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street lights flicker in the darkness (i wonder when they'll burn out)

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Midoriya Izuku was hurting. It was not obvious to the untrained eye, but it was painfully clear to Kousei. It pained her to see her oldest and only friend be in such agony and to be unable to do anything to help. Especially as he had been told a half-truth; the worst kind of lies.

You see, Midoriya Izuku, age 10, had finally been officially deemed quirkless. And that crushed every dream - ever flicker of hope - into oblivion. Midoriya Izuku was hurt. Pained. Lost. Broken.

Midoriya Izuku was determined.




Midoriya Izuku was a damn genius if Kousei had ever seen one.

(And she had. She had seen many.)

Her dearest friend was perfect for the burden he had to bear. The legacy he alone must uphold. It almost made her feel bad.


Kousei watched as he made his way to the library, narrowly missing getting mugged at her own intervention. Midoriya Izuku was blessed.




My, my, little Alchemist. You certainly have been busy.

Well, if it isn't he himself - the Guardian of Circles. To whom do I owe this honor?

No one but your Magician. I assume he is doing well?

... I-

Hah, you fool. You have not spoken to him, have you?

He is not ready.

He is not worthy. He failed once before. he shall fail once again.

He failed once before, and he will succeed in my place.

Then I do hope that you fail to get your hopes up, Alchemist. Your Magician will fall - especially as he is now. Heed my warning, child.

He shall be your greatest downfall.