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Oneshots i wrote years ago and that might be fucking cringy

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You had stopped your studies after highschool, as studying wasn't your thing at all. You liked the pleasant company of the customers better, working at a nice cafe with as nice colleagues. Admittedly, it was not such a glorious profession like lawyer or doctor, but seeing the smile of people when you served them coffee with your cheerful personnality was so rewarding. And then, the independence that your salary provided you was so addictive that losing all that money for studies seemed kinda off. Even if you could work while studying, it meant too much work and investment. And you being a lazy ass, it wouldn't be concluant. You preferred focusing on one thing at a time, that thing being your waitress job. And why did you find excuses? You did not like studying, that's all. If anyone had anything against that, you would just kindly tell them to fuck off.

As always, customers started arriving around 7:30 am just before working. There were a lot of regulars, that you used to serve with a big smile.

Small talks, sometimes polite, sometimes friendly, and even some valiant fellows leaving you their number on their white napkin, which you throw as soon as they're gone.

You were not looking for someone, you were waiting for THE one. It must be said that all the stories of a girl and a boy falling in love at first sight gave you all sorts of weird scenario as food for your dreamy mind. Indeed, your mother told you one every night when you were a child. You knew perfectly well that this love at first sight thingy was only a pathetic dream that would never come true, but you were still waiting, hopefully. You hoped so much that it would happen to you, as if you were the heroine of a cringy romantic movie. But you always thought that you deserved it. A fine man. Or woman. You were fine with either gender.

You had never fallen in love. Perhaps because of this obsession, precisely. Or maybe because guys were all assholes, as your friends with multiple conquests said so well. But you did not believe them. Some men are trash, some are cool. As for women, well, all of those that you met were either hypocritical bitches or just not for you.

4:34 pm, you took a small break in the small courtyard behind the cafe, resting near the cats of your boss. You were sitting on the stone step that allowed access to the kitchen, a cat on your knees, purring as loudly as a locomotive, while another one was rubbing against your back, trying in vain to pull you out of your thoughts so that you could scratch his ears.

"(Y/n)! Your colleague's voice woke you up.

" Yes ?" You answer, a bit lost, while turning to face the waitress who hid behind her the three other servers.

"... there's a weird guy sitting on the terrace, and we wanted to know if you could ... well, you see ..." one of the waiters said sheepishly.

You sighed.

" Understood." You answer her while rolling your eyes, not without an ounce of smile on your lips. As for your four colleagues, they sighed out of relief.

"Watch out, we never know." The redhead of the group warned you, laying one of his hands on your shoulder.

You rolled your eyes one last time before going through the crack of the door that led to the kitchen. You wiggled between the three cooks, greeting them, then finally arrived in the large and spacious coffee room. You grabbed your black apron, that you previously had left on the bar, before scanning the terrace with your eyes, behind the large bay window. There was a guy you didn't know. His back was facing you. A very well built back, by the way, with broad shoulders. You also noticed his hairstyle, with a few bits of hair which escaped form the round trap that was his man bun.

You grabbed your notebook, which was placed in the pocket of your apron, and your pen, and finally decided to go out to get his order. You waved between the tables that separated you from the mysterious man, before joining him.

When you finally reached him, you could finally have a good look of his face. A very masculine one at that. Prominent cheekbones, square jaw whose chin was decorated with a bit of facial hair . His intense brown eyes suddenly lodged in yours. He was sexy. And terribly male. Too much testosterones and an irresistible charm would of course make you dizzy. Taking back your spirit by pinching yourself without him seeing you, you displayed your best smile, suddenly hoping that nothing was stuck between your teeth. Well, you did eat a salad earlier. Fuck, you cuss in your mind.

"What would you like to drink, dear sir?" If you could, you would have slapped yourself. Dear sir ... What a fucking moron, you sermon yourself.

But against all odds, the handsome male blushed and mumbled an inaudible response. He looked lost, and cute. Awkwardly cute.

"Adorable ..." Your mouth dropped those words that slipped into the ears of the reddened cheeked boy.

He looked at you with his round eyes. Surprised. But not as much as you. If you could, you would have jumped off a bridge. What the fuck is wrong with me ?! You cringed inwardly.

"wa-wot ..?" Croaked your beautiful client.

"Uh..Hum .. Your numb- .. I mean, your as- .. Your choice?" You cleared your throat, nearly strangling yourself. You almost asked him his number, and his ass. GODDAMMIT Y/N WTF, you thought, I WANT TO FUCKIN DIE LORD HELP ME.

"A c-coke." He said hurriedly. "Please miss." He added at once, looking down at his table.

You noted it on your notebook and put it back in the pocket of your apron, because you never know, with what's happening in your head you could easily forget his simple command.

You nodded at him and then rushed to get his drink. While running you stumbled into two tables and a chair, nearly falling. You were so disturbed by his masculine presence.

Reaching the bar, breathless as ever, your colleagues stared at you with distraughts looks.

"Is he that scary ?!" Screamed the redhead one, hysterical.

You stared at him for a few seconds, catching your breath, before rolling your eyes. again. Your colleagues were far too exasperating for their own good.

"'s the opposite." You answered, dodging his questioning gaze.

You left him as you approached the fridge that contained all the bottles of soda. You opened it and grabbed a glassed bottle of coke, took a big ass glass and put it all on a tray. You left as fast as you arrived, joining your soulmate. When you came near him, you noticed that he was immersed in a sports magazine, a volleyball one at that. You put his drink with his glass on his table, which made him jump.

" Oh sorry." You say, displaying a sorry smile on your lips.

He smiled at you shyly, before plunging his right hand into the pocket of his jeans to bring out his wallet. You stopped him.

" No no ! This is for me, I want to apologize for earlier." You said, placing a rebellious lock behind your ear. Well, you did put him in a really awkward situation.

"But- .."

" No buts !" You cut him off, showing him a reassuring smile.

He stared at you for a few moments with his bewitching brown eyes, before displaying a guilty but grateful smile.

"Thanks sweet ass-... I mean so much! Thank you so much !"

His cheeks were as red as a strawberry. OH how much you wanted to have a bite.

You couldn't help but let out a slight laugh. You were both very stupid and awkward beings.

"Um ... My name is (Y/n) (L /n)." You present yourself while giggling.

"Asahi Azumane." He replied with a smile, his face still scarlet.

You took out your notebook and your pencil, and wrote down your number on the paper, before tearing it out and putting it in front of Asahi. You turned on your heels and went back inside the cafe almost immediatly, cheeks gnawed by the embarrassment of your gesture a little too daring to your liking.

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A pink petal laid on the floor of their room. It was soon joined by a second, but this time a yellow one. A cough. Another petal. Their mouth spat out the robes of multitudes of flowers that dotted their lungs. A tear fell against the multicolored petals. Sitting on their bed, they were crying. Their cheeks were smeared with salt water flowing from their reddened eyes. They coughed again. Almost choking. Their right hand clutched Their left breast, at the very spot where their sore heart was supposed to beat. Their nails grated their skin through the fabric of their shirt, leaving red marks on their silky skin. The tortured expression of their face, the forbidden drops that flowed from their eyes, the petals they spat out against their will. All these indications proved the sad truth of unrequited love. They felt ugly, useless, and especially alone. So lonely. Nobody to comfort them, whispering that everything was going to work out, rock them until they fall asleep. The taste of life had left them, as well as their smile and their usual mischievous eyes. They felt empty. Sadness and self-pity were their only friends. Who could love them if they couldn't love themselves? Who could have the audacity to help them get out of this hellish cycle? To tell them what they always wanted to hear?

"(Y/n), it's time to go to class." Their mother's voice came from behind their bedroom door.

The damaged being that was (Y/n) promptly wiped their eyes and tried to recover their breath by gently blowing air through their mouth, trying as best as they could to stop the petals from escaping.

"I'm going soon, I'm getting ready." They squealed in a quivering little voice.

A pause.

" Are you okay ?" Their mother asked.

"Yes, everything is fine!" They tried to answer in an enthusiastic voice.

" ...Okay. Hurry up or you'll be late." Replied their mother.

"Yeah. "

Who would care about them ?

They waited for their mother to leave, then got up, took their bag from their desk, and went out of their room. They tried to display a neutral expression on their face. They made their way to the front door, opened it, and shouted a goodbye to their mother just before crossing the threshold and heading for their school. The trip was not long, but not the most pleasant one either. Every second fighting not to spit petals, not to let their tears escape from their eyes, still a little bit red. What frightened them the most was to show their weaknesses to others. Them, who were usually so strong. Them, who thought that love was not that murderous, proclaiming loudly that crying for their other half was pitiful and dumb.

They smirked. They felt so stupid and helpless. Who would want to fall in love with them ? Him ? Not a chance. They were nothing but a poor dumbass who tried too hard to not show any weakness. Who would have thought they could be so sensitive and emotional? Their shell was perfect. Was. Because of him it began to show cracks. The debris of that strong, independent being's mask were falling one by one. And nobody to pick up the pieces and put the mask back on their teary-eyed face.

Reaching their high school, the young broken one took their most jaded look and displayed it on their face. They wiggled their way through the crowd of high school students who were happily chatting about their long weekend. They entered one of the buildings and joined their classroom. Some of their comrades had already arrived. A small group had formed on one of the tables in the room and the young people were chatting animatedly, while others were vainly trying to catch up their lost hours of sleep, slumped on their desks. Without a word, they joined their place which was at the back, near the window where they could see the courtyard. They sat down, placing their right elbow on their small table, and then resting their chin on their hand, fingers clenched to form a fist. They dived into their thoughts, while their empty eyes stared at a random spot through the window.

A person approached them, greeting them with joy. (Y/n) stared at the person for a few moments, displayed them a tight smile, then resumed their wander in their mind. The person frowned, surprised at their friend's lack of reaction, but said nothing and went to sit down.

The high school bell rang and the rest of the students rushed into the room in a loud commotion. And he finally arrived. His silver hair was so beautiful. His soft-featured face was so beautiful. (Y/n) was hypnotized by the one they loved. It was impossible to look away, his presence was so great, sweetly imposing.

They only saw him.

The young man, who haunted most of their thoughts, came forward sweeping the room with his eyes. Said eyes stopped on (Y/n). He gave them such a beautiful smile, so warm that even angels would have been jealous. (Y/n)'s heart couldn't help but loudly thump in their chest, as if it wanted to get out of it to reach Sugawara and gave itself to him. It took a moment for them to recover and sketch a little smile, almost shy, on their lips.

It was then that the literature teacher entered the room, ending the favorite moment of the day of (Y/n), the one where Sugawara Koushi noticed them.

"Hello everyone, I hope you had a fun weekend since things are getting serious!" The teacher exclaimed happily as the bored murmur of the students echoed in the classroom.

The teacher began his lesson, but (Y/n) couldn't concentrate, too busy with their chaotic thoughts. The more they thought about it, the more the desire to spit out all the petals was strong.

They stared at the back of their beloved. Broad shoulders, muscular, which proved that the young man practiced a sport that fascinated him. His hair fell on his white neck, in a stream of silver locks.

Their heart sank. They only had one desire. To plunge their fingers in his hair. Their breathing quickened, with their the desire to spit petals so beautiful yet so devastating. Their stomach knotted so hard, it felt like someone stabbed them. Anxious, they lowered their head, staring at their desk. They gasped. Their throat hurted and their mind too. Pain. So much pain. Their thoughts jostled, panicking. They must hold back. But tears rose to their eyes, trying to run away to decorate their cheeks. The pain was unbearable. They gasped. A single petal slipped out of their mouth, crashing on their little table.

Then they were seized with a coughing fit. And all the petals escaped in a stream of pale and dazzling colors. The show was both beautiful and destructive.

The professor stopped speaking, his wide eyes resting on (Y/n).

All the students had turned around and were staring at them, horrified. Some wore a shocked expression, others compassionate and distraught.

The tears finally escaped and then rolled on their cheeks like big translucent pearls. They suffocated, petals flowing in an infinite flow. They closed their eyes, vainly trying to stop their panic attack by trying to take small breaths. It was while raising their head slightly that they noticed Sugawara looking at them. His eyebrows were furrowed and his face was twisted into a worried expression.

The young heart of (Y/n) couldn't bear the fact that they were showing him this awful side of themselves. It was beating so hard that they thought he could hear the sound of each beat. Their temples hurt. So bad that their vision was troubled. The images were writhing, fading, and soon giving easily their sight to darkness.

Their mind got blank, and their body fell limply on their desk. It was only in a last effort that they saw two silhouettes rushing towards them as they sank into an unconscious world.

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A (h/c) fury, that's what Bokuto saw. The young woman was fast and did not lack guts, she was currently fighting against a group of idiots imbued with themselves to save his ass. He could not fight due to the fact that if he ever hurt himself, he would not be able to play the sport that was so important to him. Fortunately, her friend was a member of the boxing club. Akaashi often made scathing remarks to his friend 'She's gonna be the man in the couple', at which Bokuto panicked, trying to silence his friend. Indeed, the young man with silver hair had a weakness for the tomboy, without her knowing of course. She was even more oblivious than him.

(Y/n) yawned, revealing a slight white smoke that disappeared immediately, carried away by the wind. The sun was not there yet and the young woman would have risen at the same time as him. Her motto was 'When the sun sleeps, I sleep!', But her mother did not see it that way and forced her to get out of bed every morning, much to (Y/n)'s exasperation. She took the direction of her high school, Fukurodani, slowly and without motivation. Decidedly (Y/n) did not like school, let alone get up early.

"(N/n) -chan!" Cried a happy voice.

Now the five-year-old annoyance she saw as her friend was trotting toward her. She plunged her (e/c) eyes into the golden ones of the  human owl who was smiling childishly.

"Ughh, KotAHO. " sighed (Y/n) wearily.

"(N/n)-chan don't be so mean!" Sadly said Bokuto, shot right in the kokoro by the insult of the young woman.

(Y/n) stared at him for a moment, then rummaged through the pocket of her winter coat. She pulled out a strawberry candy that she handed him without saying a word. Someone had to take care of him when his mood swings would be to much to handle. (Y/n) had a whole stock of candy in her bag, because Bokuto was unpredictable. The young man's face lit up in an instant as he saw the pink candy in the palm of his friend's hand. He grabbed it and gobbled it like an owl engulfing its prey.

"Oh, we're here." Bokuto asked, chewing the strawberry candy.

"Shit." murmured an irritated (Y/n).

(Y/n) was in the same class as Bokuto, and because of him and his furious habit of talking incessantly, she had really low marks. It was not entirely the young man's fault either, (Y/n) hated studying, being the queen of laziness. Either she was talking to Bokuto or Akaashi, or she was sleeping. And the teachers always left her alone because of her easily explosive character. Yes, (Y/n) was a bratty girl who did things however she wanted. She and Bokuto were meant to be together.


4:30. The end of classes. Bokuto was waiting for (Y/n) in front of the school building, the young woman having gone to the bathroom. She promised to watch him train with his team. While he whistled while staring at the facade of his high school, a group of young delinquents approached him.

"Are you Bokuto ?" Declared one of them that looked strangely like an ostrich.

"Oya? It's me !" Beamed the young man. "Do you want an autograph ?" Bokuto proudly asked, his chest swelling with pride.

"Hm, nah, what we want is to fuck you up." the leader whispered. "Y'see, we are part of the (Random High School) volleyball team and we didn't really appreciate the defeat."

And before Bokuto could comprehend something, the ostrich man and his henchmen came dangerously close to him, until a loud cry interrupted them. A (Y/n) in fury rushed on them, shouting all sorts of imaginable insults. She jumped on the offender closest to her and gave him a right hook punch under the dumbfounded gaze of the other four morons. Bokuto included. She ran like a buffalo to the three other offenders and put them down in no time.

Bokuto was on his ass, on the ground staring at his friend who was tapping the dusty skirt of her uniform. She raised her beautiful eyes (e/c) to him and dedicated her most beautiful smile. The young man felt his cheeks flush and did not know what to look at. The young woman helped him up, and when he was finally on his two feet, he embraced the young (h/c) and put his chin on the top of her head.

" (N/n) -chan, are you sure you're a girl ?" Bokuto questioned innocently.

"Shut your mouth, KotAHO." grumbled the young (h/c) against his chest.

The man smiled a mischievous smile and moved away slightly from the young woman, so as to admire her face whose cheeks were covered with pink. They looked at each other for a moment eyes drowning in each others, then Bokuto stooped slightly and gently put his lips on the forehead of the one he loved.

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A yawn. Then a second one. Your head swayed back and forth, while your heavy eyelids slowly began to close themselves. And suddenly, a big 'BONK' sounded all over the classroom, waking you up at the same time. What made that noise? Your head against your desk. Indeed, while falling asleep all your muscles relaxed and your head automatically slumped on your desk. You sat up almost immediately under the dazed and mocking glances of your comrades. It was while hearing a mockery that your blood started to boil. You turned suddenly towards your future victim, your hard gaze, your furious expression and your murderous aura testified in favor of your impulsive character.

"You should shut the fuck up or I'll make sure you'll never be able to walk again!" You exclaimed pointing (bitch name).

(Bitch name), offended, glared at you before she replied. One of the biggest mistakes of her life, she will later tell her children.

"Who do you think you are ?" she said in an high pitched voice. "i'm not even talking about you !" She finished pointing at a red-haired figure sitting in front of you.

Your hard stare intensified. You did not really like being criticized openly, but you hated even more free mockery about others. You got up from your chair and then approached (Bitch name), looking at your height.

"You think you're so smart and untouchable ?" You said to her in a dry tone.

(Bitch name) did not answer, inspecting her manicured nails. Which annoyed you even more. You raised your main hand, grabbed the back of your victim's skull before tipping it violently on her desk. Headshot. She did not move anymore. (please don't do this at home, or for that matter, at school :'(( )

"Oh, she fell asleep !" You exclaimed innocently, sketching an adorable smile.

Then you turned on your heel and headed for the redhead who was none other than Tendou. You never really talked to him, just from time to time and mostly greetings. You gently put your hand on his shoulder and squat while leaning on the left side of his desk. Your sparkling eyes (e/c) came then to meet big sleepy eyes slightly surprised. The young man opened his mouth slightly in amazement before turning to see the damage you had done.

"what the fuck." he said to you, turning to face you, shocked.

"Don't like her," you said with a shrug, "and she made fun of you."

The redhead smiled at you before tapping the top of your skull.

"Thank you." he said simply. " but please don't ever do this again."


One or two weeks later, you finally realized that your eyes didn't stop following a certain redhead. You two were now good friends and were hanging a lot together. It was also at that moment that you realized you were developing feelings for the volleyball player. Being of very frank nature, you decided to act immediately and ran to the gym of Shiratorizawa. That's when you bumped into a wall. Which, in fact, turned out to be the ace and captain of the volleyball team, in other words Ushijima Wakatoshi. You raised your face to get a glimpse of his.

"We have to talk." you tell him by displaying a decided expression.

"WAKAAAAAATOOOOSHIIIIIIIII !" Exclaimed Tendou, joining you.

When the redhead finally arrived next to you two, he froze. His eyes passed from Ushijima to you, then from you to Ushijima and so on for two minutes before sketching a smirk which only he had the secret.

"Ohhhh, I see." he said, wiggling his eyebrows up and down, "(Y/n) you finally declare your flame!"

"Not at all," you deadpanned "I just wanted Ushijima-san's agreement to ask for your hand."

He froze again. This time, his amazed expression exceeded all understanding. His mouth and eyes were open to the fullest of their abilities. Oh no, he didn't expect that at all. Ushijima, meanwhile, just nodded.

"I agree." he said in his absent voice before turning on his heels to return to his training.

You then approached Tendou and took his hand in yours.

"Let's go get married" you said, taking him with you.