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Who Killed King Finwe?

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Who killed King Finwe?

I, Melkor mighty

Smashed his head alright-y

I killed King Finwe.


Who saw him die?

Not even a fly!

For darkest night brought I.

Just I saw him die.


Who caught his blood?

It's dripping down the curbstone

His death he faced oh so alone!

No-one caught his blood.


Who'll make the shroud?

Not his seamstress wife

For she long fled her life!

She'll not make the shroud.


Who'll dig his grave?

Might be his little knave

Of son might be so brave

To dig his own grave!




"Will you sstop."

Melkor the Mighty, greatest of the Ainur, Bringer of Chaos and Destruction, paused in his jaunty walk and turned around.  "Why, is my little song not to your liking?"

His arachnid companion clicked her mandibles in annoyance. "It makesss me hungry."

"Everything makes you hungry."

If a hundred glittering insect eyes could manage a glare, this was it. "Take care lessst I sslake my hunger on you and your ssing-ssong."