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Love Louder Than Your Silence

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It was morning and there's nothing surprising about that in the Todoroki household. But it was Friday morning which meant Enji went into work a bit later than usual. He goes about his normal routine. Waking up Touya first so he can wake up the rest of his siblings. It wasn't that the boy went into their rooms individually or anything like that. He was just so naturally loud the other three couldn't sleep through it. They all have breakfast together or at least they try too. Touya shovels food down his throat messily. Enji loved his wife and felt bad that Rei's food goes untouched, since she spent all her time trying to feed Shouto. Who was too sleepy and whining whenever food was offered to him. He should have helped but his mind was elsewhere today. Fuyumi was at the table, then not at the table because she kept forgetting things in her room. Her school bag, cellphone, gym uniform, left her glasses on the bedside table. Only managed to get through her eggs and orange juice. Rei attempts at leaving first so Touya and Shouto can go to their specially scheduled lessons.

He listens to his oldest boy complain nothing out of the ordinary. “Why the hell do I have to drive so early in the morning?” Climbing behind the wheel looking annoyed. Turning the music on full blast right away. “Turn it off Touya are you crazy!?” Rei has to shout over the music. And even then he still doesn't listen and only turns it down not off. She's leaned from the passenger seat towards the back. As Shouto refused to stop fussing. Not wanting to sit in his car seat. But Rei was definitely making him sit in it he wasn't getting a choice. The upset toddler threw his stuffed bunny and kicked off one of his shoes. Which flew into the front seat bouncing off the dashboard landing in Rei's lap.

Enji was standing outside the door waving as they took off. They were going to be late ten minutes behind schedule. He's thanking the lord he didn't have to accompany them today. Not with Touya being so lazy and disobedient. He was begging to be slapped upside his head. And certainly not with Shouto being a brat the way he was. Enji would have spanked him before they even took off. Made the boy show up with a red face and sore bottom. Which would have gotten them stares as a family. But luckily that was not his hurdle to overcome today. 'Rei will be fine...she is my wife. She can handle herself.' He tries not to worry too much. Though the negative thoughts still linger he prays, he won't have her come home in tears again. Because those two showed their asses so much it made her meltdown.

And Fuyumi is still so unorganized, unbearably slow this morning. She didn't have her studying done the night before. Enji helps her patiently by the time she feels confident enough. She's seven minutes behind her schedule. Then she's finally out the door, not even bothering to run. She doesn't care about being late. Since her grades are very high. Enji has grown tired of trying to explain to her good grades are not punctuality bargaining materials. It's her duty to show up on time. Of course....his daughter listens but doesn't learn. Her alpha pride was annoying even on good days. She goes leisurely skipping out the door, with Natsuo following behind her like a ghost.

It's Friday morning and though he wouldn't admit it. Enji was relatively excited underneath all the agitation of having to wait just a little while longer. Natsuo doesn't go to school on Friday. He walks his sister most of the way. And when the route towards their separate schools divides he does a loop. Eventually coming back home Enji waits for him. School was hard for his middle child. He didn't have a problem with academics. The problem was dealing with people. There wasn't a reason six days of the week. His son had to sit in a class room surrounded by students and a teacher. Who never realized he was there beyond role call. And even then he never said he was present. There was only a raise of his hand in response. The students thought he was being a smart ass. The teachers thought he was being standoffish.

However the truth was, Natsuo Todoroki had selective mutisim. And has had it for a very long time. The louder the house was with his siblings. The less he spoke, the more he was able to hide in plain sight. To such a degree when he presented as omega. Only Enji noticed it his siblings and mother were and still are unaware. Simply assuming he's a beta. Since nothing was particularly special about the way he carried himself. But that was based off the knowledge they had. Those who did not pay attention. To his color coordinated outfits. How much time he spends making his bed in the morning. To the fact when he should have been, old enough not to sleep with stuffed animals. He still ended up with a closet full of them. And holding one every single night. Natsuo had electric blankets he wouldn't let anyone else use. The boy took an hour in the bath, liked having his hair done and toenails painted. But he didn't stand out wasn't special, Because he choose not to speak.

Such a large contrast to Shouto who shared the same dynamic as him. And everyone is aware of it because he demands attention, requires himself to be spoiled in order to know he's loved.

'It's alright they don't pay attention. I'm watching him and we're close....Probably too close It's easy to get this way. When he hardly says a thing.' The shy two knocks at the door in separate places. Are an auditory cue at this point. His cock twitches with interest as he opens the door. To the sight of his small son walking into his arms. A blush already high on his cheeks. Dropping his school bag and kicking his shoes off. Enji lifts him up into his arms, carries the soft middle child back into his own bedroom. They had only a few locations they could be close. And it wouldn't make his boy nervous.


"No need for that It's okay really." A stroke is given to the top of his head.

"Daddy can I take my clothes off?" He says speaking aloud their precious secret.

He gives a nod of his head, placing the child down. And sits on Natsuo's bed hands at his side leaned back a bit. Watching as the timid boy took his clothes off. Today was different he was wearing lingerie, that so obviously belonged to his mother. And god he was just as beautiful in it. Sheer but modest top, opening up in layered ruffles down a bit further than his waist. Because he wasn't tall enough yet. Heart patterned thigh highs on squishy soft legs, he knew were smooth to touch underneath. And Enji knew it was awful to a certain extent. To be so grateful for his dynamic. When Natsuo himself was not comfortable with it hence why he didn't mind hiding it. The panties he wore were adorned with ribbons on the front and back. Enji had never seen those before, so he concluded they must have belonged to Fuyumi. He motions with his finger for Natsuo to turn around. He does instantly sure to back up, and stand with his legs apart. A bit bent over so that his ass which god help Enji, thought was the cutest thing on his baby. Was right on display, so close to sitting in his lap. The panties are hiding intricate handiwork. From the night before during their shared bath. And he doesn't quite mind it usually. A little teasing isn't so bad. However he was at his limit already.

'I just want to touch him, need to touch him. I can't wait any longer.' Using two fingers he slides them into either side of the panties. Pulling them down in one fell swoop. Licking his lips at the sight before him. Pressed snug between two pale ass cheeks. Laid the circular flare of a butt plug. He taps on it only to hear his little boy's breath get caught in his throat.

"I can't believe you walked halfway to school with this. And you went to bed with it last night. When did you take it out?"

"I didn't."

"Is that how you talk to me snowflake?"

"I-I never took it out daddy."

"Good boy I'm proud of you." It wasn't just because he kept the toy in. And Enji knew that he would understand that even without him praising every individual effort. Just a small bit of recognition was enough to satisfy Natsuo for weeks. It was the most honest of truths. He grasp the object with three fingers. Slowly pulling it out and marveling at how absolutely lubed up it is. The slight gape in his child's hole. So pink and desperately hoping to be filled. He places the plug on the bedside table. The moment Natsuo hears the sound he tenses with his whole body. "Don't do that." Enji whispers out to him and It's the only warning he gets. Before two fingers are simultaneously sinking into him. Giving familiar and yet experimental touches all around. A tap with his middle finger on the inside of the narrow passage. A slight curl of his index finger knuckle nudging none too gently. Wanting to test his sensitivity. And when the response is a choked cry and knees looking about ready to buckle. Inside those heart patterned stockings of his. There's little keeping him from pressing down again. This time Enji catches the way his testicles move. Seemingly drawn tighter to his body.

He watches his child look over his shoulder back at him. Lips pressed together in a faltering neutral line. Trying to hold in any sounds. But it wasn't the same as last night, there was no need.

"Go on baby let your voice out daddy wants to hear you." The blush that blooms on his cheeks is spotted for a mere second. Before he's turning his head back around.

It takes only a few seconds longer before tiny gasp, and low soft moans make their way out his mouth and into the room. While his father's thick fingers sink into his body.

The plug was one type of stretching. It was just a play toy. Stayed in place until Natsuo couldn't help himself. And decided to rock back and forth, on his pillow or a stuffed animal. Or on very rare occasions pressed on by daddy, when he lays down with his head on his lap in the fetal position. Underneath warm electric blankets during family movie night. Ultimately though it was heated by his own body. Only responded to his movements. 'But with daddy's fingers I can't do anything. They're so warm and even if I can't keep my legs open, they'll still slip inside me. I'm daddy's toy instead...It's okay I like it.' Having those fingers so plump and spreading his wet hole apart. He could feel himself gushing around the digits. Knew the slick had to be leaking down his daddy's wrist at this point.

'Wet... daddy is making me so wet again.'

And Enji stared at the abused ring of muscle he was forcing apart. Uses his other hand to fondle those touch starved testicles. Lightly rubbing them with only his finger tips. Scissors him open with the engulfed fingers and It's only so long. Until a third one makes It's way in there. When it does he listens to a broken pleading cry fall from sobbing lips. While semen is shot out onto the floor with an audible splatter. His eyes are transfixed by the gorgeous scene he just witnessed. Watching how puffy, swollen, and lewd Natsuo's ass had become. Clamping down on those fingers only to have them taken away teasingly slow. Only to watch him fail to stand properly for a moment longer. "Come here it seems you've made a mess again." There's a pause like he's fighting with rather to turn around or not. Enji only used this time, to make things more clear for the blushing child. He removes his pants and moves back onto the bed.

"Natsu-chan come here sit down." The second call doesn't go unanswered. He turns around appearance entirely debauched. Skin flushed, sweaty enough his thigh highs were starting to dampen. The straps of his top hang down on his shoulders. Some of the ruffles are soiled with semen. Nipples exposed hardened and red. Matching the tip of his cock, still throbbing hard and full. A little fingering wasn't going to satisfy his baby boy. Even if it does rip an orgasm out of him. "Daddy..." The tentative whisper would have gone unnoticed. If Enji wasn't so hyper aware of his presence. He knew when to give Natsuo attention. And when to act like he didn't exist. If only to soothe his anxiety. It was a shitty trade off, but it was what he'd learned to deal with. Having a child with selective mutism was a different kind of battle.

'At the end of the day, I just want him to speak to me. Get comfortable enough with just I alone. He doesn't have to speak in depth to his siblings or mother. Besides we have no way to explain what's happened between us. He doesn't even have to do super well in school. No matter what happens his life is mine. I'd take care of him until he dies. But for now I'm content playing dress up with him, and listening to his voice within the confines of his bedroom or the bathroom. Next year he'll be ten, so next year we'll work really hard on communicating.'

Or so the man tries to tell himself. The truth was he didn't want to share. And he didn't like there being a possibility for the secret to come into the light. For now nobody was paying attention. His scent all over the little boy could be interpreted as overzealous parental protection. After all if it came down to it, Enji could explain it away by giving up the information he was a young omega. Stating that as a father he just didn't want to take any risk with Natsuo. The actuality of the situation, wasn't something either of them liked thinking on. 'Daddy touches me, kisses me, and makes love to me. It's normal....But it is a crime, I won't say anything. I love it so I won't say a single word.' The boy crawls towards him on the bed, eager to get into his place. And Enji's hands wrap so perfectly around the small body. Straddling his lap, he smooths his hand down from the top of his spine. All the way down between his ass cheeks at the very bottom. Heart hammering against his chest while Natsuo takes hold of his cock. Lining it up with his entrance. And sitting down on it, just the way he'd asked him too. This was his child's special spot. He was free to sit here, whenever nobody else was around. And he always jumped at the chance too.

'I love sitting on daddy's cock. Love it, love it, love the way he makes me so full.' He's bouncing up and down. Toes curled into the bed sheets. Holding onto his father's pajama shirt. Salivating with tears building up in his eyes. Head buried into Enji's chest his breath coming out in uneven puffs. Then getting forced down into his throat. The moment hands cradling him, holding him safely and protectively change course. Become demanding and greedy grasping the boy by his hips. And slamming him down over his length again and again. Every part of Natsuo tingles from the action. Releasing the shirt he throws his arms out behind him, clutching onto his father's thighs instead. Getting an obscene view of how he'd slicked up his cock. A creamy white substance covering the large shaft. Every time he's pulled away, It's sticky enough the strands snap between their pelvic areas. He could feel himself ruining the sheets again. "S-So pretty, Natsu-chan looks like my bride." The child clenches down uncontrollably tight. In response to the praise.

"H..hah....daddy I-I..." The rest of his words get lost in his head. Don't make it out through his mouth. And he feels one of his father's rough claiming hands slip away from his hips. Only to have himself supported entirely by one arm. While a thumb taps down on his lips. Like an automatic response he opens up. Trying to encase the digit in his saliva. Only to be denied when it swipes too quickly over his bottom lip. "So tight little angel. Nnhh you keep me so warm." Natsuo leans forward into the touch. Enji is quick to place several soft kisses over his lips. Before they turn messy with saliva from an inexperienced tongue being swirled around and held captive. There's fingers threading through his scalp. And he's whimpering, gasping, finger nails digging into skin. Body jostled around getting absolutely pounded the way he couldn't stop thinking about all last night.

'I'm gonna cum on daddy's cock again. It's good ...too good... I want to be his perfect little cocksleeve.' This time when his orgasm hits. His body convulses and what should have been a pleasurable scream. Comes out a broken cry he can't control. Legs snapping together shut and Enji lays him on his back. Rubs his tummy gently still buried inside that wet heat. Pulsating against his prostate, cock head smearing his cum onto it. Natsuo is wiping the back of his hands. At his eyes to take away the tears just like a toddler crying. The man feels himself stiffen further cock expanding. He knew it was wrong to be turned on by that action yet it doesn't stop him. "Open up baby let me have you." It's not a question, that was a demand he wouldn't dare reject. He opens up his legs nice and wide. And Enji grinds his cock along his wet walls. Hand making a grasp for his overstimulated cock. Pumping it despite how many raw broken sounds he was making.

"D-Daddy....please?" His hands don't even reach out to stop him. Instead they cling to his shirt once more. Holding on for dear life, listening to the constant smacking of their bodies speeding up. While he's completely overwhelmed.

"Please what...use y-your words kitten?"

Feeling every thrust make a mess of him. Being stretched apart from the inside out. By the expanding cock gradually pulling away less and less. Was more than enough incentive to speak.

"I want your milk. Ahh, f-fill me pussy is s-so wet. Need your seed want your cum daddy!"

'Such a perfect boy saying all the right things.'

"Take it, take all my cock sweetheart.~" He coos down at him, giving several rough thrust until his knot is unable to pull back anymore, too thick and getting caught on the rim of his whimpering omega child. Heavily resting firmly against his prostate and only then does he cum. The hot rush of fluids soaking Natsuo's insides bring him to ecstasy. 'Thank you daddy, thank you. I can take it! I want it, this feels so good!'  He was quivering and milking his daddy's thick cock for all it had. While Enji bites down on his own lip. Preventing himself from making a god forsaken mating mark, he's been thinking about for the last few years now. And getting lost in the sound of Natsuo's moaning screams. It goes on for a little while. Eventually he's rolled them over so he can rest against his chest.

"Daddy." The word is spoken so quietly into him. He isn't sure if he should reply. It could be just his way of saying he's content. "Humm?" But he does answer him unable to help himself.

"Was I good?"

"You were perfect." He says affectionately rubbing the small of his back. And he can feel Natsuo's smile against him.

'So perfect I'm calling out today. We need to do this many more times.'

Friday was going to be well worth the wait and very well spent.