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The Old Jedi and the New

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“Rey, Rey you need to come to Oss...”
Rey woke up with a start. She had been hearing this voice and dreaming of a library since she cut off the force bond with Ben. At first she thought it was Ben calling to her and perhaps it was. At least at first. This voice sounded older and grew more desperate with each passing night. Still she didn’t know if this was one of Ben’s tricks. “I need to stop calling him that” she thought. Kylo Ren had chosen his side and betrayed her trust. For a while she felt bad for cutting off the force bond, then she thought of the people of the Hosnian System. Anger filled her heart. Even if he didn’t give the order how many species were eradicated because of the First Order? “Rey, you're need in the war council” Rey Jumped. It was C3P0 . She had forgotten Leia wanted to see her. “Tell Leia I’ll be there in ten minutes” She replied. She got ready and went down to the meeting room.

When Rey got there Leia, Finn and a few others were having an intense discussion. “Are you sure General Organa? It could be a trap.” “Of course I’m sure, Luke trusted them and told me where they were. He’s known these people since you were toddlers.” “But what if Luke was wrong, and they did truly die? We’d be going straight to our deaths”
“What are you talking about?” Rey interjected. Everyone turned to her. “Last night we got a transmission from a group claiming to have taught alongside Luke from before Kylo and the Knights of Ren went rogue. We thought everyone except Luke was massacred, but apparently a group of Jedi escaped. They tried to contact Luke but he had cut himself off from the force, and I was dealing with a lot. They want to help train you and Finn.” Leia explained. “Finn?” Rey asked. “It appears Finn is force sensitive as well.” Leia replied. “It does make sense. It takes a strong will to break First Order Brainwashing, and an even stronger one to flee with little aid.” Leia pointed out. “I still think it’s a trap” Finn exclaimed. “Why pick now to contact us and not before the Hosnian System was destroyed, or before Rey went to find Luke?” “Maybe it was too dangerous, or maybe they were recovering from feedback of the systems destruction. Either way Rey should watch the transmission and decide for herself whether it’s a trap” Leia said.

The transmission started and a familiar voice started speaking. “This is Master Hawk, calling on behalf of the last Jedi, I have a message for the two resistance members Rey and Finn. A few other masters and I trained with Luke before the massacre at (Jedi Temple) at the hands of his nephew Kylo Ren. We went into hiding, for two years, but we couldn't ignore the suffering of the Universe. My fellow survivors and I started searching the galaxy for force sensitive individuals and training them at secret locations and have been building a library of Jedi teachings. Our numbers have gradually been growing, but when the Hosnian System was destroyed we knew we could no longer hide in the shadows. We want to train you both in the ways of the force. I know you think this is a trap but I can prove its not. Meet us at the old Jedi Library on Ossus. There we can prove to you it isn't. May the Force be with You”

The transmission stopped. “You look pale is something wrong?” Leia asked with concern in her voice. “I’ve heard his voice in dreams telling me to go to Ossus. I thought it was your son but I think it was him, trying to call me there” Rey replied. “It still could be one of his tricks” Finn pointed out. “At first I thought so, but now I don’t think it is. I think we should go to Ossus. We need answers and all the help we can get.” “And if it is a trap?” asked a young woman who Finn said was named Rose.
“We can send someone down with an open communicator, and if it is they can warn everyone.” suggested Poe. “I’ll do it” said a Human woman standing next to Leia. “I still dont think this is a good idea. There are so few of us left as is and we can’t risk anymore lives” A Twi'lek pointed out. An intense argument broke out between everyone, until Leia finally was able to silence everyone. “I think there should be a vote. C3P0 please count. Who thinks we should not send Adrianna to Ossus?” about half the room rose their hands. “20” Gasped C3P0. “General that’s half the ship” he exclaimed as he turned to Leia. “I’m assuming the other half of you think she should” The rest nodded. “C3P0 R2 and BB8 what do you think?” Asked Leia. “There is to much of a risk my vote is no” C3P0 remarked. BB8 and R2 both beeped angrilly. “They voted yes” Poe remarked. “I guess that settles it. Adrianna get your communicator ready.”

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Adrianna was nervous. She hadn’t seen her master in person in many years and even when they did speak through the force he seemed distant. While She and a few others joined the resistance, he stayed behind to continue teaching younglings the ways of the force. “Remember the code” he’d always say. Adrianna smiled, then remembered when he started contacting her more frequently. This was around the time the rumors of Starkiller Base started. Rumors which turned out to be true. A few weeks after the first rumors started she told Leia about her past with Luke and the Gray Jedi.
“I know. Did you really think I’d have forgotten you?” Leia remarked. “You tried to help my son before the massacre”. Adrianna remembered Kylo and bowed her head. She and the other teachers tried to stop his descent to the dark side but only made it worse. “Master Fry never forgave himself.” “Well neither had my brother. He needs to get over it soon. I have a feeling something terrible is going to happen.” Adrianna nodded in agreement.

Master Hawk helped come up with the plan almost immediately after recovering from the Hosnian system was destroyed. One of the masters who joined the resistance would volunteer to go to Ossus to prove it wasn’t a trap. Adrianna was surprised to be the only one who volunteered but it needed to be done.

“Are You Ready?” Asked Talik Vrei. “Yes my love”. Adrianna Kissed Talik goodbye and walked to the pod. She was surprised they were able to find the money for an escape pod for the falcon but was grateful that they did. She got in and went to Ossus. When she got out she saw a figure standing in front of the library. She gripped her blaster and walked towards it. The moment it got into view she grabbed her communicator and gave the ok. She then ran and embraced Master Fry. “It’s so good to see you in person again” exclaimed Fry. “I was going to say the same thing” Adrianna Replied.

Right as they stopped hugging the falcon appeared carrying Rey Finn and a few of the others. “I suppose you want me to properly introduce myself” said Derek. “It would make sense” said Rey. “I am Master Derek Hawk, a Gray Jedi” “Gray Jedi?” Asked Finn. “A Force user who uses both the light and dark sides but is committed to neither.” replied Derek. “Why did you call us here?” Asked Rey. “I want to help train the two of you in the ways of the light side. Without the Jedi there can be no balance.” Derek said. “Why didn’t you contact us sooner? Rey was stuck on Jakku and I was stuck in the First Order. And where were you when the Hosnian System was destroyed???” Exclaimed Finn. “We tried to find you and other force users but it was to dangerous to contact either of you” “What do you mean?” Asked Rey. “I’ll explain the best I can. Many years ago a few others and I trained under Luke Skywalker. Once he taught us all we knew we started training more force users. One day he brought his nephew, Leia’s son Ben, to train with us. He was the most powerful force user I’d seen at the time but there was a darkness in him from the start. Every time we brought it up to Luke he was convinced that he could stop him from turning. He convinced a small number of students to join his cause, and the night Luke finally confronted him there was a misunderstanding, then Kylo used it as an excuse to attack the temple and slaughter those who didn’t join him.” “Except you” said Finn. “And few others. A small group of us sensed the attack and evacuated as many as we could. Unfortunately Ren already killed or converted quite a few. You two were a part of the younglings we saved.” Explained Derek. “What do you mean?” Rey and Finn Asked. “You two were students at Luke’s school. I doubt you’d remember. We had to separate you and the rest of the younglings in order to keep you safe. They found Finn and one other but overall most of you were safe.” “What about me?” Rey exclaimed. “Over the years the other Jedi and I have suspected for some time that you were the child of Luke” “What?” “Luke told us where he got every youngling came from, every one but you.”

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"What" Rey had exclaimed. "It's not true. He would have told me!!!" "Search your feelings. You know it to be true." Derek replied. "Did you just quote what Lukes father said to him when he found out?" asked Finn. "...Yes" Derek replied slightly ashamed. "You still should" He remarked. "Its true" Said Rey. "How do you know?" Asked Finn. "I just do" she replied. "I have a question for you Master Hawk" Finn. "Ask away" Fry replied. "Why didn't you get me out of the First Order? I was stolen and forced to do their dirty work for years! I wasn't even given a name until I escaped!!!" Finn said angrily. "We tried but Ren always sensed us coming. We lost a lot of people trying to rescue you. Not rescuing either of you has always been some of our greatest regrets." Derek replied sadly. "We? Where are the rest of you?" asked Finn still somewhat angry. "A few other teachers and younglings are in the Library, but most of the Gray Jedi joined the Resistance." As Derek Hawk said this, Talik, Adrianna, and a few members of the resistance approached him. "You guys are Gray Jedi?" Rey asked clearly surprised. "Yes. Many of the members of the Gray Jedi are doing missions for the resistance. We did lose Jedi in the destruction of the Hosnian System though." Adrianna replied solemnly. Adrianna was one of the recruiters for the Outer Rim. She was dating Talik, the engineer and apparently another Jedi. Rey and Finn looked at the others. Most of the rest of the Jedi were human but there were a few non human. Master Fry talked to them and after a while most of them went back to the Falcon. Only Talik and Adrianna stayed. "Let's go inside." Adrianna suggested.

Finn and Rey gasped when they walked in the Library. "I've never seen this many books in one place" Rey remarked. "This library was in disrepair when we found it. It took us years to rebuild and repair it. "You've done an excellent job" Finn admitted. "Thank You" said Hawk. "Master Panteer can you introduce Finn and Rey to the other Jedi?" "Yes Master Hawk." Replied Adrianna. Arianna led the, into a hall and into what appeared to be a council room. There were about five people wearing gray cloaks. Not including Derek Talik and Adrianna, there was human two Togrutas one Twi'lek and a Wookie. "These are the masters who stayed to train the younglings." Whispered Adrianna. "I'm Master Jaqen Alde" said the Human. The Wookie introduced herself as Sahlu. "I am Ann Doneeta" Said the Twi'lek. "I am Zashta Mavror" said the green Togruta. "And I am Dasha Tano" said the Blue one. "It is nice to meet you" Rey said. "It is nice to finally meet you two as well." said Jaqen. "You look tired." Ann remarked. "Zashta show them to their rooms". They were shown to their rooms by Zashta who talked to them about the history of the Jedi and Ossus. They got to their rooms and discovered they were right next to each other. "Get rest Padawans, your training tomorrow" Zashta told them. "Thank You" both of them replied. Both of them went to their rooms and while Rey feel asleep almost instantaneously, Finn stayed up, thinking about the events of the day, wondering how his life has led him here.

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Finn was woken up by the sound of knocking on his door. "Finn we're starting training. Get ready." a familiar voice told him. Finn got up and started getting ready. In the First Order, any Stormtrooper late to assembly got extra shifts. Finn quickly learned not to be late. He was a fast learner, faster than most of the rest of the Stormtroopers. Looking back at his memories, Finn was extremely surprised no one in the First Order had realized he was force sensitive, at least he hoped no one had realized. He put on his robes and headed to the Training Grounds. "You're Early" said a voice behind Him. Finn jumped a few feet and turned around as fast as he could. It was Master Hawk. "I didn't see you there" Finn explained. "Good. What experience have you had with the force?" asked Hawk. "Not a lot. At least I don't think I've had a lot." Replied Finn. "I've seen Kylo Ren, Luke, Leia and Rey use it a few times but even then it was only once or twice" "Have you ever used it?" asked Hawk. "Not knowingly." replied Finn again. Hawk was quiet for a minute or two then said "Finn may I assign you a few books on the force and give you extra tutoring?" "Why?" asked Finn. "Rey has already had some training with the force, you have not. I want to help you catch up with her." He replied. Finn felt that he wasn't being completely honest. He was not lying, but he wasn't giving the whole truth either. "Sure" said Finn after a few moments. Suddenly Rey rushed in, followed by Master Panteer. "You two are early" Rey said excitedly. "Indeed we are" replied Master Hawk. "Are you two familiar with the Jedi code?" asked Master Hawk. "No" said Finn "I've read it." Said Rey. "We will be covering that today, along with some basic techniques. What do you know about the Jedi code?" asked Master Hawk. "It's the basic guideline or rules Jedi follow to avoid falling to the Dark Side" Rey replied. "Thank You. The Jedi code goes as this: 'There is no emotion, there is peace.There is no ignorance, there is knowledge.There is no passion, there is serenity.There is no chaos, there is harmony.There is no death, there is the Force.'" Hawk recited. "I already knew that" remarked Rey. "What about Finn?" asked Adrianna. Rey looked apologetic. "I'm sorry Finn. I forgot you were here for a second." She said. Fin was a little hurt, but accepted her apology. "What do you know about the code of the Sith?" asked Hawk. "I didn't know they had codes" replied Rey. "They do. Or at least the Sith do. Ive heard Ren recite it a few times, though I don't think he or Snoke are/were Sith." said Finn. "Thats correct. Neither are Sith. The true Sith died millennia ago and the Sith as many remembered them died with Sideous. What Snoke taught was a similar but not the actual deal." said Hawk. "The Sith code goes like this: Peace is a lie, There is only Passion. Through Passion I gain Strength.Through Strength I gain Power.Through Power I gain Victory.Through Victory my chains are Broken.The Force shall free me." said Hawk. "Is there a Gray Jedi code?" Asked Finn "No but if we did it would probably be a combination of them." replied Adrianna. "Why are you telling us about the Sith code?" asked Rey. "To teach you what the Sith and Jedi follow. These are the core aspects of what a Jedi or Sith believe." Master Hawk replied. "I want you to think about what both codes mean, and in thirty minutes we will begin physical training. During this we will ask you why you think the codes are important." Said Master Hawk.