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BNHA Based Oneshots

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The soft blue petals spilled from Serenity’s lips as she took at a glance at the person she loved. Said person was walking down the hallways of UA, on her way to class. Serenity cupped her hands towards her mouth and ran like a bullet to the restroom, her newfound sanctuary. The edge of the sink was cool against her forehead, nobody around her.

Serenity Hisa- In her first year of General Studies. Quirk- Memory: When coming into physical contact with anyone she can she the person’s memories. The closer the contact is to the head the clearer the memories, however during the activation of the quirk and for a few seconds Serenity is confused as to whether she is herself or the recipient.

Ariana walked down the hall in a quick rush, the bell having rung a few moments before. Her eyes for a moment glance over Serenity, contemplating for a moment about how unliker herself she had been acting, but this thought was quickly lost when she came upon her classroom. The bell had rung, someone was missing. Serenity...where was she? Ariana could have sworn she had seen her just a moment ago.

As soon as the thought fluttered across her mind the girl with long wavy brown hair and grass green eyes dashed into the room. The teacher questioned her, an unimpressed look on his face, “And where might you have been Hisa?”. It took a few moments of Serenity catching her breath before she could answer, “I apologize sensei, I was taking care of an issue in the bathroom.”. The teacher had immediately quieted down and nodded.

Ariana- In her first year of General Studies. Quirk: Unknown

Serenity sat down in her seat, ignoring the questioning gaze set upon her by Ariana. As soon as Ariana’s name was thought, Serenity had to fight to keep the flowers within her down. Dangit, she was starting to really regret her love for blue daisies. The day continued on as normal, with Serenity only having three more flower incidents. Overall it was better than some of her other days, and the coughing fit caused by Ariana walking up to her to tell her goodbye was overall worth it. When Serenity got home, she sat in her purple themed room with her homework. It was then she felt something in her lungs, like the flowers in her body were being yanked out of her mouth. The flowers bursting out from between her lips without any mercy. Her lungs and heart were burning, burning. Then it stopped, all of it stopped.

Hanahaki Disease: An uncommon disease with almost nothing known about it. One thing is for sure, it’s caused by a serious case of unrequited love. Symptoms: The coughing of blood and flowers.

Ariana was walking home for the day, the sky a brilliant blue without any clouds. The sun was shining bright, not a cloud in sight. Her earbuds were plugged into her ears, the music drowning out everything else about the day. She looked up to see her house across the street, making her way across. There was the undeniable sound of a car horn, and then pain. Indescribable pain, it coursed through her body, she was drowning in the pain. For the first fewmoments she was unaware of anything but the pain, unaware to the dread of a girl across the
city. Then there was nothing, absolutely nothing.

Hanahaki Cures: There are two known cures for the Hanahaki Disease. Either you can
have a painful extensive surgery, or you can find a way to see if the love is returned.

Serenity stared at the dull, gray stone in front of her. In strict block letters was Ariana’s
name, she had died from a car crash the same day Serenity officially stopped coughing updaisies. Serenity hated herself for it, she wished she actually got the chance to tell Ariana sheloved her. Even if it caused her true heartbreak, or embarrassment. All Serenity can think asshe looks at the grave is - May this serve as a lesson to others. Tell them before it’s too late, no matter the circumstances.