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We didn’t consider consequences. We didn’t care. We didn’t even have a reason to do it. He wasn’t cruel to us. He annoyed us constantly but that’s all. Sometimes we’d even enjoy his company. So why would we do this to him? Why would we subject our own brother to this kind of manipulation, deception; this kind of mind fuck and emotional abuse.

Because we can!~


”Ne, minna, wanna have some fun?” -I

”Eh? What kinda fun, Ichimatsu-niisan?” -J

”The best kind. At Kusomatsu’s expense.” -I

”I’m in for sure! He lent me a shirt that I thought was fine, but had his fucking face on it that glowed in the dark!” -T

”I’m game. What did you have in mind?” -O

”Heheh…” -I

”I have a bad feeli-“ -C

”Shut up, Shikomatsu you know you wanna.” -O

”….” -C

”Let’s fucking shatter him.” -I