallway. His mates hadn’t even noticed the door hadn’t closed all the way before they’d begun, and how was Jin supposed to wash dishes when he could hear them, smell them all the way down the stairs? He knew he could have gone in and joined them, had even thought about it several times, but had ultimately remained in the hallway, palming himself through his pants and listening as they toyed with one another.

    He might have a slight voyeurism kink. Maybe.

    Jin pushed himself off the wall and went back downstairs, determined to wait until Namjoon and Jimin got home before he allowed himself to relax. He was too on edge with the stalker threat to Jungkook, and how that extended to his pack, for him to let go until they were all home safe. He finished up the dishes, ignoring his waning arousal, and had just begun to worry about how long it was taking his erstwhile mates to get home, when he heard the front door open and a faint crash.

    Racing to the entryway, heart pounding in his throat, Jin rounded the corner to find Namjoon on the ground on his back facing the open doorway, Jimin straddling his waist with his hands fisted in Namjoon’s shirt, and the door swinging behind them. Jimin bent and kissed Namjoon deeply, pulled away with a giggle, and then looked up to see Jin. He smiled and said, “Hi, hyung!”

    Namjoon tipped his head back to look at Jin upside down. “Hyung,” he said, clearing his throat. “Um…”

    Jin sighed. “Let me guess,” he said, “Jimin jumped you when you unlocked the door, you fell - like always - and ended up on the floor of the entryway. Sound about right?”

    “Yes, hyung,” Namjoon said contritely. Jimin giggled again, unrepentant.

    “Jimin, you know better,” Jin said, coming over to give the Omega a hand getting back on his feet. Jimin bounced up unapologetically, and Jin got a wave of floral scent, extra sweet and strong. “Someone’s excited,” the Beta muttered.

    “I’m not the only one,” Jimin smirked as Namjoon got to his feet and took a little too long to straighten out his clothes. “Hyung, no amount of tugging is going to hide that hard-on,” Jimin said sweetly, and Namjoon blushed.

    “I take it Jungkook got home safely, then?” Jin said, finally shutting the front door.

    “Yep!” Jimin said. He twirled gracefully and murmured happily, “I even kissed him goodbye.”

    Jin gasped loudly, looking at Namjoon for verification. Namjoon said defensively, “Why do you think we’re both so riled up? It was just on the cheek, though.”

    “You brat!” Jin said, swatting at Jimin’s admittedly perfect rear, making the Omega skip away with a grin. Namjoon’s arms crept around Jin from behind, and the Alpha nuzzled him affectionately. Jin hummed in interest and said, “You smell like flowers and honey.”

    “And you smell like sex,” Namjoon whispered in his deep voice.

    Jin flushed. “That would be the others. They were a little excited after Jungkook left.”

Jimin turned to look back at them still standing in the entryway, his head cocked to one side in curiosity.

    “Oh yeah, I smell them all right,” Namjoon said, voice still low as he nosed along Jin’s hairline. “But not just them. You’ve been a little excited, too, haven’t you?”

Jimin watched them and started to grin.

    “Maybe,” Jin said with a soft shiver. All the cravings he’d denied since they had left started to come back to him. Namjoon pressed up against his back, warm and strong.

Jimin approached them, still grinning knowingly.

    “Aw, was hyung lonely?” Jimin asked, lifting a hand to brush at Jin’s hair, cup his cheek, then slide agonizingly slowly down his neck, tracing over the Beta’s small scent gland with a teasing finger. The Omega’s eyes twinkled.

    “Little minx,” Jin breathed.

    “So devious,” Namjoon agreed.

    “Whatcha gonna do about it?” Jimin sang, slowly backing away with a bounce to his step.

    “Your room?” Jin asked, eyes fixed on the sway of Jimin’s hips.

    “My room,” Namjoon agreed firmly, releasing Jin.

    Jimin giggled, turned, and ran for the stairs, knowing his mates’ instincts would make them chase him.

Chapter Text

“How soon is too soon to text?”

    Yugyeom rolled his eyes on the other side of the screen. “I dunno. Text them when you want? Why are you asking me?”

    Jungkook huffed in frustration, settling on his back and lifting the phone over his head. “You’re in a pack. You’ve courted. I don’t know the etiquette for these things.” It’s not like he was impatient to talk to the pack or anything. He just wanted to know. For reference.

    “Didn’t you date as a Beta?” Yugyeom replied. “I distinctly remember you telling me about some girl in high school.”

    “That was when I was a Beta, though,” Jungkook said.


    “Don’t be melodramatic! This is a serious question!”

    “I’m sorry, but did you just call me melodramatic, Drama Queen?” Yugyeom brought his camera close to his face so he could look at Jungkook with one large, judging eye.

    “Yugi~!” Jungkook whined. “Help me~!”

    “Ugh, fine ,” Yugyeom said, moving the camera back to a more reasonable distance. “So, what, they dropped you off last night afterwards, right? Around 10, 11?”

    “Uh, yeah,” Jungkook said. Honestly he had no idea when he got home; he hadn’t exactly checked his phone when he got in, being otherwise occupied.

    “And it’s like… 2:30 now,” Yugyeom said, calculating. “So you can text them… Tomorrow?”

    “Wait a whole day?”

    “Well, you don’t want to seem too desperate, right?” Yugyeom said. “I hear that if you text too soon after a date it makes you look desperate, and that’s a turnoff.”

    “‘You hear’? What, how long did you wait after your first date?” Jungkook asked.

    “Mmmm, I’m probably not the best example.”

    “Why? What did you do, text them two hours later or something?”

    “Well, no,” Yugyeom said. “I didn’t… go home.”

    “What?!” Jungkook said, sitting up on his couch.

    “I stayed the night,” Yugyeom said, softly scratching his scalp in embarrassment.

    “How come I’ve never heard this story?” Jungkook asked. “I’m supposed to be your best friend!”

    Yugyeom covered his eyes. “It’s embarrassing. It’s not as cool as you think.”

    “Now I gotta know.”

    “I hate you,” Yugyeom said, peeking through his fingers to glare at the camera.

    “Spill. The. Tea. Spill. The. Tea,” Jungkook chanted.

    Yugyeom dropped his hand from his face with a sigh. “Ok, so I was still in high school, right? But like, senior year. We went out to a restaurant. The hyungs were all old enough to drink, but they didn’t make me.”

    “I’m sensing a ‘but’ here,” Jungkook prompted.

    “But,” Yugyeom continued, “I felt left out, and I wanted to look cool, so I stole some of Mark-hyung’s while no one was looking.”

    “But you could only steal like, a few gulps without being caught, right?” Jungkook asked, puzzled.

    “But I didn’t do it just once,” Yugyeom admitted ashamedly. “By the time they caught me at it, I was pretty sauced. It was my first time ever drinking. They couldn’t get my address out of me, so Jackson-hyung carried me back to their place and let me sleep on the couch.”

    “Wow,” Jungkook said.

    “Don’t ‘wow’ me, you went into a pheromone high without the Alpha even touching you.”

    “You know there are special circumstances!”

    “‘True mates,’ yadda yadda,” Yugyeom waved a hand dismissively.

    “So how soon did you text them once you finally did go home?” Jungkook said.

    “Um…” Yugyeom thought. “A month?”

    “A month ?!” Jungkook yelped. “How am I supposed to wait a whole month?”

    “Well see, when I got home, my pack wasn’t too happy to learn why I didn’t come home the night before, and they grounded me and took away my phone for a month.”

    “Oh,” Jungkook said. “You really are a crappy example.”

    “Told ya.”

    Jungkook thought about waiting a day, about not seeming too desperate. He certainly didn’t want to scare anyone off by looking too clingy, but he somehow felt like his whole existence was just suspended in midair, just waiting for gravity to pull him back down to the pack. No, that was exaggerating. He wasn’t that needy. It was just the waiting , and Jungkook hated waiting. He was a man of action. He was motivated, talented, and goal-oriented. Waiting was for losers.

    “I guess I can wait a day,” he muttered, trying to sound casual.

    “In the long run, it really doesn’t matter,” Yugyeom said. “If you’re meant to be with them, little details like how soon you texted after the first date won’t make a difference one way or the other.”

    “Thanks, Yugi,” Jungkook said with a little smile. Suddenly his phone buzzed, and a little notification appeared on the screen. “Omygod,” he blurted out.

    “What? What’s wrong?” Yugyeom said.

    “They texted me,” Jungkook reported in a strangled voice.

    “Guess they don’t care about seeming desperate,” Yugyeom said. “You know, you could wait to respond, that’s-”

    “Gotta go!” Jungkook said and hung up the call. He pulled up the message, this time from Namjoon:


Namjoon-hyung: Hi Jungkook-ah

Namjoon-hyung: Just wanted to check in and see if you doing well


    Jungkook typed, deleted, re-typed, deleted, typed something else, partially deleted it, until he could come up with a response:


Jungkook: Yes


    Wait, crap, that wasn’t what he meant to send. Just one word?!


Jungkook: I am doing well. How are you?


    Too polite. Namjoon had called him informally, why was he being so polite?


Jungkook: It’s nice to hear from you, hyung.


    Wait, was that too eager? Should he appear aloof?

    Jungkook’s panic was interrupted by Namjoon’s response.


Namjoon-hyung: I’m glad to hear that.

Namjoon-hyung: I hope you don’t mind me texting you so soon

Namjoon-hyung: Yoongi-hyung says I look desperate if I text too soon after the first date

Namjoon-hyung: He actually took away Tae’s phone last night because Tae wanted to message you at 2 am, and hasn’t given it back yet


    Jungkook chuckled, relaxing back a bit. Suddenly it didn’t seem like such a big deal how long after the first date one texted.


Jungkook: I would’ve been ok with that. I often stay up late on weekends playing video games.

Namjoon-hyung: Pretty sure he was going to ask you to play Overwatch, so

Jungkook: lol

Jungkook: I’m pretty good at that game

Namjoon-hyung: I’ll make sure to tell Tae, then

Namjoon-hyung: Try to keep it on the dl from Jin-hyung, tho

Namjoon-hyung: He’s always worrying Tae’s not getting enough sleep. He steals his power cords

Jungkook: What a monster

Namjoon-hyung: I know. Harsh

Jungkook: He looks so innocent, though. He has pink hair!

Namjoon-hyung: LOL

Namjoon-hyung: Hyung is scary when he’s in parenting mode

Namjoon-hyung: Or when he’s angry

Namjoon-hyung: Sometimes when he’s aroused, too


    Jungkook blushed, his thumbs frozen as he tried to think of a response.


Namjoon-hyung: I

Namjoon-hyung: did not mean to send that

Jungkook: It’s cool. Your secret’s safe with me

Namjoon-hyung: Thanks

Namjoon-hyung: You’re a pretty cool guy

Jungkook: Stop, you’ll make me blush

Namjoon-hyung: But you’re cute when you blush

Namjoon-hyung: Sorry

Namjoon-hyung: Didn’t mean to send that either

Jungkook: It’s ok

Jungkook: You’re cute too

Jungkook: And I meant to send that


Jungkook quivered, his knees drawn up to his chest, waiting for Namjoon’s response. He’d never tried to flirt before, awkward high school encounters aside. He was pretty sure he was flirting with Namjoon, and pretty sure Namjoon was flirting back. He hoped he was doing it right.


Namjoon-hyung: o

Namjoon-hyung: thakns

Jungkook: Are you embarrassed?

Jungkook: You messed up a bit there

Namjoon-hyung: I might be

Namjoon-hyung: Slightly

Jungkook: Cute

Jungkook: Really cute

Jungkook: So cute

Namjoon-hyung: You’ew going to nedd to stop that

Jungkook: What was that?

Jungkook: Couldn’t understand you

Namjoon-hyung: omg youre a brat too

Namjoon-hyung: why god

Namjoon-hyung: Wasn’t Jimin enough?

Jungkook: This is so much fun

Jungkook: I like texting you

Namjoon-hyung: Thanks

Namjoon-hyung: I think

Jungkook: Ttyl?

Namjoon: Ok. Have a good day

Jungkook: You too


Jungkook closed the thread with a smile on his face. That had gone better than he’d expected. He noticed an unread message from Yugyeom, and opened the thread.


Yugi-yum: You hung up on me!

Yugi-yum: Can’t believe you

Yugi-yum: Bros before hoes, man


Jungkook typed his response.


Kookie: You can’t shame me. I just flirted for the first time. I am invincible. I am The Man.

Yugi-yum: Good for you

Yugi-yum: But still

Yugi-yum: I will beat you if you hang up on me again

Kookie: Not that you could before

Kookie: But I’m pretty sure I can jog faster than you can waddle



Yugi-yum: asshole

Kookie: <3

Yugi-yum: <3




    Jungkook arrived to work Monday morning, and yes, he was a little disappointed there wasn’t a dosirak waiting for him. He chided himself - he didn’t need a lunchbox. But still… Jin’s food was just so delicious. Jungkook wasn’t looking forward to cafeteria food again.

    His desk and the area around it had been cleaned thoroughly, which removed any lingering traces of spicy fish cakes, but also made him sneeze repeatedly from the chemicals. He almost wished he hadn’t applied his customary scent blocker that morning: he could have at least covered up some of the harshness with his own scent by scenting his chair. Even if he couldn’t discern his own scent, he could cover up unpleasant scents easily enough. But he knew that it was all for the best: he didn’t want Alphas hovering around and getting in the way, and if the perpetrator was monitoring him, then whoever it was wouldn’t be triggered.

Jungkook received a text message around mid-morning from Namjoon:


Namjoon-hyung: Good morning

Namjoon-hyung: I hope you don’t mind me texting you. I am well aware it goes against company policy (haha) but I don’t want to communicate anything personal over company networks

Namjoon-hyung: Jin-hyung made you a dosirak, and left it with mine and Yoongi-hyung’s at the lobby receptionist’s. He says yours is the one in red. Please feel free to get it anytime.


It was ridiculous how pleased Jungkook was to know that Jin hadn’t given up on feeding him. Jungkook had never realized how nice it was to have someone do that for you, and he understood why it was a popular courtship gift. He responded to Namjoon:


Jungkook: Good morning! Thanks for letting me know. I’ll go get it now

Jungkook: I’ll also make sure to thank Jin-hyung

Jungkook: 😊

Jungkook: Also, I’m pretty sure no one follows that policy…


He made sure to shoot off a text to Jin as promised before going down to the lobby reception. On the counter to one side of the receptionist were several delivery-type packages, and three scarf-wrapped bundles, one in black, one in pink, and one in red.

“Hi, I’m Jeon Jungkook,” he said to the receptionist. “I was told I had a delivery.” He gestured towards the red-wrapped bundle. The receptionist checked Jin’s handwritten note, noted that Jungkook was one of the intended recipients, and verified Jungkook’s identity with his ID. Jungkook also noticed a few security guards posted around the large lobby. He felt weird, that all the extra security measures were because of him, but at the same time, he felt warm and protected.

Once he was back on the elevator with his dosirak, his phone buzzed with a text from Jin.


Jin-hyung: Of course! It makes me happy to do it. I love it when people enjoy my food.

Jin-hyung: I’ll be doing this from now on, to ensure the food isn’t tampered with before it reaches you

Jin-hyung: also, if you wouldn’t mind, could you check in on Yoongi sometime this afternoon and make sure he actually eats his?

Jungkook: No problem, hyung

Jin-hyung: 💖


Jungkook blushed, but sent back “❤️.” What could it hurt?

At lunch, Jungkook found a place outside to sit and soak up some heat from the sun. Autumn was almost over, and the days were getting cold. Jin’s food, bibimbap with gochujang sauce, warmed him from the inside, both with spice and emotionally.

As promised, around two pm, Jungkook pretended to get a service call so he could go up to Yoongi’s studio and check that he had eaten. He waited until the hallway was empty before knocking, conscious of being seen interacting with Yoongi.

Nothing happened.

He knocked again, more loudly this time, hoping no one would come around a corner before Yoongi answered the door.

Still nothing.

He pounded the door one, two, three-

“Who the FUCK do you think you are, fucking bastard - oh. Um. Hi, Jungkook,” Yoongi flung the door open viciously, his speech slurred and furious, but then abruptly softened his voice and dropped his intimidating frown. His white-blond hair was mussed, and there were suspicious creases on his pale cheek.

“Were you sleeping, hyung?” Jungkook asked.

“How do you know I wasn’t working?” Yoongi shot back, gently beckoning Jungkook inside the studio but leaving the door cracked.

“Your recording light wasn’t on, so I knew you weren’t recording,” Jungkook said.

Yoongi nodded.

“Plus, I think you drooled on your chin a little.”

Yoongi slapped a hand to his face and rubbed viciously. “Brat,” he grumbled, no heat in his voice. “Should have led with that.”

    Jungkook smiled. “It’s kinda cute, though,” he said.

    Yoongi looked at him askance, a faint blush lighting up his cheekbones. “Is that what you did to Joonie yesterday? Called him cute?”

    “Why?” Jungkook asked, his smile turning into a smirk. “Was he blushing?”

    “Redder than a lobster,” Yoongi chuckled, his gravelly voice sending a tiny tingle down Jungkook’s spine. “So what brings you here?”

    “Jin-hyung sent me to make sure you ate your food,” Jungkook replied.

    “Food…” Yoongi muttered, his eyes far away. “Hyung sent food…”

    “Did you not know? You can go down to the lobby and get it,” Jungkook said.

    Yoongi began rifling through the detritus under his desk. “No, I went down and got it - or rather, I sent that stupidly tall intern, what’s his name, Sam- Sae- Sanha! That’s his name… Aha !” he exclaimed, and drew out a couple containers and a rumpled black scarf. “I ate it!”

    “You didn’t remember if you’d ate it or not?” Jungkook said, trying not to laugh.

    “Not really,” the Alpha said, scratching his head and messing up his hair even more. “Must have ate it before I passed out. Don’t really remember much before then.” Somewhat alarmed, Jungkook decided that he would check on Yoongi every day from then on to make sure he’d eaten. He understood now why the others hadn’t seemed necessarily surprised when Yoongi had ended up in the hospital.

    Footsteps and loud conversation came through the crack in the door, and Jungkook suddenly remembered that he was supposed to have limited contact with pack members at BigHit. “I should get going,” he said reluctantly. “I just came to check on you.”

    Yoongi looked up at him from beside his desk, his eyes no longer sleepy, but sharp and heavy on Jungkook. He didn’t know how the Alpha did that when he was literally kneeling and Jungkook was standing, but Jungkook could still feel his heart rate pick up and his senses go on high alert - prey response. Yoongi looked him up and down slowly, and rasped, “That’s… probably for the best.”

    It took a force of will to get Jungkook to move his feet, to reach the door, to open it. He bowed stiffly and whispered, “Bye, hyung.”

    Yoongi murmured, “Bye, Jungkook-ah.”

    Jungkook shivered as he walked away, making sure the coast was clear. He was so conflicted! On the one hand, the things Yoongi did to him with just his voice, with his eyes, made Jungkook feel delightfully submissive. Which was weird. With anyone else, he would have hated that. But not with Yoongi, it seemed. Or Namjoon, now that he thought about it. He wouldn’t mind being submissive for Namjoon. The thought made him a little giddy.

    Off-topic, Jungkook.

On the other hand, he was frustrated with himself for not being able to even chat with the Alpha without being affected; he remembered Yoongi asking Saturday night, “Is this going to happen every time?” Jungkook wondered that, too. How was he supposed to get to know them all if he couldn’t get himself under control? At least the Alpha hadn’t touched him just now, or his scent would’ve…

    Jungkook paused mid-step, trying to remember if he’d detected any hints of earthiness or mint in the studio. He couldn’t remember any. That was odd - usually he was so tuned into the Alpha’s scent that it was all he could think about, but his head had stayed clear in the studio. He couldn’t credit the cracked door; barely any air could’ve passed through. Puzzled, he pulled out his phone, moving to one side of the hallway to stay out of the way of any passerby, and sent a text to Yoongi.


Jungkook: Hyung, are you feeling ok?

Yoongi-hyung: Why? You just saw me. I’m fine.

Jungkook: Yeah, but

Jungkook: Um

Yoongi-hyung: Spit it out, pup

Jungkook: I didn’t smell you?

Jungkook: At all?

Yoongi-hyung: Oh that

Yoongi-hyung: Trying to be more diligent with the scent blocker

Yoongi-hyung: Joonie’s always nagging me about it, says it’s unprofessional

Yoongi-hyung: Figured it would help you out, too, so


    Jungkook felt a surge of warmth burst into his chest, roll up to his scalp, and settle down in his toes. He knew enough about Yoongi at this point to understand that he hadn’t worn scent blocker to get Namjoon off his back. The two of them been working together for years, and if Yoongi hadn’t listened to Namjoon before now, he wasn’t going to suddenly obey him out of nowhere. No, Yoongi had done it to help Jungkook. They weren’t even supposed to interact at the office unless for work purposes, but the Alpha had used scent blocker on the off chance he would run into Jungkook. It made him feel giddy inside, and he was still grinning broadly when he got back to his desk.

    “You’re in a good mood,” Jungwoo commented, glancing over from his desk.

    “I, ah, ate outside for lunch,” Jungkook said. “I love weather like this.” Jungwoo and he chatted for a little bit about the cool weather, and it felt good, to be back on comfortable terms with his Beta coworker. Everything seemed so much better, like it was all working out, now that he was in this courtship.

    Who knew?

Chapter Text

Taehyung was bored. It was a Tuesday night, he didn’t have any schedules for the whole day, and as loathe as he was to admit it, there was only so much Overwatch one could play.


Taetae: I’m boooooorrreeddd~

Taetae: Talk to meeeeee~

Jiminie: I’m practicing. Go play Overwatch

Taetae: Already did that

Jiminie: Go bug the hyungs

Taetae: You don’t love me

Taetae: I’m going to shrivel up and die

Taetae: Just like Steve

Jiminie: Don’t bring Steve into this

Taetae: Poor Steve

Taetae: Starved to death

Jiminie: Most cacti don’t live as long when they’re kept indoors. He was probably already dying.

Taetae: Shoved behind a shelf. Forgotten. Slowly dying. He didn’t have any love in his final hours. Just like me.

Jiminie: Dear GOD

Jiminie: Come over then. Just don’t bother me when I’m practicing.

Taetae: Yay! I love you Jiminie!!!

Jiminie: Why do I put up with you?





Taehyung: Hey Jungkook!

Taehyung: You wanna come with me to watch Jiminie practice?

Taehyung: I’ll buy snacks~


    Jungkook tried not to overthink it. He really did. But he couldn’t help but check his hair at least three times, change one white t-shirt for another, and debate between his Timberlands and his tennis shoes (Timberlands won, like usual). You’re just going to watch Jimin practice, he chided himself. It’s not a date. Stop fussing.

    His phone buzzed; Taehyung had arrived. Jungkook grabbed a jacket on the way out and locked up his apartment before heading down. Taehyung was waiting in a maroon Audi that Jungkook was afraid to touch. He wanted to drool, but he also froze, afraid to get so much as fingerprints on it.

Taehyung rolled down the window and called, “You just gonna stand there, or are you getting in?” He wore a black silk shirt, designer jeans, combat boots, and a red suede collar that twinkled in the dim light from the dash. Jungkook felt severely underdressed - was Jimin’s practice such a fancy affair?

    “Aw,” Taehyung said as Jungkook opened the passenger side door. “No red collar tonight? Thought we could match.”

    “Sorry,” Jungkook said. “It’s actually my best friend’s - I was just borrowing it.”

    “Well you need to permanently borrow it,” Taehyung said. “You looked hot in it.”

    Jungkook wondered how someone could be so open without an ounce of shame. He hastily changed the subject. “Does everyone in the pack drive nice cars?” Jungkook said, tenderly sitting on the soft leather seat. In the back seat he saw a plastic bag filled with snacks, just as Taehyung had promised.

    “No,” Taehyung chirped. “Jimin doesn’t drive.” Jungkook gave him a slightly exasperated look, and Taehyung huffed a laugh. “But we have four cars: Namjoon-hyung’s Lexus, Jin-hyung’s BMW, the Mercedes, and this one.”

    “Wow,” Jungkook said. “I got my driver’s license when I was in college, but I couldn’t afford a car.” Not that he really needed one, when he could go pretty much anywhere in Seoul using public transportation.

    “It kinda became necessary when we got to be more high-profile,” Taehyung said, speeding through the streets at a rate that made Jungkook clutch the door handle. “Hobi-hyung could get away with taking a bus, and probably Namjoon-hyung and Yoongi-hyung, but Jin-hyung, Jimin, and I are too recognizable. The Alphas thought it was safer.”

    “Makes sense,” Jungkook said.

    “Anyway, how have you been?” Taehyung asked, and they chatted the rest of the way to the studio. The conversation distracted Jungkook from Taehyung’s assertive driving methods, so he wasn’t too anxious by the time they parked. His scent blocker masked any distress in his scent, so he didn’t worry that Taehyung would pick up on it. Taehyung himself smelled extra sweet, a lot less tart than the previous times Jungkook had met him. He must be in a good mood.

    Taehyung led him inside the building, which had several smaller studios for rent. The other Omega stopped at one of the doors and knocked; Jungkook could hear faint strains of music cut off. Jimin answered the door, sweat in his hair and dampening his sleeveless shirt.

    “Taehyungie, I thought I gave you a key- oh! Hi Jungkook,” Jimin said, raking his hand through his darkened blond hair, sweeping it back from his forehead. His skin glistened, his cheeks and lips reddened by exertion. His shirt revealed curved biceps, muscles could be seen bulging in his thighs under his tiny shorts, and Jimin pulled up the hem of his shirt to wipe his forehead of sweat, giving Jungkook a peek of a strong waistline and cut abs.

    No wonder he could carry me so easily, Jungkook thought faintly. He wasn’t staring. He wasn’t drooling. That would be gross. So hot.

    “Kook-ah?” Taehyung asked with a wide grin, “you ok there?”

    His throat was so dry that when he tried to reply he choked. Coughing, he said, “Fine. I’m fine. Hi Jimin-hyung.” He hoped he wasn’t blushing. Jimin smelled so good. Like a field of flowers in the sun, but richer.

    Luckily, Jimin didn’t seem to notice the source of his distress. “Here, have some water,” Jimin said, beckoning them inside and over to a mini fridge packed with bottles of water. “Taehyung didn’t tell me you were coming along tonight,” Jimin said, glaring at the redhead.

    Jungkook gulped the water and said, “I’m sorry, should I not have come?”

    Jimin waved a hand dismissively. “Don’t worry about it. I invited you last Friday. It’s cool if you wanna come whenever.”

    “Thank you.”

    “Come on, Jungkook,” Taehyung said, leading him over to sit against the mirrored wall. The older man tore into one of the snacks and started eating. “This is the best spot to watch from.” Jimin turned the music back on, some orchestral piece that didn’t sound classical at all - more modern, with dramatic crescendos, interesting syncopation, and deliberate dissonance. Jimin took up position in the center of the floor, and began to dance.

    Jungkook didn’t consider himself a shabby dancer by any stretch. He could keep up with Yugyeom and BamBam whenever they rehearsed their back-up dancing routines. He had the moves when he went to clubs, knew how to work his body.

    But Jimin was another thing entirely.

    The shorter man was so graceful, he looked like he was weightless. His movements were controlled, when he landed jumps he landed softly, and his flexibility simultaneously made Jungkook wince and flush with heat.

    Taehyung nudged him with an elbow and whispered, “He’s gorgeous, isn’t he?”

    Jungkook could only nod in agreement, his tongue stuck to the roof of his mouth. He drank more water. Jimin’s body drew beautiful pictures, smoothly transitioning from one move to the next.

    “I know it’s not supposed to be that kind of dancing,” Tae continued to whisper. “But something about watching him gets me hot. Hey, you’re wearing scent blocker, aren’t you?”

    Jungkook tore his eyes away from the dancer to side-eye Taehyung. Not knowing how to respond to the statement, he answered the question: “No… I usually shower before bed, so it’s still on.”

    Snack abandoned, Taehyung turned his head to meet Jungkook’s eyes, leaned into his personal space, and said with his melodious low voice, “Shame. I like the way you smell.”

    Jungkook blushed. “Are you always like this?” he asked quietly. “You just...say whatever comes to your mind?”

    Taehyung chuckled softly. “Do I make you uncomfortable?”

    Yes. “No…?” Jungkook’s voice raised in a question.

    “I had to hide my true feelings for a long time, Kookie,” Taehyung said, warm eyes never wavering. At the sound of the nickname, Jungkook jolted, an arrow of heat shooting down from his diaphragm to his stomach. “I didn’t get to properly bond with my pack for a long time. Ever since, I haven’t been too keen on hiding how I feel.”

    Jungkook swallowed hard. “I guess,” he said, “that makes sense.”

    Tae smiled at him, and Jungkook tentatively smiled back.

    “What are you saying to him?” Jimin said, pausing mid-step. “He looks scared.”

    “Just how hot you are,” Tae said, turning away to wink at Jimin.

    “Tae!” Jimin scolded, shooting Jungkook a guilty look. “Behave!”

    “Just calling it like it is,” Tae said, unabashed. He stretched out his legs, rolling his body as he shifted in a languid move that drew Jungkook’s attention to his lower back and hips.

    “Leave the poor man alone, or I’ll kick you out.”

    “You can’t - I’m his ride,” Tae grinned mischievously.

    “I’ll make you sit in the hallway, then.”

    Tae zipped his lips, and Jimin resumed dancing. The silence didn’t last long, though. Jungkook had just started falling back under the spell of Jimin’s movements when Taehyung leaned close, his sweet scent washing over Jungkook, and said, “So, how did you think Saturday went? Did you like us?”

    Jungkook got a flashback of jerking off to the pack’s scents after getting home, and cleared his throat. “It was good,” he said, hoping his voice didn’t betray him. “Jin’s food was delicious, as always. And it was nice to get to know you all a little better.”

    Taehyung hummed, his eyes raking up Jungkook’s body. “And the cuddling?”

    “That was…” Jungkook struggled to speak under Tae’s intense attention. “That was nice, too.”

    “Good,” Tae smiled, releasing some of the tension between them with a smile, “I like cuddling. If you join our pack, be prepared for lots of it.”

    Jungkook sighed in relief and returned Taehyung’s smile. “Oh, ok,” he said, trying to wrap his mind around cuddling with the whole pack or with individual members, not just once, but many times. His stomach fluttered, and his brain stuttered on the images his imagination conjured.

    “Can I cuddle you now?” Tae asked right in his ear. His deep voice suddenly so close made Jungkook shiver violently, breaking him out of his daydreams. His eyes darted to Jimin to see if the other Omega had noticed what was happening at the mirrors, but he was concentrated on a particularly complex step sequence.

    Taehyung giggled softly. “Chill, it’s just cuddling. No pressure.”

    Jungkook forced himself to calm down. Tae was right - it was just cuddling. They’d done it three days ago. It wasn’t a big deal. “Ok,” he said softly.

Taehyung’s smile was gleeful as he rearranged the two of them, crawling under Jungkook’s arm to snuggle against his chest, one of his long legs hooked over Jungkook’s and his arms around Jungkook’s waist. His scent, noticeably sweeter than normal, curled over the both of them. Jungkook couldn’t help but hold his breath, trying to keep himself from reacting or slipping into a high. Taehyung rubbed his cheek against Jungkook’s shirt, but then frowned and stopped. He looked up at Jungkook (wow, his eyes are so soft and pretty) and said with a pout, “No fair, your clothes don’t smell like you either.”

    Jungkook breathed carefully. Instead of fresh strawberries, the Omega’s scent smelled more like strawberry shortcake, more sugar than anything. “Sorry. It’s not professional for work, so I wash all my clothes in scent-remover detergent.” He tentatively tightened his arm around the other Omega, proud of his self-control. Maybe he just needed to be desensitized to the pack’s scents to prevent more unintentional pheromone highs.

    Taehyung huffed, snuggling into Jungkook’s hold, and said, “So glad I don’t work in an office. It sounds really boring.”

    “I love working with computers. I don’t get bored,” Jungkook defended softly. He watched Jimin’s fluid movements (he looks like he was born to dance, his body is so hypnotizing) for a few seconds before he asked shyly, “Did you ever want to do something else before you presented? Or did you always want to be a model and act?”

    He felt Taehyung shrug. “Well, I knew I didn’t want to be a farmer. Beyond that, I just knew I liked attention, so auditioning for BigHit made sense. I started off training to be an idol, but when I presented, they decided just modeling and acting would be best, because my voice is ‘too low’ for an Omega’s.”

    Jungkook frowned before he realized it. “Your voice is perfect.”

    “It’s ok, I’m happy being a model and actor, and not an idol. I get more time with my pack this way,” he responded as he smiled up at Jungkook. “I’ll sing for you sometime, though, if you’re a good boy.” He winked.

    Jungkook couldn’t help his blush. “S-sounds good,” he stuttered.

    Both of their attentions were drawn away when the music stopped. They watched Jimin switch the music to something different, and Jungkook startled when he heard a slow, powerful beat that was distinctly hip hop. Jungkook was confused - Jimin was a ballerino, so why would he dance to this music? But he also felt a little... excited? Jimin grinned when he saw Jungkook’s confusion.

    “I’ve cross-trained in multiple styles of dance,” he explained as he strolled back to center. “It helps my musicality, and it keeps my mind and body from getting into a rut.”

    Jungkook nodded, eyes fixed on the dancer. It made sense. He barely noticed Taehyung’s body coiling tight around his, the other Omega’s attention focused on Jimin in anticipation. Before he could think to comment on it, Jimin began to dance, and his mind wiped clean of all conscious thought.

    Jimin the ballerino was gorgeous, elegant, with a perfection that pulled at your heart.

    Jimin dancing to that heavy bass beat was downright sin.

    His body rolled, drawing the eye from his muscled shoulders, down his torso, to his hips, and then his thighs. He moved with a combination of sharp and impactful, then slow and sensuous movements that Jungkook felt like a punch in the gut. Jimin’s hands slid down his chest, his abs, to his waistband, as his hips circled in a slow grind. The Omega’s face was flushed, his plump lips parted slightly, his eyes droopy and unfocused as he concentrated. Jungkook felt Taehyung’s hips move in small, teasing grinds against Jungkook’s hip and thigh, and realized that he himself was growing hard.

    Taehyung spoke suddenly, his voice low and growly, “Every time he does this I want him so bad.”   

    Jungkook couldn’t help it - he gasped softly at the growl, his eyes full of Jimin’s seductive movements and his imagination provoked by Taehyung’s confession. Somehow, Jimin must have heard the gasp, because he looked over to the two of them and saw Tae’s hungry gaze. Instead of blushing like Jungkook expected, Jimin smirked, continuing to dance and keeping eye contact with his packmate.

    Taehyung groaned, a sound that went straight to Jungkook’s half-hard cock. “Tease,” the Omega accused Jimin. His arousal was evident in his scent, sweetness so strong it was cloying.

    “You like it,” Jimin said, his hands wandering over his undulating body. Jungkook wanted Jimin’s hands to be his hands, wanted to touch so badly.

    “You like it, too, right?” Tae asked, sitting up slightly to speak into Jungkook’s ear, his breath hot on Jungkook’s neck, right over his scent gland. Taehyung’s hand rested on Jungkook’s hip, large and hot. Jimin didn’t seem to notice their interaction, pivoting on his heel and flowing into his next moves. “You’re not uncomfortable?” He sounded like he was asking for permission.

    Jungkook shook his head, unable to speak. He was uncomfortable, but not in the way that Taehyung meant. He wanted to shift his hips, rearrange his growing cock in his jeans, but Tae’s leg pinned him down, keeping him from relieving the pressure on his erection. Jimin continued to dance, practicing a staccato set of movements that ended with his hips thrust forward.

    “The things that man can do with his hips, fuck,” Taehyung said, hot eyes on Jimin, and his face flushing with arousal. “Don’t know if I want to take him or have him mount me. He’s not that big, but he knows how to use it.”

    Jungkook could picture it. He swallowed back a whine, and panted for air. Jimin sank into a slut-drop, his knees spread, ass pushed out, and his fingers running along his inner thighs.

    Taehyung growled in Jungkook’s ear, still watching the dancer, “Then again… that ass. So perfect. Just wanna grab fistfuls of it, smack it and watch it jiggle. He makes the prettiest noises, Kookie.”

    “Bathroom!” Jungkook squeaked, launching himself out of Tae’s hold and stumbling from the room. He careened down the hallway in search of a bathroom, or any room, really, where he could sit in quiet and keep himself from coming in his jeans. He found a bathroom and locked himself into a stall, sitting and taking deep breaths. He forced himself to not think of the scenes Taehyung had so vividly planted in his brain. He swiped his hand across his forehead coated in a light sheen of sweat. What’s with Tae tonight? he thought. The other Omega seemed unusually keyed up, and Jungkook’s newfound self-control wasn’t strong enough to resist the riptide of Taehyung’s arousal.

    When he was finally calm enough, his erection gone down and his skin wiped clean of sweat, Jungkook returned to the studio, finding it by following the music. When he came to the door, however, his fragile calm was tested. Jimin and Taehyung were kissing passionately against the mirrors, Taehyung with one hand in Jimin’s hair and one on his hip, and Jimin with both his hands wrapped around Taehyung’s hips to squeeze and fondle the redhead’s ass. Tae panted and whined needily, and the sugary scent of slick was strong enough to hit Jungkook from the doorway. Jungkook stumbled back, ready to give the two some privacy, maybe wait outside in the fresh air, but Jimin noticed him, broke from Taehyung’s lips, and called out, “Wait!”

    Jungkook hovered in the doorway, not sure how much longer he could resist his instincts telling him to join the other two.

    “I’m sorry,” Jimin said, shushing Taehyung’s whines. He firmly tugged the taller Omega’s hands off of himself and held them together by the wrist. “I didn’t think he would be this bad. Taetae’s close to his heat, so he’s extra horny and not shy about it.”

    Oh. Jungkook looked at Taehyung’s flushed face, took in the sweetness in the air, and wanted to kick himself for not understanding the situation sooner.

    “I hope we haven’t offended you,” Jimin continued, leading Taehyung over by his grip on the other Omega’s wrists. Tae seemed more relaxed with his wrists being held.

    “It’s ok,” Jungkook was quick to assure. “I’m not offended.”

    “Sorry not sorry,” Taehyung said with a wink. Jimin used his other hand to smack Tae upside the head, reminding Jungkook of Jin and Yoongi. He smiled at the mental comparison while Tae yelped.

    Tae pouted, “I can’t help it! You’re both really hot!”

    Jimin sighed and looked to Jungkook. “Let’s get you home. I need to take care of him, and I was done with practice anyway.”

    “Aw,” Tae whined, but allowed himself to be led out of the studio.




    Later that night, Jungkook fisted himself in bed, imagining what Jimin was doing right that moment to settle Taehyung. Taehyung obviously felt calmer restrained; would Jimin hold him down himself, or tie him up, his hands above his head, helpless to resist? Or would Jimin get help from a packmate, get someone to hold down the Omega while Jimin stroked Tae’s cock and plugged his hole, giving the redhead the attention and care he so desperately needed?

    Jungkook lifted his shirt up to his face, inhaling Tae’s sweet and needy scent. What if he was the one helping Jimin? He could pin Taehyung. He would wrap his arms around the Omega from behind, run his fingers over his smooth golden skin, tease him as Jimin worked those magical hips. His shirt was saturated in strawberry sweetness so thick Jungkook could almost taste it. In his imagination, he did taste it, had his mouth on Taehyung’s scent gland, licking and biting, making the Omega whimper and release mouthfuls of scent. He growled aloud, imagining Jimin’s cock plunging in and out of Tae’s hole, and came into his fist, careful not to get any on his clothes this time.

    Afterwards, when his shirt had been folded carefully and set aside, when he had cleaned himself up, when he had looked up from washing his hands of cum to confront his flushed face, Jungkook had to wonder: was this going to become a habit?

Chapter Text

[ Jiminie has added Jungkook to Pack Chat ]

[ Jiminie has changed Jungkook to Kookie ]

Jiminie: Good morning, everyone!~

Jiminie: Say hi to Kookie!

Hobi: Good morning Kookie!!!

Jinnie: Good morning everyone. Kook-ah, please don’t judge us by the thread history

Hobi: Says the #1 reason we have drama in the chat

Kookie: Good morning

Jinnie: Moi?

Jiminie: What are you up to this morning, Kookie?

Jinnie: I have no idea what you’re talking about

Hobi: Case in point: responds in French because Korean isn’t good enough, apparently

Kookie: On the train to work. What about you?

Jinnie: The disrespect

Jinnie: See if you get any cake today

Jiminie: I’m about to do some solo practice. Rehearsal starts in another hour, but I’m trying to get ahead so I’m not so far behind after next week

Hobi: Nooooooooo

Hobi: I want caaaaaaakkkee

Jinnie: Too bad

Kookie: Can I have some cake, hyung? What’s the cake for?

Kookie: What’s next week?

Jinnie: Of course you can have some cake, Kook-ah. You can have Hobi’s portion, too.

Jiminie: Next week is Tae & I’s heat week

Jinnie: And it’s for my birthday. We’re going to celebrate over the weekend before the heats hit, but today is the official day, so I wanted cake.

Kookie: Happy birthday!

Jinnie: Thank you!

Hobi: Caaaaaaaaaaaaaake

Hobi: Hyung, please forgive me~

Jiminie: The heat is unfortunately close to Christmas, so I’m trying to make sure the choreographer doesn’t think about replacing me just b/c I’ll miss 3 days of rehearsal

Jiminie: Do I get cake?

Jinnie: Everyone gets cake. Except for Hobi, who hasn’t groveled sufficiently

Kookie: I didn’t realize you would both have your heats at the same time

Hobi: Beautiful Jin

Hobi: Gorgeous King of the Kitchen

Hobi: The Prince of Pastries

Hobi: The only Beta in my heart

Jinnie: Go on

Jiminie: Yeah, we synced years ago

Hobi: Master of Muffins

Joonie: Good morning everyone

Joonie: Muffins?

Jinnie: Joon-ah, you’re interrupting the groveling

Kookie: @Jiminie Does this happen often?

Jiminie: Morning hyung. Jin-hyung’s making cake and won’t let Hobi-hyung have any.

Jiminie: @Kookie Sadly, so often that I don’t even notice anymore

Jinnie: Tattle-tale

Joonie: @Jinnie Why won’t you let Hobi-hyung have any?

Jinnie: It’s my birthday cake, I can do with it as I please

Jinnie: Proceed, @Hobi

Hobi: Baron of Bundt Cakes

Hobi: Emperor of Eclairs

Hobi: Shogun of Choux

Kookie: Nice

Hobi: Thank you

Hobi: Sheikh of Sugar

Hobi: Marquis of Mascarpone

Hobi: Can I please, please, have a some cake?

Hobi: If it pleases your Majesty

Jiminie: @Hobi Did you Google all of those?

Jinnie: You may have some cake @Hobi

Hobi: You bet I did

Hobi: Yayyyyy~!

Joonie: Where’s @Taetae ? He’s usually awake by now

Jiminie: Preheat, remember? We’ll be lucky if he wakes up by noon

Joonie: Right. That reminds me, I’ll probably be staying late the next few days, @Jinnie . Gotta make sure they can handle things while I’m out.

Jinnie: They always do, Joon-ah. This isn’t the first time you’ve been out on heat leave.

Joonie: Still. Don’t wait up, ok?

Hobi: @Joonie You know that’s impossible, right?

Hobi: Jin-hyung can’t sleep until everyone’s home safe

Jiminie: It’s true

Joonie: I will do my best to get home by 11, then.

Kookie: Does everyone take off for Jimin & Tae’s heat?

Jiminie: Of course

Jinnie: Don’t all packs do that? I thought all packs did that

Kookie: I only know one other pack besides this one, and I guess they can’t afford to have everyone off for the whole time

Kookie: Their Omegas aren’t synced, either

Hobi: That must be stressful

Jiminie: @Kookie Is this your best friend’s pack? Yugyeom’s?

Kookie: Yeah

Jinnie: I can’t imagine not being part of the heat week

Joonie: How do their Alphas manage that? I couldn’t possibly go to work knowing my Omegas were suffering

Kookie: I think they take shifts? Like, day shift and night shift?

Jiminie: Damn

Jinnie: I’m not even going to @ you for that. I totally agree.

Hobi: Please tell me they have Betas to help?

Kookie: Yeah, 3, plus the other Omega

Joonie: I still don’t think I could do it

Hobi: Amen

Jinnie: Seconded

Jiminie: And the motion carries! Good, b/c I need all of you there

Jiminie: Gotta go & practice now

Kookie: My stop’s up next, so I gotta go too

Jiminie: Love you, everyone!~

Jinnie: 💖

Hobi: 💚

Joonie: 💜

Jiminie: @Kookie Can I have a heart too?

Kookie: ❤️

Jiminie: Thanks! 😘




    Yoongi rubbed his eyes and refocused on the screen in front of him. He had been working overtime lately, trying to get ready for heat week, so most of his commissions and assignments were completed, but he was still having trouble with his personal tracks. Being a perfectionist, he couldn’t release the mixtape until it was absolutely flawless, but it felt like something was missing. He’d tried different things, even added vocals from idols he’d used before, but it just didn’t sound right.

    He glanced down at his watch and blinked, sure his eyes were fooling him again. He knew he had been working for a long time, but there’s no way it was already ten o’clock. He had taken a break to stretch and use the bathroom around five. Had he really sat at his desk for five hours? That was a new record.

    He slowly stood, his joints popping and cracking and his muscles stiff. It felt like his backside had become one with his chair, and he massaged his butt for a minute to try and get the feeling back. He stretched, and felt like he’d nearly pass out.

    “Time for food,” he mumbled to himself. He shuffled out of his studio towards the nearest break room, ramen clutched in one hand, but then he heard something, and froze. Someone was singing. That shouldn’t have come has a surprise, considering the nature of the business he worked in, but nobody should have been singing on that floor at that time of day, especially on the opposite side of the building from the few studios on the floor. The voice was high, but male, he decided, with a clear sound, even timbre, and fluid flexibility through the notes of the song. Still feeling like a zombie, Yoongi started shuffling in the direction of that voice. He had to know who was singing. He knew every singing voice in BigHit - made it his business to know - but he had not heard this one before.

    He rounded a corner into an open space with low-lying cubicles, ramen still clutched to his chest, and scanned the area with an intense gaze. With the Omegas at home nearing their heats, Yoongi faintly recognized that his own behavior was more primal, and he felt like he was on the hunt, stalking that beautiful voice as he walked past row after row of cubicles. He no longer shuffled, but moved silently, the voice growing louder as he got closer. Unbeknownst to himself, Yoongi began to growl silently, deep in his chest.

    He passed another row of cubicles, and saw a pair of legs in joggers sticking out from underneath a desk. The voice was coming from under that desk, sweet and clear like water. Whoever it was had not noticed him yet, and Yoongi ghosted closer until he was right above the legs. Something about those legs were familiar.

    Yoongi tried to speak, had to swallow down his growl, and tried again: “Jungkook?”

    The legs jerked, the singing cut off with a yelp, and a hand gripped the edge of the desk to lever up the body underneath. Jungkook stuck his head out from under the desk, eyes wide, hair ruffled, and so adorable that Yoongi wanted to growl again. “Hyung?” Jungkook asked.

    “I didn’t know you could sing,” Yoongi said, still standing tall over Jungkook’s crouched form. His Alpha really liked this position, his instincts primed to pounce on the prey he had been hunting.

    Jungkook blushed slightly and said, “I didn’t realize you could hear me. No one else is on this floor, and you’re usually working in your studio.” His eyes were still wide and pretty as they looked up at Yoongi, and his Alpha growled. Jungkook needed to stop looking at him like that or Yoongi might- might-

    Stop it.

    Yoongi took a deep breath, forcing down the growl that rose in his throat, and said, “Dinner time.” He shook the ramen in one hand, drawing Jungkook’s eye. Jungkook frowned slightly at the sight of the ramen, and turned back to look at Yoongi.

    “Hyung, that’s not very healthy,” Jungkook said. He wiggled out from underneath the desk to stand, and Yoongi tried to hide his disappointment - and his desire to push the Omega back down to floor and keep him there. “You should take better care of your health.”

    Jungkook looked worried, and Yoongi was reminded of his trip to the hospital back in October. The younger man had taken to checking up on Yoongi every day to make sure he’d eaten his dosirak. Yoongi wondered if Jin had put him up to it, or if the Omega was checking on him of his own volition. The thought warmed him rather than annoyed him. “Don’t worry about it,” Yoongi assured him, his voice raspy. “I don’t eat ramen all the time. It’s just an emergency stash I keep here at work.”

    “But you’ve been working late this week,” Jungkook argued. “You have the heats coming up soon, and you need all your strength. You need better food. I have leftovers from dinner; I’ll give them to you.” Jungkook gently pushed on Yoongi’s back, urging him to the elevators, and rather than respond aggressively, Yoongi’s instincts seemed perfectly fine - even happy - with Jungkook pushing him around. Yoongi felt himself smile ever so slightly.

    “Kid, are you fussing over me?” he asked amusedly. Turning to look at Jungkook, Yoongi saw his cheeks warm to a soft pink. “You’re acting like a Beta, trying to take care of me like this.”

    Jungkook shrugged in forced nonchalance as they got into the elevator. “I was raised as a Beta,” he defended. “And besides, friends take care of each other all the time. It has nothing to do with dynamic.”

    “Are we friends, then?” Yoongi said, turning to face Jungkook head-on inside the small elevator. Jungkook turned to face him as well, and Yoongi saw Jungkook’s eyes flick right and left, the moment he realized that with Yoongi standing in the middle of the elevator, the Alpha effectively had him against the wall, pinned by his very presence. The Omega’s eyes widened again, his pupils dilated, and Yoongi’s Alpha could swear he heard Jungkook’s pulse pick up speed. Yoongi smirked, just a small curl of his lip, and took a small step forward. Jungkook’s back thumped against the wall of the elevator, his fumbling hands latching onto the handle rail for support. His skin flushed prettily, and his chin twitched to one side, as if he were about to expose his throat. The Omega visibly swallowed, his eyes locked on Yoongi’s face, prey waiting for the predator to strike.


    The elevator dinged, and Yoongi kept his smirk as he turned and strolled off the elevator. Jungkook stumbled off after him, released from Yoongi’s gaze. In his peripherals, Yoongi watched Jungkook compose himself before setting off, leading the way to his desk. The Alpha licked his lips, watching Jungkook move in his thin t-shirt and joggers slung low on his hips, hinting at a slender waist, rounded hips, and a perky butt. He knew he was still smirking, but he couldn’t find it in himself to care.

    “Jungkook, did you get that job done for Park-ssi?” a man called, an Alpha by the looks of him, probably Jungkook’s boss. Yoongi felt his smirk slip, and his Alpha’s hackles rise.

    Calm down. His boss is allowed to talk to him.

    Jeez, heats did crazy things to him.

    “Not yet, Hyo-ssi, but I’m almost done,” Jungkook said as he fetched a to-go container from his desk and locked it back up.

    “You’re the last one,” Hyo responded. “Everyone else finished up a few minutes ago and left.”

    “Don’t wait on me, then,” Jungkook said. “I’ll just finish up that job and head on out after.”

    Hyo’s eyes traced up and down Yoongi’s form, looming in the doorway, and said softer (but not too soft for Yoongi to pick up), “You sure, kid?”

    Yoongi growled before he could stop himself, hastily cutting it off and hoping the others hadn’t heard. His Alpha was furious that another Alpha dared interfere with his Omega, and Yoongi had a hard time separating his instincts from his rational brain. He adopted a stone-faced expression, but from the flash in Hyo’s eyes, Yoongi wasn’t fooling him. Thankfully, Jungkook hadn’t seemed to notice.

    “I’ll be fine,” Jungkook assured. “It won’t take me but five more minutes, and then I’ll be right behind you.” Not giving his boss another chance to argue, Jungkook waved cheerfully and walked back to Yoongi. Yoongi tried not to look smug as he gave Hyo one last glance.

    Mine, not yours.

    Once they were back on the elevator, Yoongi said, “Why don’t you come by my studio once you’re done?”

    Jungkook gave him a wary side-eye. “What for?”

    Yoongi waved a lazy hand, dismissing Jungkook’s worries. “I just want to hear you sing again. I think your voice is perfect fix for a problem I’ve been having.”

    “Wait, you want me to sing on one of your tracks?” Jungkook gaped. “Me?”

    “Don’t act like you don’t know your voice is beautiful.”

    There he went, blushing again. Cute. “You’re very kind, but-”

    “Actually, I’m not,” Yoongi interrupted bluntly. “I have a reputation to maintain; you can’t go around saying I’m kind.”

    “Hyung,” Jungkook said, the slightest hint of a whine in his voice.

    “I’m serious,” Yoongi said. “I think your voice would be perfect for what I have in mind. What will it hurt for you to try?”

    Jungkook sighed. “Ok, hyung. I’ll come to your studio once I’m done.”

    “Good,” Yoongi nodded. “And then I’ll give you a ride home.” When Jungkook looked like he was going to argue, Yoongi just pinned him with another stare and raised one eyebrow, and the younger man snapped his mouth shut.

    “Good boy,” Yoongi rumbled lowly, and enjoyed the shiver that went up the younger man’s back.




    Jungkook held the note for a beat longer, and then fell silent, looking at Yoongi through the glass to see his reaction. Yoongi gave him a thumbs up without looking up from his equipment, and Jungkook was slightly relieved. The Alpha was a bit intense tonight. Jungkook was finding it harder and harder to maintain his composure every time Yoongi looked at him, and he hadn’t even touched him!

    Not that he wanted Yoongi to touch him. Of course not.

    Well, maybe.

    Maybe a lot.

    Yoongi beckoned to him, and Jungkook hung up the headphones before exiting the recording booth into the studio proper. The Alpha looked very pleased, and even through the scent blocker, Jungkook could smell his satisfaction. His pheromones must be in overdrive to leak through the preventative film.

    “You’re perfect,” Yoongi said. “I want you on my tracks.”

    Jungkook spluttered. “Really?”

    In answer, Yoongi played back a portion of Jungkook’s recording, and layered it with his existing track. Yoongi’s voice, aggressive, harsh, passionate, spit the last few bars of his verse, and then Jungkook’s voice came in, and the Omega hardly recognized it. His voice sounded sweet, a poignant counter to the rawness in Yoongi’s voice. It did sound really good. Jungkook gave Yoongi a tentative smile, and Yoongi smiled back so widely his upper gums were visible. Jungkook had never seen the Alpha smile like that, and it made his chest feel fizzy.

    “After heat week, let’s get together and come up with a schedule for you to come record for me,” Yoongi said, gathering a few things together and locking them in his desk. “I want your voice on a few other tracks besides this one, and not just for the chorus. Can you sing fast?”

    “How fast do you mean?” Jungkook asked.

    “As fast as I rap,” Yoongi said. “I want to hear you sing the verse overlaying my rap in at least one track I have in mind.” He stood from his desk and ushered Jungkook to the door to lock up the studio.

    “I don’t think anyone can keep up with your rap,” Jungkook said doubtfully.

    Yoongi waved aside his concerns. “I don’t always go as fast as I did in that track. I’ll play it for you later, and you can practice your speed.” The Alpha seemed confident that Jungkook could do it, and he couldn’t help but feel flattered. Yoongi led him to the elevators, but instead of pushing the downward arrow, he pushed the upward. Yoongi saw his confusion and explained, “I’ve got to drag Namjoon home, or Jin won’t let me rest.”

    Jungkook nodded, and rode up to the second-highest floor with Yoongi. Jungkook was surprised Yoongi didn’t have direct access to the top floor where the executives were, considering he was mates with the CEO, but guessed it was probably due to Namjoon’s sense of fairness. The CEO was the type to treat everyone fairly, so it made sense that he wouldn’t show favoritism in the workplace. They left the elevator and Yoongi rounded the unmanned receptionist’s desk to lift the desk phone and press a button. He waited a second, then said, “Joon-ah, let us up.” There was another pause, during which Yoongi met Jungkook’s eyes with a little smirk, and he repeated, “Yes, I said ‘us.’ Now open the doors.”

    The glass doors blocking the staircase up to the executive suites buzzed as they unlocked, and Yoongi replaced the phone in its cradle before leading Jungkook up. The last time Jungkook had been to Namjoon’s office was to return his shirt after sports day - his first day on the job. What a difference two months had made. The office still looked the same: open and spacious, with the seating area to the left and the bathroom to the right, desk in the middle backlit by floor-to-ceiling windows that glowed with the city’s lights against the night sky. But Jungkook was not the same nervous Omega he had been, scared of losing his hard-won job or of offending the most powerful man in the company. Jungkook walked with confidence now, loose instead of stiffly polite, relaxed instead of anxious. He had seen the CEO of BigHit blush in embarrassment; he had seen him with his pack, relaxed and happy; he had seen him worried but in command at the hospital; had even gotten glimpses of his arousal. He knew both Alphas so much more intimately than he could have ever imagined that first day on the job.

    Namjoon got up from his desk and smiled warmly at Jungkook. “Jungkook-ah, this is a surprise. I didn’t realize it was Thursday,” he said. He extended an arm and gently wrapped Jungkook into a side-hug. He smelled faintly of warm spice, bleeding through his scent blocker.

    “Even I knew it was Thursday,” Yoongi grumbled. “This isn’t a good time to lose track of the days, Joon-ah. Not right before a heat.”

    Namjoon sheepishly scratched the back of his head, slowly releasing Jungkook. He seemed reluctant to let go. “I know,” he sighed. “I’ve just been working so much, the days are starting to run together.”

    “Well, at least there’s only one more weekday, and then you can relax,” Jungkook said. He kind of wanted to hug Namjoon again. It had felt really good to be briefly pressed against his side, chest muscles deceptively firm and defined underneath his button-down. Jungkook found himself rubbing his inner wrists together, a clear sign of wanting to be scented, and made himself stop.

    Namjoon’s eyes flashed in the dim light of the office, flicking up to Jungkook’s eyes. Had he noticed? “Unfortunately, I will likely have to come in Saturday, and maybe Sunday as well, at least for a few hours. There’re a few more things I’ll have to wrap up last minute,” he said.

    “And that’s why I never accepted a promotion,” Yoongi muttered. “Anyway, it’s time to go home, and I thought we could give Jungkook a ride.”

    “Sure!” Namjoon said, looking a bit brighter at the prospect. “It’s so late, I think it should be safe to leave together. Safer than sending you home alone, I’d wager.” Though he still smiled easily, Jungkook noticed how Namjoon seemed to stand a bit taller, shoulders wider, his eyes more alert, and seemed overall more protective as he scanned Jungkook from head to toe. The spice scent intensified slightly, and Jungkook’s inner Omega preened.

    The three of them made their way down to the parking lot, Namjoon’s hand a spot of heat on Jungkook’s lower back. While Yoongi was obviously behaving more primally, the effects of the upcoming heat week seemed to have Namjoon more into physical contact. He had good control of his instincts, but Jungkook couldn’t help but notice how close the Alpha was, always touching him in some way, or at least close enough to touch. Between Yoongi’s intense stares, smirks, and predator-like aura, and Namjoon’s heated touches, gentle smiles, and eyes that seemed to see right through Jungkook, the Omega started to feel a little restless by the time they reached the car.

    Yoongi ceded the front passenger seat to Jungkook, an act of politeness that Jungkook realized was a terrible mistake as soon as he sat down. Yoongi sat behind him, and Jungkook could just feel his gaze, making him shiver. One of these days, Yoongi was actually going to touch him, and Jungkook vibrated at the thought. He clenched his fists, trying to hide his reactions.

    “Are you cold?” Namjoon asked solicitously, watching him tremble, and turned up the heat in the car. Then the Alpha put his hand on Jungkook’s knee and rubbed his hand back and forth, for all appearances trying to warm Jungkook. The Omega was getting warm, all right.

    His hand , his brain shrieked. It’s right there. It’s on my thigh, oh shit -

    The car ride felt like it lasted forever. The potent scents of both Alphas continued to leech past the protective layers of scent blocker, and filled the car with spice and mint, fueled by the blasting heater. It was faint enough for Jungkook to keep his head, but perceptible enough to have a responding heat blossom in his stomach and sink into his hips. Jungkook was simultaneously relieved and disappointed when they finally pulled up to his apartment complex.

    “I’ll walk you up,” Namjoon said, getting out of the car before Jungkook could argue. Not that he really wanted to.

    “I’ll come too,” Yoongi rumbled, making Namjoon look at him in surprise.

    “You,” Namjoon said in disbelief, “want to climb several flights of stairs.”

    “I was hoping to use Kook’s bathroom, if you must know,” Yoongi said, lifting an eyebrow at the other Alpha. “If that’s alright with you?”

    “Ask Jungkook,” Namjoon said, his eyes doing that flashing thing again. “It’s his bathroom.”

    Jungkook watched the back-and-forth between the two Alphas, sensing some sort of underlying meaning that he wasn’t understanding. It took him a moment to realize he should say something, so he stuttered a bit as he said, “Ah, y-yeah, that’s fine.” He beckoned the two Alphas to follow him up the stairs, feeling both of them behind him like fingers tracing down his spine.

    “Your building doesn’t have very much security,” Namjoon murmured behind him as they climbed. “The doors open onto the balcony, and the stairs are exposed too.” He didn’t sound pleased by the fact.

    “This is a quiet neighborhood,” Jungkook said, “and my neighbors are good people.” He knew it wasn’t anywhere close to the level of security at the pack’s apartment, but not everyone could afford that. They made it to Jungkook’s floor and down to his front door, Yoongi trailing behind slightly. Jungkook unlocked the door and hesitated, the other two at his back. He’d never let Alphas into his apartment before. It was his safe-haven, a place to retreat and let his Omega instincts reign freely.

    “It’s ok if you don’t want me to go into your nest,” Yoongi drawled softly on his right. “I can wait until Joon and I get home.”

Jungkook startled to feel a hand at his lower back, and turned left to face Namjoon with wide eyes. “He’s right,” Namjoon said, low and soft. “Don’t force yourself.”

Jungkook turned his head from side to side, taking in their expressions. They both had a measure of hunger in their eyes, smoldering desire leaking through, but Yoongi looked determined and Namjoon gentle. They really would hold back if Jungkook said no.

But Jungkook didn’t want to say no.

“It’s ok,” he said softly, and swung open the door. Immediately, a wave of unadulterated scent, Jungkook’s scent, crashed over them. To Jungkook, it smelled like home, and safe, but he watched the Alphas in his peripheral vision straighten up and breathe deep. Namjoon’s hands flexed by his sides, and Yoongi’s jaw tightened, tendons in his neck standing out.

“Bathroom,” Yoongi growled, and Jungkook backed up against the open door to give him space to pass, pointing a shaky finger at his bathroom along the back wall. The sound of Yoongi’s growl sent a jolt straight from his diaphragm to his groin, and his mouth dropped open, trying to catch his breath. His Omega whimpered as Yoongi vanished inside the bathroom, momentarily forgetting the presence of the other Alpha.

He jerked back to awareness at the soft feeling of fingertips on his cheek, whipping his head back to Namjoon, who was standing close, too close-

“Is this ok?” Namjoon’s voice was a deep whisper. Jungkook didn’t know if he was asking about touching him, or something more, but he nodded anyway. Namjoon’s warm hand cupped his cheek, sliding down until his thumb slipped below Jungkook’s jaw, and gently pushed Jungkook’s head back and to one side. Jungkook immediately let his neck go lax, submitting and baring his throat. Namjoon hummed in approval, a restrained growl in his chest, and moved forward to run his nose along the Omega’s neck. His lips mouthed at Jungkook’s collar, and Jungkook whimpered. The Alpha’s growl increased in volume, yet still quiet and controlled, and he nipped at the skin over the Omega’s scent gland.

This was different. Jungkook wasn’t in a pheromone high, not with both he and Namjoon wearing scent blocker. He could detect the spice of Namjoon’s scent, but the scent of his nest overshadowed everything else. He felt safe, and clear-headed, and good .

“More,” he whispered.

In response, Namjoon’s hand tightened on his jaw, steering him into the perfect angle for a kiss. His other hand thudded into the door at Jungkook’s side, his body pressing close as he pinned Jungkook in place. “Are you sure?” Namjoon growled, mouth hovering a mere couple of inches from Jungkook’s.

“Yes,” Jungkook breathed, meeting Namjoon’s eyes. In the dim light from the hallway and the one lamp he’d left on in his apartment, Namjoon’s irises seemed to flare red just before he pushed forward, lips hungrily devouring Jungkook’s gasp.

It wasn’t Jungkook’s first kiss. Back when he thought he was a Beta, he’d gone on dates, kissed a few people, so he had experience. But it was his first kiss as an Omega, his first kiss with an Alpha as an Omega, and all his past experience paled in comparison. There was fire in the kiss like he’d never felt before, a heat that consumed him from his neck down to his waist, hips, and thighs. His brain noticed that Namjoon tasted faintly like spiced meat, probably from his dinner, his full lips were soft yet firm, and his tongue licked into his mouth with confident deliberation. He could feel Namjoon’s chest and hips pressed against him, the growl resonating in both of their chests now, and Namjoon’s other hand slid down the door to grab his hip. His instincts had him gasping for air in between kisses, his legs wobbling with the need to drop to his knees, and purring from the attention his Omega craved.

“I like that sound,” Namjoon growled against his lips. “Don’t stop.” Jungkook kept purring as the Alpha tugged the neckline of his shirt to one side, nipping and sucking at Jungkook’s collarbones, giving him a necklace of hickeys. He’s doing it low enough that I can cover it up for work , he thought faintly, how thoughtful . He was really struggling now to stay on his feet, the need to drop, to present so strong his body trembled with the desire to submit completely. He’d never presented before, but he wanted to do it now. Jungkook and his Omega were in perfect agreement on that fact.

“What’s this?” a low voice drawled - Yoongi, he’d forgotten about Yoongi. Jungkook struggled to mute his Omega’s cries for Alpha , tried to turn his head to look for Yoongi’s approach, but Namjoon’s hold on his jaw didn’t waver.

“Took you long enough, hyung,” Namjoon murmured, giving the latest hickey one last lick. He was still growling, and Jungkook felt a moment of fear as he heard the other Alpha get closer.

“Ah,” he gasped, trying to speak, to beg them not to fight, to say something, but he couldn’t get the words out.

“Shh,” Yoongi rumbled, and Jungkook felt fingers thread through his hair, Yoongi’s body coming close in his peripheral vision. “Look at you, submitting so beautifully for Namjoon. What a good Omega.”

Jungkook’s mind reeled at the praise, and he felt his fleeting fear dissolve into nothingness. Yoongi and Namjoon were in a pack - of course they would share instead of fighting.

Mmm… his Omega purred. Share me .

“Yes,” Yoongi replied, and Jungkook realized he had spoken aloud. He hardly had a moment to work up a blush before Yoongi said to Namjoon, “Let his head go. I’m going to kiss him.” Namjoon released his hold on Jungkook’s jaw and shuffled to one side to make space for Yoongi, but didn’t stop his task of painting bruises on Jungkook’s collarbones and upper chest. Yoongi’s fingers combed through Jungkook’s hair, over his crown and to the back of his head, where he gently fisted the hair and turned Jungkook to look him in the eyes.

“You cool, kid?” Yoongi checked, his slur worse than usual as he spoke through a growl.

“Yes, Alpha,” Jungkook whispered, voice pleading. “Please.”

Yoongi’s growl ripped through the air and he lunged forward to capture Jungkook’s lips in a searing kiss. He kept one hand fisted in Jungkook’s hair, controlling the kiss, and the other rested on Jungkook’s middle, a spot of fire that raced through his core. Yoongi’s lips were soft, too, but he was more aggressive, biting Jungkook’s lips and raking his tongue with his teeth. Yoongi was finally touching him, and it was everything Jungkook had wanted and more. The smaller Alpha pressed close on one side, while Namjoon kept Jungkook standing with an arm around his other side. Yoongi’s hand slid down his stomach to his abdomen, massaging there tantalizingly. Jungkook didn’t know what he was doing, but the Alpha’s ministrations had him flushing hot in waves, a pleasurable ache settling in his hips and lower spine, and dear God, was he producing slick -

“Hyung,” Namjoon warned, catching Yoongi’s wrist to stop his massaging. Yoongi pulled away from Jungkook’s lips, causing the Omega to whine in protest, and rounded on the other Alpha. Namjoon didn’t back down, and after a moment Yoongi let the tension bleed from his body, turning back to Jungkook to gently say, “Sorry Kook-ah.”

“Wha...?” Jungkook panted, confused as the ache in his bones receded and the heat waves settled back to a steady simmer. His head spun from the intensity of their kisses.

“We should probably go,” Namjoon said reluctantly, eyeing Yoongi. “Jin-hyung will be worried, and we’ve kept you long enough.”

“No!” Jungkook whined, beyond caring about how needy he sounded. “Why? Don’t stop.”

Yoongi loosened his grip in Jungkook’s hair, his hand tracing down to his nape, around his neck, and back up to cup his face. “I’m losing control, Kook-ah,” he rasped. “I don’t want to throw you into a heat because I was careless.” He leaned forward and pressed a lingering kiss to Jungkook’s lips, tongue coming out to swipe one last taste before he visibly forced himself to back away.

“No,” Jungkook whimpered softly, sagging in Namjoon’s hold.

“Come on, Jungkook-ah,” Namjoon said. “Let’s get you inside, ok?” The taller Alpha half-carried Jungkook from the doorway to his bed, setting him down carefully before turning away. Jungkook fumbled, grabbed his wrist, and tugged him back.

“Please don’t leave,” Jungkook panted, knowing he wasn’t being fair. Logically he understood Namjoon was doing the right thing, but his body, his instincts, his Omega all cried out for more, for the Alphas to finish what they started. He felt so submissive . He would go crazy if they left now.

“I’m sorry, but we have to go,” Namjoon said, obviously reluctant. He tried to pull Jungkook’s hand off, but the Omega just clutched on tighter.

“Please, I’ve never- I don’t know- I can’t-” Jungkook didn’t even know what he was trying to say. He was getting so anxious at the thought of the Alphas leaving. They couldn’t leave. They had to stay with him. They weren’t going to abandon him, were they? What did he do wrong? He’d messed up, disappointed them somehow, or else they wouldn’t be leaving. His breaths came faster and faster. Any remaining feelings of arousal were clouded by panic. Unaware, Jungkook began to cry, the sudden drop from lust-fueled endorphins making him lose control.

“Joon?” Yoongi called from the doorway. He sounded like he was in pain.

“I’ve got it, hyung,” Namjoon called back. “Just give me a few minutes.” The Alpha turned his attention back to Jungkook, carefully bringing up his hand to wrap around Jungkook’s throat. Jungkook immediately sagged, his eyes droopy and trusting as he looked up at Namjoon. “Good boy,” Namjoon murmured, wiping away his tears. “You did such a good job. You were so good for us, baby.” Jungkook’s head spun, a feeling of lightheadedness overtaking him as the praise washed through him. He gave Namjoon a wobbly smile, and the Alpha returned it gently. He pushed on Jungkook, and the Omega obediently dropped back onto the bed, hands falling limply to either side. Namjoon kept his light hold on Jungkook’s throat, moving with him so that he was hovering over the prone Omega.

“You submit so well,” Namjoon crooned, taking the edges of the duvet and wrapping them around Jungkook. “Such a good Omega. You made Alpha very happy, you know that?” In a daze, Jungkook nodded slightly, the movement limited by Namjoon’s hand on his throat. He felt warm again. Slowly, Namjoon removed his hand. When Jungkook frowned, Namjoon quickly smoothed the little wrinkle between his brows with a finger and said, “Good boy. I’m going to get you some water, ok? Do you trust Alpha?”

Jungkook felt so light and sleepy. He nodded. “I trust Alpha,” he breathed.

Namjoon gave him another smile, and Jungkook glowed. The Alpha walked over to Jungkook’s kitchen, grabbing a water bottle from the fridge and returning to Jungkook’s side. With an arm under his shoulders, Namjoon lifted Jungkook slightly, holding out the water bottle for Jungkook to drink. Jungkook didn’t realize how thirsty he was until he was chugging the water. Namjoon tugged the bottle from his grasp and commanded softly, “Slow down, baby.”

Jungkook let Namjoon hold the bottle, sipping slowly as ordered, feeling like he could fall asleep any moment. He was exhausted, as if he’d had a long workout at the gym. After he stopped drinking, Namjoon placed the water bottle on his bedside table and drew a small, brightly-wrapped shape from his pocket. He unwrapped it to reveal a chocolate morsel, and the Alpha fed it to a willing Jungkook. The water and sugar seemed to clear his head of any lingering panic, leaving behind a serene calm, and he yawned.

“Better?” Namjoon asked, laying him back down and rearranging his duvet to cover him better.

“Mm-hm,” Jungkook hummed.

“Good night, Jungkook-ah,” Namjoon said, petting his hair softly.

“Good night, Alpha,” Jungkook mumbled, his eyes already closing. He was asleep before he heard the front door close and lock.

Chapter Text

Namjoon-hyung: Good morning, Jungkook-ah

Namjoon-hyung: You probably won’t wake up for a little while yet, but I wanted to check up on you. You dropped pretty fast last night, and we hated to leave you like that.

Namjoon-hyung: Please let me know that you’re ok.




Jungkook: Good morning, hyung

Jungkook: I’m ok. Just a little groggy. Good thing IT comes in late on Fridays.

Namjoon-hyung: Are you sure you’re ok? Nothing off about your scent?

Jungkook: I mean, you can’t really smell your own scent? I’m fine?

Namjoon-hyung: But everything feels normal?

Jungkook: What’s going on hyung

Namjoon-hyung: …

Namjoon-hyung: How much do you remember from last night?

Jungkook: Everything. I wasn’t in a pheromone high. It was all consensual, I swear

Namjoon-hyung: Not that I’m not glad to hear that, but that’s not why I asked. Do you remember when I stopped Yoongi? What he was doing?

Jungkook: Please just spit it out

Namjoon-hyung: The glands that control your Omega reproductive processes are in your abdomen, near your ovaries. Yoongi is particularly skilled in stimulating those glands, which is helpful when Jimin is stuck in a preheat loop and his heat won’t start like it’s supposed to. Stimulating those glands can kick-start a heat.

Jungkook: …

Namjoon-hyung: Jungkook?

Namjoon-hyung: Are you ok?

Namjoon-hyung: I swear he wasn’t doing it on purpose. Yoongi was acting on instinct, and he’s very sorry.

Namjoon-hyung: Jungkook?




Kookie: Are there glands in your abdomen that can make you go into heat?

Yugi-yum: Good morning to you too, Kook. I’m fine, just puking my guts out over here. How’s your day?

Kookie: I’m sorry about your morning sickness, but I really need to know

Yugi-yum: Um yeah I think so

Yugi-yum: My home pack had an Omega that struggled with fertility, and she saw this special massage therapist so her heats would be stronger

Yugi-yum: I was really young tho so I don’t remember a lot

Kookie: Thanks Yugi ❤️

Yugi-yum: Why do you want to know?

Yugi-yum: Kookie?

Yugi-yum: Fine, I need to puke again anyway




Jungkook: I’m sorry, hyung, I was walking to the train, and its dangerous to walk and text

Namjoon-hyung: I thought you didn’t need to come in for another 1.5 hrs?

Jungkook: … Fine I was doing some research

Namjoon-hyung: Verifying what I said?

Jungkook: Maybe

Jungkook: But I feel fine, I promise. I can’t check my scent, but I really don’t feel any differently

Jungkook: My heat’s not due until February anyway

Namjoon-hyung: That’s good to hear. I know Yoongi was really worried about it. I don’t think he fell asleep until dawn.

Jungkook: For what its worth, I don’t regret anything

Jungkook: It was really   nice

Namjoon-hyung: I can practically feel your blush right now

Namjoon-hyung: I don’t think “nice” is quite the word I’d use

Jungkook: I’m not blushing

Namjoon-hyung: Pic or I call bull

Jungkook: No my bedhead is terrible

Namjoon-hyung: Excuses

Jungkook: What word would you use then?

Namjoon-hyung: Instead of “nice”?

Namjoon-hyung: Hot

Namjoon-hyung: Delicious

Namjoon-hyung: Exciting

Namjoon-hyung: Arousing

Namjoon-hyung: Perfect (except the part where we had to leave)

Jungkook: ok ok stop

Namjoon-hyung: Why? You blushing baby?

Jungkook: ejdioekjf[p

Namjoon-hyung: LOL

Namjoon-hyung: I’ll take that as a “yes”

Jungkook: I don’t know what you’re talking about

Namjoon-hyung: Come on, baby, don’t be like that

Jungkook: Aren’t you supposed to be at the office already? Where’s all that work you were complaining about?

Namjoon-hyung: I have time before my next meeting

Namjoon-hyung: Enough time to enjoy making you blush

Jungkook: Clearly Yoongi is not the only horny Alpha in the pack. Keep it in your pants, Mr. CEO

Namjoon-hyung: You want me to stop? I can stop

Namjoon-hyung: I won’t say anything about how cute you looked under me, or how sweetly you moaned when I kissed you

Namjoon-hyung: I won’t say anything about how hot it was when Yoongi made you submit, how beautiful you were with your lips red and swollen from being bitten, a blush on your cheeks, the skin of your chest purpling with my marks

Jungkook: sotp

Namjoon-hyung: I also won’t tell you about how wound up Yoongi was after we left, so aroused that I had to jerk him off in the car while he bit his own arm. It was so hot when he knotted my fist. There was so much cum I think Yoongi’s just going to throw away his pants rather than risk the dry-cleaner’s

Jungkook: god

Namjoon-hyung: Or how when I got home I couldn’t stop thinking about you, so much so that Jin had to help me in the shower. Jin is so pretty when he moans, just like you. What I wouldn’t give to watch the two of you together. Would you let him pin you, baby?

Jungkook: huyng

Namjoon-hyung: But you don’t want me to say any of those things. You want to get ready for work like a good boy.

Jungkook: .

Namjoon-hyung: Go on, baby. You always look so adorable with your tie hanging from under your collar, just like a leash.

Namjoon-hyung: There’s an idea

Jungkook: I’m going to be late to work now because of you

Jungkook: I hope you’re happy

Namjoon-hyung: Why? Got a little problem, baby?

Jungkook: 1. No size jokes, you know Omegas are smaller

Jungkook: 2. Had. Past tense

Jungkook: 3. New problem = no clean pants

Jungkook: Therefore, I will be late to work, and it’s all your fault

Namjoon-hyung: I’m sorry

Jungkook: No you’re not

Namjoon-hyung: No, I’m not really

Jungkook: Go to your meeting, horndog-hyung. I gotta go buy some pants.




Jin-hyung: I heard you’re buying new work clothes. Can I come with?

Jungkook: I was just going to run to E-Mart. I don’t have a lot of time before work.

Jin-hyung: Dear God, no

Jin-hyung: How tall are you?

Jungkook: Hyung, don’t worry about it

Jin-hyung: HEIGHT, young man

Jungkook: 178 cm

Jin-hyung: Weight?

Jungkook: 66 kg

Jin-hyung: How do you feel about silk? Cashmere?

Jungkook: Um, cotton is fine?

Jin-hyung: How comfortable are you with deep V’s?

Jungkook: Hyung I just need pants

Jin-hyung: I’m waiting, pup

Jungkook: Not very

Jin-hyung: Ok, meet me at BigHit in 20. I’ll have clothes for you.

Jin-hyung: Now thank your hyung

Jungkook: Thank you, hyung




    Jungkook stared at himself in the mirror of the CEO’s bathroom, and gulped. “Hyung, I can’t go out there like this.”

    “Nonsense,” Jin said imperiously, smoothing the black silk over Jungkook’s rump and giving him a little smack. Jungkook yelped. “They fit you perfectly. You and Hobi have almost the exact same measurements, and at least Hobi’s style is more understated than Tae’s. I could have shown up with a lot worse, you know.” The Beta took him by the wrist and towed him out of the bathroom, twirling him around so that his backside faced the desk in front of the windows. “Joon-ah, tell him how great his ass looks in these trousers.”

    Jungkook dropped his head in his hands, feeling his skin heat up. There was a clatter, like a pen or something dropping onto the desk, and Namjoon cleared his throat before saying hoarsely, “He can’t go out in those, hyung. He’ll get attacked.”

    Jungkook peeked through his fingers to see Jin’s face as he raised an eyebrow at the Alpha. “I think Jungkook is in the most danger being in this office, especially after last night,” he snipped, and Jungkook blushed anew. Considering the other options Jin had brought with him, Jungkook decided to cut his losses and make his escape before he permanently turned red.

    “I’ll just be going now,” he said weakly. “Thank you, hyung.” He bowed quickly and scurried from the office. At the door, he risked one last glance back at Namjoon. Even from across the large office, Jungkook could see the flash in Namjoon’s eyes, the hunger in his expression even as he smirked and waved goodbye. Jungkook fled before he could get in any more trouble.




    Jungkook ignored yet another wolf whistle as he disembarked from the train, rolling his eyes. Curse these silk pants, and curse Jin for putting him in them, and for good measure, curse Namjoon for making him come in his trousers that morning with his stupid sexy texting. Jungkook could not wait to get home and (carefully) tear the silky things off of him. He knew he would feel so much better when he was in his familiar sweats.

    The day hadn’t been a complete wash. Jungwoo had complimented him in a strictly hey-I-like-your-clothes-where-did-you-get-them kind of way, and Jungkook had made up something about them being a gift from a rich cousin. He had noticed others looking at his pants in the same fashion - mild covetousness and aesthetic interest.

    However, there had been plenty of the other type of looks: hungry, assessing, lusty. Someone had even managed to cop a feel in a crowded hallway, slipping away before Jungkook could throw the molester to the ground. There were no wolf whistles in BigHit, but there were plenty of interested murmurs and private chuckles as he passed by. It made his skin crawl.

    His phone rang just as he exited the turnstyle and made his way out of the station. He looked and saw that it was Jin. “Hi hyung,” he said, trying to keep the annoyance out of his voice. Melodramatics aside, he knew it wasn’t Jin’s fault he was having a hard time.

    “Hey Jungkook,” Jin said, his voice sounding slightly weird. He must be driving and using Bluetooth. “Where are you? I have some more clothes for you.”

    “What?!” Jungkook struggled to tamp down his alarm. “Oh, no, you really don’t have to -”

    “Don’t worry,” Jin assured. “They aren’t more hand-me-downs from Hobi, or Tae, for that matter. I got these especially for you and your pedestrian tastes. And don’t argue with me - I haven’t had this much fun shopping for someone else in a while, and you wouldn’t deny your hyung his fun, would you?”

    So basically I’m a dress-up doll now . He sighed but resigned himself to an evening of bonding with Jin over clothes. It could be fun, he thought optimistically. And it would be nice to have more than one set of work clothes. “I’m just leaving the station,” he replied. “I’m a couple blocks from my house. You want to meet me there?”

    “Sounds perfect!” Jin chirped. “See you in ten.”

    Jungkook hung up, had a brief moment of confusion trying to slip his phone into his pocket before remembering that he couldn’t do that with these pants, snug as they were, and tucked it into his jacket pocket. It didn’t feel very secure there, and Jungkook was distracted as he walked home, trying to make sure his phone didn’t fall out. Therefore, he didn’t notice the cop cars and their flashing lights until he was almost right on top of them. When he finally did notice, he stumbled to a halt, dumbfounded by the scene in front of him.

    Several police vehicles were gathered around his little apartment complex, the way to the stairs blocked with yellow tape. He saw a few of his neighbors gathered at the bottom amongst the curious bystanders, apparently demanding to be let up to their residences while an officer blocked their path. He sidled up to an older Beta widow he recognized from two doors down, clutching her little Shih Tzu to her chest, and asked, “Ahjumma, what’s going on?”

    She turned to look at him and her eyes widened. “Jungkook-ssi!” she exclaimed, and the crowd turned to look at them, look at him . The cop at the bottom of the stairs regarded him and asked, “Are you Jeon Jungkook-ssi who lives in unit 71-B?”

    Fear trickled like cold water down his shoulders and spine, and he shivered. “Yes?”

    “Please come with me, sir.”

    Jungkook followed the cop up the stairs all the way to his floor, and the officer led him down the hall towards his door. Looking ahead, Jungkook noticed what looked like debris scattered on the ground, and there was something bright and angular on his door. A strange scent, a mix of bitter and sweet, hit his nose. When he was close enough to read the spray-painted characters, his stomach clenched and he froze in place.





    And the words continued, scrawled angrily across his door, some on the wall around his door, almost to his window.  Small chunks of his door lay scattered on the ground, ripped from the wood as if by claws. The red paint bled in sinister drips like blood, and Jungkook struggled to breathe.

    The police officer was saying something. Jungkook shook his head, and turned to look at the man. “Pardon,” Jungkook said, “could you please repeat that? I didn’t hear you the first time.”

    The man looked at him with condescending pity and resigned frustration, like he really didn’t want to be talking to Jungkook. “Is your Alpha around?” he asked dismissively. “This must be shocking for you. We can just talk to them.”

    Jungkook bristled. “I don’t have an Alpha, or a mate. This apartment is mine alone. The lease is in my name.”

    “Whoa, calm down, sir,” the cop said, seemingly beleaguered. “No need to get emotional. Just trying to help.”

    Jungkook barely stopped himself from rolling his eyes in exasperation. “Please repeat your earlier question.”

    The cop sighed (Jungkook really didn’t like this guy) and asked, “Do you have any idea who could have done this?” The cop looked him up and down, taking in the fitted silk pants that hugged Jungkook’s curves. “A jealous ex-lover, perhaps? A rejected suitor?”

    “No, I have no idea who could have done this,” Jungkook said through grit teeth, trying not to react to the officer’s obvious prejudice. “But I have been similarly attacked at my workplace, and there is already a police report for those incidents.”

    The cop rolled his eyes - rolled his eyes - and said, “So it has nothing to do with at least two Alpha scents on your door, if not more.”

    Jungkook narrowed his eyes at the cop and hissed, “I don’t like what you’re insinuating, officer .”

    “Right,” the officer said, already turning to the other personnel Jungkook hadn’t noticed before, examining the evidence, taking pictures, and scanning the hallway ceiling for any security cameras (Jungkook could have told them to not waste their time - this building was too old and cheap for such things). “Chae, let’s wrap this up,” the cop said to another officer, a female, who was taking samples of the splinters from his door. Then he turned and walked away, already dismissing Jungkook from his mind.

    Jungkook remembered Yugyeom once telling him that crimes reported by Omegas were usually left to grow cold, their testimony often considered unreliable in court.

    “Excuse me,” Jungkook began angrily. “We’re not done -”

    The cop rounded on him, clearly intending to put Jungkook in his place, but before he could even open his mouth, a commotion at the stairs drew both of their attention. The police officer guarding the stairs stumbled out of Jin’s way, and the Beta marched forward imperiously, looking like he owned the place and daring anyone to challenge his right to be there. He had several shopping bags hanging from his arms, expensive labels and logos branded on the sides, but he dropped them all as he came closer and saw Jungkook’s door.

    “Oh my God, Jungkookie,” he gasped, rushing forward. “What happened? Are you alright?” The Beta touched his shoulders and back, clearly needing confirmation that Jungkook was all in one piece and unharmed.

    “Is this Omega yours, sir?” the officer asked.

    Jin whipped his head to the side to look at the cop like he was the filthiest piece of gutter refuse, lifting his nose and wrinkling it like he smelled something foul. “I beg your pardon?” Jin said, “but I must have heard you wrong. Jungkook does not belong to anyone.”

    “I just meant,” the cop spluttered, “we need to talk to someone about the incident here -”

    “So talk to Jungkook,” Jin said, a king looking down on a particularly slow peasant. “The apartment is his.”

    Jungkook wished he could enjoy the sour look on the cop’s face as Jin knocked him down a few pegs, but he was frustrated that Jin , a Beta, had to the one to put the asshole in his place, not Jungkook himself.

    “Choi, take a walk,” the female cop said suddenly. “I’ve got this.” She waited until her male counterpart had stormed off with a huff before turning her polite yet serious attention onto the two men. “Gentlemen, could we go inside to talk?” she asked politely.

    “Ok,” Jungkook said, and felt along the top of his window to find his spare key, the Alphas having taken Jungkook’s regular house key to lock up the night before. Jungkook had meant to get it back from Namjoon today, but he’d been so frazzled by his wardrobe situation that he’d forgotten. He frowned when he traced the whole top of the molding and his fingers didn’t bump into his key. He looked at Jin and mumbled, “The key is gone.”

    “You leave your key on top of your window?” the cop asked ominously, and Jungkook hastened to explain.

    “My friends used my regular key last night, so I was going to use the spare key to unlock it, but it’s not here. It was here this morning; I used it to lock up before I left.” The key wasn’t there. Someone had a key to his apartment. Suddenly he felt so vulnerable, thinking that whoever had vandalized his apartment with such ferocity now had an open door into his nest. He swallowed a whimper, trying to keep face for the female cop who was at least treating him like a human being. He felt a warm arm wrap around his waist, Jin loosely supporting him without restricting or hiding him. Jungkook leaned into him for a moment in gratitude.

    “Can you call your friends and have them bring your regular key?” the female cop asked. “I will see if we can talk in the landlady’s office. If the assailant has your spare key, I would encourage you to stay at your friends’ place or in a hotel until the locks can be changed.” With that, she walked away to find the landlady, and Jungkook sagged against Jin’s broad shoulders.

    “Oh my God, hyung,” he whined softly, and Jin brought his other hand to the back of Jungkook’s head, holding him close against his neck. Bitter chocolate wafted over his face, temporarily blocking the strange bitter-sweet smell of the hallway. “It’s the stalker. He has a key to my nest. What am I going to do?”

    Jin gently petted him and shushed him. “You’re safe, Jungkook. You know we won’t leave you vulnerable. I’ll call Namjoon right now and have him bring your key, and then we can pack you some bags and get out of here.”

    Jungkook pulled away to look Jin in the eyes, his lashes clumped together with unshed tears. “I can’t stay with the pack, hyung. Not with the heats,” he despaired.

    “What about a hotel?” Jin said, rubbing his back to calm him. “We can set you up in one, a nice one with lots of security. At least until the heats are over.”

    Jungkook shook his head frantically. “I can’t be alone tonight, hyung, I can’t, I don’t feel safe -”

    “Shh,” Jin pulled his head back down to rest on his shoulder. “We’ll think of something, Kookie, don’t worry.” The Beta continued to soothe him with touches as he called Namjoon and informed him of the situation. Jungkook faintly heard Namjoon’s voice rise in alarm and anger before it lowered into something quiet and deadly. He gave Jin some orders with a sharp tone before the line died. “Joonie’s on his way, Kook-ah,” Jin said. “We’ll figure this out together, I promise.”

    What followed was a blur, and Jungkook’s brain gave up trying to keep track. Jin and he were whisked downstairs into the landlady’s tiny office, which was actually her front parlor, and the female officer asked Jungkook about the incidents at work, any working theories, and if he thought the vandalization was done by the same person, accomplices, or was unrelated. Jungkook did his best to answer, but his shocked brain was growing numb with the effort of keeping him functional. Jin silently supported him, letting Jungkook do all the talking, until his phone buzzed and he announced that Namjoon had arrived.

    Namjoon was escorted to the landlady’s by another officer (thankfully Choi was nowhere to be seen), and the Alpha swept into the small parlor like a thunderstorm. Jungkook had never seen the Alpha truly angry before, and it was frightening to behold. His posture was forward and looming, poised for a fight; his hands were clenched at his sides, the rolled up sleeves of his button down revealing bulging muscles and tendons in his forearms; and his pheromones - if he was wearing any scent blocker, Jungkook couldn’t tell, as the Alpha’s rage, protectiveness, and aggression weighed down the air like a wet, prickly blanket. Somehow Namjoon kept his tone civil, but he demanded a summary of what had happened, what the police had asked, and any evidence or theories they had to share. Even the officer, trained as all police were to resist pheromone manipulation, seemed cowed and submissive in Namjoon’s wake.

    “We took scent samples from the door,” she said, lifting four ziplock bags with slips of damp fabric in each one. “The cloth is soaked in a chemical that attracts pheromones and locks them in place for analysis. One we identified as Omega, no doubt Jungkook-ssi’s,” she said with a nod to Jungkook where he was sitting with Jin’s arm wrapped around his shoulder and Namjoon towering above them from behind, a hand on each other their shoulders, “and the other three have been identified as Alpha pheromones. Based on current, ah, company, we can identify this one,” indicating a bag, “as yours, sir.” She looked up at Namjoon with wary eyes, unsure how the volatile Alpha would react.

    Jungkook placed a hand on top of Namjoon’s where it gripped his shoulder, and said, “That makes sense. Namjoon-ssi’s pack is courting me, and last night he and another Alpha escorted me home…” He trailed off in a blush, unsure how to say or even if he wanted to say what had gotten their scents so strongly on the door.

The officer politely did not acknowledge his embarrassment, writing Namjoon’s name in neat characters on the bag, and instead asked, “Could you identify the other Alpha’s scent from one of these samples? It is likely the third and unfamiliar scent belongs to the perpetrator.”

Jungkook swallowed and nodded firmly. Whatever it took to catch the stalker. The officer popped open one of the ziplocks and held it open under Jungkook’s nose so he could breathe deeply. Relief washed over him as he inhaled earthy mint, and he said, “This belongs to the other Alpha in the pack, Min Yoongi.”

The officer dutifully wrote down the characters of Yoongi’s name on the ziplock before reaching for the fourth and final bag. “I would like for all of you to see if you can identify this last one. The attacker may be someone you know.” She opened the bag and held it out, and Jungkook warily leaned over and sniffed. The scent from the hallway upstairs hit him, a sickening mix of bitter and sweet that turned his stomach. Like candy, but not. He met the cop’s eyes and shook his head. “I don’t recognize it.”

Jin tried next, and predictably was unable to identify the scent. Namjoon was last, and he took the longest, inhaling the scent three times with his eyes closed, as if memorizing the scent of a threat, before he opened his eyes and said, “It seems familiar, but I can’t place it. I see hundreds of people every week at my job; it could be anyone.”

“Because the initial incidents took place at your mutual workplace, I would like to request a complete employee roster from you, including anyone fired from the company or let go from training in the last six months, and the names of any other parties that had deals or contracts fall through with your company,” the officer said to Namjoon.

“Of course,” he said grimly. “Whatever I can do to help.”

“One last thing,” the officer said, eyeing Namjoon from his position at Jungkook and Jin’s backs. “If you do come across this scent and the person who belongs to it, I must command you as an officer of the law to take no action against them. Let the law handle this; we don’t need any vigilantes.”

Namjoon’s hand tightened imperceptibly on Jungkook’s shoulder, but he smiled reassuringly at the officer and said, “Of course.” She did not look convinced, but she wisely let the topic drop, and dismissed them, handing her business card to Jungkook before he left. The Omega made sure to thank her sincerely for her help, silently grateful that she had given the card to him and not Namjoon or Jin.

“Come on, Kook-ah,” Jin said as they got to their feet. “Let’s go pack your things and get you out of here.”

The three of them went up to his apartment and Jin gathered his previously-dropped shopping bags as Jungkook unlocked the door. The door stuck slightly, not quite fitting so perfectly in the frame after the beating it had taken, but Jungkook was able to push it open. As he opened the door, the sickening scent from the hallway invaded the scent of his nest, and Jungkook wanted to scream. He felt violated, his stomach churning as the scent of the attacker mingled with the scent of home, and before he knew it he was dashing to the bathroom and vomiting into the toilet.

Cool hands brushed his hair off of his sweaty forehead, and Jin helped him stand back up and rinse his mouth in the sink. Namjoon guarded the door, deliberately pushing out his scent through the scent blocker on his skin to try and mask the penetrating, cloying bitterness from the hallway. Once Jungkook’s stomach was under control, he quickly gathered his necessities and the few sentimental treasures he had into his suitcase. Jin helped him bundle up his bedding and pillow to take with him, figuring he would need the comfort of his own scent wherever he ended up. Before he knew it, they had packed everything they could carry, and they locked up the apartment and left.

As they loaded the bags and bundles into Jin’s car, the sidewalk now clear of onlookers and the police cars gone, Jungkook mumbled, “Where am I supposed to go?” He didn’t speak very loudly, but the other two heard him anyway, and gathered around him quickly. He’d never felt more pathetic in his life, so scared and dependent, but he couldn’t deny how grateful he was for their supportive presence. Namjoon pulled him into a back hug, his firm body like an anchor to reality, while Jin ran soothing hands over his face and arms, rubbing their cheeks together and leaving behind his faint chocolate smell.

“Do you have any family in the city?” Jin asked. “Anyone you could stay with?”

Jungkook shook his head. His parents were back in Busan, and the only other person he felt close enough to…

“My best friend Yugyeom lives not too far away from here,” he said.

“Why don’t you call him?” Namjoon suggested, his deep voice right at Jungkook’s ear making him shudder, a enveloping warmth that saturated Jungkook’s cold body. Jungkook nodded numbly, pulling out his phone and dialing Yugyeom’s number. After two rings, the line picked up, and his best friend’s voice had a brief wave of relief washing over Jungkook.

“Hey Kookie, I was just about to call you,” Yugyeom said. “Youngjae-hyung passed by your place earlier and saw a bunch of cops. Are you home? Do you know what happened?”

“About that,” Jungkook said, his voice still off, weak and numb. “The stalker attacked my apartment.”

“Oh my God!” Yugyeom gasped. “Are you ok? Are you hurt?” In the background, Jungkook could hear other voices raise in response to Yugyeom’s alarm, clearly questioning the source.

“I’m ok,” Jungkook said. “I wasn’t home. But I can’t stay here tonight. I-it smells like them.”

Jungkook heard Yugyeom hush the others on his side of the line, and said, “Of course not! Shit, you must feel terrible! Your nest! Come over here, you can stay in our guest room.”

“Thanks, Yugi,” Jungkook said, too numb to register relief as anything more than exhaustion.

He heard a voice that he thought was Jinyoung’s in the background, and Yugyeom asked, “Do you need a ride? Are you still at your apartment?”

“Don’t worry about it,” Jungkook replied. “A couple of pack members are here, and they’ll give me a ride.”

There was a pause, and then Yugyeom said, “Ok, see you soon then.”

Jungkook finished the call, and allowed Namjoon to guide him to his Lexus, Jin’s BMW too full of Jungkook’s things for him to ride in comfortably. Namjoon kept some sort of physical contact with Jungkook the whole way to Yugyeom’s, and Jungkook allowed himself to be comforted by his touch. He felt too fragile to put up a front, too tired and numb to be the strong independent Omega.

When they pulled up into the guest parking at Yugyeom’s complex, most of his best friend’s pack was there waiting for them, and Jungkook felt a tiny bit of warmth kindle within his cold body to be so welcomed. Before he could even get fully out of the car, Yugyeom was rushing to him, followed closely by BamBam, and both engulfed him in a tight hug.

“You’re alright now, Kookie,” Yugyeom murmured.

“We’ve got you,” BamBam added.

Jungkook let their reassurances wash over him, clinging to their words like water in his hands, wishing that he could make them stick to his bones. Their vanilla and sugar cookie scents usually calmed him, but failed to make him feel better at the moment. He was just too disturbed, having to flee his nest. After a moment, the Omegas became aware of a silent tension near them, and pulled apart to see what was going on.

Jinyoung and Namjoon faced off in front of the cars, lit by the headlights. Namjoon stood in front of his car, as if he had been walking around to Jungkook before he stopped, and Jinyoung stood in front of and between the two cars, midway between Mark and Jackson on the sidewalk and his Omegas at Namjoon’s passenger door. Something in the way Namjoon stood portrayed his lingering aggression from earlier. His fists clenched and loosened slowly, as if he was working on maintaining his calm. His pheromones, weakened by scent blocker but still clearly discernible, reeked of rage and protectiveness. His face was blank, a calm mask, but his eyes were dangerous. Jinyoung’s stance was wary, his posture puffed up and poised in response to the perceived threat from another pack Alpha near his territory. He kept the Omegas in his peripheral vision, looking like he wanted to order Yugyeom and BamBam back to the Betas, who stood apart from but alert to the danger.

“Easy, gentlemen,” Jin said cautiously as he got out of his car. “We’re all here to help Jungkook.” The two Alphas were still frozen, Namjoon clearly wanting to go to Jungkook as his instincts demanded, and Jinyoung just as clearly prepared to keep him away from Yugyeom and BamBam. They were at an impasse, neither one of them able to relax while the other was tense. “Namjoon-ah!” Jin hissed. “You’re not helping!”

Slowly, with great control, Namjoon took one step backwards, but his posture and scent remained the same. Jinyoung acknowledged the other Alpha’s concession by taking one step back to the sidewalk. Although Jinyoung’s shoulders relaxed fractionally, he still tipped up his chin and called to Namjoon, “If you feel that way, why isn’t he staying with you?”

Namjoon’s lip curled in a snarl, but if he was growling, he was doing it quietly enough to be imperceptible. Jungkook admired his control in not rising to Jinyoung’s challenge. Jin hurried to answer, “It’s not safe for Jungkook to stay with us right now. Our Omegas are going into heat.”

A look of understanding passed over Jinyoung’s expression as he looked Namjoon up and down, and he relaxed a little more and took a few steps back. “I see,” he said. “You must be fighting you instincts pretty hard, then. I understand, but please stay away from my Omegas. As a courtesy to you, I’ll wait upstairs.” He nodded tightly to Namjoon and backed away until he reached Mark and Jackson, where he paused to murmur something to them, before finally giving his back to the other Alpha to go inside.

Namjoon’s posture finally relaxed from high alert to just wariness, and Jungkook felt Yugyeom and BamBam take deep breaths in, as if they had been holding their breath during the confrontation. Jin went to Namjoon with the intent to calm him further, and Jungkook rubbed his friends’ backs until their scents lost the sharpness of fear. They finally got to work unloading Jungkook’s things, Yugyeom and BamBam keeping a car between them and Namjoon the whole time, and Mark and Jackson keeping an eye on the Alpha. Jungkook would have helped to carry his own things, but Jin dragged him over to Namjoon and thrust him into the Alpha’s arms, with a “please keep this fool out of trouble, we’ll handle this.”

Namjoon wrapped his strong arms around Jungkook, pulling him close. Jungkook rested his hands on Namjoon’s chest, feeling the vibration of a silent growl, and snuggled into the Alpha’s hold. He didn’t care anymore that he might look weak and in need of protection; Namjoon was warm, and Jungkook felt like he’d been cold forever. He rubbed his nose along Namjoon’s neck, deliberately hitting himself with the Alpha’s spicy scent, craving the light, floaty, safe feeling of a pheromone high.

“This doesn’t feel right,” Namjoon whispered. “My Alpha really doesn’t want to leave you here.” Jungkook just curled tighter into his hold, not sure how to respond. He heard the door to the building swing open and the others’ footsteps as they carried his things inside and to the elevators. Jungkook should have felt exposed, standing out front of his best friend’s apartment complex late at night, someone somewhere in the city with malicious intentions towards him, but he felt sheltered in Namjoon’s arms. Not quite like home, but a shelter, warm and safe.

Eventually the door to the building swung open again, and footsteps approached them. Familiar fingers combed through his hair, and Jin said, “It’s time for you to go up, Jungkook-ah. Mark-ssi and Jackson-ssi are here to escort you.”

Namjoon’s arms tightened around him, but then reluctantly released him. Jungkook wanted argue, wanted to beg Namjoon to pull him close again, but he tried to remember that Namjoon and Jin had two Omegas at home in desperate need of their attention. He didn’t want Jimin or Taehyung to suffer, so he tried to be strong for them. He gave one last lingering look to Jin and Namjoon before turning away and walking to the waiting Betas. He felt like crying, his Omega was crying, but he forced his feet to carry him away from shelter.

Chapter Text

Jungkook lay awake that night, exhausted and numb, but the release of sleep eluded him. It didn’t matter how many times he nested with his blankets from home - he didn’t feel safe enough to sleep.

    After two hours of struggling to make it work, Jungkook gave up and crept over to the room Yugyeom and BamBam shared. He tiptoed to Yugyeom’s bed and gently patted his shoulder. “Yugi,” he whispered.

    “Kookie?” Yugyeom mumbled sleepily.

    “Let me sleep with you,” he pleaded.

    Yugyeom hummed his assent and scooted over to make room for Jungkook, who crawled under the covers and huddled close to his best friend. The presence of another warm body, the soft scent of sleeping Omega, lulled him, and he finally slipped off into a fitful sleep.

    He woke early the next day after only a few hours’ rest, his eyes snapping open as his brain panicked for second, trying to figure out where he was. His nose told him he wasn’t home, that he was in a pack den but not his pack’s den, and it took him a moment to register Yugyeom’s sweet scent, to realize he was in his best friend’s bed. He froze, watching Yugyeom’s sleeping form to make sure he hadn’t woken him up with his panic.

    Yugyeom slept on, oblivious. His sleep shirt was rumpled up, his hand resting on his belly. At four weeks, he wasn’t even showing yet, but Jungkook suddenly become overly conscious of the fragile little life growing there. The pup inside had only known the warmth and safety of his friend’s body. It had no experience with fear as of yet. It had no idea how terrible some people out there were, how its existence was so fragile.

    Unbidden, a vision of his front door, emblazoned with hatred and chunks savagely ripped out, flashed before his eyes, overlaying the image of his sleeping best friend. The drips of red paint became bloody wounds weeping crimson from Yugyeom’s body, great gaping wounds and bruises and a red flood between his legs.

    Jungkook barely made it to the bathroom before he threw up. His skin broke out into a cold sweat, and his body wracked with shudders. Panic clouded his mind, and he struggled to breathe.

    He couldn’t stay here. His very presence put Yugyeom and his pup’s life in danger. He wouldn’t put a target on this pack for that brutal rage to lash out at. He rinsed his mouth, changed into his warmest clothes, threw a few things into a bag, and quietly fled under the bloody dawn.




Yugi-yum: Where are you?

Yugi-yum: I barely remember you getting out of bed. Did something happen?




Yugi-yum: Please just tell me ur safe




6 Missed Calls from Yugi-yum




    “Hello, is this Kim Seokjin-ssi?”

    “Yes. Who may I ask is calling?”

    “This is Yugyeom, Jungkook’s best friend. We met last night?”

    “I remember. How can I help you, Yugyeom-ssi?”

    “Has Jungkook contacted you?”

    “No. Why? Has something happened?”

    “He left this morning before we woke up, and he hasn’t been answering his phone. I’m worried...”

    “Tell me everything. Don’t leave out a single detail.”




    Jungkook wandered the streets of Seoul in a state of low-level panic, functional enough to keep a wary eye on his surroundings, but not enough to calm his frantic, stuttering thoughts.

    He couldn’t stay with the pack - the Omegas were in going into heat. It wasn’t safe for him to be there, and they needed help more than he did.

    He couldn’t stay with Yugyeom and endanger his unborn pup.

    He couldn’t go to Busan - what if the stalker followed him and hurt his parents?

    He didn’t know Jungwoo well enough to ask this heavy a favor of him.

    His feet carried him to places of comfort: his favorite cafe, the library, a park where he’d played with Yugyeom and his pack.

    His fears made him flee any familiar spot, terrified his places of habit were being watched by the stalker, just waiting for a chance to strike again.

    His instincts told him to nest, to find a safe, quiet place and hole up until the coast was clear.

    His anxiety told him no place was safe, that he had to keep moving or the stalker would find him.

    His phone buzzed again, but he ignored it. He knew he wasn’t thinking clearly, but he was sure of one thing: he wasn’t going to endanger anyone else.

    His feet were tired, and his stomach growled. His mouth was dry from fear, his throat dry from thirst. He couldn’t stop moving.

    He didn’t know where he was.

    That was… good.




    “Where do you think you’re going?”

    Jimin looked up guiltily, his face flushed and dewed with sweat. He gave up trying to sneak out behind Jin and turned to face Hoseok, who he’d thought was still upstairs getting dressed. The Beta had his hands on his hips as he glared at the Omega in exasperation.

    “I just want to help,” he said, playing with his fingers. “I thought he might try and go to my dance studio.”

    “Don’t be ridiculous,” Jin huffed from the hallway. “Your heat is almost here. You’re staying home.”

    “I’ve got this, hyung,” Hoseok said, and waved the other Beta to go on. As the front door swung shut, he turned to Jimin and began peeling off his coat and gloves, plucking the beanie from his head.

    “I can hold off the heat, hyung, you know I can,” Jimin said. “I can’t even start half the time without Yoongi-hyung’s help. I can do this.”

    “Jiminie, you have a fever,” Hoseok said firmly, returning Jimin’s cold weather gear to the coat closet. “You need to stay in bed and stay hydrated, not wander the city in the cold smelling like floral aphrodisiac.”

    “I can’t just stay here while Kookie’s missing,” Jimin begged. “What if he’s in danger?”

    “What good would you be if he was in danger?” Hoseok challenged bluntly. “You’re weak as a kitten. You take one step out that door and you’ll have Alphas all over you. We already need to rescue one Omega; don’t make things harder on us.”

    Jimin felt tears prick his eyes and he sniffed. “You don’t have to be so mean,” he mumbled.

    “Yes I do, Minnie,” Hoseok said, gathering the Omega into his arms. “You’re too stubborn; it’s the only way to make you see sense.” The Beta cupped his cheek and gently wiped away the tear that fell from his eye. He leaned forward and kissed Jimin softly before saying, “Please, Jimin. Stay here. Help Tae. Namjoon will be home from work soon, and he’ll need someone to explain the situation to him when he gets here. For all we know, Jungkook may show up on our doorstep any moment. We’re leaving the den in your hands.”

    Jimin nodded worriedly, but squared his shoulders and said, “You can leave it to me, hyung. Just please, be careful. I don’t want any of you getting hurt.” Hoseok reassuringly rubbed his wrists over Jimin’s scent glands, doing his best to calm his mate before he backed away to the door.

    “I’ll check your studio, ok?” Hoseok said. “Call if anything happens.”

    “Be safe,” Jimin said with a sad wave as Hoseok left. It was just him and Tae in the apartment now, and he shivered with a sudden feeling of vulnerability. He put the chain on the door, needing the reassurance, and determinedly marched upstairs to help his mate through the last stages of his preheat.




    The sun was beginning to set, but Yoongi didn’t slow his steps. He didn’t know what he looked like to others, but people hastily stepped out of his way, and crowds parted for him to stride through. On some level, he knew that his hormones were heightened in preparation for the Omegas’ heats, and that was probably affecting everything from his scent to his posture, but he was too far gone in his instincts to care.

    Yoongi didn’t usually like to bring it up, but his instincts were stronger than the average Alpha’s. He played it off as being a grumpy introvert, but very few people knew the complete extent of his… savagery. Psychiatrists had tried to explain it to his parents when he was younger, saying Yoongi’s instincts were much closer to the Alphas of old, the ones who could actually take the form of a wolf. In today’s modern society, Yoongi always felt like a wild animal in a cage, like he was straining to maintain his civility, and it exhausted him. But rarely, his elevated instincts worked in his favor, like right now.

    Yoongi was tracking Jungkook.

    He didn’t really know if it was the Omega’s scent he was tracking, or something else, maybe the phantom bond that had gotten him into so much trouble back in October. He just knew that he was tracking something that was distinctly Jungkook, and he had to keep moving before the trail went cold. He ignored his tired body and pressed on, driven by his inner Alpha who hunted through the city for his missing packmate.

    The sky darkened, and something told Yoongi that he was gaining on the Omega. He quickened his steps, sensing his prey’s distress and growing weakness. Jungkook’s trail seemed...wobbly. Yoongi frowned.

    Yes, the sense of Jungkook was getting stronger. He didn’t think he was imaging Jungkook’s honey scent in the air, though the scent was sour with anxiety, brittle with fear. Several other scents overlaid it, scents that Yoongi’s instincts interpreted as “Alpha” and “arousal.” His rational brain took a back seat as his Alpha took control. From a distance, he watched as he started to growl, a snarl curling his lip. People on the sidewalks leaped out of his way now.

    There was a commotion up ahead. People walked past the alley’s mouth nonchalantly, either oblivious to or ignoring whatever was happening, but Yoongi’s sharpened hearing picked up grunts, cries, thuds, yelps, and clangs. He ran with the lithe lope of a wolf, barely sliding to a halt at the end of the alley to survey the scene.

    Jungkook was here in the alley somewhere, but so were four, no five, other men. The fifth man was on the ground, screaming and holding his hands to his eyes. His face was scratched with deep gouges. Another man had similar marks on his face, and clutched his bloody lip. Two men held a wildly struggling form between them as the last man faced them. Yoongi’s eyes zeroed in on Jungkook’s terrified expression, and his Alpha growled threatening, thunderous in the tight space of the alley.

    The man facing Jungkook had a hand outstretched, as if to grab Jungkook’s face, but he turned his attention away to confront Yoongi at the sound of his growl. “This bitch yours -?”

His call cut off with a scream as Jungkook lunged forward and sank his teeth into the man’s outstretched hand hard enough to bleed. As Yoongi stalked forward, he saw the blood in Jungkook’s teeth, dripping around his mouth, and underneath the Omega’s fingernails; clear fluid dripped thickly from the first two fingers of his left hand. The men holding Jungkook slammed him against the wall in an attempt to weaken his bite, and the man in front of him ripped his hand free and lifted it to backhand the Omega.

Time slowed down.

    Yoongi’s rational brain whispered to his Alpha: Don’t kill them.

    Then he let the wolf take over.




    Jungkook’s tongue tasted blood, and he felt tiny shreds of bloody skin caught in between his teeth. His arms and back were bruised. His left hand felt disgusting, and he shuddered as he tried to force down the memory of the pop-

    He wretched.

    He slid down the alley wall until his ass hit the ground, and he stayed there.

    The hands were gone. The hands, touching him all over, groping, rough, stop -

He smelled Yoongi.

He heard screaming, and then, he didn’t.

    A warm, sticky hand patted his cheek. A familiar voice growled, “You with me, kid?”

    Jungkook thought about nodding.

    He didn’t nod. Why was it so hard to nod?

    “Jungkook?” Yoongi’s face was spotted with blood, small drips pinkening his pale hair. His bloody hand patted him again. “Come on, kid, we gotta go. We can’t be here when the police arrive.” Yoongi was almost unintelligible through his growl.

    Ok, Jungkook thought. He pictured rising to his feet, walking away.

He didn’t move.

    Yoongi’s head whipped towards the mouth of the alley, and he yanked his hood over his bright hair. He turned back and rumbled, “Don’t make me do this.”

    Jungkook stared back at him trustingly. Pleadingly.

    “Omega, stand up.

    Jungkook stood up despite his protesting muscles and joints. The world swayed.

    There was so much red.

    “Follow me.

    Jungkook followed Yoongi out of the alley, past the horrified onlookers, and down the street. His feet twinged in pain.

    “Keep up.

    Jungkook stumbled into a jog behind Yoongi, focused on the pavement under his feet and keeping close to Yoongi’s trainers. His battered body protested every movement, but he kept going. He didn’t know how long they ran, or how far. He never heard sirens, and no one stopped them.

    “Stop running. You can rest.”

    Jungkook dropped to his knees, gasping for air. He braced his hands on the sidewalk in front of him, and his arms trembled with the strain of holding himself up.

    “I found him,” Yoongi said, and Jungkook perceived that the Alpha was on the phone. “We’re in Dongdaemun-gu, in Imun-dong. He was following the river.” A pause. “I can get him to Sinimun, but I don’t think that’s a good idea. Things got a little… messy.” Another pause. “I’ll explain later. How fast can you get here?” Another pause. “We’ll lay low until he gets here, then.” Yoongi ended the call and leaned over to rest a light hand on Jungkook’s shoulder.

    “Namjoon is the closest to us, so he’s on his way. The others will meet us back at the den. Let’s get off the street, ok?” Yoongi still growled faintly, but his voice was gentle and his expression soft as he looked down at Jungkook. It looked odd with blood on his face. Jungkook opened his mouth to agree, to comply, but nothing came out, his mind blank of words. He tried to get his feet under him again, but they weren’t cooperating. He whimpered, the first sound he’d made since the alley.

    “Shh, I got you,” Yoongi rumbled, and swept Jungkook up into his arms. With his Alpha strength, he carried Jungkook into the recessed doorway of a small office building, locked up for the night. He sat and gathered Jungkook into his lap, gently pushing the Omega’s head down onto his shoulder. The Alpha’s jacket was stiff with blood, but Jungkook let himself sag against Yoongi’s shoulder anyway. He rested there, cradled in the arms of his monster of an Alpha, and let himself drift.

    There was the sound of tires on pavement, a car door opening, and rapid heavy footsteps approaching them. He smelled spice over the tang of blood and Yoongi’s raw earthiness, and Namjoon growled, “What the hell, hyung?”

    “Not now,” Yoongi warned. “Let’s get him home. He’s in shock.”

    Namjoon took on Jungkook’s dead weight so that Yoongi could stand, and helped settle him in the back seat of the Lexus. Blood smeared on the leather. Jungkook should apologize. He didn’t make a sound. He slumped limp and unmoving as Yoongi buckled him in and climbed in on the other side of the car to support him. Namjoon got behind the wheel again and drove them home, his movements jerky and more aggressive than usual. Jungkook was aware of Yoongi rapidly sending text messages, swiping his thumbs on a clean patch of his clothing so he’d stop leaving red smears on his phone screen.

    They arrived at the pack’s apartment building. Jungkook should protest; he was supposed to be protesting, but he couldn’t remember why. Yoongi helped him out of the car, and Namjoon threw a large blanket from the trunk around their shoulders to hide the worst of the blood from the guard at the front desk. Namjoon hurriedly herded them into the elevators, up to their floor, and into the apartment.

    Gasps. Voices tumbled over each other.

    “Oh my God-”

    “What happ-”

    “Hurry! Shut the door to the Omegas’ room!”

    Jungkook lost the remaining strength in his legs, but Yoongi smoothly scooped him up and carried him into the living room. Jin took the large blanket, fallen at the door, and spread it over the couch so that Yoongi could set Jungkook down without blood getting on the upholstery.

    “Namjoon, go up,” Jin said urgently. “Tae started half an hour ago, and his fever’s climbing.” Namjoon opened his mouth to argue, but Jin cut him off. “We can take care of this, so go take care of your Omega!” Namjoon growled but obeyed, passing Hoseok on his way back down from closing the Omegas’ bedroom door.

    “Hobi, can you bring me a large bowl of water and a towel?” Jin asked, easing Jungkook out of his filthy coat. “We need to get rid of the blood before the scent reaches Tae.” Hoseok rushed off to the kitchen, and Yoongi began stripping out of his bloody clothes right there in the living room. Jungkook should have been embarrassed. He didn’t react.

    Hoseok returned with a bowl of soapy water and a couple hand towels, starting to work on Jungkook’s face while Jin continued to divest him of his layers. Jungkook tried to help, or at least be helpful as the Betas worked, but his mind was blank and his body unresponsive. Before he knew it, he was in his boxers, even his collar removed, and his skin was scrubbed free of blood and grime. Hoseok went into the kitchen with Yoongi to help him clean up, while Jin fetched a mini manicure set and cleaned underneath Jungkook’s nails. He shuddered as thick globs were scraped out and smeared on a handy tissue.

    “Can you tell me what happened, Kook-ah?” Jin asked gently. His fingers were delicate on Jungkook’s, working meticulously. Jungkook watched his nails resume their normal pink color, and tried to think of words. A tear trailed down his cheek.

    “It’s ok, baby,” Jin said, wrapping him a brief hug. “You don’t need to talk. You’re safe now. We’ve got you.”

    Jungkook sniffed.

But are you safe?

    Yoongi and Hoseok emerged from the kitchen, Hoseok carrying a black trash bag in one hand and Yoongi down to his boxers as well. Yoongi felt through Jungkook’s clothes, pulling out his wallet, his keys, and his phone before dumping the clothes into the trash bag. Once all the clothes were in the bag, Hoseok tied it closed and left out the front door. Yoongi lingered, fingering through Jungkook’s hair.

    “He’ll need a shower, too, hyung,” Yoongi said. “There’s blood in his hair.”

    “What happened?” Jin asked. “Both of you look like you were in a war zone, and Jungkook is bruised on his back, arms, and wrists.”

    “When I found Jungkook,” Yoongi said, “he was being attacked by a group of men.”

    Jin gasped softly. “Hired by the stalker?”

    “I don’t think so,” Yoongi shook his head. “I think it was just incidental. A group of bastards targeting a lone, lost Omega.”

    “Despicable,” Jin hissed, smoothing Jungkook’s fingers where they rested on his thighs.

    “They won’t be doing that again,” Yoongi promised grimly, and Jin shot him a look of alarm.

    “Yoongs, you didn’t,” the Beta breathed.

    “Relax, hyung,” Yoongi said, sitting down on the arm of the couch. “They were alive when I left.”

    “For how much longer?” Jin muttered ominously.

    Yoongi paused. “I’m sure the paramedics got there in time.”

     Jin sighed and turned his attention back to Jungkook. Jin brushed the hair from his forehead and looked at him in concern while he asked Yoongi, “Did he say anything about why he left his friend’s?”

    Jungkook shivered.

    Yoongi moved to sit on the couch properly and pulled Jungkook into his lap so he could wrap his arms around him for warmth. “Can we get him a clean blanket?” Yoongi asked. “He hasn’t said a word since I found him, has hardly made a sound. He put up a good fight against his attackers, though. I think he might have taken one of their eyes.”


    Jungkook heaved, but he had nothing left in his stomach. Yoongi rushed to support him, while Jin ran back to the kitchen to grab the now-empty bowl they’d used to wash up. Jungkook coughed, his throat on fire and his gut violently cramping. He heard Yoongi mutter, “Sorry, Kook-ah.”

    “Forget the blanket,” Jin said. “Let’s get him in the shower and in bed. He’s had enough for today.”

     Between the two of them, they got Jungkook up the stairs and to the bedroom at the end of the hallway. It smelled like them; it must have been their room. They set Jungkook down on the toilet lid in the ensuite bathroom while Jin turned on the water and Yoongi prepared towels. He felt he should have been embarrassed when Jin stripped, when Yoongi dropped his boxers to the floor, or when his own boxers were gently tugged off, but he couldn’t find it within him. The two men kept their touches innocent and soft as they took turns supporting him and washing him. Jungkook felt the first hint of himself again as he tilted his head back and let his eyes close, enjoying the feeling of Jin’s fingers lathering shampoo into his matted hair.

    “Good boy,” Jin whispered, barely louder than the hiss of the water. Yoongi held him firmly around the waist, and Jungkook let himself feel safe for the first time.

    Jin helped him out the shower while Yoongi stayed in to clean himself, Jin sitting him on the toilet seat again so he could towel him off. Jin produced some sleepwear that smelled of his own chocolate scent, dressed Jungkook, and helped him brush his teeth. His mouth foamed pink; he averted his eyes from the mirror. He felt naked without a collar on. By the time Yoongi was getting out of the shower, Jin was tugging Jungkook to one of the beds in the connecting bedroom. Jungkook stumbled and walked in baby steps, but at least he was walking on his own. Jin pulled back the covers and helped Jungkook climb inside sheets rich with the scent of earth and mint, but when the Beta turned to go to his own bed, Jungkook’s hand shot out and grabbed his wrist. He still couldn’t speak, couldn’t find words, but he looked at Jin pleadingly.

    Don’t leave me alone.

    “Ok, baby,” Jin murmured. “I’ll stay.” The Beta went around to the other side of the bed and settled in, facing Jungkook while the Omega lay on his back. He placed a warm hand on Jungkook’s chest and rubbed soothingly.

    A few moments later, Yoongi climbed in behind Jungkook, gathering the pliant Omega to his body hot from the shower. Jungkook let his eyes close, lulled by the warm bodies flanking him and scents that reminded him of home.

    “When do you spell Namjoon?” Jin whispered.

    “I’ll take over in the morning,” Yoongi whispered back.

    “Do you need my help?”

    “If it’s just Tae, I can handle him alone. Stay with Jungkook.”

    A pause.

    “How are we going to do this?”

    “I don’t know, hyung. We’ll just have to figure it out.”

    Jungkook fell asleep to the sound of their whispers.

Chapter Text

    Taehyung woke from his troubled doze when he felt the heat rise in his body again. He gasped and panted as the fire roamed under his skin. His hips and waist ached, and he felt so empty. He had a desperate need to be held, to be pressed, to be filled. He whimpered, reaching out blindly. He needed his Alphas. Alpha!

    “It’s ok, Tae,” Jimin said, brushing his sweaty hair off of his forehead. “Alpha’s on his way.”

“Alpha,” he croaked. His head tossed side to side, restless and frantic. His trembling fingers raked the damp sheets, and his legs twitched and kicked. The fire raged in his body. He couldn’t contain it. He couldn’t hold it. It needed out; it needed to be quenched. His abdomen cramped, and his ever-hard cock weeped. He thrashed.

Jimin tried to hold him like he needed, but he was weakened by fever himself, and could only manage Taehyung’s wrists. Tae felt a momentary flash of relief as his wrists were pressed into the bed, settling down for a few seconds at the reassuring grip. The ache in his hips intensified, the cramping spread to his stomach, but he found comfort in the feeling of being held, of someone stronger being in charge when he felt so out of control.

It didn’t last, however. He needed more. His body cried out for satisfaction, and the fever raged. Wrists held still, his long legs kicked and pushed at the bedding. He whined louder, his Omega crying out for his Alphas. Tears clouded his vision, and he sobbed in pain and frustration.

“Thank God,” Jimin said. The door opened and closed, and a tall figure approached, a tsunami of spice in his wake. His Alpha smelled so good - so strong and dominant. The bed dipped, and cool hands gripped his thighs, roughly pushing them down and ceasing his writhing. A rumbling, deep growl made him shiver and his stomach muscles unclench.

Alpha ,” he sighed through his tears.

Namjoon’s mouth was at his neck, his teeth closing on the fragile skin of his throat. Taehyung could feel the force of the Alpha’s growl in his windpipe. The Omega immediately went limp, all the tension in his body cut as a surge of endorphins clouded his mind in a soft haze. His Alpha let out a pleased rumble, and sucked and licked bruises onto his throat. Taehyung’s legs wanted to spread for his Alpha, but Namjoon still had his thighs in his grasp, and the Omega was content for the moment.

“How long has he been spiking?” Namjoon asked lowly.

“About half an hour, but it’s been worse the last ten minutes,” Jimin said. “He’s worse than usual. It’s like he feels insecure, like it’s his first heat. He won’t settle.”

Namjoon paused to take that in before resuming his ministrations to Taehyung’s neck and shoulders. “How are you holding up?”

“I’m fine,” Jimin said, clearly exhausted. “Just focus on Tae.”

“Minnie,” Namjoon growled threateningly. Tae immediately tilted his head back and to one side underneath him. Namjoon noticed, and whispered to him, “Good boy.”

“I swear I’m ok,” Jimin said, his head twitching to the side as well. “I don’t want to start until Tae is having his normal cycles. I can wait.”

“Just hold his wrists, then,” Namjoon ordered, his hands beginning to slide up Taehyung’s thighs while maintaining pressure. “Hobi should be back soon to spell you. Rest, and let me do the work.”

Jimin shifted himself and the limp Omega until he held Taehyung cradled between his legs, the taller man’s torso resting on his chest and stomach. He gathered Taehyung’s wrists in his opposite hands and pulled until Taehyung’s arms were drawn tightly across his middle. The Omega didn’t struggle, and let himself be straight-jacketed. Namjoon lowered himself so that his body weight pinned Taehyung, and grinded his erection against the Omega’s hard cock.

Ah !” Taehyung gasped. “ Yes , Alpha.”

“I’ve got you, baby,” Namjoon said. “I’m going to fill you up nice and good.” The Alpha’s mouth claimed Tae’s, teeth sharp on his lips and tongue, thrusting his tongue inside and swallowing Tae’s moans. The Omega tried to cant his hips upward, increase the friction on his erection and present himself for Namjoon, but he was weak from the fever, dazed by endorphins, and Namjoon’s body was so heavy, so strong, a relentless weight on top of him that simultaneously relieved Taehyung’s restlessness and frustrated his growing lust. The fire under his skin transformed into arousal, and his whole body was sensitive, every part of him an erogenous zone.

Namjoon licked and nibbled his way down Taehyung’s jaw, swiping a hot tongue in his ear and tugging his earlobe with his teeth. Tae shuddered at the sensation, gasping. Namjoon’s firm hands roamed his body, grasping his hips, squeezing up his waist, running down his abs, and smoothing the Omega’s soft, thin pubic fuzz. The older man rolled his hips down continuously, sending wave after wave of pleasure flooding through Taehyung’s body.

“Please,” Taehyung sobbed. He begged for release, for the one thing that would beat back the flames within. His cries of desperation switched to delight when he felt Namjoon’s hand slide up his thigh and in between his legs, long fingers rubbing through the liquid there and teasing his entrance. The sugary sweet scent of his slick mingled with the spice of Namjoon’s pheromones in a delicious combination. Taehyung could feel Jimin’s erection on his back, his own sweet florals blending in the air. Just as he pushed one finger inside, Namjoon leaned over and kissed Jimin over Taehyung’s shoulder. Taehyung burned at the sound of the sloppy smacks, and did his best to grind down on the Alpha’s finger.

“More,” he gasped, and Namjoon pushed another finger inside. He stroked Taehyung’s inner walls, stretching and scissoring him gently despite his growls. The Alpha broke away from Jimin; Taehyung watched a thin string of saliva stretch between their wet lips and break. He moaned, and he could feel Jimin panting behind him. His body throbbed with the force of his pulse.

“I’m ready,” he panted. “Please - Alpha -”

Namjoon abruptly sat up and yanked Taehyung’s ass up onto his lap with strong hands on his hips. Jimin’s hands tightened on his wrists, and Namjoon lined himself up. It wouldn’t have been enough prep normally, but he was on his heat, so when his Alpha thrust his large cock inside, Taehyung opened for him with a scream of pleasure.

Namjoon was normally the gentler of the two Alphas, able to stay in control better than the wilder Yoongi, but he didn’t give Taehyung any time to adjust before he started thrusting in a steady, quick rhythm. He growled ferociously as his hips slammed into Taehyung’s ass over and over again. All Tae could do was lay there and take it, restrained from behind and hips held tightly in place, sobbing and crying out in pleasure. His body bounced with the force of Namjoon’s thrusts; Jimin’s dick twitched against his back, and the other Omega moaned sweetly at the friction.

“So good,” Namjoon grunted. “You’re so tight, Tae.”

Namjoon let go of Taehyung’s hips in order to grab behind his knees, pushing his legs up and over, folding him in half. The new position allowed for deeper penetration, and Taehyung panted for air as his chest compressed and Namjoon’s hips pistoned his cock in and out of his hole. He couldn’t help but clench as the pleasure mounted, tension building rapidly.

“You like that?” Namjoon gasped. “You like me using your needy little hole?”

The pheromones in the air and reduced oxygen from the position made him hazy and light-headed, unable to verbally respond, but he did his best to communicate his pleasure by clenching, hard .

Shit , Tae!” Namjoon growled. “Come on, baby. Come for me.” Namjoon somehow picked up even more speed, his cock reaching deep and filling Taehyung so well. Taehyung’s body quaked with his impending orgasm, thighs shaking and eyes rolling into the back of his head. Namjoon pounded his ass, and the fragile string holding together Tae’s sanity snapped. His hole clamped down on Namjoon’s cock, his balls contracted, and he shot cum so hard from his cock that it landed on his chin and neck. Jimin jerked and gasped - some must have gotten on him, too. The force of his orgasm had the edges of his vision darkening, his body flooded with endorphins, his mind losing its grasp on consciousness.

He was aware as he fell into darkness of Namjoon cursing, his hips stuttering, and the swell of his knot in Taehyung’s hole. His last conscious thought was a sense of satisfaction at the feeling of his mate’s cum filling him.




    He raced through the pre-dawn light, a shadow gracefully weaving between trees and leaping over rocks and logs. His feet sank into the soft layer of crumbling leaves long fallen, and the cool night air rushed over his body. His muscles bunched and stretched; his body moved like liquid, smooth and powerful.

    A new scent: sweet, rich. It made his mouth water, and a fire kindle in his belly. He turned toward the tantalizing scent.


    The soft body underneath him whimpered, stirring his arousal. The scent was sweeter, warmer, richer. He wanted to lap it up. He wanted to devour it. To take it, and make it his.

Soft flesh between his teeth. Blood in his mouth.

His mate.

The heat of union. The elation of dominance.

His Omega.

Submit to me.

So sweet.



    Yoongi jolted awake, his body locked in place while his brain frantically assessed for damage. His nose smelled honey, and faintly, bitter chocolate. No blood. His tongue was dry from sleep, not wet with spit or slick or blood. He had hands; he had feet. He was in his bed. It was early morning.

    A soft body shifted against him, disturbed by his body’s sudden tension.


His erection pressed against the younger man’s ass. His body throbbed with need.

Mine , his Alpha growled.

As quickly as possible, Yoongi carefully extracted himself from the bed and fled the room. His blood boiled hot in his veins. He imagined his teeth felt sharper, too large for his mouth. He ran down the hall, twisted the knob hard enough for the metal to groan, and slammed the door open.

On one end of the giant bed, Jimin lay curled in sleep. On the other, Namjoon lay on his back, hips thrusting up into Taehyung as the Omega straddled him. Hoseok knelt behind Taehyung, half supporting him, half teasing him. Sweat dotted their skins. The air smelled of spice, and musk, but overwhelmingly of sweet slick. Namjoon’s hips slowed at the disruption, Hoseok whirled around to face the door, and Taehyung whined weakly, his own hips rutting to keep up the stimulation.

“Hyung?” Hobi asked cautiously. Jimin stirred, gasping when he saw Yoongi.

Yoongi was growling. He tried to stop it so he could speak, but all he manage was: “Hobi. Jungkook.” His instincts roared at him to get on the bed and pull Taehyung off of his packmate, plunge his cock in, sink his teeth into his neck. He wanted to flip Jimin over, push his head down into the mattress to force him to present, and take his satisfaction. He held himself back, body crouched and taut in the doorway.

Hoseok’s eyes widened, and he dashed from the bed and down the hall, skirting around Yoongi as best as he could. Namjoon gathered the limp Taehyung to his chest, and kept the Omega calm by rolling his hips. The Alpha’s pupils were blown, his scent was fully charged, but he had enough rationality to ask, “Hyung, what did you do?”

Yoongi jerked his head side to side. The tenseness in his body made his neck crack with the motion. He shuddered, clenching and unclenching his fists. He didn’t have claws. “Nothing,” he bit out. “Got close.” He wasn’t going to be able to hold back much longer. He jerked his chin at Taehyung and growled, “Give him to me.”

“Hyung,” Namjoon said warningly. “He needs to rest. His fever’s finally broken, and he’s going to collapse as soon as this is done. He needs water, and to sleep -” Namjoon’s arms tightened protectively around Tae’s body, the movement so small most would not have noticed.

But Yoongi did.

A snarl ripped out of his throat. Pack Alpha or no, if he dared to keep his Omega from him, he’d tear out his throat -

“Hyung,” a sweet voice called. Jimin. Yoongi whipped his head to look at the Omega, splayed out on the bed, a soft tangle of tender flesh, head already tilted back to expose his throat in submission. Jimin’s voice was high and breathy as he whined, “Alpha.”

Yoongi didn’t know how he got to the bed, but suddenly he was there. He yanked Jimin to him, roughly grabbing his hands and pinning them above his head with one hand. The blond gasped softly at the manhandling. He pushed the Omega’s knees apart, revealing his leaking entrance. There wasn’t enough. His Omega needed to be wetter.

As his mouth met Jimin’s, his free hand expertly massaged the Omega’s abdomen. He kissed and licked Jimin’s full lips, tongue thrusting inside to steal his breath. The smaller male moaned and whined, his body growing warmer as Yoongi’s hand worked. His effort was rewarded when Jimin’s scent turned impossibly sweeter. The Omega trembled as his heat set in, and Yoongi grinned ferally as he felt between Jimin’s legs and a gush of slick flowed over his fingers.

“Ah!” Tae’s voice cracked on his cry. Yoongi was faintly aware of his fellow Alpha’s renewed efforts to satisfy their other Omega, probably spurred on by the arrival of Jimin’s heat, but he only spared them a moment’s attention before refocusing on the mate underneath him, writhing as the heat engulfed his body. Jimin’s cries stirred the heat of desire in his gut, and he growled again.

In one swift move, Yoongi flipped Jimin so he was on his stomach, but before he could do anything, the Omega was already lifting his hips and presenting. He grasped Jimin’s round cheeks, squeezing their full plushness in his hands before pulling them apart to see the Omega’s dripping hole. It was already starting to swell, but was still a pretty dusky-pink color, shimmery with slick. He wasted no time, and leaned in to lick a broad stripe from Jimin’s cute little balls all the way up to his hole, the slick sugary on his tongue. He eagerly ate out the Omega, who moaned in a high voice that somehow harmonized with Tae’s cries from the other end of the bed. His tongue thrust inside, licking strongly at the softening flesh to stretch it, swallowing down mouthfuls of candy-sweet fluid.

“A-! Alpha!” Jimin cried. “I’m- I’m gonna -”

Jimin’s hole clenched down on his tongue as his cock splurted cum onto the sheets. Yoongi growled in satisfaction, echoed by Namjoon as Taehyung cried out, presumably reaching his own release. Yoongi pulled his tongue out of Jimin’s fluttering hole and lined himself up behind the Omega, plunging in all the way to the hilt in one go. Jimin’s hole was hot, wet, and perfect around his cock. He fell forward over his mate, bracing his hands on either side of Jimin’s head, forcing his mate’s head and chest down underneath him while Jimin’s ass stayed up for Yoongi’s pleasure. Thusly pinned, Jimin could only sob as Yoongi thrusted vigorously.

The Omega’s dick was hard again almost instantly, his body unsatisfied until it had a knot. Jimin began to roll his hips up to meet Yoongi’s thrusts. Yoongi pounded into him, his instincts making his movements animalistic and rough. Yoongi snarled and lunged forward to sink his teeth into Jimin’s shoulder, and the Omega’s hole fluttered around his cock as he screamed and came again. Yoongi’s hips jerked in short, sharp thrusts, focused on getting as deep as he could. His instincts told him to drive deep into his Omega, pump him full of cum, keep him pinned and knotted so that his seed would take, fuck him full of his pups.

As if he read his mind, Jimin began to ramble in a broken voice, “Please, A-Alpha, want it, want your cum, fill me up, please , want it so bad, want your pups -”

The image of Jimin, belly round and heavy with his pups, was enough to make his knot swell. It caught on Jimin’s rim with each push and pull, and Jimin sobbed. Yoongi finally released Jimin’s shoulder, tasting blood on his teeth, and growled in the Omega’s ear, “ Mine .” He forced his knot inside, and then he was coming, pleasure arcing through his body as he shot jet after jet of hot white cum into Jimin. He rutted his hips, working his seed deeper into his Omega’s body, milking his orgasm. Jimin lay still and quiet underneath him, swallowing up everything his Alpha fed him as he panted, drool dripping down his chin.

Yoongi finally felt the wildness in his blood subside, allowing him a moment of clarity. He checked Jimin’s shoulder: the wound was shallow, and had already clotted. It would bruise badly. He tried to be gentle as he shifted them both onto their sides, his knot keeping their bodies locked and his cock still pumping more cum into Jimin. Yoongi wrapped an arm around his mate, feeling pride at the slight swell of his abdomen. He busied himself licking sweat and little drops of blood from Jimin’s skin, cooling his feverish skin. He knew the heat would have Jimin ready for another round in a few minutes, but for now, he had bought them some time to rest.




    Hoseok skidded to a halt in the doorway of Jin and Yoongi’s room, relieved to see Jungkook sleeping soundly and unharmed. He caught the lingering traces of Yoongi’s arousal in the air, and was grateful that the Alpha had kept his head long enough to get away from the unmated Omega.

    Jin stirred, and looked over at him standing in the doorway. “Hobi?” he mumbled, voice raspy from sleep.

    “Everything’s ok, hyung,” Hoseok whispered back. “I’m going to take a shower and then join you, ok?” He knew better than to get into the bed smelling like Omega heat and horny Alpha. “I’ll be right back.”

    He used the shower in his and Namjoon’s room, cleaning himself quickly and efficiently with scent remover. He toweled off and threw on some boxers, but didn’t bother with any additional clothes. Jungkook was stuck with them for now, so he was going to have to get used to seeing them naked. Clothes were too much trouble during a heat. He returned to Jin and Yoongi’s room, turning on the fan before climbing in bed behind the still-slumbering Jungkook.

    “Hobi,” Jin whined quietly. “It’s cold.”

    “I know,” Hobi murmured, cuddling closer to their warm bodies. “But I had to do something about Yoongi’s scent, or Jungkook would have been affected.”

    “Did Yoongi go to take his turn? Where’s Namjoon?” Jin whispered sleepily.

    “Namjoon’s still in there,” he replied quietly, unsure of how to say what was on his mind. “Hyung, there’s something… off about the Alphas.”

    “What do you mean?” Jin said, more alert this time but keeping his voice low.

    “Namjoon is rougher than normal, like he’s in rut,” Hobi muttered. “And Yoongi… he went feral. That’s why he left. He barely made it to the Omegas’ room.”

    “Oh my God,” Jin breathed. “But their ruts aren’t due for months, yet. It doesn’t make sense.”

    Hoseok bit his lip. “Do you think it might have something to do with Jungkook?”

    Jin glanced down at the sleeping young man between them, his face young and relaxed in sleep. “Like the ‘true mates’ thing? You think they’re reacting more strongly because he’s here, and unmated?”

    “It’s an idea,” Hoseok responded. “This is so dangerous, hyung. How are we supposed to keep him safe for the next four days?”

    “We’ll just have to be careful, and think ahead,” Jin said. “Work together to keep the Alphas distracted. Hopefully they’ll just stick to Jimin and Tae like usual, and we can keep Jungkook separate.” The pink-haired man gently tucked a lock of Jungkook’s hair behind his ear before looking up at his fellow Beta in determination. “We’ll make it work, Hobi. We have to.”




    Jungkook spent a lot of Sunday in bed, lost in thought. Jin and Hoseok seemed understanding, and let him have his space to think, just checking in regularly to make sure he was ok and to bring him food. He assumed that the Alphas and Omegas were in a different room, taking care of the Omegas’ heats, but he couldn’t smell them. Their scent-proofing must be top-notch , he thought. He wasn’t really surprised.

    Considering things now in the light of a new day, after a deep, restful sleep, Jungkook admitted to himself that he had made several mistakes in the past few days. It was completely understandable - he’d been through a traumatic experience, and his decision-making skills had been impaired. Understandable, but still regrettable. He regretted not saying yes when Jin offered to bring him directly to the pack’s den Friday night. It was a risk to stay in a pack den during heat week whilst unmated, but he trusted the pack, and they were obviously willing to accommodate him despite the situation.

    He regretted leaving Yugyeom’s pack and ignoring his phone. His phone was probably dead now, and he knew he was going to have to charge it at some point, contact Yugyeom, and try to explain, but even now, he had a hard time understanding himself why he had been so scared. He hardly remembered the day before. It was a haze of terror and exhaustion, and pain.

    He regretted wandering Seoul, even though he had never consciously decided to do so. In retrospect, he had been so vulnerable, as evidenced by the soreness in his back, arms, wrists, and jaw. He had been lucky Yoongi had found him, or things could have gone much worse.

    He shuddered. In the daylight, what he had seen seemed impossible. He hadn’t known a person, even an Alpha, could be capable of…  He curled under the covers, stomach clenching. He didn’t know what was worse: what Yoongi had done to the other five men in that alley, or that Jungkook was grateful that he had.

    He couldn’t regret his own actions against those men, despite how his stomach rebelled at the memories. He couldn’t condemn Yoongi’s actions, either; he’d probably saved his life.

    Did that make him a bad person?

    He didn’t know. But he did know he was grateful to be alive, safe with the pack.

    Sometime in the afternoon, Jungkook levered himself out of bed and carried his plate from lunch downstairs to the kitchen. He was still in the sleep clothes Jin had lent him, the fine material soft against his skin. He didn’t know where his others clothes had gone; he suspected he wouldn’t ever see them again, considering what they had been witness to. His collar was probably long gone, too. He felt exposed, and wondered if he could borrow one from the Omegas.

He found Jin and Hoseok in the living room. Hoseok was passed out on one of the couches, and Jin looked like he was going to drop off any moment, the book in his hand wobbling. When Jin saw him, he snapped out of his doze and asked him with a kind smile, “Do you need anything?”

    “No,” Jungkook said, shaking his head. “I just thought I would finally get out of bed. If you guys need to rest, though, I can go back -”

    Jin waved a hand dismissively. “Don’t worry about it. Come sit with me. Do you want to watch a movie?”

    Jungkook didn’t really know how heats functioned within a pack, how involved the Betas were, if it was sex all the time or if there were breaks, but he decided going with the flow was the safest course of action. He shuffled over to the couch and plopped down next to Jin, tucking his feet up underneath him. Jin slowly leaned over until their shoulders touched, a silent show of support. Jungkook let himself lean into the contact, grateful. Jin pulled up a streaming service and they flipped through the titles until they found something PG with a simple plot. Hoseok awoke once the movie started playing, and fetched blankets and snacks from the kitchen before sitting on Jungkook’s other side. The normalcy soothed Jungkook’s lingering anxieties, and he found himself relaxed between the two Betas.

    After the movie, Jin went into the kitchen to fix dinner, and Jungkook and Hoseok sat on a couple of stools so they all could chat. Hoseok told Jungkook that he had already contacted BigHit and placed him on heat leave, that being the easiest and most efficient explanation. They talked about Jin’s travels for exotic photo shoots, and his dreams of opening his own restaurant. Hobi talked about his choreography work, and had Jungkook try out a couple of moves that made him forget his sore muscles, his body warming and loosening from the mild exercise. Hoseok even gave him a gentle massage, careful of his bruises.

    They ate, and Jin fixed up some plates for the rest of the pack. Jungkook decided to wait downstairs while the Betas delivered the food and some more water bottles to whichever room the Omegas were in, hoping to watch another movie once they returned. It was taking longer than expected, though, and he found himself hovering at the bottom of the steps, unsure whether going up to check was a good idea or not. In the end, he returned to the couch, absently nesting with the blankets while he waited.

    Almost an hour later, after Jungkook had already started another movie, he heard Hoseok’s voice call down the stairs. He paused the movie and went over to the base of the stairs, looking up to see a sweaty, naked, somewhat bruised Hoseok.

    “Hey Kookie,” Hoseok said, sounding somewhat out of breath. “Sorry that took longer than we thought. We had to distract Yoongi for a bit so that the Omegas could eat.” Upon closer inspection, some of the bruises looked like they were made by teeth. “We didn’t want to let you think that we’d forgotten you. We’re just going to shower real quick to get the heat scent off, and we’ll come back down and watch another movie, ok?”

    Jungkook nodded, and surreptitiously held his breath until the Beta retreated, not wanting to risk any heat pheromones reaching him. He resumed his spot on the couch, and within fifteen minutes, Jin and Hoseok rejoined him, freshly scrubbed of scent. They finished the movie Jungkook had started on his own. Hoseok entertained them by making ridiculous guesses about what had happened previously in the movie to explain the events currently on the screen. Jungkook giggled and laughed in what felt like the first time in forever.

    The next movie Jin picked had Taehyung as one of the supporting actors. Jin and Hoseok snickered at their packmate, but Jungkook found himself drawn in completely. Despite their jokes, Taehyung was a really good actor, and Jungkook believed in his character, believed he was that character. He enjoyed the movie immensely, and decided to watch it again later with Yugyeom.



Jungkook found his phone and plugged it in to charge, knowing he was going to get slammed with texts, missed calls, and unread chats. He was ninety percent sure he could outrun his best friend, but maybe he deserved the imminent beating for forgetting him for so long, and in such a serious situation. He left the phone to charge, knowing that it would take a while for it to even turn on, and returned to the couch.

    Throughout the evening, Jungkook found himself cuddling closer to Jin and Hoseok. It was unusual, because Jungkook had only really cuddled with Omegas before, and of those, only three (Yugyeom, Jimin, and Tae). However, the Betas’ stable presence and mild scents made him feel calm and relaxed, taken care of, and he desperately craved that feeling after his recent trauma. The two older men returned the gesture of affection, Hoseok rubbing his sore back, and Jin combing through his hair with his fingers, manicured nails scratching lightly at his scalp. He could feel Jin’s quiet excitement in particular when he began to softly purr, but neither one of them brought it up, not wanting to disturb the moment.

    At one point, Hoseok murmured, “Jungkookie, you thought you were a Beta, right?”

    Jungkook glanced at him out of the corner of his eye, but Hoseok still watched the movie, his voice betraying only curiosity. “Yeah, until last year. Why?”

    “I was just thinking…” Hoseok trailed off. “How strange it must have been, to be a Beta, and then suddenly, be an Omega. I’m trying to imagine what I would have done in your situation, but I can’t even fathom it.”

    “He wasn’t really a Beta, though,” Jin joined in the conversation. “He was still a Neutral who just thought he was a Beta.”

    “But hyung, think about it,” Hoseok said. “One day you think you know yourself, and then the next, you’re someone else.”

    “All Alphas and Omegas go through that,” Jungkook said. “One day they’re Neutral, and the next they have all these hormones and extra senses and instincts that they don’t know what to do with. It was hard, yeah, because I had plans - I still do - but in some ways I had it easier. I was already an adult, had control over my own environment, could make my own decisions. I was still me, just - more.”

    “That’s a really cool way to look at things,” Jin said. “I’m glad you’re not bitter about being an Omega instead of a Beta.”

    “Yeah, me too,” Hoseok chimed in. “You’re a really hot Omega.”

    “Hyung,” Jungkook whined softly, blushing.

    “Just stating the obvious,” Hoseok shrugged, grinning.

    “You’ll have to forgive him,” Jin said, shoving Hoseok lightly. “He’s a flirt on normal days, and heats just make it worse.”

    “Betas are affected by heats, too?” Jungkook asked curiously.

    Jin blinked down at him. “Of course,” he said. “You didn’t know that?”

    Jungkook shook his head. “I never reacted to any friends in heat, though I suppose as a Neutral it doesn’t quite compare.”

    “It just makes us extra horny,” Hoseok said, leaning in conspiratorially. “We don’t have to act on it, but it’s nice to.”

“I knew Betas helped during heats,” Jungkook blushed, “but I didn’t know…”

“That we could get something out of it, too?” Jin asked amusedly.  

Jungkook nodded. Shyly, he stuttered, “How do you- What do- I mean- Alphas- obviously- and Omegas -”

Hoseok snickered, and Jin helpfully supplied, “Do we take or get taken?”

Jungkook turned crimson, but nodded.

“Well,” Hoseok sang, dragging out the syllable. “I like it both ways. It depends on who I’m with. Usually I bottom for Alphas, top Omegas, but then, I sometimes like it when Tae tops me, and topping Yoongi is an experience, let me tell you.”

Jungkook’s eyes widened as he flushed hot from a full-body blush. “Wha…?” he breathed.

Jin chuckled at his expression. “I’m similar to Hobi, except Yoongi never tops me, and sometimes I get to top Namjoon.” Jungkook couldn’t believe it. He just stared at them both, in shock. “There’s nothing like the thrill of topping an Alpha,” Jin said dreamily, and Hoseok heartily agreed, “Hear, hear!”

Jungkook just shook his head. He’d believe it when he saw it.

Not that he wanted to see that.

Who’s he kidding, of course he wanted to see that.

Who wouldn’t?

The conversation moved on to other things, and eventually the last movie ended and they agreed it was time for bed. They put away the snacks and blankets and made their way upstairs, Hoseok assuring Jungkook that the other pack members were in the first room, scent- and sound-proofed, and that he was safe so long as he stayed away. They showered, Jungkook shyly joining them under the water, and Hoseok made him loosen up by starting a water fight. Jin got him fresh sleeping clothes, and they all set out for Jin’s bed for the night. Jungkook got the idea that Jin and Hoseok typically weren’t the type to cuddle and share beds, but that they were doing it as a courtesy to him, and he was grateful.

Jungkook paused before he got under the covers, suddenly remembering his phone downstairs. It was probably charged by now, and the least he could do is send Yugyeom a text saying he was all right. “I’ll be right back,” he told them, and dashed out the door. He moved quickly down the stairs, anticipating the warm bed that waited for him, and navigated the bottom floor in the dark to scoop up his phone. It was funny how he already knew the apartment so well. It felt like home, he thought with a smile, and turned back to the stairs.

Jungkook jumped. Someone was at the bottom of the stairs.

“You scared me!” he said, but whoever it was didn’t reply. “Hobi-hyung?” he asked tentatively, trying to make out who it was in the dim light.

A deep voice called from the top of the stairs.

“Hyung, are you going to get more water?”

A door had opened in the upstairs hallway, spilling faint golden light down the steps, glinting off silvery white hair.

“Oh shit,” Jungkook whispered.

Yoongi stared at him from the bottom of the steps, eyes fathomless dark pools. Belatedly, the scent hit him, sharp mint, rich earthiness, mingled with sweet flowers, strawberry candy, and sugar. His hands flew to his face, trying to keep from breathing it in. Yoongi’s body jerked, his eyes tracking the abrupt movement.

“Hyung?” Namjoon called again.

Yoongi slid one foot forward, silent on the floor, and Jungkook knew he shouldn’t, he knew it would just trigger the Alpha, but he couldn’t help it.

He ran.

Chapter Text

He ran towards the kitchen on swift feet, and he heard Yoongi’s growl thunder through the air as he gave chase. Rather than run around the dining table in his path, Jungkook vaulted it, his goal the door to the kitchen. He almost made it, the door was two steps away, but then a strong arm hooked around his waist and spun him around, momentum throwing him backwards against the wall, where Yoongi grabbed his wrists and pinned them to either side of his shoulders.

There was a loud shout upstairs.

Jungkook gasped when his sore back hit the wall, and inhaled a cloud of mixed Alpha and Omega pheromones, thickened by heat. His head spun as the potent scents overtook him. Yoongi kissed him roughly, licking and biting his mouth, then along his jaw and down his throat. Jungkook bared his neck, submitting to the Alpha with a whimper. Yoongi growled in approval, his mouth finding Jungkook’s scent glands and sucking harshly. Jungkook cried out in ecstacy, his body going pliant. “Alpha,” he panted, feeling his legs give way. Bite me. Mate me. Please, Alpha.

Suddenly spice invaded his senses. Jungkook dropped further into the pheromone high just as Yoongi was ripped from him. Cooler hands caught him before he could fall to the floor. Loud snarls and growls clamored in the room, over the sound of flesh hitting flesh.

“Hurry, we have to get him out of here.” Musk swirled through his senses. He turned his head, seeking Hoseok with a whine. He wanted a kiss. He wanted a bite. What was taking so long?

“It’s ok, baby, we’ve got you,” Jin said urgently. Jungkook was lifted into the air, his face pressed against skin that smelled like bitter chocolate. He mouthed along an exposed collarbone, up a long column of a neck, and licked behind an ear with a pleased hum.

“Shit, he’s in a pheromone high.”

A feral roar shook the apartment, and Jungkook whined louder so his Alpha could find him. He was vaguely aware of a dampness between his legs, that he was being carried up stairs and past an open doorway that smelled wonderful . He strained to go to it, to find whatever it was that smelled so delicious , but he was quickly carried away into another room and set on a bed that smelled like mint and chocolate. When the hands threatened to leave his body, he fumbled to grasp them, weakly flopping his head side to side.

“Alpha,” he whimpered. He could smell his Alpha, but where was he? He was ready. His throat was exposed, and his hole was wet. “Ple-se, Alpha.”

“He won’t settle. You know he won’t. Not after being pumped full of their heat pheromones.”


“What do you propose we do, then? We can’t let an Alpha at him, even supposing that both of them are still alive down there -”

I want my Alpha.

“We need to give him what he wants. It’s the only chance he’ll settle.”

Please, I need -

A hiss. “We don’t have his consent. And he can’t give it, not in this state.”

I’m begging you -

“Just kisses, then. We have to do something to head it off before throws himself into heat out of cycle, suppressants or not.”

Yes, kiss me -

Another hiss, and then firm but gentle fingers grasped his chin, turning his head. His eyes struggled to focus on the face in front of him through the haze of pleasure and desire. He thought it was Jin; he thought he discerned pink in the darkness. “Jungkook, I’m going to kiss you. Ok? Is that ok?”

“Ah,” he gasped. “Ye- uh.”

“That’ll have to be good enough, hyung.”

Jungkook tried again. “Plea-”

He was cut off by soft lips on his, gently pressing. He sagged against the sheets, body going pliant as Jin hovered above him. Jin’s mouth moved slowly, carefully, tenderly. A hand cupped his cheek, guiding him to the perfect angle, and he sighed happily. His tongue flicked out, giving Jin’s full lips a little kitten lick, politely asking for more. Jin groaned, hesitating before licking Jungkook’s lips in return.

“Don’t stop, hyung.”

Jin paused to look at Hoseok, and Jungkook whined. He wanted more.

“Just trust me, ok? I won’t lay a hand on him.”

Please touch me.

Jin’s lips returned to his, and Jungkook whimpered in pleasure. He coaxed Jin with another little lick to his mouth, and the Beta obligingly licked him back, but Jungkook opened his mouth at the last second so that Jin’s tongue slipped inside. Jungkook sucked on the tip of Jin’s tongue, and the older man moaned again.

A reassuring weight pressed into his hips, and something strong and hard slipped up between his legs. Hoseok’s leg pressed between his thighs, high enough to graze his crotch. Hoseok’s hip pressed against his erection, and Jungkook gasped at the sensation.

“Come on, Jungkookie,” Hoseok encouraged. “Move your hips. Take what you need.”

Jungkook rolled his hips down experimentally, and pleasure shot through him as he rutted against Hoseok’s hip and thigh. Jin continued to kiss him, sweet, gentle kisses that settled something restless and needy within him, even as arousal coiled in his belly. Hoseok continued to whisper encouragement in Jungkook’s ear, and his hips sped up, shamelessly riding the Beta’s thigh.

Jin moaned again, kissing him more deeply, but still slow and sweet. Jin’s tongue felt so good, stroking and intertwining with his own. The Beta’s full lips were soft yet firm, and his hand confidently guided Jungkook’s head to move with the kisses. Jungkook began to let out little sounds of pleasure, gasps and soft moans and high whimpers. His hips circled and grinded on Hoseok’s thigh, a pleasurable ache between his legs and growing friction on his cock.

“Are you close, baby?” Jin whispered against his mouth. Jungkook sobbed quietly, the pleasure mounting.

“Go on, there’s a good boy,” Hoseok whispered in his ear. “Come for your hyungs.”

With a soft cry, Jungkook came in his pyjama bottoms and his hole fluttered. He struggled to catch his breath as Jin kissed and wiped his tears away, and Hoseok nudged him with his knee a few more times to milk his orgasm. They both chanted praises to him, one of them always staying in contact with him as they removed his dirty clothes, cleaned him up with a damp, warm towel, and dressed him in fresh pyjamas. Drowsily, he curled close to their warm bodies on either side of him, and fell into a deep sleep.




    The living room was in shambles. The coffee table was broken, one of its legs snapped off. An armchair was overturned, as well as a few chairs from the dining table. A decorative vase was shattered on the ground, leaking water and flowers.

    The Alphas were worse. Both were littered in bruises, the kind produced by blows rather than mouths and fingers. Yoongi had a bloody lip, and Namjoon had a bleeding bite mark on one arm. Covered in sweat, they panted as they struggled. Namjoon had finally gotten Yoongi into a headlock, but the older Alpha wouldn’t go down. They’d never fought like this before: when it came time to decide who was pack Alpha, the fight had been mostly ceremonial. Yoongi had already known he didn’t want the position, and Namjoon stepped into the role so easily, that it had been over pretty quickly. Yoongi had made him work for it as a matter of pride, but neither had seriously injured the other.

    Now, with Yoongi clawing at his arms and struggling to growl even as his airway was cut off, Namjoon feared what would happen if Yoongi actually tried to take pack Alpha from him.

    “Come on, hyung,” Namjoon gasped and growled. “Give it up!”

    Yoongi only thrashed harder, wildly kicking backwards at Namjoon’s legs and torso twisting like a man possessed. Namjoon didn’t know how much longer his legs could take the abuse, but he determinedly held out. Though his own blood ran hot and he wanted nothing more than to go after the Omega that had fallen into their laps, he had to maintain order in this pack. He owed it to Yoongi to keep him from doing something he’d regret later.

    After one more great wrench of his body, Yoongi sagged, his growl dying down as he focused on gasping in as much air as he could. Namjoon slowly lowered them to the floor, on their knees one behind the other, and Yoongi’s scrabbling hands lost their strength and fell limply to his sides. Namjoon kept the pressure on his throat, wanting to make sure all the fight left his hyung before he released him. Only when Yoongi’s head flopped to one side, baring his neck, did Namjoon let go, wrapping his arms around Yoongi’s shoulders instead. He bit down lightly on Yoongi’s neck, a quick bite to assert dominance, and removed his teeth before the other Alpha could do more than shudder.

    “Joon-ah?” Yoongi rasped, still letting himself be supported by Namjoon. He sounded confused, and Namjoon wasn’t that surprised. He was fairly certain they were both in rut by this point, as improbable as that was, and add onto that the fact that Yoongi kept slipping further into his wilder instincts, it was no wonder if he lost time.

    “I’ve got you, hyung,” Namjoon said wearily. “You didn’t do anything.”

    Yoongi’s head thumped against his shoulder in relief. “What happened? I remember I went to get more water,” he said hoarsely. He’d have bruises on his neck in the morning.

    “Jungkook,” Namjoon supplied. “He was down here, and not with the Betas.”

    “Damn,” Yoongi cursed weakly. “You’re sure I didn’t…?”

    “He’s safe. You kissed him, but you didn’t get much further.”

    Yoongi nodded, and shifted his hips slightly. Namjoon could still smell his packmate’s arousal, and he knew that despite - or maybe because of - the fight, he was still hard himself. But the Omegas were finally resting, their heats sated enough for the time being to let them sleep, and he didn’t want to disrupt them. And the Betas were with Jungkook, so they were out of the question. They’d have to take care of themselves for the time being.

    His eyes scanned the apartment, and landed on the door underneath the stairs. “Come on, hyung,” he encouraged, helping Yoongi get to his feet. He tugged his packmate to the door and opened it to reveal Yoongi’s at-home studio. It was rather small compared to the rest of the apartment, but it was sound-proofed, so hopefully it would keep their scents contained. He pulled Yoongi inside and closed and locked the door. He prayed that whatever happened, they wouldn’t damage any of the producer’s equipment, or Yoongi would be in a foul mood after the heat for a long time.

    “Joon, what are we doing in here?” Yoongi asked groggily, as Namjoon went about scooting the equipment against the wall, creating as large a clear space as possible. The air in the room was already filling up with their pheromones, making Namjoon itch. Outside of heats, he and Yoongi had fooled around before - they were packmates, and they loved each other, so it wasn’t a big deal. But they had never tried during a heat before, when their instincts were intent on breeding, not lovemaking. He hoped it would work.

    He walked over to Yoongi, careful to avoid direct eye contact; he didn’t want to provoke a challenge response. He lightly traced up Yoongi’s arm with one hand, tracing bruises on the pale skin, but left his hand on the edge of his shoulder, nowhere close to his neck. Yoongi looked at him in confusion, eyes narrowed but expression still open. Carefully, he leaned forward and kissed the other Alpha.

    Yoongi tensed in shock, allowing Namjoon to kiss him for three long seconds before he pushed against his chest, stumbling a step backwards. He didn’t look angry, which was good; just confused. “What are you doing?” he rasped.

    “Taking care of our problem,” Namjoon answered, gesturing to their stiff, engorged cocks.

    Yoongi spluttered, bewildered. “But -”

    Namjoon made himself stand still and not advance on the other Alpha. His instincts told him to take over, like he would with an Omega, or even a Beta: push forward, back Yoongi into a corner, render him defenseless, and force him to submit. Logically, he knew that would just make them fight again. He had to do this carefully.

    “Think about it, hyung,” Namjoon urged, trying to get Yoongi to use his rational brain, and not let him drift back into his baser nature. “The Omegas are sleeping. They’ve been awake since yesterday, so we need to let them rest.”

    Yoongi frowned uncertainly, but nodded along, so Namjoon continued. “And the Betas are with Jungkook, and we can’t go near Jungkook, right?”

    Yoongi shook his head a little, a quick jerk like he was shaking a thought out of his head. With effort, he gritted out, “No.”

    “That’s right,” Namjoon said. “We can’t get to the Betas, because we can’t go near Jungkook. That leaves the two of us.”

    Yoongi’s eyes flicked right and left, taking in the room like he was seeing it for the first time; his eyes widened and his brows drew down in a frown. “You can’t be serious,” he hissed.

    “We do it outside of heats,” Namjoon replied.

    “But this is a heat, Namjoon!”

    “Would rather go back to fighting? Destroying the apartment? Scaring the pack half to death?” Namjoon said, the faintest bit of challenge leaking through his voice. “We’ll kill each other.”

    “We’ll kill each other if we do this!” Yoongi replied, rising to the challenge in Namjoon’s tone.

    “We can do it,” Namjoon insisted. “We’ve been Alphas for years; we’re not mindless teenagers. We can make it work.”

    Yoongi raked his hands through his hair, twisting and pulling the strands. He paced the short length of the room, his scent growing sharper in agitation. Namjoon waited as patiently as he could, trying to keep his own pheromones under control.

    “Who tops?” Yoongi hissed quietly.

    Namjoon couldn’t help it; he tensed. His heat-heightened instincts balked at the thought of submitting to another Alpha. Logically, it had to happen. Hand jobs weren’t going to cut it. He scrambled for a solution, aware of Yoongi’s impatience and doubt.

    “How about this…” he mused aloud. “Pitcher lays on the floor, catcher rides on top. We both agree to stay away from necks, and no pinning. We switch each round.” Some part of his brain still with a sense of humor observed that it sounded like they were negotiating kinks.

    Yoongi actually considered it, hissing as he palmed himself. He was obviously getting desperate. He looked up at Namjoon from under his lashes and stated, “I’m on top first.”

    “Ok,” Namjoon said with a firm nod. He could do this.

    Yoongi strode over to his desk, opening the bottom drawer and pulling out a tube, which turned out to be water-based gel type lube.

    “You keep lube in your desk?” Namjoon couldn’t help but chuckle.

    “You don’t?” Yoongi fired back.

    Namjoon went to the opposite side of the small room from the expensive equipment and lay down on the floor. Yoongi knelt next to him, hurriedly scooping some lube onto his fingers and reaching between his legs. Namjoon knew better than to offer to help, but he wished he could. Yoongi was clearly going too fast, wincing and grunting softly, desperate to quell the rage of lust. Instead, Namjoon distracted himself by squeezing out some lube onto his own hand and slicking up his cock, moaning at the bursts of pleasure that the action produced.

    After too short a time, Yoongi withdrew his fingers and crawled on top of Namjoon. It took every ounce of willpower for him to not grab Yoongi’s hips or thighs, to keep his hands by his sides, sinking them into the carpet instead of the other Alpha’s pale skin. Yoongi straddled him, reached behind himself to line them up, and started to sink down on Namjoon’s cock.

    “Fuck!” Yoongi hissed, wincing in pain.

    “Shit, hyung!” Namjoon yelped. “You’re so tight!”

    “Shut up and deal with it!” Yoongi spat. He pushed himself further down, clearly intent on pushing through the pain. Namjoon took deep breaths, tensing his body so that he could keep his hips still. He wanted so badly to thrust into Yoongi’s tight heat.

    “Too dry,” he gasped, and Yoongi pulled off so they could reapply lube to hole and cock. The slide was easier on the second try, and Yoongi opened up enough to take Namjoon in completely. Once the blond was seated, he paused to gasp for air, adjusting, and Namjoon panted, sweat pouring down his temples from the effort of holding still. Slowly, Yoongi lifted up, and dropped back down. They both moaned, Namjoon digging at the carpet and Yoongi gritting his teeth. With the same slow pace, Yoongi repeated the movement, and Namjoon almost growled, his back aching with tension as he held himself still. After a few more ups and downs, Yoongi leaned forward to brace his hands on Namjoon’s chest, and unbidden, a growl rumbled up in his chest.

    They both froze, only moving to pant for air. Namjoon focused on swallowing down the growl. He’s just keeping his balance, he told his instincts. He’s not trying to pin me. His growl died a few seconds later.

    “You good?” Yoongi rasped, and Namjoon nodded. Yoongi resumed his upwards and downwards movements, obviously trying to keep from placing too much weight on Namjoon’s chest. Sweat stuck his silvery pale hair to his forehead, and his lips, dark from exertion, were open slightly as he panted. He was beautiful, with his slender body, lean muscles moving under pale skin as he increased the pace.

    Watching his fellow Alpha ride his dick sent unexpected thrills lancing through his gut. There was something so deviant about their situation that Namjoon’s adrenaline spiked along with his arousal. His brain couldn’t get over the fact that he was fucking an Alpha whilst in rut, during a heat. An Alpha, someone as strong as he was, someone normally so dominant, someone who occasionally was his rival was panting open-mouthed and moaning with Namjoon’s cock in his ass. It was really… hot.

    “Can I touch you?” Namjoon bit out, and at Yoongi’s nod, ran his hands up Yoongi’s chest, stopping at the collarbones before sliding back down over bunching abs to lightly grasp his waist. Unable to hold it any longer, Namjoon started rolling his hips up to meet Yoongi’s ass, causing the other Alpha to grunt in pleasure. Namjoon reached up and beckoned with one hand, careful not to pull Yoongi down, and Yoongi obligingly leaned over so their mouths could meet. The kiss was passionate and rough, and only deteriorated from there. They bit each others’ lips, Yoongi hissing when his busted lip reopened, licked each other roughly, nipping and tugging each others’ tongues with their teeth. His heart raced with adrenaline, his instincts aware that he was playing with fire. He loved it, loved the rush. Yoongi growled lowly, and Namjoon growled in return, but they continued to kiss bruisingly hard as their hips moved faster and faster. Namjoon felt the heat build within, pleasure heaping up.

    “I’m close,” he growled into Yoongi’s mouth, hands tightening on Yoongi’s small waist.

    “Go on, Joon,” Yoongi growled back challengingly. “Do it.”

    Namjoon increased his pace, thrusts getting stronger, pulling Yoongi’s ass down to meet his hips. His growl grew in volume, and he felt his knot begin to swell.

    “Fuck me, Namjoon,” Yoongi commanded, voice rough and aggressive as his body jolted from the power of Namjoon’s thrusts. “Come on, fuck me !”

    With a snarl, Namjoon’s hips pistoned up one, two, three more times before he pulled out, wrapped a hand tightly around his swelling knot, and came, shooting cum up to hit Yoongi’s ass and thighs, dripping down over his fist, onto his own body. His other hand left Yoongi’s waist to fly up to his mouth so he could bite down on his arm; the burst of pain from his arm mingled with the ecstacy of his orgasm, and his heart pounded.

    It took him a couple minutes to calm down. He released his arm, licking the beads of blood off his skin, and let go of his knot. It didn’t feel right - his knot was still swollen, he still dripped cum, he was supposed to be locked in place for the next fifteen minutes, but he made himself get up anyway. Yoongi tossed him the tube of lube and lay down on the floor, slightly to the side of where Namjoon had lain to avoid contact with the pool of spilled cum.

    Namjoon looked down at his hand smeared in cum and shrugged, squeezing out lube onto his palm to mix with the mess before he reached around and fingered his entrance. He was conscious of Yoongi rutting against his hand, and tried to hurry, but he wasn’t too lust-driven to skimp on prep. His body, still buzzed with the pleasure of his orgasm, briefly recoiled from the intrusion of his fingers, his instincts confused, but he powered through until he could fit four fingers in, if not comfortably, then at least will minimal pain. As he climbed over Yoongi, he said, “I went up to four, so if you want, you can knot me.”

    Yoongi’s eyes widened and veins stood out on his neck. “Are you sure?”

    Namjoon nodded. Hopefully the longer refractory period would give them a chance to rest. He figured he could take it. He grasped Yoongi’s cock, feeling the size and weight of it, and gulped. I can take it, he told himself, and lowered himself down onto his packmate. He gasped at the mild burn, and immediately Yoongi’s fingers dug into his hips. Namjoon paused, eyeing the Alpha beneath him, and Yoongi flexed his hands, lightening his grasp. He resumed his downward motion, grateful that he had stretched himself thoroughly. He often forgot that even though Yoongi was shorter and slighter than he, the other man was still an Alpha, and packed the appropriately-sized equipment. He felt stretched and full, a sensation he occasionally liked outside of heats, but at the moment felt dissonant. It didn’t take him long to adjust, and he started rolling his hips down in a steady rhythm.

    Yoongi was obviously having a harder time controlling himself than Namjoon had, already thrusting up to meet Namjoon’s ass and subconsciously raking his nails down Namjoon’s thighs hard enough to raise red welts on his golden skin. He wondered if his packmate was slipping again, and he felt a moment’s apprehension. He didn’t know if he could handle feral Yoongi. The Omegas had barely handled it, and they were built for rough sex during heats.

    “Hyung,” he said breathily. “Stay with me.”

    Yoongi grunted and focused his eyes on Namjoon’s face with visible effort. His hands gentled on Namjoon’s body, and he panted, “Sorry- it’s- it’s hard to -”

    “I know,” Namjoon soothed, leaning over to kiss Yoongi, bracing his hands on either side of Yoongi’s shoulders instead of his head; he didn’t want to trigger his mate’s defense response. He let Yoongi take control of the kiss, keeping his mate’s mouth occupied so he wouldn't be tempted to bite. He kept the pace of his hips deliberate, building the pleasure in Yoongi’s body steadily rather than with explosive momentum. He could feel Yoongi’s frustration and impatience, but the other Alpha followed his lead, trying to keep himself in check.

    Eventually though, Yoongi reached his breaking point. He growled at a particularly deep thrust, latching his hands onto Namjoon’s hips and beginning to fuck him roughly. Namjoon braced himself, taking the abuse as Yoongi hit his prostate with every other thrust. The strikes sent pleasurable spikes through his hips and abdomen that made him gasp and moan. In spite of the heat, in spite of his confused instincts, Namjoon was surprised when he realized he might be able to cum again. He gasped, and grinded down harder as Yoongi growled through gritted teeth.

    “Don’t stop,” he demanded with a low moan, and Yoongi responded with a snarl, going even faster. Even as the pleasure coiled tighter and tighter within, he could feel Yoongi’s knot beginning to swell. Desperate to cum before that particular obstacle, Namjoon rolled and grinded aggressively, Yoongi’s dick pounding into his prostate as Namjoon took control of the angle. He grasped his own cock and started pumping in time with Yoongi’s thrusts, and it took him less than five seconds to come, his hand sliding down to grip his knot again as he shot white hot cum onto Yoongi’s stomach and chest. His muscles clenched down on Yoongi’s cock, and the other Alpha hissed, his knot swelling and catching on Namjoon’s rim. With one last mighty grunt, Yoongi shoved his knot in and came, biting the back of his hand to satisfy the urge. Namjoon squirmed slightly, feeling pleasure trend towards oversensitivity as his ass filled with cum, shooting right against his prostate, but he was too tired and buzzed to protest.

    The two of them maneuvered until they lay on their sides, panting while their eyes drifted closed. Namjoon felt a gentle finger caress his face, and opened his eyes to see Yoongi looked at him from half-lidded eyes.

    “I love you,” Yoongi breathed, gentle now that his instincts had been temporarily sated.

    “Love you too, hyung,” Namjoon replied sleepily. The peace they’d achieved wouldn’t last long, so they both closed their eyes and drifted into a light sleep.

Chapter Text

Jungkook woke from a deep sleep, feeling too warm and somewhat sticky. His throat was dry, too. He opened his eyes and saw that he lay between Jin and Hoseok again; Hoseok was snuggled up to his back, and Jin had an arm around his waist. That explained the warmth. He blushed as he remembered the night before, what they had done with him, but mentally shrugged; he’d really liked it. He quietly extracted himself from their holds, trying not to wake them. Once free, he fanned himself with the hem of his shirt to cool his damp skin. He went into the bathroom, hoping to find a cup he could use to drink from the tap - all the water bottles in the bedroom were empty - but no such luck.

He shifted his weight from foot to foot and bit his lip. He knew there were more water bottles in the kitchen, but he didn’t know where the Alphas were, whether they were holed up with the Omegas again or if they were still in the living room. He didn’t want a repeat of last night. Hesitantly, he opened the bedroom door just enough to peek into the hallway.

The hallway was quiet and still. Morning light from the windows downstairs lit the landing at the far end, as well as light from the open doorway of the first bedroom. He had seen that door open last night, and the longer he stood there with his head poking out into the hallway, the more his senses were inundated with a wonderful, delicious smell, like strawberry candy and sweet pea and violets. The Omegas were supposed to be in the first room, he remembered, undoubtedly the source of the tantalizing scent. He couldn’t pick up any Alpha scents, though.

He glanced back at the two Betas on the bed, then back to the hallway. He could take a peek, at least. If they were asleep, he could sneak past to the stairs and hopefully make his way to the kitchen. He could run back to the bedroom at the first hint of danger, and Jin and Hoseok would be able to hear him if he called for help. His suppressants hopefully would protect him from Omega pheromones; he just had to be careful of the Alphas. He pulled the door open farther and slipped into the hallway, his bare feet soundless on the carpet runner. He eased down the hallway, alert for the first sign of movement, the first hint of a growl. He reached the open door on the left, and leaned past the doorway to look inside.

It was another bedroom, this room with just one, massive bed, clearly designed for pack sleeping. The room was decorated cheerfully, but he barely spared the decor a glance. On the bed, twisted in the sheets, lay Taehyung and Jimin. At first, he thought they were asleep, but then he saw Taehyung’s bare leg slide up slightly, and the slow turn of Jimin’s head, and he heard the soft smack of kisses. They must have woken recently, their movements still slow with sleep, but that wouldn’t last long. He needed to get back to the Betas before they noticed him; as a “foreign,” non-pack, Omega, his presence would turn them territorial, and he’d rather not fight them. It didn’t matter how close two Omegas might be outside of a heat; when the heat hit, bonded Omegas only wanted their pack around, and were ferocious when they fought, fueled by excessive hormones. Once, he’d been around Yugyeom when the other Omega’s heat hit suddenly, half a day earlier than expected, and it had been a nightmare to defend himself and yet not hurt his best friend until some of Yugi’s pack had come to the rescue. He eased back out of the doorway and took one step back to the bedroom were the Betas slept.


His body froze in place while his head slowly turned to look behind him. Soft footsteps approached. Should he run for it? Tae’s long, graceful form filled the doorway, his brilliant red hair a bright halo in the morning light. The other Omega was completely naked, not even wearing a collar. The two stared at one another for a moment that seemed to stretch on for an eternity, Jungkook poised to make a run for it at the first sign of aggression. Still thirsty, he subconsciously licked his lips. Taehyung’s eyes flicked down to his mouth, and the other Omega’s tongue swiped between his lips as well. After staring at his lips for a few long seconds, Taehyung cocked his head to the side slightly, looked back up to Jungkook’s eyes, and asked hoarsely, “You thirsty?”

Jungkook carefully turned his body so that he faced Taehyung side-long instead of giving him his back, but didn’t square up to the other Omega entirely, still unsure if Taehyung would be triggered at any moment. “Yes,” he whispered in reply.

Taehyung looked him up and down, his nostrils flaring. Jungkook realized that he wasn’t wearing scent blocker, hadn’t worn it for over twenty-four hours now. And he had been sweating. He tensed, but Taehyung only stepped back, beckoning for Jungkook to come with him into the room. Carefully, Jungkook followed him inside to a wide mirrored dresser opposite the bed. Taehyung handed Jungkook one of the few unopened water bottles remaining on the dresser top, the dresser’s surface littered with empty plastic bottles and protein bar wrappers. Taehyung looked at him expectantly, so Jungkook unscrewed the cap and drank, seeing Jimin lever himself up into a sitting position on the bed through the mirror’s surface. Taehyung watched his adam’s apple bob with each swallow, and Jungkook started to blush self-consciously.

Suddenly Tae stepped towards him, and Jungkook stumbled back, already preparing to dash for the hallway, but Taehyung stopped him by grabbing his upper arm. Taehyung squeezed his bicep experimentally, looked back up at Jungkook, and licked between his lips again. Jimin crawled to the foot of the bed, the sheets falling off of him to reveal his nakedness, his gaze equally intense on Jungkook as he inhaled, nostrils flared.

“You… smell good,” Jimin rasped. Jungkook looked between Jimin and Taehyung, finally able to interpret their intense expressions: hunger. Taehyung stepped closer to him, his heavenly scent growing stronger with proximity, and this time Jungkook let him. A pained expression flitted over the model’s face, and he glanced down at Jungkook’s lips again.

Ah , he thought. Tentatively, he set the water bottle down and reached up to cup Taehyung’s cheek. The other Omega instantly nuzzled into his palm, his dark eyes soft and beautiful. Jungkook leaned forward and brushed his lips over Tae’s, hoping he had read the situation right. He was rewarded by Tae’s low sigh, his head lolling to one side to show his neck. The sight had an unexpected heat kindling in Jungkook’s core. Tae’s neck was littered with bites and marks; Jungkook could smell Namjoon and Yoongi on him, and faint traces of the Betas. He wondered what Tae’s neck would look like with Jungkook’s mark on his skin, and shuddered. His one hand still cupped Taehyung’s cheek, his other landed softly on his waist, and he grazed Taehyung’s bared neck with his lips, pausing on a bare spot to suck on his skin. Taehyung moaned lowly. Jungkook stroked his waist and side, releasing Taehyung’s neck to see his own tiny mark now blooming on the model’s golden skin. On the bed, Jimin made a soft, needy sound. Jungkook pulled back reluctantly and glanced at the door.

“Stay,” Taehyung begged softly.

“The Alphas could come back any minute,” Jungkook reasoned. “I can’t.”

“Close the door, Tae,” Jimin said, and Taehyung instantly obeyed. “We’ll lock it from the inside. Let the hyungs sort themselves out for a while, since the Alphas saw fit to abandon us.”

The lock clicked into place. Jungkook looked back and forth between the two other males. “Are you sure you want to do this? I’m not even…” In your pack. An Alpha. One of your mates.

“I’ve wanted you for a while now,” Taehyung said in his low, hoarse voice, wrapping his arms around Jungkook’s middle from behind. “Even before the heat.” Tae’s skin was hot, clammy with sweat, and silky smooth.

“I’ve thought about you so many times,” Jimin said breathily, one hand stroking along his thigh, and what beautiful thighs they were, smooth skin over thick, shapely muscles. “Especially after the dance practice you came to. I fucked Tae so hard that night, thinking of you.”

Jungkook swallowed harshly.

“Unless…” Taehyung murmured in his ear, “you don’t want to…?”

Jungkook shivered, feeling the heat of arousal within him grow. He grasped Taehyung’s wrists, pulling the Omega’s arms off of him and spinning him until Taehyung’s back was to the bed, his front facing Jungkook. “I’ve thought of you, too,” he confessed.

“What have you thought about?” Tae goaded with a whisper, his eyes hot.

In answer, Jungkook shoved Taehyung backwards onto the bed. Tae helpfully scooted up the mattress, grasping the sheets as Jungkook advanced on him. Placing one hand on Taehyung’s shoulder, he pressed down, making the Omega whimper in delight and bare his throat again. With his other hand, he pinched Taehyung’s chin between thumb and forefinger, drawing his chin down for a kiss. It started gentle, like his kiss with Jin from the night before, but quickly transformed into something more passionate, their tongues twining, teeth tugging on lips, sucking each other’s tongues.

“Don’t forget about me,” Jimin whined to Jungkook’s right. He broke the kiss with Taehyung, turning his head to kiss Jimin with just as much fire. Jimin’s plush lips were soft and so biteable. Jungkook indulged in a few nips, drawing soft, high-pitched moans from the other Omega.

“That’s so hot,” Tae moaned beneath him. Jungkook stroked down Taehyung’s body while still kissing Jimin like the blond was his source of air. His hand mapped the model’s body, tracing over lean muscle, a soft stomach, and back up to circle a nipple with a fingertip. Tae squirmed, his hips restlessly shifting on the bed and sweet pheromones clouding the air as he leaked slick. Jungkook felt a little dizzy, a little lightheaded, but despite the oncoming high, strangely he had no urge to submit. Maybe it was because the other two’s pheromones were so submissive at the moment. It didn’t matter, he decided.

“Touch me, too,” Jimin gasped against his mouth. Jungkook’s mind hazed pleasantly. Feeling unusually dominant, he sat back on his heels, leaving one hand to smooth over Taehyung’s lower belly and hips while reaching over to yank Jimin closer by his waist, sliding a hand down the dancer’s spine to his perfectly rounded ass, experimentally squeezing the fullness of his cheeks. Taehyung’s legs fell open, spreading wide to either side of Jungkook’s knees, his twitching, wet hole exposed. Jimin pushed back into his hand, and Jungkook slipped a finger down between his cheeks to finger at his hole, also dripping with slick.

“More,” Jimin begged, and at the same time, Tae whined, “I want you, Kookie. Please, I want your cock.”

“So needy,” Jungkook growled against Jimin’s bare neck. His hand on Tae ghosted over the other Omega’s cock, one finger teasing the vein that traveled from his balls to the head, then circling the glans with a feather-light touch. With his other hand, he plunged his finger into Jimin’s hole, finding it loose and soft from being bred multiple times in the last day or so. Both of them groaned, Tae low and guttural like he’d been punched, Jimin high and squeezed from his tight throat. The sounds went straight to his groin, tenting his pyjama pants.

“Kookie,” Tae whined, his hips bucking up into Jungkook’s hand, seeking friction.

“Hold still,” Jungkook ordered, pressing down on Taehyung’s hip until the other Omega couldn’t move, “or do I have to get hyung to hold you down?”

“Please, please -” Tae gasped, his hands clawing at the sheets and his head tossing from side to side. His body flushed red from his heat, and his scent spiked sweetly. “Need it, need you -”

“Fine then,” Jungkook said, withdrawing his finger from Jimin and making the smaller male whimper in displeasure. Jungkook didn’t give Jimin long to miss his finger though; using both hands, Jungkook grabbed Jimin around the waist, lifting him from the bed and plopping him down to straddle Taehyung’s hips like a ragdoll. Jimin yelped adorably at being manhandled, his skin also reddened and damp under Jungkook’s hands. Jungkook felt so high, but so strong. He grabbed Jimin by the back of his neck, thrusting his head down to Tae’s.

“Take his wrists, hyung,” Jungkook commanded, and the smaller Omega instantly obeyed, neck loose under his grip as he submitted. Jimin took Taehyung’s wrists in both of his hands and pressed them down into the mattress, Tae sighing in satisfaction at being restrained. “Kiss,” he ordered. “Keep those whiny mouths busy.”

While Jimin and Tae enthusiastically obeyed, Jungkook finally wrapped a hand around Taehyung’s cock, pumping it a few times to make sure it was nice and hard, before rubbing it between Jimin’s cheeks to get it slick. Through the lewd sounds of smacking and sucking, both Omegas gasped and whimpered in pleasure at his ministrations. Finally, Jungkook lifted Jimin’s hips, holding Taehyung’s cock upright, and guided the Omega down until he was seated completely, his round ass spread around Tae’s shaft. The kiss broke as they both moaned loudly.

Jungkook slapped Jimin’s perfect ass, watching it jiggle. “Come on, hyung,” he growled. “Let’s see you put those thighs to good use.” Jimin raised his ass up, giving Jungkook a full view of Tae’s length sliding out of his clenching rim, and dropped back down, the muscles in his lower back, ass, and thighs bunching and releasing under his skin. He set a moderate pace, slow enough to keep up the force when he slammed down, but fast enough for Jungkook to appreciate the visual of him bouncing on Tae’s cock. The sounds they both made were positively sinful.

God , hyung,” Jungkook said appreciatively, rubbing a hand up and down Jimin’s spine. “You take it so well. You like his cock that much? What about you, Taetae-hyung? You like the view from where you are?”

Unh, feels so good, Jiminie,” Tae groaned.

Jimin could barely speak through his heavy panting. “Love it- ah! L-love cock so much -”

Jungkook cursed, throwing off his shirt and shoving his pyjama pants down and off of his legs so he could fist his cock. Jimin’s hole swallowed up Tae’s cock like it was hungry, and Taehyung’s hole was twitching and fluttering wantonly. Their combined slick was everywhere, dribbling down Taehyung’s cock from Jimin’s hole, mingling with Tae’s slick as it dripped down between his legs. He swiped his fingers through the mess, lingering for a moment on Tae’s hole to tease him (“Ah! Kookie !”), and spread the slick on his own cock. He could have gathered some from between his own cheeks, as his arousal had him leaking himself, but the other Omegas were producing so much of it thanks to their heats, and some primal part of him enjoyed smearing his dick with their fluids, getting himself to smell like their desire.

He grabbed Jimin by his hips, momentarily halting his movements. “Pause for a second, hyung,” Jungkook said, his own voice going breathy as his arousal grew. “I think it’s time I gave Taetae-hyung’s hole some attention.”

“Yes, yes , ye- ah!” Taehyung cried aloud as Jungkook lifted Tae’s hips onto his knees and thrusted inside. Taehyung was equally loose from all his recent sex, his soft insides hot and wet, welcoming Jungkook’s cock with squeezes that had Jungkook’s skin flushing hot in pleasure. Jungkook bottomed out, taking a moment to enjoy the feeling of Tae wrapped around his cock. He reached forward and tugged Jimin upright, pushing him back down on Tae’s shaft.

“Ride him, hyung,” he said, biting into the meat of Jimin’s shoulder, drawing a high, drawn-out moan from Jimin. “Let’s make him scream.”

Jungkook set a brutal pace, pounding into Tae’s pliant body as Jimin rocked his hips down in sensuous circles, opting for shorter, faster movements now. Jimin still clutched Taehyung’s wrists, but less in restraint and more for support as he bounced vigorously. Jimin cried out as his pleasure mounted, but Taehyung was louder, his low voice going higher and higher as he sobbed in pleasure. Jungkook wrapped one hand under Tae’s thigh to keep his hips up, spreading his knees apart further - and thus Taehyung’s legs - to get better power behind his thrusts. His other hand reached around Jimin’s shoulder to loosely grasp the blond’s throat, the older Omega immediately tilting his neck to one side in submission even as he gyrated, and Jungkook brought his mouth to Jimin’s neck, finding a spot empty of marks, and biting down and sucking.

“Ahh!” Jimin wailed in an obscene, broken voice, his hips stilling and his body spasming as he came. Jungkook continued to lick and suck his mark on Jimin’s skin, watching over the smaller male’s shoulder as the blond spilled cum all over Taehyung’s belly and chest.

Jiminie !” Tae cried, presumably overwhelmed by Jimin’s clenching as he orgasmed. His hips bucked, pushing back into Jungkook’s thrusts, pushing up into Jimin’s tight heat. “I- I’m gonna -!”

“Go on, hyung,” Jungkook panted, his movements growing erratic. “Cum. Fill Jimin-hyung up nice and pretty.”

“AaaaAAHHH!” Tae’s cry swelled into a scream as his slammed his hips up to Jimin’s ass, clenching and spasming on Jungkook’s cock as he came, shooting his load up into his packmate. Jimin whimpered from oversensitivity and pleasure; Jungkook could see the muscles in his ass tighten as he milked the cum from Tae’s cock. Within a minute, Jungkook too achieved his release, biting Jimin again as he rocked through his orgasm, shoving his seed as deeply into Taehyung as he could.

After he released Jimin, the other Omega slumped forward, hissing as he pulled off. Jimin collapsed sideways on the bed, one leg still stretched over Taehyung’s middle, his hole leaking cum and slick onto the filthy sheets. Taehyung moaned as Jungkook pulled out, his tired hole trying to clench and keep Jungkook’s cum in, but ultimately failing, gaping open and gushing mixed seed and slick. Jungkook tiredly stretched out on Taehyung’s other side. He would get them a damp towel to clean up, some water to drink, and maybe a protein bar, but in a minute. He had to recover first.

There was silence for a few moments, and he thought the other two might have dropped off to sleep, but then Jimin sighed happily, “Damn.”

“I know, right?” Tae rasped with his still-broken voice. “Way better than what we imagined.”

Jungkook smiled shyly. “Really?”

“For some reason, I thought you were a virgin,” Jimin said.

“You’re always blushing,” Taehyung chimed in.

“Boy was I wrong,” Jimin mused.

“Didn’t know you had it in you,” Taehyung murmured appreciatively.

“Stop, you’ll make me blush,” Jungkook groaned.

Both their heads turned towards him in unison, perfectly matched expressions of consternation on their faces as they looked at him.

“After all that -”

“After what you said -”

“The way you -”

“- now you’re going to blush?”

“Shut up,” Jungkook mumbled, turning his face into the pillow to avoid meeting their eyes.

“O my God, so cute.”

“But so hot.”

“I wanna keep him. Can we keep him?”

“I wanna go again. Let’s go again?”

“Hyungs,” he whined. “I’m tired. Let me rest a little longer.”

“No can do, Kook,” Tae murmured gleefully, turning onto his side so he could stroke Jungkook’s chest. “You know what a heat is like. We just started.”

“You couldn’t even knot us,” Jimin said, climbing over Tae’s legs so he could lay on top of Jungkook’s torso. “You can’t expect us to be satisfied with just that little bit.” He wiggled suggestively, rubbing his body against Jungkook’s.

“Dear God,” Jungkook thought aloud. “What have I gotten myself into?”




    Hours after they had discovered that not only was Jungkook not in bed with them, but was, in fact, in bed with the Omegas , the in-heat Omegas that were supposed to be territorial around outsiders, Jin eyed the collapsed forms around him with exhausted satisfaction. It was cramped on the studio floor: Jin sat with his back against the wall near the door, Namjoon sprawled near his legs, looking like he’d just survived an encounter with a maenad, snoring away; further in, Yoongi was curled into a ball, sound asleep as Hoseok tiredly petted the Alpha’s icy blond hair from where he sat crammed into a corner. Jin didn’t know much about Yoongi’s studio equipment, but nothing looked damaged from what he could tell, despite the Alphas being locked in the small studio all night before the Betas had found them.

    “We should check on Kookie,” Hoseok said lowly, wanting to keep the Alphas asleep now that they had finally dropped.

    “Ok,” Jin agreed just as quietly, and climbed to his feet on wobbly legs. He hoped the Omegas’ heats and the Alphas’ ruts would never align like this again. One was bad enough, but both at once was dangerous to his health. Hoseok braced himself against the wall so he could get to his feet, gently extracting one foot from Yoongi’s clutches. Jin noted that down in his mind for later; he always collected dirt on Yoongi whenever the chance presented itself. Hoseok eased along the wall, careful to not step on the Alphas, until he reached Jin. They slipped through the door and out into the living room, breathing fresh air unladen with Alpha pheromones.

    “God I’m thirsty,” Hoseok said, putting his hands on his lower back and stretching carefully. His dark gold skin was a landscape of bites, hickies, and bruises. Jin knew he didn’t look much better. He followed Hoseok into the kitchen, where they drained a couple of water bottles and ate cold leftovers directly from the container with their fingers. It was highly unsanitary, but Jin was hungry, and too tired to give a care. He knew he was making enthusiastic (and suggestive) moans and grunts as he ate, but thankfully Hoseok didn’t comment, the other Beta too focused on shoving food into his own mouth.

    Feeling a bit better after rehydrating and replenishing his blood sugar, Jin licked his fingers clean - his hygiene standards seemed to have vanished after the morning he’d had - and grabbed some more food to heat up in the microwave for the Omegas. Huh , he thought. He’d automatically lumped Jungkook in with the other two. All three were his Omegas, to his mind. He decided to analyze that later. He grabbed the food and Hoseok carried more water bottles upstairs to the Omegas’ room, where he knocked and hoped that someone would answer. Even as close to the door was he was, the sound-proofing on the room was so thorough that he couldn’t tell what was happening, if anything, on the other side. His exhausted mind absently wondered what carnage awaited them, but his thoughts were interrupted as the door cracked open.

    “Omygod,” Hoseok gasped. Jin’s head spun at the absolutely mouthwatering smell that came from inside the room. Sweet florals like sweet pea and violet, mixed with warm, wild honey, mingled with sweet, overripe strawberries invaded his senses. Even as a Beta, he was overwhelmed.

    “Holy shit,” he breathed, and slapped a hand over his mouth when he realized what had slipped out.

    “Nice, hyung,” Taehyung said with a boxy smile from the doorway. “You got Alphas with you?” he asked, scanning the hallway for Namjoon and Yoongi.

    “No, they’re in the studio downstairs, passed out,” he replied. “Is Jungkook still alive in there?”

    “Mmm…” Taehyung hummed with a wink. “Debatable.” He swung the door open wide so they could look in. On the bed, Jungkook sprawled in a full starfish, arms and legs flung out in all directions, knocked out cold. His lips were kiss-swollen and flushed red, and he breathed deeply. He was completely naked.

    “Oh no,” Jin muttered. “You didn’t…?”

    Jimin spoke up, his fluffy blond head rising from where it rested on Jungkook’s arm. “Oh trust me, hyung,” he said quietly so as not to disturb the sleeping Omega. Not that he could, by the looks of it. “He was very willing.” The blond smirked and fingered some fresh bite marks on his shoulders.

    Jin felt his eyes widen in shock. He glanced at Hoseok, whose eyebrows shot up under his bangs as he whistled. “Well damn,” he said dryly.

    “I got his first orgasm,” Tae said smugly. “I’ll tell you about it sometime.”

    “Actually,” Hoseok replied with a grin, looking at Jin. The two Omegas’ heads snapped in his direction, and he felt a smirk grow on his face.

    “A little late, boys,” Jin said.

    Jimin made an outraged sound, and Tae huffed indignantly, “When?!”

    “Last night,” he replied smugly.

    “While you two slept, Jungkook encountered a wild Yoongi downstairs,” Hoseok spun the tale. The Omegas gasped in unison. “Namjoon got to Yoongi before he could do anything permanent, but it left Jungkook in a pheromone high, which we had to take care of.”

    “Both of you?” Jimin looked like Christmas had been cancelled.

    “I kissed him, while Hobi helped Jungkook-ah ride his leg until he got off,” Jin said, leaning back against the doorway.

    “Oh,” Taehyung said, frowning for a second before a look of glee transformed his face. “But then I’m still the first one he fucked!”

    Jin had a lightning-fast vision of a begging Taehyung, ass up in the air, being mounted by a sweaty Jungkook, and killed it instantly. You would think I wouldn’t be able to get it up after everything this morning , he thought exasperatedly. He cleared his throat and spoke briskly, “All right, you two. Time to eat something.”

    “Aw,” Tae pouted cutely. “I thought you were coming to play.”

    “Maybe later,” he dodged. “First, food. I know you haven’t eaten anything yet today.” He passed out the food, now just warm instead of hot after all their talking, and Hoseok handed them both water bottles before setting the rest on the dresser.

    “Feed me, hyung,” Jimin demanded, sultry eyes doing their best to get Jin’s tired libido to rev back up.

    “You quit that, pup,” Jin said warningly as he collected trash from the dresser top, and Jimin pouted. “I’ll take this down to the kitchen,” he said to Hoseok. “Be right back.” Hoseok nodded, and he left to take care of the trash, recycling the empty water bottles. When he returned, Hoseok was just exiting Jin and Yoongi’s bedroom, quietly shutting the door behind him.

    “I moved Jungkook in there,” Hoseok said. “Didn’t want him to be disturbed by the Omegas, or by the Alphas, whenever they wake up.”

    “Hopefully not for a while yet,” Jin prayed. The went back into the Omegas’ room, only to find most of the food untouched, set to the side and ignored, as Jimin sucked and licked at Taehyung’s fingers.

    “Minnie!” Jin scolded, and Jimin jumped, looking at him with wide eyes, Taehyung’s long fingers still between his plush lips. “Eat first, then play,” he commanded, walking over and removing Tae’s hand from Jimin’s mouth.

    “ Aish , we can’t leave the two of you alone, can we?” Hoseok sighed dramatically, making Tae giggle. He sat down next to Tae, his hand sneaking up the Omega’s back to scruff his neck. The Omega immediately went limp, and Hoseok shook him slightly.

    “Sorry, hyung,” Taehyung said meekly.

    Hoseok released his scruff hold, but left his hand wrapped around the back of Taehyung’s neck, a silent promise. Hoseok handed Taehyung his discarded food and said in a light voice that nonetheless made the Omega shiver, “Now be a good boy and eat your food, and hyung might give you a reward, hm?”

    Tae immediately started stuffing his face.

    Jin glanced down at Jimin, who was watching the other two interact with a naked look of longing. Jin leaned over, putting his face close to Jimin’s and said, “Do I need to scruff you too, pup? Or are you going to behave?”

    Jimin looked up at him from under his lashes, licking his lips. “What if I don’t behave?” he asked, his head cocking to one side slightly. “What will you do, hyung?”

    Jin sighed internally. And he thought the Alphas were difficult to handle.




    Jungkook woke slowly, his body aching in that somewhat pleasant way he associated with a good workout at the gym. His lower back in particular was stiffening up. He stretched carefully, twisting his back and hips from side to side to loosen the muscles. He sighed in contentment at the stretch, still feeling a little fuzzy from sleep and the other Omegas’ pheromones. Thank goodness his suppressants had held up, and he hadn’t been thrown into heat himself.

    There was a buzzing sound, and he scanned the room - back in Jin and Yoongi’s room, somehow - to find the source. It seemed to be coming from the floor somewhere. He shuffled through the clothing discarded on the floor, finally uncovering his own phone. It must have fallen from his hands while Jin carried him in last night.

    Wow, that was only last night? It felt like days since he had fled from Yoongi downstairs.

    The screen lit up again, and showed a photo of Yugyeom, captioned “Yugi-yum.” Jungkook hurried to answer the call.

    “Yugi,” he said urgently, afraid his best friend was about to hang up.

    Yugyeom’s face filled the screen. His hair was unkempt, he had dark circles under his eyes, and his lips were pale and chapped. “JEON JUNGKOOK,” he roared. “WHERE THE HELL HAVE YOU BEEN?!”

    Jungkook winced. “Sorry, Yugi -”


    “Shh,” Jungkook hissed, looking up at the door in worry. “You’re too loud; they’ll hear you.”

    “Oh my God, Jungkook, have you been kidnapped ? Is that where you’ve been? Shit, why are you naked? Oh God, you have bruises, why did you call me , you need to call emergency services, where are you, I’ll come to you, I’m bring the whole damn Seoul police force -”

    “Yugi shut up !” Jungkook glared at the screen. “I have not been kidnapped! I’m with the pack, you know, the one that’s courting me?”

    Yugyeom visibly swelled up on the screen, “Why are you NAKED? Why are you with THEM? Aren’t they supposed to be in HEAT? What have they done to you, I swear to God -”

    “Calm down,” Jungkook ordered. “I can explain.”


    Jungkook hung up.

    He knew he shouldn’t have. It was just going to make Yugyeom more upset. But he needed his best friend to actually shut up and let him speak, and for that he needed him to calm down. He stubbornly hung up on the next three calls his best friend made, until he didn’t immediately call again. He waited a full count of sixty, then called himself.

    “Are you calm now?” he asked Yugyeom’s blurry image as his phone camera tried to focus. “Can I talk now?”

    Yugi fumed at him. “I can’t believe you hung up on me.”

    “I’m not sorry,” Jungkook said. “At least you’re breathing now, and using normal volumes.”

    Yugi stuck out his tongue at him, but remained quiet.

    Jungkook rolled his eyes and said, “Ok, first of all, I’m sorry I left your apartment. I had a little panic attack, I guess, and I thought the stalker would target you and your pack since I was there, so I left so you wouldn’t be in danger.”

    Yugyeom’s expression softened. “Oh Kook…”

    “I know. I wasn’t thinking straight.” He continued, “Anyway, I got lost, and…” Images of the dark alley, the sensation of hands all over him, then the sound of Yoongi’s roar, and the blood - he suppressed it before his stomach could do more than roll. “And the pack found me, and brought me to their apartment. It has better security than yours.” And none of them are pregnant.

    “But what about the heat?” Yugyeom insisted, face getting closer to the screen. “Don’t try and dodge the question. I can clearly see that you are naked, and I know what teeth-marks look like.”

    “It’s ok, Yugi,” he assured. “They haven’t done anything to me - well, not against my will. Most of this is because I helped out the Omegas this morning while the Alphas were out. The Betas must have moved me back in here after I fell asleep.” He deliberately did not mention the close call with Yoongi the night before.

    “So you’re ok? Not hurt at all? Nobody’s forced you?”

    “I’m fine, I promise.”

    “ Then why the hell didn’t you contact me sooner ?” Yugi hissed vehemently. “No call, no text, not even a message from your precious pack! I’m supposed to be your best friend!”

    “I’m sorry, I really am,” Jungkook pleaded. “My phone died while I was out in the city, and I only got the chance to charge it last night. I know I should have contacted you sooner, or had one of the pack reach out. I guess we’ve all been really busy with the heat here.”

    Yugyeom just stared at him with narrowed eyes.

    Jungkook whipped out the puppy-dog eyes, pouting at his phone. “Please forgive me, Yugi. I’m really sorry. I didn’t mean to make you worry.”

    Yugyeom whipped his head to the side, rejecting Jungkook’s attempts at cuteness, but then he sighed, rubbed his eyes, and looked back at the screen. “Ok fine,” he said. “I forgive you, but only because I’m relieved and I’m too tired to stay mad at you.”

    Jungkook worriedly looked at his best friend’s off-color skin, obvious fatigue dragging down his shoulders. “You don’t look so good,” he said carefully.

    “I’ve hardly slept,” Yugyeom replied. “Between worrying about you, vomiting everything I eat, and my stupid cravings waking me up at all hours of the night, I think I’ve only napped since you left.”

    “Shit, man,” Jungkook said remorsefully. “I’m so sorry for worrying you so much. You should get some rest. I’ll call you again tomorrow, ok?”

    “Ok, Kook. You take care of yourself.”

    “You too.”

Chapter Text

At some point during the night, an exhausted Jin and Hoseok came in the bedroom, got in the shower, and then climbed into bed on either side of him. He was normally a heavy sleeper, but he seemed attuned to their presence, rising to the surface of his subconscious to track their movements, and sinking back down once they settled into the bed, wrapping an arm around his waist or curling up against his body.

    It was amazing, how comfortable and at peace he felt around the pack, while only knowing them for a little more than two months. He’d always imagined he would feel suppressed in a pack, forced into a role he didn’t want, but these six other men felt like they had always been in his life, puzzle pieces that just fit around him like they’d always been there and he’d only just noticed them. He’d never slept so well before, and he hadn’t even nested.

    He woke in the morning to his phone buzzing. He reached over Hoseok to fumble for it on the bedside table, Jin mumbling sleepily behind him as his snuggle-buddy (Jungkook) wiggled away from him.

    “Hello?” he said, voice raspy and low from sleep.

    “Hello, this is Officer Chae. We met Friday?”

    “Ah, yes,” Jungkook said, scrambling upright and forcing his mind to wakefulness. “Has something happened? Have you caught whoever did it?” Jin and Hoseok quickly sat up, listening intently.

    “I’m afraid not, Jungkook-ssi. The investigator assigned to your case, Inspector Chu, would like for you to come to the station and review your statement. Are you available now?”

    “Uh,” he said, looking at Jin with wide eyes. “Y-yeah, I’m available. I should be able to get there within an hour.” Jin nodded and got out of the bed, pulling out some fresh clothes. Hoseok went into the bathroom and started the shower.

    “Actually,” she said, “Inspector Chu would like to send a car to collect you. Can you be ready in, say, fifteen minutes?”

    “Yeah, sure,” Jungkook yelped, scrambling out of the bed and yanking off his pyjama bottoms, forgetting to be shy in front of the Betas. It’s not like they haven’t seen it all by this point, he thought.

    “Excellent,” she said. “Please confirm your current address.”

    “Oh,” Jungkook said, pausing with his shirt halfway over his head. “My address…” Jin saw his look of panic and reached for the phone. Jungkook handed it over, and Jin shooed him to the bathroom.

    “Hello, Officer. This is Kim Seokjin, and I am hosting Jungkook at my apartment. The address is…”

    Jungkook didn’t hear the rest, already ducking under the hot spray of the shower. He scrubbed himself quickly and washed his hair at lightning speed. Jin came into the bathroom and called, “You’ve got ten minutes until they’re here.”

    Jungkook hopped out of the shower, Hoseok ready and waiting with a couple of towels. Jungkook patted down his body while Hoseok squeezed the water out of his hair. Jin handed him some clothes, and Jungkook hesitated.

    “Hyung, these still have the tags on,” he mumbled.

    “I bought them for you on Friday,” Jin said, briskly snipping off the tags with a tiny pair of scissors he’d gotten from a drawer near the sink. “Might as well get some use out of them.”

    Jungkook swallowed harshly. He recognized the brands on those tags. He was holding clothes that could have paid his rent.

    “Don’t be silly,” Hoseok said, finger-combing Jungkook’s hair. “Just put the clothes on and freak out later. You have seven minutes.”

    Jungkook nodded and obeyed, doing his best not to wince when he touched the luxurious fabric. The shirt was silky, and the turtleneck sweater that went over it was a soft, plush knit that he just wanted to knead with his hands and nest with. The pants were a soft wool blend, warm without being scratchy. Even the socks were lux, lined with something fuzzy and white. Jin vanished to go hunt for shoes, and Hoseok settled his clothing so that it wasn’t bunched or wrinkled weirdly. All in all, the clothing was incredibly comfortable against his skin, and he did his best to forget the price tags that littered the floor.

    By the time the intercom buzzed, Jungkook was fully dressed, borrowed shoes on his feet and one of Hoseok’s spare coats wrapped around his frame. Hoseok punched the button to let the officers up, and Jin put a soft knit hat on his head since his hair was still damp.

    “You have your phone? Good. Don’t hesitate to call us if you need anything,” Jin fussed.

    “I will,” Jungkook assured, gathering Jin’s fidgeting hands between his own. “Thank you, hyung.”

    “You’re welcome, Kook-ah,” Jin said warmly, pressing a kiss to Jungkook’s lips just as Hoseok opened the door for the officers. Jungkook bowed and greeted them, focusing his greeting on Officer Chae and doing his best to ignore Officer Choi. Officer Chae returned his greeting and waved to Jin and Hoseok in the doorway. Officer Choi looked bored.

    The ride to the station was quiet, and blessedly short. He felt odd, sitting in the back of the police car, seeing the lack of door handles and the metal grid between him and the front seats. He snuggled into Hoseok’s coat, taking comfort in the lingering musk of his scent. The officers led him inside the station and into a small room with a couch and a couple armchairs. Officer Chae asked him if he wanted something to drink - coffee, tea, hot chocolate? Jungkook politely declined, his stomach tight with tension. It looked like she was going to offer to take his coat, too, but something about the way he clutched at it must have tipped her off not to ask.

    Inspector Chu was a short, rotund Alpha, whose scent was similar to bergamot. Jungkook hated bergamot. Chu greeted him politely, gestured for him to sit on the couch, and the Inspector sat in one of the armchairs opposite. He looked very comfortable there, like he belonged in someone’s living room watching TV instead of in a police station.

    “Thank you for coming in, Jeon Jungkook-ssi,” he said. “I wanted to review the statement you made Friday night, and have you sign off on it for our official records.”

    Jungkook nodded, his hands pressed under his thighs to keep from fidgeting. Chu read aloud the summary from Saturday, penned by Officer Chae, and checked with Jungkook to see if he agreed with the account. He nodded again. Then the Inspector read aloud Jungkook’s statement, lingering over the part where Jungkook had stated that he was independent and giving Jungkook a look before continuing.

    “Is this account true to the best of your knowledge?” Chu asked.

    “Yes, sir,” Jungkook replied. Chu handed him the statement and a pen, and had Jungkook sign the bottom of it.

    “All right, Jungkook-ssi,” Chu said, shuffling the papers together and slipping them into a folder. “Officer Choi has informed me that the lab is still analyzing the scent sample of the alleged perpetrator, but that it may take some time. They have a lot of cases to work, you understand.”

    Jungkook frowned. Why did it seem like Chu had just implied that Jungkook’s case was low priority? The Inspector was behaving rather casually, which wasn’t reassuring. Jungkook needed the man to take this seriously.

    “Now, because you are an unmated Omega and do not belong to a local pack, for your security we will be taking you into protective custody -”

    “I beg your pardon?” Jungkook interrupted, incredulous.

    Chu regarded him as if he were slow. “This is for your safety. If, after ninety days, the perpetrator has still not been caught, we will -”

    “I thank you for the generous offer,” Jungkook bit out from between clenched teeth, “but I have to decline.”

    “You cannot decline,” the Inspector said. “It is the law. Now, we -”

    “Show me,” Jungkook said, chin jutting out and crossing his arms. “Show me where the law states that just because I am an Omega that gives you the right to arrest me -”

    “Protective custody,” Chu corrected, shaking a finger at Jungkook. Jungkook barely killed the urge to bite the outstretched finger. How rude.

    “Be that as it may,” Jungkook growled. “You cannot do this. I have a life, I have a job, you cannot just -”

    “I’m sure your boss can find another secretary in the interim,” Chu talked over him, like a parent speaking over a child throwing a tantrum, his voice maddeningly calm. The Alpha definitely did not take him seriously. “Now calm down, or I will put you in a holding cell until you are more reasonable.”

    Jungkook fumed. “I want a lawyer.”

    “You are not under arrest,” Chu said smugly.

    “Good day, then,” Jungkook said, and launched himself from his chair. He strode angrily to the door, only to be blocked by Officer Choi, who still stared at him like he was a bug under his shoe. “Get out of my way,” he snarled, done playing nice.

    Choi bristled, an outraged frown growing on his face as he opened his mouth -

    “Excuse me, sir,” Officer Chae cut in smoothly. “But although Jungkook-ssi stated on Friday that he did not belong to a pack, those circumstances have changed, haven’t they, Jungkook-ssi?” She looked at Jungkook significantly.

    Jungkook did his best to not look confused. “Yes?” he said.

    “I’m sure Jungkook-ssi had just forgotten to mention that he was part of a pack now, being so upset about recollecting the trauma from last Friday night,” she continued, ignoring her partner’s glare. “In fact, Officer Choi and I picked him up from his new den this morning, didn’t we, Choi? Nice place in Apujeong-dong, right?”

    Chu turned to Choi, who was scowling fiercely. “Is this true, Choi?”

    “We did pick him up from a den in Apujeong-dong, but I don’t know anything about a new pack -” he grumbled.

    Chae interrupted again, “Come on, Choi, don’t be daft. Why else would he not be wearing a collar? Obviously, his new mating bites are still healing, and they’re getting a tag made, right, Jungkook-ssi?”

    “Of course,” Jungkook said, rubbing at his neck through the high turtleneck, blessing Jin on his clothing selection. He’d totally forgotten he wasn’t wearing a collar. “I was - distraught,” he said, eyeing Chae for approval. She nodded imperceptibly. “I forgot to mention it earlier. Forgive me, it’s just so new, I’m not used to thinking of myself in a pack yet.”

    Choi scowled, and Chu shifted from foot to foot, looking back and forth between Chae and Jungkook. Chae had adopted a blank expression that betrayed nothing, and Jungkook whipped out his best innocent-Omega façade.

    “Actually, my new packmate bought me these clothes. Aren’t they nice?” Jungkook simpered, cementing the impression of love-struck, newly mated Omega.

    “Ah, was that the one we caught you kissing when your front door opened?” Chae asked conspiratorially.

    Jungkook blushed on queue. “Yes,” he said shyly.

    “He has good taste,” Chae confided.

    Chu huffed, drawing the attention back to himself. “If that is the case, then by all means, Jungkook-ssi, let the officers return you to your pack. I’m sorry to have kept you so long in your early nesting stages. We will contact you when we know something.”

    “Thank you, Inspector Chu,” Jungkook said, layering on the gratitude he didn’t feel, at least not towards him. “Now that you mention it, I really can’t wait to get back.”

    “Please follow me,” Officer Chae said, beckoning Jungkook forward as she stepped up to Choi. Sullenly, the other officer stepped to the side to let them pass, and followed them back out to the car.

    Once they had arrived back at the apartment, Jungkook thanked Officer Chae profusely, once again ignoring Officer Choi, who seemed perfectly fine to ignore him right back. As soon as they pulled away, Jungkook whipped out his phone and dialed Jin’s number.

    “Hyung, I’m back. We have to talk.”




    Taehyung shuddered and gasped, releasing onto the wall of the shower, where the hot water washed his cum away down the drain. Hoseok withdrew his fingers from the Omega’s hole, and shushed Tae when he whined at the loss. The purpose of the shower had been to clean Tae up, his heat cooling down enough that he wanted some couch cuddle time instead of non-stop sex. Jin and Hoseok had washed the Omega’s beautiful body, careful to clean his bites and gently scrub away dried click and cum. The Alphas had been understandably enthusiastic with the Omegas ever since the two dynamics had reunited, Namjoon and Yoongi reacting to Jungkook’s lingering scent on Jimin and Taehyung. The redhead had been positively smeared with cum, especially on his scent glands. When Hoseok had fingered Taehyung open to clean out his hole a bit, the Omega had gotten aroused, so Hoseok had finished him up while Jin got out, claiming he heard his phone ring.

    Tae slumped against the shower wall, and Hoseok gently grabbed him around the middle, taking on most of his weight and walking the model out of the shower. He plopped the Omega down on the toilet lid and turned back to turn the water off just as Jin re-entered.

    “That was Jungkook,” Jin said with a frown. “Something happened at the police station, and he wants to talk.” The pink-haired man handed Tae and Hoseok fresh towels. Hoseok wrapped his towel around his waist and got to work patting Taehyung dry, the Omega blissed out and not paying attention to what was going on. “I’m going to go open the door for him. You got this?”

    “We’re good,” Hoseok said, toweling Tae’s raging red hair dry. “Don’t start without me, ok?” Jin nodded, and exited again. Hoseok briskly dried himself off, wrapped both towels around Taehyung to keep him warm, and fetched fresh clothes for them. He didn’t have quite the fashion sense of the two models, but he felt safe selecting one of Jin’s silk pyjama sets for Taehyung. The silk would feel good on his heated skin, and the silvery-gray color would set off Tae’s coloring well, he thought. For himself, he chose a comfy green sweater and a pair of cotton pants so old they felt soft as silk.

    “Come on, Taetae,” he urged, pulling the Omega to his feet and helping him slip into the silk pyjamas. “Do you want to come downstairs with us, or do you want to stay up here and sleep for a bit?”

    Taehyung latched onto Hoseok with his noodle arms and sighed, “Still wanna cuddle.”

    “Ok, then,” Hoseok said. “That means you need to walk on your own, ok? I’m too tired to carry you right now.” Taehyung pouted, but obediently trailed behind Hoseok as he exited the bathroom and bedroom, walking down the hall and down the stairs. Hoseok made sure to go down the stairs slowly, ready to catch Tae if he went all limp. They found Jin and Jungkook in the living room, seated on a couch. The debris from the Alphas’ fight was swept off to one side for removal later. Jin looked worried, and Jungkook looked… wary.

    “So what happened?” he asked, depositing Taehyung into Jin’s lap. The redhead clung to Jin like a koala, and Jin petted the Omega’s hair.

    Jungkook took a deep breath, and told them everything in a rush. About the statement review, the (lack of) news from the lab on the scent sample, and the Inspector’s insistence that Jungkook go into “protective custody” for ninety days, or until the stalker was caught.

    “WHAT?!” Jin cried in outrage.

“What the FUCK?” Hoseok spat.

    “Da fuck?” Tae mumbled dreamily.

    “He said it was the law. Since I’m an unmated Omega that doesn’t belong to a local pack, for my ‘safety’ I would be placed in protective custody, like some pup who can’t make his own decisions,” Jungkook growled angrily.

    “That’s messed up,” Hoseok said.

    “Omegas have had equal rights in this country for over fifty years,” Jin said. “There’s no way a law like that still exists.”

    “Tell that to Inspector Chu,” Jungkook said bitterly.

    “Wait, then how are you here right now?” Hoseok said. “Are they coming back for you?”

    “Over my dead body!” Jin exclaimed.

    “I appreciate the sentiment, hyung, but it’s not necessary,” Jungkook said with a little smile. “You already saved me, you and Officer Chae.”


    “Explain, Kookie,” Hoseok said.

    “‘Splain,” Tae mumbled into Jin’s shoulder.

    “Chae was the female officer who answered the door,” Jungkook said. “You remember her from Friday?”

    Jin nodded, and filled in Hoseok: “She was actually helpful, instead of her useless partner. She’s the one who got the scent sample. She gave Jungkook her card.”

    “Well, she’s damn smart,” Jungkook said. “Chu was about to throw me in a holding cell for talking back -”

    “Bastard!” Jin hissed.

    “- but Chae made up this story about how I did belong to a pack now, and I’d just been too upset, you know, the typical emotional Omega, to inform them.” Again, Jungkook looked at them warily.

    “She meant us,” Hoseok said, understanding.

    Jungkook nodded. “She insinuated that you all had mated me between Friday and now, that the reason I didn’t have a collar on was because the tag was being made, and that I was wearing a turtleneck to hide the mating bites.” He eyed them, cautious of their reactions.

    “God bless turtlenecks,” Jin breathed in relief. “Now I have to buy one in every color.”

    Hoseok looked at Jungkook shrewdly. “But this means that they think you’re part of our pack.”

    “So?” Jin said, confused.

    “Hyung, that means they think he lives here, and they will expect to find him at this address from now on,” he continued. Jungkook’s shoulders hunched under his scrutiny.

    “Oh...” Jin said, realization hitting him. “You have to move in. Elsewise they’ll know you and Chae lied, and will take you into custody.”

    Jungkook nodded tightly.

    “That’s not all,” Hoseok continued. “Eventually you’ll have to stop wearing turtlenecks. They’re going to expect to see a healing mating bite. Not to mention a collar with our pack symbol on the tag.”

    Jungkook’s shoulders were so tense, Jin thought he could shatter with a good push. The Omega’s hands were clenched as he waited for their reaction.

    “And we can’t just pretend forever,” Jin said as he unraveled the implications. “It could take them a while to catch the stalker, and then even longer to bring him to trial.”

    The three of them stared at one another for an excruciating moment.

    “I love proposals,” Tae mumbled into the tense silence. “I do!”




    It was hours later, but Jin’s head was still reeling from Jungkook’s eventful morning at the police station. Tae had begun to fidget and grind in his lap as his heat rekindled, and Jin had to cast aside his concerns and take care of his mate. Nothing would be decided until the heat was over, anyway - they had to discuss this as a pack with clear heads.

    He half-carried the Omega upstairs to the bedroom, knocked, and opened the door without waiting for an answer. Knowing his packmates, they were probably too busy at the moment to come to the door, and as he looked inside, he saw that he was right.

    On the bed, Namjoon groaned as he snapped his hips forward, apparently just having achieved his release. He rocked his hips into Jimin, who was chest-down, ass-up on the bed, both of them facing the mirrored dresser so Jimin could see himself come undone under his Alphas’ hands. Jin swallowed down a groan of appreciation; he knew he liked to watch, and it did something to him that Jimin liked being made to watch. Yoongi kneeled to one side, slowly stroking his erection as waited his turn. He was the first to notice Jin and Taehyung in the doorway.

    Tae made an absolutely sinful whine as he watched his fellow Omega being pumped full, unashamed longing in his gaze. Jin gave his fellow model a gentle shove in the direction of the bed, and Yoongi reached out to beckon Tae to him. Taehyung eagerly wobbled over, letting Yoongi grab his wrist and yank him onto the bed, going pliant under his Alpha’s firm hands and passionate mouth.

    Namjoon gasped for air and smiled at Jin, “Hyung, you here to watch?”

    Jin clicked his tongue, raising an eyebrow. “Tempting,” he said, leaning against the door frame and lazily running his eyes over the four on the bed. Jimin whimpered and cried happily, rubbing his face on the sheets to scent them, and Namjoon stroked his bowed back comfortingly. The sight shortened Jin’s breath. Any other time… “But unfortunately, I have to tend to some other matters. How clear are you right now?”

    “Pretty clear,” Namjoon replied. “Why? What’s up?”

    “I’ll go into more detail after the heat, but you should know that Jungkook will be staying with us indefinitely.”

“I thought that was the plan anyway,” Yoongi growled against Taehyung’s chest, the Omega giving out little cries with each nibble and bite. Somehow, the silk pyjamas were on the floor and Tae was naked already - Yoongi magic.

“Well, now we’ll have to make it seem like he’s part of the pack, not just a house guest.”

Namjoon frowned, slowly sinking back to sit on the bed, pulling Jimin up and along with him so the Omega was nestled on his lap. He absently stroked Jimin’s blond hair, his neck decorated with marks, down his muscular chest and abs, and the Omega leaned back into him and purred. God, Jin loved it when they purred.

Focus, Jin.

“What happened?” Namjoon asked alertly. Even Yoongi paused his ministrations to shoot Jin a wary look over his shoulder.

“Don’t worry, everyone is safe,” Jin assured, licking his lips and doing his best to keep his gaze on Namjoon’s face. “No one is in any immediate danger. Like I said, I’ll explain later, so for now just focus on doing your jobs.”

Yoongi smirked and called over his shoulder as he bent back to Tae, “Don’t have to tell me twice.” Tae yelped at a particularly sharp bite and moaned.

Namjoon was still locked in with Jimin, the Omega squirming as the Alpha’s petting hands circled and rubbed his limp cock to semi-hardness. Jimin gasped and rolled his hips down on Namjoon’s knot, plush lips parted and eyes half-lidded as he looked up at Jin. “Sure you don’t wanna stay, hyung?” he moaned breathily.

Jin sucked in a sharp breath. Jimin was such a tease.

“Maybe…” he found himself saying. “Maybe I can stay… for a little while.”

Namjoon smirked, and Jimin gasped in delight.




    Jin didn’t come back downstairs until hours later, after Jungkook and Hoseok had finished two movies and begun to contemplate delivery for dinner. The Beta’s hair was wet from a hasty shower, and his cheeks flushed.

    “Have fun?” Hoseok teased, and Jin stuck out his tongue at him on the way to the kitchen. Somehow Jin was able to whip up dinner in no time at all. The three of them ate, and Jungkook retreated to Jin and Yoongi’s room while the Betas brought dinner to the rest of the pack. The rest of the evening was comparatively uneventful: Jungkook FaceTimed a much better-looking Yugyeom while he waited for the Betas to return, relating the events from the police station; the three of them showered and got dressed for bed together - Hoseok had gotten a little handsy while washing Jungkook, riling him up until the Beta had to give him a “helping hand” while Jin watched; and the two older men took up their familiar positions on either side of Jungkook when they went to bed. Jungkook thought about telling them that he was fine now, that they didn’t have to coddle him and he could sleep alone, but he didn’t.

    They were good bedmates. Sue him.

    He thought it would be hard to go to sleep, still unsure as he was about how the rest of the pack would react to his “proposal,” as Taehyung had called it, but yet again, he slept deeply in the arms of the two Betas. He had forgotten what it felt like to nest for half an hour before he felt comfortable enough to even attempt sleep.

    In the morning, Jungkook called his landlady to cancel his lease, letting her know that he would come over later to pack up his things. She was very sweet and understanding, and Jungkook promised to pay for the repairs to the door since she wasn’t going to charge him for breaking his lease early. After Jin checked in with those in the Omegas’ room and made sure they would be ok on their own for a few hours, Jungkook and the Betas dressed in warm clothing and left to run errands.

    The first stop was at a high-class shop in Myeongdong called YeppeO. He had heard of the designer brand for Omegas, but he’d never even contemplated shopping there because of their expensive reputation. He was at first reluctant to go in, but he saw his reflection in the shop window, dressed in the luxurious clothes Jin had bought him, and felt like a knight in his armor. He could handle this. He strode confidently after Jin, and entered the store like he belonged there.

    The shop workers recognized Jin, not just as a well-known model, but as a packmate of Taehyung, their brand ambassador. They ushered the three of them to some plush red couches shaped like amoebas, offered them tea and champagne (Are you serious? he thought), and asked them what they could do for them.

    “We’re here to have a collar made for our…friend,” Jin said, gesturing to Jungkook. The employees’ eyes sparkled, no doubt assuming that Jungkook was a recent addition to the pack that they were trying to keep secret until some sort of public announcement. A consultant discreetly asked him questions about material, color, different styles, and decorations while another employee measured his neck’s circumference at the base and at his Adam’s apple, and his neck’s length at the front, sides, and back. Jungkook felt a little overwhelmed - he’d picked his first collar out from the bland shelves of E-Mart - but did his best to appear confident and comfortable in the strange environment. It was one thing to let the Betas coddle him in their den, but he was back in public now, and he wasn’t about to show vulnerability.

    After they were done measuring and taking down the details of Jungkook’s “sadly pedestrian” (Jin’s words) choices, the consultant told them to come back in six hours, and the “piece” (like a work of art, rather than a regular old collar) would be ready. The consultant told them they would rush the order - “anything for Taehyung-ssi’s pack” - and Jin slipped the consultant a hefty tip as they exited. Jungkook felt like he was in a movie.

    The next stop was a pharmacy and market combination. Hoseok filled his basket with gauze squares, bandages, red nail polish, Vaseline, super glue, and other disparate objects while Jin and Jungkook trailed him like confused ducklings.

    “I have some practice with costume makeup,” Hoseok said by way of explanation. “A few of the dances I’ve choreographed have been horror-themed. We’ll have you marked up with a mating bite in no time.” Jungkook nodded along, and Jin handed over the black credit card.

    The next stop was a hardware store, and finally Jungkook could take the lead. He bought half a litre of paint, paintbrushes, wood putty, sandpaper, gloves, and face masks, as well as some boxes and packaging tape. Jin looked uncomfortable in the store, and Hoseok teased him quietly while Jungkook checked out at the register.

    Finally, they went to Jungkook’s old apartment. Even though he braced himself as best he could, the sight of the bright red paint and caution tape was jarring. At least the air didn’t smell of the stalker anymore, the hallway being open to the elements. The landlady unlocked the door for them, having already changed the lock, and Jin went inside, armed with the boxes and tape to pack up Jungkook’s belongings. Jungkook and Hoseok stayed outside, carefully sanding away the thick paint drips, filling in the gouges in the door with wood putty, and covering the hateful slurs with coat after coat of paint until the door looked fresh and new. Although it was a cold day, the work had them draping their coats over the balcony railing and rolling up their sleeves. Jungkook noticed that Hoseok wore a wide, thin silver cuff on his left wrist.

    “Is that your pack marker?” he asked curiously, dipping his brush in the paint.

    Hoseok glanced down at the bangle and looked back up at him with a wide smile. “Yeah, I guess you haven’t really seen it yet, have you?” Because we’ve all been naked lately, left unsaid but understood.

    “I’ve seen it before, but not up close. It’s pretty,” Jungkook said. The matte finish was inscribed with the pack symbol, and for the first time Jungkook got a really good look at the symbol: two trapezoids, shorter ends parallel and almost touching, longer ends on the outside, positioned vertically. It could almost be an abstract graphic of a butterfly, he thought.

    “It’s nothing fancy,” Hoseok said, casting a fond glance down at the cuff. “Not like Jin-hyung’s. But I think it suits me.”

    “I think so, too.”

    There was a knock on the door, so both of them stopped what they were doing so Jin could open it. The pink-haired man looked at Jungkook with a faintly puzzled frown. “Kook-ah, did you do laundry just before the attack?” he asked.

    “No,” Jungkook shook his head in confusion. “Why?”

    “Well, your laundry hamper is empty, and I don’t peg you as the sort of guy who’d wear the same socks and underwear all week,” he said, frown deepening.

    Jungkook felt a chill that had nothing to do with the weather as Hoseok stated simply, “The stalker. They have your spare key. They must have come back before the lock was changed.”

    Jin stepped aside, and Jungkook entered his apartment, followed by Hoseok. It was just a studio, and not very big, so it was readily apparent that his dirty clothes were no longer there. His bedding was still at Yugyeom’s, along with a lot of his belongings, so it was hard to figure out if anything else had been taken by the stalker, or if Jungkook himself had packed it up the Friday before.

    “What would he want with your dirty clothes?” Jin asked.

    Hoseok answered, “They carry his scent. They’d be as potent as his bedclothes, but Jungkook took those before they could.” He looked over at Jungkook, who was scanning his apartment mutely, unable to form words. “We need to tell the cops, at least that lady cop.”

    Jungkook nodded, pulled out the card for Officer Chae, and called her while the Betas got back to work. He relayed the information as succinctly as possible in an emotionless voice, and Chae’s voice was professional and calm on the other end of the line as she took down the details. She thanked him for the information, and said she would pass it along to the Inspector. Jungkook did his best not to huff at the memory of the pudgy Chu, and thanked her for her help.

    In the end, they finished quickly. Most of Jungkook’s valuables were at Yugyeom’s, and he was the type to have few material items. The most expensive things left in his apartment were his video game consoles and games; he breathed a sigh of relief to see that they had been left untouched. They loaded the few boxes into the trunk of Jin’s BMW, cleaned up the supplies for the door repair, and said their farewells to the landlady so she’d know to lock up again. The older lady patted him on the back in affection, and Jungkook shyly smiled and waved as he said goodbye. He hoped she wouldn’t have any more trouble with him gone.

    They swung by Yugyeom’s to get the rest of his things, giving Jungkook a chance to scent his best friend, tease him about being fat already, and receive teasing in return for his fancy clothes. Only Mark was home with Yugyeom at the time, the others at their various jobs, but the Beta only acted all protective and possessive around the Yugyeom for a few minutes before he warmed up to Jin and Hoseok. Betas were easy like that.

    Their last stop of the day was back in Myeongdong to pick up the order from YeppeO. An employee with white gloves presented him with his new collar in a velvet-lined box while Jin paid. It felt silly to Jungkook to have the white gloves and velvet treatment, but he supposed YeppeO had to keep up its reputation. The new collar was genuine leather, of the highest quality, butter smooth and soft, dyed black (“I like black, hyung. Don’t pout.”), with a black steel metal buckle and ring, from which dangled a tag with the pack symbol and a large, chunky diamond.

    “I didn’t ask for this,” Jungkook said, pointing to the ridiculous rock.

    “Consider it a gift for Taehyung-ssi’s new ‘friend,’” the employee said with a not-so-subtle wink. Jungkook sighed quietly and decided not to fight it. His inner Omega liked the shiny thing anyway. The employee helped him put it on while Jin checked out. Damn it was comfortable. The leather instantly warmed to his body temperature and glided across his skin so easily, so different from the nylon webbing he’d gotten used to. His inner Omega purred, and he himself was so charmed, that he didn’t notice the other box the employee at the register slipped to Jin, or the Beta tucking the box inside his coat.

Chapter Text

    Thursday morning dawned, and the heat was over. For the first time, all seven of them ate breakfast at the dining room table, a hearty breakfast full of protein- and carbohydrate-laden food meant to help the Alphas and Omegas gain back lost calories. Jungkook realized it was only the third time he had seen the entire pack in one place, fully clothed: the last time was their dinner date a week and a half ago, and before that, back in October when Yoongi went to the hospital. Does that even count, though? Yoongi was in a hospital gown back then.

    Glancing at half of the pack members at the table, Jungkook wasn’t positive they didn’t belong in the hospital. Jimin and Tae had lost weight and had the typical bites and bruises common to all heats, but the Alphas were tapestries of purple, blue, black, and red, constellations of teeth marks, scabbed wounds, bruises, and colorful swelling. No longer fueled by pheromones, they had to be feeling every injury.

As if in echo to his thoughts, Jin said, “After breakfast, go on and get ready quickly so you can get to the hospital at a decent time. No going to work or practice until you’ve been checked over.” The four in question sighed in resignation, but did not protest. Yoongi looked close to falling back asleep in his chair.

Hoseok turned to Jungkook and said, “You’re welcome to tag along with them, or stay here and help us clean up.”

“I’ll stay,” Jungkook said. It would give him a chance to figure out what to do with his belongings, currently stacked and piled into a corner of the living room.

Namjoon paused in the act of shoveling food into his mouth to stare at Jungkook - or more precisely, his neck. “That’s a nice collar,” he said. “Another loaner from your friend? It looks like he left his tag on…”

Self-consciously, Jungkook’s hand flew up to cover the front of his collar, where dangled the tag and large diamond. He looked at Jin, unsure what to say.

“Ah,” Jin muttered. “Right.” He turned to the others at the table, tapping Yoongi so he’d raise his head from its surface. “We actually need to talk about something before you go to the hospital.”

Namjoon looked over Jin, Jungkook, and Hoseok. “Does this have to do with what we talked about before?” he directed the question at Jin. “You did say you were going to explain.”

Taehyung and Jimin looked curiously back and forth between the hyungs. “Why? What happened?” Jimin asked.

Jin fiddled with his spoon and took a deep breath, clearly trying to think of what to say, but Hoseok beat him to it. “We have to pretend that Jungkook is part of our pack now, or the police will take him into custody.”

Taehyung dropped his spoon with a clatter. Jimin gasped, Jin groaned, Namjoon said “what?!” and Yoongi blinked.

“Nice, Hobi,” Jin said, hand over his eyes.

“It’s best to just cut to the chase, hyung,” Hoseok said, unapologetic.

“Explain, please,” Namjoon said.

“Jungkook-ah?” Jin asked.

He swallowed, and said, “Tuesday morning, the police asked me to come to the station to confirm my statement, but when we were done, the Inspector said that since I was an unmated Omega and didn’t belong to a local pack, they would take me into protective custody for ‘my safety.’”

Namjoon, Jimin, and Taehyung gaped at him with open mouths. Yoongi blinked again.

“The only way I got out of it was because one of the officers - the nice female one from last Friday, Namjoon-hyung - managed to convince the Inspector that I had joined your pack after the incident Friday night.”

“They can’t do that,” Taehyung said, looking at Jin. “They can’t do that, right, hyung?” Jin only responded with a grim expression.

“They can do that?” Namjoon asked, eyes wide.

“The Inspector said it was the law,” Jungkook said. “When I asked him to show me the law where it was written, he threatened to throw me into a holding cell until I was more cooperative.”

“Fucking piece of shit bastard -” Jin quickly slapped a hand over Yoongi’s mouth.

“Yoongi-hyung finally woke up,” Jimin muttered.

Namjoon scrubbed his face with his hands. “I can’t believe a law like that still exists. I’ll have my lawyer look into it. I won’t believe it until I see it.”

“As outrageous as this all is, I think you’re missing the deeper implications here,” Hoseok said. “The police believe that Jungkook belongs to this pack now, which means that he has to appear and behave as if he is in the pack. And this could go on for months, years, even, depending on when or if they catch the guy and how slowly he’s prosecuted.”

“That’s fine,” Taehyung said. “He was going to live here anyway, right? Now it’ll be more permanent.”

“I was only going to live here until I found a new place,” Jungkook said quietly. He felt guilty when Tae gave him a hurt look. “The whole purpose of me having a job was to be independent. And now, thanks to this law, I’m exactly where I didn’t want to be - forced into a pack against my will.” Now the whole table was watching him in stricken silence. “I’m sorry,” he muttered. “I didn’t mean for that to come out so bitter. I- I like all of you,” he blushed furiously, “and I might, um, want to, someday, maybe, think about, you know, being part of this pack. But it’s hard not to be resentful at having the choice taken from me.”

They all ruminated on his words for a few moments before Namjoon spoke up. “I think I speak for all of us when I say that we wish things weren’t this way, but that you always have a choice with us. We never want you to feel forced, and if this really bothers you, we will do everything in our power to ensure your independence.” He placed a reassuring hand on Jungkook’s shoulder, and the others around the table nodded in agreement.

    “Thank you,” he said, making sure to meet all their eyes in appreciation.

    “Why don’t you think about it?” Hoseok offered. “You don’t have to go back to work until next week. If you decide to go forward with the pretending-plan, that would be the first real test. Until then, you don’t have to go anywhere unless you want to, and nothing has to change.”

    “That’s a good plan, hyung,” Namjoon said. “It will give me some time to make some inquiries with the lawyer.”

    “And some time to settle you in here,” Jin said. “Regardless of which direction you want to take, you always have a place here with us.” He reached out to touch Jungkook as well, and Jungkook felt warmth as he looked around at them all, so ready to support him no matter what he decided.

    If I did join a pack, I’d want it to be this one , he thought.




    It was decided that Jungkook would stay in the Omegas’ room because 1) he was an Omega himself, 2) that room had the biggest bed, and 3) he was closest in age to Jimin and Tae. After the room had been aired thoroughly, all the bedding changed, the empty water bottles had been recycled, and the various debris cleaned up, Hoseok helped him carry his things inside the room while Jin made space in the dresser and large closet.

    “I’m so glad I bought you some real clothes,” Jin sighed. “Imagine the dissonance if I’d had to hang up your collection of white t-shirts next to Tae’s Gucci.”

    “My clothes are real clothes, hyung. And white t-shirts go with everything. They’re easy.”

    Jin just tutted and lovingly stroked a silk shirt he’d just hung up.

    It was surprisingly easy to move in. Jungkook didn’t have a lot of material goods, so he spent a good amount of time hooking up his video game consoles to the TV. He was delighted to see that the room already had a few gaming consoles, and that he owned some of the games on the neat shelf above. He looked forward to some potential competition. The things that he didn’t need to unpack - like his few dishes or his blackout curtains - he simply boxed up again to place in storage. He did leave out his old pillow and blanket, however; he figured he would probably want to nest at some point, and it would be helpful to have things with his scent already on them.

    Around noon, the others returned from the hospital with clean bills of health and bandages over their worst injuries. They all decided to get lunch together, a chance to get out of the den and spend some time together with rational mindsets. Jungkook wore his new collar with the tag on, and was surprised to find he didn’t feel much different. Maybe it was because he was with the pack, or because they went to a high-class cafe, but everyone treated him with courtesy, without making him feel inferior to the others. It took him a while to notice the biggest difference - he didn’t get any catcalls or appraising looks, or the stink-eye from those of the older generation, who’d always seemed as if they were just waiting for someone to take him in hand. He got the feeling that everyone around them just ignored him once they registered his tag, which at once was refreshing and irritating.

    After lunch, they decided to wander Insadong. He tried on hanbok with the others, taking silly selfies together; Taehyung and Jin started acting out a full period drama, complete with dramatic death scene, that eventually got them kicked out of the shop. They stopped in a couple art galleries, making guesses and interpretations on the meaning of the modern art pieces. They found a tea house with what seemed like hundreds of different flavors of tea, and sampled them until he thought his bladder would burst. Occasionally people would stare or do double-takes at the Alphas’ and Omegas’ banged-up appearances, but since they traveled as a pack, most people correctly assumed that they’d just come out of a heat or rut. As the day waned, they stopped in quaint little eateries and grabbed some food. It felt like a date, but somehow more - he didn’t feel nervous or like he had to be overly polite; it felt natural, easy, spending time with the pack.

    That night was the first night he slept with Jimin and Taehyung, and it was an experience, to say the least. He should have expected it, based on Taehyung’s behavior during his heat, but the other Omega was a clingy cuddler, and couldn’t seem to sleep without wrapping himself around a pillow or a bedmate. Jimin also cuddled, but more as a means of going to sleep; once he dropped off, he gave Jungkook more space, but not much. Jimin produced enough body heat that Jungkook threw the comforter off in the middle of the night, welcoming the coolness of the winter night. Despite the near-strangulation and roasting body heat, Jungkook still ended up sleeping well, dreaming of fields of flowers and strawberries.

    Over the next few days, Jungkook got used to the pack’s dynamic and flow outside of a heat. Namjoon rarely took control, preferring to let his packmates make their own decisions; Jungkook was amused to find the pack Alpha bossed around by Jin, especially. Yoongi continued to be a recluse, but a softer one than Jungkook had ever experienced at BigHit. The grumpy Alpha smiled at him when Jungkook brought him food in his studio beneath the stairs, and at night he was up for light cuddles while they watched movies in the living room. He learned that while Jin was master of the kitchen, he wouldn’t touch the laundry; he discovered that although Hoseok often wore casual clothing like Jungkook, fit for dancing, the Beta also had a collection of luxurious, bold apparel that he liked to wear out; he realized that Namjoon was incredibly clumsy, and that the rest of the pack was so used to it that they habitually removed things from his path or any nearby countertops if they knew he was approaching. He played video games with Taehyung, and danced along to girl groups that came on the TV with Jimin and Hoseok.

    He was still occasionally affected by the pack’s pheromones. Yoongi cuddled too close to his neck one night, and Jungkook found himself losing time, only surfacing once the movie had finished and the Alpha was urging him to bed. After two nights in a row dreaming of strawberries and flowers, and waking with embarrassingly obvious morning wood, Jungkook realized that the Omegas’ scents were also affecting him. Jin and Hoseok didn’t bother him quite as much, being low producers of pheromones, but one time while dancing with Jimin and Hoseok, Hoseok playfully grabbed him and spun him around, bringing him close enough for his musky scent to make Jungkook loose-limbed and dopey. He pleaded fatigue and sat down on a couch until the haze cleared. Overall, he felt like his earlier hypothesis might have been true: maybe he just needed to be desensitized to the pack’s scents. He brought it up with Namjoon one evening, when they were both sitting in the living room, Namjoon reading and Jungkook sketching the city skyline.

    “You may be right,” Namjoon allowed, putting his book down and pondering the night sky. “I’ve also thought about it, and I think it may be because of the ‘high compatibility’ - our instincts have been so intent on driving us together, and now that we are together, at least partially, perhaps they are satisfied with the level of interaction we have at present.”

    So basically, Fate got what it wanted, and stopped sabotaging me , he thought. He should be resentful, but he couldn’t muster it. It was too peaceful, sitting with Namjoon and observing the city lights. “So what does it mean that I still have highs sometimes?” he asked.

    Namjoon tapped his fingers as he thought, and mused aloud, “Perhaps your instincts are mostly sated, but won’t be completely satisfied until you’re mated?” He seemed to realize what he had said a second after it had slipped from his mouth, blushed, and avoided Jungkook’s eyes. “Not that I’m suggesting anything- I mean, it’s not like I wouldn’t like- um, what I mean is- no pressure -”

    Initially on edge at the mention of mating, Jungkook felt the edge soften and melt away at the Alpha’s bumbling speech. “It’s ok, hyung,” he said, patting Namjoon on the shoulder and holding back a giggle. “I understand what you were saying. It makes sense. At least for now, it seems like my instincts are calm enough to let me think clearly.”

    Namjoon smiled in relief and said, “I’m glad for that. We want to make sure that you are confident in whatever decision you make.”

    “Thank you,” Jungkook said, returning the smile. That warmth that he was becoming all-too-familiar with bloomed within. He could get used to that warmth.

    He could also get used to the nightly not-so-innocent cuddles with the other two Omegas before they fell asleep. He had thought that after all their recent sexual activity during the heat, Taehyung and Jimin would have wanted a few days respite, but he was proved wrong the third night he slept in the Omegas’ bed when Taehyung wrapped an arm around his waist, not to cling, but to stroke up under his shirt from his belly to his chest.

    “Hyung?” he breathed, Tae’s touch sending pleasant shivers through his torso. The older Omega’s body molded around Jungkook’s, his semi nudging against Jungkook’s tailbone. Jimin stirred on his other side, turning to look at them both with eyes gleaming in the sliver of moonlight that peeked through the curtains.

    “Shh, Kookie,” Tae murmured in his deep voice, finger pads tracing over Jungkook’s nipples. “Let us make you feel good.” In answer, Jungkook let his neck go loose, his head falling to one side and exposing his throat. In the darkness, Jungkook could see Jimin lick his lips and sigh in appreciation. Tae rumbled, the sound a heady mix between a growl and purr, and he gently licked and sucked along Jungkook’s neck and shoulder. Jimin wiggled closer so that he could kiss Jungkook’s relaxed mouth. The two drew soft sighs and gasps from his lips as they petted and fondled him, pushing up his shirt and pulling down his waistband to grant better access to his sensitive zones. Jimin’s skilled hand caressed Jungkook’s cock to full hardness, while Tae’s deft fingers left his nipples to stroke down between his cheeks and rub his hole.

    Nnh ,” Jungkook panted, “hyungs…” He was starting to leak slick, and he heard the other two inhale as his scent sweetened.

    Ungh , Kookie,” Tae breathed into his neck. The redhead rubbed against his hole in lazy pushes, and Jungkook felt answering pulses of slick dribble out between his cheeks. “You smell so good.”

Jungkook’s head swirled pleasantly from the other Omegas’ sweetening scents, the pleasure in his body, and the softness of sleepiness. Despite this, he stuttered, “T-Taetae-hyung? Unh , don’t g-go in?”

Jimin and Taehyung halted their movements, and Taehyung asked him, “Do you want us to stop?”

“Mm, no,” Jungkook said, fumbling for words. He’d never been penetrated by another person before, only with toys and his own fingers. As much as he loved what they were doing, felt so comfortable around the both of them, he still felt hesitant. He didn’t know why, exactly; he just did. “Just… want to wait?”

“If you’re not comfortable with it, we won’t do it, ok?” Jimin soothed, slowly rubbing their noses together.

“Yeah,” Taehyung added, nuzzling his nape. “Outside is still ok?”

“Yes,” Jungkook sighed, relieved that they seemed to understand and weren’t upset. The two older Omegas resumed their ministrations, and a few minutes later Jungkook came with a soft cry against Jimin’s lips, Taehyung nibbling the back of his neck. He watched sleepily as Jimin and Taehyung got each other off, Taehyung’s large hand around both of their cocks as they lazily rutted. It wasn’t long after the cleanup that he sank into a peaceful sleep.




    On Sunday, the pack gathered in the living room. Namjoon had a folder in his hands, a few documents peeking out from inside. He cleared his throat and assumed his poker face as he said, “I’ve talked to my lawyer, and she looked into the specific law that the Inspector invoked with Jungkook.”

    Jungkook sat up alertly, and he could feel the others come to attention as well.

    “The law is active, and just as Chu described,” he said. “It is a holdover from before the equal rights movement, and apparently the specific circumstances are so rare that no one has thought to challenge it so far.”

    “Bullshit,” Yoongi snapped. He sat too far away for Jin to reach (perhaps on purpose).

    “You’ve got to be kidding me,” Hoseok said.

    “Can we challenge it?” Taehyung asked fiercely.

    Namjoon sighed, letting his carefully controlled mask slip as he rubbed his face. “I discussed that with the lawyer, and she said that while we could start the ball rolling, it wouldn’t do Jungkook any good in the immediate situation.”

    “What are the specific circumstances?” Jimin asked, his face flushed red in anger. “Why didn’t this apply to Taehyung during his stalker situation before he became a member of the pack?”

    “Taehyung was under BigHit’s guardianship when his stalker went for him,” Namjoon answered. “Taehyung went straight from BigHit to our pack, so he was never ‘independent’ like Jungkook, at least according to the law. Jungkook is an Omega, unmated, doesn’t belong to a pack, and isn’t under the authority and/or guardianship of an organization.” Namjoon ticked off the items on his fingers. “His parents aren’t local, as are no relatives with which to place him, so according to the law, he is unable to protect himself from his attacker and must be taken in by the local government, in this case, the police. If he had failed to report the crime, he could have maintained his independence, but the moment he appealed to the authorities to take action against his attacker, he was legally placing himself in their care.”

    “Oh my God, that’s so messed up!” Jin exclaimed.

    “Fuckers are living in the fucking stone ages, f-”

    Yoongi !”

    “Jin-hyung is right,” Hoseok said. “The law is punishing Omegas for reporting crimes against them!”

    “There’s got to be something…!” Taehyung trailed off as he finally noticed a rumbling growl, begun after Namjoon had last spoken and rising in volume until everyone in the room heard it. All six eyes turned to Jungkook, but he didn’t see it. He stared at his clenched fists, white-knuckled in his lap, his vision vibrating with the force of the growl.

    “...Jungkook-ah?” Namjoon asked softly.

    He knew he was the one growling. He didn’t try to stop it; he wasn’t sure he could. The flames of rage seized his body; his skin flushed red, and he broke into a light sweat. His brain couldn’t articulate the words to describe his thoughts, but there was this growing, building feeling inside him that was clawing to get out. That feeling, swirling within him, gaining momentum with each second that passed - he couldn’t hold it in. He didn’t want to. He choked, unable to speak past the growl.

    Suddenly a small, strong hand grabbed his and yanked him to his feet. Before he could lash out, Jimin was pulling him bodily up the stairs, not giving him a moment to brace his feet, pull his hand back, or do more than growl even louder. Jimin threw him into their room, slammed the door shut, and shoved Jungkook to stand next to the bed.

    “Take it out on the mattress,” Jimin commanded. “Hit it; don’t hold back.”

    So he did. He punched the bed over and over again until the muscles in his shoulders and back ached. He clawed at it until the covers were pooled on the floor and his fingers burned. He growled and snarled and imagined every face that had ever looked down on him under his fists, until his hands went numb and his rage cooled. He slumped against the bed, his front half laying on top while the rest of him hung off the side. A soft thumb traced his cheekbone, wiping away a frustrated tear.

    Jimin lay down on the bed on his side facing Jungkook, his body going the other direction so that they looked at each other upside down. Jimin didn’t ask if he felt better - the answer would have been a resounding “NO.” Instead, he simply said, “This always helps me.”

Jungkook nodded, exhausted. He felt empty and deflated, like there was nothing left inside to hold up his skin. He sniffed, and Jimin gently wiped away another tear. “Thank you, hyung,” he croaked.

Jimin smiled sweetly at him, his eyes shaped like half-moons. “Anytime, Kookie.”




    At dinner that night, Jungkook told the pack he wanted to proceed with the plan to pretend to be a member of the pack, on the condition that Namjoon’s lawyer start the process of overturning the law. They stopped eating, all of them came over to him and scented him, and he let himself be comforted by the hazy high.


Chapter Text

    Monday morning, Hoseok lightly wrapped bandages around Jungkook’s neck, the layers artfully dabbed with red nail polish over his scent glands. Jungkook carefully fastened his new collar over the bandages, centering the tag and diamond over the hollow of his throat. He wore some of his new clothes: a dark blue silk shirt with a crew collar instead of a raised one, and form-fitting black wool pants with a subtle grid pattern in gray. A newly-mated Omega would want to show off their bandages and gifts, he reasoned. Not to mention he couldn’t find his old work clothes - he suspected Jin had something to do with it. Taehyung wanted him to wear some of his jewelry, but Jungkook put his foot down, only accepting a set of delicate dangling earrings to replace his standard hoops.

    He rode with Namjoon and Yoongi to BigHit. It felt strange not to take the train, to park in the spot reserved for the CEO, to be bowed to as they passed reception. In the elevator, Namjoon reminded Jungkook that he had already emailed Hyo to let him know the “good news.” When they reached the floor for IT, he paused, suddenly reluctant to part with the two Alphas he’d grown so close to over the past week. Yoongi gave him a smile, and Namjoon a gentle pat, so he took a deep breath and tried to assume his previous confidence as he walked to IT. Unknowingly, his hesitance and self-consciousness played right into the role he was trying to portray. People he recognized gave him double-takes, taking in his bandaged neck, new collar, and new clothes. Some looked shocked to see him “mated” - you and me both , he thought - while others smiled and congratulated him. He tried to be graceful in receiving their well-wishes, but he wasn’t sure how good of a job he did.

    Hyo and Jungwoo similarly congratulated him. Jungwoo in particular looked impressed with his new clothing; when he pestered Jungkook for the brands, Jungkook did his best to remember them all, and his coworker nearly choked on his coffee. That reaction was nothing compared to when Jungkook told him who he’d “bonded” with: namely, BigHit’s CEO and a certain Alpha producer with a terrifying reputation. Jungkook smiled internally while Jungwoo looked like he was having an apoplexy - some of this was fun, he thought.

    At lunch, he ate the dosirak Jin had prepared, having been able to carry it in himself. Rather than eat with Jungwoo and his friends, he went up to Yoongi’s studio and ate with him. His excuse was that he was there to make sure Yoongi ate on time, but really, it was more than that. One step into the studio and Jungkook felt like he could breathe again. Despite them all applying scent blocker that morning, Yoongi’s scent lingered in the small studio, just enough to be comforting without being overwhelming. He was able to relax and joke around with Yoongi, letting his guard down in the Alpha’s presence. It was surprisingly fatiguing to keep his guard up now; what once had been habit so ingrained it felt natural, had become unfamiliar and cumbersome after a week with the pack.

    Throughout the rest of the day, Jungkook continued to get congratulations, even from people he didn’t know or recognize. He had forgotten how infamous he was in the company, having laid low for over a month. Trainees, in particular, seemed ecstatic, gushing about how they knew the whole bowing incident back in October had been a lover’s spat, and how romantic it was, for the strong-willed Omega to tame the irascible Alpha producer. He just rolled his eyes at their antics.

    Most annoying were the smirks he got from Alphas. They assumed the opposite of the trainees: Jungkook had finally been put in his place where he belonged, by no less a person than the beloved CEO of BigHit. He heard none-too-quiet whispers, bets placed on how much longer he’d keep his job before he was made to quit, before he was knocked up and started showing. It was beyond irritating, but he reminded himself that it was better than being in police custody with absolutely no rights for three months. And he may have taken revenge by planting some bugs on their computers. It created more work for him, but he enjoyed the look of despair on their faces when they lost their work and had to come begging to him to save them.

    The end of the day finally came, and after he clocked out he went up to Namjoon’s office. The CEO’s receptionist, MJ, saw him get off the elevator and immediately opened the doors with a smile and wave. Jungkook returned the wave shyly and made his way up the staircase and down the hall to the office of the CEO. Since MJ hadn’t said anything to him about Namjoon being in a meeting or on a call, he knocked on the frosted glass doors, and opened them when he heard a deep voice call, “Come in!”

    “So how was your first day back?” the Alpha asked with a dimpled smile that produced flutters in Jungkook’s stomach.

    He fingered the bandages around his neck, fiddling with the diamond next to his tag, and shrugged. “It was ok, I guess,” he said. “I got a lot of stares.”

    Namjoon looked him up and down from where he sat at his desk. His voice was warm as he said, “Well, I’d stare too. You look fantastic.”

    Jungkook’s cheeks warmed. “It’s these clothes Jin-hyung picked out,” he said.

    “They help, sure,” Namjoon said. “I like the way that shirt shows so much of your neck. But you’d look fantastic regardless, with or without the clothes.” The Alpha seemed entirely too focused on Jungkook’s hips and thighs, the work on his desk long forgotten. His gaze was a tangible warmth on Jungkook’s skin. Although he blushed, Jungkook didn’t feel as much embarrassed as he did… flirtatious.

    Tilting his head to one side and meeting Namjoon’s eyes, he said softly, “You just like it because it looks like I’m yours.”

    Namjoon’s eyes flashed in the light of his desk lamp. He carefully set down his pen and stacked the papers in front of him into a neat pile, before getting to his feet and leaning forward over his desk, hands flat on its surface. His voice equally soft, he said, “If you were mine, I’d kiss you right now, looking so pretty.”

    Jungkook swallowed, the motion jostling his collar. The tag and diamond tapped his throat. Feeling daring, he took a step forward, and then another, until he was close enough to the desk for Namjoon to reach. “What else would you do?” he whispered.

    Namjoon’s hands briefly went white, as if trying to grip the desk to keep from reaching out. The look on his face sent a thrill through Jungkook: appreciation, affection, arousal. The Alpha’s voice was rough as he said, “Why don’t you come around here and find out?”

    He could have said no. He could have tried to laugh it off, say it was only a joke. He was sure Namjoon would go along with whatever excuse he made up. But he’d had a stressful day, and he was having fun, so instead, he slowly walked around the desk, Namjoon tracking him with his eyes and rising back up to stand tall. His stomach quivered at his bravery and boldness. When he reached Namjoon, Jungkook lightly brushed the tag and bandages with one hand, tracing down his neck and chest, the Alpha’s eyes following the movement the whole way. “Show me what it’s like to be yours, Alpha,” he breathed.

    Namjoon wrapped one hand around the back of his neck and pulled him in for a deep kiss. The Alpha took his time exploring Jungkook’s mouth, tongue languid but confident as he took control. With his other hand, he tugged the tag on Jungkook’s collar, a short, quick pull to remind him of its presence, before slipping down his silk-covered shoulders, chest, down to his abs, and then his waistline. Jungkook let out a short little gasp around Namjoon’s lips as the older man carefully pulled his shirt free from his waistband and slid his hand underneath to trace back up Jungkook’s abs and chest. Namjoon circled one of his nipples before gently tugging on it, eliciting another gasp. The CEO’s other hand went from his neck to the back of his head, firmly grasping the hair there to pull Jungkook away. He knew he must look a wreck, cheeks flushed, lips slick with spit, mouth open and panting, just waiting for what Namjoon would do next. Namjoon smiled at his expression, tilted Jungkook’s head to one side, and nuzzled against his cheek. “How far you wanna go with this, baby?” he asked in his deep voice, nipping Jungkook’s ear lobe and making him shiver.

    “Nnh - not - all the way,” he stuttered and gasped as Namjoon thumbed his nipple. “M-maybe, ah , hands?”

    “Whatever my Omega wants,” the Alpha rumbled, and a pleased thrill shot up Jungkook’s spine and made him gasp. “Oh, you like that? Like being called mine? My Omega?” he mouthed along Jungkook’s jaw, his hand leaving Jungkook’s nipple to curl around his waist under his shirt and yank him closer. Jungkook whimpered, enjoying the manhandling more than he expected, but that was ok, because right now, he was just an Omega, Namjoon’s Omega, his to kiss, his to touch -

    “Come on, baby, use your words,” Namjoon growled against his neck, sliding the hand in Jungkook’s hair down his back, pressing the silk into his skin, until he could curl it around the Omega’s ass. “Tell me you like it.”

    “I- ah ! I like it!” Jungkook gasped, and the next second he was being lifted, Namjoon’s hands under his thighs as the Alpha carried him away from the desk and towards the cluster of couches to one side of the room. Jungkook clung to Namjoon, kissing and licking the Alpha’s mouth and jaw. When they reached the couches, Namjoon sat and Jungkook ended up in his lap, knees to either side of the CEO’s body, their hips close together. As the Alpha recaptured Jungkook’s lips in a passionate kiss tinged with possessiveness, Namjoon expertly undid the Omega’s button and pulled down his zipper with one hand, the other reaching inside and palming Jungkook’s growing erection. Jungkook groaned and clutched onto Namjoon’s shoulders tightly while his hips bucked.

    “So eager, baby,” Namjoon murmured, his hand alternating between rubbing and squeezing. “You going to let Alpha take care of you? Gonna be good for me?”

    “Please,” Jungkook begged, the freedom of his role in their little game making him lose his inhibitions. He grinded his hips down against Namjoon’s, feeling the Alpha’s answering erection through his slacks. “I’ll be so good, so good for you Alpha, please -”

    Namjoon let loose a controlled growl, showing his approval while maintaining his dominant composure. Jungkook writhed at the sound, and felt the beginnings of wetness at the back of his underwear. Namjoon’s nostrils flared at the sweet scent.

    God , baby, you’re already wet for me?” the Alpha growled, sounding a little less in control now. “What a good Omega, slicking up his pretty hole for his Alpha’s cock.”

    “Ah!” Jungkook moaned as Namjoon tugged down his pants and underwear, thick fingers reaching between his cheeks and rubbing in the wetness growing there. “D-don’t - !” he cried, fumbling for Namjoon’s wrists.

    “It’s ok, baby, I remember. Just hands today, right?” Namjoon soothed, and Jungkook nodded, red-faced. “Just taking advantage of the natural lubricant, I promise. You ok to keep going?” He was so calm and in control, ready for however Jungkook answered, and the Omega felt himself relax again.

    “‘M ok, Alpha,” he mumbled. “Please. Please keep going.”

    Namjoon kissed him slowly and deeply, reassurance behind his every move. “I’ve got you,” he said. He rubbed slick all over one hand, while the other undid his own slacks and pulled out his cock. This was the first time Jungkook could really get a good look at it, since he’d tried to avoid the Alphas during the heat, and he felt his eyes widen as he stared. Intellectually, he understood that Alphas were bigger than the other genders, and that, as tall as Namjoon was, he was likely to be big anyway, but…

    “Holy shit!” he squeaked, completely breaking character.

    Namjoon chuckled. “Your first Alpha cock?”

    Jungkook nodded vigorously. Even as he regarded the thing with some trepidation, he felt a little spurt of slick push out of his hole and dribble down his leg.

    “You want to touch it?” Namjoon asked indulgently. “I don’t mind.”

    Shyly, Jungkook reached out one hand to trace around the glans. Namjoon held still, doing his best not to react, as Jungkook thumbed the frenulum, and wrapped his hand around the shaft. “It’s so big,” he observed aloud, noting how the tips of his fingers barely touched around the organ. His mouth watered; he felt a drip of drool spill over his lip, and swiped it away with the back of his hand in surprise. He looked up, and saw Namjoon’s dark eyes fixed on his lips. The Alpha’s tongue darted out to lick his own full lips, and he rumbled, “Another time, Omega.”

    And just like that, Jungkook felt himself slip back into his previous headspace. “Yes, Alpha,” he said obediently.

    Namjoon pulled him in for another kiss while his hand rubbed between Jungkook’s legs, gathering slick until his hand was shiny and coated. With his clean hand, he guided Jungkook’s hips closer, then with the wet one, grasped both of their cocks and gave an experimental pump. Both of them moaned at the sensation. Jungkook ground his hips into Namjoon’s lap, bucking forward into his grip.

    “Ah! Alpha! Please, don’t stop -” he cried against Namjoon’s lips.

    “Feel so good, Omega, so pretty in my lap,” Namjoon rumbled as he set a moderate pace. “Does it feel good, baby?”

    “S-so good! Feels good -”

    Each stroke sent a burst of pleasure through his abdomen; his muscles contracted in time with Namjoon’s movements. The warmth he had felt up until that moment turned into a flare of heat that dewed his flushed skin in a light sweat. He whimpered and moaned unashamedly as Namjoon’s hand brought him wave after wave of pleasure. The Alpha kissed him, licked little drops of sweat from his jaw, nibbled whatever neck he could reach around the bandages and collar. Jungkook’s hands wouldn’t settle, clinging to Namjoon’s shoulders, resting on and squeezing his pecs, clinging to his neck, and even bringing Namjoon’s free hand up to his mouth so he could suck and lick at his fingers.

    “Good boy,” groaned Namjoon, “such a good Omega, make Alpha feel so good.”

    The praises only drove his pleasure higher. His thrusted into Namjoon’s hand, unable to control his hips. The feeling of their cocks slipping and pressing together was mind-numbingly good. He wished he could smell Namjoon, wished he could drown in his scent like he was drowning in pleasure. He nuzzled into Namjoon’s neck, faint traces of his pheromones leaking out as the Alpha sweated.

    “You close, baby?” Namjoon asked, pulling Jungkook’s head back by his hair so they could see each other. “Or you need another push?”

    “Pl- please,” Jungkook panted and gasped. “A-alpha, please!”

    Moving quicker than Jungkook could process, Namjoon scooped him up with one arm, keeping their bodies locked together, and shifted them until Jungkook was on his back on the couch, legs spread, with Namjoon on top of him. Namjoon never stopped pumping their cocks, but now his hips were rutting down against Jungkook’s, and with his free hand he gathered Jungkook’s wrists and pinned them above his head on the couch. Jungkook immediately went pliant, submitting and baring his throat.

    “Mine,” Namjoon growled against the bandages over his scent glands. “My Omega.”

    Jungkook gasped, the pleasure coiling tighter within him. “Yours!” he cried. Namjoon’s growl increased in volume until it vibrated the skin of Jungkook’s neck, and Jungkook felt it, he felt it coming - “I’m coming, Alpha, Al- Ah!”

Namjoon quickly grabbed the head of his cock, capturing the spurts of cum before they could get on the silk shirt, and the touch on his oversensitive glans had him writhing and silently screaming. Namjoon released his wrists to better brace himself on the couch, all the while murmuring to Jungkook about how good he was, what a good Omega he was, how happy he’d made his Alpha. Jungkook’s orgasm left him fuzzy-headed and blissed; he easily obeyed Namjoon’s command to lift his shirt out of the way, and watched contentedly as Namjoon used Jungkook’s cum to jerk himself off, their mixed ejaculate pooling and cooling on Jungkook’s stomach. Namjoon took a moment to pull himself together before he lifted off of Jungkook and went to the bathroom to fetch a damp washcloth. When he came back, he had fastened his pants again, and paused a moment to take in the debauched sight Jungkook made, sprawled limply, pants and underwear pulled down onto his thighs, shirt rucked up, white cum on his belly, blissed out expression. Jungkook licked his lips, enjoying the pride in Namjoon’s expression as he looked him over.

As Namjoon cleaned him up with the damp cloth, he asked, “Are you all right? Ok with everything we did?”

Jungkook nodded dazedly, but Namjoon looked unsatisfied, so he said aloud, “I liked it. I liked all of it.”

Namjoon graced him with a dimpled smile, and said, “Good. I liked it, too.” They had barely finished cleaning up and getting Jungkook’s clothing to rights when there came a tentative knock on the door.

“Sir? Are you, um, done ?” MJ asked, his voice cringing. “Min Yoongi-ssi called and said that if he was late to dinner, he was going to blame you.” Both of them flushed red. How long had the man been standing there? Maybe Jungkook had been a bit too vocal.

At least this cemented the idea that he’d been recently mated to the CEO. The thought was small consolation in his mortification.

“Please let Yoongi-ssi know that we will be down shortly,” Namjoon said, doing an admirable job of sounding like a business professional and not an Alpha who’d just pleasured his Omega. Loudly.

‘His Omega ,’ his inner Omega commented smugly.

Shut up , he told it. It was a slip of the tongue. In his mind.  

My Alpha , his Omega sang, ignoring him.




    The look Yoongi gave them both as they got in the car, eyes flashing hungrily and nostrils flaring to take in their suppressed scents, had Jungkook flushing red and ducking his head shyly. Yoongi turned to glower at Namjoon, and Namjoon, with barely suppressed smugness, asked, “What’s the matter, hyung? We won’t be late to dinner. I promise.”

    “Yah…!” Yoongi growled. “And who’s the one who told me no fucking at work?”

    “I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

    “Fucking hypocrite !”

    Jungkook shrunk down in his seat and blushed the whole way home, smiling.




    The next day was much like the first. A few more people congratulated him, a few more Alphas smirked and sneered, and life went on as usual. The highlight of his Tuesday was making out with Yoongi during his lunch break, the Alpha purposely sliding up his collar to mark him thoroughly with colorful bites and bruises that there was no way he could hide with his shallow v-neck shirt and makeshift bandages. Jungkook tried to scold Yoongi for embarrassing him - he’d have to go back to work all marked up - but he couldn’t put his heart into it. The blond Alpha looked so incredibly proud when he looked at what he’d done to the Omega’s neck, growling in approval even as they said their goodbyes. Jungkook was simultaneously embarrassed and pleased when he got back to his desk and Jungwoo stared at him with wide eyes.

That night, Namjoon and Yoongi worked late, so Jin came and picked him up from BigHit, then collected the dancers from their studios, and the four of them went out to eat, Taehyung being at a night shoot. As they entered the classy restaurant, he noticed a lot of people looking at them, and some seemed to be following them.

    “Don’t mind it,” Jin said before he could get too paranoid. “I’m surprised it took the paparazzi this long. They caught on to Jimin within thirty-six hours.”

    Now that he understood, Jungkook could make out the cameras snuck behind books and newspapers, the phones angled a little too far in their direction, and the way none of the people were actually ordering food, only drinks to keep the servers off their backs. It made him uncomfortable, to have people watching his every move, photographing him while he stuffed his face. Jimin patted him on the back sympathetically.

    “It probably doesn’t help any, but they would have been photographing us anyway, without you. Jin-hyung and I are very high-profile,” he muttered, shooting the paparazzi dirty looks.

    “Don’t be surprised if they try to ambush you for an interview,” Hoseok added. “Don’t say anything to them. Be polite, but firm, and keep moving.”

    Jungkook sighed. Some parts of his new life with the pack were not as wonderful, he decided.

    It was easy to forget the paparazzi and the condescending Alphas at work when he was home at the den, though. There, he could wear his normal comfy clothes, play video games, cuddle, watch movies, and generally just have fun. The pack’s apartment had quickly become his place of refuge, and he couldn’t be more grateful to the six men he lived with for supporting him, sheltering him, maybe even loving him, unconditionally.




    Jungkook finished up work on Wednesday and checked his phone to find messages on the pack chat from Namjoon and Yoongi saying they’d have to work late again. Taehyung offered to pick him up from BigHit, and Jimin invited the both of them to his dance studio to watch him practice. Jungkook quickly sent his affirmative reply, and went downstairs to the lobby to wait for Taehyung. He shivered when he saw the heavy rain outside, wrapping his thick coat around himself snugly. He’d never gotten a new umbrella to replace his old one; maybe he could ask Jin or Hoseok if there was an extra one he could use.

    When Taehyung pulled up and flashed his lights, Jungkook ran to the car as quickly as he could, but he still shuddered at the feeling of cold water trickling down his neck. Taehyung had the heater on full blast, and Jungkook gratefully held his hands to the vents to warm them. The car smelled like food, and glancing in the backseat, he saw that Taehyung had gotten chicken for them to share once they reached Jimin’s studio. His stomach growled, and Tae shot him a wink, which he returned with a smile.

    Jungkook would have thought with the pouring rain that the paparazzi would have taken the night off, but there were still a few die-hards hovering around Jimin’s studio. Taehyung sighed and pulled his face mask on, and Jungkook did his best to walk confidently, like he fully expected the people to get out of his way. Hoseok’s advice was good, because the few people crowded under the awning by the front door quickly hopped out of his way when it looked like he would run them over, and the two Omegas were able to enter unimpeded.

    Inside the studio was another refuge. Jimin and Taehyung made him feel comfortable, made him forget the way his skin crawled when people popped out of nowhere and snapped his photo. After Jimin had finished his practice for his performance the next Sunday, which was the Sunday before Christmas, Jimin turned on the hip-hop music again. The three of them ended up having a sexy-dance dance-off, their body rolls and hip thrusts getting more exaggerated and ridiculous the longer they went on, until they’d all three collapsed into a giggling pile on the floor. Jungkook smacked Jimin’s bubble butt affectionately, and the oldest Omega wrestled with him, growling in mock anger. Taehyung tried to interfere by tickling them both, until Jungkook and Jimin teamed up to tickle him. Jungkook loved the sound of Taehyung’s deep voice giggling helplessly. By the time it was time to leave, they were all three relaxed and happy.

    However, when they left the studio, it was raining even harder, casting the street in darkness. The sidewalks were deserted, the paparazzi finally calling it quits in the downpour. Taehyung chivalrously offered to go get the car so they could wait under the awning, earning him a kiss from Jimin and a hug-and-nuzzle from Jungkook. The redhead settled his snapback, pulled his hood up over the hat, and took off into the rain, darkness swallowing his form within ten feet. It was kind of spooky; aside from the occasional passerby jogging past with newspaper or bag held over their heads in lieu of umbrellas, the road was dark and empty. The only thing he could smell or hear was the pounding rain, and the sensory deprivation was unnerving. He found himself reaching for Jimin’s hand, and before he knew it, the smaller Omega was pulling him into a tight hold, apparently just as unsettled as Jungkook.

    “Where is Tae?” Jimin muttered. “What’s taking so long?” The Omega shifted his weight restlessly, staring out into the darkness.

    “We didn’t park that far away,” Jungkook said. “Just around the corner. He should have been back by now.”

    “That’s it,” Jimin said, after another agonizing moment of peering into the darkness in vain. “Let’s go find him.” He didn’t wait for Jungkook, and just started striding away into the rain.

    “Hyung!” he said, rushing to follow. “Wait for me!” He was terrified of losing sight of Jimin, especially now that he feared for Taehyung’s safety.

    “Excuse me,” a voice called from behind him. “Sir! I think you dropped something.”

    Jungkook looked back, still reaching out for Jimin, to see a man in a hooded raincoat holding something out to him. He turned back forwards, and was relieved to see that Jimin had halted as well, starting to walk back to him now that he had stopped following. Jungkook looked back at the man’s hand, trying to make out the object in the dim light and rain.

    The man, hood pulled down low to shield himself from the rain, said something else, gesturing to him with the object in his hand, some sort of ribbon or necklace, but his voice was too soft to make out over the rain. Jungkook leaned forward to hear him better, just as Jimin reached him, placing a hand on his shoulder. “Pardon,” Jungkook said. “Can you say that again?”

    The man lifted his head, and smiled. His face looked familiar: youthful, but sharp. “Good, you can hear me,” he said.

    The object in the man’s hand resolved into a cheap, plastic, first place medal, identical to the ones Jungkook had received at BigHit’s sports day. Jungkook recognized the face of the man who had had his red umbrella too late.

    Don’t move.

Chapter Text

He was frozen in place, cold rain trickling down his collar. His breaths made little puffs of water vapor in front of his face. He shivered uncontrollably.

    Jimin stood at his side, one hand locked in place on his shoulder. He could feel the other Omega trembling.

    Neither one of them could make a sound.

    The Alpha - he had to be an Alpha - just smiled at them both, taking in their still forms with a pleased expression. “Oh yes, that’s better,” he said. “ Follow me .”

    Helpless, they obediently trailed behind the Alpha as he turned and casually strolled away into the rain. They reached the next intersection and turned the corner to find the Audi parked along the side of the street. The Alpha cheerfully tossed the keys - Taehyung’s keys, with the little heart keychain - up in the air and caught them. He unlocked the car and said, “ Get in.

    Jungkook opened the rear passenger door and heard a thump. The car shook slightly. He and Jimin sat down on the backseat, while the Alpha climbed into the driver’s seat. Jungkook could only watch as the Alpha softly stroked the leather-wrapped wheel in appreciation. “I was going to have a car like this, one day,” he said, and then looked up to meet Jungkook’s eyes in the rearview mirror. Despite his cheerful nonchalance, his eyes were full of simmering rage.

    Buckle up and close your eyes ,” he Ordered harshly, and Jungkook saw nothing for a long time. The Alpha started the car and turned on the heat, and the cabin began to fill with a saccharine-sweet yet sharply bitter scent, and Jungkook’s stomach rolled and twisted. The scent was recognizable from his old apartment’s hallway from a week and a half ago, and Jungkook could identify the sickly-sweet smell now as licorice-like. With that sense of recognition, his mind cast back to September, to the hot sports day where he had won the race and been confronted by an enraged Alpha that smelled of licorice - the Alpha Namjoon then fired.

    What had been that Alpha’s name? He struggled to remember, his body jostling with the movement of the car and the erratic thumps against his seat back. Dimly, he realized that someone was in the trunk, and he was fairly confident he knew who. He spared a moment to worry about Tae, even as he felt the name of that Alpha on the tip of his mental tongue. He knew it started with an L. He suppressed his panic, focusing. L… L...

    Lu Han.

    Just as the name fell into place, the car pulled to a stop, and the Alpha - Lu Han - turned off the car.

    Open your eyes, get out of the car, and wait for my next Order.




    Jin glanced up at the clock and frowned. He understood that Jimin wanted to practice as much as possible before his big performance, but it was getting really late. He knew Taehyung and Jungkook were watching Jimin practice; Taehyung knew better than to let Jimin push this hard. He glanced down at the three plastic-wrapped plates in front of him on the counter, and chewed his lip. Something didn’t feel right. His left hand snuck into his pants pocket and twisted what was left of his shredded Dior scarf, and he made up his mind. Important performance or no, now was not the time to be taking risks.

    He sent all three of the Omegas a text message, figuring at least one of them would answer, but as the minutes ticked by, his stomach twisted like the scrap of silk in his pocket. He called and left messages, trying to keep his voice calm in their voicemails. After ten minutes without a response, he called Namjoon.

    “Hey, hyung, what’s up?” the Alpha answered, his voice sounding odd through the car bluetooth.

    “Can you swing by Jimin’s studio on your way home?” Jin asked, picking threads from the silk anxiously. “The pups are there, and they’re not answering their phones.”

    “Jungkook, too?” Yoongi’s voice called over the bluetooth.

    “Yes, he went with Tae after you guys said you had to work late.”

    “We’re on it, hyung,” Namjoon answered, and hung up.




    Jungkook’s eyes snapped open even as his body obeyed Lu Han’s Order, opening the door and getting out to stand next to the car. He heard Jimin open and close his door, and figured he stood on the other side of the car. Unable to move his head - the “wait” Order still in place - he frantically scanned what he could see of his surroundings, blinking cold rain out of his eyes. Wherever they were was dark except for a single light source high above him and to one side, revealing a crumbling, weed-choked parking lot next to a large metal building - a warehouse, perhaps. The metal sides of the warehouse showed signs of corrosion and vandalism, taggers and gangs leaving their colorful marks, everything dulled by the rain. He shivered, the rain soaking his clothing down to the skin as he waited for the next command.

    Motion out of the corner of his eye alerted him to Lu Han’s movements. No matter how hard he strained, the Alpha’s steps were barely audible over the sound of the rain, but he tracked them to the back of the Audi. There was a distinct, metallic click , and Jungkook’s blood ran cold.

    No! Nononono-!

    There was the sound of the trunk unlocking, and Lu Han said loudly, “Be good, or I’ll use this. Maybe on you, maybe on your friends. Your choice.” A pause. He heard the trunk swing open. “Good choice. Get out of the car and be still. ” Another few moments, where the car bounced next to Jungkook and booted feet hit the pavement. The trunk slammed closed, and the Alpha’s voice called, “ All of you, follow me.

    Jungkook bitterly thought to himself that Lu Han must have trained his Alpha voice extensively in order to hold three Omegas in his power at once. It sickened him to think of the poor Omegas he must have “practiced” on, even as dread sunk in his stomach like a lead weight. That level of control didn’t bode well for the three Omegas.

    Lu Han led them inside the warehouse through a door with a cracked glass window. The handle had been broken, and hung from the door. Jungkook walked behind Taehyung, and tried to look him over for injuries, but it was hard in the dim lighting and not being able to see Tae’s front. All he could tell was that the other Omega had lost his snapback, and his coat hung off of one shoulder. He itched to fix it, but could only march obediently after the Alpha. He could hear Jimin walking behind him as they entered the building, their steps echoing in the massive space. The sound of the rain pounded onto the metal roof, a dull roar. Lu Han must have been carrying a lantern in his hand, because the light bobbed and swayed as they walked.

    They reached the center of the massive space. “ Stop ,” Lu Han Ordered. “ You, follow me .”

    Taehyung moved out of Jungkook’s direct line of sight, and he was able to see Lu Han leading the Omega about ten feet away, lantern in his left hand, gleaming pistol in his right. The Alpha gestured to the floor and said to Tae, “ Sit, and don’t move .” Taehyung sat, his body in profile to Jungkook, and Jungkook took in his appearance: disheveled from being in the trunk, bedraggled from the rain, red hair clumped and flat to his head, his fine clothes drenched and clinging to his frame. He couldn’t see any injuries, and in the light of the lantern he thought he detected the glitter of anger in the Omega’s eyes.

    Lu Han then came back for Jimin, and had him sit facing Taehyung, Ordering him to not move. Jimin likewise looked furious and defiant, and Jungkook warmed to see that neither were cowed.

    That is, until Lu Han placed the gun in Jimin’s hand, and had him point it at Tae.

    When I say, you shoot ,” he calmly Ordered Jimin. “I don’t have any particular problem with either of you, but you might prove useful. You should pray your friend cooperates.”

    Jungkook watched in horror as Jimin held the gun with both hands, his trembling arms aiming it at Taehyung. A sound like a sob choked in Jimin’s throat, but he couldn’t release it. It was hard to tell with how wet they all were, but Jungkook thought he saw tears fall from Jimin’s terrified eyes. Taehyung’s eyes were wide, fixed on Jimin’s face, his face blank of all emotion. He visibly shook, though from the cold, the wet, the fear, or all three, Jungkook couldn’t tell. Lu Han left them there, walking back to Jungkook with a grimly satisfied expression. Jungkook didn’t try to hide his desperate rage, and the other man tutted.

    “Don’t look at me that way,” he said. “This is all your fault. If you hadn’t stepped out of your place, none of this would have happened. This,” gesturing to Jungkook’s frozen form, “is as it should be. It’s the natural order: Alphas lead, Omegas obey. You should never have tried to defy nature. Now you, and your friends, are paying the consequences of your actions.”




    Namjoon and Yoongi arrived at Jimin’s dance studio, a lone spotlight illuminating the entrance, the rest of the street shrouded in darkness layered in rain. The air in the Lexus was thick with their agitated pheromones, neither of them liking the sound of Jin’s worried voice on the phone. The two Alphas tried the front door to the studio, but found it locked, and no one answered when they knocked. When Yoongi looked like he was going to break down the door, Namjoon halted him with a hand on his chest, and said, “Let’s look around, first.”

    They split up, searching for any clues to their Omegas’ whereabouts. Namjoon felt himself grow more and more agitated, his protective instincts fired up at the perceived threat to his pack. If it turned out that the maknaes were perfectly fine, their phones turned off or dead, he swore he was going to turn them over his knee. Jungkook, too, official pack member or not. They all should know better than to let communication fail with a stalker on the loose, especially Tae.

“Joon!” Yoongi called through the pounding rain, “I found something!”

    Namjoon rushed over to see Yoongi holding up an object, shining his phone on it to reveal a cheap first place medal. The pack Alpha took the medal and lifted it to his nose, straining to pick up a scent on the soaked plastic. Something about that medal tugged on his brain in an unpleasant way. It looked like the ones BigHit used for the company sports day.

    “Can you get anything off of this?” Namjoon asked. “Your nose is better than mine.”

    Yoongi leaned forward and breathed deeply, wrinkling his nose. “Something sweet, but bitter. Like licorice.”

    Sweet but bitter. Namjoon’s stomach turned to ice. Licorice. Recognition flared in his eyes.

    “It’s the stalker, hyung,” Namjoon said, meeting the other Alpha’s furious eyes. “And I think I know who it is.”




    He was cold, chilled to the bone. He was wet down to his skin. But he didn’t shiver. No, he vibrated with rage. A growl bubbled up in his chest, fighting to break through his paralyzed throat. Lu Han’s face twisted in anger, and he grabbed the front of Jungkook’s clothes, shaking him roughly.

    “You dare growl at me, Omega?” he snarled. “You, a gold-digging slut? Don’t think I don’t see right through you. I know you’re mated to the CEO now. That was your plan all along, right? All that showing off, prancing around half-naked in front of everyone, all to seduce the top Alpha in BigHit. Thanks to your greed, I lost my job, and my reputation! No one will hire me, because a whore like you turned Kim Namjoon against me!” Lu Han shoved him, hard, and Jungkook barely kept on his feet.

“Look at you, all trussed in designer clothing and diamond on your neck. Like pearls on a pig,” he said in disgust, circling Jungkook. Jungkook felt sick when he caught sight of the tent in Lu Han’s jeans and realized the other man was getting off on this. The Alpha cast long and gnarled shadows along the warehouse walls as he walked around the lantern, set on the floor at their feet. “You don’t deserve any of this. You don’t deserve that penthouse in Apujeong-dong, you don’t deserve that Audi outside, you don’t deserve the respect Kim Namjoon affords you. You don’t deserve any of this, because you stole it. You stole the life I should have - nice house, nice car, nice jewelry -” he harshly flicked Jungkook’s dangling earrings, the ones Taehyung had lent him, “ I deserve these things, not some Omega bitch.” He spat, the spittle landing on Jungkook’s cheek, even as his acrid scent burned Jungkook’s nose with his arousal.

A low rumbling sound, not quite a full growl, interrupted the tirade, and Lu Han spun around to hiss at the two seated Omegas, “Shut up, or we’ll see how much you can growl with a bullet in you.” The almost-growl cut off.

When he turned back to face Jungkook, he must have seen the look of disgust the Omega was giving him, because he snapped, “What? Got something to say? Well then, speak . Just remember what happens if I don’t like what you say.”

Jungkook worked his jaw, relieving some of the tension from it being locked for so long, before he said, “Didn’t know you had a thing for Namjoon-hyung -”

The slap hit him before he could register the swing of Lu Han’s arm. “Don’t call him ‘hyung,’” he growled, as Jungkook blinked stars out of his vision. “You don’t deserve that level of familiarity with him. Despite what you’ve turned him into, I still admire the man. I always did, wanted to be just like him. But now he despises me, because of you.”

“What are you going to do?” Jungkook asked, cheek flaring in pain and heat.

Lu Han straightened up and declared, “I’m going to clear his eyes of your poison, and I’m going to clear my name. Once you’re out of the picture, he’ll see reason. He’ll understand that he was manipulated by a slut, and he’ll be so grateful to me for getting rid of you, he’ll give me my job back. My name will be restored, and you will have finally gotten what you deserved.”

“You’re delusional,” Jungkook breathed.

“I’m right ,” Lu Han said vehemently. “And soon, everyone will know it.”




    Namjoon and Yoongi burst into the police station only to be met with a female police officer with “Chae” on her badge.

    “Kim Namjoon-ssi and Min Yoongi-ssi?” she asked sharply. At their nods, she gestured for them to follow her. “I just got off the phone with your packmate, Kim Seokjin-ssi. He told us you were coming, and gave me the details for your three missing Omegas.” She led them to an area of desks, presided over by a portly Alpha who smelled of bergamot. “Inspector Chu,” she called to the short Alpha, who looked like he’d just been dragged out of his bed. “These are the Alphas of the missing Omegas: Kim Namjoon-ssi and Min Yoongi-ssi.”

“Ah!” the inspector said, fumbling with some papers in a rather flat file. A half-eaten pastry lay on a greasy napkin to one side on his desk, and a cup of coffee sat at his right hand. He looked barely awake. “Good evening, gentlemen. Let me assure you that we are doing everything in our power to -”

“What exactly are you doing?” Yoongi growled, advancing threateningly. “Because it looks to me like you’re just pushing papers around while our Omegas are in danger!” The inspector sputtered in indignation, and Namjoon was strangely reminded of a duck, hissing and quacking and flapping about to no real end. He felt his own growl building in his chest, and did his best to swallow it down. As much as he wanted to throttle the duck, the inspector was their best bet in helping their Omegas - at least, legally. He supposed he could just set Yoongi loose to track them down, but then his fellow Alpha might take certains actions that would make taking the stalker to court… difficult . He preferred options where he didn’t have to worry about his mate going to jail.

Though, if that’s what it took to get them back…

It didn’t hurt to have a plan B, he reasoned darkly.

    The female officer from before - Officer Chae - held up a restraining arm to block the two Alphas’ route to the inspector’s desk, very carefully not meeting their eyes in order to avoid provoking a challenge-response. She spoke over the inspector’s sputtering, “Your mate has just given us your Omegas’ phone numbers. We are trying to trace their devices now. We must hope that the phones are on, and still with them.”




The first blow to his core knocked him backwards, and unable to stop or slow his fall, he hit the ground with his back and head at the same time. Pain exploded in his skull and lanced down his back, and he struggled to breathe, the wind knocked out of him. His hands lay limp at his sides, unable to grab his pounding head like he so desperately wanted, or to fight Lu Han off when the Alpha straddled his body and swung again. He screamed when he felt a rib crack, stabbing pain with every breath. The next hit landed on his belly, and he vomited up the chicken he’d eaten for dinner, coughing, spluttering, choking , unable to turn his head.

“Disgusting,” Lu Han hissed, his erection rubbing against Jungkook’s abdomen. He grabbed Jungkook’s collar, partially tearing the bandages underneath, and pulled him up. Jungkook had only a second to be grateful that his airway had cleared, vomit falling from his mouth, before the Alpha punched his face, in the same place he’d slapped him. Held in place, his head snapped to the side, and his neck wrenched painfully. Jungkook tasted blood mixed into the vomit now; it felt like his cheek and lip had split. His head spun, and he wasn’t sure how much more abuse he could take before he lost consciousness. He couldn’t black out; he couldn’t leave Jimin and Tae alone with the lunatic Alpha. He had to do something!

“Think you’re some Alpha, huh?” he spat, making sure Lu Han got mixed vomit and blood on him. “Can’t even beat up an Omega without Ordering him to be still and take it?”

Lu Han punched him again, releasing his collar so that Jungkook landed back in his vomit. He wrapped a hand around Jungkook’s throat and growled, face red and eyes wild, “I don’t have to prove myself to you, bitch .”

Jungkook gasped for air, forcing out, “Weak-ass Alpha pussy -”

Lu Han punched him on his other cheek, snarling in rage. Blackness hovered in the edges of Jungkook’s vision. “Go on then, whore, fight back -”

Jungkook immediately punched the Alpha in the throat, cutting off the Alpha’s airway and preventing him from using his Alpha voice. Lu Han’s grip on his throat slackened as he struggled to breathe, and Jungkook punched the Alpha in the face with all his remaining strength. Lu Han’s nose broke with a sickening crack, and blood splattered everywhere. Jungkook surged up, raining blow after desperate blow onto the Alpha, forcing Lu Han off of him. He shook his head to clear the blood and bangs from his eyes, terrified that if he let up for one second, the stronger Alpha would recover.

He was so close to passing out. He couldn’t pass out.

He knocked Lu Han onto his back, grabbing his head by the hair and holding him in place so he could punch him again and again.

His vision tunneled.

His inner Omega howled, Eliminate the threat to the pack! Destroy it!

He had to keep going. He couldn’t stop until the threat was gone.

Kill it!


Hands were gripping him, pulling him back, and he snarled, whirling on the new threat, blinking the blood and sweat from his eyes, but it was Jimin, Jimin was pulling him away, Jimin was saying -

“- ok, Kookie, it’s ok, we’re free, we’re not in danger, you can stop, Kookie, please -”

Jungkook stared down at the unrecognizable battered flesh that had been Lu Han’s face.

My hands hurt, he thought, and collapsed into Jimin’s arms.




    Over the next forty-eight hours, Jungkook came in and out of consciousness, each time getting a little more information.

    He woke briefly when the police and paramedics arrived at the warehouse, summoned by Taehyung. The Omega, freed once Lu Han lost consciousness, had called the police himself, since Lu Han had never taken their phones, sure in his absolute control over them. Jungkook didn’t remember attacking Officer Choi when the man tried to touch Jimin, but Officer Chae would later reassure him that his actions were excused on the account of “Omega hysterics,” and no charges would be pressed. Whatever. It was worth it to see the black eye on the bastard.

    He surfaced in a hospital bed, and when he tried to touch his aching head, he discovered that he was cuffed to the gurney’s rails. There was blood under his nails again, and he woozily wondered when Jin would show up with his mini manicure set. His knuckles were bruised and the skin broken. Nurses gave him a wide berth, eying him like he was rabid. In the hall, a familiar deep voice demanded to see him. Darkness reclaimed him while the voice raged on.

    He woke again in the hospital, sometime in the early morning, but this time there were two other beds in the room. Taehyung slept in one, curled into a tight ball, and the other had been abandoned so that Jimin could stroke Tae’s hair, silently weeping as he watched over his mate.

    “Hyung,” Jungkook rasped, throat scratchy. He wouldn’t be surprised if all three of them developed head colds from exposure. “Don’t cry.”

    Jimin’s head whipped up, eyes wide, and he raced over. “Kookie!” he sobbed quietly. Jungkook wanted to wrap him in a hug, but his arms were still restrained, and had to satisfy himself with nuzzling the top of Jimin’s head as the other Omega clung to his chest and cried.

    “- Sorry, so sorry, I’m s-sorry -”

    “Shh, hyung, it’s ok, we’re all ok, it’s over -”

    It took a while for Jimin to calm down and fall asleep, still pillowed on Jungkook’s chest. It kind of hurt; even with painkillers, he was pretty sure he had broken ribs, but there was no way he could send Jimin back to his bed alone, so he just watched the sky lighten into dawn until he slipped back to sleep.

    The next day the police came. Choi hovered by the door in disgruntled fashion, Jimin and Tae sneaking glances at his black eye and sniggering. Chu officially interviewed Jungkook, but he only answered Chae’s questions. He was too tired and achy for bullshit.

    “So when the police arrived and forced the alleged to release you from his Order, that’s when you attacked him, correct?”

    Jungkook just blinked at Chae, yawning widely. He couldn’t cover his mouth with his hands bound. Sorry Inspector.

    Chae’s face stayed professionally blank, but her eyes twinkled as she said, “Please explain how the alleged received his injuries.”

    “After Lu Han started assaulting me, I goaded him into releasing me from his previous Order,” Jungkook answered promptly, and Chu huffed indignantly. “Once released, I hit his throat so he could not issue any further Orders, and defended myself and my packmates until I passed out and the police arrived.”

    “‘ Defended yourself’? That man is in the ICU, you almost killed him -”

    “Ahem,” Chae cleared her throat delicately. “Inspector, do you have any further questions for the witness, or are we ready to let him rest from his ordeal?”

    Chu hemmed and hawed a bit longer, but after Jungkook continued to ignore him and only engaged with Chae, he declared himself finished and moved on to questioning Taehyung, who did the exact same thing and only answered questions posed by Chae. Jungkook learned that Lu Han had approached Taehyung at the car asking for directions, claiming he was turned around in the rain. When Taehyung had gotten closer to be heard more clearly, Lu Han had Ordered him into the trunk and then went back for Jungkook and Jimin after he had secured the car.

During the interview with all three of them, he also learned what had happened while he was unconscious. The Alphas had been at the police station when Taehyung had called in on the emergency line asking for help, reporting that he and his mates had been abducted, but that they had subdued their attacker. The police had traced the call to find their location, and when the authorities arrived, they had found Taehyung and Jimin holding an unconscious, bloody Jungkook, and the body of an Alpha nearby.

As amusing as it was to watch Jimin and Tae give Chu the run-around, Jungkook found himself falling into an exhausted sleep again, and thus missed the cops’ exit.

By the time he woke again, Namjoon had finally convinced the hospital staff to grant the pack access to their Omegas - Yoongi may have had something to do with it, based on the fearful looks the Alpha received from the nurses in their room, but the Alpha only gave the three Omegas gummy smiles when he saw them. Hoseok carried in some flowers and a card sent by Yugyeom and his pack, wherein everyone had written him well-wishes, except for Yugyeom, who both scolded Jungkook for making him worry again, and promised to rip his attacker limb from limb. Jungkook concluded that pregnant Yugyeom was a little frightening. Namjoon then said he was proud of the three of them for fighting off Lu Han by themselves, and the whole pack gathered by Jungkook’s bed to scent each other thoroughly.

“The high works better than the painkillers do,” he mumbled happily, and the others laughed fondly as he drifted in their soothing pheromones. The last thing he remembered was Jin combing his fingers through his hair, Hoseok patting his leg, one of the few uninjured places on his body and thus safe to touch, and the sense of peace that he’d been missing ever since the attack.

Chapter Text

Saturday morning, Namjoon brought his lawyer, Min Hyorin, one of the shortest, most delicate-looking Alphas Jungkook had ever seen, to the hospital. She had such a sweet smile and personality, but she was terrifying in action, ordering about the staff and brooking no nonsense from the doctors or the police detail assigned to guard their door. She insisted that the hospital staff remove the cuffs from Jungkook’s wrists, and he stretched his arms gratefully.

Once she had politely but firmly banished all but the pack members from the room, she approached Jungkook with a folder in one hand. “Good morning, Jungkook-ssi,” she greeted with a polite bow. “I wish we had met under different circumstances.”

Jungkook nodded solemnly. “I wish that as well.”

“We should talk about what happened,” she said gently. “Please do not spare any details.”

So Jungkook told her everything he could remember. It exhausted him to recount the traumatic events yet again, but he knew it was in his best interests to have the lawyer know everything. She also got Taehyung and Jimin’s accounts, jotting down details in a small notebook. Taehyung was able to keep a blank mask during the interview, but his scent grew more and more distressed the longer the session went on. Jimin was barely able to hold himself together once he got to the part about Lu Han ordering him to point the pistol at Tae and shoot when he Ordered. By the end of the interview, Yoongi had Taehyung in a supportive side-hug,  Namjoon held a balled-up Jimin in his lap, the Omega weeping silently, and Jin and Hoseok had moved to flank Jungkook. The Alphas’ and Betas’ scents were all agitated as they heard the details of what their Omegas had been through. The lawyer kept her expression professionally neutral, but Jungkook could see the tightness around her mouth that said that she was upset that the Omegas were so distressed.

“I do have some news,” she said to Jungkook. “Lu Han is officially under arrest, and will be charged with vandalism, destruction of personal property, kidnapping, first- and second-degree assault, and conspiracy to commit murder.”

“What’s the ‘first- and second-degree assault’?” Jungkook asked, just as Hoseok asked, “What about the stalking, and thievery? The incidents that happened at BigHit?”

Hyorin held up her hands in a placating gesture. “One question at a time, please,” she said. “To answer you, Jungkook-ssi, the first-degree assault would be the actual physical assault upon your person, while the second-degree assault refers to the use of Alpha voice on you without consent.”

“I didn’t even know that was an official crime,” Jungkook muttered. “I knew it was socially frowned upon, but I never thought Alphas could actually be punished for it.” He thought back to all the times Alpha voice had been used on him, not just Lu Han, but jerks in college, Alphas looking to score, or even well-intentioned classmates who’d started treating him differently after he’d presented. If he had known that he could press charges…

“It has been an official crime for the last twenty years,” Hyorin said, “but it is very hard to prosecute, still. There’s usually no concrete proof that it actually happened, so it becomes the Alpha’s word against the Omega’s, and unfortunately, Omegas’ testimonies are often dismissed and discredited in court. However, I feel like we have a very solid case here, with three Omegas testifying against the one Alpha, and the evidence of your lack of consent is clear with your injuries.”

Jungkook couldn’t help but frown. It was messed up that it required three Omegas’ testimonies to challenge an Alpha’s word, not to mention him being physically beaten. His scent must have betrayed his displeasure, because Jin took his hand and squeezed gently, careful of his injuries, and gave him a look that said he agreed with Jungkook’s feelings. The validation was a small comfort, but a comfort nonetheless.

“To answer you, Hoseok-ssi,” Hyorin continued. “Unless Lu Han confesses to stalking Jungkook-ssi, we do not have any proof that he did so. Your missing laundry has still not turned up; we suspect it has been destroyed.”

“But what about the flowers being destroyed?” Hoseok asked.

“And my dosirak?” Jin added.

“And my umbrella?” Jungkook muttered. That still puzzled him. How had Lu Han gotten his umbrella in the first place, when his access to BigHit’s office would have been revoked once he was fired?

“Umbrella?” Jin murmured, turning to look at him with a confused frown.

“I’ll tell you later,” Jungkook whispered back.

“The incidents that occurred within the secured areas of BigHit may have been caused by Lu Han, but he merely orchestrated them,” Hyorin said. “After Lu Han was arrested on Wednesday, the police investigated several of his old coworkers and friends still at BigHit, and discovered several of Jungkook-ssi’s stolen belongings in the desks and bags of three of his known associates – all Alphas, by the way.” She approached Jungkook and held out the folder she had been carrying in one hand. “Jungkook-ssi, do you recognize any of the people in this folder?”

Jungkook took the folder, his head spinning at the thought that three of his coworkers had been party to his misery. He opened the folder and drew out three photos depicting male Alphas that looked to be in their late twenties or early thirties. He searched their faces, trying to discern the cruelty and malice in their stoic mugshots, but their expressions were… utterly normal. They looked like normal people. They could have been anyone. He could have walked past them every day, and never known the hostility they held for him. At least the others who had hazed him at work had been upfront about it; these cowards had stolen his things and destroyed his gifts, and he didn’t even know their faces. He shook his head in disgust, and said, “I don’t recognize any of them.”

“These three are being charged with thievery and destruction of personal property,” Hyorin said, taking back the folder and photos. “Apparently Lu Han became obsessed with Jungkook-ssi after being fired and blacklisted from the industry. These three claim that Lu Han asked them to procure items with Jungkook-ssi’s scent, but that they weren’t told what for. Two of them admitted to making messes with Jungkook-ssi’s trash simply because they felt like it. One of them admitted to letting a disguised Lu Han into the office the day the dosirak was destroyed, knowing that the IT section would be empty that morning, so that destructive act can be assigned to Lu Han himself. They all claim that they had no knowledge that Lu Han would escalate beyond their childish hazing.”

Jungkook clenched his fists. Of course they would say that they had no idea. So far all they could be charged with is thievery and destruction of personal property. They’d pay fines or do some community service, and go on their merry way, secure in their bigotry. He became aware that he wasn’t the only one upset, as Yoongi growled, Taehyung and Hoseok’s scents sharpened in anger, and Jin squeezed his hand so hard the Beta temporarily cut of the circulation to his sore fingers.

“Can I see those photos, please?” Namjoon asked. His face was a calm mask, but he was definitely losing control of his scent. His rage leaked through the air, the normally pleasant spiced-bread scent transforming into the seething burn of pure, fiery spice that pierced the skin and airways like spikes. He accepted the folder from Hyorin and studied the photos with barely-disguised intensity.

“Namjoon-ssi,” Hyorin warned. “You know the rules. You can’t touch them. Leave it to me and the law.”

Namjoon closed the folder and handed it back with a mild smile that didn’t touch his eyes. “Of course not, Hyorin-ssi,” he said in what was probably meant as a placating tone. “But I will fire them. BigHit has a zero-tolerance policy regarding this kind of behavior.” His scent was terrifying, even to Jungkook.

Jimin stirred in Namjoon’s arms, reaching up to cup the Alpha’s cheek. “Shh, Alpha,” he murmured soothingly, voice still thick from tears. “It’s ok. We’re all ok.”

Namjoon smiled down at Jimin, and this time the smile was real. His dimples briefly flashed as he said, “Thank you, Jimin.” His arms tightened around the blond Omega, and he took his scent back under control, the burning spice dissipating in the air.

“I believe I have taxed you all enough for today,” Hyorin said gently, watching the Alpha and Omega together. “I will take my leave, and reach out as soon as things start to develop. Please let me know if I can be of any further assistance.” She gathered the folder and her notebook, and quietly left the room.




Jimin was released from the hospital just in time to make his performance on Sunday. When his director had called and said Jimin’s understudy could handle it, the Omega had furiously declared that he could not only still perform the piece perfectly, he would be there bright and early in the morning and there better not be an understudy in sight. He later returned to the hospital, flushed and happy with victory, but completely exhausted, and collapsed back onto his old gurney before the hospital staff had a chance to remove it. Hoseok removed the semi-crushed congratulatory bouquets from his packmate’s arms and arranged them in vases on the window sill, while Yoongi showed Taehyung and Jungkook a video recording of the performance. They both agreed that Jimin had been brilliant. Jungkook couldn’t wait to see a performance live someday. There was no question in his mind that he would still be around by the next performance.




    It was the middle of the night, and the hospital corridors were dimmed. The ICU was relatively quiet, except for the soft beeps and tones of machines hooked up to fragile bodies. A pair of Beta police officers stood guard outside a room. One of them covered his mouth to hide a yawn.

    Out of nowhere, Yoongi charged towards them, a fierce form of icy fury. “He’s in there, isn’t he?” the Alpha growled, as the alarmed cops jerked to attention. “That fucking bastard , thinks he can get away with touching my Omegas -”

The officers struggled to block Yoongi from entering the room. “Please, sir,” one of them pleaded, “you must calm down! He is in police custody now. Trust the law to punish him!”

Not good enough !” Yoongi roared, fighting the cops wildly. One officer tried to radio for help, but the moment he reached for his radio, Yoongi lunged for him, growling obscenities. The two officers barely managed to keep the blond Alpha at bay.

“We need to get him out of here,” one hissed to the other. “Away from the guy’s scent!”

The other nodded, and gasped back, “The lobby! Reception can call for backup, and we can get him sedated.”

Agreed, the two cops grasped Yoongi’s flailing limbs and dragged him, growling and kicking, down the hallway.

Abandoning their post.

Namjoon crept around the corner, stalking silently through the dim corridor to the unprotected room. His head swiveled smoothly, keeping an eye out for any who might see him and report his presence, but thankfully, no one had come running yet after the ruckus his mate had caused. He only had a small window of time, and he planned to make the most of it.

Silent as a shadow, Namjoon slipped into the room and closed the door behind himself. He approached the lone bed in the room and drew the curtain, blocking the view from the door. He took a moment to look down at the man who used to work for him, who he’d thought of as a good man, with potential and charm. Lu Han’s face was unrecognizable, even after six days of intensive care, the flesh swollen and discolored, broken and bandaged, until he resembled some sort of grisly work of Picasso. He couldn’t help the swell of pride at seeing the damage Jungkook had wrought.

Namjoon reached forward and tapped Lu Han’s forehead with a pen from his pocket, on the one spot of normal-looking skin. Lu Han’s eyelids fluttered, and his chest and throat jerked abortively as he tried to groan and realized he couldn’t.

“Your vocal cords are damaged, perhaps permanently,” Namjoon commented casually, watching as Lu Han’s eyes opened, searched the room hazily, and focused in on his face in recognition. One eye was swollen almost completely shut, but the other widened. The licorice smell the invalid produced soured rapidly in fear. “No more Alpha voice for you.”

Namjoon leaned back, looming over the prostrate Alpha. “I pity you, Lu Han. You had such a bright future ahead of you, but your pride was your downfall. I don’t know what you thought you would accomplish by attacking my Omegas, and I don’t really care.” Lu Han’s face paled to a sickly white, and sweat beaded his bruised skin as Namjoon’s rage-filled pheromones clouded the room, pressing down on him like a burning avalanche. The broken man’s eye flitted around, frantically searching for aid of some kind. Namjoon had to hurry, before the police officers returned, or a doctor or nurse checked in.

Slowly, deliberately, Namjoon leaned over the other man, bracing his hands on the gurney’s guard rails to either side. He released more dominant pheromones, making sure that no matter how drugged and dazed the other Alpha was, that he would remember the message. “When you have recovered,” he growled, low and threatening, “when you have been released from this hospital, when you go to stand before a judge and you are faced with the charges against you, you will plead guilty.” He eyes bored into Lu Han’s, and the other Alpha trembled.

“You will plead guilty, and you will accept the law’s punishment, because you know that if you are not safe behind bars, if you are not protected by the police, if you walk free on the streets, then you are free game . You are my prey, and what my Omega did to you will be nothing compared to what I will do to you.”

He bent until he was right in the other man’s face, and growled, “ Do you understand ?”

Lu Han blinked frantically, his head jerking in what approximated a nod in his current condition.

“Good,” Namjoon said, and smiled chillingly. “You get some rest, now.”

And he slipped back out of the room with none the wiser.




Hyorin-noona: I told you not to do anything

Namjoon: I didn’t

Hyorin-noona: Don’t lie to me. Never lie to your lawyer.

Hyorin-noona: Your scent was all over the room, and the man was a wreck. The doctors say he took a major step back in his recovery.

Namjoon: Oh that’s a shame

Hyorin-noona: JOON

Namjoon: I didn’t touch him, I swear. We just had a nice little chat about accountability.

Hyorin-noona: Remind me why I still work for you

Namjoon: Because you love me 💜

Hyorin-noona: Because you pay me

Namjoon: I pay you very well. Enough to trick out that nursery. I saw the photos online. So cute!

Hyorin-noona: I should have never accepted your friend request

Namjoon: Give my love to your husband

Hyorin-noona: Leave T alone. This is his first pregnancy and he’s got enough on his plate without you and your shit

Namjoon: Bye noona~ 💜

Hyorin-noona: Worst client ever




Jungkook was finally released from the hospital a week after the attack, on the morning of Christmas Day. He was so restless from being cooped up in a hospital bed, and he knew he still had a long recovery ahead of him, but he couldn’t help his excitement as they approached the apartment, their apartment. Home.

He cried when the front door opened and the scent of the pack welcomed him in. He had to lean on Jin to walk, so the Beta was the first to notice his tears and pulled him into a gentle hug, careful to touch Jungkook’s shoulders and avoid his ribs. Jimin and Taehyung softly leaned against his back, both of them sniffling and smiling too. It didn’t take long for Namjoon, Hoseok, and Yoongi to join in, and they stood there in the doorway to their den hugging for a long time.




    “I don’t understand,” Jungkook said for what felt like the fifth time since he’d woken from his nap. “Why am I getting dressed up, again?”

    “It’s Christmas dinner,” Taehyung supplied, standing at the closet and trying to decide between two different shirts.

    “The gold one,” Jimin cast his vote. “You have enough red with your hair.” The blond turned back to Jungkook, easing a silvery-gray, oversized cashmere sweater over his bruised ribs as Jungkook patiently sat with his arms partially upraised on the edge of the bed. His face and torso were a rainbow of bruises; he didn’t know the human body was capable of some of the shades that decorated his skin. Taehyung cast aside the red shirt and pressed the gold one to his front, seeing how it set off his golden skin in the mirror above the dresser.

    “Surely we’re not going anywhere,” Jungkook said, unable to keep the whine out of his tone. He was still so weak, he’d just gotten home that morning, and the thought of going out and having to deal with paparazzi and the public was exhausting.

    “We’re not going far, Jin-hyung said,” Jimin replied, carefully fastening Jungkook’s collar in a loose fit so as not to put pressure on the finger-shaped marks there. “Namjoon-hyung always likes to do something special, but Jin-hyung said that Hobi-hyung kept him in check this year.”

    “Wish I could have seen that,” Taehyung chuckled. “It’s always fun to watch Hobi-hyung keep Joon-hyung’s feet on the ground.”

    Jungkook smiled. He had seen Hoseok in action a few times now. In his own way, Hoseok took care of the pack just as much as Jin did, always pushing them to be honest with each other and themselves. Jin was the shoulder to cry on; Hoseok was the push to face life head-on. They balanced each other nicely.

    “Ok Kookie, time to stand up,” Jimin said, fitting Jungkook’s feet into the holes of his trousers. Jungkook placed his hands on Jimin’s shoulders and the other Omega gently pulled him to his feet. Once standing, Jimin squatted down to pull Jungkook’s trousers up over his hips.

    “I can fasten it myself, hyung,” Jungkook said, cheeks a little warm, but Jimin just batted his hands away and did up his zipper and button for him. Jimin had been overly solicitous to both him and Taehyung ever since the attack, and Jungkook knew that the oldest Omega fostered irrational guilt in his heart for holding the gun to Tae. Hoseok had already had a talk with Jimin about it, but still, the blond was always by their sides, ready with a helping hand as if paying penance. Jimin wasn’t even dressed yet, setting aside his own primping to help Jungkook get ready. Jungkook had decided to leave it be for now; he needed the help, and if it made Jimin feel better, then he saw no reason to quell the behavior. They all had to work through the trauma in their own way.

    “I’m all done up, now,” he said, slowly sitting himself back onto the bed. “Get ready, hyung.”

    After one more glance to make sure there was nothing else Jungkook lacked, Jimin rushed to the closet and started pulling out his own clothes. Taehyung, now completed dressed, discussed earrings with Jungkook. They eventually decided on snowflakes for Taehyung, an icicle dangle for Jungkook, and textured pearls that looked like snowballs for Jimin, which would go nicely with his soft white sweater. Then Jin came in, looking like he was about to walk a runway in his tailored light blue silk shirt, pale gray pinstripe pants, and white-gold-and-white-leather pack marker bracelet, and he helped Jungkook get to his feet and walk down the stairs.

    At the foot of the stairs, Namjoon and Yoongi hovered, both of them dressed in tailored suits, navy blue and silvery-gray respectively. Their expressions lit up when they saw him come down the stairs, and Jungkook couldn’t help preening a little, despite knowing how banged up he must look. His Omega was in complete agreement: they liked the Alphas’ attention.

    “Look at you, showing off all that neck and shoulder,” Namjoon said appreciatively, as if the flesh he was admiring wasn’t terribly bruised. He grazed the shoulder of Jungkook’s sweater with a soft finger. “Is this one of yours, hyung? It’s a little big, not that I’m complaining.”

    “I bought this for him after I learned about his broken ribs,” Jin said, softly brushing Jungkook’s hair off of his face. “I wanted to make sure nothing was too tight, so I sized it for myself.”

    “Are we making you uncomfortable, pup?” Yoongi asked, eying Jungkook’s slightly squirmy form. The Alpha didn’t look apologetic in the least.

    Jungkook shyly looked down before lifting them back up to look at Yoongi through his lashes. “It’s ok, hyung,” he said. “I don’t mind.”

    Yoongi’s eyes darkened, Namjoon shifted his weight, and Jin said, “Whoa, boys. Keep it in your pants. We have a dinner reservation to make, and he’s injured anyway.” The Alphas looked properly chastised, but Jungkook pouted. He really hoped Jin wasn’t implying that he get absolutely no attention while he recovered.

    Hoseok soon herded the other two Omegas down the stairs, the Beta dressed in a black silk shirt, black sports jacket, and skinny red slacks. It was a look Jungkook would never have put together himself, but Hoseok looked hot in it, so he wasn’t complaining. They all left the apartment without putting on coats, and when they reached the elevator, Namjoon pressed the “Up” button instead of “Down.” Jimin and Taehyung nudged each other excitedly, but Jungkook didn’t understand until they reached the top floor and the elevator doors opened into a grand restaurant space. The area was open, giving them an almost 360 degree view of the city skyline, and there were no other guests. As the host led them to a table set aside in front of a wall of windows, Jin murmured, “You rented the whole restaurant, Joon-ah?”

    Namjoon turned and winked. “Anything for my pack. It’s Christmas, after all.”

    Despite his fatigue, Jungkook enjoyed the dinner immensely. The food was delicious - Jin begged the recipe from the chef - and there was so much of it, he felt like his stomach would burst if he ate another bite. Without any other guests or paparazzi there to watch their every move, they could let loose and forget the recent trauma, joking and laughing loudly, telling Jungkook stories from Christmases past once their food was finished. The sun had long ago set, and the table was lit by glowing candles and the city lights.

    “I had just become CEO,” Namjoon said. “And I really wanted to get everyone something special, so I got these beautiful little jewelry boxes made of crystal, exquisitely detailed -”

    “Cost a fortune,” Yoongi chimed in over his wine glass.

    “- but I’m me, so the moment I pull out the boxes to give them to the pack, Jin-hyung’s backing out of the kitchen -”

    “My very first buttercream frosting, it was a masterpiece,” Jin sighed.

    “Oh no,” Jungkook smiled widely.

    “Oh yes,” Hoseok said. “The collision was glorious; the clean up was not.”

    “- and obviously I run right into him, the cake goes flying, as well as all the little jewelry boxes in their little velvet bags -”

    “I still have the velvet bag, at least,” Jin said. “It’s a good place to story delicate jewelry when I travel.”

    “- and every last one of those crystal boxes shattered into a million pieces, not a single portion left intact to even show the details,” Namjoon concluded, dramatically dropping his face into his hands. Jungkook chuckled softly, ignoring the twinge of pain the action produced. An easy silence fell on the table as they all relaxed and reminisced.

    “Speaking of velvet bags,” Jin began, looking at Namjoon.

    “And things that cost a fortune,” Yoongi added. He winced as someone kicked him under the table, letting out a little pouty “ ow .”

    “We know we said no presents this year, just a nice dinner with all of us together,” Namjoon said, gesturing to the nearby wait staff. “But we felt like this was the perfect opportunity. Jungkook first.”

    A hand reached around Jungkook and he jumped, still wary of unexpected things, but he was immediately distracted by the plush, red velvet bag placed in front of him. The bag had golden drawstrings, and a golden disk hung from one of them with YeppeO’s logo inscribed upon it.

    He looked from the bag up to the expectant faces around the table, and felt a little flutter in his stomach. “What’s this?” he asked softly.

    “Why don’t you open it?” Yoongi said, his rumbly voice gentle as he smiled.

    Jungkook looked at the bag in front of him for a long moment, and then reached out to untie the golden cords. He stretched the bag open, gently shaking it upside down over his other hand. The whole table seemed like they were holding their breath as the item inside plopped into his hand.

    It was a collar, a delicate one. Instead of leather or suede, the band was a wide black velvet ribbon, soft under his stroking thumb. It fastened in the back with a lace-up closure, tiny little black grommets threaded through with thin, black silk ribbon. In the front, instead of a tag, hung an absurdly large diamond, and as he held it up to the light, he saw that the pack symbol had been laser-engraved within the gem. It was beautiful, and he felt tears prick his eyes.

    “I speak for the pack when I say that we have all grown so close to you in the last two months,” Namjoon said. Everyone at the table looked at Jungkook, eyes gleaming softly in the candlelight. “It feels like you’ve always been a part of us; you fit into our lives like a puzzle piece we didn’t even know we were missing. We’ve questioned our feelings, wondering if it was all an effect of the ‘high compatibility,’” and the heads around the table nodded, “but ‘true mates’ or not, we can’t deny that without you, our spirits fall flat, our hearts feel empty, and home doesn’t feel like home.”

    Jungkook’s vision blurred, and he blinked rapidly to keep all their kind, loving faces in his sight.

    “With you,” Namjoon continued, “our pack feels complete like it never has before. When we picture the future, we see you in it, with us. We still have a lot to learn about each other, and the timing may not be perfect, with all the recent events, but we all decided we didn’t want to wait any longer.” The Alpha took a deep breath, and said, “Jeon Jungkook, will you join our pack and be our mate?”

    Tears dripped from his jaw, and his nose was starting to run, but he didn’t care. He’d never felt happier than he did in that moment. Everything Namjoon had said, everything the pack had felt, he’d felt, too. When he thought about the future, he couldn’t image them not in it. The thought of being without them physically pained him, even as his heart felt like it would swell right out of his chest as he thought about the future to come. He didn’t care if this meant fate had won in the end; he wanted this. He wanted them.

    “Yes,” he gasped, smiling widely through the tears. “ Yes !”




    Fourteen weeks.

    Fourteen weeks ago, Jungkook had messaged his best friend after another failed interview, despairing of ever finding his place in the world.

    Fourteen weeks later, he cuddled with his fellow packmates in a massive, comfortable bed, well-fed from a luxurious Christmas dinner.

    Fourteen weeks ago, he had despised how his collar made people look at him.

    Fourteen weeks later, he stroked the soft black velvet of his new collar, thumbing the large diamond in the center, and couldn’t wait to show the world.

    “What are you thinking about?” Taehyung asked softly, careful not to wake Namjoon and Hoseok behind him. The redhead had an arm carefully thrown over Jungkook’s sore body, nestling his chin in the space next to Jungkook’s neck. On Tae’s neck now rested his own new collar, a red velvet ribbon and large ruby to Jungkook’s black and diamond.

    “I’m thinking about how happy I am,” he replied. “About how much has changed in such a short amount of time, and I don’t regret a bit of it.”

    “Good,” Jimin sighed happily, curled close on Jungkook’s other side, fiddling with the large sapphire that dangled from the royal blue velvet ribbon of his own new collar. Yoongi and Jin slept on his other side, Yoongi with a protective arm around Jimin’s middle. “We’re glad you’re here with us, no matter how it happened.”

    Fourteen weeks ago, he had been Hell-bent on gaining his independence, proving to the world that he didn’t need an Alpha or a pack to tell him what to do or how to act.

    Fourteen weeks later, he had the love and support of six men who only wished for his success, ready to help him reach his full potential.

    Maybe, just maybe, Fate’s plan had been better than his all along.

    “I love you,” he whispered into the night.

    “We love you too,” came the answer.

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    As he lay in his bed, waiting for sleep to claim him, Namjoon thought to himself, probably for the hundredth time in the last few days, that they’d been completely unprepared for Jungkook’s heat, and it hadn’t even started yet. Jungkook’s preheat had come as scheduled, and they thought they’d been ready. Jin had the birth control prescription filled, they’d gotten plenty of high-protein snacks and a case of water bottles, they’d gotten the laundry finished and pulled out the extra sets of sheets for the pack-sized bed in the Omegas’ room - they’d felt prepared.

    What they hadn’t prepared for was how voracious Jungkook’s sexual appetite would become the moment his preheat hit. It wasn’t unusual for an Omega to have a higher libido in preheat - Taehyung was always horny during his - but Jungkook was another thing altogether. Over the last two months, Jungkook had finally felt comfortable enough for penetration, and they all had gotten used to his sexual personality, but the normally shy but adventurous, sometimes-dominant, sometimes-sweet Omega had become something of an insatiable sex machine in the last few days. The whole pack was worn out, and their youngest’s heat was still to come.

    The day before, Namjoon had walked into the kitchen to find Jin slumped against the cabinets on the floor, pink hair mussed, skin glistening and flushed, breathing heavily, hands soapy and wet, and pants around his ankles. One side of the sink was filled with sudsy water - Jin must have been washing dishes when Jungkook found him.

    “Hyung, are you ok?!” he’d asked, alarmed to find the model in such disarray.

    Jin had looked at him wearily and said, “He sucked my life out through my penis.”

    Namjoon had stared, unable to decide if he was aroused or terrified.

    Jin had picked at his pants and then muttered, “The brat ripped my pants open. Ripped them. I liked these pants. Dammit , Kookie.”

    Jin hadn’t been the only one ambushed by the horny Omega. Namjoon himself had been visited during lunch at the office. He’d had to move them into the bathroom to muffle the maknae’s enthusiastic moans, and the whole time Namjoon had worried that MJ would interrupt them at any second to take him to his afternoon meeting with potential sponsors. Afterwards, Jungkook had casually strolled out of his office, smiling contentedly and waving to the approaching MJ, while Namjoon had gasped for air and tried to pull his suit back together.

    At least twice now, Namjoon has come into his bedroom in the evening to hear water running and aroused cries in the ensuite bathroom, Jungkook having snuck into Hoseok’s nightly shower. He may or may not have strategically retreated to his hyungs’ room until the coast was clear. He rationalized his behavior with the excuse that he had a lot of work to do the next day, and he needed his sleep. It wasn’t because he was scared of Jungkook’s ferocious libido or anything. Psh.

    When asked, Jungkook would admit that he’d never been this horny during his preheat before. He had gotten through his first four heats by himself and a dildo with an inflating knot, but now he was insatiable, and only the real thing would do. Discussing it with the pack’s doctor, their working theory was to blame the “high compatibility” again; Jungkook’s instincts were pushing for a mating bite. Which was the plan, anyway, but the Omega’s instincts didn’t know or particularly care about plans so much as results .

    The only one who didn’t seem to be having a problem with Jungkook’s endless hunger for sex was Yoongi. That had surprised Namjoon at first, because the producer was usually so focused on his work and hated to be disturbed, but then it had made sense when Namjoon had considered his hyung’s heightened Alpha instincts. While everyone else got ambushed and pushed down and used like a live dildo, Jungkook went docile under Yoongi’s firm hand. Whenever it looked like the Omega was contemplating another attack, the Alpha would simply scruff the Omega and lead him away to his studio “for a chat.” Namjoon didn’t know what went on during their “chats,” but after some time and some muffled vocalisations that could have been fueled by pain or ecstasy (or both), Jungkook would re-emerge a little sweaty, a little flushed, loose-limbed, and content just to curl up next to someone without threatening molestation. Namjoon would look at Yoongi in awe, and the blond would just shrug and smirk.

    Namjoon sighed. Jungkook’s heat should hit tomorrow. God help them.




Jungkook woke up with his head spinning from fever. Fire raged under his skin, and the sweat that dripped from his naked body to soak the bed did nothing to relieve the heat. He gasped as pain lanced from his tailbone up his spine, making his back arch. His hole ached.

He flung out his hand and jostled the nearest body.

“Noooo,” Tae mumbled. “I already fucked you tonight. Let me sleep!”

Jungkook whined, high and loud, the desperate cry of an Omega for his mates. Taehyung’s head whipped in his direction, eyes wide in the faint moonlight that filtered through the curtains.

“Shit, Kookie! Is it here?” Taehyung asked.

Jungkook nodded and said, “I-it hurts, Taetae. Make it stop hurting.”

“Ok, baby, I got you,” the older Omega said, caressing Jungkook’s face reassuringly. Being in the middle of the bed (horny Jungkook had been banished to one end of the giant mattress so the other two could sleep), Taehyung couldn’t reach the lamps on the side tables, so he just lifted up on his knees and pulled the cord for the overhead light. Brightness filled the room, making Jungkook blink in pain, his fever having gifted him with a headache. Jimin groaned on the other end of the bed and pulled a pillow over his head. Taehyung went over and shook Jimin gently.

“Come on, hyung,” he urged. “Wake up.”

The oldest Omega growled and didn’t budge.

“Jiminie, it’s Jungkook. His heat has started.”

The growl tapered off and Jimin’s fluffy blond head emerged from the bedding. “Really?” he asked, sniffing the air. Jungkook whined again, rubbing his thighs together and pushing his hips back against the mattress. Jimin met his teary eyes and said, “Oh, Kookie . Ok, ok, we’ve got you.” The blond wiggled across the bed until he could run his small hands through Jungkook’s hair, pet his cheeks, and softly massage the swollen scent glands on Jungkook’s neck. A burst of pleasure erupted from the glands, arcing through his whole body, and Jungkook cried out. Jimin said to Taehyung, “Yes, it’s definitely started. Go get the hyungs. I’ll stay with him.”

As Tae left, Jungkook shifted restlessly, feeling slick gush from his hole every time he contracted his stomach. “Jiminie-hyung,” he whimpered. “Hurry, I need it - need, it hurts -” He felt like he would die if he didn’t get something in him right now .

Jimin shushed him with a kiss, leaning into Jungkook so that Jungkook’s head fell back onto the bed in submission. Jimin’s hands were gentle as they spread Jungkook’s knees apart, caressing up his inner thighs until nimble fingers reached his hole. Jimin circled his rim, fingers wet with Jungkook’s sweet-smelling slick, and the flesh softened, opening easily for the older Omega. Jimin slid one finger inside, meeting hardly any resistance, and quickly inserted another.

“M-mah, ah!” Jungkook moaned as his hyung worked him open. Jimin’s fingers weren’t very long, but they were skilled, stroking his inner walls and scissoring gently. Jungkook didn’t want it gentle, though; his instincts demanded less foreplay and more breeding. He didn’t want fingers - he wanted a cock, a knot, wanted cum to fill him up to the brim. “I’m ready, please hyung, I need you,” he whimpered, squirming his hips down on Jimin’s fingers.

“Taetae’s going to bring your Alphas, Kookie,” Jimin soothed, slipping in another finger. “I need to make sure the knot won’t hurt you.”

“Won- won’t hurt, please -”

“I know what your instincts are telling you, but trust me, you’ll be glad later that I prepared you.”

“- don’t care, don’t care, don’t care -”

    Jimin shut him up with another kiss, easing a fourth finger inside. The stretch felt so good, no pain whatsoever, but it wasn’t enough. He wanted more. His body pulsed with waves of heat, his bones ached, his sensitive tailbone had him arching his back and digging his hips into the mattress, shoving down on Jimin’s fingers. The fever hazed his mind, and all he could think about was breeding, of getting stuffed full of cock and cum until his belly swelled. The glide of Jimin’s hand was ridiculously smooth from the amount of slick Jungkook produced.

    “Kookie, you’re so wet,” Jimin breathed, his plush lips brushing Jungkook’s jaw as he spoke. “You think you can take another? Take my whole fist?”

    It wasn’t a knot, but it would have to do. Jungkook nodded fervently and begged, “Yes, please , hyung, please, need more, need it -”

    Jimin swirled his thumb in the slick glistening Jungkook’s thighs. The blond gripped Jungkook’s cock and stroked him, perhaps trying to distract the younger Omega from the impossible stretch as the thumb and knuckles of his other hand worked their way inside. Jungkook felt incredible pressure inside and sighed, finally feeling full. Jimin’s deft hand on Jungkook’s cock had the younger man moaning and twitching restlessly, but he was pinned by Jimin’s fist. He clenched down on Jimin’s wrist and panted, “More, hyung, move, wanna feel it more.”

    Jimin moaned quietly as Jungkook’s soft inner muscles squeezed him, and gently pumped his fist back and forth, trying to be careful with his dongsaeng. Jungkook writhed as his prostate was grazed by Jimin’s knuckles. Jimin’s other hand pushed down his own pyjama pants in order to pump his cock in time with his thrusting fist. Jimin’s own skin was flushing now, rosy gold and shiny with a light sweat. His full lips darkened with his arousal, and Jungkook felt like he’d never seen anything more beautiful.

    “Hyung,” he gulped. “Love you, want you, so pretty -”

    God , Kookie,” Jimin groaned appreciatively, swooping low to kiss along Jungkook’s belly and hips. “You’re so pretty like this, so perfect. Wait ‘til the hyungs see you.”

    “Oh, we see him,” Hoseok murmured, stepping up from behind Jimin and moving onto the bed at Jungkook’s left.

    “And you, Minnie,” Yoongi growled, climbing up on Jungkook’s right. “Fuck, the both of you are gorgeous.”

    A hand smoothed up Jimin’s spine underneath his pyjama shirt, making him jump before he settled at the familiar touch. Jungkook saw Namjoon move into place behind Jimin on the bed, one large hand skating up Jimin’s chest and the other rubbing Jungkook’s twitching ankle. Jimin tilted his head to one side so that the Alpha had access to his neck, and Namjoon said, “Are you getting him ready for us, Minnie? Doing such a good job. Such a good hyung to our maknae.”

    Jimin winked down at Jungkook and rolled his body against Namjoon’s, still pumping his cock with one hand and his fist inside the younger Omega. Jungkook knew firsthand how wonderful it felt when Jimin grinded his perfect ass in Jungkook’s lap, so it was no surprise when Namjoon groaned and nipped Jimin’s shoulder, releasing dominant pheromones that filled the air with spice. Jungkook gasped at the smell, and his body went completely limp, only bouncing up the bed slightly with the force of Jimin’s thrusts. His head fell to one side, and he saw Jin and Taehyung intertwined on the settee against the wall. Jin sat between Tae’s legs, eyes fixed on the happenings on the bed, skin flushed prettily in arousal, while Taehyung ran his hands all over the Beta, up his silk shirt to touch his chest, down his arms, circling on his hips, groping along his silk-covered thighs. Taehyung’s eyes were dark as he drank in the sight of Jin in his arms, turning his head and giving Jungkook a heated look from across the room. The fire in Jungkook’s belly upgraded from conflagration to inferno, as his aroused pack’s pheromones created a thick miasma of lust in the room.

    Fingers combed through his sweaty hair, and Yoongi rumbled, “Look at him, submitting so beautifully. Such a pretty Omega. Just wanna wreck him.” The Alpha fisted his hair and shook his head slightly. Jungkook whined softly, a breathy exhalation of need.

    Yes, yes, wreck me, fuck me, breed me -

    “I think you’ve teased long enough, Minnie,” Namjoon growled. The sound sent spikes of pleasure through Jungkook’s core straight to his groin.

    “Come here, Jimin,” Hoseok commanded with a dark smile. “Let’s play while the Alphas settle our maknae.”

    Jimin ceased his slow body rolls against Namjoon and eased his hand out of Jungkook to join Hoseok to Jungkook’s left, partially blocking his view of Jin and Tae on the settee. The youngest Omega immediately cried when his hole was left empty and gaping, and started begging, “Please, it’s so empty, Alpha, Alpha , fill me up, need it -”

    Yoongi’s hand in his hair jerked his head to face forward, and the icy blond kissed him roughly. It was nothing like Jimin’s slow presses and sighs; Yoongi claimed his mouth, nipping his lips to make him gasp and open up, plunging his tongue inside to lick him, tangle with Jungkook’s tongue, coaxing it forth so the Alpha could suck on it, scraping it with his teeth. Jungkook whimpered into the kiss in delight and need, letting Yoongi take control. The bed dipped between his trembling legs, and Namjoon’s broad, warm hands caressed his sides and settled on his hips. The scents of musk and florals intensified briefly as Jimin cried out beside them, but the scents were quickly engulfed by earthy mint and spiced bread.

    Yoongi broke the kiss, panting heavily. Namjoon leaned forward so that both Alphas’ faces filled Jungkook’s dazed vision. The pack Alpha cupped Jungkook’s cheek and asked, “Are you still sure you want this now? We don’t have to mate you if you need more time. We’ll help you through your heat no matter what you decide.”

    Jungkook blinked to clear his teary eyes. Just for a moment, he forgot the aches and pains, the insatiable fire under his skin, and the desperate need clamoring in his mind. Both Alphas’ expressions were colored with lust, but both looked determined to hold back if that was really what Jungkook wanted. Even with their instincts roaring to mate, Jungkook truly believed that if he told them not to, they wouldn’t mate him. His heart swelled in his chest and he smiled, the action pinching a tear out of one eye to roll down his cheek. “I’m sure, hyung,” he answered. “Mate me.”

    Namjoon surged forward to kiss him deeply. The pack Alpha’s strong arms lifted Jungkook’s hips, supporting his weight as he lined up his cock with Jungkook’s winking hole. Just as Namjoon plunged inside, sinking in the Omega all the way to the hilt, Yoongi sucked strongly on Jungkook’s right side scent gland, swollen and tender and oh so sensitive. Jungkook’s first orgasm hit him like a freight train; he screamed in ecstasy, shooting cum so hard it streaked his chest, and clamped down on Namjoon’s shaft.

    Shit !” Namjoon hissed, his large cock locked in place while Jungkook’s hole fluttered around him. He grinded his hips against Jungkook’s ass, waiting for the Omega’s grip to loosen before setting up a steady pace. With Jimin’s extensive preparation, the Alpha’s movements were smooth, Jungkook open and ready for him.

    “Uh, ah !” Jungkook whined. “More! Please, more, faster -”

    Namjoon’s hips sped up, every other thrust grazing Jungkook’s prostate. The Omega cried out in pleasure. Yoongi moved his mouth from Jungkook’s neck to his ear, speaking lowly but loud enough for Namjoon to hear. “Such a needy Omega, so greedy for cock. Does Joonie’s cock feel good? Huh?”

    Jungkook nodded and sobbed at another hit to his prostate. “Y-yes, f-feels good, so good -”

    “Such a good Omega, taking Joonie so well,” Yoongi praised roughly. “Fucks you so well, doesn’t he?” Yoongi and Namjoon’s eyes met, and the pack Alpha moaned a soft “ hyung ” at the dirty talk.

    “Yes, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me full -”

    “You hear that, Joon?” Yoongi taunted. “Our Omega wants to be full. You gonna fill him up, fuck him full of your cum?”

    “Yes, please, please, please -”

    “He’s begging so pretty, Alpha . You going to leave him hanging?”

    “Fuck, hyung!” Namjoon growled, his hips pistoning in and out rapidly, wet smacking sounds echoing in the room every time the Alpha’s hips hit Jungkook’s ass. Jungkook felt Namjoon’s knot begin to swell and catch on his rim. He chanted encouragement and pleas, pleasure building quickly in his own belly.

    “Please, hyung - please, I want it, want your cum - fuck me, mate me -”

    The knot swelled, stretching and tugging on his rim, and Namjoon cursed as he shoved it in and out. “Mine,” he growled. “Mine. My Omega. My mate. Mine. ” Namjoon’s hand gripped Jungkook’s jaw, forcing it to the side, and he licked the reddened skin over Jungkook’s scent gland. Jungkook’s cries only got louder and louder as Namjoon forced his knot inside once more, and couldn’t retract it. His insides clenched down on the knot. Namjoon’s hips jerked and he snarled as he came. His teeth settled on the skin over Jungkook’s left scent gland and bit down, hard.

    Jungkook’s eyes and mouth opened wide in a silent scream, feeling like his body would shake apart. He was coming, he knew, but the pleasure from his cock was indiscernible from the pleasure in his hole, being pumped full of cum, and all paled in comparison to the euphoria he felt as Namjoon gave him the mating bite. Waves of sensation crashed and boiled in his body; colors burst in his vision. He felt it - the moment the bond locked into place, sealing his soul to Namjoon’s. It was… everything.

    Namjoon licked the fresh wound clean of blood and with Yoongi’s help, shifted them both onto their sides so they could rest. Jungkook still felt Namjoon pumping into him, and his inner Omega purred, contentedly daydreaming of pups. Yoongi lay down close behind him, the Alpha’s hips slowly grinding against Jungkook’s ass, and the added pulses of pressure had Namjoon’s knot pushing further in, Namjoon’s cock rubbing against his sensitive prostate.

    “Ah! Nnn, hyung ,” he whimpered, unable to wriggle away with Namjoon’s knot holding him in place. The overstimulation was a delicious mix of pleasure and pain. Yoongi mouthed along his shoulder, nipping and licking the sweaty skin, letting out little growls that had Jungkook’s stomach clenching in anticipation. Namjoon captured his lips in another kiss, stealing his breath. A hand pressed flat along his abdomen, and Yoongi groaned at the slight swelling there.

    “Joonie’s filling you up nice and good, isn’t he?” the blond rumbled. “If you weren’t on birth control, he’d have knocked you up for sure. Your belly would be so full of pups. God , I can just imagine it.” Jungkook pictured it, and another little spurt of cum shot from his cock. Yoongi’s erection rubbed high between his cheeks, the glide slippery with slick and precome. The pressure on his tailbone made Jungkook arch, and Namjoon hissed as the Omega clenched and tugged on his knot.

    Across the room, Jungkook glimpsed Jin and Taehyung making out on the settee. Jin had lost his silk pyjama shirt, and his broad shoulders looked so good as he held himself over Tae. The other Omega still had his hands all over Jin, as his libido reacted to Jungkook’s heat pheromones. As he watched, Jin grabbed Tae’s wrists and pinned them above his head on the arm of the settee. Next to Jungkook and the Alphas, Hoseok had Jimin similarly pinned underneath him, one of the Beta’s hands around both of their cocks, both of their bodies moving sensually in smooth rolls and grinds. Jimin’s whimpers and moans were breathy and musical. Stuffed full of cock and cum, flanked by Alphas kissing and nipping him, watching the other four members of his pack writhe, Jungkook felt his fever rising again, his need to mate urging him to twist on Namjoon’s knot, test its firmness.

“Ah, Kook ,” Namjoon groaned. “Give it another minute or two. We’re not going anywhere; everyone will get their turn.”

“Poor Omega is impatient,” Yoongi rasped lowly, his voice dripping with lust. “Not satisfied with just one Alpha, no. Wants to be fucked over and over again until everyone’s used his pretty little hole.”

“Ah,” Jungkook panted, “Alpha, please.” His gut burned with need, and his hips bucked, Namjoon’s softening knot still locked inside.

“Careful, Kook-ah,” Namjoon chided, “you’ll hurt yourself. Wait for it to shrink back down all the way.” The Alpha grasped Jungkook’s hips and held him in place, preventing him from rutting or avoiding Yoongi’s grinding hips. Jungkook waited impatiently for the knot to go down, twitching and trembling as the fire within him demanded more, more, more. He whined and licked beggingly at Namjoon’s chin and jaw, hands scrabbling on the Alpha’s strong chest and arms.

A pale hand suddenly reached around to push under his jaw, forcing his head down towards the bed, baring his throat, and Yoongi’s mouth closed strongly on his unmarked right scent gland. The Alpha growled warningly, and Jungkook immediately went limp and pliant, submitting to Yoongi’s will. Pulses of pleasure rippled from the scent gland, and Jungkook shuddered. He didn’t move, couldn’t move, all of his instincts telling him a predator held his life in its jaws. His eyes glazed over, and he didn’t notice when Namjoon’s knot finally shrunk enough to pull out, or the tide of cum that gushed from between his cheeks. Namjoon moved back, and Yoongi removed his mouth.

It took him a moment to regain function of his limbs, but when he did, he immediately fell onto his belly, keeping his chest and head on the mattress while he lifted his hips up in the air. He spread his legs and waited.

Yoongi cursed, “Fuck!”

Namjoon groaned.

Jimin cried out as he orgasmed in Hoseok’s hand.

“Shit!” Hoseok hissed.

“He presented,” Jin breathed in wonder.

“Damn,” Tae said.

Jungkook whined. What was taking so long? He slowly waved his ass back and forth. Fuck meeee…

“Fucking Omega, so fucking beautiful -” Yoongi growled tightly. The bed dipped as the Alpha moved into position behind him. “Perfect, so fucking perfect -”

Jungkook whined again to encourage his would-be mate, living in his instincts, comprehensible words beyond him. Yoongi’s earthy-mint scent surrounded him, a palpable weight on his body that pressed him down and sent him high at the same time. He panted dreamily, waiting for his Alpha to take him. He felt Yoongi’s hands grab his hips roughly, but they were shuddering and tensing. Yoongi growled again, but it felt subdued, like he was trying to control himself. That’s not what Jungkook wanted, though. He wanted Yoongi , all of Yoongi, with his passion and roughness and exquisitely raw beauty.

“Alpha…” he whimpered, pushing back into Yoongi’s crotch, shivering in anticipation at the hard, heavy length he felt there.

“Fuck!” Yoongi sounded strained, his fingers digging into Jungkook’s skin.

“Hyung.” The cautious call came from nearby, and Jungkook placed the voice as Hoseok’s. “Don’t bother holding back. His instincts won’t be satisfied if you half-ass this.”

“You won’t hurt him,” Namjoon added. “If it will make you feel better, I promise to stop you if you do. But I know you won’t.”

Yoongi’s hands flexed, and Jungkook waited. Should he whine again? He burned , he needed his Alpha now -

Suddenly he was yanked backwards and impaled on a large cock. He cried out in ecstasy as he was roughly filled. Yoongi pressed one hand in between Jungkook’s shoulder blades to keep him down, while the other dug into the flesh on his hips. Yoongi growled thunderously and pounded into him, setting a brutal pace right from the start.

Yes! his inner Omega howled. Alpha, yes!

Jungkook clawed at the sheets, searching for something to hold onto, to brace himself with so he could push back, grind his ass on Yoongi’s hips, but all his hands met were sheets and pillows, the headboard just out of reach. Each thrust pushed him up the bed, Yoongi’s cockhead punching into his prostate each and every time. He sobbed in pleasure, unable to do anything but just take it as Yoongi bred his hole.

Muffled thumps against the far wall and the other end of the bed dipping down indicated that Jin and Taehyung had hastily abandoned the settee in order to get closer.

“Damn, hyung,” Taehyung murmured. Yoongi snarled in response, clawing at Jungkook’s lower back and hips, leaving bright red scratches that stung beautifully.

“He’s drooling, look,” Jin said huskily. Jungkook licked his lips and realized he was, in fact, drooling. It just felt so good , so right , so perfect -

Uhn , uh, Alpha ,” he begged. “More, more -”

Yoongi fisted his hand in Jungkook’s hair and yanked his head back, never stopping his hips from pounding into the Omega’s ass. “You want more?” he growled as Jungkook gasped, tears springing to his eyes. “I’ll give you more!” One strong arm wrapped around Jungkook’s middle while the other pulled him upright with a hand around his throat. Jungkook now knelt on the bed with Yoongi behind him, and the new angle had the Alpha’s large cock driving even deeper. The hand around his throat applied the slightest pressure, not enough to cut off his air, but more than enough to remind Jungkook exactly who was in charge. Yoongi’s other hand reached up to tug and twist roughly at Jungkook’s pert nipples, making the Omega writhe in his hold.

Yoongi growled threateningly to quell Jungkook’s thrashing, biting and sucking harshly on Jungkook’s shoulders, no doubt leaving marks. Yes, mark me , his inner Omega wailed, mark me as yours. Yoongi’s hips never faltered, driving into him with animalistic passion and hitting his prostate with precision.

Jungkook cried out, begging for Alpha to fuck him harder, deeper, fill him up with cum, fuck him full - Yoongi’s knot swelled rapidly - Jungkook’s orgasm tightened in his belly - “ MINE !” the Alpha roared - Yoongi’s teeth pierced the skin over his right-hand scent gland -

He screamed.

He screamed as Yoongi shoved his knot inside and locked in place. He screamed as he came, hard, shooting white strings of cum all over the sheets and pillows in front of them. He screamed as he felt Yoongi’s hot release flood his insides, and the bond snap in place, twining with Namjoon’s. He screamed as the pleasure and pain from his scent gland made stars burst in his vision. He screamed until he was hoarse and light-headed, until he trembled and swayed, until he heard Hoseok’s voice, “Watch it! He’s gonna pass out!”

I am -?

When he came to, Yoongi was no longer inside him, though his insides still felt pleasantly full, and he lay between Jin and Hoseok. Jin sat with his back against the headboard and his long legs outstretched next to Jungkook, combing his fingers through the Omega’s sweaty hair, and Hoseok reclined on his other side, a secure arm tucked around his middle. Head still spinning slightly, he scanned his surroundings, finding Namjoon seated on Jin’s other side with a sleepy Jimin curled in his lap, and beyond Hoseok, Yoongi held Tae in his arms and methodically sucked and bit bruises into his golden skin. Based on the Omega’s wiggling and purring, he was enjoying it immensely.

“Hey, Jungkook,” Namjoon said, smiling with his dimples on full display.

“Back in the land of the living?” Jin said, brushing his bangs off of his forehead.

“Scared us there for a second,” Hoseok nuzzled into his shoulder.

Yoongi snorted, pausing his task of quilting Tae’s skin in purples and blues to say, “I wasn’t that rough.”

Everyone, including the dazed Jungkook, just stared at him until his cheekbones and ears turned pink.

“Ok, fine, maybe a little rougher than usual, but don’t act like I broke him or something.”

Tae patted the Alpha’s shoulder sympathetically and offered his neck and upper chest by way of consolation. Yoongi grumbled but resumed his biting and sucking. The wet, smacking sounds had a trickle of heat pooling in Jungkook’s abdomen and his cock twitching in interest, his libido still in overdrive. Though he was still on his heat, he felt a little more clear-headed, and the fire within had calmed somewhat. Experimentally, he shifted his hips back against Hoseok, and felt the familiar twinge in his spine that said his heat still wanted more.

“Want more already?” Hoseok murmured, his arm squeezing Jungkook’s middle briefly.

“Wait, Hobi,” Jin said, getting up from the bed and returning with a few water bottles. He handed a couple to the Alphas and approached Jungkook with the other. “You need to stay hydrated, Kook-ah.”

Jungkook whined and pouted. He could drink water later. His body was already desperately craving more attention; couldn’t Jin see that?

“Don’t you try that with me, brat,” Jin said. He leaned in to speak softly, eyes locked with Jungkook’s. “Now drink your water like a good boy and hyung will give you a reward.”

Jungkook gulped. His throat was kind of dry, now that he thought about it. A water break wouldn’t kill him. Might be nice, even. Jin smiled as the Omega accepted the water bottle and drank, Jungkook surprising himself by draining it in one go.

“Easy, there,” Hoseok said. “Don’t make yourself sick.”

“Sorry, hyung,” he said meekly. “Can I… have more?”

Jin handed him another bottle and said, “Slowly this time.” Jungkook nodded and sipped obediently, while Hoseok lightly stroked his stomach. It tickled a little, and he was still hard, but he did his best to hold still and drink the whole bottle down. Once the last drop slipped down his hoarse throat, he handed the empty bottle back to Jin, who smiled at him sweetly. The scent of bitter chocolate grew more prominent, and Jungkook licked his lips absentmindedly.

“Good boy,” Jin said lowly. “You ready for your reward?” His brown eyes gleamed in the light, and Jungkook felt excitement tingle in his spine. Jungkook nodded again and said, “Yes, hyung.”

“So polite,” Tae commented, and Jungkook stuck his tongue out in the Omega’s direction. Hoseok swooped in and sucked on his outstretched tongue, drawing him into a kiss, slow but passionate, a nice change of pace from the Alphas.

“Hyung and I want to take you together,” Hoseok murmured against his lips, dark eyes regarding him with fondness and lust. “Are you ok with that, Kookie?”

Jungkook’s stomach leaped, and he nodded vigorously, making the Beta chuckle.

“Good,” Hoseok replied. “Let’s get you settled, then.”

Jin resumed his place from before, leaning back against the headboard with his legs outstretched. He’d shed his silken pyjama pants at some point, and was gloriously naked. Jungkook found himself in the oldest’s lap, knees on either side of Jin’s hips and hands resting on those wonderful broad shoulders. He felt Hoseok move up behind him, and the Beta’s musky scent washed over him, mixing with Jin’s chocolate, making him relax and burn all at the same time.

“Hyung first,” Hoseok whispered against his ear, and Jungkook shivered. Hoseok guided Jungkook with hands on his hips, Jin holding his stiff cock away from his abdomen to get the right angle. Jungkook sighed in contentment as he easily slid down the Beta’s cock, still stretched from Jimin’s fist and the Alphas’ knots. There was a wet, squelchy sound that at once embarrassed and delighted Jungkook, as the cum still inside him mixed with his slick and wet the path for Jin’s cock. Jungkook moaned softly, echoed by Jin, and he let himself collapse forward onto Jin’s chest with a gentle push from Hoseok. Jin grinded against him in slow circles, clearly holding back - for now.

“Hyung, can you hold him open?” Hoseok groaned and his musky scent thickened as he took in the sight of Jin’s cock disappearing into Jungkook’s wet and dribbling hole. “Deep breath and let it out, Kookie,” he warned, before pushing the head of his cock to Jungkook’s rim alongside Jin’s shaft. Jungkook did his best to obey, but his breath stuttered as he felt the delicious stretch and pressure at his entrance. All three of them moaned when Hoseok’s cockhead finally slipped past Jungkook’s rim and pressed against Jin’s cock. Jungkook clenched experimentally, his eyes rolling back at the wonderful full feeling in his ass.

“Shit, Kookie,” Hoseok hissed.

Jungkook caught Jin utter an almost-silent “ fuck !”

The Betas took a moment to get themselves under control, and Jungkook waited with dwindling patience. He was already stretched; he wanted them to move already. After what he felt was a suitable amount of time, he swirled his hips in a small circle, grinding on their cocks. Both Betas exhaled sharply like they’d been punched, wrapping strong hands around his waist and hips to hold him in place. Hoseok cursed, and Jin gazed at Jungkook hotly. “Behave, baby,” he warned.

“But hyung …” he whined, and Namjoon laughed next to them.

“No ‘but’s,” Jin said, holding Jungkook’s jaw in place so they made eye contact. Jungkook shivered at the little show of dominance. “Or you won’t get your reward.”

Jungkook whined softly. He did his best to hold still, but he couldn’t , the fire inside was too strong, he needed the Betas to move already - “Please, please hyung,” he begged.

“Here, baby,” Jin said, sliding his thumb up Jungkook’s chin until it entered the Omega’s mouth. Jungkook licked and suckled the digit obediently, staring back at Jin from under his eyelashes. Jin’s scent surged, and his pupils dilated. “Good boy.”

“Ready, hyung?” Hoseok asked. At Jin’s nod, Hoseok pulled out slowly until only the head of his cock remained inside, and then shoved it all back in with a snap of his hips. Jungkook moaned and sucked harder on Jin’s thumb. Jin copied Hoseok’s movement, pulling his hips back deliciously slow, and then rocking up with a sharp jerk that made Jungkook gasp. They fell into a rhythm, alternating back and forth, that kept at least one cock inside Jungkook at all times. Sloppy as his hole was, the friction was still enough to stoke the fires in his hips and back. He gasped around Jin’s thumb, the digit stroking his tongue, and the lack of suction made his spit drip down his chin.

“How are you still so tight, Kookie?” Hoseok panted into his hair, nosing along his nape and mouthing at his shoulders. Jungkook would have gone completely limp with the Beta’s mouth at his neck, but Jin kept his head upright, supporting his jaw with the rest of his fingers while his thumb gently thrust in and out of the Omega’s mouth. “Damn, you feel good,” Hoseok hissed. “Been wanting to do this since the first time you slept with us, back during Jimin n’ Tae’s heat.”

“Always looked so sweet, didn’t he, Hobi?” Jin murmured, his glittering dark eyes drinking in Jungkook’s expressions. The Beta’s eyes lingered on Jungkook’s spit-slick mouth, and Jin’s tongue darted out to lick at the Omega’s shiny lips. He gave a particularly sharp thrust that had Jungkook crying out into his mouth. Jungkook clenched in pleasure, and both Betas groaned.

“H-hyung,” Hoseok stuttered, “not gonna last - go faster.” The dancer’s hips accelerated, and Jin did his best to keep up. Jin had to use both hands to brace himself, so he nipped at Jungkook’s lips, met his eyes in a hot stare, and ordered, “Keep your chin up, baby. I wanna see everything .”

Jungkook could only respond with gasps and whimpers that grew increasingly louder and more desperate. Their cocks pistoned in and out of him, exerting constant pressure on his prostate, rubbing his insides and making his walls contract erratically in pleasure. Soon, Hoseok outpaced Jin, losing the rhythm as he jackhammered at a pace only an athlete could sustain. The friction must have felt good to Jin, too, because his thrusts became more sporadic and his gorgeous face scrunched in pleasure.

“Hobi- ah ,” Jin gasped. “So good - don’t stop!”

“Nn!” Hobi grunted. “Hyuh - hyung - Kookie!”

Jungkook bucked and sobbed, begging incoherently for the Betas to fuck him, mate him, go faster, fill him up -

Jin grabbed his shoulders and lunged forward, latching onto the wound on Jungkook’s left-hand scent gland, just as Hoseok fit his teeth into the bloody imprints over Jungkook’s right-hand scent gland -

They groaned, and came, and bit down hard -

And Jungkook saw white. He writhed helplessly, pinned by the Betas’ strong holds, and cried out hoarsely. His cock, wedged against Jin’s stomach, ejaculated weakly, while pleasure lanced up his spine, rippled through his core, and washed like a hot tide through his limbs. Two new cords wove through the bond he felt, linking him to the Betas as he’d already joined with the Alphas. The bond felt stronger now, less of a thread and more of a braided rope.

Jin and Hoseok being Betas, they were able to pull out after only a minute spent recuperating, and Jungkook groaned as he felt the cum pour out of him, splattering on Jin’s legs underneath him before he could clench and hold the rest in. Hoseok carefully laid Jungkook down to rest, his body still twitching from his orgasm. Through his bliss, his heat appeased for the moment, the Omega watched Namjoon nuzzle Jimin awake. The small blond blinked and frowned sleepily, but didn’t growl, his instincts no doubt warning him of who was waking him up.

“Minnie,” Namjoon said gently, his deep voice like rough velvet. “It’s your turn next. Do you want to let Tae play, too?”

Jimin’s eyes fell on Jungkook, and they widened. Jungkook briefly wondered what he must look like, but the bliss of his orgasm and the lingering haze of his now-weakened fever brushed away any concerns for his appearance. Jimin looked so soft, curled up in Namjoon’s arms. His smooth golden skin looked so… biteable. As Jimin grew more awake, his eyes sharpened and heated, and there was a flash of pink as he licked his full lips.

“Taetae?” Jimin asked, keeping his hungry eyes on Jungkook. Jungkook licked his own lips in response and his arousal stirred, his orgasmic respite dwindling. When they had sex, Jimin and he frequently wrestled for dominance first (usually Taehyung was content to go with the flow, so long as he got some). There was this unique feeling of deviant pleasure, dominating another of the same gender, just as there was this wicked delight in being dominated by another Omega. Jungkook wondered who would win if they tussled now, and then realized he was equally turned on by either outcome.

“Yeah, Jiminie?” Tae breathed brokenly. Jungkook turned so he could see the other Omega, and found him sprawled on the bed next to him, looking half-asleep as he smiled. Yoongi sat on his other side and petted Taehyung’s hair. The Omega’s body was a road-map of bruises and bites.

“Wanna play?” Jimin asked. “You just came. Do you want to wait?” Taehyung wiggled, and Jungkook glimpsed the pale wetness between his thighs, and the white puddle of cum on the bed between them. Apparently Yoongi had gone round two with Tae while Jungkook and the Betas were together.

“Mmm…” Taehyung hummed, and stretched languidly. “Wanna play, but don’t wanna fuck. One of you fuck me.”

Jungkook looked back at Jimin and swallowed. “What’ll it be, hyung?” he rasped, feeling a new surge of energy at the challenge the blond presented. Jimin climbed off of Namjoon’s lap, and Jungkook lifted off the bed, facing the older Omega head on. Namjoon and Yoongi backed off to the ends of the bed to give them room, and the Betas, returning from cleaning up in the bathroom, hummed excitedly as they took up positions on either side.

“God, I love it when they do this,” Jin whispered eagerly.

“So hot,” Yoongi and Hoseok said at the same time. They turned to one another and smiled before looking back at the Omegas.

Jungkook waited on his knees, conserving his strength, and as usual, Jimin was the first to move, lunging forward with a little growl, hands outstretched to grab Jungkook’s shoulders with the intention of pinning him on his back. Jungkook grasped Jimin by one of his outstretched arms and pulled, twisting his body so Jimin flew past him and landed on his front with an “oof!” Jungkook fell forward, ready to press Jimin down into the bed and force his surrender, but Jimin quickly rolled away out of his reach, and Jungkook landed on his hands and knees instead. Jimin’s hand shot out to grab Jungkook’s wrist and pulled, trying to get the younger Omega off-balance, and Jungkook wobbled before he could brace his knees better on the bed. Jimin surged forward, flinging his arm around Jungkook’s lowered head, hooking his elbow around the younger man’s neck, and threw his weight to Jungkook’s off-balance side. Jungkook went down, but he twisted as he fell so that he landed on his back instead of his front. Jimin came down on top of him, and Jungkook took the opportunity to land a sharp bite to the oldest Omega’s neck. He growled playfully, and Jimin growled back, not yet giving up. Despite Jungkook wiggling his lower body to try and get it out from under Jimin, the dancer responded by wrapping his muscular thighs around Jungkook’s flailing legs. Jimin placed his hands on Jungkook’s chest and pushed , and suddenly Jungkook’s body remembered that it was in heat, that it was tired, that it was needy, and that being dominated sounded really, really good right now. He gasped as the air was knocked out of his lungs, freeing Jimin’s neck from his hold, and his exhausted body trembled. Jimin immediately swooped in and locked his teeth over Jungkook’s throat, growling softly, and the younger Omega went limp in submission. Jimin held his throat for a few more seconds to ensure his win, before releasing his dongsaeng and licking at the skin to soothe it. Jimin let out little growls in victory, and Jungkook smiled happily.

“So what did you decide, Minnie?” Namjoon asked, sliding closer now that the battle had been decided.

“Kookie fucks Tae,” Jimin said, words interspersed with cute growls as he continued to lave Jungkook’s skin with his tongue. “I fuck Kookie.”

“Oooooh,” Taehyung said. “I like it.” The redhead lay back, spread his legs, and made grabby hands at Jungkook. “C’mere, Kookie.” Jimin backed up so Jungkook could rise and crawl over to Taehyung, settling between the model’s legs. Taehyung wrapped his long arms around Jungkook’s shoulders and brought him down for a lazy kiss. Jimin scooted up behind him, and placed a warm hand on Jungkook’s lower back. Jungkook smoothed a hand down Tae’s chest and stomach, grazed his half-hard shaft, and slid a gentle finger between his cheeks to massage his hole. The entrance felt pretty soft, and wet from slick and cum. Tae rolled his body against Jungkook’s, a sigh slipping past his soft lips. The youngest lifted his hips slightly, lined up his cock, and pushed in.

“Mm-ah,” Tae hummed, and Jungkook licked along the older Omega’s jaw in affection. Having been knotted recently by Yoongi, Tae was looser than normal, but still decently tight, and he felt so good around Jungkook’s cock, all warm and wet and soft. Jungkook felt his fever rise again with his arousal, and experimentally rocked his hips a few times, stoking the flames within.

“Feel so good, hyung,” he said, mouthing at Taehyung’s neck, nuzzling his scent gland to provoke a burst of sweet tartness like strawberries.

“You feel good, too,” Tae responded with a deep hum.

“Ready for me, Kookie?” Jimin asked, pushing down with the hand on Jungkook’s lower back. Jungkook instinctively arched his back and pushed up his ass, making sure to keep himself inside Taehyung at the same time.

“Ready, hyung.”

Jungkook felt Jimin thumb at his hole, prodding and massaging the abused tissue with a happy hum. The thumb retreated, replaced by a warm cockhead, and Jimin slid inside easily, Jungkook loosened by their hyungs. The oldest Omega groaned softly as he bottomed out, holding Jungkook’s hips to steady himself. Jungkook felt overwhelmed for a second, his hard, previously-neglected cock inside Taehyung, and Jimin’s short but wide cock in his overstimulated ass. Just like he had, Jimin rocked a few times, grinding his hips against Jungkook.

“We’ll start slow, ok?” Jimin murmured in his ear, nipping Jungkook’s earlobe. Jungkook shivered in pleasure and nodded, letting Jimin take control. As promised, Jimin pulled back slowly, letting Jungkook feel every ridge and bump, and thrusted back in just as slowly, pushing Jungkook’s hips forward so that the youngest plunged further into Taehyung. All three of them sighed at the sensation. Jungkook secretly loved it when the three of them had sex like this, all soft and gentle and slow, building the pleasure gradually, taking their time with each others’ bodies. His instincts, still wound up by his heat, urged him to go faster, rougher, harder, but he held himself in check, determined to enjoy the current pace for as long as possible.

He kissed Taehyung, licking into his mouth and sucking sweetly on his tongue and lips. Tae moaned softly and returned the kiss, placing his hands on the sides of Jungkook’s face so he could hold him close and steer the kiss. Jungkook felt Jimin kiss along his shoulders and upper back, even as he kept their hips moving back and forth steadily. Jungkook felt that strangely wonderful feeling he always got when submitting to either of his Omega hyungs - his instincts couldn’t decide if they were upset to be dominated by another submissive, or aroused, as if being below an Omega enhanced his own submissiveness. It was a delicious tension that he enjoyed flirting with, one he never could have imagined before meeting the pack.

“Jiminie-hyung,” he breathed, “bite me?”

Jimin responded by biting the back of Jungkook’s neck, right where a scruff-hold would be made. Jungkook cried out softly as an electric pulse shot down his spine, bowing his back and making his cock twitch inside Taehyung.

“Oh,” Taehyung murmured lowly, shifting his hips. “He liked that. Do it again, hyung.”

Jimin bit him again, a quick press of teeth and a sharp nip, and Jungkook gasped, the slowly coiling tension in his core jumping tighter for a second. His head fell limply next to Taehyung’s, his forehead on the pillow and his open lips pressed to the older Omega’s golden skin. Taehyung exhaled deeply as Jungkook’s cock jumped within him, petting his hand through the youngest’s hair.

“You like that, Kookie?” Jimin asked, taking a break from thrusting in order to grind against Jungkook’s ass. “Does it make you feel good, an Omega at your neck?” His sweet floral scent grew more prominent, filling the air around them.

Jungkook whined softly in reply, and Jimin giggled. The oldest pressed his hand at the base of Jungkook’s neck, and the youngest curled his head further down in obedience. “That’s a good baby Omega,” he crooned. “Submitting so sweetly.” He resumed his thrusts, making them more sharp and less lingering.

“Ah!” Jungkook moaned into Taehyung smooth, strawberry-scented skin, his own hips punching forward now, building friction against Tae’s inner walls. Taehyung stopped petting his hair and fisted it lightly, making Jungkook’s scalp tingle and his neck go loose. “So good for your hyungs,” Tae panted lowly into Jungkook’s ear, and the youngest broke out in goosebumps, shivering in delight.

He felt Jimin lean over him even more, pressing his weight down on Jungkook, the soft crush euphoric. “So tough to the outside world, but we know better, don’t we, Tae?”

“Yeah, we do.”

“Baby Kookie,” Jimin sang. “Just wants to present for his hyungs.” The blond gradually increased the pace of their thrusts, the bed bouncing with the motion. Jungkook groaned, feeling his arousal and pleasure mount between his hyungs’ bodies and their words. Their three scents swirled together in a heady perfume.

“You were so cute when you presented for Alpha,” Tae murmured, his mouth close enough that his soft lips brushed Jungkook’s ear. “Our tough Kookie, with his ass in the air and legs spread so pretty.”

“Ngh- nn - ah- hyungs!” Jungkook whimpered.

“That’s right,” Jimin panted, “beg for it. Let everyone hear how much you love being dominated.” Taehyung used the fist in his hair to raise his chin and lick at his exposed throat, teeth scraping over the fragile flesh. His prey instincts cried danger! , his mating instincts cried more! , and his brain went blank with pleasure. He felt small, and precious, and deliciously used.

“Please,” he whimpered, the friction on his cock and in his ass making his body tremble and buck. “Please, ah , pleasepleaseplease -”

Jimin grunted and sped up even more, driving Jungkook into Taehyung, who in turn canted his hips up and began lifting to meet Jungkook’s thrusts. The mental and physical pleasure had tears glossing his eyes. He moaned as Taehyung pulled his head back down for another kiss, sloppier than the first, and he let the older Omega claim his mouth with a blissful whimper.

“Taetae- unh ! I’m close,” Jimin gasped, his fingers sinking into Jungkook’s skin at his neck and hips. Taehyung groaned in acknowledgement, and broke free from the kiss, licking and nipping at Jungkook’s jaw. Jungkook flushed hot and shuddered as he rocketed to the edge.

“C’mon, Kookie,” Tae encouraged, his soft dark eyes capturing Jungkook’s tearful gaze. “You first this time. Come for your hyungs.” The redhead clenched down on him tightly, and Jimin hit his prostate, and Jungkook wailed as he came, warmth and pleasure flooding his body. Jimin continued to thrust, and between the two of them, they milked Jungkook’s orgasm until he was a trembling mess. It wasn’t long after that that Tae came, spilling onto his and Jungkook’s bellies, and biting down on his left-hand scent gland, followed quickly by Jimin, who fit his teeth into the bite on his right-hand scent gland as he came. Jungkook felt a pulse of heat, not the painful kind he associated with his heats, but a soft, strong, all-encompassing heat that warmed his soul. Two more threads wove into the bond, and in his mind’s eye, the braided bond glowed gold, finally complete.

The stack of Omegas devolved into a cuddle-pile, all three of them purring blissfully. Jungkook’s skin felt cool, his fever undetectable, and he snuggled into his fellow Omegas’ bodies. He was sleepily aware of Jin having a quiet freak-out that all the Omegas were purring at the same time, and Hoseok shushing him. Their faint scents of musk and bitter chocolates wafted over the pile, and the bed quaked as they moved to bracket the Omegas. The Alphas must have done so as well, because the minty-earthy of Yoongi’s scent and the spiced-baked-goods of Namjoon’s scent washed over them all, and the bed fell still. He was surrounded by the six other men of the pack, of his pack. His mates. His lovers.

Dawn broke, flooding the morning sky with brilliant pinks, oranges, and reds that peeked around the curtains to dance on the walls. He purred in contentment, and slept.