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We Did Die Young

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Blue and pink hydrangeas and cashmere filled his mind while the fluttering and soft kisses of his new filled him. He listen to the creaking springs underneath him as he radiant in his mouth. He clinched the bed while tears peak through his eyes and whispers his name like it was an holy verse.

He saw his honey eyes looking at him with a gentle yet dark glaze. His mind race with new fond thoughts that never appear before and gently thumb the scar on his chin. He place small sweet kisses along his jawline and watch the storm unfold before him. Setting the unstable man into a fits of lustful waves and making him attack his anal. He gasp and clawed the pale flesh that seemed to shine in the moonlight and hunched forward as the thrusting gotten harder. The bed squeaks and rocks back and forth with a great force that sets his loins on fire.

He wanted to come, he wanted to race those cars if they ever were apart, and he wanted to live for him. He had to take a chance with him if he ever wanted to be happy for the rest of his life. He gripped the collar around his neck and yank on it, so he could hear the lustrous low-husky growl that sent shivers in his body. He moan as they harden length got harder when he grinds upward.

He scream as he came undone and collapse onto the bed. He huffed out hot air and felt a dip beside him. He turn on his side and saw honey eyes once more. He smiled softly at Vanitas and kiss his lips to say goodnight. He snuggle closer to the body beside him and felt the familiar routine of his arm dragging him closer. He gladly accepted it and hummed a tune that his mother once sang that drifts both of them to sleep.



He woke to the sunlight that peak through his curtains and smiled when he realized that it was morning. He look to his side to see Vanitas getting dressed for the day and hope they could meet later for lunch like last time. He heard a sigh from Vanitas and tilt his head in confusion.

“What’s wrong?”
“C’mn you never sigh for no reason. So, something is up.”
“This...between us...what is...exactly is it?”
“Ummm, I’m not sure I’m following? What’s wrong between us?”
“Nothing is wrong. Is just...I want to know exactly we are at this point.”
“....I kinda want to know you like romantically?”
“ would be nice if we were...romantically you like me too or?”
“Yeah, I think so...”
“Sooo does that mean we’re together?”
“Yes.” He breathe out.

Vanitas smile at him and crawl on top of him and place kisses on his face. He giggle at Vanitas’s antics and found himself kissing him softly. He wraps his arms around his neck and smile into the kiss. They broke apart and hold each other in their arms. He put his head in the crook of his neck and stay like that for a few minutes. Vanitas was the first one to break apart from the embrace in response he whined, and Vanitas just shook his head and gave him a smirk.

“Gotta go. See ya later, boyfriend~” he said teasingly.
“Yep, see ya! Boyfriend~” he giggle back.
“Yeah, this feel right.” He thought to himself.

Vanitas left to his work, and he was alone to his thoughts once more.



He look at the video game that he would do with Vanitas at his latest video. They were just now going to do it. He sighed softly at the time. The plan was that they do it in one take. However, they might have to do it in parts now due to it being so late.

“Okay, I’m ready.” Vanitas said while he sat down with him.
“Right! Hopefully, we have this done by tomorrow!” He smiled at his new boyfriend.
Vanitas just grin at him,“hmmm...we’ll see~”
He just chuckle at his suggestion.



“OH MY GOD!!! He’s in the laundry room!!!!” He yelled as Mr. X appears suddenly.
“Hahaaha!!!!” Vanitas cracked up laughing.
“Pffft haahaha!!!”
“Wh-what am I suppose to do? It’s a one player game!”
“Aaaa!!!! Oh! I made it out alive!”


“Eh, how did Ava survived that fall?”
“Go, my baby-face Leon!”
“Oh shit, look out! Move! Move!”
“Ahh!!! Yes!!!! We did it!!!”


“Alright, people that was Resident Evil 2 the remake, and I had to say that was extreme for me.”
“Pfft, please a baby could’ve got through that without screaming. Although, I have to admit it was pretty entertaining to watch you screaming your head off.”
He stuck out his tongue at him, and Vanitas just chuckled softly at him.
“Well, that’s all for my latest videos and give special thanks to my boyfriend, Vanitas. Give comments below and subscribe please! Also, check out my other videos if you like this one! Until next time!”



After they were done shooting the video and edited it, they were now settling into the bed for the night. Vanitas intertwine their fingers and drew circles onto his palm with his thumb. He sighed softly. Once again, he felt peace filled his insides. The soft wind that was drifting in the window help his burning flesh. Vanitas kiss his expose shoulder and trail them up to his neck and jawline. He turn his head and capture the intoxicating lips that breathe life into him. His eyes flutter shut and lick his bottom lip to wrap his tongue with his. He (of course) obliged and smirk into the kiss. He was tired but would do anything to feel close to his newfound boyfriend.

With every kiss and thrust that came to him that night gave him intense pain and pleasure. He didn’t care if he got ripped, didn’t care if one day Vanitas gave him a open hand or a close fist, didn’t care if this man was tainted with his brother’s seed, and didn’t care if he was left in a dumpster to rot. He would gladly give his being to Vanitas no matter how messed up they both were and well be.