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Undertale-True Soul

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"Mommy, tell me a story."
"Hmm? All right. Which one would you like? Cinderella? Little Red?"
"No, tell me a new one. That you haven't told me before."
"All right. I have a one for you. It's not like any story that you have heard before. One that is not
told by anyone because of what is in the story."
"What? What is in the story?"
"Huh? But there's monsters in the other stories too."
"Not like this one, my darling. This one is very much different. This one is about the monsters."
There was a frightened whimper. "But not like the monsters you know about, darling. You see,
these monsters.....there are so many monsters but most of them are good monsters. Here is the
"Long ago, two races ruled over the Earth: Humans and Monsters. One day, a war broke out
between the two races and after a long series of battle, the humans were victorious. The greatest of
their magicians sealed the monsters to the Underground with a magic barrier. However, this
barrier is not a perfect barrier.
Many years after the war, a human child climbs Mount Ebott for their own mysterious reason. It is
said that those who climb the mountain never return. The child discovers an enormous hole in the
mountain and falls in while trying to get a closer look. The child fell into the Underground.
"The child met a flower who pretended to be a friend but in truth, was not. The flower tricked the
child into believing that they would not hurt them and then offered some kind of seeds, stating that
they were friendly pellets. But when the child tried to catch the seeds that the flower gave to them,
it hurt the child badly. And then flower turned evil. While it did look nice, it was not. It was trying
to hurt the child and take their soul."
"But why? What did the child ever to it?"
"Let me get to that, dear. Hold on. Be still, love. The flower was going to kill the child and take
their soul because he wanted to go to the human world. And stories said that it had to be a human
soul that would break the barrier between the Underground and the Surface.
"That was why the flower wanted to kill the child and steal their soul. He wanted to go to the
Surface so he could become a God and take over the human world, bringing death and destruction
all across the land. However, before the flower could further hurt the child, a goat like monster
showed up and saved the child, using powerful magic to protect the child and to chase the vile
flower. The monster, whose name was Toriel, healed the child and then took them to her home.
She wanted the child to stay safe and even baked pies for the child. She wanted to adopted the
"But the child wanted to go home and even after pleading Toriel to let them go home, sadly, she
let the child go but not before making sure that the child could protect their self because the King
of the Monsters also wanted the soul of the child so that the monsters could return to the human
world and wage a war against humanity."
"Thats.....scary, mommy! Was he mean to the child?"
"Not exactly, dear. The King was actually a very kind monster and full of love and fatherly. He
didn't want to hurt children. He regretted taking any souls of children that Fallen into the
Underground. He didn't even want to hurt the child. But, because of the banishment of monsters
by humans, his monsters were trapped in the Underground world. He wanted to free them and
allow them to be apart of the Human world. He even lost his own son to humans because they
saw him and feared him. They killed him when all he was doing was bringing a child back that
had fallen.
"Anyway, the child left Toriel to go see King Asgore and along the way, they met a lot of new
friends. A pair of skeleton brothers, whom the child did claim as their best friends, Papyrus and
Sans. They were very funny creatures. Papyrus wanted to become a Royal Guard and Sans just
wanted to tell jokes and bad puns and be lazy.
While Papyrus did see the child and did plan on capturing them to take them to the King, he also
challenged the child a series of puzzles. But all the same, he became friends with them in the end.
Sans was friends with the child at the beginning.
"And then there was the Captain of the Royal Guard, Undyne. She did try and harm the child in
the beginning but the child never fought back but always smiled at her. And then it was Papyrus
who tricked her into becoming friends with the child. She even tried giving the child cooking
lessons once. That turned out to be a mess. They burnt down Undyne ' s house."
"He, he, he. So they cooked bad, just like you?"
"Heeeeey, my cooking isn't bad!"
"Tee hee hee! Yes it is! You always burn stuff!"
"Anyway, there was also the Royal scientist and her robot creatuon, Alphys and Mettaton. They
were just as funny as the others were. Though Alphys did make a grave mistake in an experiment.
She had tried to create a way to break the barrier between the Underground and the Surface world
without using the souls of humans.
However, she created the evil flower. It was her fault that the flower existed. But no one, not even
the kind and loving child blamed her when she finally told them what she did.
"In the end, the child did finally reach the King, even though all of their friends begged her not to
go. They knew that if she went to see King Asgore. She would die.
"She faced the King, though and he looked onto her with sadness, knowing he must fight her and
kill her and take her soul so the Monsters could be freed. But before he began to fight her, his long
lost Queen returned to the castle and stopped him from trying to hurt the child. It was Toriel."
"Gasp! Really?!"
"Yes. Toriel was the Queen, whom had left him when he began his crusade to gather human souls
of children. She lectured him and told him off for hurting children and then to support her, all of
the child's friends showed up and did the same. They protected the child and promised her a great
life in the Underworld.
"But then.....the evil Flower showed up and hurt all of them in front of the child. He was going to
kill the Child and using the stolen friends' souls to come to the Surface World to become a God.
He even started hurting the child and she fought back to protect her own friends.
"And when things turned bad for her, the Flower, who had become the worse kind of monster,
her friends stood up and protected her. They blocked the Flower from hurting her any more.
"The King did fall protecting the child. He took a vicious attack for her and in the end, used his
own soul and a stolen child's soul to open the barrier so she could run away, leaving the monsters
"But did she.....?"
"Yes. She did. She didn't want to. She wanted to stay and protect her friends. But they begged her
to go while holding off the Flower monster. To honor their sacrifice and wishes, she ran through
the barrier and was never seen again in the Underworld."
"Bu-but....what happened to the monsters? Were they okay?! Did they beat the monster Flower?!"
"I....I actually do not know, sweetheart. But I am sure they did win. Every one of them were
strong and powerful monsters. I am sure they are fine. The child, however, returned to the Human
world, grew up, had a family and is now telling you a story."
", mommy? You were the child?!"
"Yes. I was. And maybe some day, Alphys will find a way to open the barrier again, so that you
can meet my friends. My monster friends who would love you just like they loved me. They
would protect you from evil, my dear Ashlee. Now, it's time for bed, sweetheart. Dream of my
friends. My adopted goat mother Queen, my kooky skeleton best friends, the sea monster Captain
of the Guard, the lizard woman and of the Fallen King. I love you, my child. Good night."
"Good night, mommy."
Knock, knock.
There had been a knock on the door of her closet in her room and all she did was knock back
softly so not to alert her mother and father in the next room.
"Not tonight, Sans. I'm sleepy. Mommy told me your story finally. I hope I get to meet you soon.
But for now, good night."
"Good night." Came the muffled reply from behind the door. "Don't let the monsters bite,

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10 years later.........

She felt cold as she sat in her room, huddled on her bed with her arms wrapped around her. She was waiting g for the news to be brought to her. News she knew that would ruin her entire life.

Scared. Alone. Heart pounding and yet breaking at the same time.

The cause of all of these feelings......he was in the other room, his room, her mother's room, while she was left all alone. To suffer alone.

Ashlee was terrified for a numerous of reasons. She had her reasons of why she was afraid of Him. She was terrified of what was going to happen because of what he usually did when her mother's back had been turned.

It hadn't always been like this.

Ashlee and her mother had not always suffered like this.

They had been happy once.

They had been happy together, with their husband and father. They had not been a wealthy family but middle class. Well off enough, in the suburbs, telling stories of creatures of unimaginable resources. Making memories.

But then it happened.

When Ashlee had been ten years old, her father had left her and her mother for a business trip. He did not ever return to them, alive.

As it had happened, her father had been driving in the city and had been struck by a few teenagers who had been street racing. His car totalled, his life taken away.

That had been the biggest blow of Ashlee ' s life and even her mother's. It had torn their hearts into two when he had died, leaving them in dispair for his loss. They had each other and did all they could to manage on their own. He had left them a decent inheritance and life insurance policy, but at the cost of a funeral, it had torn a good chunk out of it.

Therefore, to help them live better, Ashlee ' s mother had remarried to another man a year and a half later since her husband's death. She did not love this man and Ashlee knew that.

She had only married him to keep supporting Ashlee, to be able to put her through college, have a good life. It had all been for Ashlee.

But if she had known what kind of man he truly was, she would have found someone else.

In the beginning, it had been a good marriage. He had been kind, loving, and he had treated Ashlee well. He had been rich too. A well off, silver tongue lawyer who was good at what he did. Even if there was a lot of cases that her mother, Frisk, had not approved of.

But then after he had defended a rapist, a boy who claimed his victim had been willing, even if she had been unconscience, who got off for having three months of being locked up, Frisk had started to see his true face.

Ashlee had seen his true face.

And just like the Flower from her mother's stories that she loved every night, he had been decieving.

After a long argument t about his case, he had started hurting Frisk. He had hit her that one night and the beatings began. He hurt her the most but once in a while, he began hurting Ashlee too.

Frisk had been the kind of person who took everything with kindness and a smile. Even when she was being hurt.

But there was just so much a smile and kindness could take.

Her husband had torn that all apart. He had ripped the smile from her face. He had torn her kindness from her and replaced fear. And when she tried to take her child and run away to protect her, he ripped that from them too. He had them trapped in vines of thorns and spider webs and no matter how much they struggled, they couldn't get out. He had too much power over them and no matter what they did, they just could not get out.

The stories of the Underground, the ones that Ashlee had loved had been banned and then she began living in fear and loneliness. And pain.

It only got worse when her mother got so sick.

The fear, the depression, the pain that her husband caused, it was just too much. It had made her so sick that she couldn't escape. She couldn't free herself.

There had been so many times that Ashlee saw her mother sobbing, begging in the darkness of her room, talking to shadows, pleading for something to happen. To save her, to save Ashlee. She almost cried every time she saw her mother like this.

Especially when she heard the whispers to monsters that did not exist in reality but in dreams and stories.

Ashlee knew that it must have been some kind of desperate delusion that her mother had made for herself to believe that monsters could reach out from the darkness of an imaginary world to protect them. It broke her heart to see her brave, strong mother had become so weak and helpless.

All because of that evil man, that vile Flower of deception that she was forced to call step-father.

It had only gotten worse for Ashlee as she grew into her teenage years, becoming quite pretty as she grew. She might have lived in fear and was probably well under fed and taken care of but she had become her own version of a Flower.

Gifted with long, cinnamon brown hair just like her mother and emerald green eyes of her deceased father, Ashlee was a pretty girl. She was rather thin because of the depressing world she lived in but she did her best to keep up her health and appearence, her strength.

As she finally turned into her teenage years, her pretty looks starting to appear, it had been a horrible thing for hwr. She hated how pretty she looked because that drew her step-father ' s attention to her.

The moment she began showing how pretty she had become was the moment that her fear turned desperately ugly. It started off with just brushes of the hand, unwanted looks that made the skin crawl on her body. That brought the shivers of fear up her spine.

But then the touches grew more bold, terrible.

And because Frisk was so sick, stuck in a bed from being so weak, she couldn't stop it from happening. She couldn't call out for help because she was so bedridden.

The molestation grew worse every day. It never grew worse from that, thankfully. Ashlee was such a terrified person, scared of every look, every touch that she had never had friends in school. And even though she was pretty, she was the weird one. People did not know what she went through but they judged her harshly and she hated it all.

She wished that something would happen.

That a monster would crawl out of the closet and rip her step father apart for touching her, for hurting her mother. She wished someone would help them, save them.

But no one came.

And the night that Frisk's strength and determination finally snuffed out, Ashlee knew it was going to happen. She knew......he would come for her the moment her mother's life would leave her behind.

So as she sat in her room, huddled in a corner, just waiting........she felt her fear crawling worse upward. She was a shaking mess, tears running down her face, her long hair disheveled from pulling it at the roots.

And then the door opened. Her eyes flicked upward and she saw the smirk of coldness on his face, the false sadness left when the home doctor left after pronouncing Frisk dead.

Ashlee knew her world was gone.

Her mother dead, killed by sickness, depression, fear and pain.

And her nightmare was just about to get worse.

That was why......when he came at her, in a wrath full of smuggness, poisonous lust, the thrill of controll, Ashlee fought back for the first time in her life.

She clawed the fuck out of his face, ripping gashes down his left face side, drawing long lines of blood, and then she ran.

It was a stormy night, as if Mother Nature knew and mourned her mother's death. It was pouring water in floods and lightning streaked across the sky with thunderous drums. Dark clouds of anger blocked any light from showing, making it so difficult to see as she ran into the forest, up the mountain roads from where that deadly house of horrors stood.

Ashlee ran.

Dressed in blue jeans and over too large tee shirt with the faded symbol of her favorite rock band on the front, no jacket, too large shoes on her feet, she ran through the storm in desperation and fear.

Knowing that monster was right behind her.

She could hear him screaming profanities after her as he gave chase. They were only drowned out by the storm, making no one else but her hear them.

Ducking through branches, mud caking to her body as she stumbled a few times, Ashlee just ran from that vile man.

Water soaking her clothes, making them heavier than ever, Ashlee did all she could to just run from the danger behind her. Tears and sobs mixed in the rain, she kept running, stumbling, her jeans tearing g from getting caught on things.

Ashlee wanted to scream for help but no one would hear her. Not in this storm. She couldn't see anything but ran, darkness, fear.

She could hear Him.

Finally, climbing a steep hill, using trees to pull herself up with mud caked to her clothes, only to be washed away again for the next batch by the rain, Ashlee found herself climbing up on a ledge where she froze in alarm of what she saw.

A gaping hole in the mountain.

Gasping and crying, her long hair plastered to her soaked skin, Ashlee moved closer to the hole, alarmed by the hole. It was some kind of cave, obviously.

But there was no signs telling her what cave this was. She hadn't even known there had been a cave here.

Stepping so close, Ashlee looked into the gaping maw of the mountain tain and only saw

There was a very dim light, deep inside.

It made her frown, eyes narrowing in confusion as she looked. What in the hell was this? The cave was so dark and terrifying but......why did she there was hope inside of it?

She knew she should have been scared of it but.....for a reason unknown, she wasn't. It felt....familiar.....warm. It was something she hadn't felt for a long time.

And then suddenly, a body slammed into hers.

Screaming, Ashlee had been flung into mud and small rocks, cutting her elbows as she scrambled to escape. She felt those course vile hands on her, grabbing at her wrists and slamming them down beside her head.

Her step father had her pinned but she fought and screamed, kicked, begged. She cried for help as she fought to get him off of her.

He laughed viciously at her as he began his molestation of her, reaching for her pants.......

But help came.

But not in the way that either of them wanted.

As Ashlee screamed and fought at him, feeling her fear rising up, she felt as if her foot was beginning to entangle in something. Something was wrapping around her ankles.

Feeling hands starting to tear open her clothes so her nightmare could become worse, Ashlee did try and look to see what was entangling her feet, making it worse to kick at her stepfather, and she frowned in surprise and fear to see vines.

Writhing, living vines......wrapping around her legs and even his but he hadn't even noticed.

Not until those vines snapped like a whip, and Ashlee was suddenly yanked out through his legs, making even him yelp as she was suddenly dragged across the muddy ground. He soon followed with shock curses as they were both yanked across the ground and right into the darkness of the cave.

Ashlee felt herself falling, screaming into darkness as she was pulled into the cavern. She saw her step father falling......

And then even as it had been so dark, a blinding white light also flashed before her eyes, making it all so hard to see.

And then nothing as she felt herself fall into something......she hit something hard but it also felt like something cushioned her fall.

The only thing she saw before she fell unconscience was golden flowers and a wickedly smiling face before she was finally out.

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Darkness was all she saw.


Ashlee felt herself just lying there......on something soft and silky but also kind of itchy.

"Hello? Are you all right?"

Darkness.......soft, darkness........

"Hey! Wake up! Child, wake up! Human!"

Ashlee felt herself stirring from her dark unconscience world and she moaned, shifting on the silky bed of.....she didn't know what she was lying on. She just knew that she still felt wet from rain water.....but not soaked any more.

Groaning, Ashlee felt herself roll onto her back and her eyes started to open. She saw darkness but......also glittering balls of stars.

"Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! Are you waking up yet?! Human, wake up!"

What in the hell was that noise? Ashlee thought as she groaned, her eyes still trying to pry open as she shifted on the soft bed of something.

That was so freaking annoying. So high pitched.

And then something bit her ankle, making her yelp as her eyes shot open and she shot up, scrambling to get away from what ever bit her.

The first thing she saw was darkness but....those They were.....they were glowing crystals in high black walls of rock. It was a dark cavern of some sort.

But....underneath her.....she had been lying on a large bed of golden flowers and emerald green grass.

Surprised, Ashlee looked around her surroundings. She was in some cavern that seemed full of life. Grass, trees.....a small, bubbling stream of pure blue water......

And in front of her......a tall, golden sunflower with a freaking face and reproachfull look on it.

"It's about time you woke up." The mouth opened and spoke.

Ashlee gaped in alarm.

"What......the.....hell......?" She murmured.

The Flower rolled it's beady eyes at her and even shifted it's stem as if it were propping....wait. There was a small vine actually moving like arms and it was pressed against the side of the stem, almost like a hand on a hip.

"Nasty words out of your mouth. Hmm. Sure picked a smart one, here."

Ashlee blinked at the Flower, shocked as she just sat there on the bed of flowers, her legs stretched out with it right there in between her ankles. "Wh-what.....? Who....?" She couldn't even find words to say.

The Flower suddenly smiled almost kindly and friendly as it straightened. "Hello! I'm Flowey! The Golden Flower of the Underground! Are you okay?! You sure fell a long way! You landed on my bed and almost crushed me!" It said in its high pitched voice.

Ashlee blinked, still shocked.

The Flower twitched and made a face as it leaned closer, making her flinch. " can talk, right?" It then made a face and shook it's golden petals. "Wait! Of course you can talk! Hey, it's rude not to talk back to friends, you know? Come on! Answer me! Are you okay?" It asked again now looking g concerned.

Ashlee blinked again before slowly nodding as she looked herself over. She hissed softly at the bruises she saw on her wrists, her torn, dirty clothes, the dried bloody gashes on her arms.....but she slowly nodded. She slowly shifted her legs carefully as she went to her k ees and bent over the Flower.

"Who are you? What are you?" Ashlee asked.

The Flower looked annoyed now as it looked at her with drawn eyes. "Didn't you hear me the first time? I'm Flowey the Golden Flower. are?" He asked almost blankly.

There was an alarm going off in Ashlee ' s head. She felt as if she should have known that name. Where did she know it from?

" can call me Ash, if.....if you want." Ashlee slowly said before tilting her head and then looking around. "Where are we? How.....?" She frowned again and looked at the Flowey. "How is a flower talking to me? Is this a dream?"

Flowey raised a line in his face, as if raising a brow. "You're hurting a little, right? Does that *FEEL* like a dream?" He recieved a shake of her head. "You, Ash, fell into a gateway of the Underground. You're from the Surface world. You are now in the world of monsters!" He said now brightly.

The lightbulb flicked on Ashlee ' s head and she felt it become all too familiar.

She knew that from somewhere.

"The......Underground.......? My mother.....she told me stories....." Ashlee said softly before her whole body grew stiff and she slowly backed away from Flowey, who was slowly growing serious. " can't be true....."

"Are you okay? You look like you've seen a ghost?" Flowey asked before slowly starting to smirk. "Or....a monster?"

"'re the evil Flower from my mother's story......." Ashlee said as she slowly stood up and backed away.

Flowey looked annoyed but his face was changing into something nasty. "Oh, now that's just rude." And then he grinned with now sharp, needle like teeth. "You must be talking g about Frisk then. That little brat is the only one that ever escaped from me."

Ashlee sucked in a breath as she slowly backed away from the bed of flowers. She knew she had to run. She didn't believe in any of this but......she knew if she didn't run soon, she would be in trouble.

"Where do you think you're going?" Flowey asked suddenly nasty but grinning.

Suddenly, something snapped forward, wrapping around her legs and arms, making her yelp as she tripped and suddenly fell backwards, hitting the ground hard and knocking the air from her lungs.

Startled, Ashlee looked and saw vines wrapped around her, trapping her and slowly pulling her back towards the now growing bigger Flowey until he was towering over her.

"N-no! Let me go! I don't believe in any of this! They were just stories! Mom just told me stories! This isn't real!" Ashlee cried as she struggled and tried to kick at the vines.

The now large Flowey just grinned nasty at her as he dragged her to the base of his now small tree like stem. "I think it's very real, Asssssshlee." He said drawing out her name. "I am very real. And now that I finally have a human soul, I'm getting out of here. And even better yet, my greatest rival's daughter is going to be the one who let me out. Your soul is mine, little one! Ha, ha, ha, ha!"

"Let me go! No! Leave me alone!" Ashlee screamed, struggling harder.

Flowey just grinned before he drew closer to her, sharp teeth and all. And then all around him, glowing white seeds formed in a wide circle, almost like bullets to shoot down at her. "You're mine now!" He sneered before the seed bullets began to shoot forward.

Only to bounce off of bones that suddenly appeared like a shield above Ashlee, making even her gasp in surprise as she saw them.

"Wha-.......?!" Flowey shouted now surprised, himself before he whipped around his entire body and then slumped in exasperation. "Oh, no. Not you."

"Halt! In the name of the Queen!" Came a somewhat high pitched, scratchy voice that seemed to echo off the cavern walls. "Flowey, you vile Flower! I, the Great Captain of the Royal Guard, Papyrus, has finally tracked down your ridiculous....uh.......roots! And now, by the order of the Queen, I shall defeat you in a great battle me out here, Sans." Came a whisper from the voice.

Ashlee blinked with a small gasp and even shifted a little in the vines to try and look around Flowey. It just didn't help that he was directly block g her from seeing what or who that was talking.

She did, however, see tall, bone white.....well boney legs with a blood red boots on and a long equally red cape.

"Hey. You're the one who is in charge, bro. Not me." Came a slow but deeper voice than the first. "Though if it were up to me......I'd be taking a nap right now."

"SANS!" The high pitched voice snapped and there was the sound of someone stomping their feet.

Sighing, the other just made a sound of weariness. "All right. Flowey, by order of the Queen and blah, blah, blah, we are hereby, blah, blah, blah, ordered to kill you. And while we're at it, release the human to us." The deeper voice spoke sounding ever so bored.

"HU-HU-HUMAN!" The higher voice suddenly blurted out and something leaned over to see Ashlee and she froze at what she saw.

A very tall, thin, skeleton with a long jaw wearing large brawny white armor with a long red cape....well scarf wrapped around with its neck. It's eye sockets had white beads of light in the center and it looked very surprised to even see Ashlee.

As she was to even see a living skeleton staring at her.

"WHA-! A HUMAN!!! SANS, A HUMAN HAS FALLEN INTO THE UNDERGROUND!!" The skeleton said now excitedly as it looked at its companion.

"Yep. Tori felt it come." The deeper voice said before it's owner leaned the other way to see Ashlee, or allow her to see it.

It was another skeleton. This one so much more shorter than the first, probably about Ashlee ' s height, actually. This one wore baggy black sports shorts and a baggy blue hoodie. One eye socket had a white orb of an eye and the other was glowing blue.

Ashlee felt as if everything clicked. She just couldn't believe it. Her mother's stories......they were real.

They were freaking real.

"Huh!!" Flowey growled now sending both skeletons the most acid look as his vines tightened around Ashlee, making her gasp. They were starting to crush her, squeezing her and it made her whimper in pain. ""You two idiots! This humans mine!! I found her first! Go away!"

"It doesn't look like she wants to be, Flower power." Sans said in a lazy way as he kept his skeletal hands in his hoodie ' s pockets.

"Hand over that human, Flowey, and we will pull you out by the roots quickly!" Papyrus said now pointing a bony finger at the large flower.

He, heh. After all, you're the ROOT of our problems." Sans suddenly snorted in laughter, grinning like a crazy skeleton he was.

Flowey growled, his eye starting to twitch.

Papyrus snickered, his shoulders starting to quiver as he slowly started to bend over from laughing. "The ROOT of all Evil." He snorted now laughing hard and even bending over to slap his boney knee.

Even though, she was being squeezed, Ashlee felt herself smile at those bad puns that the two were starting to make.

Sans was even snorting as he shook his skull. Even took out a hand and slapped his brother on his armor, praising him. "Good one, Paps! Though he is more like a weed than a flower."

"Then I guess we better WEED out our problems on him!" Papyrus suddenly burst out and both brothers cackled in hysteria.

Flowey just snarled now turning his full attention onto the two. "Your jokes are not that funny!" He snapped.

"Heh, guess you need a FUNNY BONE! Wanna borrow Papyrus'?" Sans cracked up and even Papyrus even snorted, both bending over to just laugh.

"" Ashlee suddenly choked out as she was still being squeezed.

All eyes turned onto her, the Flower snarling and tightening his vines on her.

"Ooooh, she's got a joke! I wanna hear this one!" Sans said now very interested and even leaned forward as if to hear better. "Who's there?"

Ashlee gasped in pain as Flowey tightened his vines to almost bone crushing now. She looked at the two skeletons in a panic. "Ashy!" She choked out in pain.

Sans stilled for a second but then narrowed an eye socket at her. "Ashy, who?" He asked now slowly starting to grow wary.

"As-Ashy to-told y-y-you the st-story yet?" Ashlee choked out as she looked right into Sans' blue eye.

Sans' shoulders snapped stiff as he straightened as he looked surprised and stared at her. It was like he knew that joke all too well, even if it wasn't a good one at all.

Papyrus and Flowey both just frowned in confusion.

"That joke wasn't very good." The tall skeleton said skeptically.

"It's cause it wasn't a joke." Sans suddenly said kind of seriously now before he looked right at Flowey, frowning darkly at him. "Let. Her. Go. Now." He suddenly spoke in a sinister voice that even Ashlee felt the malicious feeling of it.

But she was glad.

He had gotten her joke. He understood it.

"Sans? Do you know that human then?" Papyrus asked looking at his little brother.

Sans bobbed his skull now taking both hands out of his pockets and raising a skeletal left hand, which began to glow fiery blue, as did his blue eye, which seemed to enlargen.

Flowey sneered before tightening his vines and making Ashlee cry in pain, her eyes squeezing shut. "Oh, so you've been visiting her through the mirror, too, huh? Lazybones, I've already claimed her soul! She is mine!" He growled.

"No, she is mine." Sans said now somewhat deadly. "And ya gonna let her go now or I will judge you. Right here and right now."

Flowey hesistated while Papyrus looked wary. Ashlee just whimpered in pain as the vines remained claustrophobically tight around her.

Snarling, Flowey whipped out vines at the two brothers, who immediately snapped off to the side to avoid getting hit.

"Paps, ya go first." Sans said as he retreated back but kept his blue flaming hand up.

Papyrus nodded sharply as he reached out behind himself and pulled a long sword made of bone from behind him. "Sans, you will explain after we defeated this vile flower and rescue that human." He said as he held it out before turning his attention onto Flowey who began to attack him.

Ashlee could only watch the fight in her tight prison of vicious vines.

Papyrus actually moved with surprising speed to dodge the vines and even slashed them with his bone sword, cutting many off. He even had to dodge around seed bullets that the vile flower shot at him before raising a boney hand to shield himself from ones that flew at him from behind.

Flowey just snarled as he kept attacking viciously as he could, seed bullets flying and vines whipping out to hit the skeleton, who dodged as best as he could.

Papyrus just moved and slashed at the vines as they kept coming at him. He was doing very well as he dodged around the seeds and vines.

That is until one of the vines snapped out thorns and caught his long scarf. He was yanked to a halt, yelping as he stopped.

"Hah! Gotcha!" Flowey barked in triumph before whipping out vines at him to hit him.

But with a wave of his bony hand, Papyrus summoned up a bone shield and allowed the vines to snap against it. He swung his bone sword and slashed through the vine keeping him trapped and dropped down back to the ground, landing in a crouch.

Growling, Flowey snapped more vines out at him but he missed again and it angered him. "Hold still, you idiot!" He snarled.

But Papyrus did not.

He continued to move with speed and agility as well as slashed through the vines. "It'll take more than just your vines to catch me off guard, Vile Flower!" He said smuggly.

And then he tripped on his own red scarf.

His bone sword clattering away from him, Papyrus hit the ground and then cursed as he slammed his fist down on the ground, knowing it had been his own foolishness that caused a vine to snap towards him.

Suddenly, a glowing blue bone shield snapped in between Flowey ' s vine and his brother, protecting him.

Flowey growled before looking at the somewhat slumped over, lazy bag of bones that was Sans as he now stepped forward.

"Not gonna tell ya again, Flowey. Let Ashlee go. Now." Sans said somewhat lazy and serious at the same time, his now large blue eye glowing like blue fire.

Flowey sneered again but raised Ashlee into the air with his vines, as if playing keep away from him. He even tightened his vines until there was a small pop and Ashlee screamed in pain as a rib was probably cracked from the force. . "Ya want her, lazybones. Come and get her." He sneered.

Sans sighed, shaking his skull before looking at him with a grin. "Guess I gotta work for it this time, huh? Okay." He said lazily.

And he suddenly vanished in thin air, making Flowey stiffen.

Ashlee even looked surprised as Sans had vanished. She didn't know where he had gone.

Papyrus just grinned as he shifted himself to sitting cross legged on the ground and folded his arms for the show. "Oh, nice going, Flowey. You pissed him off." He remarked smirking.

Suddenly, there was a whoosh and the vines that held Ashlee jerked. She gasped as she felt herself now falling.

Right into boney arms.

Surprised but in pain, she looked up from where she was being held against a plush blue jacket and saw Sans had her. He had caught her and was now leaping away from the enraged Flower's vines as they whipped after him.

With surprising speed, Sans began dodging the vines and even waved his flaming blue hand to block them with glowing bones. He even seemed to catch a hold of the vines and sent them whipping back at Flowey, smacking him across the face with them, all the while, keeping Ashlee secured in his boney arm.

Then with a wave of his blue hand, Sans summoned three large skulls around the two before shooting hot blue flames at the Flower.

Flowey snarled as he was hit by the blue flames and even retreated backwards to avoid them. "YOU!! I HATE YOU, SANS!" He snarled as he tried his best to avoid the attacks.

"Eh, the feelings mutual." Sans said lazily as he waved his hand and sent more bones flying at the flower, who was smacked by several of them. He even dodged the vines coming at him and Ashlee, perfectly. None of them could even hit him.

Flowey snarled again before starting to shrink. "I WILL HAVE THAT HUMAN ' S SOUL OF ITS LAST THING I DO! AND YOU CAN'T STOP ME FROM TAKING IT!" He roared.

"Eh, we'll see about that. Weed." Sans replied bored ly as he just waved his hand again and hit Flowey hard with blue light.

This time, it sent the large flower flying, ripping roots from the ground.

And then Flowey was gone.

Ashlee just stared wide eyed up at the skeleton that held her, still not believing it. She just could not believe this. "Sa-Sans........" she whimpered.

Sans looked back at her before grinning and winking at her. "Hey, Bonehead. How's it going? About time ya came around." He replied.

Ashlee just stared at him before sighing in some pain and then slumping in his arms as she fainted. The pain, exhaustion and shock finally catching up to her, she just was out like a light.

Chapter Text

Once again, Ashlee was drifting in darkness. She didn't know what was going on or why. She didn't even know where she was. All she knew was, she was warm and on something very soft. She felt content of just staying there.

She didn't want to ever wake up.

But it was a mouth watering aroma that made her drift back into reality. She smelled something so heavily next to her. Something so sweet and spicey.

Her eyes fluttering open, Ashlee first saw the source of the smell, sitting so innocently on a bed side table with a glass of cool milk.

A piece of pie.

Ashlee stared at it for only a moment then looked around the room, surprised to see where she was. She was in a cozy looking room, lying on a plushy bed. The room was a gentle blue color with white drapes over windows.

There was a dresser and a wardrobe, a mirror on the wall. It was the most cozies room she had ever seen. It reminded her of her old room when she was a child. Not her room was like her room.

Her clothes were neatly folded on the dresser and they looked clean.

Ashlee stiffened when she saw them before she slowly peeled back the blanket covering her and saw she was dressed in a pure white, cotton night gown and no under......

Her face heating up brightly, Ashlee curled her legs close to her chest and continued to look around the room before pushing the blanket off of her and looked back at the pie.

It was still warm from what she could see, as if it had just come out of the oven.

Her stomach gurgling, Ashlee picked up the plate and a fork and began eating it. She felt as if she was tasting heaven at that very moment. It was Butterscotch and cinnamon pie, definitely made with love and care. She could almost taste it.

It took her a moment to remember what had happened and when she did, she stalled.

" had to have been a dream. There's no way......" Ashlee said in alarm before she put down the now empty plate and hurried across the room to her clothes. She dressed quickly, pulling on her under clothes and then jeans and shirt. Her socks had even felt clean. She realized as she dressed that she didn't hurt any more. It didn't even feel like she had a cracked rib any more. It had to have been a dream.

And then she went to the door, opening it ever so quietly and peering out down a long hall way.

There was a light in a room far down and voices. They....they were so familiar to her.

Slowly and quietly she crept down the hall, sticking close to a wall and then to the corner of the hall. And looked in, frozen in surprise.

There they were.

The two skeletons and a goat lady.

"So, you're saying that this human girl, Ashlee, is that one human ' s daughter?" It was Papyrus who was asking as he looked at the short skeleton with a skeptical look.

Sans nodded, his hands stuffed into his pockets, once again. "Yep. That's her. She's Frisk's kid. Used to look into that one mirror that Asgore made before he kicked it and used to tell her jokes. The joke she made, it was one I told her a long time ago, when I told her to ask Frisk about her story." He stated.

"Oh, dear. How did this dear child get down here then?" The goat woman said her voice very soft and warm. "And where is Frisk? There is no possible that she would allow her child to come down here by herself."

"She.....she died."

Three heads turned at the sound of Ashlee ' s voice and she cringed backwards into the hall.

The goat monster just smiled warmly and motioned her forward. "Ashlee. Come in, my child. Did you eat the pie I left for you? Oh! I forgot! You haven't even met me yet, have you? I'm....."

"Toriel." Ashlee spoke softly now in wonder. She slowly walked into the room, looking the three over. She was in complete awe of them. She couldn't believe they were real. "Mom told me all about you in stories. I just.....I thought they were just stories.'re real. You're all really real."

"Huh. Of course we are real." Papyrus said as if offended she said otherwise.

"What do you mean she died?" Sans now said gravely and the other two blinked. He obviously had remembered what Ashlee had just said.

Ashlee wrapped her arms around herself and looked cowed. She didn't want to talk about it. Who knew how they would react. But.....she couldn't hide it. " sick. She couldn't get better. She.....just died, I think last night. I don't know how long I've been down here."

Toriel sighed sadly, her head hanging now and Papyrus looked like was going to start sobbing at any moment. Sans just frowned, clearly not happy by the news.

"Hm. At least shes with your dad now, huh?"

Ashlee looked at him but managed to give a small sad smile. She remembered telling him through the closet door after her father died. She had been so sad and he tried to cheer her up by telling lame jokes. It had worked for a little while.

"What was she sick from?" Toriel asked softly, her long ears pressed against her head.

Ashlee grimaced. She did not want to tell them about her step father. She just knew that they wouldn't take that well. Especially.....of what he had tried to do to her.

"Um.....I don't know. She just got sick and couldn't get better."

".........." Sans hummed and it was clear he knew she wasn't being honest. But he wasn't going to push it. He just grinned at her. "Knock, knock."

Ashlee blinked in surprise and Papyrus groaned now giving his littler brother a look of distain. It still made her smile as she hummed. "Who's there?" She had to ask. And even Toriel was smiling softly.


"Orange who?" Ashlee asked now starting to smile at him.

Grinning and ignoring Papyrus' irritated growl, Sans held up one of his skeletal fist towards Ashlee. "ORANGE you glad you're here with us now?" He then snorted in laughter, right with Toriel and even Ashlee, who reached over and fist bumped his own. "So, ya gonna stay a while or ya gonna want to go home?"

Ashlee shrugged, somewhat sadly. "I don't have a home. My home is gone now that my mom is gone. She was my home. I have nothing back there." She said before smiling just a little brighter, even if it were forced. "Besides, I always wanted to come the Underground. Mom told me all of the stories about this place. Always wanted to see it."

Toriel smiled brighter. "Well, you are welcomed to stay as long as you'd like, Ashlee. Oh, you must be hungry. One slice of pie is definitely not filling. Let me get you something from the kitchen!"

"Ooooh, can we make spaghetti? Can I help?!" Papyrus asked brightly now hurrying after her.

"Sure, Papyrus. But let's not burn down my kitchen this time." Toriel said laughing softly.

Now it was just Ashlee and Sans in the living room, the skeleton now looking at her squarely and raising a brow at her. "So wanna tell the truth?"

"Huh?" Ashlee asked looking like a deer caught in headlights.

Huffing, Sans shrugged. "Look, ya can definitely fool Papyrus and maybe fool Toriel but ya can't fool me, Bonehead. What really happened that made your mom kick the bucket? And that wasn't a pun." He said shifting his slipper covered bony feet.

Ashlee looked cowed and began tugging at the ends of her long brown hair.

"Aw, come on. We're pals, remember? Tell me." Sans whined a little.

Sighing, Ashlee scratched her head. She wasn't sure if she should tell him. But he did have a point and she did slowly remember that she saw her step father fall with her when those vines.....when Flowey dragged them into the cavern.

And if there was any possible way that her step father was in the Underground, she knew that the monsters would need to be warned.

Sighing again, and playing with her long brown hair, Ashlee lowered her eyes. "It was depression. She got so sick because she had severe depression and stress." She twisted her lips when she heard Sans scoff and mutter, "That care free kid?" She gave him a look for it and then returned to being sad. "After dad died, she was alone, though with me. We were both hurting. Badly. She was.....worried that she couldn't support me all alone. So she remarried. And the guy was jerk. He was just like Flowey. He's the reason why I didn't talk to you any more from the closet. Plus we had moved from that house and went to live with him. He banned all the stories mom used to tell me because, and I quote, 'Bed time stories are for childish fantasies. It's time face reality and make her into a sensible citizen of society.'."

"Tch, what in the hell is that suppose to mean?" Sans asked skeptically.

Ashlee shrugged. "I guess it means that bed time stories are just stupid and telling them to kids makes them stupid. He did shove me into my classes at School and made me do my homework. He wanted me to exceed the highest in the class. I guess that was really the only good thing about him. I was top of my class because he forced my education." She then sighed, frowning sadly. "But because of doing all of my school work and all, I never made any friends. No one liked me because I was so quiet and I never had time to do anything."

"He hurt ya?" Sans asked, sounding bored but Ashlee heard the edge in his voice.

Slowly, reluctantly, Ashlee nodded. "Yes. He hurt mom too. Bad. He hurt her really bad. She became sick when he hurt her. He scared us both and hurt us. But no matter what, we couldn't get away from him. No matter how much she tried, she couldn't get us away. She got sick from depression, stress, fear and pain. I also I didn't have any friends because of him. No one liked me because of him."

Sans grunted before moving over to her and then threw his arm around her shoulders, startling her. He just tugged her into his side, giving her a light squeeze. "Sounds like a real dick. Well, you're here with me now. With all of us. He can't hurt you any more."

Ashlee cringed a little but into his side, as if feeling comfort from him. And she did. She did feel safe now. For once in eight years.


"I don't know about that, Sans. I think.....I think he fell in too. He here." She said uneasily.

Frowning at her, Sans just crooked a brow at her. "Huh? How in the hell would he be here? What was he doing near the entrance of the Underground? In fact, why were you even there?" He asked and he frowned even more when he felt her tremble.

Ashlee felt a shiver of fear run up her back as she thought about what happened. She couldn't tell him what her step father had almost did. Would he even understand that vile term of what that son of a bitch tried to do?

"I......I......tried running away from home. When mom died. I didn't want to stay there with him. He tried to stop me." She lied. "And then we fell in the cavern. He might be here."

Sans snorted as he finally pulled back his arm and stuffed his hands back into his pockets. "Well, if he is, he won't be leaving. Alive that is. He sounds like a real DEADBEAT."

Ashlee couldn't help but smile at that one. She still felt uneasy about the thought that her step father was probably there but.....there was just one problem for his sake.

He was not ever going to touch her again. He'd have to be crazy to try with a pair of skeletons like Sans and Papyrus around.

Though, the thought of him being here, in a world of monsters, it made her smile. Oh, she just would love to see the look on his face when he saw the monsters.

"Well, good to see you smiling. Looks good on you." Sans remarked having noticed it.

Ashlee blushed as she looked back at him, tearing herself from her thoughts. She didn't know what to even say to that.

Grinning, Sans gave her a wink and then jerked his skull towards the kitchen. "Come on, Bonehead. Let's go make sure they're not burning anything." He said now trudging towards the kitchen and Ashlee followed with a forced smile. She felt much sadness right now because of the loss of her mother but... she also felt hope.

The hope of starting over and beginning a new, better life. True it was going to be with Monsters but she preferred them over the monster she had been living with for a long time.

And just maybe.....if he was here, he was going to face her once imaginary, now not so imaginary friend.

It was almost worth hoping that her step father was here.